Arab Spring Revisited: The Liberation of Citizens thru Death

The Arab Spring uprising makes more sense when viewed from today’s perspective.   The purpose was simply – colonization for resources. Yet the means was dictated by the US and UK Military Industrial Complex first – for profit.   The secondary profiteers were the oil and gas industry.   The third profiteers were supposed to be the reconstruction contractors. Ultimately, these countries were slated to be ‘repopulated’ while the native citizens were decimated by bombs and disease.

Unfortunately, all the best plans were laid to waste as only phase one and part of phase 2 materialized.

The US and NATO have a bizarre history of courting a country’s leaders, giving them every privilege imaginable and then suddenly destroying the country and assassinating it’s leader.   Libya is an interesting playbook of this courtship.   It is curious if Ukraine’s president will find himself subject to the same fate as he falls out of favor.

Gaddafi was entwined within every London and DC intelligence and political division.  Until, suddenly he wasn’t.   A coup was initiated, riots, protests, and the country was bombed into oblivion killing a number of Gaddafi’s sons and ultimately Gaddafi.   In this bombing, the Great Man Made Irrigation system was purposefully blown up by NATO.   This led to mass starvation and deaths.

Saif Gaddafi, one surviving son, was also coddled by the west, anointing him as a Global World Economic Forum Youth, sending him to the London School of Economics, giving him access to models – and Ghislaine Maxwell… He hobnobbed with the British Royal Family, the Rothschilds, and the Prince of Monocco.

The only conceivable reason that London’s MI6 would have for setting up Saif with Ghislaine was the creation of blackmail on their behalf, ensuring that as long as Saif complied with their wishes, he was ‘safe’. Meaning Ghislaine was on MI6’s payroll.

When Saif realized the back stabbing, he shifted his alliance to the Wagner Group, Russia and Syria.

The West had an internal puppet for good measure. Warlord, Khalifa Haftar.   Haftar spent 2 decades living in Langley, Virginia, obtained US citizenship, and began the grooming process initiated by the CIA. He was sent back to Libya to overthrow Gaddafi.   In 2021, Haftar announced his election campaign for president of Libya. The election has been postponed indefinitely, and Haftar now finds himself in crosshairs with his groomers.

As a result, the US immediately intervened in Libya and called for the implementation of the Libya Stabilization Act wherein the US would defacto take full control Libya and all her assets. Anyone who does not comply with this power grab, will be considered a terrorist and held liable for ICC war crimes.   Including Haftar.   To date the UN and West control Libya.

What caused the Two Libyan Dams to simultaneously give way?   An investigation is underway, but it was likely a Nord Stream compliant means of asserting ‘don’t mess with us’ threat.

The same year that NATO/US assassinated Gaddafi, the once friend and ally of the west, Bashar Assad, got the news that Syria was next. Student protests rose – and accusations of deaths, detentions and torture were levied across every major Mainstream media. Assad is a dictator!   Assad is murdering his own people!   Assad is corrupt! Fake greenscreen actors were utilized to create allusions. And ultimately, the country was basically – leveled. We saved the Syrian people by killing half a million.

Today, the US/NATO controls all oil output in Syria and Assad has no recourse unless he wants another earthquake or bombing spree. Erdogan is under the same thumb.

Now that Zelenskyy finds himself persona non grata at the UN, a product of a failed counteroffensive, and a pariah in a number of EU countries, will he suffer the same fate as his Middle Eastern counterparts? With his usefulness waning, an assassination could serve the West in multiple ways:   Any assassination on Zelenskyy would immediately be blamed on Russia, and goad the war hawks into a full-blown War. The expulsion of the remaining population to the EU would give them a free and clear country. The resources would not necessitate – sharing.

The irony would be if Zelenskyy sought extradition safety in – Russia.

In each and every instance in which the West sought to save the citizens from their dictator government – this ‘saving’ was not requested by anyone:   Syria war deaths – over 620,000.   Libya War deaths – ‘unknown’ perhaps 20,000.   Yemen war deaths – over 400,000.   Ukraine war deaths – upward of 600,000.   Afghanistan – anywhere from 225,000 to 600,000. Sudan since 1983 to 1998 – 1.9 million. South Sudan – 350,000.   LIBERATED…. Forever.

Ukraine War Realities of Conscription and Death

You are six months pregnant. Kyiv is fitting you with a padded vst to ‘protect you when you are shelled’.   Zelenskky requires you to model this innovation as some sort of PR stunt for the media so that the other thousands of pregnant women called into Kyiv’s suicide battles to die… will be protected by some cotton.   You know it is a lie.   You know you and your baby are going to die.   But you must stand there, stoic, while your “President” Zelenskyy orders this so.

But the pain in your face is visible.   The sacrifice of not just you but your womb, your baby.

You are seventy years old, your eyes are shot, your hearing is problematic and your knees are killing you – but Zelenskyy calls you into battle. He hands you a gun, a handful of ammunition, and dresses you in camouflage.   Maybe you get a week’s worth of training. Maybe not.

Your grizzled face tells the story – you know you will die.   So you pray silently. Hoping beyond hope that a miracle will stop the insanity.

Mercenaries don’t even look them in the eye.   Emotion is akin to death.   The old will be sacrificed first.   But a pregnant woman can be a liability. So the foreign warriors know that she too – will become a sacrificial lamb.   All that they can ask is that these deaths be quick and that somehow God will forgive them despite or because of – the circumstances.

Many mercenaries have died, their promised bounties never paid to the women and child they left at home.   And an anger builds.   Rage.   They were lied to.believe in an illusion.   And now the one of ten that survives knows they must go home to what is important. Without the wage that gave them purpose.

The War beneath the War.   The wounded.   Those who lost limbs.   Those who can not make the images go white.

Yet somehow amidst the bombs and war and strikes, Zelenskyy is able to traverse to his villa in Italy, his house in Paris, his condo in London unimpeded.   He flies to New York on private jets, to Saudi Arabia, to Africa threatening consequences if he doesn’t get more money – because MONEY means he can buy another villa on Lake Cuomo.   Where his wife and children will be safe.

