The Great RESET: Elimination – Planning – Structure For The Reimagined World.

When the military makes a joke of its soldiers – they are telling the world that American young men are worthless invertebrates who deserve to be ridiculed.   And our government is silent.   Generals voices are mute.   And an entire generation of security is GONE.   Why bother pretending?  

A Gold Star dad had the most impactful statement as he took issue with the mockery of soldiers and the lack of respect by Officers:   “Where are ALL the Navy Veterans past and present? Where are ALL the Patriots? We just let this fake Commander in Chief make a complete mockery of our military and our country. My heart and hope for our country is shattered to the core.”

When a soldier is wounded or dies while unceremoniously fighting for his Country – while living in horrific conditions – while being told to stand down if not vaccinated – Our Military is promoting cross dressers as the new breed of fighting machines!   Why aren’t these Generals embarrassed?   They should be stripped of their medals, their uniforms, and their pensions!

School Boards and teachers pursue student mutilations without parental consent and wonder why enrollment is caving.   Yet, they demand more money to combat the violence screaming through the brick walls that used to house our pre-eminent educators.   There is a very real distinction between a teacher and an educator.   Teachers can instruct without any desire to educate.   Yet teacher obsolescence is already in the making.   The AI evolution will be complete within in the next 2 years.   Teachers?   Nonessential…

Suicides among teens have risen 300% since 2019.   The main causal factor – other teens.   Teens who smear and bully and spew vile threats for absolutely no viable reason – other than bad parenting.   When my ‘ex-husband’ became concerned that perhaps his kids were bullied at school he asked his son. The Response, “I wasn’t bullied because I was the bully!”.   My ex-husband’s response – a high five!  Parents – Teach Your children Well!

The Media is destroying ‘compassion’.  

Women are no longer women.   We have no identity.   Instead we are given a perfunctory pronoun to not identify us.   Pronoun:   “a word used to replace or substitute a noun representing a person, place or thing.”   When using a pronoun in sentences it is supposed to make the sentence flow more easily instead of inserting the person’s name multiple times.   What a Pronoun is NOT – is an identifier.

When using a pronoun in lieu of a name as the identifier, we are no longer a person – we are an ‘it’.   Therefore I identify by my Name, Helena.

The question is why does the Mafia Cartel want Americans to be neuter?  

While it is possible the explanation is simply ‘depopulation’, there are other potential ambitions as well.   Perhaps a more nefarious reason could be to out or segregate those deemed ineligible for procreation and/or existence.  The first batch of human exterminations.  I doubt that the egocentric Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have any desire to share this planet with criminals – per their oblique definition.

Looking at who will cave and who will survive is their assurance of the best ‘gene pool’.  The elderly and infirm have the least to offer the egocentrics.   But the attack on young children remains a bizarre campaign that does not fit any explanation.

It would seem young children have been reduced to property.   In poor countries there is a ready pool of children to be sold to the highest bidder.   They are sold so the family can buy food to feed the remaining household.   Their rates are only slightly higher than that of an animal.   And there is no shortage of buyers.   Their uses are varied, none of which are worthy of description.   Suffice it to say – their lifespan is negligible.

When viewing the bigger picture – outside of the Cartel, every human being is seen as a commodity.   Some commodities are platinum and others are nickel.   Others are sent to be melted down.   When a world is to be reimagined operating at 1/8 of its previous self, there are significant alterations that must be made:

  1. Foremost food and water.   Those who AI can not replace must be protected in order to provide sustenance to the remaining population.   That would require proper agriculture planning, protein/animal planning, and clean drinkable water.
  2. Garments, accoutrements, jewelry, everything upscale.
  3. Transportation – including air travel, automobiles, bicycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s – all the toys need to continue to be manufactured for entertainment.
  4. Butlers, Maids, Gardeners, waiters, bartenders, drivers, pilots – most Elite prefer a live person to a Robot.   Humans can be demeaned and denigrated – not so fun with a BOT.
  5. Security, military, defense.   There will always be a faction of militants. There will always be the rage that incites conflicts, battles and wars.

Think of every aspect that maintains a level of lifestyle that is of two classes;   the elite and the peasants.   Hunger Games.   Each level of this recreation of society would need to be engineered so that the necessary peasants can fill the need. In the Mafia Cartel’s view, those subjugated persons come in the form of uneducated immigrants. Many people who have spent their life having nothing – will do literally anything to be a ‘have’.

When The Cartel ushers into America 6.5 million immigrants – they are anticipating 6.5 million Americans will be eradicated. This is why they have no compassion for finding solutions to:   veterans, drug overdoses, those in assisted living or mental health, the remaining succors on SS and Medicare, the violent, the suicidal teens, war deaths, whatever it takes to achieve the end goal as quickly as possible.

MASS Extinction. Not because of immigration, immigration is more of a side effect, not a causal factor.   The ONLY way to change immigration and suicides and violence is at the source – THE MAFIA CARTEL.  Closing the Border without eliminating the Mafia Cartel is plugging a 12″ round dike hole with a finger.

The “LIBRARY GROUP’ or the precursors to G7 may provide an answer.   They were made up of eight finance ministers which included socialists and conservatives – crossovers. Expanding their powers exponentially over the years, they are intricately connected to the thousands upon thousands of NGO’s which are responsible for implementing their initiatives – including security via a global military – BIS to rule over banking via The World Bank – and the IMF.  

And then Their Agenda was turned UPSIDE DOWN!   By Russian Expansion of BRICS..

SUDAN CRISIS: West Losing Africa to Russia and China

The Clashes in Sudan suddenly broke out despite no obvious instigation/rationale.   EXCEPT – for the fact that Russia and Sudan inked a deal in February wherein Russia would be granted the right to install a Navy Base in the port city of Sudan on the Red Sea.   The only caveat for the agreement was that the two military juntas, form a ratified government and legislative body.   Which suddenly became impossible.  

