WACO TEXAS – A Botched FBI Siege: Cleanup In Aisle 47

The MS is condemning and/or taunting Trump given he chose Waco as the site of his latest rally.   Waco on the anniversary of the Waco Siege of 1993 between the Branch Dividians and the ATF/FBI.   Given the span of time, the changing dynamics, and a greater insight into our government, the Waco Siege takes on a different story.   

The account that Koresh had no education but memorized the entirety of the Bible is an important notation.   It would indicate that perhaps he had Asperger’s.   The account that there was child sexual abuse was completely obliterated by medical professionals who examined all 25 surviving children.   The ‘underage bride’ discreditation has also been quashed given the legal age of marriage in Texas is 14 with parental consent.

Therefore, what we have is a cult living as a cult doing their own thing that would appear to be legal within the state of Texas.   Except for the STASH of weapons, they might have remained under the radar.   But Koresh and the other 40 males of the property legally bought quite an inventory as defense in the event of a government insurrection upon his property.

The ATF felt the weapons might be used to harm civilians.   As they declared after the fact.   The ATF felt that raiding this compound despite there having been no previous harm – was justified.   Bringing tanks and gas cylinders that ignited upon contact was approved by newly minted AG, Janet Reno.

At this point, Reno was working under Bill Clinton, and alongside Eric Holder, Bill Barr, and Jamie Gorlick.   The Rascals…looking to initiate the Soros World Order.   The Waco massacre was a MEDIA MESS.   The FBI fabricated stories, lied and attempted to redirect the events.   Sound familiar?  Should – because this is what the FBI CONTINUALLY does.

Unfortunately for the 80 children, women and men who were shot and subsequently burned in the incendiary furnace that consumed their compound the apology from the FBI that maybe they could have done things differently – doesn’t sit well.    The tanks expelling those gas incendiaries – well we didn’t think they would cause a fire…     

This is not Jim Jones – this is an off-the-grid group of anti-government, anti-control young people seeking to live life as they see fit without breaking the law.   The child assault allegations were found to be frivolous and everything above board when physicians examined the surviving 25 children found them healthy and perfect.   In other words this was an off-cult of less than 200 who chose a lifestyle that was a bit 60ish.   If they hadn’t chosen to stash themselves an arsenal of defensive weapons … history might be different.

I am reminded of the ‘commune children of the 60’s’.   No one sought to burn them at the stake…

Waco was Clinton”s introduction into chaos, disorder and blackmail.    At this point of Clinton’s presidency he was already embroiled in three different sexual assault accusations.   What better way to deflect and detract than the creation of a false allegation of child sexual assaults and polygamy against a small unknown cult.    I doubt even Clinton believed the ultimate outcome of his handler’s recommendation would result in one of the most explosive Crimes in decades.   The government just assassinated over 80 American citizens including children –


Theodore Olsen, an attorney for Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, lost his wife in the 9-11 Pentagon hijacking.    A member of The Federalist and a Paul Ryan advocate, Olsen once commented that he felt that it is morally acceptable for the government to lie.   Lying is for the Greater Good: 

Lying is good.   Lying is to protect the feeble American Patriots.    Pledge Allegiance is simply – another lie.  

Yet, he revealed then and now and every moment in-between, exactly what the American People are fighting – LIES.

9-11 was created to cover for the Pentagon’s blackbook missing $trillions in ‘taxpayer money’.   After 9-11, the missing money agenda was buried.   Just like Clinton buried his affairs in a Waco Siege.   Just like the botched Waco Siege required CLEANUP after the FBI and ATF went off all prevailing dictums of protecting human lives.   Just as the FBI and Ray Epps are busily trying to bury the photo and video evidence that reveals the real insurrection was our government against The People.


James O’Keefe video/audio reveals Pelosi giving the orders to ‘shoot to kill!”.   Reveals AOC telling ‘fckng’ Pelosi to do her job and round every last Magat up and put them away forever!   The Insurrection is our government against the American People.   The complete destruction of America as we know it in favor of a secular NEOM pod city for the elite – think Hunger Games.

While Koresh was not a messiah, he was not a threat either.   The Davidians had never harmed anyone.   They abided by the tenets of Texas Law at the time.    FBI … Pre-emptive.   The same justification given for the assassination of Ashli Babbitt.

