Rothschilds Running Fox News…

How is it that a Democrat Presidential candidate is backed by – big banks, big corporations, big pharma, and silicon valley? Not exactly a traditional Democratic platform, but then the cabal is an interesting puzzle to unravel.

First, it should be noted that the cabal has no sides, Democrat or Republican, they only care about ‘agenda’.

Second, appointments in positions of power create monopolies of government. For example: The Federal Reserve Board of Directors. Currently there are only five members with two slots empty. Of the five: 1) Lael Brainard; former National Economic Advisor and Deputy Assistant to Clinton. She most recently was Undersecretary of the US Department of Treasury under Obama. Her net worth is estimated to be about $441 million, on a salary of about $165,000. Her husband was a top advisor to Hillary when she was Secretary of State. 2) Jerome Powell, former partner at The Carlysle Group. 3) Daniel Tarullo who held ‘several senior positions’ in the Clinton administration. Formerly he served as fellow for The Council on Foreign Relations and The Center For American Progress ( A Soros funded organization). 4) Stanley Fisher, formerly served as a research associate for the National Bureau of Economic Research whose parent company is heavily funded by Soros. He has also held positions at the World Bank and IMF. 5) Janet Yellen. Also a member of the Council on Foreign relations. She has also served with the Council of Economic Advisors, whose chairman, Joseph Stiglitz was a Clinton appointment, is a close friend of George Soros and member of the Socialist International.

These are the people who rule over our cabal of Banks in the US. They are knit most succinctly to both Clinton and Soros, an interwoven relationship. What they say, what they do, is most likely completely aligned with what Soros tells them to do.

The ECB – European Central Bank is governed by Mark Carney – former Goldman Sachs associate. Mario Draghi, the President of the ECB also happens to be a former Goldman Sachs associate. Prime Minister of Australia – Goldman Sachs. Governor of the Bank of Greece and Debt Manager of Greece – Goldman. Secretary of Finance and Economics to Spain – Goldman. Chief of Staff US Secretary of Treasury – Goldman. Director of the National Economic Council. Former World Bank president. The list goes on and on.

The hierarchy of world powers who control the buttons, including Biden’s nuclear power button, include; Rothschilds, Loebs, Warburgs, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and of course, George Schroder whose managed assets are said to be worth $344 billion and whose former employees count Andrew Knight, a former Chairman at Rothschilds and currently the editor for The Economist (owned by the Rothschilds) and newly appointed successor to Rupert Murdoch’s empire which means that Fox News is now run by – the Rothschilds. The banking cabal is said to be worth $100 trillion – to think they will not control every aspect they can is quite shortsighted.

The issue is that these world powerhouses need Hillary in the White House in order to effect their global plan of action. To think that they wouldn’t do everything possible inside or outside the law to make this happen would be – naive.

What we do know is that once this election is settled, the party system of the US will forever be altered once again to reflect the altered state of reality.  Including!  The polls which are skewed by Podesta according to Wikileaks in where they poll, whom they poll, and the questions asked.  Which means that even FOX NEWS is now a Rothschilds poll, news agency and puppet for the Master.  SOLD!

Writing History – Rewriting History

For centuries, historians have brought to life the stories of history as told by significant individuals of the time. Of course, what they fail to acknowledge is the fact that all stories are embellished and personal with each successive line.

Which could explain mythology in terms of The Bible – and the schism of belief. It could also account for the discord in accounts of various times in civilization. From eras of prosperity to eras of absolute poverty, the story differs. Depending on – the author and the author’s status in society.

Tribes sit and detail their history for the next generation, emboldening the hero, and enlarging the enemy, creating a picture that is truth – and fiction, which is then passed down and modified each generation thereafter until – it is written.

It would seem that wealth and status are paramount in the writing of history. That is – until now, and that predicament can be the legacy obsession of a political leader. As such, the re-writing of history is undertaken. It is thought that by mass absorption of media the false narrative will stick and the truth will fade. And while this is the case for many, there remains – the few.

There is one exception. The Bible was written and accounted from numerous sources that each stated and affirmed – the same core and placed that core in written form.

It is quite possible that the mythical gods that have been written about were actually the nephalim, the fallen angels who propagated earth and mated with the women – according to The Bible. The Minoans bear a striking resemblance to the offspring of Noah.  Much of history actually can be brought to the same alter.

There are interesting similarities in Buddhism and Christianity that may be the evolution of Timothy’s journey into Asia to spread the word of God. As though many of their core beliefs, outside of the ideology of God, are alike, even in their phraseology.

