Hate Crime in US – statistics of blame

There is no better place to find fodder for a blog, than in a Blog or even the Liberal commentaries within a Blog.

When the Blog begins with the notion that ‘blame’ is wholly Hypocritical and a male thing, or a Republican thing, or a Christian thing, the uh-ohs begin. Because ultimately, the Blog will find a place to place – the Blame – without understanding that the hypocrisy has come full circle.

Commentaries are even more ridiculous. When a commentator has nothing to defend their point, they immediately revert to defamation of character. And they don’t beat around the bush – they go for the gut and glory.

One such Blame I have found is that Trump is the cause of the ‘spike in hate crimes’. Actually, hate crimes against Muslims began a steady rise in 2012, during the Obama Presidency.   It is also worth discussing who is committing the hate crimes, against whom, and why is it that hate that is targeted against white people is NOT counted as a hate crime?  At least not by the Liberals.

No one would say they support hate crime, but it is important to maintain a level head regarding statistics: The number of incidences in 2013, as reported by the FBI, was 5,928. Out of a total US population of 330 million, that would represent .0018% of the population. Of those hate crimes, 3407 were racially motivated 67% per perpetrated against blacks, but 52% of those were white offenders. So now we can extrapolate that .0003% of the white population is responsible for some sort of a hate crime.

‘Hate Crime” is defined within multiple categories:  assault, rape, intimidation, property theft/damage, and murder. Of the total number of ‘hate crimes’ that resulted in murder, the percentage is .1% – or five people. Again no one is condoning crimes, it is just about showing the statistical divergences and disproportionate attention.

Despite these extremely low statistics, somehow, Hate Crime represents Trump and all other white people in the US…

According to the same FBI, in 2013 the number of blacks killed by whites stood at .77 per 1 million. By contrast, the number of whites killed by blacks was 9.83 per 1 million. Ten times more.   In 2007, there were 14,000 assaults on white women by black men.  Versus ALL total hate crimes = 5,928.

The problem with statistics, is they actually reveal truth.

The number of hate crimes committed by whites ‘pales’ in comparison to the total crimes committed against whites by blacks. But diverting this focus to an agenda of ‘hate crime’ serves two purposes: Division. Hate.

It extends a justification for blacks to commit more crime. It subjugates whites. And it sets up a nation for an even greater agenda – civil war. Unfounded in statistics, but energized by shadows who see the fall of the US as an end game.

The writer of this fodder article takes it a few steps further blaming Trump for the ‘cold blooded murder of Muslims, ICE agents rounding up Latinos, and threatening Jews with the oven! WOW! None of this occurred until Trump was President… WOW!

According to the FBI, the number of religious motivated hate crimes involved 1223 victims. Of those, 61% were Jewish, 13.7% were Muslim, 6.1% were Catholic, and 3.8 were Protestant. That means that a total of 167 Muslims were the target of hate crimes… compared to 746 Jews. What we don’t know is who were the perpetrators in these cases.   Were Muslims targeting Jews?

Lastly, this woman alleges that what we have today is “Trump’s America” and a Revolution is a means to vengeance.

The statistics I cited were Obama’s America. The causes have been inflated way out of proportion.   But the anger has most definitely been incited, the bitterness is overwhelming, and the desire to destroy profound. All in the name of Peace.   I see it so often cited by people who define themselves as pacifists, lovers, embedded in tolerance, embracing, kind, and yet – somehow they can’t see the mirror, the reflection that they promote is far different. Death threats are justified. Assault is justified. Because it comes in ‘their name of peace’.

Unfortunately, many, if not most of these outlets promoting victimhood, are also promoting Dissent and Revolution. Which fuels conservatives to ‘buy more guns’ out of fear of these peace loving revolutionaries who just want us all – dead.

GOD – In The Hurricanes

Rohingya. An ethnic Muslim group in Myanmar that the media would have us believe is the object of ethnic cleansing. But the story is a bit more thick than that. The Muslims are a very small minority in Myanmar representing 1-4% of the population. The vast majority align with Buddhism with the second largest being Christian.   By all accounts the Muslims were initially brought to Myanmar as British slaves. But the cleansing is against Buddhists, Christians and Muslims alike, it is NOT religious, but rather a political ideology and socialist movement that aligns with Communism.

Today, in response, al Qaeda has avowed to avenge their ethnic purge through methods only ISIS, jihadists, and al Qaeda can sequester.   And so, the plot thickens.

