The Israel Anti-War Movement is Anti-International Order

Jewish Leaders Are Stunned at the anti-War backlash – so instead of listening to The People, they want to spend MORE money on schooling Kindergartners thru Grade 12 that Jews are The Chosen People and everyone else is garbage.    What to do?  Have a meeting where everyone thinks alike so everyone can pat each other on the back, ‘Good Job’!

What To Do Meeting Results:   1)   Be more vigilant on campuses to make anti-speech a crime and arrest everyone,  2)   Train k-12 to believe Jews are good righteous people,   3)   Write a Dear Abby type letter,  4)   Add antisemitism to the Civil Rights Act.   Surely these initiatives will take care of the anti-war sentiment…

The problem is the fact that white targeting doesn’t even get a nod.  Christian targeting doesn’t get a nod.   And Israel is now targeting “Refugee Camps” for extermination!   Can’t understand why people might be a bit upset…

The Jewish population in the US is roughly 2%.   The Muslim population is just 1%.   Meaning the vast majority of the protesters are not Muslim.   They are anti-war enthusiasts not unlike the Vietnam War era of protests.   The War machine needs to come to a full stop.   Israel is unpopular.   And Israeli’s are now fleeing Netanyahu – not Hamas.

The International Order is breaking.   As it crumbles more wars will be initiated worldwide.  The countries that have been oppressed by the Order are likely to be the ones that will fight back to obtain their sovereign power.   Yesterday, the Biden Regime declared that the African countries which have recently ‘decouped’ from western colonization are now persona non grata in terms of trade.   Off With Their Heads ~ declared the Dictators!

The elite – who sit on their thrones behind protective walls and glass houses – who never see a drop of blood or a blown up child, declare MORE!   Watchers, they are sitting back with Nero.  Internal reports are claiming that Zelenskyy has lost it, his mental acuity having fallen to levels of complete derangement fueled by his addiction to drugs and death and a satanic vision of Ukraine and the world at large.  Catatonic that Israel has one upped his chaotic genocide of every last Ukrainian, he is said to be delusional and an internal revolt is highly likely to be forthcoming.

Netanyahu has always been a war monger.   This go around, he became PM for the third time less than a year ago – 9 months.   He has been interviewed in the past where his motives of genocide were quite clearly stated as an Israeli goal.

Today a third naval ship arrived in the Mediterranean.  According to Haaratz:  “Based on open source data, 20 U.S. heavy transport aircraft and about 50 leased civilian transport aircraft – Israeli as well as foreign – have been transporting equipment and armaments from bases in the United States and Europe, and from other logistical centers, since the airlift to Israel started following the October…”

It appears Lebanon will be targeted heavily.   Dozens have already been killed along Lebanon’s border including 3 journalists.   While the stated target in Lebanon is Hezbollah, they have factions in Yemen, Syria and Iraq which could open the entire Middle East trajectory of the War now dubbed WWIII.  Should Netanyahu believe he can attack those countries indiscriminately, the obvious outcome would be the entry of Iran, Russia, and a massive escalation of the US and EU.

Underlying the statement made by Ambassador Erdan to Israel when speaking at the UN Assembly, Erdan attempted to incite the claim that the Hamas Nazi’s are the aggressors who have called for the extermination of Jews akin to “Auschwitz”.   Like Zelenskyy, Erdan claims Israel will never agree to a ceasefire until all ‘Jihadists’ have been ‘eliminated’.

Who are Jihadists?   The entire Ottoman Empire were considered Jihadist.   The Western Powers divvied up The Ottoman Empire post WWI – creating The Middle East independent nation states.  Thus Israel is declaring war against the entire Middle East.

Brigadier General Ryder, spoke from the Pentagon today declaring that the US doesn’t want war with Iran and sending in fighter jets, troops, missiles, and warships is just a ‘show of deterrence’ not escalation.  Pinky Swear.  Obviously, Israel and its ambassador, Erdan, are NOT on the same page with the Pentagon – or perhaps they are simply lying.   Before the US took US soldiers into WWI and WWII, our esteemed government made the exact same declarations and provocative ploys.

When the UN took a vote on pushing for Israel to cease and desist from its bombardment the most vibrant votes for NAY included the US and UK.   Which clarifies General Ryder’s claims – he is lying.  And the US has every intention of escalating the War.

The Vietnam anti-war movement began in 1964 when the US decided the only way to save the Viet Cong from themselves was to enter into the fray of Conscription and War.   The war liberated 1.5 million to graves.  The ‘anti-war movement’ consisted of “hundreds of thousands of young people who became radicalized in a largely nonviolent, diverse and sometimes inchoate popular culture of war resistance, employing tactics ranging from comical street theatre to industrial sabotage. Students, government officials, labor unions, church groups and middle class families increasingly opposed the war as it climaxed in 1968, forcing a gradual withdrawal of U.S. forces.” ~ICNC

Hillary Clinton has joined in the fray of war hawks and declared that ‘no cease fire is possible’, retaliation must be existential and permanent while NO aid is the price they must pay.   While Nikki Haley in true form has called for the absolute annihilation of Russia and China…she calls this Trump chaos.   The Hawks are aligning with Progressives.   And the Full Uniparty has been revealed.

OIL is the Primary Driver of Inflation Not Resources

Germany wants Africa.   I wonder if Africa wants Germany?   Scholz wants more investment ties in African resources.   I wonder what Africans think?   It is like people fighting over Palestinian refugees – did anyone bother to ask them where they wanted to go?   Short answer – no.   Oddly, Israeli refugees are going to Russia.   To re-Bolshevik the country?   Seems an odd choice.  Wouldn’t they want to come to America – the Land of the Free and the Brave?   Where money is dripping off every lamppost…  Or is Russia the new Old America?

Of course the real reason Germany wants more of Africa is because the west lost its foothold and the BRICS have taken advantage of policies that don’t involve constant ‘punishment’ via sanctions.   Sanctions which are levied for the sole purpose of destroying the country’s ability to rise economically.   In particular, Germany and its West are fearful of Iran, China and Russia moving into ‘their territory’ or colony.

Instead of a mentality of fixing what you have, the mentality is to break it and rape/steal from your neighbor.

The new BRICS RESET is somewhat different than the one touted by the World Economic Forum and UN for The West.   Its focus is on teamwork – a concept foreign to western agendas of control and conquer.

Within the BRICS, the realization is that everyone requires sovereignty.   Everyone is responsible for their own choices.   Leaders are respected and intellectually savvy.   There is no ‘military’ head honcho (NATO), there is no judgement of government and cultural choices.   And there are no coups.   Every coup precedes the country’s economic collapse as we witness today in America and Canada.   Capitalism didn’t break the bank, elitist power did.

