Western Militaries Falling Apart as the Pentagon Proposes War With CHINA

Two Black Hawk helicopters down – 9 experienced trainees killed!   The military has no idea why.   No communications were revealed.   NO cause identified.   What are the odds?   Two months ago a Black Hawk went down in Tennessee. No explanation was ever given.   Two trainees killed.   No word from the Pentagon. No word from Lloyd Austin.  

Where is Austin? He’s testifying before Congress over the GOP ‘delay in promotions’ with Austin claiming that delaying promotions is a national security threat…   WTHECK?   There are currently 162 active duty 3 star generals including Rachel Levine in public health and 39 active duty 4 star generals.   One measly war – Ukraine.

Yesterday a Republican Congressman submit impeachment articles against Lloyd Austin for his actions in Afghanistan.   Thirteen active duty servicemen were shot and killed because Austin gave a stand down order when evacuating the country.   In addition, Austin did not account for the BILLIONS in equipment left behind for the Taliban.

Over 8400 troops left the military when Austin imposed the vax mandate. Thousands more have been left in limbo as they assert religious exemptions.   The military refuses to provide data regarding the number of adverse events and deaths related to the vax.   But instead has lowered their standard for enlistment because of low recruitment levels across the board.

Did the Black Hawks go done because of pilot failure?  Heart Attacks?

Despite a lack of troops, Biden is demanding an additional $690 million to support ‘global democracy’ and $9.5 billion for a new department.   The new department will be created within USAID.   The new and improved agency will support:  “free and independent media,” strengthen “information integrity,” fight corruption by having the US Treasury “unmask shell companies,” bolster “human rights and democratic reformers” and defend “free and fair elections.”

In other words the new agency will support bloody coups and more mercenaries in Ukraine.

The US isn’t the only country facing an unprecedented military personnel shortage.   Denmark has announced a shortage of 25% and an army in such a deplorable state it will take years to be combat ready for NATO enlistment.   Canada is short 16,000 members to meet recruitment goals, a 16% shortage.   In addition, Canada claims its inventory of weapons is depleted!    Along with all their gold inventory.

The German Defense Minister claims his army is understaffed and hasn’t adequate equipment.   “The German army is not capable of defending itself against a brutal war.”  The UK’s armed forces has been significantly understaffed since 2018 – not just among troops but among intelligence officers as well.   In 2021, the 82,000 recruitment target was scrapped and replaced with a goal of 72,500 to give the propaganda impression of fully staffed…

The Economist, in the midst of these vast shortages and depleted weapons has declared war on China. Ursula von der Leyen of the EU Commission has called for Europe to be ‘more aggressive and more assertive toward China’.   The new Bad Guy was the old good guy.

Suddenly the Pentagon is concerned that China is luring away former US allies and Lloyd Austin can’t understand why.   Could it be that the unveiling of the US involvement in all things coup and the incompetence of the dementia riddled president does not instill confidence – could those reasons justify the migration?   Could the destruction of economies have anything to do with a boundary crossing?   The Pentagon is loathe to admit failure but the reality cannot deny the gross incompetence and fraud being perpetrated.

Laying bare western nations to a frontal assault by any country seems to be the purposeful agenda for annihilation.   ANY soldier in any military is now being called upon to commit hari-kari suicide.   Their reward?   Moldy barracks, shortages of basic supplies, tainted water, inadequate pay, forced sterilization and heart failure…   While the military industrialists languish in lavish wealth accouterments.

The Handlers have achieved many of their goals in disintegrating livelihoods and destroying education – but their determination to create a vacuum of defense is truly deplorable.

The incompetence of the Biden Administration is the heart and soul of evil.   Every one of these goons is well aware of the extent of harm they are creating. Harm that they somehow feel they will be immune to once their time is suspended.

If the Handlers continue to destroy all nonwestern alliances in favor of the creation of a new empire, the Lloyd Austins, Buttigiegs, and Myorkas will NOT be invited to the party. They will be kicked to the curb.   The new world RESET is about the elimination of the weak.   And the puppet show in the White House have identified themselves as weak, incompetent, greedy, and brazenly rageful goons.  


The Psychology of Psychology is now Algorithm Data By Bill Gates

The psychology of psychology is to regurgitate every aspect of every memory since childhood and analyze the impacts upon the psyche. Once we can visualize these ‘impacts’ we can heal – so says the Psychiatrist.   Because visualizing every negative insult or event or action will somehow disgorge these memories so that they can at long last be packed into the trash bag and left at the curb for the dump-truck disposal.

The concept of psychiatry at all is relatively new having developed sometime in the early eighteen hundreds.   This rise of pyschiatrics directly paralleled the number of persons confined to asylums.   According to an NIH Study in 2003 – the vast majority of mental patients were ‘paupers’.   All funding came from state tax dollars.

Today, all funding for ‘behavior modification institutions is allocated by the Federal government to the states.   In 2009, the Obama administration dramatically CUT mental health funding – by $1.6 billion.   Many attribute Reagan’s deinstitutionalization law as the driving force that led to the mentally ill free roaming.   But the law only applied to ‘against their will’ –

In the 1950,s over half a million people were confined to mental institutions for life across the US.   Today, that number is around 37,000. Somewhere in the middle is likely more relevant.   The vast majority would be blacks running chaos and murder throughout big cities.   Hyped on drugs.

In its infancy, psychiatry dealt with only the most severe mental disorders such as: manic depressives, brain tumors, dementia, and hypothyroidism.   WHAT????   Outside of ‘depression’ none of these target specifics have anything to do with psychiatry –

Which would reveal why the population confined was so vast!

TS Elliott confined his wife in a mental institution because her menstrual periods made her appear insane – to him. She remained there until she died. Elliott never came to visit after he moved to the US.

It was psychiatry that initiated the cure all – lobotomy.   And it was psychiatry that turned a blind eye on PTSD.