If is not nearly as simplistic as it may appear.

While the militaristic government is a British reign of Socialist propaganda, and the coups and dictatorships are truly heinous, their ethnic cleansing is not relegated to Muslims – it is relegated to anyone that is not Socialist. As in Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – Socialist! As in their genocide is not religious, it is political.

The twist that the media would have us believe is that the genocide is relegated to the poor Muslim minority. But this is far from the Truth. Buddhists are fleeing in massive numbers. As are Christians. And lastly, as are Muslims.

So who do we target as the perpetrator, the target? Socialists and Communists, propped and supported by both Obama and Hillary. The fall of the British rule after WWII. And the military coups that created a non-democratic destabilized country.

Despite the civil war that is currently being brutally fought, despite the wars that have permeated Myanmar for decades. The press is wholly ignoring this news in favor of reporting on Melania’s shoes, or Trump’s tweet. And we. Are being played.

Because the world is decaying, not because of global warming, but because of the decay of values and humanity.

Decoys. In the world of hunting a decoy is used to confuse the target so as to create a better end – kill. Trump is a decoy. The Trump rhetoric – is a decoy. While the media is focused on events and news that are valueless, the real news is rampaging without recognition.

What is happening in business? In money? In oil and gold? What is happening in civil strife across the globe outside of the US?   Why is the Pope making derogatory statements about Christians? What terrorist attacks continue to transpire in Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland, Germany, etc… that go unreported, under the radar?

Because instead, the media would rather focus on some created ineptitude of – Trump.

1)   a child decides that his standing – or not – for the national anthem is worthy of international news…and a lawsuit…

2)   a school apologizes for having a centerpiece at an elegant dinner that is made from ‘cotton stalks’… and that is more important than world war.

3)   a rehab/retirement facility in Florida is sued because Hurricane Irma caused occupants great stress…

4) Clinton goes ad naseum about who is at fault for her abysmal loss – and attempts to reap grand book profits because her $500,000 30 minute fees are drying up…

5)   and artistic statues that have stood for decades upon decades are suddenly ‘oppressive’ and must be destroyed so as to not offend the 1% of society that is ‘miffed’.

The world has collapsed into a soap opera of fake personalities, fake scripts and fake props. And the journalists have become soap opera puppets. NO one has respect for anyone, and the vast minority of the 1%’ers are ruling the roost …by threatening lawsuits.

Protests are allowed to propagate despite the fact that we know they are rigged and planted.

Education is allowed to disintegrate as it becomes ruled by the Socialists. And anarchy is paid for and justified.

A man writes that the devastation of the hurricanes is no different than his justification in divorcing his wives, children, families and devastating legacy, and the topsy turvy is allowed to reign.

The man can not take responsibility for his actions and therefore likens his choices to that of a hurricane or tornado, all the while not realizing – he IS the hurricane.

And so. What is left?

What is left is an abysmal failure of love and the possible travesty of the hurricane it leaves in its wake of a nonexistent legacy.

Christian Expectations of God: In Politics

I was recently reading a Christian blog that vilified rump as a settling of morality, as a means to accomplish an end for the greater good, and it bothered me. Why? Because it centers a blame for the world’s ails on ‘a man’. And justifies doing so by making comparisons to Jesus. The blog was written by a young person, a person of ideology and that winsome hope that has yet to be bedraggled by reality, life and age.

No, Trump is not Jesus. He never aspired to be Jesus. Nor did he laud upon himself such a prideful arrogance. The world is not as it was two thousand years ago. The sun doesn’t set the same. The waters don’t rise the same. And mankind has – changed.

And still, young ideological, youthful, invigorating Christians believe that our President must represent Jesus, or else be considered a failure like every other failed President. But Jesus was not a politician. He was not a ruler of fleshly man.   He was/is the representation of divinity in perfection, something that no man can ever attain.

And so, when we judge our President based on a comparison of how he acts, looks, reacts, and analyzes within the context of – Jesus – no man can possibly succeed. It is a doomed failure.

And yet, our ideological youth have yet to mature to this theological, Biblical, and philosophical realization.

This isn’t to deny our youth the right to their ideology, I remember it quite well, I was an adamant believer in all things passive, good, peaceful, and loving… And then, life unfolded; my father was a soldier of war, my brother a victim of soldier hatred, my sister a victim of a bigamist, brothers that followed atheism, and me, a victim of stupidity…

Such is Real Life.

