January 6th Political Prisoners IGNORED by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch

The MSM keeps posting grievous shock regarding a solitary traitor in Russia sentenced in court and imprisoned.   A critic of the government stands trial for fomenting dissent via ‘an undesirable organization’ which is not mentioned by name.   However, upon further research that organization is “Open Russia’ founded by Khodorkovsky. The board included Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild with a singular agenda of ridding Russia of Putin by any means possible.

In speaking of the recently sentenced, Kara Murza in Russia, the British Ambassador declared, “the verdict was an attempt to silence dissent in this country”.   Oddly, the 900+ dissenters rounded up by the FBI and sent to  DC Gulag prisons for walking around the Capitol is not addressed by Human Rights Watch.   Why?   Because HRW is a Soros organization that cherry picks violations and violators.

The COUP attempts in Russia have consistently been contained.   The US Coup is a stage of what the Cartel would do to Russia.   The reinstitution of communist/Marxist ideology and totalitarian rule, the nationalization of all resources and the confiscation of the world’s largest freshwater lake – Baikal.   Because in a depopulated world – Lake Baikal is prime sustenance!

In 2022 Goli Sheikholeslami was appointed CEO of POLITICO Media Group. Her previous experience is WAPO, Conde Nast, Public Media and Time Warner, earning her the label of CIA operative.   Headquartered in Berlin, Axel Springer has stated his goal of becoming the global number one digital media.  Politico has been front and center in demonizing all things Maga, Trump, and everything in-between – QUITE vocal in their hatred of the January 6th Protests.   WHY a German media outlet would operate under a different label in the US as a far leftist brigade is puzzling.  WHY they would tender an opinion on January 6th smells like collusion.

Axel Springer is majority owned by KKR, Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts a venture capital firm headquartered in Manhattan. Starting in the 2000’s, KKR began hedging buyouts in collaboration with partners including;   Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, Silver Lake Partners, Wellcome Trust and Blackstone.   The purpose is to gain controlling interest via shares for the purpose of monopolistic buyouts.   This leveraging schematic has worked quite well –

KKR Promote the ESG Credit scoring system established by the WEF which seems to have circulated across the board of all left companies willing to sacrifice their brands, their shareholders and their Balance Sheet – for Klaus Schwab approval..

In 2022 the Justice Department was pinky-swear investigating KKR for shared board seats with Blackstone and Apollo Global in violation of anti-trust laws.   That investigation would seem to have ‘stalled’.   Indefinitely.   KKR continues to Pac-Man every available corporation so as to attain Conglomerate Status within the WEF Golden Triangle.

Of course, prosecuting the ‘political prisoners’ in DC is much more important in the Justice Department given they are such a threat to society…

The shares of KKR, Blackstone and Apollo follow the exact same trend hitting ALL TIME highs in January 2022 and falling roughly 20% since.   The pattern would indicate a shared ‘leverage’ which in today’s circle is likely the Mafia Cartel.   Credit Scores – fake accreditations.   For example:  KKR has exactly 1 female executive and zero blacks.

Germany is now calling for the immediate release of all political prisoners… – in Belarus.   The US Gulag remains impenetrable.   Amnesty International is also oddly silent about the Gulag Dictators imprisoning the January 6ers.   The UN Human Rights Council is silent.   In fact, everyone is fearful of speaking up against the Global Cartel.   Including our own Congress. Despite these prisoners being tortured!

Of the over 900 arrested and the threat of another 1000 warrants, over a third January 6ers have been denied the right of a fair trial for over 2 years!

While DC Police have jurisdiction over DC, the US Capitol Police are a federal agency appointed by the Capitol Board.   Michael Stenger was the appointed Sergeant at Arms for the Capitol Police during the January 6th Protest – He resigned the following day and died of ‘natural causes’ June 2021.   Paul Irving was also House Sergeent at Arms during the protest – he also resigned the following day at the command of Nancy Pelosi.   Steven Sund was the US Capitol Police Chief at the time and resigned with Stenger and Irving.   Sund was also ordered to retire by Pelosi.   Sund has formally stated that he requested backup from the National Guard but Stenger and Irving denied the request.   It has since been revealed that Pelosi is the heavy weight behind the refusal to deploy the National Guard.

Sund subsequently was given a ‘book deal’ to write about his personal ordeal wherein hand-to-hand combat was valiantly used to defend the Capitol!    Sund’s book deal was for $1 million plus rights and released by Blackstone Publishing January 2023.   Blackstone was formed in 2015 and its CEO Josh Stanton won the Critics award in 2021 as judged by: NPR, USA Today, WAPO and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.   ALL Far Left ‘critics’.

The book portrays the Police and their actions as Courageous, Heroic, and worthy of Medal Accommodations including for the nonparticipants…   The book was turned over to Blackstone on behalf of Sund by Shane Salerno a prolific screenwriter and producer. Like Sund, Salerno is an avid hater of all things Trump and fought diligently in the 2020 election with Don Winslow to make sure Trump lost.   This would appear to be their one and only Political Fray – which most likely served them well financially.

Did Blackstone get paid by the CIA to run with Sund’s book?  How much were Salerno and Winslow paid to vehemently vocally demonize Trump?

A Conspiracy That is True Is Still Deemed A Conspiracy


DEEP FAKE Imagery, Video and Audio – A CIA Application

Photoshop.   A photoshopped picture used to be the focus of exposing fake media.   A greenscreen could easily drop Queen Elizabeth into the bombing of Syria.   Or a child actor might be injured in a strike 3-4 times before social media pointed out the fakery.   It has been asserted that the CIA is responsible for many of the DeepFake war shots using their Hollywood set in North Carolina.  

