Money Laundering: Europe’s Central Bank BIS

While Merkel is flaunting EU Values, Germany Values, chastising Poland, Hungary, Italy, etc…, Germany’s Deutsche Bank continues to be mired in penalties and fines for Money Laundering schemes and other banking irregularities…

After a $7.2 billion settlement in 2017, a $630 million settlement followed.  It almost appears as though the settlements are considered peanuts in comparison to the dividends it reaps, and therefore worth the slap on the wrist.

A recent audit by KPMG tasked Deutsche Bank with being ‘more prudent’ to restrict their continued money laundering and terrorist funding!

The bank responded by firing more employees.

So the EU drafted their 5thMoney Laundering Directive in response.  Only thing, it won’t become effective until January 10, 2020. In other words, get all your laundering done NOW because in 2 more years, it will be harder?  Really?

But it certainly isn’t just Deutsche Bank, the UK is considered a large hub for money laundering. Transparency International identified 760 companies registered in the UK from 13 different countries that it called out as access points for money laundering.

The value globally is estimated to be between $1.5 trillion and $2.85 trillion annually.

It comes from corrupt officials in every country across the globe – and the banks turn a blind eye because the money generates money, so Deutsche Bank has simply been jumping on the band wagon to try and boost it’s continuous failure to produce a profit.

Switzerland has always been a hub.  BIS – the Bank For International Settlements is at the core.  It is the international version of the Federal Reserve, having opened its doors in 1930 to act as a middle man for doling out post WWI reparations as a result of Germany’s actions.  But this cause never came to fruition, tabled as obsolete, and instead BIS became the cabal headquarters in 1932 among its member states;  Germany, Switzerland, US, UK, Japan, Belgium and France.   Board of Directors have included prominent Nazi’s Walthur Funk and Emil Puhl.

Although the dissolution of BIS was ordered as a result of its Nazi collaboration, in April 1945, Harry S. Truman and the UK’s PM Sir Winston Churchill, reversed the approved dissolution.  It was Truman’s first day in office after the death of FDR.

Despite its decidedly European presence, the US and Japan were prominent within its cabal of the Group of Ten.  At the same time, BIS created the International Monetary Fund.

Over the next decades, BIS expanded it’s reach operating in Hong Kong, China, Mexico, South America, Israel, Turkey, Thailand, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, India, ultimately encompassing 60 member central banks across the globe. Globalization at its finest.

Between 2012 and 2016, money laundering by banks and financial institutions in Israel rose 75%.  11% of the laundering was considered related to terrorist funding.

In 2014, a scathing report unveiled:  “A Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report titled “The Big Banks’ Big Secret” revealed Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian Central Bank Governor / Vatican FSB Chairman Mark Carney secretly used Canadian banks to money launder $trillions to the Vatican Bank (Central bank for the Crown – Pope Benedict XVI”.

In 2015, Canada’s RBC began exiting from its Latin America and Caribbean businesses as it tried to put arms length between it and massive money laundering schemes being systematically exposed.

And just days ago, Dansk Bank CEO, Thomas Borgen, resigned after a $300 billion money laundering inquiry showed dirty money flowing through its Estonian branch.

And while the concern is pointed toward the criminals, the mafiosa’s, Russia has become a target of the media cause when it is believed Russia accounts for about $15 billion of the annual flow – or roughly 5% of the global total.

Ukraine is central – thanks to the coup.  The Baltic states which Merkel rallied extensively for EU inclusion, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, also rank high since their embrace by the EU into International Banking and EU membership status.

But the largest venue for the existence of money laundering continues to be the big banks that all seem to operate under the authority of BIS.  As long as the banks comply – it will continue.   As long as no one goes to jail – it will continue.  

Poland Sued by EU at Behest of Soros!

The EU Commission is suing Poland!  Poland lowered the retirement age of judges from 70 to 65 which effectively terminates 27 of their 72 judges.   According to a statement issued by the EU, the foregoing is the reasoning behind such a bizarre move:   “The European Commission maintains that the Polish law on the Supreme Court is incompatible with EU law as it undermines the principle of judicial independence, including the irremovability of judges,”

Judicial independence means separation of power.  Typically, this meant that other assemblies of government could not influence the decision making process of sitting judges, given they were independent.  But the government continues to pay them.

Judges in many countries are granted ‘life tenure’, but are nonetheless forced to retire at 70 or 75.  So life tenure is a meaningless clause and the real issue is thus rather crumbly.

But then the EU Commission has been in a row with Poland of late and this would seem to be the strumming of a Soros agenda – tit-for-tat.  I doubt this EU move will likely make any fast friends among the Polish people as more meddling in internal affairs is generally not taken well.

