Israeli War: Assumptions vs Realities. An Analysis –

Today is Wednesday, November 15, 2023;  A) The Pentagon is revealed to have been buying oil from Russia despite the embargoes and sanctions imposed by the US government via The Pentagon.   B)  Nikki Haley has revealed that Hillary Clinton has always been her mentor – gush gush.   C)  And Israel has a nuclear bomb facility in the Negev Desert – exactly where the ‘Music Festival’ occurred…   Only the concert was slated to take place October 12-14 2023 NOT October 7th according to the IndNegev website. 


  1. The Nova Music Festival was October 6th and 7th – upwards of 200-300 young people were killed by soldiers dressed in IDF uniforms using Ak47s having arrived via trucks and paraglides.
  2. The Re’im military base housing IDF soldiers within kilometers of the Negev Festival was attacked wherein, all IDF soldiers were killed.   Within 8 hours the base was retaken by the IDF.
  3. The Nova Music Festival is held annually in Israel since 2014 in the desert.
  4. Most Bodies of all Israeli’s dead were burned to ashes.  Unrecognizable.  No DNA available.
  5. Hamas used Pereg golf carts to abduct over 200 hostages
  6. Egypt claims it gave Israeli Military 4 days of advance warning of a potential attack
  7. All IDF soldiers at the Re’im Military Base were killed in their beds at 6:30am.

*Re’im, the supposed location of the ‘deadly attack by Hamas on the Nova Music Festival’ is guarded by an Israel Defense Forces base since 2008 located near the Kibbutz so as to be out of range of any potential Hamas rockets.

*The only Negev Desert festival held in Israel is the Burning Man or MidBurn Festival held November 6 to Saturday November 11th 2023 since 2014.

*The Tribe of Nova SuperNova event scheduled for October 6-7 was held in Bahia, Brazil.  A small event website dedicated as a pre-event festival for the Brazil Nova Festival is available here:   The ticket seller as described at the bottom of the page is listed as “A Little For The Soul LTD”.  A company search reveals Amir Ophir as the Director.   Amir Ophir is employed by the US Consulate Embassy in Tel Aviv.

*Tribe of Nova Facebook page has not been updated since 2021.   The CEO is listed as Nimrod Arnin, a former IDF officer who did NOT promote the Nova Festival for 2023 at all despite promoting the one in 2022… and nothing prior.

*Accounts vary, some have accused Hamas as wearing IDF uniforms.   Others claim the IDF was shooting its own soldiers.  Pictures of Hamas militants provided by Israeli media show them wearing sandals, tee shirts and no helmets.  Yet this had been planned for months.

*There is no footage of Hamas Soldiers wearing IDF uniforms.

*There are two photos of Hamas, wearing tee shirts, driving Pereg golf carts with hostages – one such hostage is bound completely in a white sheet while the other is an elderly woman who appears unfazed.×1881.jpg?w=1300&q=70&auto=format&dpr=1×3837+0+1/resize/767×511!/quality/90/?

*Netanyahu and his Defense Military have no explanation of why the 4 day warning from Egypt was ignored.

*The entire surprise attack took place during daylight – 6:30am.   Soldiers are routinely awakened at 5am sharp.  At which point they begin Physical Training.  By 6:30 am they are fully engaged and yet heard nothing prior to being attacked.

*The US has a Military Base in the Negev Desert housing upwards of 5,000 troops – Site 512.  None anticipated or reacted to the Hamas attack.

*The US has another base in the Negev Desert since 2017 – Site 883 housing Terminal High Altitude Air Defense Systems.  None anticipated or reacted to the attack by Hamas.

* The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has facilitated a significant amount of other construction projects in Israel through the Foreign Military Sales program, including at least two massive underground command and control bunkers.

*The Iron Dome is inoperable during the Hamas attack.

*Social Media posts include detailed descriptions of Festival survivors – one claiming 1.  Police and soldiers formed a roadblock at the Festival,  2.  2 people fled in a car by accelerating backwards – one shot in the shoulder.  They went to the Re’im military base but every soldier was dead.  They had been killed in the night.  13 terrorists stood at the base’s gate with AK-16s and sprayed their car from 20 meters away.   A bullet hit one in the car in the head and took part of his head off.  He and the wounded passenger got out of the car and ran with bullets being sprayed hitting one in the leg multiple times as he ran.  They jumped a barbed wire 3 meter high fence to escape.

*It appears there is no such thing as a Pereg Golf Cart.


Nikki Haley has refused to respond to the videos showing her gushing over her mentor – Hillary Clinton.

Despite numerous reports unveiled, The Pentagon has not released a propaganda denial of their use of Russian oil in violation of US government embargoes and sanctions.


Provided at Face Value ~

The Hollywood Holocaust of CIA Victimhood

VICTIMHOOD.   It is a psychological farce employed by the Shadow Cabal to create weeping, raging, and the justification for murder.  Everyone’s a victim.   Blacks are victims of ‘white supremacy’.   Jews are a victim of ‘anti-Semitism’.   Palestinians are a victim, Ukrainians are a victim, immigrants are victims – and suddenly there is no one who is NOT a victim.   Victims are easily oppressed and subjugated.   They become psychological driveling idiots of the hypnosis.  Until …

Italy’s Giorgia Meloni is the newest ‘victim’.   She was pranked by the Russian team Vovan and Lexus and in so doing revealed information that was unknown to her own citizens about her actions.  Despite claiming that Italy was not funding Ukraine – Meloni secretively wires their monthly check which is then deposited in the slush fund of corruption.   She is a victim of herself.

