Hollywood Backs Hillary – Money Flows

When did Hollywood actors become the mouthpieces of politics? We no longer call upon ‘experts’ to analyze our economy, our environment, our foreign policy, our race relations, we ask an actor. We ask someone who makes a living pretending to be something and someone they are not.

And I know more than a few friends who lap it up like candy.

It isn’t a new phenomena, beginning in the 1930’s when newsreels of WWII speeled propaganda at the masses. But those were created by the government, not Hollywood, they simply complied. So, when did being a Liberal become the popular movement in Hollywood?

The dominant attitude of the 40’s and 50’s was quite conservative, with a mere spattering of liberal views. At the time, the liberals were considered the minority, just a few ‘misfits’. But then a dramatic shift began to take place. Liberals considered themselves to be the ‘intellectuals’ the thinkers, the true artists, while everyone else were sheep. That sense of arrogance and pride spilled into the director chairs and the producer pockets and an elite was created. And with that elite, sex and violence on the screen were the only things that titillated their intellect.

These once ‘celluloid heroes’, suddenly saw themselves as harnessing global reputations, the masses gushed over them, and demi-gods were born. Beyonce is a high school drop-out who – sings. Kim Kardashian ‘attended’ high school – her ‘career’ was created by a ‘leaked sex tape’. DiCaprio dropped out of high school and ultimately got his GED… These are the liberal ‘intellectuals’ of today that profess to teach us about our environment, our world, our foreign relations.

It’s one thing to become involved in a passionate belief, it is quite another to be given a podium or platform to spew from without any formal education. There are good intentions – Angelina Jolie, who works and financially supports her causes, does a film to raise more money to put back into her causes. That’s admirable. I don’t have to agree with her causes, it is more about putting your money where your mouth is.

So why is this relevant?

Because Hillary and Obama continue to use these Hollywood prop-dolls and toys to advance their agendas. Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Paul Simon, Debra Messing, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Longoria, Dunham, Banks and etc… etc.  My respect wanes.

The campaign attitude would seem to be, ‘if these Hollywooders like me, then you have to too’.    One ego feeds the other. But both Obama and Hillary run on the platform that they are just like you and I. They are ordinary people who just happen to hobnob with celebrities, who live in compounds with a force of security detail that rivals the Pentagon, who have offshore accounts hiding millions, and who create fake foundations to give the masses the impression they are philanthropic.

And while Hillary claims she will take on climate change (whatever that means) she demands private, super-sonic, spiffy jets for her daily convenience, lobbies against guns while requiring her massive security detail to pack guns, lobbies against campaign fundraising after raising about $375 million to date, denounces nepotism while openly stating she will put her husband into office if she is elected, has said that corporations and businesses do NOT create jobs but wants to prop up the manufacturing sector so they will add more – jobs, and basically advocates that every one of her plans that will cost billions upon billions – will be paid for by higher taxes… which she won’t pay because she will have transferred most of her wealth to offshore accounts.

As her Hollywood friends would seem to have done as well.

Such is the game – do as I say, not as I do…

Of course, the bottom line is money – and Hollywood has more than enough to go around. The top fifteen actors net worth is over $17 billion – of course their true value is not calculable given they hide money in – offshore accounts! But a dollar goes a long way in buying a minute of the President’s time or the promise of an ambassadorship, (the UN seems to be the plaza hotel for celebrities). Those with the mostest are given the biggest.

Sadder still is the fact that these demi-gods believe they are so much smarter than the masses that we don’t know they are prostituting themselves – buying a position and power.   I wish they were just celluloid heroes again…

Deutsche Bank – A Microcosm of the Fall of the EU …

Once again, while our rapt focus has been on the real life drama of Trump vs. Hillary the economy continues to be sidelined. In particular, the performance of our biggest and ‘brightest’ banks.

In 2007, as bank shares began their infamous plummet, Citigroup shares dove from a high of $557 to just $15, Bank of America went from $54 to $3, Deutsche Bank from $160 to $22 and Credit Suisse from $78 to $20, JP Morgan Chase from $52 to $15 and Wells Fargo from $37 to $8.

What is interesting is the performance since then.

