WEF Chris Wray: Purpose of FBI is to Arrest BEFORE A Crime is Committed…

The Conservative Treehouse has made a good point about the FBI’s somewhat new definition of the job of an FBI Agent. He notes that in speaking to the WEF, Christopher Wray stated that the mission of the agency is to ‘prevent crime’.   But the entire point of a crime is its commission.   Arresting people on suspicion that a crime might occur is exactly the prosecutor’s entire case against the January 6th Capitol protesters.   Police routinely stated what ‘could have happened’, and thus the protesters were arrested based on an opinion of what they might do.  When in fact, no crime was actuated.

Imagine how this could play out in a Communist Regime America?   A Police Officer gives someone a ticket for speeding because they looked like they might speed based on the make of the car, although they were not.   Or, it looked like you might be a shoplifter, so we pre-emptively arrested you.   Or, you own a gun, therefore you may use it to harm someone given you are an angry person…  Arrest.  Jail.

Despite the FBI being a US Agency tasked with US crimes, Wray chose to go the WEF as a US representative to call for a ‘global FBI’.   But we already have a global FBI, it is called the CIA.   So what is he doing?

Other comments made by Wray include his deep fear of China’s AI.   Why?   According to Wray, China stole massive amounts of data and intellectual property over the years.   Their evolution into AI is now greater than the US industry and Wray is concerned of what they might do.   I mean, I get it to a point, it is somewhat like preventative medicine.

EXCEPT.   The FBI allowed the Thousand Talents Program to infiltrate the US for nearly a decade without any concerns at all apparently.  UNDER Wray’;s watch.  So why was China ‘good’ then and ‘bad’ now?   What changed?   Not China.   China is exactly the same – just as all communists are like stagflation – they don’t move unless pushed.

Wray has been FBI Director for 5 ½ years.   During all that time China was busily gobbling up every piece of intellectual proprietary information from all our Elite Schools, including Harvard.   They were assisted by Fauci’s NIH with funding and grants.   So. What’s the new beef?   Crickets?

Russia was a darling – until they weren’t. Syria was a darling, Iran was a darling, Saudi Arabia was a darling…   once upon a time – before they became enemy #1.   So, what is China’s crime?   They haven’t decided yet, but they will – and then all hell will break loose …

The same pre-emptive logic is being used at doctors offices.   When filling out the questionnaire provided each time you visit the doctor’s office, a new question has appeared;   are you current on CoVid Vaccines?   Are you current on CoVid vaccine boosters, if so how many?

The proactive is to penalize for not doing something – which is outside of our judicial system structure.   Where are the attorney’s?   If I refuse to answer the question what are the consequences?   Apparently, insurance companies could refuse payment to the doctor!   Punishment for a noncrime.

Is it now illegal to take the Fifth?   I refuse to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself?   Because I am unvaxxed completely?  

The fact that Wray has been attending the WEF annual events in and of itself should be worrying.   But there is another annual attendee – Jared Kushner.

In order to attend, one must be ‘invited’.   It is NOT a show up at will sort of event.   Today’s Agenda began at 11:15am (I guess no one works early) and by 3:30 everyone goes to their respective corners which includes:   a dinner party at Hotel Seehoff, drinks at the Belvedere, and a late  wine forum before the guests disperse to the preferential escort service prostitutes.   LOVELY.

Despite Klaus Schwab pinky swears he is not Jewish, the final event at the WEF is a Shabbat Dinner amongst the ‘chosen 175’.   “It comes at the end of intense meetings over the course of 4 days’ wherein attendees spend upwards of 2-4 hours daily – talking and listening intently.   Very Intense!   Looking for Clients.   Looking for Money.

Not a good look for Kuchner, Trump’s son-in=law.   A look that will drop mud in 2024.

Yet, another name showed up on the Shabbot guest list – Alex Soros.   And once again, Kushner as a Trump representative and relative is NOT looking like a Trump representative at all.   But the spy amongst us!

Alex Soros, a Jew, is supporting the Ukraine neo-Nazi agenda.   He is photographed at the event with Gretchen Whitmer, his inspirational leader, Mark Malloch Brown – his mentor, as well as a slew of Green Party and Communist Party Presidents.   NOT a good look for buddy Kuchner – or Trump.

While there have been various persons who attended the WEF Summit on an occasion – including Elon Musk & Trump, the waning interest has captured the media.   President’s and PM’s from western countries – did not attend.   In fact the overwhelming majority of attendees were CEO’s and ‘billionaires’.  Because those are the Stakeholders the Schwabs of the world insist will be our global government.

If Kuchner declares he is there simply to rev up investment in his company, he has sold his soul to the almighty dollar.   If he is there for the ‘parties’, Ivanka should be ‘concerned’.   If he deflects as a spy – Klaus will have him eliminated.   There truly is no good explanation – including stopping a pre-emptive crime.

