Victoria Nuland Inciting WWIII With Russia –

Victoria Nuland, head of US State Department, has officially stated in a video conference with Kyiv that WWIII will effectively begin on July 11th stating that the US and its partners will fight as long as it takes – 16 years or more…   The scheduled date was chosen to coincide with the NATO Summit, a one day meeting in Lithuania. I wonder how much this WAR will affect climate change…   And what happened to the deadline 2030 for all things Great RESET?  

Two months away, and NATO has yet to determine the topic for the Summit.   But I imagine it will involve WWIII and how to protect Europe from the inevitable backlash.   How many F-16’s will make it to Ukraine without crashing or being ‘exploded’ midair might be on the table for discussion as well.

It would appear that giving up Ukraine simply isn’t on the dining table at the haute enclave residence of Soros.  The sheer size of his destroyed investments throughout Ukraine are in the hundreds of billions.  He is being repaid by US tax dollars – but not without an open debt ceiling…  And Zelenskyy has apparently expanded his real estate holdings to now include a villa in Italy from which he runs the war. Or runs ‘away’ whichever the case may be.

The defacto US and EU trying to pretend they are not involved has fallen.   The pretenses are mute and the reality has been openly spilled by Nuland. The event where Nuland spoke was co-chaired by the US Atlantic Council whose representative declared, “transatlantic unity and robust support can help Ukraine defeat Russia and renew European security.”

The Atlantic Council calls itself nonpartisan because that is the only way to register a 501©(3) charity.   They are anything but ‘charitable’. While they do NOT provide the legally required Form 990 for public view, their nonaudited financials reveal they are NOT a charity at all. But then they own the IRS.   Funding sources for the Council come from the common array of leftist sources; Rockefeller, Goldman, Facebook, Google, US State Depart, ie Nuland, – however, one stand out funder is Burisma Holdings.   The same Burisma that was paying Hunter Biden and Big Daddy.

The Circle is Complete.

The reason the NGO’s are going ballistic over the debt ceiling is that the bulk of their funding is Discretionary spending.   Discretionary spending recipients are supposed to be the last to receive funding after Mandatory debts, which includes Social Security and Veteran pay.   Goldman Sachs has stated that the US Treasury has just $30 billion in its vault – the bare minimum.   But that doesn’t even begin to make sense given we are in the midst of tax season which garnered $4.9 trillion in Treasury Funds last year…   Where are our Tax Dollars?

John Rogers is Chairman of the Board of the Atlantic Council while serving as Executive VP of Goldman Sachs.   His wife is a journalist with the Huffington Post and previously worked in the Clinton Administration. Cozy Group.

We thus have linked Clinton, Soros, Rockefeller, Department of State, the Atlantic Council and the current WH establishment to the Agenda of assassinating Putin. All while invoking Peace and using US Taxpayer Funding to achieve this end.

Although Nuland called the upcoming July 11th attack a ‘counteroffensive’ the target is Moscow.   The point is to militarily take out Putin and insert a provisional government with Navalny at the head of the table.

The global response to a Putin assassination would be interesting indeed.   Although there is no mention of Lavrov, Putin’s right hand man, it is likely he has access to the ‘red button’. And Russia is quite aware who can be spared, and who cannot in the continuance of Russia as an independent nation. Russia’s Medvedev has stated that a preemptive nuclear strike would only be undertaken should Western nations provide Kyiv with a nuclear weapon. Otherwise all weapons will be tit-for-tat.

What is strikingly NOT on the table is any discussions of a peace deal by Western governments.  

Contrary to an interview posted by General Milley in which he declares a counteroffensive is not forthcoming, the Atlantic Council’s, Richard Hooker, Jr. details the means:   Attack Crimea in June affecting massive civilian losses to morally debilitate Russians using special ops from the US and UK. Take out the land bridge between Crimea and Russia. Then drive a northern advancement to retake all Russian occupied territory.   Without F-16’s.  

The largess fear of striking The Bear is the retaliation possibility of nukes aimed at various points throughout the EU and possibly Washington, DC. By contrast, unleashing a nuke on Russian soil is NOT preferred given these Cabalists still vie for Russia’s vast wealth of Resources – black soil and Lake Baikal.

Ukraine Peace deal or Nuclear War? Art of War = Deception

So the Cartel is becoming yawn bored with Ukraine.   Zelenskyy has worn out his welcome. Biden has enough cash and gold to bury every accusation against him and his family.   Not to mention the humility in admitting the Cartel is LOSING!   The Pharma Cartel got it’s money during CoVid. The Military Industrialists got their money fighting a lost war in Ukraine.   And now it is turn for the Building Industry to reap the rewards of ‘reconstruction’.

The West has been talking about reconstruction of Ukraine for at least six months.   Likely they have already hired on engineers and architects to draw the blueprints mimicking NEOM.   The only problem is where to get the Money!   Having tapped frozen Russia assets, taxpayers, and the sale of war bonds, the Cartel has NO intention of simply walking away from their investment.

But they don’t want to be pocketbook either.

NEOM is off-schedule.   Completion has now been pushed to 2039.   Change orders and modifications have topped out with some estimating the cost may double to $1 trillion.   The exact same number the Soros Cartel says it will cost to rebuild Ukraine.   With some of the same controversies – where to relocate all the remaining Ukrainians?   Russia?

Zelenskyy already has property in Florida and London, so he will slide into obscurity.   But all those damn citizens who didn’t leave already will need to be ‘moved’ in order for the rebuild project to materialize.   NEOM stands for “New Future”.   Ukraine’s city could be called S-POWR – “Spoils of War”.

Despite a weary West and Pentagon, Zelenskyy is intent on smearing Putin. Does this mean a peace deal will include Putin stepping down and releasing Navalny?   While it may be on the West Table – it will never pass a Russia inquisition.   So we await the “Spring Offensive” wherein the Cartel is begging for a Win but ‘Not Too Much’.

