The World Economic Forum: A Farcical Illusion For Fossil Fuel Profits

The International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is affectionately nicknamed, Local Governments For Sustainability.   They are an initiative of the World Economic Forum Agenda 2030 with a goal of building 15 minute resilient cities. Based out of Bonn, Germany, they have 2500 city mayors across the globe that have become members, pay membership dues, and vow to uphold the goals.   They state that their member cities are stakeholders. Their current President is the mayor of Des Moines Iowa, Frank Cownie.

Conceived by Jeb Brugmann, from Freiberg, Germany, Brugmann received his masters from Harvard in an amazing – one year.  ICLEI’s earliest slogan was, ‘For The Common Good’.   Partners include Google, Woodwell Climate Research Center, Undisclosed, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.   In collaboration with Anthony Blinken, 24 cities across the Americas were chosen to participate in the Cities Forward Program within the ICLEI,  including; Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Coral Springs, Hawaii County, Dallas, Dubuque, Austin, Evanston, Hoboken, Chattanooga, and Stockton.

The Cities Forward Program board consists of a number of mayors, but one in particular is worth mentioning; Kelly Takaya King, Former Council Member, Maui County, HI.    As in the now destitute Maui central.

Partnering with Secretary of State Blinken in this initiative is The Institute of Americas.   One particular advisory member to The Institute – is a Director at Pfizer, Dr. Samuel Dychter.    AN ODD COUPLE TO BE SURE.  Their partners include: Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Sempra Energy, Pan American Energy, Orel Energy, Interenergy, Pluspetrol, and others.   In other words, the fossil fuel industry is partnering to end all fossil fuels? And the Institute is led by Pfizer and hedge funds.

Orel Energy is a holding company with holdings in just about everything with one very small notation of solar amidst fertility, healthcare, quantums, AI, gaming, crypto, food tech, etc….   Not unlike Blackrock, which owns considerable shares in nastypants – fossil fuels.   Pluspetrol is the leading private oil and gas company in Latin America – operating in 7 countries…

You get the gist.   The ICLEI is a bait & switch operation that has absolutely nothing to do with sustainability – and everything to do with fossil fuels. 

Funding is public, private and government in the form of USAID.

The concept of the 15 minute city is a communist/socialist construct wherein you essentially become a prisoner.   Leaving the city will require permission and a mode of transportation. Your work will be determined/dictated by Stakeholder Council members, and your life will become a hodge podge of pre-selected spouses, pre-defined food and caloric intake, and 3 changes of clothing – rented, of course.

The Cities Forward  CHOSEN mayors will convene to decide their vision which will take 9 months, and then 2-3 years of collaboration efforts, ie, evasive distractions wherein nothing will be implemented.   Before presenting their paperwork to Stakeholders for review.   Implementation is not discussed.

Why? Because implementation is not the end game.   The end game is to create an allusion within a sphere of fear. All while building greater profits in fossil fuels –

Before Agenda 2030, there was Agenda 2021.   Before Agenda 2021, there was Agenda 2015.   Agenda 2015 was established in 2000.   NONE of the goals established in these UN programmes were achieved.   NONE.  As we get closer to Agenda 2030, it is likely the UN will adopt – Agenda 2050.   It is all a distraction, an illusion, to benefit the few at the expense of the many.   This is why they fly around in polluting jets, degrading our oceans with windmills that kill whales and dolphins in the thousands, and rape the land making lithium batteries while simultaneously mining for all the precious earth minerals and leaving ravaged land behind.   There is no conservation sustainable goal!   There is only oil and gas, and hedge funds. The movement of money from The People to war in Ukraine, to NGO’s, to trafficking.   These are their GOALS.

In the end it is about Eugenics and genocide while hoarding assets.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman fell for the illusion when he launched Project NEOM in 2017 with a scheduled completion by 2025.   A 10,200 sq mile vision, it was to be the ultimate 15 minute city.   Now declaring a possible endpoint of 2039, the concept is dry and Bin Salman knows he was conned.   In 2017, Bill Gates bought 25,000 acres in Arizona with the DECLARED MEDIA vision to build the first smart city.   Six years later, he has not even broken ground.   Bezos chugs around on his multiple jets, yachts and litany of gas guzzling cars while taking every available concoction to reverse aging.   Via implants and Hitleresque drugs.  He could give a fark about sustainability – anything!

The World Economic Forum is more likely to be a club of money coming together at the expense of taxpayers to party, to solicit prostitutes, and drugs, and children for pedophilia entertainment.   All while laundering their NGO profits, their oil & gas investments, and having a grand ole time of deception.

The only thing the WEF has accomplished is the abject demolition of countries which disagree, the annihilation of law, and the destruction of major cities across the globe.   They are The Pariah!

And civil war IS their game – it is called a Color Revolution.   The only means to dissolve this Wonderland of Chaos is to dissolve NGO and Foundation charitable status.   Layer a global add-on tax to every Hedge Fund.   And eliminate the CIA, NSA, FBI and their allies abroad.  

Mexico’s Two Presidential Candidates – SOROS Installed

Mexico is about to be toasted. The next presidential election is slated for June 2024 and they have two candidates:

  1. Claudia Sheinbaum – a secular, liberal jewish feminist who ran under the right wing banner until 2021 when she made a hard left to socialist communism.
  2. Xochitl Galvez – a secular progressive World Economic Forum graduate whose background details have been scrubbed.

Both came out of nowhere and were barely holding on to their already faulted positions in the government.   It bears noting Mexico is 80% Catholic so the odds of either of these secular candidates having garnered the votes of The People is about -0-%.

