Turkey Airport Attack

After the Turkish airport attack by ISIS we had these comments by our US leaders:

  1. It is difficult to avoid an attack by suicide bomb individuals…
  2. I think it may have been ISIS…
  3. We think it may have been an act of terrorism…
  4. They are on the run, desperate because we are making such intense gains…
  5. Don’t worry, US security has been beefed up…but we are not at liberty to tell you how..

Somehow, I don’t feel all safe and secure as a result of these Leadership statements. I wonder why…

What a bunch of misfits! Are these really the people protecting our lands – from sea to shining sea? Is this the intelligence division that offers an in-depth analysis – as in, I think it might have been, maybe, potentially, likely ISIS? And that’s the sum total of coverage?

Help me here!

My dad was an intelligence officer in the Army and I believe he would be reeling in his grave at the dysfunction that we are witnessing. The news is sparse. The information is sketchy. But one aspect that alludes the mainstream is that the weapons, the Kalashkinov assault weapon used, were supplied by the CIA to the supposed Syrian rebels – which at last count includes 1000 different factions – but confiscated by the Jordanian intelligence officers and sold on the black market to – ISIS!

So – we have Russian made assault weapons – supplied by the CIA – being stolen en-route to Syrian Rebels – which remain unnamed – by our alliance, Jordan’s intelligence military – and end up used in the decimation of civilians by ISIS at an airport in Turkey.  And no one finds this – crazy??

To really add insult to injury, the Kalashkinov is a comparable to the US AK-47, which is on the hit list by the Democrats because it is an assault weapon that should be banned.   But then, why didn’t the CIA provide AK-47’s – why Kalashkinov’s? Unless the aim was to attempt to implicate Russia in the entire fiasco. As in OOPS!  Dag Nabbit!  Hello?

Not to mention how grand is our security if the CIA can simply ‘lose’ caches of weapons amounting hundreds of millions of dollars – and not be sanctioned… As in, are they working for us – or them?  I am truly sickened.

Footnote: CIA Director Brennan has issued a statement that he would not be surprised if ISIS was not plotting attacks on US soil… really??? Separately, he asked Russia – for help – because, I guess, Brennan is stating that the US is incompetent. Brennan – you need a lobotomy. And we need Rambo –

FYI – Brennan and Hillary are good buddies, they share the same intellect, the same Cabal, the same global elite and the same values…


Hillary – Benghazi was “nothing”

While Hillary continues to make statements like, “It was nothing…”, and “What difference does it make…”, she obliquely shows the utterly complete lack of empathy or concern she has – and had and – will have toward human life. And that is very damaging to her campaign. Ignoring it ill not make it go away – the only thing that will make it go away is actually acknowledging it, owning it, and showing remorse for her role in what happened. Period.

Because the family and friends of those who died actually don’t think it was ‘nothing’.

The latest gaff of email correspondence involves her Muslim Brotherhood protege, Huma Abedin. Given Huma knew of the security breach in the Clinton server setup, she could be held up as an accomplice in covering up vital information and not disclosing the information to the FBI investigative authorities. Would she go to prison for Hillary? I have no doubt she would. However, if the FBI were to formally indict Clinton, while Clinton will continue to defend herself and wipe herself clean… the Democrat Party may have other ideas. As in Soros.  Will he support a losing battle?

Just as Soros was fed up with the wimpish Cameron and got rid of him, so may the tides turn on Hillary as her woes become too entrenched and high profile for the likes of Soros.

While the focus is predominantly on Soros, there is another fella worth an interesting looksee, Haim Saban. How is it that the Clinton Foundation is heavily weighted Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other middle east countries, while her largest personal campaign donor is Israeli?  An odd collaboration unless the Israeli’s are behind the Saudis…

Of course there are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds who ante up in the attempt to keep the Cabal, the oligarchy, alive and secure, also, supposedly Israeli’s.  Supposedly, in their identity is not religious, but rooted in an ideology, a banker cartel, a financial world order.

But there still remains a cache of emails that Wikileaks founder, Assange, announced this June would be leaked sometime in the future – enough to most definitely indict Clinton – if the FBI had the balls. And while Soros has been linked to the CIA, the CIA and FBI are distinct with a bit of animosity between them. So, whether the quash extends to the FBI is yet to be seen.

So could the investigation by the FBI actually create a CIA expose as well?