WEF AGENDA: Eliminate Government in Favor of CEO Stakeholders

Who is attending the Davos Summit is nearly as important as who is not:   “This year’s Davos summit is reportedly being attended by 2,700 participants, including more than 600 global CEOs, 116 billionaires and over 50 world leaders.” The obvious phase out is World Leaders in favor of billionaires and CEO’s. Why? Because a “Stakeholder Global Government” is part of the Agenda.

And according to John Kerry, climate Tzar, he and select human beings were chosen for this mission to save the planet.   And saving the planet is an extraterrestrial event.

According to Schwab and his cohorts, ‘competition’ is at the central point of all that has failed our economic system. In their world, globalization emphasized cooperative economies.   But like Prodigal Sons and Daughters, we left our cooperative wealth redistribution commune mentality behind and this is what has caused all the strife we now face.

Not the mismanagement of global governments, the greed of CEO’s, the embrace of neo-Nazism and Communism – the fault is ‘competition’.   Historically, without competition, the commodity being manufactured is of much poorer quality.   China was the perfect example for decades;   Inferior products, faulty products, unsafe products, products that easily broke.   That would be the motif of the World Economic Summit billionaire convention.

Join forces to make ineffective, defective products so as to wean our consumption.   However, our overindulged consumption is also exactly what makes these CEO’s billionaires.   SO how can they sell nonwealth to the wealthy?

A completely different world.   A world dominated by AI and Transhumanism.   “A world wherein stakeholder capitalism measures the value of a business activity not by its short-term profit but by its impact on people and the planet.”  

But that is NOT the mind of man.   Man is defined by competition.   Man is defined by power.   Man is gluttonous by nature.   As John Kerry put it;   only the select few human beings will survive. They won’t need the commodities we crave today, because AI will replace – everything – within an alternate universe or dimension.

That would be the “SALE”.   A sale that cannot be achieved without external help.   A science that may have already far surpassed what we are led to believe is possible, but only the select few can embrace. The select few being those with money – because money equates to wisdom and knowledge…  And money equates to governance.  Hail The Vatican!    (Heil, as in Heil Hitler, actually means salvation and is typically used in reference to God).  

Bill Gates invented nothing.   He did utilize a great marketing ploy to steal and manipulate those who did the creating.   Meaning his mental acumen is likely ‘average’.    A really good Salesman. The acumen of politicians mirrors that of CEO’s.   They are salesmen – not entrepreneurs or scientists.   They see a slick campaign and tool it to their benefit!

Klaus Schwab has milked the World Economic Forum members since 1971.   FIFTY YEARS!   Not as the purveyor of anything beneficial or substantial to the world – but as a good salesman.   His degrees and background lack ‘substantiation’ and could just as easily be described as ‘disinformation’.

John Kerry’s biography reads like the man who married wealth for profit.   And the so called elite are more likely to be created resumes, biographies, and profiles born of a novelist.   Except their editor couldn’t delete internet history fast enough.  Death of a Salesman is actually a metaphor for the rebirth of the salesman mentality;   once the sale is made, they have no more interest or connection to the sale.  (I married one).

Like the CEO’s Schwab decries for excessive capitalism, he garners an annual salary of over $1million while promoting his ‘books’.   Although Schwab has been credited with writing a number of books on his Great RESET, all would seem to be authored by others with a notation toward Schwab…   His degrees would appear to be honory with the exception of his bachelors wherein the Swiss Institute of Technology was required to take every student that applied.

In my opinion, honorary degrees demean a person and demean the degree for others.

Oddly, the WEF Davos 2023 forum notes Joe Biden’s successes as a platform for all other governments to follow in implementing the RESET.    We are thus the model for all other countries to follow in the achievement of a Communal Communist authority.

Which is to say that as a complete brain dead puppet – Biden is the epitome of what all government leaders across the globe must become.   Which may be the reason they decided to give the Summit a finger this year as the true view of their future becomes ever more clear.

CHINA: The Davos New World Order W/O Jinping

Shortly after Brandon took office, the price of a barrel of oil was roughly $21 – today it pushes $80 as the US Administration attempts to destroy Russia’s oil rich country…   But oil isn’t the only commodity spiking – escort services for the Davos members starts at $2500 for an evening – a 100% spike. But apparently, those that didn’t make their reservations are sorely out of luck as the high priced agencies are completely booked for the entire Davos Event!  There are 20,000 registered sex workers in Switzerland.

In the World of Davos Elites – there is really only One Commodity – Money. And the entire Agenda is how to obtain more of that number one commodity.   Inside this enclave which functions much like the Vatican, there is no Law.   Nothing is illegal.   It is closed to most media with the exception of those owned by the government, such as BBC, NYT and CNN echelon chosen executives.

The Reported Agenda and daily briefs are superficial.   Parties, Suites, and Private Rooms are the true decadence.

Davos is a chosen destination given their limited crime, which is typically isolated from elitist view.   Ranked quite high in the ‘indexes’ which measure crime and peace globally, the rankings are a product. The product is paid for.   And The People offer no valid opinion.   The metric rules and those that create it are minions of the Power Cartel.