It likely is no coincidence that Trump chose Waco for his rally in Texas.   But if Americans were to research their history with a bit more disassociation bias, one might actually learn some valuable lessons.   One source I used was Encyclopedia Britannica…   remember them?   When I was a youngin, a friend actually read the encyclopedia from A thru Z.  

Anywho.   We are now privy to ‘improprieties’ (to be kind) – within our illustrious security agencies.   We know they lie.   We know they cheat.   We know our CIA wants all MAGATS imprisoned.   We know the Cult Mafia has created the global recession/depression purposefully.   We know the Pentagon colluded to assassinate us via an MRna poison.   Our children have died.   We bury our brothers and sisters.

And yet – we lay comatose in our recliners watching TV and telling others they need to DO SOMETHING!   Pointing emphatically.   Until one day, we look out the window and the landscape is a desolate mass of blackened fallout.  


TRAIN Derailment Sabotage…neo Nazi’s & The FBI

December 22, 2020, a rail union official detailed the ‘sabotage’ of a BNSF train north of Seattle.   The FBI had weeks earlier arrested 2 people on suspicion of attempting train derailments.   The women were indicted and Reiche was sentenced to one year in jail on domestic terrorism charges, her partner, Brooks was given 6 months. But the story got little coverage. August 2022, Germany declares sabotage caused a train derailment disrupting train service across the country.   A subversive group in Russia created in early 2022 claimed responsibility for derailing over 95 trains.  

The month before the 2020 derailment federal authorities in Seattle charged two people with a terrorist attack on train tracks, saying they placed “shunts” on Burlington Northern Santa Fe tracks. Shunts consist of a wire strung across the tracks, mimicking the electrical signal of a train. The devices can cause trains to automatically brake and can disable railroad crossing guards.

January 23, 2023, Reiche was released from prison.

March 6th another Norfolk train derailed. A witness filmed the disaster as it happened and claimed that debris and metal flew out from under one train car after he heard an explosion.   Classifying the derailment as sabotage.

WHY is the FBI covering up the sabotage?   WHY does the FBI instead claim the derailments are the result of faulty equipment?   WHY was Reiche given just 1 year in jail when the maximum term was 20 years?   The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force had said there had been dozens of such cases involving BNSF tracks.

In 2015, Atomwaffen Division was formally created in the US as a neo-Nazi regiment of young men advocating anarchy.   Known also as the National Socialist Order, the group advocates far-left extremism. Recruiting from the US military and college campuses Atomwaffen soldiers have been documented as being the ones targeting the Baltimore power grid.   They were at the Charlottesville Rally. They were the shooter at the Tree of Life Synagogue.

Atomwaffen are linked to the International far left Skinheads who operate across 33 countries including Ukraine.   The organization alliance in Ukraine is called the Azov Battalion – also known as Ukraine’s National Guard.

The two members arrested for the Baltimore grid terrorism included Atomwaffen’s founder, Brandon Russell.   Despite the Baltimore incident involving Atomwaffen, the FBI has concluded the attacks of the grids in North Carolina and Oregon are not related…

Russell had been released from prison August 2021 after pleading guilty to owning bomb making paraphernalia.   He served 3 of his 5 year sentence.  Why are known terrorists released while January 6er’s languish without indictments or trials?  Unless these neo Nazis are linked to the FBI… 

Alisher Mukhitdinov, was a founding father of Iron March in 2011, a radical group that later helped form the US Atomwaffen.   Mukhitdinov is of Bolshevik descent and looked upon Stalin as his hero.  Their ideology is Globalism via their motto;  One People, One Realm, One Leader – you know Klaus Schwab… WEF.

Yesterday a terrorist anarchist group dressed in black attacked a police training camp in Georgia.   The ANTIFA terrorists used Molotov cocktails, commercial-grade fireworks, bricks and large rocks against police as well as equipment at the site.   Five fires destroyed equipment. One of the 23 arrested includes Tom Jurgens, a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and legal observer for the National Lawyers Guild.   SPLC is a Soros backed leftist organization supporting mass protests and defending such protestors.

The fact that Jurgens was a part of the terrorism would DIRECTLY give evidence that Soros is backing ANTIFA and possibly Atomwaffen.

Soros is the man behind Zelenskyy and the rise of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine.   Nazism has always been Soros Guiding Light.   The methodologies deployed by these neo Nazi’s align with BLM anarchy as well.   Always in the name of Nationalist Socialism and fascism.