Buddhism, because it does not believe in a God, is actually not a religion per the strict definition, it is a philosophy of thought. Modern media altered that fact and created a ‘religion’ outside of the traditional and accepted definition. Of course today, one is allowed to be the religion of pasta, there are no boundaries whatsoever. They have attempted to make it, religion, a joke, the brunt of jokes, something laughable. But, in fact, it only makes us stronger in our prayer.

The Bolsheviks of WWI were atheists. Stalin was a Communist. Hitler a Marxist. Hillary a Marxist. With Communist leanings. Most Jewish people today call themselves ‘secular’ – as in no-religion. And defiantly deny it is ‘atheist’. But they are basically – one and the same. Still the ‘stats’ reveal that 15% of Israelites call themselves atheists, while 50% are ‘secular’. HELLO?   These are facts. You can ignore their content or try and process the true meaning. That is your prerogative.

According to Legal protectionism: Atheism is protected by the First Amendment as freedom of expression. However, secularism prevents freedom of expression, and can therefore be said to be contrary to the First Amendment.

That means – Israel, as a secular nation, is contrary to the First Amendment.

And we have a problem here Watson!

That would mean that nearly all of Israel and Hollywood would be in violation of the First Amendment by the fact that they practice secularism.


Most Jewish people today are secular or non-practicing, which is the same as ‘secular’. It’s like saying, “I’m a secular Catholic.” There is no such thing! Or, “I’m a secular Mormon.” Hello? You can’t be both? That does not exist. It would be the equivalent of saying, “ I am a Jewish Sunni. There is no such thing!

And so, in the stories that are passed down today, what will be truth and what will be fiction? What will be wiped out by Google, and what will they, as the Dictator, decide will be recorded? Which history will be relayed? Will it include all the Wikileaks and Hillary scandals? Or will it be whitewashed, like history in previous decades, centuries, and thousands of years. Because if you think this is something new, you are more naive than a lamb.

We can not accept the dialogue of mainstream history – any more than we can accept their dialogue of the present!

So what do you think really happened in history, both ancient and present? An interesting thought…

And what will be written that defines – today.  I imagine it will not be the way I see it. 

Muslim Brotherhood – Backing Hillary


During the reign of Russia’s Dictator Joseph Stalin, there were two US President’s in office, Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman – both Democrats. Interestingly, Stalin was hailed as a marvel by the US and Europe, a man to model, a true Communist that posed absolutely no threat to the world Democracy. In fact, the US Ambassador to Russia, Joseph Davies was quite friendly with Stalin and believed the purging that took between 35 and 50 million lives was necessary and legal. He considered Stalin a great ally that should not be criticized. FDR adamantly – agreed!

In fact, Churchill, FDR and Stalin all had a glorious meeting in 1945 to determine how to divvy up the prizes of WWII. The key points that they discussed included the various occupation zones that would be established in Germany, the potential of dividing Germany into six separate states, the forced labor of Germany to make reparations and the establishment of a council located in the USSR to oversee the work, UN membership for the USSR and all 16 soviet republics, and an agreement to fight the Empire of Japan together.

Today, Stalin is considered one of the most evil men of history. Why then wouldn’t Churchill, FDR and Truman be considered equally guilty given their collusion? In 1946, Churchill and Truman – changed their minds and suddenly awoke to find communism spreading like a virus. The ally that they wined and dined, laughed and gaffed, now became their worst enemy. Not because he assassinated 50 million people, but because they didn’t see the Wizard behind the Iron Curtain.

Fast Forward to – Presidential Study Directive – 11, PSD-11.

The Directive was created in 2010 by Obama after the previous directive failed miserably. It called for a policy of backing The Muslim Brotherhood, and political reform in the Middle East and North Africa which included massive regime changes and the ‘management’ of these political transitions. Coincidentally, it coincides with the beginning of the Arab Spring. It coincides with Benghazi and Hillary’s directive that left Ambassador Stevens, 2 CIA agents, and a US Foreign officer dead. It coincides with the coup against Mubarek, and the rise of ISIS.

But most importantly, it coincides with an abject failure to see behind the Iron Curtain of the Middle East, and the propaganda fed to US citizens regarding – who is the good guy and who is bad…

The alignment with The Muslim Brotherhood was created because they were considered a ‘moderate’ Islamic group compared to al Qaeda. The Directive is said to ink the ousting of Gaddafi so that The Muslim Brotherhood could take over Libya. Videos of Gaddafi’s last moments alive show the nice rebel forces sodomizing him with a bayonet.

Like President Assad of Syria, before the US and Europe waged war on Gaddafi, he was our friend and ally. Before Obama took office, the Middle East had some promising advancements in growth and democracy. In 2010, Gaddafi was praised by the UN, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and a host of other countries for his advancement in human rights.  We liked him – and then – we didn’t.