The index is created by The Institute For Economics and Peace which is collated by their partner The Economist Intelligence Unit.   The entire charade is owned by the Economist Group which publishes The Economist.   The group is owned by Rothschild, Cadbury, Schroder, and Exor NV (the Agnelli family in Italy).

The Economist Intelligence Unit is staffed primarily with Chinese and Indian economists whose expertise is ‘algorithms’.   Their latest analysis as well as most analyses involve China.   China is the focus. Why?   Because China does not have to conform to ANY dictums.   They are immune.  Thus they represent the CORE.

The Latest Opinion piece by EIU discusses the opening of China’s market again to Australian coal. The import had been banned since 2020.   While making no mention of climate change, Davos Agenda, and Green Weenies, the article simply emphasizes the capitalist boon that this will create for Australia.   The focus is wholly on MONEY.

In fact, their main focus of the global economy is centered around China.  Because every major Banking and Hedge Fund operation is a talent of China. And the demonization is simply to scare away investors while reaping the benefits in the closed Cartel.

Despite China continually declaring their alliance with the Net Zero philandering of the WEF, they have no intent of complying with ‘anything’. In fact, it appears China is staged to horde global supplies of energy including gas, oil, and coal.

But that is not all that is being hoarded. China and Russia now account for 47% of the global phosphate production, ie fertilizer which is driving up agriculture prices.

Biden’s plan? When Biden and Jinping met to discuss worldwide inflation and recession, Biden read from his note cards while Jinping sat laughing.

The cards told Biden that the US was considering $250 million to support American fertilizer production with the caveat that it is ‘sustainable’.    Sustainable fertilizer is defined as – the fertilizer production method must reduce greenhouse gases and be produced through renewable energy sources…   Is that possible?

The end all meaning is the cost of American fertilizer will be 300%-400% greater than anywhere else in the world.

And a pattern begins to emerge. The means for income redistribution is through sustainable vs unsustainable price deviations.   And China is the sole and largest country that will never comply while simultaneously ‘pinky swear promising to comply – sometime in the neverland of the “Future”.    Making them CENTRAL.

China’s greenhouse gas emissions are consistently higher than it’s supposed 2nd place winner – the US. In fact China’s are double the US.   Assuming we can even believe the ‘algorithm measurement’ supplied by the Elitest Rothschild!

According to the EPA the industry that causes the greatest amount of carbon dioxide is the electricity and heat sector.   Over 60% of our electricity in the US is generated thru fossil fuels.   When we deplete our fossil fuels – we are depleting our ELECTRICITY!   Which explains why rates are double this winter.  And explains WHY our governments want us to consume MORE electricity…

China is hoarding an array of other commodities, including food.   By the past summer 2022, China held in inventory 70% of global corn, 60% of global rice and 51% of wheat.   China is the world’s largest producer of wheat, rice, and potatoes. It is the second-largest producer of maize and the third-largest producer of sugarcane. When the Experts and Economists focus exclusively on Russia Did It – they fail to mention these tidy tidbits!

When it comes to food stuffs, China outpaces all other countries including the US to the tune of roughly 3 to 1 ratio.

While Biden has been bleeding our resources dry, blowing up manufacturing plants, shuttering gas exploration, and looking to ban meat thru various culling means of livestock and fowl, China has been busily hoarding. With our permission. With our money.   And with our government’s assistance.

In order to create the Communist dystopia desired, China is a necessary integral component.   And the entire Disinformation Campaign is designed to temporarily propagandize China as the number one enemy – when reality would indicate China is the number one ally – until and when Jinping can be eliminated by the Cartel and a New Puppet Can emerge as The Master!   At which point CHINA will become our Manifest Destiny!

World Economic Forum: Meeting To Determine Governorship of The METAVERSE

The World Economic Forum is scheduled for their first 2023 meeting January 16 thru 20.   Over 2700 individuals have been invited from various governments, stakeholders, and Corporate alliances.   5,000 Swiss armed special ops personnel have been sequestered to guard the meeting with snipers, security, and safety as their task.   The primary theme for this meeting is the ‘advancement of the Metaverse’.

The Metaverse is described as a virtual world, facilitated by augmented & virtual reality.   The debate?   Creating a governance of this virtual world among the WEF elite. Who will rule this new concept of the elimination of reality?   Social Media is a necessary inclusive platform, but everyone wants to be King.

The WEF Metaverse has been assigned to the Global Collaboration Village.   The Village founding partners include WEF, Accenture and Microsoft.   While the supposed purpose is to provide virtual meetings in a compatible framework – that is already available via ZOOM.

There are numerous reasons to invent a false reality:   1.   Earth has died and people are relegated to underground cities.   2.   Earth will remain untouched, an Oasis, and the environment will be available only via VR.   3.   To supplant freedom with a contrived version and adapt people via virtual reality utopia.

Zuckerberg’s Metaverse failure set back the agenda with 2030 pushing it closer to 2045.   The oddity of the entire initiative is that most of the current elite players will long be dead.   Klaus Schwab is 84.   However, both his son and daughter are quite active in pushing thru The Great RESET.

