One week after Pelosi and her son visited Taiwan to solidify America’s support of the island nation over the Big Bad China aggressor… Pelosi is gushing to the media “China is one of the freest societies of the world”!   Her claim that Freedom House ranks China one of the worlds most free and wonderful countries is an abject delusional lie. Perhaps she was intoxicated or perhaps she has dementia, in either case it appears she set up Taiwan by instigating China – on behalf of – China.

Playing BOTH sides may have been the gamet of the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s during WWII, but they didn’t have video evidence of the treason.   After bowing and scraping America’s undying support for Taiwan should China swallow their island, Pelosi appeared on international news today decrying what a great country China really is.   And like the WWII traitors, there is only one reason for being a double agent crosser – to incite a war between both sides to reap the monetary rewards, and the depopulation Agenda.

Of course, in such a war scenario – China would undoubtedly win and thus Pelosi’s visit was purposefully made for that outcome.   Taiwan should be furious!

Freedom House has declared China ranks 107 out of 112 countries claiming, “The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to tighten control over all aspects of life and governance, including the state bureaucracy, the media, online speech, religious practice, universities, businesses, and civil society associations, and it has undermined an earlier series of modest rule-of-law reforms. The CCP leader and state president, Xi Jinping, has consolidated personal power to a degree not seen in China for decades. Human rights activists and lawyers continue to speak out, though at great personal cost.”

This assessment would align with Soros declaration that a coup is necessary in China in order to relieve Xi Jinping of his authority so that the International Order could insert a person of Biden’s quality.  

But the ‘doublespeak’ is even more interesting when reviewing the G7 analysis which supports a “One-China” policy wherein Taiwan is under the thumb of the CCP: “On August 3, G7 foreign ministers and the High Representative of the European Union issued a statement affirming their “shared commitment to maintaining the rules-based international order [emphasis added], peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and beyond”.

When analyzing these opposing positions, it becomes clear that a One-China Policy would be acceptable if the Rules Based International Order was in control of China.   Otherwise, a war between China and Taiwan is expected to result in Xi Jinping’s demise… and likely the annihilation of the island of Taiwan.  A double cross.   But one that is carefully determined in creating a dominant race and a peasant class. Much like the Lenin/Stalin Bolsheviks envisioned.

Like Putin.   The Order desperately wants Russia – just without Putin.   And The Order wants America without – Trump.

The ability of the US military and EU to defend Taiwan is more than questionable.   Germany has already declared their weapons inventory is gone.   The US inventory has been depleted. Analysts have warned of US inventory lags since 2016 – they have only worsened significantly – and purposefully.   And our Generals would seem to be more ‘desk-jockey’s than true Patton’s or MacArthur’s. Unable to Lead a battalion of 10 much less 50,000, our current Generals would fail miserably – and their lives too would be sacrificial in nature.   Unfortunately, their arrogance and Order Promises prevent them from this realization.  Sell out Traitors of the Worst Degree!

Recruitment has stalled as thousands of troops have been discharged for refusing the jab.   The Pentagon is offering a ‘sign-on bonus’ of $50,000’ and still no takers.   Upwards of 240,000 troops face discharge as a result of the jaberwacky.   And no one is willing to replace them.   Why?   Because the leadership has shown to have zero Loyalty – a code that has historically been the mantra!

If, as insurance companies claim, there is an uptick of death claims by 40% among 18-45 year olds, that would equate to ‘job openings’ that can’t be filled because too many are dying.   Job Openings that pay significantly more than the military!   Entry pay for a private is roughly $38.5k.   That equates to a private company salary of $19 per hour.   Without risk of death and mutilation. Lowes pays more.

Without troops, without weapons, the US is hardly equipped to fend off a China invasion.   However, the remaining genderized troops available would be picked off easily, leaving the military completely decimated.

Albeit – the plan. However, if the military is decimated and police are lacking in droves across Blue States, who will become the Enforcers?

The FBI, the CIA, The Federal Reserve Police Force, and Mercenaries – which contrary to the media have been on the payroll of the DoD since at least the 1990’s. Black Book.   Cash.

Thus without Xi – China would become an International Order Statehood and open borders would see mass exodus to more abundant Statehoods such as Canada, the EU, and the US.

Example:   My ex-husband’s house was recently sold to a Chinese citizen who paid cash over $2million and advised that they wouldn’t need to move in until mid 2023.   The Drop Dead Date.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was not simply a double cross of China, it was to create a sacrificial lamb of Taiwan – like Ukraine!   They just don’t realize it yet.

In 2020 there were roughly 1.3 million active duty military personnel.   China’s active military numbers 2.03 million.   NATO’s literal military personnel number in the 30,000 range – although they are attempting recruitment as well.   Russia’s is estimated to be 1.35 million.

What does The Economist say?   China is economically FAILING – furthering the disillusionment of Xi Jinping’s rule. Donald Trump is losing as a federal judge ruled his tax returns are open to Congress.   And Taiwan’s Foreign Minister claims an attack by China is ‘imminent’.   ALL According To Plan.

President Trump Derangement: Toilets and Military Loyalty

The TWO biggest scandals the Liberal Pundit broohaha’s can manufacture to demonize President Trump are:   1.   A closeup picture of of two toilets that are immaculately clean with the exception of a piece of paper at the bottom of each with 2 names referenced – both can easily be discerned as not having Trump’s handwriting given a simple quirk in his style.   Of course, neither twalette has the appearance of one in ANY elite boudoir…   2.   The second dastardly deed is from Gen Milley who claims he wrote a nasty resignation letter to Trump because he felt he was a threat to the US.   But instead of giving his resignation to his Commander in Chief, whom he believed to be inciting treason, he instead decided – NAH….

