The General’s daughter, I grew up the youngest of six. Stationed in Germany, we migrated between Berlin, Heidelberg and Nuremberg while taking road and train trips to Berchtesgaden, Garmisch, Italy, Austria, Holland, and Luxembourg. For me, life was mostly a charmed existence while in Europe, although some of my siblings do not share that enthusiasm.

We were stationed back in the states when I was twelve, my father working at the Pentagon. It was a difficult transition for us all. Shortly thereafter, my father retired and did what all retired intelligence officers do – he went to work for Langley.

At sixteen, my mother decided I needed the staunch training of Putney Work Farm in Vermont to cool my rebel jets. Fortunately for me, my father interceded and sent me to an arts college in Paris instead. Cuisine, dance, music and literature refined my world and upon returning to the states I joined a modern/jazz dance troupe in DC. After some time, I became disenchanted with dance, perhaps it was the $80 per week paycheck, and with my father’s insistence went to college to study finance. He thought I needed something to fall back on in the event I had to fend for myself in this fleshly world. It was during my tenure at college that my father died, wracked with cancer he had contracted as a result of his time in Nevada during the 1950’s nuclear testings.I was devastated.

Graduating from college in just over 3 years with honors, I went to work for a brokerage firm in Colorado during the frenzy of the penny stock market. At the same time I also took a part time stint dancing in a modern dance company just for funzies. The market collapsed and I got hooked in with a real estate developer.

Frenzied highs and lows, that market too ultimately collapsed and my boss/soon to be husband and I moved to Sausalito where we bought and lived on a Passport 40 sailboat. Once again I joined a jazz troupe, but when they wanted me to travel, my husband wasn’t too thrilled. That was nixed.

Sailing the Bay, the Delta, down to Santa Barbara, The Channel Islands, and LA was quite an adventure and an abundance of life lessons were learned.  But my internal clock chimed and  – CHILDREN became the mantra. Migrating to Half Moon Bay and then El Granada, my number-one-son was born.  But California was not terribly embracing, in fact it was rather snobbish, nor was it conducive to raising a child, so we packed our bags and drove back to Colorado.

Colorado saw me pop out two more boys before a very nasty divorce. I was now raising three boys ages 5, 2 years and a 9 month old. Various business ventures allowed me to keep my children out of daycare, which was a priority, and still make a living. Art beckoned me still, dance was beyond my age, so I began to paint.

I met my current husband, became an evangelical, and eventually learned the art of bronze sculpture. See, helenaglass.com. Not one to idle well, I began writing commentaries for my husband’s financial business which ultimately led me to write this blog and short stories.   Truth became an obsession.  And the more I was subjected to lies, the more obsessed I became with worldly Truth.  This was the gift my husband bestowed unwittingly.

Today, as the world turns, my faith in God only grows stronger, while my children, my friends and my faith are my fortress.   But life has a funny way of tickling us with trials and my husband has chosen to betray his faith, his vows and his covenant, filing for divorce.

And I sing,  “It is well, it is well, with my soul.” 

C’est la vie.

~ Helena

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  1. Hello Helena,
    I came across your blog whilst researching the immigration crisis in Germany. I read the article that mentioned–among other things–the axe wielding person in Dusseldorf. Unfortunately, you mentioned incidents without providing a link to substantiate their occurences. That is not such a big deal, however, as I can probably find a source by searching a corresponding descriptive term. Your article provides several new perspectives to the immigration/integration situation in Germany, thank you for that.


    • Thank you Michael. Bloggers rarely include citations with their blogs, it is not a university research paper, it is a blog. That being said, I maintain links to all my sources when writing each and every blog and save those within my private computer. I try to be very thorough and very careful in that regard.


  2. Bonjour Helena,
    Puisque vous avez vécu en France, vous devez maîtriser la langue de Molière.
    Le hasard m’a amené vers votre blog et celui-ci m’a enchanté.
    Je suis Parisien – né dans l’Isle de la Cité, près de Notre-Dame, je travaille et je vis dans celle qui fût la Lumière du monde – et aujourd’hui la situation politique de mon pays m’attriste énormément.
    Quinquagénaire, j’envisage sérieusement de finir ma vie aux USA, seul refuge désormais pour l’Esprit de L’Occident et ses racines grecques, romaines et chrétiennes.
    Bien à vous.


    • Oui, j’aime bien la comédie, soulève mon esprit! Je vais étudier.

      Paris est en effet assiégé, je suis tellement désolé, mais en Dieu il y a toujours de la force et une lumière à la fin, mais le voyage est difficile.Chaque pays est maintenant soumis aux conflits civils, y compris aux États-Unis, mais il y a un refuge et ce refuge est l’HOPE indéniable.

      Sans espoir, il n’y a pas de paix.

      la grace, Helena


  3. Very interesting writing. I came across your blog whilst reading an NPR story about why Africans drown. (I learned that it was because they are stupid.) Searching for the African Development Bank and adding Soros to the search led me to you. Keep up the good work and thanks for the TRUTH.


  4. Came across your blog via Ina Vukic. Your bio sounds very interesting and hardly “privileged”. But I guess certain people get to make that call by the divine providence of their demigod George Soros. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!


  5. Hi

    You write with no guile. It is rare to find a person with nothing to hide online. I am proud of you without even knowing you. The ability to communicate without fear shines through. It is Franklin-esque. Millions sensed that in his work. It is also in yours.


  6. You are an astoundingly bigoted, ill-informed, privileged rich white woman who has no sense of what it’s like to be in the world outside your boat in Sausalito or your cosseted world in Colorado. Imagine what it feels like NOT to be white, blond and rich, why don’t you try? If you are truly an evangelical, perhaps you should consider what it means to have real compassion and kindness towards those who haven’t led your charmed life. Why people like you think you get to support Donald Trump without actually lifting a finger to make this country better is beyond me. Keep making your bronze sculpture. I’m sure it’s lovely. and I’m sure you’re a better artist than political analyst. Which is not to much.


    • Beth Cooper – given your picture is empty, I would gather you are a troll. However, I will respond anyway.

      You are making defamatory statements based on a short fun bio that provides a snapshot into me without having the decency, respect or integrity to actually have a clue who I am or what I do outside of blogging and art. A short-sighted perspective is really no perspective at all and simply ingratiates yourself as a bitter, hate filled racist. I’m sure I have lifted more fingers than you can count… Unfortunately, you are simply revealing the same insanity that plagues the Liberal agenda and exposes a sad,sad hypocrisy. What have you done? Please share.


  7. I found your site simply by google searching a half dozen Hollywood names to see what they had in common and your site was at the top of the search. I read through some of your other posts and enjoyed them very much. I look forward to reading more (old & new). Thanks for sharing. KC


  8. Nice story Helena. I lived in West Germany when my father served in the Air Force.
    Interesting variety of topics you cover. I’m in an honors marketing program in my college. Perhaps you will find it interesting.


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