JEWISH Communists or Jewish Khazars – Take Your Pick

6 Days ago, Israel gave Northern Gaza’s 1 million population 24 hours to trek southward.   4 days ago, Israel told Northern Gaza to evacuate 22 hospitals in 24 hours.   4 days ago Israel cut all humanitarian aid to Palestinians.   4 days ago, Israel cut power, water and food in Palestine, bombing of all things a ‘bakery’.   4 days ago, Israel bombed southern Gaza. WHO & the UN both demanded Israel backtrack on these demands.   They didn’t.  A hospital was bombed and Israel now points the finger at Hamas using edited television footage as “evidence”.   Where are the satellite images?   Still on the cutting board?

Israel claims it would never hit a target in Palestine that was civilian.   Yet every target has leveled residential buildings, schools, and admittedly hospitals given the order to evacuate from them.   UN peaceworkers have been murdered by Israel.   And hawks continue to demand that every Palestinian in existence be wiped from planet earth.

Now Israel wants more US weapons.   Between 2018 and 2022, Israel bought $2.7 billion in weapons from the US and Germany; ½ a million per year.   After Israel launched this war – Biden gave Israel $2 billion at the onset, now they demand an additional $10 billion, while Ukraine demands $100 billion.   Money really has no value any longer – it is just floating paper.   And US Taxpayers are broke trying to buy food that is easily 75% more expensive than during Trump’s tenure.

The US economy is spiraling precipitously.   And broke cities are now offering illegals a housing allowance of $9000 each. In 2018, the illegal immigrant cost was estimated to be $200 billion per year.   Before Joe added 7 million to the black book account coffers. NYC alone claims the 2023 cost is $10 billion for 95,000 migrants = $105,263 per illegal = $8772 nontaxable income per month.

Between 1990 and 2018, the number of unauthorized illegal immigrants grew by 3.5 million.   28 years.   During Biden’s tenure, the number has grown by 7 million 2020 to 2023.   I’m pretty sure they didn’t come to pick cotton and grapes for Nancy Pelosi.   And our pocketbooks likely reveal that factoid. The vast majority are not working.

Of the previous tally of 11.2 illegal immigrants in the US – pre-Biden – roughly 11 million, 62%, were believed to be working. Artificially giving ‘jobs reports’ a boost.   The industries that hire most illegals include:   Farming – 26%, Construction – 15%, Production & Service – 18%, and transportation 6%.

While personally I believe that Mexican workers are some of the best around; dedicated, on time, fair, no games, good quality, another entree into the field across the country has emerged – Amish.   Previously relegated to the North East, they have expanded their work ethic and can be assailed as ‘perfect’!   Known for the quality of craftsmanship, their time management, their agreeable personalities, they are taking over construction in certain segments by droves!

By contrast, Palestinians are crafters.   Their forte is weaving, embroidery, jewelry, pottery, glass, carvings, etc…   They have no land for agriculture, they have no training for landscape work, they are not builders or engineers…   Their existence has been relegated to ‘survival’.   And like the vast majority of Africans, their ability to be more has been stifled purposefully. By Israel.

In a world of prosperity and equality – like what the WEF pretends to envision – Palestinians should be given the same education and basis of achievement as Israel.   Everyone should be considered a benefit to society at large.

But that is not the Cabal’s vision.  

Despite the West excelling from its outhouses, dirt floors, eating squirrel mentality of just 150 years ago – that progress was not shared globally.   As such certain countries were forced into poverty so as to give other countries – an edge.   Economically.   The ideal of the World Economic Forum has been to maintain that ideological shift to prosperity.   The reason?   Because shared wealth has NEVER been an ideology.   Wealth MUST be relegated.   Everyone else MUST be suppressed in order to preserve the wealth of the elite.

SO why has Israel suddenly decided to eliminate all Palestinians in that ideology?

Because the RESET is behind schedule.   The RESET is threatened by the BRICS.   The RESET is a failure.   And the Rothschilds who developed its Protocols are pissed.

As a direct result, the House of Rothschild has determined that genocide is the only solution. It is no different than the illegal detention, jailing, and torture of MAGA Patriots.   Imposing fear of retribution. JAIL for life.

In other words – Palestinians are being subject to their annihilation in the exact same vein as the progressive democrats want to annihilate ALL MAGAs.   The dig, the hypocrisy, the lie, is that Israel represents Judaism, Christianity, and God. The reality – Israel TODAY is a secular, nonreligious, guardian of the gates of hell. And Christians blindly sacrifice themselves for this secular god.

I have presented facts based on the Rothschild House website – and still I am told I am an anti-Semite.   I have presented facts based on historical accounts dating from hundreds of years – and still I am told I am an anti-Semite.   Because that is the victimhood of the Holocaust – an event based not on “Jews” but on communists.   Which is why General Patton, at the end of WWII, succinctly stated, “I fought on the wrong side.”   Meaning he fought the Nazi’s fighting the Communists.   And for this revelation – he was assassinated.

WWII was not about the Jews.   It was about Communism.  

Labour Shortages – Food Shortages – Critical Thinking Shortages

According to the CDC, in 2022 there were approximately 3,273,705 deaths. In 2021, the CDC provisional number was 3,458,697.   Over 61 million Americans have a disability representing 20% of the population. Despite the massive numbers for excess deaths and disabilities, the Labour Bureau claims that all pre-pandemic employees and an additional 300,000 have joined the labour force.   Obviously someone’s Common Core Math is in overdrive – because this is impossible.