According to Clare Lopez, a former undercover operative for the CIA, the shift in American foreign policy under Obama meant that former allies were deposed, their countries emasculated, and their economies wiped out. Instead, under Obama, the US colluded with The Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda, providing weapons and reigning terror. According to Lopez, Al Qaeda is the fighting militia under The Muslim Brotherhood.  In essence, by supporting The Muslim Brotherhood, we support al Qaeda – all of which are Sunni.

Coincidence: The Muslim Brotherhood has it’s roots in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and Libya, the exact same countries that saw their governments ousted via a violent Arab Spring. And while Saudi Arabia was originally a great supporter of The Muslim Brotherhood, and later claimed them to be a terrorist organization when their Monarchical Kingdom structure was seen to be in peril, they have once again aligned with them in their war against the Houthis in Yemen – another country subjected to ‘regime change’ under Doctrine 11.

The Muslim Brotherhood actively collaborated with the Nazi’s during WWII which might explain why they became an ally of George Soros.   Coincidentally, his support for them began sometime in 2010 as well, and has come from various financial contributions made through a number of shadow organizations, including; the International Crisis Group, and the organization behind the Responsibility to Protect doctrine under which the United States entered into Libya. Soros’ connections to the Muslim Brotherhood can also be traced through his relationship to his new spokesman Marwan Muasher, as well as Mohamed ElBaradei, a Muslim Brotherhood leader who sits on the board of Soros’ ICG.  Muasher oversees research for the Middle East at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, funded by George Soros.

So – like the Stalin-FDR-Churchill relationship that proved nearly the end of Europe and the world rise of communism, the relationship the US has supported and backed for the rise of The Muslim Brotherhood has produced similar results – genocide, war, terror, massive rape, corruption and the absolute disregard of human life, human rights and dignity.  

Obama’s regime, and the possibility of a Hillary regime, both united with The Muslim Brotherhood are rooted in war and the ideal Monarchy ruled under The Muslim Brotherhood with al-Qaeda as their military.  

While we watched – THE US BURNED!  Change History NOW!

Hillary Representing – The Protocols of Zion

Wikileaks has stated that Hillary camp threatened Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race much to the surprise of his enthusiastic followers. It appears that ‘threat’ may have been backed by some cash which would explain their subsequent purchase of a $600,000 Lake Champlain property in Vermont. While Jane Sanders has stated that the property was paid for by her relinquishing title to her shared Long Lake Maine property, that amount would amount to roughly $150,000. Given Sanders had provided a financial statement that gave his entire net worth as about $585,000, the numbers don’t add unless he was bequeathed bribery money from the Hillary camp. FYI – the newly acquired property has no mortgage.

In the Podesta dialogue, Bernie was a pest, an idiot, someone for whom they had little respect and less regard. But he had shown resilience and a following they hadn’t expected. Frustrated, and needing to siphon the election, a threat, a bribe, and voila, the nomination was theirs.

The idea that the FBI or CIA would take exception to such a threat would, of course, be undermined by the fact that FBI Director, James Carney is the Joker in Batman, and CIA Director, Brennen was a Bill Clinton operative who after serving as Station Chief in Riyadh, became a Muslim and made the pilgrim trip to Mecca, something one may only journey as a devout Muslim. Either blackmailed or simply in league, the two would hardly attempt to defray Queen Hillary.

While this information is specific to Assange, he has yet to reveal anything that has been explicitly contested, and derailed for falsifying his facts.

So Hillary has no boundaries, but then the agenda is even more important  – than her.

I refer to the very controversial, The Protocols of the Preferred Elders of Zion. While it has been the subject of many who claim it to be contrived, a fraud, and even laughable, let’s look at some of their more poignant statements that relate quite well to our current affairs:

The struggle to achieve our ends must be entered upon in such a spirit as to exert an irresistible pressure upon international politics.” 

 “Only force and cunning conquers in political affairs. Therefore we must not stop at bribery, deceit, and treachery for the attainment of our end. In politics one must know how to seize the rule of others if by it we secure submission and sovereignty.”

 “We shall so wear down the Goyim that they will be compelled to offer us an international authority which by its position will enable us to absorb all the governmental forces of the world and thus form a super-government.”

 “According to the law of being, might is right. Our right lies in force. Through our financial dominance we will manipulate capital, create depressions, and bankrupt Gentile states.

In our hands is the greatest power of our day — gold. We shall not fail with such wealth to prove that all the evil we have had to commit has served to bringing everything into order.

We shall contrive to prove that we are benefactors who have restored to the mangled earth the true good of the person, on the condition, of course, of strict observance of the laws established by us.” 

