FRAXIT – BREXIT: Macron Changes Sides

The EU is all a frenzy with visions of plum cakes and $$$$ signs at the prospect of BREXIT.   Bullying the UK and PM Theresa May seems to be their strategy as they demand a blackmail fee of $62 billion which includes pensions, health care costs, benefits, vacations and much more in their tally. A rather arrogant demand that would seem to delegitimize the bounds of integrity.

Unless you are Soros – and nervous.

The terms being demanded are not just about money but include a long laundry list that effectively calls for the UK to remain under the thumb of governance of the EU Commission, including adherence to the Single Market system, and that the UK must continue to abide by the international agreements of the EU.   Both of which rather defeat the entire purpose of being a sovereign nation.

As a part and parcel of the blackmail, unless the UK pays up in full, any and all trade will cease.   The top tier trading partners for the UK include; US, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, China, Belgium, Italy and Spain.   The US, Switzerland and China would be exempt leaving a hole of about 40% of their total trade subject to cancellation.

However, from a NET trade stand point, Germany, Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands are all negative partners amounting to about -$120billion on total exports of about $408billion or roughly 30%.

So, if the UK were to call the bluff, could they create a new market source? And what would be the trade impact on the EU countries attempting the blackmail?

The UK’s top import countries include; Germany, China, US, The Netherlands and France. That would mean Germany, The Netherlands and France stand to lose the most as they rank in the top tier of both highest partners of imports and exports with the UK.

Together, France and the UK account for over 30% of the EU budget, leaving Germany, Italy and Spain holding the proverbial bucket. Italy’s top export partners include; Germany, France, US and UK.   Spain’s top export partners are France, Germany, Portugal, UK and Italy.

The circle becomes ever tighter as we consistently see that Germany is definitely central and would have the most to lose.

Interestingly, this also makes the France election even more pivotal because a Le Pen win could tip the balance and leave Germany holding a suitcase of shredded newspaper in the blackmail heist while facing FRAXIT.   Which could explain why Soros and the Rothschild cabal are shaking in their boots, and ramping up a Macron win so as to put the plum cake pressure on Theresa May.

Utilizing his Socialist charm, Macron recently called all politicians that don’t vote for him “morally weak”.   As in maybe he can guilt or shame them into supporting him? Strange philosophy. But perhaps not so strange when you are worried you are going to lose.

While ‘media polls’ claim Macron is a sure win, they also claimed Hillary was a sure win, Trump was unpopular, and Russia is the scapegoat for any and all things not pro-Soros.   That being said, the election is truly up for grabs.

It is no surprise that Merkel is backing Macron given Germany’s shirt is in the game should Le Pen win and the entire Brussels blackmail would quickly sputter, falter and end in a death spiral.

It could also mean that both Italy and Spain would most likely reconsider their positions as they can’t economically afford to pick up the slack of both the UK and potential France exodus in terms of both $$$$ and migrants.   It would also mean that the poorer more dependent EU countries would be all that was left outside of Germany and the EU Commission would be more like Robin Hood stealing from the rich Germans to give to the poor everyone else.

Ultimately this would destroy Merkel and put Germany on the chopping block. Unfortunately, of the six parties running in the 2017 election cycle, only one is not Socialist/Liberal, AfD, and they have yet to create a following.

Trump Tax Plan – Hoopdela

Trump has released his outline for tax reform and the mainstream are going google nuts! They are absolutely convinced that this is a wealthy tax reform that will plunge revenues into the twalette!! The highest tax bracket of 40% will be reduced to 35% and this will decimate the Federal government pockets. OMGosh.


Because according to the IRS, in 2015 (latest year available), the average tax rate for the 1%ers was just barely over 27% although they still picked up about 38% of all income taxes. The top 50% of taxpayers had an average tax rate just under 15%. And the bottom 50% paid a meager 3.3% in taxes on average and only represented 2.78% share of all taxes collected.  Well how do ya like that!  This aligns rather well with Trump’s plan, unless you are an overpaid tax preparer, an IRS employee, or a Pundit.

