A COUP of The Vatican: Via NSA?

The Gateway Pundit has released an article which claims that a retired Italian General has stated that in 2005 a high ranking NSA official was bragging about how the US government would force Pope Benedict to resign.  

Between 2005 and 2014, Lt General Keith Alexander served as the Director for the NSA.   Appointed by Bush, he remained during the Obama administration and retired amidst the revelations brought by Edward Snowden. Alexander stated that Snowden was a spy for the Russian government.   Alexander was quoted on multiple occasions denying that the US/NSA was spying on American citizens.

Shortly after resigning, Alexander formed a private cybersecurity firm = IronNet. IronNet expanded quite quickly and by 2015, 1 1/2 years later, it had five offices.   Board of Directors include former NSA Director Mike McConnell, former Chief of Staff US Army, Jack Keane, and Managing Partner at Perkins Kleiner, Ted Schlein.

It’s initial funding, $32.5 million, came from Trident Capital Cybersecurity and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers. Kleiner Perkins has just 3 offices, 2 in California and a third in China.   Key partners and advisors to Kleiner Perkins include: Colin Powell, Al Gore, John Doerr, and Brook Byers.  If they work from China, they could essentially create a back door cyber hack in the US and claim it’s source as China…  Which is exactly what McAffee claimed!

John Doerr, is Chairman of IronNet – he served on Obama’s Economic Advisory Board. He was also an instrumental backer/financer of Google, Amazon Sun Microsystems, Intuit and – Twitter.   Working with NSA and the CIA, it is likely this relationship that created the now Whistleblowing Twitter File Releases.    A Staunch democrat, in 2022 Alexander gave Stanford $1.1 billion to create the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability. It opened September fully staffed with professors from the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. Their projects concentrate in Africa and Haiti.

When the Pope is compromised, the entire Catholic Faith system is hacked.   Pope Benedict gave as an excuse for his early retirement in 2012 as ‘health issues’.   As we know, he died ten years later…. Pope Francis was ‘installed’ and essentially The Vatican was thus the subject of a COUP.    


The Church is a global entity.   It’s power is magnified immensely.   Control of the Vatican gave The Cult control over god – in their view.   Small ‘g’.   Because the god they then cultivated was Satan and his minions.   A Host of new churches were created across the globe with financing from The Cult.

This web of false teaching churches spread exponentially all with the blessing of – Pope Francis.   They altered Doctrine – and created a culture of liberalized immigration, climate change, and sustainability. All wrapped in a neat package secured with corporate ‘tithing’. The purpose was/is to dilute the church, and thus the power of religion under God.

According to statements made by Archbishop Negri, a close friend of Pope Benedict, there was “tremendous pressure” put on Benedict to resign from Obama and Hillary Clinton. A 2017 article published in The Remnant, a Catholic newspaper reads as follows:

We were alarmed to discover that, during the third year of the first term of the Obama administration your previous opponent, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other government officials with whom she associated, proposed a Catholic “revolution” in which the final demise of what was left of the Catholic Church in America would be realized. Approximately a year after this e-mail discussion, which was never intended to be made public, we find that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated under highly unusual circumstances and was replaced by a pope whose apparent mission is to provide a spiritual component to the radical ideological agenda of the international left. The Pontificate of Pope Francis has subsequently called into question its own legitimacy on a multitude of occasions.

Snowden only released a small portion of the data he became privy to throughout his time at the CIA and NSA via Booz Allen.   While Snowden was routinely labeled a traitor worthy of death – those sentiments seem to have originated from the White House of Obama and Clinton.   And the media dutifully complied with their handlers to create Snowden – The Initiator of Treason.

One of the NSA activities exposed by Snowden was their surveillance of ‘sexual activity’ – such as pedophilia or sleeping with the enemy…   which could be used as blackmail.   In essence the ‘blackmail’ that NSA claims now is from China and Russia… A Spoof.

The Circle of Deception is far greater than we can even imagine.   While Klaus Schwab has declared pedophilia is nature’s gift to man, he implores nations to legalize this criminal perversion.   But if America were to do so – the blackmail would lose it’s power over Congress.

And yet, The Vatican of Pope Francis is rife with pedophilia – and little is done to punish those predators.   With the process being the demise of The Church altogether, the control/blackmail of Congress, the cowardice of these individuals is repugnant!   Perhaps Snowden would be so kind to release another batch of Files…?

The Protocols of the Communist Manifesto For Deliverance of the Western Empire

American Thinker blogger was writing about a Twitter account that was denigrating Capitalist Christians for not addressing homelessness.   While the author of the blog pointed out the obvious hypocrisies;   the denigrator claimed to be a Christian, claimed his Christian beliefs are better than capitalist Christians, all while diligently promoting the sale of his book for capitalist means.   He regales himself as superior to all other idiot Christians = a very immature man deluded by his own greed.  The writer was highlighted by Sojourner, Christianity Today, Red Letter Christians and Religion News Service.

