Bayer-Monsanto; A merger made in Hell

The Bayer-Monsanto merger is more than a merger, it has the potential to become THE agricultural giant of the world. And anytime one giant has the power over our entire food supply, we need to take notice!

  1. If TTIP passes, BaySanto would have the ability to force it’s GMO on everyone.
  2. US farm subsidies now cost taxpayers over $20 billion per year thanks to a new bill pushed through Congress with little attention in 2014.
  3. The largest subsidies currently go to corn and soybean mega-farms
  4. Many of the subsidized grain crops are for animal feed
  5. Approximately 90-95% of all corn and soybean in the US is GMO
  6. In 2003 Bayer bought/partnered with GW Pharmaceuticals, a UK based firm that makes drugs derived from cannabis which is distributed in Canada and the UK.
  7. The medicinal cannabis market will continue to grow exponentially and the need for a GMO product laced with Monsanto pesticides will be the outcome.

    Who benefits from the current farm subsidies?

Monsanto, Cargill, Dreyfus, ADM, the largest corporate farms, and feedlot operators. The largest subsidy for corn is given to CHS, formally Harvest States Cooperatives. They have assets totaling $15.2 billion and annual revenues of $34.6 billion. Their Agriculture Subsidies 1995 to 2014? $49,489,434. Walker Place Farms has received nearly $20million. NAPI Farms about $20million.

In 2016 there is a glut of corn and soy and it is predicted to continue thru 2025, according to the USDA. What that means is that subsidies to these farmers will be even higher as corn and soy prices are less than half what they were a few years ago.

According to Marion Nestle, who has been writing and teaching at NYU, “If you examine how its (the 2014 Food Bill) incentives line up, you quickly see that it strongly favors the industrial agriculture of the Midwest and South over that of the Northeast and West; methods requiring chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides over those that are organic and sustainable; and commodity crops for animal feed and ethanol rather than “specialty” crops (translation: fruits and vegetables) for human consumption.”

Imagine the next subsidized BaySanto crop – cannabis. Because if cannabis laced pharmaceuticals are the next drug generation, I would bet this mega-giant will be planting crops now – perhaps in the Ukraine land-grabs or the Africa land-grabs, subsidized by the US Agriculture with crop farms here.

Nice package.

While feeding the world is becoming more and more problematic, lacing our food with cancer causing toxins has aggravated our healthcare system to the point of no return. Despite billions on research, cancer rates are rising. The US now has the dubious honor of having the 7th highest cancer rates in the world with prostate, breast, lung and colon continuing as the most prevalent. More GMO = more cancer.

Additionally, GMO products consistently are shown to have less nutrient value, thus while we consume food – it provides less and less nutritional value, we become more susceptible to diseases, obesity rises, healthcare costs rise, and people will die. A vicious cycle emerges that would seem to have nothing to do with The People, and everything to do with The Profit. And in the meantime, the small farmers, the organic farmers, are continually pummeled – which is why their cost and their pricing is so much higher.

A scientist was recently driving through soy country in Missouri and noticed the crops were curled up and dead. Apparently, a new and improved herbicide produced by Monsanto called Dicamba, is the culprit. It is being used to kill weeds that are prominent as a result of their new GMO soy seed, Xtend. It is being used because the glyphosate in Monsanto Roundup is no longer as effective against certain weeds, and so Monsanto set out to find a better seed that could withstand the toxins of Dicamba.

Unfortunately, Dicamba vaporizes quickly and blows with the wind to neighboring farms, to neighboring streams and reservoirs, and to crops that aren’t subsidized – like vegetables. Monsanto blames the farmers. Lawsuits have been filed against neighbor farms, but the fines are so ridiculously low, $1000, no one cares and the spraying continues unabated.

A weed expert studied Dicamba and its ability to kill the culprit pigweed – after three generations of seed, he found that Dicamba was no longer effective against the weed. Like insects – weeds develop immunity – and thrive.

Monsanto is well aware of this cycle. Bayer has already moved into the herbicide, insecticide, fungacide market. And they are no angel when it comes to the GMO market having settled a lawsuit in Missouri awarding $750million to farmers when their LibertyLink GMO rice contaminated neighboring farms and resulted in 11,000 plaintiffs filing suit.

It would appear the two companies are equally driven by an ethic that does not favor – you and I.

Presidential Debate – RIGGED!

Are the Debate Questions Leaked Or What??

I’m sorry, but Hillary can in no way speak off the cuff on an issue the way she appeared to in the debate. She looked to be reading her lines from a script in front of her. Which would only be possible if she already knew the question.

What good is a debate if you know all the questions and memorize answers? It’s absurd!

It’s boring! What makes a debate exciting is having opponents screw up like normal people and defend their screw up and the next and the next. That’s what creates character. Otherwise, all you know about a candidate is their ability to read… a good quality…BLECH!

