EVERYTOWN USA – Bloomberg Taking Your GUNS, Supreme Court & Constitution

As summer approaches NGO’s are already busily staging student protests against guns – all guns – as in they demand the confiscation from all legal legally authorized citizens.  The NGO paying the students o puppet their script is Everytown For Gun Safety founded by Mike Bloomberg.   One of the Back Room White House Handlers.   Everytown is composed of lawyers and lawyers of lawyers and directors of lawyers.     These guys could likely grind up Ghandi.

Each group of protestors is made up a small committee of trained script readers.   A hierarchy of three is all that is necessary to lead the paid crowd and deal with reporters.   And suddenly you have a bunch of teenagers protesting for – money and wearing their logo shirt to proclaim their alliance with Everytown.  Every media runs with the story…

Behind the distraction of children protesting, this hefty group of lawyers at Everytown are working on ONE issue – targeting Gun Control via courts and laws and judges.  They work alongside the ATF.   The purpose?  To take every conceivable court action against all the small dealers and bleed them dry of money so that they go bankrupt.   When the Big Five are left with control over all sales the CEO’s and Boards will be instructed to consolidate to three.   They will not have a choice – they have a directive.   Once each industry is monopolized they will be able to inflict the Control necessary to achieve their Agenda – limited to the US…

Everytown’s website states:

“30 percent of guns recovered by ATF in California have no serial number on them, making it impossible for law enforcement to trace.”

~Everytown Law

Meaning 30% of guns recovered in California belonged to criminals.   And another unknown percentage of guns also belong to criminals who have stolen guns with serial numbers.   The statement is a stumble bumble down into Alices Wonderland and is a filler.

Some of the lawsuits Everytown has litigated include:  victim lawsuits against gun manufacturers in Texas and Illinois, a victims settlement against an online ammunition seller, and working in Ohio to scrap the Stand Your Ground law.   This is the same method of usurping independence and freedom of rights that has already overtaken our judicial offices, DA’s, and courts.  The intention is to quirk the system to have hearings before prejudiced judges and wipe out the Gun Industry.

And the Supreme Court?  The conservative judges are being verbally, illegally, and physically assaulted to force intimidation.   But Everytown lawyers are working to eliminate the Supreme Court entirely.   IF there is no Supreme Court, when gun manufacturers lose a case, there is no higher court to overturn the injustice.    Any trial would be severely trampled without the Supreme Court apparatus to provide an unbiased opinion on a federal ground.

Simultaneously, The Cartel is attacking the Electoral College as another avenue to manipulate control to a singular entity.   And so the web is expanding.   Guns are certainly the largest hurdle for them to be able to Win.

While it appears Everytown is currently concentrating their legal crackdown in cities and towns this is not a federal directive – YET.  Without a Supreme Court there would not be any purpose or means for a Federal Constitutional appeal because there would no longer be a Federal Constitution.   Another domino – elimination of The Constitution since we have no Supreme Court.

As states became the sole means of judicial consequence – Reds would not survive in blue states.   Red vs blue division would force the redrawing of new lines and borders as the entire US territory is recreated and states are demolished.

Meaning the Reds have all the guns – and I’m missing something… 

The World Economic Forum has calculated that AI will replace 85 million jobs by 2025.  While exclaiming that millions of new jobs will be created with the advent of mass AI – WEF failed to define what those millions of added jobs would entail.   The vast majority will be to take care of the machines and AI bots.   Humans will become their maintenance workers, their servants, their slaves.  Work for the BOT.   Amazing transformation of humanity.

Humans will willingly agree to become slaves of AI given AI now controls war, air, water, sustenance.   Was this the real conversation between Musk and Schumer this past week?   How would this play out?   Are they ready?   Can the agenda survive with only a fraction onboard?   Russia?   China?

Seems like the Cartel is still stuck on a two dimensional war stage while the opponent is playing 3D.   Seeing the Big Picture – before the next Act instead of booing at the conclusion is only a small aspect of a good offense.    What we lack is a republican base that aggressively supports the The People.  Instead, our uni-government has joined the ranks of a rogue CIA and we have no representation.   Without representation all the illegal actions will continue without consequence.  

Talk is just…   TALK.      

POPE FRANCIS; Religious Morality Disqualified

WHY doesn’t Pope Francis say anything about the rise of Legal Pedophilia via UN Demands?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis comment about the Jesuit Churches helping illegal immigrants invading the US?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis express contempt for the Ukraine Nazi’s?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis announce the truth about degenerative Biden?   Why doesn’t Pope Francis reveal the value of the Vatican and Vatican City?   WHY does the Vatican hide documents of historical value?

Biden is representative of the US and the reason countries are afraid of the US.   The Biden headstone is a warning to all countries that unless you comply – this US monstrosity is exactly what we will do to your country too…   Pope Francis has a religious moral obligation to speak with honesty and integrity or disqualify himself as a Pope.   The longer he refuses, the more aligned with the false gods beneath the earth he becomes.   And the closer he pulls every Catholic into the bowels with him.

Where are the over 85,000 unaccompanied children that Pope Francis helped escort into the US?   Silence. Instead, Francis wants to repatriate Ukrainian children from Russia.   Kyiv has estimated there are 19,500 children who escaped the conflict and fled to Russia.  Zelenskyy wants them back in time for the Spring Offensive.   Why? To use as shields?

WHY isn’t Pope Francis condemning Zelenskyy’s imprisonment of Orthodox Priests?

