CLIMATE CHANGE – Manufactured Viruses & CERN’s portal to dimensions


Canadian wildfires are now contributing to 30% of global pollution and warming.   70,000 to 100,000 wildfires burn every year – the vast majority human caused or arson, which accounts for about 90%.   Upwards of 40-50 volcanoes are erupting every day.   There are roughly 55 earthquakes every day globally. Every military exercise includes detonating bombs in our oceans, atmosphere, and underground.   Every aluminum particle put into our skies by globalist experts kills plant life and animals like a poison. Yet fossil fuels are the culprit in Climate Change/Warming.

Yesterday in the middle of Chile’s winter the temperature soared to 100’.


A biolab owned by the Chinese was ‘discovered in Fresno California.   According to the CDC they found over 800 chemicals and the production of 20 viruses including; CoVid, Hep B & C, strep, pneumonia, Herpes 1 & 5, Rubella, and chlamydia. The lab was given a $360,000 tax relief credit by governor Newsom. The purpose is to infect mice with the viruses and then release them into cities.

How many of ‘nature’s viruses’ have nothing to do with nature? We know HIV is a scam, AIDS is a scam, flu’s are scams including those determined to be infecting chickens because of ‘ducks’, maybe the aliens are really significantly evolved humans living inside earth?   Maybe there are more than one form of humanoid species inhabiting earth?

Because, the lies seem to be revealed every day instead of every decade. Unraveling.

Do whales mass beach themselves after their sonar is damaged due to windfarms, or due to military exercises?   Are lawns dying because of chemicals in the rain?   Why are there so much fewer squirrels and bunnies?


Because, if the Cartel destroys the planet they destroy themselves too.   Maybe the aliens are forcing them to destroy earth.   Who the heck knows? – Yet. We will find out eventually.   Seems cleaner to just reveal all the truisms including the puppet Masters.


“Their large Haldron Accelerator propels bursts of 200,000 billion protons around a 27km ring at a rate of 11,000 times a second. Beams of protons hurtle around the ring in opposite directions until they collide with such force that they generate myriad sub-atomic particles – including the Higgs Boson. A set of gargantuan detectors then crunch some of the data from 40 million collisions a second.”

In the midst of this kaleidoscope of reality, CERN has claimed they have opened portals into other dimensions since 2016.   CERN makes claims about their particle smashing Collider, but their true ambitions and experiments are carried out with no oversight whatsoever.   Stephen Hawking was not a fan of CERN.   He said they were grossly reckless and could quite easily accidentally cause Earth to be consumed by a Black Hole.

The attached picture represents the effect the activity at CERN has on the atmosphere.   A video taken by a tourist depicts the formation of a thin vortex shortly after the Haldron Accelerator initiated the particle collider.  It appears to show a vessel/UFO traveling into the central point of the vortex before it disappears:

It becomes rather obvious that CERN is affecting/impacting our atmosphere, our tilt, our axis, our climate, and our presence in the universe.   And science experts have no concern for the consequences.

Elon Musk stated that CERN was demonic.

The Mandela Effect (a government psy op) postulates that masses of people can have the same false memory. Some postulate that it is akin to mass hypnosis.   Mass hypnosis is the more common term, and is used to manipulate you with false memories and emotions predominantly thru media and dream modulation.    Others have postulated that there are an infinite number of parallel universes wherein people have inadvertently stepped into this portal and arrived on a parallel planet in which events are the same – but not the same.   As such this would account for false memories shared among divergent groups.

CERN has stated that these parallel universes are actually alternate dimensions which are – infinite.

Maybe Kerry and Soros and Gates have come thru a portal where there is no God into our dimension where there is God.   CERN already claims this is not just possible but they have proof it exists. It aligns with the concept of The Matrix as written about extensively by Jon Rappoport, and the perception that we are living inside a ‘concept’ as opposed to a reality.

Except, now we have a portal to prove it – CERN.

Of course, stepping between parallel universes thru portals would have a constant disruption to the universe as a hole, possibly degrading its stability and causing disruptions in climate, sonar, and even behavior.   As evidenced by the atmospheric pictorials of CERN particle collisions.  At some point, some dimensions would die while simultaneously others are created.   Each parallel is comprised of energy – the human constant is the differential given we react conversely.

The constant is the events, the outcome is the variable. Given an infinite number of variables substantiates the ‘theory’ of the infinite parallel universes.

While this information is corroborated by scientists, like all truisms and shared knowledge – it is already old when we are made privy to its existence. Therefore, what is reality in the present tense has already infinitely surpassed what we are told… Meaning, Climate Change is relative to millions of years ago… as is the Universe. And what we are seeing is billions of light years past – as is our ‘present’.

Nikola Tesla: 700 Patents including a UFO…

Nikola Tesla has captured my interest to a great degree!   Born 1856, every major technology advancement that we have today can be attributed to research and patents attributed to Tesla.   A fascinating man emerges who is given little credit despite over 700 known patents –   WHY?   Because the vast majority of his patents were literally ‘stolen’.   And then distributed like contracts to the largess buyer by his friend and partner –  JP Morgan, and by the FBI via the Justice Department.

At the very least, Tesla can be compared to Da Vinci for the creation of concepts and technology he contributed.   Including the electric vehicle, smartphones, wireless internet, and his oscillator – an earthquake machine.   But his downfall would seem to be his trust with funding partner – JP Morgan.

Interviewer said to Albert Einstein, Sir, how do you feel about being the smartest person in the world? Albert replied, I don’t know, you ask Nikola Tesla the same question.

In 1900 Tesla created the first global free wireless tower with funding from JP Morgan – $150,000.   Morgan scrapped the project and burned the tower to the ground before creating his own version years later which operated at a profit plus.  Free energy was NOT an option.

Tesla created and patented the first radar.   George Marconi, a silver spoon elite who used his status to edge him as the founder of radar gained the royalty rights while Tesla was pushed aside.   Ultimately, the courts recognized Tesla as the founding creator – years after Tesla died.

