Paris Summit -Climate Change

World leaders have gathered together to discuss how much money they are going to put behind climate change. These world leaders would seem to include the likes of Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and George Soros. Funny, I don’t remember electing them??? In fact, I don’t think anyone ‘elected them’. So when did they become the world leaders?  And why are they making decisions for us?

I find it a bit odd that a country whose entire GDP is gained through dirty oil would be present at a climate change conference in which oil and gas are the bad guys. Of course, the fact that Soros is heavily invested in coal should raise an eyebrow or two as well. So how do they intend to reduce CO2 emissions?

According to a glob of theorists, the root cause of ISIS and other terrorists is – climate change. You see, the consensus is that these poor fella’s don’t have a country rich in rain forests and agriculture land and clean rivers and such, and as a result they are angry and lop off peoples heads. Therefore, if we can change the climate, if we can manipulate what is natural to create an altered world, then we will eradicate terrorism. POOF…

Recently I was reading about ice ages and the fact that we are actually at the tail end of an ice age that has lasted millions of years. As such, we are warmer than say 2 million years ago… but cooler than earth was – originally. Yawn. The scientific community has released their definition of an ice age as being a time when ‘the earth experiences notably cooler conditions’. We needed a scientist to tell us that?

In fact, during the present day ‘ice age’ glaciers have advanced and retracted over 20 times, and the height of this ice age was just 20,000 years ago when ice covered most of North America. It is accepted that shifting tectonic plates cause major climate changes, and the natural cyclical shifting of the earth’s orbit and rotation create changes in sunlight patterns. The CO2 emissions that the Summit talks intend to address are actually released by the change in ocean temperatures which occur  when freshwater ice melts into saltwater oceans and changes currents.

That being said, CO2 emissions have a natural cyclical pattern and while each ice age had a beginning and an end, there is no evidence the earth burned up in between. But humans want to control – and in order to control the weather we would need to control tectonics, the earth’s orbit and it’s rotation – I don’t think Soros or Gates have that ability. But I suppose they can pretend.

In the meantime, to add fodder to ozone, these ‘world leaders’ claim that the reason we haven’t really been targeting the oil reserves and supplies that fund ISIS is because we’re afraid that the blast might ‘harm the environment’. Oh dear, oh my, oh my, said Eyore…to Pooh.

Even more hypocritical is that while the Climate Summit is taking place, the Paris police are dumping tear gas on protesters. Tear Gas is actually a chemical weapon banned from use in warfare by the Geneva Convention. It is considered toxic and harmful to the environment!  Eyore?

And according to one French journalist, the Bangladesh refugees are a result of climate change.  But wait, the refugees are from Rohingya and are fleeing persecution and poverty. They number 220,000, and approximately 28,000 have fled to neighboring countries.  Another organization, AOSIS, which represents a number of small islands scattered throughout the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, claims that typhoons continue to disrupt island life – a direct result of global warming.  But large devastating typhoons have been recorded for thousands of years.  The impertinence would seem to be the idea that despite these occurring regularly, the people want to change the weather – instead of changing where they build…

Obama has stated that, “recent economic growth in the United States has come despite a lack of growth in carbon emissions.” So if carbon emission is not growing why is the climate continuing to warm? Oops. Maybe its because the relationship is negligible.

CO2 emissions are both naturally occurring and man-made. The natural impact accounts for about 96% and the man-made for about 4%. Of the man-made, about 85% is derived from fossil fuel burning. But there is another culprit rarely mentioned – nuclear warhead testing. The US is the largest ‘tester’ with upwards of 1132, followed by Russia with 981 and France with 217. Nine have been conducted in the oceans. The tests peaked between 1950 and 1963 when carbon-14 emissions peaked as well.

Lastly, when presenting a graph, just as I exposed in my blog about vaccines, the starting point can be very misleading. According to a graph issued by the University of Wyoming with references to Oxford, the current trend of CO2 emissions began their incline sometime around the mid 1600’s well before fossil fuels. In addition, according to scientists, each ending ice age was met with peaking warm temperatures before the next ice age struck. Another graph shows that we were actually coming out of a mini ice-age that occurred after a significant warming that occurred between 1000 and 1200 A.D..