How many children have been repatriated to Poland, Germany, UK?   WHY is this something that the Pope needs to address?   Did he address the Syrian children as Obama bombed city after city to rubble?   Did he address the children maimed and murdered by Ukraine and the Azov Batallion?

How can the entire Vatican do and say nothing about these immoral inconsistencies?   Are the Bishops mute?

Yesterday, Zelenskyy’s military minions bombed a bus in the Donetsk region killing seven including a child.   Is this where Zelenskyy plans to relocate the 19,500 Russian children?   Why target a bus? The logic is amazing – Zelenskyy wants the region returned to Ukraine – the same region that his government has been bombing and shelling for 9 YEARS killing over 15,000!  Pope Francis – silent.

In visiting Hungary today, Francis warned of the rise of nationalism across the EU.   Calling for the “European Soul”  that rose after WWII, Francis lectured Orban about the grave injustice in not accepting whatever migrants the Vatican wants to deposit everywhere but – Vatican City!

Pope Francis has insisted that migrants fleeing poverty are a priority and should be embraced.   Migrant crime should be ignored.   Migrant’s social and cultural disparities should be ignored.   And countries should all alter their own culture in order to embrace African migrant culture.

Time and again the Liberals provide pinky swear statistics declaring the US religiosity has declined by 20% to 30%!   Have they considered why?   According to the church the reason is because parents are choosing to not raise their children with any faith.   Parents are simply not giving their children the experience to choose.   It is a fallout from the 1960’s .  The Youth market.

The Vatican claims its basement filled with ‘secret archived documents’ is not really secret it is just private and thus not available to the common man.   In the 11th century, all secret documents were stored at three separate facilities. Between the 11th and the 13th centuries, a large part of these archives vanished.  It wasn’t until 1612 that Pope Paul V declared that all secret archives must be housed at one location.   Today, housing 16 million pages stretching over 53 miles of shelves, the accumulation of history is massive.  But we are Not Allowed to view it.

The fallout of religion is exasperated by the abject silence of Christian churches across the country.   Nary a word with few exceptions.   Evil will go away if we just don’t talk about it…   Lifeway Church states that the pulpit is silent because they are afraid.   Afraid that if they speak they will lose their tax status.   For example: Bayside Community Church in Florida reports nearly $80 million in assets and annual receipts of $27.4 million – Clearly a church deserves to have a nestegg to offset expenses in times of hardship, but the accumulation of millions tax free is NOT the intent of charitable status.

While many largess churches have become burgeoning sources of greed, their counterpart, NGO’s, are far worse hording $Trillions of untaxed profits.   Vatican City pays -0- taxes.

It was The Revenue Act of 1917 that established the charitable deduction and tax exempt status.   The purpose of the Act was to raise more money for WWI, a European War, paid for by Americans. The purpose of the charitable deduction was to make sure those who gave the most could reduce their income tax levy. Despite this, after WWI, the government took control of welfare, education, and scientific investments which were previously funded by private citizens.

These institutions became American Taxpayers charity when our government usurped charity and decreed it a government expenditure.   Education K-12:   $800 billion annually.   Welfare Budget – $1.215trillion.   Scientific Research = $708 billion.   Those charities translate to $2.72 trillion annually divided by working citizens is $20,600 per taxpayer. This does NOT include charity we pay toward other countries thru such agencies as USAID, NED, CSIS, etc…  

But this does reflect what happens when a rogue government is given charge of citizen money to use AND overuse at their discretion.   In the recent prank call to Federal Chairman Powell by the Russian’s, Powell jokingly stated that he has his own private printing press for whatever amount of money Ukraine needs…  

Powell may work for the Federal Reserve but he answers to his other employer, Bank of International Settlements.

Ukraine Peace deal or Nuclear War? Art of War = Deception

So the Cartel is becoming yawn bored with Ukraine.   Zelenskyy has worn out his welcome. Biden has enough cash and gold to bury every accusation against him and his family.   Not to mention the humility in admitting the Cartel is LOSING!   The Pharma Cartel got it’s money during CoVid. The Military Industrialists got their money fighting a lost war in Ukraine.   And now it is turn for the Building Industry to reap the rewards of ‘reconstruction’.

The West has been talking about reconstruction of Ukraine for at least six months.   Likely they have already hired on engineers and architects to draw the blueprints mimicking NEOM.   The only problem is where to get the Money!   Having tapped frozen Russia assets, taxpayers, and the sale of war bonds, the Cartel has NO intention of simply walking away from their investment.

But they don’t want to be pocketbook either.

NEOM is off-schedule.   Completion has now been pushed to 2039.   Change orders and modifications have topped out with some estimating the cost may double to $1 trillion.   The exact same number the Soros Cartel says it will cost to rebuild Ukraine.   With some of the same controversies – where to relocate all the remaining Ukrainians?   Russia?

Zelenskyy already has property in Florida and London, so he will slide into obscurity.   But all those damn citizens who didn’t leave already will need to be ‘moved’ in order for the rebuild project to materialize.   NEOM stands for “New Future”.   Ukraine’s city could be called S-POWR – “Spoils of War”.

Despite a weary West and Pentagon, Zelenskyy is intent on smearing Putin. Does this mean a peace deal will include Putin stepping down and releasing Navalny?   While it may be on the West Table – it will never pass a Russia inquisition.   So we await the “Spring Offensive” wherein the Cartel is begging for a Win but ‘Not Too Much’.

What the fark is that supposed to mean?   Don’t Win Too Much?