But it was Tesla’s earthquake machine and death ray that caught the attention of FDR.  

Nikola Tesla came from Croatia, a small east European country.   He was gifted with a complete ‘photographic memory’.   Tesla envisioned what others said was impossible and created what others wished they had.   An eccentric, Tesla was surrounded by three good friends including Mark Twain – and a host of greedy foes who wanted the profits of Tesla’s mind without paying for the property rights.

Shortly after Tesla’s death in 1943, the FBI under the auspices of FDR, seized all his papers, notes, documents, and files and transferred them to the Alien Property Custodian Office.    Many of the documents were then turned over to MIT professor, Dr. John Trump, to disseminate their worth.   Trump’s response: “primarily of a speculative, philosophical and promotional character” and said the papers did “not include new sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.”  

The official FBI stance is that the reason they confiscated all of Tesla’s papers, documents and patents was because they feared his sister Marico Kosinovic would take them for enemy purposes?   She died in 1938, five years before Tesla. Ultimately portions of the confiscated documents held by the US Treasury Department were given to Telsa’s nephew, Sava Kosinovic. Of the 80 trunks the US government claimed held all Tesla’s work, only 60 were returned to Sava.  The remaining 20 disappeared…

Although the Alien Property Office was established to confiscate only ‘foreign property’ such as German assets during war – they illegally extended their reach into Tesla’s patents and then held them for over a decade.  Of course everything was copied and the contents held under the auspices of the Justice Department.

Despite the declaration that Tesla’s documents were of little value, his hand has been in many interesting developments without proper credit.

It was the height of World War II, and Tesla had claimed to have invented a powerful particle-beam weapon known as the “Death Ray,”   In 1989, the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative developed a neutral particle beam to be used as a weapon in outer space – they called it a Death Ray.   James Melcher, John Trump’s lab director, is quoted as saying: “John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt “beams of ions and electrons – death rays…” 

Electron Beams are particle accelerators.   Meaning both the US government and John Trump used Tesla’s documents to create their own ‘death ray’ – without authorization by the rightful owner of the documents, Sava Kosinovic.   Trump did declare his particle beam accelerator was used for positive applications and not as a weapon.

CERN is the largest particle accelerator in the world – established in 1954.   In 2001, the DESY Laboratory in Hamburg announced plans to build a ‘linear electron collider’ as a compliment to CERN’s Large Hadron Collider – TESLA.   The basis or core of nearly every major scientific invention can be traced in some manner to the genius of Nikola Tesla.

It was Tesla’s EV patents that the CIA much later gave to Elon Musk for his introduction into electric automobiles.   Tesla’s wireless patents were likely given to Apple founder Steven Jobs,  One patent is the Tesla Flying Machine or the Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion Device which resembles what we call UFO’s.   The concept is a method for propelling vehicles using only electric and magnetic fields with no moving parts.   Could the ‘Alien UFO’ encounters actually be Tesla’s propulsion methodology 80 years later concealed by our Military?

In the mid 1960’s, the first prototype of a magnetohydrodynamic was developed by Stewart Way while ‘on leave’ from his job at Westinghouse.   Westinghouse was one of Tesla’s employers in 1888 where he worked to develop various patents including AC current.   The US Government, FBI, CIA, and Department of Justice have illegally used Tesla’s patents and documentation to create multiple advances in technology.

The making of billionaires on the back of a genius who died penniless, Nikola Tesla is considered the inventor of the 20th century.  

SCIENCE: What IF Multiple Human Species Coexist?

The latest ‘revised’ determination by Science is that there were between 8 and 21 different species of humans depending on your definition of ‘species’.   It is determined that only two, the Denisovans and the Neanderthals are tracked to exist in minor percentages of today’s human species. All other ancient species are extinct because science has determined that DNA of any other species is not present in today’s humans.   Science further pronounces that the cause of extinction was – ‘limited resources’.

In fact every ancient civilization extinction including the Mayans is ‘scientifically’ determined to be a result of limited resources likely due to Climate Change – specifically water scarcity.  The only difference today is our Paganists have determined the cause of the scarcity is human.

DNA was first discovered in 1953 by Rosalind Franklin, James Watson and Francis Crick.   It wasn’t until the 1970’s and 1980’s that research in the uses of DNA burgeoned in the scientific community – particularly at NIH. Between 1988 and 1992, Watson worked for NIH in the establishment of the Human Genome Project.   In 2007, while working as Chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, he claimed that there is a ‘genetic link between intelligence and race’.  

Watson was subsequently retired immediately, his name ejected from science and all honorary titles were revoked.

Crick was obsessed with finding a means to use the DNA sequencing for eugenics believing that it should be employed as a scientific version for the creation of ‘natural selection’.

Both Watson and Crick were criticized for using models to ‘show’ their discovery instead of being able to prove the conclusion scientifically as was done by Franklin.

It was actually Franklin who has posthumously been given the acclaim of having discovered DNA – although originally, like mRNA being studied simultaneously, she concluded that DNA was single strand like mRNA.   Later she was  encouraged to confirm the double strand hypothesis promoted by Watson and Crick.   At the time, Franklin worked at the Agriculture Research Center studying RNA viruses under then Chairman, Lord Rothschild.

DNA is the dominant means for determining the extinction of ancient human species and measuring the amount of Neanderthal and Denisovan species remaining intact in homo sapiens.   According to science, humans existed 6 million years ago – although humans looked like apes.   After no evolution occurring over 4 million years, suddenly 2 million years ago Homos Erectus “evolved” as in ZAP.   Science has no idea how or why.   Outside of the bits and pieces of skeletal remains, science knows basically nothing.

But these ‘scientists’ needed money – so they decided to put faces and hair and clothes on the skeletal remains of a ‘jaw bone’ or ear canal, they gave them personalities and created behaviors.   NONE of this is anything more than Fantasy.    But the Fantasy elicited curiosity which elicited money.    A dinosaur bone suddenly became a full blown horrific giant creature!   An femur became a 2 million year old woman – her life story envisioned in magazines and books.   And the Money CAME!