The adversarial conflict between the CIA and FBI dates back decades. The current Director, James Comey, is a Republican appointed by Obama. He was chosen over the preferred nomination, Lisa Monaco, who oversaw the Benghazi attack while working at the Justice Department. But Comey is not without his own Cabal having supported both McCain and Romney – known Soros advocates and friends. So, could he be influenced?

Soros has been well-known to fund both extremes, Republicans and Democrats, voicing anti-Brexit sentiment while buying hedge gold, demanding more refugee acceptance in Germany while previously blaming Germany for the influx of the hated refugees. He is not a fan of Merkel. So, could he persuade FBI Director Comey to do his bidding to protect his Presidential nominee, Hillary?

I imagine with the help of the money trail of Rothschilds, Saban, Rockefeller and more behind him, with CIA approval, Soro’s power extends far beyond our sheepish minds, and Comey is simply an easy puppet in the greater scheme of things.

Hence, Wikileaks has the proof positive, and still Hillary is ‘cleaned’. A truly sad commentary of how far askew our political ‘oligarchy’ has found reign. And how easy it is to buy a person, their values, their soul.

Will the FBI indict?

It would truly be the most honest move our government administration could make. Do they have the balls?

I am not holding my breath.

BREXIT: Who is Next

While the media exploits the fear of British expatriates living in Spain, France and Portugal, the truth is far far less intimidating. The fact is, expatriates are creating revenue, they own businesses, they own property and these EU countries reap the benefits of their investment in the economy. International law protects them in the event that a government might attempt to alter the rules of engagement, and their incentive is quite nil.

In fact, Spain and Portugal have historically generously opened their arms to expatriates from everywhere, including the US, offering the same easy transition and assistance. For years, the aura, the beaches, the lifestyle, the stress-free environment of these countries has called to foreigners and they have come eager to acclimate and set-up shop. Tourism is healthy, refugee influx is light, and while crime is an issue in Barcelona and Madrid, it fades dramatically in smaller towns and villages. Although the State Department has issued warnings about the crime rates in Spain, a quick statistical check indicates that the US surpasses their murder rate 5:1, their rape rate 8:1, violent crime 9:1, and total crimes in the US were 85% higher than Spain.

Does that mean the State department should issue a warning for foreigners coming to the US?

While EU expatriates are assured of their status and their rights, incoming expatriates may not have the same rights which should become a negotiation between the respective countries governments going forward.

And despite all this being made clear months ago, despite all the assurances, the media would like to provoke tension and fear with a story of one families fear. Stoking the embers so as to invoke a full fledged fire. In fact, the stories of expatriates is quite the opposite, life has been grand in Spain and Portugal, and returning the the strife and chaos of London simply isn’t an option, nor is it a goal.

The larger issue is the rumbling of EU collapse as other wealthy countries advocate for their freedom. Freedom from what? From a corrupted Commission government that has no transparency, stifling expenses, unaccounted wages, and demands that are not representative of the people, but instead are representative of the Commission. A Commission that needs the wealthy countries to prop up their livelihood and justify their existence – a two government system requiring higher taxation to support.

Not only does the Commission gain it’s livelihood and income from membership taxation, but from excise taxes. Those taxes would not be imposed on countries leaving the EU, and thus their ability to be more competitive in trade negotiations is the attraction, leaving the remaining EU countries scrambling.

While the UK currently has a negative trade balance with their top exports being cars, oil and gold, that VAT tax becomes a hot issue as it is no longer a necessary prop for the Commission. The UK’s major export partners include the US, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and France. Obviously, the US is not a part of the EU, but then neither is Switzerland an EU member, and only a part of The Netherlands is a member.

Although the initial impact on the UK will be rooted in more fear than fact, the larger agenda of what is being manipulated to be the new EU, becomes a more interesting question. And Germany most certainly has the most to lose, the largest economy, and largest import of refugees.

I’d be watching Germany.  Not because they have any intention of Germexit, but because they have to ante more and more to cover the refugees, and now the lost revenue of the UK.

BREXIT – A Win For Soros!

Everyone is thinking that the people out-maneuvered Soros with Brexit… Think again.

