ISRAEL WAR is The Secular Great RESET

IT is curiouser and curiouser how the self described savants who saw the Ukraine war for another US proxy, suddenly support Israel – because of the Holocaust.   As though victimhood is the sole reasoning behind anything –  Israel.   People are cursing me into oblivion for writing historical facts.  Previous conservative media outlets are suddenly having brain dense convulsions over Israel as though present day Israel represents God and End Times.   The Bible is clear –    four powerful kings will race onto the world stage with two objectives.

  1. To conquer the world, and to reign as global dictators.These dictators will strip you of your freedoms. They will take your civil liberties, and you will become property and slaves of the state.
  2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. Their desire is to control the city of Jerusalem and prepare for the anointing of the false Messiah.

According to ‘the newest interpretation of who the four kings are, Hagee Ministries offers:  King of the North is Russia, King of the South is Egypt and Arab countries, King of the east is China, and King of the west is America and UK.  There is absolutely no Biblical reference to support this supposition.

It is almost as though people are so wasted on earth, they WANT Armageddon.   And the secular media and secular Israel are quick to LEAD the bandwagon.  And suddenly The Great RESET becomes Biblical Armageddon and we fight the WRONG fight.   Of course, the idiocy in this scenario is the ‘false Messiah’ being anointed by a collaboration of abject enemies is particularly fundamentally ignorant.

Another viewpoint comes from MSNBC’s atheist prospective.   Prophesizing from an atheist pulpit, the writer has seemingly read the book flap on the Bible for his elementary school essay.   Using the same bad guys, Russia and China in his synopsis, he adds Iran and omits America and UK.  Instead turning the war into a poll of Christian Zionists… and Republicans and of course – Trump.

Right now, control over the city of Jerusalem is hoisted to the surface as the first flag support of Armageddon.  Yet the only people who have made this a quest are the Palestinians who support The Old Testament and The Koran. The vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi and have absolutely no religious affiliation.   In the US – they are democrats manipulating the White House behind the scenes as a shadow government.   For the Jews in control, Jerusalem merely represents money – upwards of $7.5 billion annually in tourism.   Other than that – they couldn’t tell you the names of the Apostles.

As a result we have unwitting conservatives putting their might and mouth behind the same people responsible for the Nazi Ukraine trafficking industry.   And it feels like a portion of their brain has been ejected.  Because, well – the Holocaust…

The land of Israel.

“For four thousand years, the land of Israel has been the Jewish homeland”.    The Torah pronounces!   But there was no Jewish Homeland, there was a Hebrew Homeland as espoused by the Bible before it was rewritten over 100 times.   Via ‘translations’.   The Hebrew Homeland – as referenced – applies to ‘all descendants of Abraham’.   Those who transgress will be exiled from the land ~ Torah.   What does transgress mean?   To break or violate any law of God.  It is a fair assumption that being ‘secular’ is – a transgression of the highest order.

We are NOT in End Times, Biblically, we ARE in end times politically and socially as ruled by the Ashkenazi’s of the west.  Trying to conjoin the two as one is beyond the most extreme apostate.   And can only come from those who are not true believers – like secularists.

The War between Palestine and Israel was matriculated by western political powers

and had nothing to do with the Bible.  Rothschild had specifically demanded a “secular Israel” be given to him by Britain.   That is what occurred.  This decision was the first provocation.   But it is what the west ‘does’.   We conquer countries and divvy up the spoils – the land.   Post WWI, the land was divvied up into separate nations we now call The Middle East.    That being said, the Israel bombardment is a distraction to aid in the Great RESET.

Post WWII the west divvied up Soviet Russia and Europe.  Simultaneously, western brain powers decided that Taiwan – which was under the control of Japan – must now be given to China.   A poor nation of little value to the west, Taiwan became an island of China.   Until – Taiwan became a source of western resources.  Then, China bad.

Rothschild chose this war in Israel.   Not for any Biblical motive, but for the antithesis of the Biblical Word.   To watch how easily it is to sway the minds of the sheeple into believing a lie.  Today’s Israel is NOT the Israel of the Bible.

Germany’s DeutschWelle goes even further down the line of apostasy by writing an article about ‘fact-checking’ Israel’s war.  The height of secularist thought!   Providing in-depth analysis of this, DeutschWelle recommends using fact-check news sites and google lens to determine what is true and what is disinformation.   Because critical thinking has been parched and thrown into the ‘Dead Sea’…

The Zionists are creating a false Biblical event.  Manipulating the Christians whom they hate.   The same Zionists who support the Nazi’s in Ukraine!  Because they are NOT Jews, they are not descendants of Abraham, they have manipulated history – manipulated identity – to Rule The Sheeple.   Russia saw the manipulation and became a “Pariah” as a result.

The Holocaust was real – it just wasn’t committed against Jews.   Yet in the vein of victimhood, the Rothschilds saw this as an opportunity to present their state, Israel, as a global bond against anyone and everyone that dared to cast the first stone.  And entire countries recoil in fear lest they desecrate the word Israel.

Now the Stage has been recast:   No longer do we fear and cast stones at Klaus Schwab’s Great RESET, we embrace him, them, and it, as victimized Jews for whom we must send our sons and daughters to die.   For a war that Israel’s landlord, Rothschild, created.  Knowing Rothschild is the grandaddy of secular Judaism and the creator of The Great RESET.

The World Economic Forum via Basel is The Protocols of Zion

In 2003, George Bush created PEFAR to address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.   Overseen by the Department of State, the initiative has been awarded $90 billion to date.   According to someone within the agency – 25 million lives have been saved…  Except there is absolutely no evidence or factoid to support this claim – but it looks good on paper.

According to ResearchGate, the global and sub-Sahara case trends have steadily increased.  Yet PEPFAR funding has steadily increased despite statistics showing the initiative, the $110 billion, have really done nothing.   In fact, PEPFAR and the State Department decided they would be the Global Aids Coordinator led by Deborah Birx as of 2014.  In 2023, given the statistics were so incredibly poor, Anthony Blinken announced the launch of the Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy to be led by John Nkengesong.   Money was poured into the “Sustainable Control” of the epidemic.  So where did the money actually go?

Bill Gates Global Fund is the primary beneficiary.   Given that HIV/Aids continues to rise exponentially according to testing that is not done, given that there is no viable connection between HIV and AIDS, in 2022, PEPFAR announced they would really, really make an impact this time by – 2030.  The Magic Year when all information and disease end simultaneously.

Kary Mullis, the same Nobel winner who developed the PCR Test that he declared could NOT EVER isolate any virus, including CoVid, is the same Virologist/Biologist who stated that HIV does not lead to AIDS – and HIV doesn’t even really exist.