One decrier of the plan is Bill Maher, a comedian with a degree in English and History. I suppose that qualifies him to evaluate and analyze finance? Another critic, Ryan Struyk of ABC quoted the ‘bipartisan’ Committee For Responsible Federal Budget.  

It’s current President, Maya MacGuiness, whose background bio includes such media notables as Washington Post, New York Times, The Atlantic, Financial Times and LA Times – all bellwether diehard Liberal organizations, is predictable. In addition, she held a post at the Brookings Institute, another Liberal organization. Hard to classify as ‘nonpartisan’.

The Board is weighted heavily with democrats, including Leon Panetta, Charles Schultz, Robert Strauss, etc… And formerly associated with the New America Foundation, a Soros supported organization. They took a special interest in Obama and McCain in 2008… lauding their budget campaigns. In other words, it is hardly the most reliable in terms of ‘nonpartisanship’.

For the lower 50% tax filers, the greatest advantage is increasing the standard deduction which effectively makes the first $24000 of revenue nontaxable taking a hefty stresser off the table. Critics of the plan continue the same rhetoric as always without ever understanding the main punch – lower tax rates mean more income will flow back into the US instead of ending up in the Caymans, Bahamas, Cyprus and all the other tax havens that wealthy taxpayers enjoy – including Hollywood elitists.

Another ‘nonpartisan’ organization offering their opinion is the Urban Brookings Tax Policy Center whose current President Mark Mazur was an Obama appointee as Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy. The previous president, Leonard Burman, worked in the Bill Clinton White House.  Funding comes from Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Gates Foundation…Sigh…Gee REALLY?  All quite Liberal.

I think a part of the failure of the analyses is that it comes from people making tons of money, they don’t understand the mentality of someone making just enough to pay the bills, and can’t predict that reaction. In contrast, failing to take into account the offshore money is very short-sighted. Failing to look at the sources of tax revenue historically, is also short-sighted.

Failing to check your SOURCES – is also pretty critical.

According to the Liberal MSM, The New York Times, The Cayman Islands hold $1.9 trillion in US dollars on deposit. The Swiss hold $3 trillion in Swiss francs. IBC’s and trusts account for trillions. In fact, it has been estimated that between a third and a half of all the wealth of the world’s high net worth individuals is sitting in offshore accounts. Why?

Taxes.  And its not coming back unless there is an incentive.  Pretty basic economics.

The other half of Trump’s tax plan affects businesses by cutting the rate from a top tier of 39.6% to just 15%. Ultimately this will encourage spending, additional hiring, and raises. It won’t happen overnight. But this effect could be the biggest equalizer encouragement. The effect of lowering tax rates has been proven over and over again as an economic stimulus.

In this instance it has the added bonus of encouraging large corporations who have offshored their headquarters to tax haven countries, to relocate back to the US.  Despite all the analyses, this one equalizer has not been utilized in making predictions.  Why?  Because it hasn’t happened.  Corporations keep moving away – they don’t come back unless they have that diehard gravity – incentive!

Again, this will take time to implement in terms of feeding the economy, but the measures could sharpen the revenue stream significantly.

While some Republicans eagerly proffer negative reviews claiming the tax reform will not ‘blow holes in the deficit’, they seem to miss the point that – THAT is NOT the Point. It is as though the search for a negative no matter how forlorn, far-fetched, ambiguous, destructive, or just plain ridiculous, is the only agenda.

It’s an ego war.  ‘Well I didn’t think of it, so therefore it probably won’t work…’

Even more telling:   How can these in-depth, analysis Committees and policy groups and pundits release their ‘in-depth analysis and criticism’ one day after the outline is made public?   Because in the real world, such analyses typically take months, if not years, in government circles. They require complete knowledge of the entire plan, not just an outline, as Trump provided. They require multiple experts plugging in numbers, ratifying data, creating algorithms, and then fixing all the inevitable mistakes they have made, resubmitting left out data, and creating new templates.