Soros stockpiled gold and sold stocks – as in, he knew the outcome and is profiting once again. Soros had an agenda against Cameron for years, and perhaps the Panama Paper Caper was targeting Cameron more than Putin as the media bahhhed like sheep. It would be rather short-sighted to think Soros didn’t know that Cameron was in the Panama Papers. The idea that Soros plan backfired is preposterous. “Never underestimate one’s enemy…” The Art of War. Soros wanted Cameron out, how better than to mask the true agenda of Brexit, all the while banking on a ‘Leave’ vote.

It is no different than the Soros Master Manipulator urging the EU to not take in refugees – and then urging them to take in millions more – all the while hedging his bet with Erdogan. The mantra? “Do what I do, not what I say!”

While Germany grapples with the blackmail of Turkey’s EU membership, more and more Germanic countries want out. The result? The EU will become the new Muslim Nation joining hands with the Middle East to create the Ottoman Empire – once again.

Cameron had one last chance to save face and he failed, he knew it, and his role in the World Order has now been vanquished. But he also knows too much, and that puts him at risk for becoming a statistic of suicide…

Propaganda Due. An organization that ruled Italy and parts of Europe for thirty years after WWII. They used terrorist tactics including assassinations, kidnappings, paramilitary operations (NATO), and economic sanctions to get what they wanted. Civilians were targeted so as to create a sense of urgency and the need for more control for safety and security. Following the merging of the Clandestine Committee of the Western Union (CCWU) and NATO in 1949, their power and operations escalated to the nth degree, morphing into what is now referred to as the “shadow government”.

It involved intelligence divisions of every major country, was connected to the Mafia, the CIA, multiple governments and hundreds if not thousands of politicians. Central to its cabal, it was rooted in the Masonic Temple and dabbled inside the Vatican, the extent of which is ‘not available’. They ruled with an iron fist.

The strategy was to create false tensions within countries, generate the threat of war, denounce peaceable citizens as rebels and unpatriotic terrorists, escalate protests with ‘provocateurs’, so as to destabilize a country and send it into chaos. Why? Because – peace is considered a threat to the dominance of western power structures. The idea is that the only way to maintain dominance is to rule by instilling fear.

Does this all sound familiar, because it should – it is the exact template that we have been subjected to for fifteen years, since 9-11. It is a global elite that is not bound by law, order, or budgets. Ron Paul refers to the funds used in these strategies as the CIA black budgets wherein no accounting is ever administered, the money is available, it is funneled, and all trace is wiped clean.

Back to Brexit. Soros lost confidence in Cameron. Dividing the EU is basic military – divide and conquer. Cameron became the scapegoat, and the UK has been manipulated once again.

Did Soros hedge against the Pound along with his ante up of gold and divesture of stocks? Probably, he’s not one to miss a good laugh at the idiocy of the game all the while raking in more money. While the financial fallout to the EU Commission will not be pretty as they struggle to deal with the refugees, all the while losing the annual ante from the UK, which amounted to a hefty 13 billion Euro as of 2015. How can the EU fill that financial void? Of course – enter Turkey.

It’s called – The Strategy of Tension

Republicans Supporting Hillary

Republicans supporting Hillary?     That’s heinous – and it defiles the Republican Party!  It only seems to support the notion that the Good Ole Boys are a club that will do anything to maintain power and the gender identity has been crossed. The Boys aren’t for their party – they are for the Cabal; Bush, McCain, Romney, Kagan, the list is growing and the allegiance is obvious – it isn’t the party, it isn’t the ideologies, it is the Cabal. Which only emphasizes the people, the citizens who are not represented, we are ruled like slaves.

So if the Republican Party backs a Democrat for President, does that mean that the Republican Party has officially been corrupted by the shadow power structure?   Have they succumbed, or was this where they existed all the time?  Has the party system been a joke?  Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt.

Is it any different than the church changing it’s views to align with the liberal views of homosexuality?   No. It is a line that you either have – or you don’t. Just make a statement and stick to it, abide by it, adhere to the ethic and morality, just take responsibility!!  Help me here!

I have three sons – each completely unique and special for who they are.  I would die for each of them in a second. But I do believe, if you as an organization, whether it be political, environmental, religious, or whatever, and within your framework you have rules that are sacrosanct, you don’t waver. They are the rules. This is what defines who your are, your values and what we can expect you to be!    If you are republican – then you DO NOT back a Democrat unless there is a corrupt agenda that you are attempting to support.  And therein you become quite very – suspect – as a defector, or worse, an outright traitor.