The Protocols are considered a Marxist agenda. Whether they are Jewish or not is really not relevant to the fact that their statements coincide with exactly the agenda that we are battling today. Whoever is their author, the Protocols represent the Constitution that dictates our world affairs by the likes of Hillary, Obama, Soros, Rothschilds, Kissinger, McGovern, McCarthy, and thousands more.

And that makes them Very Relevant.

What Hillary’s actions reveal to us is the fact that there are NO BOUNDARIES, no limits, no law, only the conception and completion of the Protocols. Does she even know what she is doing? Sometimes… I wonder.

Assange a Traitor…or Hillary? A Sad Day

Assange is under fire for his release of the hacked emails with many using such words as ‘treason’ and ‘traitor’, but the primo assault would seem to be the words of Bob Beckel who wants to have him assassinated ( I chose not to use his more colorful language).

Neither term fit Assange – a traitor is someone who betrays their own country, and treason is giving aid to the enemies of a country…and generally involves murder. Since the accusation of murder is directed at Hillary, and the crimes are Hillary’s, the term ‘whistleblower’ would be more just. A whistleblower is someone who exposes illegal or unethical information within an organization that is either public or private. And while whistleblowers believe that they have the moral right to publicly report illegal activities, they are generally subject to prison or, as in the case of Adrian Schoolcraft, a former NYPD officer, they are subject to harassment and incarceration, in his case a mental institution.

The term “traitor” would be more befitting if assigned to Hillary, Podesta, Mills, Polieri, and the host of reporters, campaigners, and DNC members who knowingly and with intent, defrauded The People. They betrayed their own country.

Unfortunately, as the hubruss abounds and Hillary finds herself the victim/culprit, her campaign attempts to deflect by associating Assange with Putin – because Putin is the heinous bad guy scapegoat for just about everything. Nearing the point of comedy. Reminds me of when Obama first came to office and for the next six years blamed every single issue, problem, wrong move – on Bush. When Bush was no longer a viable scapegoat, the idea was to switch to Putin – and Hillarygate followed suit. Because that is what they were told to do by the deep pockets that pull the strings.

The problem with the agenda is that The People are snickering because the truth is more prevalent than the deflection.

While the culpability of the mainstream media has been known and talked about at length, the proof that has been exposed by Wikileaks actually makes it so very sad. I can’t understand how these journalists could have a conscience. How could they so blatantly sell their soul? It’s one thing to talk about it on blogs and such, it is quite another to stare at page after page of evidence. The concept of ethics is dead.

Hillary knew that the Saudis and Qataris were supporting ISIS and yet continued to take money from them – over and over again. And thus, by default, Hillary and her team, her campaign – supported ISIS. They harbored criminals and knowingly hid them from prosecution.

The list of notable journalists in the Hillary camp can be found here:

Hillary was on a number of occasions ‘fed’ the questions that would be in the debates. That’s illegal. So why would someone do this knowing they were not only frying themselves, they were frying our country’s right to a fair election and a worthy President?

While their barbs might be construed as unethical, they are not illegal – just plain stupid for leaving a trail – remember Nixon, the consensus then was that ‘every politician did it, but he was stupid enough to get caught’. That’s Hillarygate.

She knew the Benghazi attack was not about some stupid video, but chose to indict the maker of the movie and put him in harms way in order to cover up her own failings… possible lawsuit.

She gave special privileges to donors based on their level of Foundation $$$$ funding.

The list of nauseum is endless, from lying on her political platforms, to propping up Wall Street for money, to possibly having people murdered for their being a traitor to ‘her ‘ cause. And yet, she remains a viable candidate. Some have said that she is the final demise of the US as planned and plotted for generations. And still, I am just – sad.

I am sad that we have evolved to such a demoral state of delusion and waste, that lying is the new Ideal, that fraud is simply a way of political life, and that they have managed to enlist so many people who seem to have no moral compass, no soul, no heart, no compassion, empty vessels of pure evil.

And still – there are those who say – I don’t care, I am voting for hypocrisy, massive fraud, assassination, and illegality – anyway. And we have become a comical mockery to the world.

Hillary – A Puppet to Soros

Isn’t it funny that Hollywood, the epitome of degradation and lust and corruption and fraud and incest and rape, would become the rulers of the world? They redefine reality, and pretend to live a life that is not even remotely real, they judge and condemn, punish and chastise, they repudiate and find revenge, slander and stifle, and yet, somehow they can sleep at night and wake up to do it all – over – again. Their idol? The almighty dollar. They have no problem seeing their soul if it means they can have – more stuff.

And while I would like to say this is a definition of a people, or Party, it is Not. It is a definition of a seascape, a manipulation, a false reality, a mirage.