Olivier Schwab is head of WEF China and is married to a Chinese woman.   Klaus is closely aligned with the CCP admiring the means by which they can rule by fear using social credit systems for whitewashing and blacklisting individuals.   But the social credit system is much more advanced with very specific details regarding travel, education levels, internet blackouts and denial of healthcare, amongst many others.

Given the odd back and forth regarding evil China – good China, it would appear to be more of a distraction than a reality.   China remains close to the Bidens and to the Schwabs.   Not to mention fang-Fang Swalwell’s honey doll.

To further confuse the China CCP alliance with the west, Congress has created the Tough on China Select Committee.   The Committee argues that China is building a more advanced military than the US so additional ‘defense spending’ is necessary to thwart any lag in technology.   The Committee is largely republicans.

By Contrast, in 2001 the Executive Commission on China was created to ‘monitor human rights and rule of law’.  The Commission Chairs consist largely of Democrats and Rhino Republicans.   Their entirety of task is to create an annual report – that no one reads.

January 2022, Xi Jinping gave a virtual speech at Davos regarding economic globalization, shared visions, Agenda 2030, and a one world international order. Klaus must have been drooling!   . ALL ABOARD!

But even more critical, China seems to be out advancing all western economies in the application of the Metaverse.   In their description, reality would overlap with a virtual world in work, socialization, productivity, entertainment and shopping.

With every virtuous signal, there exists a dark version.

Within the current available applications, the sinister version arises.   In this Metaverse reality, pornography, sexual exploitation, pedophilia, and identity theft are rampant, uncontrolled, unregulated, and explicit.

While there are military benefits of the Metaverse, such as training, the potential to become unidentifiable as reality or virtual could be the pinnacle.   Fake Avatars could identify as military commanders, politicians, or stakeholders to disrupt or gain access to security drives.

Essentially, Biden’s fake white house is a relatively known allusion – but in the Metaverse it would be common.   Swalwell’s fang-fang deception would be exponentiated.   Blackmail would increase 1000fold.   And – access to a secure meeting could be easily hacked.   As we have come to realize, most politicians are not the brightest.   They are lax, lazy, and eager for ‘entertainment’.   They are Part-Time employees paid double time for their nonefforts.

Metaverse in its conceptual version is decades away from peasant usage.  It will not be free.   Access will be restricted based on social credit scores.   And the brain will ultimately no longer be able to distinguish between what is virtual and what is real.    Thereby advancing the global colonization.

McCarthyism – Cue World Economic Forum

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy want an endless war in Ukraine.   The want to obliterate Russia.   Their constituents disagree, but the power vacuum is too strong and these men have succumbed to their greed and power.     Their Wall Street bets.   Their China graft. And their Rulers.

McCarthy has a speckled career of Swampfeeder alongside his buddies John Boehner and Paul Ryan.   However, he continues to hold some powerful endorsements including Trump and Mike Huckabee.   An interesting leverage – albeit one that needs to be conceded.   His failed attempts have triggered mocking and humility – not merely directed at him but the entire Party he claims to represent.

AOC has come to his rescue amidst claims she can divert Democrats to his favor so that he may retain his throne.   And so, the voices become ever louder as it becomes crystal clear McCarthy is not a member of the Republican Party and has zero interest in doing the Will of The People he swore to uphold.

And that makes him a Swamp Kingpin.

Two specific blunders include the monstrosity Budget Funding Bill that strips taxpayers of every shred of our hard earned dollars in the name of Pelosiism.    While swearing to transfer hundreds of billions to Ukraine for the War of Eternity.   Those alliances have a common denominator, The World Economic Forum.

In 2016, Kevin McCarthy attended the annual World Economic Forum meeting along with Joe Biden, Trudeau, Netanyahu, Cameron, Penny Pritzker, Greg Abbott, John Hickenlooper, and others as part of the US delegation.   The Theme:    “Mastering The Fourth Industrial Revolution”.   The Challenges included ‘acceptance of the New Normal’.

The Entertainment Industry was represented by:   Kevin Spacey, DiCaprio, Peter Gabriel, and Bono, among others who were given the Crystal Award in commemoration of their exemplary commitment to improving the state of the world…   Kevin Spacey? REALLY!

While the naysayers have reiterated their commitment to Americans, the doomsdayers continue to spout their support of Klaus Schwab and their ‘wallets’.   A sad commentary that has put McCarthy in the limelight of the Swamp.   Given the ONLY rhetorical support is based on the fact that McCarthy is deserving because of his ‘time’ already spent, they oddly have no other position to present as a qualification.   But apparently, in the world of no term limits, insidious insider trading, and ‘book deals’ to launder money to candidates, ‘time served’ is now considered paramount to succession each and every year unabated.

“Time served” is typically the phrase used to reference a criminal having spent years in jail for a crime.  It is now the phrase that defines politicians who deem themselves political lifers.   It also assures them that with lifer McCarthy a bill to institute term limits and stock trading will NEVER be considered.