The Trust – goes flamingly out the window in a split second!!

McCain – he is a known crazy who has backed world obliteration. Romney? I actually supported, but have changed my mind from support to absolute fear! Bush – we always knew he was knee deep in the shadows, and so the lies go.

Add to the craziness, and we have Democrats, grown middle aged people staging a ‘sit-in’ on the Congressional floor like they were in college and 18 years old! And we are supposed to respect these people? It is absurd! Did it work in the sixties? NO! So why do these middle aged loons think they will garner respect exposing their vericose veins and pudgy waistlines and too strict suits and pompador hairstyles in a very immature – sit-in?    They each live a mega lifestyle, pay heinous amounts for their mortgage and cars and swimming pools and nannies, live like royalty, and yet they have the audacity to stage a ‘sit-in’ like they are Goldie Hawn on Laugh In!  Ewwwwww….

Ugh. Personally, I find it incredibly embarrassing.

How old are you? What year is this? What degree did you get from college? Protest marches?

And somehow, these grownup politicians think that by staging a ‘sit-in’, they are showing how much better they are than the bombast of Trump? They are showing their superior intellect and advanced degree?

Help me!

And as the media debates what is fair game in advertising for the campaigns – we already know – everything is fair game – because that is the bimbo line drawn years ago. Doesn’t make it right – simply makes it reality. Attacking Trump’s wife is fair game – but attacking Mr. Bill’s lecherous past is somehow not… Attacking Trump’s business dealings is fair game – but attacking Hillary’s bogus foundation – is somehow – not. Attacking Trumps’ appearance is apparently fair game – but it is heinous to attack Hillary and her ‘appearance’.

Hypocrisy is large and in charge. What is fair – in today’s politics – would seem to be – everything. As in – buyer beware.

As in the Brexit campaign, we are seeing a topsy-turvy situation in which the actual truthful outcome is an unknown, and the propaganda is so pervasive no one has any idea why they support one side or the other, they only know what they have been told.

What is clear is that Soros is weighted in Gold. And a Brexit will cause gold to spike – temporarily, and the pound, to spiral, temporarily. But the sentiment of the people will make everything feel a bit off, a bit uneasy, whatever the outcome. And ultimately, that is the agenda. It makes us feel vulnerable, it makes us feel unsteady, it makes us feel anxious. And that is the true Brexit. Not the reality, but the designed.  And then – somehow – everything will fall into place and all will be alright… until the next perceived crisis and we panic!

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love – that you make. And that’s all there is.

Refugees, Terrorism… and Human Rights?

A friend of mine recently tried to rationalize the immigration of Middle Eastern refugees as similar to how the US embraced the influx of Cubans and Mexicans for decades. She feels we are being hypocritical and we just need to ‘love and embrace’ each one and they will be fine. She asserts that the Cubans have gone on to enrich our society and cultivate new prosperity in business and the economy. And in some respects she is right, but her rational is pitted.

Cubans left Cuba because of Communism, the same Communist agenda proposed by Bernie Sanders who now wants to take his agenda and back Hillary. Cubans typically hate the liberal agenda, they remember what Communism looked like, their hunger, their oppression, their ruin. They embraced the US and brought with them a desire to integrate and make a new life. Most settled and remained in Florida where about 1.2 million reside. They excelled in business, in sports, in entertainment, and became – American – subject to American laws.

Muslims. While in our hearts we want to believe, we want to embrace, we want to be tolerant and respect the integration, too often we find terrorism. Too often we are met with violence. Too often our laws are superimposed with Sharia laws that are intolerant, murderous, and based on a decree to spite the neck of those who disagree with you – as in behead.

In 2013, Muslim terrorists carried out 4 attacks in the US, in 2014, there were three, in 2015 there were four, and in 2016, so far there have been between 4 and 6, depending on which source classifies the attack. While some mainstream media pundits claim that non-Muslims make up the majority of terrorist attacks, including Jews and Christians, like any statistic, the numbers can be arranged to feed a specific agenda.

The newest drivel is a report that claims between 1980 and 2005 non-Muslims perpetrated 96% of the crimes with ‘leftists and Latino’s’ leading the pack at 66%. Eliminating property crimes, which are not exactly considered terrorism, and focusing on acts that resulted in terrorist related deaths, the statistics change dramatically!