Trump is being cited as claiming he wanted his Generals to be more like Hitler’s.   Of course, there is absolutely nothing to corroborate this slant. In fact, the initial statement released by the n’er do wells claim Trump merely stated he wanted loyalty in his Generals… As they are commanded to provide via the US Constitution.

And the twalettegate incident is hysterically laughable – where is the evidence?   Did someone ‘leaf’ through the sewage?   Who followed Trump into a bathroom and then took pictures of toilets – that are sparkling clean?   Did they take fingerprints or butt prints?  Have they matched prints?   DId they perform a ‘scientific’ handwriting analysis of the sewaged notes soaked in the twalette?

There has been no handwriting verification – however upon scrutiny, the prints don’t match. Trump has a habit of writing his E’s in lower case when using block print – the scraps don’t.   Awww shuckerooneyyy. Foiled Again!

This is all they’ve got.   Rather pathetically elementary schoolish barnyard shitake and an abject embarrassment for these two generals: Milley and Kelly.

Milley: Claims to have entered as a commissioned officer of the army after graduating from Princeton in 1980.   His first mission was in Egypt as part of the Sinai peacekeeping observer project. His second was to Panama for Operation Just Cause – a coup to oust Noriega that lasted one month. His third was Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti – a coup to oust President Aristide.   Then he claims to have gone to Bosnia for Operation Joint Endeavor led by the First Armored Division of the US.   Milley’s name is not mentioned as a commander in any capacity within this incursion or ANY other.

Milley’s bio claims as an Army officer he went to the Naval War College…  NOT possible.  It also states that Milley is ‘authorized to wear’ badges signifying he was a Navy scuba diver, and the Special forces Tab which requires attendance at the Kennedy Special Warfare and School in Fort Bragg – he did NOT attend.  Milley also claims to have been awarded the Korean Defense Medal – despite never having served in Korea…

So WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? It would appear Milley’s bio is somewhat forged.

General Kelly’s bio asserts he is executive board member of Caliburn. Formed in 2018, Caliburn is currently being investigated for illegal bribery of Iraqi officials. Caliburn’s subsidiary, Sallyport, is being charged with mistreatment of employees and neglect.  Not exactly a stellar BIOGRAPHY!

Kelly served aboard the USS Forrestal – the aircraft carrier allegedly accidentally blown up by McCain killing 134 seamen in 1967.    In 1980, US Marine Kelly attended the U.S. Army’s Infantry Officer Advanced Course in Fort Benning – which is for ARMY commissioned officers only – not Marine. Oops… Dang those fake biographers.   By 2003, Kelly had not served in ANY battle, however he had attended a number of ‘schools’.   By the time he went to Iraq he was already a Brigadier General.   No wars – no Vietnam – no anything remotely worthy of his heightened rank. While spending time at Camp Pendleton between 1990 and 1993 – Kelly was awarded the Kuwait Liberation Medal – awarded to those who served in Kuwait between 1990 and 1993.  AH!   His other awards are meritorious – meaning awarded during ‘peacetime’.

So we have TWO Generals whose careers spanned a lifetime of service most of which was at a desk or in officer quarters at US bases.   They would seem to have accomplished nothing – done less – and fought nothing for nobody.   Much akin to Lloyd Austin.

They are NO General Patton or MacArthur – and neither seem to have the basic knowledge of their duty and loyalty to their Commander in Chief!

I don’t know who is making up these fake bio’s for military officers, but it is likely the same person who thought the lovely Nina from United Talent Agency would make a great Information Tzar – having hoped for a career on Broadway and failed!   Of course her government career lasted less than a month before she was disappeared.

And the person making the Twalettegate allegation?    Maggie Haberman – a New York Times, CNN, Politico ‘journalist’ wannabe writer.  Given no experience and no degree in journalism, it would appear ‘daddy’ Haberman of the NYT got her first job at the New York Post at 21.

Hagerman’s full swing liberal agenda was immediate and pronounced.   Fawning over Hillary Clinton, Haberman is one of the defendants sued by Nick Sandmann in a defamation suit.

It is unclear if Trump intends to sue for defamation as a result of her book and Twalette allegations made public thereof without a shred of legal evidence.   However, the public pictures of two toilets attributed to Trump is NOT a good legal argument of defense – and could subject her to civil liability.

Sadly – this is the best the democrats have to offer in order to garner votes.   Forget massive inflation, a growing recession, potential starvation, oil shortages, gas shortages, food shortages, medical drug shortages, an opioid crisis, and unprecedented deaths among the working aged 18-45.   Forget those FACTOIDS.   And instead concentrate on toilets and Hitler gossip. Because that is what Americans are MOST concerned with as we enter the mid-terms!

Inflation Reduction and Health Bill: A Ponzy Scheme To Shame ALL REPUBLICAN Politicians

The Democrat’s Inflation Reduction and Health Bill is a lengthy wolf of appropriations designed to:   Fund black farmers, institutions, NGO’s, universities, daycare, and teachers who feel discriminated against – at any level at any point in their life.   One such designated institution is AmeriCorps whose elected CEO, Michael Smith, is a former protégé of Obama and aligned with Bloomberg and Bill Gates.   The purpose of the Bill would appear to elevate all black people to higher education status while conveniently wording available grants to rebuild cities and states devastated by Antifa and BLM Riots.