In that vein, according to Unusual Whales, Pelosi’s 2021 term netted her a 44% return rate on her investments while Americans watched their portfolios decline by 25% on average.

Making America Great is obviously an allusion to making ‘Certain Americans Wealthy’.   WHY? So they can live out the Fourth Industrial Revolution of depopulation targeting those who have the least amount of wealth.  McCarthy’s Net Worth is estimated to be somewhere between $9 million and $95 million…   You just can’t make this up!

World Economic Forum Universal Healthcare – A Kick In The Butt

World Economic Forum:   “Japan’s early adoption of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has attracted worldwide attention, as it is the country with the longest healthy life expectancy in the world.” The Headline they don’t want you to see:   “Japan to face a shortage of nearly 1 million medical and welfare staff by 2040.”

Other factoids not announced by the Media:   1.   Japan birth rate is 6.5 per 1,000 while their death rate is 11.5 per 1,000 making for a significant negative growth rate.   2. Immigrants in Japan account for 2.8 million of the 126 million population = 2%.   3.   ALL immigrants come from other Asian countries usually with a Japanese spouse and are not eligible for healthcare until they have resided in Japan over 1 year.   4.   Illegal Immigration does NOT exist.   5. Japan recognizes two genders; male and female.

Misnomer:   Universal Health Coverage does NOT mean ‘FREE”:   Funding of health expenditures is provided by taxes (42%), mandatory individual contributions (42%), and out-of-pocket charges (14%). The mandatory withholding is 10% of wages, 30% coinsurance out-of-pocket, the balance is paid by the employer.   Maximum monthly tax withholding is capped at $1370, while Bonus Income contributions are capped at $57,300.   Coinsurance is 30%, annual caps are $2.12 million for health and $21,200 for long term care.

Public Health hospitals support only 15% of the population, while the vast majority – 85% are privately operated and thus charge outside of the caps.

Kicker:   70% of employees have secondary medical insurance paid for out of pocket. In 2020, Japan doubled out of pocket costs for those over 75. Wait times for surgery are excessive. Japan’s system is ranked 31st.

This is the schematic that WEF claims is ‘Free” Universal Coverage…

Japan has less than 2 doctors per 1,000 citizens.   While the shortage has been a growing concern for a decade, the loss of population will automatically correct that figure in the future – according to Science Analysts.   Therefore correcting the issue is mute.  AHH!

Of course the obvious problem with this assertion is that the population is aging, the birthrate is falling dramatically – and no new doctors will fill the gap of those retiring.   In the US, an average doctor might see 2000 patients per year, while in Japan the current number is 8400.

According to Hillary Clinton, “3 minutes of consultation after 3 hours of waiting is normal in Japan and many inpatients had to share a big room, and the quality of medical treatment was very poor…”

Getting Old Sucks:   The monthly fee of national health insurance system for an elderly couple, whose only income is 50,000 yen of retirement pension, amounts to 10,000 yen = 20%.  If the amount in arrear continues for one year, their health insurance card would be taken away and they would have to pay 100% of medical fee at the hospital window.

The gross salary of a doctor in Japan is roughly $127,000 per year. Given the stress levels of patient to doctor shortages, the number of Japanese seeking a degree in medicine is declining rapidly. As a result, the healthcare system is attempting to import doctors from Indonesia, The Philippines, Korea and other Asian countries.   While the number of Japanese registering for medical school is roughly 9000, entrance exams mean that tutoring for the exam begins at age 12. The degree program takes 6 years.

The World Economic Forum is always pushing the envelope when asserting it’s Agenda – and Healthcare is certainly a trigger.   Gathering true statistics is a continuous challenge given that most of the numbers are created in the US under the auspices of corrupted agencies; NIH, CDC, Johns Hopkins and Harvard.   As such, the numbers I have entered are likely more positive than reality.   And the collapse of healthcare systems across the globe should be met with increased knowledge regarding natural and holistic cures.   Expanding one’s ‘medicine cabinet’ along these lines is HIGHLY recommended.



Bill Gates, WHO, Johns Hopkins and a spattering of African warlords met for the annual global health summit to discuss – Catastrophic Contagion – the next Pandemic.   This one is slated to be much more deadly than CoVid, will kill mostly children, and is on the calendar for 2025.

Culling children is believed to be the next best effort in the depopulation agenda given the CoVid nonvax vaccine is still busily taking out the over 60 crowd.   It isn’t the first time a ‘zoonotic’ virus has targeted children.   In fact, this winter has seen an unprecedented uptick in various childhood ‘viruses’ including; RSV, Liver Disease, Myocarditis, Polio, and Hepatitis.   The uptick is written off as a result of ‘climate change’ leaving esteemed doctors and virologists ‘baffled’!     Given there is no cure for any of these viruses, pediatricians simply attempt to moderate the symptoms and hope for the best outcome…

Oddly, the viruses are not occurring when they normally would peak – with worst case scenario peaks of polio hitting roughly 210 cases in 2018.   But Catastrophic would have to be greater than the CoVid algorithm numbers claiming 650 million cases and 6.6 million deaths.   Despite the US having some of the most draconian CoVid measures, including economic collapse, we had the greatest number of deaths followed by Brazil and India.   The death rate was 1% – 2% of cases.