When adjusting the data to calculate ‘terrorist related deaths’, Muslims accounted for 24% while making up less than 1% of the population. I’d say that was a significant number that bears scrutiny and security.

Some media outlets go so far as to eliminate terrorist attacks completely and redefine them as ‘guerrilla offenses’ or ‘resistance maneuvers’. Typically, history is brought up, wherein the US is again faced with the American Indians – a criminal act, but then we can assert thousands of years of historical terrorism that misses the point. The point is NOW.

And the comparison with Cuban immigration – becomes moot.

So why is it that our media is so bent on glorifying Islam and Muslims and downgrading terrorism? Why do they want to redefine and rewrite the truth?

Hillary believes that referencing ‘radical Islam’ will alienate the peaceful Muslims and make them join ISIS… But if they weren’t radical, they would be supporting the notion that radical Islam needs to be eradicated… Right? They would be fighting alongside Americans – instead of against them. They would be accepting our laws, instead of replacing them. And while there are some that do – it is difficult to know if they are sincere.

Laws in Middle East: All matters of ‘personal status’ are mandated according to a Religious Court where penalties include dismemberment, lashings, and death. Under our laws, this would constitute a violation of human rights, it would be classified as torture which is a violation of UN laws. If a woman is raped she is considered to have committed the crime of infidelity and punished. In 2015, the Saudi government carried out over 157 known public beheadings. January 2016, the Saudis beheaded 47 people in one day.

This is the sweet Sharia that we need to embrace with love…

So how do the Saudis get away with these tortuous violations of human rights? Well, they currently chair the UN human rights panel.

Hillary Corruption: “The Italian Job” A CIA Glitch

A CIA agent is being prosecuted in Italy for following orders – and the CIA, the President, the State Department are completely totally silent. Why? Because she, Sabrina de Sousa, is implicating Hillary Clinton in turning her back on a female agent of the US during her tenure as Secretary of State and doing absolutely nothing to protect and defend her. Not only is this indicative of Hillary’s role in the State Department, this is indicative of a woman snubbing her female counterpart.

In the magical, fantasy, nether world of Hillary Clinton, she believes that ignoring this woman and allowing her to languish in prison for up to six years, is by far more honorable than actually righting a wrong and giving her immunity.

And that is exactly how she will treat you and I.

Osama Mustapha Hassan Nasr, better known as Abu Omar, a radical Egyptian cleric whose fiery anti-American speeches in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 attracted the attention of the CIA, was abducted by the CIA, detained and tortured.

In 2009, de Sousa appealed to Hillary in a letter drafted by herself and her legal team after the Italian government decided to charge 22 agents implicated in the CIA operation. Hillary never responded.  De Sousa would be the only agent to actually serve a prison sentence as a result of these charges even though her ‘purported’ role was relatively insignificant – a role that she adamantly denies.

The Italian Job, as the rendition was called by the CIA, involved the capture of extremists, their extradition to another country, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morraco, Afghanistan, Poland and Uzbekistan, where they would be ‘detained and tortured’. This CIA methodology began immediately after 9-11. It was during this time that Syria aided the CIA, and Assad was our good buddy…

One agent was quoted as saying that if you want serious interrogation you send the detainee to Jordan, if you want them tortured send them to Syria, and if you want them to permanently disappear, you send them to Egypt.

While this CIA tactic went on for years, and a number of agents were charged in absentia, only one, Ms. Sabrina de Sousa, will be the scapegoat as the State Department and President have turned their backs.

I imagine this would not go over well with the female voters should they become aware of exactly how supportive our female Democrat elect has acted in ‘reality’. It is no different than Hillary’s comment about the Benghazi victims, “what difference does it make, they’re dead.” To Hillary, de Sousa is ‘dead’.

I remember a saying years ago that was applied to the mafia. “There is no honor among thieves”. The purpose of the saying was to show that honor can only be attributed to those who are of a respectable nature. The quote actually originates as a reference to the Bible; Proverbs 21:10-11. It would seem to embrace the attitude of Hillary in rebuking her responsibility to defend and honor agents of the US that were working within the scope of their duty as assigned by the President.

Osama Mustafa was no gem. He was involved with an Islamic organization that successfully over-threw the Egyptian government of President Morsi, the murder of Anwar Sadat, and the November 1997 Luxor Massacre in which 62 tourists were gunned down and butchered with knives. It was determined that Osama bin Laden financed the massacre.