Oddly, instead of learning a lesson from the BRICS format of mutual respect, the West continues to try to upend what is a much more clear rationale of cooperation in favor of chaos –   Riots have become the playbook of such chaos.   And the Israel/Palestine war has become fodder for internal factions to attempt to implode cities, states, and governments from within.   IF the West were to recognize this ‘mature’ philosophical means of mutual growth as inspired by BRICS, populations could aspire for peaceful coexistence on their own land.

Instead, the forcible indoctrination of culture clashes is utilized to destroy and bring down  an economy.  As though the West is being led by minions of low two digit IQ’s playing checkers instead of 3D chess,

For Example:   The IMF boasts 190 member countries each granted a percentage of total votes.   The US gave itself 16.50 votes compared to every other nation (assuming Europe as singular states) allocated 6.14 or less.  While the bank claims to represent 190 members, in actuality its voting system is existentially a US-EU construct.   African and South American countries – are members with zero voting privileges.  A Quota system that has been challenged but will likely never change.

Based on a graph produced by the IMF as of April 2023, the price of foods and oil took off during the end stages of the Pandemic when the Biden Regime took control of the West, and has only subsided since the Russia and Ukraine conflict began.   Still 50 % higher than the baseline  of 2014 and the end of Trump’s presidency.   The ‘transportation’ of food is generating the highest inflationary instigator.   A barrel of oil has tripled in price since Biden was elected.   Therefore, in order to bring down food prices – bring down oil.  In order to bring down oil, repeal all sanctions and drill baby drill!

Funny how simplistic it all really is.   The Federal Reserve Biden Regime would have us believe that unemployment will bring down inflation…   Destroying retail businesses will bring down inflation…   Raising wages to untenable amounts will bring down inflation.   When the reality is it is all about – oil.  As proven by the Wests own proxy – the IMF.

Instead, the IMF Economists have determined that food prices drove inflation.   Culling our food sources was the means.   Chicken and egg shortages abounded in the US because a duck at a sanctuary got sick.   Therefore, to stop the spread of bird flu our government called for the culling of 50 million chickens.   Not sick chickens – but healthy chickens that ‘might’ get sick.  Farmers comply because otherwise the FDA will shut them down.

But the IMF doesn’t want to speak truth, it wants to speak an agenda and claim that the culling is a necessary evil.  And, of course, it was Russia’s Fault…

A similar propaganda deployment used via the CoVid Vax – cull the healthy with a vaccine that kills people.  The medical community, Big Pharma, knew they were causing the chaos, knew how it could be cured, but pushed the toxin anyway.   Scientists know that climate change is an earth and solar system phenomena, but create the chaos – anyway.   Bankers know their economic propaganda is false – but exercise it anyway.

Why?   Because most of their jobs are superfluous.   There are over 8.8 million scientists in the world – all doing research or teaching.   There are roughly 35,000 economists in the US and over 2 million bankers in the world. The vast majority of these ‘experts’ produce absolutely nothing for the economy.  They are paid postulators!

In the US, the largest employer is the public school system at over 7 million at a total cost of $800 billion.   Each year, states pay out $50 billion in teacher pensions.   Nationally, the average cost per year to ‘educate’ a child, K-12, is over $17,000 surpassing the average annual cost for college tuition by 300%.  Perhaps some of those 35,000 economists could find a way to get public schools back to a $3000-$5000 cost.   Put the scientists to work as farm laborers…

Germany doesn’t need more resources pillaged from Africa.  Neither does the US.    We don’t need ‘depopulation’.   What we need is a team of architectural accountants to create a model of pure capitalism capping the highs and the lows of salaries. Thus people can choose their employment based on merit and desire, instead of money.  Enjoyment would be an exponential end product.

The old fashioned farmer;  work and toil the land because it is in their blood, it is what makes them feel good about the world, their contribution, and the maintenance of God’s great earth!   Every toil should be this.  

ISRAEL To Broaden Its Terrorist Designations TO Censor Speech

The Saudi Defense Minister, Prince Khalid bin Salman, is scheduled to meet with US officials in Washington on Monday.  While the meeting is obviously in regard to Israel and Gaza, it is unlikely we will know the actual breadth of the conversations via Blinken, Austin, Sullivan or McGurk.  However, the Saudi monarchy has been openly adamant that Israel’s activities to level Gaza and The West Bank at whatever cost to life, limb, and sanity is wholly condemned and knows the US is pulling the strings.

While The US has been exposed as ordering Ukraine’s government NOT to agree to any peace agreement, it’s activities in Israel are equally bent on War.  Russia and the Saudis have attempted to maintain cool heads and disway Iran from retaliation, but Israel has increased its destruction nonetheless at the prodding of the US.   Which is why Prince Khalid is meeting with US officials and not Israeli.

The end-game damage to Israel’s reputation and trade partners will be extensive for years to come.  The largest partners have included US, China, India, UK and Ireland.   Imports include petroleum and diamonds.   Oddly, the second largest trade partner is listed as ‘unspecified’.   Total value to the US is just $18 billion.   A relatively pitiful amount.   However, the Middle East had begun picking up oil exports to Europe as they weaned off Russian oil.   Facing winter – an embargo could devastate Europe.

With 5,000 US troops on the ground, the US has officially engaged on an International Basis.   And will be subject to the same embargoes that will befall Israel, as a direct result.    Trade with the Middle East represents roughly $284 billion.   Under Biden’s Regime, the trade with the Middle East shifted from a net positive to a net deficit for the first time.  Part of the reasoning was to shift from China reliance and Russia reliance to Middle East reliance – our allies… because our old allies were now our new enemies.   A board-game.

This is likely the threat that will be levied by Prince Khalid.

In 2022, Energean, a London based natural gas company found 13. BCM of natural gas off the coast of Israel.   At the start of the War, Israel shut down the Tamar Field located 15 miles off the southern coast.  It supplied 70% of Israel’s gas including exports to Egypt and Jordan.    The Gaza Strip has no authority to claims of oil because no oil companies are allowed to work with them.

The protests that have erupted across the globe as a result of the bombardment have been massively extensive.   Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine – albite the Pro-Israel protests have been the exception to the Pro-Palestine.   The vast majority are simply asking for ‘peace’.   The western wars have wearied populations.   The war concept is viewed as a pointless endeavor.   And in this vein, Israel is seen as a criminal – even by the UN where a call for peace revealed US and UK voted – Nay.

