TWITTER: A World Economic Forum Agenda…Supporting Stakeholders

Between 2017 and 2021, Twitter doubled their workforce to roughly 7500.  Scattered across the globe, Twitter employees that are not in the US are not given any employment advantages as are US employees.   It is likely that’s the vast majority of layoffs are occurring in these locations.   However, there are various caveats in the bizarre Work Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act implemented in 1988:   The 60 days notice applies only to private companies – The Government is immune to the requirements.

The Act States:

“…notice is required when a business with 100 or more full-time workers (not counting workers who have less than 6 months on the job and workers who work fewer than 20 hours per week) is laying off at least 50 people at a single site of employment (see glossary and FAQs), or employs 100 or more workers who work at least a combined 4,000 hours per week.”

Those who are not eligible for the WARN include contract labor, those that can expect to return within 6 months, and those terminated with cause.  The Trigger is based on an employer closing a location that affects at least 50 workers. In these parameters, Musk has various options to evade or allude the WARN VIOLATION:

  • IF in fact the federal government, as stipulated, was involved in the organization, and given the Federal Government is not required to adhere to WARN rules, then Musk could assert this as a defense immunity.
  • IF Musk shaves off employees who incited advertiser Loss, they would be dismissed ‘with cause’.
  • IF a location affects less than 50 employees, and there are six US locations, then Musk is not obliged to adhere to WARN.
  • IF he fires contractors or Part-Time employees working 20 hours or less – Musk wins again.
  • And obviously, all foreign workers have no cause of action.   Musk has stated that the Asian site will close completely affecting the layoff of some 700.  They have no recourse.
  • While the ‘means’ of notice are ambiguous, the fact that Musk made reference to layoffs in his initial September bid – could be legal as ‘the start date – and the 60 days have passed.
  • Musk’s Contract to buy Twitter details his intention of firing 75% of the company – which could be construed as “NOTICE”.

Whittling legally within a government doctrine that doesn’t apply to Government once again riles the Justice of the Law.   It also opens discussion as to why Government employees would NOT have the same rights…

Some US employees have already been told they are locked out of Twitter computers – however they will continue to be paid thru February 3rd – the 60 day window.   Thus making the class-acTion lawsuit relatively benign – and more of a Democrat Stunt.

While all this information is easily garnered online, the quality pundits at Yahoo, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fox, et al, don’t seem to have the mental acumen to actually research the LAW>  And report thereof.

The “For Cause” aspect of any firing is a paramount subjective.  

Musk has already declared that US employees that fall within he WARN Act will be given 2 months severance – thus complying with the regulations.   They will continue to be graded as employees, but will have no duties and will NOT be allowed access.   Therefore the lawsuit is likely to be tossed.

Yet, the demonizing continues to rape thru the media in a last ditch effort to attempt to malign and divide a people when that should be more of what is censored and classified as criminal.   Instead, the DC Gulag looks to literally break people – physically and mentally.   Utilizing torture techniques reminiscent of Mao, Stalin, and Monarchs of history – against American citizens.

Somehow we are supposed to within this travesty of gulag justice muster any compassion for a man who was likely engaging in frenetic sexual deviance which got out of hand.   A distraction.

The Midterms are now just 4 days away – Most people have already made their determinations.   Should the Red Wave be allowed without the deviant corruption, changes will be enormous – from defunding Ukraine to returning the US to an energy independent country.   It would entail impeaching elected and/or firing unelected officials who have served no purpose whatsoever – and those whose wisdom is corrupted.

It does bear worth mentioning that the World Economic Forum is BUILT on the caveat that government is obsolete and stakeholders should control the Globe.   Revealing the inadequacy and corruption of government would accomplish this task …

When Musk fires 50% to 75% of internal employees as inadequate and/or useless, it opens the Pandora Box of Government… Essential vs Unessential.   And ultimately all political parties would concur that the percentage of ‘unessential government employees’ has already been determined by historical shutdowns – leaving a workerbee force of -75%.  Which aligns with the WEF – AGENDA !!!


Evangelical Pastors Aligned With WEF & UN WOLVES – Tell Republicans – Don’t VOTE!

American Thinker posted an article today in which the author is asking specifically where are all the Pastors?   Why are they silent amidst the storms?   Why are they not fighting against this conversion to a Communist America?   Why is their ONLY indictment – of Trump.   Without denouncing the abortion propaganda, and the communist delusion of utopia, Pastors have been silent.   WHY?

Just in time for the Midterms, two Pastors have come out of the proverbial woodwork to taut their new book, Truth Over Tribe.   Obviously they want to promote the book to make money, but even more deceiving is they are promoting NOT VOTING!   Because we need to let the elections be in the hands of God only.  A Manipulation.  The concept is that the elections will be decided by God.   And we are instead making former President Trump an idol. Therefore – these self proclaimed morality police are encouraging the political statement of disinvolvement.