Sojourner: created as a ‘movement’ and designed to attract young people, its sources of revenue include: Soros, Ford foundation, Tides Foundation, Wallace Global Fund, and Streisand Foundation.  Their design is to replace traditional Christianity with a New World model likely choreographed by the WEF.   Inclusivity, sustainability,  equity, wealth redistribution, and empowering women feminists would be their target goal.

Founded in mid seventies by self proclaimed ‘Reverend Wallis’ – the entire purpose of this nonChristian anti-God organization is once again – political activism.   Promoting their convoluted nonBiblical opinions advocating for sustainable Development, Green everything, and abortion – they specifically target YOUTH.   The Hitler model.

Red Letter Christians: founded by Wallis and Campolo, the organization declares itself to be a progressive far left liberal agenda of ‘activism’.   Campolo was Bill Clinton’s ‘spiritual advisor’, and Wallis was Obama’s ‘spiritual advisor’.   They hold protests against Trump, promote abortions, promote The Green Deal, climate change, and give speeches at Davos TED talks.   Neither of the founders are church leaders, pastors or ministers, they simply declare they are theologians while working primarily as political activists…

Cutting to the chaise, the purpose is to divide Christians by claiming their socialist activism is Biblical while reeling in massive capitalist profits.   The Wallace Global Fund donated $27+million in grants an/or contributions on investment income of $11million per their last 990 in 2020, while sitting on assets of over $135million.  Those contributions are actually circular payments to Tides Foundation, Rockefeller Advisers, Brennan Foundation, New Venture Fund – an offshoot of the MacArthur foundation, Neo Philanthropy Fund – also a MacArthur offshoot, and a hodge-podge of other movements.

Once again the circular money laundering schematic used by these fake charities is all about ‘tax-free’ investments.  For the advancement of personal wealth.

The guise on the unsuspecting youth is that they are groomed into believing they are doing something of value.   Whether it be mitigating pollution, or cleaning our environment, the Cultists prey on the idealism that is inherent in most young people (I was such a person!).   This is a type of ‘grooming’ because ultimately, many of these organizations actually do little to nothing.  b They advance websites, promotions, causes, while expending their donations on wages, pensions, and lavish events.  Their preys, young people who volunteer their time, are worked under catastrophic authoritarianism and just want to make a difference.

They are easily malleable – like clay.  While the media portrays this entire generation as the misfits and antagonistic anarchists destroying our cities.  “Most” of whom are unemployed blacks.

In the realm of the WEF and its cult, Christianity is considered a problem.   The values and morays are viewed as extreme when attempting to eliminate what has been our rock.   The chaos in cities is the result of social engineering or the polar extremes of Christianity – perhaps so as to proffer a peace accord.   (Like the Ukraine Peace Deal offered Putin – a bizarrely ridiculous EFF-U!)     The CULT will agree to rein in the extreme civil disobedience and sexual manifestations, and in turn Pan Christianity will be adopted.

In the conversion of western nations to Communism, the Protocols are clearly defined:   control education, healthcare, media, food supply, military, and money while abolishing religion.   Of those, abolishing religion has proven our stronghold.   So they devised a different approach – replace traditional religions with irreverent institutions disguised as churches.

Education fell to the hybrids, polluting minds and reveling in a downward shift of IQ’s.

Healthcare became Obama’s brainchild.  Dubbed Affordable – rates immediately rose exponentially!   Since its advent insurance rates have tripled, deductibles have risen 1500%, and the cost for care has risen 500%.  Affordable?  Nah.  But that was The Point.

We are being told our food supply will diminish massively in 2023, our military is so perverse our soldiers are now recruited from mental institutions, and our media has been revealed to be co-opted by the FBI, NSA, and CIA.   Money will be replaced by social credit grades – and religion is in a downward spiral of pedophilia, fraud, greed, and authoritarianism.

Pope Francis was said to be a construct of Hillary Clinton. A Jesuit, Francis altered Biblical tradition, cavorted with nuns, gave little to Charity, gave sacrament to those favoring abortion, and lived a life of greed, wealth, and consumption.   While ‘crowned’ Pope after the surprising resignation of Pope Benedict due to health concerns that seem to have manifested 10 years later, Francis is Deep State.

The construct of The Sojourners was built on the same premise as The Pope;   ridding the west of evangelical religion was highly improbable, however, replacing evangelicals with a syrupy version built on false teachings and mega-churches was possible. And the stronghold of the church began to fade. Albeit with the help of media propaganda and radicalization of Youth.