But then the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, has indicated he would like a relationship with Trump, and that may have been the real catalyst for Soros who has quite an influence over the EU Commission.

According to the EU, the new age limitation for judges is a means for Poland to drain their Swamp. But whether life tenure means 70, 75 of 65, it is interesting that the EU would even have the right to make that determination.  With the EU fighting BREXIT, with Hungary also following anti-EU ideals, with Italy staged to follow, the EU Commission is rightfully seeing it’s base of funding disappear, and it’s globalization agenda – fray.

Austria is in the midst of a row with the UN and EU over the migration crisis.  Relations with Putin have added to the Soros miff, as Russia continues the race of the Tortoise and the Hare.

Therein, the EU defines Judicial Independence as a Human Right.  In a recent poll, Europeans were asked to rank what they deem as most important from a list of European Values.   EU Values have frequently been cited by Merkel as being far superior to US Values.  Following is how the people of Europe would rate their value structure:

Human Rights, Human Life, Peace, Democracy, Individual Freedom, Rule of Law, equality, Solidarity, Tolerance, Self, Respect for Other Cultures, Religion – in that order.

A notable sad realization is that ‘religion’ came in last place garnering just 5% of the poll’s position.

So how is Poland’s Reformation of it’s Judiciary considered a ‘Human Right” violation?  Because according to Poland, many of the older judges are actually remnants of the 1980’s Communist era and need to be replaced. The globalists disagree and claim that the Reformation will allow politicians to place in office judges who fit their particular agenda.

But the government isn’t ‘selectively’ eliminating judges, they simply changed the retirement age and lowered it by five years.  Judges will continue to be nominated according to the same process that has been used for decades.

Soros’ efforts to destabilize from within have been called out.   Since booting out Mrs Lyudmyla Kozlovska, President of the Open Dialog Foundation, this past August, Soros has been busily working on retaliatory actions.  But even more enlightening, what this highlights is the incredible power-influence Soros has over the EU Commission!  They will do his bidding no matter what it is, no matter if their actions are idiotic!   Some EU countries have quite simply risen above his influence and are fighting back.

Perhaps Poland’s desire to have a permanent US military base in Poland named after Trump, isn’t so much about fears of a Russian invasion as the US media would have us believe, but of an EU invasion…

Just a thought.

Politicians – Lawyers Ethical Training To Lie.

In a recent conversation about politicians, a woman stated that it was too bad that University Professors didn’t run for office, because they are educated, level headed and far more worthy of the ruling title…  I sat perfectly still.

I don’t think she thought through her comment, nor do I think she has read of the scandalous commentaries emanating from haranguing, unbridled, anger spewing professors under the guise of ‘freedom of speech’.   The latest coming from a Georgetown University Associate Professor who took to Twitter to vomit her rage with expletives and behavior that might align with a three year old having a tantrum at the candy line in the supermarket checkout line.   BLECH!  According to the American Psychiatric Association, her rage, intolerance, anger, odd behavior, and illogical thinking would qualify her as mentally unstable.   Unsuitable.  Can we Impeach Professors?

Georgetown’s response, “We don’t approve or endorse every statement made by our faculty members…”  for a law school – that’s pretty lame.

Of course, should anyone take a gander at some of the crazy UK Parliament sessions, they quite parallel this Professor multiplied by 20+.   It used be that someone who spoke and acted in such a way was immediately carted off to ‘anger management’ classes, their tongue a fork of bitter evil. A psychiatrist might declare they have no ‘filter’.

Nothing could be more humorous than this Professor’s particular area of expertise:  Peace and Security.  She is pro Drone strikes in Pakistan, and has been critical of Human Rights Watch (the Soros funded organization), which makes her statements even more illogical and odd.  A Socialist Hawk?   She was charged with slander by the German government, and has been charged with exhibiting bizarre and errant behavior for many years.  Still, Georgetown embraces such characters as do most universities…

While my colleague’s statement may have been true once upon a time, I can’t recall when it would apply, it has been that long.  I can’t comment on my own professors, I went to school for finance and although it was in DC, politics were not a source of discussion in colleges.

I can attest to the fact that my middle son nearly dropped out of college in Boulder due to the hideously rampant bias of professors in grading based on your religious and political beliefs.  And I can also assert that another son attending college in Fort College attempted to vote on campus when Obama was running and was told by multiple onsite tables that unless he supported Obama, he couldn’t vote there….