It was Sigmund Freud who brought psychiatry to its height of dinner table discussions when he speculated that all pathologies were neurological.   Obsessed with sex and fantasies, Freud’s entire subjective analyses stipulated that the root is the Oedipus Complex, ie boys wishing to sleep with their mothers.

An Ashkenazi secular Jew, Freud continually searched for the right ‘box’ within which he sought to place all psychotic behavior. His obsessive need to find the solitary cause of all mental illness was indeed psychotic.

When the Rockefeller Institute created the vaccine for the ‘Spanish Flu’ the magic pills of Big Pharma were dispensed like M&M’s.   Quackery became the Rockefeller propaganda accusation to eliminate ALL competition.

While veterinarians have the intellectual capacity to understand that not one size fits all, our esteemed medical community prescribes the same pill for a man as for a woman despite their entire internal structures being completely different.   They don’t vary doses by weight, height, gender, or the myriad of conditions the person is experiencing.

WHY?   Because it would be ‘too hard’.   Therefore side effects take over as the mainstay of ALL prescription drugs Side Effects that CAUSE mental disorder!

When transitioning from female to male – Testosterone is the means.  Large quantities over the course of years.   Many Big Pharma meds include the side effect, ‘mood changes’.   What is not discussed is ‘mood changes’ can encompass anything from feeling sad to wanting to kill people.   With multiple degrees in between.

Testosterone creates some changes that are irreversible:   deepening of the voice, increase in facial and body hair growth, clitoral enlargement (clitoromegaly), and thickened facial bone structure.    Testosterone side effects also include mood changes including depression, suicidal thoughts, and rage – wanting to kill indiscriminately.

Big Pharma and our esteemed FDA have determined that the milieu of side effects, including death, are all AOKAY.   Even when the disease being treated is something as inane as chicken pox, or a cold… or CoVid.

Society is pushing the transgender phenomena into a future Master Class of mental psychosis while simultaneously destroying childbirth. Neither male to female or female to male will be capable of birthing a child.  It is a form of eugenics or genocide.

Trans women in particular are at a greater risk of death from lung cancer, heart disease, suicide and HIV-related illnesses. Trans people are twice as likely to die from all causes than cis counterparts.   As a result, the general life expectancy for a trans person is significantly impaired. This too is part of the agenda for eugenics.

In fact, Pharma is a form of genocide. It breaks down the immune system which is why meds cause a myriad of ‘side effects’. Even basic Tylenol and Advil can cause side effects because like painkillers, the drugs mask the symptoms instead of curing the disease.   Both Advil and Tylenol can lead to collapsed liver function = death.

The media has recently been hyping the number of children dying each year in the US from guns is 4367, greater than accidents.    30% of those were suicide, ie, mental illness, and 5% were accidents.   65% or 2838 were assaults.   The data algorithm was provided by IHME – founded by Bill Gates during the CoVid pandemic to provide death rates.   The same organization predicted 6-10 million would die in the US from CoVid.

That algorithm does not distinguish between blacks, whites, or Asians.   It does not distinguish between gang violence and inner city.   The study DOES make the assertion based on ages 1 THRU 19 – as their definition of children. As a statistic it is therefore wholly useless because none of the other causes of death are for the same age range!

However, the Casey Foundation states that blacks represent roughly ½ of white children deaths despite representing only 13% of the population in the US.   Most European countries boast a black population of less than 1% to a whopping 2% – thus the skew when making comparisons.

Psychology has been hijacked to provide false and fake information while calling it ‘data’. Data means algorithm. Algorithm means the information is only as good as the input. Input by Bill Gates is fraud.   RESET…

How The Gold Standard Elimination Led To: The Great RESET

The Great RESET in the making has a purpose, it just isn’t the purpose the World Economic Forum is spouting.   The collapse of our global financial institutions is eminent and has been an ongoing uncontrolled deviant spiral since its inception in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and again in 1934 when FDR took the US off the gold standard.     FDR’s “Brain Trust” advisors at the time were Raymond Moley, Ruxford Tugwell, and Adolf Berle.  But it was an agricultural economist trimming FDR’s trees who told him to abandon the gold standard, George Warren.

The decision by FDR caused such a riff within his closest advisors that many quit.  Some even declared that the move was the beginning of the Fall of America!

The 1933 New Deal wasn’t having the impact FDR sought.   Unemployment refused to budge.  Thus FDR began creating jobs that hadn’t previously existed within infrastructure construction.    But the jobs were temporary as was FDR’s ‘fix’.

Warren was adamant that the shift away from gold would fix the economy – and derail inflation, and despite objections from the Brain Trust, FDR forged ahead with two allies, BIS and The Bank of England.   The decision has been cited as the principle cause of the 1937 recession which saw a 10% contraction, industrial production falling 32% and 20% unemployment.

The Federal Reserve reactionary policies have also been cited as a primary contributing factor.

As a direct result, the now consolidated banks rose to prominence with excess reserves rising 600% to $3.3 billion. In 1938, the Feds reversed the vast majority of their restrictive policies and the economy expanded significantly.   Simultaneously BIS, which controlled the European economies, began shipping Europe’s gold to the US.   Over the course of two years, BIS managed to ship 140 tonnes of gold to New York – for safe keeping.

In 1938 and 1939 BIS transferred gold reserves to the Reichsbank from the Bank of England. At the time, the Director of BIS was also the Director of the Bank of England, Otto Niemeyer, – eliminating any obstacles in directives. In essence Europe was eliminating its physical reserves while giving Hitler an important value commodity with which to wage war while European citizens were stripped of their gold and bombed.

As the US was confiscating gold from citizens under FDR’s newly minted directive, the global banking cartels were propping up Hitler’s invasion.   Not with the minted paper money, but with what was still revered as the best monetary backing in value – gold.   Hitler was the favored winner by both England and the US.