We are ‘victims’ of climate change, victims of AI, we must assert ourselves in our victimhood so that we become pathetic and useless.   Africans are victims of colonialism.  Men are victims of feminism.  Women are victims of inequality.   Pretty quickly one can realize that every person on earth is a victim subject of victimhood – including the Mafia.

In psychology, victimhood is a personality disorder.   Victimhood:  “a desire for recognition as a victimfeelings of moral superiority; limited empathy for others; frequent rumination.”   In other words, victimhood occurs when a person cannot accept responsibility for their actions, blames others, is overly critical and ‘catastrophizes’.  The World Is ending – or the Chicken Little effect – The Sky Is Falling.

Every penny we pay in taxes is based on victimhood from the aid to other countries, to welfare, to public schools.   It is a manipulated creation to impose resentment and hatred.   Breaking apart what could lead to peace and thriving on chaos.   Relinquishing our monetary system to narcissists.

Netanyahu, Mao, Stalin, Bolsheviks, communism, gangs, Soros, Rothschild, etc…  The cycle began with mankind;  Eve was a victim of the serpent and Adam was a victim of Eve.   Perhaps innocent in its initiation, somewhere in the schematic of history, the power to externally impose victimhood was discovered, and its talent to subjugate an entire world became the motivation.

Speaker Mike Johnson has already acknowledged Israel’s victimhood claiming Biblical theory.   In essence, another tool.   Invoking the Bible, secular Netanyahu declared he was fulfilling Prophesy.  Palestine invokes the law of Allah in the Quran.  And victimhood is now justified.

The Shadow Mafia had us victimized in our gleeful happiness for decades.   We emerged from WWII ready to BUILD.   The enemy was deposed and God was Great!   But the enemy wasn’t deposed, the CIA had brought back to the US Germany’s finest Nazi’s.   Scientists.   They were told to assimilate.   Given new names.   And make bombs.

When did the victimhood of the Jews become the sole history of WWII?   “In Hebrew, the calamity quickly became known as “Shoah,” which means “the catastrophe.” But it wasn’t until the 1960s that scholars and writers began using the term “Holocaust,” and it took the 1978 TV miniseries, Holocaust, starring Meryl Streep, to push it into widespread use.”

A Hollywood Construct!  

The term Zion is a reflection of a place, more so than a person or religion.   It references King David’s creation of the city of Jerusalem meaning ‘holy place’ or ‘kingdom of heaven’.  Before King David, the statehood of Jerusalem was ruled by Canaanites and Akkadians per the letters of Amarna.  The term Zion is also used by Mormons, Rastafarians, and some Christians to reference ‘utopia’, aka Heaven.   What it does NOT reference is anything Jewish.   Or secular Ashkenazi.   It encompasses Arabs, Christians and Hebrews.

Looking deep into ancient history we can find facts, but the Israel of today is, in actuality, a Hollywood construct.  Since its formation in 1947, the CIA has assisted in the production and funding of over 60 films and television shows.   By the 1970’s the vast majority of Catholics and Christians in Hollywood had been ‘dispersed’ in favor of the Jews.

The CIA was instrumental in making this shift so as to utilize this global media to create/impose a false reality of historical events.   Aimed at Jewish superiority.

Today, Conservatives are flying their Israeli flags and sporting Israeli pins while slamming George Soros, Zelenskyy and Klaus Schwab as Nazi’s…   Same Jews.  Oblivious to their hypocrisy, they are now literally supporting the Cabal.

The point of victimhood is ultimately War.   Endless, nonproductive war that actually creates – more victims to declare victimhood.   A boon for the CIA which dictates the military industrial complex built by German Nazi’s.

An article by Marc Rosenstein takes the stage play a step beyond reality by declaring that because Israel is a modern democratic state it is superior to Palestine and thus the Owner of victimhood;  “…they (Palestinians) have no collective memory of sovereignty nor experience in operating a state.”   Therefore Israel takes precedence.   Victimhood.

Netanyahu End Game – Eliminate All Palestinians…

The Rothschild Economist which owns Israel is asking Israel what is the ‘end game’?   Netanyahu has declared this war will take months… as in until the US 2024 election. Four end-game scenarios have been proposed: 1. Take Gaza, rubble and all, and run it via Netanyahu 2. Allow the ‘hated’ Abbas to control it, 3.   Bring in foreigners, 4. Give it back to Hamas.   Obviously only one scenario is going to be allowed.

Netanyahu wants a clean slate of Israel – only for his chosen secular Israeli’s as was originally proposed by Edmond Rothschild in t he late 1800’s.   However, Gaza is only one part of the Palestinian land – the West Bank in reality is next.