But then it wouldn’t make for good Entertainment and media mania…

Venezuela Coup – Fighting Socialism with Socialism…

In Venezuela, the opposition is being portrayed as the victim, poor people, starving people, people subjected to a corrupt government just wanting justice!

But that’s the media portrayal. In reality, what is happening is much like the protests in the US against the police, against conservatives, against authority of any kind.   It manifests in violence, destruction, and deaths, all in the frame of the oppressed opposition.

The media like to parlay the source of the oppression as Maduro’s Socialist government, denouncing the failure of socialism and utilizing Venezuela as a prime example.   But whoa their cowboy – apparently Obama instituted sanctions against Venezuela because the President was ‘blocking these peaceful opposition demonstrations/protests, thus hampering the human right of ‘freedom of speech’.  Sound familiar?

These peaceful ‘opposition’ people have created anarchy stoked by support from the US dating back to the early 2000’s when an attempted coup supported by Henrique Capriles and the US backfired thus further damaging any relationship the US might have had. Instead of allowing a country to maintain its sovereignty, its own form of government, its own political agenda, the globalists wanted control. And internal destruction was determined to be the best means toward that end.

What is happening now is not unlike Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, or Ukraine.  Certainly human rights have absolutely nothing to do with anything, otherwise we’d have sanctioned Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, etc…   Right?   But we haven’t because they are willing to trade with the US – Venezuela was not. And in a tit-for-tat parlor game, Obama declared Venezuela a ‘direct threat to the US’, which allowed him to institute sanctions.

Regime change is a globalist agenda. And apparently, any country that doesn’t play along – is destroyed.  was Venezuela a direct threat to the US?  NO!

When the globalists sought to destroy the economy of Russia, Putin developed alliances that threatened and destabilized the agenda. Venezuela was one such alliance as was Syria and Ukraine.  Hence the game board was expanded.

News site after site continually sides with the Venezuelan anarchists claiming that the utilization of force is necessary, channeling anger is necessary, strategic defense is necessary – knowing the end goal is a civil war. Sound familiar? It is the same strategy used in the US protests, the same sympathy, the same instigation.

Inside a Venezuela news site, the story is slightly different:   At a ‘pro-government’ rally, a sniper shot and killed 2 government workers and injured 3 more. Protestors in Lara besieged the town with homemade explosives and set fire to the town hall. In addition they ransacked a government food warehouse stealing 40 tons of food.

In Caracas the opposition shut down the highway with burning barricades of tires, tubes, rails, fences and vehicles. They broke into the Ministry of Transportation depot and caused over $430,000 worth of damage.

The list goes on and on, and despite the government’s call for dialogue, the organizations backing the ‘opposition’ continue to call for chaos, destruction, and anarchy. Who is making the call?   An organization called MUD.

MUD is a coalition of different parties including Social Democracy, Progressivism, Laborism, Liberlaism, Green and Humanism. Basically they all represent Secular Progressive Socialism.  

But wait – isn’t that what they claim they are fighting in Chavez-Maduro? The answer is…. Yes.

The Secular Socialist and Humanists aligned with Capriles as their prop and backed by the US/Soros cabal, want to oust the Socialist government of Maduro who follows the religious teachings of an Indian guru Hinduist because the Socialist policies of the Socialist government need to be replaced with Socialism that is more social and progressive – to er, them, the other Socialists.

Got it!

What are they smoking?

And the US, which is ridiculing the Maduro Socialist government as being evidence of the failure of Socialism, is backing the Secular Socialist Opposition party… because those Socialists would give the Soros cabal all the mineral rights currently nationalized by Maduro. Pinky swear.