If Hillary is elected, such will it be. And so, the next action must be – what next? Likewise for Trump. However, given Hillary has already put in place every single action she will take in her first few ‘days’ of office, we can assume, the actions are radical and offensive. We can assume, we will be put into peril. We can assume that out lives and livelihood will immediately be jeopardized.

And that a shift will take place. Like an platonic quake shift of major fault lines.  Are we prepared?

Wall Street will most assuredly go up in the short term upon a Hillary presidency, given she is in their most devious of crevices. However, it will be short lived as she begins to initiate her most lavish policies through executive order. Failed gun laws will be attempted and shot down. Her murderous abortion agenda will most likely meet with opponents on both sides. And her reputation will become so scandalous that she will go undercover or simply resign. While she becomes obsolete, the platform, the true agenda will rise like Hitler.  And the party divide will border revolutionary.

Within the chaos, a charismatic leader will emerge, one from the Middle East, a man of great persuasion, a man who is perceived to be someone who can lift the impoverished from their now dire, dire poverty as a direct result of the Soros/Hillary/Obama/Rothschild agenda which has foreseen and created all this and more.

While I have been floored at the various perceptions of what Trump supports and what is reality, I have been equally saddened at the massive corruption that we truthfully – can not fight. It is too pervasive.

In the end, it would seem that the Hollywooders are pulling the strings and the Hillary’s are more puppet than we can fathom. They boast about using the mentally handicapped and homeless… as in Hillary … Hillary?

The Perfect President

I listen to the righteous and the holier-than-thou talk about ‘what a President should be’, while their own lives are a freakin’ MESS! And this crosses liberal and conservative stations. It is Geraldo for goodness sakes, and O’Reilly, and a host of mega corrupt Hollywooders who seem to have no apparent insight into their own lives. And given that the host of emails dumping on us of Hillygate, it would appear that she is the shill, and – The Hollywood, is the master puppeteer.

Hillary appears to be a mindless alien who does exactly what she is told, with an occasional deviation, most of which are Holy-Moses mistakes that leave her staff screaming in agony. At least that’s what Wikileaks would seem to divulge in their massive email leak. She would seem to be the pawn who has periodic infantile tantrums because she suddenly realizes that she is not in control.

And so the question begs, who would run the US of A and the world, should Hillary be elected? Because it sure ain’t her!

The emails indicate that there are some major players who dictate the hillary, certainly Podesta, but then there are very interesting media ‘journalists’ who dictate as well. And she obeys like a lamb to slaughter. Perhaps her power is really vested elsewhere, not just the mainstream demon Soros, but – elsewhere.

Could Soros be the Decoy?

Dagnabbit! Jumpinjehosaphat! What if, Soros is the decoy? Then who would be the master puppeteer? At least in their heart of hearts. What if Soros is just a chain in the command? The Spokesperson. The scapegoat.

And in the end – everyone vies to redefine, remake, recreate, alter and mold Trump – when they obviously don’t realize that the majority like him for exactly who he is – flaws an’ all.

At any rate, voting is a manipulative business.  I don’t think the brain-dead check mark for one particular Party is Truth any longer, and a closer scrutiny of each vote is advisable.

We have become the ridicule, the laughing stock of the world.  With all the damnable evidence of corruption, fraud, and criminal conduct by Hillary – we go on.  With all the debasing, commentary by Trump – we go on.  But in the world of adulterers and cocaine users, and tax fraud, and security fraud, and general criminality that has plagued the US elections since – The Beginning of Time – we still purport to puff up our rooster necks and – deny – deny – deny.    It’s like a genetic mutation!

Russia asking if they could be seers of the election, was not for manipulative purposes, it was for propaganda, it was to show how incredibly corrupt we have become that we would require the overseers of countries that we consider corrupt.  It was a chicken dig.

So – if Soros himself is a puppet, then who is the master.  Because it always goes back to ‘the one’.

Rothschilds and Rockefellers.  The obvious answer.  But they rarely are mentioned in any media.  However, the latest Wikileaks reinforce this in such a way as to suggest that they have made all the decisions from the getgo and even the Hillary is an alien pawn as they dictate through their intermediaries.

What is the end game of the Rothschilds?  World Order.  A World Kingdom.  A Monarchial Government body.  Sigh.  How does that translate to the citizens?  It means we revert to a state reminiscent of Les Miserables… It should be mentioned that the Hillary is created and manifested nearly exclusively by males, and therefore the agenda has nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with – agenda!

Healthcare Crisis – Staggering Increases!

Health Insurance premiums for individuals are about to literally skyrocket! Posted increases range from 9% to 50%… with regulators supposedly agreeing to the rate hikes because the insurance companies claim ‘huge losses’. Oklahoma, Arizona, Minnesota, and Tennessee will bear the largest brunt with less than a handful of states getting the 9% increase. Really?