What the fark is that supposed to mean?   Don’t Win Too Much?

Why announce a day of the month to launch a ‘Spring Counter Offensive’?   Art of War:   “All war is based on deception”.   Russia’s military and Wagner Group are more versed in Art of War than Zelenskyy and Ukrainian military which is why they must take orders from the Pentagon.   The Pentagon is rife with deception tactics.  Mercenaries in Ukraine may have special ops training but they are not about tackling an entire military army. They are trained to incite conflicts or rescue prisoners.  Thus multiple deceptions arise:    The Spring Offensive is a distraction for nuclear war.   The Ukrainian military is completely useless.   The mercenaries are leaving on orders.  

The DoD has authorized the dispatch of a nuclear sub to the Persian Gulf via the Suez Canal in order to threaten Iran.   Other US nuclear subs are patrolling the Indian Ocean. While simultaneously two nuclear subs were sent to South Korea to ‘help deter North Korea’.   Of course these moves are deception.   The moves create a half circle surrounding the southern portion of Russia.

Trident missiles are submarine launched with a range of 6000 miles and can be armed with nuclear warheads. Launch time to target of 5000 miles is roughly 20 minutes.   Long enough for Russia to hit the red button.

Attacking North Korea is meaningless. They are not a threat and have had no direct involvement in any major wars.   Therefore stationing the Submarine in South Korea and declaring its presence internationally is an obvious distraction.   But these nuclear armed subs could compliment the Spring Offensive announced to take place against Russia May 12th. The Art of War “Deception” being that these subs are simply hanging out for deterrence.   Seems a rather immature unstrategic ploy but then our military has been grossly devalued over these Brandon years.

According to CSIS, the Ukrainian military needs air defenses or they will be crushed.   Yet they conclude:   “it is better to win the war at hand rather than lose it in favor of a future war that may never occur.” Given the inability to secure more air defense having depleted inventories, CSIS states that NATO must fill the void.   That means transporting missiles across the Polish border via the underground tunnel system.

NATO chief would tend to disagree claiming that 98% of all promised weapons have been delivered.  

The US military, Congress, and various intelligence apparatus do not seem to be on the same page – anywhere:   Congress wants 30 tanks sent to Ukraine immediately claiming the current timeline of September is NOT acceptable.   Politico states that a peace deal should be considered.   CSIS wants a forever war with Russia.   And the Pentagon doesn’t seem to have a clue –

Not exactly instilling a united front – a cohesive front – an intelligentsia front – or the PEACE they all demand for Sudan!   However, the nuclear subs stationed at precipitous ports flanking the south of Russia should not be taken lightly. The Cartel does NOT like Losing!   But the Cartel is not General Patton:   stationing subs near Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea – countries that despise the US, could be the backfire anticipated and incited.

US CONGRESS: A Conduit For The Banking & Military CARTELS

The MSM is in overdrive pushing a Russian Defector, Gleb Karakulov.   While the story proceeds to have Comrade Gleb demonize Putin as insane, a man unhinged, a warmonger, a bad guy…   Mr. Karakulov would appear to be a shadow.   He has no history, no past, and no present other than one article distributed amongst 100+ Liberal media outlets.   He could be an AI creation.   His story a liberal fantasy.

In fact, despite his being hailed as a high ranking officer in Putin’s closest circles – his name has NO Google Presence – at all – NO Russia media presence at all – No Turkish media presence at all….

Does the Cartel really believe that by creating an AI manufactured person who speaks in vitriolic contempt of Putin, that suddenly everyone will change their opinion?   Or is this like WWI wherein an assassination of an Austrian ArchDuke was used as the impetus for chaos?   Is the Cartel establishing a platform from which to justify a Russia COUP?   The justification for the assassination of Putin?   The means to colonize Russia?

The sniff test – desperation.

Mexico is shifting to the BRICS.   Argentina, Indonesia, UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, are shifting to the BRICS. But the most spurious is Saudi Arabia – and the Cartel is violently shaking in their Italian loafers… The defectors will not return to a European NATO.   America has been declared a political monstrosity.   Every Single global leader is playing the Biden game – but it simply went too far.   They don’t want to play with America any more.

WWI was initiated on far less!

Historically, for the Cartel war has been their only means of roundtable unity.   There was absolutely no reason for the US to enter WWI – once again Cartels were the existential CAUSE.   The US was in a recession and needed a distraction to lift its economy.   Massive federal spending ensued.

Estimates:   20 million dead and over 25 million wounded.   That would be the agenda, the cause, and the solution to all things earthly under the Mafia Cartel.  

1913 heralded Woodrow Wilson, the rise of the Banking Cartel, the move of rural America to cities, and the rise of “Progressive Politics”.   The US began to annex territories.   Anti-Germany propaganda was brutal.   As a result, US citizen sentiment became inflamed against Germany and pro Britain via the media.  

The US government began sending food, aid, ammunitions and arms to Britain valued at over $1 billion in 1916.   All under the guise of ‘neutrality’.   American men volunteered to fight against the brutal regime of Germany and flew to Europe.

The US position of neutrality was soon scrapped.   When it was levied that Britain and France had no viable army or military equipment the media sought to create Hero statuses.   “We Must Save Europe – our Allies” – was the call to action! Yeah – WAR!

The EXACT same tactics, propaganda, and ploys utilized today to support the European and US intervention in the Ukraine/Russian conflict were employed 120 years ago.   Wouldn’t one think that intelligence tactics and strategy would have evolved?


Yet, it isn’t exactly a cyclical repetition – it is a contrived repetition within a shadow Cartel that has no military acumen, no strategic acumen, and continues to deploy the exact same war strategy every single time.   Much like a 33 record on a Viktrola – constantly spinning until someone pulls the proverbial plug.