The economic stranglehold imposed by Obama had one goal, control of Venezuela. Once accomplished, the US/EU ‘favorite’ Capriles would assume office, oil would be privatized, meaning sold to US and EU oil companies at a fraction of the cost, other abundant resources would be tapped and the country would be powered by the shadow government.   Of course, like all coups, there would be casualties… Hillary…Hillary… remember?   Civilian casualties are a normal part of war.

These ‘other resources’ are quite interesting. Not everything is always just about oil.   Venezuela is also abundant in; natural gas, diamonds, gold, and bauxite, which they have yet to tap with much significance.  

FYI – Lest anyone has forgotten how it is done: shortly after the Ukraine coup, a little known company called Burisma Holdings was suddenly in the news given that Hunter Biden was nominated to the executive board and production miraculously took off! After the Haiti relief effort began, Hillary’s brother was given the rights to their largest gold mine.

Venezuela? Who wants what?

Marine Le Pen: Battered By CRIF?

Marin Le Pen was bloodied by the media for her remark that “France” was not responsible for the roundup of Jews during WWII, it was, ‘those in power’.   It is similar to the defense we use in the US for gun ownership, ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’. A gun is a tool – just as France was a tool.

It echoes the recent attempts to blame an entire country and all it’s people in the present for the crimes committed by ‘people’ decades, hundreds – if not thousands of years ago.   It would be like putting every American citizen on trial for the crimes of the Puritans. Or, putting all the American Indians on trail for the rapes and scalpings of white men, women, children hundreds of years ago.

Therefore, Le Pen’s statement that ‘France’ is not to blame today for the crimes committed by those in power during WWII – is absolutely, correct.

As such, Jewish commentators should be careful in rallying the French Jews behind Macron based on the idea that Le Pen is now somehow a ‘Holocaust denier’. Broad Jump!

Today, a Townhall commentator has decried that Le Pen will treat all Jews like the Muslims and therefore they should place their vote with Macron. The source of the Le Pen denouncement would seem to come from CRIF;   Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France.

So what is CRIF?

1976 to 1982, Alain de Rothschild was President of CRIF.

From 2001 to 2007, and again from 2013 to 2016, Roger Cukierman served as the President at CRIF. Prior to that he worked for the Edmond de Rothschild Group and for the Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild.

What can be deduced is that the Jewish media cry for Macron, who was also a former ‘employee’ of Rothschild, and the denouncement of Le Pen, is all built on the Rothschild agenda advocating globalization, world power, and a Socialist/Communist regime change utilizing puppet governments.

European  media outlets are blustering over a comment made by Rabbi Lazar during a FSU conference.  It is important to understand the context of Rabbi Lazar’s statement in which he advises Jews to leave France if Le Pen is elected. In 2015, Benjamin Netanyahu made the same plea, calling for France’s Jews to come home after three days of Islamist attacks. The point?  France has the largest Muslim population of any country in Europe.  France is NOT a safe haven for Jews as a direct result of the massive Islamist extremism that has punctuated there.

Given that Le Pen vows to crack down on immigration, crime and extremist attacks inside France, a new spate may erupt in defiance.   While Macron’s stance is a rather pathetic, ‘”well they are here to stay, terrorism is just a part of life now, live with it”, philosophy, Le Pen does not want to play dead.  As such she is vowing to secure France from Islamic extremism which should be a Halleluja for the Jewish population.

When Netanyahu was making the plea, their was no National Front in power, it was Hollande, the Socialist do nothing.   It is Rothschild and Soros pushing for a Macron win, attempting to twist the leverage through manipulation of the Aliyah or Exodus that has been instituted and called for since 2014.

The Times of Israel offers a different perspective which shows that many French Jews are reluctant to publically announce their preference for Le Pen for fear of reprisal or backlash. Instead, they keep their opinions private and vote their conscious. A similar phenomena occurred in the US leaving the pollsters quaking in their boots as all their fine algorithms proved worthless after a Trump win.

