World Economic Forum -A Soros Hollywood Affair

The Davos Summit or World Economic Forum, is nearly over and they are coming away with some major accomplishments as they prepare to board their Gulf Stream jets and jettison away into the swirl of yellow plume skies…

What have they accomplished so far?

Nothing.  They just talked the talk while ignoring the walk and readied to leave in a surge of CO2 pollution as their 1500 jets blazoned the skies.   It was no different than the G-20 Summit, the G-8 Summit, The Paris Accord Summit, the NATO Summit, the Healthcare for all Summit, The Inspire Summit, the BRICS Summit and the 100+ other annual Summits that are really about a bunch of back slapping politicians, Hollywood actors and self-proclaimed activists who want to hear themselves speak.  Yes – celebrities are invited to attend because the Summit awards artists (actors and musicians) the Crystal Award.  Actors describe their ‘vision of the world’ because of course theirs is pre-eminent.  It has devolved into a Summit of fantasyland narcissists and uber elite narcissists discussing what is best for their subjects, The People.  How droll.

In November 2018, there were no less than 25 separate ‘Summits’, in October there were 21, you get the drift…  These Summits have become a forum for self grandizing.  Do we really believe that the likes of Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett should decide world policies?

Merkel managed to slam Trump and the Deplorables while sending her Foreign Minister to plead with Trump to be like Obama, pretty please.   And Soros, who is an annual attendee, gave a scathing speech about China and XI Jinping while continuing his criticism of Facebook and Google – two major operatives of – Soros.  Soros is furious with Jinping because China continues to move away from his open society initiative toward a more sovereign nation and that is cause for a scurrilous spiel of expletive laced spew!

While the media in the UK and US was cryptic in their reference to President Trump’s nonattendance, Macron, Lavrov, Xi Jinping and Theresa May were all absent as well.  Each sited their own reasoning, which amounted to resolving issues at home.

What Soros offered was a new and improved United Nations that would rule the world under the tenants of his open society premise instead.  He emphasized repressive regimes with IT monopolies that his open society could not ‘destroy’ so as to initiate his plan to infiltrate his own monopolies (Facebook and Google) which espoused his ideals and rules of order and chaos.

But Soros anger may have a core point to his blistering, blustering anger.  According to Zero Hedge, of the 12 biggest Billionaires in attendance, Soros was the only one to have secured a net lost in the last ten years amounting to – 61%.  And he’s peeved!   Everyone else saw their wealth expand exponentially including the top tier Zuckerberg at 1853%, Marc Benioff at 829% and Steven Schwarzman at 486%.

The venue menu included a Caesar salad for a mere $48, a club sandwich for $42.50, and a hamburger for $41.  But hey, given that state taxpayers foot the bill… nyeh.

At the end of it all, everyone goes back to their respective country, yawns, and continues along the same path they were on the previous week, the previous month and previous years as though nothing has changed.  Those that desperately want globalization return home to push – globalization, and those that don’t, push sovereignty.   It is a waste of time, money and pollutants.

And yet they continue ad nauseum each and every year.

I applaud Trump for shrugging it off.

So what happened at the 2018 Summit – a Year in Reflection?

Soros stated that Trump wanted to create a mafia state.  Soros blasts Social Media giants because they didn’t garner him the US election as he demanded.   Dhragi hits out on Trump comments on the dollar.   Soros tells the EU they should prop up Africa’s economy.   Soros hits out on China and Russia totalitarianism.  Soros says Trump is a temporary phenomena who will disappear in 2020.  Soros says the survival of the world is at stake because of Jinping and Trump.

Do you see a pattern… help me please!  The entire summary of the summit was about what ‘Soros Said’.

And some pundit, Jennifer Jacobs, a White House spokesperson for Bloomberg, is aghast because Trump dared to schmooze upwards of 15 company executives while in attendance.   I mean, isn’t that what everyone – does?