As we relive this same propaganda in Ukraine, each and every move is a re-creation of WWI and WWII.   The record is in auto play. Why?   Because Military acumen is on a downward spiral. As Musk noted – it would be nice if the IQ quotient allowed those above 100 to participate.

The legacy of WWI states that Wilson’s desire to send US troops to Fight Germany came with – Media support – even in the face of heavy losses and life.   Because the Media was – even then – the progenitor of Truth and WH Decision Making. The People were apparently incapable of comprehending such high grades of intellect. Perhaps this theory of thought was scavenged from ancient Catholic Church beliefs. Latin was the preferred Biblical language because the peasants couldn’t read or understand the language.   Priests could thus freely translate as they pleased.

General Milley recently lowered the military recruitment rules so that ‘obese men and women’ would be eligible.   The visual of a 300-pound woman having the back of a Green Beret sniper is somehow an unyielding image.   However, it could domino into those special ops all simultaneously retiring. En Masse!   Much like police across Blue States.

The fact that no military uniform for troops comes in a size XXXXXXLLLLL is simply a fly to swat.   Would bunkbeds have to be retrofitted?   How would they distribute rations?   Would the obese have to pass basic training?   Can they fit through the doorways on a submarine?   But then Austin and Milley are rather obese themselves – a new phenomenon.  

This IS what our esteemed Obama/Hillary Handlers have created for ‘their’ country.   Their legacy.   Their epitaph. Which is likely why they refuse to come forward and take credit where it is due! Obviously Biden is not the Pilot, or even crew, Biden is taking orders from the basement dwellers.

What WWI did accomplish was to raise the US to a global power vault.   Accentuate the Military Industrial Complex into high gear.   And catalyze the German Jewish Banking System from its German roots and replant them in America. WWI was also the beginning of Big Government.   Taxpayer rights began to diminish in favor of a Congress who determined they new what was best for us.   Don’t ask.   Don’t see.   Just do as you are told and everyone will be fine…

Riches were beyond dreams! Millionaires were Made! In order to support the Cartel during War, excess taxes needed to be levied!   TaxPayers, not the Industrial Complexes, were the SOURCE of all funding! And funding did NOT require accountability.   By 9-11, the Pentagon had lost over $3 Trillion – And Taxpayers foot the bill while struggling to make ends meet despite every single President claiming they could make everyone happy and wealthy and wise.

Sound familiar?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we start to deceive.”

In retrospect, WWI looks more like a schoolyard brawl for dominance than a military flap.   The Industrial Revolution had burgeoned economies across Europe – lifestyles were lifted – however, skews became accentuated.   Socialism was booming and class disparity became more pronounced.

The Ottoman Empire was weakening leaving them vulnerable to a takeover. The schoolyard bullies were looking for a justification to conquer while growing their own empires with land grabs and redistributions.     Boys playing dodgeball on the playground with a bomb.

Ukraine is no different.   The Western powers that be have deliberately refused any concessions that could lead to a peaceful resolution.   War Pays.   It is the means for the Banking Cartel to embellish their wealth tenfold.   War Pays. It is the means by which the Military Complex garners additional Taxpayer funding.   Whether we agree – or not.   

-This is what our Federal Government has become – a conduit for The Cartel.

US Military Cartel Adding Mexico to their China/Russia War Games Target

Lindsey Graham is inciting war in Mexico.   As if the US reputation as a war monger, coup aficionada, was not enough, Graham wants to ‘mobilize’ whatever military we have to fight the Cartels inside Mexico.   WITHOUT the permission of the Mexican Government!   That is called an International Invasion, on par with the US in Colombia, Syria, Iraq, Chile, Venezuela, Yemen, Brazil, and most of Africa.   I guess Ukraine hasn’t drained the American Taxpayer dry yet, so we need China and Mexico to dissolve what is left…

The war Machine is thumping with growing anticipation as we now face off Russia & China.   Apparently WWIII must now include Mexico.   And Mexico’s President has just announced a request of alliance with the BRICS!   Well played Federal Fools.

Maybe Graham just didn’t want to be grandstanded by Nuclear Jane who called for the murder of all pro-life persons on earth!

Graham’s poor attempt to clarify his call to arms was quite instructive, “Not to invade Mexico, not to shoot Mexican airplanes down, but to destroy drug labs that are poisoning Americans,” he said.   Isn’t that one of the main reasons declared by Putin when he sent the military into Ukraine?   Albeit Russia had a host of reasons including bioweapon labs, Nazi’s, Nazi’s murdering innocent citizens for 8 years without consequence – and the Minsk Agreement.  Graham’s incompetence is laid bare.

Graham has open border fentanyl anxiety disorder.  And he’s on a bandwagon!   He unilaterally ignores Big Pharma Opioids, Heroin, Cocaine, etc…   When Bush declared his War on Drugs and sent the CIA into Colombia – they took over the operation… and filled the streets with – cocaine!  Is that Graham’s proposal?

The outcry is that China is the sole supplier of fentanyl. But that ain’t true.   Johnson & Johnson also makes the drug which is a prescription med used for pain.   When the government cracked down on opioid’s sold by Pharma they left a void. What were people who were already addicted supposed to do?

Fentanyl became the go to opioid when access to other opioids became untenuous.   As a result fentanyl gained popularity because it was easier to smuggle given its pound for pound potency – 100 times Heroin.   According to the DEA, over 86% of fentanyl is smuggled across the Mexico border via US citizens in passenger vehicles.