There was a time when Hollywood was predominantly Catholic, and there was a time when our school educators – educated.   Those days are gone.  But this evolution does presuppose what industry will be infiltrated next.  Where will the next coup originate?  Will it be our hospitals – will they turn away anyone who is not Liberal?   Maybe Amazon will announce that only Liberals may buy from their site? Grocery Stores?   At what point is the truth realized?  Maybe gas stations will ban all conservatives, or harangue them at the pump?

At what point does the unfestered bias without a filter go too far?   When the mark is on our forehead?

While employers cannot legally fire you for your political leanings, they are free to create false justifications for firing you when in fact their truth is perversely hidden.   Ethics are dead.   Our allies are truly our enemies, and our enemies are our friend – in our neighborhood, at work, in our country, in our world.  And those people we thought were friends we find are our biggest threat to sanity because they represent betrayal.

The mentality isn’t what can I do to be honest, the mentality is how can I lie so that it is unprovable and I am safe?  “How can I protect myself even though I am guilty as sin?”

I don’t follow that mindset. I am the type A that would spend weeks attempting to right a wrong.  I am infamous for writing the CEO of a company because they over-charged me by $46.   It was a matter of “Principle”.    I believe I am an anomaly.  And every time I think I am not, I am proven to be – again.

So using the same psychiatric checklist to determine what comprises a mentally unstable person, why would a person succumb to lying, cheating, and failing basic principles of ethics?

One of the more heated debates is the fact that Liberal woman are ragefully attacking any woman who is not Liberal.   Demonizing. Vilifying.  It is beyond normal opinion, and has morphed into a rant of death threats and assault.  And while the Liberals are not alone in this, they are by far much more demonstrative in their verbal abuse and threats of even physical assault.  They are much more likely to fire employees, rant abusively on Twitter, and in public.

Dialogue, communication, tolerance, the memes they espouse, are suddenly no longer available or utilized.  And instead, they assert a tone, a defense, a reality of destruction without consideration to the ramifications.


Because, as near as I can tell, they really don’t care.   They don’t care who they destroy, why, how, when, or wherefore.  Their only concern is for ‘self’.  It is the ugliest evolution imposed and served to us on a silver platter by psychologists, media, television, and reams of ‘self-help’ books. Everything became “Me”.  And now the “Me’s” have no concept of anything – else.

In the end, I suppose the hard lesson to be learned is that the mentality today is every man/woman for himself, no matter the cost.  And all the values and morals we used to believe in without thought, are radically gone.

The adage, ‘let the buyer beware’  has taken on a whole new meaning… and it ain’t pretty.

Most of our politicians were once upon a time – lawyers.   The Swamp predators.  Their entire education, their mindset, has been predicated on convincing a jury that their client, who is guilty as sin, is really the victim and just needs a hug. And after a while, their ethical morality just doesn’t exist any longer.

Educators?  Their education, their mindset, is predicated on the notion that they are superior beings and that everyone else is an imbecile. And after a while, they begin to see themselves as demi-gods wherein they are the only righteous ones, the only ‘right’ ones, everyone else is beneath them.

So who would make a good politician?

Swamp Draining: Rosenstein Falls From Grace

Rod Rosenstein is in trouble.   And this time, I don’t think he’s going to rise above.   I think he just got taken down.   And anything that comes out of his mouth now, sounds quite like a whine, a whimper, a save me last ditch in that ‘I’ll give you everyone…’ loyalty.

The depths to which a person will go to avoid jail.  And yet it is quite commonly so that it is the same person who advocates for more and more jail time.   Without the chance of rehabilitation.  The same mouse who would sell your wife and children if it meant his own skin.

And everyone knows that when good ol’ Rod goes down, it is only a matter of time before the domino’s fall.   And deals are ripe.   Now is the best time to make deals, because in the short span of even a week, when the real information is released and names go down, deals will evaporate.

I imagine Washington is quite ensconced in sessions that lean way into the wee hours of the night til dawn.   You see, it isn’t just the names it is the entire agenda at stake.   And thus, it isn’t just money, it is the entire power structure that is wobblin’ tenuously.

I suppose the bottom line is the government’s lasting query, “Can the American people accept the Truth?” Because that premise has been the go to when questioned about the lies.  They believe we are better off not knowing because then we would spiral into the realms of Alice in Wonderland, and never find our way out of the rabbit hole. Ever.   And perhaps we are built on a stage, speaking lines created for us.  Perhaps … nahhhh.  I’ll take the truth any day.

You see, the worst part of the rabbit hole is the bizarre acceptance of deception.   Deception was a good thing.   Such was the conundrum.  I think I would very much have liked to have had the opportunity to sit and chat with Lewis Carroll.   Because, ultimately that was what he wrote about.

Not to mention C.S. Lewis. Another story.