And just like that, Netanyahu has declared Hamas is in The West Bank and has begun a terror raid of the territory.   The media justification ‘reprisal’.   Israel is allowed to indiscriminately kill whomever they determine is necessary for their mission – widening the ever increasing master plan for a world war to erupt in the Middle East.

A suicide mission.

US and UK have announced evacuation orders of their citizens from Lebanon – inviting an even greater middle east incursion.   And the rally cry for peace is ignored. Reminiscent of the Vietnam War.   A government war.   The Draft.

The US military has been lamenting the abysmal recruits despite lowering every conceivable standard and offering bonuses for those who enlist.   BONUSES.   And still no one wants to be a part of this military. A corrupt, degenerate military that treats its soldiers like trash.

With two forever wars to choose from the military is very likely to necessitate The Dreaded Draft once again.   Protect your sons and daughters!

Today the call it Selective Service and every person between the ages of 18 and 25 must register – including illegal immigrants…   ALL 7 million draft aged immigrants must register or face a felony charge.   Untrained.   Unvetted.   Possibly carrying a number of diseases.   The Selective Service is set up like the draft for Vietnam – based on a lottery.   Draw the wrong number and off you go to bootcamp!   Sorry – your bad luck!

I wonder how many of those upstanding citizens decrying death to all Muslims would feel if their precious sons and daughters drew the ‘wrong number’?   Would ‘Give Peace A Chance’ once again vibrate the hallowed halls of government?   Would the elite grease the hands that select the numbers? Rory Gates is – 24.

Maybe our esteemed officials would create an algorithm whereby only red city/state youth were called up?   Like they did with the vaccine – selective bio-death.

Today Rishi Sunak, PM of the UK, has landed in Saudi Arabia to deter animosity.   His previous claims to annihilate all Palestinians as animals has been shed, and he parlays a faded hope that Netanyahu won’t commit genocide and push the world war that Russia did not allow.   But Rishi speaks from both sides of his mouth neither side really evincing his true character…   Prince Salman is not easily swayed by the fakery.

Sunak told Netanyahu that he wants Israel to win.   Win what?   Israel has declared it’s mission to be the destruction of Hamas – yet continues to obliterate all of Gaza.  And therein lies the answer the Rothschild Economist already noted in its four potential outcomes –   Gaza and The West Bank will be reduced to rubble –

It is curious that Sunak feels the need to go to Israel at all – given the fierce constant attacks by Hamas… But then AI does wonders these days. And the money laundering created via the Ukraine war becomes a viable explanation.

Of importance to Sunak’s arrival is to help negotiate the release of Israeli and foreign prisoners in Gaza.   Oddly, there are few if any notations as to who those prisoners might be. Why are their names withheld?  Why does every media outlet parlay different numbers;   400 prisoners!   250 Prisoners!   150 Prisoners… 100 prisoners…   Why aren’t family members involved demanding Biden take a more actionable agenda?   Or is this Afghanistan replayed?   Why isn’t the US doing “ANYTHING” – if in fact there are prisoners?   How much information is fake? Netanyahu has announced that the hostages are on their own – he has no interest in a rescue mission or a swap.

“Framing the current conflict as a battle between the “forces of progress and humanity” and “an axis of evil”, Netanyahu called Hamas “the modern barbarians, the worst monsters on the planet”.

It is unclear exactly how many Hamas members there are in Gaza Palestine. Estimates range wildly between 15,000 to 50,000. Hamas is split between its political bureau which is based in Qatar, and its social bureau which is based in Gaza. The Bureau has fifteen members in Gaza and four units, including; finance, propaganda, foreign affairs, and social welfare.

The social welfare bureau is what led the creation of schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and charity which had been denied by the Israel government.   The political Bureau oversees the military operations via the Shura Council.   Izz Al Din Al Qassam Brigade is the military branch.

If in fact, Israel intends to kill all 25,000 Hamas military members, this war is slated to be exceptionally bloody given 4,000 “Palestinians” have been killed with absolutely no mention of how many were Hamas.  Half the Palestinian deaths have been attributed to children – the Hillary Clinton What Difference Does It Make If They Are Dead – casualties of war – scenario.

ISRAEL WAR: A Slew of Back Stories Gone Awry – Blinken on Suicide Watch

There are some peculiar irregularities beginning to rise as we attempt to parlay where the Israel/Palestine war goes from here:  

  1. ‘Aid” to Palestine was an Obama construct, reversed by Trump and reinstated by Biden –
  2. Does this imply a confrontation had been planned for years?
  3. Egypt warned Israel 3-4 days before the attack and they did absolutely nothing to prepare.
  4. This is exactly what happened when our own distinguished intel all dropped the ball despite warnings ahead of 9-11.
  5. The Cartel likes to play the same reruns over and over…
  6. The WH declares absolutely no US incursion into the war.   Yet today DoD Austin announced two warships are off the coast, and marines had been called up.
  7. Human Rights Watch, which is a Soros NGO, is condemning Israel’s attacks as violating International Law targeting civilians.
  8. Netanyahu is dropping white sulfur on Gaza.   And seems to be operating as an android might.
  9. Israel has killed and injured a umber of war correspondents including from Reuters – and seems not to care. In additional 11 UN peaceworkers were killed by Netanyahu without remorse.
  10. The UN is calling out Israel’s War Crimes.