Today Zelenskyy is threatening the EU.   The ‘grain transports’ must be allowed.   Why?   The EU doesn’t need Ukraine’s grain – until September 15th, its transport to Poland and Hungary was banned.   Why, because he isn’t transporting grain and corn – he is transporting stolen children, stolen women, and drugs.   All of which provide over 45% of Ukraine’s GDP.   Like the “Other” category on an NGO’s financial statement.

Suddenly, Zelenskyy’s wishes are demands.   Ursula von der Leyen bows and scrapes to Zelenskyy the god of evil. He tells the EU what they will do – how much they will give him and when.  NAATO has declared that the Ukraine war will turn into a forever war like Afghanistan draining economies of every last dime.   3.5 million troops are on standby via NATO.   The greatest source would be that of the US surpassing 1.3 million or 1/3 of NATO’s entire brigade.   Turkey is second with 461,000 the remaining 13 NATO countries with troops make up the difference.   Whether they are battle ready is an unidentified query.   Whether Turkey would fight against Russia – is highly unlikely.

However the NATO announcement was simply to create fear.   Getting the support of The People in any of these countries is doubtful given the extent to which social media plays in the hearts and minds. At best the Military industrial complex would need to create a ‘deep-fake’, something that would unite The People – like a Twin Towers.

A Twin Towers that they could falsely determine via the intelligentsia apparatus of the corrupt CIA.   Utilizing photoshopped video and audio AI as justification.   Something much more compelling than the hyped Syria greenscreens.

The hypocrisy is rampant.:

  • Germany is taking a right leaning AfD politician, Bjorn Hocke, to court for using a Nazi phrase 2 years ago.   The phrase was, “Everything for Germany”.    For uttering this, Hocke will spend time in jail and be fined heavily.  Yet the same Germany sends money and weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Nazi Battalion.
  • The US military has laxed the weight requirements and strategic acumen of its troops, yet flexes a limp fist at Moscow.
  • The British Army claims it is the premier active force in Europe with 77,000 ‘active personnel’ – which includes secretaries, drivers, bookkeepers, and desk jockeys. At the start of the war, Ukraine claimed it had 700,000 active personnel or 10x that of the UK.   The budget was $30.5 billion from Ukraine and $145 billion from NATO states.

In 2014, the military of Ukraine was considerably different:   159,000 troops of which 466 were deployed.   A budget of $1 billion.   They enjoyed minimal participation in NATO’s military programme “Partnership For Peace”.   Created in 1993, the programme called for military neutrality. Reality: The programme is directly responsible for every incursion, every war, across the Middle East, Africa, South America, Latin America, and now Russia.  

Each of these incited ‘programmes’ has caused the death of multiple millions, the destruction of countries, starvation, poverty, and the mutilation of many millions more.   Rhino, Tom Cotton, has now clamored aboard the global genocide and called for More War!

UKRAINE’S Defense Ministry: WWIII is Underway!

The Russia/China alliance was somehow not anticipated by all our three letter intelligentsia.   As such every major agency is obsessed with how to break up this strategic alliance so as to weaken the ‘enemy’.   When obliterating western economies, this alternate alliance has the power to supersede the efforts and gain a resilient traction. The players are deeply concerned this alliance will upend the western colonization of Africa.

Billions of dollars have been invested into Africa’s infrastructure to support the land grab farms.   The money comes from the Green Fund that does nothing green. Unfortunately our western three letters don’t have any strategy other than force.   Detante no longer exists. Which is why they must pathologically lie.

Despite the UK adamantly claiming they are not involved in the Ukraine war, elite special ops are on the ground in Kyiv. Mercenaries are on the ground in Kyiv.   What isn’t discussed is the fact that British ops and US ops and CIA and MI6 have been in Kyiv since 2014.   Running the show for the inept, incompetent, Nazi regime.

France has situated military entities on the border of Niger in Benin. The purpose is to bomb the Niger junta into oblivion.

Romania has put its citizens on notice after finding debris from a ‘Russian style drone’ on its Danube border.   The fact that Romania is currently hosting military drills for Ukraine, US, UK, France, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey at this location adds to the propaganda diaspora of pathologic lying.

Their next destination is Naval Exercises in the Black Sea.   Along Russia’s Border.   What could go wrong?

Mercenary groups have long been used by governments to pretend they are not involved.   When the CIA came under Congressional oversight for its assassinations in the 70’s, they pinky swore they would not engage ever again – promise.   That was the moment black books were created and mercenary companies arose as a Military Industrial Industry.

There are over 30 known mercenary groups, and countless smaller ones that fly under the radar.   Many US and UK groups have headquarters in Dubai, including; Aegis, Erinys International, and Defion Internacional.   The growth of mercenary companies is directly tied to a veil of pretense.   Their orders come from the applicable government. Their wages are quite high.   Their background is ‘special ops’.

Yesterday, Ukraine bombed the Sevastopol port on the Black Sea.   Two ships were damaged, and 24 civilian men were injured, 4 critically. The attack included the launch of 10 British missiles and 3 unmanned boats.   Given the quality of the remaining forces for Ukraine, it is more likely that the strike was a coordinated effort by well trained mercenaries acting on behalf of the UK and US.

Russia is well aware that they are not fighting Ukraine – but are embroiled in a full scale NATO proxy war.   Every single NATO nation has contributed to the war. The only option for Russia now is to destroy Kyiv and the underground railway system. The West will use the citizens as human shields – and cry wolf.

The desperation for Control is driven by the World Economic Forum and their recent statement that they were ‘accelerating 2030’. Why?   Because the Pandemic and Trump put them behind schedule.   And thus the Ukraine war is used as fodder.

In 2015, Operation Orbitol was kicked off by the British Military with assistance from Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Cyprus, and of course – the US.

Part of this Operation included the genocide of over 15,000 civilians in the eastern region of Donetsk over the course of seven years. When Russian forces attacked Ukraine, the NATO troops/mercenaries in Ukraine claimed to have left in order to comply with International Law.   But this was not the case.