Placing a price cap on gold at $35 per ounce, FDR managed to remove an appreciating asset from the mainstream and transfer complete control and liquidity to the US government and Federal Reserve.

It was the prelude to the US declaration of WWII.   Rockefeller was cashing in on another commodity – oil.   As Japan began making inroads on the resource, Rockefeller sought various means of curtailing Japan’s competition.   Pushing Japan to extremes financially, a secondary war erupted.   Somewhat similar to the proxy war against Russia while stoking dissension in China over Taiwan stoking WWIII.

Oil and gold became the two largest sources of market wealth for the industrialists during WWII.

Thus it can be said that the banking cartel knew exactly what the implications would be in the gold confiscation scheme which would ultimately become the first massive transfer of wealth while slowly impoverishing the middle class.

These monetary and fiscal policies implemented by FDR in expanding governmental control and manipulation within the banking cartel are the basis of the failed system in the US – and the source of most major depressions and recessions.  These Markets were built on a finite timeline giving America the preeminent position of world power.

The power is diminishing rapidly.   Using the BRICS as a distraction, the Western industrialists are divesting with a pre-orchestrated end timeline of 2030.  The smaller banks will be absorbed or allowed to fold.   The survivors will emerge as the RESET stakeholders.   Winner take all mentality.

Eliminating the gold standard allowed the US government to continually ‘overspend’ leaving the citizens with insurmountable debt.   Each year the budget became more untenable causing Congress to raise the debt ceiling and print more paper money.     Federal debt held by the public rose from 16% to over 100% as FDR led America into Europe’s WWII.   Government spending clicked into ‘on’ mode and taxpayers were tagged for more money further eliminating the class system from upper, middle, lower, poverty to upper and a lower/poverty.

Reinstituting the gold standard would be problematic.   The least of which is Canada which has divested itself of all gold inventory.   But there are questions as to the accuracy of accounting in the US – with audits failing to occur.   By comparison, both Russia and China have been stockpiling gold for a decade.

According to Mises, banks are not inclined to make the divestiture because a monetary backed gold is much more stable and reserves earn interest for the bank.   In addition, creatively raising interest rates, as they are doing now, creates more income for the banks while tightening the grip on lending to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses.  A calamity.

Given the artificial system, the US still maintains its teetering place on the global stage. However, a return to gold when the inventory is disbursed among BRICS nations would mean relinquishing Power.   Two intertwined Cartels the Banking and Military industrialists, have no intention of leaving their assets or their power on the table.

Thus they devised the RESET and the fiat currency CBDC’s – still operating under the tutelage of central powers including BIS and the Federal Reserve.   This is their solution.   A new system of governing.  A system of corporate stakeholder rulers, aka bankers.   But in a global one world government, the military industrialists would be left behind…   And the schism of power is fighting itself.

US & EU Funding Palestine thru USAID & NGO’s Including Open Society

Through a fray of USAID funded NGO’s the US is funding the Palestinian conflict in the West Bank.   USAID funnels money to the National Endowment for Democracy which funnels money to CIPE – the Center for International Private Enterprise – which funnels money to the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association.  

Thus USAID is funding both sides of the Israeli conflict in order to implode and destabilize Israel for a coup. Other funding sources of the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association include: DCA Act Alliance – Funded by the EU, USAID, Soros Open Society, UK government, UN, Germany, France, and Norway, amidst a tangle of church organizations – all of which operate under the tutelage of Open Society.

Netanyahu recently called the White House and told the Handlers to call off their goons.   Protests have been ongoing for over 2 months disrupting the economy, the government, and every viable institution.   Mimicking the protests turned violent in Iran, regime change is the end goal.

In an odd topsy-turvy alternate universe, Netanyahu is now experiencing the exact same violence promulgated upon the Ayatollah’s Iran – an ‘arch enemy’.   By the exact same promoters.  Soros hitmen.  For the exact same purpose – regime change.

The vast majority of NGO’s list their goals as human rights, equality, and a world without poverty and hunger.   Oddly, despite over 80,000 US NGO’s working toward those goals for decades – nothing is ever actually achieved.   Human rights abuses are ignored, poverty and hunger have ‘risen’, and the equality index continues to grow cavernous.

The vast majority of these failed NGO’s are funded by agencies within the US government and EU governments, aka – taxpayers.   Taxpayers do not vote on the funding initiatives.   Taxpayers are not privy to the illicit use of funds.   But Taxpayers MUST ante.

In addition, all these agencies are inextricably tied to the World Economic Forum.

Netanyahu has yet to learn who are his allies and who are his enemies – and it appears he is quite ‘confused’.   Should he gather his wits about him, we could possibly see another BRICS member in the making.

In a post by the German government’s Deutsche Welle, they have pronounced Bolsonaro as the legitimate leader of Brazil.  When analyzing the BRICS as an alternative to the WEF New World Order, the DW article manages to equate their economies as blithely failing – with the exception of China.   A mangled attempt to confuse and distract from a GLOBAL SHIFT.

The propaganda of course is to mitigate and dissuade the concept that the BRICS represent a threat to the west.   As such, each country that is or could be a member is derided as a political and/or economic failure.   Unfortunately, that sway is an old and overused tactic that has only managed to incur greater animosity toward the west by friendlier nations.

Saudi Arabia is such a country considering membership in the BRICS association.   Unfortunately, the Saudi’s were reprimanded with a Credit Suisse devaluation that caused their largest shareholder, Saudi National Bank, to lose $1 billion in one day.   Brazil faced a coup with the installation of Lula.   Turkey was subjected to earthquakes killing over 50,000 and causing billions in destruction.   Iran was engulfed in protests calling for regime change – for weeks.  

Other countries which have intimated a desire to join the BRICS include:   Algiers, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.   Further diluting western hegemony, these countries have refused to bow to the intimidation and blackmail… 

Countries within Africa are splitting as they watch and listen.   The power play of sanctions, punishment, and bombing has worn thin.   The Deep State Mafia players are losing ground.   They don’t know how to be an ally – it is a foreign concept.