As the middle class wanes and poor immigrants continue to invade, the impact on America’s businesses is completely restructured.   Tyson Foods shuttered four plants in the US claiming a significant loss in ‘demand’ and a need to lower costs.   Simultaneously, Tyson opened 3 plants in – China.   The decoupled China.

Various economists have speculated that Tyson shutting down is because the cost of chicken is too high – reducing demand. Shutting down plants means less supply – means higher prices.   Even economists seem oddly inept. A secondary factor for the shutdowns is ‘labour shortages’.   Yet, given labour is the most significant expense for a commodity, a shortage of labour would indicate lower costs/expenses?

As a direct result of less demand due to pricing, economists warn that pricing across the board will rise even more significantly.   We have entered an alternate universe!

In reality, fake chicken has been approved by the FDA with no analysis or testing.   In addition, the FDA has declared that markets and restaurants are NOT required to label their product as fake.

According to the FDA, ‘cultivated plant based’ chicken is real because it comes from chicken cells.   As a result, chickens don’t have to be killed – and chicken farms can all go bankrupt.   The meat is grown in steel tanks, coming out in large sheets and then cut into expected shapes.   YUM!   The price is excessively greater than real chicken, so it is only available in China to date.   WHAT?   Soon, it will be distributed to upscale restaurants ‘precooked’, because only the wealthy will be able to afford it…  WHAT?

EAT JUST is a breakout private company that first cultivated ‘food product’ eggs used in mayonnaise and scrambled eggs. They expanded to use their non-egg eggs in packaged foods such as muffins and breads.   Read your ingredients!   Already, Beyond Meat and Meatless Farm have filed for bankruptcy given sales slumped exponentially.  

According to Healthline: “Chicken is a good source of vitamin B6 and phosphorous, as well as a rich source of protein, niacin, and selenium.”   Fake Chicken product requires substitute ingredients such as wheat gluten, soy, and pea protein to create nutrient value.   It’s nutritional value is high in sodium, carbs, and sugars, and because of its deficiencies people will eat considerably more in order to feel full.  SO it’s lower caloric count is diminished.

One of the more problematic side effects of eating these proteins is – malnutrition – which can lead to death. Other side effects include intestinal damage, bloating, fatigue, and diarrhea.

The misnomer regarding the environmental implications is that ALL these added ingredients need to be grown and watered – after all they are plants!   All these plant products require labour, land, water, fertilizers, pesticides, and production facilities.  More trucking costs. When Tyson Foods shuts down over ‘lack of labour’, where will the available labour for the plants and chemicals derive?  Laid off employees of Tyson Foods…

The Chemicals need to be manufactured in more manufactured laboratories.   Ultimately you are left with a highly processed food product that is lacking in basic nutritional value which costs more than double the real product. For the past decade, the FDA claims overly processed meats are NOT beneficial sources of food and high in sodium and nitrates while low in potassium.    The effect?  Heart Disease – the number 1 killer in the US.

YET without any trials, the FDA has unilaterally approved all fake meat products.

LOGIC seems to be the first death in critical thinking.

There are 59 million people in the US collecting welfare – 30% claim to be under 18.   That leaves 70% available for employment – 43 million!  Upwards of 7.6 million undocumented aliens currently work in the US. The US Labour Bureau includes them in their algorithm statistics. The numbers are NOT in alignment.

Why can’t Tyson Foods hire the 43 million on welfare without justification?

The Federal government is spending over $1.3 trillion on various welfare programs annually.

According to the Labour Bureau, 143.8 million people in the US are employed in ‘some private capacity’ representing $9.7 trillion in wages. Of course those wage numbers include every CEO and executive pay so an average is meaningless.   Unemployment Insurance claims this represents 94.7 of employees.   An additional 11 million work for state, local or the federal government.

In Colorado, a woman living in a million dollar home with a mortgage of $250,000, age 50, no disabilities, never worked, collects welfare subsidies.   Some states have work requirements – in Colorado the requirement identifies ‘unpaid work’ as work.


  • Government Assistance Lifts 45.4 Million Out of Poverty ~ Census Bureau
  • States Are Hoarding $5.2 Billion in Welfare Funds Amid Rising Poverty ~ Census Bureau

40% of Welfare Recipients Are Black. Perhaps Lloyd Austin could fill the military conscription requirements with those unemployed on welfare. A federal work requirement.   But the latest USA Today finding is that 40% of Lloyd Austin’s recruits were never interviewed for extremism.   Desperation over security.  And still the military is understaffed by 25%.

The US does NOT have a labor shortage – The US does NOT have a food shortage –

The US DOES have a shortage of wisdom and intellect to redirect the resources available to solutions using the people and commodities on hand.

ILLEGAL MIGRANTS Disappear in the Crop Picking Agriculture Industry

There are 73 Federal Agencies whose personnel are authorized to carry guns and make arrests.   Within the CIA and FBI alone, two of the 73 agencies, there are over 50,000 such agents.   The White House handlers want to add another gun toting agency via the newly minted 85,000 IRS agents authorized to carry guns and shoot American citizens.   But the agency already owns 5000 guns and over 5 million rounds of ammo.   

There are roughly 445,000 National Guardsmen whose designation is also known as members of the US ‘militia’ under the ‘dual control’ of the states and feds.   According to that statement, the National Guard could have been deployed by the DoD, Army, or Navy to defend the Capitol January 6th given it would be deemed a ‘federal mission.’  