Oleksiy Danilov of Ukraine’s National Defense Services claims in a video;  WWIII is now – it is underway.   The goal is the complete disintegration of Russia.   This is NOT about border disputes, it is about the failed Russian coups to take Russia for the Cabalist Mafia. This is vengeance.   Civilians are target practice – just ask Hillary. The entity state that is Russia is facing a Global Mafia takeover.  And the US and UK are at the HELM.

General Patraeus was in Kyiv when Danilov made the declaration.   He concurs.  We are in WWIII and regions across the globe have already pledged sides.

In July 2022, General Patraeus created the Strategic Advisory Council for Ukraine (SAC).     Generals – Dick Lodewijk, Rick Hillier, and Wesley Clarke joined Patraeus to act as the main conduit for oversight of the procurement of weapons for the war, advice, and strategic analysis, while enhancing propaganda public relations campaign – such as Russia has already lost, Putin is a dictator, and all of Russians are evil.

Patraeus gave an interview in which he asserts that the main objective of the SAC is to determine what weapons are needed and then ‘convince’ the respective governments to provide them.   F-16’s, cluster munitions, long range missiles, drones, whatever it takes to annihilate Russia from mother earth!

Patraeus does NOT indicate why the US, Canada, The Netherlands, and UK are involved in a non-NATO country’s conflict. However, he does reveal that he has been intimately involved in Ukraine’s shadow government since 2014 wherein the Petroshenko coup took place.

In the video, Patraeus acknowledges that development of weapons that can be launched from space and have an exponential kill effect is the near future for all wars.  And he can’t wait until they can be indiscriminately used to annihilate entire countries…  Kamala Cackle.

Patraeus expresses great pride and joy in the fact that US Taxpayers have been forced to shell out more billions of dollars for Ukraine than most country’s entire military budgets, including; Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and UK!  The man comes across like a James Bond villain on steroids!   All that is missing is the white cat.

What these Advisory Council Generals all have in common is a desire to kill and a liberal affliction.   Their goal in life is to kill as many people as possible.    And they have no intention of stopping.   A perpetuity of Medieval War.   It is a sad commentary when our military leaders define their legacy by the number of humans lives they have snuffed or critically wounded – gleefully.

Perhaps Plato’s concept is not far from truth:   a government led by a Great Philosopher learned in agriculture, history, economics, Math, Astronomy and Philosophy. Where our military is tasked only within our borders to mitigate riots, dissent, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters.   Where our borders are secured.   And where NGO’s, shadow governments, Big Pharma and the military industrial complex are completely dismantled.   No stakeholders. No sharecroppers. No lawyers or politicians running the country. And the Leader and his appointed committee are salaried based on the average GDP PP.

WARS Cause Climate Damage – Ukraine Wants Compensation

The very erudite Politico is suddenly concerned about the ‘climate impact’ of the Ukraine war.   Who better to determine the amount of carbon output from the war than Lennard de Klerk, a degreed electrical engineer who is running an ecolodge in Hungary.   Not to worry, he claims his top skills include: military climate change • Carbon Footprinting • Greenhouse Gas • Low Carbon Technologies • Green Building.   None of these top skills are a degreed program.  Climate Tzars typically study biology, chemistry, statistics, and environmental economics.  

Not Lennard.

How are carbon emissions calculated?   “Countries report their emissions through a ‘bottom up’ approach, where national emissions are estimated by combining data on types of activity with the emissions typically produced by those activities.” The International Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) ‘Task Force’ developed ‘guidelines for measuring activities’.   Their first report was developed in 2006, revised in 2014, and revised again in 2019.

In the presentation report by the IPCC, they provide reporting guidelines to the experts wherein they tell them how to spell chemical compounds, how to abbreviate units, and how to abbreviate a factor into a power.   I don’t think they are talking to ‘scientists’.   The four categories include:   1. Energy, 2. Industrial Processes, 3. Agriculture, forestry and other land use, and 4. Waste.

What is not in any category is War and War exercises.   In addition, there is no accounting for volcano eruptions, home appliances, cow farts, and race. The means for measurement is a small sampling of soil and an expert created set of predetermined emissions measurements.   To top off the cake, they add a dollop of creamy estimates and a pinch of guestimates to make an expert calculation sound plausible! VOILA!

Obviously any measurement stats prior to 2006, are completely fabricated because the methodology was not developed yet.  So the comparables would have to originate with a start point of 2006 – not 1850 when temperatures were first measured:  A man would board a ship and hoist is mercury or alcohol based thermostat in the ocean.   Reading the temperature, he would write it on a piece of paper.   And that is our historical evidence.

When reviewing the list of authors for the 2019 expert IPCC report, a few have been out of commission for years, some as long as 8 years.   Selecting another random name, I found William Irving of the EPA. Claiming to be an environmental specialist, his masters at Columbia in 1996 is listed as ‘Environmental Policies’.   Only Columbia did not begin offering such classes until 2002.

Despite all these inconsistencies, experts have determined that the US has warmed by 2.6’ since 1970.

March 2023, the deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for sustainment, said the service branch is moving forward with plans to acquire Electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle prototypes as part of its efforts to adopt electric vehicles. Expected to be in production in 2025 for delivery in 2027, the vehicle fleet will represent roughly 10% to 20% of all vehicles, the remainder being diesel. An electric mobile microgrid will travel with the fleet.   This vehicle grid can generate up to 100 watts per vehicle despite the fact that most small EV cars require 250 to 400 watts.

But the Army is determined that this transition is sustainable and will have a yuge impact on the climate by 2035 or 2050 – whichever estimate fits the schematic.

Clean Technica is working with the Army. Their website claims their content is for “entertainment purposes”.  WHAT?