And so, when we target a solitary man, a Trump, a Putin, a Merkel, a Manafort, a Flynn… we have actually become the very hypocrite that we abhor. Jesus is not who we should compare any man to when judging or evaluating or analyzing. Jesus was beyond any and all of us and when we attempt to create a checklist, we have become the Pharisee’s he so decried as false.

And so Evan, take heart, don’t lose your innocence, continue your ideology, we love every ounce of it, but know that wisdom is an evolution of age, of heart, and of years of toil, trials, and pitted journeys that reap mountains of tears, caverns of grief, and amazing abundances of miracles of joy.

Trump isn’t a target. He should not be compared to Jesus, to His sandals, to His walk, to His Kings and rulers. Life is an evolution of time. We don’t walk in the sand. We don’t journey by camel or donkey. These are the things of children – of the things of the past. And sweet Evan, these are the things within the looking glass. Not to be forgotten. They are simply lessons, as are all the stories of the Bible. Lessons that will abide every aspect of life then and now.

And so when you desire to create a Jesus in our President, remember, he is a mere mortal man, like you, and it is the expectations of something supremely divine and Godlike that is the Pharisee.

Keep writing. Keep thinking. Keep growing. You have a beautiful mind.

HOPE For A Caste Sheep

I’ve been trying to write a really dazzling, intellectually stimulating blog about the economy, or the shadows, or the political mire, or corruption or whatever catches my attention… But nothing really does. It all seems like a rehash of the same story with a few edits, a paragraph shift, versed synonyms, and in the end, it’s all the same.

I’ve written countless starts and yet my mind continually returns to one story. The story of a Fall, a fall from grace, a fall so incredibly steep and perilous that it catches my breath because I just don’t understand.   It is a story where hope is dragged back to the heart only to be thrashed again. And still, and yet, this flicker of hope seems to never be fully extinguished.

The story is about the pervasiveness of man in inflicting pain – with intention, with justification, and even with – glee. How far into Hell does a soul fall where pure depravity becomes an obsession that consumes the last bit of life? Where Destruction is measured as the fruit? Where once there was a soul, somewhere, but where the cracks opened to crevices, and there was nothing left of the shredded mask?

Where a person once lived.

It’s not the terrorist. It’s not the murderer. It’s not the rapist or the child molester. It’s not the prostitute or sex trafficker or acid attacker. It’s simply the person standing next to you. A person you trusted. A person with whom you shared a life. And yet it isn’t a person at all. At least, not any longer. It is the worst form of deception imaginable.

And yet despite the terror inflicted, despite their absolute desire for total ruin, there lingers, unbelievably, hope. Hope that they will somehow be witness to their malicious will, and just – stop.

Days pass. Weeks and months. And still you can’t perceive of the depth of the evil that must consume every cell, every coding, that could cause a person to act in such a way.   Perhaps it is a form of insanity?   Or is that an excuse, a justification, an out, when in fact – sometimes there is no fortuitous end, there is no cure, and that person is beyond even – Hope?

What does one do with such a loss? What does one do when the slashings are unrelenting? When the desire is immortal death? God says that all souls are savable… but not all souls are saved.   And never will be.   And while that may be how it is, God also reminds us to never give up, for even the most vile, the most sinful, can repent, and their stores of death and bitterness can be filled with an abundance of love – visible in their countenance, their deeds, and in their heart.

Of course it is so much easier to observe when you are not the target of the knife, when it hasn’t pierced your flesh, when the slashings are perpetrated somewhere else, on someone else. Then we suddenly become experts on how to assess and analyze and suture the wounds.

Listlessly, we ask the question that forever remains – why? Why do you desire this? What happened to your soul? Maybe you never had one… The veil is lifted. The mask melted by the Son. And when the cracks begin to spread through and across the dead earth that is your flesh, there is nothing to hold your bones intact, your muscle entwined, and you simply spill away into a living death.

And the wasteland that is left, is set aflame.

In all this there is a caveat. If a person hasn’t God, then in whom does he place Hope? In one self? In a mortal being flawed and imperfect? In the government? Where do you find your Hope? Without God, Hope would be so small, so fragile, easily broken, tragically barren.

And so, despite the continued slashings, the depravity, the obsessive malice, I drag myself back up, I stand and stare into the golden sun and decry, I HAVE HOPE…still. Today, I still have hope that this person’s soul will be brought to repentance and humility and set me free, and I will bleed no more. I have Hope because God stands with me in His power, His mercy, His grace.