Today, the US has sanctions against 38 countries across the globe!    The vast majority were issued under the Biden Handler Administration.   Within some of these Sanctions are sub-category sanctions against another 4 or more legal frameworks.   All while the IMF warns of a global financial collapse.

The Political and Economic implosions felt across every continent are reflective of Western punishments – including Ukraine.   Zelenskyy is calling for expanding military conscription because the military and guardsmen are severely depleted.   “Until the last Ukrainian” ~ A western call for the eradication of all Ukrainian citizens so that the country can be redrawn and repopulated within a NEOM ideology.  

Which means – Ukraine’s black soil MUST be preserved.   Just not for Ukraine.   But for the investors who claim more than 6 million hectares of land in Ukraine, including:   Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill, Dreyfus, Archer Daniels Midland, NCH Capital, Continental Farmers, Bunge, and Agrigenerations.

In 2018, ADM, Dreyfus, Cargill and Bunge created a partnership.   Bunge is an offshoot of ConAgra.   ConAgra sold Smithfield Farms to the Chinese.   They want Ukraine without Ukrainians.   Hence a peace deal will not be considered until every Ukrainian is ‘gone’.

These Stakeholders are behind the refusal to allow Russia and Ukraine to move into a peace deal.  With Russia reconfiscating land, the entire gamut has been foiled.   And suddenly, Poland has announced potential plans to absorb swathes of Ukraine into it’s own sphere – likely to preserve the land investments of the Stakeholders. 

WACO TEXAS – A Botched FBI Siege: Cleanup In Aisle 47

The MS is condemning and/or taunting Trump given he chose Waco as the site of his latest rally.   Waco on the anniversary of the Waco Siege of 1993 between the Branch Dividians and the ATF/FBI.   Given the span of time, the changing dynamics, and a greater insight into our government, the Waco Siege takes on a different story.   

The account that Koresh had no education but memorized the entirety of the Bible is an important notation.   It would indicate that perhaps he had Asperger’s.   The account that there was child sexual abuse was completely obliterated by medical professionals who examined all 25 surviving children.   The ‘underage bride’ discreditation has also been quashed given the legal age of marriage in Texas is 14 with parental consent.

Therefore, what we have is a cult living as a cult doing their own thing that would appear to be legal within the state of Texas.   Except for the STASH of weapons, they might have remained under the radar.   But Koresh and the other 40 males of the property legally bought quite an inventory as defense in the event of a government insurrection upon his property.

The ATF felt the weapons might be used to harm civilians.   As they declared after the fact.   The ATF felt that raiding this compound despite there having been no previous harm – was justified.   Bringing tanks and gas cylinders that ignited upon contact was approved by newly minted AG, Janet Reno.

At this point, Reno was working under Bill Clinton, and alongside Eric Holder, Bill Barr, and Jamie Gorlick.   The Rascals…looking to initiate the Soros World Order.   The Waco massacre was a MEDIA MESS.   The FBI fabricated stories, lied and attempted to redirect the events.   Sound familiar?  Should – because this is what the FBI CONTINUALLY does.

Unfortunately for the 80 children, women and men who were shot and subsequently burned in the incendiary furnace that consumed their compound the apology from the FBI that maybe they could have done things differently – doesn’t sit well.    The tanks expelling those gas incendiaries – well we didn’t think they would cause a fire…     

This is not Jim Jones – this is an off-the-grid group of anti-government, anti-control young people seeking to live life as they see fit without breaking the law.   The child assault allegations were found to be frivolous and everything above board when physicians examined the surviving 25 children found them healthy and perfect.   In other words this was an off-cult of less than 200 who chose a lifestyle that was a bit 60ish.   If they hadn’t chosen to stash themselves an arsenal of defensive weapons … history might be different.

I am reminded of the ‘commune children of the 60’s’.   No one sought to burn them at the stake…

Waco was Clinton”s introduction into chaos, disorder and blackmail.    At this point of Clinton’s presidency he was already embroiled in three different sexual assault accusations.   What better way to deflect and detract than the creation of a false allegation of child sexual assaults and polygamy against a small unknown cult.    I doubt even Clinton believed the ultimate outcome of his handler’s recommendation would result in one of the most explosive Crimes in decades.   The government just assassinated over 80 American citizens including children –


Theodore Olsen, an attorney for Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, lost his wife in the 9-11 Pentagon hijacking.    A member of The Federalist and a Paul Ryan advocate, Olsen once commented that he felt that it is morally acceptable for the government to lie.   Lying is for the Greater Good: 

Lying is good.   Lying is to protect the feeble American Patriots.    Pledge Allegiance is simply – another lie.  

Yet, he revealed then and now and every moment in-between, exactly what the American People are fighting – LIES.

9-11 was created to cover for the Pentagon’s blackbook missing $trillions in ‘taxpayer money’.   After 9-11, the missing money agenda was buried.   Just like Clinton buried his affairs in a Waco Siege.   Just like the botched Waco Siege required CLEANUP after the FBI and ATF went off all prevailing dictums of protecting human lives.   Just as the FBI and Ray Epps are busily trying to bury the photo and video evidence that reveals the real insurrection was our government against The People.


James O’Keefe video/audio reveals Pelosi giving the orders to ‘shoot to kill!”.   Reveals AOC telling ‘fckng’ Pelosi to do her job and round every last Magat up and put them away forever!   The Insurrection is our government against the American People.   The complete destruction of America as we know it in favor of a secular NEOM pod city for the elite – think Hunger Games.

While Koresh was not a messiah, he was not a threat either.   The Davidians had never harmed anyone.   They abided by the tenets of Texas Law at the time.    FBI … Pre-emptive.   The same justification given for the assassination of Ashli Babbitt.