Lennard’s ecolodge in Hungary emits 1744 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually in a town with a population of 59. This is explained by Politico as the result of his expertise.   Working with a colleague in Kyiv, they estimate the number and type of projectiles, tanks, planes, etc… that are in Kyiv on any given day.   Their report as submitted to the UN found that the Ukraine war emits 120 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.   The report includes the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines by the UK and US militaries. It is rife with assumptions – and vacant of data.

The purpose of the report is to hold Russia globally accountable for climate change.   Both Zelenskyy and expert Greta Thunberg were behind the initiative to hold Russia accountable. The purpose? To raise the monetary war compensation reparations.   The means would require bringing charges in the International Court claiming Russia broke the law wherein the ICC states’, “every state has a duty to prevent significant transboundary environmental damage”.

There are two flagrant errors in this distraction:   1) it was Ukraine which broke the law by refusing to uphold the Minsk Agreement of 2014.   2)   Pandora’s Box would open claims against the US military in every incursion throughout the middle east and Africa.

One thing is certain global militaries don’t give a fark because war is business. And business is money, including all those war exercises which dilute inventory requiring more spending.   Still, the UN is considering the proposal of allowing this to proceed.

The Economist: Ukraine War will Be A LONG War…

The latest casualty of the Republican Party, Chrispy Christie, is currently in Ukraine picking up his fair share while meeting with Zelenskyy.   Tomorrow, Zelenskyy will be traveling to Saudi Arabia where discussions will surround finding a political solution to the Ukraine insurgency. The mood might be more than a bit dense as it is revealed the ‘counteroffensive’ died before it started.   As a result, the Biden Regime is looking to divert funds from the US Taxpayer Pool from Ukraine – to Taiwan.

Never Let A Good War Go unfunded.

Spinning in circles, the US Military is now deciding on how best to go to war against Niger, Mali and Burkino Faso while juggling Ukraine and Taiwan.   Unfortunately, the US proxy inserted President of Niger was couped by his own military and needs “help”.   Help is code for war.

According to the deposed President, Bazoum, 40% of Niger’s budget of $2.6 billion comes from the US via USAID.   According to USAID, that is a blatantly false statement.

USAID NIGER:   Last year, the US thru USAID, Department of State, and Department of Agriculture declared obligations to Niger in the amount of $201 million.   In the first 6 months of 2023, the US obligated $87 million.   In fact the US portion has been steadily falling since 2018 when Niger’s obligated assistance peaked at $581 million.

The oddity is the key word ‘obligated’.   Because the ‘disbursements’ never seem to match the obligations – with discrepancy’s in the millions (upwards of 30%).   In 2020, $30 million obligated was never ‘disbursed’.  In 2022 the agencies paid $60 million more to Niger than ‘obligated’.

Where is the money really going?   There are no audits, no trails, no inventory, no oversight, to identify and track money from any government agencies –

USAID UKRAINE:   Ukraine’s Aid disbursements in 2021 were $420 million vs $11 billion in 2022. The 2023 disbursements amount to an additional $10.4 billion for the first half of the year.   This aid is in addition to The Pentagon weaponry and labor, the CIA weapons, training and labor, and the cost of foreign mercenaries.   The vast majority of aid description on the USAID website was ‘redacted’.  The only legal means for redacting under the Transparency Act would have to be approved by The Secretary of State and for the purpose of:   “protecting the health or security of an implementing partner or beneficiary.”

The possibilities of who those beneficiaries might be could include those politicians and Hollywooder’s visiting Ukraine, the CIA, as well as The Big Guy.   The amount subject to redaction is $316.26 million of the ‘top 10 activities’. However, the long list references 202 entries.   It appears the vast majority of the entries of funds were ‘redacted’ and included funding assistance that went to Europe & Asia – not Ukraine.   ODD.

Are We Footing the Bills of Europe too?

Given the revelations that the Big Guy and Hunter Biden are on the Ukraine take, it would appear there are numerous other recipients of the money laundering scheme via US to Ukraine scandal.   Given the redactions are obviously part of this sham, I would venture the recipients are in desperate financial conditions including Mikaelovich Pence.

When Pence left the White House in 2021 his finances were in such disrepair he claimed he had no home and was sleeping at friend’s houses.   Today that $-0- net worth has suddenly leaped to a range of $1million to $4 million, having not worked at all in 2-3 years.

Beginning tomorrow a number of representatives from global countries will congregate in Saudi Arabia to discuss Zelenskyy’s 10-point peace plan.   The plan is more of a comprehensive punishment and coup attempt than anything to do with ‘peace’;  Requiring Putin to resign, Russian exports to be valued at a stipulated price fixed by the West, a special tribunal for Russian soldiers, and for Russia to pay for reconstruction.   The Summit does not include a Putin invite which leaves the entire initiative rather baseless.

Late June, Copenhagen hosted their own peace plan summit in which Brazil, India, Turkey and South Africa representatives were in attendance.   The summit produced nothing.

Although Saudi’s MBS invited representatives from 30 countries, many have chosen not to attend for various reasons including the impracticality of the snub of a Russian invite.   The odd juxtaposition is the fact that MBS wants to join the BRICS and any snub by Russia could curtail a Saudi membership.   Nonetheless, Putin and Lavrov will link to the meetings.

Despite the failed counteroffensive, the loss of unimaginable life, the destruction of 1/3 of US weapon supplies at US taxpayer expense, The Economist has declared the war is not even close to ending… Making it appear as though another Afghanistan is in the making behind the Military Industrial Complex Curtain of Oz.

How The West Was Won And Lost: A Cartel History

Bloomberg and McKinsey are calling for a ‘reimagined’ globalization.   After imposing sanctions upon sanctions across the board on countries – the Top tier Cartel members realize they cut their own throat.   Greed and Power have a way of leaving a mark.   Given the need for foreign resources, Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum has decided to abandon China and set their sites on India and Africa. ~ December 2022.

As a result, Africa is embroiled in multiple wars.

The latest insurgency has fallen upon Niger.   The western backed president that was recently elected has been overthrown by a military inspired coup.   The military junta is not pro-west, and evacuations are underway by France, Italy and Spain.   Other African nations under military rule have joined Niger.   And it becomes clear, colonizing Africa is no longer on the table.   The People have declared, “ENOUGH”.