Of course the Global MSM is completely titillated over the fact that this means Mexico will have a female President. The gushing is reminiscent of a baby regurgitating sour milk. Yeah – incompetent as they may be to serve Mexico, they are proxies assuring that Mexico will be absorbed by the Big Daddy Pac-Man.

It would appear that their task would be to turn Mexico into a truly banana republic akin to the US, Canada, Australia and EU.

Therefore, it makes no difference who wins.   Likely they are heavily supported by the Mexicali gangs who will be given a greenlight to exploit their ware ‘everywhere’.   Planned Parenthood is gleefully hopping up and down given both candidates will legalize abortion. Setting up shop in Mexico will be lucrative!     Just more depopulation.

Sheinbaum, a secular Bolshevik Jew, was formerly the mayor of Mexico City. Mexico City is 82% Catholic.   Open Society just happens to have an office in the city proper. Sheinbaum moved to California in 1990 to pursue her masters and doctorate at Berkeley. In 2007, Sheinbaum shifted gears and began working for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN in New York.

In 2015, she served one year in Mexico as the Secretary of Environment.   And in 2017 was nominated to run as mayor of Mexico City via the far-left wing MORENA Party.   She has multiple controversies against her for her negligence while mayor.

There is absolutely no way she could have been elected without massive election interference.

Xochitl – A feminist, Xochitl served as mayor of Mexico city before Sheinbaum.   Subsequent to her term as mayor she was ‘elected’ Senator. A devout socialist, she was recognized for her leadership by the World Economic Forum and was invited by Brazil’s Communist leader, Lula to participate in a globalization summit in Davos.

Both candidates would seem to be an Open Society bonanza.   They have no international experience and political experience on par with former mayor Pete Buttegieg appointed Director of Transportation.   Who will be guiding Xochitl and Sheinbaum in their decisions?     Alex Soros.

While irregularities inside the two Party nominations have been asserted, a billion pesos would go a long way in shutting out the competition. Mexico will become a failed state.

The only way Russia was able to remain internally governed was by booting all Soros related organizations from the country in 2015.   Certainly the Navalny power plays to oust Putin were intiated rather frequently, however they failed to create the stranglehold that is dominant today in America.   And Navalny is in a Siberian Camp.

NPR highlights the civilians wrongfully imprisoned in Russia and the State Department warns that Russia is a pariah state for Americans.   Of the 50 Americans detained across the globe, 2 are in Russia; Paul Whelan and Evan Gershkovich, both of whom have been arrested on espionage.

In contrast, there are over 60 Russians currently in US jails.

There are over 200 NGO’s operating in Mexico.   In 2021, Mexican President, Obrador, accused the US of interference:   “It’s interference, it’s interventionism, it’s promoting coup-plotters,” said López Obrador, who announced that Mexico had filed a formal protest with the US embassy.

Specifically, Obrador was speaking of the NGO Article 19. Funding for Article 19 is to be expected:   Open Society, Ford Foundation, USAID, NED, Netherlands, etc…   In addition, Obrador mentioned interference by;   Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI).   They are also funded by the Ford Foundation and USAID for the purpose of installing a couped President.   Obrador made serious allegations of his concerns to “Kamala”.

Under Mexican law, a foreign government may not make donations to a political group (MCCI) because it undermines sovereignty. Obrador told Kamala that USAID must suspend funding.   It is now funded by The Open Government Partnership launched in 2011 and held a global summit in Mexico City in 2015.   The same year a coup allowed Xochitl to be a surprise winner of Mexico City Mayor!   The Partnership is funded via the UN, Open Society, Omidyar Network, Hewlett Foundation and the UK Government.

The goal?   Full implementation of the Sustainable Goals as set forth by the WEF via The Open Government Partnership.   BOOM!  Mexico will be the next victim – 2024.

World Economic Forum: Reimagining Government via AI & Stakeholders

A group called anti-white watch has taken to posting about violence perpetrated against all ethnic Europeans by blacks that across the globe.   The genocide of white people at the hands of blacks is ‘tolerated’ because our newly installed governments really just don’t care as long as they are paid to do nothing. Why should they?   They will do the bidding of their handlers because they know election fraud as it is exposed isn’t just against Trump –

All of Congress was voted in illegally.

Every action Congress initiates is dictated behind the scenes.   Getting riled by their failure to actually act on their words is useless because their words don’t belong to them.   They are simply following orders.   Biden will not be impeached until or unless the Cartel ruling all western countries – so decides.   Kamala Giggles will continue to speak like a lost child and ridiculed – until the Cartel is no longer entertained.

Ethiopia is now in turmoil. Ecuadorian presidential candidate was assassinated.   Mountains of evidence revealing the 2020 US election treason will go ignored.   A 74 year old man assassinated by the FBI for tweeting mean tweets will go ignored.  And citizens will become more angry – as is planned.

There is no Biden Administration.   There is no Biden.   DeSantis is now using deep fake AI imagery to defame Trump in political campaign ads.   DeSantis is – the deep fake.   Christy is challenging Trump to a verbal duel?   Pence can’t figure out how to pump gas?   AOC is a bartender. Obama was a cocaine dealer.   And anyone MAGA is being targeted for assassination.

Yesterday a ‘secret cable was released detailing the Biden Cartel Handlers ordered the detention and arrest of Pakistan’s Imran Khan.   According to a statement by Nuland with regard to her bullying of Niger’s Military Junta – according to American Law, coups are a federal crime…   so who ordered the Pakistan coup?

The illegal January 6th Committee colluded with the FBI and has now been found to have destroyed evidence – a criminal offense.   An offense that could render ALL of those imprisoned in DC Gulags with a get-out-of-jail- FREE card, and destroy Jack Smith’s entire case against Trump… A case that was riddled with lackluster accusations.