Today, the progression developed by the CIA in conjunction with Hollywood has far surpassed the simplistic photoshop. Deep Fakes can now interface with audio, video, imagery and reality.   Masks that put Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire to shame are being used for political and business manipulation.   The potential has little peace serving purpose – and significant warfare probability!

The technology is Mainstream:   Creating a DeepFake video is now possible using an iphone and a downloaded algorithm.   Silicon masks have enjoyed incomparable advancement that calls into question – President Biden.

The nefarious use of this form of AI technology has become much more prominent:   blackmail, identity theft, social engineering, hoaxes, reputation smears, extortion, etc…   But impersonating a high ranking military official or member of congress or foreign PM are much more likely the end point uses for the CIA.

In its infancy, DeepFakes were relatively easy to catch with a discerning eye.   Today?   Not so much. Many of the faults in the technology have been fixed.   While AI is used to simulate DeepFake video’s and audio’s, Silicon masks can be used to impersonate just about anyone without detection.

A recent video of Biden scratching the back of his neck left ripples in the skin – others have commented on the breadth of plastic surgery Biden seems to have undergone – including changing his eye color… competing with the likes of Joan Rivers.

Various means for detecting DeepFakes have arisen:   1)   lack of eye movement,   2)   skin tone discrepancies,   3)   lack of emotion,   4)   hair that is unnatural, no frizz or flyaway,   5)   lip syncing,   6)   teeth that are too perfect, or indistinct,   7)   edges of images are blurry or misaligned – awkward neck …

I tested myself on about ten video’s.   I was able to discern the fakes each time by the teeth and the skin.   But I have an ‘artiste eye’.  

The ability to authenticate the DeepFake can also translate to the inability to ‘de-authenticate’.   In other words, a video purportedly of Bill Gates doing something immoral or illegal would be difficult for him to ‘disprove’ to show his innocence.   This can disrupt our judicial system further.   A means of authentication would need to be invented.   While our esteemed CIA is apparently taken over this AI tool, it is the CIA that has surreptitiously used the fakery for warhawk benefits.

Most recently, Ukraine has levied a claim that a video has surfaced showing Wagner Group men beheading a Ukraine soldier.   The technology of DeepFake could be the source of the indoctrination – or Wagner Group is filming their atrocities.   The MSM has declared the videos were uploaded to pro-Russian media therefore that authenticates them.   Russia has stated that they will subject the video’s to authentication processes and will report their finding.

The fact that Zelenskyy’s entire cabinet is made up of his burlesque act cohorts including director, videographer, etc… has led to the conspiracy that all his interviews and appearances are within staged sets.  The involvement of the CIA, NED and Open Society in Ukraine has been documented countless times.

But Zelenskky is demanding World Leaders React – The video comes as funds for Zelenskyy have dwindled and his demand for more weapons has escalated.   The Guardian notes that the background used for the videos is green and lush – perhaps sometime last summer… just now circulating.

The Guardian also notes that the videos were uploaded on Telegram and Twitter.   Twitter is banned in Russia.   The upload would have to have been generated elsewhere… 

The point of the videos is to allege war crimes.   Given the CIA is fully invested in Ukraine, they likely have a hand in the video beheadings propaganda narrative.

End of March a slew of DeepFake shots were circulated showing Trump being manhandled by NY Police.   All the shots were fake.   But who created them?   One such video seemingly originated from the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid.   According to BuzzFeed, Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat uploaded over 50 FAKE images of Trump running from Police on Twitter.   Bellingcat is a CIA asset picked up to propagandize Syria and the evil Assad.   Higgins is a UK high school graduate who lost his job in admin and decided to stay home blogging while his Turkish wife supported him.

Bellingcat donations are sourced to: NED, Soros Open Society and Google.

According to various AI engineers, the commercial application to create these photos and videos is relatively simple and does not require specialized equipment.   An algorithm can be downloaded to your phone giving anyone the manipulation ability.   The psychology behind the technology is to completely void social media as a platform of reality or truth.

The same social media that has been instrumental in the takedown of the Mafia Cartel.   Their largess nemesis.

Superficially, engineers in the tech industry claim that DeepFakes need to be regulated.   How?   Complete censorship – which leads to the Big Brother concept of 1984.   Nothing is real except that which we tell you is real.   A perfect storm for someone like Jon Rappaport who believes we live in a Matrix.

CSIS & CIA in OverDrive on Twitter Pushing Propaganda!

An article posted by CSIS (Center For Strategic & International Studies) is quite damning – not just in the acknowledgement that ‘regime change’ is the US intelligence main focus, but on their incompetence.    There are nine separate intelligence agencies that US Taxpayers openly pay for – yet their means for determining ‘an action’ is Laurel & Hardy reincarnated.  Strategy is co-opted by propaganda…

Lose over and over but use the Media to call it a win so thousands of incompetent agencies can continue to thrive monetarily.  In their board room self esteem is biopic narcissistic; the US won Afghanistan, Iraq, and – Ukraine.

“The Future of War – Rethinking Risk in Great Power Competition”.

  • War is simply a boys game of ‘competition’.
  • The ‘Future’ is War.
  • Risk is the fallout of their aggressive tactics – as in pushing an incursion with Russia caused a global depression, starvation, inflation, and a loss of alliances to BRICS+.

Oops.  What to do?

The authors  at CSIS propose is to modernize the strategic planning within the DoD.   Imagine this:

“National Military Strategy and National Defense Strategy, the Joint Staff prepares the Joint Strategic Campaign Plan, which outlines priorities for CCMD contingency plans, including what potential crises to focus on and how often to update plans. Since these plans are bets about hypothetical futures, they tend to be isolated, static, and deterministic “what if” propositions.”

After the DoD gets together with the relative agencies and they brutalize some plans of action at various locales across the globe, those plans remain in force for 2 years before another meeting is convened.   Contingencies are addressed periodically from a ‘shelf’ of options.  