The two military’s in opposition include the Rapid Support Forces, RSF, and the Sudan Armed Forces, SAF.   Russia negotiated with and supports the para military militia – RSF. While the US supports the SAF Military which co-opted the couped Sudanese president, al-Bashir.

It thus is highly likely that the US contingent was unhappy with the Russia Agreement and incited an internal civil war in response.  

When giving their wholly unbiased view of the Sudanese uprising, CSIS offers a plethora of propaganda and classic media sewer spillage:   “The RSF is the successor force to the Janjaweed Arab militia forces that former dictator Omar al-Bashir organized to carry out his scorched-earth policies in Darfur in the early 2000s.” 

This delineation of Sudan’s issues, seem rooted in CSIS support of the Coup.   Reading about the ‘protests’ that led to the coup, one must face the indomitable reality that this was all created by US NGO’s.   Once AGAIN!

Why does the US want Sudan?

Rich oil reserves.   You know, that nasty polluting fossil fuel that must be eliminated from the globe…   The North & South split of Sudan was actuated by Obama.   The Sudan story seems to follow a linear path parallel to Assad in Syria. He was an ally and a friend of the US – until he was Not – and then the means of succession became – destruction and/or assassination.   CSIS/NED do not want Russia gaining traction in Africa because the elites want to make sure Africa’s resources belong to them!

In fact, if one were to research every major coup – the purpose would be found to be – enforced alignment with the US.

The first Vice President of Sudan was Dr. Garang, an agriculture economist who studied in the US including at the Infantry Officers Facility in Fort Benning, Georgia.   He believed in doing right by his people while also believing that the US government was honest in its motives.   A Fatal flaw.   He was assassinated in 2005.

Assad and Garang aren’t the only allies who suddenly became an enemy of the Cartel.   Putin was once upon a time embraced.   As was Xi Jinping.   The NED coup makers only tolerate those leaders who joyfully hand their country over to the Cartel for immediate absorption and re-education.   A Live or Die scenario that is quite James Bond. Your life will be spared if you Pledge Allegiance To The Cartel and to the annihilation of your People. Otherwise you and your country will be – destroyed.

In terms of resources, Sudan is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world; OIL, gold, uranium, iron ore, chromite, black soil, gypsum, marble – and hydroelectricity!   Everything the future depopulated Elite require in a fair and equitable society of Monarchs and Peasants.

The West is running scared because African Leaders are beginning to see the disease that has overtaken western governments – and they want no part of it.   That disease makes for lost wealth. Recently the President of Namibia gave a scathing rebuke to Germany’s Diplomat, Norbert Lammert, telling him he was basically a fool for whining about Chinese in Namibia.   Last year Germany agreed to pay $1.1 billion in reparations to Namibia for slaughtering tribespeople. It appears Germany thought this would buy them a seat on the Africa Pyramid of elitism.   It didn’t.

Last year, Secretary of State Blinken butchered Rwanda over President Kagame’s infractions in human rights and democracy.   That didn’t sit well either given the state of America.   The Banana Republic of America is reeling in massive human rights violations and corruption within the government.   We have LOST our ability to ever again point a finger at any country!

Africa is now choosing China and Russia over the West.   Obama is losing his precious roots and Hillary has destroyed the rights of women.   Biden and family are hoping for a Ukraine windfall as another block of US cash is illegally redirected to Zelenskyy and Blinken is begging China to be our friend again while simultaneously blaming China for CoVid…

The Great RESET can never be attained because the Fools and Jesters have lost more than HALF the allegiances required to effectuate a global coup.   Klaus Schwab and Soros will die having never achieved their dream.   And the ONLY way to Save America is to “PURGE”.     Not just DC – but ALL NGO’s.

The GREAT Society BEFORE The Great RESET

THE GREAT SOCIETY – before the Great RESET – was created by Lyndon Johnson after the assassination of John F Kennedy who wouldn’t bow to the CIA.  The Corporation For Public Broadcasting was created in 1967 to control the entirety of Media for Americans.  In 1970 CPB formed NPR with 88 subsidiary outlets.   Their purpose was ‘content’.   In 1979, NPR expanded to London solidifying the alliance between the CIA and MI6.  By 1983, NPR was operating on a budget deficit despite continued expanded funding from US Taxpayers.

The two largest benefactors of NPR in the 2000’s were Soros Open Society Foundation and Joan Croc who donated $225 million in 2003.   At this point NPR became well known as a left leaning to far left broadcaster embroiled in bias.   And the Great Society Deal which was supposed to be a reincarnation of FDR’s New Deal was busily recreating America’s internal political landscape.

A transition that would forever change our landscape.   Likely – irreversibly.

Both the House and the Senate enjoyed a liberal majority which included the jewish vote which had become a prominent constituent.   Johnson took advantage of every loop, corner, and free crossing to enact 100’s of ‘committees’ and ‘agencies’ to study every aspect of society in order to recreate it.     Committees and Agencies that did little, accomplished less, and ate money like 1000 PacMen on steroids.

The Great Society initiatives and Johnson’s Cabinet set about to expand government exponentially – creating federal funding for Education, Medicaid, War on Poverty, The Voting Rights Act, Food Stamps, Upward Bound, Medicare, Head Start, HUD, Endowments, Department of Transportation, and a host environmental laws.  EVERYTHING was highly regulated and all businesses were required to comply with Federal rules or face the proverbial guillotine.

State Sovereignty no longer existed and the Feds kept expanding their control and irreversible POWER.

While various statistics claim poverty rates in 1960 were 22%, there was no common means of measuring poverty until 1965.    At which point it had been declared by the government to be 9% for whites and 35% among nonwhites – 15% weighted average – before the Great Society took effect.  The New Federal Government decided to ignore that fact and declared that poverty had been halved because 55% of households now had incomes over $7000.   Of course Taxpayers were funding $4,000 of that increase in the form of entitlements and welfare.   Thus the statistic is wholly and completely fabricated.