We are to blame.   We have been warned for over a century.   The Protocols of Zion are the Communist Manifesto.   McCarthy.   JFK.   Bobby Kennedy.   Hawaii Senator Inouye, etc… saw inside the US Capitol and warned The People.   Soros used election fraud to insert communist judges, councilmen and women, DA’s, teachers, superintendents, Hospital Directors, and our heads of Military, and all intelligence agencies.   The backbones of government –

In essence, Pope Francis was instituted via ‘election fraud’.   And now we suddenly awaken to an alternate world while blaming everyone – but ourselves. As soon as we come off the High Horse of arrogance, then and only then can we fight this COUP.   But there is a caveat.   We won’t Win unless we embrace and humble ourselves to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.   

Because – just as the Fall of the Roman Empire was outside of God’s Grace, our Fall will be too, without the sword of God to slay Satan.

UKRAINE: JESUIT Priests in Ukraine Aligned with Neo-Nazi’s

Was Stalin a Jesuit?   Over the period of late 1890’s until the assassination of Tzar NicHolas II and his entire family, the Russian Orthodox Church had gone thru many upheavals.   The Jesuits of Ukraine and Poland which were a part of the Russian Empire were an order of the Catholic Church which ruled the papal states.   Jesuits were considered equal to if not superior to Kings.  

Since the creation OF THE JESUIT ORDER in 1560’s, The Jesuits expanded their realm across Europe, South America, China, Russia, the US and Canada.  Claiming art and ‘human emotion’ were part of their theocratic teaching, their literal wealth blossomed and expanded exponentially.  Today the Vatican is the result of that hording.

Stalin attended a seminary in what is now Ukraine.   That seminary is central in today’s Jesuit rule in Ukraine.   The argument that Stalin attended a Catholic seminary is absurd given Jesuits are an Order of the Catholic Church with significant Jesuit influence particularly in – Ukraine.

The Jesuits have been the main conduit for immigrants looking for assistance in coming to the US.   Aligned with Soros, their construct in the 1560’s has little resemblance to their current actions and ideologies.  Heavily engaging in politics, The Jesuits are more in step with socialist communism than capitalism.   Fracturing the Catholic Church.

Despite the Order being suppressed and banned at various times throughout history, their resurgence seems a convenience for The New World Order.   Each ban was a result of their political influence and power vacuum that was deemed a threat to monarchy’s and democracy’s.

As their numbers and power faltered, their greed for money and power did not.   Seeing their potential as a far left ally, The Soros CULT groomed them into his fray as ‘false Catholics’ who could confuse the concordant of chaos with ‘goodwill’..   

Although Ignation Rule forbade a Jesuit from taking the high order of the Pope, Jorge Mario, Bergoglio, Pope France, reigns.   Not coincidentally, his views align with US Democrats, Communist China, and ‘progressivism’.

When Pope Benedict XVI resigned quite suddenly, Bergoglio was not even on the list of a dozen or so successors.   Yet oddly, votes were changed, alignments altered, and suddenly his name is pushed from nowhere to the head of the line.  In every matter, Francis was considered lacking.  Maybe they used Dominion Machines?

It is thru this Jesuit/Secular alignment that Pope Francis gives lengthy leniency to the Roman Catholic Biden, Pelosi, and Cuomo allowing them a Holy pass regarding abortion, gender identity, and other rabid inconsistencies within the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis mentored with Stefan Czmil, a Ukrainian Bishop born in Lvyv.   The Society of Jesus in Ukraine is part of the Southern Poland Province and is present in Lviv, Kiev, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi.

Recently, a Jesuit Priest in Chernivtsi gave a funeral for his revered comrades – the WWII Nazi’s who decimated Poland and Ukraine.

During WWII, the Catholic Church was brutally criticized for their lack of response to the rise of the Nazi’s and their subjugation and ultimate murder of millions of Jews.   Despite declarations of massive genocide committed against the Jews in Poland and Ukraine, Pope Pius XII drafted an accord agreement between The Church and Hitler.

It is common history that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church collaborated with and revered the Nazi’s of WWII.   Which is why the various Nazi adjuncts operating within Ukraine under the auspices of the government are also the warriors supporting the Orthodox Church.

Pope Francis traveled to Ukraine six months ago to honor those soldiers killed in Ukraine fighting the Russians.  Included in the Pope’s acknowledgement were remarks praising the Neo-Nazi Azov Batallion.

