PROTESTS and RIOTS Organized by NED and Soros Open Society as Prelude to Marxist Revolution!

Where Are The Protests/Riots?

Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Hong Kong, France, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia, Egypt and Georgia.

While the MSM would have us believe there is absolutely no interconnection among these ‘random’ protests that initiate from some obscure rationale, the truth is they are wholly organized under one banner.

Various NGO’s integrate inside universities across the globe, conduct youth movement workshops, and train radicalism.   They promote a Socialist doctrine under the tenets of Marxism claiming that capitalism has destroyed economic equality and a ‘collective’ unity embracing communist ideals is the answer.

Once a protest has been established, they infiltrate the peaceful conduct and create chaos. In many countries the police are called to stand down. Human rights organizations condemn the use of any means to deter the violence because they are – students.

And as such, entire economies are crumpling as some governments are forced to initiate a coup against themselves in order to save their country from complete collapse. The Chilean President sacked his entire cabinet and rewrote the Constitution in order to restrain the violence.   Despite these actions, the revolutionaries continue their vent of destruction.

The bankers behind these riots?

Open Democracy, which is funded through Soros Open Society, Ford Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the National Endowment for Democracy.   Within these roots are a host of smaller NGO’s and media outlets; Green Bright, Project Syndicate, Al Jazeera, People and Planet, New Statesman and others.

Their slogan?   Economic Redistribution through Revolution. Their ideology? Socialist reform through Marxism.

The International Committee for the Fourth International, a world socialist organization, is advocating for their members to read and embrace Russia’s Bolshevik Revolution as a model for today. The enlightenment?   “Toward Workers Power and World Socialist Revolution”.

In Iraq, the protests began in October over low wages and unemployment and were led predominantly by young males. Since then, the protests have turned to riots, 320 people dead, over 15,000 wounded, and no end in sight as the rioters now demand a complete overthrow of the government – as in a coup. Initiated by the Sadrist Movement which is headed by Muqtada al-Sadr, the protestors have shut down roads, blocked 50% of the shipping operations, blocked oil fields, destroyed businesses, set fires, advocated looting – and the result? Over $6 billion in costs and rising. The President has agreed to fire the PM, hold new elections, and overhaul the system, in order to meet the demands of the protesters – yet they are not stopping.

Iran’s protests are largely by young males. So far 100 banks, numerous gas stations and 57 shops have been set on fire.   The driving reason? A hefty increase in gas prices. Only 17.8% of the people in Iran even own a car, rarely would that include young males, and the price of gas in Iran is the second lowest in the world next to Sudan. The price increase is a progressive one based on the amount of gas purchased per month and would put Iran’s cost on par with Iraq at its most expensive.

In Chile, student rebellions have cost businesses to lose $1.5 billion and destroyed public transportation at a cost of $400 million. The protests were initiated after the government proposed a fare hike of $.04 which represented a 3.3% increase. The protests were initially instigated by high school students who were exempt from paying the train fares.   So the hike actually had zero impact on them.

Today schools are shuttered, thousands have lost their livelihood, their homes, the wage, and buildings are defaced and torched.   Redistribution of wealth is now the primary objective and the President has fired his entire cabinet and a new Constitution has been written.   But the protests and the destruction continues unabated. In Santiago, rioters burned a church, hauled out artifacts and destroyed them in the streets.   But they are ‘students’ so the global call is to ‘stand down’.

And the UN condemns any attempt to quell the violence.

In Chile, The Social Unity Movement has been instrumental in organizing protests as well as various labor organizations. One such organization is Unitary Central of Workers, headed by Bárbara Figueroa, the daughter of union leaders and Communist militants, who has been in the forefront of organizing the riots.

Camila Vallejo and Karol Cariola, also members of the Communist Party, have been likened to Ocasio Cortez as they rise up against the government and right-leaning President Pinera.

The media is attempting to rewrite the truth claiming Chile has been run under a Dictatorship and the good-students are simply turning the country away from oppression toward democracy. In fact, the good-students are organizing a communist ideology within Marxism.

Hong Kong, Lebanon, etc…, the goal is the same, the means are the same, and the organizations behind these chaotic coups – are the same.

According to the Soros organization,, massive rallies are planned across the US the evening before the House floor votes to pass articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. Of course, that means – it is already decided that such a vote will occur.

Denver, Fort Collins, Houston, LA, Tucson, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, there are literally hundreds of locations (267 to be exact) that have already been established with hosts, affiliates, and specific locations. Signup sheets, mobilization, and tactics are in place.

Massive Anti-Trump Protests? Huh.

The “MASSIVE” protests in London have begun with Trump’s arrival.  Given the claims that no one in the UK likes Trump, it was anticipated that thousands would rally.  So far, the MASS has amounted to around 30.