Blinken admits on national news that funding Iran means funding Hamas, gosh darn unfortunately.   But Blinken is likely the one who negotiated the exchange of 5 Americans for 3 Iranians and the unfreezing of monies held via a trade deal between South Korea and Iran.   A Contract.   And Qatar has likely refused to become a party to violating said contract.  Blinken – Fatal Flaw was already on the suicide watch.

I see three possible explanations:   1) Netanyahu has gone rogue. And is insane.   2) Rothschild’s Israel (owns 93% of the land in Israel and leases it to settlements) and the new Soros protégé, Pierre Omidyar, are having an argument.   3)   Netanyahu is AI.

Good ole desk jockey Austin has declared that the US can easily handle two wars, Ukraine and Israel thru funding, weapons, and ‘aid’.   The fact that the bank was broke with Ukraine makes the statement a bit as though memo’s are NOT emailed to everyone and thus we have a Houston Problemo.   The stories do NOT jive.

We know our weapons are depleted.   We know our coffers are dry. We know our manpower and intelligence are ill-equipped. And we are on a temporary budget!  With Jim Jordan coming in – a McCarthy democrat deal is not nearly as likely.   The Democrat pick failed and Jim Jordan is taking the baton.  DANG!   Of course, they might use the, ‘We have to fund our military fighting against the Nazi terrorists’…

Yes, Hamas is no longer Hamas they have been promoted to ISIS/Nazi/Hamas. As though this reference will drive even greater fuel for rage responses.  

Something is amiss.  

Blinken ending his trip to Qatar to shore up the $6 billion of funds for Iran was billed as a great success until a day later Qatar announced that they would cutoff ALL oil exports if a ground war was launched in Gaza.   Interestingly, Qatar’s main export partners for oil include: Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea and Thailand.   None of whom have any hand in the Israel war.   But it could force these countries to thus take a side.   In particular worry is – China.

Creating the backdrop for the WWIII proposal that is making Blinken so jittery and nervous – eyes darting, etc…   Yet another development: Right after leaving Qatar, Blinken traveled to Colombia, Chile and Peru claiming these countries are the source of our out of control border…   What The Heck?

Of these three countries, the singular common denominator is they all export oil to – China.   Therefore, Blinken knew that Qatar would make the oil embargo statement and is busily trying to shore up and replenish Qatar’s oil for China with South American oil so that China doesn’t get in a wad and side with Palestine.

Back home in Amerika, America First Legal has filed a lawsuit against Blinken charging he violated the Taylor Force Act by subsidizing Palestinian terrorism resulting in the death of 14 Americans in Israel.  A potential death penalty.

Iran is an ally of Qatar.   Any attack on Iran would ignite Saudi Arabia and Qatar – both of whom have been heavily supplied with US weapons for years!   Putting the entire West on high alert.  And Blinken on the Line!

IF Netanyahu is rogue, then Blinken has no ability to quell Netanyahu’s dearth of vengeance including a ground assault. Meaning this was supposed to be another incursion – not a war.   And everyone miscalculated!

IF Netanyahu is AI – it means the world is under the spear of a James Bond villain set on destroying earth.

IF Netanyahu is answering to Rothschild’s demands and Soros is pissed because the funding he had already earmarked for Ukraine has now dwindled, negotiating peace in Israel would take front seat to appease Soros.

Any way you cook the gamut, it appears, this was NOT the plan and once again Blinken is in the hot seat for not considering the consequences of “Funding”.   Soros could give a fark if all our troops died due to being out-weaponed, he just wants to keep the money flowing into Ukraine. Why?   Because Ukraine was the trafficking hub for all trafficking and laundering;   money, children, organs, slaves, drugs, etc…   And Russia put a huge dent in that revenue source.   Soros has been taking the biggest cut of Ukraine money to replenish what he is losing from his trafficking trade.

That means, Blinken is charged with keeping China at bay, negotiating with Netanyahu over implementing peace, keeping the Middle East happy with suitcases of cash, and reinstating Ukraine Aid to Soros while keeping that war ongoing. It then becomes understandable that Blinken is losing it –

In the meantime, Putin has offered to step in and mediate a long lasting two separate state solution returning the pre 1967 boundaries taken by Israel. The UN concurs with Putin.

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen – Revisited!

ISRAEL – A Rothschild Construct of Biolabs & Calls for MAGA Death

More information is being released that could account for the ‘why now’ affect of Israel’s newly classified 9-11 moment.   More releases regarding the bioweapon labs in Ukraine are being studied.   According to a former state Department analyst, these Ukraine lab reports detail bio weapons that target specific DNA and genetic vulnerabilities of people of Slavic, Asian, and Persian-Hindu descent. Additional companies involved in the bioweapon production include; Black & Veatch, an engineering company that builds biolabs, and Ukrainian Institute of Public Health Policy, which is funded by the Research Foundation for the State University of New York.   The report states that similar labs are in Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and the Congo – and directly implicates Hunter Biden’s, Rosemont Seneca company.