Deutsche Bank is in the proverbial twalette. Shares are trading in the $13 range and speculation is that it is sinking much like the Titanic. Gross Revenues are actually up since 2007, but write-offs and expenses are eating up the company. Convicted of LIBOR manipulation, and fined $2.5 billion in 2015, management would seem a bit dicey. Managed by ‘co-CEO’s, Fitschen and Jain’ until 2016, the bank has gone from being the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world as of 2009, to a potential complete cave in 2016. Jain joined as a co-CEO in 2011 while Fitschen became CEO in 2009, the same year Fitschen was being investigated for sales tax evasion… Not a good choice mate.

As co-CEO’s their compensation packages continued to rise as the bank continued to tank. Reaching about 7.5 million euro’s apiece (about $10 million each), employment rose as shares fell, pensions rose as shares fell, and write-offs rose – as shares fell. The new CEO as of this year is a Brit by the name of John Cryan. And anxiety reigns as the bank continues its perilous slide into the abyss.

Wells Fargo. In 2009, Wells Fargo shares tanked from $40 to about $8. However, today the stock trades at $47.90 and has been as high as $57.94. A success story! But greed is greed no matter where you are in the CEO business. John Stumpf, CEO since 2007, has a reported compensation package well over $23 million, which is 473 times the median wage, the bank has been mired in a number of lawsuits including discrimination, tax avoidance, political activism, making loans to unqualified individuals, etc…

And while revenue continues to rise and CEO compensation and incentive packages increase annually, employee benefits have tanked with a tremendous portion of employees making just $15 per hour.

That being said, why is one powerhouse failing and the other skyrocketing?

Deutsche Bank is linked heavily to European countries whose EU contribution is significantly less than their expenditures: Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, and Czech Republic. These countries borrow and spend upwards of 6 times their contributions to the union. It is a farcical game of pockets or find the ball beneath the cups when the ball isn’t even there, because slight of hand magic has removed it from the table completely.

Deutsche Bank is simply a microcosm of what is happening to the EU.

Of 28 countries, including the UK, contributing to the EU Commission, 19 countries (68%) operate each and every year in the red. In essence, France, Italy and Germany will now be tasked with propping up the entire European Union given BREXIT.

Credit Suisse, another European banking powerhouse once traded at $80 per share. It fell to $20 at the peak of the crisis… and has continued to fall since – standing at just $11.60 per share today.

So while the massive immigration of refugees is credited with the coming fall of Europe, the fact is, they are simply the icing, the fall had already started and has been steadily gaining momentum. The impact? A devastating ripple…  This is not a coincidence, it is well planned and a shift is in the making – will it be the new and improved Ottoman Empire?  Or something else, something beyond our imagination.  Something good?  Something evil?

And while France and Germany have seemingly been the main targets of ISIS ( no coincidence), I imagine Italy will find itself the next victim.  Bringing down the support system and infiltrating it with chaos is – the Art of War.  As in – Buyer Beware…

DNC Hack Espionage…

Hillary’s private email server was secure… but the DNC, the State Department, US Military, the IRS, Anthem, Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase and the White House servers are breached continually by “suspected Russian hackers”, according to the FBI?   In fact, the breaches go unnoticed for upwards of a year before our top notch, super-duper, cyber security officials wake up…

How much do these security individuals make? Upwards of $350,000.

Who are the hackers?

Guccifer, the hacker who claimed to have breached Hillary, Colin Powell, members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a host of prominent officials, had an IP address that was tracked to Russia.   Gasp, the FBI declared it was a Russian Hack Attack!  But he wasn’t Russian and he had no computer background whatsoever, he learned his trade from the Internet and sat in a remote town of Romania where he lived. So much for Intel.

Extradited to the US, he is supposedly languishing in Alexandria City Jail in Virginia. Although I imagine his services as a hacker are a negotiating talent, and his days will soon be fraught with champagne and caviar.

Guccifer 2.0 claims to be the newest DNC hacker with a physical address of “Eastern Europe”. So why does the media and the White House continually assert the blame on Russia?   Because it is a bit embarrassing to admit that your multi-million dollar security system was breached by a solitary individual just messing around for fun on a laptop. Pointing the finger at the Chinese government or the Russian government and decrying whimpers of ‘they were incredibly sophisticated’ sounds much more threatening and stirs up controversy and a ‘real enemy’.  Bahhhh.

The ‘hackers of the DNC’ had apparently been inside with full access for a year – or more. That’s pretty embarrassing. They breached financial data and emails. They made a mockery of the Democrat Party and their intense obsession with money, and they exposed the blatant hypocrisy of their arrogance.

DNC officials and the Hillary redirecting blame will probably surface in the next batch of hacked emails.