The coffers of the US are completely depleted of weapons, oil, and money.   Janet Yellen has stated that we must consider a debt value that could reach into the quadrillion market.  While blaming inflation for all the world’s woes.  Killing the job market has been the theatre for this stage play.   But the real cost that has contributed the most to our current inflationary pricing is ‘transportation’ of goods; diesel, insurance, payscales, repairs, etc…  Not the jobs market.

Food retailer profits are flat.   The greedy business model is flat.  Profits are currently generated by Banks and Tech.

Manufacturing and retail inventories – which are a part of the GDP calculation of production have increased as buyers revert to staples – like food!   In Canada, the food banks are seeing runs.   In Gaza they are so desperate now – the food banks have been emptied by thievery.   And still, Netanyahu will not relent – there is no compassion;  Monday, the Knesset will vote on an amendment submitted by Netanyahu as to opening the terrorist designation to include individuals:   Once passed in the Knesset, the government-sponsored amendment will allow for the State of Israel to designate individuals, rather than just organizations, as terror operatives, and ensure that they are subject to the same sanctions that have been applied to terror organizations in the past.

Published on the Israel government’s website, the law would apply to anyone who finances a terrorist organization, and anyone who may unwittingly support the actions of said organization even if they did nothing.  It is curious if this would extend to heads of state of any country which does not condemn Israel’s designated terrorist organizations making them target for execution.

CHAPTER THREE, Section 24:   “One who commits an act of identification with a terrorist organization, including by publishing words of praise, support or sympathy, waving a flag, displaying or publishing a symbol, or displaying, playing or publishing a slogan or anthem, in one of the following [situations], is liable to three years’ imprisonment.”

This particular subsection would apply to anyone who is a journalist, blogger, or social media person.

The obvious purpose of this is to justify bombing of civilian designations, homes, schools, etc… if they house a designated individual, and shutting down Free Speech by claiming such person is a terrorist by invocation of words.  It could also apply to Elon Musk for ‘allowing’ persons on X to speak their minds.   It is in fact, so broad that the designation of terrorist could apply to the population of entire nations!  Thus giving Netanyahu authority to declare war across the entire Middle East, the West for allowing protests, and virtually anyone that disagrees with Israel – including Christians.

Netanyahu continues to declare that this war will be a long and brutal one – lasting perhaps over a year… aligned with US elections.   While Musk offered to provide StarLink service to any humanitarian organization operating in Gaza, Netanyahu stated he would immediately blow it up.   Suffering is the agenda.

To Date – Israel has wreaked more damage on Gaza in a matter of days than the entire Ukraine incursion over 1 ½ years.  Our illustrious government is quite happy to give Janet Yellen her money’s worth as it ramps up weapons and ‘aid’ for Israel.   Quadrillions in the making.

Plundering Syria – Plundering Palestinians: By Secular Netanyahu

The Rothschild Economist is very concerned over Iran’s ‘oil smuggling activity’.   The audacity!   Apparently, Iran bought a tanker and has been circumventing US sanctions and delivering oil to China and Malaysia!  How dare they try and succeed in a market based global trade ideology.   Not exactly smuggling, but then it opens Pandora’s Box into the real smuggling outfit the US has in Syria.  The one where the oil doesn’t belong to the US, but is taken anyway and sold on the black market while pocketing profits that NEVER enter taxpayer balance sheets! 

Who gets the money?

The US Government claims that stealing the oil from Syria isn’t really stealing because the northern oil fields occupied by the US military are in control of the US brigade – Syrian Defense Forces (SDF).  And the SDF told them, pinky swear, they could steal all the oil they wanted.

Radio Free Asia even fact-checked the claim – so therefore the US can do whatever it wants…

Who is Radio Free Asia?   They are owned by “US Agency For Global Media”.   A propaganda arm of the CIA.  Meaning the US Government is fact-checking the US government and confirming everything government.

Delta Crescent Energy, LLC is the company which garnered the contract with the US military to drain northern Syria’s resource as confirmed by Mike Pompeo and various media outlets.   Politico states that the LLC was formed in 2019.    “Its partners include former U.S. ambassador to Denmark James Cain; James Reese, a former officer in the Army’s elite Delta Force; and John P. Dorrier Jr., a former executive at GulfSands Petroleum, a U.K.-based oil company with offices and drilling experience in Syria.”

August 2020, Matthew Petti filed an FOIA for any agreements or contracts between Delta Crescent and the US Government.   The response was, “Pursuant to your request we have conducted a search on your behalf.  The agency has determined that it has no records responsive to your request.”

James Cain states that the ‘agreement’ was signed with The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria – an administration not officially recognized by ANY government.  Making any contract with them wholly and completely illegitimate and subject to fraud via International Law.

The windfall of this field had previously netted $1 million per day!  The three Amigo’s, Cain, Reese, and Dossier claimed their operation was to ‘prevent the region from falling into the hands of autocratic regimes – Syria, Russia and Iran’.  Their goal was charity driven despite not being a registered charity … ODD.

Soliciting assistance from Pompeo, Lindsey Graham, Bolton and other ‘unnamed’ Treasury and State Department officials, the three Amigo’s began losing their case in 2020.   Trump’s presidency waned to Brandon requiring new contacts and black book deals.

Ultimately, the Biden Regime failed to grant the Delta Crescent money or approval to extract the oil and instead granted NGO’s through USAID that authority.  Which would explain why there is NO contract, ie the FOIA.   And reiterates the fact that these unnamed NGO’s and USAID are in fact illegally extracting $$BILLIONS in oil – 90% of Syria’s total output.  Oddly – this revenue remains unreported by The Pentagon, The State Department, and President Brandon.

As a direct result of the US control, Syria has signed an offshore exploration contract with Russia.

Instead, US taxpayers pay the NGO’s $1.1 billion for humanitarian aid to Syria in 2023.  Necessary aid to compensate for bombing the country to oblivion for 8 years at a cost of $2+ billion per year and then blatantly stealing their resources keeping Syria poverty stricken.  Like Africa.  Like Venezuela.  Like …

Flexing muscles, US Marines have landed in Israel to help one of the best armies in the world destroy a small contingent of some 20,000 soldiers of Palestine.   Why?  Because the US just lost ‘another’ war in Ukraine and the powers want to claim a victory to boost their quashed ego.   Israel’s military and reservists number 510,000, yet they declare this insufficient to go against the 20,000 Hamas militants.   Despite a bombardment of 230 missiles into Gaza overnight.   So far, roughly 5 militants have died – the remaining 6,000 deaths were among civilians, mostly children.

Perhaps Hillary or Madeleine Albright would find these statistics reasonable and delight over the deaths, but humanity is truly lost when people applaud this insanity.   There are no resources to plunder, no oil wells in Gaza, no diamond mines, no minerals to seize as justification for mass murder.   The purpose of Israel’s WWIII was announced by Netanyahu and members of various parliaments – to annihilate the ‘inhumane’.   By becoming ‘inhumane’.