Hospitals have claimed that the vast majority of hospitalization and death are from the vaccinated. While a UK analyst claims that excess deaths are 400% of normal!

Despite all the data being released that the CoVid jab was not a vaccine, not designed to prevent anything, and not a source of protection, the CDC, Johns Hopkins and WHO are playing dumb, dumber, and dumbest with spokespeople such as Jim Carey and Elton John.

The Question – where are they creating this next childhood catastrophic Contagion?

The newest Level 4 Bio Lab is set for completion early part of 2023.    Located in Kansas, the lab will become the largest in the world overtaking Wuhan.    This Manhattan, Kansas lab will phase out the Plum Island lab that purportedly tortured and killed thousands of Macau’s.   However, the torture and killing will now include cattle and other ‘livestock’.   Amidst the Gates and WEF agenda of phasing out meat, pork and chicken, it would seem that finding a potential virus that will kill or make harmful to humans the vast majority of our food protein sources is underway.

The Kansas facility is owned and managed by the USDA with cooperation of DHS, ARS, APHIS.

Nearly all zoonotic viruses in cows can only be transmitted with direct contact with an infected animal.   Ranchers wear gloves and slaughterhouses wear protective gear, so the bio4 lab extension is obviously for the purpose of creating a possible linked combo-cocktail-infection so as to cause the USDA to call for the mass culling of cattle – just as they do with the ‘bird flu’.

And it would appear the tee-time for the game is 2025.

There are 59 zoonotic bio4 labs across 23 countries, but that would appear insufficient to meet the needs according to Johns Hopkins and WHO.   According to Pfizer, the vaccine trials now being assessed for children include:   CoVid, Pneumonia, Meningococcal, Lyme disease, Flu, Strep and RSV.    By contrast, GSK is undergoing clinical trials for: liver and lung disease in children, neoplasms in children, organ damage, and malaria in children using RNA editing.  These are the diseases that the Contagion Pandemic will create.

The Media claim that CoVid is causing multi-organ damage in children.   CoVid has been called out as a result of climate change. CoVid has escalated the ‘excess’ death rates…   ALL despite a 70% CoVid vax rate in the US.

In February 2022, the Washington Post claimed that excess deaths in the US were over 1 million.   NIH claims it was 940,000.   Globally, The Economist claims the excess deaths ranged from 16.8 million to 28.1 million – a deviation of nearly 10 million or 60%!   The EU claims as much as 25% excess deaths, while WHO claims the global number to be 15million. OBVIOUSLY the numbers are ridiculously skewed – because NONE of them are actualities, and are instead fear mongering algorithms.

We do know that the surge in illegal immigration is likely pursued to either fill the void of employees who have died or are now disabled – or to further genocide of Hispanics via vaccine targeting.   Given Hispanics coming to the US had the highest case and death rates among all nationalities, the employment void is the lesser rule.

In order to prepare for the Catastrophic Contagion expected during 2025 after the emergence of a new administration in 2024, there are two BASIC things to do NOW:   1.   Follow the Big Pharma focus to learn where their trials are prominent.  They told us the CoVid Pandemic would be a SARS derivative two years ahead,   and 2.   Boost immunity through diet and vitamins.

TWITTER: A World Economic Forum Agenda…Supporting Stakeholders

Between 2017 and 2021, Twitter doubled their workforce to roughly 7500.  Scattered across the globe, Twitter employees that are not in the US are not given any employment advantages as are US employees.   It is likely that’s the vast majority of layoffs are occurring in these locations.   However, there are various caveats in the bizarre Work Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act implemented in 1988:   The 60 days notice applies only to private companies – The Government is immune to the requirements.

The Act States:

“…notice is required when a business with 100 or more full-time workers (not counting workers who have less than 6 months on the job and workers who work fewer than 20 hours per week) is laying off at least 50 people at a single site of employment (see glossary and FAQs), or employs 100 or more workers who work at least a combined 4,000 hours per week.”

Those who are not eligible for the WARN include contract labor, those that can expect to return within 6 months, and those terminated with cause.  The Trigger is based on an employer closing a location that affects at least 50 workers. In these parameters, Musk has various options to evade or allude the WARN VIOLATION:

  • IF in fact the federal government, as stipulated, was involved in the organization, and given the Federal Government is not required to adhere to WARN rules, then Musk could assert this as a defense immunity.
  • IF Musk shaves off employees who incited advertiser Loss, they would be dismissed ‘with cause’.
  • IF a location affects less than 50 employees, and there are six US locations, then Musk is not obliged to adhere to WARN.
  • IF he fires contractors or Part-Time employees working 20 hours or less – Musk wins again.
  • And obviously, all foreign workers have no cause of action.   Musk has stated that the Asian site will close completely affecting the layoff of some 700.  They have no recourse.
  • While the ‘means’ of notice are ambiguous, the fact that Musk made reference to layoffs in his initial September bid – could be legal as ‘the start date – and the 60 days have passed.
  • Musk’s Contract to buy Twitter details his intention of firing 75% of the company – which could be construed as “NOTICE”.