The SPLC has claimed that Jurgens’ arrest was not evidence that a crime had been committed but of “heavy-handed law enforcement intervention against protesters.” The same denial of anarchy witnessed across the US for years as cities were entirely destroyed by bricks, fire bombs, and Molotov cocktails with zero consequence to the anarchists.

The same violence that turned Hong Kong into a riot giving the CCP opportunity to form a variance of Martial Law and absorb Hong Kong back into China.

Incidentally, Taiwan also hails a far left neo Nazi organization under the title, National Socialist Association.   Given the heightened number of US political visits, it would seem plausible that riots will be incited inside the island forthwith as the US ramps up War rhetoric between China and the US.

The Capitol protest incited into a police riot had 3 persons who were listed on the FBI’s most wanted list just prior to January 6th.   They were filmed at the Capitol on January 6th inciting anarchy.   Later all three were removed from the FBI list.   Without explanation.   Begging the question… is the FBI using members of these neo Nazi far left groups to incite violence across the US with the promise of lucrative pay and immunity from prosecution?  

How often do we hear about arrests of Antifa or BLM members only to have all charges dropped?   Is the FBI behind the internal anarchy in train derailment sabotage and grid attacks?   Is that why Norfolk Railroad was held 100% libel?   Is that why sentencing of these neo Nazi’s is minimum by law?  Is that why Buttigieg refused to show up at the Ohio scene because it was sabotage from inside the WH?

FBI & NSA Recruiting THOUSANDS amidst Tech layoffs…

In the midst of massive surveillance and censorship revelations, the FBI is doubling the size of their office building in Langley, and NSA is on a hiring spree looking for 3000 IT Specialists…   In a world of ‘timing is everything’ what exactly are they conveying in these two scenarios?

The 80,000 IRS agents who were to be trained at CIA Farms in Virginia is our first clue.   They never were intended to be – IRS.   The intent was/is to expand the internal dark web government that will rise as the ‘new world military’ and invoke some Martial Law over a completely demoralized and incompetent military.

NSA can simultaneously interrupt our internet- aka communication – with their recruits from Twitter, Google, Apple, etc…   And our own traditional military will have been so expunged into a world of CRT Training, and gender identity, their acumen in terms of strategy, physical training, and tech will have been paralyzed…  a void part of their brain.

Apparently, the Hunter Biden Laptop treason, the Daddy Joe treason, the drugs and mafia laundering takes a backseat to whether George Santos took $3000 meant for a dog’s surgery and spent it on himself.   This is the FBI.   In any organization, prioritizing is a mainstay of survival.   Those that fail at this fail their business, lose their money, and are never heard from again.

UNLESS, you are the FBI!

The FBI currently has 56 field stations, 11 Divisions, over 10,000 ‘special agents’, and totals approximately 35,000 to 40,000 employees – because the exact number is a ‘secret’.   Their last reported ‘over-the-counter budget’ was $9.7 billion, their last request was $10.8 billion.   They are actively recruiting.

The last FBI Agent I knew retired a couple years ago – a good guy.   The last CIA Agent I met also retired about 2 years ago.   A bad angry guy.   And the last Mercenary I knew came out of retirement about 2 yeas ago.   Bad dude.   The black book, semi-private companies are the go to – not the regular military – not the police…
Police answer to their in-house boss who answers to the District, The City, The State, The mayor, Governor, and every wannabee in-between.   And when it gets really bad, that police dude is now answering to some FBI or CIA narcissist.

The Perfect Hierarchy as envisioned in The Mafia.

The Military is some special kind of torture.   They reel in good men, on the cusp men, men who want to do the right thing!   And then they break them into a thousand pieces.   They bleed them like leeches.  And when there is nothing left, they toss them into the streets of NYC or Chicago.   “How do you apply for a regular job when your resume lists killing as your best skill set?”

Some are recruited by the CIA, some by the FBI, some by NSA, and some by mercenary negotiation contracts.   Previous training must include – Special ops-.

With the Militaries under Austin desperate for recruits to destroy, many are opting instead for training in the ‘para-military’ that runs our country.   Better pay.   Better accommodations.   Not the greatest ‘advancement’ capabilities.   But these guys thrive on the adrenaline first, the pay second.   Everything else is just fog.