But hey, let’s make sure to defend this man and let the CIA agent – burn.

So why is Hillary mum? Because for her its just politics.. and lives, well they are secondary to her agenda.

SOROS Demands European Redistribution of Wealth

Oxfam, the Soros Open Society NGO, is demanding that Europe divest itself of its wealth in favor of the impoverished refugees. Oxfam is appealing to the UN that Europe be forced to accept hundreds of thousands of more refugees so as to change the face of Europe and create a ‘mini-me’ Middle East. They have stated that it is not fair to subject the poorer Middle Eastern nations with these refugees – as in poor Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Oman and Kuwait. Poor countries that post the highest gdp per capita in the world…

NGO’s have risen in recent years to exert control over governments and countries. Their power is massive and they have infiltrated every country on this globe. The number of NGO’s in the US now tops over 1.5 million. They employee hundreds of thousands and their executives enjoy top salaries despite their ‘charitable’ status.

The first NGO ever created was – the UN in 1945. The stated purpose was to be independent of government control… Obviously that definition was loosely applied given most of the heavy weight NGO’s are actually funded by the government they are ‘independent of’. Given that the affiliations have become so politically motivated, a number of acronyms have joined the bandwagon: GONGO – Government operated NGO, BINGO – Business friendly international NGO, there is MANGO, QUANGO, DONGO, the list goes on and reads like a video game.

Like the UN, the NGO’s have slowly garnered more and more power to make decisions for us using their ‘charitable’ influence on other organizations making decisions for us – as in the UN. Governments have become the pawns of these organizations and our tax dollars a partial source of their revenue. While the point of NGO’s is to be non-political, to be independent, to be neutral, that would seem to be hypocritical given their donor base always has an agenda.

The Open Society alone operates in 37 different countries. Founded in Hungary in 1984, it merged with an affiliate of the Congress for Cultural Freedom in 1991. The Congress for Cultural Freedom was established by the CIA and was active in 35 countries. The CCF was founded in west Berlin in 1950 to counter communism although some of its members actually embraced the philosophy. It was considered a left wing movement attracting radical ideologies including Marxism and existentialism.

One of the CCF members, Franz Borkenau, predicted in January 1953 that Stalin would die. In fact he did die in March 1953 and evidence that he may have been poisoned has surfaced recently. It also included Arthur Schlesinger Jr who worked for the precursor to the CIA, Office of Strategic Services, during WWII. One its founders, Sidney Hook, was initially a Marxist who advocated for Communism became disenchanted with Stalin, and ultimately became a democratic socialist and a signatory of the Humanist Manifesto II which advocated for among other things – an atheist society. Among the concepts of the Manifesto, it is written:

 “I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers that correctly perceive their role as proselytizers of a new faith: a religion of humanity that recognizes and respects the spark of what theologians call divinity in every human being…The classroom must and will become an arena of conflict between the old and new — the rotting corpse of Christianity, together with all its adjacent evils and misery, and the new faith of humanism, resplendent with the promise of a world in which the never-realized Christian ideal of ‘love thy neighbor’ will finally be achieved.” 

Humanism has been active for centuries and while it’s definition has altered significantly over time, the basis of its thought now is rooted in ‘self’.

This drive toward self has been the forefront of the Soros agenda, because when self is the deity, self can be manipulated, controlled, and pleasured into submission.

Who were the CIA Directors when CCF was created until it merged with Soros?

1950-1953 Walter Bedell Smith

1953-1961 Allen Dulles

1961-1965 John McCone

1965-1966 William Raborn

1966-1973 Richard Helms

1973 James Schlesinger

Walter Smith was credited with re-organizing the CIA, redefining its structure and its mission according to a report criticizing the past CIA co-written by Allen Dulles – who later became a CIA Director. It was during this timeframe that the CIA began using Foundations as pass-thru sources of covert funds, including the Ford Foundation and later the Kaplan foundation, both of which funnel money to The Council on Foreign Relations. These same Foundations direct money toward public broadcasting institutions, driving propaganda and delegating news.

NPR has a large swathe of revenue granted from the Schumann Foundation for which Bill Moyers is acting president. Bill Moyers – journalist – former Director of The Council on Foreign Relations. He was also on the Board of Directors for George Soros, Open Society Foundation.

These are the tightly woven threads that rule without having to answer to The People – ever.