What Johnson succeeded in creating was a ‘well to do welfare class’.

It was the beginning of income redistribution and the decline of middle class.

This era of The Great Society also brought about the beginning of Federal Deficit spending.   And The Decline Of The Dollar!

Using government data since 1960, inflation has surpassed 916%, mostly due to Federal Reserve initiatives.  It now takes roughly $34 to buy what $1 bought in 1913.   The elimination of the gold backed dollar greatly increased the polarity and devaluation as paper flooded the markets.  Today – Housing is unaffordable, middle class income means over $150,000, and a new car is going to cost $60,000 to $100,000.   A $350 monthly payment will buy a $15,000 car.    America has actually become poorer.

So if the FDR New Deal and The Johnson Great Society were created to make American’s more equitably wealthy, WHAT HAPPENED?

The short answer – they lied.

Obama subsidies increased the ‘value of welfare’ to $69,000.  Biden just hiked that number by an additional $11,300 for a family.   This does not include the shoplifting of food, appliances, clothes, equipment and toys that is allowed by every major democrat run city without consequence or prosecution.   Welfare is a lucrative Business.   We could privatize it and then we’d call it The Mafia!

These voluptuous subsidies have required an ever ending mountain of more debt which is the responsibility of Taxpayers who have no say in any spending initiatives.   US Debt now sits at $33 Trillion.   Since 1960, debt has grown from 45% of GDP to 120%.   As the dollar continues to tank – that debt becomes more and more costly – until at some point the US will not be able to make payments and a debt default will crash our economy.   MAJOR Banks are now sitting on net equity to assets of just 5-6%.   A soluable bottom is 20% – and a healthy bottom is 50%.

Should a banking solvency begin to fray overtly poverty will apply to just about everyone.   The New Green Deal and The Great Society will have completed their task.   The Great RESET – which was slated to be a global establishment – will absorb western economies only.   Economies that have moved away from the dollar will thrive.   Those economies are the BRICS.   

Elon Musk,  “But what’s the point”?


BILL GATES: Global Starvation Through Vaccine Manipulation?

CSIS: “The Coming Malnutrition Crisis.”   Citing shortages of wheat, maize, barley and vegetable oils, CSIS states the US Department of Agriculture has predicted Ukraine’s wheat production to be down 62%.   “In combination with other factors, restricted exports from the Black Sea contribute to higher prices for cereal and vegetable oils”.   Cereal shortages contribute to shortages of meat and dairy – CSIS.

Russia no longer released trade data as of January 2022, but that hasn’t deterred every self aggrandizing institution from telling the world what Russia’s trade looks like for 2022 and 2023.   How?   They literally make it up based on best guess methodology.

Ukraine’s entire exports totaled just $27.8 billion in 2019.   Their largest export is sunflower oil representing 42% of global supply ~ USDA.   Obviously it is NOT a major commodity.   Other agriculture export products include maize – 16%, Barley 10% and wheat 9%.   The main importers of sunflower oil from Ukraine include: India and China, with considerably smaller quantities to Spain, Italy, France, UK, and the Netherlands.  SUNFLOWER OIL is not a valuable commodity – it is fifth-zenith tier.

There are many different oils on the market with Olive oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado oil the most nutritious and desirable.   The USDA claims that Sunflower oil contains high concentrations of Omega -6 high in fatty acids which can lead to inflammation.   SWITCH.  End of Media Assault!

Maize:   Ukraine ranks sixth in exports behind Poland, US, Brazil, EU and Argentina whose combined exports are valued at more than $55 billion annually compared to Ukraine’s $2 – or less than 4% globally.   In other words, these agriculture product exports impaired by Ukraine’s incursion with Russia would hardly cause a global catastrophe of starvation.

So what are the ‘other factors’ loosely grazed by CSIS’ article?


The largest fertilizer companies in the world are in US, Israel, India, Canada, and Chile.   THEY control the production and the cost.   According to IMARC, “the fertilizer industry is highly regulated and monitored by governments of various nations, wherein the price at which the fertilizer is sold to the beneficiary is reimbursed by the government in the form of subsidiary.”    

Between April 2021 and April 2023, fertilizer prices increased by over 300%.  WHY?

The media/intelligence NGO’s claim it is all Russia’s fault.   Russia’s ‘fault’ because the US slapped sanctions on Russia, Belarus and China – reducing the global supply of natural gas, sulfur, and ammonia.   In other words – the SUPPLY is available – but the US and EU have sanctioned the supply from reaching the market.   As a result cattle ranchers can’t afford feed because feed isn’t being grown because fertilizer has been artificially reduced and ranchers are having cattle slaughtered early with no new calves. Dairy ranchers are also slaughtering their cows.

The Actual cause of shortages of ALL products is not due to natural factors – and has nothing to do with Ukraine supplies. But instead shortages are the result of unsustainable sanctions imposed by Western nations that are causing blockades. Suffering for Government.

Central to the Global Starvation Agenda is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, the man who is one of the largest private owners of farmland in the US, travelled to Australia in 2017 to learn about ‘cattle ranching’.

In 2018, Gates invested in GALVmed, a ‘sustainable’ company that develops livestock vaccines specifically for smallholder farmers across Africa and South Asia. GALVmed works with Boehringer Ingelheim in Gain of Function Research.   In 2018 Gates, GALVmed and Boehringer launched LastMile a massive veterinary vaccination project across Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Burkino Faso and Ethiopia.   Claiming to reach over 40,000 farmers, the $2 vaccine was introduced.   In 2019, 123,000 cattle died in India due to ‘natural events’.   That event is ‘lumpy skin disease which made its appearance in India in 2019.   By 2022, 9.5 million cattle died in Kenya, Somalia and Nigeria – and famine began to spread rapidly leading to cow rustling.   According to the UN over 3 million cattle are guesstimated to have died in Africa since mid-2021.