The bioweapons being manipulated include; Typhus, Hepatitis, and highly pathogenic Avian Flu’s. Israel does NOT participate in the weapons of mass destruction disarmament and is opaque regarding its stockpiles, inventories and research. However, NIH research papers reveal concentration on; plague bacteria, anthrax, Typhus, Botulism and Ebola.

While the US focused on Wuhan as the source of CoVid, other’s speculated on Israel’s high density of bioweapon labs. NIH works in conjunction with Tel Aviv University, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and others inside Israel. However, earlier the vast majority of Fauci funding was directed to The Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and Arizona State University.   Given Arizona built a campus in Kyiv in conjunction with John McCain’s ‘unwavering support’ with NIH money, was Wuhan a distraction?

As Israel ramps up it’s culling of anything Gaza or Palestinian, making accusations against Iran, the entire Middle East is poised once again for a west invasion. The media is touting 9-11.   And social media is rampant with people calling for the annihilation of an entire civilization including women and children.   It is surreal.   People who are pro-life are screaming for death.   Netanyahu claims he will completely raze Gaza to the ground. Those who live will have nowhere to go.

While previous financial supporters of Palestine, including the EU, are trying to decide whether to continue aid, they overlook the obvious – who will be left to receive aid?

According to Netanyahu when he is done there will be no Palestine and no Palestinians. Lindsey Graham is calling for the decimation of Iran.   Blinken posted a call for Peace – and deleted it. People on the left are making comparisons between Hamas and MAGA. The FBI has declared MAGA domestic terrorists.   Who will save us?   Israel? Germany?   UK?   No.

They want Magats to live in poverty and die by the hand of the Ashkenazi’s in Israel and the US.   Biden wants $100 billion for Ukraine and is now sending Israel billions… From what pocket? We Are Broke!

And once again – humanity is plunged into the darkness – lost in their blind support for The Rothschilds.

Oddly, the calls for Peace are coming from Middle East & Russia, and calls for vengeance are coming from the West including Christians.   Where is the UN? The UN whose website opens with, “Peace, Dignity, and Equality on A Healthy Planet”.    There is no peace – ANYWHERE.   Gutteres has called for restraint – ‘stop targeting civilians’ – to no avail.   But that’s what the UN does – it issues a lame call for peace – while it rages on undeterred for a century.

We knew the footage coming from Syria was fake. The actors paid over and over again.   We knew the footage out of Ukraine was fake – the war was lost a year ago.   And yet suddenly, everything we hear and see via video from Israel is The Gospel according to AI.

Ukraine was fading.   Support for Ukraine was fading.   How could the politicians completely wipe out America if Ukraine aid was blocked?   Start another war – one in which right wing pro-Israel Rothschild groupies and left wing I stand with Israel flaggers unite.   Immediately redirect aid to Israel – and continue the grift and graft of the money laundering scheme back to Congress and Big Daddy.

Netanyahu declares – don’t worry this will be a long war… and demands weapons from US.

Within the roils is oil and gas.   Having sanctioned Russia’s oil and gas, eliminated vast amounts of US production, the Canadian fires taking out many refineries, this War in Israel is likely to see exports to the US and Europe severely cut back or eliminated. Oil futures gained 4% today. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran claim Israel is to blame.   UAE blames Hamas.   Bahrain is caught in the crosshairs.

And then there is the context of the constant – who will foot the bill to repair Israel.   Ukraine has already declared that its rehab bill is close to one trillion.   IF the US prints any more money hyperinflation will not be the illusion, it will be the reality.

WAR does not beget peace.   It begets subjugation until the subjugated rise up to fight their captors.   A continuous cycle within the classic sphere of Cabalist Mafia dystopian diaspora.   Would Israel help the Magats?   Just ask the near 1000 Jan 6ers languishing and rotting in American jails.   Not the UN.   Not NATO.   Not Amnesty.  

If you fall into the same cycle, they win.   And the World for America – is LOST.

Netanyahu: A NeoConservative Global Elitist: Baaaaaahhhh

My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin – Binyamin – the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Sumeria 4,000 years ago, and there’s been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since. ~ Netanyahu.

Revealing his absolute vagrant understanding of the Bible, Netanyahu, the secular Jewish man seems unaware that the term Jew (this spelling version) was created in the year 1275 AD – not 4000 years ago. The word originated from Latin and Aramaic Judaeus which was derived from the Hebrew Judah.  As in the ancient land was Hebrew – not Jew.   So who are the Hebrews?

Jesus was not a Jew.   Jews are not The Chosen People.

Netanyahu is good pals with Romney and went to Harvard – the university that clones communists. He was a spokesman on Israel for CNN. He won the 1996 Israeli election;   a.  following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin,   b. hiring American operative Arthur Finkelstein to run his campaign,   and c. as someone who obscurely won over the ‘favorite’ Shimon Peres.

By all accounts Finkelstein was a tremendous powerhouse!   He managed to energize the campaigns of underdogs, as well as upperdogs like Reagan.   While he called himself a libertarian conservative, he had a midas touch in garnering a win for many political candidates.   A few noteworthy quotes:

“A crook always beats a fool.”