Nonetheless, these astute chronic government officials have determined that they know more than Mullis and ART treatment must be ramped up across Africa given the success rate is nil.  In fact, ART doesn’t ‘cure’ anything, it supposedly extends a person’s healthy life cycle.  What is ART?   ART destroys T Lymphocyte cells.  It is given to people with HIV, and has severe side effects including;  diabetes, heart disease, kidney, liver, and nerve damage, and osteoporosis.  By contrast, HIV symptoms are similar to ‘the flu’.  And according to NIH, ‘most people with HIV will never get AIDS’…   The risk of HIV is most pronounced among people who inject street drugs & share their needle with you while living in squalor, ie opioid addicts.

According to WHO, roughly 500,000 people die each year from opioids.   According to NIH, in the US 3 million people are opioid addicts, representing 1/5th of the global addiction crisis.  Since 1999, opioid deaths in the US have risen 500%.   But no less than four US Agencies receive funding to curb/stop/treat opioid addiction.

The Point?   Not One Agency actually achieves what it claims to target.   Instead, American taxpayers continue to shell out billions upon billions to no effect – for decades.  Heart Disease remains a constant algorithmic number every single year despite billions spent on combatting ‘heart disease’.   Cancer treatments remain relatively benignly constant despite 70 years of funding and charity.

Disease is NOT eradicated – it is fostered in a home of infinite spending with little to no effect.  And yet, we focus on the money laundering of “WAR”.   Imagine the money laundering of “Disease”.  

In the US we have the: CDC, NIH, Health & Human Resources, WHO, Centers For Disease Control, Trust For America’s Health, Individual State Health Departments, National Foundation For Infectious Diseases, Department of Agriculture (Disease Research), The Global Fund, American Kidney Fund, Red Cross, American Heart Association, Maternal & Child Health Bureau, National Organization For Rare Disorders, etc… etc… etc…   All working to eradicate disease in alliance with over a MILLION NGO’s.

Yet we still have heart disease, Cancers, HIV, AIDS, lung disease, etc…  Odd.

A money laundering propaganda scheme with a continuous flow of unimpeded Taxpayer Funding!   Achieving Nothing.   Created by the same megalomaniacs who have driven the value of the US dollar into negative territory within the last 100 years.  The same maniacs who want a Great RESET because not ONE of their initiatives did anything but expand death, poverty, and environmental disaster.

2030 is utopia – they claim.   By 2030 we will all drive electric cars, live in urban hostels, own nothing, work 24/7, eat crickets, and climate will miraculously be ‘normal’ based on a new and improved version of what is ‘normal’.   All disease will be officially eradicated, money & debt will not exist, school grades will no longer exist, we will exist on prescribed drugs, white will be black, and time will stand still.

And all of this has been created by the same people who devised the economic and political ORDER of the 20th & 21st century – that FAILED.

An Order ill-prepared for other than to spend more and more money so that it can be laundered back to the Elite Monarchy which envisions their rule over a Global Empire.  Despite;  no smart cities being built, a BRICS alliance that currently has zero interest in this Order, no eradication of disease, and no foundational support within the masses.   And just six short years to bring it all together en masse…

In 1905 the Protocols of The Elders of Zion was published.   Since then, every media, every intelligence bureau, every western government has declared the protocols a hoax, antisemitism, a Hate crime, a forgery…

The Protocols originate in Basal Switzerland – which happens to be the central location for:  The Bank of International Settlements, World Economic Forum, The Basel Accords, a Roman Military fortification, and was incorporated by The Holy Roman Empire in 1032 and the source of the First Crusade.  In 1897 the first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel with the majority of delegates, 38%, allocated to Israel – which at the time was “Rothschild”.  Their goal was to settle Palestine with Zionists.

The Protocols of Zion was published five years later.

Jews and Freemasons were said to have made plans to disrupt Christian civilization and erect a world state under their joint rule. Liberalism  and socialism were to be the means of subverting Christendom; if subversion failed, all the capitals of Europe were to be sabotaged.


20;   elimination of the Gold Standard

21;   take advantage of non-Jewish governments to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times through money lending that were not at all needed

23;  a King has no place for an angelic spirit; he needs only force and power; for he will be obliged to kill off  existing societies.

Those named as the Axis include:  Eisenhower, Rothschild, Warburg, Straus, Morgenthau, Einstein, Baruch, Frankfurter.  The concept was that the Zions were the chosen ones – and all others were to live in slavery.   Much in parallel to the World Economic Forum’s destiny for today.

These people were not a part of God’s Israel, they were Zionist Khazars who felt they were superior to all other sects of society and were destined to be the only race to exist on Earth outside of slaves making up the 500 million global population.  Meaning the Zionists were the racists, the antisemitics, without religion.   And society today is proof we are living out the aspired Protocols.  

THE GREAT RESET Reimagined …. via Trade

INSURANCE rates are going thru the roof!   Property insurance is up 30% to 40% and car insurance is up 40% to 50%!   These increases are meant to ‘drive’ you out of ownership.   The explanation? Crime, and inflation.   While the La Nina explanation of the current climate is also ‘considered’ a factor, I am reminded of the Lew Rockwell article discussing the Geoengineering factor of ‘no-return’.   Once again the Problem is more likely – DEBT.

In preparation for a NATO incursion, Biden quietly executed a new Executive Order this July that calls up The Selected Reserve and members of The Individual Ready Reserve to ACTIVE DUTY.   By calling them to active duty, Biden has declared there is a ‘State of Emergency’.   Whether they are deployed to Europe or within states across the US – the message is clear – the White House, CIA, FBI, NSA are facing extreme fragility and require a distraction.

It is said that FDR’s reluctant decision to have the US enter WWII was to detract from his waning approval. FDR succeeded in turning the US into a completely socialist country, including giving himself ‘extraordinary emergency government powers’.   Biden is a re-enactment.   Taking us from Socialism to Marxist Communism.

“…They did not recognize that prices had fallen because of the Depression. They believed that the Depression prevailed because prices had fallen. The obvious remedy, then, was to raise prices, which they decided to do by creating artificial shortages. Hence arose a collection of crackpot policies designed to cure the Depression by cutting back on production.” ~Robert Higgs, Independent Institute.

By removing the gold standard, FDR created unstoppable inflation.   Today it is unknown how much if any gold reserves the US actually retains.   By 2016, Canada had depleted all their reserves of gold to $-0- with this explanation:
“The government has a long-standing policy of diversifying its portfolio by selling physical commodities (such as gold) and instead investing in financial assets that are easily tradable and that have deep markets of buyers and sellers.” 

According to CEIC Data, US gold reserves fluctuated dramatically until the 1950’s when reserve inventory began to plummet. By 1975, reserves were halved and have remained untouched since.   I am skeptical.

In 1974, auditors of the US government stated they would audit the reserves over a ten year period held in Fort Knox, Denver, and West Point.   Once the gold was verified and numbered, it would be placed in a vault until all the gold had been counted, recorded and numbered – and the vault was sealed.  At the end of this ten year period the US government auditors declared that 97% of the gold had been verified.   Thereafter, there would be no reason to break the seals.