Why announce a day of the month to launch a ‘Spring Counter Offensive’?   Art of War:   “All war is based on deception”.   Russia’s military and Wagner Group are more versed in Art of War than Zelenskyy and Ukrainian military which is why they must take orders from the Pentagon.   The Pentagon is rife with deception tactics.  Mercenaries in Ukraine may have special ops training but they are not about tackling an entire military army. They are trained to incite conflicts or rescue prisoners.  Thus multiple deceptions arise:    The Spring Offensive is a distraction for nuclear war.   The Ukrainian military is completely useless.   The mercenaries are leaving on orders.  

The DoD has authorized the dispatch of a nuclear sub to the Persian Gulf via the Suez Canal in order to threaten Iran.   Other US nuclear subs are patrolling the Indian Ocean. While simultaneously two nuclear subs were sent to South Korea to ‘help deter North Korea’.   Of course these moves are deception.   The moves create a half circle surrounding the southern portion of Russia.

Trident missiles are submarine launched with a range of 6000 miles and can be armed with nuclear warheads. Launch time to target of 5000 miles is roughly 20 minutes.   Long enough for Russia to hit the red button.

Attacking North Korea is meaningless. They are not a threat and have had no direct involvement in any major wars.   Therefore stationing the Submarine in South Korea and declaring its presence internationally is an obvious distraction.   But these nuclear armed subs could compliment the Spring Offensive announced to take place against Russia May 12th. The Art of War “Deception” being that these subs are simply hanging out for deterrence.   Seems a rather immature unstrategic ploy but then our military has been grossly devalued over these Brandon years.

According to CSIS, the Ukrainian military needs air defenses or they will be crushed.   Yet they conclude:   “it is better to win the war at hand rather than lose it in favor of a future war that may never occur.” Given the inability to secure more air defense having depleted inventories, CSIS states that NATO must fill the void.   That means transporting missiles across the Polish border via the underground tunnel system.

NATO chief would tend to disagree claiming that 98% of all promised weapons have been delivered.  

The US military, Congress, and various intelligence apparatus do not seem to be on the same page – anywhere:   Congress wants 30 tanks sent to Ukraine immediately claiming the current timeline of September is NOT acceptable.   Politico states that a peace deal should be considered.   CSIS wants a forever war with Russia.   And the Pentagon doesn’t seem to have a clue –

Not exactly instilling a united front – a cohesive front – an intelligentsia front – or the PEACE they all demand for Sudan!   However, the nuclear subs stationed at precipitous ports flanking the south of Russia should not be taken lightly. The Cartel does NOT like Losing!   But the Cartel is not General Patton:   stationing subs near Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea – countries that despise the US, could be the backfire anticipated and incited.

THE CARTER CENTER: Creating Disease While Hording MONEY

The Carter Center is working throughout Africa and Asia to eradicate disease with partners: Bill & Melinda Gates, Open Society, Abbott, Prince Alwaleed – of the Clinton Foundation scandal, Pfizer, CDC, USAID…   The diseases they are busily eradicating seem to be gaining traction with measles cases spiking in 2019 and 2020,   Cholera also spiked in 2017 and 2019 – predominantly in Asia.   In 2020, a new outbreak of polio in Sudan, Chad and Cameroon was linked to the oral vaccine. The same oral vaccine that was banned in the US as of 2000.   Is the Carter Center and its partners causing diseases?

A biolab in Khartoum Sudan has been overtaken by one of the military juntas as war is raged   The lab holds samples of:   cholera, measles, and polio.   Funding for the lab comes from The Carter Center and its affiliates.   It was built in 2017.    Why is the US building biolabs all over Africa, Asia, and Europe?   Why does increased disease seem to follow the labs?

As of 2020, The Carter Center reported $35 million in annual investment income on on $1,178,000,000 investments – a 3% return.   NET Assets are $1.24 billion – and diseases are worsening in Africa…   Interesting correlation between a tax free NGO and its purpose – eradicating disease while accumulating vast sums of money.

Eradicating Disease now seems to be code for – mass genocide.

The Economist article “Quantifying The Rise of America’s Far Right” is an essay into Topsy-Turvy proportions of propaganda.   Extremism. Magat’s must be Eliminated.   The article claims that between 2010 and 2022, mass killings were more pronounced by far right madmen.   “A research centre that is part of the Anti-Defamation League, an ngo, showed that all 25 extremist-related murders in its database from 2022 had connections to the far right.”

There were 23 mass shooting in 2022:

Gang Shootout – 2

Prior Criminals – 3

Black No reason – 5

Unsolved – 1

Mental Health Background – 5

Asian Hate – 1

Bullied Child – 1

Revenge – 3

Gender dysphoria – 2

Not ONE identified as a white supremacist right wing wanger!  

The Economist lied.   For no reason other than pathological psychosis.   America’s Far Right now includes basically everyone – including far lefties…

Running after the lies is still important.   Complacency is rooted in false perceptions. When truth is unraveled, as humans we are then grounded and can mitigate the illusion.   See no evil – Hear no evil means we are complicit in evil.

The radical Ukraine propaganda provided by the Pentagon and CIA in coercion is designed to support War.   Just as the 9-11 assault was created to unite against a shared enemy.   Or the Iraq War – or the Syrian War – or the war in Yemen.   Palestine vs Israel promotes the Military Industrial Complex.   Missiles exchanged near daily cost $$$$$$$$.

The UN Peacekeepers who trafficked young girls after raping them was deemed acceptable by the UN.   No criminal charges.   No freedom for the girls trafficked.