I have Hope because God is perfect and man is so very imperfect, but even in man’s imperfection miracles can be, as the Shepherd guides, tends, and rights the caste sheep.   And so I ask, I pray, that God would right the caste sheep that has fallen from grace, and mold once again a heart to set me free.

Christians The Cause of Major Wars…

I recently had a very informal debate with an intelligent woman who received her degree from Stanford and taught high school biology for decades. The debate targeted terrorism/Islam and ultimately ‘the fact that religion, most notably Christianity, was the cause of WWI, WWII, the Bosnian conflict, Rwanda genocide and of course, The Grand Inquisition. WOW!

The cited source for her information/factual statement was – Obama.

I have to admit it is the first time I have heard of anyone making the claim that these wars were all caused by religious divide and Christianity specifically.   With the exception of The Grand Inquisition which began in 1200 A.D., none of these wars had anything to do with Christian aggression.  Apparently, this accusation gives righteous cause and indignation for the plight of Muslims today, who are being systematically and unjustly persecuted by – Christians.   They all just need a Big Hug!

I am reading a book by Darlene Diebler Rose in which she recounts her story of being captured by the Japanese and spending four years in a prison camp enduring some of the most despicable torture treatment one can not even – imagine.   There is no mention of Japanese hatred for Christianity, and while the causal factors that led to the war with Japan are very complicated, they deal mostly with trade and sanctions, not religion in any context.

And while this woman I debated is highly educated, she has allowed herself to believe something that is completely, inexplicably false and pits Christians as the root cause of most wars.   Although she could research the statement, she chose not to and instead embraced it simply because it came from the mouth of a true Biblical wolf – Obama.

Within that same debate frame, she bravely called on me and Trump to stop instigating ‘fear’.  What?

It is an interesting perspective to say the least, but unless we try to listen we can’t debate. Still, at the core of her argument was her fact that Christians are at the heart of all the trials and we just need to be more accepting of the plight of Muslims.

Other Liberal views condemning the Mexican border wall provide statistics on how ‘better’ the money can be spent on college tuitions, or houses for the homeless, or health care.   Which are all noble causes, but simply giving away money fails to address any problem and instead creates a new entitlement. Hence our broken Welfare System.  It is the proverbial band-aide to cure cancer. As in, ‘do you give a man a fish or teach him how to fish’?

Simply giving a homeless person a house does nothing to solve the reason they became homeless, which is most often rooted in mental diseases. Giving away free college for one year does nothing for the next generation who will pay through their noses. It ‘fixes’ nothing.

Providing more and more healthcare for our esteemed veterans also does nothing to solve the core problem – sending them to fight atrocious wars that we have no business being in, or that we have created in an effort to generate wealth for a select few who capitalize on the tragedy and terror – IS THE PROBLEM. How much money did the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers make during the course of wars?   Our servicemen wouldn’t have mental issues and ptsd if we utilized them for far greater purpose than war.

Imagine if instead of war, our servicemen were stewards of this planet? Saving our land, our beasts, our oceans, with non-political science that has absolutes instead of theories and guesses and agendas.

Obama was given the Peace Prize before he even had a chance to show the world – peace. Instead he showed us the continued Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the complete desolation of Syria, conflicts in Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, the rise of Boko Haram, Turkey, Mali, South Sudan, Niger, Chad, and Burundi.  The list continues – in the legacy of the Peace Prize…

In fact, I would venture to say that there have numbered more conflicts during the Obama presidency than any other previous US president.   Coincidental? The disruption of our planet for the purpose of creating chaos is not an accident. It is planned, systematic, and created.

Not by Christians, but by the Atheists, the Socialists, and the Communists, under the guise of an Open Society without walls or borders.  Imagine a White House without walls, borders, security, guards, guns, and Air Force One?  It is notable that George Soros’ house in New York is surrounded by a very Grand Wall.  A veritable Fortress…

Israel – Slammed by US and UN

A New York Times Op-ed by Haim Saban in 2012, sums up the Obama presidency’s foreign policy with respect to Israel and Iran… In the piece Mr Saban explains how Obama is a definitive unequivocal supporter of Israel and how Iran’s nuclear capability is completely ‘off the table’. And based on these absolute facts, Mr. Saban was voting for Obama.

But then, Obama changed his mind, or he just ‘unequivocally’ lied.

Our own State Department and White House are apparently lying despite evidence that we helped orchestrate the UN vote against Israel and pro- Palestine.