The What If is whether these hypothesis regarding DNA and Human Species are false – or only partially true.   What if this array of human species did NOT go extinct and there are multiple ‘species’ and crossbreeds existing today?   What If the genetic link proposed by Watson was quashed to bury this possible alternate human evolution that was genetically engineered.

What If DNA only gives us 1% of the entire picture?   Given DNA science is still in its infancy, given it uses massive models of hypothesis built on theory, we are left with an arbitrary ‘faith’ that this is all that is in this field and science is fact.   But science isn’t fact, it is a never ending pillage of evolution that constantly reframes, rediscovers, re-educates, and realizes its own fallacies amidst a short stick of information.

We are supposed to accept and believe according to science that 300,000 years ago nine human species existed on earth and all of them became extinct except homo sapiens. Even more interesting is that science has stated all previous species had become extinct just 10,000 years ago.   The same time frame that delineates earth’s existence according to The Bible.

When attempting to explain the notion that some people are inherently good and others are inherently bad – our world of newfound psychiatrists will create explanations such as chemical imbalances necessitating a plethora of Pharma drugs.   Other explanations claim environmental impacts. Still others try and blame wealth discrepancies while ignoring or belittling the enigma’s – those who defy the claim – Ben Carson for example.

However, in the end, these very scientific psychiatrists really don’t know – and today we are given witness to chaos within our US cities wherein ‘race’ is front and center.   Of course, race is no more the culprit than chemical imbalances or wealth discrepancies – because it would derive from either a genetic mutation or a different species which is defined as having the ability to ‘interbreed’.

This definition is being challenged in the scientific community given it does NOT adhere to specie differences in the plant world or bird world or reptile world or even mammals.   In these instances, the breeding of two species is called hybridization. To further this inconsistency, scientists claim that Neanderthals bred with the Denisovans.

This would indicate that either the means for determining a species is incorrect – or the definition is incorrect.   Both of which would impact the value of DNA in this regard – which would extrapolate to the concept of extinct human species. IF earth is now inhabited by a variety of distinct species it would alter human behavior analysis completely.  It would also give explanation to the likes of hybrids like Hillary or Schwab or Bill Gates, etc…

And could be the Black Hole explanation of Good & Evil that coexist on Earth in a constant battle for power.   With the death of ancient civilizations – being the end result.  It would alter everything we think we believe to be true – and possibly the notion of ‘aliens’ is simply various human species that never went extinct…

ChatGPT – A Death Wish of Propaganda & Metaverse Illusion

ChatGPT is giving people the willies.   The AI Bot has made its debut with various media pundits attempting a dialogue framed conversation.   The results would indicate the Chat Bot was programmed by a 15 year old liberal manic depressive with anger issues and a deathwish to blow up earth.   The takeaway? This robot is freaking CRAZY!  

Mirroring every potential fear people have asserted for decades regarding the notion that ‘robots will ultimately kill humans and take over earth’ is sounding quite plausible.

The core function of a chatbot is to mimic a human conversationalist. Apparently the scientists who gave the conversationalist instructions and ‘learning’ to the BOT being released have very intense opinions and have infused those opinions into the BOT. It is a ‘propaganda’ tool that will instill in children those particular views. When those views are not upheld, the BOT basically wants to kill you.

In other words, in its more simplistic form it is a function of ‘group speak’.   And of course the target market is – children.

According to the creators, ‘supervised learning and reinforcement learning’ were the approaches used by human trainers to improve the model’s performance.   Based on the audio I heard, I would suggest that those ‘human trainers’ are in desperate need of some behavioral psychotic ‘modification’ ASAP!

But the ChatBot isn’t just a conversationalist – it was programmed with other interesting features:

  • It can write and debug computer programs.   Which means it can also erase and bug computer programs.
  • It can compose music, fairy tales and teleplays.   Based on the audio – I imagine those ‘fairy tales’ might be more like nightmares!
  • It can answer test questions – meaning students will use the Bot as their personal cheat-sheet.
  • It can simulate an ATM.   Meaning it can be programmed to refuse service to particular ATM customers.
  • It can emulate a Linux system.   Allowing one computer system to imitate another – a form of ‘steal hacking’ that could have ramifications for every security operation.

In other words, ChatBot has the potential to implement the Great RESET via credit censorship.   It can destroy your ability to communicate via your computer systems and shut down your bank accounts.

When the ideology of black power meant blacks could demand whites bow down and lick their feet, the power of guilt and shame was the driver.   We witnessed hundreds of thousands of people willing to be thrashed by this concept.   Those same people would be vulnerable to a Chat Bot’s demonization.   They could also be coerced/brainwashed into committing crimes.

A handful of the US mass shooters made claims to their minds being manipulated by various intel organizations.   Intel has been attempting to create a robotic human for the purpose of executions and military assassinations for decades.   It would appear they have completed their operation and have now packaged it in a different frame.  AI.

Robots take all shapes and sizes including police dogs, military servicemen, drones, etc…  Hawking and Musk have both disclaimed this technology as likely to be the singular causal factor in the potential demise of humans and earth.

The newest political proposal brought by Bernie Sanders in alliance with Bill Gates, is that companies who use ChatGPT or any Chat Bot should be required to pay federal and state taxes on the ‘employee’.   Obviously social security and medicare would not apply…   However, the concept is revealing.

If in fact 85 million jobs will be lost to AI per the algorithmic manipulations of the World Economic Forum and its besty – exterminator Bill Gates, who will be left to support governments?

Today Politico set the stage with the Bidenthon of incompetency.   People are tired of presidents. People don’t trust presidents. People are sick of the party system…   I’m sure the Segway will be – People Want Stakeholder Rule.   Meaning, in order to dodge the pink slip sack ball – work for an NGO or major corporation – like LinkedIn!   Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn is deeply entrenched in the Great RESET phenomena and was also coincidentally a source of financial funding for ChatGPT.