The War on Drugs in Colombia is now 52 years old and the drug problem has worsened significantly!   Why? Because there never was a war on drugs there was simply a changing of the guard. The CIA saw the profit margins and took over the drug market.   For fifty years we accepted the illusion, the CIA version as a truthism. Now we have to question their role in ‘everything’.   When an employee goes rogue – they are fired.   When a company goes rogue – they crash their business.   When a country goes rogue – the globe teeters…

The values that create a growing society – trust, honor, integrity and security are core and yet every one has been breeched.   Our government, military, medical industry and every NGO are compromised.   Their actions are rooted in a singular intent – fraud.   Defrauding for the purpose of personal elevation – a disease – a sickness – that is mimicked by liberals whining and screaming and looting – and Killing. Learned.   Not prewired.

When crime is glorified and justice no longer exists, people become The Law.  

Fox News: Tucker Carlson – Soros – Dominion – and Abby Grossberg… A Tangled WEB

In 2022, Rupert Murdoch was considering merging Fox Corporation back to News Corp control.   Lachlan wasn’t fond of the idea – so it was dropped in favor of Fox Corp aggressively pursuing mergers and acquisitions.   Suddenly, in the midst of the Dominion Lawsuit, Fox decides to settle.   A week later, Fox fires two hosts and a producer without warning.

Is Fox strapped financially?   Since 2019, Fox Corp has been buying back shares. That buyback totaled 70 million shares as of 6/30/22.   As of April 2023, an additional 10 million were bought back.   The earnings per share dropped 41% between 2021 and 2022 despite the buybacks.   With a $787million write-off to Dominion, the EPS will likely tank.

Carlson isn’t the only one fired, producer Justin Wells was given the boot based on a lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg against the two claiming a hostile environment and anti-Semitism.   Grossberg’s attorney has stated that the fact that Fox fired the two is tantamount to a testament of ‘guilt’.   Grossberg has also claimed that Fox executives withheld evidence from the Dominion lawsuit, which she promptly gave to Dominion leading to an additional hundreds of millions in the settlement.   In other words, due to her actions alone – Fox News payout was $200million to $500 million MORE!

But its her job performance that matters…

Media Matters, the Soros led organization, has joined the bandwagon to declare that Tucker, Bartiromo, and Wells (Tucker’s producer) repeatedly used sexist slurs to refer to women and anti-Semitic discrimination.   One such discrimination cited includes having a Christmas Display that Grossberg felt was too large given she is jewish.   Misogyny – the left wing term that encompasses every conservative across the world was apparently heavily used in Grossberg’s 79 page discrimination lawsuit:
1. The basis of the claim is that she suffered ‘anxiety’ under Tucker’s team which was not remedied.

  1. She claims Fox’s ‘attorneys’ coerced, intimidated, and misinformed her in preparation for her deposition.
  2. Fox news retaliated against her after she filed defamation lawsuits against the company and various employees by illegally firing her.
  3. She claims the written warning given to her by HR was ‘bogus’.

The full filed lawsuit cites as relevant to Grossberg’s claim various historical claims brought against Fox beginning in 2004 – 15 years BEFORE Abby applied for the job.   A legal mistake given she would have had prior knowledge of Foxes internal mechanisms.   In fact, the vast majority of the vitriol claims in the lawsuit attach to Carlson whom she didn’t work for at the time.   In fact it was Grossberg who sought to work for Carlson in August 2022 after being unable to work with Bartiromo!

So why would she choose to be reassigned to someone she felt was a white supremacist misogynist sexual deviant?

The declaration states Grossberg was The Producer for World News Tonight with David Muir for 3 years prior to jumping ship to Fox.   However, according to ABC she co-wrote exactly 7 stories for ABC – and published/produced these 7 stories.   There is no mention of her working for David Muir of World News Tonight – in ANY capacity. And the seven sotries seem to be the sum total of her 3 year career at ABC.

What do Booking Producers Do?   Booking producers produce guest segments lasting 4-5 minutes.   They will vet and book the appropriate guest for a segment, conduct a pre-interview to gather talking points, and help the guest prepare.

The Lawsuit states that Grossberg ‘wrote’ Bartiromo’s guest segments. Grossberg frequently confided to Bartiromo of her need for help, of her inability to get the work done, and of the toxic male behavior.   She, Grossberg, wanted Executive Producer title and more money.   She was passed over.

The entire gist of the allegations are based on what Maria Bartiromo and Grossberg discussed as though Bartiromo is part of the Lawsuit?   After voluntarily leaving Bartiromo’s show, Grossberg applied for the Tucker Carlson booking position.   Having full knowledge of his style, his past and his present according to the Lawsuit – she applied for the job.

But the real bomb is the fact that Grossberg is claiming this toxic atmosphere at Fox forced her to give false testimony in the Dominion settlement. She was fired from Fox a month ago for failing to perform her duties via a previous writeup by HR.   Grossberg denies she is acting out of vengeance…

In an interview with NBC a week after her firing, Grossberg claims that everything she did wrong was due to ‘coercion’.  She does NOT detail what that ‘coercion’ might have been.   Coercion, by definition, is the use of force or threats. Typically coercion implies extortion, blackmail, torture or sexual assault. None of which transpired.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, also a sidekick of Soros, has called out Carlson as a ‘fascist’.   Soros and Carlson have had a hate filled relationship that has spiked some most recently.   Could Grossberg have been approached by a Soros Handler to help initiate her Lawsuit and subsequent reiterations of her claim?   The boot may have been ultimately orchestrated by Soros.  Tucker was Targeted!