“General!   The Ruskies have taken over all our biolabs in Ukraine…  what the Fuck are we supposed to do?”

General Phillips,  “Send out an AP  media blitz about Ruskie casualties!”

“But we don’t know what the numbers are – no one does!  What should I say?”

General Phillips,  “For Christ’s sake man, make it up!   If no one knows, they can’t challenge it.   Hell, tell them to claim it is 200,000 to 300,000.  Tell them We won, no tell them Ukraine has won the war!”

That would be Contingency #436 on the shelf.

Our entire military is essentially a ‘Green-Screen’.

The authors recommendation:   “…active campaigning requires a constant reframing of key assumptions that captures the temporal component of risks identified during planning as they compound, wane, or accrue to new stakeholders over time.”

Gosh darn, in other words, the authors have used all their expertise to identify that ‘circumstances change more than every 2 years’ – and a more dynamic approach is needed to be addressed…   In addition, it is noteworthy that risks associated with ‘CITIZENS’ being killed and maimed is replaced with the ‘Stakeholder’.    There was NO mention of civilian fallout, death, dismemberment.

Nowhere in the paper is death mentioned as a cause for concern to adjust risk criteria, instead it is simply the associated Stakeholders.   Those stakeholders would be the Defense Industrial Complex and Banking.   Upholding stakeholder interests is the entire point of War.  Rogue Whistleblowers and adverse media need to be quashed.

Lamenting the fact that Ukraine absorbed our weapon stockpiles and our ‘personnel deployments’ – the authors point to the failure that Iran was left out of the equation and now they haven’t the resources to destroy Iran.  Apparently, these NINE agencies and NGO’s used their ‘instincts’ instead of actual strategic and intelligentsia ‘thinking’.   Because strategies are only updated every 2 years, there is no formal process to alter, update or rethink plans of action on a day-to-day basis!   Intelligence is thus processed on a ‘single dimension of risk’.

This would explain why the hype of propaganda is used instead to provide a ‘green-screen’ of the war as an allusion.   It explains the common rhetoric of ‘fighting Ukraine until every Ukrainian is dead’ promoted by western governments.   They don’t have a PLAN B!

The absence of risk assessment was obvious in the absurd US decision to blow up the Nord Stream without a proper EU resolution or legal precedent  The entire purpose was supposedly to destroy Russia’s economy – without any intelligentsia considering the consequences to food, power, and recession risks to the entire EU.  The secondary purpose was to set oil and gas prices for Big Oil.   Achieved.

Cleanup.   Cleanup means pretending it never happened?   Like a five year old playground bully?   How is it possible that Western military commanders are so ridiculously incompetent?   Could it be that the ones making these decisions have ZERO training in military warfare or “Peace” – and instead are winging it while the props have been drugged?

Incompetency explains the ‘passive-aggressive’ stance taken against China.   Create a boogey-man, incite rage, and when the economic reality is actually discussed as a ‘risk’ – the military complex backtracks.  “Pretending’ everything is fine.

WHY hundreds of Generals are unable to commit to peace is because they are under orders to create $500billion+ for the Stakeholder benefactors, annually.   The military thus focuses on the means to create the most money under orders of – nothing else matters.   When an operation is botched, the Media launches into cataclysmic mode:

  • Moscow’s Military Capabilities in Question After Massive LOSS
  • What Ukraine Means For The World
  • War Has TurboCharged the Green Transition
  • Putin Must Turn 360’
  • US Warns China About Providing ‘lethal aide’ To Russia

Daily hype.   It used to work.   When western citizens buried their heads in the sand.   But with more extensive social media – even censorship couldn’t bring down the TRUTH.   And Our Entire Military Complex Has NO Plan B.

TODAY, the CIA Tzars are in HYPER MODUS setting up a mass campaign to deluge Twitter with Fake News, Disinformation and Propaganda.   There are multiple potential reasons:   1.   To move the REAL topics into a different stratosphere,   2.   To sway opinion.   3.   To set up Twitter by later suing for not properly filtering dangerous propaganda.

Propaganda That is GEARED to distract from the news…

CIA “Hedge Fund” – Q-In-Tel – A Taxfree NGO Financing Elon Musk

In 1999, the CIA quietly formed an NGO ‘Venture Capital Firm’ that was funded by the CIA, FBI, NSA, and DoD to buy shares in companies involved in cutting edge Space Technology.   Based in McLean VA, today, Q-In-Tel’s portfolio is laden with biotechnology, space, quantum technology, and AI companies.  Many were startup investments that have gone wild.   One such investment is in Elon Musk’s SpaceX which received $351 million in 2017. SpaceX is valued at $137 billion today.

The justification of its NGO nontaxable status is that it was registered as an adjunct supporting ‘National Security’. While their Form 990 for 2016 showed revenues of roughly $140million, it’s ‘description of activities’ states:   “IQT has cultivated a network of more than 200 venture capital firms and more than 100 labs and research organizations further broadening the IC’s access to innovative technologies.   This Network has allowed IQT to leverage more than $11.5 billion in private sector funds….   The CIA keeps Congress informed of IQT’s activities.”

In 2002, Mike Griffin, COO of IQT accompanied Musk to Russia to purchase intercontinental missiles at a cut rate price. While Russia refused, Griffin went on to become head of NASA with advisory capacity for the DoD.   With Griffin’s support NASA awarded Musk $396 million in 2006.   Then in 2008, NASA awarded Musk 1.6 billion for commercial services.   In 2019, Musk assisted the US government in their coup of Bolivian President Morales.   Morales would not allow US companies to profit from their lithium reserves.

When asked on Twitter point blank whether he was involved in Morales’ ouster, Musk responded, “We will coup whoever we want! Deal with it.”