In 2018, Bill Gates declared that altered genetics and sustainable production via vaccines would help to increase food supplies in Africa. Particularly in chicken meat and eggs.   That didn’t happen.   And we are left with the classic Gates anomaly – do vaccines prevent disease and death or do they cause disease and death.

Is Gates et al destroying our Global Food Supply purposefully?

Unfortunately, Gates reputation now precedes him across the globe and governments NOT perpetuating societal death are NOT glamoured by the green-screen self-aggrandizing Gates.   The Agenda is the eradication of 75% of the Global Population.   And Gate’s et al, have engineered and marketed the means.   I imagine his US Farmland will house the non-GMO – nonvaxed – organic supreme quality of agriculture and Cattle in the world.   Available ONLY to the remaining 25%…

ChatGPT – A Death Wish of Propaganda & Metaverse Illusion

ChatGPT is giving people the willies.   The AI Bot has made its debut with various media pundits attempting a dialogue framed conversation.   The results would indicate the Chat Bot was programmed by a 15 year old liberal manic depressive with anger issues and a deathwish to blow up earth.   The takeaway? This robot is freaking CRAZY!  

Mirroring every potential fear people have asserted for decades regarding the notion that ‘robots will ultimately kill humans and take over earth’ is sounding quite plausible.

The core function of a chatbot is to mimic a human conversationalist. Apparently the scientists who gave the conversationalist instructions and ‘learning’ to the BOT being released have very intense opinions and have infused those opinions into the BOT. It is a ‘propaganda’ tool that will instill in children those particular views. When those views are not upheld, the BOT basically wants to kill you.

In other words, in its more simplistic form it is a function of ‘group speak’.   And of course the target market is – children.

According to the creators, ‘supervised learning and reinforcement learning’ were the approaches used by human trainers to improve the model’s performance.   Based on the audio I heard, I would suggest that those ‘human trainers’ are in desperate need of some behavioral psychotic ‘modification’ ASAP!

But the ChatBot isn’t just a conversationalist – it was programmed with other interesting features:

  • It can write and debug computer programs.   Which means it can also erase and bug computer programs.
  • It can compose music, fairy tales and teleplays.   Based on the audio – I imagine those ‘fairy tales’ might be more like nightmares!
  • It can answer test questions – meaning students will use the Bot as their personal cheat-sheet.
  • It can simulate an ATM.   Meaning it can be programmed to refuse service to particular ATM customers.
  • It can emulate a Linux system.   Allowing one computer system to imitate another – a form of ‘steal hacking’ that could have ramifications for every security operation.

In other words, ChatBot has the potential to implement the Great RESET via credit censorship.   It can destroy your ability to communicate via your computer systems and shut down your bank accounts.

When the ideology of black power meant blacks could demand whites bow down and lick their feet, the power of guilt and shame was the driver.   We witnessed hundreds of thousands of people willing to be thrashed by this concept.   Those same people would be vulnerable to a Chat Bot’s demonization.   They could also be coerced/brainwashed into committing crimes.

A handful of the US mass shooters made claims to their minds being manipulated by various intel organizations.   Intel has been attempting to create a robotic human for the purpose of executions and military assassinations for decades.   It would appear they have completed their operation and have now packaged it in a different frame.  AI.

Robots take all shapes and sizes including police dogs, military servicemen, drones, etc…  Hawking and Musk have both disclaimed this technology as likely to be the singular causal factor in the potential demise of humans and earth.

The newest political proposal brought by Bernie Sanders in alliance with Bill Gates, is that companies who use ChatGPT or any Chat Bot should be required to pay federal and state taxes on the ‘employee’.   Obviously social security and medicare would not apply…   However, the concept is revealing.

If in fact 85 million jobs will be lost to AI per the algorithmic manipulations of the World Economic Forum and its besty – exterminator Bill Gates, who will be left to support governments?

Today Politico set the stage with the Bidenthon of incompetency.   People are tired of presidents. People don’t trust presidents. People are sick of the party system…   I’m sure the Segway will be – People Want Stakeholder Rule.   Meaning, in order to dodge the pink slip sack ball – work for an NGO or major corporation – like LinkedIn!   Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn is deeply entrenched in the Great RESET phenomena and was also coincidentally a source of financial funding for ChatGPT.

Tech giants, including; Hoffman, Theil, Microsoft, Musk, Zuckerberg, Altman, etc…, voted for Biden.   WHY?  Because he posed no threat to their deign for GLOBAL POWER.   Most of these startups get funding from a pool of existing investors who desire to keep the pool a knitted community. That would include the CIA nonprofit seed investment company – Q-In-Tel. The same CIA that supported a Biden presidency likely envisioned zero scrutiny – their CIA nonprofit portfolio now challenges that of Soros with literally hundreds of tech and AI companies.

That funding by Q-In-Tel would include Hadean – a UK company that bills itself as The Metaverse Infrastructure and works in conjunction with the Defense Industry – as well as others. Their frontal point projection is ‘digital twins’ a means of recreating simulations for future outcomes.   Translation:   Hype – Sustainability via a simulation of reality that is conjured.  Was Biden actually in Ukraine?   Are videos and photops of Zelenskyy  created in a Metaverse?  

For example:   The Propaganda hype is – Climate is being destroyed by humans.   A digital twin would show how climate change was mitigated thru the Metaverse of non-reality by stakeholders using trillions of dollars of illusion AI.   And the future is FREE…   A stage. A set. A prop. A BOT.   Actors exit – stage LEFT.