Grossberg’s biography reveals some interesting details – the most standout of which is that the vast majority of positions lasted just one year which could explain her mental and emotional waves.   Other factors include that she worked for liberal outlets including CNN, NBC, and CBS working exclusively with far left celebrities in bookings.   She was NOT a producer.   While her title has been somewhat vague – her job was twofold to write content and to book interviews.

Her job may have involved a toxic atmosphere.   But her bio and the deposition of her lawsuit reveals she is not nearly as competent as she infers – and instead whines incessantly about deserving more than she is given.   She was seeing a therapist and her issues likely stem from a long list of failed jobs. She had the option to leave Fox. She had the option NOT to request and apply for a job with Carlson.   YET, she chose this course and is now completely unhirable…

The GREENs, The Nephilim And GOD

The GREENS have discovered that trees emit carbon and are busily trying to figure out how many trees need to be cut down in order to reach a full methane fart free, tree free, agriculture free, animal free, landfill free, grass free, human free environment wherein nothing is ALIVE.   So a number of them donned their fake fur coats made from oil and chemicals to warm themselves due to excessive cold fronts from ice melts that have regrown ice, and have moved next to volcanoes to keep warm while they figure it all out.

But the volcano erupted on them emitting massive amounts of carbon and lava catching their synthetic coats and pants and shoes on fire enveloping them in flames and dispersing their remains back into the bowels of earth from which they were born in carbon.

Within the hollow earth, the Nephilim who survived the great flood and evolved into satanic lizard people resurrected the Greens and sent them back out to the earth’s surface where they infiltrated large enclaves of opioid addicts and convinced them that guns and death were just a video game.   Arming these addicts, they exhaled blue blood from their nostrils in defiance to the idiom that we all have ‘red blood’ and are thus cinqo de mayo relatives.   But the chicken eggs in the mayo protested and rioted and killed all the chickens to prove that eggs are not viable.   So the chickens were slaughtered to protect them from being eaten by humans.

And The Greenies were happy.

The GREENS felt they had made great progress in transforming earth back to its roots of utopia and in good faith died a rancid death of starvation to show solidarity with their comrades – the Grass Blades and the peaches.

Soon, the lizard peoples began to crawl out of their Hell in earth and surface looking for food and water.   But the Greens had destroyed the vast majority of viable vegetation so the Lizards, looking for sustenance, returned to their hollow earth dwellings and boiled the Greens.   Adding a bit of spice preserved from the methane atmosphere, the Greens were delicious, albeit a bit bitter.   Undeterred, the Lizards found a healthy peat of undiluted methane rotting on the soil and mixed it into the Green Brew.

It was perfect!

Soon All The Greens disappeared from earth while the Lizards took power and asked the Rhino’s if they were adverse to a bit of ‘mud play’.   The odds were 2 trillion 300 billion 540 million to one.   The betting commenced!   The Rhino’s IQ of 12 was certainly a deficit gamut, but the Cartel Crocs were convinced they had cornered the odds.   So the Lizards offered the Crocs a deal:   if we win, we scavenge earth’s surface freely, and you must dwell for eternity inside the earth’s core.

The Crocs thought this a hilarious gamut and sweetened the deal:   if we win, you become our slaves for life.   The Rhino’s Agreed.   Whereupon they ate the Crocs and deposited their remains in the landfills of methane.

Lo!   Out of the Windamere Forest, a human emerged, his skin was ravaged in blood and his clothes shred into dust.   He emerged and faced a RHINO – I have a brain – and you have plagued earth since it’s inception with slime and gore and ethereum.   I challenge you to a duel!

The Paul Ryan Rhino laughed and produced his Green Card.   You see this!?   This card guarantees me that I will win!   You are nothing, your God and earth are nothing!   I eclipse you and will shred your existence from this planet once and for all!  Ryan unshackled his sword and fumbled with it afraid it might prick him.

Unperturbed, the Human smiled – GOD created methane.   GOD created Cows.   GOD created earth.   YOU, sir Rhino, created a Black Hole thru which Erik Hawking has provided a list of recipients who will be extincted.   I give you The List.   You are now given a choice – you may save yourself and condemn everyone on this list – or you will be sentenced and perish in the Lake of Fire.   What say you?

The List was engulfed in FLAMES!   As were every name.

McKinsey & Company: A Corporate Mercenary

France’s Macron is in the headlines for his spending on McKinsey & Co for consulting services in the amount of $2.4 BILLION.   Historically created in 1929 for accounting and tax assistance, McKinsey has significantly altered their management means over the years.   Expansion created greater risks of corruption.   Despite being cited with insider fraud on multiple occasions, McKinsey simply pays the fines and expands further!   Their fray into France’s election is still under investigation after more than a year.

With a peak annual revenue of $10.5 billion – France’s contribution of $2.4 billion raises even more eyebrows.   Amidst a windfall of far left denouncements, the McKinsey controversies seem to have widened.   Reuters, La Monde, Politico, and Bloomberg have all begun to slam McKinsey for going too far.   But then McKinsey could be France’s Ukraine – a mirage of laundered money.

Having groomed most politicians and a slew of CEO’s McKinsey is well known for their makeovers.   They teach their marionettes how to talk, walk, act, dress, cross their legs, gesture, smile and scream.   McKinsey dresses them, waxes them, and has their hair done.   Their scripts are honed, and their hazing is the source of blackmail.   In France, Macron’s ‘image’ was fading and he needed an election interference to garner another win.   For a mere $2.4 billion booster McKinsey was more than happy to comply.