The FBI has actually made no allegation that the cyber attack came from Russia, the only source of this allegation is from – ta-da…Hillary. But the fact of the matter is, everyone is spying and hacking on everyone, because that’s what we do!   No one is secure, and no one is free of hackers. Period.

It reminds me of the stories my dad used to tell me about his days in East Berlin before the Wall when he was in Defense Intelligence. They routinely held ‘spook parties’. Spooks from every country, Britain, France, Australia, Germany, Russia, US, Canada, etc… would attend these soirees and pretend they didn’t know everyone was a spook.   Everyone would chit-chat and wait for the one who couldn’t hold his liquor to lose his tongue.  Having a flair for humor, my dad took to wearing a long black cape, a black fedora, and sport his faithful weapon – a riding crop. Of course, his gun was always a part of his attire as well.

Cyber hacking has become so commonplace, so easy, so ho-hum, and everyone is hacking each other. Obama’s plan to assert sanctions on countries who hack would be hypocrisy at its finest given we would have to sanction – ourselves.

A better plan? Find some decent Eastern European Romanians willing to work for the US government at ¼ of the going rate because it would seem they are better than the ‘experts’ being employed now.

Plan B? Don’t use your email account for slanderous juvenile memos. Create a new form of communication. Use code. And don’t be so incredibly stupid. Because everything you say – will be hacked, especially if you are in any way connected to the government, politics, and political donations. It’s a fools world. And if being within inches of the President makes you feel all warm and fuzzy? You really need a life…

Feels like junior high school at its finest.

Media Censorship – American Style

Hillaryites control most of the mainstream media representation and thus they conveniently declare what Hillary and her posse dictate.

The list is incriminating: CIA, NBC, News Corp., CBS, Sony, HBO, Fox, Google, Turner Broadcasting, Thomson Reuters, Huffington Post, Washington Post, NPR, Associated Press, ABC, New York Times, Media Matters, MSNBC, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Salon, CNN, Vox, the list goes on and on.   It would probably be a shorter list to declare who the Hillaryites don’t control…

Why does this matter?

Because the media knows the manipulation of thought and opinion can create or destroy a candidate, a person, anyone they set their sights on should the command from above be given. Even Wikileaks has lost its power when the media and Google squash it from publication in the Internet, much less news print. The latest culprit to enter into the censorship frenzy would seem to be Twitter. Editing and deleting, disallowing and taking down tweets that are deemed anti-Hillary.

Remember the adage: No News Is Good News… Finding positive news to report about Hillary has become a grandiose feat with the alternative being – say nothing and keep those anti-Trump protesters fueled and ferocious.

It used to be called “propaganda” during WWII when leaflets and government news organizations were the only source of information from the outside. In Communist countries we call it censorship; China, Ukraine, Cuba, Germany, the Middle East. (Yes, I inserted Germany because their media and government have become a hot-bed of censorship as they attempt to suppress anything negative that involves Muslims, immigrants, rape, crime, disease, etc…). In the US, we call this void of Truth selective opinion. Or, “need to know”.

It is our ‘feed’, we plug our brains into an outlet and let them tell us what we should believe, who we should believe and what is good and what is evil. It is the ‘cattle syndrome’ that was advocated by such Marxist thinkers as Karl Popper, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, … fill in the blanks with the current dictators of thought – Merkel, Obama, Clinton, Soros … they have created their own Topsy-Turvy value system in which we are led to believe good is evil and evil is good.

Who is ‘the Good Guy’?

As the Bern discovers that the candidate that he now endorses actually illegally sequestered the entire DNC and fought to have him discredited and dismissed, he may realize that he is on the wrong team – too late.

And while Trump is admittedly a bit ‘rough around the edges’, anyone who can produce the quality of children that he has – without so much as a dent, deserves attention and re-consideration. When we look at Trump’s FIVE amazing children – there is nothing more convincing. And we need to take notice.

As the Republican Candidate, Trump is now being briefed to the secrets of foreign policy that will never be shared with the public. It will be interesting to see how that information affects his dictates going forward. What will change?   We know that these ‘secrets’ include the CIA involvement in Syria, the special ops that helped the Saudis take out Yemen, annihilating Ukraine while blaming Russia – a double whammy, spiraling Venezuela into absolute poverty, Brazil – Turkey – and even the plan for Germany and Merkel. Because it is an absolute that when an elected official becomes privy to such knowledge, the world is put upside down, and what we thought was Good… and what we thought was real – is really nothing at all.