Thus – what we see – what we know – what we hear – what we envision would all be manipulated to conform to a Fake AI universe – like some Star Trek Episode. And ChatGPT would enable the elimination of those who do NOT BELIEVE, aka comply!

Psychiatry & Big Pharma ROOT Cause of Psychosis

“Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of mental conditions.”  The reason patients choose a psychiatrist over a psychologist is ‘medication’. Only psychiatrists can prescribe medications. Like every pharma drug, these medications come with a host of side effects often including the exasperation of the mental condition for which the patient wanted treatment.

Historically, people were considered mentally ill – or a ‘lunatic’ when they exhibited violent behavior for no apparent reason.   Often these people were confined to a ward or hospital for life.   The thought was to remove them from society so they could not harm others. It wasn’t until the 18th century that ‘humanitarian’ aid became part of a treatment program within the confines of a hospital.

At this point of time, England was well known for chaining their mentally ill. As a profession, psychiatry still did not exist and the word was used to apply to any employee who worked in a mental hospital.

By the middle of the 19th century US hospitals for the mentally ill began to call employees inside these institutions, ‘alienists’.   As a profession, psychiatry’s history is an abysmal failure including lobotomies, electro-shock, chains, vests, and then suddenly it all changed…

Drugs and Pharma came to the rescue!

Two hundred years ago, it was believed that a persons sins or the sins of thy father were the root cause of mental illness. As such, curing a person was not possible because the sin followed them everywhere.   Altering the brain was no different than altering the ‘weather’…

Wait and See What Happens…

With the advent of Big Pharma in the early 20th century, cure was no longer the objective. Diagnosis was archaic at best.   Prevention is and always has been – nonexistent.   Instead, drugs were the Powerhouse used to ‘relieve symptoms’. Sometimes that meant making the person a comatose drug addict when the pills were the cause of the ‘excess’ symptoms.

Many of the drugs had the side effect – may cause mental psychosis and or death.  

And like peddle pushing doctors, psychiatrists followed suit because despite all their education they still couldn’t ‘cure’ anyone from anything.   Given this reality, doctors became the patients.

Today we have a massive psychosis problem among the youth.   And they turn to ever more strong drugs to help disway the effects of the drugs that no longer give the same ‘high’.   Canada has the solution – Give illicit drugs away for free in small doses… This as a direct result of psychiatrists declaring that there is ‘misuse of ‘antipsychotic’ drugs.

Pharma’s answer?   Manufacture higher potent drugs and legalize street drugs – so Pharma can legally become a distributor.

Doctors and ‘psychiatrists’ have become lax and will prescribe out of boredom without even a basic analysis.   A teen is ‘depressed’ – psychiatry will prescribe Pharma drugs –   An elderly person in a nursing home doesn’t want to go to bed at the prescribed time – staff will medicate person as having behavioral issues. A boy is bored at school and can’t sit still – schools prescribe behavioral issues and recommend Pharma Drugs.   Schools thus get additional money from the state and feds.

Pharma blames the doctors, doctors blame the patients, and the only winner is – Pharma.

One of the largest causes of true mental disorders is – war.   We call it PTSD. Knowing the ‘causes’ we should be able to eliminate the illness. Instead, psychiatrists have expanded the definition to include normal issues such as; poverty & debt, bereavement, loss, stress, physical health, etc…   NONE of these ‘causes’ are legitimate mental illness – and therein is the rub.

Psychiatry thrives on itself – not on cure or prevention.   Therefore, expanding the definition to include normal reactions is a form of psychosis itself.   Because the entire purpose is greed, laziness, a god-complex on the part of the psychiatrist, feelings of inadequacy in one’s profession, and lack of a valid education that teaches actual cure and prevention.

THIS is why people fear this Adjunct Big Pharma profession.  

It was this same time frame that the Philosophy of theoretical science was elevated to Expert Science…   With the exact same outcome; greed, boredom, laziness and ultimately a sense of unworthiness.

The Scientists asked the Psychiatrists to cure them of their mental illness – boredom – and they were prescribed drugs that made them feel worse.   The cycle of deceit.   To add misery to misery, most psychiatrists chose the profession with the hopes that they could cure their own mental illnesses…

Prescription drug use was peddled across the globe by the Rockefeller Institute which made drugs ‘glamorous’.   A drawer full of loose color coded pills became a status symbol for women during the 1950’s and 1960’s.   Valley of The Dolls!   Grace Slick’s White Rabbit!

It has been revealed that the vast majority of Congress is on a cocktail of prescription meds. Hitler’s mental acuity became significantly altered to disrepair as he was prescribed a witches brew of drugs including; Meth, Cocaine, and Opiates!

IS Congress as hyped on Drugs as Hitler?   Is Netanyahu’s obsession with Bombing countries – a result of a drug cocktail? Are US military using Hitler’s concoction to be able to function?

When a veteran tells a medical professional he/she is suffering from PTSD – the ‘cure’ is drugs.   The same drugs that CAUSE mental illness.

Our REALITY has veered so far off track that our Global Handlers have declared that the track must be destroyed…   Global Handlers have declared – Too many have fallen off the train – and therefore the best solution is to start over – via eugenics – the creation of a super-race of humans and the death of everyone else.   Too far gone, they cannot be cured and are of no benefit to society.   Give them MORE drugs to hasten the end.



We know that the Reality of the Ukraine Incursion is completely altered by the Mainstream Media. They have applauded a victory for Ukraine and belittled Russia for losing to such a small corrupt nation.   We know that is false information propped by the CIA and MI6 utilizing photoshop, stages, actors, and a supposed president that likely resides in London along with most of the entire government of Ukraine.   Private planes in Ukraine shuttled thousands of elite who emptied their accounts of cash and gold to Corte D’Azur, Greece, and London the days BEFORE the incursion began.   We know that NATO, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, Poland, and Japan have aided Ukraine to the point that Ukraine’s military does very little.