AmeriCorps would appear to be a ‘black only’ organization with a revamped website that is nearly devoid of anything or anyone – white or Hispanic or Asian.  According to their 2021 financial statement, AmeriCorps has unspent NET funds of  $3 billion on $3.47 billion in Assets.  Net annual ‘program expenses’ are listed as $900 million on appropriations of $2.1 billion.

The Statements are ‘Unaudited’.   Clifton, Larson & Allen, LLP were the auditors tasked with the evaluation of these financials, however due to significant lack of transparency they declined to audit.   Specifically, they stated that a deficiency in internal controls, misstatements, and material weaknesses were observed.  No Information detailing Program Expenses at all is provided.

Therefore, the Inflation Reduction and Health Bill has allocated AmeriCorps an additional $3.2 billion to be spent on Black Education Initiatives and Black Companies.   AmeriCorps is hardly the only attention getting organization, Amnesty International has a history of criticisms.   Their newly elected Board Chair is a psychologist active in climate change and feminism working for WHO and WEF.  She also works as a ‘model’…   Her entire work history would appear to be modeling.

According to Amnesty’s USA Branch Form 990 – their focus is on the following areas:   police accountability, gender identity, gun violence, refugee seekers, and individuals at risk.  For these initiatives, Amnesty spent roughly $12-$13 million on salaries, a total of $78,000 on grants for domestic purposes that was split among 27 individuals – average $2,888, $855,000 for Dues, Office Expenses roughly $6 million, “Other” – $3.1 million, and $8.77 million for “Communication”.   They Spent $21.6 million on fundraisers and netted $3 million – 13.8%.

Their largest ‘Fundraising’ agency was AB Data whose clients include:  Obama, John Kerry, Democrat Senatorial Campaign, Democrat Congressional Campaign, Ted Kennedy, Amy Klobuchar, etc…   There second largest Fundraising Agency was a two person shop, Sea Change Strategies.  The remaining three Fundraiser organizations Lost significant amounts of money.

Amnesty USA NET ASSETS have accumulated to $25 million unspent contributions for Humanity!   Of the total revenue/contributions raised for USA in 2021, .15% was spent on US Grants.

While The Democrats are ‘giddy’ with their insertion of a $2,000 cap on prescription out of pocket costs under Medicare ‘beginning in 2025’– previous analyses stated:

“Insurance plans, including Medicare, may be forced to offset these out-of-pocket payment caps in other ways if drug manufacturers continue to charge high list prices, especially when prices rise in lock-step among competing manufacturers. This may include curtailing coverage for other types of health care services or raising monthly premiums.”

The means for achieving this shift in prescription caps means transferring the liability.   Currently, liability is levied 80% Medicare – 15% Plan – 5% Beneficiary.   The New BIDENOMICS shifts responsibility:   Pharma 20% – Plan 60% – Medicare 20% – Beneficiary -0-.

Of course – Pharma and Insurance will simply pass these increases to the Beneficiary via nominal pricings.   A Medicare Plan D premium will increase significantly as an offset and those persons who are NOT on Pharmaceuticals will thus pick up the cost for the infirm.   It is called Universal Coverage.

The Bill is a mockery!    Like ACA – which has raked American’s insurance costs from $350 a month for a family to an average of $1800 a month – a 500% INCREASE.  Individuals from $125 a month to $1200+.   This is considered the AFFORDABLE CARE.   The prescription Drug cap will simply increase drug costs exponentially – 300% to 400%.   Leaving senior unable to afford Plan D at all.

So exactly how will the Bill reduce Inflation?

According to Liberal Pundits – the Bill will ‘create jobs and lower costs’.   But according to the White House – unemployment doesn’t exist – so who is going to fill these jobs?   Why illegal immigrants of course – as long as they are – Black.

The creative accounting office has determined that a 15% minimum tax for corporations will raise $313 billion to ‘pay down’ the annual deficit which was tagged at over $2.2 trillion in 2021 before the Biden Regime spent billions on Ukraine and entered a Recession.   As a result of the refined 15% rule, corporations pay tax on ‘book income’ thus eliminating the incentive to make ‘capital investments’ that were subject to depreciation.  In addition, tax=exempt bond income would be fully taxable.   Thus radically changing the investment scenario for ALL corporations and hedge funds paying out tax-free income on bonds to shareholders.

Calling the 15% a Globalist Aligned Tax is borderline fraud.   Global means ‘every country on earth’ – in fact, this Global Tax is very sporadic among nations.   Initially, 130 countries pledged to follow the 15% tax strategy – however, that alliance was BEFORE the US pissed off Russia, Hungary, China, India, Brazil, South Africa among others…

Thus ‘Middle Income Investors’ and ‘Seniors’ are once again on the hook!

Janet Yellen, the Handle of the Federal Reserve, is of the comical opinion that the US can sanction the revenue out of these countries while still forcing the 15% max tax…   Obviously promises and pledges can be broken on a dime – so it is doubtful this ‘Global’ Tx rate will have any GLOBAL alliance…

The Inflation Reduction and Health Bill will be the impetus for further devaluation of the average American and likely cause seniors unabounded poverty and death.   And the only way Medicare will technically ‘recover’ is by the forced reduction of recipients via these egregious methods.