As such, it would behoove the French to investigate the sources of the pro-Macron propaganda, such as CRIF.  And I suppose if Le Pen does win, it will all be a Russian plot…

FYI:   The left leaning Liberals decry the fact that Le Pen would limit Jews from wearing Kippahs… however crosses, kippahs and Hijabs have already been banned in France’s public schools since 2004. Where was the Indignation? Funny, there was no Jewish response, only Muslim outrage.

Soros Losing Hungary and Macedonia?

A diehard Socialist, Jean Claude Juncker of the EU Commission is backing Macron’s bid for President of France. Juncker was named President of the EU Commission in 2014 after facing off 4 other “Socialists” from: The Socialist Party, The Liberal Party, The European Left, and The Green Party. Talk about a stacked deck?

It was Soros Heaven.

Hungary is attempting to shut down the Soros funded universities and this week Junker and Soros will discuss this newest anti-Soros blockade while threatening to press legal charges.

The spin, as reported by Reuter’s, is that Hungary’s Prime Minister, Orban, is a dictator with ‘authoritarian tendencies’ whose policies run contrary to the values of the EU.

Their biggest fear? That the rule of order will align with Russia and alienate Soros further from control toward the power shift of Globalization and by default a world monarchy.

Soros has already been defeated by the election of Trump instead of Hillary, by BREXIT, and now with Marine Le Pen battling the Soros favorite, Macron.  Any further spears, could send the Soros cabal reeling.   Macedonia and Hungary now sit at the helm.

Macedonia is currently fighting the Open Society takeover of its nation through regime change in collaboration with USAID during the Obama tenure. Further escalated by the release of a report by the European Commission in which they illegally wiretapped the Macedonia Government and claim that their investigation uncovered fraud, corruption, abuse of power, electoral fraud, blackmail, extortion and a host of other crimes.

The purpose? To oust the conservative government, label them corrupt, intervene in a regime change, and institute the preferred Socialist candidate vetted by Soros, Zoran Zaev.

Of course that’s not exactly the position the New York Times took in their evaluation of the political unrest. They favor Socialism.  No surprise there.

At the center of the dispute in Macedonia is a desire to end the Nationalist political and People system and replace it with a government more aligned with the EU’s Socialism project, as well as possibly ‘reunify’ Albania and Macedonia as one nation… Albania is predominantly Muslim and Macedonia is predominantly Christian.

At the helm of Macedonia as of January this year, a massive anti-Soros campaign was initiated.

Soros is desperate to regain control of the European Union as his refugee plan backfired and more nations are looking to back out of the crisis while acknowledging that Soros is at the center of the chaos.  In addition, sovereignty is becoming the new populist movement.

Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, has evolved from an interesting background. Given a scholarship to Oxford by Soros, initially a Communist sympathizer, later a Socialist, and then most recently he is depicted as a Nationalist and compared to Marin Le Pen and Donald Trump. Within this evolution, he gained the disapproval of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the Obama administration who now label him as a Dictator. and want him ousted.

Orban has been demonized by the media since his Nationalist agenda, and like Trump, the call for his assassination has been tendered. Attempts to discredit Orban include accusations that he is being blackmailed by Russia… sound familiar?

The Soros propaganda is wholly lacking in creativity citing the same monotonous accusations against whomever opposes his regime.  And like the protests in the US, his form of revolution is being deployed across the world.  Nip it in the bud!

And so now, with Macedonia and Hungary fighting for their sovereignty, their life, Soros has demanded that the EU Commission intervene and stoke the concept of Dictatorships which disallow his agenda of Socialist takeovers and Muslim immigration. Will he take the next step and create internal chaos? Protests? Civil War?

Where Soros goes, chaos follows.

Russia’s Election Meddling – Revealed!

This is funny!

A ‘think tank’ controlled by a ‘Russian Official”, appointed by Putin, hatched a plan to increase Trump’s chances of winning the Presidential election. This information was given to Reuters by ‘Three Current and Four Past Unnamed Officials’ .  