Why did they destroy evidence?   Because, it would have exonerated Trump and all those accused. Meaning a class action lawsuit should now be the means of taking down those individuals involved including Nancy Pelosi, and every FBI official who incited the deaths of two women at the capitol;   Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland.

But who will indict them?

One of the last tenets of the World Economic Forum’s Agenda is the dissolution of governments.   How?   Implode from within. Meaning, the governments doing the bidding of the Cartel are destroying themselves without any need of force…

The People are being fed a constant litany of corruption, fraud, pedophilia and even treason within our ranks of government officials. The People will demand that the entire government system be expelled – and we will be offered an ‘alternative’.

In 2017, the WEF published a white paper on the ‘new government model’ which they coin as being “With The People” instead of “For The People”.   When the government is now The People – who actually rules?   Data.   AI will govern the populace.   Governments will step down from their stage and mingle as a commoner, conveying the messages from The People to AI.   All according to the White Paper as written by The Global Agenda Council, rebranded as The Global Future Councils in 2016 whose self described task is to recreate Earth – in their image.

The agenda is to either witness or manufacture brokenness – including a broken inept government and its subsidiaries; such as the FBI and CIA.

“The network convenes around 600 of the most relevant and knowledgeable thought leaders from academia, government, international organizations, business, and civil society, grouped in expertise-based thematic councils. It is an invitation-only community and members are nominated for a two-year term.”

The Global Futures Council divided itself into a series of subsets, such as:   The Future of AI, The Future of Autonomous Mobility, The Future of Economies, The Future of Cities, etc…   Each subset is assigned a board to manage the adoption of their particular Agenda.

The government’s future operating model is a public-private-society network model. And The Government must be ‘managed’ externally.

The point of declaring the subsets is to declare what aspects of our society are already broken and which still require a manufactured brokenness.   A RESET is to implant a new system within the broken one as created by the board of the Futures Council subset tasked with that reimagining.

For Example:   Government is broken – therefore it needs to be eliminated in order to insert a RESET order of government powered by AI and Managed by Stakeholders.   Food and Water Security is ‘being broken’ in order to RESET a new food source.   (Chickens are destroyed because a duck didn’t show up at the sanctuary on time – therefore a bird-flu epidemic is used to cull millions of chickens per the FDA.) The unsustainability of chickens is thus assured.

Where do these Chairs and Leaders come from? Bain & Co, Harvard, Microsoft, Center For Global Development, World Bank, Gates Foundation, Norwegian Government, University of Oxford, Milanovic, JP Morgan, Deloitte, MacArthur Foundation, NYU, McKinsey & Co, Hillary, etc… etc…etc…

Reimagining earth requires destroying every society, every city, every government in order to rebuild an AI/Stakeholder globe.  All countries must abide or be destroyed.

In that vein, Ukraine has become a test country for destruction.   It’s citizens evacuated or killed.   It’s social structure – destroyed. Churches and religion – destroyed.   It’s infrastructure, government, and foundations – destroyed.   Because according to the Center For Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) rebuilding and reimagining Ukraine will commence sometime in September after Councils meet to agree on ‘how’ and Stakeholders collectively declare the war is over.

So.   As we become more and more riled and disillusioned with an incompetent, corrupt, fraudulent government – a corrupt justice system – a corrupt food system – remember – this is exactly how they want us to react!

WEF & King Charles: The Entire Global System Has Failed

When discussing The World Economic Forum and the Great RESET, one of the most prominent figures remains allusive – King Charles.   Yet it was Prince Charles who co-founded and co-opted this entire Agenda.   It is the British Crown that has refused to release its colonies, most notably Australia and Canada. The British Crown perpetuating the Ukraine War. The British Crown that has been embroiled in Epstein Island, the Jimmy Savile Scandal, and pedophilia for many decades unchecked.

It is The British Crown that was allegedly complicit in the death of Princess Diana.  King Charles is involved in over 400 NGO’s – which we describe as ‘charities’ – although the vast majority of them are simply a means of laundering money in a ‘circular’ fashion.

Over the course of 10 years, King Charles is credited with ‘raising 140million euro for said 400 ‘charities’.   What is notable is that Charles didn’t give these NGO’s funding directly, he relinquished funds from other persons unnamed – and took credit.   The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund claims to have donated $70 million over the course of 20 years.   Of course, there are no financial statements, no tax filings – because the Crown is immune from tax.

Therefore, what The Crown states and what is reality meet nowhere at all.

According to numerous videos of Klaus Schwab and Charles, the entire global system has failed.   And on the face, there is no argument.   A better question would be why it failed and by who’s actions?

  1. it failed because a small faction of cabalists lusted.   They lusted after children, money, drugs, power and a caste system.
  2. who are the cabalists?   There are tiers.   Governments are actually the bottom tier simply because they were inserted BY the next tier. That tier would be made up of the agencies tasked with protecting The People – but in fact they are the military of the next tier.  The next tier is the industrialists and bankers.   The final tier is Money.

Capitalism in its truest sense has likely never really existed. Like Marxism – it exists on paper but when humans insert the ideologies into context, every system fails.

The Klaus Schwabs’ and King Charles’ of the globe are not kind benevolents, they are, as Biden noted, part AI.

In Switzerland, 26 cantons delineate the entire country.   Operating similarly to US states, the cantons have their own government and administration.   These cantons fund universities such as the University of Geneva where Klaus Schwab was a professor.  In addition, Swiss cantons provide reciprocity to a number of external universities as well, including: Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Trinity College, Kings College, University of Michigan and University of Tokyo – to name a few.