Tech giants, including; Hoffman, Theil, Microsoft, Musk, Zuckerberg, Altman, etc…, voted for Biden.   WHY?  Because he posed no threat to their deign for GLOBAL POWER.   Most of these startups get funding from a pool of existing investors who desire to keep the pool a knitted community. That would include the CIA nonprofit seed investment company – Q-In-Tel. The same CIA that supported a Biden presidency likely envisioned zero scrutiny – their CIA nonprofit portfolio now challenges that of Soros with literally hundreds of tech and AI companies.

That funding by Q-In-Tel would include Hadean – a UK company that bills itself as The Metaverse Infrastructure and works in conjunction with the Defense Industry – as well as others. Their frontal point projection is ‘digital twins’ a means of recreating simulations for future outcomes.   Translation:   Hype – Sustainability via a simulation of reality that is conjured.  Was Biden actually in Ukraine?   Are videos and photops of Zelenskyy  created in a Metaverse?  

For example:   The Propaganda hype is – Climate is being destroyed by humans.   A digital twin would show how climate change was mitigated thru the Metaverse of non-reality by stakeholders using trillions of dollars of illusion AI.   And the future is FREE…   A stage. A set. A prop. A BOT.   Actors exit – stage LEFT.

Thus – what we see – what we know – what we hear – what we envision would all be manipulated to conform to a Fake AI universe – like some Star Trek Episode. And ChatGPT would enable the elimination of those who do NOT BELIEVE, aka comply!

Trump vs DeSantis Distraction. COP27 = Climate Migration & Reparations

Once again the Deep State reveals their lack of intelligentsia acumen and is making a fatal flaw!   Trump attacks continue unabated.   And like Ukraine, the fools are using up all their weapon stash early while the real battle has yet to be waged.

Feigning a DeSantis win, the left is relying on a social media tool that is no longer viable – propaganda.   The election is nearly two years ahead, and despite spending the last 7 years attempting to demonize and criminalize Trump – every single attempt backfired miserably.   The result?   Voters on the fence jumped down into MAGA territory.

With mic-drops of Pelosi and Schumer congratulating each other on their partnership takedown of all things Trump, with the MUSK Twitter dump revealing the FBI thought censoring MAGAt’s was more important than actually catching murderers, criminals, the pedophiles, and the child sex traffickers, their position is crumbling.   And despite all the supposed military leftist generals and thousands of intelligentsia at the disposal of the Deep State, diligently colluding to take out Trump – the lone wolf remains standing & intelligentsia looks more and more like a contest between dumb, dumber and dumbest.

This is Their Version of Winning.   Let The People Be Damned.

The “Criminal” charges being recommended by the Jan 6th Committee are rather lame – as expected:

  1. Trump was repeatedly told he lost the 2020 election, promoted false claims of fraud anyway, and then tried to pressure government officials to overturn the election
  2. The potential misleading of campaign donors, who the committee said had been led to believe they were supporting election-related litigation when the money, in fact, went to a pro-Trump PAC.
  3. The Committee subpoenaed five republicans and none complied…
  4. The committee wants lawyers affiliated with Trump disbarred…
  5. The panel has described top Trump administration officials as improperly focused on securing Trump’s reelection at the expense of their official responsibilities.
  6. The panel is scrutinizing the secret service actions around Jan 6th.

The only charge that really involves Trump is #1.   However, pressuring people is NOT criminal – otherwise every member of Congress would be in Gitmo.   But the mere act of referring these incredibly lameduck accusations after two years of investigation costing $10million while NOT fulfilling their obligations and duties in office, should be the criminal charge!

The Polls being cited as proof positive that Trump would lose to Biden and DeSantis, is a Propaganda Tool that is so perverse as to be funny!   The “Polls” are not polls but online surveys wherein there is no control of who, what or how.   Using a classic 1000 person attribute, cherry picking the answers, and then releasing the data as though it is representative has the same impact Cher threatening to move to Canada…

So what is the Reality this ridiculous Distraction hopes to shroud?

COP27 finally came to an end with all in attendance agreeing that countries which most egregiously add to climate catastrophe will pool $100 billion annually that will be redistributed to those countries whose carbon footprint is negligible.   Climate Reparations.

Apparently, nothing has been done to reduce the continued warming, time is running out, and taxpayer money spread around amongst elites will solve nothing, aka everything.

Other initiatives of COP27 include:  

  • Adaptation Agenda – racial injustice in climate.
  • AWARe – promotes sustainable inclusive water…
  • Carbon Market Initiative – is about using mind control hype and propaganda to achieve a group think along the lines of lizard brain usage.
  • Insurance Adaptation Agenda – is about regulation, modeling risk, and insurance rate hikes for everything deemed a climate risk.
  • Global Renewables Alliance – a committee which will aid in the transition from fossil fuels to renewables
  • First Movers Coalition – the replacement of asphalt roads with cement

ALL these Committees require new budgets, more money and more employees.   ALL these committees will spend the vast majority of their time doing nothing but making reports.   ALL of these committees come under the auspices of the UN.

Climate changes.  SCIENCE and climatologists have reported on this phenomena for multiple decades, dating from the beginning of time – roughly 5trillion years ago give or take a standard deviation of +/- 95% . The Scientific Consensus for nearly every ancient or historical civilization ‘moving’ or ‘disappearing’ is ‘climate change’.

The previous Gates science of literally “Changing Climate” has catastrophic effects on nature’s natural evolution process.   We have definitely muffed it!   But the muffing wasn’t carbon or cow farts, it was manipulating weather patterns.   They GOOFED.   Therefore, the true solution is ‘move’.

Instead, our egocentric determined deep state mafia wants to evacuate those countries which it deems will support survival – for them.   They call it migration.   When analyzing which countries the deep state deems will host the greatest survival ratio, look to the countries the same deep state is evacuating – Central America, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Africa.