The rabbit hole.  It is a world wherein one may ask such questions as, “if we were all once Catholics, and we are a derivative thereof, what difference does it really make?  As a friend said,  “Still the same God.”

And that stuck to me, like Babel, like what the heck – we are fighting over semantics?   Over the drivel of a few statements within the whole eclipse?  Or a bead, or an artifact, or – a drivel.  What a freakin’ waste of time.

Recently I wrote an article about charity and how people actually fight over which charity is better – theirs or yours?   Which Christian faith is better, yours or mine?  Does it really matter?   Or are some of us claiming to be judge and judger?

I understand the atheist millennial.  Because I was one.

I was a late bloomer I suppose.  Didn’t get challenged until well into my late forties.   Prior to that I was a naïve, uninformed, airhead, Democrat, who couldn’t even tell you what I believed in – other than nature. I’ve always been an advocate, and always will be…    Today, I hail an Independent with political leanings far right and environmental, far left.

And while I asked God a particular favor, a favor that – before I die, I would really like to love and be loved, just once.  In God’s vast humor, he chose to give me some interesting history.  And so, I am left feeling, maybe I just need to be more specific, more exact in my discussions with God, except that of course, he knows everything I don’t say, so when he gives me these quirks, it is just within the bounds of humor, like a baby brother’s joke – haha…   And maybe we really take God way to seriously.

I’m particularly caught up in the Reformation.  Because it means that every Christian after the Reformation accepts the same Bible as compiled and presented by the Catholics and Orthodox Greeks.   So if we all accept the same Bible, why do we continue to – Babel?

I know I sound naïve, but sometimes, the most simplistic answer can recuse the most complex problem. And as someone once asked,  “Does it really matter?”  And I came to decide – “No.”

And from there, we move on, in realms that are more current – detrimental – life encompassing!  I feel as though the media has us so tied up in the trivialities that reality is being ever more hidden and transposed.

So, full circle, Rod Rosenstein just found himself on the merry-go-round when the electricity went off.  When he goes down, the dominoe’s – they – do – fall…

And as promised, the Swamp, she is drying up.  Are we prepared for that reality?

Do you understand what it really means?

FISA Docs Delay: Why are our “Allies”running scared?

Trump has delayed the unredacted release of key documents in the FISA Russiagate probe because of Justice Department concerns that the release would impact the Russiagate probe – negatively, and because ‘key allies’ requested Trump to not release the documents. 

What Trump is revealing is: a) key allies have knowledge of the contents of unredacted classified FISA documents – which, of course, they should not – and fear the potential reprisals.  And b)  The Justice Department fears that releasing all the pertinent information will reveal the Russiagate probe is filled with improprieties that could result in numerous warrants for fraud.

Which ‘allies’ are shaking in their boots, running scared?  Certainly the UK is high on the possible list given MI6 initiated the Trump Dossier. And why would an unredacted release pose a national security threat?

Given that the American people are being fed a continual mash of information that is the basis for forming opinions, for creating divisiveness, for sanctions against a country, for demonizing, and for calls for impeachment – wouldn’t any court of law deem that all evidence must be openly produced before a guilty verdict can possibly be asserted?

Normally, yes.  But when someone screams ‘national security threat’, it is like screaming rape.   The wheels stop.  Whether the statement is true or false.

Eric Holder is leading the scream podium.  Eric Holder is also busily working with Obama on a massive redistricting agenda across the US so as to create a greater Democrat base for the next election.  Therefore, it can be concluded that the release of the unredacted documents might upend future Eric Holder plans given that people who have skirted the law with the help of agents within the FBI and intelligence divisions, would be under renewed investigation….

If it is shown that MI6 was involved, then the UK will become the true Russiagate, given they were the real meddler in the US election process.  Would that result in sanctions against the UK?

But Trump referenced “allies”, plural.  So, which other countries possibly meddled?  Germany would be the most likely, given they have become the nom de pleu self chosen ones to rule all of Europe.

While Trump allows these allies to attempt to extricate themselves from the fallout, what difference does a day make?   Given the years…  What it does accomplish is the impression that Trump is acting in a reasonable manner while the left and these ‘allies’ react with desperation as they try and create narratives that detract from what is really happening.

The Kavanaugh accusation is a means of distraction.  No one really cares.  Boring.

Stormy Daniels was a means of distraction that had a hilarious ending – her attorney is running for President in 2020… no media hype there.

FISAgate, I imagine is much worse than Watergate.  It has the power to take down Clinton and Obama within a maze of lower pawns that will see themselves indicted.

However much money Blasey Ford was paid, I imagine she doesn’t think it was near enough any longer. I doubt she considered the intensity of reaction.