Because that’s not what their posted financial statements indicate – at all.

United Healthcare: 2016 – Boasting an increase in revenues of 12% year over year, earnings growth of 19%, cash flow up 22%, stable medical trends, increased investment, and a 25% growth in dividends! Hardly a company in crisis mode needing to increase premiums upwards of 50%.

Aetna: While their results aren’t as spectacular as United, their year over year revenue increased 8%. They made the statement in the quarterly report that increases in membership thru their Government business accounted for the most growth. But their Balance Sheet showed an interesting change. Assets increased 32% including cash offset mainly by long term debt which is most likely connected to their takeover of Humana for $37 billion in cash and stock.

Does that mean that rate increases are actually designed to help insurance companies payoff debt due to merger and acquisitions? Or is it to relieve the burden that the Government has assumed under the Obamacare initiative to provide subsidies? In either case, the cost of health care is about to implode on people whose earnings have changed little to none to compensate for this enormous increase.

Blue Cross is characterized as a nonprofit and thus their financials reflect a relatively small year to year variance in accordance with their status per state law.

Kaiser also paints a rosy picture of their membership, revenues and future reporting year over year growth of a solid 15%.

United Healthcare’s CEO has a base salary, incentives, and stock options that has varied from $102 to $21 million depending on whether/or how much of his stock options he decides to exercise. So I would guess that he is hardly in ‘dire straits’ as a result of the ‘massive heathcare losses’…

Why doesn’t the Government care about the increases? Because it would seem to NOT apply to them. In a table that provides rates for government employees by state and by carrier, the rates for 2016 vs 2017 showed little to NO increase in premium cost – and in some cases showed a ‘reduction’ in premium cost. This would indicate that the individual coverage increases are now subsidizing government employees!

In Colorado, both Humana and United Healthcare are abandoning the individual marketplace next year and those having insurance will have to find a new carrier. In some counties across the US there are NO insurance companies offering healthcare under the exchange. For example – 400,000 individuals in southern Arizona will have no choice – no insurance. And entire states are reporting that only one healthcare carrier is now offering insurance creating a monopoly of pricing in which case by case costs can vary at the whim of the carrier.

It has become what it was designed to be – a complete, utter, failure so as to usher in a massive government one issuer plan nationwide as major carriers gobble up every smaller issuer. In the end – one will remain standing. And that one will become the government’s chosen program.

Given the government option has failed so miserably in the UK and Canada where mass exodus has people flying to India and Cuba to get treatments, it is preposterous to use those systems as an example for the US. France boasts healthcare for all, but a shortage of doctors is creating an implosion. Wait times for an MRI can be over a month and a CT scan 2 ½ months. They claim a shortage of equipment, and equipment failures have resulted in thousands of deaths. While the ‘public insurance’ services everyone, the wealthy tend to purchase private insurance which offers more comprehensive care, less wait times, and thus a chasm of ubers vs. everyone else is created.

Of course salaries vary widely in the medical field in the US vs UK and EU. Doctors and nurses in the UK earn less than half what their peers earn in the US, which translates into the cost for procedures as well. And while salaries are half, the cost of living in the UK is only about 13% lower than the US.

Does Socialized medicine work?

While the individuals have benefited from lower healthcare costs in France, whose system is ranked #1 in the world, it has come at a cost. Touting out of pocket healthcare costs as nearly nothing, the system has become over-burdened and operates at a deficit despite heavy revenue from taxes. As a result, France continues to cut jobs in their national hospitals which of course increases wait times, stress, quality and effectiveness.

And while the aging populations of Germany and France have been the main source of the burden, the idea that bringing in large swathes of young refugees to populate, procreate, and become an added source of revenue as they begin to fill jobs – was incredibly short sighted. Instead, they have brought in a host of diseases that were previously erradicated.

Mirroring that system in the US would require a massive overhaul of our tax system, massive income and sales tax increases, use tax increases, property tax increases, and a standard of living cut in half.

Middle class will become the new poverty as healthcare becomes the catalyst.

GOP Supporting Hillary – Why? $$$$$



News media would have us believe that the Arizona Republic, a newspaper owned by Gannett, is changing sides by endorsing Hillary. Sorry, but it ain’t so. Just because a paper claims to embrace Republican ideals, doesn’t mean it IS Republican.

Case in point: This is the same paper that released the names and addresses of all gun owners in two very prominent New York counties with the caption “Stark Raving Mad!”. OUCH! Hardly a Republican statement.

This is the same paper that has endorsed McCain – a well known Democrat in wolf’s clothing advocating for money, bombing everyone, and end of world attitudes.

So the announcement that a publication entitled Arizona Republic, is endorsing Hillary should be bereft of shock value completely. When asked about the release of gun owner names and addresses, the editor claimed the authority came from the top down – ie, President and CEO, Bob Dickey.

