Charlotte Riots: Shooter Was A Black Protester?

It would seem that Black Lives Matter activists and organizers share something with the Hillary and Leonardo DiCaprio – hypocrisy. While protesting global warming – climate change – personal responsibility – Human causation, they love to fly around in super private jets expelling carbon emissions that mimic 1/3 of an ordinary citizen’s yearly allotment…

They love to claim their cause is for the cessation of violence while promoting and instigating violence and destruction at every single one of their protests.

And they are building a division of animosity, anger, police assaults and killings far greater than has been registered – most likely – ever.

Funded by the Ford Foundation and Soros Open Society, this disorganized organization has risen on one platform – police are racists, even the black ones, and they need to be punished because even their crimes are ‘whitey’s’ fault. Isn’t this discrimination? Isn’t this racist? Isn’t this inciting hate? All of which are illegal. But according to accounts from the various countries where Black Lives have instigated their various forms of chaos, they would seem to be above the law because they are Black…and because the chaos they incite is the purpose which will usher in the global unity police.

If Black Lives really do matter, then why don’t the organizers set up jobs forums, school advisories, education reforms, technical schools, training, mainstream re-introductory help for prisoners, family workshops, child rearing workshops, how to get off welfare workshops, self responsibility workshops… Because they don’t want to be better, they want to scream. And this is the legacy they teach and train and incite – like ISIS… The idea is that their cause is more important than how they attain their goals – like ISIS… The action is to take out ten or hundred innocents to avenge one – like ISIS…

In Charlotte, dozens of officers were wounded, dozens of protesters were hurt, property damage is in the millions, small business owners lose income, citizens lose their cars – and when the rioters leave, they aren’t held accountable. Why not?

Enter B. J. Murphy, a Muslim man who is fueling the riots He opens his press conference with his allegiance to Islam citing the ‘religion of peace’ and then goes on to encourage more violence against ‘whitey’ and an economic boycott of Charlotte. Why isn’t this viewed as inciting riots? And while he is being touted as a ‘Muslim Leader’, what he actually does is host a 3 hour radio program every morning for the past year. Prior to that he worked for 8 months at WQMG, and prior to that he worked 3 years for another radio station. That’s his entire bio…

Certainly there are incidences of police shooting unarmed men, some white, some black and some Hispanic. And yes, those police need to bear the consequences of those actions, whether driven by fear, lax training, or a psychosis of some nature. But the facts remain that unarmed whites are more likely to be shot than blacks – by the numbers. In that vein, 49% are white, 30% black, 19% Hispanic and 2% Asian. Comparably, incarceration by race states; 40% black, 34% white, and Hispanic 21.6%. It would seem, that race has not much of anything to do with the issue at all. It’s simply a false perception. A visual. Something we are being told to believe. If the media stopped talking about race, and if NGO’s were to stop instigating riots, what would it really look like? I imagine it wouldn’t even exist.

The ridiculousness of these instigators should be glaring, but it isn’t, and so we can get sucked in to a false media agenda. Who shot the Charlotte protester?   The police were dozens of yards away and using tear gas – not guns – the obvious answer is he was shot by his fellow protesters. Oddly, they don’t seem to care much about it because it wasn’t a cop – it was one of their own…  a witness has stated that both the shooter and the victim were black.  Sounds a lot like Chicago.  Sounds like fuel.  Sounds like stink because it does stink.

Sounds like the shooter was paid to create further chaos.

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