Are we in a warming trend? Yes. Are CO2 emissions high? Yes. Will changing our 4% of the total CO2 alter the course of nature? Make your own conclusion.

But according to scientific data, ancient historical trends show we are about to fall into a trough of a new ice age…Bill?  George?  Mark?  As world leaders, you seem a bit out of touch.

AIRSPACE Violations – A World Wide Phenomena

So Obama says that violating another territories airspace means whatever happens you deserve it and the offended country has the right to deploy bombs or whatever means necessary…


`According to Sweden, the US violated it’s airspace 7 times over the past five years, as did Germany, Russia, Norway, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland and Qatar.

`In August, Finland claimed two US jets violated its airspace – the violation lasted 15 minutes.

`A US Navy pilot breached Indonesian airspace this November.

`Venezuela has stated that the US violated its airspace twice in November including a heavy military transport plane and a DASH-8 reconnaissance plane. In addition they claimed an aircraft carrier positioned itself off their coast during elections. Violations also occurred in 2008, 2010, 2013.

`Turkey has violated Greece airspace over 2200 times.

`In October, Turkish military jets violated Armenian airspace.

`Israel has been reprimanded by the UN on multiple occasions for violating Lebanon’s airspace.

`In 2013, Pakistan warned of two planes from India violating its airspace

`In 2014, Chinese military planes violated Taiwanese airspace

`1997, Turkey invades Cyprus airspace.

`During the 1980’s the US violated Russian airspace approximately 40 times.

The point? The list is exhaustive. The above are just a sampling. And while Russia may be complicit, the actions are universal. This happens routinely, and to date, not one jet was shot down. Are we, is NATO, condoning this approach? Because this could have incredibly far reaching consequences as each violation is met with the same punitive response.

According to a report issued through NASA in 2005, between June 2002 and June 2004, there were over 2900 airspace violations within the US alone involving Camp David, DC, Newport Chemical Depot, Disney, Presidential – and others.

Imagine if the feds had shot them down…

Ter Horst, a spokesperson for the Dutch military, claims that incursions into their airspace occur 4-5 times annually, from a multitude of countries. If every time a plane inadvertently or even blatantly crossed airspace, the retaliation, Mr. Obama, was to shoot it down, we would have blown up our entire world years ago. Telling a country that it has the ‘right’ to do this is tantamount to inviting an all out bloody war in which every nation would be guilty of creating.

And NATO’s response in condemning Russia is incredibly irresponsible if not exhaustively provocative – but then NATO is the US, is Obama, so what else could we expect for such an agency?

Exactly what is NATO proposing to do about the 2200 times Turkey has violated Greece airspace? Why… nothing. And therein lies the hypocrisy and the acknowledgement of who NATO is. According to Colin Powell when confronted with a US airspace violation in China territory in 2001, China had every right to observe the offending flight, however, China did NOT have the right to risk anyone’s lives.

What have been the typical responses to airspace breaches?  The deployment of the offended countries own fighter jets to ‘escort’ the offending aircraft back to its own territorial airspace. Turkey chose NOT to do this. And therein is the real condemnation.

ISIS War Shifts As Turkey Emboldened

Short Term Memory Loss. There are a few Biblical expressions that warn against ego, pride, condemnation and slander; Matthew 7:3 – “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” And again in 7:5 – “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the peck from your brother’s eye.”

British History: The Brits have a long history of torture, punitive horrors, brutality and murder. Australia was formed as a result of the British expelling their debtors to a life of horror on a remote island. The United States was formed a a result of a revolt against the tyranny of the English Empire. Ireland saw two thirds of its population sold into slavery by the British. Kings beheaded their wives, public executions were commonplace. Violence in the form of murder and manslaughter was more common than accidental death. Women were burned to death on stakes. Society was built on the class of the Monarchs vs the peasants. Children were beaten and sold.

It was just 100 years ago that women were allowed to vote, but only those over the age of 30. Of course it should be noted that life expectancy was around 50 at that time and maternal death rates were about 2%. There were over 41 wars/conflicts that the Brits were involved in during the 20th century alone, including five with Ireland and three with Germany.