According to Chairman of the Judiciary committee, Bob Goodlatte, who has read the unredacted version of the 400+ pages, the truth is damning and the American people deserve know – everything. 

France Charges Marin Le Pen with Mental Illness! Politicizing Psychiatry

France has figured out how to guarantee a political party victory!   Relentlessly attack the opposing parties leader, charge her with the crime of racism when she posts images of ISIS beheading people, concoct a malfeasance charge that could land her in jail, black all her campaign funding right before an election and the piece de resistance – order her to get a psyche evaluation!  The premise for the psyche?  She is Islamaphobic because of her rhetoric regarding immigration.

Marin Le Pen stands to disappear into the bowels of a psyche ward where release is not an option. Where she could be detained and confined for an indeterminent period of time as psychiatrists evaluate her mental stability.

This horror means that a person’s stance on politics is grounds for a mental psychiatric pronouncement. This is not a ‘threat’ this has been ordered by a judge.

We saw the same threat made against Trump by online Liberal Psychiatrists who claimed they could evaluate him without knowing him, but by observing him on television.  Not only did the statements disappear, but the profession was made a mockery by this wholly unprofessional unethical pronouncement.

Has the psychiatric industry gone bonkers?

According to, a mental illness is likely if:  a person has a change in appetite, a person’s sleep habits change, a person’s mood changes, problems thinking, increased sensitivity, apathy, feeling disconnected, illogical thinking, and the all encompassing – unusual behavior.

And you don’t have to experience all of these feelings – just one or two and you may have a mental illness.

I imagine all these behaviors could be applied to nearly every politician, if not every living person on the planet at some point, including the psychiatrists.   But despite an ethic’s violation, this methodology was attempted against Trump in 2017.  Led by psychologist, John Gartner, his Twitter account reflects his own psychotic fixation with everything anti-Donald Trump.

How did Gartner and others defy Section 7 of the American Psychiatric Association principles of ethics?  They claimed they were not members of that organization and thus not bound by ethics, instead they copped another organization as their grantor, The American Psychological Association.   This association has no ethics clause.  And so their members are free to make any derogatory statement they please without consideration.   The current President of APA is Jessica Henderson Daniel, a vocal opponent of Trump and Trump policies.  As a black woman, her particular passion is empowering young black girls.  And while they have an upcoming conference titled, “Civility”, it would appear that their members feel that civil response is one sided – everyone else needs to exercise this norm – unless of course they are discussing – Trump.

APA’s CEO, Arthur Evans Jr., has also ingratiated himself in the Trump administration’s appointment process by denouncing Gina Haspel as Trump’s pick for head of the CIA.  A black man, he was recognized by the Obama administration for his ‘endeavors’.

In 1964, the same tactic was attempted to bring down Barry Goldwater  when a magazine, Fact, sought to make psychological statements about his mental health claiming he was unfit for office.   The editors included Ralph Ginzburg whose claim to fame was publishing magazines with erotica that ultimately resulted in his conviction by the federal government for violation of obscenity laws.  The other editor, Warren Boroson claimed that the infamous article was actually written by an Israeli, David Bar-Illan.  Goldwater sued and the resulting suit triggered the ethics policy of Section 7 for the American Psychiatric Association.  Both Editors were decidedly – Liberal Democrats.

In 2006, Duke University published an article claiming that 49% of all US Presidents suffered from mental health issues.   Obviously Duke is not a member of the ethics standard given they could not possibly have interviewed any president.  But it is a catch-all commentary that begs – who wasn’t?

Still, the power play remains.  But in this case it isn’t the power play of politicians, it is the god-like self view among some members of the psychiatric and psychology fields who feel they can make an analysis without ever seeing the individual.  And in fact, analyze the psyche of a dead person.  To what end?   Power.  Self greatness.   Self promotion.  Celebrity status.

In the case of Marin Le Pen, it has taken the unprecedented evolution of politicizing opinion as a mental illness…

Their power is very real.  Imagine a psychiatrist arbitrarily making a determination regarding your mental health because you wrote a post on Facebook that they thought was illogical which leads to your incarceration into an institution?

UK Prison Nightmare!

The UK prisons offer Halal meals for their Muslim inmates.   And because the 5% ratio of Muslims in the UK is overbearing in their prisons, sometimes accounting for upwards of 20% to even 50% of the incarcerated, a fear factor, a gangland has developed reminiscent of the days of Muhammed; “convert or be killed”.   In order to be guaranteed ‘protection’ inmates are converting feverishly.

In fact, the fertile ground for conversion is so great that Muslims will purposefully get themselves arrested on a nominal charge just to indoctrinate more terrorists while behind bars.