Enter skeptic, Jan Nieuwenhuijs in 2014.   He found that subsequent to the end of the audit in 1984, seals were constantly broken. In 2016, Inspector General of the Treasury, Richard Delmar, justified that the bars had to be moved, so subsequent audits required the breaking of the seals.   But the recounts in Denver were conducted by ‘staff’ – not auditors. Meaning there is NO verification of our gold reserves.

WHY would the US government want to deplete gold reserves?

To pay for illicit activities.   Bribes, mercenaries, theft, laundering, trafficking, there are a dozen reasons why.   And like oil, the government controls the pricing of gold.   If it was revealed that our vaults were nearly depleted, the initial shock could destroy markets and create a mass buying spree sending gold into 5 digit if not 6 digit territory depending on the numbers released.   It would open up the corruption probe of to whom, how much, and transparency.   And the value of the dollar would become absolutely worthless rippling thru the global economy with ferocity like a Bison protecting its young.

The largest gold mines are in China, Africa and Australia.   The argument of value has been constrained because of the inventory.   The illusion of supply & demand. Certainly, paper money and copper coins have zero worth.   Paper is a promissory note backed by a promise with no collateral behind it – just debt.   A government can print its currency indefinitely, but the more it prints the less scarce the currency becomes, resulting in inflation and a devalued dollar.

Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 the dollar parity value dropped 50% in a decade. The dollar began to recover from 1923 to 1933, rising back to 70cents.   However, once FDR suspended gold convertibility and made owning gold illegal, the dollar tanked. In 1971 Nixon put the nail in the proverbial coffin and today its parity value is less than 4 cents.

Switching from paper to Bitcoin or CBDC’s is really a non-move.   But Russia and China have  reverted back to a gold-backed trade standard decreasing yuan and ruble volatility.   The value of a commodity is supposed to rely on ‘supply & demand’. But even those most stoic economic fallbacks are completely falsified.

Supply is manipulated.   Demand is propagandized.   And the US Capitalist system is in reality Socialist as created by FDR.   Today, that partial disjointed system is leaning heavily toward Marxist/Communist.   Why?   To hide the criminal activities our system has hijacked.  Once communism is installed, all history will be wiped. And the next generation having been taught no real history won’t even notice.   Reality has thus been usurped.

Realizing that a system of debt – is not manageable, The Great RESET was created to obscure the Truth and wash it all away. Unfortunately, that same debt system is what created fake value.   Hollywood studios and Sports Authorities thrive on debt – When a Hollywood film is being made, the producer secures contract guarantees. These guarantees are the collateral for a bank loan.  DEBT.

The first private company to enter the mortgage field was JP Morgan in 1871.   During the Depression mortgages ground to a halt. In 1933, FDR decided the means to lift home ownership was to create a government sponsored program; The Home Owners Loan Corp. a Mortgage company.  We’ve had rampant inflation ever since.

The housing market has thrived on debt – creating bubbles that inflate and burst.   And Reset levels. US Student Loans – standing over $3 trillion – in debt.   Mortgages – outstanding = $19 Trillion.   Personal Loans average $38,000 per person.   The statistic does not differentiate by age – if we calculate based on entire 335 million population – that would amount to another $13 trillion.

Assuming that the US gold reserves amount to what they pinky swear declare – our gold is valued at roughly $480 billion – against debt of $36 trillion.   Land has value – but that value is manipulated by government owned land.   It is like a subsidy.  IF the government was relinquished of ALL it’s land the value would tank because of the supply.

Within THIS Reality – yes, the globe needs a RESET.   Just not the kind envisioned by the Marxist/Communists in control via the World Economic Forum.   The True RESET would be to scrap everyone of everything and start at a net zero playing board – including Larry Fink and Elon Musk.     YOU DON’T OWN ANYTHING.

Poverty would have apply to everyone. I doubt those within the uber echelon would be willing to live such a lifestyle – which is why – The Great RESET as defined by the World Economic Forum will never happen.   It is a pipe dream.   A Fantasy.

In fact, The Great RESET is a global distraction to cover the reality that they have no idea what to do to cover Their Failures, Corruption, and Greed and failed climate change geoengineering.   Passing the baton to their son’s and daughter’s is simply a way of prolonging the inevitable and passing the global massacre to the next generation.

Soros doesn’t give a whit about his offspring!   Neither does Gates, or Bezos, or Zuckerberg – or Bloomberg, or Obama, or Kissinger or ANY of the elite.   Their entire focus is preserving their monetary orgasm.

How could a RESET look?

When money is worthless, trade becomes the only means of securing vital essentials. The Minoans lived sometime around 3500 BC to 1300 BC.   They did not war.   They lived in peace and prospered for 2000 years. They didn’t just ‘thrive’ they accumulated great wealth among ALL their people. Their means? Trade.

Ultimately, the Minoans were wiped out by the barbarian Macedonians who thrived on war and conquest.   And society – was RESET to the Dark Ages.

The ‘Macedonians’ are the ones ruling us today in a complex tangle of industrialized war and debt.   They were the barbarians then and the barbarians today. They are not a civilization they are a destruction manifesto. And they appear over and over again in history – each time their goal being chaos and disorder.

The US was supposed to be a reincarnation of the Minoans.   But the Macedonians infiltrated.  

Ukraine Offensive Failed: Blinken on The Mafia Watchlist

IF in fact NATO and the West knew beforehand that the Ukrainian Offensive would fail, there are two explanations:   1.   The offensive was a distraction,   or 2.   Ukrainian genocide is the operative reasoning.     Then again, maybe these are both correct.

Why would the West think that Ukraine could win?   Their military is comprised of a bunch of vagabond non-voluntary recruits with less than a week of training, and the CIA mercenaries which have been severely depleted to 1/4 of their initial strength.   The US provided cluster munitions are leaving a trail of death upon their own citizens and landmines have made the Ukraine landscape untouchable.

When your commanders are reviled by troops – the battle is already lost.   

Are the Ukrainian troops being used the as guinea pigs to blow up the land mines for incoming Polish and German troops?   Knowing the west’s penchant for ‘guinea pigs’, aka the Vax, I’m liable to think the Loss of Ukrainian troops is an effort to safeguard the ‘more valuable’ incoming foreign troops.    Because in the end, the Eu and US don’t want the Ukrainian people – they want – Ukraine, its resources, and it internal corruption.

Then again – ‘distraction’ is their Plan A in just about every situation.

There is scuttle that Poland and NATO are considering annexing the western portion of Ukraine around Lyiv.   The strategy would appear to make a portion of Ukraine a NATO ally via Poland.    Thus any attack on Polish territory would justify WWIII.

If Russia then took control of the central and eastern portions stretching to Odessa, Crimea and the Black Sea, they will have the majority of the Breadbasket being touted by the Left.   Building a wall to demarcate the new annexations would become a necessity.   Given the speed at which Russia repairs bridges – they might be able to construct a wall within months – separating east and west Ukraine – a stalemate..