My guess would be that the FBI expansion has to do with consolidation of blackbook contract ‘employees’, military ops, and even police officers who have been resigning en-masse amidst mayors and DA dictums in favor of criminals.   It would follow within this logic that military personnel forced to a disciplinary discharge for nonvax status are the ones recruited for the most sensitive FBI and NSA positions.   This would align with WEF attendees demanding ONLY nonvaxxed pilots for their polluting jets.

Of course, building up an underground military whose objective is to attack US civilians is subject to much debate and contention – obviously.   However, there are threats and carrots that could certainly create an adherence.

In the days of J. Edgar Hoover, the extension of the FBI was massive.   That would be nearly 7 DECADES ago.   To think they are less than they were is seriously naive.   To assume they are 7 times stronger to an nth degree of exponentially calculus –  is more likely reality.   Trump made a devastating reference this past month.   He claimed that he has seen weapons and technology that we can not even imagine…

While this is accepted… to have a former president acknowledge it is a bit more disconcerting.

So.   For the FBI to build a new fortress is likely to take at least 2 years – to 2025, the same year some perverse general declares that the US will enter a ground war with China, is somewhat a comical story of the Three Stooges…  Kyiv, in the midst of bombing an decimation is opening their Arizona University Kyiv curriculum to outside students for a Fall rate of $4000 per Semester.

Without notating that the risk of sending your child there is met with the side effect of DEATH.

In the meantime, Russia has stated that as a result of Ukraine’s ‘destructive bombing’, they will be relocating their services to Moldova.   The same Moldova which fell to a corrupt Socialist/Marxist government trained by Harvard – to Romania, a communist regime trained by – Harvard.

Both are former Soviet nations siphoned off by the US, UK and France after WWII.   Socialist meets Communist, Moldova is seeking ‘reunification’ with Romania as a singular anti-Russia, Romani Nation under the EU and NATO.


The balloon took the heat instead of Biden’s Mafia House of Horrors and Hunter’s Laptop that strips every government agency of authority – or misuse of authority… would be more appropriate.

The ‘Balloon’ paradigm was an interesting marketing propaganda attempt:   A non-security balloon is suddenly brought to the attention of the media via a random camera.   Said camera is somehow able to take pictures 65,000 in altitude.   Said camera reveals a nonmarked stratospheric balloon drifting around ‘aimlessly’.   The Pentagon immediately called it Chinese without considering the ramifications.

The Propaganda Media immediately took Chinese to mean SPY BAD GUY.

The remaining three days were spent in various modes of damage control and the ultimate destruction of Chinese property flying ABOVE FAA regulations or neutral territory …became the solution.   Problem:   US, Israel, Germany, France, Australia all have similar balloons flying around the globe… previously considered nonlethal.

All said balloons can now be ‘missiled’.   Legally.   VIA Precedent.

This is what happens when lies precede, dominate, and encompass every aspect of our government, economy, and politics.   Even the most strident fall victim – to The Lies.

WEF Chris Wray: Purpose of FBI is to Arrest BEFORE A Crime is Committed…

The Conservative Treehouse has made a good point about the FBI’s somewhat new definition of the job of an FBI Agent. He notes that in speaking to the WEF, Christopher Wray stated that the mission of the agency is to ‘prevent crime’.   But the entire point of a crime is its commission.   Arresting people on suspicion that a crime might occur is exactly the prosecutor’s entire case against the January 6th Capitol protesters.   Police routinely stated what ‘could have happened’, and thus the protesters were arrested based on an opinion of what they might do.  When in fact, no crime was actuated.

Imagine how this could play out in a Communist Regime America?   A Police Officer gives someone a ticket for speeding because they looked like they might speed based on the make of the car, although they were not.   Or, it looked like you might be a shoplifter, so we pre-emptively arrested you.   Or, you own a gun, therefore you may use it to harm someone given you are an angry person…  Arrest.  Jail.

Despite the FBI being a US Agency tasked with US crimes, Wray chose to go the WEF as a US representative to call for a ‘global FBI’.   But we already have a global FBI, it is called the CIA.   So what is he doing?

Other comments made by Wray include his deep fear of China’s AI.   Why?   According to Wray, China stole massive amounts of data and intellectual property over the years.   Their evolution into AI is now greater than the US industry and Wray is concerned of what they might do.   I mean, I get it to a point, it is somewhat like preventative medicine.