The Atlantic:   “Iran is still exporting oil to Syria…”   So Iran and Syria need to be destroyed next.  Israel is still bombing Syria.   And the UN is mute.   The UN wants to be the protectorate of Global Peace – yet it has failed on all accounts and isolated large swathes of global countries as a result.

The UN rejected a vote for a peaceful dialogue between Palestine and Israel with the US and UK voting nay.   The US was also responsible for rejecting a peace plan for Ukraine last Spring – calling on Zelenskyy to win at any cost.   To the LAST Ukrainian.  To the LAST Palestinian.   Yesterday, Netanyahu released a video exclaiming he is fulfilling Biblical prophesy in Isaiah.   Isaiah made many prophesy’s in the Old Testament including that the Messiah, Christ, would be rejected by the Jews.   Netanyahu is himself a secular man who does not believe in Christ or the Bible but is using it in a deeply flawed means that should be rejected by every Christian.

Netanhayu, cherry picking the Bible, would do well to speak about apostasy.

“It is now a time to come together for one purpose to storm ahead to achieve victory in joint with joint forces and a profound belief in justice, a profound belief in the eternity of the Jewish people.”  ~Netanyahu

This is NOT a Biblical Prophesy of Isaiah, this is a proclamation of WWIII in Joint forces with the US.   20,000 US Marines just landed in Israel.  Two Warships are on the coast.

CLIMATE CHANGE: A Philosophy of Science Based On Opinion

“Can Dangerous Environmental Tipping Points Be Averted?”  ~   Short answer – NO.   Long answer – the media, the UN, the WEF have proclaimed that the end point has already been traversed multiple times – they just keep moving the goal posts.   Why?  The obvious answer is because the money going to the Green Fund needs a continuous flow in order to launder it back to politicians.  If they acknowledge we have reached the point of no return, why spend any more time, effort and money fixing a dead problem?

As of 12-31-22, the Green Fund was sitting on Assets of $11.7 Billion with total liabilities of $810 Million – the vast majority of which was a ‘new loan’.   Two outstanding figures on the Financial Statements include – Loans Receivable and Loans Payable.   Sitting on over $8 Billion in cash, it is curious the Green Fund would increase their borrowings by 90% over 2021, as in their ‘liability’.  Loans Receivable would indicate the fund is making ‘micro-loans’ instead of actually disbursing income – $11 billion is Assets/Cash.

Which of course, is the point – to raise contributions so that the fund becomes income generating via microloan interest rates exploiting the poor.   The Green Fund has many competitive friends including JP Morgan, George Soros, Citigroup, USAID, and Sequoia Capital who represent just a few of the investors who reap massive interest income rewards charging upwards of 100% per year.   The typical client?  Women.

What happens when a person cannot pay back the interest or the loan?   They lose their house, their land, their business, and often their – life.

The UN and World Bank are complicit.   The regional resources that are targeted are thus slowly transferred to the bank making the loans for pennies on the dollar.   Poverty is extended.   And local governments are given a piece of the profits to keep their mouths shut.

One such place is Barbados.  A colony of Britain, Barbados still operates slave trade.   The Green Fund and microlending are rife within this small island community.   Despite growing rage, King Charles’ response was to request a ‘study’ be done to assess the slavery on Barbados.  The Netherlands apologized and continued on unabated.   Typical farm employees earn $900 per month, 25% earn less than $600 per month.

The largest plantation land owner in Barbados is Richard Drax, a member of the British Parliament.   His family has been and continues to support the slave trade that has existed for over 200 years on his plantation.  While Drax failed to provide the required financials as a member of Parliament – it is estimated he is worth well over $150 million.


According to the UN University Institute For Environment and Human Security, 70% of groundwater is used for agriculture.   The plants that are the most water dependent are rice, soybeans, wheat, sugar, cotton and alfalfa.  Rice – they say – is a disaster for Africa due to the frequency of droughts. The drought friendly plants include peppers, chickpeas, corn, tomatoes, okra and rhubarb.  In Africa Sorghum is an abundant nutritious grain that is drought tolerant and is used for human consumption, animal feed, alcohol, and as a biofuel.  So why are they still growing rice?

The global cast for rice growing are China and India.  In fact, of the ten countries which are the producers of rice – Africa does not even factor in at all.  The myth.  China produces more than all countries combined with the elimination of India.  But the Green Fund, the UN, and the NOAA, don’t even mention China.   The countries producing the most soybeans?   Brazil and the US.   Soy is used extensively to make fake meats.  Other common ingredients include grains, beans and wheat – all of which require massive amounts of water.

In other words, the US and China are using the MOST water unsustainably than any other countries across the globe.  But the Green Fund goes to Africa…   Why?

Fast answer – because if Africa were to be able to develop its resources without western colonial interference – Africa would become a heavy weight industrial nation – competition. Therefore it is of paramount concern for the strategies implemented by the UN and Bill Gates to keep Africa in a forever state of abject poverty.  All while giving false information about the state of the Climate, the Globe, Food and Water.

Global Surface Temperature.

According to NOAA, between 1880 and 1940, the global surface temperature was negative – as in an ice age.  Between 1980 and present day, the surface temperature rose to 1.   1880 is used as the baseline because global surface temperatures were not taken and unknown prior to this year.   In fact, there was no ‘global’ baseline  because there was no ‘global measurement’, it was a singular measure taken either in Europe or the US.

The concept forces a false baseline and a false ‘global’ estimate.

The methodology of measuring sea temperature between 1880 and 1940 was accomplished via a sailor rowing out to sea, taking a bucket tied by a rope, collecting some water and measuring the temperature using a mercury thermometer.   Surface temperatures are taken at various stations around the globe, and their reliability is also suspect given the position of the stations is subject to ‘interpretation’.

As a result, raw data is ‘corrected’ to comply with the thought police of science …

In other words, surface and sea temperatures are unreliable today and worthless before, during and after upgrades in 1990.   The entire comparison methodology is false.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Greenhouse gas emissions are measured via a formula based on utilizing CO2 levels as the equivalent and multiplying that by the Global Warming Potential (GWP).   The global warming potential assigns a grade to gases such as nitrous oxide, methane, etc…  However, some countries use a different value system in creating their ‘estimates’  which are ignored in the final tally by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – created by the UN in 1988.   This GWP methodology was developed between 1995 and 1997 – when the world began…

The authors of these IPCC reports are aged from late 50’s to mid 80’s – well before Climate Change was offered in ANY university as a degree much less a program.   There is no true “expert on climate change”.