This would leave Poland holding a landlocked Ukraine that has suffered superficial damage compared to the East. But what would it really achieve?   Absolutely nothing.   Although perhaps they would have informational propaganda on their side and label the conclusion a ‘victory’.   But, Putin is a man of chess and strategy.   While the military intelligensia on the right seem to have no acumen other than informational illusions.

While noting that the f-16’s are months away, that bombs and ammo are nearly 2 years away, Blinken announced in an interview that the end of the counteroffensive is months away…   It was odd when Blinken et al provided the start date of the counteroffensive, but even more odd that Blinken is now providing an ‘end date’.

One very ignoramus ‘retired’ US General has suggested US warships escort Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea in order to assure the contents of the containers safely reach their EU destinations.   His point is also a pre-emptive WWIII scenario given any attack on the US warships would create an international event…   Even this tactic is old – used on the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

Isn’t it odd that ‘the grain’ that doesn’t feed anyone is considered such an important shipment to the EU?

It is difficult to find what might be the distraction. The normal outlets – NED and CSIS are mum.   NED is busily hosting its Nobel Peace Prize Awards – in true Hollywood fashion. And the Peace winners are – laureates from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.   Obviously the ones from Belarus and Russia are leaders opposing the respective governments.   Promoters and analysts who will present the awards include CNN Bianna Golodryga ( a fill-in anchor for CNN), Dan Baer of Carnegie Endowment, and Aleksandr Cherkasov of the defunct NGO, Memorial that was booted from Russia.

Seriously, this is what the West is doing as they call for ‘endless war’ – award dissidents.

While Blinken hails the great success of the Ukrainian CounterOffensive in the media highlighting Zelenskyy’s assertion that Azov has taken back 50% of what Russia previously owned – they don’t release the details – ie, they have taken back ravaged land, ravaged villages, and empty cities.  There was no one there to “Fight”!

Ukraine Plan B, C, D, and E would seem to have failed.   On to Plan K = common core math.

The BRICS are now expanding at an incredibly rabid pace with nearly 40 countries asking to join.   The next Summit is in Africa where Bill Gates genocide, the British, the French and the US – have a lengthy rap-sheet.   Macron’s odd request to be invited to the South African Summit in August has been – denied.   Leaving the black man behind Biden fuming!   If Africa denies Western colonization in favor of the BRICS, the cabalists are losing their 15 minute city destination.

Tsun Tsu – Art of War = Deception.   In my father’s day, every military officer of rank was required to read The Art of War.   Now it appears they are reading Rainbow Warriors Have Safe Spaces…

In order to propel the West further toward their Nobel Laureate self adulation, Blinken has announced;   a) he has levied sanctions on China’s Military Leader which Blinken asserts will have zero impact on relations,   and b)   he has upped the ante against North Korea – with a threat, “either denuclearize or we will really really hurt you – pinky swear”!   Hurt NK with what?   The weapon stash that has been obliterated in order to relieve Ukraine from Ukraine and make it a Polish statehood?

It appears North Korea has given asylum to a US military nobody who was going to be court- marshaled in the US because he is ‘surprise’ an abject Looney Tune!.   Hence the lack of informational propaganda.

Blinken has now failed in revitalizing a China detente, he has botched the Ukraine war, and thinks that threatening North Korea will have any positive reaction to bolster his obtuse reputation.   In fact, my guess is Blinken is on the axing block and his usefulness as a stooge may be coming to near catastrophic close.   He is looking more frazzled and scared than his preferred  demeanor of Cool Hand Luke.

But then he faces The True Mafia at work – Cleaning Crew on Aisle 46!

IN the vein of envy, The Economist has now moved its focus on the relatively new President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.

Nayib Bukele came into power in June 2019.   And he came in like a Trump on steroids!   Elected via a ‘third party’, his entire term so far has been about arresting gang members which has resulted in the reduction of the murder rate by 60%!   Despite the classic HRW and Amnesty International declarations of human rights violations, Bukele arrested over 71,000 gang members.   The West thrives on gang members.  Gangs dod their most inglorious work and given a free pass.   If El Salvador is cleansed of the gangs – this will negatively impact the outflow of immigrants to the US.

Undeterred, Bukele fired the Attorney General and five Supreme Court Justices – for abject corruption.   The West went ballistic!   Then, shortly after declaring that Bitcoin was legal tender in 2021, protests erupted.   You know – the NED kind of protest/revolution attempted coup – protests.  Informational Propaganda:  Thousands took to the streets to protest Bukele arresting gang members…  Reuters, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, NBC, Al Jazeera, PBS, LA Times bombed the internet with depictions of a Dictator.

They failed.

When Bukele announced that he took hydroxycholoquine for Covid – the US went ballistic again!   Transparency International declared that El Savador’s president was rogue and had not followed ‘protocol’.    Despite all their best efforts to denounce, demonize, and ridicule Bukele, The West Lost.   LOST.   At 42 today, Bukele is a prime example of facing the Demon head-on and Winning!

And the West is furious.   Yet another country LOST.   Now, having lost China, Saudi Arabia and Africa, and possibly Israel, Ukraine’s importance dwindles.   And Blinken is looking more and more distressed.

The Cabal’s military infrastructure, ie, the CIA, the FBI, NSA, MI6, etc… is precariously close to a Great RESET.  Just not the kind the WEF envisions.   The concept of CBDC’s as a social credit score singular monetary system cannot be initiated because there are no 15 minute cities and no globalization amidst no credibility!   Advancement required unity, an alliance, a sphere of circular corporate stakeholders.   Instead they achieved even greater global discord and the collapse of secrecy.

HOWEVER…   a caged snake is much more likely to strike venomously and lethally.   Which leaves NATO and the West at risk of inciting their next Pandemic Strategy – Global Lockdown for Climate.   Pertinent Problem:   In order to have a “Global Anything” one needs global – and the Cabalist Mafia have lost at minimum of 40-50 largess countries representing a greater percentage of total GDP than the weakened G7.

That means – at this point they have not figured out Plan K and keep managing to make YUGE mistakes that further define them as – well, you know Hillaryesque!   What Difference Does It Make If Millions Die!

Art Of War – Never Underestimate The Enemy…

AUSTRALIA’s Voice Referendum – World Economic Forum Powerplay

The Australian government has passed a Referendum to alter the Constitution.   The Amendment is set to be put to the peoples vote sometime between September and December.   The Voice, as the referendum is called is billed as a means of alleviating discrimination against the aboriginal community of the country comprising roughly 880,000 persons.   Note: A census does not exist and this number is an ‘estimate’.   The total population of Australia is 25.7 million meaning the aboriginals make up about 3%.   The Voice would give them power to make representations to The Parliament and Government.