The actual number of agents within the Federal Agencies is unknown because it’s a – secret.   Typical weapons carried by agents include a handgun, rifle, shotgun, pepper spry, baton and Taser.   There are roughly 380,000 stolen guns in the US each year, the largest source from parked cars.

Career criminals and the new breed of dissenters don’t buy guns and go through background checks – they use ghost guns they manufacture and the 380,000 they steal.   And for this – The Handlers are coming for our guns while beefing up their 73-agency weapon stash.

During Biden’s regime there has been more violent crime than under any other president.   Mass shootings are now commonplace.   Stabbings are rising.   Assaults are rising.   Chicago’s weekend violence typically involves about 25-30 shootings and 5-15 dead.   These are predominantly gang related with innocent bystanders caught in the gunfire. And the government wants us to be defenseless.

Any longer, police simply ignore certain neighborhoods given their DA office puts them back on the street within 24 hours – with repeat crime occurring within hours of their release!

If these gun toting criminals are pushed into the suburbs we will have a Mad Max Scenario!   Yet, somehow it appears that is exactly the next phase.   Citizens will join neighborhood militia’s – and ‘self defense’ will be contested.   Churches now have assigned internal militias to counter the target of the anti-Christ brigade of BLM, gangs, and Antifa.

Biden is now calling on Congress to ‘repeal the immunity of gun manufacturers’ from liability while declaring he has already done everything conceivable to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.   But despite all the banning, requirements, regulations, and safety measures pushed thru – gun violence continues to rise exponentially – revealing to anyone but a FOOL that regulation has accomplished NOTHING.

Along the same lines of ‘punishment’, the Biden regimes Sanctions on Russia have done absolutely nothing to deter their economy. In Fact, without the US, Russia’s economy is doing better than it has in a decade!   Revealing that our wholier-than-thou government is wholly inept in war, peace, and everything in-between!

There are now over 20,000 gangs with over one million members in the US.   LA is the gang capital of the US with MS-13 being the largest and most prominent.   The 18th Street gang has garnered prominence in southern California for its criminal activity and is a known rival of MS-13.   Both gangs originated in Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala.

The government’s solution to gang violence is to  bring in more members because they typically shoot each other – aka, Chicago.   Stray shootings are considered casualties of war, and drug deaths are tolerated because they are killing themselves – reducing the population.  This is the mentality logic.

When illegal immigrants are escorted into the US by Border Patrol and National Guardsmen without any vetting, in order to survive, joining a gang is their only option other than work as farm hand pickers or handmaidens to the Rich.   The vast majority of illegal immigrants being bussed across the US from the border are;   male 18-30.

How long can the federal government house 6 million+ male immigrants in hotels and shelters?   Approaching $200 billion per year, before the April-May wave, somehow the government would delude us into thinking this cost is offset by the tax revenue they generate. How can they generate revenue at all?  

During the reign of FDR, migrants were treated with the same regard as a buzzard – let them eat trash.   The difference was that these migrants were Americans, mostly farmers hit by the depression and Dust Bowl.   Agriculture work in California paid cotton pickers 40cents a day on average.   Today, 86% of agriculture workers are foreign born, while 45-50% are undocumented.

In Mexico, the wage of farm workers is roughly $196 per month. By comparison, migrant workers can make 10x that if they work 30 days a month. But their pay is typically offset by housing and food chargeoffs against their wages.   The housing is typically an overcrowded bunkhouse and the food and water are filled with disease borne illnesses.

In essence, these migrants are slaves.   No different than the slaves used to build Dubai – subject to human rights abuses.   Our agriculture industry is by and large an industry reliant on slave labor – hence the vast majority of migrants being let in are male of solid labor build chosen via a lottery by the Agriculture Industry.   Buy an able bodied worker at an auction.   The are bussed to camps for this purpose.   And the $200 billion annual cost?   Just another fabricated lie!   

They can’t leave these heinous conditions because there is literally nowhere to go – can’t speak English, don’t have any form of transportation, not a dime to their name, and live in inhumane, subpar conditions not too different from 1933.

It is crop season! Labor shortages mean crop reduction in planting and harvesting.   Shortages also increase the price of crops.   With the advent of the Plant Based Proteins, more labor intensive workers are necessary – and migrant workers are the only means of keeping the prices down.   With the next season nearing, the Industry cried fowl – and the WH Handlers opened the gates!

The ugly underbelly is that many of these workers will die.   There will be no accounting, no census, no statistic, because they don’t exist once they enter the US – and either become a criminal gang member or a crop picker – they have no identity. And somehow in this maze of buzzard humans our esteemed government has decided that the cost of gang member criminal activity is worth the price of the crop pickers.   Many will become victims – but according to Hillary, “What difference does it make” – they are already dead.


Not surprisingly, Germany’s government thinks the US should take in every refugee who stalks and illegally crosses border.   Given the mass influx in Germany, UK and France has worked so well to further destroy the middle-class and solidify the poor remain poor forever, it is understandable that Germany would want America to be so fruitful as well!

TO support this ideal, Germany allowed an additional 106 refugees housed in Greece to be transported to Germany for resettlement – somewhere.   Proudly boasting a total number of 2060 since April 2020 …   Greece has had the misfortune of housing upwards of 80,000 to 200,000 since the beginning of 2020.   Apparently the actual number is not known.   Thus Germany has released them of the burden of roughly 1% to 2.5%. Not exactly a stellar example. But then Germany is about as open and transparent as China when it comes to information.

