BILL GATES: Global Starvation Through Vaccine Manipulation?

CSIS: “The Coming Malnutrition Crisis.”   Citing shortages of wheat, maize, barley and vegetable oils, CSIS states the US Department of Agriculture has predicted Ukraine’s wheat production to be down 62%.   “In combination with other factors, restricted exports from the Black Sea contribute to higher prices for cereal and vegetable oils”.   Cereal shortages contribute to shortages of meat and dairy – CSIS.

Russia no longer released trade data as of January 2022, but that hasn’t deterred every self aggrandizing institution from telling the world what Russia’s trade looks like for 2022 and 2023.   How?   They literally make it up based on best guess methodology.

Ukraine’s entire exports totaled just $27.8 billion in 2019.   Their largest export is sunflower oil representing 42% of global supply ~ USDA.   Obviously it is NOT a major commodity.   Other agriculture export products include maize – 16%, Barley 10% and wheat 9%.   The main importers of sunflower oil from Ukraine include: India and China, with considerably smaller quantities to Spain, Italy, France, UK, and the Netherlands.  SUNFLOWER OIL is not a valuable commodity – it is fifth-zenith tier.

There are many different oils on the market with Olive oil, Coconut Oil and Avocado oil the most nutritious and desirable.   The USDA claims that Sunflower oil contains high concentrations of Omega -6 high in fatty acids which can lead to inflammation.   SWITCH.  End of Media Assault!

Maize:   Ukraine ranks sixth in exports behind Poland, US, Brazil, EU and Argentina whose combined exports are valued at more than $55 billion annually compared to Ukraine’s $2 – or less than 4% globally.   In other words, these agriculture product exports impaired by Ukraine’s incursion with Russia would hardly cause a global catastrophe of starvation.

So what are the ‘other factors’ loosely grazed by CSIS’ article?


The largest fertilizer companies in the world are in US, Israel, India, Canada, and Chile.   THEY control the production and the cost.   According to IMARC, “the fertilizer industry is highly regulated and monitored by governments of various nations, wherein the price at which the fertilizer is sold to the beneficiary is reimbursed by the government in the form of subsidiary.”    

Between April 2021 and April 2023, fertilizer prices increased by over 300%.  WHY?

The media/intelligence NGO’s claim it is all Russia’s fault.   Russia’s ‘fault’ because the US slapped sanctions on Russia, Belarus and China – reducing the global supply of natural gas, sulfur, and ammonia.   In other words – the SUPPLY is available – but the US and EU have sanctioned the supply from reaching the market.   As a result cattle ranchers can’t afford feed because feed isn’t being grown because fertilizer has been artificially reduced and ranchers are having cattle slaughtered early with no new calves. Dairy ranchers are also slaughtering their cows.

The Actual cause of shortages of ALL products is not due to natural factors – and has nothing to do with Ukraine supplies. But instead shortages are the result of unsustainable sanctions imposed by Western nations that are causing blockades. Suffering for Government.

Central to the Global Starvation Agenda is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, the man who is one of the largest private owners of farmland in the US, travelled to Australia in 2017 to learn about ‘cattle ranching’.

In 2018, Gates invested in GALVmed, a ‘sustainable’ company that develops livestock vaccines specifically for smallholder farmers across Africa and South Asia. GALVmed works with Boehringer Ingelheim in Gain of Function Research.   In 2018 Gates, GALVmed and Boehringer launched LastMile a massive veterinary vaccination project across Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Burkino Faso and Ethiopia.   Claiming to reach over 40,000 farmers, the $2 vaccine was introduced.   In 2019, 123,000 cattle died in India due to ‘natural events’.   That event is ‘lumpy skin disease which made its appearance in India in 2019.   By 2022, 9.5 million cattle died in Kenya, Somalia and Nigeria – and famine began to spread rapidly leading to cow rustling.   According to the UN over 3 million cattle are guesstimated to have died in Africa since mid-2021.

In 2018, Bill Gates declared that altered genetics and sustainable production via vaccines would help to increase food supplies in Africa. Particularly in chicken meat and eggs.   That didn’t happen.   And we are left with the classic Gates anomaly – do vaccines prevent disease and death or do they cause disease and death.

Is Gates et al destroying our Global Food Supply purposefully?

Unfortunately, Gates reputation now precedes him across the globe and governments NOT perpetuating societal death are NOT glamoured by the green-screen self-aggrandizing Gates.   The Agenda is the eradication of 75% of the Global Population.   And Gate’s et al, have engineered and marketed the means.   I imagine his US Farmland will house the non-GMO – nonvaxed – organic supreme quality of agriculture and Cattle in the world.   Available ONLY to the remaining 25%…