  • As a separate entity of the government, the members of The Voice would be determined after the Referendum passes.   Obscurity.
  • The referendum states that currently there would be a minimum of 24 members designated within the body – however, once the referendum passes, that number could arbitrarily be changed according to the document. Obscurity.
  • The Voice would have specific remote representatives as well as representation for the mainland Torres Strait Islander population.
  • The Voice will work alongside existing organizations and traditional structures…
  • The Voice will be made up of those with “Aboriginal “Descent”.   There is no percentage requirement, just descent, self identification and acceptance as having Aboriginal heritage no matter how diluted.
  • The wording is obfuscated as applying to the Aboriginals only – but anything their Group feels affects them in any way – would be instructed to Parliament.

While claiming complete transparency, ‘existing organizations’ could include the Open Society Institute.   Remote Representatives – is a revolving door.    Aboriginal Descent could be hundreds of years ago…

It wreaks of WEF Agenda.

Aboriginals were brutally massacred when the British began colonizing Australia with its prison population.   Today 16% of Australia’s land has been returned to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.   In the federal government there are 8 Senators (out of 76 = 11%) and 3 House members who identify as Islanders.   By strict percentages they have tripled their minority population in Australia’s government.

So where is the discrimination?

As of its present read, The Referendum states that there would be a minimum of 24 members designated within the body – however, once the referendum passes, that number could arbitrarily be changed ~ according to the document.   In other words – what is written now is meaningless and will be rewritten to favor our Agenda…

In order to sway votes, the Alba government established a $10.5 million fund to aid the Islanders in ‘mental health’ in the lead up to the vote.   Once voted ‘Yes’, funding for The Voice would include $75.2 million over 2 years in support of ‘delivering the referendum’, while pushing for additional registration of more indigenous voters, and establish their governance structure.   Once finalized an additional $160 million would get the Voice off the ground.

So what is the REAL purpose of this Constitutional Amendment that can never be repealed?

The Referendum was put forth and supported by:
Julian Leeser, a liberal jewish solicitor, and, Ken Wyatt, a liberal Indigenous Minister whose roots are Irish, English and Indian with minor indigenous ancestry.   Wyatt identifies as an Aboriginal.

Wyatt has proposed that the Referendum be backed by an Indigenous Treaty approved by BLM, Black Lives Matter.

TREATY.    Will Guarantee self-determination and land rights for Aboriginal people. Acknowledges the harm and pain caused by colonialization. Offers reparations or redress for harm to Aboriginal people and Communities.    More Specifically:   Between 2016 and 2017, before the Referendum was passed, documents related to emails from the National Indigenous Australians Agency outlined what said Treaty might entail:   1. Changing the Australian flag, 2.   Increasing reparations, via setting aside a ‘fixed percentage of GDP’, payable by ‘white Australians’ to The Voice,   3.   The establishment of a “Truth Commission’,   4.   The institution of paying tax royalties to The Voice by ALL Australians as punishment for living in Australia as a nonindigenous person.

These are the first referendums already proposed by the Voice Commission to the Parliament…  IN other words, the PLAN is to confiscate land and money from the white population and give it to the Aboriginals.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, the 39th Premier of Queensland was appointed by the British Royals and member of the Labour Party.   She is a party to The Treaty Group assigned to determine how best to strip Australians of their sovereign rights and indebt them to this Voice Referendum.

Annastacia was indoctrinated by the London School of Economics where she received an Arts degree.   It is the same institution Soros attended decades earlier.   It is the equivalent to Harvard and linked to communist/Marxist ideologies.

The Treaty portion of the Referendum is what has riled the Citizens of Australia.

The difference between Gavin Newsome’s reparation committee and The Voice is the making it a Constitutional Amendment that could never be repealed – and be in force for eternity.   The exodus of white people from Australia would be massive!

Given Australia is under the auspices of The Crown, King Charles, one of the writers of The Great RESET, and close bud of Klaus Schwab, the Voice Group could recommend Australia become a full consort of The Crown under the British Government.   Charles could be a remote representative.   Stack The Court Voice.  In Fact given the Desire For Ambiguity – this should be enough for Voters to RUN!

The ambiguity and lack of basic transparency is phenomenal!   The Committee pushing this Referendum routinely states that the obscurity will be removed only once the People Vote Yes.  Too Late.

At which point it will forever alter the Constitution in ways and means to obliterate – white Australians.


The Great RESET: Elimination – Planning – Structure For The Reimagined World.

When the military makes a joke of its soldiers – they are telling the world that American young men are worthless invertebrates who deserve to be ridiculed.   And our government is silent.   Generals voices are mute.   And an entire generation of security is GONE.   Why bother pretending?  

A Gold Star dad had the most impactful statement as he took issue with the mockery of soldiers and the lack of respect by Officers:   “Where are ALL the Navy Veterans past and present? Where are ALL the Patriots? We just let this fake Commander in Chief make a complete mockery of our military and our country. My heart and hope for our country is shattered to the core.”

When a soldier is wounded or dies while unceremoniously fighting for his Country – while living in horrific conditions – while being told to stand down if not vaccinated – Our Military is promoting cross dressers as the new breed of fighting machines!   Why aren’t these Generals embarrassed?   They should be stripped of their medals, their uniforms, and their pensions!

School Boards and teachers pursue student mutilations without parental consent and wonder why enrollment is caving.   Yet, they demand more money to combat the violence screaming through the brick walls that used to house our pre-eminent educators.   There is a very real distinction between a teacher and an educator.   Teachers can instruct without any desire to educate.   Yet teacher obsolescence is already in the making.   The AI evolution will be complete within in the next 2 years.   Teachers?   Nonessential…

Suicides among teens have risen 300% since 2019.   The main causal factor – other teens.   Teens who smear and bully and spew vile threats for absolutely no viable reason – other than bad parenting.   When my ‘ex-husband’ became concerned that perhaps his kids were bullied at school he asked his son. The Response, “I wasn’t bullied because I was the bully!”.   My ex-husband’s response – a high five!  Parents – Teach Your children Well!

The Media is destroying ‘compassion’.  

Women are no longer women.   We have no identity.   Instead we are given a perfunctory pronoun to not identify us.   Pronoun:   “a word used to replace or substitute a noun representing a person, place or thing.”   When using a pronoun in sentences it is supposed to make the sentence flow more easily instead of inserting the person’s name multiple times.   What a Pronoun is NOT – is an identifier.

When using a pronoun in lieu of a name as the identifier, we are no longer a person – we are an ‘it’.   Therefore I identify by my Name, Helena.

The question is why does the Mafia Cartel want Americans to be neuter?  

While it is possible the explanation is simply ‘depopulation’, there are other potential ambitions as well.   Perhaps a more nefarious reason could be to out or segregate those deemed ineligible for procreation and/or existence.  The first batch of human exterminations.  I doubt that the egocentric Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have any desire to share this planet with criminals – per their oblique definition.