The hysteria is only matched in DC where MASSIVE protests took place, according to the NY Times and Washington Post, to claim outrage at Trump’s proposed pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh.   Meanwhile media gaffs beat all gaffs once again as they proved their editorial negligence wherein they accidentally published their deplorable account of the new Supreme Court pick, only forgetting to fill in the XX’s with his name. Because the same article would have printed no matter who was chosen…

And while the Immigration protests planned by under the direction of Soros, were slated to bring in hundreds upon hundreds of thousands across over 160 cities, the turnout was piddlin.   Nashville thinks they may have had 1000.   While the media pictures were filled with individual signs, and individual profiles, few gave the impression of ‘massive’.   Photos were purposefully cropped to attempt to illustrate masses when in fact the count was more atune to 100’s.

In one picture on the media, it would appear the effervescent Trump blimp in London drew a remarkable crowd of perhaps ten.

The reason?

Because the coordinate efforts are trying to create an appearance of a distraught nation when in fact it just ain’t so.  The media read the same script, aired the same photos which in reality numbered less than a thousand protestors, and plugged the same agenda.  Fake news in all its glory.

If there is any distraught it is in the fact that impatience rules and The People wish he could do more faster!  Unfortunately, it is like pregnancy.  It took you 9 months to gain the weight, you won’t lose it in a day…no matter how much you ‘want’ to.  Because ‘want’ does not always align with ‘can’. which is at the forefront of many anti-Trump campaigns has released it’s updated list:

  1. Defend the Mueller investigation – Moveon is preparing to rally 900 protests and 350,000 participants should Mueller get fired.
  2. NRA and Gun Rights – Moveon is inciting black people and young people specifically to rise up, ruging action and a fight.
  3. Elections – instigating turmoil by diving into ‘special elections’ and endorsing progressive candidates.
  4. Oppose Trump’s March To War – apparently this is targeting Trump’s cabinet in pro-torture, anti-diplomacy, anti- Muslim, anti-LGBT, and climate change.Of course, Trump’s cabinet have not instigated anything in this regard with the exception of dropping out of the funny failure of the Paris Climate Accord that has done – absolutely Nothing.
  5. Immigration – apparently there were no deported immigrants prior to Trump, they somehow never existed except that Obama has the dubious honor of deporting more immigrants than any other president – ever!Problem is – they all came back.
  6. Say No to Sinclair Merger – weird one, born of Liberal fear of losing their monopoly on the media?

These are the fights that will take the media by storm in the coming months as they are fed the propaganda to engorge on an unsuspecting populace.

Of course the Liberal focus for the present will be on Brett Kavanaugh, peeling him apart, shred by shred, until they are dancing the streets at their tolerance, peace, and love for thy neighbor.

Charlottesville – Under Seige

Virginia is the new California, burgeoning with Liberal agenda’s ideals’ and blame. Today we witnessed the outcome of a minority group attempting to hold a protest and once again chaos became the result with one dead and many more injured. The mayor has called for a state of emergency and is vocally blaming Trump for the divisive attitudes that have swept the US – for 10 years.   The problem with this blame is that most of the protests have been organized by left wing groups to demonize Trump. And Hollywood has spouted the greatest venom of any industry anywhere anytime…

While many protests begin with ordinary people on both sides, soon the anarchists, the rebels and the destructive ones are bussed in and as is the agenda, all Hell breaks loose.

We’ve been hearing this for a decade. We’ve watched as riots ensued. Property was set ablaze. And destruction was rampant. We see it not just in the US, but across Germany and much of Europe. It is organized. But not necessarily in the vein that is promoted.

Race riots became a mainstay during the Obama administration, fueled by highly efficient, wealthy organizations who train and counsel their rioters on how best to act, and instigate.

One of the more prominent organizations is which advocates for Impeachment, call for action, and rallies organizers to fight.

Charlottesville moayor, Mike Signor, worked with Podesta, campaigned for Hillary and Obama, and was a senior advisor for The Center For American Progress. The CFAP is a Soros funded front that coincidentally operates two sister organizations; Generation Progress and The Center for American Progress Action Fund.

Both these groups specifically target students within progressive political and social policies by promoting – activism. Generation Progress utilizes student training to boost propaganda throughout universities and colleges across the US. Currently led by David Halprin, a former speechwriter for Billy C., they have also worked with Elizabeth Warren, Ralph Nader, Samantha Power, Tammy Baldwin, Obama, Pelosi, Daschle, and more.

Backed by The League of Women Voters and Rock The Vote, it is fair to say that what these organizations reflect and lobby are not completely within what their original form implies. They have stretched their tentacles into streams that have nothing to do with their stated purpose of voting, including the promotion of healthcare, Medicaid, Abortion, and opposing the Keystone Pipeline.