Hillary is swaying. But she can definitely pull it together in a split second when she is on camera. We saw it today when she was weakly and meekly trying to navigate the stairs when no sooner did a reporter arrive on the scene and she nearly skipped down the remaining stairs and into her waiting limousine extended SUV thing that could take out the entire continent of Africa if it wanted…

And I’m listening to Trump on Steroids or coke sniffing up a storm, talking crazy fast, and everyone is going – WHHHATTT?

But we aren’t alone:

Hollande – the President of France… : has been embroiled in numerous sex scandals and pushing very personal bills on government payroll, – no one cares.

So what are the boundaries? At what point is a President of a country so perverse that we won’t accept him/her?

Obama was a purported cocaine dealer???

Cameron was connected to supposed underage sex trafficking.

And that’s okay. So what is NOT OKAY?

It would appear that despite each individual effort, this election will make and break friendships. It is so intense, so personal, that each feel a division that is quite new. The legality of speech is such that the manipulation of a sentence is so pronounced, it is just – evil.

How to say something that is completely diverse to your stance and politics is a media manipulation that creates more media manipulation. And now I hear Clinton claim she has a fact checker site that moderates statements. Are you kidding me? There is no bias of course! How ridiculous!

We listen and know that everything we hear is a lie. We listen and know that all the promises – are fake. We listen and know that the manipulation is to recreate the perception of history. To rewrite what actually happened. Isn’t that your biggest fear? Because it should be. How can we know anything if history is rewritten?

Heil Hitler.

Who? Most don’t even know a thing about the man, or even about the events of the era. Most don’t know much of anything because the powers that be don’t choose to make this so. Trump isn’t Hitler. Hillary isn’t Hitler. Even Obama isn’t Hitler. Hitler was unique and specific.

And attacking Trump on his taxes and tax rates and taxable income, right now – I don’t give a dang! That’s not the dominant agenda – and that’s where Hillary looses! We have so many different legitimate issues that give the people angst and anxiety, we need to address those and have the media actually acknowledge that those ARE our issues. I don’t care anymore about you! I care about US.

President Whomever – I don’t give a rocks ass damn about you. I don’t want to hear about YOU! I want to hear about what you will do for the WE PEOPLE!

The candidates for President of the United States are bickering over paint color choices and their individual dinner items, I don’t give a RATS ARSE. Come ON!

Talk like a PRESIDENT.

I hate this political farse. It is so messed up.

Is Trump Hitler in Disguise?

The media – liberals – Democrats and Hollywood have all jumped on the bandwagon declaring Trump is Hitler in disguise… The point of course is to drag out one of the most heinous men in history and label a Presidential candidate with this ominous title. He isn’t alone, other candidates were compared to Hitler, including; Obama, Bush, Reagan and Nixon. Each time, the idea is to attempt to create a wave of horror.

These same people like to declare that Putin is a replica of Stalin. Others brought to light similarities between Stalin and Obama. FDR was likened to Mussolini! There were the supposed Marxist quotes from Hillary likening her to Lenin. Woodrow Wilson is now a racist. And a prestigious ivy league professor labeled Truman, “America’s Stalin”.

It has become so commonplace, that we don’t even listen because we know it is overused, slanderous and without basis. And sometimes, it is just simply – comical. When labeling a person demonic or evil, it is good to know who that evil really was and what he believed:


*He began his political career in prison after having failed a coup attempt in Bavaria.

*While in prison he wrote, Mein Kampf, which defiled all Jews as being innately ‘evil’.

*Therefore, the statement that the Germans had no idea what Hitler proposed – is adamantly, fundamentally – false.

*In 1938, Hitler was Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year

*In 1938, Hitler annexed Austria into Germany

*One of Hitler’s main goals was to expand Germany’s territory

*In 1939, he attacked Poland and Czechoslavakia

*In 1939, Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

*Hitler hated Communism and Marxist doctrine, and believed that the Jewish people were attempting to take over the world thru their communist agenda.

*He believed that the eastern slavic countries were inferior, the people should be enslaved and their resources confiscated.

*Hitler wanted to destroy Russia (Soviet Union)

*He was considered a “National Socialist”

*He was against abortion and contraception

*While he held women to the highest of esteem as Mothers whom he considered ‘national heroes’, he felt that the concept of working women was a Marxist plot

Absolutely, none of these characteristics, beliefs, or actions can be attributed to Trump or his policies. The most blatant of which is the concept of National Socialism which embraces a large government, government regulation, government law, and government justice within the frame of a Nationalist view of one’s country.

In fact, there is one person who does embrace Hitler and ideology of the Nazi regime – George Soros, the same man who pulls the strings for Obama and Hillary. The overt agenda being world domination.

When I read of how Trump compares to Hitler, the language is largely verbal assaults against him without any factual backing: He demonizes people. He bullies his opponents. He’s not a Good Ole Boy politician. He encourages violence. He is racist. He belittles women.