Looking at who will cave and who will survive is their assurance of the best ‘gene pool’.  The elderly and infirm have the least to offer the egocentrics.   But the attack on young children remains a bizarre campaign that does not fit any explanation.

It would seem young children have been reduced to property.   In poor countries there is a ready pool of children to be sold to the highest bidder.   They are sold so the family can buy food to feed the remaining household.   Their rates are only slightly higher than that of an animal.   And there is no shortage of buyers.   Their uses are varied, none of which are worthy of description.   Suffice it to say – their lifespan is negligible.

When viewing the bigger picture – outside of the Cartel, every human being is seen as a commodity.   Some commodities are platinum and others are nickel.   Others are sent to be melted down.   When a world is to be reimagined operating at 1/8 of its previous self, there are significant alterations that must be made:

  1. Foremost food and water.   Those who AI can not replace must be protected in order to provide sustenance to the remaining population.   That would require proper agriculture planning, protein/animal planning, and clean drinkable water.
  2. Garments, accoutrements, jewelry, everything upscale.
  3. Transportation – including air travel, automobiles, bicycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s – all the toys need to continue to be manufactured for entertainment.
  4. Butlers, Maids, Gardeners, waiters, bartenders, drivers, pilots – most Elite prefer a live person to a Robot.   Humans can be demeaned and denigrated – not so fun with a BOT.
  5. Security, military, defense.   There will always be a faction of militants. There will always be the rage that incites conflicts, battles and wars.

Think of every aspect that maintains a level of lifestyle that is of two classes;   the elite and the peasants.   Hunger Games.   Each level of this recreation of society would need to be engineered so that the necessary peasants can fill the need. In the Mafia Cartel’s view, those subjugated persons come in the form of uneducated immigrants. Many people who have spent their life having nothing – will do literally anything to be a ‘have’.

When The Cartel ushers into America 6.5 million immigrants – they are anticipating 6.5 million Americans will be eradicated. This is why they have no compassion for finding solutions to:   veterans, drug overdoses, those in assisted living or mental health, the remaining succors on SS and Medicare, the violent, the suicidal teens, war deaths, whatever it takes to achieve the end goal as quickly as possible.

MASS Extinction. Not because of immigration, immigration is more of a side effect, not a causal factor.   The ONLY way to change immigration and suicides and violence is at the source – THE MAFIA CARTEL.  Closing the Border without eliminating the Mafia Cartel is plugging a 12″ round dike hole with a finger.

The “LIBRARY GROUP’ or the precursors to G7 may provide an answer.   They were made up of eight finance ministers which included socialists and conservatives – crossovers. Expanding their powers exponentially over the years, they are intricately connected to the thousands upon thousands of NGO’s which are responsible for implementing their initiatives – including security via a global military – BIS to rule over banking via The World Bank – and the IMF.  

And then Their Agenda was turned UPSIDE DOWN!   By Russian Expansion of BRICS..

SUDAN CRISIS: West Losing Africa to Russia and China

The Clashes in Sudan suddenly broke out despite no obvious instigation/rationale.   EXCEPT – for the fact that Russia and Sudan inked a deal in February wherein Russia would be granted the right to install a Navy Base in the port city of Sudan on the Red Sea.   The only caveat for the agreement was that the two military juntas, form a ratified government and legislative body.   Which suddenly became impossible.  

The two military’s in opposition include the Rapid Support Forces, RSF, and the Sudan Armed Forces, SAF.   Russia negotiated with and supports the para military militia – RSF. While the US supports the SAF Military which co-opted the couped Sudanese president, al-Bashir.

It thus is highly likely that the US contingent was unhappy with the Russia Agreement and incited an internal civil war in response.  

When giving their wholly unbiased view of the Sudanese uprising, CSIS offers a plethora of propaganda and classic media sewer spillage:   “The RSF is the successor force to the Janjaweed Arab militia forces that former dictator Omar al-Bashir organized to carry out his scorched-earth policies in Darfur in the early 2000s.” 

This delineation of Sudan’s issues, seem rooted in CSIS support of the Coup.   Reading about the ‘protests’ that led to the coup, one must face the indomitable reality that this was all created by US NGO’s.   Once AGAIN!

Why does the US want Sudan?

Rich oil reserves.   You know, that nasty polluting fossil fuel that must be eliminated from the globe…   The North & South split of Sudan was actuated by Obama.   The Sudan story seems to follow a linear path parallel to Assad in Syria. He was an ally and a friend of the US – until he was Not – and then the means of succession became – destruction and/or assassination.   CSIS/NED do not want Russia gaining traction in Africa because the elites want to make sure Africa’s resources belong to them!

In fact, if one were to research every major coup – the purpose would be found to be – enforced alignment with the US.

The first Vice President of Sudan was Dr. Garang, an agriculture economist who studied in the US including at the Infantry Officers Facility in Fort Benning, Georgia.   He believed in doing right by his people while also believing that the US government was honest in its motives.   A Fatal flaw.   He was assassinated in 2005.

Assad and Garang aren’t the only allies who suddenly became an enemy of the Cartel.   Putin was once upon a time embraced.   As was Xi Jinping.   The NED coup makers only tolerate those leaders who joyfully hand their country over to the Cartel for immediate absorption and re-education.   A Live or Die scenario that is quite James Bond. Your life will be spared if you Pledge Allegiance To The Cartel and to the annihilation of your People. Otherwise you and your country will be – destroyed.

In terms of resources, Sudan is considered one of the wealthiest nations in the world; OIL, gold, uranium, iron ore, chromite, black soil, gypsum, marble – and hydroelectricity!   Everything the future depopulated Elite require in a fair and equitable society of Monarchs and Peasants.

The West is running scared because African Leaders are beginning to see the disease that has overtaken western governments – and they want no part of it.   That disease makes for lost wealth. Recently the President of Namibia gave a scathing rebuke to Germany’s Diplomat, Norbert Lammert, telling him he was basically a fool for whining about Chinese in Namibia.   Last year Germany agreed to pay $1.1 billion in reparations to Namibia for slaughtering tribespeople. It appears Germany thought this would buy them a seat on the Africa Pyramid of elitism.   It didn’t.

Last year, Secretary of State Blinken butchered Rwanda over President Kagame’s infractions in human rights and democracy.   That didn’t sit well either given the state of America.   The Banana Republic of America is reeling in massive human rights violations and corruption within the government.   We have LOST our ability to ever again point a finger at any country!

Africa is now choosing China and Russia over the West.   Obama is losing his precious roots and Hillary has destroyed the rights of women.   Biden and family are hoping for a Ukraine windfall as another block of US cash is illegally redirected to Zelenskyy and Blinken is begging China to be our friend again while simultaneously blaming China for CoVid…

The Great RESET can never be attained because the Fools and Jesters have lost more than HALF the allegiances required to effectuate a global coup.   Klaus Schwab and Soros will die having never achieved their dream.   And the ONLY way to Save America is to “PURGE”.     Not just DC – but ALL NGO’s.