Overcrowding, violence and attacks have become so commonplace in the UK prisons, the union of Prison Officers Association held a walkout to protest the conditions.  Their demand?  Not greater pay, not more time off – they wanted “protection equipment” to help them stay alive!

Inspector Clouseau was obviously on the loose when British Inspectors declared foul because inamtes in a Bedford prison were not abiding by the rules and were doing drugs!  How dare they not abide by the rules!  Shame!

So the UK Government has acknowledged that reducing staff is actually not a good method of securing their existing/remaining staff.   And so they have vowed to increase pay, provide body camera’s, and to double the sentence for an inmate’s assault on a guard.   Lastly, they are investing $52 million to tackle the drug problem and proudly proclaim they have added 3500 new guards – although they fail to add when – as in over the last decade?

A blogger from inside the UK prison system had a more enlightening insight into the Truth. Apparently, the media is censored from writing negative stories, so this one is free:

“The incident yesterday was horrific. The wing has been brewing for a while. The worst, most difficult wing is being run by new officers. We are 30 staff down and now will be even more. 
The wing is over run with problems of gangs and gang violence. There has been a big rise in weapons and drugs in the jail. The governors were warned. The wing in question houses most gangs in the jail on one wing.
A mass brawl broke out yesterday morning, calling on all officers available lots of times. We didn’t have the staff. Prisoners were attacking each other with weapons – and staff.
Staff were trying to save their lives and got battered. Some were seriously injured. Another officer was on the landing unconscious. We had ambulances and fire service in trying to help alongside our healthcare department. If anything had happened elsewhere in the jail we wouldn’t have been able to cope.
Aylesbury is at breaking point. Eleven officers had to go to hospital and others are injured.”

“…jails in England and Wales are awash with drugs and mobile phones. And the vast bulk of this contraband is not being flown in on flimsy little drones that cost less than £100 in Argos.”   In other words, while the media ploy is to downplay the extent and the Mafia intercession, the reality is far beyond the scope of police – and MI6, obviously doesn’t give a rat’s arse.

In 2016, there were 2580 arson ‘incidents within the UK prisons.   Given that many of the prisons don’t ban smoking and lighters are an available commodity, errr, surprise!

Prisoners are routinely asked to sign over access to all their previous medical records which then become the fodder for making parole decisions regarding one particular incident.  Certainly this can be beneficial, but it can also be used to create an agenda.  That’s why we have HIPPA.

The blogger, who himself spent time in jail, offers an interesting perspective of rioters that could also cross the psyche of the riots we are experiencing in the US and EU.  He claims that there are two distinct types and purposes.  The one that seeks to right a humanitarian wrong, and the second whose purpose is purely provocation, destruction, and a divisive narrative.   In other words, this person, blogger, tells us that riots most assuredly fall into two very distinct categories – even within the walls of prison.   There is a hierarchy.   There is an instigator.   And there is a benefit – whether it be contraband, money, a favor outside of prison, or even a reduced sentence.

There is always a reward.

Riots across the US are marked by Craigslist ads offering money and training.

Investigative videos have shown how easy the marks are.

This is an inside look into the prisons in the UK.  If you think it is any different in any other country, if you think the corruption and fraud aren’t rampant, you are naïve.   In the UK – the prisons are overflowing with Muslims and they protest. In the US the prisons are overflowing with blacks – and they protest.   The percentages are similar.   The statistics revealing.  And still – it ain’t politically correct to say so…

Because, somebodies feelings might get hurt…  And can’t have the truth get out in the media because then – the Truth Would Be Out!

Colonize Africa: Merkel and Juncker Coup

EU Commissioner, Paul Juncker, has decided that the EU will invest $46 billion in Africa in order to keep up with the Jones’s – albeit the Jings of China…   He claims that for years the EU has been rattling and waving a big stick of claims toward investment, but no one has yet actually backed their stick with hard cash.   So, apparently, now is the perfect time given all the refugees…  What?

The “hope” is that the EU money will encourage private investors to come into Africa and create vocational training and jobs for nearly one million people.   The population of Africa is 1.2 billion and it is expected to double by 2050.  In current day dollars, an investment of $46 billion represents less than $46 per person.

What can this possibly do?  Nothing for Africa, but everything for the land grabbers who need infrastructure in order to cultivate their – land.

So then it isn’t really about investing in the people, it is about investing in;  transport, road infrastructure and energy.   At the same time, the EU is making statements that in accord with the Paris Climate Agreement, the commitment to gas free transportation is a priority…  So why would they commit billions to drilling oil in Africa if the value of oil is slated to plummet existentially as the EU becomes completely oil free?  Odd.  I think it’s called – hypocrisy.

