Soros Losing Hungary and Macedonia?

A diehard Socialist, Jean Claude Juncker of the EU Commission is backing Macron’s bid for President of France. Juncker was named President of the EU Commission in 2014 after facing off 4 other “Socialists” from: The Socialist Party, The Liberal Party, The European Left, and The Green Party. Talk about a stacked deck?

It was Soros Heaven.

Hungary is attempting to shut down the Soros funded universities and this week Junker and Soros will discuss this newest anti-Soros blockade while threatening to press legal charges.

The spin, as reported by Reuter’s, is that Hungary’s Prime Minister, Orban, is a dictator with ‘authoritarian tendencies’ whose policies run contrary to the values of the EU.

Their biggest fear? That the rule of order will align with Russia and alienate Soros further from control toward the power shift of Globalization and by default a world monarchy.

Soros has already been defeated by the election of Trump instead of Hillary, by BREXIT, and now with Marine Le Pen battling the Soros favorite, Macron.  Any further spears, could send the Soros cabal reeling.   Macedonia and Hungary now sit at the helm.

Macedonia is currently fighting the Open Society takeover of its nation through regime change in collaboration with USAID during the Obama tenure. Further escalated by the release of a report by the European Commission in which they illegally wiretapped the Macedonia Government and claim that their investigation uncovered fraud, corruption, abuse of power, electoral fraud, blackmail, extortion and a host of other crimes.

The purpose? To oust the conservative government, label them corrupt, intervene in a regime change, and institute the preferred Socialist candidate vetted by Soros, Zoran Zaev.

Of course that’s not exactly the position the New York Times took in their evaluation of the political unrest. They favor Socialism.  No surprise there.

At the center of the dispute in Macedonia is a desire to end the Nationalist political and People system and replace it with a government more aligned with the EU’s Socialism project, as well as possibly ‘reunify’ Albania and Macedonia as one nation… Albania is predominantly Muslim and Macedonia is predominantly Christian.

At the helm of Macedonia as of January this year, a massive anti-Soros campaign was initiated.

Soros is desperate to regain control of the European Union as his refugee plan backfired and more nations are looking to back out of the crisis while acknowledging that Soros is at the center of the chaos.  In addition, sovereignty is becoming the new populist movement.

Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, has evolved from an interesting background. Given a scholarship to Oxford by Soros, initially a Communist sympathizer, later a Socialist, and then most recently he is depicted as a Nationalist and compared to Marin Le Pen and Donald Trump. Within this evolution, he gained the disapproval of Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the Obama administration who now label him as a Dictator. and want him ousted.

Orban has been demonized by the media since his Nationalist agenda, and like Trump, the call for his assassination has been tendered. Attempts to discredit Orban include accusations that he is being blackmailed by Russia… sound familiar?

The Soros propaganda is wholly lacking in creativity citing the same monotonous accusations against whomever opposes his regime.  And like the protests in the US, his form of revolution is being deployed across the world.  Nip it in the bud!

And so now, with Macedonia and Hungary fighting for their sovereignty, their life, Soros has demanded that the EU Commission intervene and stoke the concept of Dictatorships which disallow his agenda of Socialist takeovers and Muslim immigration. Will he take the next step and create internal chaos? Protests? Civil War?

Where Soros goes, chaos follows.

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  1. Concise and informative summary. But note that Orban was never a Communist. The only constant this is that he has always been anti-Communist. His party was party was liberal then became a people’s party uniting forces on the right and got invitation into the EPP camp from Kohl.

    his latest speech in the EP

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