How will Trump digest and process these Protocols of Truth? Will he be bought by Soros and the Rothschild’s?

The difference is that he owes an honor to his children and balancing that honor and the murky mire that has grasped our world in shadows will be the ultimate test of integrity. As Cruz so disdainfully fell, as Romney sold out, as McCain crept into the cornfield – the party lines no longer exist and their ‘feed’ has been white-washed whereby evil is good.

From beneath the shadows, conspiracy theory’s gain momentum – mythology tends to find root in reality – and a Topsy-Turvydom of reality begins to unfold.

Unfortunately, even the Truth meters are a product of the mainstream media manipulation; FactCheck, PolitiFact, Truth-O-Meter, Truth and Politics, are all rooted in a political pocket. They sprouted up to obscure and attempt to bring credence to a manipulated media. Fake conspiracy theories are propped up to discredit the real ones. And it is the same manipulated media that creates the fact checkers…which are manipulated media.

The Game.

WE are a censored media. WE are manipulated through Propaganda. And like China, Cuba, Ukraine, Middle East, and Germany, everything you hear, see, and are led to believe is Truth, has been censored and reconstructed for one purpose.

Turkey Coup – Erdogan vs Gulen; A WWIII

Was the CIA behind the failed coup in Turkey?

It is no secret that Erdogan is unstable, an egomaniac, a loose screw that could unravel at any given moment. Prone to siding with whomever will give him the most revenue, he has no real loyalty except to the almighty $$$$$. Where the money goest, so shall Erdogan.

With the EU Commission backing down from the $6 billion bribe and the pinky swear promise not to ‘let’/send/push refugees out of Turkey to infiltrate Europe, Erdogan looked for his former ally to prop him back up – Russia. But Putin is no fool either and is well aware of the fickle mentality and the tactical games Erdogan is prone to play. Unfortunately, this time he may have lost the poker game altogether.

But nothing is that easy to unravel, the coup may have had the backing of Clinton who would seem bent on aiding Muslim countries who want to infiltrate Sharia Law.

A failed coup in 2014 did nothing to help in controlling Turkey, enter Fethullah Gulen, a former friend of Erdogan who himself saw the glory of potentially ruling Turkey. Enter the US and CIA who see Gulen as a possible alternative to Erdogan whose less strident more moderate interpretation of Islam seems better suited to a western control.

Immigrating to the US in 1999, Gulen placed himself in a self imposed exile albeit a busy one in which he continued to grow and influence a rumble of disunity among the Turkish parties. Controlling from a compound in Pennsylvania, Gulen’s empire consists of financial institutions, media, schools, universities, business enterprises, associations and foundations with budgets well in excess of $25 billion. (Think George Soros). His agenda is to target the youth, an agenda shared by Hitler and Obama. Corralling the youth is thought to be the fastest and cleanest way to achieve unilateral control.

With over 75% of the youth in Turkey attending Gulen’s schools, he uses them as a recruiting ground so as to indoctrinate and reestablish Islam in a Turkey that has become more secular. But his schools are not just in Turkey, apparently he has created over 140 charter schools throughout the US and hundreds more throughout France and Germany that advocate Sharia Law within a maze of quite obscure titles such as: Horizon Academy, Sonoran Science Academy, Lotus School for Excellence, Magnolia Science Academy, Harmony DC, New Springs Elementary School, Fulton Sunshine Academy and many, many more (the link of schools: http://turkishinvitations.weebly.com/list-of-us-schools.html)

He has also garnered assistance from members of Congress and from Hillary Clinton, having been a substantial donor to her campaign and to the Clinton Foundation.

But the Clinton-Gulen relationship is not recent, it dates back to the Bill Clinton presidency in which Bill was actually a headline on their website as a ‘friend and ally’ to the Gulen Movement.

What is the Gulen Movement, or Hizmet?

It is a movement that vows to capture the worlds view of Islam under one net, one umbrella organization that will rule all Muslims as one unit. Once all Muslims are harnessed and corralled under this umbrella – that would comprise over 22% of the world population. It is a segment of the whole, of the pie that would create a unified One World Order. Christianity comprises the largest world segment at 32%, Hindu’s at 14% and the secular non-affiliated at 15%. Given the harnessing of the seculars is pretty much an absolute, the false Christian churches are rising to claim the order of Christianity, and the Hindu’s are being sacrificed to chaos.