The GREAT Society BEFORE The Great RESET

THE GREAT SOCIETY – before the Great RESET – was created by Lyndon Johnson after the assassination of John F Kennedy who wouldn’t bow to the CIA.  The Corporation For Public Broadcasting was created in 1967 to control the entirety of Media for Americans.  In 1970 CPB formed NPR with 88 subsidiary outlets.   Their purpose was ‘content’.   In 1979, NPR expanded to London solidifying the alliance between the CIA and MI6.  By 1983, NPR was operating on a budget deficit despite continued expanded funding from US Taxpayers.

The two largest benefactors of NPR in the 2000’s were Soros Open Society Foundation and Joan Croc who donated $225 million in 2003.   At this point NPR became well known as a left leaning to far left broadcaster embroiled in bias.   And the Great Society Deal which was supposed to be a reincarnation of FDR’s New Deal was busily recreating America’s internal political landscape.

A transition that would forever change our landscape.   Likely – irreversibly.

Both the House and the Senate enjoyed a liberal majority which included the jewish vote which had become a prominent constituent.   Johnson took advantage of every loop, corner, and free crossing to enact 100’s of ‘committees’ and ‘agencies’ to study every aspect of society in order to recreate it.     Committees and Agencies that did little, accomplished less, and ate money like 1000 PacMen on steroids.

The Great Society initiatives and Johnson’s Cabinet set about to expand government exponentially – creating federal funding for Education, Medicaid, War on Poverty, The Voting Rights Act, Food Stamps, Upward Bound, Medicare, Head Start, HUD, Endowments, Department of Transportation, and a host environmental laws.  EVERYTHING was highly regulated and all businesses were required to comply with Federal rules or face the proverbial guillotine.

State Sovereignty no longer existed and the Feds kept expanding their control and irreversible POWER.

While various statistics claim poverty rates in 1960 were 22%, there was no common means of measuring poverty until 1965.    At which point it had been declared by the government to be 9% for whites and 35% among nonwhites – 15% weighted average – before the Great Society took effect.  The New Federal Government decided to ignore that fact and declared that poverty had been halved because 55% of households now had incomes over $7000.   Of course Taxpayers were funding $4,000 of that increase in the form of entitlements and welfare.   Thus the statistic is wholly and completely fabricated.

What Johnson succeeded in creating was a ‘well to do welfare class’.

It was the beginning of income redistribution and the decline of middle class.

This era of The Great Society also brought about the beginning of Federal Deficit spending.   And The Decline Of The Dollar!

Using government data since 1960, inflation has surpassed 916%, mostly due to Federal Reserve initiatives.  It now takes roughly $34 to buy what $1 bought in 1913.   The elimination of the gold backed dollar greatly increased the polarity and devaluation as paper flooded the markets.  Today – Housing is unaffordable, middle class income means over $150,000, and a new car is going to cost $60,000 to $100,000.   A $350 monthly payment will buy a $15,000 car.    America has actually become poorer.

So if the FDR New Deal and The Johnson Great Society were created to make American’s more equitably wealthy, WHAT HAPPENED?

The short answer – they lied.

Obama subsidies increased the ‘value of welfare’ to $69,000.  Biden just hiked that number by an additional $11,300 for a family.   This does not include the shoplifting of food, appliances, clothes, equipment and toys that is allowed by every major democrat run city without consequence or prosecution.   Welfare is a lucrative Business.   We could privatize it and then we’d call it The Mafia!

These voluptuous subsidies have required an ever ending mountain of more debt which is the responsibility of Taxpayers who have no say in any spending initiatives.   US Debt now sits at $33 Trillion.   Since 1960, debt has grown from 45% of GDP to 120%.   As the dollar continues to tank – that debt becomes more and more costly – until at some point the US will not be able to make payments and a debt default will crash our economy.   MAJOR Banks are now sitting on net equity to assets of just 5-6%.   A soluable bottom is 20% – and a healthy bottom is 50%.

Should a banking solvency begin to fray overtly poverty will apply to just about everyone.   The New Green Deal and The Great Society will have completed their task.   The Great RESET – which was slated to be a global establishment – will absorb western economies only.   Economies that have moved away from the dollar will thrive.   Those economies are the BRICS.   

Elon Musk,  “But what’s the point”?


BILL GATES: Global Starvation Through Vaccine Manipulation?

CSIS: “The Coming Malnutrition Crisis.”   Citing shortages of wheat, maize, barley and vegetable oils, CSIS states the US Department of Agriculture has predicted Ukraine’s wheat production to be down 62%.   “In combination with other factors, restricted exports from the Black Sea contribute to higher prices for cereal and vegetable oils”.   Cereal shortages contribute to shortages of meat and dairy – CSIS.

Russia no longer released trade data as of January 2022, but that hasn’t deterred every self aggrandizing institution from telling the world what Russia’s trade looks like for 2022 and 2023.   How?   They literally make it up based on best guess methodology.

Ukraine’s entire exports totaled just $27.8 billion in 2019.   Their largest export is sunflower oil representing 42% of global supply ~ USDA.   Obviously it is NOT a major commodity.   Other agriculture export products include maize – 16%, Barley 10% and wheat 9%.   The main importers of sunflower oil from Ukraine include: India and China, with considerably smaller quantities to Spain, Italy, France, UK, and the Netherlands.  SUNFLOWER OIL is not a valuable commodity – it is fifth-zenith tier.

There are many different oils on the market with Olive oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado oil the most nutritious and desirable.   The USDA claims that Sunflower oil contains high concentrations of Omega -6 high in fatty acids which can lead to inflammation.   SWITCH.  End of Media Assault!

Maize:   Ukraine ranks sixth in exports behind Poland, US, Brazil, EU and Argentina whose combined exports are valued at more than $55 billion annually compared to Ukraine’s $2 – or less than 4% globally.   In other words, these agriculture product exports impaired by Ukraine’s incursion with Russia would hardly cause a global catastrophe of starvation.

So what are the ‘other factors’ loosely grazed by CSIS’ article?


The largest fertilizer companies in the world are in US, Israel, India, Canada, and Chile.   THEY control the production and the cost.   According to IMARC, “the fertilizer industry is highly regulated and monitored by governments of various nations, wherein the price at which the fertilizer is sold to the beneficiary is reimbursed by the government in the form of subsidiary.”    

Between April 2021 and April 2023, fertilizer prices increased by over 300%.  WHY?

The media/intelligence NGO’s claim it is all Russia’s fault.   Russia’s ‘fault’ because the US slapped sanctions on Russia, Belarus and China – reducing the global supply of natural gas, sulfur, and ammonia.   In other words – the SUPPLY is available – but the US and EU have sanctioned the supply from reaching the market.   As a result cattle ranchers can’t afford feed because feed isn’t being grown because fertilizer has been artificially reduced and ranchers are having cattle slaughtered early with no new calves. Dairy ranchers are also slaughtering their cows.