  1. Demonizes people: actually, he demonizes the press, so it makes sense that the press would become defensive and demonize him back. He feels the press is manipulated, biased, and covert. About 90% of the US media is owned by roughly 6 corporations, including; CBS, Viacom, NewsCorp, Comcast/NBC, Disney and Time Warner. Of those, CBS, NewsCorp, Comcast/NBC, Time Warner and Viacom all contributed to the Clinton Foundation.
  2. Bullies Opponents: This has to be comical given every candidate bullies other candidates. Period.
  3. Not A Good Ole Boy: This is what encourages us to get away from the politicians that rule with an iron fist of corruption. Congress has an approval rating of between 11% and 13%. Those are the Good Ole Boys…
  4. He encourages violence: Against ISIS… and discourages the US initiative of coups and war mongering… While we know for fact that the violent protests and riots are funded by Soros with paid protesters backing Hillary.
  5. Racist: Too hot of a topic to tackle without backlash, but suffice it to say that there is not a person on this earth who we can say is not racist in some manner. Emails revealed that Hillary was pandering to black people. During the Clinton presidency, the prison population, which is comprised mostly of blacks, grew from 855,000 to over 2 million.
  6. He belittles women: While he has made some provocative comments that were disparaging and misguided, many, if not most, have been taken out of context, some I don’t even find offensive at all, and others are not about ‘women’ so much as they are about a societal or dervish personal attack. Something that Hollywood, the media, and Hillary lavishly share in …

    I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” 
    ― Margaret Thatcher

TTIP – The Secret Trade Deal

TTIP and TISA are being negotiated in secrecy ‘on our behalf’ by over 30,000 corporations, the largest of which want to own our future. They include:  Exxon, Microsoft, DOW, Google, GE, ACEA (the largest US automobile lobby group), IBM, Apple, US pharma industry lobby group, US chemical lobby group, on and on…

What they say and why is all hush-hush and we The People are not allowed to know anything about the agreement or even all of the corporate defenders, many of whom negotiate but refuse to allow their name to be identified for fear the American public might find out.

Why don’t they want us to know? Because we might find the Agreement is chock full of issues that the people should be deciding – not the corporations. Activists are fighting the trade agreements together with consumer groups and environmental organizations who have dubbed the agreements as A Trojan Horse! And while hundreds of thousands are protesting across Europe, the US is silent. Why? Because of apathy, because the media is silent, because the decoy of racial riots, because…

Wikileaks has provided a snapshot of the ‘secret documents’ revealing dire warnings:

The main premise of the Agreement takes away control from the government and redistributes it or gives it to multi-national corporations. They become the new ‘global government’. Which would mean the US President would no longer function as our country representative, but more like a figurehead. Much like the Queen of England…

Main points of TTIP include:

1)  Opening Europe’s ‘public’ health, utility and education services to US companies for takeover and privatization.

2)   Bringing down EU standards on food safety to be more inline with US including GMO practices (EU currently allows virtually no GMO’s while over 70% of US foods no contain GMO’s and no labeling).

3)   More lax restrictions on pesticide use in farming.

4)   Loosening of all bank regulations.

5)   Easing of data privacy laws.

6)   And, Investor State Dispute Settlements – which would allow companies to sue any government for having laws in place that the corporation feels infringe on their profit margin.   For example, a Swedish energy company is currently suing Germany for billions of $$$ because of the German government’s decision to phase out nuclear power plants. There are over 500 such arbitration actions occurring right now!

The EU and The Council On Foreign Relations claim that the trade agreements will boost the economy of the US by 90billion euro, the EU economy by 120billion euro and everyone else by 100billion euro. However, they also sputter that the agreement will have “little to no” positive impact on individuals or their individual economy. This is just to reap greater profits for corporations.

And while these same organizations claim that millions of new jobs will be created…. Millions will be lost.   The net effect to The People? -0–

Still the question remains, why must these agreements be ‘secret’?

In order to view the documents, a secret reading room in Brussels is open to ‘certain politicians’ that are previously screened, briefed, debriefed and de-screened… – public access is completely denied.  A member of the German parliament asked to be allowed to view the documents. She was given just two hours to review hundreds of pages, a guard would watch over her and she was forbidden from telling anyone anything she had read – by punishment of treason.

Parts of the deal have already been agreed upon and parts remain negotiable. Even the agreed on parts are forbidden from being discussed to the public. With massive protests in Europe over the deal and leaks by Wikileaks undermining the secrecy, it is believed that the foregoing talks will be tabled temporarily while security over the true content is stabilized.

After public outcries, millions protesting and negative ads, France and Germany have decided to temporarily take the Agreement off the table so they can ‘rename it’ and fancy it up for resubmission. Hopefully finding some other decoy to call the publics attention so the agreement can be signed without our knowledge or consent.

The Architects of TTIP would seem to be an interesting quintet including: George Soros, Rockefeller, Cecilia Malmstrom, Peter Sutherland and Goldman Sachs.

-Sutherland is a UN special representative for global migration …

-Malmstrom is a Swede who assumed office as European Commissioner of Trade in 2014 – She and Sutherland have co-authored numerous articles pushing for massive immigration. When asked if she would revise TTIP as a result of the massive outpouring of European dissent, she stated icily, “I do not take my mandate from the European people!”