Gulen is to Islam what Soros is to the Mainstream. They are one and the same. They both are backers of Hillary Clinton. They both see themselves as heirs to the Kingdom of Earth.

While Erdogan is being laughed at by the media as making false testimony about Gulen, the Truth supports his allegations 100%.  So when we demonize Erdogan, we need to realize that he is the lesser of two evils. And the much larger picture is that of Fethullah Gulen who has quietly created a network that is incredibly vast, is rooted in the Soros agenda, is driven by Sharia Law, and who is protected surreptitiously by the CIA, Clinton and the US.

And if the coup had not failed, we would never really know until we found ourselves entrenched, our youth completely brain-washed and our society and culture quashed like mud.


Olympic Doping Scandal -A Drug Disease

After a bit of a debate about the Russia doping scandal that is being touted in the media as grounds for banning the entire country from the Rio games, I thought I’d take a look at the statistics.

First, I liken the scandal(s) to elementary school whereby an entire class is made to be responsible for the bad behavior of one child. The argument was that this is what the military does in order to create a team atmosphere of trust and dependence. That may be true, but the elementary school is not and should not be – the military. And the Olympics by definition is about competition – and while there are team sports, there are singles as well, so the team concept is only so good as it applies to a team sport – one size DOES NOT fit all – not in dresses – and not in the real world.

Banning those individuals who tested positive for banned drugs is imperative, but banning an entire country sets a precedent that will require multiple definitions and possibly instigate hundreds of lawsuits.

The countries with the highest precedence of testing positive for winter Olympic events are: Greece, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Korea and England – in that order. Not once has an entire country been banned despite unprecedented and continued use of drugs. The question then becomes, ‘how many individuals must test positive before a country ban is legal’? If Russia is found to have 30 cases, and Greece has 29, then what is the rule?

According to the anti-doping rules as set forth by the Olympic Committee, sanctions are imposed on athletes – not countries. If the Committee wants to make entire countries responsible, then a whole canopy cocktail of rules would have to be prescribed to stipulate at what point it is no longer about individual athletes, but about an entire country’s athletes. Guidelines, numbers, verification, would all be necessary or the rules could ultimately apply to Greece, China, US, etc… and we would have no Olympics.

As well, most of the allegations against Russia so far that are in the media are circumstantial, and while ‘accusations’ have been fomented, they have been levied against 8 Russians out of 23 total for the 2012 games and 14 out of 31 accusations for the 2008 games. But so far, the report is all about allegations without evidence, a whistle blower with an agenda. The politics behind the current situation are significant. To be able to ban a country based on yet unproven allegations would be criminal – in our court system.

The fact that a particular lab was cited makes sense, but a particular athlete, a cross country skier was also named by the Committee whistle blower – however, the skier was living in Europe and coached by a German… tested five days each week and passed. This obviously does not fit the profile of the Russian lab, so now we are in a flux of Truth and Truth sayers…whistle blowers with a vein for vengeance, and innocents who deserve to be given their chance.

In perusing the names of athletes sanctioned for doping, the list is daunting – logging in more than 70 individuals in just the “C’s” – 10 from the US and 4 from Russia. It IS a problem. But it is NOT a country problem – it is pervasive and it is influenced by every country participating. Maybe the C list is just an anomaly of US accusations. Ummm, no – in the “D’s”, 6 were US and 2 were Russia.

Perhaps the substance abuse should be the problem we focus on instead of a country. In US sports, 52% of professional football players used opiates, and 9% admitted to using steroids.  Be careful the precedent you set because it could come back to bite you and you and you.

It’s like guns – guns don’t kill – people do. Drugs are used by people who abuse them. People. Not Countries. Just ask – Lance Armstrong. The problem is prolific. Address the disease.  It needs to be cured!

Gun Violence An Airborne Disease – per the CDC

Is Gun Violence an airborne disease that is caused by say mosquitoes or ticks or virus’s?

Apparently, the CDC thinks so, because research into gun violence has been designated a part of their research and budget; as Center For Disease and Control, dedicated to the research of mosquito borne illnesses.

Currently, the ZIKA virus is making radical Landfall in the US… Just as the pharmaceuticals announce that they are inches away from a vaccine. Coincidence?