Whittling legally within a government doctrine that doesn’t apply to Government once again riles the Justice of the Law.   It also opens discussion as to why Government employees would NOT have the same rights…

Some US employees have already been told they are locked out of Twitter computers – however they will continue to be paid thru February 3rd – the 60 day window.   Thus making the class-acTion lawsuit relatively benign – and more of a Democrat Stunt.

While all this information is easily garnered online, the quality pundits at Yahoo, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fox, et al, don’t seem to have the mental acumen to actually research the LAW>  And report thereof.

The “For Cause” aspect of any firing is a paramount subjective.  

Musk has already declared that US employees that fall within he WARN Act will be given 2 months severance – thus complying with the regulations.   They will continue to be graded as employees, but will have no duties and will NOT be allowed access.   Therefore the lawsuit is likely to be tossed.

Yet, the demonizing continues to rape thru the media in a last ditch effort to attempt to malign and divide a people when that should be more of what is censored and classified as criminal.   Instead, the DC Gulag looks to literally break people – physically and mentally.   Utilizing torture techniques reminiscent of Mao, Stalin, and Monarchs of history – against American citizens.

Somehow we are supposed to within this travesty of gulag justice muster any compassion for a man who was likely engaging in frenetic sexual deviance which got out of hand.   A distraction.

The Midterms are now just 4 days away – Most people have already made their determinations.   Should the Red Wave be allowed without the deviant corruption, changes will be enormous – from defunding Ukraine to returning the US to an energy independent country.   It would entail impeaching elected and/or firing unelected officials who have served no purpose whatsoever – and those whose wisdom is corrupted.

It does bear worth mentioning that the World Economic Forum is BUILT on the caveat that government is obsolete and stakeholders should control the Globe.   Revealing the inadequacy and corruption of government would accomplish this task …

When Musk fires 50% to 75% of internal employees as inadequate and/or useless, it opens the Pandora Box of Government… Essential vs Unessential.   And ultimately all political parties would concur that the percentage of ‘unessential government employees’ has already been determined by historical shutdowns – leaving a workerbee force of -75%.  Which aligns with the WEF – AGENDA !!!


Evangelical Pastors Aligned With WEF & UN WOLVES – Tell Republicans – Don’t VOTE!

American Thinker posted an article today in which the author is asking specifically where are all the Pastors?   Why are they silent amidst the storms?   Why are they not fighting against this conversion to a Communist America?   Why is their ONLY indictment – of Trump.   Without denouncing the abortion propaganda, and the communist delusion of utopia, Pastors have been silent.   WHY?

Just in time for the Midterms, two Pastors have come out of the proverbial woodwork to taut their new book, Truth Over Tribe.   Obviously they want to promote the book to make money, but even more deceiving is they are promoting NOT VOTING!   Because we need to let the elections be in the hands of God only.  A Manipulation.  The concept is that the elections will be decided by God.   And we are instead making former President Trump an idol. Therefore – these self proclaimed morality police are encouraging the political statement of disinvolvement.

Pastor Keith Simon and Pastor Patrick Miller both began their ‘careers’ with Cru. Historically, it bears mentioning that Cru, of Crusades for Christ, was formed to combat Communism following WWII.   Cru ultimately grew into a more Universalist Movement embracing diversity and inclusion ideologies espoused by the World Economic Forum.   They are now an affiliate of the World Evangelical Alliance embracing Pope Francis, Salvation Army, Associates in China, and various media outlets.   Other affiliates include The Sojourners.  

Sojourners CEO Wallis was a member of Obama’s Advisory Council and work in conjunction with the sustainability agenda to radicalize Christian evangelicals into a TRIBE.   That tribe would be the globalist WEF.

These two Pastors would prefer we embrace the transformation of Socialist America into a full fledged communist regime.   And as we realize a potential veering away from the abortionists, they are encouraging voters to NOT VOTE.

Apparently, Simon and Miller do not know the parable of the tenants.  God does not tell his Children to sit quietly subdued and do nothing with what wealth He has endowed upon them.   He does not say to bury tenants and your head – in the sand.   By advising Christians to NOT vote these Pastors are declaring their embrace of Communism.

The Crossing Church which was founded by Pastors Simon and Miller does not publish any information about their finances which is required for all 501©(3)’s by IRS code.  A Red Flag turned Blue.

MUCH MORE TROUBLING:    The World Evangelical Alliance is an alliance organization of the UN.   They claim to be a religious voice of the UN with a team of experts including: Dr. Janet Buckingham whose degree is in law.   Gaeton Roy who leads the Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development.  No one on the team is a Pastor or Minister.  But they are aligned with Klaus Schwab.