Amnesty International & NATO – Ukraine is Their Sacrificial Lamb

AMNESTY International, an organization in alliance with the UN and WEF Agenda’s has announced that Ukraine is the country committing War Crimes.   Ukraine.   They are turning on their OWN.   NATO announced that Ukraine was ‘used’ as a scapegoat between the West and Russia.   Ukraine.   The country, its citizens, were used as sacrificial lambs for the ‘bigger picture’.   The People.  The soldiers.   Pawns for extermination so as to take out Russia.   Demonize Putin.   And install their puppet Navalny.   But they ‘underestimated’ – and now they have to CLEAN loose ends.

The biggest loose end in this stage play is Zelenskyy.    

But there are others;  Joey and Hunter, Manchin who just caved to their threats, the Pelosi’s whose drunken self-indulgences could result in a word gone astray.   And Xi Jinping who has been privy to the entire Play – including his knowledge of their Russia Gamet.   What would happen if they told Putin that Xi was in on the entire attempted Russian coup?

The same Xi who became a subject of the Cleaners when Soros demanded a Regime Change.   The same Xi who realized he was ‘played’.   The same Xi who knows all about Gates, Clinton, and likely 95% of Congress.   The last chess piece… That Xi.

Pelosi has called on the Chinese Ambassador to explain the sanctions imposed on her by Xi Jinping.   Why?   To reiterate the power vacuum that they believe they still have.   But don’t.   Fauci is telling everyone to ’just get over it’ when referring to the Lockdowns and effects therein.   Players are running scared, adding to the ‘loose ends’.

Running on empty.  Sloppy.   The CIA and FBI have been verbally obliterated by Truths from every angle imaginable.   The problem?   When these “People” run scared, they don’t care who or how many die to save their arses.   If it means nukes?   Dementia Biden has his Handlers on the Red Button.

Desperate men will resort to ANYTHING to preserve themselves when unmasked.

Gates and Bezos have their mega-yachts.   The EU has no military.   And every move these government puppets make is in complete disregard of their citizen compatriots.   Because they long ago gave up on morality and ethics and values in favor of the carrot.

In the 1950’s homosexual men could be jailed in western countries.   They were reviled!   When Monkeypox was aligned as a ‘gay disease’, an interesting dichotomy was revealed.   Heterosexual men claimed that they sometimes partook in gay sex, but continued to identify as ‘heterosexual’.   Trudeau?  Macron?   Newsom?   Hunter?   Fauci?   Gates?   Clinton?

Ukraine was a hub for human trafficking.   Zelenskyy was the country’s governing agent taking – 10%-20%.   China has also been a sex trafficking hub.   Xi Jinping as taking his ‘fair share’.   But at some point the ante was upped.   Squabbles ensued.   When Soros declared Xi must abdicate his RULE – this was a moment of recompense.   And Jinping realized he was played.

So now we have loose ends…   Too many for the Global Coup to materialize.  Which persons are subject to the Ajax is simply a matter of time and finesse – should finesse even be considered any longer.   But I imagine many are desperately attempting to secure their viability.

The thing with those who are the ‘have’s’ is that Money and Power achieved is never enough.

And this is their ultimate Weakness.  While simultaneously – perceived by the pawns as their strength.

The House of Cards is simply paper and All the Evil that lurks behind the Curtain of Oz is about to be shred to its core.   We are NOT doomed.   And Satan has NOT won.   But he will attempt to destroy as much as possible – once again – before we are rebuilt once again as it has been done every  3,000 to 5,000 years.   The difference this time being that advanced technology gave us favor and everything was revealed in instantaneous fashion.

I doubt either Trump or DeSantis have the balls to tell the world the Truth – the extent of deception.   Given the psyche of man still believes that ‘he’ is able to discern while others can not.

Cities will implode.   Crime will become a cowboy world.   But, like Ukraine, the untrained will ultimately step down.   The bombs will be depleted.   And wars will wane.   When we can mourn again the abject death of man via the GLOBAL COUP unjustly and cruelly killed, we will begin to heal.   But for now, death is so prevalent that murderers have no conscience.   And the populace is frozen in shock.

So – we are now witness to the Cartel taking out its own in retribution and no one is safe.

The McDonald’s worker shot in the neck for ‘cold fries’ – died.   He was a child – a good man.   He was a black man/boy shot by a black man/boy who had previously shot another person in 2020 with NO consequences.

Did Ukraine actually transport ‘wheat grain’ in its recent enabling by Russia?   Or did they transport their first load of children since the incursion began?   Why do the Liberal Media pundits continually focus on plights within Africa while exponentiating those plights?   What is the point of Massive Money’s ‘donated’ to Climate Change when climate has changed since Earth’s existence?

Why did Manchin give in?   How can so many people be lured into depravity, deceit and murder?   Why is God taking so many ‘good’ people?   How can a person be bought to knowingly murder a child?    Because there are two different people’s inhabiting earth …

When Evil begins to eat its own tail, they are destroying themselves.   And when they are done – only good will SURVIVE!

PELOSI TAIWAN Stage – A Chess Move

Pelosi’s Taiwan adventure may cost the island it’s western colonization.   Ignoring warnings from China, Pelosi has effectively secured Taiwan’s imminent demise.   Those who welcomed Pelosi will be duly noted – their names engraved into tombstones by China.   In essence, those coming executions will be the direct responsibility of a woman collecting her fair share from Asian nations as she makes a whirlwind tour wherein less than one day was granted or needed by each visited nation.   The Classic Mafia Payoff.

Looking deeply fearful, the General who has seen little battle in his lifetime, Lloyd Austin, apparently accompanied Pelosi on her secure the “payout tour”.   Knowing assassination is the Global Order, the $90 million jaunt and untold $billions in warship backup may have temporarily extinguished an early retaliation, but for the Asian culture, saving face, means everything.  And the US just Dumped $hundreds of Billions to support  “Pelosi”.