Making the entire methodology false and misleading.

The Climate Change Hoax for the advent of The Green Fund, was simply created as another $$$$$$$ Industry to launder money away from taxpayers to the governments.  It has no basis in reality and no basis in Science:   “The systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.”  

Climate Change is a philosophy – which is NOT a truth, but an opinion.

The Fall Of Civilizations = Money Lenders and DEBT

NOT all economies are created equal.   Russia’s economy is stellar.  Their debt to GDP is the lowest in history.   Oil commands.  Saudi Arabia is sought for trade deals with Brazil – their economy expands and oil still commands.   This week, Saudi Riyadh  is hosting the Future Investment Initiative with thousands of global companies CEO’s attending.   The theme is to extend joint ventures and trade deals to expand their economy via “The New Compass”.   What is the US doing?   They are warring within Israel’s self-proclaimed WWIII dictator, warring with Ukraine against Russia despite having already LOST, and debating warring with China over Taiwan…just for funzies.

YEAH…  The West is destroying itself while the rest of the world is expanding via the “failed system – Capitalism”.

Except the west wasn’t a Capitalist society at all, it simply coined the phrase to mask the true nature of communism that has gripped every country within the jaws of The Epic Shark – Rothschild & Co.   Despite Brandon declaring that he has a New World Order, no one else seems onboard his choo-choo train.

Guess who will be attending the Riyadh Capitalist Venture?   JP Morgan’s Dimon, Goldman Sachs Solomon, Mike Pompeo, Steve Mnuchin and Jared Kuchner.   Following The Money.  A Bankers convention while the US Military loses yet another war and get’s bit by The Bear.   It is worth noting the Saudi relationship with Trump was stellar.   The Saudi relationship with Biden is a complete ‘snub’.   Another ally – down and out!   Blinken is cwying. – his legacy is FAILURE.

In sharp contrast to the aging west whose youth population is dwindling and birth rates are now below the 1.7 mark, Saudi Arabia’s population is marked by 50% under the age of 25 – free university education – free healthcare – zero income tax – a rising economy – and host to two holy sites;  Mecca and Medina.  

Early history reveals that several Jewish tribes inhabited Medina;  Banu Qaynuqa, Banu Qurayza, and Banu Nadir.   The Qurayza was notably the ‘tax collector’ for the Persian Shah.  They came from the Fall of the Roman Empire and were considered quite militaristic.  During the fifth century, the Jews lost control over Medina and simply became clients – of Arab tribes that dominated.   An oddity in the account of the Banu Qurayza’s and other Jewish tribes is that they may have simply been Arabs who ‘converted to judaism’.

The ancient land of Canaan included today’s Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, and parts of Syria and Lebanon.   In order for Biblical prophesy to take place, Israel must become the land of Canaan.

When the US, Dutch and Britain began weakening the Ottoman Empire through blocking trade routes, and creating a resource imbalance among the Turkmen, their economy began to spiral.  Knowing this was causing their demise they rose against their oppressors – WWI.   The West destroyed the Ottoman Empire, the 6 million Turkmen spread across the entire empire were given the land known today as Iran – a small portion migrated to northern Afghanistan.

Post WWI when the Allies redrew/apportioned the Ottoman’s land The Middle East as it is today was created.   The West installed their governors over these lands.   Over time, revolutions and revolts occurred wherein the West began to lose it’s control over The Middle East creating wars against;  Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, etc…

In most, if not all, justifications of war, resources and power have been the cause for centuries and millenniums.   If you control the land, you own the resources.   And if you control the money – you control the debt.   The Ottoman Empire had no debt until the European Empire brought war in the mid to late 19th century.   DEBT destroyed their economy.   Debt imposed by Europe.

The Empire dissolved amidst rampant – debt.   This same economic failure imposed by the money lenders and tax collectors has resulted in the need for a dissolution of The Western Empire – Debt.   Inflation hit 500% in the Ottoman Empire as they attempted to restrain spending and failed.   Today the West measures inflation in illusionary metrics designed to deceive the populace.   But the reality is the same failure that caused the Ottoman Empire to be destroyed by The West is why the West must now suffer the same defeat.   DEBT.

The Roman Empire treasury was empty by 60 BC.   It was mired in massive public and private – debt.   The ‘Populares’, or democrats, were all about entitlements and aggressive military foreign policy.    DEBT.

In 63 B.C., Pompey had carried out an extremely successful military campaign of shock and awe in the Middle East. His political settlement was a superb solution to the instability of the Middle East. But for three years, partisan gridlock in the Senate prevented the ratification of his program.

 Two “canny politicians” turned to a man who was widely regarded as a drunkard, a womanizer, and a man of no ambition whatsoever: Julius Caesar. They backed him to become consul for the year 59 B.C. because his solution was to become a Dictator.

The means?  Abolition of interest and the requirement that every citizen pay back the principle debt immediately.

By 64 AD Rome Burned, and The Fall of Rome became its Legacy of failure as Nero sought to destroy the city to hide the burden of debt he created.   Much like Israel.  Much like America.   Much like Europe.   Historically – debt has been the demise of civilizations.  Saudi debt is under 30% of GDP – Russia debt is under 30% of GDP – The West has reached upwards of 160% to 250%.   And Once Again – History Repeats Itself Over And Over Again.

ISRAEL WAR is The Secular Great RESET

IT is curiouser and curiouser how the self described savants who saw the Ukraine war for another US proxy, suddenly support Israel – because of the Holocaust.   As though victimhood is the sole reasoning behind anything –  Israel.   People are cursing me into oblivion for writing historical facts.  Previous conservative media outlets are suddenly having brain dense convulsions over Israel as though present day Israel represents God and End Times.   The Bible is clear –    four powerful kings will race onto the world stage with two objectives.

  1. To conquer the world, and to reign as global dictators.These dictators will strip you of your freedoms. They will take your civil liberties, and you will become property and slaves of the state.
  2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. Their desire is to control the city of Jerusalem and prepare for the anointing of the false Messiah.

According to ‘the newest interpretation of who the four kings are, Hagee Ministries offers:  King of the North is Russia, King of the South is Egypt and Arab countries, King of the east is China, and King of the west is America and UK.  There is absolutely no Biblical reference to support this supposition.

It is almost as though people are so wasted on earth, they WANT Armageddon.   And the secular media and secular Israel are quick to LEAD the bandwagon.  And suddenly The Great RESET becomes Biblical Armageddon and we fight the WRONG fight.   Of course, the idiocy in this scenario is the ‘false Messiah’ being anointed by a collaboration of abject enemies is particularly fundamentally ignorant.