Pastor Keith Simon and Pastor Patrick Miller both began their ‘careers’ with Cru. Historically, it bears mentioning that Cru, of Crusades for Christ, was formed to combat Communism following WWII.   Cru ultimately grew into a more Universalist Movement embracing diversity and inclusion ideologies espoused by the World Economic Forum.   They are now an affiliate of the World Evangelical Alliance embracing Pope Francis, Salvation Army, Associates in China, and various media outlets.   Other affiliates include The Sojourners.  

Sojourners CEO Wallis was a member of Obama’s Advisory Council and work in conjunction with the sustainability agenda to radicalize Christian evangelicals into a TRIBE.   That tribe would be the globalist WEF.

These two Pastors would prefer we embrace the transformation of Socialist America into a full fledged communist regime.   And as we realize a potential veering away from the abortionists, they are encouraging voters to NOT VOTE.

Apparently, Simon and Miller do not know the parable of the tenants.  God does not tell his Children to sit quietly subdued and do nothing with what wealth He has endowed upon them.   He does not say to bury tenants and your head – in the sand.   By advising Christians to NOT vote these Pastors are declaring their embrace of Communism.

The Crossing Church which was founded by Pastors Simon and Miller does not publish any information about their finances which is required for all 501©(3)’s by IRS code.  A Red Flag turned Blue.

MUCH MORE TROUBLING:    The World Evangelical Alliance is an alliance organization of the UN.   They claim to be a religious voice of the UN with a team of experts including: Dr. Janet Buckingham whose degree is in law.   Gaeton Roy who leads the Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development.  No one on the team is a Pastor or Minister.  But they are aligned with Klaus Schwab.

The UN has hijacked Christian Evangelicals in a fray of NGO’s that ultimately are in alliance with the UN and WEF.

Pastor Miller’s Twitter bio claims bylines in Newsweek, a far left liberal magazine, and Christian Today Magazine which has recently been denounced by Billy Graham as having become a voice of progressive liberalism.     Using their power to attempt to defray the Red VOTES in the upcoming election using Biblical phraseology and Biblical quotes they are the LIARS.

They Are The Wolves.

In the 2020 election cycle it was John Piper who advocated for the same anti-voter turnout because in his esteemed opinion Trump was not moral enough.   As a result Piper used his power as a Pastor to tell his followers and congregation to STAY HOME – do not vote.

The result of these denouncements have given us a government that approves of abortion up until and after birth.   Massive division and hate among polar extremes. And the advancement of a society that embraces communist ideals. All in the name of morality.   A morality that will destroy the very foundation of ALL Christian churches.

When Pastors Miller and Simon tell you to trade in your Tribal Elephant vote for Truth – they are advising you to denounce God’s Word.   They are doing so to sell books, to make money, and to promote a false religion aligned with Progressive Liberalism – so as to sway the Wave Of Red – TO BLUE…


World Economic Forum: Cyborgs, AI, Control – Fossil Fuels a Distraction

World Economic Forum releases list of countries making the top ten as the most progressive countries in attaining the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:   Estonia, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.   ALL of these countries are entering a protracted Recession.   ALL have recorded 8% to 25% (Estonia) inflation rates.   ALL of these countries report excess death rates as high as 26%.   ALL had exceptionally high vax rates. Apparently, a chaotic, recessive economy is now a Sustainable Development Goal.

Bill Gates used one very explosive term when challenging fossil fuels – “Transition”.   In ordinary circumstances, transition would mean a viable shift from one account to another. But Gates also admitted that in the Fossil Fuel area – there is currently NO Viable Alternative.   So we are effectively transitioning to NOTHING.

Electric car batteries destroy the land mining for lithium.   The batteries don’t work in extreme temperatures.   Our electric grid is in failure mode already.   There is no other alternative.   And last I checked pea protein will not be used to build roads and manufacture tires…

Net Zero in 30 years?   What will be our mode of transportation?   The list of products made from oil is in the thousands!   Are we going to cut down more trees for wood floors because carpet is made with petroleum?   “Vegan Leather’ is made from petroleum based plastics.   Cell phones and computers use petroleum products.   Over the last hundred years we have replaced nearly everything ‘wood’ with petroleum so as to preserve our forests!

Aspirin and 97% of Big Pharma medications use petroleum because it is labeled, “…a plentiful source of ‘organic’ molecules that feed into the drug synthesis process.”   ALL synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum – including spandex! Ladies???

Are ANY companies that use petroleum in the manufacturing process looking for alternatives?   NO.   The cost to transition would bankrupt the manufacturer. And there currently is NO available transition alternative.