The Biggest Coup would appear to be happening globally.   The Coup that decouples not from China, but from the Cartel. The mismanaged, overly aggressive, corrupt, pathological liars – Cartel.  Their Power is waning!

Russia’s Putin has developed a detente with a number of African leaders. His fundamental discourse entails assuring sovereignty and embracing trade.   By contrast, the Western Cartel has been about taking control of a country and divesting it of its resources for self.

The means vs the might.   The Greedy Python.

Where does India stand?   Conflict.   Ethnic conflicts have recently risen to the surface and the western media is quick to blame Modi.   Just in time for, “Indian Opposition is United to Unseat Modi” ~ Western Media.   India’s next general election is May 2024.   A proposed coup is already formulating their means.

The Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance, (INDIA), has emerged to unseat India’s Prime Minister, Modi.   Why?   Because Russia is an ally and Modi refused to condemn Russia publicly according to Cartel Demands.    When a country does not bow to the ‘demands’ either the leader is destroyed or the country.

INDIA was founded July 18, 2023 by the merging of 26 different parties into a joined united effort. The Indian National Congress is leading the Modi coup attempt. Rahul Ghandi is head of the National Congress – he was educated at “Harvard & Cambridge” before taking employment in London for Monitor Deloitte. Monitor is a management consulting firm teaching strategies and techniques for Cartel expansion.   Notables that have also been employed there include: Mitt Romney’s son, CFO of Facebook, Ebay alumni, Harvard alumni, UK parliamentary members, British Secret Service and the Global Business Network.

The Global Business Network was co-founded by Peter Schwartz, a Jewish man who early in life joined the Socialist/Communist “Students For A Democratic Society”.   Monitor Deloitte bought out The Network.  Schwartz writes regularly for The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Monitor, McKinsey and Bloomberg are central to recruiting new Cartel members.   Trained, financed, and organized, their job is to situate themselves into leadership positions within governments and quietly establish the makings for a coup . The means?   1.   Use western media to create a demonic profile of the to-be-ousted PM or President.   2.   Create dissension among the people with riots, protests, and anarchy.   3.   Portray the new leader as a saint come to save them from themselves.   4.   Rig the election and call it a “Landslide”.

The most recent attempt was in Turkey. Erdogan was slated to lose.   He didn’t and was thusly punished via a climate disaster.   But he came to his knees when the Cartel simply threatened further destruction.   Turkey was absorbed – not as an ally, but through threats and extortion.

This is the pattern.   The Cartel has been utilizing these means for centuries.   Countries have disappeared as a direct result.   It appears African military juntas are forming an alliance against the Cartel which won’t come without blood.   India is next.

This is the only game in town. It is all the Cartel knows to accomplish their task.   Make enemies.   A constant game of barbarism that has been utilized since the Fall of Rome, the destruction of the Biblical cities; Galatia, Thessalonia, and Corinthia – all ravaged by the Dark idols.  A constant rearrangement of land borders defined by The Cartel.

Although the Cartel is being quashed across the globe today, they will not give up easily.   Their weapon is to use people against people.   To incite hatred.   To create a discord that has had many different identities over history.

It is calculated that should a nuclear war between Russia and the US be initiated, the catastrophic devastation would ultimately destroy humanity and all wildlife.   A scenario highly unlikely to occur unless the Cartel can preserve a sphere free of the atmospheric devastation that would occur.

This view is upheld by CSIS which is now concentrating efforts on water security, mineral resource scarcity, and – Latin America.   Yet another market that has collapsed against US detrimental policies.   ALL while announcing a prolonged conflict in Ukraine that could last 10 years, aka another Afghanistan that rips ever more money from Taxpayers …

Of course the nuclear distraction is the evolution of AI.   While the West warred – China honed even greater AI advancement leaving the US in a dustbowl.   This reality, coupled with a ‘decoupling’ with China, has raised alarms amongst the Tech Power Industry which foresees a world dominated and ruled by AI.

The US committee to regulate AI is a laughable assembly of old men who can barely understand how to work an iphone much less robotics that can emote and smell, and make decisions – think Star Wars C-3PO.   The largess challenge in this equation is the ‘programmer’. Will the ultimate outcome be a Cartel Robotic war?

Geoengineered Climate – Disease – Dictators – and Propaganda

Ukraine will be liberated by the allies.   Just like Syria was liberated from its Dictator.    Just like Europe was liberated from Hitler.   Via mass casualties, an even greater number of disabled, and an entire country reduced to rubble.   Soldiers coming home to nothing.   Disease rampant. Brain trauma, PTSD, rehab, drug overdoses. Loved ones dead.   For what kind of liberation?  

After a likely geoengineered earthquake devastated a huge portion of Turkey killing over 50,000, Erdogan was given no choice in suddenly allowing Sweden to be absorbed by NATO.    He was blackmailed.   Mere weeks later Sweden announced they would allow Koran burning – which has now embroiled Sweden in riots.

War could not exist if not for stoking hatred thru propaganda.

One commonality of war is that The People being bombed – and the people doing the bombing rarely hate each other.   It is a mindset form of hypnosis.   It has become so common that to track times of peace is a much smaller research effort than times of war.

Sometimes it feels as though earth is in some minutia bubble and sitting at a large circular table are giants watching as we entertain them with – War & Hate.   Certainly peace and prosperity are not nearly as entertaining.   Just watch the Hollywood movies…

Everything on earth appears to operate in a constant circular pattern. Trees losing their leaves and regrowing every single season – a circular.   Farming crops, tides, wind currents, natures way.   But then there are manipulated circulars;   inflation, war, rebuilding, death to birth, the creation of hate, even ‘rebirth’ is a circular.

In my lifetime, I don’t think the US has ever NOT been at war.   Wars are much longer now, protracted by greed within the abject lack of anything resembling compassion.   Evens these evils are circular – framed in a constant within antiquity.