And guess what the premise of TTIP is according to Malmstrom? “Openness, transparency and inclusivity.” Perhaps she means – for them – but not for the pions as in We The People.

This is the next step in creating a global government run by corporate officials elected by – corporate officials. And why they are not terribly concerned with the elections.

Charlotte Riots: Shooter Was A Black Protester?

It would seem that Black Lives Matter activists and organizers share something with the Hillary and Leonardo DiCaprio – hypocrisy. While protesting global warming – climate change – personal responsibility – Human causation, they love to fly around in super private jets expelling carbon emissions that mimic 1/3 of an ordinary citizen’s yearly allotment…

They love to claim their cause is for the cessation of violence while promoting and instigating violence and destruction at every single one of their protests.

And they are building a division of animosity, anger, police assaults and killings far greater than has been registered – most likely – ever.

Funded by the Ford Foundation and Soros Open Society, this disorganized organization has risen on one platform – police are racists, even the black ones, and they need to be punished because even their crimes are ‘whitey’s’ fault. Isn’t this discrimination? Isn’t this racist? Isn’t this inciting hate? All of which are illegal. But according to accounts from the various countries where Black Lives have instigated their various forms of chaos, they would seem to be above the law because they are Black…and because the chaos they incite is the purpose which will usher in the global unity police.

If Black Lives really do matter, then why don’t the organizers set up jobs forums, school advisories, education reforms, technical schools, training, mainstream re-introductory help for prisoners, family workshops, child rearing workshops, how to get off welfare workshops, self responsibility workshops… Because they don’t want to be better, they want to scream. And this is the legacy they teach and train and incite – like ISIS… The idea is that their cause is more important than how they attain their goals – like ISIS… The action is to take out ten or hundred innocents to avenge one – like ISIS…

In Charlotte, dozens of officers were wounded, dozens of protesters were hurt, property damage is in the millions, small business owners lose income, citizens lose their cars – and when the rioters leave, they aren’t held accountable. Why not?

Enter B. J. Murphy, a Muslim man who is fueling the riots He opens his press conference with his allegiance to Islam citing the ‘religion of peace’ and then goes on to encourage more violence against ‘whitey’ and an economic boycott of Charlotte. Why isn’t this viewed as inciting riots? And while he is being touted as a ‘Muslim Leader’, what he actually does is host a 3 hour radio program every morning for the past year. Prior to that he worked for 8 months at WQMG, and prior to that he worked 3 years for another radio station. That’s his entire bio…

Certainly there are incidences of police shooting unarmed men, some white, some black and some Hispanic. And yes, those police need to bear the consequences of those actions, whether driven by fear, lax training, or a psychosis of some nature. But the facts remain that unarmed whites are more likely to be shot than blacks – by the numbers. In that vein, 49% are white, 30% black, 19% Hispanic and 2% Asian. Comparably, incarceration by race states; 40% black, 34% white, and Hispanic 21.6%. It would seem, that race has not much of anything to do with the issue at all. It’s simply a false perception. A visual. Something we are being told to believe. If the media stopped talking about race, and if NGO’s were to stop instigating riots, what would it really look like? I imagine it wouldn’t even exist.

The ridiculousness of these instigators should be glaring, but it isn’t, and so we can get sucked in to a false media agenda. Who shot the Charlotte protester?   The police were dozens of yards away and using tear gas – not guns – the obvious answer is he was shot by his fellow protesters. Oddly, they don’t seem to care much about it because it wasn’t a cop – it was one of their own…  a witness has stated that both the shooter and the victim were black.  Sounds a lot like Chicago.  Sounds like fuel.  Sounds like stink because it does stink.

Sounds like the shooter was paid to create further chaos.

Syria Truce – a Ceasefire Brokered By War

Last week during the Syria truce and ceasefire brokered by Syria, the US and Russia, the US used two jets loaded with bombs to take out 62 Syrian military members and injure an additional 100. The UK has now announced that they were complicit in the ‘cleansing’. The claim is that it was a mistake, however no other targets were identified or hit. No ISIS members were hit.

While this was not the only airstrike conducted during the ceasefire, Kerry has the balls to come out and defend the strikes claiming that “Assad has done it too…” sounding much like an 8 year complaining to mommy about his big brother. So where is integrity and honor? Have we become the playground bully who spits, “na-na-na-na…?” Shouldn’t we be held to a higher definition of respecting the rules? Why were F-16’s dispatched during a ceasefire anyway? And why wasn’t there communication between the coalition and the Syrian government?

It stinks because it stinks.

To add mud to the slingshot, Kerry now wants to know why Assad has declared that the ceasefire is no longer viable or valid. Kerry is demanding that Russia explain. Well, I don’t know but maybe it has something to do with the fact that the US, Australia, the Dutch and UK all admittedly collaborated to take out government military forces in absolute violation of the ceasefire. I’d venture that was a good reason to say – enough.  I’d call it a violation of international law.

Imagine if it had been reversed and Assad took out 62 Special Forces on the ground – and called it a ‘oops’ – sorry.