The bottom line. Soros speeches indicate he is deathly afraid of Jinping and Trump – not even Putin was awarded the typical demonization reprimand. What is most telling is the fact that Soros unabated fear would seem to highlight the fact that he has lost his ju-ju (to borrow a word from a friend), and he is sliding into obscurity and failure.  I imagine for a man of Soros character, failure is far worse than Hell.

UN Salaries and Benefits Package

The UN Pay Scale for entry level ranges from about $44,000 to $60,400, and the highest grade is roughly $195,000.   Not extravagant…  But it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Salaries are adjusted higher depending on what country the employee is assigned.   New York is ranked an uptick of approximately 67%, therefore the base of $44,000 would automatically adjust up $29,480.  If the employee is assigned to Africa, the base is applied.  This uptick is called a ‘Post Adjustment”.   If someone is reassigned to a lower indexed country, the employee can maintain the higher Post Adjustment for six months until the lower rate starts.

They are exempt from taxes.  Anyone who speaks a second language is automatically upgraded by 20 months in the pay scale increments.   Rental subsidies.  If someone is assuming duties above their pay scale and not promoted, they receive a ‘special post allowance’.   If you are married and/or have dependent children, you receive Dependency allowances.  In the US, such allowance is $2929 for the first child and $1025 for secondary child per month.   If you are assigned outside your home country, your children are also subsidized by an ‘education grant’, for the US this amounts to $43,000.  If you choose to send your children to a boarding school the cost is 100% absorbed by the UN up to about $15,000.

All travel expenses are picked up 100%, however, if you are ranking officials in the UN your travel expenses are reimbursed 155%.   If you are assigned to a less friendly country, you are eligible for a ‘hardship allowance’.   There is a ‘non-removal allowance’ which I don’t understand and a ‘mobility allowance’ which is a vacuum of garble.

Home leave is granted every year and is in addition to vacation time, it is typically 12 days.  Annual vacation is 30 days, sick days are allowed variably, maternity is 22 weeks, paternity is 8 weeks, 10 official holidays, and adoption leave is open-ended.

Repatriation allowance is available when the employee is required to leave their assignment.  Termination allowance is available upon …termination.  And a ‘Death Grant’ is payable to the spouse and children should the employee die while employed.

Health insurance is picked up 100% for employee and all dependents.   Pension plans provide 2/3 paid by UN and 1/3 by employee.  Life Insurance is paid by UN, a Special Death Benefit is paid for by UN when the death is a result of employment.

There are roughly 38,000 to 40,000 on the payroll, although the UN isn’t exactly sure how many.

Every Taxpayer in the US is paying for this.  Every Taxpayer in France and the EU is paying for this.

So.  How do you feel about the UN now?

UN Human Rights Council – or Human Traffickers

The “world” is all in a twitter because the US has dropped out of the UN Human Rights Council – the ship has sailed.  The comments come from interesting sources:   Sweden – whose human rights have spiraled to such an extent that rape, assault, burglary, and murder have qualified them to become a third world country by 2020.  Of course no commentary is ever left unsaid by the UK’s Boris Johnson who just likes to see himself quoted.  The UK Parliamentary has become a crass pit of moral and ethical depravity with screaming, fights, barbs, and sarcastic laughter the new norms.  The English Gentleman is dead.   China says they regret the move. Indonesia has ‘deep’ regret. Of course, the barbs from the UN High Commissioner, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, include – snickeringly disappointed but not surprised. 

The Prince himself hails from Jordan where slavery and squalor and over crowded migrant camps house refugees who are given no education, no jobs, no rights.  Jordan, where women are still considered chattel. Jordan, whose human rights are perverted every single day.  Jordan who took in Palestinian refugees between 1947 and 1964 numbering roughly 2 million.  Of those, about 634,000 do not hold Jordanian citizenship and have no rights thereof. Approximately 370,000 still live in the refugee camps – and have no rights..