It likely is no coincidence that Trump chose Waco for his rally in Texas.   But if Americans were to research their history with a bit more disassociation bias, one might actually learn some valuable lessons.   One source I used was Encyclopedia Britannica…   remember them?   When I was a youngin, a friend actually read the encyclopedia from A thru Z.  

Anywho.   We are now privy to ‘improprieties’ (to be kind) – within our illustrious security agencies.   We know they lie.   We know they cheat.   We know our CIA wants all MAGATS imprisoned.   We know the Cult Mafia has created the global recession/depression purposefully.   We know the Pentagon colluded to assassinate us via an MRna poison.   Our children have died.   We bury our brothers and sisters.

And yet – we lay comatose in our recliners watching TV and telling others they need to DO SOMETHING!   Pointing emphatically.   Until one day, we look out the window and the landscape is a desolate mass of blackened fallout.  


The UN is Obsolete – The Cabal & Their NGO’s are Mental Cavemen

For over Seventy Years the UN has self declared it is the global peacemaker.   The global soothsayer for human rights.   The global climate Tzar. The UN is The Future!   But the tin foil hat blew off into the wind ravaged GMO seed field and revealed nary a root, a sprout, a speck of green – no brain beneath.  

The UN Seeks Solutions! The UN is the world’s global Flagship!   Ad nauseum, the UN self lauds.   The wheel of fortune spun and this time the payload came up China.   China is brokering peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE, Palestine and Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

A tectonic plate shifts.   And the Mafia is pissed.

Are Western Nations purposefully creating a New BRICS Empire?   Do they envision themselves as a vassal of China?   The US and Canadian governments are clearly supporting communism. Bought by China money.   Beholden with Blackmail. Is the West thus pushing for a globalization based on a China Revolution Order?

The question is – who exactly will run this communist globe? Obviously China is being led to believe they will become the new Global Empire. IF America and the EU are envisioned to become 3rd world African nations – a China/Russia New Empire would most definitely unfold.

According to CSIS, the motto is: Deny, Deflect, Deter.  

The West is operating on two dimensions. Superficially, we are given a reality that is honed in chaos, murder, crime, pedophilia, and a Mad Max authority.   Beneath this superficial surface a maze of NGO power frames are asking AI to tell them what to do…   They have lost their footing, lost their direction, and are desperately attempting to find a means of regaining top tier Reign.

Their Problem:   Western NGO cultists are operating on a barbaric ideology that is rooted in ancient history – CONQUER!   They have yet to evolve beyond the pursuit of creating an ally by first destroying him.   Their perception of the 21st century is still rooted in caveman philosophies. And their fatal errors are increasing exponentially as a direct result.

Xi Jinping played the Tortoise.    The Mafia Cult thought they were invincible.   They did not anticipate the twist in allegiances. Their strategic ploy of installing incompetency into the various offices of White Houses across the globe has backfired!   Instead of giving them the desired space to rule – they have found themselves busily cleaning up mess after mess utilizing precious time! All while losing their footing.

The UN website looks like a Hollywood printout – glowing photoshopped faces – and highlights of money spent to achieve no solution.    NY is hosting UN Members to discuss Water:   We are draining humanity’s lifeblood through vampiric overconsumption and unsustainable use, and evaporating it through global heating.”    Of course EVERY agenda within the UN is discussed to the point of beating a dead horse because no one wants to take action!

Ultimately, what Guterres is calling for at the UN is for ALL FRESH WATER to be owned by a global government and doled out to countries based on equity and sustainability metrics.   But there is a hitch –

Russia happens to have the largest reservoir in the world, Lake Baikal.   At an average depth of 744 meters (maximum depth of 1642 meters) and encompassing 12,300 sq miles – this ancient massive body of water is a precious resource!   Yet, out of reach to the Greedy Cultists.   They desperately WANT this water at any cost.   As such, it is not a coincidence that control of Russia is considered a primary goal.   Fatal Flaw?   The West sought control from the wrong angle.   Instead of making Russia an ally – the West sought to make Russia a demon.

Strategy is everything – and the imbeciles running the NGO’s blew it!

This month and forward countries will come together for the Water/Climate Summit, the Democracy Summit, the Security Summit, the World Bank Summit, the Hollywood Summit…   Each Summit guarantees a promise.   Each promise is matched by pinky swear testimony.   And nothing is EVER actually accomplished.

While all these Summits declare End of World issues, the Tortoise is busily making ‘friends’.

Our illustrious CSIS defends the western modus of chaos and division by declaring the brokered peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran by China as worthless.   Citing previous attempts at a reconciliation between the two Middle Eastern Countries, each time the friendship was foiled by riots in Iran…   The same riots initiated by NED to divide Iran from ANY Middle Eastern country.

In a winded article, CSIS explains why any alliances will be foiled; Iran is in economic turmoil due to US sanctions, and Saudi Arabia will find its hands full with maintaining peace with Iranian officials.   Therefore the alliance will fail – because success is not allowed.   Ancient military – Divide and Conquer – is worthy of a Caveman Tin Foil Hat

The western NGO’s handling global governance have thus revealed that peace is NOT their agenda.   Their mental acuity has sworn allegiance to the Caveman. Their strategic intellect is wholly flawed if not simply corrupted:   A)   Underestimating ones ‘enemy’,   and B)   Not engaging in peace deals.

What is revealed in these quantum shape shifters we liken to the Mafia Cult is that western nations are doing absolutely nothing to improve Life.   We are not building better cities, economies and societies.   We aren’t driving advanced education.   We are NOT mitigating slothful water usage and preservation and never have.   In fact, every aspect of the allusion drilled by Western governments has one purpose – to break Americans.

WHY?   Because these old-old men still think breaking a man will make him an obedient slave.