The current President/CEO came from TEGNA which is affiliated with NBC and CBS, both highly liberal motivated, mainstream media conglomerates. Therefore, the fact that they have decided to endorse Hillary is an obvious political blackmail that further maligns the entire mainstream media reputation and forces it and all it’s affiliates into the proverbial twalette.

Not news worthy.

And here’s a chuckle, DailyKos which is by far a mainstream soros funded, liberal media outlet has lent it’s opinion as to whether Gannett is liberal or conservative. Surprise! They have offered their apprisal that in fact Gannett is conservative – based on the fact that they own USA Today. USA Today is written at a fifth grade level of understanding, appealing to a fifth grade audience, and has zero or less than zero influence or respect as a journalistic media source.

Of course, all of this begs the question, ‘are their false wolves among the Republican Party’? Absolutely, a resounding YES! Just because a man or woman aligns a party does not mean they embrace ethics and values and honesty. It simply means, they have worked a PR agenda to win a seat so as to – make money. The notion that they actually have an affiliation, a patriotic bent, a For The People agenda is a joke.

And these are the same people who are sent to countries across the globe to make sure – they vote according to a fair, democratic, balanced system. HELLO?

This is NOT about parties, the parties no longer exist. Their only agenda is their own. This is about instigating anarchy within so as to destroy and implode by pitting brother against brother and son against daughter. That is the agenda. And we are watching it unfold before us – as planned.

Could it be that the Republicans who back Hillary do so because she supports the same corrupt regime that makes them wealthy? Could it be that Hillary isn’t actually pulling any strings, because according to the email leaks, all the players are pulling hers, including the media? Could it be that because the GOP is afraid that their vested $$$$ might be at risk with a Trump victory, and that the political game is about to implode, they are grasping at the proverbial straws of a Hillary puppet? And could it be that this is the stage that Soros created and exactly the outcome he fancies?

I think so.

Because, whether Hillarygate or Trump win, the result will most likely result in chaos. And while the chaos will be trumpeted to Trump, like the newest scandal eruption recorded by the Veritas Project, the blame will be lodged on Trump no matter the outcome. It is the same blame game that Obama likens to Russia, the same blame game that Merkel likens to Russia, while in reality their own policies are the catalyst, the cause, the game.

The murkiest, most disgusting agenda of the Democrats was found in the undercover year long video released by The Veritas Project which showed the true mindset. It is so disgusting, so convoluted, so abrasive, it has the dubious honor of being worse than thrid world countries. It is definitive illegal, it is definitive corrupt, and there is NO way that these videos can be ignored. As such heads and butts, and tails – are falling:

Americans United For Change headed by the smooth talker, loose lips, sinking ships, Scott Foval is roiling in the murky mire of using the mentally handicapped and homeless to instigate chaos at Trump rallies. Isn’t this called ‘inciting riot’ a criminal charge?

They are funded by, a well known Soros pitch organization as well as a number of labor unions. They are closely aligned with Obama, and apparently were instrumental in getting Obamacare passed. Which begs the question… why bother having politicians at all if they simply do the will of NGO’s? We can just elect an NGO…

Then there is Robert Creamer of Democracy Partners who was convicted of bank fraud to the tune of – $2.3million. Partners of his company include: 1) Christine Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi’s daughter) who claims to be a ‘bootcamp trainer’ in which she helps people learn the fine art of … fraud? 2) Joel Silberman, a former musician who was groomed by Norman Lear to use his talents to persuade people to be liberal. His grooming also included a stint with Media Matters – another Soros organization. He boasts that his talents for ‘training’ have been utilized by Senators, Congressmen, as well as Chairs for the Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and Asian Caucus as well as numerous ‘media puppets’ as well. 3) Joe Sandler – their in-house representative attorney who worked for Reigg and Young in DC before moving on to bigger stuff including His claim to fame according to his bio would be the ‘massive’ uprooting of the DNC and it’s complete reorganization into what it is today! 4) Ken Grossinger who’s primary function is to raise money and funnel it to other organizations such as; New Israel Funds, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, NextGen Climate, Democracy Alliance and more. 5) Mike Lux who has been featured by CNN, MSNBC, as well as a writer for the Huffington Post and Daily Kos, major liberal media supported by – Soros.

In the end, the most seemingly trivial of news is a political agenda.  Nothing is left unfettered, unvetted, unmanipulated.

Remember – a lie is only the beginning of a life of lies.