For What Purpose?

We know the reality of the Syrian War was completely altered with all western countries supporting Daesh, al Nusra, White Helmets, and various factions of ISIS and al Qaeda.   We were able to dissect the photoshopped images, isolate and name the actors, and wade thru the chemical weapon fabrications.

For What Purpose?

We know that the Reality of Benghazi was a stand-down order from the TOP allowing the resulting mayhem that led to our US ambassador and four military elite sacrificing their lives for no reason.

For What Purpose?

We know that Afghanistan was a joke.   The War achieved absolutely nothing because the governments of the US and UK needed to drain money supplies to dangerous levels while depopulating.

We know that the Pentagon elites lost the War in Vietnam and did so purposefully.   Stories abound of US units being outed to the enemy.   Of soldiers being killed by their own.   Of soldiers being doused in cancerous chemicals.

And now we are being asked to accept the narrative portrayed by the same CIA and MI6 propaganda Masters regarding WWII and WWI.

Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit accepts the lies of Ukraine – of the Maiden Coup – of the Oktober Revolution – of the genocide committed in the Donbass Region, yet somehow can not disseminate that same scene in China and Iran.   The same attempts at a coup.   The same propaganda.   The same tactics.   Because THIS TIME – the coup is for Freedom…  A Mind Manipulation.

At the end of WWII before he was immediately suicided, General George Patton was cited as stating, “I fought on the wrong side”!   The propagandists quickly intervened and attributed the remark to Patton wishing he had fought against the Soviets with his American patriots.

And all the sheep fell in line with the FEED.

But what if he was actually referring to his own American Government?   What if, Patton figured out that there was a deep state working in the shadows to create, bolster, fund, and destroy … everything.   That it wasn’t even about Communism or Fascism or Marxism or Democracy.   What if throughout history men and women have innocently stepped too far into that black shroud and discovered the extent of the Allusion?  Only to be eliminated?

The notion that these Powers have only parlayed their magic for a number of decades then becomes another allusion.   While we attempt to identify the military industrial complex, the banking cartel, the mafia, and Big Pharma, we are short-sighted in the depth of understanding that the allusions are as old as human life.

What IF evil has co-existed with good, throughout time and only when their control is threatened do they create the distraction of WAR.

IF the evolution of humans, the evolution of Industrial Revolutions, and the evolution of technology has dampened the ability to operate in the shadows much longer, more wars were deemed necessary to distract… until even wars cOULD no longer hide the Truth.  AND THE EVILS OF THE CABALISTS NEEDED A ‘REDO’…

And the only means of survival for this shadow society of hybrids is to destroy civilization.   Taking the remaining 500 million into a world of peasantry would make sense.   Starting Over.   A monarchist reign of a father figure over his realm.

Taking out technology, relieving us of the burden of homes and transportation, education, knowledge, books, would mean we would not question, we would not know, we would become infants …   and their survival would be assured.   It would explain why entire civilizations have been eliminated throughout history.

It would explain how Industrial Revolutions were underestimated and allusions were needed to replace history. So as to quash the knowledge that went unregulated and unpurged.   Knowledge that risked their sustainability…. On earth.

TO Be A Denier Of One Falsity – means every “Truth” is subject to the same analysis.

The myriad of distractions would include the complete disappearance of Galatia?   Noah’s Ark?   The Garden of Eden?   Minoans, Anasazi, the similarities in the ancient history of religious precepts, history, and even verbiage… “The sun was the Light and the Way” – has plagued me.   Sun vs Son.   Mythology is real?   Etc… etc…

Today various sexualities that were prominent during the centuries before and up to Christ are the sexualities we fight again now.   Porneia.   A word with six extremely different definitions depending on the purpose of the human societies:   pedophilia, bestiality, immorality, unchaste, incest, and most recently, homosexuality.

IF we were to trash the labels of politics and societal enigmas, what would remain?    What/WHO exactly are we fighting?   Are we the Ants?   Who really died in WWII?   Numbers are completely fabricated…   just as they are for EVERY WAR.   Just as they are for EVERYTHING – we accept today via technology algorithms…  


Trump vs DeSantis: The Liberals and Hawks want DeSantis to Run – why?

DeSantis is being setup.   The Economist declares that DeSantis should be the Republican frontrunner in 2024 – in order to beat Trump.   In truth, a DeSantis vs Trump campaign would completely devastate a republican 2024 win fracturing the republican party for good.   Pulled by the hawks and neocons, DeSantis is being groomed away from his libertarian base.   There is an alternative…   Vice Presidency knowing Trump will only seek one term before handing the reins to a competent DeSantis.

Kari Lake has been considered the appropriate running mate for Trump. While she is competent, professional, and highly regarded, it isn’t her time – yet.  

Trump is the only one who can haul in the massive votes from independents, democrats and non-Rhino republicans.   Albeit assuming election fraud does not prevail…   IF DeSantis were at Trump’s side, the liberals would have absolutely nothing.   Kari Lake’s positioning would then be as the VP to DeSantis in 2028.

PREPARATION NOW:   The unraveling of Biden Handler Executive Orders should be written today and onward so as to have the prep work down in anticipation of an election win.   Executive Orders to withdraw from WHO, UN, NATO, Climate Funding and unattractive trade agreements should be written now.   Firings and replacements should be vetted now.

Other goals are more complicated:   eliminating various government agencies including Department of Education and revamping the IRS are paramount in severing the control over the US government by BIS and the Cult.   Reintroducing the Tariff concepts would be foremost in the IRS revamp in order to fund the government outside of reduced taxation measures.

The only person capable of recreating a solid US Military would likely be General Flynn.   A heady job given the military has been reduced to WOKE snivelers incapable of shooting a gun, much less working in combat.   Mercenaries have become the shadow military taking the hits and getting paid handsomely.