Many of Musk’s subsidized receipts for Tesla, came from government sponsored or government supported corporations.   These contracts included $465 million from the DOE, $750 million from New York State, and $1.3 billion in tax incentives and tax relief projects.

February 2021, IQT announced collaboration with DARPA.   According to DARPA:   “DARPA has helped lay the foundations for some of society’s most transformational technologies: the internet, miniaturized GPS, smart phones, RNA vaccines, stealth, commercial space access, and autonomous vehicles.”

The fact that IQT has chosen to collaborate with DARPA would indicate that ‘space exploration’ is only a small part of their agenda.   Creating advanced systems of military capable weapons is their endgame.  And Musk would seem to be a very willing Player!

In 2022, Musk deployed 25,300 Starlink satellite terminals to Ukraine – for free at a personal cost of $100 million per year, according to Musk.   In October 2022, Musk asked the Pentagon to reimburse the cost.   They said they would look into it but 2 days later Musk withdrew his request. Why?   Because USAID, Poland and France were already footing the bill.

In 2022, Musk announced Starshield as the military/government subsidiary of SpaceX which would deploy for ‘national security’aka IQT.   These satellites are much larger and capable of ‘hosting payloads’.   A ‘payload’ allows for targeting of threats. Starshield’s satellite development is overseen by 4 star General Terrence O’Shaughnessy.

In 2013, DARPA XS 1 was planned to deliver small satellites into low orbit using a booster launch that would be reusable one time per day.   In 2017, after years of refinement, DARPA selected Boeing to finish the project. In 2020 Boeing ‘ ended the project’ without explanation.   Two years later Musk began his reusable booster launches.

Is Musk a Government/CIA asset?

Is the CIA still deeply integrated inside Twitter?

Why would Musk offer Ukraine satellites if not because it was ordered by the CIA?

In 2021, in conjunction with the CIA, IQT further announced their initiatives into what is termed SPAC.   According to The Intercept, SPAC’s are blank check pooled capital in publicly traded funds.   IQT established Chain Bridge I as a Caymen Island SPAC fund with an initial IPO of $200million.   The IPO was underwritten by DLA Piper, LLP whose former partner included Kamala’s husband and 2nd mate to the White House. Other beneficiaries of these IQT SPAC’s include Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin.

In other words, it would appear, Musk’s entire US career spanning since 2001, has been a project of the CIA.   The same CIA that monitors Twitter.   The same CIA that initiates global coups. The same CIA that ordered Starlink satellites for Ukraine paid for primarily by USAID.   The same CIA that has been shown to have possibly ordered the JFK hit. The same CIA that took down Nixon.

The same CIA which operates a tax free NGO called IQT registered in the Caymen Islands, dispersing profits on its SPAC’s to the tune of 50% while maintaining a Net Asset Account of over $405 million as of its latest Form 990 – 2016.  No other 990’s appear online.

And for all Musks’ brouhaha and likability, he is and always has been a CIA Asset.   The Boy Wonder whose entire asset base;   Tesla, Starlink, Space X, Twitter and Starshield are the brainchildren of DARPA.

BIDEN Classified Documents – An Insurance Policy Protecting them from CIA?


2017, Biden leaves the Whitehouse. 2017, Hunter Biden is paid $83,000 per month to be on the board of Burisma, the Ukrainian gas lease company.   2017, Hunter Biden signs a disclosure claiming Owasco PC is the owner of the Delaware house.   Rent is $49,910 per month.   The sole status listed Hunter as the Director and executive. Hunter was removed from his status at Owasco December 2019.  Corporate status for Owasco PC was revoked in 2021.  The rent on Hunter’s California home is $30,000 per month. Basically, these 2 rents equal his Burisma check.

November 2, 2022, Biden’s attorney claims he was the first to discover Classified documents at the Delaware house.   He decides not to reveal this information until after the midterms in January 2023.   Suddenly ‘aides’ are finding hordes of Classified documents all over the Delaware House. CNN declares the documents involve Iran, Ukraine and China.   A leak that is likely a distraction given CNN is CIA.

What is MORE likely is that the documents detail the inner workings of the Cabalist Cult taking control of the US government.   And the possibility that Hunter took the documents to secure his freedom from persecution – is reasserted to the head of the line.

Two days before the opening of the Davos Party Agenda, George Soros declares he has pressing matters and won’t be able to attend.   It is also worthy to note that this year no Western Presidents are attending the Summit.   Is Soros absence due to the need for ‘damage control’ as the Biden document scandal unleashes further documents – but NOT the ones that the CIA wants desperately – the ones that guarantee Hunter’s and Brandon’s lives?  Insurance.

As the ‘Agents’ work frantically, combing thru every space within the monstrosity that is the Delaware house, they appear to be searching for something much more detrimental.  Not to Biden – but to Them.

Trump has declared he knows exactly who has been visiting the Delaware House off the legality of a government log.   The legality of the logs stems from the fact that Biden spends more than 75% of his time there as opposed to the White House – which requires visitor logs.   And the curious want to know who is really running the US!

While the differentials between these two scenarios with regard to Trump vs Biden are vast, the media seems to be flying off center without their normal clearly defined direction.   Is a Handler Down?

The ‘personal’ lawyers handling the Document fiasco are:   Bob Bauer, Dana Remus, Robert Lenhard and James Garland.   Bauer was Obama’s number 1 attorney and remains his attorney of record with the National Archives. Remus selected dozens of Biden’s federal judicial appointees, including Ketanji Brown.   Garland was Chief of Staff to Eric Holder.   Lenhard was responsible for quashing anything negative during the Biden/Harris campaign.

The law firm coordinating Biden is Covington and Burling, LLP. They have a largess presence in China.   Michael Chertoff, John Bolton, and Eric Holder were formerly lawyers at Covington.   They have represented Guantanamo Bay terrorists, Planned Parenthood, and represented DC in their attempt to ban handguns.