If we go back to Adam and Eve, we find a circular of hate as some postulate that every aspect of evil in our world today was – Eve’s Fault.   If Eve had resisted Satan would have lost – or some such nonsense.   These same blame sayers will also pontificate that God is the singular source of everything that happens.   In that context, God caused created and caused Eve to sin.   Blame –

I listen to Zelenskyy being described as a ‘hero’ for standing ground and literally decimating his entire countryland and his people, for an ego driven, greed driven villa in Italy.   He could have ended it before it began – and he chose not to.   The US and EU governments declare they want a ‘forever war’.   But The People don’t.  Yet the people are the ones who suffer while the governments rejoice in death.

Today Germany’s economic minister warned Modi that unless he disavowed and demonized Putin, he could forget trade with Germany and the EU.  WHAT?    It is more like an elementary school playground than a system of Leadership.   And what happens when their money is gone – their legacy is spoilt – their fame deteriorated?  And Prosperity rules?

They start over with the same end game rationale. Circular.

Imagine what could have been achieved if these evil mindsets had instead focused on building – creating – solutions – farming – you know, that which is our sustenance for living.

What gives me faith are those who are weary and yet still gather the strength to fight a verbal and legal right of passage.   This strength has been there for every single war fought by every single country.    It exists today.

Syria’s President Assad was a victim of the war worshippers.   A war fought in the guise that we were ‘liberating’ Syrian peoples from their evil dictator.   But we didn’t liberate anyone – instead we spent years completely obliterating antiquity – beautiful historical treasures – under the prefect of Hillary’s words of wisdom that apply to every such situation, “What difference does it make – …they are dead.”

Two wealthy music stars created a video wherein they asked every American to put up their money for Ukraine’s citizens.   Why did they make the video?   Why don’ they just hand over their wealth to Zelenskyy?   Why don’t they call for Peace?   Why don’t they call for peace….

Maybe the reason the elites want to depopulate us is because we have multiplied like bunnies and are uncontrollable.   The reason MAGA is their Achilles heel is because it is a united front. A front that could extend across borders.   A front that can dislodge the contempt and replace it with something good and positive.   That would not be very entertaining to the mind embroiled in chaos.

Today Germany and the UN declared that they won’t send aid to Syria any longer because the bad dictator Assad would misuse it.   SO people must be punished and incited to believe Assad is evil. The tactics come from the bully pit yet they are reformulated each and every time in a manner wherein they believe these Peoples will suddenly thank the US for liberating their country and reducing it to rubble.  Bow and scrape…

I am reminded of the picture of white people on their knees kissing black peoples feet – begging for forgiveness.   But they don’t want our forgiveness they want money!   And NYC is proud to announce they will be paying BLM rioters millions for unjustly arresting them…   The same NYC that is broke.

I just read the Lew Rockwell blog ‘Is climate engineering real?’   It’s worse than real, it is worse than we can imagine real.   Because not only have the ‘experts’ been busily playing with our climate – the reason they are so desperate now is because they can’t fix the damage they have done – so they need to deflect and BLAME The People via Climate Change.  The article is absolutely stupendous!!!   Perhaps why I am so melancholy today.

Maybe God needs to blow up earth and just start over.   These people are beyond evil – evil is too tame to describe them.   They must be another Species…

Klaus Schwab: “Prepare For An Angrier World”

Klaus Schwab, “We must prepare for an angrier World.”   “Young people have a right to be angry.”   Klaus Schwab lives in Cologny Switzerland where the black immigrant population is – zero.   In fact the black population in Switzerland is under 1%.   The country in Europe with the largest immigrant black population is the UK followed by France.   Rioters tend to be emboldened when they see no true consequence.   The UK is next.

An Imam has provided contextual analysis that provides perspective.   While All Muslims are being held accountable as a result of the French Insurrection, these radicals are not coming from the Middle East, they are coming from Africa.   The men are not vetted, they have no employment skills, they don’t speak the language, they bring new diseases, and western governments are doing this in compliance with the WEF.

These radicals are brought into western countries wherein the white populations are told to assimilate.   We are all equal.   But these are the rejects from society.  Because the imported Muslim blacks just want to ‘kill people’. Contrary to our western elite media conglomerate, the vast majority of immigrants from Africa are men, young men. Young blooded angry men.

Dubai’s FM also confirmed the non-vetting argument – Muslims don’t go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, because they would not be tolerated. Instead inane western governments invite them in without concern for the diseases being brought, the violence being brought, and the desire to live on welfare while pursing blond women with blue eyes.

Western nations do not quarantine the immigrants.  Their cultures are violence. We are taking in the worst of the worst for one purpose – to destroy ourselves.   We are to blame for this choice!   We – our governments.

Where did the Insurrectionists in France get their weapons, their guns?   Most French Police are not supplied with guns.  Their weapons include flash bombs, bobby sticks, stun grenades, tear gas and water canons.   When the French Nationalists showed up to fight for France with baseball bats.  The police tear gassed them!   Bobby sticks and baseball bats against AK’s – who wins?

Where did the weapon arsenal deployed by the young rioters come from?   The black market that was just infused this past year+ with American weapons sold by Ukraine on the black market. American weapons.   Over and over The Pentagon was told the weapons were sold on the black market.   So The Pentagon sent – more.

Macron has done absolutely nothing for six days – although he did go to an Elton John concert…   Why does Macron refuse to deploy the military?   Because, as Klaus Schwab stated, the young people have a right to be angry – just not in Switzerland.

Julian Assange, “…the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.”    That includes WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, etc…  He was speaking of Afghanistan in this quote, it is just as viable in response to Ukraine.   Zelenskyy the  ‘hero’  is Zelenskyy the man corrupt enough to sacrifice his people, his land, the resources and animals of Ukraine to this war agenda.   Blood.