Ultimately, the concept of these divisive riots is to create a Revolution. Not unlike what has historically been stirred in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Libya, and more, these Revolutions culminate in a coup whereby military order reins.

Coincidentally, Soros predicted riots, police state, and class war in America. Predictions don’t need a crystal ball when the predictor is the predicator.   And so, the trap is preying on innocent people tossing in a Molotov cocktail of trained instigators and terrorists, and voila – we have a riot.

The true instigators disappear into the shadows and await instructions while the innocent don’t know what just happened.

Unfortunately, often times, the youth are the easiest to sway given they haven’t been taught objective History and instead think that Communism is the government taking care of everyone so they don’t have to lift a finger… Of course, the cocktail of drugs that Big Pharma readily doles out Adderall, Ritalin, Opioids, and Ecstasy, certainly dull the intellectual capability of these students actually forming knowledgeable conclusions based on evidence instead of false witnesses, anonymous witnesses, and writings that don’t exist…

And so, we can assume that the chaos that struck Charlottesville was bolstered by elite gendarmes bussed in for that very purpose. Mission Accomplished…

GOP Supporting Hillary – Why? $$$$$



News media would have us believe that the Arizona Republic, a newspaper owned by Gannett, is changing sides by endorsing Hillary. Sorry, but it ain’t so. Just because a paper claims to embrace Republican ideals, doesn’t mean it IS Republican.

Case in point: This is the same paper that released the names and addresses of all gun owners in two very prominent New York counties with the caption “Stark Raving Mad!”. OUCH! Hardly a Republican statement.

This is the same paper that has endorsed McCain – a well known Democrat in wolf’s clothing advocating for money, bombing everyone, and end of world attitudes.

So the announcement that a publication entitled Arizona Republic, is endorsing Hillary should be bereft of shock value completely. When asked about the release of gun owner names and addresses, the editor claimed the authority came from the top down – ie, President and CEO, Bob Dickey.

The current President/CEO came from TEGNA which is affiliated with NBC and CBS, both highly liberal motivated, mainstream media conglomerates. Therefore, the fact that they have decided to endorse Hillary is an obvious political blackmail that further maligns the entire mainstream media reputation and forces it and all it’s affiliates into the proverbial twalette.

Not news worthy.

And here’s a chuckle, DailyKos which is by far a mainstream soros funded, liberal media outlet has lent it’s opinion as to whether Gannett is liberal or conservative. Surprise! They have offered their apprisal that in fact Gannett is conservative – based on the fact that they own USA Today. USA Today is written at a fifth grade level of understanding, appealing to a fifth grade audience, and has zero or less than zero influence or respect as a journalistic media source.

Of course, all of this begs the question, ‘are their false wolves among the Republican Party’? Absolutely, a resounding YES! Just because a man or woman aligns a party does not mean they embrace ethics and values and honesty. It simply means, they have worked a PR agenda to win a seat so as to – make money. The notion that they actually have an affiliation, a patriotic bent, a For The People agenda is a joke.

And these are the same people who are sent to countries across the globe to make sure – they vote according to a fair, democratic, balanced system. HELLO?

This is NOT about parties, the parties no longer exist. Their only agenda is their own. This is about instigating anarchy within so as to destroy and implode by pitting brother against brother and son against daughter. That is the agenda. And we are watching it unfold before us – as planned.

Could it be that the Republicans who back Hillary do so because she supports the same corrupt regime that makes them wealthy? Could it be that Hillary isn’t actually pulling any strings, because according to the email leaks, all the players are pulling hers, including the media? Could it be that because the GOP is afraid that their vested $$$$ might be at risk with a Trump victory, and that the political game is about to implode, they are grasping at the proverbial straws of a Hillary puppet? And could it be that this is the stage that Soros created and exactly the outcome he fancies?

I think so.

Because, whether Hillarygate or Trump win, the result will most likely result in chaos. And while the chaos will be trumpeted to Trump, like the newest scandal eruption recorded by the Veritas Project, the blame will be lodged on Trump no matter the outcome. It is the same blame game that Obama likens to Russia, the same blame game that Merkel likens to Russia, while in reality their own policies are the catalyst, the cause, the game.

The murkiest, most disgusting agenda of the Democrats was found in the undercover year long video released by The Veritas Project which showed the true mindset. It is so disgusting, so convoluted, so abrasive, it has the dubious honor of being worse than thrid world countries. It is definitive illegal, it is definitive corrupt, and there is NO way that these videos can be ignored. As such heads and butts, and tails – are falling:

Americans United For Change headed by the smooth talker, loose lips, sinking ships, Scott Foval is roiling in the murky mire of using the mentally handicapped and homeless to instigate chaos at Trump rallies. Isn’t this called ‘inciting riot’ a criminal charge?