In his homeland of Argentina, Jesuit Archbishop Bergoglio was criticized for not just ignoring the genocidal implications of the “Dirty War”, there were accounts he aided and abetted.    The church hierarchy, Bergoglio,  preached that “those who promoted liberation theology  (working with the have-nots and poor) were communist infiltrators. There are documented cases of priests attending torture sessions in the junta’s prisons.   Six lay Catholics were kicked out of the Jesuit Order by Bergoglio for working with the poor.  They were kidnapped by the junta, tortured for months and ‘disappeared’.   Bergoglio’s teachers claimed their names were given to the junta by Bergoglio.

He was a coward.   He aided against his own people with a military junta of torture and death squads.

And thereafter he was pontificated with the financial assistance of the Order.  Given he became a subject of the Soros infidals, the hard left Democrats in the US are said to have initiated his rise as Holy See.

Jesuit Media publications include America, America Today, and America Media.

The alliance of Secular Jewish Zelenskyy with secular Jewish Soros, with Neo Nazi Azov, and with the Jesuit Order is simply another schematic conceived by the Cabalist Cult of Global Order – within the auspices that the Catholic Church and all its adherents in alignment.   It is a deception of Great Order that must be unraveled before  a war pits Catholics with Nazi’s and Communists against everyone else.  


Propaganda Ideology vs Creative Intellectualism; Manipulating our Minds

IT is Sunday.

As I scrolled through some FB posts I lingered on a few; one was a remembrance for a woman, her husband and their dog who all died separately within the span of six months. The woman was a local politician well loved and respected.   My curiosity took me down a dark path as I googled her name and there were literally pages of articles all spewing the same bent:   She was unvaxxed and deserved to die!   The vitriol was astounding.   Literally thousands of posts/comments the vast majority – ‘let her rot in Hell’.

I then googled an acquaintance of mine, Bill Sardi who died this past February.   Thousands of people responded, not with heartfelt grief and encouragement, but with something beyond ‘hate’.   Something so vile it could not possibly emit from a human soul.

And all I could think was that these people couldn’t possibly be human – they must be another species…

These responses were not boxed within black and white they were simply men and women of all shapes and sizes and colors and religions who felt the need to demonize a dead person whose only crime was ‘unvaxxed’.   That word became their entire moral and ethical character.

I then read another FB post in which a man said he didn’t ‘understand’ the attraction between gay peoples.   And the first thing that came to mind was the fact that 99% of men will declare they don’t understand – women.

Do we need to ‘understand’ everything?   Does understanding equate to acceptance?   IF that were the case, then relationships between men and women would not exist!   So the short answer is – NO. But the long implications are that understanding can be ‘cherry-picked’.

Surely, those who are Christians would never behave in this rabid manner!

But they do.   Churches continually focus on the sin of homosexuality – yet statistically 65% of their congregation indulges in porn. So what is the point?   Division.   Another form of propaganda.

God doesn’t use propaganda – churches do. The media does. Politicians do. And even ourselves – we do.

People used to just be people. There were good cops and bad cops. Good neighbors and bad neighbors.   Good politicians….   Oh never mind!   But in that – we didn’t understand why – but we accepted this as a logical event of earth.   Understanding does not make one an intellectual.   And intellectualism does not create understanding.

The behavioral manipulation of minds has been a part of society since its inception. Some of our favorite authors in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were actually Marxists.   But we didn’t know.   We read with enthusiasm.

*The Suffragists were socialists, union labor adherents.   Some were communists, some were anarchists and some were Marxists. But today we bow and scrape to their commitment to feminism – because they gave women the right to vote.

*Bertrand Russell was a self proclaimed Marxist.   At the time it was called ‘progressive intellectualism’. The same term used by Hillary to describe herself.

*George Orwell who wrote 1984 was a Socialist with Marxist ideologies. Yet we quote his book now as intellectual genius in reference to what our government has become.

There are many others including; Ibsen, Sartre, Tolstoy, Brecht, Hemingway, etc…

The propagandists have altered history to reflect contrasting realities.   Just as they are doing today – and we cherry-pick our propaganda – believing some and trashing others.   But when we take that ‘side’ and begin being the source of the vitriol, we have truly lost our Holy Spirit.   While we are all sinners, being unvaxxed is NOT a sin.   It is NOT a morality.

The seven deadly sins are: lust, gluttony, pride, greed, laziness and wrath.   Perhaps churches should be more focused on these and less on division and understanding of differences.

God Bless you all – may He shield you in His armour from the propaganda a and vitriol that has consumed society.

Evangelical Pastors Aligned With WEF & UN WOLVES – Tell Republicans – Don’t VOTE!

American Thinker posted an article today in which the author is asking specifically where are all the Pastors?   Why are they silent amidst the storms?   Why are they not fighting against this conversion to a Communist America?   Why is their ONLY indictment – of Trump.   Without denouncing the abortion propaganda, and the communist delusion of utopia, Pastors have been silent.   WHY?