Maybe Mr. Saban lied and never had any affinity for Israel… Who the heck knows anymore with the lies built on lies built on lies. It reminds me of the scientific proof-theory-hypothesis that supports evolution based on a core theory which is then dolloped with a mountain of facts and more theories to come up with a hypothesis that is labeled – Fact.

Despite the fact that Russia voted against Israel, the defiling of Israel seems oddly close to the defiling of Russia. Sanctions, inaccurate news, propaganda, destruction, and ultimately severing of economic needs.

The UN Security Council is comprised of 15 members, some of which are permanent, and some who have two year terms. The permanent members include the US, UK, France, Russia, and China, while the non-permanent rotating members include; Ukraine, Senegal, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Egypt, Angola, Uruguay, Spain and Venezuela. Sixty countries have never been members of the security council.

Rife with corruption, genocide and war, Biden told Ukraine how to vote. Five of the non-permanent members term will be terminated as of December 31, 2016. Timing is everything

  1. Senegal is Islamic.
  2.  “The Economist, which is owned an operated by the Globalist Rothschilds, named Uruguay “country of the year” in 2013, acknowledging the innovative policy of legalizing the production, sale and consumption of cannabis. Same-sex marriage and abortion are also legal, leading Uruguay to be regarded as one of the most liberal nations in the world, and one of the most socially developed.”
  3. Angola is considered in dire straits due to its humanitarian crisis, its displacement of wealth, its famine, and its authoritarian regime.  Not a particularly positive country to judge another…
  4. Malaysia is predominantly Sunni Islam. It’s Prime Minister is Muslim and was educated in the UK. Malaysia has never recognized Israel and has condemned it from the get-go.

It is easy to see why these countries voted as they did.

New Zealand was one of the countries that ratified the appropriation of land for Israel in 1949. Their support of Israel has been unwavering since, that is until 2015 when they assigned an ambassador to Israel and the same ambassador to Palestine. Somewhat of a conflict of interest. But it would appear their vote is more out of anxiety to have an end to the conflict, than about who is right and wrong.

Again the obvious question remains, with the Jewish people being culled from most of the Middle East and the complete diaspora of land masses, ie, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, why isn’t the solution to partition a chunk of their land a solution?

Saudi Arabia is 830,000 square miles of land. By comparison, Palestine has an area of about 2100 square miles to a total area for Israel of 8000 sq miles or less than 1% of the land available to Saudi Arabia.

Since 1948, over 850,000 Jews were expelled from the Middle East leaving their belongings, their livelihood and their homes. Why doesn’t the UN recognize this fatality of justice and order reparations?

It is not an easy argument or solution, but having Muslim countries make the decision for Israel through the UN, is a dangerous precedent that appears manipulated and corrupted. And apparently, there is evidence to support this – which will be made available to the Trump White House and could make and break careers, and livelihoods as it unfolds…

CHRISTMAS – is a Christian Holiday

Christmas is about one thing and one thing only – the birth of Christ.

Prince Charles – It is not about Islam or Muhammed or minority religions, or minority people, or Allah. It is not about Satanic rituals, or screaming and shouting in stores and malls, it is not about hate filled rhetoric, hypocrisy or blame…

It is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Santa Claus was derived from Saint Nicholas, a fourth century Christian who was revered for his charity and gift giving.   He was a real person, did not fly around in a sleigh, and did not have elves as his helpers.   Nonetheless, even the fantasy Santa of today was rooted in Christian history.

St Nick was Greek, and in 325 was asked by Constantine to appear at the First Council of Nicaea where as a Bishop he signed the Nicene Creed.

The first decorated Christmas tree can be traced to Germany and Livonia where the Brotherhood of Blackheads were said to decorate a tree with fruits and candies for the children. The Brotherhood was a military group of people who rose up to defend Christians that were being persecuted and exterminated by indigenous Estonians during the St. George’s Night Uprising.

The tree was said to be symbolic of the Trinity pointing toward the Heavens.

While there are pagan rituals with respect to evergreen branches being the sustenance of life because they remain green all year round, the evergreen tree was specifically erected as a Christian symbol holding gifts for the children.

These origins have mutated over the centuries to represent different ideas and customs, but that does not change their beginning,, their root or their Christian core.