Where do German refugees reside once admitted?    In camps.   While Germany loves lauding itself as humane and compassionate while vilifying America, the truth is not exactly in agreement:

These camps lack quality infrastructure and necessary equipment. Some refugees are assigned to shelters such as Tempelhof, where they sleep in a small bed among hundreds of others in one hall.

Due to integration laws that assign family members to different cities, some refugees must endure family separation. Moreover, Germany suspended the family reunification policy between 2016 and 2018 for refugees awaiting their status approval. According to the German government, Germany embassies received 44,736 family reunification applications in 2018, but only granted 1,500 applications.”

These “camps” are routinely burned down.   Camp gangs form and systematically rape young girls and – boys.   Sometimes they set girls on fire.     IN 2015 when Germany welcomed Syrian refugees, 330,000 unaccompanied minors were declared.   Germany assigned ‘some’ to foster homes – the rest were sent to ‘clearinghouses’.   By definition a Clearinghouse is:   a designated intermediary between a buyer and seller in a financial market.

Germany states that all refugee children ‘receive an education’. However, they don’t elaborate as to how they educate Islamic children who speak no German, for how long, or what type of education…  In the Orwellian world of doublespeak – that education could be in ‘prostitution’!

The reality of refugees is nowhere near the frame created by the media – and the Socialist governments.

And still, as the US is exposed to mass illegal border crossings as a direct result of the White House recommendations, they place these children in ‘camps’ or ‘clearinghouses’.   And there is no documentation following up where they go from there.   320 children per day crossing since the WH was invaded, roughly 19,000 children will forever be unaccounted for in the future.

What really happens to them?

We are back to the Obama days wherein for-profit organizations bilk federal tax dollars for the cost to house a migrant.   And these facilities, many of which were privately financed by Congressmen and women,  would charge US taxpayers anywhere from $250 per day to $750 per day – per child.   That would equate to a cost of $91,000 to $274,000 per year per child!

Are you angry yet?   Because I imagine these children are further rented out for pedophiles. And many more killed. Never having been entered into any system.

Follow The Money!

If in fact Germany, as they claim, has taken in 330,000 Syrian refugee children – where are they now?   Did they grow up happy, educated, and honorable for their $91,000 cost per year?   Are they productive members of society?    On the LOW end, those refugees were costing German taxpayers over $30billion ‘per year’. Humanitarian?   Or bilking the system?

Germany ‘projects’ because actual statistics don’t exist, that upwards of 75% of all adult refugees will remain unemployed ‘long term’.   Unfortunately, they don’t define long term which could mean anything from say 5 years to life>>>

SO exactly what is the point in taking ‘refugees’/’illegal immigrants’?

At one time in history, there may have been reasoning.   But that has long ago been replaced with a bilking profit enterprise.

The most recent catastrophe in the US occurred when an SUV crammed with some 26 refugees fleeing Honduras crashed killing the vast majority.   The Media claims these people paid $10,000 for the privilege.   The minimum wage in Honduras is 8800 HNL or $370 per month.   Assuming it is the poverty riddled that desire to escape – how could they possibly accumulate $10,000 to make their getaway?

Obviously the facts do not support the media truth.

Obviously the market for young boys and girls in the US is rising in parallel to a lacking supply for sexual exploitation.

With Pelosi announcing that the massive increase of children in US ‘BORDER Camps’ is an indication of Biden’s ‘love for children’, one has to ask – what – kind – of – love?  Because in fact, in reality, the MONEY would be a clear indicator of something much much more heinous.   And they are charging OUR Accounts for these ‘privileges’.

While Pelosi – giggles insanely.

US Detention Facilities: Call For ShutDown By Democrat DoGooders

The new new is a call for all Detention facilities to shut down.   Close the camps.   The camps were initiated under the Clinton administration in 1996 as a means of capitalizing on and leveraging a situation so as to create a pool of money.   The number of illegal immigrants needing housing immediately quadrupled from 8,000 to 30,000.   And amidst that pool, money was made. But now that same Democrat catastrophic decision is no longer popular and the money is a yawn. So a new and improved scheme to better take advantage of the growing migration problem has evolved from within the Democrat camp.

It assures a new means of capitalizing on the $$$$$ while assuring a continuous flow of children that will simply – poof – disappear.

Vox, a thoroughly Liberal, Socialist outlet has provided what they claim to be the solution to Detention Centers:   1)   release immigrants with community supervision that will be done at the behest of nonprofit NGO’s, like, ummm, Open Society, who will act as an intermediary to help them find housing, food, legal aid, and transportation.   This NGO will contract, for a hefty fee, with the Federal government to provide such services.   2)   release all the immigrants with an ankle bracelet that will be monitored by an NGO and assigned an NGO ‘caseworker’.

Basically, given the Detention Centers have met their demise financially, the NGO’s have parlayed that demise into a new and improved way to create a new industry financed by US Taxpayers.

And it sounds so clean!

But it is so dirty.

The only obvious contradiction to this solution would be to simply close the border. Then we wouldn’t need any detention centers…

But then the chain of money would dry up.   And milking the taxpayers for the solution would once again find its communist – sigh – agenda.   It is the same agenda that has been used for centuries wherein a catastrophe is created and a solution is levied that drains – not The Swamp – but the flora, Taxpayers.

Within the crisis of a dummy-downed education parlance, a university status that rivals 5th grade academics, and a slew of toxins injected into a person’s bloodstream that harvests a lead poisoning brain deadening, The Swamp continues to advocate for a new and improved Capitalist venture scheme to make the 1% more money while pretending, aka Hollywood, that it is a humanitarian effort.