“I do not slander somebody without proof.”

“I wanted to change the world. I did this. I made it worse.”

In 2020, along with the rest of the real world, Israel’s GDP growth rate tanked 8.1%.   The economy is pushing a 20% unemployment rate.   And yet the focus is the media lauding that Israel is given high marks by Bloomberg, NYT, and Wikipedia given their vaccination rollout has inoculated 50% of the population… or 4.5 million vaccines.  Yeahhhhh….?

While the US has ‘supposedly’ vaccinated 130million, Israel is lauded as a great success having dispersed 4.5 million.   But then we must rely on Bloomberg, the NYT and Wikipedia for these stats???

And suddenly, I’m not feeling it.

We know that numbers are manufactured, the governments are manufactured, and that truth is manufactured…   So why oh why am I supposed to believe that while the EU trails in vaccines, somehow Israel saw fit to procure their allotment in December 2020 – 2 months before CoVid was announced?

While Netanyahu has been pronounced in his dislike for Obama, and to a lesser extent Clinton, his alignment early on with Romney speaks volumes to the neoconservatives, founded by Irving Kristol a Trotskiyist (aka Marxist), and father of Bill Kristol.

Neoconservatives were initially labeled as Liberal intellectuals bent on the ideal of the Great Society. It’s members were predominantly philosophers, liberal scholars and Harvard alumni… What they were not – conservative.

Bill Kristol was/is everything against Trump, pro-War, Anti Putin no matter what, and while claiming to be ‘Jewish’., he has no religious or cultural affinity to anything Jewish.   Other than an unverified heritage.  And yet, he somehow aligns with the current hail Das Biden Regime Tzarism?

A columnist for the liberal NYT, a John McCain love affair, backed Obama’s war in Libya, and ultimately outed himself as more of a democrat than a real republican – the definition of ‘neoconservatism’.

He freakin’ endorsed BIDEN.

That is – a NeoConservative.

And – it would appear that this is the alignment of Netanyahu – neoconservatism. A label that ultimately is an embrace of all things Swamp and Globalization.

According to an article written in 2016, Netanyahu aligns himself with Zionist views and neoconservative movements.   IN reality, Netanyahu presents as a dictatorial regime that believes they are above all creeds, and promises.

While I understand the need for a ‘Jewish state’ as opposed to a ‘Hebrew State’, which would be more biblically apt, I think a name that is based on truth and antiquity would be beneficial.

A secular Jewish State – is not a Biblical precedent.   And perhaps it is a right – but to pronounce it a Biblical right for secular peoples who don’t identify as anything religiously Hebrew, is – a lie.

And a lie – is a lie – and everything else goes away.

Netanyahu’s heritage is polish jew, nea, Mileikowsky. His father a Zionist activist. His surviving brother – lives in New York.  

What is Zionism?

Israel’s Netanyahu – Another Neo-Conservative Bent on Gates Depopulation…

Virtual Tourism!   Wow!   Sounds like yum…?   Hardly.   Israel has gone full Green Passport communism whereby unless you are vaccinated or have recovered from the virus and can medically prove it – you will be disallowed from certain events, venues and stores.   Nonresidents are not allowed inside Israel and residents who have travelled outside of the country are forced to wear ‘tracking bracelets’ as part of their quarantine.  

Netanyahu would appear to be the Communist Tzar…

Given the extremist eradication of individual freedom, Israel encourages a ‘safer’ venue of virtual travel, virtual vacations, virtual walks, virtual education, virtual life.

With an unemployment rate now spiking at 20%, Netanyahu is easing restrictions as another election looms just 3 weeks away.   Timing is everything!!   The Health Ministry claims a total of 5860 people died with CoVid over the last year+ – representing a whopping .06% of the total population.   Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!   Mortality numbers for Israeli’s over the age of 65 are roughly 35,000 per year.   The ‘average age’ of those who died with CoVid has been roughly 80 years old…   and the vast majority suffered from other diseases.  Average means that vast majority are actually well over 80 years old…   and for this the economy was completely obliterated – Netanyahu…

The Health Minister, Yuli Edelstein, has declared that every citizen must be vaccinated or have medical professionals sign-off proving they have recovered from the virus – anyone who does not ‘will be left behind’.   Like the book series wherein – they will not ascend to Heaven…?   In other words, unless you submit, you may as well die because you will not be allowed to exist.

The only vaccine offered in Israel is the Pfizer jab.

Israel: So far 28 people have died from the vaccine since the vaccine program began roughly 5 weeks ago.

UK:   460 dead, 243,612 reported injuries.

CDC:   1265 dead, 25,212 injuries

South Korea:   7 dead, 2800 injuries

Norway:   30 dead.

Spain Nursing Home: 46 deaths in one facility after first shot

Germany bought over 736,000 does of the Pfizer vaccine – and so far only 87,000 doses have been administered due to the fear of death and injury rates.   As such in some cities across Germany the health minister has declared that the Pfizer vaccine is the only one that will be offered – take it or leave it.