Maybe Graham should consider that Port of Entry…

As the US proxy war against Russia labors onward, suddenly there is talk of making plans for a Peace Deal.   Previous deals have included:   Russia waves white flag and retreats immediately. Russia gives Ukraine all territory annexed via referendum.   Russia pay 100% for the reconstruction of Ukraine.   Russia face war crimes.   Putin vacates and allows Navalny to Take Over Russia! Putin to face Crimes against Humanity and jailed forever…

Not exactly terms for anyone to assert, much less the loser!

Today, a US drone was forced to be ‘relieved of duty’ as it flew in the Black Sea.   The drone is called a hunter/killer Reaper in that it can handle a heavy payload of weapons.   The Reaper can be equipped with laser guided bombs, air to ground missiles, direct attack munition, and air to air missiles!

The Reapers were used heavily in Afghanistan and in Libya during the Clinton/Benghazi massacre.

The US Pentagon was irate their missile payload was downed by Russia…   They have demanded the Russian Ambassador provide justification.   “The Pentagon wants to upgrade MQ-9 Reaper with directed-energy weapons such as low-powered laser and high-powered microwave beams. A high-field optical module to act on the human nervous system is also under consideration.”   FARK!   I doubt, any country would want such an unmanned vehicle within 12000 miles of their land much less in their neighborhood.  

According to Air Force General, James Hecker, the two SU-27 Russian jets interfered with the Reaper’s deployment in the Black Sea and used reckless and environmentally unsound means to force the abandonment of the drone.   Which is likely now in the hands of Russian engineers.

The Black Sea encompasses all of southern Ukraine, as well as Georgia where an attempted COUP is being staged, and Turkey.   International Waters perhaps, but given the current circumstances, flying in this zone could easily erupt into escalation. The Air Force has simply stated that the ‘hunter/killer Reaper’ was just flying around minding its own business checking things out, you know – surveillance.

You know we are doomed when our military generals use sustainability and environmental issues as justification for a military tribunal against another country.   The military is the number one cause of global pollution and green house gas emissions.

However, the maneuver was similar to the US military pushing China’s envelop of patience via Taiwan.   Taiwan would be obliterated by China should the US encourage complete independence.   Taiwan accounts for over 65% of GLOBAL semiconductor supply and 90% of the smallest.   This fact, is likely the major reason the US has NOT further instigated WWIII…   YET.

War is HELL and across the globe people – the same people ‘who used to actually elect their governments’ – are sick of it all.   We know our militaries are corrupted.   And we know the Military Industrial Complex is run by the Deep State Cartel.   If Graham wants to take out the real Cartel Gang – the Deep State would be a good starting point.  Of course, Graham is owned by the Deep State so this a doubtful exercise of nothingism.

NED COUP in Georgia via Playbook of Riots

The Media have been instructed to hype the pending global War against China.   The economist is still on the fence.   And the military is still looking for recruits giving the impression a mandate is around the corner.   Australians are Angry given their government will do anything the Deep State tells them including setting them up as the sacrificial lamb.   But the coup organizer, National Endowment For Democracy, has other plans –

Currently, Georgia is in the NED spotlight given it’s proximity to Russia and its previous alliance.  Protests and riots have been instigated to push out the current government in favor of a 2014 Ukraine style pick.   The tactic has already caused a number of Georgians to flee to Russia – safer ground.

But a Russia AND China coup government is still the only viable solution outside of nuclear war ~according to NED.   Although they blame Russia for refusing to negotiate – Zelenskyy/Soros have been staunchly PRO-WAR.

Founded in 1999, the World Movement for Democracy is the illegitimate child of NED.   They are the activists.   And they come from across the globe including:   Philippines, Canada, Congo, Korea, Pakistan, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Georgia, Japan, US, Czech Rep, Ukraine and Uganda.   These young leaders establish activist connections inside cities and utilize classic tactics for disruption, chaos and riots.

The WMD is currently active in Georgia where riots have been ongoing for days!   The initial issue was a bill to establish registration of foreign agencies – like NED.   After chaos ensued, the government acquiesced and withdrew the bill.   But that wasn’t enough, the ‘activists’ want a new government – a coup.

To that end, Civil Georgia, an opposition group NGO is demanding a new Georgian government.  They  have succeeded in using riots to gain a foothold over the government and a coup is likely.   Civil Georgia is sponsored by the US Embassy, UK Embassy and the Soros Open Society.   In addition, former CIA, Department of State, and US Special Rep To Ukraine, Kurt Volker, works with Civil Georgia in their coup theatrics.

While espousing a return to democratic values, the World Movement For Democracy former chairs include, Kim Cambell.   She is currently a trustee for International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence at King’s College London. An NGO within the UK’s Department of War.   Financial support comes from the Wellcome Trust and the UK Government.  WAR is the go to now that the Pandemic is over and the Military complex wants more money to feed the hungry mouths of dissent.

A NEW Board member to NED is Indiana Republican Rhino, Todd Young.   Other affiliations include the Clintons, Johns Hopkins, New America Foundation, Brookings, and Chuck Hagel.

According to NED Russia cannot win the war. Their solutions: 1) bring the illegally deported Ukrainian children home, 2)   force Russia to compensate for the damage, and, 3)   enforce ‘punishment’ for international crimes.   The end purpose – REMOVE PUTIN and install Navalny.

In bringing the children back to Ukraine – the belief is that Putin’s hand would be severed should a bomb kill a child.

NED’s fear is that the alliances of Russia are growing.   IF Russia were to fall so would those alliances including, Iran, Syria, China, Hungary, and South Africa. Therefore, the squeeze is to encircle Russia as much as possible – a cavalry tactic.   To parlay Russia as a Global Evil, and to use propaganda to censor anything supportive or peaceful.

Oddly, despite the massive number of NGO’s diligently working to enslave Russia thru a prolonged incursion in Ukraine – they have failed.   Despite the CIA and MI6 involvement inside Ukraine, they failed. Despite draining Germany, the US, and UK of weapon inventories – they failed. Despite thousands of black book DoD mercenaries sent to Ukraine – they failed!