So who will be the new politizi to advocate this humanitarian release of infinite illegals? What happens when five years from now they are called to the plate for not releasing any statistical data?   Who reaps the rewards?

Rest assured it is not the poor migrant.

Rest assured that while migrants have been a mainstay in the US, they came for wholly different reasons, holding to staunch ethics, believing in morays and nationalism.   The boogey word.

Immigrants ‘pledged allegiance’. What does that mean? It means ‘nationalism’. Not to a democrat party, but to a united belief system incorporated in the United States.   But the Puppets would seem to no longer understand that concept and have pledged their allegiance to that which promotes their $$$$wealth and !!!!Power.

C’est tout.

Vox goes on to state that those migrants who are gang infiltrated, drugees, murderers, can simply ask for protection and claim that they were forced to commit innumerable murders of women and children in the name of refugee something or other. And we should embrace them with hugs.

And while this sounds insanely stupid to most literate people, I have known a number of ‘educated liberals’ who advocate that we just need to give ISIS members hugs and kisses and they will love us back… Really.

In reality, if we eliminate the Detention Centers created by Bill Clinton, we have one choice; close down the border completely.   Eliminate all trade with Mexico.

If we were to complete this agenda, Democrats would call us inhumane for not supporting the creation of warlord NGO’s who would take the place of the warlord Detention Centers, shift their profits from one regime to another, and continue the lawless confiscation of taxpayer dollars.

But then – that is – the AGENDA.

Migrant Birthright?

Trump wants to overturn the automatic, unconditional birthright status that the US has offered to illegal immigrants in the past.  And of course the media is all a frenzied because, well, that’s what the media does any more – they get angry. 

So, a bit of common denominator sense:

Countries that have no such unconditional status include: China, Japan, Europe, Africa (with one exception), Middle East, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Columbia, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, and Greenland.   In other words – most of the world, with the exception of Canada and the US.


Maybe because they are ‘nationalist’ and believe that citizenship is not an entitlement, but something earned because of your desire to work and support your newly adopted country.  Maybe because they believe that the hard earned benefits that working citizens reap should not be shared with those who hate the country and have no desire to work or support its laws.  Or maybe it’s because the country has no desire to support passels of illegal children who don’t even attempt to gain rightful immigration status.

It is always odd when Human Rights are applied in a fashion that is hypocritical at best, and destructive at worst.  In fact Europe and Australia have some of the most stringent laws in place regarding gaining citizenship.  No one complains.

So Deutsche Weil took it upon itself to chastise Trump’s stance on unconditional birthright status by highlighting ‘all the other countries’ which mimic the US, including:  Honduras, Ecquador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.  In other words, all of North America and partial countries within South America adhere to similar unconditional status.    Germany’s law states that the birthright of children of illegal aliens is only granted when the unlawful aliens apply for naturalization.

Why is the wolf lecturing the Eagle?  Because it furthers an agenda of polarizing a viewpoint without explaining or analyzing the data and facts.

The 14thAmendment to our Constitution references naturalization and legal immigrants who have a permanent residence in the US and are thus subject to US jurisdiction.  An illegal by definition of being illegal is not subject to our jurisdiction – which is why we ‘deport them’ instead of putting them in jail for their crimes!

As Germany tries to tout the benefits of immigration they site ‘a study’ which indicates that “migrants from within the EU have contributed to Germany’s economic growth”.  A.   the migrants they reference are European, and B.  they claim that all the migrants in this study emigrated when they were young, highly trained, well educated and looking for jobs, and C. their contribution to GDP growth was estimated at .2% per year.

We can imagine if these were well educated, highly skilled laborers, and the entire estimated contribution was .2% – what does an uneducated, unskilled migrant contribute? COST.

The study was relatively small covering a period from 2011 thru 2014.

Skilled craftsmen make up 1/8 of all of Germany’s jobs, and there is currently a tremendous shortage of workers, and a 40% drop in those wanting to train, hence Germany’s Merkel thought to fill the void with immigrants from Eritrea, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Sudan.   Bring in millions and hope they can learn German and a skilled trade without bombing, looting and raping, was the plan.   Except that training takes 3 – 3 ½ years, and completion of an exam – in German.

So now, if you need a plumber, the wait time is roughly 3 months…

Part of the problem when trying to assess the percentage of immigrants who have found employment, is that statistics provided by Germany include EU migrants who are highly skilled.  So the statistic is relatively worthless.

Making the matter more complicated is the fact that a part of the Syria brokering deal was that all refugees be returned to their country.  Thus the pool is reduced.

So Germany instituted a plan to train those who already had command of the language and threw over $300 million toward helping refugees obtain jobs with a projected 100,000 employed.  Merkel recently nixed the project after less than 25,000 gained employment.

How many refugees are in Germany?

No one really knows because they aren’t calculated until they are processed and the backlog for processing can be years.  In addition, migrants that are illegal aren’t tallied.  A fair guestimate would be about 2.5 million, with Germany hailing the success rate of 25,000 employed – 1%.

And the cost?

By 2020, the annual cost is projected to be over $20 billion, which is most likely rather low.  Maybe if they spent that money encouraging Germans to procreate again they wouldn’t have to give away Germany just as Sweden has given away it’s country, Norway has given away its country…

Birthright means someone who ‘wants’ to be in this country, who would defend this country, who values the freedoms this country provides, and someone who does not leach off benefits.  If someone is born in this country to illegal parents, they can attempt to gain naturalization – if they wanted to.

