NETANHAYU Hires Disinformation Tzars For Israel PR

An article appeared today in the Saudi government media site ‘Al Arabiya English’ wherein Jennifer Bell of Dubai writes about the Israeli Hamas war thru the eyes of Rita Katz.   Jennifer Bell is a far left liberal well entrenched in the  antics of the Rothschild Economist, BBC (government owned), CNN and WHO among others.   The fixation?   Deep Fake coming out of Palestine.  The company tasked with mitigating the posts on ALL Social Media on behalf of Israel, Dubai, and Washington – SITE Intelligence Group.

SITE isn’t a group, and it isn’t much of a site.  What it is, is a propaganda tool hired by Israel and Dubai to manipulate and quash the massive pro-Palestine, anti-War sentiment.   Founded by Rita Katz, her goal is to root out extremist terrorists by investigating white supremacists and Jihadists.  Born in Iraq, her Jewish parents fled thru Iran to Israel after her wealthy father was hung for treason.

According to the article, Katz is a self-described expert on Islam and terrorism.   However, she would also be the designated Truth Tzar for this Israel/Palestine war.   Because, only she can see what is fake and what is real.   Of course, given that she is working for Israel, her ability to be unbiased is – well – zero.

However, META is apparently fully willing to delete any account that Katz deems a threat to the Israeli mantra.   Although Katz declares the biggest bully is X, it appears she has yet to woo Musk.

Fake Reporter is another propaganda tool working in conjunction with SITE,– created by Israel as a ‘disinformation watchdog group.   Except there is No Group – they are anonymous – and they are a project funded by The New Israel Fund based in New York with offices across the US as well as in Israel, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.   The Fund claims it is working for human rights for the Palestinians living in the Israeli occupied areas…  Their goal is Israel.  Their funding primarily came from the Ford Foundation until 2013.

Fake Reporter’s entire propaganda agenda is to decertify media information coming out of GAZA and deem it all fake while ignoring fake Israeli media.

In 2018, Bibi, as he is affectionally known, claimed he made an agreement with the government of Rwanda to accept ‘migrants deported from Israel’.   Of course, those migrants were actually Palestinians.   Rwanda claimed no such agreement existed.    Clearly, calling the Palestinians ‘migrants’ is heinous enough – but to deport them would have been criminal.

When the world is supposed to believe that there was ‘no provocation’ of Hamas, Amnesty International has given a quite different impression of Israel’s 15-year war with Palestine:

“Israeli forces demolished al-Araqib village in the Negev/Naqab for the 211th time. A further 35 Palestinian-Bedouin towns in Israel were still denied formal recognition and residents faced possible forcible transfer. Authorities failed to process asylum claims for thousands of asylum seekers, and imposed restrictions on their right to work.”

Amnesty details instances of torture, collective punishment, restrictive freedom of movement, and war crimes, going so far as to call it ‘apartheid’.   That was In 2022.   “Through massive seizures of land and property, unlawful killings, infliction of serious injuries, forcible transfers, arbitrary restrictions on freedom of movement, and denial of nationality, among other inhuman or inhumane acts.”

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Fake Reporter Group or the SITE Intelligence Group were able to delete Amnesty International’s report and make the claim it is all ‘disinformation’.   Tragic.

The Groups backdoor connections with the Saudi and Dubai governments is, however, interesting.

April 2023, both the UAE and Saudi monarchies declared they would be normalizing ties with Israel and extended trade.   However, both also declared that the treatment of Palestinians must be remedied in order for the relationship to proceed.   This would account for Netanyahu’s attempts to radically alter the reality of the Gaza situation – place the blame squarely on Hamas – and work magic with public relations, ie ‘disinformation Tzars’.

The UN Director is calling for criminal investigations into Israel.   The tension between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his two leading generals, Benny Gantz and Yoav Gallant, is historical.   Netanyahu’s hawkish dictatorial command is known to drive wedges between Israel’s relations with Arab and even Western nations.

Bibi is not well liked by Israeli’s begging a rigged election that put him in office once again December 2022.   The Likud Party within which Netanyah was president, had lost its support from Israeli’s back in April.   According to Reuters, three months into Netanyahu’s term, it looked likely he would be ousted.

It appears that Netanyahu had this genocidal elimination planned sometime last year as his last hurrah to finally rid Israel of the animals and take full control of all the Land.   He knew no one else had the courage or mania.   He felt that with a plastic puppet in office in the US, the time was ripe.   And might never present again.   He did not anticipate the fallout.   His response?   RAMP UP attacks.  WHY?   Because, he will be stopped, and his agenda will subject him to the International Criminal Court.  He is willing to kill all Palestinians before his goal will be achieved.

No amount of damage control will save Netanyahu now.   The 2500 ‘volunteers’ he hired to create PR campaigns and discredit Palestinian claims has fallen flat.   The lavish, well financed, Jewish NGO’s littering the US will be forced to remove their support and claim the entire escalation is on Netanyahu – not Jews.  And all of the Middle East – will remember.