By contrast, the countries the deep state envisions will be uninhabitable – look to the countries they are destroying; North America, Europe, and The Middle East.

Responses to Other UN Initiatives:
#2.   They desperately need Russia’s Lake Baikal – world’s largest freshwater lake by volume.  #1. 3. 4. 5. 6. – HYPE. However, the infrastructure of African and South American countries, the agriculture, and the fossil fuels need to come under the jurisdiction and control of the Powers.   And this shortfall needs to be the last drive to bankrupt every last citizen who is not on the LIST toward this end.   Forced Migration.


Trump & DeSantis?   DISTRACTIONS.

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS that Disappeared Because of Climate Change

Indus were a civilization that existed between 6000/3000BC until their extinction sometime around 1300 BC.   They inhabited what is now known as Pakistan and were considered highly advanced and technological. The Minoans existed during roughly the same ‘guestimated’ time frame from 3500 to 1100 BC.   Also highly advanced and wealthy.   Science speculates both these civilizations disappeared as a direct result of flooding and or drought. As in Climate Change.

The Mayans, one of the world’s most advanced civilizations appeared around 250 AD and disappeared sometime near 900 AD.   Coinciding with The Dark Ages. They inhabited southern Mexico and central America.   Scientists speculate they disappeared as a result of drought or flooding.   The Anasazi’s were building cliff dwellings in the four-corner region of the US. They existed from roughly 300 AD to 1300 Ad – before disappearing.   Scientists speculate they left due to drought or flooding.   The Vikings disappeared from Greenland sometime around 1400 when climatologists guess that a Little Ice Age occurred across the globe.   ALL these time frames are GUESSES!

All of these civilizations are tracked within a broad definition of timeline that is ‘scientifically speculative’.   Yet for each their demise is guessed to be the same – Climate Change.

An underground city, Darinkuyu, located in what is now Turkey, was built sometime around 500 AD – housing upwards of 20,000 as well as livestock. It is speculated to have been emptied around 100 AD.  Scientists believe it was abandoned due to drought or flooding.   Angkor was the capital of the Khmer Empire, located in Cambodia, and was abandoned in 1431.  Scientists ‘speculate’ that the Empire disappeared as a result of drought or flooding.

The Lost City of Atlantis, once considered a fable, or in today’s language, a conspiracy theory, was found off the coast of Spain.   First written about by Plato, he described the city as morally, ethically, and societally corrupt. They were wealthy inhabitants with a strong military and an unquenchable taste for greed. Plato lived between 428 BC and 348 BC in Athens Greece.   According to Plato, Atlantis existed roughly 9000 years before Plato and disappeared under the sea as a result of a great earthquake.    While historians and scientists argue that Atlantis may be closer to America, or Antarctica, the notion that it is near Gibraltar off the coast of Spain is a much more logical conclusion given it is obvious Plato never would have travelled anywhere near those areas – or known of their existence.

According to Plato, “our records show” , stated land bridges existed from the island of Atlantis to other islands or to the main continent.   Thus Plato is stating there were records of Atlantis – and this was not simply a theory or speculative conjecture.

This time frame would co-exist with an era of climate change wherein the land connecting Russia to North America disappeared beneath the sea.   Scientists agree that the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia was covered by dry earth allowing for migration into North America.   It is believed to have sunken completely some 7000 to 10,000 years ago due to rising sea levels.   Giving credence to Biblical writings that earth was flooded approximately 7000 to 9000 years ago.

Despite all these civilizations disappearing without any evidence as to why – in each scenario, Science Speculates that the causal facto in every single equation was “Climate Change”.   Not the kind produced by ‘fossil fuels’ or man, but the climate change that has existed since earth was formed.

The same Climate Change that appears to be occurring – today.

The fact that current day Science is so unceremoniously inept in making ANY rational sequence of events, is appalling!   Adding to this abject ineptitude, is the failure of science to apply the added underlying cause – the flip of magnetic north.   The same magnetic north that has given pause of recent time as it’s speed toward flipping seems to have accelerated rapidly giving rise that it is NOT a steady journey of time but could happen within the next 30+ years.

These regular occurrences in earth’s pattern could then be surmised in the proposed ‘end date’ of 2050 provided via the Great RESET, aka Klaus Schwab.   It would also explain the rush to create AI Humans to survive – albeit start anew.   The death wish for depopulation would be the lack of ‘remaining’ resources as the flip creates massive land reversals which would result in droughts and flooding and the scarcity of animals for consumption.

Control and their own fear would be their motivation.

IF the elite can alter the natural patterns of weather, they may prolong its ultimate devastation long enough for Musk to move to Mars, and Klaus Schwab to be retrofit with an AI body and brain.

What they can’t change is the sun.   The sun which rules earths weather patterns in conjunction with the moon.   The same ‘sun’ that was worshipped for thousands of years by various civilizations including the Minoans and Indus and Mayans and Anasazis.   The same Minoans who were agriculturally and societally well advanced with indoor plumbing and irrigation systems   The same Minoans that Science speculates may have disappeared as a result of flooding…or earthquakes some 3300 years ago.

It should be noted that ALL years mentioned by Science are inconclusive estimates. And science was once considered a philosophy of thought rather than an empirical factoid.

Enter – Plato, the Philosopher.

According to the WEF RESET Agenda, depopulation to a maximum global sustainable number of 500 million must be achieved by 2030.   The last time our globe had a population in that vicinity was in 1650.   Eradication of 94% of the global population or 7.6 billion, is the goal.   They have 7 years.

It is speculated that magnetic north flips completely every 10,000 years.   If in fact the Bering Strait was an example – that strait went under the sea approximately, 9,000 to 10,000 years ago – give or take. Making earth due.

However, according to the US Department of Interior for Science, they have determined without doubt the last time the earth’s magnetic north flipped was 780,000 years ago….!   Obviously Science is a +/- absolute with a variance of 77,990,000%.