The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah also has its roots in ancient history coming from the Alexandrian canon which was a part of the Old Testatment Bible of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.  It symbolically represents the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Kwanzaa is a week long celebration represented only in the US and created in 1967 by Maulana Karenga. Karenga, whose real name was Ronald McKinley Everett, was an American black man born in Pennsylvania who became involved in the Black Power movement and black nationalism. His organization fought against the Black Panthers, which resulted in numerous deaths and assassinations. In 1971 he was sentenced to prison for torturing two women which included; putting a smoldering iron in their mouth, being beaten with electrical cords, forcing detergent into their mouths through running hoses, squeezing one woman’s foot in a vise, and being beaten with a baton.

While Christians do not attempt to recreate Muslim holidays or Jewish holidays, or Karenga holidays, it is equally as important to not diminish our own.


Christian Leaders Hypocrisy…vs Trump

Articles abound about GOP Leaders who don’t support Trump, and “top 10 Christian Leaders who don’t support Trump”. So I thought it might be worth while to investigate some of these ‘Religious Leaders’:

Russell Moore – President of Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. (What a convoluted title). A name befitting an NGO backed by Soros they are a prop of the UN. Igh. The ERLC is a lobby think tank – that advocates building of more mosques throughout the US, believes that immigration should be heralded, and is completely monitored and regulated by the United Nations as to what they believe, what they say, what they stand for, and what they say… As in ‘If you do not promote our agenda, then you are decimated.’

Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief of World Magazine (a Christian publication) – Mr. Olasky was born a Russian Jew who became an atheist and then a Marxist while in college where he joined the communist party. And yet, he has forgiven himself… but apparently no one else… awwww.

Max Lucado, Christian author – is a tremendous supporter of NIF, National Immigration Forum which promotes open borders, and massive immigration policies. It is funded by George Soros. He, like Geraldo, employed what they call the ‘decency test’ to make their determination of whether they could back Trump. Lucado determined that he would never allow Trump to date his daughters… therefore he did not support Trump… What?   What a bizarre notion. The problem? Decency has never been a prerequisite to being a president of the US. In fact, it would be hard pressed research to find – one. Kennedy? Bush? Clinton? Nixon? Johnson? Carter? Tell me one… just one.  Hello Max?  Are you Decent?

The list of never’s include; Matthew Anderson, Eric Teetsel, Owen Strachan, Alan Noble, Robert George, Erick Ericksen, and Denny Burke who each have a bit of controversy in their past and in their positions.   Many of these names we don’t even know… Denny Burke? C’mon. Robert George? I’m sorry, but they hardly represent the people given the people don’t even know who they are>

Most recently, John Piper entered the fray to call on both Trump and Clinton to step down from the presidential race.   Okay.  The problem? They won’t. The problem? This does not address the reality we are facing. It does not offer guidance to The People based on reality. It merely tosses a stick into the fray. And that does absolutely nothing for the predicament we face.

Did Piper call on Kennedy to resign after his numerous affairs? Or Bush for his affairs? Or Obama for his cocaine dealings? Where are the lines? The boundaries? Because they seem to have been created specifically for today and that just seems hypocritical.

The problem is that when religious leaders get too involved and vocal in politics, they risk looking just like the Entertainment industry Hollywooders. There own moral sin becomes the focus, and their credibility begins to sway in the muck and mire of hypocrisy.

Mark Driscol has mimicked the Hollywood cry by claiming that evangelicals who support Trump are fake Christians. As in Deplorables. He thus joins the ranks of Hollywood, Amy Schumer, and Clinton who name call and denounce, while at the same time claiming that it is Trump who is dividing the religious right. Excuse me!   Mark Driscol, my respect has wavered. Not because of Trump – because of you. The religious right divided itself long ago.  And your tempest of dialogue is beneath your Godly Leadership role.

What is being done by the Soros Open Society in our communities to create discord among citizens, police, blacks, military, FBI, Wall Street – has reached it’s tentacles into our religious leaders as well – dividing to conquer. And thus we are left trying to disseminate who to believe even from a religious point. And while Soros rejoices… we fight, become angry, cry, and wonder what the heck just happened!

The atheist Soros has had his hand in the division of faith for years working such groups as: Soujourners, Telos, New Evangelical Partnership, J Street, and Catholics In Alliance For The Common Good, to name a few. Soros has hijacked the church, twisted it into a vine of corruption and hypocrisy and spit out something more aligned with Hollywood.