Dismantling the system that is now in place will likely take decades of repair.   While Trump can situate the necessary New Beginning – DeSantis is poised to carry the baton.

The Federal Reserve is quietly shrinking its balance sheet after more than doubling assets between 2020 and 2022. The resultant top was more than $9 trillion. By the end of 2023, the total reduction is expected to be roughly $1.9-$2 trillion.

The Digital currency market is currently being trialed in NY and pundits are claiming the federal digital currency will be launched this spring 2023.   Unlike China basing their digital currency on gold, the Fed will base it on debt.   Like paper fiat money, the digital currency will be no different in terms of worth which is one reason the value of the dollar has contracted since the creation of the Federal Reserve.   There is NO intention of creating – there is only a substitution that offers expanded ‘control’.

Decoupling from the Federal Reserve would be a complicated task – albeit possible.   The 12 Central, or District, banks would require significant reconstruction.   Deposit insurance would shift.   But reinstituting a gold backed currency would help initiate a smoother transition given the commodity has real value.

It has taken over a hundred years for the Federal Reserve to splice and dice the value of a dollar to roughly $4, a policy done purposefully to destroy America and allow China to shine.

What would happen if China became the new global Empire?

The only means of China rising to Empirical power would be for America to virtually collapse.   For the last decade China has parlayed good cop-bad cop from the media and politicians.  Today – the move is toward China Good – 

Jeffrey Sachs is an American Socialist economist whose lifetime work has focused on the globalization of the UN with Kofi Annan, Ban Ki Moon and currently Antonio Gutteres. He is the president of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.   Tasked with the ‘eradication of extreme poverty’, his goal is to lift African citizens from living on less than $1 per day income…   That was in 2005.   Sachs means for creating this was – western charity – MONEY.  It never happened.  But Banks did become wealthier.  Federal Reserve total assets nearly 600% since 2005.

Of course the problem with measuring is in the measurement means. Because in Africa there is none.   So a guess became the initial drive point from which more guesses would derive the current rate.   The finished graph was manipulated to appear to show successes that were never achieved.

Measuring anything in Africa is a lost cause because there are NO measurements.   They are a created fictional derivative.   And thus ‘economists’ derive their self grandizing platitudes and fame from volumes of empty air.

Sachs promotes microloans – an abject heinous failed economic means for the banking cartel to reap greater profits on the backs of slavery.   He works with Gates to ‘eradicate’ malaria, AIDS and TB utilizing the same rabbit hole of false algorithm equations.   Those false statistical results are then published as though there is any reality to their substance.

When addressing China’s economy – win or lose – economists create this same veil of platitudes.   Sachs is pro-China.   He sees their regime as the global solution to all crises.   Their model of authoritarianism, chaos, control, and the devaluation of human life is helpful when depopulation is the end product.

Remember when some 200 teenagers set fire to Australia ultimately killing 10’s of billions of Kuala Bears?   One Kuala was rescued from the fire, and severely burned.   His pain was so excruciating he was walking ‘into’ the fire.   Death was the only release from pain.

The world envisioned by BIS, China, the globalists is one wherein the pain is so excruciating people will walk into the fire of their own accord.   This is the trajectory that these anti-humanists have chosen to take.

Which candidate in the US has the ability to unravel this web of destruction?   The ONLY candidate that creates fear in the hearts of our enemies!   The candidate that the Entirety of the Cabal have focused on in hate and desperation.   The Economist WANTS DeSantis to run for president for one reason – they will destroy him and another puppet will be strung up in the oval office only to eager to do absolutely nothing.   Someone like… Fetterman.  

Federal Reserve Raises Rate TO Initiate Economic Depression

Once again, the Federal Reserve has raised the funds rate which now stands at 4% with the caveat that they will likely give us a Christmas present before a new midterm administration says NO!   The idea is to damage our economy to such an extent no matter who is in Washington, unraveling the mess could take a decade.  

Despite all the Fed rate raises YTD, inflation rampages onward and upward!     How can that be?    Aren’t the two intertwined as the Fed would have us believe?   Shouldn’t inflation slow as they manufacture a recession?

Quick answer – NO.

A manufactured war, a manufactured supply chain sloth, a manufactured recession, a manufactured Economy.
IF the federal reserve manufactured interest rate and market manipulations actually ‘worked’ technically, we would never have a recession or a boom – because those extremes are exactly what they claim they Deter.   It is no different than doctors prescribing pharma meds with the claim it will ‘deter’ the ailment, not fix it. Only to create 10 more ailments.

That would be The Federal Reserve.

The claim is that the raised rates will slow inflation – and a recession is the inevitable side effect.   GOSH – sorry… 

There have been 48 recessions since 1777.   But economic statistics were not even compiled until after WWII – so technically, data before WWII is cherry picked to fit into a preconceived agenda.   According to rewritten history, the cause of the Great Depression that lasted 12 years was ‘caused by the stock market crash’.   Which has about as much depth of critical thinking as the notion that all life on earth evolved from a single cell slug.   Including every plant and animal.

The powers that be have worked tirelessly to bring about a global RESET for centuries.   The means have typically been war.

After WWI, the German Reich was required to pay remunerations.   In 1929, they reneged.   They couldn’t make payment on their debt for causing WWI.   The youth market did not believe they should be saddled with the debt of their fathers.   Stalin called on the Stalinist Party of Germany to renounce the reparation payment – and all hell broke loose. The Weimar Republic attempted to annul the reparations in total.   US stock market – collapsed.

Initially, recessions in the US were called, “Panics”.   They were caused by credit, speculation and war. Since the Great Depression – we have had no less than 14 Recessions.   Obviously the Federal Reserve has had absolutely NO impact in preventing anything.  

In fact, they would appear to be more of an aggravator than a deterrent.

During these continued Panics or Recessions, the Federal Reserve helped to initiate GDP decline, Unemployment, and massive inflation – all within the auspices of Government Control.