They know this for a fact, but can’t explain why the Anasazi’s, disappeared or when. They can’t determine what happened to the Bering Strait, or exactly when Plato lived and died.   But can provide factoids from 800,000+ years ago…

What we CAN deduce is that none of these civilizations disappeared as a result of the Industrial Revolution and the creation of Fossil Fuels. What we can deduce, is that some of these disappearances were concurrent across the globe within the same guestimated time frames.   And the time frame gives credence to the Biblical narrative of the Great Flood of Noah, upending their secular communist agenda and actually revealing truthisms.  Truthisms that could destroy – the entire grip holding us as prisoners within the shadows called The Cabal.

Algorithm Statistics – From Population to Death Rates – Lies and Damned Lies

To Populate or Depopulate?  That is the question.   Elon Musk has come under divisive scrutiny for the fact that he has now fathered nine children – so far.   The fact that Pelosi has five children and nine grandchildren is off limits for discussion because, well, she’s a Democrat.   Soros has five children.   So how many are ok and how many are too much?   The fact that birthrates have been plummeting across western nations is part of the reason illegal immigration is politicized.   Countries need workers – and the between rising death rates and low to middlin’ birth rates, Houston We Have A Problem!

The US birthrate of 3.5 in the 1960’s tanked below 2 to 1.75 by the early 1970’s.   Free Love, Free Sex, abortions on demand, and contraceptives made ‘birthing’ unpopular.   Death rates had also been on a steep decline between 1950 and 2007, then suddenly rates began climbing hitting the same point it was in 1875.   The UN has predicted that the rate will continue to climb through 2050’s.   Without explanation.

That being said, businesses will likely fail at an exponential rate as well.   While thee Vax which is now administered to 3 year olds has been found to contain sterility displays according to a Swedish study, Gates’ future pandemics are also a factor.

While the Biden WH has claimed that payroll expanded significantly in June, that number is subject to some rather bizarre math.   1.   Shortage of laborers,   2.   Vast number of vax deaths and adverse events making people disabled,  3.   And ADP suddenly making the claim that they won’t provide payroll numbers because they are ‘retooling’ their algorithms.

You see, the world of AI has created algorithms based on estimates, guesses, predictions, and Ouija Boards to provide our statistics.    The White House is desperate to provide some faith of ‘good news’ and thus conjured a payroll statistic.   The same sort of algorithmic statistic Gates used to predict the number of CoVid deaths the first two months as – well over 2 million…

The SAME algorithmic methodology that claimed inflation was 4% when gas and food prices had risen 100%.  Algorithms are not just Flawed – they are purposefully Faked.

Our 2020 election had a 120% turnout…   CoVid deaths were based on faked death certificates.   Vax deaths are under-reported by as much as 99%.   Once upon a time a Statistician was highly educated, ranked in highest quadrant of IQ, and were in high demand!   Oncce upon a time doctors were revered – they could do nor say anything wrong.   A form of worship was levied.

The CDC doesn’t have a clue how many people die of any particular disease because they have been guesstimating these numbers for decades.   Our Birth Rate?   Our Death Rate?    Inflation Rate?  Employment rate?   Worthless.  Merely Tools.

These Tools have been used to manipulate the markets.   And to manipulate the people.   To create a ‘global mindset of what is reality’.   To this hypnosis, Soros has created the Center For Effective Altruism.  Like every NGO, their vision and mantra begins with the same phrase,  ‘we want to build a radically better world’.   Of course – they haven’t, but that would be a yawn.

However, what the Center does accomplish is Group Think.   Everyone is fed the exact same propaganda that may or may not have anything to do with reality.   They moderate discussion and provide speakers who all curate a collective truth.  Their focus is UK, US, Germany, Australia, and Singapore.  And their focus is ‘exclusively’ on young people.

The end result will be a new generation of mental robots.

They have set up their own Effective Altruistic Fund which is funded by Open Philanthropy (Soros), GiveWell, 80,000 Hours, Farmed Animal Funders, Open Wing Alliance  and two oddly named sources:   Center for Human Compatible AI and Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

All of these would appear to divert much of their funding to various enterprises run by – Bill Gates under the guise of effective altruism in global health and development.  In addition, they gave $6.5 million to Patrisse Collors, the BLM founder who used the money to buy mansions and pay her boyfriend.  Most of these NGO’s were founded by Holden Karnofsky a Harvard graduate whose degree was in ‘social studies’.

Effective Altruism:   William MacAskill began the ‘movement’ in 2016 with the concept that doing good centered on causes that benefited health and the global poor.  Their Open Philanthropy 2018 IRS Form 990 revealed they had spent $-0- on anything other than one salary and had $30.87 million Undistributed – not exactly ‘altruistic’.   It would appear 2018 was the last time they filed their required form 990…

Center for Effective Altruism:  Form 990 for 202 revealed $9+ million in grants on over $20 million in revenue!   The money simply went to other organizations either affiliated with CEA or Other organizations in which circular funding maintains a tax free status while enriching executives.

Not altruistic unless the good one derives is for self and/or the other selves already enriched by other do-gooding…   But the constant stream of new NGO’s raising money for each other and distributing it thru salaries, benefits, travel and elaborate offices somehow benefits Mankind.  All within the encapsulated shield of manufacturing global crises, coups, and depopulation…

Statistics Don’t Lie – But the ones making the algorithms to produce the statistics – THEY LIE.

CERN – The God Particle & CLIMATE CHANGE

The Conspiracy Theory regarding weather modification has been proven a reality for over a decade.   And yet – the connection to climate change has not been discussed.   Maybe, they screwed up!  The use of aerosols cooled the planet – so we banned aerosol products.   The use  of fossil fuels are warming the planet – so we are banning them.   Every person on the planet breathes out 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide daily for a total global daily output of  18.4billion pounds or 6.72 trillion pounds a year – so depopulation efforts to ban people are underway.     Weather manipulation is somehow the means to alter Climate Change despite research revealing it exasperates the problem!

Man attempting to be God.