EXCEPT.   The FBI allowed the Thousand Talents Program to infiltrate the US for nearly a decade without any concerns at all apparently.  UNDER Wray’;s watch.  So why was China ‘good’ then and ‘bad’ now?   What changed?   Not China.   China is exactly the same – just as all communists are like stagflation – they don’t move unless pushed.

Wray has been FBI Director for 5 ½ years.   During all that time China was busily gobbling up every piece of intellectual proprietary information from all our Elite Schools, including Harvard.   They were assisted by Fauci’s NIH with funding and grants.   So. What’s the new beef?   Crickets?

Russia was a darling – until they weren’t. Syria was a darling, Iran was a darling, Saudi Arabia was a darling…   once upon a time – before they became enemy #1.   So, what is China’s crime?   They haven’t decided yet, but they will – and then all hell will break loose …

The same pre-emptive logic is being used at doctors offices.   When filling out the questionnaire provided each time you visit the doctor’s office, a new question has appeared;   are you current on CoVid Vaccines?   Are you current on CoVid vaccine boosters, if so how many?

The proactive is to penalize for not doing something – which is outside of our judicial system structure.   Where are the attorney’s?   If I refuse to answer the question what are the consequences?   Apparently, insurance companies could refuse payment to the doctor!   Punishment for a noncrime.

Is it now illegal to take the Fifth?   I refuse to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself?   Because I am unvaxxed completely?  

The fact that Wray has been attending the WEF annual events in and of itself should be worrying.   But there is another annual attendee – Jared Kushner.

In order to attend, one must be ‘invited’.   It is NOT a show up at will sort of event.   Today’s Agenda began at 11:15am (I guess no one works early) and by 3:30 everyone goes to their respective corners which includes:   a dinner party at Hotel Seehoff, drinks at the Belvedere, and a late  wine forum before the guests disperse to the preferential escort service prostitutes.   LOVELY.

Despite Klaus Schwab pinky swears he is not Jewish, the final event at the WEF is a Shabbat Dinner amongst the ‘chosen 175’.   “It comes at the end of intense meetings over the course of 4 days’ wherein attendees spend upwards of 2-4 hours daily – talking and listening intently.   Very Intense!   Looking for Clients.   Looking for Money.

Not a good look for Kuchner, Trump’s son-in=law.   A look that will drop mud in 2024.

Yet, another name showed up on the Shabbot guest list – Alex Soros.   And once again, Kushner as a Trump representative and relative is NOT looking like a Trump representative at all.   But the spy amongst us!

Alex Soros, a Jew, is supporting the Ukraine neo-Nazi agenda.   He is photographed at the event with Gretchen Whitmer, his inspirational leader, Mark Malloch Brown – his mentor, as well as a slew of Green Party and Communist Party Presidents.   NOT a good look for buddy Kuchner – or Trump.

While there have been various persons who attended the WEF Summit on an occasion – including Elon Musk & Trump, the waning interest has captured the media.   President’s and PM’s from western countries – did not attend.   In fact the overwhelming majority of attendees were CEO’s and ‘billionaires’.  Because those are the Stakeholders the Schwabs of the world insist will be our global government.

If Kuchner declares he is there simply to rev up investment in his company, he has sold his soul to the almighty dollar.   If he is there for the ‘parties’, Ivanka should be ‘concerned’.   If he deflects as a spy – Klaus will have him eliminated.   There truly is no good explanation – including stopping a pre-emptive crime.

FBI Exposed on Twitter – Internal Corruption Targeting The People

The FBI’s excuse for why they were so deeply entrenched in Twitter is that they were collaborating as advisors only…   According to their Website, the Duties of an FBI Agent are as follows:  

Special agents bring their skills, compassion, and integrity to stay ahead of threats, uphold the law, defend civil rights, and protect innocent people. They seek out cybercrime, infiltrate organized crime rings, and investigate terrorists.

In order for that definition of duties to apply, the thought would follow that everyone the FBI flagged to be censored on Twitter was a ‘terrorist’.   Including, Donald Trump, among hundreds of thousands of others.   If the FBI were to state they were acting in any other capacity it would be akin to their admission of going “Rogue”.   Going rogue means they are now operating outside the parameters of their authority allowing everyone to ‘sue’ them.