Chertoff worked in Homeland Security during the Bush tenure, served with the CIA for 2 years, and co-created the Chertoff Group – a global security advisory group.   Chad Sweet is co-creator of the Chertoff Group having also worked in Homeland Security – and at the CIA.   Jason Kaufman, President of Chertoff, was an associate of ECentury Capital, a fund sponsored by Rothschild. Many of the advisors at Chertoff were career CIA.

Making Chertoff Group appear to be an arm of the CIA.    Their involvement in Handling the Biden White House via under the cover of the CIA, could unravel the entire Communist Re-Education of America.  IF that information was part of the Classified Document scandal being unveiled at Biden’s Delaware House, it would explain the fear and level of the search.

This intensity of information would also explain why George Soros suddenly had to cancel the Davos Agenda and attend to other imperative issues.

In a strange simultaneous move, Michael Bloomberg has announced his intent to buy either the WSJ holding company, Dow Jones, or WAPO. While it is well known that WAPO has been a CIA propaganda tool for decades, DOW Jones is a subsidiary of News Corp.  Nothing is Coincidental.

The Circus clowns want the corrupt DOJ to investigate Hunter and Joey.  That would amount to a Bill Barr type investigation wherein feet drag for 2 years and 2 miles with nothing to show –   It would be far better to have the Classified Document search conducted by an independent forum… say Bannon and Project Veritas…

What Does Become Evident is that these CIA Agents combing the Delaware Property don’t want anyone to know what they have already found, and what has ramped up the continued search!   Given CNN’s distraction states the Classified Documents are about Ukraine  and China – means this is what they will use to impeach Biden … as LONG as they uncover the Documents that reflect the Biden’s Insurance Policy that has kept them alive.

DEEP FAKE: The CIA, FBI, Guns, Deaths, et al – How Deep Does The Deep Fakery Go

Child and teen gun deaths is a trending topic. In 1993, 2611 black youth were killed by guns. Black children accounted for 43% in 1993 and 47%-50% in 2020. The second highest ethnicity rate was Native Americans.   The rate among black youth is 500% greater than that of white youth.   85% of all child/youth gun deaths are between the ages of 15-19. School shootings account for roughly 1% of all child deaths.   In 2020 during CoVid the number of black youth killed by guns rose 40%.   It may NOT be politically correct but the problem is CRIME – NOT guns.   Gangs, not ordinary folk.

Youth Gun Deaths:   Every major news agency is discussing this statistic. Not one of them cites a causal factor other than the gun did it!   WHY?   Because the agenda isn’t about caring for a child’s life, it is about disarming America.

Example Australia is the common tool used by democrats to compare America’s disintegrating population via gun deaths.   Australia’s black population represents 1.7% of the population vs 15% in the US.   In the US 23% of blacks live below the poverty rate compared to 11.8% of all Americans.   According to algorithms…

The cities experiencing the highest rate of gun deaths are somewhat skewed given that NYC and LA have refused to update their numbers for years! As such Detroit, Minneapolis and Memphis came in as the highest on the FBI list.   ALL of these cities are run by Democrat mayors…   The same mayors who attribute their murder rate to the inanimate – gun.

Essentially the issue surrounding guns is ‘disinformation’.   It’s main source is not the FBI but the CDC. The same CDC that fantasy creates every statistic they release.   Including case counts and vaccine stats. The same CDC that required hospitals to use the infamous killer, Remdesivir, despite WHO denouncing its effectiveness.

FAKE News has become a household phrase.   We’ve been told that the Matrix of fakery is so massive that we would need to unlearn everything we know.   Everything.   A former 27 year CIA agent whose responsibility was to create disguises has come forward with her fakery.   Identity.   Perfecting silicone masks was her specialty. An agent could carry the entire mask in a ball in their armpit, and have it on within 5 seconds flat!     She even wore such a mask in a special meeting with then President HW Bush who had no clue that the young dark haired woman was really much older and sported a short red hair style.

The point isn’t that she perfected what even Hollywood could not, her point is this:    what she was doing 25+ years ago was far beyond imagination at the time, now imagine what they are capable of today…


CIA:   It opens the Pandora Box of the many conspiracy theories regarding Hillary doubles, Obama doubles – and now Biden doubles.   Or even if Biden exists.   How many people in a public profile are fake?   The CIA has been known to create depictions of war using green screens and actors.   Zelenskyy utilizes those often when trying to place himself in Kyiv or on the battlefield.   His faux-ops are rather obvious.

What would be the uses for disguises outside of a CIA agent needing to disappear quickly?

We continue to be amazed at the aging crisis within our government.   In office for 15 terms – members in the 90’s still thriving… What if they are masked marauders? How many meetings between foreign dignitaries were faked?   Sit at a table, take a photo shoot, and end of meeting.

What if, the masks are ‘people hiding in plain sight’?   As in the true Cabalist Cult is actually running the show wearing masks?   The CIA is never idle.   The idea alters our very concept of every photo – and the technology of ‘disguise’.   It could be used to pretend someone was still alive despite their being dead – Ginsberg comes to mind.

Fakery is The Matrix.   How deep that fakery goes is likely limited to an individual person’s critical thinking ability.   Video’s are faked.   AI can substitute for reality.   Even Hollywooders are manipulated on screen with fake camera angles, fake body reshaping, fake alterations to their face to make them more ‘aesthetic’.

Our perception of reality is based so much on what we are told – as opposed to what is.   Manipulating our thoughts is the last vestige of that fakery.  

We are shown pictures of our universe and told to believe anything Science tells us.   Did ancient history exist – or is the deep fake faking it?     The CIA is notorious for lying to us about reality.   So why then do we cherry pick what is fake and what is real when we actually don’t know?   The answer is likely ‘sanity’.