Germany’s vaccine rate within the EU is one of the lowest ranking beneath Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Cyprus, etc…   Given Germany is the wealthiest country in the EU and the leader in all things – this is an odd anomaly.   Except that Germans seem reticent to get the jab.  And that reticence is justified!

By contrast the UK has the highest vaccine rate at roughly 4x times that of Germany.   And still advocates some of the strictest lockdowns and mandates.   And yet, the numbers don’t change… why is that?   Bojo the Clown rules.

But then Germany didn’t even order the vaccines which leads one to speculate – why?   Was it purposeful? Did Germany pull out to wait and see what the ‘experimental vaccine’ would do?   And in an odd play for Merkel – did she choose to allow other countries to subject their citizens as the proverbial guinea pigs?

Certainly, Bojo has no affinity for the people, and is simply doing the bidding of Bill Gates.   That is obvious.

Did Merkel defy the Order?

We live in a world of chess and checkers.

In this instance, as an outgoing leader in a matter of months, did Merkel defy the Global Handlers?   To save her people…. from the devastating effects of a vaccine known to kill, maim and destroy?

When Merkel suggested that Germany, instead, import the Russian Sputnik vaccine which is a protein composite within the entire SARS-Mers-Cold spectrum of coronaviruses.   Passing up the Big Pharma preferentials, was Merkel actually doing her country a service?   What Sputnik is NOT is an mRNA vaccine like Astra Zeneca and Moderna which are linked to the death tallies and debilitating side effects including stroke, aneurism, heart attack, neurological attitudes, and blood clots that have debilitated many across Europe and the US.

One can only assume the depopulation agenda is in full swing with certain countries gung-ho to slash their aged and non-productive citizens.   Israel.  Should a handful of the youth be sacrificed – so be it.   In the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it make??”

And while Israel is held up beyond normal standards despite it’s ‘record’, it has seemingly led the globe in fascist doctrines of CoVid and has recently announced that despite peace accords it has every intention of bombing “Iranian nuclear facilities”.  

Which puts Netanyahu on par with Joe Biden/Obamaville.

And Thus – another Neo-Conservative is revealed.

Israel Bombs Syria – IAEC Cries FOUL!

The International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC) is crying foul for the Israeli attack on Syria yesterday.  As an ‘independent’ agency tasked with defining, and monitoring nuclear activity, it is their assertion that they should have been privy to the documents that Netanyahu is using as evidence to support the Israeli bombing.

Okay.   But who/what is The International Atomic Energy Commission?  

They were initially created in 1957 to act independently of the UN, except that they report directly to the General Assembly of the UN…  Oops.

In 2005, their former Director General, whose four year terms began in 1997,  extended 2001 and 2005, Mohamed ElBaradei, and the IAEC were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.   It was his inspection in Iraq that preceded the invasion for Chemicals of Mass Destruction.   He later was quoted as claiming that inspections should take more time after it was deemed that they in essence were never discovered to exist – and his assessment was flawed.  Sorry Iraq.   ElBaradei was instrumental in the 2011 Revolution which ousted Egypt’s Mubarek, as well as the 2013 coup again in Egypt.  He belongs to the Constitution Party which he founded in 2012 and advocates “Revolution” – within “Liberal” ideals…

In fact, all the founding members of the Constitution Party consider themselves Revolutionaries.   Not sure exactly how the Nobel Peace Prize governors determine what defines “peace”?

Nobel Peace Prize?

He has also been quoted as saying that Israel poses the biggest threat to the Middle East!  In other words, this man of peace who was ‘neutral’ and awarded the Nobel Prize For Peace, has in fact been a demonstrative anarchist with an agenda against Iraq, Iran and Israel…calling for war, destruction, annihilation and anarchy.   Huh.

The current Director General, Yukya Amano, belongs to the Liberal Party and previously worked as a civil servant for the UN.    He was Chairman of the IAEC at the time it was awarded the joint 2005 Nobel Peace Prize, although it is oddly unclear what Peace they achieved?

Apparently, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to these joint efforts for their efforts to “deter nuclear energy from being used for military purposes”.   Unfortunately, it is unclear exactly what they accomplished as this is not stated in any descriptive format and is prelude to their anarchist revolutionary coups…

So what we have is a UN Agency, that is actually ‘NOT” a UN Agency, which is tauted as being “Independent”, but is headed by Liberal Revolutionaries who have participated in violent coups, as being the ‘go to’ agency to make first determinations whether the documents Netanyahu espouses, are in fact, authentic?

Because, they are the UN?  And in dire need to prove they are worthy of their Budget?

Like all UN Agencies, the IAEC has expanded it’s trough into Climate Change, ecosystems, women in positions of power, nuclear workforce capability, medical imaging, cancer, and a host of efforts to justify their $500 million per year budget which grossly failed Chernobyl and Fukushima.

What have they accomplished?   Not really anything.

What their website does lack is any discussion about Iran and the Iranian deal instituted by Obama and supported by Merkel and Macron.   In fact, their latest report, March 2018, states that Iran is in full compliance.   In fact, Director General Amano released a press report stating that:   “As of today, I can state that Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments,” he said in his introductory statement to the Board. “The JCPOA represents a significant gain for verification. It is essential that Iran continues to fully implement those commitments. If the JCPOA were to fail, it would be a great loss for nuclear verification and for multilateralism.”