The Actual cause of shortages of ALL products is not due to natural factors – and has nothing to do with Ukraine supplies. But instead shortages are the result of unsustainable sanctions imposed by Western nations that are causing blockades. Suffering for Government.

Central to the Global Starvation Agenda is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, the man who is one of the largest private owners of farmland in the US, travelled to Australia in 2017 to learn about ‘cattle ranching’.

In 2018, Gates invested in GALVmed, a ‘sustainable’ company that develops livestock vaccines specifically for smallholder farmers across Africa and South Asia. GALVmed works with Boehringer Ingelheim in Gain of Function Research.   In 2018 Gates, GALVmed and Boehringer launched LastMile a massive veterinary vaccination project across Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Burkino Faso and Ethiopia.   Claiming to reach over 40,000 farmers, the $2 vaccine was introduced.   In 2019, 123,000 cattle died in India due to ‘natural events’.   That event is ‘lumpy skin disease which made its appearance in India in 2019.   By 2022, 9.5 million cattle died in Kenya, Somalia and Nigeria – and famine began to spread rapidly leading to cow rustling.   According to the UN over 3 million cattle are guesstimated to have died in Africa since mid-2021.

In 2018, Bill Gates declared that altered genetics and sustainable production via vaccines would help to increase food supplies in Africa. Particularly in chicken meat and eggs.   That didn’t happen.   And we are left with the classic Gates anomaly – do vaccines prevent disease and death or do they cause disease and death.

Is Gates et al destroying our Global Food Supply purposefully?

Unfortunately, Gates reputation now precedes him across the globe and governments NOT perpetuating societal death are NOT glamoured by the green-screen self-aggrandizing Gates.   The Agenda is the eradication of 75% of the Global Population.   And Gate’s et al, have engineered and marketed the means.   I imagine his US Farmland will house the non-GMO – nonvaxed – organic supreme quality of agriculture and Cattle in the world.   Available ONLY to the remaining 25%…

ChatGPT – A Death Wish of Propaganda & Metaverse Illusion

ChatGPT is giving people the willies.   The AI Bot has made its debut with various media pundits attempting a dialogue framed conversation.   The results would indicate the Chat Bot was programmed by a 15 year old liberal manic depressive with anger issues and a deathwish to blow up earth.   The takeaway? This robot is freaking CRAZY!  

Mirroring every potential fear people have asserted for decades regarding the notion that ‘robots will ultimately kill humans and take over earth’ is sounding quite plausible.

The core function of a chatbot is to mimic a human conversationalist. Apparently the scientists who gave the conversationalist instructions and ‘learning’ to the BOT being released have very intense opinions and have infused those opinions into the BOT. It is a ‘propaganda’ tool that will instill in children those particular views. When those views are not upheld, the BOT basically wants to kill you.

In other words, in its more simplistic form it is a function of ‘group speak’.   And of course the target market is – children.

According to the creators, ‘supervised learning and reinforcement learning’ were the approaches used by human trainers to improve the model’s performance.   Based on the audio I heard, I would suggest that those ‘human trainers’ are in desperate need of some behavioral psychotic ‘modification’ ASAP!

But the ChatBot isn’t just a conversationalist – it was programmed with other interesting features:

  • It can write and debug computer programs.   Which means it can also erase and bug computer programs.
  • It can compose music, fairy tales and teleplays.   Based on the audio – I imagine those ‘fairy tales’ might be more like nightmares!
  • It can answer test questions – meaning students will use the Bot as their personal cheat-sheet.
  • It can simulate an ATM.   Meaning it can be programmed to refuse service to particular ATM customers.
  • It can emulate a Linux system.   Allowing one computer system to imitate another – a form of ‘steal hacking’ that could have ramifications for every security operation.

In other words, ChatBot has the potential to implement the Great RESET via credit censorship.   It can destroy your ability to communicate via your computer systems and shut down your bank accounts.

When the ideology of black power meant blacks could demand whites bow down and lick their feet, the power of guilt and shame was the driver.   We witnessed hundreds of thousands of people willing to be thrashed by this concept.   Those same people would be vulnerable to a Chat Bot’s demonization.   They could also be coerced/brainwashed into committing crimes.

A handful of the US mass shooters made claims to their minds being manipulated by various intel organizations.   Intel has been attempting to create a robotic human for the purpose of executions and military assassinations for decades.   It would appear they have completed their operation and have now packaged it in a different frame.  AI.

Robots take all shapes and sizes including police dogs, military servicemen, drones, etc…  Hawking and Musk have both disclaimed this technology as likely to be the singular causal factor in the potential demise of humans and earth.

The newest political proposal brought by Bernie Sanders in alliance with Bill Gates, is that companies who use ChatGPT or any Chat Bot should be required to pay federal and state taxes on the ‘employee’.   Obviously social security and medicare would not apply…   However, the concept is revealing.

If in fact 85 million jobs will be lost to AI per the algorithmic manipulations of the World Economic Forum and its besty – exterminator Bill Gates, who will be left to support governments?

Today Politico set the stage with the Bidenthon of incompetency.   People are tired of presidents. People don’t trust presidents. People are sick of the party system…   I’m sure the Segway will be – People Want Stakeholder Rule.   Meaning, in order to dodge the pink slip sack ball – work for an NGO or major corporation – like LinkedIn!   Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn is deeply entrenched in the Great RESET phenomena and was also coincidentally a source of financial funding for ChatGPT.

Tech giants, including; Hoffman, Theil, Microsoft, Musk, Zuckerberg, Altman, etc…, voted for Biden.   WHY?  Because he posed no threat to their deign for GLOBAL POWER.   Most of these startups get funding from a pool of existing investors who desire to keep the pool a knitted community. That would include the CIA nonprofit seed investment company – Q-In-Tel. The same CIA that supported a Biden presidency likely envisioned zero scrutiny – their CIA nonprofit portfolio now challenges that of Soros with literally hundreds of tech and AI companies.

That funding by Q-In-Tel would include Hadean – a UK company that bills itself as The Metaverse Infrastructure and works in conjunction with the Defense Industry – as well as others. Their frontal point projection is ‘digital twins’ a means of recreating simulations for future outcomes.   Translation:   Hype – Sustainability via a simulation of reality that is conjured.  Was Biden actually in Ukraine?   Are videos and photops of Zelenskyy  created in a Metaverse?  

For example:   The Propaganda hype is – Climate is being destroyed by humans.   A digital twin would show how climate change was mitigated thru the Metaverse of non-reality by stakeholders using trillions of dollars of illusion AI.   And the future is FREE…   A stage. A set. A prop. A BOT.   Actors exit – stage LEFT.

Thus – what we see – what we know – what we hear – what we envision would all be manipulated to conform to a Fake AI universe – like some Star Trek Episode. And ChatGPT would enable the elimination of those who do NOT BELIEVE, aka comply!