Once again, this reveals The Nordic countries appear front and center – ruled by the overlord, King Charles, managed by the global Bank – Bank of International Settlements.

In 2020, BIS published, The Green Swan – a Protocol for governments, central banks, and Elites.

The paper discusses the ‘Green Swan transition risks related to potentially disorderly mitigation strategies’.   As in – anarchy.   These risks could have consequences for central banks financial stability mandate.   The best solution, according to the paper is to implement a Pigovian Carbon Tax.    According to The Economist – these taxes change behavior.   The paper seems concerned about how Climate Change will impact monetary flows for Banks; insurance risks, trade risks, and loss of revenue risk.   How then can central banks mitigate these risks and retain their important flow of power, control, and money.

To this end, Klaus Schwab has announced that the ‘next Pandemic’ will be a Climate Pandemic.   Like the CoVid Pandemic – countries will splinter between those who take the climate vax vs. those who refuse.   The ensuing splinter will manifest in ever greater riots, murders, assaults, and destruction of property.

According to BIS our current financial chaos was created by handouts during CoVid. As such BIS has determined that inflation cannot be checked until 2027.   Low interest rates were apparently artificial.   But they did benefit the buying spree of the largest hedge funds into real estate;   Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard.   These funds invested heavily in buying not just a house or two, but sometimes entire developments.   The game plan was the initiation of the ‘you will own nothing’ schematic.   Hedge Funds are the new cornerstone of the rental market.   The rental market will usher in the 15 minute cities, which will create the digital social credit scores and thus the Great RESET monetary system.

Today – there are no 15 minute cities.   Anywhere.   It remains a future concept.   Why?   MONEY.   The Biden administration recently proposed altering the Estate Tax.   The estate and gift tax lifetime exemptions will return to year 2009 levels which are $3.5 million estate and $1 million gift with an increased maximum tax rate of 45%.   In addition, the tax plan would:

  • Implement a tax on unrealized capital gains at death for unrealized capital gains above $1 million.
  • tax the capital gains of millionaires at ordinary income tax rates, which would be levied at his proposed top marginal rate of 39.6 percent
  • require taxpayers to include phantom gains from assets they have not sold in their taxable income each year and pay tax on the phantom gains to reach a minimum tax rate of 20 percent. Taxes paid under the proposal would be considered “pre-payments” of the final capital gains taxes owed when the taxpayer sells their assets or when they owe capital gains taxes at death.

The current estate and gift tax revenue collected by the federal government is roughly $27 billion annually.   A very nominal amount, roughly less than 1% of receipts, in the relativity of Federal Tax revenue.   Even if all these new tax efforts double the revenue – which they won’t – what is the POINT?   Something amiss.

Given the exercise is not really about ‘revenue producing’ – it is likely the point is to eliminate the family farmers and ranchers, midsize family businesses, and effectively tax them out of existence to be bought for scrap meal by the Hedge Funds.

The exit strategy of gifting – will effectively be eliminated.

Further complicating this invasion of the AI Body Snatchers is the statement by our Global Conductors that there will be NO ELECTIONS IN 2024.   WHO will call for a Global Shutdown for Climate Change Pandemonia – and the Biden Administration having handed Authority to Call For Emergency Acts Authorization to the Military and Homeland Security will impose – Martial Law Tyranny.

THUS explaining why Biden is NOT even bothering with campaigning…. AT ALL.

WEF ENERGY LEADERS: Making Beaucoup Profits in Oil & Gas

The UN has designated July as the goal of employment and decent work for all.   According to the report, the world is still suffering under inflation, supply chain disruptions, and labour market challenges.   Their social-economic report discusses social protection, a social recovery, social cohesion, social resilience, and a ‘different economy’…  

As such, Agenda 2030 – has designated July’s monthly goal  – ‘decent work’… :

Me: What the fark is decent work’?

UN: Decent work is productive and delivers a fair income…

Me: What the fark is ‘fair income’?

UN: Universal minimum income subject to fair taxes

Me: What the fark are fair taxes?

UN: The Committee will decide

The Committee is the UN and the UN has embarked on a global Dictatorship/Monarchy whereby they act as King and King.   Only China has recently decided to give the thumbs down on the Climate Gamut.   Kerry fell flat on his face attempting to extricate/extort money from China this past weekend.   And Jinping seems to have abandoned the notion that the US is anything more than a pariah…

So while the US is busily making more and more enemies – China has set out to become the face of the “good guy’. The West is now disliked by everyone – including themselves.   Even Obama’s precious Africa is turning their back to the White House.

China has become the Tortoise in the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.   It involves itself in no wars.   Instead it is in Ghana giving free surgeries and births.   They are in Algeria to work more closely together. They are forging technology in Pakistan. And more businesses are entering the China market from Germany, Japan, and the UK – while the US is pulling out.

So in all this Communist manifesto of fairness Xi Jinping’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1.2 billion and $72 billion – give or take… I guess that represents the capitalist part of communism adopted by the US Government.

A specialized agency of the UN is the Food and Agriculture Organization. Created in 1945 by FDR, he held a conference at the luxury Omni Homestead Resort with all his best buddies to forge this new sub-agency.   Four months later they needed another conference, this one was held at the famed Chateau Frontenac in Quebec. For some reason Motel 8 is never considered.

The mission of the Food and Agriculture Organization is to defeat global hunger and improve nutrition and food security.   Unfortunately, it is not working, although I’m sure a lot of food security could have been created from the hotel bill.

Budgeting a mere $1 billion to $1.6 billion this UN organization has accomplished absolutely – nothing.  For 78 years.