Oxfam. Reportedly has been linked to the British government’s M16. They claim to be dedicated to the redistribution of wealth which certainly would be the result of their demand for more and more poverty stricken refugee immigrants arriving in Europe.

For an organization to advocate against the wealthy, their 2013 990 for just the American branch reported total income of over $89 million and total assets of $78 million. Total grants accounted for about $24 million or roughly 27%. Not terribly charitable of them…

Both the UK CEO, Mark Goldring, and Deputy Chief Executive for Oxfam came from VSO, a UK “government funded organization”. Given Mark Goldring’s salary, benefits and deferred salary which is well over 500,000 Euro – he is well into the 1% wealth category that Oxfam mocks and decries as foul…


Orlando LGBT Massacre By Islam

Saudi Arabia (another Clintonite pocketbook) punishes homosexuality with death, fines flogging, life imprisonment, chemical castration and/or torture. But it isn’t just Saudi Arabia, this method of punishment is also held by the UAE and Qatar, Algeria hauls out the vigilantes to take care of it, in Kuwait homosexuality is considered debauchery and punished by up to 6 years in prison, Iran offers fines, torture, lashings, imprisonment and death, Egypt gives you up to 17 years hard labor in prison, in Iraq, despite homosexuality being technically legal, vigilantes typically execute the person and the crime is not prosecuted, and in Pakistan 17 years to life is strictly enforced.

Bottom line? This is not just a radical ISIS attitude, this is a Muslim attitude!

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Algeria, Oman and Qatar have ALL donated to the Clinton Foundation. That would indicate she supports their rules of law, and their enforcement of those laws – including death for LGBT’s.

So, does this radical murder carnage reflect the values of Clinton? It would appear so – when she isn’t crossing her fingers behind her back and blinking rapidly, sweat pouring, did the mic in her ear just get turned off…Clinton.

Would it be different if ‘assault rifles’ were illegal?  Would it change the mentality?  Would it change the desire to slaughter and kill?  No.  When the desire is there, the will finds a way.  Homemade bombs – suicide vests – glocks – and then of course there are gangs, drug dealers and importers that would always oblige for a price.

Would background checks have changed anything?  Maybe.  Again, the underground is alive and kicking.

What would have changed this outcome?  Better FBI …

So exactly how is it that a radicalized Muslim extremist who was on the FBI watch list and was just a year ago arrested and released, how is it that he was able to pass the tests to get a job as a security agent for G4S and licensed for guns?

G4S is a London based security company operating in 125 different countries and raking in over $6.8 billion annually. The stock dropped 5% today and will probably be hit hard as lawsuits converge. Hopefully they have good insurance because they are going to need it to defend their employee – Omar Mateen who just shot over 100 people, killing 49.

According to their latest statement in which they are attempting to deter the obvious class-action lawsuits, they have stated that Mateen was the subject of rigorous checks by ‘a US law enforcement agency’, and detailed screening as of 2013. Of course, he was ‘off duty’ at the time of the mass murder spree.

Their biggest faux pas occurred in 2012 when they were hired to secure the summer Olympics and failed miserably. Inadequate training of staff is a joke – they sent in female teenagers when their own workers simply did a ‘no show’. Ultimately, they sent in 70% of the contracted security team and called it a day.

Recent controversies involving the company have included allegations of use of immigrant-detainee labour in prisons, allegations of misconduct in child custodial institutions and allegations of police telephone data manipulation.”


They claim that all their security agents are ‘well trained and certified’. They claim that their ‘seasoned officers’ are either of a military background, law background or higher education background.

But that apparently did not apply to Omar Mateen. Or maybe ‘higher education’ has different meanings in the security biz, because according to his profile, he had a two year Associates Degree. And despite the fact that he made the FBI watchlist twice and was suspected to be affiliated with an American born suicide bomber in Syria – apparently that meant he was cleared to buy guns.

How? Well apparently, Florida has some pretty lax laws with this regard, it would appear that anyone over 21 can buy a gun – no fingerprinting and the background check is a farce described as a ‘demographic profile’. That means – they don’t profile or background check the individual – just his generic profile (age, address, color, religion, etc…) using a random sampling…

Why is this NOT a hate crime?  Because we are not in a movie plot, this is real life and the bad guys right now happen to be Muslim, following their tradition, invoking Sharia Law, and defending their faith the way they have been taught.