The UN itself is a body that has been mired in human rights violations for decades.  It’s Peacekeepers charged with prostitution, rape, and sex trafficking.   Essentially, these activities have been funded by the US and the international community.  The UN is a shameful despot of corruption and most likely a large source and contributor to the world’s human trafficking, pedophilia, child trafficking and sex trafficking industries.

The UN is an embarrassment. Prince Zeid Ra’ad has an agenda and is simply using his position within the UN to affect that agenda instead of addressing the real issues that plague the world in Sudan, the Congo, Nigeria, Rwanda, Yemen, etc…

There are numerous arenas of trafficking, but the UN has been charged in Haiti, Bosnia, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Congo, Liberia, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, Kosovo, Morocco… the list most likely extends to every country where the UN “Peacekeepers” engage.

This is the organization tasked with reporting human rights violations.  They are the worst offenders.  And it has existed for decades…

What is the UN doing to change these gross violations of human rights?  

According to the UN, they have taken a tough stance and now require vetting of deployed officers.  If the UN is for some reason unable to do the vetting, they urge the government where they deploy their officers to do the vetting for them.  If the government has ‘concerns’ about a particular officer, they can be repatriated and replaced.  Ah. Problem solved.

If that doesn’t work, well they wrote a Charter which states that the highest standards of conduct must include;  efficiency, integrity and competence, with zero tolerance for sexual exploitation. I’m sure the pedophiles and rapists are no longer applying for UN Peacekeeper jobs because they don’t meet the Charter standards.

And what has the UN done with regard to the past allegations?

They have ‘substantiated’ 2, the remaining allegations have been thrown out – no consequences.  Which means that these perpetrators are still employed, still receiving benefits, and we will provide them with a nice lucrative pension after they retire.  We taxpayers who have no pension…

Because it is all about money.  Follow the money.   The UN Budget for Peacekeeping?  For the period July 2016 to July 2017 it was $7.87 billion, which was apparently a bit less than the previous year.

Working for the UN is considered great!  Many have the option to work from home, and the payscale is quite generous offering housing, travel and food allowances, benefits, pensions, and free healthcare.  As of 2016, the UN Pension Fund was valued at $56 billion with an annual payout of roughly $2.3 billion. 

This is why the UN exists today – and the only reason.

UN: US Poverty Is Trump’s Fault

The UN has appointed an Australian professor who moved to the US to teach at NYU, because he prefers the wages, to denigrate the abysmal poverty in the US as a result of Trump policies. Using figures through 2016, which would cover through the Obama administration, Special Rapporteur, Philip Alston, is actually imposing these numbers on Trump because he ‘believes’ the Trump policies will negatively impact poverty…

One such statistic he quotes is the fact that 41 million people in the US or 12.7%, live in poverty, while 1/3 are children – the highest for any industrialized nation.   Digging a bit more we find that the census also states that 20% of those people are non-citizens and 10% are naturalized citizens. In addition 30% of those in poverty are not working at all, 25% have not graduated from high school, and 15.4 million of adults not working have a disability.  Of course these statistics are – from the Obama era…

If we extrapolate the non and naturalized citizens the figure is reduced to roughly 9% overall.   Nearly half that of Germany…  Oops.

Statistically, Australia, the home country of Philip Alston, has a rather abysmal record of it’s own that should be illustrated:   In 2014, the poverty rate was 12.8%, social assistance payments had not increased since 1994, poverty rates were growing, the indigenous population suffer the greatest and ¼ of their homeless are children under the age of 18.

But Australia prefers not to measure poverty and does not provide a real number, estimates are speculative and statistically defined by private organizations. Obviously, they would rather not discuss this issue with the world at large…or the UN.

Germany as well refuses to measure poverty on a national level although charities indicate the rise of poverty is indicative of ‘unemployment’ (gosh darn, how many committees were necessary to determine that tidbit) and as of 2014 was estimated to be 15.5%.   That would be before the massive immigration policies of Merkel which would have added an additional 2.5 million to the roles or roughly 3.4%, increasing the poverty level to about 19%.  Hmmm, ten points higher than the extrapolated US rate.