JEWISH Communists or Jewish Khazars – Take Your Pick

6 Days ago, Israel gave Northern Gaza’s 1 million population 24 hours to trek southward.   4 days ago, Israel told Northern Gaza to evacuate 22 hospitals in 24 hours.   4 days ago Israel cut all humanitarian aid to Palestinians.   4 days ago, Israel cut power, water and food in Palestine, bombing of all things a ‘bakery’.   4 days ago, Israel bombed southern Gaza. WHO & the UN both demanded Israel backtrack on these demands.   They didn’t.  A hospital was bombed and Israel now points the finger at Hamas using edited television footage as “evidence”.   Where are the satellite images?   Still on the cutting board?

Israel claims it would never hit a target in Palestine that was civilian.   Yet every target has leveled residential buildings, schools, and admittedly hospitals given the order to evacuate from them.   UN peaceworkers have been murdered by Israel.   And hawks continue to demand that every Palestinian in existence be wiped from planet earth.

Now Israel wants more US weapons.   Between 2018 and 2022, Israel bought $2.7 billion in weapons from the US and Germany; ½ a million per year.   After Israel launched this war – Biden gave Israel $2 billion at the onset, now they demand an additional $10 billion, while Ukraine demands $100 billion.   Money really has no value any longer – it is just floating paper.   And US Taxpayers are broke trying to buy food that is easily 75% more expensive than during Trump’s tenure.

The US economy is spiraling precipitously.   And broke cities are now offering illegals a housing allowance of $9000 each. In 2018, the illegal immigrant cost was estimated to be $200 billion per year.   Before Joe added 7 million to the black book account coffers. NYC alone claims the 2023 cost is $10 billion for 95,000 migrants = $105,263 per illegal = $8772 nontaxable income per month.

Between 1990 and 2018, the number of unauthorized illegal immigrants grew by 3.5 million.   28 years.   During Biden’s tenure, the number has grown by 7 million 2020 to 2023.   I’m pretty sure they didn’t come to pick cotton and grapes for Nancy Pelosi.   And our pocketbooks likely reveal that factoid. The vast majority are not working.

Of the previous tally of 11.2 illegal immigrants in the US – pre-Biden – roughly 11 million, 62%, were believed to be working. Artificially giving ‘jobs reports’ a boost.   The industries that hire most illegals include:   Farming – 26%, Construction – 15%, Production & Service – 18%, and transportation 6%.

While personally I believe that Mexican workers are some of the best around; dedicated, on time, fair, no games, good quality, another entree into the field across the country has emerged – Amish.   Previously relegated to the North East, they have expanded their work ethic and can be assailed as ‘perfect’!   Known for the quality of craftsmanship, their time management, their agreeable personalities, they are taking over construction in certain segments by droves!

By contrast, Palestinians are crafters.   Their forte is weaving, embroidery, jewelry, pottery, glass, carvings, etc…   They have no land for agriculture, they have no training for landscape work, they are not builders or engineers…   Their existence has been relegated to ‘survival’.   And like the vast majority of Africans, their ability to be more has been stifled purposefully. By Israel.

In a world of prosperity and equality – like what the WEF pretends to envision – Palestinians should be given the same education and basis of achievement as Israel.   Everyone should be considered a benefit to society at large.

But that is not the Cabal’s vision.  

Despite the West excelling from its outhouses, dirt floors, eating squirrel mentality of just 150 years ago – that progress was not shared globally.   As such certain countries were forced into poverty so as to give other countries – an edge.   Economically.   The ideal of the World Economic Forum has been to maintain that ideological shift to prosperity.   The reason?   Because shared wealth has NEVER been an ideology.   Wealth MUST be relegated.   Everyone else MUST be suppressed in order to preserve the wealth of the elite.

SO why has Israel suddenly decided to eliminate all Palestinians in that ideology?

Because the RESET is behind schedule.   The RESET is threatened by the BRICS.   The RESET is a failure.   And the Rothschilds who developed its Protocols are pissed.

As a direct result, the House of Rothschild has determined that genocide is the only solution. It is no different than the illegal detention, jailing, and torture of MAGA Patriots.   Imposing fear of retribution. JAIL for life.

In other words – Palestinians are being subject to their annihilation in the exact same vein as the progressive democrats want to annihilate ALL MAGAs.   The dig, the hypocrisy, the lie, is that Israel represents Judaism, Christianity, and God. The reality – Israel TODAY is a secular, nonreligious, guardian of the gates of hell. And Christians blindly sacrifice themselves for this secular god.

I have presented facts based on the Rothschild House website – and still I am told I am an anti-Semite.   I have presented facts based on historical accounts dating from hundreds of years – and still I am told I am an anti-Semite.   Because that is the victimhood of the Holocaust – an event based not on “Jews” but on communists.   Which is why General Patton, at the end of WWII, succinctly stated, “I fought on the wrong side.”   Meaning he fought the Nazi’s fighting the Communists.   And for this revelation – he was assassinated.

WWII was not about the Jews.   It was about Communism.