So, they are quietly maintaining a vow of unholy silence!

…..Until a lawyer can twist some voodoo wands and conjure black magic. For now, mum is best so they can agree on a story and make sure everyone gets it right. Until that ripe moment, all press, Hollywood actors, all concert –media-hypers are told to keep their effing mouths shut or pay the price.

This ovation of material being downloaded by Twitter’s Musk merely tips the surface of corruption.   According to the FBI ‘spokesperson’, 80 agents were working inside Twitter.   How many are working inside Google? Gettr? Facebook? Gab? Parler? Instagram – etc…?

The FBI has roughly 7800 special agents working the field.   According to a Wired report issued in 2013, Google revealed that the FBI had issued 16,511 National Security Letters requiring Google to provide all pertinent information on a person without obtaining a warrant in one year – 2011. “ The National Security Letter provision of the Patriot Act radically expanded the FBI’s authority to demand personal customer records from Internet Service Providers, financial institutions and credit companies without prior court approval.”

The misuse of FBI authority was originally brought up in 2007 when the FBI was requiring AT&T and Verizon to station employees inside the FBI so that they could access accounts verbatim.   Using this same insider access the FBI were able to identify people who were walking around the Capitol and those inside.  Always without a warrant.

According to Charlie Hurt at the Washington Examiner, FBI agents were creating fake platforms that then opened backdoor portals to social media companies.   Their banning at Twitter included satire accounts they deemed interfered with their dissection of conservatives.

Lists of accounts were provided that the FBI recommended be turned off..   According to Director, Chris Wray, everything they did at Twitter was legal, above board and was done across all social media platforms.   Simultaneously, porn and pedophilia were NOT targeted…  ODD.

Suppressing information is NOT listed in the FBI manual of protocol and duties. Inserting propaganda – is not listed in the FBI manual.   However, ‘protecting civil rights’ is in the manual.   Civil rights such as right to privacy and freedom of speech.

It was the FBI that convinced the world that the CIA was not involved in the assassination of JFK and Oswald acted alone.   This line has been debunked as impossible given analysis of bullet trajectories.   But they needed the story to be killed. FBI agents were planted throughout the capitol grounds January 6th to incite riots. FBI agents ignored attorney access and raided Trump’s home.   They routinely tip off the press of coming raids for media hysteria.   And make a show of armour, AR’s and and intimidation when arresting conservative figures.

So who owns the FBI?   Likely, the same organization that owns everything – BIS.  All these organizations were created within a short span of each other in the early 1900’s.   BIS being the Banking Cartel took ownership of agencies which perform on behalf of BIS.

In 1975, Senator Frank Church gave a speech about the fact that the ‘intelligence community’; had perfected a means for listening to every conversation on airwaves. He warned that this insider ability meant that the government would know everything about everybody and use this power to create total tyranny.   The People would NEVER be able to fight back. Because any effort to combine together to resist the government would be known – no matter how privately it was done.

When saying this – logically, that would mean criminal activities could be known and deterred…   But they aren’t.   Does this mean the FBI actually allows crimes to happen?   Or worse, the FBI creates the crimes.

Edward Snowden.

After working for the CIA and subsequently NSA, Snowden revealed mass surveillance tactics used by government agencies internally and abroad.   At the time, Eric Holder was the Attorney General who charged Snowden in violation of the Espionage Act of 1917.    September 2020, a U.S. federal court ruled in United States vs Moalin  that the US intelligence’s mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal and possibly unconstitutional. Yet Snowden was never pardoned as a Whistleblower. WHY?

Wrong side.   Snowden was tasked with investigating the mass surveillance of the CCP – instead he found the US.   At the time, General Keith Alexander was running NSA.   He retired 3 months after the Snowden revelation.   Subsequently, Alexander created a cybersecurity agency providing services to private companies.

Like the world over, there are good cops and bad cops, good FBI agents and bad FBI agents. The FBI is rife with controversies for decades.

COINTELPRO was such a controversy: “tactics have been alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare, smearing individuals and/or groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, and illegal violence, including assassination.” Their defense? They were maintaining the existing social and political Order.

Officially COINTELPRO was disbanded, unofficially it was never disbanded. And All The Kings Horses Scrubbed Humpty-Dumpty.