Despite employing over 38,000, McKinsey has the need for outside advisory council and has thus expanded to create the External Advisory Group.   Comprised of six members the group hails from:   Oracle, Alphabet, Nestle, Prudential, HSBC, and Boeing – Tech, Tech, Food & Water, Insurance, Banking and Weapons.   Covered!~

Like nearly every other Liberal Stakeholder, McKinsey runs six offices with 700 consultants in China.  Given the current Cartel Losing Streak in which the BRICS have garnered over 50% of the global wealth, China is a mainstay TARGET.   Without Xi Jinping of course.

In this vein demonizing Xi Jinping is the newest dodgeball gamut.   Saudi crown prince Bin Salman is building a futuristic city NEOM.   According to leftists Insiders, Bin Salman has tasked China with creating the surveillance program within NEOM and has labeled it “a much Darker Reality”.   This comes after the Pentagon Paper Caper reveals the US is surveilling foreign allied presidents, heads of state, and the EU Commission head, all without proper approval…McKinsey and co –

A coup attempt with assistance from NED, CIA, and CSIS is likely in the making. IF the West can effectively takeover China without Jinping they will have the power to unravel the BRICS.

Embracing sustainability, inclusiveness and corporate equity, each of their internal divisions contain zero to one female and no blacks. A typical illusion.

The fact that our government is so overflowing with agencies and people that do little to nothing it is curious why any government would need to hire ‘outside consultants’.   Don’t the agencies within the government have the expertise?   In America it is rather obvious that the Biden Handlers choose illiterate, uneducated, and incompetent heads of agencies and divisions who collect their check and nothing more.

As such the shadow government is required to actually run western countries.

In creating high tech CEO’s, like a good Mafia Cartel, McKinsey graduates owe their loyalty to their Handlers, their crafters, who created not just their external persona, but their careers.   Notable CEO’s include:   Google, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, Boeing, Abbott Labs, US Federal Reserve…

Pete Buttigieg was a McKinsey graduate according to his bio.   While Buttigieg claims he worked in the energy and economic development sector, McKinsey claims he worked briefly with Blue Cross having graduated from Harvard with a liberal arts degree in 2004.   While further claiming to have attended Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship Buttigieg never lived in England and instead moved to DC.   Oxford’s list of famous alumni oddly omits Buttigieg.   In addition, Buttigieg seems to have missed the list of McKinsey Alumni completely as created by RocketBlocks.   But then his performance as Secretary of Transportation having absolutely zero experience in anything outside of liberal arts…   is well noted.

Perhaps McKinsey not only creates makeovers, but also creates personna’s and resumes.

This ‘Resume’ creation in order to fabricate a healthy, vibrant and experienced report wherein nearly everyone in Congress graduates summa cum laude – honors – top 5 in class – is so sloppy it simply devolves to mediocrity.   Kamala Harris comes to mind – when expressing that an abortion drug was approved by the “Federal Drug Administration” – instead of the Food and Drug Administration….   OUCH!

In the end, McKinsey operates much like a Mercenary or Global Handlers:   they have no loyalty to a country or a corporation outside of themselves, they will do anything for the right amount of money, and maintaining an opaque que around them is essential to staying ALIVE!

POLITICO: Red States Responsible For Vast Majority of Crime

POLITICO:  Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States:   Politico and their Left Masters would have us believe that NYC and Chicago crime stats prove that these are safe cities compared to overall US stats…   The Illusion of Crime!   But NYC, LA and other major cities are no longer reporting crime to the FBI for statistical gathering.  In fact the last year for reporting was in 2019 – and now over 40% of cities are NOT reporting to the FBI’s Fact Sheet.

This not only goes in the face of the cities but makes the overall rates wholly inaccurate and the Politico argument a farcical mess of worthless tabulation.

The entire states of California, New York and New Jersey do NOT participate in the NIBRS program reporting crime stats to the FBI.    The NYPD claims that it is transitioning to a new reporting system – but that was 3+ years ago.   Pennsylvania and Florida just 26% reported.   The data obviously is compromised and Politicos entire argument regarding crime has no bearing on reality.

Left Liberal’s have been quick to note that red states have the highest crime rates – therefore their gun laws don’t work.   But Red States does not equate to Red Cities.   The vast majority of large cities have far left mayors, DA’s and Council Members.    These DA’s don’t prosecute thousands upon thousands of crimes – so they don’t make the tally of stats and completely devalue that city’s statistics.

The Louisville shooter manifesto stipulates that he wanted to kill people on behalf of liberal leftists so they could advance their gun confiscation agenda…  His parents claim he was unstable and on Pharma medications.   The trans manifesto has yet to be released and it is doubtful the public will gain access.  WHY?   Because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

POLITICO:   “in cities and rural areas alike — where the rate of deadly gun violence is most acute, regions where Republicans have dominated state governments for decades.”

According to Politico, the solitary reason for the increased violence in Red States is:   the advent of shotguns, revolvers, ammunition cartridges, breach-loaded rifles and the American republic itself.   Because ‘the people’ who settled America – the Europeans – had significant social, economic, religious, ethno and ideological difference that made them hate each other and thus create this constant internal war.   Oddly the author completely left out Africans?   Asians?   Hispanics?  And DEMOGRAPHICS.

Segregation and no guns would seem to be the Far Left solution to such disparities of crime.    Or perhaps they think that Italians will start fighting the Polish in America?   Having created a crime spree among Blacks the Cartel has decided this needs to be expanded into all out chaos among each ethnicity.   An amazing litany of misinformation and the next level of hate to be pushed on America – each other.