And failure just makes them angrier and focused on vengeance.   Up the ante – they don’t care who gets killed.   Just get the job done.

The only way Russia will Win is if they obliterate Lyiv and Kyiv and absorb the entirety of Ukraine – quickly and succinctly.   Because the NED Handlers and the Military Industrial Complex have ego’s the size of Mars and defeat would humiliate them across the globe!    The People are Learning the TRUTH, the People are Rising!   Washington is embroiled in Twitter Fraud and J6 Fraud …   May God’s Will Be DONE.

IS The US Federal Government Obsolete?

What if we didn’t have a ‘federal government’ any longer? What if state governors were the singular authority?   Watching and listening to DeSantis break the backs of every woke initiative reveals just how useless our Federal Government is in working for The People.   The only real loss would be a national military…?  

The European Union is a relatively new creation formed in 1993.   Soros declared that he saw the EU as an “Open Society”. It was a voluntary association of equal states that banded together and sacrificed part of their sovereignty for the common good.”

May 2018 Soros wrote an op-ed, How To Save Europe.   In the article he makes accusations of incompetency and populism as though he had no hand in manipulating every single program and political decision.   According to Soros the EU is a failure as an entity.   His ‘vision’ a dangling participle.   And blame is everywhere except – Soros.

America is not a United States.   The European Union is crumbling fray of dissent.   Emphasizing the fact that a One World is wholly and completely – impossible.

The reason for the utter disarray is ‘black and white’.

Most European countries have a bare minimum military.   In 1949, post WWII, NATO was formed as a governing military body over Europe. The creation was supposedly detailed to be a counter measure against the threat posed by a WWII Ally – Soviet Union, aka Communism, and fascist Germany.

At this time, Europe was a conglomerate of sovereign states.   Once unionized, every member was suddenly bound by Rules and Regulations and Sanctions adopted by the governing Commission.   Modeled somewhat after the US Federal Government.  Over the years sovereignty of states dwindled further and further into totalitarian control.

Those governing bodies were mired in corruption from their inception. War would seem to have been their initial desire for unionization – and War is now the desire for deunionization.   Why?   Because the bodies tasked with protecting the people have created an indefinite economic system of War.   And death.

The European Union does not have a national military. NATO has no military or weapons – it is a proxy power grab of the sovereign militaries of each member state!   IF the US were to model that script, each sovereign state would be responsible for their own military – which we now call The National Guard and the Coast Guard.

But the national military isn’t just about protection, it is about deterrence. In a perfect world.   The fear that other countries want to destroy other countries persists.

Who is instigating the wars?   And Why?

The US has now accepted the dubious honor of being the prod of most wars thru the Shadow Government – Cabalist Mafia.   But history is rife with misleading information.   Rewritten countless times, history could be a teacher if its facts were left alone.   But then propaganda has been a tool of the elite who use the tool to create wealth while eliminating petty populations.   The Vietnam War claimed nearly 4 million deaths.   An article posted in Lew Rockwell by Edward Curtin, ‘Quoth The Vultures ‘Evermore’, is an incredibly moving and insightful account of the Vietnam War – boots on the ground.   It the article, Curtin describes the savagery that is awakened in men when in the midst of war.

He provides a sub paragraph in relation to a quote from his former friend, author, David Harris, But it was no mistake; it was an intentional genocidal war waged to torture, kill, and maim as many Vietnamese as possible and to use drafted (enslaved) American boys to do the killing and suffer the consequences.  It’s Phoenix Program, the CIA’s assassination and torture operation, became the template for Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, CIA black sites, hybrid wars, terrorist actions, etc. up to today.”

Invariably, if states were left to make the decision on statehood militaries petty arguments would ensue regarding red states propping up the miserable blues.   South America has managed to stay relatively neutral in the global wars – fighting instead their own internal corruption.   It might have been shown to be a global model if it were not for the Cabalist Mafia overthrowing elections in favor of socialists and communists.

What is self-evident is that the United States is no longer United in anything and should face that reality.   Governors can accelerate their power to do what is best according to their constituency.   INCLUDING providing for elections free from corruption. Thereby asserting The People as the rulers – ‘Evermore’.

Western Militaries vs BRICS: The Tortoise & The Hare…

With western nations in turmoil, blatant propaganda and lies, corrupt politicians who never have consequences, and NATO in military decline, more countries are turning to the BRICS.   A safety valve.   The realization that a western ally could become an enemy in 24 hours is not exactly a winning situation.   The response is to turn to those who you can rely on when times are rough.  

The countries looking to become a part of BRICS include: Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Algeria, Iran, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, the UAE, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.  

Established in 2013, The New Development Bank was founded by the BRICS countries to support their growth and trade – similar to World Bank.   Other countries which have joined NDB who are not BRICS members include; Bangladesh, Egypt, Uruguay, and the UAE.

When the BRICS were originally formed it was a club alliance that was supposed to parallel NATO as opposed to being an alternative to NATO.   Not a military alliance, they were a trade and growth alliance. Thus NATO was not a target and conflicts were resolved without other BRICS members crashing the party. The concept envisioned a goal of mutual participation toward a shared goal of independent growth.

And WAR was tabled.   But Western nations THRIVE on War – on the profits – and on the depopulation.

Then China took off with growth more than doubling – a direct result of US Trade deficits.   Remarkably, China’s friendship with countries deemed hostile to the NATO version of a New World Order meant China’s growth began a decline.   In 2020 China’s growth rate tanked to 2.24% after a decade of near double digits.   In 2021, it rose to 8% only to flail back to 3%.

Manipulated?   Likely.   By China?   Not likely.  