Timing is everything. In relationship, in business, in job searching, in winning a patent. It is all about timing. As the media ramps up fear of the Zika virus, a virus that has been in the US for over sixty years, the pharma’s are zapping up the potential profit greed as they see a new mandatory vaccine to add to the already 75+ mandatory vaccines, hitting the market in a lagging balance sheet of new margins. (when I was growing up, I think we got – four vaccines).

After attempting to alter potential cancer cures so as to create a patentable claim, and failing, the vaccine market keeps the Big Pharma industry afloat. If a cure is natural – it is not patentable, and thus is not pursued. In order for a patent to be a ‘patent’, it must contain elements that are not naturally occurring in the body. And therein lies the lie.

The CDC is a US funded organization within the Department of Health founded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1946. In their beginnings, they were incidental in requiring that over a half million homes be sprayed with DDT, despite widespread usage, DDT has since been found to be a highly toxic cancer causing pesticide. Not a good resume item for the CDC.

In other words, the same CDC that advocates to eradicate birth defects, West Nile virus, avian swine and pandemic flu – have actually been the source of these same illnesses. So for us to now look to them for guidance in the vaccine against ZIKA, a virus that has been present for sixty+ years, does not make me feel all warm and fuzzy…

So what has the CDC done that is positive?

When looking at their own website, the accomplishments are allusive: improve health security – what does that mean? Better prevent leading causes of illnesses and injuries… what does that mean? Strengthen health care collaboration… whattttt? That’s it. That is the sum total of their own self lauding. And it isn’t very worthy.

What they would seem to be is a source of funding that does a lot of nothing.

With a budget over $7billion, they have actually done – nothing. What they have done is create an agency of employees and executives who are paid quite a sum of money to launch studies against – gun violence. WAIT! The CDC is now involved in the pockets advocating against guns? As in Guns are now considered a ‘disease’? Interesting….

Forget the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’, the Center For Disease Control, is spending our tax dollars on gun violence research. Whoa there cowboy. While Congress has banned and lifted the studies, the very fact that a Disease Agency funded for Disease Research of mosquitoes and such would shift their research to gun violence. Does this mean that gun violence is triggered by mosquitoes? By airborne diseases? Maybe. But the media would parlay that into a conspiracy theory at the same time that the government funds this same ‘theory’. As in – ooopppsss.

Is gun violence a product of disease? Is it linked to mosquitoes? Because, that would seem to be the conclusion of our government in opting to have the Center For Disease Control – research ‘gun violence’ and make recommendations.  And if this is a medical conclusion, how will it potentially affect future lawsuits of gun violence?  If it is labeled a ‘disease’ then it changes the outcome of both civil and criminal lawsuits – it changes the face of ‘guns’.

The ZIKA Vaccine?  Valued at $32 billion per year…  not a bad fraud take.

So we have multiple injustices being perpetrated within the the host CDC that will change the face of law in the US in such a way that we will never even know – what happened.

Unless, we say – NO.  Unless we say, WAIT A MINUTE!

Or just – HEY!

Turkey Coup – a US Failure?

Was the US behind the attempted coup against Turkey’s Erdogan? Because if we were and we failed – that is not a good line item on our resume.

Is that why we held our breath and were silent as the attempted coup progressed? Was it because we were sick of being blackmailed by a ‘lesser’? Was it because we needed to reign in and take a better account of our allies and our enemies?

Because, interestingly, as the EU Commission balked at paying the blackmail Erdogan was requesting to stop in the influx of refugees, he attempted to court Russia back into his good graces. He knew he had lost, and sought his enemy to be – his friend. But Russia watched and waited, they were not quite so hospitable any longer, Erdogan had played the sides with too much hypocrisy, his greed and agenda abundantly more and more clear.

Whilte the strategic position of Turkey is conceded by both Russia and the US, there is a breakeeven point, a point whereby the lines are no longer worthy of the mentality. Erdogan was such a ‘mentality’. His grandiose sense of self, his aspiration for a role in world dominance was tipping the balance.

Without making a political decision, the US attempted to make a political decision, albeit behind the scenes, instigate a military coup. Erdogan’s response? Round up everyone, assassinate everyone, and attempt to reignite a relationship with Russia, because his blackmails have fallen short on Europe.

And he is now – desperate.

Desperate men will do – desperate things. And most often those things are not rooted in rationale – but emotion.

He is demanding that the US hand over the man that Erdogan believes is behind the coup attempt, a man who once was one of his closest friends and allies. A man he once admired and revered, and who now he wants – dead.