Soujourners is a faith group organization that helped to promote Obamacare, back climate change agendas, embrace Islam as free, were instrumental in Obama’s strategy in Afghanistan, support a global agenda on morality and values, and fully support open immigration. Basically, they are a Lobbying organization. It is headed by Jim Wallis, a far left liberal, who is an active ally of George Soros – whose agenda is atheism. Do we not see the craziness in this?

Falling prey to the heightened media and perversity of this election, evangelicals that should remain on the side lines and preach their doctrine, have instead put their foot into the stream and gotten stuck in the mud as a result. As has been noted time and again; “we are not electing a pastor to be President.”

And while it surely would be nice to elect a moral, ethical, decent, President, (I am on board!)that is not what we are presented with this election, and unfortunately, that has not been the agenda of the last century or two or three – in elections. Lincoln was rumored to be gay. C’mon people! And maybe, just maybe this is our own fault and the consequence is our fate.

However, when the religious leaders jump into the fray, and create Hollywoodism animosity and discord, they might take a moment to look at their ‘log’, their ‘sin’, their eye, their slander, their righteousness, their judgment. Because it is very – unbecoming. And according to the Bible, Leaders will be judged by God for how they model with much more scrutiny than the masses.

Don’t get mad at me – get mad at those that created this.  I am just the carrier —

New World Conspiracies – Propaganda or Reality?

When writers and bloggers say something that is contrary to the mainstream media, they are laughed at, shamed, and called conspiracy gypsies on a witch hunt… But the conspiracies have been around for centuries, and they weren’t created by bloggers and writers, they were created by Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, politicians and statesmen.

How easily we are muted.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, John Calhoun, John Hylan, Louis McFadden, FDR, William Jenner, J Edgar Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Larry McDonald and Daniel Inouye represent generations of dire warnings. These are not clumsy halfwits, these are highly respected men who claim that the US is being run by a shadow government that is incredibly evil, disastrously monstrous, a disease that has enslaved the world for their own personal pleasure.

While most of them did not actually put a name to the shadows, they all refer to the Banking Industry which not only controls the money, but the media, the military – and the elections. Edward Bernays, known as The Father of Propaganda and a pioneer in the field of public relations, also fervently commented on the manipulation of the citizens by a shadow ruling power. The difference? He supported the idea as a necessary means of ‘controlling the herd’.

Daniel Inouye was bold enough to put one name to the shadow face – Rockefeller – and allies. Who would those allies be?

In the early 1930’s Rockefeller created an alliance with a German company, IG Farben, a large chemical conglomerate that sided with the Nazi’s during WWII. After the war, thirteen directors of IG Farben were sentenced to prison for collaborating with the Nazi’s. Upon their release Hermann Schmitz became a member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank, Fritz ter Meer became Chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer AG, Otto Ambrose held a seat on the supervisory board of Chemie Grunenthal, a pharmaceutical company that was embroiled in lawsuits as a result of its drug, Contergin, marketed to be used by pregnant women for morning sickness.  It caused severe deformities in children.  While no direct compensation to the victims has ever been made, the company donated some funds to various foundations.

All these 13 IG Farben directors went on to become prominent directors and CEO’s of various large companies worldwide.

None of the men convicted served much more than an acute fraction of their one to eight year prison terms – some served days.

It was Rockefeller who urged for war with Japan feeling slighted by the competition they created in his market realm.

Today, the allies include none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Kofi Aman, George Soros, Helmut Schmidt, Jimmy carter, Kissinger, Bono, and the Lucis Trust.

The Lucis Trust is a charity NGO created in 1925 by Alice Bailey – author f 24 books advocating for The Tibetan who she claims will be the ‘real Jesus Christ’ returning to rule this earth. In her book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, she unfolds the Master Plan as confessed to her by The Tibetan. It discusses ‘seed groups’ in the New Age of one religion, living in harmony, and the Axis Powers – as in the Axis of evil and the Axis of good… She espouses contacting the forces of Shamballa, and refers to the Trinity as the Head, the Heart and the Throat. She speaks of the Lords of Liberation as the advanced minds who will ultimately rule the servants under Shamballa.

Shamballa was at the core of the Bolsheviks who attempted to unite Communism with the Tibetan Kalachakra Tantra.  It failed.

Why is this Trust so important? Because it wields a central world power – the United Nations and all its ‘specialized agencies’ as belonging to its subject caste. These special agencies would include; the IMF, aviation, labour, agriculture, maritime, telecommunication, education, science, culture, industrial, World Bank, World Health, World Intellectual Property, etc… The Trust is called the spiritual consciousness or foundation of the UN.  Their followers believe they are directed as ‘agents of god’ to enlighten the world, to release us from the old order and usher in the New World Order for our own good, under the control of the Ascended Masters and occult. Their god is not ours:

For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of automaton (Adam) created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was first to whisper, “In the day ye eat thereof, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour.’