Another viewpoint comes from MSNBC’s atheist prospective.   Prophesizing from an atheist pulpit, the writer has seemingly read the book flap on the Bible for his elementary school essay.   Using the same bad guys, Russia and China in his synopsis, he adds Iran and omits America and UK.  Instead turning the war into a poll of Christian Zionists… and Republicans and of course – Trump.

Right now, control over the city of Jerusalem is hoisted to the surface as the first flag support of Armageddon.  Yet the only people who have made this a quest are the Palestinians who support The Old Testament and The Koran. The vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi and have absolutely no religious affiliation.   In the US – they are democrats manipulating the White House behind the scenes as a shadow government.   For the Jews in control, Jerusalem merely represents money – upwards of $7.5 billion annually in tourism.   Other than that – they couldn’t tell you the names of the Apostles.

As a result we have unwitting conservatives putting their might and mouth behind the same people responsible for the Nazi Ukraine trafficking industry.   And it feels like a portion of their brain has been ejected.  Because, well – the Holocaust…

The land of Israel.

“For four thousand years, the land of Israel has been the Jewish homeland”.    The Torah pronounces!   But there was no Jewish Homeland, there was a Hebrew Homeland as espoused by the Bible before it was rewritten over 100 times.   Via ‘translations’.   The Hebrew Homeland – as referenced – applies to ‘all descendants of Abraham’.   Those who transgress will be exiled from the land ~ Torah.   What does transgress mean?   To break or violate any law of God.  It is a fair assumption that being ‘secular’ is – a transgression of the highest order.

We are NOT in End Times, Biblically, we ARE in end times politically and socially as ruled by the Ashkenazi’s of the west.  Trying to conjoin the two as one is beyond the most extreme apostate.   And can only come from those who are not true believers – like secularists.

The War between Palestine and Israel was matriculated by western political powers

and had nothing to do with the Bible.  Rothschild had specifically demanded a “secular Israel” be given to him by Britain.   That is what occurred.  This decision was the first provocation.   But it is what the west ‘does’.   We conquer countries and divvy up the spoils – the land.   Post WWI, the land was divvied up into separate nations we now call The Middle East.    That being said, the Israel bombardment is a distraction to aid in the Great RESET.

Post WWII the west divvied up Soviet Russia and Europe.  Simultaneously, western brain powers decided that Taiwan – which was under the control of Japan – must now be given to China.   A poor nation of little value to the west, Taiwan became an island of China.   Until – Taiwan became a source of western resources.  Then, China bad.

Rothschild chose this war in Israel.   Not for any Biblical motive, but for the antithesis of the Biblical Word.   To watch how easily it is to sway the minds of the sheeple into believing a lie.  Today’s Israel is NOT the Israel of the Bible.

Germany’s DeutschWelle goes even further down the line of apostasy by writing an article about ‘fact-checking’ Israel’s war.  The height of secularist thought!   Providing in-depth analysis of this, DeutschWelle recommends using fact-check news sites and google lens to determine what is true and what is disinformation.   Because critical thinking has been parched and thrown into the ‘Dead Sea’…

The Zionists are creating a false Biblical event.  Manipulating the Christians whom they hate.   The same Zionists who support the Nazi’s in Ukraine!  Because they are NOT Jews, they are not descendants of Abraham, they have manipulated history – manipulated identity – to Rule The Sheeple.   Russia saw the manipulation and became a “Pariah” as a result.

The Holocaust was real – it just wasn’t committed against Jews.   Yet in the vein of victimhood, the Rothschilds saw this as an opportunity to present their state, Israel, as a global bond against anyone and everyone that dared to cast the first stone.  And entire countries recoil in fear lest they desecrate the word Israel.

Now the Stage has been recast:   No longer do we fear and cast stones at Klaus Schwab’s Great RESET, we embrace him, them, and it, as victimized Jews for whom we must send our sons and daughters to die.   For a war that Israel’s landlord, Rothschild, created.  Knowing Rothschild is the grandaddy of secular Judaism and the creator of The Great RESET.

The World Economic Forum via Basel is The Protocols of Zion

In 2003, George Bush created PEFAR to address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.   Overseen by the Department of State, the initiative has been awarded $90 billion to date.   According to someone within the agency – 25 million lives have been saved…  Except there is absolutely no evidence or factoid to support this claim – but it looks good on paper.

According to ResearchGate, the global and sub-Sahara case trends have steadily increased.  Yet PEPFAR funding has steadily increased despite statistics showing the initiative, the $110 billion, have really done nothing.   In fact, PEPFAR and the State Department decided they would be the Global Aids Coordinator led by Deborah Birx as of 2014.  In 2023, given the statistics were so incredibly poor, Anthony Blinken announced the launch of the Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy to be led by John Nkengesong.   Money was poured into the “Sustainable Control” of the epidemic.  So where did the money actually go?

Bill Gates Global Fund is the primary beneficiary.   Given that HIV/Aids continues to rise exponentially according to testing that is not done, given that there is no viable connection between HIV and AIDS, in 2022, PEPFAR announced they would really, really make an impact this time by – 2030.  The Magic Year when all information and disease end simultaneously.

Kary Mullis, the same Nobel winner who developed the PCR Test that he declared could NOT EVER isolate any virus, including CoVid, is the same Virologist/Biologist who stated that HIV does not lead to AIDS – and HIV doesn’t even really exist.

Nonetheless, these astute chronic government officials have determined that they know more than Mullis and ART treatment must be ramped up across Africa given the success rate is nil.  In fact, ART doesn’t ‘cure’ anything, it supposedly extends a person’s healthy life cycle.  What is ART?   ART destroys T Lymphocyte cells.  It is given to people with HIV, and has severe side effects including;  diabetes, heart disease, kidney, liver, and nerve damage, and osteoporosis.  By contrast, HIV symptoms are similar to ‘the flu’.  And according to NIH, ‘most people with HIV will never get AIDS’…   The risk of HIV is most pronounced among people who inject street drugs & share their needle with you while living in squalor, ie opioid addicts.

According to WHO, roughly 500,000 people die each year from opioids.   According to NIH, in the US 3 million people are opioid addicts, representing 1/5th of the global addiction crisis.  Since 1999, opioid deaths in the US have risen 500%.   But no less than four US Agencies receive funding to curb/stop/treat opioid addiction.

The Point?   Not One Agency actually achieves what it claims to target.   Instead, American taxpayers continue to shell out billions upon billions to no effect – for decades.  Heart Disease remains a constant algorithmic number every single year despite billions spent on combatting ‘heart disease’.   Cancer treatments remain relatively benignly constant despite 70 years of funding and charity.