The China/Russia Affair: Strike At What Is Weak~Art of War

The Pentagon is fuming over the bilateral agreements made between China and Russia.   Somehow, John Kirby of the National Security Council is at a loss as to how this alliance could possibly have occurred given Biden’s enormous laundering and blackmail ties with China.   The US gave China billions in intellectual property rights through NIH, Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, the CDC and various NGO’s – China is Beholden!   In Greta’s words, “How Dare THEY!”.

Kirby then noted that Xi Jinping has refused to meet with Ukraine’s comedy-in-chief – Zelenskyy.   Insinuating perhaps Xi could be persuaded if the price is right?   Unfortunately for Kirby China is under US sanctions, media hit jobs, and scapegoat ramifications that have NOT settled well.  Their trust and Respect in the West has been obliterated.

While attempting to bromance China for years, the US suddenly shifted gears given XI Jinping had no intention of relinquishing control.   As a result, CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) began creating a plethora of ‘reports’.   All reports are grounded in “China’s Coercion”.

“The counterstrategy proposed here aims to deter Beijing from its disruptive behavior over time, while preserving the moral high ground for the United States.”

The annual report on Threat Assessment released for 2023 by CSIS now includes China alongside Russia, Iran and North Korea.   Obviously stoking the revival of ‘evil China’  while invoking memories of Bush.   The “axis of evil” that was Bush’s meteoric rise to war included; Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. Creating visuals of horror and atrocities, Bush ordered American troops into Iraq.  The same premise is being parlayed to initiate WWIII on Russia and China.

The Common Enemy concept has been the goal of many presidents’ when justifying a war response.   When Russia invoked its incursion against Ukraine the common enemy propagandized by our Cult National Security Agencies was classic!   Utilizing the exact same tactics as were employed in Syria, green screens, actors, etc…

Problem:   The American public had already grown up since Syria.   Social Media gave insight to alternative truthisms.   And our national security agencies became deluged with accusations of corruption and fraud.

Now that China is no longer our best buddy assisting in the development of viruses to be weaponized, China has joined the ranks of a National Security threat. The ONLY thing that has changed to justify this accusation is Xi Jinping’s decision to maintain control of China.   A MAJOR faux pas ~ according to the Mafia Cabalists.

China is providing military aid to Russia in violation of U.S.-led sanctions placed by western countries, according to Russian trade data reported by the Wall Street Journal, via C4ADS.

The Wall Street Journal claims the data used for their report came from C4ADS.    However, when I researched C4ADS, the article cited at C4ADS was written by Brian Spegele of the WSJ.   The new report is actually dated July 2022.   The C4ADS data claims they have ‘possibly’ identified 1 shipment of radar parts to China in January 2022… BEFORE Russia’s incursion.

In addition ‘data suggests’ the import of chips and aluminum oxide from China to Russia increased…   Aluminum oxide uses include as a fire retardant, an additive to cosmetics, ceramics and plastics.   Dastardly!

I suppose no one thought to research the WSJ article given they are considered ‘above reproach’…   Tsk, The WSJ must be slipping – C4ADS cites the Wall Street Journal article as their source of information while the WSJ cites C4ADS…   But then C4ADS seems relatively devoid of analysis at all including from their newly minted & appointed Analyst Tzar, Angela Bruhjell who has written nothing in her 2 years tenure.

The only other Russian related post on the C4ADS website was a map provided by the illustrious, Bellingcat. Bellingcat, created by Eliot Higgins, a high school dropout with a computer fired from his job and recruited by the CIA, produced a map of Ukraine. The map shows the points at which Russia and Ukraine have commenced battle.  WOW – riveting information.

It isn’t just China that is deserting the Cabal, National Endowment for Democracy identifies two additional former alliances; Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Their crime?   Developing positive trade and peace.  The most recent between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The Mafia Cabal has lost its footing.   Their installment of ignorant and corrupt figureheads is failing.   Their Handlers, self-identified as experts, are proving to be incompetent boobs.   Mistakes are mounting – and they have lost control of the helm.   Metaphorically, the sea has sunk many of their prized ships and their commanders are drowning.

ART OF WAR – “So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.”   The Mafia Cabal is stretched to its maximum tensile point strain and like a string on a violin – it will break.  Soon.


Greta Thunberg, the climate anarchist sponsored by Soros has been granted an honorary doctoral degree in theology from the Duke Divinity School.   The same Divinity School students declare that ‘God is queer’.   The same Divinity school founded by The United Methodist Church. A split occurred in which the conservative Branch is renamed The Global Methodist Church.

The takeover of the United Methodist Church is an ongoing coup orchestrated by: “Rent an Evangelical via Progressives and their lock-step leader, Soros”.   The riff is not just among Methodists it has leached into Baptists, Christianity Today, The Sojourners, etc…   ALL hijacked for the sole purpose of turning Christianity into secularism. Like Israel.

Morphing into a political church, United Methodist has completely obliterated their religious denomination in favor for all things extreme including anarchy.   As a result of their new found wokeness and secularism, 1800 churches have split association.

Part of the mission to destroy America is about destroying religion.   Religion brings people together, it gives Truth, it gives community, it empowers and it is reliant on God.   The New Methodist Church is about dividing people, destroying community, and obliterating religion.

Interestingly, they have declared that the fundamentalists were the ones who infiltrated the Methodist Church.   “He who pays the Piper, calls the Tune.”    Soros is the Piper with money dripping from his bloodied sheath.   And church elders have greedily bowed to the root of all evil.

The Old and The New.   The liberal Soros Methodist is quite vocal in their denouncement of Trump, MAGA’s, and white supremacy.   Instead of worshiping God, United Methodists are taught to worship self. Self being the highest authority.   Although some within the schism liken Soros to King Cyrus

According to the Hebrew Bible, God anointed Cyrus and referred to him as a messiah. While some have altered history to document Cyrus as the first King of Prussia, the reverence is blatantly false.   The empire was founded a full 200 years prior by Achaemenes Anshan.