Once again, the various rhino’s in concert with their democrat handlers attempted the rally flag, “I stand with Taiwan”!   Marsha Blackburn is such a spool.   But reality will likely intervene in the stage play and Pelosi’s grandiose exhibition will cost many – their lives.

Perhaps it was a diversion from her insider trading scandal.   Or perhaps she wanted distance from her estranged husband facing DUI state charges and potential civil suits.   Or maybe, she is the ‘bag lady’ tasked by the Mafia to pickup their share of ‘fees’.

Looking haggard and speaking from the same pill given to Biden, Pelosi attempted to rally ‘freedom and democracy’ as the talking points while in Taiwan.   Neither of which are parlayed in America.   And while governments bought by the Regime nod in bobble acceptance, The People are staged for annihilation.

Meanwhile, Paul Pelosi’s arraignment claims a ‘not guilty plea’ despite previous reports claiming ‘drugs in his system’ and his ‘aroma’.   The ‘other’ passenger in his car is now asserting medical issues, and the other vehicle was apparently ‘significantly damaged’.   Laws for thee but NOT for Me – is of course the sigh.

Meanwhile the NVidia Stock purchase in question regarding insider trading is a colossal WIN!     Since hitting it’s low price of $145.23 as of July 1, the stock has risen to $188.93 or a hike of 30% in ONE MONTH.   Just in time for a Pelosi forced insider  sale worth over $5 million… on July 27th as the Media attacks!   OBVIOUSLY, they did NOT sell at a loss – as the media percolates.

Nothing about the Pelosi’s makes one think of truth and honor and loyalty to the People, America, or The Constitution.   Money is their only god.   On occasion, Nancy Pelosi will ask Pope Francis, the Jesuit Fake, for redemption of her sins –   as she has a moment of fear for her afterlife.   But the Truth is the Pope is even more beleaguered in corruption than even the Pelosi’s can conjure!     And his hand only serves to preserve Hell on those who align with him.

I have listened to People who denounce our proclamation of Truth.   They denounce the fact that Truth is NOT pleasant.   That Truth maligns and we should be ‘more tolerant’.   But Jesus was a Warrior – who smite those of ethics and morays considered malevolent.

NO One is immune.   NO One can HIDE.  

Taiwan’s fate has now been convened and solidified.   The people who sought obscurity are now targets for assassination – because of – PELOSI.   Her tour of duty and the prerequisite Rhino applause is an insidious declaration for which The People Will Suffer!   To Save – FACE.

While pundits including Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity decry China’s threat toward the Western Nations as preposterous, they fail to understand the history, the politics, and the detante that was created and destroyed. Like Syria.   Like Iran.   Like Cuba. Like Venezuela. Like – NAME THE COUNTRY!

In creating the annihilation of Taiwan – the western Mafia secures global destabilization, massive supply shortages that will lead to peasant status, and a purported New World Order – that has already FAILED.   The moves are retaliatory only.   Angry over failure – they lash out like elementary school children on a playground.

The President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, identifies as a ‘progressive democrat’.   Her studies include stints at London School of Economics – known for it subversive Marxism, and Cornell whose ‘current alumni’ is rather Vacant.   Except it did favor a one Michael Atkinson who was instrumental in the complaint about Donald Trump in ‘Ukraine’.   While the Hunter/Biden reality was ignored.

WHAT makes a person willing to sell out his own country?   I don’t think I want to know. Which is why I continue to hear conservatives voice their ‘sympathy’ for Joey.   Knowing and understanding the extent of true Blackmail that must inspire their Treason.

And what exactly was in this supposed “Veterans Bill” that was just passed by EVERYBODY despite the obvious verbiage jargon of Kryptonite!   Geez Louise!   In essence – the Bill allocates hundreds of billions to ‘programs and entities and persons and committees and chairs and charts and FREAKS – because it FUNDS NOTHING.   The money – like ALL Money – will be quietly allocated to Soros et al for the further decline and denunciation of America – The Country He Hates With A Passion!

The country that aided in the defeat of his beloved clan – The Nazi’s.   And those who so participated and their heirs for eternity – shall be made to perish.   In Vengeance.

That’s really it. The Entire Agenda.   The bored, boring, nothing that is the depth of their boredom.

We are Irate. We Watch and become Angered.   We write epistles of Truth.   And we avidly spout our beliefs on social media while sitting in the proverbial bathroom.   In this delusion – The Pen is Mightier Than The Sword.     But the reality is – The Pen Is Losing!   And their ONLY Hold is the ‘delusion of media’!

Don’t Believe Any Thing


Fentanyl is now the #1 cause of death among those aged between 18 and 45!   What is the Federal Government doing to mitigate this otherwise manageable catastrophe?   Nothing.   In fact the Bull in the China Shop IS the federal government. Fentanyl is smuggled from China to Mexico and then funneled through our ‘open border’.   Other means include disguising the drug as a simple opioid pill that is then distributed to unsuspecting teens.   The spike began in 2013 and has now reached a measure of 150-300 people dying daily in the US from the drug.

Lockdowns, depression, loss of loved ones during the  ‘pandemic emergency’ heightened the crisis dramatically.

March 2022, the WH allocated billions in funding to mental health agencies because, “Individuals do not choose to abuse drugs and alcohol”.    Really?   So obviously the rational acumen believes that every street and party drug user voluntarily will submit their life and livelihood to a mental behavioral clinic because they really really hate their drug induced comatose memories.   NAH.