Disease is NOT eradicated – it is fostered in a home of infinite spending with little to no effect.  And yet, we focus on the money laundering of “WAR”.   Imagine the money laundering of “Disease”.  

In the US we have the: CDC, NIH, Health & Human Resources, WHO, Centers For Disease Control, Trust For America’s Health, Individual State Health Departments, National Foundation For Infectious Diseases, Department of Agriculture (Disease Research), The Global Fund, American Kidney Fund, Red Cross, American Heart Association, Maternal & Child Health Bureau, National Organization For Rare Disorders, etc… etc… etc…   All working to eradicate disease in alliance with over a MILLION NGO’s.

Yet we still have heart disease, Cancers, HIV, AIDS, lung disease, etc…  Odd.

A money laundering propaganda scheme with a continuous flow of unimpeded Taxpayer Funding!   Achieving Nothing.   Created by the same megalomaniacs who have driven the value of the US dollar into negative territory within the last 100 years.  The same maniacs who want a Great RESET because not ONE of their initiatives did anything but expand death, poverty, and environmental disaster.

2030 is utopia – they claim.   By 2030 we will all drive electric cars, live in urban hostels, own nothing, work 24/7, eat crickets, and climate will miraculously be ‘normal’ based on a new and improved version of what is ‘normal’.   All disease will be officially eradicated, money & debt will not exist, school grades will no longer exist, we will exist on prescribed drugs, white will be black, and time will stand still.

And all of this has been created by the same people who devised the economic and political ORDER of the 20th & 21st century – that FAILED.

An Order ill-prepared for other than to spend more and more money so that it can be laundered back to the Elite Monarchy which envisions their rule over a Global Empire.  Despite;  no smart cities being built, a BRICS alliance that currently has zero interest in this Order, no eradication of disease, and no foundational support within the masses.   And just six short years to bring it all together en masse…

In 1905 the Protocols of The Elders of Zion was published.   Since then, every media, every intelligence bureau, every western government has declared the protocols a hoax, antisemitism, a Hate crime, a forgery…

The Protocols originate in Basal Switzerland – which happens to be the central location for:  The Bank of International Settlements, World Economic Forum, The Basel Accords, a Roman Military fortification, and was incorporated by The Holy Roman Empire in 1032 and the source of the First Crusade.  In 1897 the first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel with the majority of delegates, 38%, allocated to Israel – which at the time was “Rothschild”.  Their goal was to settle Palestine with Zionists.

The Protocols of Zion was published five years later.

Jews and Freemasons were said to have made plans to disrupt Christian civilization and erect a world state under their joint rule. Liberalism  and socialism were to be the means of subverting Christendom; if subversion failed, all the capitals of Europe were to be sabotaged.


20;   elimination of the Gold Standard

21;   take advantage of non-Jewish governments to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times through money lending that were not at all needed

23;  a King has no place for an angelic spirit; he needs only force and power; for he will be obliged to kill off  existing societies.

Those named as the Axis include:  Eisenhower, Rothschild, Warburg, Straus, Morgenthau, Einstein, Baruch, Frankfurter.  The concept was that the Zions were the chosen ones – and all others were to live in slavery.   Much in parallel to the World Economic Forum’s destiny for today.

These people were not a part of God’s Israel, they were Zionist Khazars who felt they were superior to all other sects of society and were destined to be the only race to exist on Earth outside of slaves making up the 500 million global population.  Meaning the Zionists were the racists, the antisemitics, without religion.   And society today is proof we are living out the aspired Protocols.  

Netanyahu End Game – Eliminate All Palestinians…

The Rothschild Economist which owns Israel is asking Israel what is the ‘end game’?   Netanyahu has declared this war will take months… as in until the US 2024 election. Four end-game scenarios have been proposed: 1. Take Gaza, rubble and all, and run it via Netanyahu 2. Allow the ‘hated’ Abbas to control it, 3.   Bring in foreigners, 4. Give it back to Hamas.   Obviously only one scenario is going to be allowed.

Netanyahu wants a clean slate of Israel – only for his chosen secular Israeli’s as was originally proposed by Edmond Rothschild in t he late 1800’s.   However, Gaza is only one part of the Palestinian land – the West Bank in reality is next.

And just like that, Netanyahu has declared Hamas is in The West Bank and has begun a terror raid of the territory.   The media justification ‘reprisal’.   Israel is allowed to indiscriminately kill whomever they determine is necessary for their mission – widening the ever increasing master plan for a world war to erupt in the Middle East.

A suicide mission.

US and UK have announced evacuation orders of their citizens from Lebanon – inviting an even greater middle east incursion.   And the rally cry for peace is ignored. Reminiscent of the Vietnam War.   A government war.   The Draft.

The US military has been lamenting the abysmal recruits despite lowering every conceivable standard and offering bonuses for those who enlist.   BONUSES.   And still no one wants to be a part of this military. A corrupt, degenerate military that treats its soldiers like trash.

With two forever wars to choose from the military is very likely to necessitate The Dreaded Draft once again.   Protect your sons and daughters!

Today the call it Selective Service and every person between the ages of 18 and 25 must register – including illegal immigrants…   ALL 7 million draft aged immigrants must register or face a felony charge.   Untrained.   Unvetted.   Possibly carrying a number of diseases.   The Selective Service is set up like the draft for Vietnam – based on a lottery.   Draw the wrong number and off you go to bootcamp!   Sorry – your bad luck!

I wonder how many of those upstanding citizens decrying death to all Muslims would feel if their precious sons and daughters drew the ‘wrong number’?   Would ‘Give Peace A Chance’ once again vibrate the hallowed halls of government?   Would the elite grease the hands that select the numbers? Rory Gates is – 24.

Maybe our esteemed officials would create an algorithm whereby only red city/state youth were called up?   Like they did with the vaccine – selective bio-death.

Today Rishi Sunak, PM of the UK, has landed in Saudi Arabia to deter animosity.   His previous claims to annihilate all Palestinians as animals has been shed, and he parlays a faded hope that Netanyahu won’t commit genocide and push the world war that Russia did not allow.   But Rishi speaks from both sides of his mouth neither side really evincing his true character…   Prince Salman is not easily swayed by the fakery.

Sunak told Netanyahu that he wants Israel to win.   Win what?   Israel has declared it’s mission to be the destruction of Hamas – yet continues to obliterate all of Gaza.  And therein lies the answer the Rothschild Economist already noted in its four potential outcomes –   Gaza and The West Bank will be reduced to rubble –

It is curious that Sunak feels the need to go to Israel at all – given the fierce constant attacks by Hamas… But then AI does wonders these days. And the money laundering created via the Ukraine war becomes a viable explanation.