Obviously, given Netanyahu’s document evidence, the IAEC has absolutely no idea what is going on, and as another UN Agency is completely and utterly inept merely voicing/reading a prepared statement that justifies their existence.

Who to trust?

This topsy-turvydom of information is rife with misinformation, delusion, fakery, corruption, propaganda, and manipulation.   Do you believe Bibi?   The UN AIEC?   Assad?  Iran?

Of course, this is the point of it all – to defraud the populace and make truth so confusing as to obliterate logic and delude us into a fantasy or illusion wherein the magician presents – a slight of hand…

TRUMP -Divide and Conquer


We hear it daily. Sometimes from the media, sometimes from our work, sometimes from our friends and family. It makes it no less cringing who or where it comes from. One of the more popularized comes on the heels of a statement made by Trump regarding his stance of future immigration of Muslims into the US.

Netanyahu responded to Trump’s statement with the most ridiculous, hypocritical statement of all; “Israel respects all religions.” He said this to raise his own ethical commitment while denouncing Trump’s, and shooting a few Palestinians.  Maybe the key in this absurd statement is ‘respect’. What does it mean to respect someone? According to Webster it is – ‘deep admiration and high esteem…honor, high regard, reverence.’ I fail to hear anything remotely likening to reverence in Netanyahu’s vision of Muslims.

Trump made the inflammatory, not-politically-correct statement that if elected he would close the US borders to entry/immigration by Muslims – for a while – until the threat of ISIS could be truly eradicated – as opposed to Obama’s historically infamous, ‘they are contained’.   And surprise a firestorm erupted and the media went wild with more publicity!

Netanyahu take note:  Israel is divided culturally as follows; 75% Jewish, 18% Muslim and 4% Christian – the balance is ‘other’. Of the 75% Jewish, 67% say they are non-religious, secular or atheist. The northern region of Israel has the highest concentration of Arabs, and assimilation is filled with tension and conflict. It is hardly a bedrock of ‘respect’. I think it would be prudent for Netanyahu to remain disassociated. In his attempt to use the comparison of Jewish people being disqualified from admittance is not only hypocritical it is eerily pathological.

Israel vehemently decries fear of Iran despite the fact that Iran has never instigated war. Israel is taking in exactly zero, as in -0-, Syrian refugees. Why?  Because they are potentially terrorist.   Hmmm.

Is Trump’s suggestion even legal?

The rhetoric is that his suggestion is unconstitutional and inflammatory and inciting hate. First, and most importantly, the Constitution applies to US citizens. “We the people of the United States…” It does not apply to peoples from other countries. Constitutional rights are a benefit granted citizens of the US. Anyone who is not a citizen is not abridged of these rights because they have yet to apply.

“Insure domestic tranquility” – meaning we are guaranteed a peaceful and harmonious existence through the protection of our police force.

“Provide for the common defense” – meaning that if a threat is perceived, we have the right to act accordingly to protect ourselves and our nation from a hostile takeover.

When politicians don’t even know the verbiage or language of the Constitution that they are called to uphold, when they have no knowledge of it’s purpose, its mission, and its authority, they, not Trump should be called to the plate. Whether you are for or against Trump, make sure you do not add to the mistakes of mis-speech!

That being said:

Trump has again threatened to convert his stance to that of Independent. Why?  What would this accomplish?

By aligning with the Republican Party, (Trump was a Democrat just a few years ago), he created a following. Converting mid-stream to Independent and taking that following away from the Republican Party creates a wider division and the opportunity for the Democrats to garner a higher percentage of the votes.   In other words, the Democrats would take a win by default as opposed to actual election by a majority of the citizens.  Hillary could be elected despite her corruption, fraud and illegalities.  Or Sanders could be elected in a sweep of Communism disguised as Socialism.

This would be the Soros decoy tactic assuring a liberal win with a much smaller point margin. In 1968, Nixon barely beat out Humphrey after Independent candidate, Wallace took 13.5% of the votes. In 1980, John Anderson, a Republican, jumped ship to run as an Independent taking just 6.6% of the votes. Reagan won by a landslide against Carter whose record was abysmal. And in 1912, Teddy Roosevelt lost as a Republican and created a new party, The Progressive Party, giving the election to Democrat, Woodrow Wilson in a very contentious campaign of mudslinging.

The last time a third party candidate actually won was in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln, whose political affiliation also wavered from Whig to Republican to National Union, with a mere 39% of the votes. It is worth noting that the Republican Party in his era was actually what our Democrat Party is today.   The Whig Party merged into the Republican Party in 1856 due to their shared ideology of ‘liberalism’ and supremacy of Congress. In 1864 the Republicans created a new party, The War Democrats, and Whig Republicans countered with their new name, National Unionists.  Lincoln was actually not terribly popular, but won based on a dispersion of the votes.

The most noteworthy effect a third party candidacy has historically created is division. Dividing the vote so as to allow the party that is strongest to become weakened.

Trump? Is that the Soros agenda?

“Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.” ~ Mark Twain