Just in time for the Midterms, two Pastors have come out of the proverbial woodwork to taut their new book, Truth Over Tribe.   Obviously they want to promote the book to make money, but even more deceiving is they are promoting NOT VOTING!   Because we need to let the elections be in the hands of God only.  A Manipulation.  The concept is that the elections will be decided by God.   And we are instead making former President Trump an idol. Therefore – these self proclaimed morality police are encouraging the political statement of disinvolvement.

Pastor Keith Simon and Pastor Patrick Miller both began their ‘careers’ with Cru. Historically, it bears mentioning that Cru, of Crusades for Christ, was formed to combat Communism following WWII.   Cru ultimately grew into a more Universalist Movement embracing diversity and inclusion ideologies espoused by the World Economic Forum.   They are now an affiliate of the World Evangelical Alliance embracing Pope Francis, Salvation Army, Associates in China, and various media outlets.   Other affiliates include The Sojourners.  

Sojourners CEO Wallis was a member of Obama’s Advisory Council and work in conjunction with the sustainability agenda to radicalize Christian evangelicals into a TRIBE.   That tribe would be the globalist WEF.

These two Pastors would prefer we embrace the transformation of Socialist America into a full fledged communist regime.   And as we realize a potential veering away from the abortionists, they are encouraging voters to NOT VOTE.

Apparently, Simon and Miller do not know the parable of the tenants.  God does not tell his Children to sit quietly subdued and do nothing with what wealth He has endowed upon them.   He does not say to bury tenants and your head – in the sand.   By advising Christians to NOT vote these Pastors are declaring their embrace of Communism.

The Crossing Church which was founded by Pastors Simon and Miller does not publish any information about their finances which is required for all 501©(3)’s by IRS code.  A Red Flag turned Blue.

MUCH MORE TROUBLING:    The World Evangelical Alliance is an alliance organization of the UN.   They claim to be a religious voice of the UN with a team of experts including: Dr. Janet Buckingham whose degree is in law.   Gaeton Roy who leads the Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development.  No one on the team is a Pastor or Minister.  But they are aligned with Klaus Schwab.

The UN has hijacked Christian Evangelicals in a fray of NGO’s that ultimately are in alliance with the UN and WEF.

Pastor Miller’s Twitter bio claims bylines in Newsweek, a far left liberal magazine, and Christian Today Magazine which has recently been denounced by Billy Graham as having become a voice of progressive liberalism.     Using their power to attempt to defray the Red VOTES in the upcoming election using Biblical phraseology and Biblical quotes they are the LIARS.

They Are The Wolves.

In the 2020 election cycle it was John Piper who advocated for the same anti-voter turnout because in his esteemed opinion Trump was not moral enough.   As a result Piper used his power as a Pastor to tell his followers and congregation to STAY HOME – do not vote.

The result of these denouncements have given us a government that approves of abortion up until and after birth.   Massive division and hate among polar extremes. And the advancement of a society that embraces communist ideals. All in the name of morality.   A morality that will destroy the very foundation of ALL Christian churches.

When Pastors Miller and Simon tell you to trade in your Tribal Elephant vote for Truth – they are advising you to denounce God’s Word.   They are doing so to sell books, to make money, and to promote a false religion aligned with Progressive Liberalism – so as to sway the Wave Of Red – TO BLUE…


The Great Apostasy: Children of God vs Children of Satan

Today I was digitally introduced to an amazing writer, blogger, warrior whose ability to convey a Biblical understanding into our everyday world was incredibly compelling! His messages take us back to a beginning, albeit not necessarily ‘the’ beginning, of our Communist shroud that now threatens to encapsulate nearly every country.   Having shrugged off its communist Bolsheviks, the New Russia warns us of the impending doom Communism will wreak.

Mark Mallett is a believer who writes and laments that we are facing our final confrontation between the children of God and the children of Satan.   A Roman Catholic, I think for a moment we should throw away our Babel judgment and simply listen as all of those who believe in God irregardless of associated religion.

“The Great Apostasy” is at the forefront of Mark’s blogging with elders and priests and bishops and cardinals ministers and pastors pointing fingers and opposing each other.   Just as people inside and outside are doing as we speak.   All foretold within the writings of The Word – the Bible.

Friends are no longer, marriages are in crisis, politicians are liquid in their tall tales of lies and deceit.   Countries at war, the threat of WWIII and nuclear devastation is upon us as our justice system has collapsed and chaos reigns across every major city.   One thing is certain, the destruction of the Church was paramount in the plan. Why? Because there was unity – and in unity there is God.