The CIA has been complicit in dictating plots and futuristic applications in Hollywood movies for decades.   Purportedly to slowly inoculate us so that when truths are released, we will have the ability to absorb reality.   Star Trek utilized flip phones in the 1960’s.   They had their AI rooms for entertainment.   They showed a host of ‘beasts’ representing outer worlds.   Star Trek introduced us to tablet computers, tractor beams, phasers, universal translators, etc… etc… etc…  Supposedly 40-50 years before they were invented…

How Deep is the Deep Fake?

According to Nick Bostrom from Oxford, director of Future of Humanity Institute, there are three possible scenarios:

  1. All civilizations become extinct before becoming technologically mature; 
  2. All technologically mature civilizations lose interest in creating simulations; 
  3. Humanity is literally living in a computer simulation.

I don’t purport to know the answer.   However, we are being made aware of more information that seems to have reached a hyper level 1 – for one purpose, to prepare us for reality.

CIA – Legalizing Cocaine Drug Cartel is BIG $$$$$$$

The Economist has declared that Cocaine should be legalized.   The CIA’s attempt to derail their Colombia competition for the last 40 has only resulted in the degradation of the Amazon and jungles polluted with glyphosate dumped by CIA agents.   But hey – the CIA made $$$ trillions.   While Mexican drug cartels make upwards of $500 billion annually, the CIA estimates the cocaine trade is only worth $130 billion – likely well below reality when factoring in the CIA CARTEL>

The DEA is working to delist a cocaine derivative, [18F]FP=CIT.   The FDA, HHS and NIDA all concurred with Science that the substance should be delisted. Cocaine shops coming to a corner drug store near you!    Simultaneously, the Feds are looking at a way to delist marijuana after Biden’s mass grass pardon. But the real coup is the DEA is planning to significantly increase the quota for the production of psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD and mescaline with hopes to legalize that drug trade very soon – potentially this year..

ALL while failing to address the opioid crisis which has become the largest cause of death among 18-45 year olds. Instead, the Feds sue Pharma – and pocket the multi-million$$$ fines – while the actual manufacturing continues unabated.   10% for the Big Daddy CIA.

In 2016, The Atlantic Council wrote a report detailing the fact that Ukraine had become the global hub for human slave and sex trafficking; noting that over 210,000 Ukrainians were slaves.   The Council recommended the institution of more NGO’s in Ukraine to battle the illegal trade.   But this Trade was a major factor in the Soros Banking Cartel and curbing this flow of easy revenue was hardly the priority.   Instead, more NGO’s were necessary to handle the increased activity…

Most of those NGO’s could be then traced to George Soros.

Example: ROZAM for Ukraine, Board of Directors Chair, Dora Chomiak, worked for the Soros Foundation.   Other member affiliations include: USAID, Harvard, and the UN. According to Global Giving, there are over 41,000 NGO’s operating in Ukraine – each one with their hand extended.

Just in time for this re-creation of the legal Cocaine market, Colombia’s government, which represents 90% of the trade, brokered a ceasefire and economic pact with the Cartels.

Ordinarily, this truce would be envisioned as a positive for the country, but the new President, Gustavo Petro, is a socialist communist who assumed ‘office’ August 2022 after a Catholic faith based Colombia voted in a Communist. Just like the vast majority of South America – which is now a proxy of the Communist Cartel.

Apparently, Communism is now defined as ‘democracy’.

A long winded article by Pepe Escobar on Lew Rockwell vehemently blamed all of Brazil’s woes on Bolsonaro, while pimping Lula, a devout Communist.   An odd read for Rockwell…    You see, every President who was in office during the CoVid crisis is being blamed for the economic impacts of that COUP instigated by the Communists!.     Dilma Rouseff was the antagonist of Brazil’s fall from grace in 2014.   She too was a member of the socialist/communist party. The SAME political Party that Lula identifies with today.

I am a bit mystified at Lew Rockwell’s embrace of the Communist Agenda.

Mainstream Media tends to obliterate South America from their newsreel.   As such, it is fair to say that they are now 100% Communist – like Africa.   The difference between Communist South America and Communist China is a tight rope.   Based on Control.

China is most assuredly Communist, however, their country is still ruled internally, vs. African and South American countries are puppets of The Masters.   The bucket would have us believe that all are the same – however, that is – an illusion .   The best means of distinguishing would be to analyze the Rhino’s vs. the MAGA’s.   The media would parlay they are all under the umbrella of the GOP.   We know the difference – just as Jinping does.

Jinping likes his communism – but he likes it under his totalitarian rule     – NOT the Cartel’s.   South America is now completely Cartel owned via governments.   Brazil was a major COUP.

LIKE the coups orchestrated within Africa and South America, they were realized under the guise of ‘free and fair elections’ monitored by Communist USA, aka NED.   Trump tried to hold the US together, Bolsonaro tried to hold Brazil together, Modi is on the fence meaning India is NEXT!     South Africa is – a distraction.   China’s Xinping is still somewhat gilded by fake promises and believes the Cartel will somehow allow him to rule.  ANd South America – is gone.

Putin’s Lavrov is likely more nationalist than even Putin – he sees the evil.   But both China and Russia cling to the fantasy that the Cartel will somehow come around to embrace them.   Without understanding the basic premise: “There is no honor among thieves”.

The release of mass debilitating drugs throughout western nations will have the exact impact that is anticipated – societal genocide.   The skilled work force will be institutionalized.   Supply Chains and Trade will screech to a halt.   And those with a Scarecrow Brain will be left to fend for themselves ravaging what food and water sources are available.