While France is burning, the Klaus Hawks are cheering on playing a lyre… while gleefully planning their next assault.   On Syria. The Arab unification is a threat to the Mafia Cartel.   Instability is their only goal.   With Iran and Syria being welcomed back into a united Middle East, the CIA saw this as a provocation against NATO Power.   As a result, Russian intel states, “The US is preparing Syrian jihadists for possible chemical weapons attacks in order to derail Damascus’ diplomatic reengagement with other Arab nations.”

The media will claim that Assad ordered the attacks anticipating the Middle East is too ignorant to know the truth.

NATO countries are claiming they will spend $1.3 trillion on defense in 2023. Russia spending for 2023 will be $56 billion and China – $224 billion.   In 1948, Us Defense spending was $9 billion – adjusted for inflation, today that would account for $154 billion.   But the defense budget is over $880 billion.   WHY?   Because The Agenda required it.   The money was not actually spent on weapons or our military soldiers who live in squalor on pittance salaries – the money was diverted to NGO Think Tanks in Langley.

Ukraine is drying up. The sentiment has shifted and a new enemy must be created in order to justify raising the Defense Budget.    In a twist of fate will the governments turn against the props they employed to destroy?  Obviously the Klaus Schwab Cartel is NOT color friendly.   But they do know the adrenalin factor in your black and muslim rebels, the drug factor, the money factor is HIGH.

Local Police in France have declared, “This is NOT a Riot, they want to kill us!”

Italy’s new PM allowed 2500 illegal immigrants, 28 boatloads to come ashore in a 24 hour period – with an additional 500,000 waiting…  Is Italy next or London?

THIS is anarchy.   It is solicited by Klaus Schwab and approved by states and countries.   In the US we watched the BLM riots implode our major cities into this same anarchy.   Entire cities reduced to rubble.   Fires.   Businesses lost.   London is poised for the next civil war with an immigrant demographic reaching 40% of the population.

It was 64 AD when Rome burned.   Classic history claims Nero ordered the devastation while he shacked up in his villa in Antium 35 miles away.   Groups fighting inside the city claimed they were ordered to set fires.   Sound Familiar?   The riots lasted nine days.   When it was over, Nero blamed the Christians who thus became fodder for dogs and for crucifixion. Ultimately, reconstruction of the city was made possible thru increased ‘taxation’.

By all accounts, Nero was a tyrant, narcissistic, force of evil.  He had children through his slaves and consorts. Male offspring were sent to Greece, Spain and The Balkans.   The ones remaining in Italy are said to have settled in either Sicily or Calabria ~ home to the Mafia.

Destroy and reconstruct on the backs of The People. Nero’s methodology employed by the minions of Klaus Schwab.   Black Lives Matter – paid with US Taxpayer funds to destroy cities across the US.   The idea was to rebuild in the vein of Smart Urban 15 minute city prisons.   But Russia interfered with the plan.

Losing the war in Ukraine, NATO and the Cartel are humiliated.   And as Schwab reiterated – it is a much angrier world.   Importing fanatical rebels, the Cartel has ordered them to DESTROY.    To Rape.   To Murder.   Because Civil War is yet another coup for the Military Industrial Complex.

Khazar Nazi’s vs Soviet Russia: A Battle Since 600 CE

A chilling account by a whistleblower reveals the monstrosities that were being committed in Ukraine labs before the Russian divesture.   Body parts from live children were packaged and sent to Europe buried in grain shipments.   When the UN brokered the Ukraine Grain Deal struck in July 2022, the pivot to allow transportation thru the Black Sea was signed and sealed.   But the grain never reached its African destinations and instead went to Poland and eastern Europe.   Poland declared the grain was tainted –

April 2023, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia suddenly banned Ukraine grain imports into their countries.   The EU Commission threatened the countries for overstepping their EU authority on trade.   A deal was made that the imports throughout the eastern bloc would simply be transit lines and not destinations.  “It is also a success for other countries effected by the situation in the grain market and, I think, a success for the European Union.”

The EU also agreed to pay Poland $40 million euros for their trouble.

The media continually praise the agreement and efforts as the only means of preventing a ‘global food crisis’.   As of 2021, per the US Department of Agriculture, grain exports from Ukraine went to China – 48%, EU – 25% and Turkey – 7%.   Africa, is not in the mix.   Somehow, Africa’s starvation was not considered – while China was the main import partner.

Substitute ‘grain’ for children’s harvested organs.  

For the person looking to buy an illegal organ: a heart averages $1million, a liver – $557,000 and kidney’s – $262,000.   It is Big Business among those with the wallet.  But it is Business for those whose definition of the Rule of Law is – eenie meenie miney moe, catch a…

To understand the Nazi elemental infiltration in Ukraine, one must understand WWII from a non-propaganda perspective.  That means The Western intelligence apparatus was anticipating a General Patton failure.

Initially, FDR and Churchill lauded Hitler for his economic successes.   When FDR began to come under scrutiny for his politics and failures in the US, war was his distraction choice.   General Bradley and General Patton had different opinions on ‘winning’ – and fought vehemently.   Patton’s military organ was – Win The War.  But Bradley kept deflecting Patton’s tactics.   WHY?  Because that isn’t exactly what the Shadow Government had in mind.

At the end of the war, the US installed thousands of Nazi’s throughout the military industrial complex – in Colorado and Washington, DC.   Included in this bizarre alliance was Adolf Huesinger.   Huesinger was the general staff of the High Command/Hitler of the Wehrmacht from 1938 to 1944.   In 1961 Huesinger became the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   The first Chairman was – General Bradley.  The same Bradley who had General Douglas MacArthur FIRED for not towing the line on behalf of the Shadow Government.

The duties of the Chairman of the NATO Military are: “advises the North Atlantic Council on military policy and strategy, and is the senior military spokesperson of the 31-nation alliance and principal advisor to the Secretary General.”

Quite a heady responsibility for a former Nazi General, Huesinger, to Command…   but of course, it was purposeful.

General Wolfgang Altenburg – allegiance = Nazi Germany – became Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   General Hans Spiedel, Rommel’s Chief of Staff, became Supreme Commander of NATO’s Ground forces.   Johannes Steinhoff – Nazi fighter pilot – held NATO assignments including the Military Committee.