Numbers vary widely depending on the benefit of the statistic, but anywhere from 39% to 65% of Americans use drugs. In 2020 over 3 million Americans had an ‘opioid use disorder’. 67% of Americans are on prescription drugs which typically have a listed side effect of anxiety attacks, confusion, mental fog, and suicide.

ALL approved by the FDA and Big Pharma.

Mental health facilities charge $10,000-$60,000 per ‘Month’ for inpatient residency.   Sober living facilities run $10,000+ per month.   Their lockdown is severe with 8” thick steel doors, keycard access only, and the PRIMARY solution is – medication.   In fact, most residents are medicated into a comatose state.   And once the ubiquitous paper is ‘signed’ while you are medicated comatose, you have literally secured yourself to life imprisonment.

The most common drug given in Health Institutions for opioid use is Wellbutrin. The list of ‘common side effects’ include: anxiety, agitation, inability to concentrate, dream disorder, tremors, insomnia, dizziness, palpitations, nervousness, abdominal pain, etc…   Serious side effects include: Mental Mood changes, fainting, chest pain, uncontrolled movements, high blood pressure, seizures…etc.   Now who would volunteer for THAT?

Obviously a mental ‘health’ institution could never release a person who exhibited any of these symptoms.  Which is the POINT when you are charging FREAKING $60,000 a month!

Health Secretary, Becerra, is quite enthusiastic over Biden’s newest Executive Order allocating billions to his budget including changing the suicide hotline to a ten digit number!   WOW!   I’m sure all the adicts are paying attention when they get the “this number is no longer valid”…   In addition, the 190 day lifetime limit for your Medicare behavioral mental health institution is now – extended forever. Thus assuring a Medicare financial catastrophe.

Money within this historic funding also known as the ‘free crack pipes bill’ will allocate money to agencies and pools, and research and programs to review and make determinations as to whether today is really yesterday or if yesterday is tomorrow wherein it is better than it was… ie Kamaltoes disorder.

All these programs will have a Transition and Performance Fund attached requiring supervision and nepotism handouts… so that Pelosi can make sure she and her husband profit on the newest allocation.

The demographics of overdose victims is:   78% male, 50% Caucasian, 29% Hispanic and 26% Black, and 94% of deaths occur in California.   Large Metropolitan Cities account for nearly ALL statistics.   The same cities which have the highest crime rates, the highest anti-cop rates – the same cities run by democrat politicians, DA’s and AG’s.   The same cities which let murderers free without bond.   Three countries account for nearly 60% of global use: Germany, the US and UK .

This is NOT an accident, or a natural event.   This is cultivated purposefully.

In the 1950’s half a million persons were confined to ‘state mental institutions’.   The disorder could be as simple as menstrual depression … and lobotomy was the recommended  cure all!  How’d that go????

Historically, psychiatry is traced to ancient India 300 BC wherein ‘curing mental illness’ was adopted. But it was Germany and London that brought us ‘lunatic asylums’ wherein cure was no longer a methodology of science.   It wasn’t until the 19th century that psychiatry labeled the interned as ‘pauper lunatics’ in London. And suddenly, ‘psychiatry of lunacy’ became a prominent medical endeavor wherein millions of persons were so categorized. Imprisoned. Eradicated.   During the 1900’s as Rockefeller saw the profit of Big Pharma and Vaxes, psychiatry also gained traction.   Of course, the curative was always referred back to Big Pharma – a circular event of $$$$$$$$$$$.

Today, most within this field have no intention of curing any more than Big Pharma intends to cure anything of value.   Causing psychiatric dysfunction leads to medicating – psychiatric dysfunction – leads to Big Pharma.   With colleges being the current target of all these progenitors of death.

Technically, psychiatry has as much value as global warming Co2 scientists.

Often, war induced ptsd is targeted as a justification for psychiatric dimwits.   If that were so, why is it that veteran suicide rates continue to rise exponentially?   Because – psychiatrists are bogus snake oil salesmen prescribing suicidal medications instead of actual – THERAPY!

Veterans of War are the single most subjects of PTSD and have been since war began.   Talk therapy emerged sometime after the Vietnam War and only seemed to exasperate the issue – at the behest of psychiatric illusion.   Talking about trauma did NOT deter or help of remediate ANYTHING.   In fact it exasperated EVERYTHING.   Reliving your nightmare daily, hourly – was supposedly ‘therapy’.

While distracting thoughts from the horrors was suddenly snake oil science.   Quackery!   ALL pronounced by the requisite Rockefeller Pharma Money Machine.   True curatives such as horse therapy, working a ranch therapy, redefining therapy that involved nature and work and a redefining of soul – these curatives were maligned.

This same psychiatric model is pronounced in the Fentanyl chaos – drug them to get them off drugs…   And today we witness the effects.   Suicides have risen exponentially.   Drug addictions have risen – exponentially.   Crime induced by prescription addictions has risen – exponentially.   And $Trillions of research and studies and programs and committees have resulted in nothing more than a Gluttonous Government.

Ridding the Globe of The Weak – is the Mantra.   Veterans RISE!   Demand Your Rightful CARE.   Drug Addicts RISE!   Demand your LIFE.   DRUGS are NOT the Answer whether illicit or Prescription.   BUT – there is HOPE from nature from ranchers, from ranches, from work, from those willing to embrace The TRUTH.

PELOSI TAUNTS XI JINPING: Taiwan a Colony of US or China?