Given that US Special Forces and UK Special Forces are on the ground in northern Syria, it is a safe assessment that knowledge of government forces being on the hillside overlooking the city of Deir ez-Zur was a given. In fact, six days ago a news agency in the Middle East, Almasdarnews, reported that the Syrian military had gained control of the strategic mountaintop from ISIS.  So how did our Intelligencia – miss this fact?

An Israeli scholar at the Begin-Sadat Center has stated that ISIS is a useful tool and they should be allowed to conclude their ethnic cleansing of Shiite and Christians because those that are being cleansed are not nearly as bad as ISIS… and that they serve a purpose that would not be otherwise allowed under international law. He believes fighting ISIS is a folly on the part of the coalition and that ISIS serves a valuable benefit that would not occur without their being allowed their respective massacres.

While a UN aid convoy sat for seven days, unable to proceed due to continued fighting among the rebels and ISIS on the roadway, someone gave them the greenlight to go and they were attacked. Twelve people were killed and 18 of the 31 trucks were destroyed.

The media is going ballistic printing conclusions and blame before the print is dry. The UN has not made any statement and is still investigating what went wrong given that the road had been under seige of constant fighting for the past week – before the ‘truce/ceasefire’ ended.

But given new information from inside the Middle East, the UN aid convoy was actually a Syrian Aid Convoy – the Syrian Red Crescent Society. And despite the media claiming Assad has not allowed ANY humanitarian aid to enter, the Syrian Red Crescent says differently according to their Twitter Feed: September 10 – 3 convoys, September 18 – 10 trucks, September 19 – 2nd stage of convoys reach Homs.

The problem is the obtuse fact that there are now eleven countries conducting airstrikes in Syria: US, UK, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Jordan, UAE, France, – and Russia. Coordinating the strikes is either purposeful or out of control. In addition, most of the planes used to conduct the strikes were either manufactured in the US… or Russia, so designating the source becomes a particularly difficult quest.

For now – it is easy to see that Syria would not feel that the truce was handled with any delicacy, honor or respect, and that they would be vehemently opposed to allowing further annihilations of their people by airstrikes from – anyone. Because a ceasefire that allows airstrikes is not a ceasefire at all. It is a setup.
And lives, real people, fathers and sons – are the victims.

Athletes Who Are Heroes – don’t take a knee, they take action

Is there really racial discrimination or is it manufactured by the media?

Black athletes continue to take a knee and raise a fist of anger at the American National Anthem. The NFL commissioner said, “I truly respect our players wanting to speak out and change our community.”

But what have they changed? How have they bettered the community? Have they instilled a nationalist unity? Have they created solutions? Do they share their money with the ‘unequal’? Do they actively participate in the community? No, they simply draw attention to themselves and create an explosively negative atmosphere.

But not all players are equal…

Larry Fitzgerald puts his money and his time where his soft spoken mouth is by actually establishing camps through his First Down Fund. In addition he established the Carol Fitzgerald Memorial Fund in honor of his mother who died from complications of breast cancer. He has taken mission trips to Africa, India, Thailand and the Philippines to support economic development. He has gone on USO trips to raise money for wounded veterans. HE IS A HERO.

There is Albert Pujols who established a foundation to help families and children with Down Syndrome. There is Warrick Dunn who has donated millions to single parent families who can’t afford the downpayment for a home. Dikembe Mutombu who has donated over $15 million to build a hospital in his native Dominican Republic. Roberto Clemente who worked tirelessly to give money and food to the needy in Puerto Rico. THEY ARE HEROES.  And there are many more like them!

They did not take a knee at the National Anthem. They DID something pro-active.

Heroes are an important component of society, but we have lost sight of the definition. Today we give hero status to greedy, arrogant athletes who think that disrespect is ‘doing something’.   Or Black Lives Matter who claim on their website to be looking for non-violent means of protest while leaving a trail of dust, violence, fires, looting and assaults behind them. They collaborate with gangs – as in the Atlanta protests, and they have accomplished exactly nothing positive, instead instigating racial divide, loss of businesses, property damage and riots. How are they ‘heroes’?

Taking a knee represents a protest to social injustice. And while many vocal supporters say that we need to fix the problem instead of taking offense to the knee, they have an interesting perspective – ‘you fix the problem’ – while I and they disrespect our country. In some instances it has gone so far as to demand that all whites own their responsibility for slavery in the 1800’s and ante up.

So what do they actually want? Significant social change. What does that look like?

The major demand is to stop violence and racism. And while there are instances of police going rogue, they would seem to have no color associated with their rogueness. Most often it is rooted in fear, fear for their own life. And the only way to diminish that fear would be to clean up neighborhoods and target the cause – street gangs. How do you target street gangs? You meet youth at their prime – between the ages of 5 and 16. You provide alternatives, you educate and train and teach and train some more. You give single parent mother’s a chance.

But instead of training the youth, the root cause, Black Lives Matter, the kneeling athletes target the police. If you can’t recognize the root cause of the problem, then you are only solving the side effects and ultimately nothing will change. You can train the police all you want about being more sensitive, but as gangs continue to grow, mutate and multiply, all the police training will fly! There are now an estimated 1,150,000 gang members. The largest two are African-American; the Crips and the Bloods.