George Bush’s father assisted the Nazi power platform and helped Hitler rise.   While propaganda tools attempt to make the connection benign – it isn’t.   He aided and abetted a regime with which we went to war.

The directive to infiltrate Nazi’s into the US was approved by Truman under Operation Paperclip. Nazi Generals and Scientists were considered the superior race. Their talents far exceeded US counterparts.   But most importantly, their psyche.   Psychiatrists who evaluated these Nazi war criminals found them to be highly intelligent and devoted to their allegiance to Country.  Psychological assessments that contributed to the CIA’s massive psychological experiments, including Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

The CIA Office of Policy Coordination under Frank Wisner and Alan Dulles were integral in spiriting Nazi’s out of Belarus providing them with visa’s allowing them to infiltrate the US.   At the time, Belarus was a part of the USSR.   According to John Loftus, the scheme was to raise guerrilla warfare against the Soviet Union using the Nazi collaborators.   Wisner was said to have committed suicide in 1965.

NATO was formed to fight the USSR.   Eighty years later, NATO Nazi’s are fighting Russia.   And the vast majority of European countries are ruled under this ideology.   The Ukraine Nazi’s were trained by the CIA.   The concept of Hitler’s supreme race never died.   It simply moved around.

The Potsdam Conference negotiated new boundaries and countries at the end of WWII for Europe and the USSR. The western portion of Europe was designated to the US and the eastern bloc was designated to the USSR.   Today, most of that eastern bloc has been absorbed by the western bloc via Reagan’s botched agreements.

In other words the Nazi’s have been fighting Russia since WWII.   Under the banner of Khazars whose empire included Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan in the 6th century.   The animosity between Khazars and Arabs has existed since the 8th century.   Today the vagrant leaders of this Jewish Khazarian caliphate include: Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Fink, Oppenheimer, Ellison, Page, Brin, etc…


CHIP Manufacturing Central to WWIII

Flexing its muscles, CSIS is obsessed with all things Chips, Chip Act, and Cyber WarGames.   Simultaneously, China held a meeting with its security chiefs to prepare for “dangerous storms”.   President Xi Jinping focused specifically on the US in his remarks stating that China must modernize its security architecture and prepare for actual combat.  

Unlike the MSM in their vane of fear mongering, China is not inclined to make these sort of statements needlessly.   Recently shutting down the offices of Bain & CO as well as Mintz Group in Shanghai citing security concerns, China is waking the dragon.   Perhaps too little too late.   The US has effectively already invaded China via a vast network of defense contractors and intelligentsia that were initially believed to be installed in order to advance China’s economy.

There are over 8800 US companies operating in China.   Most are simply benign food and retail companies, but China has growing concern that it has been the victim of a contrived military operation.   And the Mafia Cartel are likely asserting their roosters for a cock fight.

Central to the agenda are Chips.   Chips that are free of hack software.

In 2018, Bloomberg announced The Big Hack with China central in ‘compromising America’s technology’.   But what if the bog of false propaganda information parlayed by the US Bloomberg’s of the world is really a reality of US hacking – not China?   Rogue Intelligence Agencies Rule.   Given our governments inability to relay anything remotely resembling Truth, why would we believe – anything?

The Pentagon has declared China, ‘the most consequential and systemic challenge’.   While Russia is labeled the greatest threat.   Unfortunately, we are slowly coming to the realization that the greatest threat to western cultures is the US Government and its prolific three letter agencies.

I would clarify that the vast majority of Citizens from these countries are wholly innocent of the atrocities and agendas being perpetrated.   The WarGame is among the governments & Shadow Cartel.   Instead of looking for ways to disarm that Gamut, the shadows ruling the US want it amped up!   The only rationale is a barrage of media propaganda aimed at US = good guy – everyone else = bad guy syndrome.

Within this odd couples montage, MicroChips are central as a power vacuum.   The US manufacturing of chips represents just 12% of global supply and the future is Chips Ahoy!

The largest microchip manufacturers in the world are ranked: Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, – then US and China.   Top importers are Hong Kong, China, US, Germany and The Netherlands.   Isolating Hong Kong and China requires wooing of Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Taiwan was the most controversial given its political disfunction with China.   Yet it was also the easiest to align with given the recent presidential regime change instituted by NED.

According to our very truthful media, the Prime Minister of Japan was elected as a liberal democrat but is really a conservative in disguise. Despite getting quite unfavorable reviews, Fumio Kishida was ‘somehow’ elected as Prime Minister following the assassination of  Shinzo Abe securing another western puppet state.

The alleged perpetrator of the assassination of Abe is Tetsuya Yamagami.   Yamagami reportedly ‘made’ a gun from scratch using duct tape and shot Abe over a rift Yamagami had with the Unification Church 20 years prior…   He had no prior encounters with police or employers or neighbors and was viewed as a ‘normal’ guy.   Yamagami was never a member of the Unification Church.   Sounds like a staged scapegoat.  Sounds like the JFK assassination cover.  Sounds like the CIA.

Apparently, Shinzo Abe was becoming more and more difficult to deal with under the authoritarian thumb of the Cartel in compliance with the WEF. His usefulness had expired and he became a detriment to the Cartel.

By contrast, the newly inserted Kishida is more than willing to sell Japan to the highest bidder while situating them as one of several obvious China Targets.

Right now, the US depends on Taiwan for their advanced chips for military ‘devices’.   While there was a reported glut of chips in December 2022, suddenly CSIS declared the US military deficient in January 2023.   So what’s the Beef?

“Global chip shortages have impeded the ability of DoD contractors like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon to boost production of weapons used in the Russia-Ukraine War.”~   EE TIMES.

Meaning a war effort against China is considered a 2030 Agenda goal to be achieved once the US supply of Chips accelerates.   Intel’s new global chip plant under construction in Ohio has a scheduled delivery date of 2025 – maybe.   The purpose would apparently not be for the car industry or supply chain industry but for Global War.

And CHINA is preparing.