But like everything else, the caravan is supposed to take our attention away from the voter fraud that is hailed by the democrats who liberally give illegals identities so they can vote illegally and usher in more Democrats who have no intention of giving them status or jobs unless they need someone to take care of their children… but even then, they prefer nanny’s from Sweden…

If there was a door to door solicitation for money to pay for all the illegals in the US, for managing the caravans, for replacing facilities that they burn down and destroy, how much would the Democrats raise?  What if instead of raking in donations for Hillary – or her Party of Progressives – the entire funds were given back to the US government to pay for the illegal immigrants that the Liberals defend?

In essence it would reduce our taxes – a tax rebate in the making!  Clinton alone raised $1.2 billion…

Illegal Immigrant Crisis – Global Chaos

Dutch authorities have admitted massive fraud in the refugee benefit program wherein Turkish citizens with homes in Turkey are using fake ID’s to claim benefits in The Netherlands and Germany.  According to Dutch authorities upwards of 17million Euros have vanished and perhaps as many as 12,000 Turks and migrants are capitalizing on the fraudulent scam.  

In fact, the Turkish town of Rashdiye is home to 700 Turks, all of whom claim and are supported by German welfare.   This is their ‘wage’, it provides for all their needs including a home, food, and even televisions.  According to one such resident, his children work and own multiple hotels, but this is free money.  German authorities are aware, but choose to ignore the situation because it would be bad press coverage and stoke more animosity toward the migrants.

Last year, when an employee of Germany’s state reception authority discovered that a large number of migrants were collecting multiple benefits using different names, sometimes as many as six, and reported the fraud, she was fired.   Her boss told her to bury the files in the basement where they wouldn’t be found, leave it alone, and most importantly, keep quiet.  She refused.

Still, nothing changed, no one is denied benefits.  It might appear racist or discriminatory, or their fragile demeanor might be offended…

The Dutch authorities state that the fraud is most likely widespread throughout the EU with Turks, Syrians, Afghani’s, and Lebanese playing the game.  And they have an unlikely assist to help them in these schemes – medical doctors.   In both Germany and France, medical doctors sometimes provide fake medical certificates for immigrants who have no ID in order to prevent deportation.   They then use these fake documents to obtain welfare benefits including ‘retroactive benefits’.

The cost of illegal immigration is difficult to tally, because it involves services not typically transparent such as;  deportation costs, travel costs, medical costs, fraud costs, housing and welfare costs, childcare costs, border costs, security costs, and societal costs.

According to the Heritage Foundation, as of 2013, the cost to the US was roughly $55 billion per year for ‘illegal immigrants’.   According to FAIR, Federation For American Immigration Reform, the annual ‘NET’ cost is now $116 billion per year on a federal, state and local level.

The confusing issue that seems to somehow allude the MSM, is attempting to classify illegal vs legal immigration.   No one is opposed to immigration, it is the illegal portion that is at issue.  If Governor Jerry Brown wants to personally go to Honduras and grant California documents to a bunch of Hondurans and personally fly them back to San Francisco, then more power to him.  If George Clooney wants to house illegals at his home in Lake Cuomo Italy and have Amal get them legal citizenship while providing an annual stipend to keep them off welfare, more power to him.

But this constant defense of illegal activity is simply nonsense.

Germany has estimated a cost of $86 billion over four years to support their immigrants and plan to pay for it out of their surplus budget…   Unfortunately, they are also attempting to spend their surplus on the creation of a new military given the US demand for them to be in compliance with the 2% requirement, and they are spending their surplus on debt repayment so that they can be in compliance with the EU Commission requirement of no more than 60%.   Some economists argue that Germany’s surplus comes at a detriment for other EU countries whose markets are squeezed because of Germany’s low import strategy which, despite Merkel’s rhetoric, is a nationalist strategy.   Germany is actually on par with China, hypocritically claiming a global alliance effort, while supporting a nationalist economic Germany.   Greece and Italy suffer in particular.   But Germany’s imports are falling, its trade economy is faltering, and its ability to pay for all these welfare immigration costs is less likely.

Germany is also battling their policy of uniting unaccompanied immigrant minors with their extended families.  The same policies that the US battles.    It also follows that many immigrants claiming to be minors are actually considerably older, and thus not entitled to the unification.  In 2015, 95,000 unaccompanied minors applied for asylum, in 2016 it was 63,200, and in 2017 31,000 – 90% of which are males.    How many family members were they entitled to bring to Germany?

Without documentation, these Afghani’s and Eritreans that overwhelm the system claim they are under the age of 18 and therefore entitled by German law.  Backing off, Merkel has ordered her government to deny the reunification and is ordering Medical testing  to determine their true age.

With the radical islamafication movement within the EU, France is now facing the ultimate truism as they predict that many mayoral candidates in the 2022 cycle will be Salafi Muslims as entire districts and towns are majority Islam.

Arguments still abound regarding the net surplus these immigrants bring…  Arguing that tax revenues are increased as a result, the NET deficit in France was still $22 billion in 2009 and the argument is terribly poor because it does not consider the true ‘COSTS’!

Illegal immigrants in a district north of Paris now account for 20% of the population.   But it is illegal in France to identify a person by their status – so true numbers are virtually impossible to tabulate.   This same District has a 50% unemployment rate and the locals there blame France…for their predicament.

Macron’s solution?