Even if Erdogan is able to reinstate control, Turkey is dead, it is Syria, it will become the next victim of Middle East annihilation as it was a rogue element. Their economy will tank, their infrastructure will tank, ISIS will move in, and they will become the latest news item that no one understands.

I imagine Erdogan was warned. I imagine he was given ultimatums – multiple times. And I imagine his ego was larger than his ability and his people, his country, their life will now become the conquest, the agenda, the risk of his bet.

He had a choice. He could have embraced his opponent, or he could set in motion the ultimate destruction of his entire country, he could have chosen to fight his opponent, and in so doing, Turkey will fall. Not that it’s right, it simply is how the shadows play.

And each country believes, with all their might, that they can stand up to the shadows. Their ego gives them faith. But in the end, there are only two countries big enough, strong enough and convicted enough to defend against the shadows – China and Russia. Everyone else has fallen. They are the target.

Who will be the winner? I don’t know. I am merely a bystander.

It is so difficult any longer to be able to know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. The cloaks have changed. The faces. The daggers. And sometimes, it seems that they are both playing the same stage. They smile as they execute the next act in a ten act play that is re-created every few centuries.

I believe in the inherent good. I believe that most of us are inexplicably confused by the barrage of disinformation we are plagued within a subliminal seduction of our minds. I believe that we have the ability to crawl out of this trap and sanctify ourselves. I believe.

Like Dorothy, we need to close our eyes to the false reality that we think is real, we need to focus on our instinct of Truth, we need to click our heels, and we need to ask God to deliver us from this place that is sucking us into the abyss.

What I do know? When we are told, ‘we can do anything we set our mind to’ – that applies to knowledge of Truth and Wisdom and God, a God that even Stephen Hawking thinks about every day of his life… when smashing protons in arithmetic equations…

The God Particle – CERN’s Black Hole

The God Particle – Black Holes – Climate Destabilization – Exploding Atoms – Imbalances In Gravity Functions – And The Potential To Suck The Universe into a Hole of Chaos


The CERN project; a twenty mile long collider functioning outside Geneva which purportedly manipulates particles in collision force so as to create mini black holes and search for a way to manipulate time. Once time has been mastered, the doors will open to alternate universes – and alternate dimensions. While CERN has been operational for two decades, little is known, transparency is once again redacted, and the scope of the consequential reactions to our planet, climate and universe are quashed. We are not allowed to know. Because if we did – there is no way we would be silent.

Enter Stephen Hawking, perhaps the most celebrated intellect of our time, citing dire warnings that the collider must be shut down immediately, and no one listens… shhhh.

The God Particle, or Higgs Boson, is a particle that breaks the current scientific laws of mass and one that has no spin, colour change or electric charge – but is considered quite unstable as it is decaying. In laymen’s terms it is the theory that was used in the Star Trek television show that allowed the transporter to scramble a person’s mass and re-organize that mass someplace else. It is also thought to contain the answer to the creation of life. It is the scientific version of faith. While it is actually still a theory, yet unproven, manipulating particles and protons have the potential for catastrophic consequences – destablizing the delicate balance of our universe so as to literally create the possibility of it being sucked inside a black hole.

In the meantime, these experiments are said to wreak havoc with our ‘climate’, and our natural energy and gravitational fields as massive collisions of particles/protons are experimented with to test the efficacy of physical laws, the effect of which produces dark matter. There are some who believe that major natural disasters occur as a result of these collision projects: April 23 to June 26, 2016, June 3 to November 25, 2015, April 5 to May 20, 2015, January 20 to February 11, 2013, April 5 2012, to November 8, 2012 – etc… all testing periods that coincided with massive weather disruptions.

April to June, 2016; massive flooding in West Virginia, and catastrophic wildfires in California, earthquake in Krgyzstan, cyclones in the Arabian Sea, intense thunderstorm in Croatia, volcano in Ecquador, tornado in eastern China, intense heat wave in US, severe thunderstorms in India, record rainfall in Japan… the list goes on and each brought loss of lives.

Again… Stephen Hawking believes the collider is creating unstable physical changes and needs to be shut down immediately.

A Black Hole. A region of space in which energy is so intense that no matter and no light may escape. Steven Hawking believes that the matter absorbed by a black hole does not evaporate according to classical thought, but is garbled and spit back out, albeit in a chaotic matter. What this means to the laymen would be that a mass, a human form that was transposed (like in Star Trek) would come out on the other side completely re-created and most likely in a form that would not support life.