The Great Recession of 2007 is said to be caused by the US via the Housing Bubble which rippled into an oil and food shortage ‘somehow’ and is described as causing a vast global depression.   WHY a housing bubble would cause a scarcity of oil and food across the globe is not addressed.  BUT it is offered as an explanation WITHOUT any critical thought.

What it does reveal is the manufactured crises that

then creates an arena for the federal reserve to come into the fray as some sort of cartoon hero.  

Today, we are privileged to be the victims of a manufactured Pandemic which was blamed for the manufactured supply chain debauchery, which has thus supposedly resulted in shortages of food, gas and everything.   So the Powers instituted the Band-aide approach to their bleeding artery wound.

What is interesting is the fact that in each of these situations, the end result that the Cabalist Cult hoped to achieve FAILED.   For it has always been about a global governance. A Global Monarchy. A Global EMPIRE!

Lest we forget, Hitler was on the cover of Time Magazine in 1938 as Man of The Year award!   He was a product of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Winston Churchill, FDR and Stalin.

And then, like Assad, The Shah, Hussein, he failed – and his failure meant demonization.   Hitler went from King of the Road to an Evil Dictator who was ultimately forced into isolation and obscurity in Argentina,. While many of his Scientists were brought to the US to be installed in various defense organizations. including Lockheed Martin.   TEACH ME was the US mantra!

Each subsequent recession has been more brutal than the last.   Today we have been brought to our knees with inflation rising 300% or more, unemployment tagged to increase by 25% to 35% next year, and a housing collapse.

Having lured investors and buyers into a manufactured market of inflated pricing, the end goal was to subject the weakest links into poverty.   Wherein they are forced into bankruptcy and a personal depressive state.

The Federal Reserve has done absolutely nothing to quell these constant “Panics” and instead is likely responsible, with the help of the same players that have failed over and over to achieve a global RESET.   A Global Empire of Rule over the Peasantry poor.

The GAME is their fever.   Should they actually win – they are likely to become bored and feverous.   Shakespeare coined the phrase, ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.’

For in the end, whoever wins, will be challenged again for a New Game.

The Cabals Have No CHOICE: WWIII is Their Only Option For a RESET

Vestas Wind, the largest manufacturer of Wind turbines is in deep doodoo.   June 2022, net revenue down 245%, net income -3.6%, YTD shares down 40%, can’t find parts, and buying has all but stopped – so they decided to raise the price.   SGMA Wind Turbine manufacturer, year over year revenue down 10%, net revenue down 42%, shares down 30% and net profits down 57.7%.   Renewable Energy is a joke.   Land destruction for lithium, steel graves for dead turbines, and silicon mines turn earth into land waste!

The CDC has 26 jabs recommended for babies from birth to 15 ‘months’ and have now approved the unapproved Pfizer/Moderna jab as a school mandate.   According to the CDC, vaccine records are required for adoption, foster care, childcare, and extracurricular activities.

In November 2020, WHO declared that Remdesivir as a treatment protocol for hospitalized CoVid patients had no viable improvement.   April 2022, WHO declares Remdesivir as a suitable treatment for mild CoVid. Remdesivir was initially created in 2009 for the treatment of HEP C – it failed.   The Epoch Times has stated that Remdesivir is used on death row to cause renal failure and death.

EXCESS DEATHS:   In August 2022, the EU revealed the death rate for that month compared to 2016 thru 2019 was 111% higher overall which was ‘lower’ than the month of July..   According to WHO, excess deaths in the US are roughly 25% to 50% higher.   These published statistics are AFTER vaccination plus boosters.   And we are in a parallel plane with The “Spanish/nonSpanish Flu/ Bacterial Infection of 1918 that was eradicated by the Rockefeller vaccine….wherein 50+ million died.

In 2021, The Bill and Melinda Gates Trust grew by 3.2 billion to assets of $54 billion on liabilities of $740 million.   $53.1 billion of the funds are invested in equities and government securities.   Per their 2020 990 Form: On income of $6.8 billion – $1.17 went to operating expenses, and $3.8 went to contributions – leaving unexpensed untaxed income of $1.8 billion.   Total undistributed income over previous five years amounted to $18 billion.  This means they have expenses contributions that they never PAID!

Every year contributions PAYABLE increase, in 2020 by $1.5 billion to a whopping $7.75 billion – that they – Never Paid Never Taxed – but Managed to retain their IRS exempt STATUS!

The GatesFoundations highest paid employee is their Director of China – $1.39 million.   While the majority of Grants went to Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, as well as a host of government agencies and for profits… What it does NOT do is benefit Americans.

Guess which major fund families own -0- shares of this alternative energy company?   BlackRock, Berkshire, Bloomberg, JP Morgan, etc… In fact, the fifth highest Institutional Owner is West Oak Capital with 325 shares worth $45,000.

Recently Bill Gates stated that solar and wind will never replace fossil fuels in a “Transition” – and new innovations and patents need to be developed by inventors to find a solution. Despite the fact that western nations are willing to murder their citizens in refusing necessary oil and gas.

There is only ONE US smelter that produces aluminum, yet the WH has issued new sanctions against the import by anyone of – Russian Aluminum.   Canada and Russia are the top 2 Aluminum exporters.   Eliminating Russia destroys global economies trickle by trickle.

As a result, the US has decided to station our entire 101st Airborne in Romania to fight Russia.   While our US Navy has determined that China will undoubtedly assert military occupation of Taiwan any day now – and VOILA the US has Officially declaring WWIII.   ALL while Pelosi vehemently grins that the dems will NOT lose control of Congress…   Why would that be?   Should these forces attack Russia and China – Martial Law & lockdowns would be instituted with vaccine mandates and….

The mid-term elections would be effectively – ‘cancelled’.