During the Obama administration, China became the new US darling.   Thousand Talents Program – Ivy League insertions – NIH grants – Laboratories built by the US – and a dependency was created.   Glitch. The US wanted China without Jinping – and Jinping wasn’t about to cave. Suddenly, China became the repository of all things nefarious.   The media propaganda tool was instructed to demonize the country. The pariah.

And suddenly the US establishment began to talk about a World War with China. NATO devised scenario’s to analyze and calculate if western nations could prop up and WIN a dual war, ie Ukraine the NATO member and China the outsider.

One rather largess problem with the western play was they failed to add weapons to the algorithm. Specifically, the fact that Germany has no definitive military or weapons stockpile and the UK has enough ammunition to last exactly ‘one day’.   Without oil being pumped into Europe via Nord Stream – their military capabilities are severely diminished! Shortages of fuel and higher pricing to accommodate shipping further exasperated a nonexistent budget.

Although both countries swore to upgrade and expand – budgets went into twalette water levels given their expenditures on illegal immigration.   Effectively, the EU had little to offer in the event of a war with China.  

Simultaneously, the US had been supplying massive weapons to Saudi Arabia and Qatar – assuming an alliance in any war.   A miscalculation!  This and Ukraine have seriously breeched any necessary inventory stockpile in the event of WWIII.

Prior to the manufactured Plague/Pandemic, the US exports of weapons reached $285billion in 2020.   Then the Pandemic put a halt on the profit. In fiscal 2022, the DoD reported that sales had ‘rebounded to $50 billion’.   Which would be a result of Ukraine and not of actual business.

Meanwhile an emboldened west began to lose its allies.   The truth about the coups, revolutions, ongoing conflicts, Israel, and Germany revealed a two-sided face.   Inventories were depleted.   And there was no money to build back lost inventories because of trillion$ spending agendas on wokeness and climate change.

China increased its military spending year over year.

Today the US Government is chasing around ‘balloons’ with F-16’s and F-22’s at over $500,000 a pop and with missiles costing $400,000… each.   And still – China’s inventory just keeps going – a Tortoise & The Hare scenario.

China has also been on a massive spending spree buying up all of Russia’s oil despite sanctions.   “Double Dare Ya”.   While Biden continues to deplete US Reserves which will likely be on empty once the military figures out that China is NOT a viable target. At this point, Saudi Arabia and OPEC+ might decide to sell oil to the US and EU at spiked pricing simply because they can.

From a strategic standpoint – the BRICS are the Tortoise.   The western coups have been challenged.   And trust has been fully devoured.   The supposed HAARP demolition of Turkey and parts of Syria was another military idiocy that only drove the countries further from alliance. The Nord Stream revelation by journalist powerhouse, Seymour Hersh, further deepened the schisms.

Blowing up Nord Stream without an alternate supply waiting in the wings – was against all basic common sense!  Not to mention infantile military strategy.   Military judgment is questionable. But then I suggest Lloyd Austin has as much power over the DoD as Biden has inside the White House. Zero.

MSM supports all things NWO parlaying the voice of retired General Hodges – a Clintonite war hawk demanding NATO expansion and the annihilation of Russia at all expense. Hodges only claim to fame was his tenure in the botched Iraq War.   His military ‘credentials’ are worthy of a Lt Colonel – NOT a Lt General.   And the ‘expense’ has been US Taxpayers and Ukrainian citizens.   Both of which would apparently be expendable.

Who is running the Show?   Obviously idiots with a combined IQ acumen of under 90.

UKRAINE was Central to BIS – The Overlord of WEF

WHAT IF – most of the One World Sustainable Development Goals have already been met?   WHAT IF the few remaining ‘rogue’ statehoods are simply annoying flies?   WHAT IF the US has been actually living under Marxist Corporate Stakeholder rule for 60+ years?   What if JFK’s assassination was the crowning moment announcement of this achievement?  

In 2012 the first panel of 27 was appointed by Ban Ki Moon of the UN, David Cameron of the UK, Indonesia’s president Yudhoyono, Liberia’s president Sirleaf.   The original panel consisted of stakeholders from different countries including John Podesta for the US. Their backgrounds include the UN, IMF, Nestle, World Bank, UNICEF, and various other state ministers including Elvira Nabiullina who was an Economic Advisor to Putin. Nabiullina was subsequently appointed head of Central Bank of Russia in 2013, and attempted to resign after the invasion of Ukraine. However her resignation was disallowed by Putin.

Notable inclusion to the Panel include Brazil, India, Cuba and China.  ALL of which are no questioning their allegiance and alliance!

In order to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, businesses, healthcare, and educators were considered a necessary part of influence.   Today 71% of businesses are onboard. The extent of allegiance required the formation of a Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee.   Two notable inclusions in the Committee include the EPA and NGO GoLocal of Ukraine.   East Europe Foundation and USAID created GoLocal.   GoLocal’s budget for 2018 was 100million euro. Amidst a spattering of Projects, Open Government Data is interesting for its goal would seem to be elimination of regional governments via a unified mechanism of uni-polar one think. This one-think is achieved via digital transformation and rights. The specific funders include: USAID, and Competitive Economy Program both under the auspices of Chemonics.

Chemonics has come under fire often for their failed projects in Afghanistan, Haiti, is under a lawsuit for anti-terrorism violations, was found guilty of discrimination, and founded The White Helmets. Despite these and other violations and shortcomings, they continue to be the largest recipient of USAID funds.

Outside of the GoLocal headquarter location in Kyiv, their other ‘covered regions’ include the entire eastern front bordering Russia. These projects are partner funded by GIZ, a German government agency, and Luminate, created by Pierre Omidyar in 2018.

When Russia crossed into eastern Ukraine to save the regional citizens from their annihilation, these are the real toes they stepped on. It explains why the EU and US literally freaked out!   Biolabs and Nazi’s were perks, but the real devastation was to the global Sustainable Development Agenda that was using Kyiv as their unregulated BASE. 