War and fighting have been a mainstay of civilization from Cain & Abel to the Romans and Macedonians to Muhammed and Genghis Khan.   And the causal factor was always the same – to conquer and own!   Using whatever weapon was available.

Both the mayors of NYC and Chicago have declared that they had lost control of crime given the lack of consequence or justice imposed by Soros appointed DA’s.   There are currently 70 such prosecuting DA’s in cities across the nation.   With the exception of a few die-hard Red States the vast majority of Soros legacy picks line most of east coast thru Texas – as well as San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, which are riddled with these Defund Police & Elevate Crime urban bomb fuses.

The Politico author, Colin Woodard, has ignored states and cities and DA’s in his bizarre caste of America and has instead divided the US into nine fiefdoms based on original settlers.   TO somehow flip a fiefdom to a red/blue state in the middle of his gun confiscation agenda is the muddiest of propaganda one could roll in.  Woodward is himself a puppet of the WAPO, Economist, Bloomberg diaspora wherein he routinely advances their means of anarchy and Marxist Communism.

The only way to divest this agenda would be to deploy National Guards via governors in a call to militias.   Certainly such a division would tear the fabric of America to shreds.   Many believe we have allowed these illusions and propaganda tactics for too long to make any change.   But history teaches us otherwise.   Sitting idly is what Americans have done for centuries…  Sitting idly has helped fuel the illusions.   Sitting idly has cost America its place on the stage.

Gun violence has escalated.   However, if one wanted to look at the most recent spike it began in the mid-1960’s at the exact same time that morality puddled.  The source of the puddle?   The Mafia Cartel.   The pawns?   Musicians & Actors.  The “moral to the story” westerns and post WWII movies with the Jimmy Stewarts of cinema were replaced with sin, porn, incest, prostitution and – crime.   Criminals were glorified.   Sex was worshipped.

This time period marks the moment the Cartel came into full control of America.  It also reveals a means to ‘unwind’.   It shows what must be done to retract the damage.   And the concept that this deviant behavior was centuries in the making is now more closely abbreviated to just 60 years.

It is a Top-Down AND Bottom-Up raveling.  Knowledge is power.   Once the TOP is positioned, the bottom up can be reclaimed.   Don’t be drawn into the illusion of hopelessness.   Complacency.   We know exactly who is the Cartel – and we can repair the damage.  They have lost the global war and will be regrouping.   ART OF WAR says…

SUDAN CRISIS: West Losing Africa to Russia and China

The Clashes in Sudan suddenly broke out despite no obvious instigation/rationale.   EXCEPT – for the fact that Russia and Sudan inked a deal in February wherein Russia would be granted the right to install a Navy Base in the port city of Sudan on the Red Sea.   The only caveat for the agreement was that the two military juntas, form a ratified government and legislative body.   Which suddenly became impossible.  

The two military’s in opposition include the Rapid Support Forces, RSF, and the Sudan Armed Forces, SAF.   Russia negotiated with and supports the para military militia – RSF. While the US supports the SAF Military which co-opted the couped Sudanese president, al-Bashir.

It thus is highly likely that the US contingent was unhappy with the Russia Agreement and incited an internal civil war in response.  

When giving their wholly unbiased view of the Sudanese uprising, CSIS offers a plethora of propaganda and classic media sewer spillage:   “The RSF is the successor force to the Janjaweed Arab militia forces that former dictator Omar al-Bashir organized to carry out his scorched-earth policies in Darfur in the early 2000s.” 

This delineation of Sudan’s issues, seem rooted in CSIS support of the Coup.   Reading about the ‘protests’ that led to the coup, one must face the indomitable reality that this was all created by US NGO’s.   Once AGAIN!

Why does the US want Sudan?

Rich oil reserves.   You know, that nasty polluting fossil fuel that must be eliminated from the globe…   The North & South split of Sudan was actuated by Obama.   The Sudan story seems to follow a linear path parallel to Assad in Syria. He was an ally and a friend of the US – until he was Not – and then the means of succession became – destruction and/or assassination.   CSIS/NED do not want Russia gaining traction in Africa because the elites want to make sure Africa’s resources belong to them!

In fact, if one were to research every major coup – the purpose would be found to be – enforced alignment with the US.

The first Vice President of Sudan was Dr. Garang, an agriculture economist who studied in the US including at the Infantry Officers Facility in Fort Benning, Georgia.   He believed in doing right by his people while also believing that the US government was honest in its motives.   A Fatal flaw.   He was assassinated in 2005.

Assad and Garang aren’t the only allies who suddenly became an enemy of the Cartel.   Putin was once upon a time embraced.   As was Xi Jinping.   The NED coup makers only tolerate those leaders who joyfully hand their country over to the Cartel for immediate absorption and re-education.   A Live or Die scenario that is quite James Bond. Your life will be spared if you Pledge Allegiance To The Cartel and to the annihilation of your People. Otherwise you and your country will be – destroyed.

In terms of resources, Sudan is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world; OIL, gold, uranium, iron ore, chromite, black soil, gypsum, marble – and hydroelectricity!   Everything the future depopulated Elite require in a fair and equitable society of Monarchs and Peasants.

The West is running scared because African Leaders are beginning to see the disease that has overtaken western governments – and they want no part of it.   That disease makes for lost wealth. Recently the President of Namibia gave a scathing rebuke to Germany’s Diplomat, Norbert Lammert, telling him he was basically a fool for whining about Chinese in Namibia.   Last year Germany agreed to pay $1.1 billion in reparations to Namibia for slaughtering tribespeople. It appears Germany thought this would buy them a seat on the Africa Pyramid of elitism.   It didn’t.