Mr. Mallett has a deft way with words invoking the schism that is our final battle.   While there are those who believe that the inevitable means we bend a knee and allow the plunder, God did not tell us to curl into a ball and whimper.   He did not say to us that we should ‘allow’ these satanic children to devour our children, our grandchildren, our friends and family.

God told us to fight. As is the season.

The rise of Communism via the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union is a glimpse into what we will soon live.   It was a time of death and starvation imposed on the people at the hands of the Marxists and Communists who came to conquer.   And Soviet Russia was bent under the weight of the black shroud until it’s release in 1991.

While Regan was instrumental in bringing down the Communist Rule in the Soviet Union, mistakes were made.   Reagan was naïve.   He failed to understand the extent of the spread this chaos had laid across nations.     Most notably ‘western nations’.

Unlike Kennedy, Reagan did not take note of the internal corruption that had already been laid.  

In our governments and in our military.

Instead, the deflection became – Russia.   All things Russia.   While the US and Western countries were being systematically destroyed by the Communists, we were fed bologna.   As George Bush relayed, people come together when there can be a focus on a ‘common enemy’.   Bush made that enemy – the Middle East while simultaneously plundering their assets!    Unfortunately, that enemy was and is – the Bolsheviks all grown up!

The Bolsheviks who migrated back to the EU, to South America, to the US and Canada.   All at the behest of our own governments and military.

The Soviet Union did not ‘thrive’ under Communism.   It lived a harsh life of black and white.   Individualism was negated.   Ownership was negated.   Food was negated.   Art didn’t exist.   Religion was quashed.   And for eighty long tortuous years, the people suffered under the tyrannical rule of the German Bolshevik Rule.

As soon as the Soviet Union became free and Russia once again, they were instantly the globalists target.   The common enemy to hate and vilify!   WHY?   Because their truths, their stories, their history and accounts could upend the globalist desire to re-impose the Soviet Union world on a global scale.

Many within the Church don’t understand this propaganda perpetration.   Many others actually belong to the Communist Rule.   Pope Francis among them.   Still others are simply propagandized with a media template of refrain… ‘Russia is Evil’ and are incapable of critical thinking beyond the mantra.

When asked to explain why Russia is evil, most will claim the Soviet Union Communist regime as their example without realizing that there was an earth rattling shift 30 years ago.  And communism is what is propelling western nations – not Russia.

Today, western nations are The Soviet Union.

And Russia is trying to warn us.   Silenced by censorship on deaf ears.   It is western nations imprisoning people for ‘wrong speech’.   It is western nations ignoring Constitutional Law. It is western nations denouncing community, family, friends, religion, in a pronouncement of Chaos.

Biblically, Satan isn’t simply a deceiver, he is the deliverer of chaos.

As Mr. Mallett has so concisely revealed, we can succumb or we can draw our swords of God.   We can act as God’s warriors instead of minions of defeat.   We can enlighten instead of shroud in darkness.   We can reveal, instead of censor.   We can spread The Word – instead of whimpering in silence.

And we can pray fervently that we are God’s Children – and not specks of sand and dust in the wind.   Leave your Babel behind.   We are still united in one very imposing means of War – under the shield and holding the sword of God.

Ancient History Reveals Today’s Wars & Myths

Japan holds the largest debt to GDP of any country in the world at 257%.   Total global debt stands at ‘estimated’ $330 trillion.   Measuring against GDP is a valueless means in our current economic picture.   The countries holding the largest debt in dollar terms are: US, China, Japan, UK and France.   It is notable that Japan’s debt has nearly doubled since 2020.   However, numbers are vastly manipulated, and finding ANY actual accounts that agree with other actual accounts is a futile misery.

Why?   Because numbers are algorithm calculations and thus based and biased by the input created by the entity, which vies to manipulate the truth and creates the algorithm.

For example: johns Hopkins worked in cohort with Bill Gates, Wikipedia, NY Times, and Fauci to create ALL their CoVid algorithms including: death rates, case rates, hospitalization rates, bed rates, ICU rates, and conjoined twins….   A Massive Guestimation.  

When these same institutions ‘guestimate’ the global debt rate – it could be +/-150% or +/- 5000% of the released number.   We don’t know – and likely, neither do those who release the numbers. Why? Because Science has become so lazy, they don’t really care.

The communities of Science and Medicine have become so self-serving and corrupt, that the masses no longer have any respect or trust in their pronouncements.   They have become the ‘quacks’ that the Rockefeller Institute declared the naturopaths to be 100 years ago when David Rockefeller altered our world.

Today, it is advisable to ask your surgeon if they hate MAGA’s.   Because if they do, it is likely you won’t survive your surgery.  

And so goes the reliability of “Science”.