The Persian Empire encompassed 2 million square miles and half the world’s population. A feat that even Soros has yet to accomplish at the ripe old age of 91.   For reference – the Ottoman Empire was less than half the size.   The British Empire enslaved 13.7 million square miles representing a quarter of the world’s population.

Given the church schisms imposed via the Soros Mafia Cabal, unraveling any church’s allegiances and values requires a bit of research and is reminiscent of rhino vs Maga Republicans.

The True vs The Weak –

The traditional evangelist Methodist Church chose to distinguish itself via a slightly different name – Global Methodist Church.   Rhino’s represent Republicans vs Maga’s.   Rhino’s are the United Methodists.   Their root is sand.   There is no Bible.   There is no Christ.   And for some – there is no God.   Rhino’s are NOT Republicans any more than United Methodists are a God religion.

As such, religion has now been hijacked to include climate change and The Green Deal.   As though religion is a political movement rather than an independent sovereign entity based on Biblical theology.   A Communist – Marxist phenomena.

The schism has recently hit my own enclave city that has caused a faction to desert.

Finding preachers and pastors has become a game of thrones as drilling into deeper ideology is now necessary when analyzing resumes.   False prophets.   These churches have led their populace astray.   They have lain waste to The Bible.   They have created a zombie version of religion reminiscent of Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Interestingly, Lennon had been raised Catholic by his mum.   Disenchanted during his years as a Beatle, he left the church.   It was only in his final days that Lennon declared he had re-embraced his Catholic roots and would testify as to his Handlers.   He was subsequently summarily executed.

While ‘church’ may not be for everyone, God can move mountains – and sometimes those mountains are lanced to reveal angels of God whose guidance and justice and agape pre-empt the shrill voices of shrews and demons.  NOW is a good time to repent, baptize and make reverence with God.

BBC DISINFORMATION Trolling Twitter’s Elon Musk

The State Owned, Soros operated, BBC, is trolling Twitter Trolls.   One such Troll is apparently – Elon Musk.   Apparently, Trolls have taken over Twitter since Musk took over and fired the vast majority of staff members. Those staff members were found to be superfluous, their jobs irrelevant.   Angry and needing a safe place to grieve and find vengeance, the staff turned to the BBC. The Soros Media outlet was more than happy to demean, demote, and desanitize Twitter AND Musk.

The article is written by: By Marianna Spring. BBC Disinformation and social media correspondent.   Attending college, Spring studied Russian and French. Her bio claims she wrote for the student newspaper at Oxford, Cherwell.   Unfortunately, Cherwell makes no mention of dear Marianne.   But then she has written a book due to be published this summer, Among The Trolls: Notes From The Disinformation Wars.

Obviously Marianne has absolutely no political, business, economic, or societal background to claim expertise in anything, but like her US counter part, Tzar Nina Jankowicz, she is an aspiring actor looking for fame.  And Book deals are the means.

Tzar Springs first incursion into disinformation came from her vaccine analysis… as a scientist and medical expert.    In 2021, the entire global MSM was busily delineating anything and anyone a conspiracy and fake information troll when discussing anything anti-CoVid Vax.   The BBC was front and center with then 25 year old Marianne Spring as their Warrior!

Oddly, Marianne’s bio claims her entrance into Oxford was based on her writing for Newsquest under their Young Reporter Scheme.   Unfortunately, the Alumni of Young Reporters does not include her name.  DANG – they forgot!

Her article about Twitter being unable to control Trolls got the attention of Musk who responded, “Sorry for turning Twitter from nurturing paradise into place that has… Trolls.”   Unfortunately, the humor was completely lost on Spring.

Declaring that Trolls unleashed a ‘torrent of abuse against her’, I decided to look up the tweet responses.   That ‘supposed’ abuse was rather a fabricated ‘disinformation’ campaign!   People disagreed with her.   People took to task the BBC.   One very concise Tweet in the form of a meme stated – “If you could focus on Journalism, that would be great”.  

The BBC is funded thru a government mandatory license fee imposed on all UK households having any type of equipment wherein they can watch television.   During the Pandemic Lockdown – those fees increased as television became the only source of entertainment.   It is not indicative of viewership, ratings, rankings, or any other demand source.   In the UK if you want TV you pay the government.

Nina Jankowicz was also given a ‘book deal’, How To Lose The Disinformation War as her introduction into the WH Disinformation circle.  The circle lasted one day!   A Record.   The book begins, “Since the start of the Trump era…”   Squarely placing Trump as the source of all things disinformation.   How QUAINT!

Ranking 833,738 among Amazon books – it was a dud. Her book is so unpopular that she has taken to begging for money to file a libel suit against Fox News.   Few Came. Fewer brought money.

But the BBC is ignoring the fallout of using failed young women to claim they are disinformation experts without ANY political or economic background from which to garner Truth!

According to these experts:   Trump is the beginning of disinformation.   It never existed prior.   Schoolgirls are qualified to be disinformation experts.   There is no education requirement to be an expert.   The narrative of said expert must follow the narrow path defined by the Deep State Cartel.  

In the wake of tweets responding to Marianne, the International Center for journalists has come to the rescue and decried that disinformation and trolls are at an all time high at Twitter under Musk’s leadership.   The ICJ was launched and supported by none other than; Bill & Melinda Gates, Soros Open Society, Knight Foundation, and NED (National Endowment for Democracy).  

The TROLLS calling out the Trolls.

Of course it is interesting to note that prior to buying Twitter, Musk’s politics were neutral to left leaning.   As he has come to know his adversaries his politics have migrated somewhat. This migration was due to Truth.   And the more breaches of Truth that Musk is privy to via Twitter, the more awake he becomes…   JUST like the masses.  

The Disinformation campaign is a dead horse.   Beating it will NOT revive it.   Conning it will not revive it.   It is dead.

BANKING COLLAPSE: Buffett To The Rescue?