And how did this mind manipulation, interventionionist, master-minded intelligentsia come to fruition?

The plot involved having a ‘news outlet’ say that the smart choice for a President would be to have someone softer on Russia. … WOW! Now that is definitely a very toxic plot – how dare a media outlet make such an insidious flaming propaganda statement that would not be in line with Hillary!   Must be a very very sinister PLOT.

But then, according to these ‘unnamed officials’, the plot wasn’t working and Hillary was gaining a lead so they had to hatch a new plot in October, just weeks before the election. So all the brightest of the brightest intelligentsia got together and decided – to sway the news to include the possibility of voter fraud, and Clinton’s gnarly ‘reputation’.  How dastardly!  No one would have ever considered doing such a thing in the mainstream media, especially given they were told exactly what to write!

Oh my! How perverse, how spectacular, imagine the IQ that went into such an aberrant manipulation of our voting mechanism that involved the media and alternate news…? How dare they! 

Of course, according to theses shadowy unnamed officials, the media that the Kremlin employed was their own, “RT”, which doesn’t air on any channels in the US, is not well known in the US, and does not exactly have a massive US audience. But those details don’t matter. Instead, the master-minds of intelligentsia have their ruffles unfurled at the very notion that a foreign media would not be producing the information that they dictate!

How dare they!

So this is the extent of ‘evidentiary matter’ that has created such a colossal uproar throughout Washington and thus completely eradicated any possibility of simply ‘getting along’ with Russia and working together economically.

How much time has our esteemed Congress spent on analyzing the data? Reading and re-reading the headlines over and over again, trying to find some embedded code, something more viable, something sinister that could give credence to initiating WWIII, something worthy – to no avail.

What a waste of time and energy. This is why The Mainstream People, the MSP’s, are so colossally done with the government, the Swamp, and the Media. Of course, it is a given that the unnamed officials just might include such notable names as McCain, Lynch, Holder, Clinton, Carter, and Pelosi…

So, can we move on now and have Congress actually do something that benefits our country? I mean, we are paying their salaries, their pensions, their healthcare, their dental, their vacation pay, their holiday pay, their travel, their meals, their entertainment, their limousines, their private jets, their suits and ties and dresses and cologne. Shouldn’t they actually do something to earn their keep?


Tucker Carlson vs Caroline Heldman – 90% Tax Bracket

Professor Caroline Heldman was on Tucker Carlson advocating for much higher tax rates on the 1%ers, claiming that Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations were examples of what it meant to ‘pay their fair share’.  

Eisenhower: In 1954 the adjusted gross income of all tax returns amounted to about $229 billion, with a total tax liability of about $26.7 billion or roughly 9% tax revenue on all income.

In 2015, the IRS raked in $3.25 Trillion in tax revenue, of that $1.54 Trillion was individual income tax. Total payroll in 2015 was roughly $16 Trillion. That equates to roughly 9% tax on revenue. The same as during the Eisenhower administration.

So what is a fair share?

What is the current distribution of tax revenue? The top 1% of all income earners paid 45.7% of all federal income taxes, but earned 17.1% of all income in the U.S. The top 20% paid 83.9% of all federal income taxes, after earning 51.9% of all income in America. The middle 20% of income earners paid 5.9% of all federal income taxes, but earned 14.8% of all income.

During Eisenhower, the top tier tax rate applied to those making $400,000 which converts to about $3.622 million in today’s dollars. The problem is the fair sharers are using $390,000 as the 1% measure. That would equate to about $38,000 in 1950 which was taxed at roughly 48%.

But even this isn’t a fair measure because it doesn’t account for all the revenue that is diverted out of the US in order to avoid/evade tax.   Income concentration today is roughly the same as it was post The Great Depression in the 1920’s when most of the wealth was held by the top tier elites.   Taxing them to death is not going to create a ‘redistribution’ of wealth, it only means they will ‘evade’ further through tax havens.