Systematically, these gangs unite to ‘take out cops’. In a recent protest in Atlanta, the Crips and Bloods and BLM all united to chant death to cops.

I’d say it was a fair assessment that such protests would NOT instill anti-racist beliefs and a more sensitive feeling toward targets and profiles. Gang shootings in Chicago this year have topped out over 3000 with 500 dead. Baltimore had its bloodiest year ever in 2015 with 344 murders.

Who is protesting these statistics?

No one because these statistics do not promote the agenda of racism or social injustice, they represent the cause and the cause is apparently unimportant…

Because the ‘cause’ isn’t the police, it isn’t racism, it isn’t even social injustice. The cause is the 65-75% of black fathers who abandon their sons and daughters, their wives and their responsibilities, leaving an ever widening gap of social inequality.

Kaepernick? He can’t relate at all. He was swept up into loving arms by a two parent household. He was given a privileged lifestyle and now earns millions of dollars. He has no social injustice. He has no value system. And those that follow should take a hard look at the REAL HEROES that represent the athletes actually doing something that has value, integrity, honor and unity.

Chicago – Guns – Gangs and Cops; A Road Going Nowhere

Statistics show that Chicago has now surpassed itself with 500 shooting deaths and over 3000 gun assaults to date. Gun violence at it’s worst.

Hillary Clinton’s proposal? To make gun stores and manufacturers potentially liable, re-establish the assault rifle ban, and impose greater restrictions on citizens vetting procedures.

The problem? Those proposals will not even dent the violence that has gripped Chicago in an all out war, a war that has now seen gangs joining forces in a vie to kill cops.

Gang members don’t typically go to their local gunstore, provide an ID, and have a background check performed before purchasing a gun. Doesn’t work that way, and either Hillary is ignoring the facts, evading the facts, or circumventing the facts in order to create a whirlwind of nothingness.

According to various reports, most of the guns used by gangs have exchanged hands numerous times before ending up in the hand of the gang member. Most guns are over 11 years old. Most guns were originally purchased legitimately by the average Joe citizen. Most guns were acquired by theft. Most guns used are handguns; Rugers, Smith & Wessen and Glocks. Most guns that are purchased at a gun store use a strawman for the purchase.

And while a universal requirement for a background check might curb ‘some’ violence, which I believe should be instituted, it is not the cure. Today, 80% of the violent crime in Chicago is attributed to gangs. Elsewhere, it is always the same.  A look at shooting statistics in Colorado points to Pueblo where the number of gang members has soared.

But while police continue to try and mitigate the gangs, we see Obama giving clemency to prison inmates at a record rate, most of whom were gang members or have become gang members while in prison.  While Obama would have us believe that his clemency grace was for non-violent offenders, many of the perpetrators he released were dealers, distributors, and gun wielding criminals. The likelihood that these men became God fearing citizens while in a prison system that is more corrupt than the US government… a system that has no rehab programs, a system that is itself a gang controlled institution, is naive at best.

And where do the gangs get the money to buy firearms? Sale of drugs. The same drug dealers that Obama is releasing from prison. Marlon McNealy is one of Obama’s favorites. He was a co-creator of a crack-cocaine drug organization in St Petersberg, Florida. He worked with Ronald Mathis whose life goal was to be the biggest distributor in the city. McNealy was convicted o f racketeering and the sale of drugs.  Mathis was convicted of racketeering, sale of drugs, arson, and burglary.

So why do the Chicago gangs keep growing?

A 2011 report cited the fact that politicians in Chicago frequently make deals with gangs in order to buy their election votes. Meetings are set up between politicians running for office and gang members. A deal is brokered. And according to the deal broker,  All of the political hopefuls were aware of who they were meeting with…  …They didn’t care. All they wanted to do was get the support. The gang representatives asked, “What can you give me?” The politicians, most eager to please, replied, “What do you want?”

Those politicians who answered correctly, were supported. Many won their elections.

You can’t curb gangs if you are a politician in their pocket! You can’t cure violence if you support gangs. The police can’t arrest gang members if politicians give them a free ride! And as more deals are cut, more deaths and assaults wrack our society. Background checks? In this particular venue of corruption, background checks will do absolutely – nothing.

The other two cities with the nations highest murder rates include Detroit and Baltimore. In Detroit an active gang war has been ongoing for two years.  In Baltimore gangs routinely declare war on the cops and the local government supports the anti-police protests.  

There are estimated to be 1,150,000 gang members in the US, 40% are under the age of 18, and of all juveniles in a correctional facility 90% are a member of a gang. The Bloods and the Crips comprise the largest membership. Annually, there are an average of 7300 arrests and only 2700 convictions – 37%. The average salary of a gang member is about $62,000, tax free of course. That means Uncle Sam is losing out on about $17,825,000,000 of annual tax revenue assuming an average 25% rate.