Pelosi desperately wants to go to Taiwan.   China states that IF Pelosi goes to Taiwan there will be repercussions.   One such repercussion being floated is that her plane will be shot down.   Pelosi STILL insists on going to Taiwan … defying death.   WHY?

There is only one thing that drives Pelosi – MONEY.   Her obsession is only matched by her husband who will allegedly lie, cheat, and commit fraud without guilt, conscience, or consequence.   Both P’s are in their 80’s, their lives precariously on the precipice, and yet even after a political span of insider trading corruption reaping massive profits – they want MORE!

“Traveling” to war torn Kyiv, Pelosi gave a political photo-op that appeared reminiscent of the Biden White House ‘stage set’.   For her endeavors, she was likely handsomely rewarded with her cut of the Ukraine Funds.   Taiwan is no different.  WHY?

After Soros reaped the benefits of colonizing China, there was a cockfight between Xi Jinping and the Soros Clan about who should sit on the bench, who should be eliminated, and who gets to sit in the ivory tower.   Xi wanted the ivory tower and Soros gave him the bench.   Xi refused and Soros called for a Coup;  “to those who believe in an open society, Xi Jinping is the most dangerous enemy”.  

Allies become enemies after their usefulness wanes.  

Pelosi has been guaranteed her life will be preserved should Xi follow thru with his threat.   As such the aircraft carrier, USS Regan, is in the South China Sea headed ‘north’.  While The Economist has confirmed that Pelosi will be touching down in Taiwan Tuesday, her visit is wholly without purpose.  The last time a high ranking American official visited Taiwan was in 1997 – Newt Gingrich.

Obviously Pelosi’s visit has no value other than to pick a cock fight with China.   And the Hawks Approve.   The idea that Pelosi is a show of American strength while Defense Chief, Lumpy Austin, and Blinking Blinken hide in their basements hardly evokes a Strong US.   In fact, it was the same ploy used to exploit WWI via the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Hungary.   After the assassination Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia – wherein sides were thus taken.   But the sides are not routinely cited:

The allies of WWI included;   China, Russia, US, UK, Japan & France among others.   The belligerents were;  Hungary-Austria, Germany, Ottoman Empire & Bulgaria among others.   Should Pelosi’s visit spark a war in the South China Sea the countries most at risk would include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines.  Pelosi’s current excursion includes stops in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Hawaii.   Likely assuring them that in the event of WWIII, the US will help these fine countries after they have been bombed into oblivion …  as a consequence of war initiated by the Western Power Grid.

Was Ferdinand’s assassination simply another JFK?   Why would the US give a hoot about Archduke Ferdinand?   Think Khashoggi…   His assassination was of no business to the western world either – yet despite this trivial person, Saudi Arabia has been condemned and alienated by ALL western leaders.   The same western leaders who advocate exterminating 7.5 billion global persons without a problem.

Lest we forget, WHO and Company praised China for their restrictive response to CoVid just two years ago – 2020.  Then 2022, WHO criticizes China for its CoVid response.   2010 – Soros praises China“China has a better functioning government than US”.   The economist Milton Friedman with his wife, Rose, in Beijing. … praises the role of small businesses in the Chinese economy – 2018 as per the New York Times.   “China is the world’s factory more than ever!” ~ The Economist 2020. 

It is only a matter of time before the QUEEN’S Gamet turns against those previously praised.   Such was the demise of Assad who was a devoted US spy before he became a warlord and dictator whose country needed to be annihilated.  Saudi Arabia was an ally before Trump aligned Prince bin Salman ousted Al Waleed, the Clinton pocketbook.   Now Bin Salman is a terrorist murdering Dictator.   And a close alliance becomes an – enemy.

The shooting of Archduke Ferdinand was attributed to a 19 year old Serbian student whose life was spent as a farmboy.   Is the story any more factual than the contrived story that convicted Lee Harvey Oswald?   And why would the Muslim Ottoman Empire side with the ‘belligerents’ of WWI in alliance with the Archduke when he represented their abject enemy?   Why then was the end result of WWI the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by their alliances – Germany, Austria and Hungary?

It would appear – history has been rewritten.  Sloppily.

IN fact, WWI was not the result of a farmboy and an unpopular Archduke, it was the cockfight within the forming of alliances – each group concerned over the other.  Bullies on a playground and the boys who must choose a side.  WWI was about cliques joining forces and sprouting cock stances against their perceived enemies.   It was about Empires!   The Archduke’s assassination simply became a fantasy novel.  In fact Ferdinand was hugely disliked by enemies and allies, a blustering rageful man of no dignity or honor, he hated everyone, and everyone in turn shared the opinion.

Russia and Britain offered peace proposals as allegiances became solidified – Austria rejected them – because they ‘wanted’ war.   Germany sent Russia an ultimatum of war given Russia aligned with Serbia.  Germany then declared war on Belgium.  Germany then declared war on France.   And ultimately, invasions were instigated by –f GERMANY.   NONE of these belligerents gave a hoot about Ferdinand.   And WWI was in reality a German invasion to gain Power over both the British and Ottoman Empires.

Today we see this same parlay of alliances against alliances.  The Western global instigations are about the winning of Power.   Demonizing those countries not onboard the NATO alliance.   The THREAT.  The Blackmail.   Yet even when a country is lured and wooed into a false sense of allegiance as in – China, they were never an actual persona grata of the Ivory Tower.  So when Xi refused ‘the bench’, China became the pariah.