Of importance to Sunak’s arrival is to help negotiate the release of Israeli and foreign prisoners in Gaza.   Oddly, there are few if any notations as to who those prisoners might be. Why are their names withheld?  Why does every media outlet parlay different numbers;   400 prisoners!   250 Prisoners!   150 Prisoners… 100 prisoners…   Why aren’t family members involved demanding Biden take a more actionable agenda?   Or is this Afghanistan replayed?   Why isn’t the US doing “ANYTHING” – if in fact there are prisoners?   How much information is fake? Netanyahu has announced that the hostages are on their own – he has no interest in a rescue mission or a swap.

“Framing the current conflict as a battle between the “forces of progress and humanity” and “an axis of evil”, Netanyahu called Hamas “the modern barbarians, the worst monsters on the planet”.

It is unclear exactly how many Hamas members there are in Gaza Palestine. Estimates range wildly between 15,000 to 50,000. Hamas is split between its political bureau which is based in Qatar, and its social bureau which is based in Gaza. The Bureau has fifteen members in Gaza and four units, including; finance, propaganda, foreign affairs, and social welfare.

The social welfare bureau is what led the creation of schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and charity which had been denied by the Israel government.   The political Bureau oversees the military operations via the Shura Council.   Izz Al Din Al Qassam Brigade is the military branch.

If in fact, Israel intends to kill all 25,000 Hamas military members, this war is slated to be exceptionally bloody given 4,000 “Palestinians” have been killed with absolutely no mention of how many were Hamas.  Half the Palestinian deaths have been attributed to children – the Hillary Clinton What Difference Does It Make If They Are Dead – casualties of war – scenario.

JEWISH Communists or Jewish Khazars – Take Your Pick

6 Days ago, Israel gave Northern Gaza’s 1 million population 24 hours to trek southward.   4 days ago, Israel told Northern Gaza to evacuate 22 hospitals in 24 hours.   4 days ago Israel cut all humanitarian aid to Palestinians.   4 days ago, Israel cut power, water and food in Palestine, bombing of all things a ‘bakery’.   4 days ago, Israel bombed southern Gaza. WHO & the UN both demanded Israel backtrack on these demands.   They didn’t.  A hospital was bombed and Israel now points the finger at Hamas using edited television footage as “evidence”.   Where are the satellite images?   Still on the cutting board?

Israel claims it would never hit a target in Palestine that was civilian.   Yet every target has leveled residential buildings, schools, and admittedly hospitals given the order to evacuate from them.   UN peaceworkers have been murdered by Israel.   And hawks continue to demand that every Palestinian in existence be wiped from planet earth.

Now Israel wants more US weapons.   Between 2018 and 2022, Israel bought $2.7 billion in weapons from the US and Germany; ½ a million per year.   After Israel launched this war – Biden gave Israel $2 billion at the onset, now they demand an additional $10 billion, while Ukraine demands $100 billion.   Money really has no value any longer – it is just floating paper.   And US Taxpayers are broke trying to buy food that is easily 75% more expensive than during Trump’s tenure.

The US economy is spiraling precipitously.   And broke cities are now offering illegals a housing allowance of $9000 each. In 2018, the illegal immigrant cost was estimated to be $200 billion per year.   Before Joe added 7 million to the black book account coffers. NYC alone claims the 2023 cost is $10 billion for 95,000 migrants = $105,263 per illegal = $8772 nontaxable income per month.

Between 1990 and 2018, the number of unauthorized illegal immigrants grew by 3.5 million.   28 years.   During Biden’s tenure, the number has grown by 7 million 2020 to 2023.   I’m pretty sure they didn’t come to pick cotton and grapes for Nancy Pelosi.   And our pocketbooks likely reveal that factoid. The vast majority are not working.

Of the previous tally of 11.2 illegal immigrants in the US – pre-Biden – roughly 11 million, 62%, were believed to be working. Artificially giving ‘jobs reports’ a boost.   The industries that hire most illegals include:   Farming – 26%, Construction – 15%, Production & Service – 18%, and transportation 6%.

While personally I believe that Mexican workers are some of the best around; dedicated, on time, fair, no games, good quality, another entree into the field across the country has emerged – Amish.   Previously relegated to the North East, they have expanded their work ethic and can be assailed as ‘perfect’!   Known for the quality of craftsmanship, their time management, their agreeable personalities, they are taking over construction in certain segments by droves!

By contrast, Palestinians are crafters.   Their forte is weaving, embroidery, jewelry, pottery, glass, carvings, etc…   They have no land for agriculture, they have no training for landscape work, they are not builders or engineers…   Their existence has been relegated to ‘survival’.   And like the vast majority of Africans, their ability to be more has been stifled purposefully. By Israel.

In a world of prosperity and equality – like what the WEF pretends to envision – Palestinians should be given the same education and basis of achievement as Israel.   Everyone should be considered a benefit to society at large.

But that is not the Cabal’s vision.  

Despite the West excelling from its outhouses, dirt floors, eating squirrel mentality of just 150 years ago – that progress was not shared globally.   As such certain countries were forced into poverty so as to give other countries – an edge.   Economically.   The ideal of the World Economic Forum has been to maintain that ideological shift to prosperity.   The reason?   Because shared wealth has NEVER been an ideology.   Wealth MUST be relegated.   Everyone else MUST be suppressed in order to preserve the wealth of the elite.

SO why has Israel suddenly decided to eliminate all Palestinians in that ideology?

Because the RESET is behind schedule.   The RESET is threatened by the BRICS.   The RESET is a failure.   And the Rothschilds who developed its Protocols are pissed.

As a direct result, the House of Rothschild has determined that genocide is the only solution. It is no different than the illegal detention, jailing, and torture of MAGA Patriots.   Imposing fear of retribution. JAIL for life.

In other words – Palestinians are being subject to their annihilation in the exact same vein as the progressive democrats want to annihilate ALL MAGAs.   The dig, the hypocrisy, the lie, is that Israel represents Judaism, Christianity, and God. The reality – Israel TODAY is a secular, nonreligious, guardian of the gates of hell. And Christians blindly sacrifice themselves for this secular god.

I have presented facts based on the Rothschild House website – and still I am told I am an anti-Semite.   I have presented facts based on historical accounts dating from hundreds of years – and still I am told I am an anti-Semite.   Because that is the victimhood of the Holocaust – an event based not on “Jews” but on communists.   Which is why General Patton, at the end of WWII, succinctly stated, “I fought on the wrong side.”   Meaning he fought the Nazi’s fighting the Communists.   And for this revelation – he was assassinated.

WWII was not about the Jews.   It was about Communism.