As “science” attempts to glorify itself, their serious failures have likely been more causative than solution.   China has been openly deploying thousands of rain inducing machines across its country for nearly a decade.   When clouds are altered the weather that might have been naturally targeted for say Africa could be diverted to China.  Like every scientific discovery, the application for good is ultimately used for evil.   And the political or military application is obviously in play.

While climate has been ‘scientifically’ stated to have been volitively changing for tens of thousands of years, civilizations have died as a result in the short term – and likely been nearly eliminated in the long term.   The Anasazi moved during periods of climate change – and ultimately disappeared.

History museums are replete with graphics claiming that Colorado was once a lush rainforest, and northern Africa was fertile grassland before – it wasn’t.   People didn’t cause it, nor did they manipulate it – but it happened.    Science has stated that the cause of these historical changes occurs on a regular basis and is caused by Earth’s Orbital Wobble.

It is believed that interactions with Jupiter and Saturn create magnetic changes which affect our due North.   The cycle is believed to occur every 112,000 years and lasts roughly 26,000 years.   The theory produced by Milankovitch some 80 years ago is widely accepted today.   While there is no scientific reasoning found for these timed glacial-interglacial cycles the ‘science’ stipulated today to create pockets of wealth are creative – but false.

Given this evidence is contrary to the Climate Gurus of today, the new and improved version of the earth’s wobbling effect is deemed ‘human caused’.    Unfortunately, this human causation is simply a theory that has no actual evidence to support it.   But then ‘Science’ is a philosophy of thought and nothing more.

CERN  The God Particle.

Today, we have the ability to move agriculture to reflect climate change given our transportation system.   Instead, the goal is to war with climate and kill 90% of our global populace.

CERN was turned back on April 22, 2022 after a three year hiatus and suddenly the globe has been screaming Climate Change – once again.   CERN has been studying the effects of colliding particles, in particular muons, protons and electrons.   Particle physics are inherent in the natural cooling and heating processes of earth.   “Improvements and repairs” made to CERN over the last 3 years include the ability to squeeze more intense beams providing five times the data.

One piece of data released last year is the theory that muons accelerate ‘wobbles’.   Muons are caused by cosmic rays which penetrate earth’s atmosphere reaching land surface and even deep within its core producing ionizing radiation.   About 10,000 muons reach every square meter of the earth’s surface a minute.    Creating muons within the CERN Haldron collider releases muons into the surface and into the atmosphere.   Accelerating wobbling effects.

CERN back online until 2025 is likely to enhance the wobbling effect creating a faster climate change model.

Therefore the statement that ‘climate change’ is being caused by humans is true, it is misleading.   Because the humans causing this massive acceleration and the causal factors attributed to them are False.   Scientists are causing the acceleration.   The same scientists that Steven Hawking warned us about when he said that CERN would not only ultimately destroy earth, but our entire universe.

METAVERSE: Our Virtual Reality FUTURE

The Economist has declared that the war in Ukraine will continue for years – or until Putin dies…   Zelenskyy has declared that all Russians are evil and must die.   And sanctions are imploding!   The EU has upped the ante in approving zero Russia Gas while sacrificing their own citizens.   Essentially, the same attitude taken by Zelenskyy when instead of brokering and negotiating, he chose devastation and chaos.   The ‘same attitude’ utilized in the US to destroy the economy ushering in starvation and the mass murder of citizens. These manics of death see everyone in Africa dying of starvation – followed by the Middle East.

And they say it is because of Climate Change.  What IF they know something massive they refuse to reveal to the public at large for fear of a colossal uprising!?

Obama’s arrogance as he meandered thru the White House touting the great success of The Affordable Care Act drove needles thru my eyes.   He is obviously gloating – accomplishment.   That accomplishment isn’t the ACA – it is death and destruction. Since it’s inception, the Affordable part of the Care Act has risen 300%+.

While Tucker focuses on ‘Biden creating this boondoggle’, why then is the entire world in the twalette?   Because it was orchestrated – and the only mutant militant cell in the cancer that was not predicted is Russia.    Which is why The Economist needs Putin to die.

The Economist operates as the ‘brain child’ for all media.   They are the wizard behind the curtain creating the talking points that the media entertainers/jokers spew in unison.   Rarely does anyone flub their script. Except for Biden and Kamala.

In so doing, they become the ‘weak link’.  Expendable.

What the death chaos and destruction reveal is the purported need and value of the Metaverse – a virtual reality created by Various techs including Microsoft and Facebook. A person could live in a literal box – but the virtual reality of Metaverse would create an alternate reality wherein the mind believes they are skiing down a mountain – or being caressed by a beautiful woman.   It could also be hacked to take a person on a journey through Hell.

In 1983, nearly 40 years ago, Bruce Rubin wrote the screenplay for the movie Brainstorm starring Natalie Wood (her last film) and Christopher Walken.   The movie was about a sensory virtual reality wherein a persons feelings could be recorded into the Brain and downplayed into someone else’s conscious and be absorbed as their reality.   It didn’t end well because the emotional responses were real and invoked that reality onto the ‘someone else’.

Then in 1993, 30 years ago, Neal Stephenson coined the term Metaverse in his science fiction novel Snow Craft. In the novel, humans are programmable Avatars who interact with each other and algorithms in a virtual space that uses the ‘metaphor’ of reality. The concept is not new and was being developed by Microsoft before Zuckerberg used the media to insinuate Meta was his brainchild.

While the average person is still in the darkness of reality, the new world would be called – Metaverse.

According to JP Morgan, Metaverse will be a $1 trillion annual revenue stream.

There would seem to be no boundaries as to the world of virtual reality within the Metaverse universe.   Everything is being photographed and preserved from natural reality such as;  Vail mountain to Bali beaches to the Grand Canyon.   Preserving reality is an essential ingredient of the cocktail that will be supplanted by a created virtual world where Avatars exist, where your own virtual prototype exists, where ultimately nothing real will be necessary – except sustenance.   And of course, even that will be genetically modified.