Process them faster so they are no longer illegal.  As for the unemployment – education and language remain the deterrents.

It is interesting to read articles from four or five years ago wherein the immigration issue was a nonissue and the governments and respective media outlets were encouraging more and more, faster and faster, only to read articles today wherein the same governments, the same media outlets, decry the folly and are quick to label blame.

It is reminiscent of the Clinton and Obama reproach today of Trump’s anti policies only to find articles and videos in which they said the same thing against the illegal flux 3 – 5 – and even 10 years ago.  Odd those videos don’t seem to make it to the unbiased MSM?

It is why we need to claim history vehemently –  because it remains evidence.

Private Detention Facilities: Corruption within…

There are three main private contractors who own the immigrant detention centers;  GEO Group whose parent company is G4S, Corrections Corp of America which has been renamed Corecivic and Management and Training Corporation founded by Robert Marquardt.   Corecivic and GEO Group are actually public companies traded on the stock exchange.  And while all three are ‘independent’ per se, they receive the majority of their funding from the government.  So in essence they aren’t really private at all!  We as taxpayers fund them, including the Democrats and Socialists.  They are allotted money based on how many beds they fill.  Therefore, their incentive is to have prisoners and a steady flow of illegal immigrants.  Without them, they die.

Corecivic’s revenue topped $1.7 billion annually and GEO $2.26 billion – .  

Remember Thurgood Marshall, the American lawyer who served on the Supreme Court and was an active civil rights activist?  His son, Thurgood Marshall Jr., sits on the Board of Corecivic’s, after previously serving as cabinet minister to Bill Clinton, and advisor to Al Gore.   He is also on the Board of the Ford Foundation which is heavily involved in The Open Society causes.

Thurgood is also partner at the global law firm, Morgan, Lewis and Bockius with offices acrss the globe including Russia, clients that include Google, Apple, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase and Amazon, – and Trump.   One of their attorneys, Jim Hamilton, was instrumental in vetting running mates for Hillary Clinton, Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore.  Jim Hamilton was appointed as a Director of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board – under Bill Clinton, 1995 – 1997.

An interesting ménage… Could this configuration be responsible for leaks as conflicting parties and agendas would seem to cross over?

CoreCivic — which profits from criminalized drug and immigration activity — has lobbied for policies that would fill its beds, rendering Marshall Jr.’s company leadership and recent donations to the CoreCivic PAC neutralizing forces against his father’s historic efforts.  There have been numerous allegations of abuse, mismanagement and corruption surrounding the facilities.

Still, Thurgood Jr., has utilized his connections to lobby for more strident laws aimed at filling the beds of the correctional and detention institutions.  Specifically harsher drug laws and harsher immigration laws. Follow the Money.

GEO Group owns facilities in Broward County Florida (where the mass school shooting occurred), Aurora Colorado (where the Aurora movie theatre shooting by Holmes occurred), Innumerable facilities in our outspoken Liberal California, Pennsylvania, Australia, and Texas predominantly.  They have been the subject of multiple lawsuits including wrongful death, bribery, corruption, deplorable conditions, failure to provide medical care, slavery, and mismanagement.

GEO Group’s predessor company name was Wackenhut Corrections which provided border patrol and security services.  Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub mass shooter was a security guard at G4S, the parent company of Wackenhut.

Management and Training is the only true ‘private’ contractor and the smallest of the three.  They are a family owned and operated business affiliated with Jobs Corp.

Bottom line, these facilities have operated on an agenda of more = better, more illegal immigrants = more money – for decades.   That would include Clinton, Bush and Obama.   In following the Money, Thurgood Marshall and his law firm have questionable relationships.   California, despite it’s Liberal bent seems to be a hothouse for the detention centers.

But the journalism has failed to provide a true picture of this phenomena or delved into its more dark web implications as the foster care, detention care institutions tend to be – a major source for the child sex trafficking.  It bears further investigation if they are truly concerned…

Democrat Hypocrites Storm Children’s Detention Center

In 1996, President Bill Clinton, and Attorney general, Janet Reno, signed into LAW the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.  This act states that immigrants unlawfully present in the United States for 180 days but less than 365 days must remain outside the United States for three years unless they obtain a pardon. If they are in the United States for 365 days or more, they must stay outside the United States for ten years unless they obtain a waiver. If they return to the United States without the pardon, they may not apply for a waiver for a period of ten years.

 It explicitly gave the Attorney General broad authority to construct barriers along the US-Mexico border and authorized the construction of a secondary layer of border fencing to buttress the already completed 14 mile primary fence. 

Deportees may be held in jail for up to two years before being brought to an immigration board.

This means that for the past 22 years illegal immigrants were held in jail, and their children were held in detention centers at the behest of Billy and Reno, Bush, Eric Holder, Obama and Michelle.

And the Media, never gave a hoot.