Homosexuality in the Middle East – in Muslim nations is a crime punishable by death.  Period.



Reproductive Rights! I have the right not to fund your abortion…

Reproductive Rights! Yes. Women have the right to not become pregnant. Rape? Less than 1% of all abortions in the US take place as a result of rape or incest, whereas, 70% of all abortions occur because the woman feels: she can’t afford it, she is not ready, or relationship problems. Overwhelmingly, abortions are thus simply a personal choice. Reproductive rights? Yes. Women have the right to not become pregnant and not get raped.

Ireland allows abortion only in specific circumstances; if the mother’s life is at risk. Ireland is its own sovereign nation, but apparently the UN wants to control that sovereignty. The UN and The Center for Reproductive Rights are fighting to change Ireland’s law concerning abortion.

And today the UN has over-reached again and declared that Ireland and Scotland are violating the human rights of children by compelling them to take part in Christian classes in school. Both of these nations are predominantly Catholic/Christian accounting for over 84% of the citizens in Ireland. The parents have no objection. But the UN is declaring that they, the UN, will decide what is best for the children of these sovereign nations.

We know who the UN is – an organization that was formed to perform international cooperation… Obviously they have expanded on that definition considerably and now would fancy themselves the overseers of all nations, all parents, all people. They will decide what is best for my children.

Who is the Center For Reproductive Rights: An ngo funded by; Soros Open Society, Hewlett Foundation, Buffett Foundation, Wellspring Advisors, JPB Foundation, Laura Arnold and HJW Foundation.

Their 990 tax return shows they had gross receipts of over $16.67 million in 2014. Of that, they spent about $740,000 on marketing, $12.76 went to wages (76.5%), travel and conferences was $1.37 million, and rent was $1.8 million. Of their $35 million in assets, $10 million are in investments and $14+ million in cash. Sounds like a pretty lucrative gig for a charitable organization protecting ‘reproductive rights’!

The Buffett Foundation was by far the largest donor. Managed by Allen Greenberg, according to it’s 2014 – 990, their total contributions to CRI was $14,230,000. The foundation is considered ‘enormously’ non-transparent and is headed by Turkiz Gokgol, a Turkish woman who previously worked for Pathfinder International. Founded in 1957, Pathfinder was a part of the eugenics movement advocating for sterilization. Pathfinder is now an NGO whose primary purpose and function is ‘birth control in Africa, Asia and South America’.

The other key figure at the foundation is Tracy Weitz, previously employed by Planned Parenthood. I think the agenda is pretty clear –

The Buffett Foundation also backs, International Projects Assistance Services, which manufactures a hand held suction pump used in developing countries to initiate abortions. The stated advantage to their device is that it does not require a doctor to perform the abortion and may be used by local midwives… and such – as in self-administered abortions.

Who is behind the human rights issue for children? The National Secular Society based out of London. They feel that religion is a threat to ‘open societies’, and that secularism protects the basic liberties of all citizens… except the religious of course. In seeking to create equality and unity, this Society wants to eradicate the beliefs of the majority and they have enjoined the UN to work for them.

The problem is that these organizations who claim to be “standing up for the minorities”, are actually attempting to quash the majorities thru control and suppression. Communism was a form of control and suppression that thrived within a secular state. And while the argument that religious institutions should not have a role in the state could just as easily be argued that secularism should not have a role in the state, the family, or the rights of religious peoples.

Having ‘nothingism’ is a faith. And pushing that nothingness on everyone, and not just the ‘minorities’, is bullying and suppression.

The UN and these NGO’s would be better organized to target states that behead, kill, torture, and maim its citizens, burn women alive and rape as a societal norm: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Ukraine are currently at the forefront and yet – the UN simply claims it will again extend a ‘watch and wait’ while the deaths continue unabated…   Priorities.

Personally, I think we have forgotten what democracy means – it is a voting right in which the majority make the decision.  Instead, the UN, the NGO’s, would have us believe that the minority should determine how the majority lives.

Abortion?  Apparently, because my government grants billions of dollars to various pro-abortion organizations, my tax dollars are complying despite the fact that nearly 70% of Americans do not support this.

Religion?  According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 78% of Americans identify with a Christian religion.  Yet my tax dollars will not support this because that would be ‘devisive’.

The point – hypocrisy reigns King.