This past August, three Chicago gangs got together and declared war on the cops after the slaying of one of their members. This time, handguns were not the weapon of choice. Automatic weapons, a sniper, this was organized and despite the fact that gangs have been responsible for most of the 3000 shootings in Chicago, the protests and the retaliation were about the cops that fatally shot a gang member who had stolen a jaguar.

Why isn’t anyone protesting the gangs?

In July, the FBI circulated an alert that the Black Panther Gang had posted a demand on social media stating, “Attack Everything In Blue” – more assassinations to come! The next day 12 officers were ambushed and shot, 5 killed, in Dallas. Where were the protesters?  When death threats from black gang members are the mainstay – you can bet the cops are jittery and profiling is their only protection.

In 2015, on multiple occasions the FBI warned Baltimore police that they had information that the Black Guerrilla Family, the Crips and the Bloods had teamed up to take out cops. And for those that hate profiling – all three of these gangs are primarily African-American. In July 2016, The Crips and The Bloods joined Black Lives Matter in Atlanta protests. The response?

Enthusiastic applause for their ‘unity’, their peacefulness, their positive encouragement.

The fact that upwards of 50% of all crimes in the US are committed by gangs – seems to have gone unnoticed…

Kids don’t join gangs because they feel a social injustice or a great cause against anyone – cops, whites, wealthy, etc… They join a gang because of member pressure, fear, fast money, excitement, feeling important, and even simple fellowship.

If we want to curb gun violence then address these issues, provide the kids with alternatives, provide an education that is not demonizing and racial profiling of whites… and create centers to help mitigate gang membership.  Because arrests are minimal and membership grows by the hundreds of thousands each year!  Why?  Because our government does absolutely – nothing about it.

American Nationalism -if you can keep it…

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Eric Metaxas speak at a forum and was extremely impressed!  An amazing man.  He spoke about America from the perspective of it’s beginnings, the first country ever in the world to adopt a self government as opposed to a Monarchy or Communist/Socialist rule of restricted freedom. He spoke about how the Founding Fathers were sketchy and fearful that despite all their efforts to make it work, it might not. And while it did for two centuries, in the last fifty years it has been attacked. And we stand at a precipice today whereby two paths are shown – and the quote “if you can keep it”, attributed to Benjamin Franklin when he exited the Constitutional Convention, applies to us today.

Can we keep the country that America was created to be – a republic separate and distinct, rooted in Freedom and the ability of the people to self rule in a venue of virtue and faith? Can we keep it? Because if we can’t that means we spiral into Monarchy or Communist rule and become the puppets of the elite.

Freedom, Virtue, and Faith. Inexplicably intertwined, not one can live without the other. Take away one leg of the triangle and the other legs fall, they can not stand without the support of the triune.

And within this triune there lives fellowship and heroes. Not comic book heroes, but real life men and women who we can look to with respect and awe and say, ‘I am so grateful’! We need heroes. We crave them. But in the last fifty years we have allowed fake characters to become our heroes and disregarded and even disparaged the real heroes. George Washington’s name removed. Woodrow Wilson’s name removed. As though removing a name will alter the truth and eliminate history…

As virtue and faith fall – so will freedom.

In that picture our media has faithfully pulled us down, portrayed us as demons, demoralized our will, and created an atmosphere that would give such people as Kaepernick who feels compelled to call out his country as unworthy of him! Instead of ‘doing something positive’, instead of ‘working for his beliefs’, he would instead denounce the entire nation – and all its people as “Deplorables’. This same man was given a loving family, a middle class lifestyle and a $12 million sign-on bonus in addition to $61 million guaranteed. Where else in the world would anyone be so privileged? And still, he is entitled. He is miffed. And that arrogance owns him.

Nationalism is the people believing in their country and making it strong from its bowels, from within. Canadians are proud to be Canadians! The French are quite proud of their Frenchiness. The Russians are proud of their ability to persevere and a strong equally nationalist president. Nationalism is the Brazilian people not wanting to auction off their country to the highest bidder.

Eroding nationalism erodes virtue, and the triangle falls.

In the last fifty years we have watched the systematic destruction of our country. As Dennis Miller stated recently, it’s as though a coup in America already happened and the people are too bleary eyed to notice. Wake up!

Freedom is being shred from our country as we espouse ‘freedom’. New York now recognizes 33 different genders… that’s not freedom. Blacks demand more money… that’s not freedom. Social Welfare is Socialism – that’s not freedom. Freedom means taking care of yourself. It means being self reliant and self responsible. It means having a means of employment, a place to live, and food on the table. The Constitution was about taking care of our people, our country, our freedom, our virtues and our faith. Rewriting the backbone that defines us is a type of pandering. The concept of majority rules, of an elementary school team actually winning, of education that is open and embracing of all thought would seem to have been quashed.

America was created for a reason. It was created on a faith. It held virtue as it’s greatest strength and freedom as its foundation. At the time, it was the ONLY country in the world to give these tenets to The People. And the world began to see the value in this way of life. Countries changed. It wasn’t that America was rooted in exceptionalism, it was that the ideas, the concepts, the structure was seen as good and valuable and worthy. Because it was ‘for the people’, as opposed to ‘for the government’.