Timing is Everything.   And everything happens for a reason. It just might NOT be the reason provided for the masses.   SVB  was failed at the same time JP Morgan came under the indictment initially imposed by a now fired Virgin Island Prosecutor who raised the Epstein Flag.   A separate lawsuit of 300 women is being allowed to proceed against JP Morgan – both of which could result in billions in fines – and possibly criminal charges.   Is JP Morgan slated to Collapse?

JP Morgan – it is claimed – allowed financing for Epstein for five+ years knowing they were financing the illegal assaults and rapes of multiple underage girls.   JP Morgan’s response:   they didn’t know what Epstein was doing and besides they had no legal responsibility to protect the girls.

OUCH!   Fire those attorneys!

In order to further deflect from Epstein, the White House has called upon Warren Buffett to tell them how to stop the mess they created in the Banking Industry.  Not thru reorganization efforts – but by the infusion of more money and FALSE confidence in a flailing industry.

But is it a mess to the extent they now proclaim – or is it a means of shadow banning the news and coming testimony regarding Epstein?

Mere weeks before SVB collapsed, auditing firm, KPMG, gave a green light to SVB without noting any deficiencies that could be red flagged.   Auditing companies in general, and KPMG in particular, would have no incentive to give a green light to SVB because that would put them on the chopping block of liability!   It is the entire point of having an audit of independent experts in finance – to analyze and account for solvency, poor investments, cash liquidity, etc…    According to the CEO of KPMG, Knopp; “There were actions taken in the month of March that set off another set of reactions that led to those two institutions being closed.”

Those ‘actions’ could over the span of 2 weeks could have been the distraction Herr Majesty Hillary looked for via a massive detachment from the Epstein/Morgan Chase revelations?     Today the NY Judge, Rakoff dismissed a large swathe of the claims brought against JP Morgan regarding their foresight into dealing with a known and convicted pedophile.  The gist – JP Morgan was not participating in the crimes – they simply facilitated them.

December 2021, SVB Group shares were on a roll and peaked at just under $700.   A steady slide brought them down to $300 per share before tanking to $39 today. Insiders had been selling shares as fast as they could as the shares tanked.   Those insiders included the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, General Counsel and Directors.

JP Morgan was one such institutional and mutual fund company which owned shares in SVB along with Vanguard and Black Rock.   Could the destruction of a JP Morgan asset, SVB, have been a warning signal to The Cartel?   Keep your mouth shut.   Deny everything.   By contrast, Capital Research global market was selling out their shares as was UK’s RBC.

None of these factors indicate a ‘Clean bill of health’. Putting KPMG squarely front and center.  A Diversity and equity WEF, Sustainable Development dud – KPMG.

Scandals attached to KPMG abound!   1. Hundreds of employees cheated on their exams, 2)   KPMG was found guilty of misconduct and conflicts of interest by having acted in the interests of HIG, which were “diametrically opposed” to those of its client Silentnight when KPMG pushed Silentnight into declaring insolvency allowing HIG to buy at pennies.   3)   KPMG sued for $600 million due to sloppy auditing of Dubai’s Abraaj,   4)   KPMG fined $14 million over Carillion audit scandal…   etc…

Apparently, KPMG is not adverse to manipulating audits for the right price.

This does NOT bear witness to a banking crisis – the crisis was created by Biden’s Federal Reserve raking interest rates on society without realizing the default dominoes would fall insync on multiple industries – Banking the most obvious.   Either the Handlers are complete fools with fake degrees – or the banking cartel just got a wake up call – You are going down.

Or – SVB was a trial.   A test to see how it would Fall, as well as public and private reactions.   Much like Pfizer conducting it’s trials on the populace at large real time.   It coincides with the end of a 12 week pilot program amongst NY Banks and Swiss Banks to ascertain the viability of using CBDC currency to replace the dollar as asserted by Biden via an Executive Order.

NO results have been provided given the 12 week trial has ended.   But CBDC’s are an inane concept controlled by the federal reserve via ‘central banks’ eliminating commercial banks from the pool.   CBDC is backed by the value of ‘paper money’ which is wholly worthless today – such a transformation would have no impact on managing inflation, stagflation, and supply – because the same Deep State Cartel would own the manipulation mechanisms.  It would simply create a mass surveillance and thus control mechanism to CONTROL Individual SPENDING.

The standard response to why did SVB fail is that customers withdrew their money causing a run on the bank.   That explanation might befit a 7th grader.   The real reason is that the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is a fraud.   Banks have done nothing to mitigate the rising rate hikes imposed by the Fed.   And the entire Banking Industry is flapping in the wind with deflated bond and Treasury prices caused by the policies of the Biden Regime!

RESCUE:   Given Buffett’s great success during the Savings collapse under Bush wherein Buffett shifted the entire bailout onto Taxpayers while giving the banks profits to nurture and succor like lolly pops, Buffet is the ‘chosen one’.   Buffett is 92 and arrived in Omaha Nebraska accompanied by 20 private planes. Purportedly, each plane held the various Cartel members who were roused from their playtime to come to the rescue or negotiate a consolidation among banks whose financials are similarly overly leveraged in long term securities; bonds and treasuries.

In 2008, Buffett made investments in a number of banks propping them up during the crisis and restoring market confidence.   He made 40% on this investment alone.

Today bank shares are in twalette water – and any potential run could trigger a complete collapse which would infringe on their globalization agenda.   Thus if Buffett does invest his billions into propping up soiled banks – he’s going to want something more than ‘profits’.   He’s going to want assurances.   He’s going to want preferential buy prices.   He’s going to want a hand in the actions taken by the Federal Reserve.

Berkshire Hathaway portfolio is lean on banks having sold off 60% of Mellon and 92% of USB in 4th quarter 2022.   (Side note he also sold off 86% of Taiwan semiconductors…).

The fact that the Federal Government requires ANY outsider to tell it how to FIX it’s botched monetary policies only furthers the quotient of incompetence running America.