Qu Dongyu is the Director General.   He’s from China where he is a member of the communist party. The US declared that his winning the nomination for seat as Director General was mired in bribery and coercion.   So the West has criticized Dongyu for not announcing to the world that the 2022-2023 food crisis was directly a result of Russia invading Ukraine.  Because he refused to make this correlation, the US continues to demonize him.

When Dongyu responded that there was no crisis because Russia could fill any voids, the West called him a Putin puppet!

Really.   This is our Administration.

According to The Economist, China’s economy is in trouble.   They are doomed.  They will dissolve into nothingism – soon.   Apparently, this decline toward deflation was noted by Janet Yellen on her Magical Mystery Tour of China – replete with magic mushrooms. Yummy…   During her visit she frequented numerous restaurants – and on one such occasion met with ‘a representative’ of The Economist.   Convenient coincidence?

The Economist put together a China GDP change chart immediately after the meeting with Yellen, via Haver Analytics to support their supposition.   This chart starkly reveals China’s economy has expanded 6.5% since its CoVid decline in 2021 and 2022.  DANG reality.  The ISSUE:   IF China aligns trade with India and Russia – the West is Toasted.

Haver Analytics partners with The Economist, Energy Intelligence Forum (Shell & McKinsey), Action Economics, and Informa Financial Intelligence. Their team come from major banks, Federal Reserve Positions, and hedge funds. What they all do is come together to create financial trends from which they profit.   They make their money on Oil & Gas. And that continues to be their primary focus.

In addition, they focus on economies. One concern is the fact that Americans have ‘excess savings’ that needs to be depleted or extinguished altogether in order to reap peasantry status.    As such, they order ‘more inflation’ for Uber delivery PRONTO. Their economic chart stats can be found here:

The affiliations of these Energy Leaders include: Saudi Aramco, Engie, JP Morgan, International Business Council, Total, Shell, LNG, EIG and of course all things – Harvard & Qatar.

Simultaneously this oil and gas energy profiteering group claim they belong to The World Economic Forum.    While continuing to profit nicely from oil and gas trends – they promote sustainable energy for the plebes.   Can’t have them investing in profitable Energy!   Almost as though there are two distinct WEF’s operating toward different agendas.

What the Energy Leaders are not doing is investing in wind and solar.   What they are not doing is making a decent income:   $6.5 million annual compensation – $8.2 million per year – $161 billion profits up 46.5% over the previous year – on OIL.   That nasty nasty gunk we are no longer allowed to use.   Making more wealth for the wealthy living a fair income on fair taxes at a decent level.

In essence this is the parallel world wherein oil is played by the heavy weights – and the peasants are told to blow windmills and install heavily unsustainable solar panels while blowing up their homes with Exploding EV Batteries.

They have absolutely NO intention of ever decoupling from Oil & Gas.

From The Netherlands With Love – The Agnelli Family

Yellen has arrived in China to clean up the mess after Biden called Xi Jinping a Dictator.   But the real concern is ‘metals’.   Metals that power semiconductors. Semiconductors that power – everything.   The Biden Handlers, in all their wisdom decided to reduce exports of semiconductors to China.   Although Intel is in Ohio building the world’s largest chip plant, it is worthless without China’s metals.   And Xi, unfettered, decided the Clown show running America is unraveling.  

IF Obama is Biden’s prime handler then he will be credited with the mental prowess of a five year old given the economic decisions.   Certainly, there is more than one handler behind the curtain; Bloomberg, Jarret, Rice, and Hillary are the obvious.   But obvious isn’t always the right answer.

There are four basic metals used in the production of semiconductors: Germanium (not the flower), arsenide (A derivative of arsenic), silicon, and gallium.   China has reduced shipments of the two G’s – Gallium and Germanium.   Retaliatory.

Blinken’s journey to China proved an abject disaster, so the Powers somehow think Yellen can sway Jinping into forgive and forget mode.  

Yellen spent the majority of her working years as a professor before Bill Clinton appointed her to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and The Council of Economic Advisors.   Her government career is relatively lackluster with few if any real achievements.

Yellen’s success is measured by the positions she has held rather than positive accomplishments attributable. So why was she chosen to speak with Xi Jinping?    Mending US and China relations is the tabloid agenda.   Oddly, Yellen’s visit is not even mentioned in Chinese Newspapers.

However, this pronouncement was quoted in Xinhau Globalink, “The U.S. recognizes that it can’t push for a full economic ‘decoupling’ with China,” said Nick Marro, an analyst of global trade, noting that there are “simply too many linkages” between the world’s two largest economies.”

Nick Marro works for The Economist Intelligence Unit.   This ‘Unit’ acts as the research and advisory division of The Economist Group, which publishes The Economist Magazine. The Group, was formed in 1946 predominantly by The Rothschild’s.   Shroder, Cadbury and Exor, NV are current shareholders as well, with Exor holding a majority of shares.

John Elkann, a NY Jewish Italian, inherited the fortune of the Agnelli family given a series of tragic deaths.  He is the current CEO and President.

Elkann and Nitan Nohria of India together control Exor, which holds over 46% of The Economist Group shares.   Nohria, a Harvard Grad, works with the World Economic Forum, The Aspen Institute, and was honored by McKinsey & CO.   He was appointed Chairman of Exor May 2023. The previous Chairman of Exor resigned to become President of World Bank.

They both adamantly oppose President Trump.

The Agnelli Family trace their ancestry to Ramesses II of the Turin Dynasty – 1200 BC.     Yet, given Ramesses had over 150 children, it is believed that 90% of Europe and parts of Asia could claim ancestry.    Hardly a pronouncement of royalty – but the media love to lap it up as though it bears merit.