Like WWI, the only purpose is to destroy empires so as to create a new one via the allies vs the belligerents.   In this global coup that has evolved it will be NATO vs BRICS.   Everything else is exactly the same –  Pelosi is Ferdinand although she believes she will not be the decoy or slaughtered pig, she believes that ‘they’ will come to her rescue…   belying the fate of Archduke Ferdinand.   Becoming an historical figure in novels,,,

JIMINY CRICKET: Crickets & Cockroaches are Toxic!

Jiminy CRICKETS!   Guess what?  Crickets are toxic!   At least that is what the Science determined over a decade ago before the Bill Gates push to make them the new ‘what’s for Dinner’?   In 2008, The San Francisco Chronicle presented ‘an additional’ reason for NOT eating crickets given there were many ‘previous’ anti’s!   According to research from experts, crickets present a tremendous risk of ‘lead poisoning’.   An especially potent neurotoxin when young people are exposed.   The toxin apparently leads to the ‘tendency to commit violent crimes’!


Apparently, the toxins are absorbed into the crickets during cooking in Mexican localities.   But that isn’t the only issue.   Crickets can also cause headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, diarrhea, breathing problems, and mental confusion…   Why?

Most often because they have been doused in insecticides.   Even small amounts of the insecticides are considered toxic.   Studies by the ‘scientific experts’ revealed that eating crickets can also lead to hyperglycemia and diabetes – according to a 1993 study – well before Bill Gates decided that the protein of crickets was far superior to that of beef.

Burying Science.

In fact there are numerous studies dating from the last 20+ years that reveal a dangerous connection between crickets and disease including anaphylaxis shock.   They were listed among other bugs in ‘poison control’ warnings.

Capturing wild locusts is not feasible in the capacity of feeding 8 billion people.   Therefore farm raised crickets would be the preferred methodology.   But farmed fish, farmed chicken, farmed pork, lose a significant portion of their nutritional benefits which can only be derived in the wild!   WILD THINGS….

A farmed rose has no scent.   A farmed cricket will likely have less than 10% of its nutritional value and thus require – additives.   Additives that come from a Big Pharma concoction.   Just like the ‘all natural plant based’ hamburger that has upwards of 12-26 additives – all of which have to be grown and/or Pharmacized.   None of which have been tested for toxicity.

Basically, this means that the ‘farmed food’ the Elites have planned for us could cause us to die of malnutrition!   And we won’t understand it is happening.

Over the centuries we have learned much about various poisons.   Pompeii citizens were dying by the droves from lead poisoning.  It was everywhere including makeup and cooking.   I’ve been there a few times.   Each time it is new.   You absorb something different in the culture every time you walk their path.

Is it necessary for us to lose all our knowledge once again… and start over?   How boring.   In that vein, Shakespeare truly was just as annoyed when he said,  “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”.   Of course, this is a man who became entranced by fantasy in his public life.  There is much speculation as to whether Shakespeare wrote much of what is attributed.   And history is once again – rewritten.

Maybe it is like that movie where the person has a do over forever – until he finally gets it right.

Lest We Forget!   The Entire Schematic of the New World Order is ‘world’.  Without half the globe, they have achieved nothing.   Crickets?   Really?   This is your best card…to initiate the next ‘do over’?

What are our nutritional needs?   The foods we consume have been our evolution.   A calorie is a measure of energy that is stored.   But different calories have different effects.   What would be the ‘effect’ of a ‘bug calorie’?  We don’t know.

In 2015, the very Progressive Liberal Atlantic published an article instructing how to breed a tasty cricket’…   Seven Years AGO.   Because – low and behold cricket farms have been sponsored as Big Business in the US and Canada since 2010…  Including farms in Beef Country – Texas!

You see, it is highly likely that we have been ingesting crickets for some time – albeit unknowingly.   Given the critters have been made into flour, milk, powder, and desserts, they are a part of our normal everyday diet.   The difference is the forced substitution for a protein that we are quite fond of vs. a choice.

So that ‘natural flavoring’ that every item in your cart contains, is really ‘cricket powder’.  Linked to lead poisoning – which causes severe violent aggression.  These little beasts may have injected more into our diet than we realize.   I doubt you will find those same items in the shopping cart for Bill Gates, et al.

Cockroaches too are dangerous to a person’s health.  They carry diseases such as staph and salmonella.   Cockroaches in a restaurant can cause the health department to shut down the establishment.   But of course, farm raised cockroaches are big business in China where they are sold for $20 a pound.

These bug farms are considered Big Business, they are largely unregulated, and very profitable.   While Roaches eat food scraps which are plucked from the garbage cans at restaurants, crickets require a broad diet of grasses, fruit, flowers, seeds and meat.  Crickets require protein to live.

A 6 ounce burger or fillet is the equivalent of 363 crickets.   The number of crickets we would need to get the same amount of protein we’d get from one harvested cow is 36,676.   if you believe all life has value, but killing all those crickets is not quite as bad as killing one cow, then you must agree that the value of life differs case by case.

Crickets thrive best in a large environment and require constant bleaching of their habitat to remove normal bacteria – generally weekly.   They are susceptible to ants so their containers must be ant-proof.   Farm to vendor, crickets must be alive.  Dead ones carry life threatening bacteria to other crickets and people.

These are the scientific facts that are not being publicized when attempting to require bugs as a substitute to meat.   The most damaging of which is that many bugs – require meat protein, and the sheer number one needs to consume is insane.  Picture a 6 oz sirloin on a plate.   Now picture 363 crickets on a plate…