Oddly, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, hasn’t remarked on these Australian or German issues, nor is he remarking on Obama, Bush and Clinton policies wherein the US poverty rate was roughly 13.2%, instead he is blaming the US rates on – Trump. Within his own version of ‘extrapolations’ that he has not presented in any mathematical or statistical manner.

Presenting his report to the UN later this month, Alston visited Puerto Rico, rural Alabama and Skid Row.

Skid Row sits in the heart of LA. The elected mayor, Eric Garcetti is a Democrat whose alma mater includes, the London School of Economics.   Prior to his election, he served on the California Board for Human Rights Watch, a Soros funded organization.   LA continues to have the highest poverty rate of any large city in the US which does not extrapolate for the high cost of living.  Alston’s report does not mention these statistics.

Puerto Rico is by far the worst off with a poverty rate at 46% despite the World Bank classifying it as a ‘high income economy’. It is however, not a part of the US, but is a US territory meaning it’s highly inefficient government is guided by regulations and laws of the US Federal government.  

In June 2016 Obama instituted PROMESA in Puerto Rico which included: an oversight board, reduction of minimum wage, increased austerity programs, and non-governmental interference.   The ‘oversight board’ is a committee of 7 appointed by President Obama to make sure the government doesn’t spend money on stuff it shouldn’t… the board includes some bankers, Jerry Brown’s former Finance Director, and a few US law professors.  It isn’t working very well.

Alabama is a country of its own. Poverty dates back hundreds of years made worse by the Civil War and Reconstruction.   Many left the state and only tenants were left to scrounge a living off land they didn’t own requiring children to work instead of go to school, and a descension into Hell ensued. Despite numerous programs aimed at bringing jobs, skills and education, the state continued to fall behind dramatically.

While Wikipedia claims that ‘white rural interests’ dominated the government policies including slave cropping, a quick look found that the Democrat Party ruled Alabama up until 1987.    The economy began expanding in 1990 with the automobile industry being the primary driver followed by steel, iron, paper and lumber. In addition, a driver for expanding commercial interests is the fact that Alabama has a significantly low individual and corporate tax rate, ranking it the second lowest in the country.

While Mr. Rapporteur Alston would focus on these three particular areas as demonstrative negatives is curious.   The fact that the issues underlying poverty in all three can date back hundreds of years is even more curious…  Unless the greater agenda is to create a dark cloud over Trump…   While Republican capitalism has begun to draw Alabama out of its dirge, Democrat policies continue to manage LA and Puerto Rico.

Even curiouser and curiouser is the fact that the Trump administration has basically instituted a tax policy whereby the first $25,000 of a married couple’s income is taxed at $0 can be observed as a failure by Alston would bring to question his intellect and/or common sense.  

Maybe He Didn’t Do his Homework while at London School of Economics…

UN – A Cesspool of Condemnation

UN Chief Ban Ki Moon condemns airstrikes by US backed Saudi’s that kill Yemeni civilians.

UN Chief Ban condemns Saudi bombing of hospital in Yemen.

UN Chief Ban condemns Saudi airstrike on school which killed children…

UN Chief Ban asks for bombing to stop…

But nothing changes.

The Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Ismail Ould Chelkh Amed – is Sunni. The entire conflict is between the Houthi’s who are Shiite, and the Saudi’s who are Sunni. It was instigated by the Saudi’s and has been supported both militarily and defacto by the US and the UK. And so it is no surprise that the UN and the Sunni Special Envoy – do absolutely – nothing.

By contrast, the UN and Human Rights have issued explicit warnings to Philippine President Duterte for the unprecedented crack-down on drug lords in the country that has resulted in 650 killings of known ‘meth pushers’ by police. The drug syndicate has been a major problem for years, controlling large swathes of the country and killing scores. The crime rate in the Philippines rose nearly five fold between 2012 and 2014.