This has happened before.   Entire Societies throughout history have been decimated.   Our esteemed history researchers all concur that the die outs were a direct result of ‘climate change’.   And we accepted this explanation.   Despite it being completely fabricated.

As the onion is peeled, and we see the fallacies in our present Media – it becomes more and more clear that our entire history as purveyed by the same “Media” is fabricated.   What IF – Paganism is a fabricated historical construct?   What IF ‘SUN worshippers’ were really SON worshippers?   IF the “Light” as espoused in pagan history was really re=represented – and came from “Jesus Is The Light”?   And Jesus was revered by King Tut?   NERO?

IF we are to accept that our entire knowledge is a manufactured creation within the Cartel Matrix – then the concept of a continuous battle between good & evil since time began, shreds the veils, shrouds, and understanding that there are two succinct life forms vying for earth – humans vs. Satan’s – or what we euphemistically call – the Lizards.  

Personally, it is the only way I can process the evil of these persons who claim to be earthlings or humans.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell!

The laptop from Hell which has the potential to unravel every western government, every spy organization, most US & European congressmen, and the throttle of the Cabalists – and guess who is silent?   The Ukraine war story is dead.   Putin cleansed most of what was necessary – and the story is no longer about the war but why the cleansing was essential for half the global population. The other half can join Hunter.   No Presidential Pardon will be accepted.   And the Ukrainian people are likely celebrating their release from the prison nightmare that is Ukraine.

Technology gave Hunter the ability to feed his most ravenous addictions but it is also the source of his ultimate demise.   The Cloud where all things remain for eternity houses everything believed to be deleted.   Two years of diligent work and much is recovered including convicting emails and porn – involving children and his niece.

Jack Maxey refused to give up despite being dismissed by the same FBI that now claims the Russian Hoax Laptop is actually real and belongs to Hunter Biden.   Matt Gaetz claims that he has successfully entered the laptop into Congressional Record – where it cannot be ‘deleted’.

The Economist denies anything and has blasted its entire site with Ukraine and Zelenskyy promotions in a last ditch effort to pretend innocence.  Politico follows their commander-in-chief Cabalists, and fear is creeping into every crevice of their ‘weak link’ – Hunter.

Using Ketanji’s soft on porn stance to push her into the Supreme Court fray where Hunter’s indictment is likely to take place has failed.   But based on the statements by Maxey, porn will be secondary to Treason which is not going away and hundreds ‘could’ potentially go down with Hunter.   Speak No Evil?

All the Kings Horses & All The Kings Men – couldn’t put the Bidens together again.   Their family corruption is so vast one wonders if the delusional Brandon is simply an act devised as an excuse to recuse his crimes.   That the stage play was predetermined to be of a finite time frame after which Brandon would disappear.

In 2020 50 Intel Agents published a letter declaring the Laptop was a Moscow derivative and linking the Hoax to President Trump. The signatures came from the CIA, Department of Defense, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence, Department of State, NSA, Homeland Security, National Counterterrorism Center, US Air Force, and National Security Council.   Effectively putting their careers and lives on the line. As in IMPLICATED.

The letter these ‘intelligence agents’ signed cites as partial intel evidence of their decision to claim it is a Russian hoax – came from ‘the media’.   When has ‘the media’ ever been a source for the CIA?   Not a good look for spooks across the world.   I imagine the fear has traveled far and wide.   But that wasn’t enough, the CIA felt compelled to cite two media sources:   The Washington Post and USA Today (which just this month glorified Melinda Gates as a woman of the year honoree).

USA Today is owned by Gannett whose headquarters is a mere 5 miles from CIA Headquarters in McLean Virginia.   Now isn’t that a coincidence?   Or just simply another CIA blunderfall.  

Gannett’s CEO and Chair is Mike Reed who identifies as ‘he/him’ on his linkedin account.   Prior, Mr Reed was CEO for GateHouse Media which filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and reorganized thru a stock finagle and became New Media Investment Group before being bought by Gannett in 2019.   Cleaning House?

The Washington Post, owned by Bezos, has been described as a CIA outlet since the inception of the CIA and was part of the MKUltra Project under CIA Director Dulles.

John Sifer retired CIA who claimed the laptop was a Russian Hoax – is now working at the Atlantic Council.   He and Grenell got into a Twitter spat about Sifer’s intel claim of a Russia Hoax. As it turns out the hoax is in fact that Russia had nothing to do with the Laptop or its contents and there was never ANY intel to support it did!

Maxey also claims that the Pentagon paid MetaBiota to build the biolabs in Ukraine using shell companies to siphon the money to them.    And that the biolabs were in fact funded by the US to secure bio-weapons which seemed to periodically leak killing Ukrainian nationals.

While the media focus is on ‘the elite’ in terms of the exposure in the Laptop, they are actually using the elite to distract from the true Rulers;   The CIA & Congress including BOTH parties.

The same CIA that creates the video’s, photos, and narratives about the evil Russia, the Hero Zelenskyy, to distract from the Biolabs and Neo-Nazi’s that Putin sought to disable – permanently.   While simultaneously goading Russia into a nuclear war that would have seen Europe obliterated. First, Second & Third strike.   With Blinken simultaneously doing the Bidding of Soros, his father’s comrade at The Open Society, to shove Poland and thus all of Europe under the bus.

And the Laptop from Hell spells it all OUT with hundreds of thousands of emails.   40,000 pictures and over 200,000 emails … so far.  And They are DROWNING!

The CIA ROLE In The Cabalist Regime Coup

The Cabalist Regime Coup is enforced by the CIA, MI6 and Mossad:

As of today, 47 members of Congress have announced they will not seek re-election in November.   That would be in addition to 8 members who left office early in 2021 bringing the total to 55 – with 9 months to go.   While this is a count in progress and includes both democrats and republicans, of the republicans 1 is on the fence, 2 are pro-Trump, and the remainder are rhino’s – a fake republican supporting a uniparty system.   Typically we may see 30-35 seats available but these numbers may set off alarms.  