The Agnelli family saw the profitability of war – first against Libya in 1911, then again WWI and WWII wherein their company supported the political rise of Mussolini – embracing Fascism.    The Agnelli company provided trucks, weapons, ambulances, and aircraft engines for war, growing the company from 50 employees to 10,000 by 1915.

Giovanni Agnelli was both a member of Mussolini’s Fascist Party and in alliance with Nazi Germany.   When Giovanni died, Viktor Valletta, then managing director for the company, took control.   Valletta was one of the original founders of the Bilderberg Group in 1954. The Agnelli family were instrumental in the formation of The Trilateral Commission in 1973 and the Aspen Institute.

The Headquarters for The Economist Group is the UK. Exor, NV is headquartered in the Netherlands.   The Home of BIS – the International Bank that rules the West.   Where Jerome Powell is employed.

Despite being the Chair of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell takes his orders from – BIS.   And BIS has ordered more interest rate hikes in order to affirm a Recession and Collapse.

This vast industrial complex was handed over to John Elkann in 2003, Giovanni’s grandson.   And in 2010, China became a destination for money and profits.

The Agnelli Family is interested in China for only one reason – money.   There are no politics involved, no human rights, no concern for ideologies, it is as simplistic as it sounds – $$$$$$$$$$$.

According to The Economist Group at least 13 multinational companies do business in China where they make of $10 billion each. But many are attempting to decouple by moving operations to Vietnam or India. Some cannot.   There are 22 multinational semiconductor companies operating in China.

Companies were drawn to China to scavenge the 1.4 billion consumer population while hacking the low cost of production and wages.   With time, these costs began to steadily rise and the competitive edge narrowed. As a result, they sought to ravage India where wages were still low but work ethic was high.

Biden’s foot & mouth disease put a canker sore on the devolving arrangement. And Yellen is sent in as a decoy. Or maybe to offer a Treasury Bribe.

Klaus Schwab: “Prepare For An Angrier World”

Klaus Schwab, “We must prepare for an angrier World.”   “Young people have a right to be angry.”   Klaus Schwab lives in Cologny Switzerland where the black immigrant population is – zero.   In fact the black population in Switzerland is under 1%.   The country in Europe with the largest immigrant black population is the UK followed by France.   Rioters tend to be emboldened when they see no true consequence.   The UK is next.

An Imam has provided contextual analysis that provides perspective.   While All Muslims are being held accountable as a result of the French Insurrection, these radicals are not coming from the Middle East, they are coming from Africa.   The men are not vetted, they have no employment skills, they don’t speak the language, they bring new diseases, and western governments are doing this in compliance with the WEF.

These radicals are brought into western countries wherein the white populations are told to assimilate.   We are all equal.   But these are the rejects from society.  Because the imported Muslim blacks just want to ‘kill people’. Contrary to our western elite media conglomerate, the vast majority of immigrants from Africa are men, young men. Young blooded angry men.

Dubai’s FM also confirmed the non-vetting argument – Muslims don’t go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, because they would not be tolerated. Instead inane western governments invite them in without concern for the diseases being brought, the violence being brought, and the desire to live on welfare while pursing blond women with blue eyes.

Western nations do not quarantine the immigrants.  Their cultures are violence. We are taking in the worst of the worst for one purpose – to destroy ourselves.   We are to blame for this choice!   We – our governments.

Where did the Insurrectionists in France get their weapons, their guns?   Most French Police are not supplied with guns.  Their weapons include flash bombs, bobby sticks, stun grenades, tear gas and water canons.   When the French Nationalists showed up to fight for France with baseball bats.  The police tear gassed them!   Bobby sticks and baseball bats against AK’s – who wins?

Where did the weapon arsenal deployed by the young rioters come from?   The black market that was just infused this past year+ with American weapons sold by Ukraine on the black market. American weapons.   Over and over The Pentagon was told the weapons were sold on the black market.   So The Pentagon sent – more.

Macron has done absolutely nothing for six days – although he did go to an Elton John concert…   Why does Macron refuse to deploy the military?   Because, as Klaus Schwab stated, the young people have a right to be angry – just not in Switzerland.

Julian Assange, “…the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.”    That includes WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, etc…  He was speaking of Afghanistan in this quote, it is just as viable in response to Ukraine.   Zelenskyy the  ‘hero’  is Zelenskyy the man corrupt enough to sacrifice his people, his land, the resources and animals of Ukraine to this war agenda.   Blood.

While France is burning, the Klaus Hawks are cheering on playing a lyre… while gleefully planning their next assault.   On Syria. The Arab unification is a threat to the Mafia Cartel.   Instability is their only goal.   With Iran and Syria being welcomed back into a united Middle East, the CIA saw this as a provocation against NATO Power.   As a result, Russian intel states, “The US is preparing Syrian jihadists for possible chemical weapons attacks in order to derail Damascus’ diplomatic reengagement with other Arab nations.”

The media will claim that Assad ordered the attacks anticipating the Middle East is too ignorant to know the truth.

NATO countries are claiming they will spend $1.3 trillion on defense in 2023. Russia spending for 2023 will be $56 billion and China – $224 billion.   In 1948, Us Defense spending was $9 billion – adjusted for inflation, today that would account for $154 billion.   But the defense budget is over $880 billion.   WHY?   Because The Agenda required it.   The money was not actually spent on weapons or our military soldiers who live in squalor on pittance salaries – the money was diverted to NGO Think Tanks in Langley.