In 2012, the same UN that is now condemning Duterte’s aggressive tact for eliminating the drug problem, claimed that the Philippines had the highest rate of meth drug use in eastern Asia, and ‘condemned’ the government for doing nothing. Drugs were openly peddled in parks and bars.  Duterte’s recent election was based on his determination to clean the Philippines of drugs and give the country back to its people.  And the UN doesn’t like the way he is doing it.

So why does the UN turn a relative blind-eye to the over 10,000 Yemen deaths by the Saudi’s, 93% of which are reportedly civilians including children?

The UN has recently admitted that the cholera epidemic which hit Haiti – SIX years ago – was brought by UN peacekeepers. Over 10,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands sickened… And what has the UN done? It is asking for money, otherwise they have done – absolutely – nothing.

Following the deadly earthquakes that hit yesterday in Italy and Myanmar, the UN is ‘standing by monitoring the situation’…

The UN is upset that the Ukrainian government continues to randomly bomb and kill civilians in eastern Ukraine, with the death toll reaching 10,000.  They ‘condemn’ the bombings and killings…

The primary objective of the UN is the maintenance of peace and security. I’d say, they failed. Roughly 44,000 people are employed by the UN. In 2010, the UN was spending roughly $14 billion with an employment tally of about 22,000. The budget numbers are somewhat of a mystery given the UN has a ‘regular’ budget, a ‘peacekeeping’ budget, a ‘core’ budget, a ‘systems’ budget, and a budget for ‘extra’s’.

The US State Department funds approximately $8billion of the UN’s peacekeeping and regular budgets. But that’s just the somewhat transparent portion because we also fund them through alternate avenues such as the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of Energy, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Those fundings are ‘not so transparent’.

The UN also has Specialized Agencies, which are considered independent as far as funding is concerned. They include: International Labour Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, UNESCO, International Civil Aviation, WHO, World Bank, IMF, Universal Postal Union, International Telecommunication Union, World Meteorological Organization, International Maritime Org., World Intellectual Property Org., International Fund for Agricultural Development, UN Industrial Development Org., and World Tourism Org. Within each of these agencies, there are numerous committees, programmes and commissions… all with an extended hand looking for $$$$$$$$$.

Despite their lucrative salaries and benefits, their $54 billion pension fund is stated to be a virtual mess with payments six months or more in arrears and allegations of mismanagement, corruption and conflicts of interest. The UN is a cesspool of absolute waste.

What the HEY! So, in addition to ‘peace’ which they have done a bang-up job on, they now regulate and/or condemn; food, agriculture, telecommunications, labor unions, the climate, the seas, patents, tourism, governments, prisons, industry and all air travel.

In October 2001, the UN won the Nobel Peace Prize for its ‘more peaceful world’. The obvious irony is of course that it was awarded just two weeks after 9-11. In 2000 there were upwards of 200 terrorist attacks worldwide!  Not exactly a more ‘peaceful’ world.

And the slush fund is – growing.

The UN’s Functional Inhumanity

Amnesty International calls on the UN to investigate war crimes in Yemen…

UN Names Panel To Investigate War Crimes in Gaza…

UN postpones Sri Lanka War crimes report…

UN investigators to share list of Syrian war crime suspects…

“International Criminal Court prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said Friday she has suspended investigations into alleged war crimes in Sudan’s Darfur, criticizing the UN Security Council for inaction over the conflict-hit region.”

“At a Conference in The Hague today, the International Community pledged 15.6 million Euros towards the setting up of a specialized War Crimes Chamber in the Court of Bosnia.”

The call to action! In the Iran-Iraq war their were six calls for war crimes, 100,000 casualties and 25,000 deaths – no prosecutions. In the 1992 Iraq invasion of Kuwait – no prosecutions.  Where was the UN?

“The Lebanon War – 1,000 to 1,200 Lebanese citizens were reported dead; there were between 1,500 and 2,500 people wounded and over 1,000,000 were temporarily displaced. Over 150 Israelis were killed (120 military); thousands wounded; and 300,000–500,000 were displaced because of Hezbollah firing tens of thousands of rockets at major cities in Israel.” No prosecutions.  Where was the UN?