But the greed for knowledge is so perverse, scientists don’t really care, they simply wish to prove the possibility, even in a theoretical manner, with risk being an infinite formula. Risk is worth the potential – even to the loss of a universe – ours.

Was the God Particle even found? According to Stephen Hawking – no. What the press and media print are ‘theoretical’ discoveries, yet unproven, yet discernible, yet defined, yet known of risk potential and doomsday consequence. Because a great deal of science is just that – theorems based on theorems. And if the underlying theorem that stands as the core block upon which further theorems are stacked – the end result depends on each successive theorem having fact. It is similar to dating techniques whereby the surrounding area in which something has been discovered is used as the core point for dating a bone. In reality this eliminates the idea that the bone was placed there, moved there, or swept there in a flood. Static theory.

And while the conspiracy theorists have been having a particle day with the CERN project, it is hard not to listen to Stephen Hawking’s warnings. Credence abounds. Opening a portal, without knowing what is on the other side is something like Pandora’s Box, what we let in is more important than what we are sending – out.

What Stephen Hawking is warning us about is – the unknown. Attempting to recreate the Big Bang Theory without knowing the consequences is like playing with fire. These scientists have the capability of unleashing a jolt, that could spin our little planet inches off it’s axis and plummet us into the abyss. And while risk is necessary in order to advance, there are times when the risk out weighs the benefit – in the real world – but apparently, not in science.

Dedicated to: Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Georgia.

NICE France – TERROR Attack Again

Why is it that after every terror attack, the politicians tell us ‘not to be afraid’, not to give in to the terror and show fear?

In reality, it is fear that creates the adrenaline for vengeance. It is fear that sparks the outrage. It is fear that motivates us to defend ourselves. It is fear that ultimately manifests in a desire to right – the wrong! Fear is not evil – terror is evil! Fear is normal, judgment is normal, they are rational and have a place in the multitude of emotions that we embrace. They only become negative when they rule, they own us, they dictate us, otherwise they give us the ability to see our circumstances and make choices based on – reality.

The latest terror attack in Nice strikes home for me as my best friend was about to embark on a trip there in the coming weeks, and it will now forever be haunted by the blood and murderous rampage of madmen bent on one thing – killing.

Despite this attack, the California attack, the Paris attack, and the Brussels attack, our esteemed President would have us believe that ISIS is retreating and they do not pose the highest threat – that honor has been carved into Russia. The question continues to arise – why Russia? Why do we embrace Germany and Austria – despite Hitler? Why do we defend Japan despite WWII and Pearl Harbor, and yet, Russia is forever labeled the demon?

Why is it that we ask Russia, the demon, to help us slaughter ISIS, while the press denounces Russia as the real threat, the sanctioned communist regime? Communist Russia fell decades ago.

A recent article attempted to analyze this phenomena by rationalizing that its all about defense spending, we need defense spending to support our defense industry and justify NATO. And Russia is far more sophisticated in its weaponry and so therefore, we need to keep up with the proverbial – Joneses. ISIS, by contrast, slaughters, beheads, kills, maims, destroys, and annihilates entire villages, but they don’t warrant the defense spending that a potential China or Russia threat might provoke. So China and Russia become the chosen demons.

I think there is logic in this analysis, however, I believe it is far more devious, far more contrived, far more creation of a future outcome – as in setting the stage. ISIS is merely a fly to these people, something to swat, an annoyance, interfering in the larger play.

The story of Nice will fade and the topic of Russian aggression and China South Sea manipulation will once again become the mainstream – stream of thought. Which is, of course, the subliminal seduction of thought.

Still, despite all the obvious, despite the senseless murder of over 73 and counting, our politicians are hesitant to claim the attack was actually terrorism. They prefer to huddle, discuss options, and find a way to diffuse the situation so as to placate and belittle the intelligence of the people.

Why is ISIS tabled? Because they have the power to unite people, to overcome the ridiculous black/white diversity agenda that the media wants to exploit, and a united people defeats the purpose of the agenda – which is ‘chaos’. The obvious mantra – divide and conquer – is relevant today, yesterday and tomorrow, it is the one proven way to insert control.

So how do we defeat ISIS?

Easy. We UNITE. There is no country that doesn’t fear ISIS whether they have already infiltrated – or they will – and that FEAR will unite a solid force that can defeat the true enemy, the radical enemy, the enemy that we need to focus our attention on with the help of China, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Syria – defeat must be 100%.