But it gets even more murky.

The EU wants to tighten its relationship with the EIB, European Investment Bank, which is currently spending 6 billion Euro to determine the causes of migration and flight from Africa…   Hey, I’ll figure it out for free!  It’s because they are dying and have no food, and their governments are so corrupted they will sell everything to the foreigners offering cash which the government will then deposit in an offshore account, while reaping the benefits of the payoff each and every day. And the foreigners?   They continue to pay because the Land Grabs have cultivated a need for um – infrastructure, transport, and energy!   And Africa is the last and largest bastion of resource to confiscate!  Easy Picking’s.


Therefore,  the EU wants the people to ante up and open their pockets to pay for Africa’s infrastructure in order to support the wealthy land grabbers who need free roads and a thriving transport economy to support their agricultural harvests so they can pocket the money in an off=shore account and pay no tax.   Initially, the Paris Climate Agreement money was going to be spent on these needs, but with the US pulling out, a new agenda needed to be created in order to fund these projects.  And so, the billion s necessary to fund the infrastructure to support the land grabbers, will be payable via the Eu Commission mandate.

IN a perfect mind, it would seem that Merkel, Macron, Juncker are completely oblivious to the real Africa, the Africa that is a desolation of constant death, of disease and more death, of authorities who care nothing for the people, and in all probability see the eradication of the populace as ‘global population control’.   In a perfect mind, the visions that are the real Africa are squelched, and like Saudi Arabia, a fake world is portrayed, a Hollywood vista!

These refugees can not create a new Germany.  Or France.   They have a mind, a brain, that has been altered according to their circumstances.  Rape is acceptable.   Pedophilia is acceptable.   Food is the motivation.   And boundaries do not exist – at all.

Yes, they are different. As they should be.  As – contrary to the goodness meme – which states that we are all the same…  we aren’t.   Not one of us.  We are – each unique, according to our genetics, and according to our environment.   

The EU would pretend that their blood is the same.   It may have once been, but it is no longer.    They don’t have an education.  They don’t have a culture.  They know one thing – basic instinctual survival.   And that dictates their every day thinking.   When Merkel and her cohorts discuss educating Africa, they speak to the pits.   Their intention is single minded, to take over Africa.   To create refugees so that entire countries are left desolate and subject to takeover.  To colonize a continent that has for thousands of years – failed.

To rape their land. Their only commodity.  This is the agenda.  It has no moral high ground.

Their leaders are willing subjects, easily bought with gems, liquor, property, and sexual fantasies. We would like to pretend it is otherwise.  But this is the reality.  This is Africa.   And still, their population is estimated to double in thirty years.   Leaving any progress in the toilet as it is too little, too late.   Giving a trade to a million people when the population is 2 .5 billion will not lift them out of their throes of dire poverty, death and starvation.

But it will line the pockets of a few land grab owners who need infrastructure in order to advance the cultivation of their newly acquired land.

And that – is the agenda. Despite Merkel’s fake demonstration. Despite Juncker’s fake empathy.    They have no heart, they are ruled by a dictator who has one rule of Order – World Control.

One only needs to look at the reality of Africa.  Today. And forty years ago.   A hundred years ago.  Nothing has changed for the Afrikaners.   Not in a hundred years or a thousand.   Nor will their be any major change – tomorrow.

They are about to become the new EU slaughterhouse.   Because, their land has usefulness.   Because, the reality is, Merkel and Juncker see them as commodities, not people.   And that is what matters.

How many billions of dollars have already been spent on Africa to no avail.   Has the corruption subsided?  Has the starvation been impeded?  Have the people risen to become middle class by western standards?   Is there even – WATER?   Is there a stove?   Is there a fish?

A hundred years later, is Africa better today than it was a hundred years ago?

Roughly 30,000 people die every day in Africa, more than 50% of them are children.  Is this better?

A hundred years ago Europe was busily trying to determine how best to annex and divide Africa at the behest of Europe.  Nothing has changed.  Just the media.

Somehow, the media is attempting to obliterate history, even history that is fifty years old.  While the internet can be edited and censored, books remain.   Lest we repeat the ‘burning of the books’ during the time of Constantinople, we have a resource to help provide – the Truth.   More than ever, it is important to hold on to the written words, because even the Editors can alter an online book’s dialogue.   But the written word, the physical book, this is our history, our truth, and our wisdom. 

Hide it wisely.    



Harrison Ford: My Charity Is Better Than Yours!