Last year, Secretary of State Blinken butchered Rwanda over President Kagame’s infractions in human rights and democracy.   That didn’t sit well either given the state of America.   The Banana Republic of America is reeling in massive human rights violations and corruption within the government.   We have LOST our ability to ever again point a finger at any country!

Africa is now choosing China and Russia over the West.   Obama is losing his precious roots and Hillary has destroyed the rights of women.   Biden and family are hoping for a Ukraine windfall as another block of US cash is illegally redirected to Zelenskyy and Blinken is begging China to be our friend again while simultaneously blaming China for CoVid…

The Great RESET can never be attained because the Fools and Jesters have lost more than HALF the allegiances required to effectuate a global coup.   Klaus Schwab and Soros will die having never achieved their dream.   And the ONLY way to Save America is to “PURGE”.     Not just DC – but ALL NGO’s.

ELECTION 2024 Trump & Kennedy? Or The Cartel’s Great Depression?

Wading into the 2024 fray of candidates, the most striking intrigue is Bobby Kennedy Jr.   Displaying all the good and some of the not so good characteristics of the Kennedy family, Bobby Kennedy’s decision has the potential to completely obliterate the democrat party as it is currently defined.   In reality, of course, there is absolutely nothing democratic about the Democrat Party and they should reclaim their roots as the Communist Party of Bolsheviks.   Kennedy is old school Democrat Party…

Marianne Williamson is not a viable challenger to a Biden run, but before Kennedy, she was the ONLY challenger.   Whether Biden is allowed to run by his handlers is likely determinant on the degree of destruction that the Cartel wants to and can invoke on America.   If they feel content with their chaos, Biden will bow out. If not, they will clatter back to their internet derived hack election in order to run a tally of 335 million votes all directed for Biden…

That is the degree to which they find this all so very amusing.   Bobby Kennedy in the election ring could be their Russia.   He likely knows more about Congressional Politicians than they do.   He knows their dirt and their lies.   He also knows the Cartel will be relentless in its purveyance of MUD and the importance of sheltering his children from the posse.

A good man with good intentions, is a breath of sea air – fresh and buoyant.  

The collapse of moral society in America is not over.   BLM was activated to destroy blacks.   Antifa to destroy young overly privileged lost souls.   Gays became an acronym of LGBTQRS….   Trans persons were suddenly elevated to demonization levels. And the next chapter is the ‘legalization of pedophilia’.   Promoted by the agency that claims to be: “the world’s only truly universal global organization, the United Nations” ~ per their website.

Your children or your life?

One man acting as President of America cannot recreate our moral depravity – it takes a town.   A village that is headed by two men;   Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jr.   A town wherein the people support prosperity and growth.   Where old school ideologies come together.

Kennedy is already finding the wrath of the CIA in following his father’s and uncle’s footsteps.   That wrath should grow exponentially as they fear the damage that he could impose in unseating the entire agency.   Of course most CIA agents would simply move to their counterparts –  NED and CSIS as they await instructions.   USAID would increase the budgets for these two heavy weights unless USAID was also dismantled.

More importantly for 2024 is how to secure the election?   It would appear that city and county voting offices are staffed with crazed agents of corruption and fraud.   Perhaps necessitating police observers.   ID’s should be photographed and uploaded into a computer system for verification.   Creating such a database should be relatively easy – starting with the IRS.

Still the Cartel has much planned to squeeze in before the 2024 election:   another pandemic, a solid recession, UFO panic, more bank failures, food shortages, chaos in the streets ( I am reminded of Star Trek’s Landru), and the final collapse of city dwellers.  

The Great Depression is cited as having many causes with most claiming the stock market collapse as the impetus.   But what caused the stock market crash, how was it handled by the Federal administration and why did it last for ten years?

The Federal Reserve.

WWI was over.   The economy was good. And the Stock market was in its infancy still.   Everyone was making money!   Those who had none borrowed against anything and everything they owned.   Suddenly the Federal Reserve decided that people were making too much money and incurring debt so they raised interest rates.

As a result, of normal market fluctuations, margins were called.   Debts were called.   And selling was the only solution. Driving more selling until banks began to lose. When the banks lost, the Federal Reserve increased interest even more. Selling turned to panic by the time the Federal Reserve had doubled the interest rates over a relatively short period of time.

The Market loss was untenable – but still a Great Depression had not arisen.   Companies had to layoff workers – no jobs led to high unemployment and a recession.   However another man-made cause was erected: The Smoot Hawley Tariff Act.

This Act killed international trade. And the rest is brutal.

In this vein – the WEF Klaus Schwab has detailed his vision for people to live through another Great Depression.   Because this created cycle is how billionaires are made. This is what they are preparing behind the façade of the social morality collapse.   Suffering is their utopia. Whether the Cartel can achieve this end by the 2024 election is on the table.

While pushing the economy harder into a parallel of The Great Depression, the time frame keeps moving with the goal posts –   We are now told that a recession will definitely hit this year – not 2024 as was originally speculated.   However, making it a global Depression is hampered by the rise of the BRICS.   Hedging their bets, most NGO’s and Congressional stooges are betting on China as their safe haven.  

VISA’s For China and corresponding VISA’s issued between China and US are good for ten years… If Kennedy and/or Trump make it to the White House it will be a long haul road ahead…