In essence Putin has been fighting against the UN as the uni-polar global government threatening its future existence.   That BASE has now been obliterated.   As a former member of the WEF, Putin likely is well aware of the truth behind Ukraine in this realm as well as their HUB for all things BIS; human trafficking, child trafficking, guns, weapons, the Dark Web, Mafias, prostitution, drugs, etc…

The National Bank of Ukraine is under the auspices of BIS.   PUTIN is fighting the entire World Order. That Order begins and ends with BIS. All other agencies work for BIS – including the US CIA and FBI, the EPA and FDA, NSA and the Pentagon, the UK, MI6, Germany, Belgium, Schwab, Australia, Japan, Canada, are all servants under the stakeholder regime.  Bank of International Settlements.  BIS.

The Board of BIS is made up of six Directors:   US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, and Italy.   They officiate over 12 additional member representatives. The US Member is Jerome Powell. All member reps are within the Banking Cartel.   Party affiliations waiver between ‘socialist’ ‘green’ and ‘communist’.   There is no such thing as Democracy despite the twisted verbiage coming from leftist manifesto’s.

When BIS determines a country is at risk of achieving independence of the Cartel, they send in their ‘representatives’ to realign and officiate back to the status quo.

  1. We are perhaps globally 70% officiated.   The bastards of the 30% continue to fight – and the retaliation has been – droughts, blown up factories, blown up oil depots, and the destruction of animal, coal and agriculture refineries.

This is the reality.   Align or DIE.  

Asking the question – WHY – is a useless endeavor given the why is a narcissistic self proclamation of We Are The Superior Beings.   They deny God.   They advocate death.   And there is NO logical or rational indulgence – it is simple evil at its core.

Can we as humans fight evil and succeed when our weapon is logic and justice and ethics and morality?  

IF we are to look at it Biblically, the short answer is NO. Not ONE civilization survived by doing nothing to fight their oppression.   Galatia, Corinthia, etc… no longer exist.   Empires no longer exist.   YET – perhaps the Matrix is an ongoing reloop giving us a chance to make it right amidst the storm of evil relooping every few hundred years.  Ever losing, until we at last – get it RIGHT.

We are NOW in a reloop.   We have much more information than was the loop of the Roman Empire or Pompeii or the Minoans or the Vatican.   CAN we this time align within the precepts of Good?   We will know by the end of 2024.

US Taxpayers Footing The Bills For Europe Since WWI

Poland wants Nukes on its Territory. Poland wants NATO military on its Border. Poland wants $1.3 trillion in reparations from Germany for WWII Nazi’s.   Poland wants reparations from Russia for WWII – but Russia was an ally??? Maybe Russia should file a lawsuit against Germany as well – demanding reparations for the Bolsheviks instituting Communism and death.   Whatever Poland Demands!   Oddly, the President is sounding an awful lot like Zelenskyy…  

The Soros NGO, Human Rights Watch, has condemn Poland as an ‘authoritarian state’ due to their stance on abortion and homosexuality. In addition, HRW claims that Poland handled the CoVid lockdown horribly and that Ukrainian immigrants have been treated inappropriately.

Not to be outdone, Amnesty International has joined the anti-Poland fray in highlighting their violations of fair trials, the erosion of judicial independence and illegal tribunals.   All of which indicate that Poland apparently needs a coup.   Via Soros Style

Andrzej Duda has been the seated president of Poland since 2015. He was with the Law & Justice Party, a right wing nationalist organization before switching to ‘independent’ immediately after being elected president. He has bucked the European Commission on numerous occasions claiming their over-reach.   He was initially supported by Trump.   Now the Biden Regime is inserting their pawns.

Today the Biden WH announced that we are sending Poland upgraded nuclear weapons and building their first nuclear power plant.   Over 72% of its energy is derived from coal.

Poland has some odd hypocritical relations:   Their largest trade partner is communist China, followed by Italy, and third – Russia.   The same Russia that was a WWII ally.   The same Italy that was a WWII belligerent.    Poland is a Lost Child.

They have recently garnered the ire of Israel which claims Poland is a Holocaust denier.   And seem to be on a path of zero allies.   Perhaps when the money dries up for Nazi belligerent Ukraine, Poland will assert reparations against the US…  Who the heck knows!

At the end of WWII, Germany was divvied according to Churchill, Stalin and FDR.   As PARTNERS.   Poland’s assertion that Russia was a belligerent is thus wholly inaccurate.   Yet they continue to make this assertion.  Germany won’t even address the reparations and rolls their eyes in disgust.   Russia already rebuilt and instituted trade reparations.   But Poland wants MORE – GIMME SOME MONEY!

The Marshall Plan was created in 1948 to fund the reconstruction of ‘certain’ countries in Europe: UK, France, West Germany, Italy and Austria, the main inheritors of US money were thus rebuilt by American Taxpayers. The value at the time was $17 billion – plus additional aid packages all in the form of US goods and services.

Given Us Taxpayers foot the bill – shouldn’t we have individual ownership interest in our ‘investment’?

If anyone was deserving of reparations and a return of investment, it would be the US!    The stance that government supplied the money is ludicrous.   Governments don’t have ANY money. Their only source are Taxpayers.   The People.   I think a certificate of ownership shares of the EU should inure to all Americans whose heritage existed at the time of the Marshall Plan thru 1951.

The initial investment of $17 billion would be worth $200 billion adjusted for inflation alone. But the GDP of the EU is $16.6 trillion for a profit of $16.4 trillion to be divvied up amongst about 200 million Americans. Of course, ownership shares would be salable on the market like any other investment.