Today the Democrat Senators; Hakeem Jeffries, Frank Pallone, Jerrold Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, and Adriano Espaillat demanded entry into a detention center claiming Trump was keeping children hostage and his administration is evil…


  1. Hakeem Jeffries:   has been called the mini-me Obama.He apparently got ‘chills’ standing next to the Confederate Flag, is anti-stop and frisk, is looking for additional federal aid to prop up the lacking security and risks associated with his district which has the highest number of public housing residents, and has pursued trademark certification for law schools.   Not a wink about ANYTHING regarding immigration – ever.  Not for the 22 years it has been in effect.
  2. Frank Pallone:   He has been in politics since 1988.  His debut came when US congressman, James Howard, died in office in 1988.  Pallone stepped in.  He opposed the Gabriella Miller Research Act which would have diverted funds from election campaign funding to research pediatric cancer.  It would appear, that’s about it folks.
  3. Jerrold Nadler:    His debut came when Ted Weiss died a day before the election primaries, and Nadler stepped into his shoes.   He opposed impeachment of Clinton, introduced the Respect for Marriage Act, and voted to lift sanctions on Iran.   Other than that – he has been mute with regard to immigrants and their children.
  4. Carolyn Maloney:   Apparently, she has ‘secured’ (which means ‘signed’) a number of bills put forth to her including one that would ‘reorganize US intelligence operations.  She was also instrumental in the Credit Card Act of 2009, which came into effect after Pelosi made millions in insider trades based on this bill’s delay and eventual passage, specifically in her VISA trades.
  5. Adriano Espaillat:   In the New York Assembly, Espaillat was an ‘advocate for immigrants, consumers, tenants, business owners, and veterans…  not sure there is anyone left to not advocate?   After a wave of increased assaults and murders in his district he strengthen penalties for violent crimes.  He has instituted some rent controls to sustain lower rent markets, and ‘authored’ the Notary Public Advertising Act which never made it into law.


Three of these irate Democrats were in the US House of Representatives during the passage of the 1996 Illegal Immigrant Bill signed into law by their duly devout President Billy, and as Democrats, most likely supported Clinton and Reno’s decision to sign the Bill into Law.

Despite the illegal immigration act being in place for 22 years, not one of these diehard Democrats ever had any issue with the system that jailed the adults and put the children in detention.  Not one has ever raised a pinky finger to support or defend children of illegals, or children – at all!

They are Craigslist actors performing a staged Play, Act 12, Scene 1456, that is so incredibly rife with illiteracy they have forgotten the very Bill they voted into Law.

It is pathetic at best, criminal at worst.   Their souls, their hearts, their pockets, are lined with blackened fish.


The Great Wall of Europe and Mexico

Migrants fleeing to Europe. How many have died attempting to make the crossing? Despite nearly daily reports of scores of deaths, the count remains at a level reported many months ago at 2,000. Odd…

It would appear that there is no ‘official record’ or count of the number who have died. Nor would it seem there is an official count of the number that have survived. A loose number of about a quarter million is the going figure of those fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. They travel to Turkey and cross the Mediterranean to Greece. They are then transported to Italy and dispersed throughout Europe.

What happened?

There are 1.6 million Afghan refugees in Pakistan. But now Pakistan doesn’t want them. They say, time is up and they want them to go home. But Afghanistan is a mess. So, instead they are fleeing to Europe. The refugees in Iran are also mostly Afghan standing at over a million. Iran doesn’t want them – go home has become the endearing cry. But they can’t go home. There is no home. So they flee to the only place willing to take them – Europe.

Some are peaceable – but others are not. They are war torn and weary. They are hungry and angry. They have lost everything. And then some are ISIS, Al Qaeda, and therein lies an even greater complication.

Just as Afghanistan can no longer be home, neither will Syria, these places are dust, given to the criminals/terrorists to reign over and rule. A modern day Ghengis Khan.

Fleeing to Europe they are greeted with less than hospitable locals. You see, the locals are already consumed in their own financial collapse and bitterness and have little patience for the onslaught of foreigners much less possible terrorists to integrate. They see money that could be spent on their failing economy instead spent on migrants. So where in Europe do they end up? Norway, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Sweden, France and Italy have taken in the largest segment. But the proportion of other EU countries taking in refugees is relatively small.

What happens to these immigrants when they arrive to their ‘host country’?

Germany expects to see 450,000+ immigrants this year alone. They are initially housed in tents, or at sports facilities until they can be properly documented. This process can take from 3 months to a year During which time they can not work and must subsist on government entitlements. How much does that cost? Billions?  We don’t know exactly because no one has done a tally for the continent.  The UK estimates put the bill at 4 billion euro’s per year just for them.

The US is embroiled in its own immigrant crisis, most are coming from drug ravaged countries, but many are also ISIS. They build sophisticated tunnels, they come in the dark, and we continue to do little to nothing except turn a blind eye and exclaim loudly about the – ‘crisis’. How much does the illegal immigration cost the US? Estimates put the cost at $100 billion per year!

That could certainly build a lot of wall… The border between the US and Mexico is just shy of 2000 miles long. So far the government has spent $1.7 billion to build 653 miles of wall/fencing.

A) we all take for granted it would have been half that amount had the contract not been with the government.

B) if immigrants cost us $100 billion annually and the wall costs conservatively $5 billion, we are still $95 billion in the black the first year alone! It’s a one time cost!

But Washington doesn’t think in mindsets of businessmen, they think in mindsets of bureaucracy. They look at the committees that would have to ‘plan the fence’, the architecture and design committee, the permit committee, the commission committee, and the final planning committee. If they are anything like the EPA, a probable evaluation and report might be issued in 2020 with construction bids still outstanding. Of course, by then the committee’s would have billed taxpayers $100 billion and the contractors would puff up their costs to $25 billion with a five year construction contingency that would fall apart because they never collaborated with the architectural committee and thus find that the drawings required materials to be shipped from China, but in the meantime we would have slapped China with Tariffs and Taxes thereby causing the prices to inflate 150% which would put the project out of budget and require it to go back to the ‘planning committee’ for re-evaluation.

Just a thought…