Transition:   Calling all scientists to find an alternative to transition to! Gates is looking for inventors and volunteers.   Because, ‘scientist’ Gates doesn’t exist and he has absolutely no idea what invention can be created that will not be unequal and cater to diversity…

While the carbon aspect of WEF is promoted widely as their motivation for existence, there exists a far deadlier and subversive agenda – The Internet of Bodies. The concept merges digital currency applications with implants, and AI to recreate humans into programmable androids or Cyborgs..

It is nearly identical to the book, 1984, whereby your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can be unmasked with implantable devices.   Allowing for Controllers to Punish you.   The Managers of the implants can turn you off if you step out of line from the scripted Cyborg rules .   “All will be Happy” takes on new meaning when translated to Cyborg Humans.   You will be happy because NO Other behavior will be allowed or tolerated.

The Controllers will maintain profiles on every Cyborg.   Too Fat?   You will be denied access to food.   Women will be grouped according to their ability to procreate, their IQ, and their gene structure so as to maintain a high value line of birthers.   AI can be used to create false environments. You may believe you are living in a high dollar apartment when in reality you are living in a cave with 20 other cyborgs.

Men will be robust worker bees assigned tasks specific to their own medical, biological, IQ attributes.

Of course none of this is possible with a population of rebels – they will be eliminated.

While Bill Gates and Bezos had both declared they were going to build utopian cities structured in the vein of the Saudi’s NOEM, neither would seem to have acted on this idea. WHY?   There will be no need for elaborate city fortresses when AI can create a false visual.

In my unpublished sci-fi novel, Gideon Rises, cities will be formed within abandoned mall structures as we will be confined indoors due to the appeal that God’s landscape draws us toward ideologies of Freedom.   The Cave Dwellers below the surface will be the laborers tasked with maintaining all aspects of the City.   The Royals will live above ground in various levels of power – wealth will no longer exist.  

And Power will be The Money.   Until the AI stream – Breaks.  And ALL the fakery melts away revealing a very Ugly World.

World Economic Forum via McKinsey & CO and Bank of International Settlements

In 2017 the World Economic Forum launched the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Presidio in San Francisco.    The Centre developed key initiatives with most project deadlines coming of age as of 2023.   The initiatives are funded, researched, and disclosed by McKinsey and Company. According to their research, the decarbonization of urban cities to a net zero emissions would cost $1.7 trillion additional funds ‘per year from 2020 to 2050. As such they suggest ‘startups focus on venture capital to make the transitions’.

McKinsey & Co is the largest advisory firm in the world. Their global director is Bob Sterfels whose previous associations include Rhodes, US China Business Council, Asia Business Council, Trilateral Commission, Tsinghua Advisory Board and FCLT Global.

US China Business Council: I thought China was in twallette water and yet McKinsey is deeply entrenched.  The council is a nonprofit NGO whose stated goal is promoting trade between the US and China. It comprises around 200 American companies that trade and do business with China.

FCLT’s board includes Mark Wiedman, senior managing director at – Blackrock.

Asia Business Council is based in Hong Kong, China and hopes to integrate globalization and sustainability and diversity and equity and happiness for all.

Another ‘Source’ for WED research and information parlayed by the WEF is BIS – Banks for International Settlement and the IMF.   BIS was established in 1930 post WWI to determine reparations against Germany.   They were instrumental in accumulating gold reserves and preserving them for posterity purposes in London.   They apologized profusely for giving Nazi Germany, 23 tons of the Czech gold reserves after Hitler annexed Czechoslovakia.   The fact that BIS’ Board of Directors was rife with Nazi Germans was simply a coincidence.   And quite a bit of gold was transferred thru BIS to the Reichstag.

A Danish Banker, Ronald Bernard came forward around 2017 and gave five interviews in which he detailed the workings of BIS and the Mafia Controlled global Enterprise.   The first of the series is available on utube (wordpress will not allow me to post the site).

BIS is the esteemed analysis/opinion source which states that the global stakeholders ruling the world need to ante up the afore mentioned $1.7 trillion each year for the next 30 to rebuild sustainable, affordable, diverse, equity driven, climate free, nonpolluting ‘shared’ housing at the rate of 97,000 per day.

They also believe that the loans for these new buildings should not necessarily be made according to current ideologies of mortgages and banks.   Instead, the stakeholders would own all the homes.

The model cities used by the WEF are Saudii’s NEOM and KAEC.   Built with private and Kingdom funds, these cities are built within the concept of worker=bees.   All the bees work to maintain the Queen’s lifestyle. The Queen’s job is to lay 1000 eggs a day while keeping the workers sterile.   Nurse bees take care of the Queens eggs on her behalf.   Queens have sperm, so there is no need for a male ‘impregnation’. A form of Eugenics.

It is a bit disconcerting that the WEF initiatives have end dates of 2023.

At this point WEF claims to have solicited stakeholder centres from 16 advanced economies representing 40% of global GDP within:   Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, Columbia, Norway, Serbia, Rwanda, UAE, South Africa and the US via Michigan Manufacturing Alley.