And now people are attempting to destroy that ‘for the people’. The cost? Freedom. Virtue. Faith.

I listened to Geraldo describe the ideal President. His litany offered the ‘perfect human being’, without flaw, without mark, an inalienable being that could never be marred. It was ridiculous. Such a person does not exist. Perhaps he would like to put God on the ballot. And so we are left with flawed beings, and the virtue of their flaws must then be analyzed, diagnosed and evaluated.

Hillary Clinton and Trump are both flawed. But there is a difference between a flaw and acts of tyranny that would elevate us to the rule of a Monarchist or Communist regime.

Is that what we want? Choose.

BRAZIL Up For Auction…

BRAZIL for SALE! Come one and come all, Brazil is portioning out its assets to the highest bidder! So far, Qatar, Dubai, and investment firms from Canada and Europe are clambering over each other to vie for the most valuable of assets. The auction party will include oil and gas licenses, infrastructure projects, electricity, airports, a railway, a dam, agriculture land, and possibly banks.

With the impeachment of Rouseff concluded the pathway to divest Brazil from Brazil can now proceed. Michel Temer, the ‘acting president’, who was the principle character in prosecuting Rouseff is more aligned to the US and Europe as opposed to the BRICS. As a result, we can expect to see a Brazillian shift from the BRICS to a NATO alignment further alienating our perceived enemies – Russia and China.

According to WikiLeaks, Temer was an embassy informant for the US intelligence military. He led the prosecution of Rouseff and took over as President. The coup is complete. And now Brazil is for sale.

Temer is simply a self appointed acting president mired in his own slew of scandals that could see him prosecuted for bribes and corruption. Although the next scheduled election isn’t until 2018, early elections are a possibility given the majority of Brazilians don’t much care for Temer and think he is a crook. Whether they will manifest is largely dependent on the shadow powers vs the people, as the shadows decide who, what, where, when and how. Right now, the shadow powers like Temer because he is auctioning off the country. Once that has been accomplished, the next president will most likely be a product of the new owners of Brazil, those who purchased the country. Not The People.

While Brazil’s Verde Asset Management, led by Luis Stuhlberg, a prominent hedge fund manager who has consistently won his investors annual gains of 28%, believes that the market reactions to the impeachment and asset sales will be positive, he also believes the up-tic will be short-lived as the hard grind of reality sets in. The soft coup requires quite a bit of re-organizing before Brazil can truly recover, if it does. It could simply be a changing of the guards filling the void of corruption with corruption.

The asset selloff includes agricultural land. Both Brazil and Argentina had put in place strict laws regarding foreign investment in their land, laws that will most likely be repealed by Temer as the ‘Land Grabbing’ escalates. While neighboring Uruguay lifted many of their land grab laws, US and Chinese investors flocked buying up large swathes of rich, rural agriculture land, decimating the woodlands and razing the trees to make way for ‘sugar cane’. Africa, by far has seen the largest land grabs, but until now Brazil’s black soil has been somewhat protected.

Unfortunately, land grabbing in Brazil was still a viable action through elaborate structuring of entities. While foreign investors were limited, if the foreigner was linked to a Brazilian entity, the restriction could be finessed. For example, TIAA-CREF, one of the largest managers of teacher’s pension funds in the US, created a joint venture with a Brazilian Fund, RADAR, to acquire woodlands, restructure them into sugar cane plantations and soy farms thereby making a sizable profit. Through the partnership, somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 hectares of agri-land have been purchased so far. However, a state court has recently filed an injunction claiming that one of TIAA-Cref’s partners was acting illegally.

Like the African Grabbers, the methods employed are usually brutal. “Land grabbers routinely fence off public lands on the chapadas, evict the local people who have used the land for generations, deploy private security forces, and then acquire property titles through the connivance of local notaries and government officials. There are numerous reports of death threats, beatings and assassinations.”

Of course the US corporate greed is not singular, they are partnered with George Soros, as well as Canadian, Swedish and German pension funds. Adecoagro, a Brazilian farm operator in which Soros Investment Group is the top shareholder, holds about 300,000 hectares of land in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. But Soros name doesn’t just end there, he has used his money to create a new investment firm, Tunbridge, which will invest in agriculture land, real estate and real assets using public and private corporate pension funds. The very abrupt website links back to Hodes Weill & Associates another non-transparent company whose website posts a commentary once or twice – per year.

Far from these actions actually benefiting the people, land grabs and real asset grabs put poverty on the table for dinner.

The Clinton Foundation is also mired in the Brazilian scandals involving Petrobas Oil. OAS and the InterAmerican Development Bank are both listed as multi-million donors to the Clinton Foundation. Both companies are under fire, OAS for bribes and kickbacks and IDB for being given contracts by Hillary while Secretary of State without going through the bidding process.

So will the auction of Brazil’s economy be conducted? Umm, well, Temer has announced the auction rules will be printed in English … as well as native Portuguese.