I still know intelligent people who think of their doctors as demi-gods.   They obey without question – in faith and religion.   Many doctors have thus usurped their ego power and should be researched heartily before undergoing treatment – especially – the knife.

What happens when everything we are told – is in fact a lie? From our Global Debt to our pharma disease makers to our personal wealth valuation.   Inflated. Conflated.   And worthless as Germany in 1933.


The Philistines were considered brutes of their time – uneducated – brash – bullish – stupid – and large.   They went about ravaging and murdering and raping various entire civilizations for centuries unabated.   In their time they were called the “sea farers’.  

There is evidence today of fairly advanced civilizations existing as far back as 7000 BC. They had culture, agriculture, farming, indoor toilets, communal baths, and a rather wealthy populace.   The first depicted were based in what is now Pakistan.   Sometime around 3500 BC they disappeared.   They left no graves. No bodies. No evidence of why and where this advanced civilization went.

And yet, around 3500 BC the Minoans rose on the island of Crete having come from nowhere. Yet, they had the same advanced culture and society.   And they brought artifacts attributed to the Pakistan predecessors.

Yet. Oddly.   History refuses to make this connection. WHY?

The Romans appeared out of nowhere, according to historians.   They had no morals. No ethics.   No values.   And they ruled as though they believed they were ‘gods’.   Appointing and proclaiming others to be ‘god’s so as to grant them ‘god-like’ societal and cultural status.

In actuality, the Romans were one of the most corrupt and deviant societies in ancient history.   A people that has no known origin.   According to ALL historians. Yet, it is this society/culture that is MOST prominent in our teachings of globalization.   Likely – NOT a coincidence.

The Romans annihilated the Galatians, the Corinthians, and the Thessalonians of Biblical history.   Why?

If one were to align the Romans with the ancient Pillistinians, the answer would simply be – a brute desire to conquer.   A lacking of advanced brain power.   And a peoples who had the subjective objectivity of a lizard.

Fast Forward – 2020 – to present

Unable to comprehend the soul that would act and react as we are witness today, we can gather evidence based on factual history.   And realize there may actually be a populace reproduction.

In other words – we are simply reliving the Last Supper of Christ.   Wherein the evil is called and witnessed.   And it is our duty to make a choice.

There are various ‘species’ of humans according to science.   Which specie are you?   If you are a specie of Satan – can you be saved?   NO Human can answer that question.   And if they do – they are a heretic.   Stop judging and concentrate on ‘being a child of God’. 

ISRAEL – The Decendents Of Jacob

Between 42% and 51% of Israeli’s are ‘secular’.   In the US 44% of Jews identify as secular.   The notion that GOD favors the current land defined as Israel and all her secular Jewish people is truly an ignorant view that ignores Biblical theology.   GOD does not favor people that don’t believe in God or Christ!   God favors the offspring of Jacob whose name was Israel.   Lands and borders have absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. People are the Bible – hence the composite of stories of people – varied, of different backgrounds, of different lands – who come together in Christ.\

In parallel with this Israel theology, Gog and Magog represent Satan – not a land mass.   As humans have vainly attempted to assert that a piece of dirt is the Bible’s description they have propagandized the essence of The Word.   Why?   To assert a power play.   A control.  And a theology that is false.   A wolf.

Christ was not a Jew. Christ was a Hebrew.   The actual term Jew didn’t evolve until the 1800’s. It is believed to be a derivative of the Greek Ioudaios meaning “to imitate”. The Bible was thus re-translated to replace the word Hebrew with Jew.   But “God calls all the descendants of Israel”.   One is not a descendant of dirt – but of a people.

Thus, when interpreting Ezekiel 38 and 39, the reference of Gog and Magog is no different in that God calls for the end of Satan.   Referencing Turkey or Russia as the progenitors of Gog and Magog has as much Biblical truth as asserting that the seculars of Israel are God’s People.

Those who are descendants of Jacob are descendants of God’s Israel.

Those names are written.

The LIE of Gog is that a person who does not believe in Christ or God can be a Chosen One.   This LIE was rewritten into the Bible as an ‘interpretation’ 900 years after its first writing.   Aligning with the concept of a New World Order.   This LIE was created for the purpose of confusing what is obvious within The Word.   The purpose of which is to conflate and ridicule The Bible for its conflictions.

As we are facing the Satanic NWO of today, they use this altered text to create a culteral Jewish ascendancy that does NOT exist.   They use it to create a distracted evil – based on geographics, ie Russia, Iran, Turkey.   And the diabolical Power of Satan wins when reality is obscured.

In essence this means that those who believe in Christ and God are descendants of Israel – those who don’t – are NOT!   It has nothing to do with culture or religion, and everything to do with belief!