They are funded by, a well known Soros pitch organization as well as a number of labor unions. They are closely aligned with Obama, and apparently were instrumental in getting Obamacare passed. Which begs the question… why bother having politicians at all if they simply do the will of NGO’s? We can just elect an NGO…

Then there is Robert Creamer of Democracy Partners who was convicted of bank fraud to the tune of – $2.3million. Partners of his company include: 1) Christine Pelosi (Nancy Pelosi’s daughter) who claims to be a ‘bootcamp trainer’ in which she helps people learn the fine art of … fraud? 2) Joel Silberman, a former musician who was groomed by Norman Lear to use his talents to persuade people to be liberal. His grooming also included a stint with Media Matters – another Soros organization. He boasts that his talents for ‘training’ have been utilized by Senators, Congressmen, as well as Chairs for the Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and Asian Caucus as well as numerous ‘media puppets’ as well. 3) Joe Sandler – their in-house representative attorney who worked for Reigg and Young in DC before moving on to bigger stuff including His claim to fame according to his bio would be the ‘massive’ uprooting of the DNC and it’s complete reorganization into what it is today! 4) Ken Grossinger who’s primary function is to raise money and funnel it to other organizations such as; New Israel Funds, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, NextGen Climate, Democracy Alliance and more. 5) Mike Lux who has been featured by CNN, MSNBC, as well as a writer for the Huffington Post and Daily Kos, major liberal media supported by – Soros.

In the end, the most seemingly trivial of news is a political agenda.  Nothing is left unfettered, unvetted, unmanipulated.

Remember – a lie is only the beginning of a life of lies.

VOTER Shaming -Manipulating Minds

Mort Zuckerman of the New York Daily News Tabloid has announced that anyone who votes for Trump is a clueless, brainless zombie. Attacking voters is becoming the mainstay of Hillary’s campaign. An interesting way – indeed…

Zuckerman is a Hillary fan and runs a ‘tabloid’, so I guess that pretty much sums up his identity.

Madelaine Albright has announced that, “there is a special place in Hell for those women who do not vote for Hillary”! Ouch! Again, attack the voters? Belittle the voters? Condemn them to an eternity in Hell?

I don’t think those kind of attacks are going to muster support for our esteemed Hillary and might actually have the reverse effect – as in narcissistic overload.

While attacks are the mainstay of politics with Republicans attacking each other, name calling, whipping up frenzied rhetoric, refocusing on their alternate party candidate, etc… attacking the voters is most definitely a new agenda that the Hillary’s have captured and patented.

Gloria Steinem added to the obtuse tactic by attempting to shame women who were voting for Sanders just to get the ‘boys’ to notice them.

While both Cruz and Rubio have been implicated in voter shaming by purportedly sending out mailers to individuals and calling out their voting record and publicizing their neighbor’s voting history, the tactic is considerably different. It is encouraging voters to vote – as opposed to damning them to Hell and calling them names. While Rubio’s and Cruz’s ethics have been challenged by this, Hillary’s are for some reason acceptable.

Voter shaming report cards were routinely used by the Democrats in 2012. In fact, Democrats have the dubious honor of creating the tactic. (a Soros organization) discovered that the letter shaming tactic motivated people who wanted to fit in and do the right thing. As a result they saw it worked famously and may have been instrumental in killing Romney’s presidential run. An interesting note is that the mailers specifically targeted ‘Progressives’, as in Hillary is a “Progressive Democrat” – a label she still cannot define.

The shaming letter is rooted in the concept that people are sheep and follow whatever the Jones’ do, say and act. While the impact isn’t just to vote, the strategy is to create an awareness of a particular candidate in an otherwise unaware person. It presumes the person’s head is empty and therefore can be filled with the ideologies of the letter creator. And while the tactic may be good in that it derives results, we suddenly find that it’s creator, the Democrats, are crying foul!  Launching attack ads, media views, and headlines against the letter shaming is so incredibly hypocritical it is comical.

Given their tactic has been hijacked, the Dems are now resorting to inflaming libelous tactics. Zuckerman, Albright and Steinem have taken the concept to the extreme, calling voters names, condemning them to Hell, etc… That’s a lot more personal. It is offensive! And it imposes on the attacker a rather cynical and dubious nature that creates more than a cringe effect, instead it creates a reaction of anger. The motivation is to make voters feel so badly about themselves and so afraid they are stupid, they will hide and not vote at all for fear of being labeled a scurrilous zombie.

In psychology, what happens when a person is being shamed and mocked?

They and their friends and supporters dig their heels in that much more resolutely! They become united. It creates a protectionist behavior toward the person being shamed, and a revilement toward the shamer.  The effect, the shamed gets more attention and the shamer is vilified.  When politicians shame each other, while we may cringe and hate it, they are all on board and so to some extent we have to accept it.  It is different.

But as voters, we do NOT have to accept shaming! A united front is much more powerful than one rooted in fear!