Ukraine is drying up. The sentiment has shifted and a new enemy must be created in order to justify raising the Defense Budget.    In a twist of fate will the governments turn against the props they employed to destroy?  Obviously the Klaus Schwab Cartel is NOT color friendly.   But they do know the adrenalin factor in your black and muslim rebels, the drug factor, the money factor is HIGH.

Local Police in France have declared, “This is NOT a Riot, they want to kill us!”

Italy’s new PM allowed 2500 illegal immigrants, 28 boatloads to come ashore in a 24 hour period – with an additional 500,000 waiting…  Is Italy next or London?

THIS is anarchy.   It is solicited by Klaus Schwab and approved by states and countries.   In the US we watched the BLM riots implode our major cities into this same anarchy.   Entire cities reduced to rubble.   Fires.   Businesses lost.   London is poised for the next civil war with an immigrant demographic reaching 40% of the population.

It was 64 AD when Rome burned.   Classic history claims Nero ordered the devastation while he shacked up in his villa in Antium 35 miles away.   Groups fighting inside the city claimed they were ordered to set fires.   Sound Familiar?   The riots lasted nine days.   When it was over, Nero blamed the Christians who thus became fodder for dogs and for crucifixion. Ultimately, reconstruction of the city was made possible thru increased ‘taxation’.

By all accounts, Nero was a tyrant, narcissistic, force of evil.  He had children through his slaves and consorts. Male offspring were sent to Greece, Spain and The Balkans.   The ones remaining in Italy are said to have settled in either Sicily or Calabria ~ home to the Mafia.

Destroy and reconstruct on the backs of The People. Nero’s methodology employed by the minions of Klaus Schwab.   Black Lives Matter – paid with US Taxpayer funds to destroy cities across the US.   The idea was to rebuild in the vein of Smart Urban 15 minute city prisons.   But Russia interfered with the plan.

Losing the war in Ukraine, NATO and the Cartel are humiliated.   And as Schwab reiterated – it is a much angrier world.   Importing fanatical rebels, the Cartel has ordered them to DESTROY.    To Rape.   To Murder.   Because Civil War is yet another coup for the Military Industrial Complex.

World Economic Forum: Employee Ownership – A Ponzi Scheme

The main thrust of the World Economic Forum 2023 is “Resilience”.   Corporations are warned that they need quick and decisive action in the face of adversity.   The slower they react, the more likely they will fail their ‘stakeholders’.   Shareholders are passé.   WEF Young Leaders have infiltrated every western country, and China. Those from Taiwan list their country of origin as Taiwan, China.   NOT Taiwan, USA.

In our new world of DEI and sustainability – it appears the concept is appeasement.   Websites have been redrawn to host a black representation of life.   Diversity experts showcase the corporations stakeholder agenda.   While behind the scenes Boards are typically white male dominant.   The point – the D in DEI is a nod, not a reality.

Equity:   this concept is a bit more creative in its logic and rationale. The term “equity” refers to fairness and justice. Equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. ~ NACE

It is under this presumption that DA’s refuse to prosecute – because criminals started from a place of imbalance and thus are not responsible for their crimes.   By contrast, it is presumed that all educated White people come from a place of upper class standards and therefore their crimes must be over-prosecuted to account for the injustice of equity.

Inclusivity:     This term did not apply to people until recently. It’s previous meanings were more aligned in entities or resorts or family.   It was not until the great sustainable word began to be used in every sentence that ‘inclusive’ was brought in as a form of ‘nonracism’.

The WEF list of global fellow youth leaders is inclusive of Christina Freeland of Canada, and Maria Bartiroma of the US. A prominent sponsor of the WEF is McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey’s website states they want to build an ‘Inclusive Economy”.   Lead in;   7 in 10 people live in societies with growing inequality.For McKinsey this means delisting colleges and attracting more people to trained skill positions. Their point? College does nothing to prepare a person for work.   It is a good point, relevant, and viable – IF that is what they actually were trying to achieve.

Unfortunately, McKinsey then starts with the Bill Gates/WHO methodology of tossing out fake success numbers that are completely, entirely fabricated.   “We saved 5 million lives” – “We have helped reskill 1.25 million people”…   False Advertising used to be a crime.

In complete contrast to the WEF they fund and sponsor, McKinsey claims Ownership Works, and have created a new NGO with the name.   Website:   “We are reimagining Equity to Build Wealth For All”. Funding is predominantly from Banks, Investment Funds, Big Oil, and includes Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network among other noteworthies.

Their objective is for employees to become the owners of an existing company – overseen by an ‘investor’. The Investor is a funding partner of Ownership Works;   Berkshire, KKR, Silver Lake, Blue Wolf Capital, etc…   The appointed Investor manages all the business and decision making on behalf of the employee share owners while training the employees is a joint effort of McKinsey and the WEF.   For a Fee.

But it isn’t exactly how it sounds.   Employees are given shares in the company in the highest dilution possible.   For example:   Harley is predominantly owned by BlackRock and State Street. More than 146 million shares are outstanding.   The shares given to employees are infinitesimal compared to the number outstanding and the employee is only given the value of the shares when they retire. More like a pension plan. Or restricted stock shares that cannot be sold.

Harley Davidson’s share value since 2014 has halved.   Employees are warned that the risk of ownership may outweigh its benefit ~ SEC.

When United Airlines instituted 55% stake employee ownership – it came with restrictions such as reduced pay, reduced benefits, and work-rule changes.   The largest shareholder of United is – Vanguard.  It is the Hedge Funds which rule the Board of Directors which rally the Executives to do as they are told.   Employees are still just employees – only now they are getting paid less.

The idea of employee ownership has not taken off very well. It is not about ownership per se, you are still simply an employee with reduced wages and benefits and a retirement plan built on owning one stock. By comparison, executives are offered higher options, unrestricted, and retain full power.