Taxing the wealthy is rather simplistic. It doesn’t solve income disparity, it merely means the government is potentially wealthier, thus expanding their already burgeoning expenditures and welfare. In addition, Mz. Heldman failed to note the economic, political, and social courses of the Eisenhower administration.

His cabinet was dubbed ‘eight millionaires and a plumber’. His policies were geared toward the annihilation of communism, securing Iranian oil, threatening China, demanding Russia agree to a reduction of nuclear arms, massive infrastructure spending, fighting the far right GOP good ole boys, promoting technology development, thawing the Cold War, balancing the budget, and putting America First.

He wasn’t the best, made blunders, and had failures, but he had successes too.

That being said, Mz. Heldman’s view is certainly not of the caliber of someone whose education includes a PhD given it was driven without any statistics, proven analysis, or in-depth thinking and deserved the response she got from Carlson – a laugh.

Interestingly, Mz. Heldman has a number of bio’s that offer different accomplishments including co-founder of New Orleans Women’s Shelter, co-founder of critical Response, leadership position with Common Ground, co-founded End Rape on Campus, and more. Oddly; None of these organizations mention her by name as having anything to do with their leadership or founding…?

Her bio also states she wrote a book; The War On Women’s Bodies in 2016 – but oddly it doesn’t come up in any Google search?

Her Occidental bio also states she ‘co-authored’ the book, Rethinking Madame President, when in fact she ‘co-edited’ the book. Oops. It’s important to truthful.

France Election Meddling – Macron vs Le Pen

With baited breath the France election is descending quickly. Media outlets are earnestly promoting a Russian intervention in the process so as to declare the results invalid should Marine le Pen win. Macron is the groomed favorite created by Soros. Facebook complied with the Soros agenda and shut down over 30,000 accounts deemed ‘invalid or inappropriate’ by Soros standards so as to deflate the Le Pen avalanche. Somehow – that isn’t considered to be “Election Meddling”, instead it is called… Democratic Intervention.

Oh brother.

Election meddling has been going on for at least 70 years and its perpetrators have predominantly included the US, secondarily Russia, and thirdly China. As such the meddling denouncement loses its clout when Chicken Little screams – Fowl…

The first notable meddling came in 1948 when the CIA worked to overthrow the Communist government in Italy. Emboldened by their success, the practice became somewhat commonplace.   Sometimes it is subtle, and sometimes it has taken the form of assassinations, coups, and brutal civil wars – The Congo, Ukraine, Guatemala, and Indonesia, were particularly brutal resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Less brutal regime changes have been employed in Iran, Chile, Czechoslovakia, Nicaragua and even Israel.

Internally, voter fraud has surfaced in the US prompting investigations that reveal outright manipulation, trashing of ballots, faked ballots, illegal voters, and bussing of the elderly to vote twice and thrice.

As a cruel joke, the OSCE was established to oversee the election processes (in addition to their status as another global police) throughout the world and cry – Fowl if they felt something had gone – afoul.  Unfortunately, it would come to light that their nonpartisan – nonpolitical face was actually quite biased and eyebrows were raised. They are funded by 57 member states, and just love to fund their chosen party in elections around the world.

Revenues for 2015 totaled about $242 million Euros of which roughly 70% was allocated to employees and contractors salaries. A rather bloated agency that has no success in anything except gulping tax dollars.

Another monitoring organization is the National Democratic Institute, which is affiliated with the Democratic Party, the Socialist International and Liberal International. Not exactly non-partisan… It is a Socialist agenda funded by US tax dollars through the State Department and USAID.

There is the OAS, Organization of American States, which promotes globalization and works to fight human rights violations, promoting peace, fighting drugs and sustainable development in South America. I’d say – it wasn’t working too well: drug trade is now the most sustainable development and human rights are in the twalette.