Christian Leaders Hypocrisy…vs Trump

Articles abound about GOP Leaders who don’t support Trump, and “top 10 Christian Leaders who don’t support Trump”. So I thought it might be worth while to investigate some of these ‘Religious Leaders’:

Russell Moore – President of Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. (What a convoluted title). A name befitting an NGO backed by Soros they are a prop of the UN. Igh. The ERLC is a lobby think tank – that advocates building of more mosques throughout the US, believes that immigration should be heralded, and is completely monitored and regulated by the United Nations as to what they believe, what they say, what they stand for, and what they say… As in ‘If you do not promote our agenda, then you are decimated.’

Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief of World Magazine (a Christian publication) – Mr. Olasky was born a Russian Jew who became an atheist and then a Marxist while in college where he joined the communist party. And yet, he has forgiven himself… but apparently no one else… awwww.

Max Lucado, Christian author – is a tremendous supporter of NIF, National Immigration Forum which promotes open borders, and massive immigration policies. It is funded by George Soros. He, like Geraldo, employed what they call the ‘decency test’ to make their determination of whether they could back Trump. Lucado determined that he would never allow Trump to date his daughters… therefore he did not support Trump… What?   What a bizarre notion. The problem? Decency has never been a prerequisite to being a president of the US. In fact, it would be hard pressed research to find – one. Kennedy? Bush? Clinton? Nixon? Johnson? Carter? Tell me one… just one.  Hello Max?  Are you Decent?

The list of never’s include; Matthew Anderson, Eric Teetsel, Owen Strachan, Alan Noble, Robert George, Erick Ericksen, and Denny Burke who each have a bit of controversy in their past and in their positions.   Many of these names we don’t even know… Denny Burke? C’mon. Robert George? I’m sorry, but they hardly represent the people given the people don’t even know who they are>

Most recently, John Piper entered the fray to call on both Trump and Clinton to step down from the presidential race.   Okay.  The problem? They won’t. The problem? This does not address the reality we are facing. It does not offer guidance to The People based on reality. It merely tosses a stick into the fray. And that does absolutely nothing for the predicament we face.

Did Piper call on Kennedy to resign after his numerous affairs? Or Bush for his affairs? Or Obama for his cocaine dealings? Where are the lines? The boundaries? Because they seem to have been created specifically for today and that just seems hypocritical.

The problem is that when religious leaders get too involved and vocal in politics, they risk looking just like the Entertainment industry Hollywooders. There own moral sin becomes the focus, and their credibility begins to sway in the muck and mire of hypocrisy.

Mark Driscol has mimicked the Hollywood cry by claiming that evangelicals who support Trump are fake Christians. As in Deplorables. He thus joins the ranks of Hollywood, Amy Schumer, and Clinton who name call and denounce, while at the same time claiming that it is Trump who is dividing the religious right. Excuse me!   Mark Driscol, my respect has wavered. Not because of Trump – because of you. The religious right divided itself long ago.  And your tempest of dialogue is beneath your Godly Leadership role.

What is being done by the Soros Open Society in our communities to create discord among citizens, police, blacks, military, FBI, Wall Street – has reached it’s tentacles into our religious leaders as well – dividing to conquer. And thus we are left trying to disseminate who to believe even from a religious point. And while Soros rejoices… we fight, become angry, cry, and wonder what the heck just happened!

The atheist Soros has had his hand in the division of faith for years working such groups as: Soujourners, Telos, New Evangelical Partnership, J Street, and Catholics In Alliance For The Common Good, to name a few. Soros has hijacked the church, twisted it into a vine of corruption and hypocrisy and spit out something more aligned with Hollywood.

Soujourners is a faith group organization that helped to promote Obamacare, back climate change agendas, embrace Islam as free, were instrumental in Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan, support a global agenda on morality and values, and fully support open immigration. Basically, they are a Lobbying organization. It is headed by Jim Wallis, a far left liberal, who is an active ally of George Soros – whose agenda is atheism. Do we not see the craziness in this?

Falling prey to the heightened media and perversity of this election, evangelicals that should remain on the side lines and preach their doctrine, have instead put their foot into the stream and gotten stuck in the mud as a result. As has been noted time and again; “we are not electing a pastor to be President.”

And while it surely would be nice to elect a moral, ethical, decent, President, (I am on board!)that is not what we are presented with this election, and unfortunately, that has not been the agenda of the last century or two or three – in elections. Lincoln was rumored to be gay. C’mon people! And maybe, just maybe this is our own fault and the consequence is our fate.

However, when the religious leaders jump into the fray, and create Hollywoodism animosity and discord, they might take a moment to look at their ‘log’, their ‘sin’, their eye, their slander, their righteousness, their judgment. Because it is very – unbecoming. And according to the Bible, Leaders will be judged by God for how they model with much more scrutiny than the masses.

Don’t get mad at me – get mad at those that created this.  I am just the carrier —