There are literally thousands if not hundreds of thousands of charities across the globe.  The causes are infinite, and if everyone supported the same causes, the few would survive to the many falling away.  Such is the statement declared by Harrison Ford who has announced that  his charities are more worthy than everyone else’s because his are better, more right, and more more…   If you don’t support ‘his charities’ then you are a bastion to be beaten and whipped and pummeled if not by force, then by words as he did today to our government, in particular – Trump.

There is nothing wrong with supporting the environment and environmental causes.  But there is also nothing wrong in choosing to support veterans, the church, animal rights, or a host of alternate ‘charitable causes’. No one can say their cause is better than someone else’s.  And yet – they do.

I remember my ex-husband bashing my support of animal rights when he felt there were causes more important! The entire point of charity is to help steward people, the earth and all the creatures that God gave us – the animals.

No one chose to demonize Harrison Ford for his philanthropy, or his choice, however, he has chosen to demonize those who do not follow his particular venue of choice – and that is what defines the wrong of Liberal thinking today.  “If you do not do what I do, you deserve to be punished.”  It is the Hollywood narcissistic agenda.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has bashed Harrison Ford’s choice to support the environment, his choice to dedicate himself to his cause!  So it follows as rather odd, rather arrogant that he has made the unfortunate choice to bash all those who do not agree with his venue, and the venue of those scientists who espouse ‘man-made climate change’ as the force.   Because there is an equal and opposite force that – disagrees.

No one challenges Ford. He is passionate and that is commendable.  But shouldn’t he be likewise passionate about the charitable causes of others?  Charity is charity.  Right?  Or has even charity become a target for abuse and ridicule?

While I am passionate about the environment, I don’t subscribe to the notion that it is all man’s fault, nor do I think that anyone, any charity, is doing enough including stopping deforestation.   And that is hardly the fault of all us Trumpers.  And religious folks.  In fact, let’s take a look at who is doing the deforestation…

Recently, it was revealed that Harvard Law School supported such causes.  Hmmm, imagine that!

“The largest deforestation products are cattle, palm oil, soy, and timber. If you think about a hamburger, there’s palm oil in the bun, beef in the patty, and soy used for animal feed. The box it comes in was once part of a tree. ”Even in one product or one meal you’ve got multiple commodities, and each one of those will have had a very vast and global, complex supply chain.”

So every time you buy a beef meal from a fast food chain, you are contributing to deforestation.  I wonder how many fast food burgers Harrison has consumed in his lifetime?

Obviously, it is a complicated issue.   But blaming someone is absurd, blaming a group without proper research, is a nuclear bomb.   Be careful.

There are a number of organizations that have recently formed with the agenda of ‘stopping deforestation’, but their agenda is more aligned with public relations than actual actionable efforts.  The classic verbiage is ‘research’ we are going to spend billions researching the cause of deforestation so that by the time our research is complete there won’t be a forest left…to argue about.

Ford took his agenda to a frontal attack ‘stage’ when he claimed that ‘anti-scientist’ people are the root of the problem and need to be eliminated from public office.  Really?   Perhaps Ford could use a lesson in diversity?  Or tolerance?  Or inclusion? Or in research?  Or in science…  Because the scientific community is at odds.  And because the Liberal world seeks to point a finger in a direction that should reflect back on self.   His rant went further.  Instead of advocating for his passion and cause, he sought to demonize all people who are not on his agenda.   And that’s where he lost.

It is a sad world.  No one is allowed a thought that does not align with the liberal thought.  Censorship of thinking is thus.  And Hollywood seems to feel their ‘stage presence’ gives them the right to demonize and denounce and bash and whiplash with a fury derived from maniacal emotions.

The Paris Accord is a joke. It has ‘DONE’ nothing.  It is a name.  It is an agenda.  It represents the same baseless disappearance of billions of dollars on salaries and travel, that has people over the globe incensed.   They continue to spout ‘Plans’ to be instituted in 30 years – useless words.   Why would that cost $100 billion per year?  Can anyone actually account for the money already donated and spent and conclude that the money changed anything, cured anything?  It is a media hype and nothing more.

In the midst of the mix is the fact that Harrison Ford and his wife have cultivated a relationship with Bill Clinton and Hillary whose lavish lifestyle hardly fits the environmental dictum of ‘saving the land’.   So it becomes a modicum of hypocrisy amid a few sighs and slumped heads as we look at where the truth is told…  and Ford’s entire argument and passion are now questioned given that hypocrisy.

And so, as the drum beats, we take less inspiration from Harrison Ford’s truth, and more inspiration from the fact that he is simply promoting a Clinton agenda. The environment looses.  Ford Looses.  And the Agenda takes another hit.

Harrison Ford – Hush.  You are not the god of charity.   There are infinite causes that each of us pursue, all within the same realm of helping steward.