Darfur Conflict and civil war in Chad – estimates vary widely, death toll anywhere from 20,000 to 500,000 – no prosecutions.  Where was the UN?

Ukraine – death toll surpasses 6500 – no prosecutions.  Where is the UN?

Is it all just a joke? What is the UN doing? Well according to their own ego briefing they have 1) accomplished the heady task of world peace by deploying 42 peacekeeping forces. 2) They take credit for ending the Iran-Iraq War, the withdrawal of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, and an end to the civil war in El Salvador. 3) they have enabled people in 45 countries to participate in free and fair elections 4) they have protected the environment – independence – international law – and the prevention of nuclear proliferation. 5) they take credit for ending apartheid in South Africa… 6) alleviated world chronic hunger 7) reduced effects of natural disasters – on and on and on

In fact, the list is so self aggrandizing, one might confer upon the UN the Lordship of God.

Fast Facts:

  1. Apartheid – lasted nearly 50 years. The end was actually a result of a brokered deal by the then British rule under F. W. de Klerk, Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress.
  2. Iraq-Iran war – in 1980 Iraq invaded Iran. At one point it is said that Saudi Arabia was giving Iraq $1billion per month to fight, but they were still no match and their losses were substantial. Despite the funding Saddam asked for a truce in 1982 conditional upon occupation of specific areas. Iran said no. The UN drafted Resolution 598 asking for a ceasefire. Saddam accepted it only to invade Kuwait shortly thereafter.
  3. The Soviet/Afghan war – upwards of 1.5 million deaths. Initiated by a coup, the soviets supported the new government. The US supported the uprooted Afghanistan military, including a notable Saudi, Osama Bin Laden. Although the soviets withdrew in 1989, internal civil war continued until 1992. After the soviet withdrawal, the US supported Muhjahideen Taliban and Al Qaeda were left to rise to power which prompted the US and UK to invade in 2001.

The US provides 22% of the annual UN budget, Japan about 11%, Germany about 7%, France 5.5%, China 5%, the UK 5%, and Italy about 4.5%. Of 193 contributing countries, just 7 countries make up 60% of the funding.

According to its Financial Statement 2012-2013, the UN spends virtually its entire budget on salaries, internal training, consultants and contractors. It accrued a 4% deficit and has nothing remarkable to show. While the UN has been criticized for fraud, waster, corruption, sexual abuse, bioterrorism, and inefficiency, claims that brought down it’s predecessor, The League of the United Nations, to date they have not had any consequences as a result of the inappropriate and illegal actions.

The most recent accusations stem from their peacekeepers involved in human trafficking and sexual abuse as well as the cholera endemic in Haiti. Still, there has been little to no reparations leaving the impression that the UN has diplomatic immunity and can thus operate above the law. Despite lawsuits against the UN, invoking the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations. This was adopted in 1946 and ratified in 2015.

Establishes Juridical personality of the UN (Art. I)

  • UN premises shall be inviolable, and UN property shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation etc. (Art. II)
  • UN shall be exempt from taxes and customs duties as well as prohibitions and restrictions on imports and exports (Art. II)
  • Diplomatic immunity of communications and mail (pouch) (Art. III)
  • Functional immunity of delegates (Art. IV), officials (Art. V) and experts (Art. VI)
  • Recognition of United Nations Laissez-Passer (Art. VII)

The Functional Immunity clause is the most controversial. Functional Immunity does not apply to absolve anyone from crimes against humanity, genocide or war crimes. Then the definition comes down to ‘humanity’, what are crimes against humanity? There is a list of legally defining humanity crimes and at the end of the list is the classic defining crime of ‘other’.

Invariably, giving the UN carte blanche to commit criminal acts without consequence is a hugely dangerous precedent of inhumanity.