The UN has hijacked Christian Evangelicals in a fray of NGO’s that ultimately are in alliance with the UN and WEF.

Pastor Miller’s Twitter bio claims bylines in Newsweek, a far left liberal magazine, and Christian Today Magazine which has recently been denounced by Billy Graham as having become a voice of progressive liberalism.     Using their power to attempt to defray the Red VOTES in the upcoming election using Biblical phraseology and Biblical quotes they are the LIARS.

They Are The Wolves.

In the 2020 election cycle it was John Piper who advocated for the same anti-voter turnout because in his esteemed opinion Trump was not moral enough.   As a result Piper used his power as a Pastor to tell his followers and congregation to STAY HOME – do not vote.

The result of these denouncements have given us a government that approves of abortion up until and after birth.   Massive division and hate among polar extremes. And the advancement of a society that embraces communist ideals. All in the name of morality.   A morality that will destroy the very foundation of ALL Christian churches.

When Pastors Miller and Simon tell you to trade in your Tribal Elephant vote for Truth – they are advising you to denounce God’s Word.   They are doing so to sell books, to make money, and to promote a false religion aligned with Progressive Liberalism – so as to sway the Wave Of Red – TO BLUE…


World Economic Forum: Cyborgs, AI, Control – Fossil Fuels a Distraction

World Economic Forum releases list of countries making the top ten as the most progressive countries in attaining the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:   Estonia, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.   ALL of these countries are entering a protracted Recession.   ALL have recorded 8% to 25% (Estonia) inflation rates.   ALL of these countries report excess death rates as high as 26%.   ALL had exceptionally high vax rates. Apparently, a chaotic, recessive economy is now a Sustainable Development Goal.

Bill Gates used one very explosive term when challenging fossil fuels – “Transition”.   In ordinary circumstances, transition would mean a viable shift from one account to another. But Gates also admitted that in the Fossil Fuel area – there is currently NO Viable Alternative.   So we are effectively transitioning to NOTHING.

Electric car batteries destroy the land mining for lithium.   The batteries don’t work in extreme temperatures.   Our electric grid is in failure mode already.   There is no other alternative.   And last I checked pea protein will not be used to build roads and manufacture tires…

Net Zero in 30 years?   What will be our mode of transportation?   The list of products made from oil is in the thousands!   Are we going to cut down more trees for wood floors because carpet is made with petroleum?   “Vegan Leather’ is made from petroleum based plastics.   Cell phones and computers use petroleum products.   Over the last hundred years we have replaced nearly everything ‘wood’ with petroleum so as to preserve our forests!

Aspirin and 97% of Big Pharma medications use petroleum because it is labeled, “…a plentiful source of ‘organic’ molecules that feed into the drug synthesis process.”   ALL synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum – including spandex! Ladies???

Are ANY companies that use petroleum in the manufacturing process looking for alternatives?   NO.   The cost to transition would bankrupt the manufacturer. And there currently is NO available transition alternative.

Transition:   Calling all scientists to find an alternative to transition to! Gates is looking for inventors and volunteers.   Because, ‘scientist’ Gates doesn’t exist and he has absolutely no idea what invention can be created that will not be unequal and cater to diversity…

While the carbon aspect of WEF is promoted widely as their motivation for existence, there exists a far deadlier and subversive agenda – The Internet of Bodies. The concept merges digital currency applications with implants, and AI to recreate humans into programmable androids or Cyborgs..

It is nearly identical to the book, 1984, whereby your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can be unmasked with implantable devices.   Allowing for Controllers to Punish you.   The Managers of the implants can turn you off if you step out of line from the scripted Cyborg rules .   “All will be Happy” takes on new meaning when translated to Cyborg Humans.   You will be happy because NO Other behavior will be allowed or tolerated.

The Controllers will maintain profiles on every Cyborg.   Too Fat?   You will be denied access to food.   Women will be grouped according to their ability to procreate, their IQ, and their gene structure so as to maintain a high value line of birthers.   AI can be used to create false environments. You may believe you are living in a high dollar apartment when in reality you are living in a cave with 20 other cyborgs.

Men will be robust worker bees assigned tasks specific to their own medical, biological, IQ attributes.

Of course none of this is possible with a population of rebels – they will be eliminated.

While Bill Gates and Bezos had both declared they were going to build utopian cities structured in the vein of the Saudi’s NOEM, neither would seem to have acted on this idea. WHY?   There will be no need for elaborate city fortresses when AI can create a false visual.

In my unpublished sci-fi novel, Gideon Rises, cities will be formed within abandoned mall structures as we will be confined indoors due to the appeal that God’s landscape draws us toward ideologies of Freedom.   The Cave Dwellers below the surface will be the laborers tasked with maintaining all aspects of the City.   The Royals will live above ground in various levels of power – wealth will no longer exist.  

And Power will be The Money.   Until the AI stream – Breaks.  And ALL the fakery melts away revealing a very Ugly World.