These are the people of the Shadow government that we have been warned about for centuries – from illumed Presidents, Vice President, from Congressmen, Senators, and the like. It is not simply a Soros invention. The ‘seeds’ are the NGO’s propped up by Soros to hasten the phenomena, the same NGO’s that China has recently put the brakes on after being unnerved by Soros attempts to destablize the yuan. Unfortunately, the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, parts of northern Africa and South America, and much of the Middle East have all caved to his – conspiracy/agenda.  It is as children that we are being led to slavery.

But the game is not over – yet.

Military Conquests – History Lesson

Ghengis Khan is actually given accolade in various Googles of his name, claiming that he was religiously tolerant and helped advance communication and cultural cohesiveness. What these same sites forget to mention is that he was also instrumental in the killing of 40 million people – 10% of the world population!

Julius Caesar – a Roman Statesman, an author of prose.   Sounds serene…  But he also slaughtered a million people and mutilated another million – he crucified mercilessly and yet was considered a great military commander who felt pity for his victims.

Napolean Bonaparte is credited with doing much good – justified in his means, for he was building an empire…

The point? We honor military genius’s for the number of conquests, the number killed, and the cities beseiged and destroyed. History respects them, worships them, even in their most heinous crimes.

How will history read of ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, al Nusra? Will they be turned into martyrs and heros who fought to liberate the world of evil?

Because I imagine the people slaughtered by Khan, Bonaparte, and Caesar didn’t feel to keen about their fate. How long before Hitler will become a liberator in our history books instead of a man responsible for the slaughter of millions?

As Boris Johnson of the EU and Obama struggle to give ISIS a label other than Islamic terrorists, they are already attempting to rewrite history. NO one has any problem relating the Spanish Inquisition that began in 1477/8 to Christianity or Catholicism. Some historians place the number of lives lost as high as 2 million and hundreds of thousands maimed and tortured. Interestingly, no one calls the Pope and Ferdinand a military hero, in fact it is referenced as “Christian Atrocities”.

So why can’t we label ISIS and their components as Islamic terrorists?

Did all Christians participate in the Spanish Inquisition?

Since Hitler was an Atheist, does that make all Athesits guilty of murdering millions Jews?  Wouldn’t that mean that Google should refer to WWII as the Atheist Atrocity, committed by Atheist terrorists?

ISIS is based on Islam. They preach from the laws of the Quran, they consider themselves to be Salafi, a Sunni branch of Islam, they adhere to dictates and laws of the Quran, and most importantly they believe that their actions are necessary in order to bring about the apocalypse as decreed in the Quran.

They notate major and minor signs of the coming Armageddon including: Major – plagues, diseases, sexual immorality, drought, famine and infighting. Minor – loss of honesty, spreading of killing, acceleration of time, lack of God reverence, an shift in population as in more women than men 50-1, and basic chaos.

But ISIS in attempting to bring about the Armageddon is doing exactly what the Quran defines as the apostates – spreading of killing and acceleration of time. They are trying to create what Allah has defined instead of letting Allah do the work. All in the name of – Islam which calls for world domination and the eradication of all peoples who are not of Islam.

Rather like the Spanish Inquisition.

So how does this playout in comparison to Obama’s comment that compares ISIS to the Spanish Inquisition?

Obama to this day refers to ISIS, not as an Islamic terror group, but as a ‘death cult’. Yet he is quite persistent that the Spanish Inquisition was a Christian abomination. Hypocrisy? Quite so. Immature? Quite so.

I never owned a slave either… so why am I white trash? I never killed an Indian. So why am I persecuted? I have German heritage but that doesn’t make me a Nazi.

So while Obama and by default Johnson would have us taking responsibility for slavery, for the Holocaust, for the slaughter of American Indians, at the same time they should resolve that all Muslims today and for generations to come must take responsibility for ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram etc… in the name of Islam.

Or – he must state that no one is responsible for slavery – they are all dead. No one is responsible for the American Indian persecution – they are all dead. Blacks and Indians and Jews and Muslims and Women must put the past behind and take responsibility for themselves.

Because you can’t take one rule – without the other – unless you stand on the sands of hypocrisy.