Some have come to assume that the vast majority of media actors are tissue paper stuffed inside the deep state purse.   Many have come to accept that a vast majority of politicians are also dirty handkerchiefs in that purse.   Soiled.

More recent awakening has revealed that the CIA, FBI, Mossad and MI6 are the military mafia holding the purse-strings.   AND – they answer to the Cabal.

In 1961 JFK appointed CIA Director, John McCone, despite McCone having no corresponding education qualification, no military experience, and no intelligence experience. McCone proudly proclaimed as resume accomplishments the many coups he initiated over the course of his four subsequent years.   Because that was what the CIA did.

He wasn’t JFK’s choice – but Bobby Kennedy convinced him after his other 2 choices were unavailable.   During the assassination, John Connolly sat in the jumpseat of the limousine next to JFK.   Connolly sustained extensive injuries but went on within a lucrative career.   At his death, Connolly stated that he did not believe Oswald was the killer, that the Warren Commission was staged, and that he truly believed it was an inside job – .

“It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms….”   ~John Stockwekk, former CIA Agent.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false.”   ~William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

“It had all the earmarks of a CIA operation – the bomb killed everyone in the room except the intended target.”   ~William F Buckley Jr.

And then this, “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.” ~ John F Kennedy.  A pivotal threat that was – nullified.

Propaganda has been the forefront CIA tool since its inception.   Various times in history this disinformation campaign has been brought before Congress for a slap on the wrist.   Without consequence, effectively doing nothing, gives unprecedented POWER.    As such, the CIA campaign only gained ever more provocative power over courts, the Congress, and the President.

In 1983, former CIA agent, McGhee, gave such account in a book, Deadly Deceits; My 25 Years in the CIA.  In his account McGhee claims that CIA intelligence can be altered or pitched so that political purposes frequently trump the accurate transmission of information.   Despite infractures occurring on a routine basis since its evolution from the OSS, these ‘propaganda disinformation actions’ have only accelerated.

CIA involvement has been implied with regard to flying Clinton to Epstein Island, running cocaine and sex trafficking operations, and the elimination of ‘unwanteds’.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s father was working for MI6 and the Mossad.   It is a probable conclusion that those connections were initiated in the Maxwell/Epstein relationship with Epstein charged with gathering the blackmail for control while Maxwell facilitated the cause for blackmail.

In essence, Epstein was used in a J Edgar Hoover fashion to create files on everyone of consequence for the CIA. And in return the duo were given carte blanche despite multiple allegations of rape and pedophilia.   Incarcerated, Maxwell’s response to the potential CIA involvement are consistently, “I don’t recall”.

The most prevalent CIA propaganda manipulation today is the Russia/Ukraine setup being waged for a number of reasons, the primary one being ‘war’.   The reasoning for a war is multi-faceted;   money, the final global conquest of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Mongolia to add to their pocketbook, and further depopulation. ALL classic Cabalist games.

Ukraine’s President has neither military nor political experience and his background in ‘comedy’ is almost Monty Pythonesque given the situation.   Should a war result, Ukraine will be obliterated.   The fact that hundreds of US and EU largess corporations now exist in Ukraine is not of import to the CIA/MI6/Mossad forces, their motive is not powered by ‘compassion’.

Appointed by Biden’s Handlers March 2021, the current CIA Director, Bill Burns, has distinguished his career history as serving with Hillary, Kerry, Albright, and Kissinger, as well as being given the proverbial backdoor ‘book deal’ in 2019 from Random House.

While the clan provided glowing reviews of the book, one in particular resonated:

Kissinger Burns describes ‘the tool of first resort’ as diplomacy.

Except that would not seem to be the case with Russia.   Diplomacy has been usurped and replaced with absolute propaganda with the absolute intent of war.   And the source, as usual, is the CIA.   Burns appointment was hardly unplanned.

Amassing NATO, US, UK and likely French troops on Russia’s borders while arming Ukraine with weapons, training military and special ops that will create the next World War stage – is NOT diplomacy.   What it is is deception for the purpose of justification within disinformation.   The intent is to use the corrupted media to incite the propaganda agenda that Russia is instigating this battle while the CIA quest for war on behalf of the Handlers is the motive.   Just like WWI and WWII.

The Cabalists need control of Russia.   Their internal coup agent, Navalny, failed time and again.   Soros and the Rothschild NGO’s were booted.   Sanctions only seemed to increase Russia’s wealth and War became The Last Tango!

The consequences will be millions of civilian casualties with an attitude reminiscent of Clinton’s famous Benghazi rhetoric, “What difference does it make?”    The comment was supposed to diffuse focus on her ineptitude or the fact that the Americans were setup under her responsibility.

Time and again, history has shown that this is how the CIA and it’s parallel organizations operate.    The provocateurs.   They operate as the Cabalist military and were likely created for that function.

The CIA precursor was the OSS formed by FDR and William Donovan for intelligence coordination during WWII.   It was  dubbed the, “American Gestapo” and routinely used the mafia as a means of accomplishing a designated operation.   Disbanded by Truman, 2 years later it rose it’s dragon head thru Allen Dulles and was renamed Central Intelligence Agency tasked with the ability to perform covert action without Presidential or Congressional authorization.

The CIA was noted for open and flagrant operations for which at this point they knew would never amount to a prosecution because of the extensive global blackmail.

Sixty years ago Kennedy thought their operations had become untenable – rogue.   Kennedy was assassinated and the CIA became fat. While Gluttony comes in many different forms, it is a sin of idolatry.   The gluttons become mere servants wherein their fruit has rotted and their idolatry reigns a powerful denier of God.