Pronouncing those who live on territory today as evil because of their land – is a deception of Satan. Those whose hearts are of evil are who God will destroy.   Quoting Ezekiel 38 and 39 to assert condemnation of nations and all the people within is a ploy and embraces that which is unGodly.   Do NOT be so deceived! This is Satan’s cruel and seditious rabbit hole so as to harden hearts from the truth and cause a person to Fall from grace within the sins of arrogance, spite, greed and malevolence.


POPE FRANCIS Betrays The Catholic Church – a Stained WOLF

Pope Francis made a grievous error in allowing Pelosi to partake in Communion after she was remanded by the Archbishop Cordileone and prohibited from participating.   The pardon had to be accompanied by a vocal denouncement of abortion which Pelosi did NOT do.   But Pope Francis, a Jesuit, has spent his entire appointment attempting to redefine Catholicism to align with atheism.   In FACT, Francis issued a New Document today in which he derailed and demoted the Biblical meaning of the Eucharist.   Therefore, Francis has openly reflected the fact that he is NOT Catholic and should be declared unfit and a stain on the church!

In essence, the entire letter was written so as to purge Biblical rituals and rites, claiming that all faithful should have equal participation in the liturgy of the Eucharist without acknowledgement of their ongoing sinful mindset;  abortion, death, murder, rape, thievery…

It is likely that Pelosi’s speech writer drafted the text so that Pelosi wouldn’t be further humiliated. Instead, Francis is now equally humiliated! And the Catholic Church has absolved it’s Christianity in favor of satanic atheism.

IF you are a Catholic and are not angry – you are likely not a Catholic or Christian.   Because the symbolic drinking of Christ’s blood and eating the bread of His body is one of the more devout means of worship.   It means you follow the tenets, the morays, the values, and the virtues that define God.   Although every person is guilty of sin – that sin can be repented.   Pelosi is neither wrapped in guilt or acknowledging of sin – and therefore is as far away from Christianity as a minion can be.

Unfortunately, under Church Law, a Pope may not be removed from office for any reason whatsoever.   It is a dictatorship.   And Francis is free to derail Catholicism completely should he so desire.

However, December 2021, the Vatican released a statement in which they claimed Francis was very, very sick and not expected to recover. His death was determined to be imminent.   That was 7 months ago.   And little has been said until recently as his ‘health woes’ become more advanced.

Francis history in Argentina as a Jesuit has been rewritten over the course of the last decade.   Before the edits, his alignment with ‘money’, ‘power’ and lies had been heavily questioned.   However, owning the Church was necessary in order to destroy it.   And thus the Clinton’s personally selected Francis – the Jesuit as the perfect traitor.

Also in attendance for communion was Pelosi’s husband who is awaiting trial for his reckless driving DUI in which a ‘passenger’ hit the windshield and shattered the glass.   There is no word on the passenger and no apology from Paul Pelosi.   But it is further reckoning of wolves pretending to be Catholic.

Those wolves would thus include clergy who commit serial pedophilia.

Francis isn’t the only Wolf.   Recently, Pope Benedict sought forgiveness over sex abuse handling – while simultaneously claiming he did ‘nothing wrong’… Of course he did everything WRONG.   He allowed it to continue unabated and harmed countless boys.

As a Church Leader – Benedict’s account of doing nothing wrong means he doesn’t have the most basic understanding of Catholicism or Jesus or God.   And he will be dealt seriously by God …

According to Forbes, Pope Francis personal mission was to transform the conservative church.   That ‘transformation’ would seem to parallel Brandon’s Build Back Better mantra.   In other words, their shared agenda was to destroy, decapitate, and drive into oblivion – religion, God, Christ, and Society.   While Brandon has dementia to support his comprehension void – Francis is much more devious because he does so with full cognizant hatred.

Finding a replacement who is serving Satan might prove problematic.

Francis legacy will not be kind.   His alliance with the Mafia Cabalists has marred every aspect of his being.   He has indulged in division within the Catholic Church, has praised to unification of Islam with Christianity, has boarded the Climate Change Jet, made ridiculous pronouncements regarding Biblical affirmation, and even delved into criticizing Putin for war while embracing the wars of Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, as well as coddled terrorist organizations in the process.

He ventured into Big Pharma protocol.   And has routinely made a mockery of the Church!

But then – how best to destroy religion than through religion!   How best to destroy a society than through society!  

Pope Francis was chosen.   NOT for his spirituality, his governance, his devotion, his worship, or his divinity – Francis was chosen by the Cabalist Mafia for one reason – to devolve the Church so as to make more malleable peasants.   An old man.   He likely has little knowledge of the evidence that reveals his Wolf costume has frayed.