There is the Council on Europe, another 1948 creation that has attained laugh status for it’s tenure in doing not much of anything albeit spending money. Headed by Thorbjorn, former PM of Norway, he had the dubious honor of electing Obama as the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for his ‘promotion of dialogue in the Muslim world, and his reinstatement of START agreements with Russia’ which were actually in effect since the 1980’s and simply up for renewal.   He served as Vice President for Socialist International – the same affiliate of Madeleine Albright’s, National Democratic Institute.

No coincidence there.

Bottom line, it would appear that all the election overseers for Europe, the US, and South America are aligned with the Democrat Party of the US and Labour Party or Socialist Party of the EU. Seems somewhat of a coup; Mastermind Meddling Manipulation

So we now have The New York Times, CNN, NY Daily News, USA Today, Yahoo, Reuters, The Guardian, and the now infamous Soros portal – Deutsche Weld, all pointing to Russia for meddling in the upcoming French elections. Gee, Chicken Little – fear mongering, hysterical chaotic garbage mind manipulation is so passé.

Take a cue: The fable teaches the necessity for deductive reasoning and subsequent investigation.

Trump Tax Returns… Yawn

This whole tax return fiasco is rather mundane and would be considered a yawn except that Hollywooders feel obligated to contribute, fund and voice their witty opinions with regard to Trump’s tax returns.  

I don’t know, why don’t we just demand that every Hollywood elitist making over a million release their tax returns, and offshore account status? Maybe we should require all tax haven countries to release said data? Because, we’re paying their salaries, so we should have a right to know all their private data – right?

There is NO law that mandates any presidential candidate release their tax return. And it is a fairly nouveau concept that was initiated by of all people – Nixon, but it wasn’t voluntary, it came about as a result of the Watergate debacle as well as Agnew’s mess of bribery and fraud.

Reagan released one year and claimed it was an invasion of privacy. Gerald Ford didn’t release anything. And Bush and Cheney released partial pieces and synopses, although Bush’s showed heavy charitable contributions – upwards of 62%. The Clinton’s were vague, given they had numerous safe havens, the tax returns were not investigated.

However, what has been consistent with the Obama’s and Clinton’s is the vast wealth accumulated just prior, during and after their elections that eludes to the possibility of hidden or havened or manipulated reports of true income and assets. Lest we forget the bemoaning of Hillarygate as she claimed they were broke leaving the White House only to magically buy multi-million dollar properties and lavish in the bourgoise comfort of a sudden massive accumulation of wealth. Of course, we now know much was at the sweet bequest of the Saudi regime.

The major difference is that Trump is coming into the White House with massive wealth and thus his greed factor is considerably less motivated – for him, it is all about ‘legacy’.   Not the monetary legacy that is so prevalent among the mindset of Liberals, but the legacy of change and actually making things ‘better’. The historical legacy. And in that – privacy.

Hollywood should take note and comply with the law.   If they want to change the law, then we can discuss that option, but at this point they are whistling Dixie.   As I recall, Obama was asked to release his transcripts from college, which he adamantly refused to do despite the consensus that he had falsified his admissions, his source of ‘scholarship funding’, and his prowess as a student.

Alas, the Debra’s of the world don’t seem to think that is important. It is important to acknowledge that after Mz. Debra’s fame in the Will and Grace series, she has been ordained within a number of failed campaigns before her current role of sitting on the sidelines.

Bottom line, Messing is allowed her ‘opinion’, but so is everyone else that may or may not agree with her. The difference is that conservatives don’t tend to claim their opinion is the only one – and everyone else is an idiot or deplorable or uneducated or just stupid per the er, Amy Schumer intellectuals.

So while the whole tax return issue is interesting, privacy does prevail. Still, it would be interesting if we had access to all of the Hollywooder’s tax returns so that we could know if they are paying their fair share while we support their livelihood…and if they actually support charity to any extent, and if they are hiding income in offshore accounts because well, they don’t want to actually ‘pay taxes’ they just want to talk about – everyone else.