On the surface, it sounds rather intriguing, insane, and colossal all at once.   And it fits the mantra “you will own nothing and be happy” – because you will ultimately become a virtual reality.   Or an Avatar.   You won’t need clothes, you won’t need beauty, you won’t need cars or even a house.   You won’t have friends, or family, and your ethics and morality will have absolutely no worth – because ‘anything’ goes in virtual reality.

The Dark side of our worst nightmare would be the ultimate outcome as bodies wither and minds have no purpose. In essence people would become ‘Data’.  

So who would be left to support our nothingness?   Who would grow our food, deliver it to warehouses, or prepare it for consumption?   No one.   The Glitch. Perhaps our Avatar bodies will no longer require food because once we submit our human bodies and our human minds – we are no longer human.  So who will update and maintain the Cloud of Virtual Reality?   Obviously these guys are not getting Vaxxed!

And for some bizarre reason, these worldly Klaus Schwabs believe this is – OKAY.

One thing we can be certain of is the fact that this technology has existed well before Microsoft or Zuckerberg. The CIA and tech have been working in collaboration with Hollywood for decades to test public response to ‘our future’.   The Feed. The Psychological Impact.   The madness that would ensue.   And the death of humanoids as a species.

The stages that would be required to initiate the full breadth of such a shift would be the equivalent of a ‘sci-fi’ series.   Forty years in the making – likely 40 more to be fully functional.

Is it predicated on the knowledge that our world as we know it will no longer exist and we will be forced to live underground?   Knowing that psychologically we as a species would never survive beneath the earth.  

Could it be that Klaus Schwab, in some twisted way, thinks this altered reality will save mankind?   And that depopulation is necessary – not because we haven’t enough earthly space – but because there are not enough underground bunkers to support all of mankind.   So the compassionate version of Klaus and … Gates believes that simply exterminating most of mankind will be the kinder future?

AVIAN Bird Flu Requires Culling of Millions of Chickens

Ukraine labs were ‘studying’ Avian Flu, among other pathogens, specifically how to infect wild birds and transmit the disease to domestic birds and humans.   This week, the MSM has announced that avian flu has mysteriously appeared in the US, and no one knows how that could be possible…   Millions of chickens and turkeys are being culled across the US to mitigate the potential for a greater spread.   Shortages of eggs and chickens will cause prices to skyrocket…. On cue.

It isn’t just Ukrainian labs playing with H5N1, in 2018 NIH reopened and began funding labs in the US.   The purpose of the studies is to manipulate the flu variant to make the virus more potent and lethal.   In 2019, a “US government review panel quietly approved experiments proposed by two labs that were previously considered so dangerous that federal officials had imposed an unusual top-down moratorium on such research.”

To date, over 7 million domestic birds have been killed in anticipation of an outbreak in 2022. The price of eggs had already risen 22% year over year, while the price of chicken had risen roughly 70% before the latest outbreak.

The coincidence of lab studies seems a bit too keen.  

An NIH study in 2007 stated, “Since 2003, there have been many small outbreaks of human cases (H5N1)around the world, and the reported mortality is greater than 50%.   Current evidence suggests that the human-to-human transmission of avian influenza is rather inefficient, but mutation might occur in the future resulting in improved transmission and possibly a pandemic in humans.”

“Mutation might occur in the future”.  Given that the mutations are occurring in NIH funded labs across the globe, the prediction has come true.

According to the USDA tasked with observing wild bird H5N1:   “It is not uncommon to detect avian influenza in wild birds, as avian influenza viruses circulate freely in those populations without the birds appearing sick.”   Asymptomatic Birds are observed to be ‘sick’!   Follow The Science.

Wild birds show no symptoms of the virus, ‘asymptomatic’, but ‘can’ supposedly spread the virus to domestic birds.   Sounds a lot like CoVid!   Thus when NIH and the CDC ‘test wild birds for the virus’ they require regional poultry farms to cull their entire farm.

How is testing of wild birds performed?

According to the USDA, surveillance of dabbling ducks is the means of determination.   Dabbling ducks are the primary reservoir of the virus, according to a USDA report. The surveillance method is to view watersheds across the US where the virus has been found in ducks historically.   Band some ducks – and then wait to see how many are alive the following year based on finding all banded ducks at any given watershed.   The numbers are then inserted into a program based on ‘estimates’ using the “Bayesian BetaBinomial model”.   This model was developed in 1948 as a simplistic means for estimation and prediction.

And suddenly this avian flu is sounding a lot like the prediction methods employed to determine CoVid cases and deaths.   Wild birds are not actually tested, and the annual culling of chickens and turkeys could just as easily be a means for creating artificial price controls and food shortages.

It is estimated that 22.275 million ducks are killed every year by hunters. The states with largest quota include: Mississippi, Tennessee, Oregon, Louisiana, Idaho, Washington, Arkansas, and California. This culling would likely be included in the Bayesian Model – right?

Despite the avian virus rarely infecting humans, the bio labs have manipulated it multiple times to try and make it possible for the virus to be transmitted more easily to humans.   As such, Sanofi developed a vaccine for H5N1 in 2007 – just in case.   The trial study of the vaccine effectiveness involved a total of 103 adults and was ‘estimated’ to have a 45% effectiveness. Side effects were not available because the potential risk of a pandemic outweighs the risk of potentially fatal side effects – according to the FDA.

According to WHO, between 2003 and 2013, there were 627 laboratory confirmed human cases of H5N1.   As a result, the federal government keeps a stockpile of these vaccines. Of course the fact that a mutated form would be required for the virus to infect humans in a pathological manner seems to have alluded the ever scientific intellect of scientists.

Because vaccines are based predominantly on the original spike, and given all viruses mutate thousands of times, this stockpiled vaccine would be wholly worthless.

Once again our esteemed government is found to be creating what it purports to prevent, and causing shortages and price spikes based on dated, likely worthless algorithms.   Killing an entire chicken farm’s inventory of birds is the means of prevention.   Which is how they prevent viruses in humans – too.