This is more like a PR stunt to pay less employee wages and benefits such as 401k plans – in the present and future while maintaining the same structure.   A Ponzi Scheme – a shell game because you still don’t have real ownership – your stock has no value – until you retire.

Note:   In the 1980’s when the communists took control of Poland they instituted similar measures;   to buy any car, you needed to pay the FULL cost up front, wait 5-7 years for the delivery of said car, and if the value increased during the time between purchase and delivery you had to pay the difference. If the value decreased, Your Loss!   Exactly the same as the employee stock ownership plan…




World Economic Forum Wants Global Control of All Water Rationing

The World Economic Forum in conjunction with the UN has proposed a global water rationing control mechanism wherein – they are the Ambassadors of all water.   Water needs to be rationed in order to fuel equality in Africa.   But the rationing would take place everywhere.   Us menial plebes just are not savvy enough to control water and need a global entity to do this for us.   In line with the new global entity WHO controlling everyone’s healthcare – and Pandemic responses.

The Safe Drinking Water Act within the auspices of the EPA was enacted in 1974.   The purpose was to ‘ensure’ that all water supplies were safe and to regulate the chemicals being dumped in our water supplies.   Apparently, that is going so well nearly every household has filters on their faucets and in their refrigerators.   Why?   Because like our medical community, the EPA keeps moving the goalposts.

Of course, to spare the inefficiency and ineptitude of the EPA, the WEF has blamed dirty water on – Climate Change. Never mind that toxic spills are commonplace, and that Giardia is caused by animal feces, animals are now equally responsible for excessive Co2 emissions.   And along with human depopulation the Cartel wants to eliminate animals.

According to the WEF, 2 billion people don’t have water security.   But they are making headway because just 20 years ago the number was 4 billion or more – causing half the globe to die of thirst.   That’s quite a remarkable achievement… if it were true.

According to, 771 million people don’t have access to clean water and 4 billion, “which represents 2/3’s of the global population”, sometimes experience a water shortage one month per year.   Funny Math?   New global population is 6 billion …

According to WHO, 1 in 3 people don’t have access to safely managed drinking water.   In their marketing ploy, safely managed, is the key verbiage.   Thereby setting the stage for the insertion of ‘management’.

To clarify what the water situation might involve, Richard Connor wrote a report for the UN:   “Water insecurity leads to a number of other insecurities, if you don’t have enough water to grow food, you will end up with food insecurity.”

Well Dangnabbit!   What AMAZING deductive reasoning!   Imagine, if you have no water – you have no food?

The collective intellectual capacity of our esteemed ‘government cartels’ is disintegrating rapidly.     But then…   drumroll – The UN has declared that fixing the global supply of safely managed water will require an investment of $1 trillion every year until 2030 when everything miraculously is ‘fixed’.   BOOM!   MONEY!

“Seasonal water scarcity will increase in regions where it is currently abundant — such as Central Africa, East Asia and parts of South America — and worsen in regions where water is already in short supply, such as the Middle East and the Sahara in Africa,”

What this Report is detailing is the fact that the Foreign Land Grabs in Africa and South America have finished most of their infrastructure development using the Green Funds and now need to redirect water to their farming operations and away from common citizens via managed and controlled rationing.

As an example of depleting water supplies in the US the UN Report cites Bullfrog Marina at Lake Powell Utah.   Evidence is stipulated to be in the water lines on the rocks.   “This shows how far the water has dropped in recent years”.   The fact that ALL the facilities in the picture are well below that high water mark seems to have alluded these expert scientists – they were built in the early 1970’s.

Lake Powell is considered at “Full Pool” at 3700 feet above sea level. Today it is at 3521 which is just 4.8% below FULL.    The last time Lake Powell was at “Full Pool” was 1998. It is fed & monitored via the Glen Canyon Dam built in 1963 and managed by the US Bureau of Reclamation.   The Dam produces hydroelectric power for 7 states.   If water levels are not sufficient, the Dam doesn’t work and there is no electricity powered.   The Glen Canyon Institute is calling for Lake Powell to be drained removing 40%+ electricity from 7 states and income from the recreation aspect of the Lake.

So much for Managed Water.

The WEF ‘predicts’  that as of 2040 there will be a 40% deficit in global water supplies.   Yet in all their scientific studies they avoid one clear solution – reservoirs.   Government mismanagement in states like California have driven the droughts by refusing to construct reservoirs claiming it is too expensive.   While the cost today to build a reservoir is considered to be roughly $500 million – California’s newest project was billed at $5.2 billion!   A heck of a lot of kickbacks!   Construction continues to be pushed forward with a new start date sometime in 2023=2024-2025.   Maybe.

‘Sites Reservoir’ remains almost a decade away: Acquisition of water rights, permitting and environmental review are still in the works. Kickoff of construction, which includes two large dams, had been scheduled for 2024, but likely will be delayed another year. Completion is expected in 2030 or 2031.”

Given the expanse of rainfall in California this winter the reservoir could have been completely filled in a matter of months. According to Cal Water Agency, last month California had 22 trillion gallons of rainwater.

But California has odd Policies:   “Even in a chronically dry state, reservoirs are not allowed to fill up in the winter. Throughout the late fall and winter, most are required to release water if they get too full, sometimes emptying out almost by half.”

Despite the glaring shift away from the World Economic Forum Agenda by the BRICS and many looking to join the BRICS, they still attempt to portray themselves as the saviors of mankind.   Water Management that will cost $7 trillion in Africa to be paid for by wealthy countries, which are no longer wealthy, is the Height of Incompetence!