Poland was rebuilt by the Soviet Union – so technically, Russia owns those shares of Poland. Reparations are a different matter – but the death toll enacted by Germany in WWI and WWII would be enough to obliterate theirPoland Wants MONEY

entire GDP. Poland’s share alone of $1.3 trillion represents 25% of Germany’s total GDP.  Reparations based on death would inure to Russia first and foremost given they lost 24 million civilians and soldiers!   By comparison, Poland lost roughly 9 million.   On a statistical basis – Between just Russia and Poland – Russia lost 88% to Polands 12%…

True Capitalism doesn’t exist.   Otherwise, these initiatives would have been instituted and Taxpayers would be the beneficiaries.   Again – America is NOT a True Capitalist country.   It is and has been a Totalitarian Regime that confiscates the earnings of plebes to fund the Monarchy.   A Monarchy that rules the UK, the largess recipient of the Marshall Funds, and all it’s colonies.

WHY were US Taxpayers responsible to rebuild Europe for a war that was initiated by Germany, Italy and Hungary/Austria?  

The SAME reason America of British Monarchial Rule of Order must now bomb Ukraine in order to establish a Marshall Plan to Rebuild Ukraine – BOTH FUNDED BY THE US TAXPAYERS>   How’s your Pocketbook Fraying?  

Russia vs ALL WESTERN NATIONS – The True Ukraine War

The Media is at an impasse – should they tow the spin that Ukraine is winning the war, or do they betray the reality that Putin has out ‘intelligenisia’ western governments?   Pulling in ‘retired generals’ to create an opinion has been the preferred agenda given our current generals seem to have missed that class.   But essentially simply listening to Putin seems far too difficult and thus the spin masters continue to romp on the child’s merry-go-round.

Putin outlined his entire purpose at the outset.   His objective has not changed. He simply utilizes western ignorance to complete his plan.   However, since the US, UK and Germany have parlayed a false and fake propaganda, it would appear, Putin grows weary of the pretense.   Yes, Ukraine has become a war.   The main belligerents of which are the US, UK and Germany.  

Training Ukraine soldiers, employing black book mercenaries, supplying advanced weaponry – western nations try and pretend they are ‘not involved’.   Now, in mediating a nuclear response to mitigate the rhetoric, Putin has revealed ‘where the wind will blow’.

Given Ukraine takes its orders from the US predominantly and the UK secondarily – those are the most likely countries to target.   NOT Ukraine. Putin has zero intention of putting his people in harms way.   By contrast, western governments have made it clear to their citizens – f…k you.

The prevailing winds of Europe are west to south.   In the US, prevailing winds are west to east.   A hit in northern UK would then stretch down across most of Europe.   Without its daddy’s to dictate military strategy, Ukraine would fall immediately, its remaining military strength scrubbed. The UK and Germany would take the biggest hit.

Lloyd Austin is no Patton!   Germany and the US have already announced to the world weapons are depleted and manpower can’t be blackmailed to join with thousands of dollars of sign-on bonuses. When servicemen are being told to go on food stamps and live in hellish mold pits, drink tainted water that causes death and mental aberrations, the Pentagon continues to affirm ‘gender pronouns’.   Somehow those conditions are not met with great whoops of Patriotism!

Every word coming out of the mouths of ‘retired generals’ is blather, made to give the illusion of strength to the same people who still wear masks and lather themselves in ignitable sanitizer.

Germany proudly displays Ukrainian tanks with Nazi insignias.   Azov Battalion Nazi sympathizers were first on the list to be swapped for Russian soldiers.   At the behest of the Nazi world capitol – Germany.   Scholz has begun ‘nationalizing’ industries – a classic communist move.   A false flag catastrophe, aka the Reichstag Fire, will soon be used to declare Martial Law.

While they are – predictable. Putin is not.   And because our military commanders are idiotic desk jockeys who have little to no acumen regarding intelligence or troop rally calls – our current status is abysmal to be polite.

Given the depletion of actual military soldiers, the Pentagon has gone full throttle – Mercenaries.   Charging $3000 to $5000 per day.   Mercenaries have no allegiance to anything but money.   They will switch sides if the pay is better within seconds.   Their hearts are hardened and their minds waver between psychosis and abject hatred of all mankind.

As Putin continues to draw on Patriots who understand the breadth of hatred the Globalists have for ANY country which does not abide, he also understands Biblical Prophesy.  

“Statistics claim that 64% of Americans identify as Christian.   But other statistics claim it is 54%, or 41% or 69%, or 70%.   Algorithms.   Their plus/minus factors are only as reliable as the input.   By contrast the US Jewish population is 1.5% to 2%.   Odd…   Given the Hollywood acclimation that would assert a 50% rule.   Or the Black acclimation which now declares itself as a 55% rule.

So what are the real numbers?

Technically, we have absolutely – no idea.   Neither do we know how many died from CoVid, how many were infected, how many die of heart disease, or cancer, or flu, or respiratory disease.   We don’t know how many households exist, how many individuals are on welfare, or how many are subject to extreme poverty.

We don’t know what the debt load is – we don’t know anything – because everything has become – a guestimate.

And the “Guestimate” is created to fit the agenda of the people who created the algorithm – which is why no TWO algorithms agree.   And the number of Christians in the US has a range of 41% to 70% – with a potential error rate of 80%.

In the business world that would equate to a net profit of between $2 billion or $400 million – neah.   Or closer to home – if your employer said you would be making $150,000 but in reality you made $30,000 – you might be a bit peeved!

The Lies, Misrepresentations, Out right Falsehoods, Fakeries, and Psychological Fraud has reached levels of epic proportions.   Pathological liars are seemingly the norm among our Media and Elite.   Yet. YET – they represent perhaps 20% of the population – NOT the 80% they effectuate.   They are the minority.   Claiming to be the Majority – because that is The Great Deception!