At the beginning of the 20th century, 25% of Brits lived in poverty, women were not allowed to work, 15% were living at subsistence levels and unemployment was extremely high and the disparity between the ultra rich and everyone else was extreme. Asians began to migrate to England and became the largest ethnic diversity. Between 1991 and present time, the ethnic diversity has more than tripled.

The Royal Family has a staff of 436. They run an annual tab of about 35.7 million pounds, or $53.8 in dollars. A report by the Institute For Fiscal Studies estimated the poverty level as of 2014 at 23.2%.

The point?

Former soldier, Ambassador to Afghanistan and Bosnia, and former UK Democratic Leader, Lord Paddy Ashton, has opened the dyke and is questioning the UK’s involvement in the funding support of ISIS. He specifically mentions Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the ongoing collaboration and friendship the UK enjoys with these countries. He is calling for an investigation into this matter given that the UK has denounced any military action against ISIS thus raising questions about the UK sympathies.  Are they enemy or friend?

Today the MIddle East tensions rose significantly higher as Turkey downed a Russian fighter jet and Syrian rebels, the same rebels that the US gives ammunition and weapons to, assassinated the pilots as they attempted to parachute down. An action that could propel Turkey into the midst of the war and escalate the entire situation, it is an important shift.

The 10 trillion dollar question? Who is on what side?

Why would the US care whether Russia says it has hit 1000 targets or 500? Does it really matter?  Why is this headlines?  Is this a game?  Are we really keeping score with allies?  Have we lost our marbles?!!

Or has this ISIS war become an ego match and nothing more?  Why is Obama meeting with Hollande and not all allies to bring forth a plan of action? Why are Canada and Australia silent? Apparently Canada is using the French escalation in attacks as justification to hide and whimper. They fear that if they do anything ISIS will retaliate and so they are willing to allow ISIS to grow and engorge and murder without consequence. They cower and think somehow this will make them immune. Canada talks about Assad and Putin and Iran as though they are the orchestrators when in fact Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK and Germany were the initial provocateurs. Only recently was Russia asked for its help by the US. And Iran has remained out of the fray. Canada – shame on you!

And where is Germany? Bringing in a million refugees and demanding everyone else bring in their quota according to Merkel’s admonition.  No matter the fake passports, the falsified documents, the ISIS infiltrators, just ignore those small, miniscule abnormalities…  But now, as a result of the Paris attacks, the champion of Europe, Germany, is beginning to loose it’s glow, and the EU is dividing rapidly. Who will come to the forefront? Who will choose sides with whom?

In the topsy-turvishness of this world we may see France rising, Germany falling prey to the ISIS they invited, and the war engulfing more borders than we can fathom. We may see the US asking Iran for help. China for help. While the allies we thought were our friends cower and the countries we decried and demonized as having logs in their eyes we find to be mere specks….and a shift occurs.

Syrian Refugees Supported By Faith Based Organizations?

Eighty one religious groups including 11 Jewish organizations are all lobbying to have the Syrian refugees come ashore to the US. They say that 10,000 is nothing and they can easily be absorbed. Who are these faith based organizations the press keeps referring to?   World Relief, US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and The Church World Service.

The Church World Service: 64.4% of its funding comes from the US government. The CEO, Rev. John McCullough, served under President Obama on the White House Task Force on Global Poverty and Development. He is a leading advocate for giving amnesty to the 11 million illegal immigrants in the US. Why the ‘church’ would involve itself in politics at the White House level seems a conflict of interest.

World Relief: 76% of its funding came from the US government according to its 2014 990 tax return. It’s CEO, Stephan Bauman, has no other previous experience having come aboard in 2005 according to his Linkin profile. There agenda is immigration.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops: An NGO – 60.7% of its funding is from the US government. Another 17% is from investments on its assets.  This organization is not run by any member of the clergy, they are businessmen and women.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service: Current CEO, Linda Hartke, is formerly a Director from – Church World Service. They beat out all the above with 96.7% of funding coming from the US government aka, the White House, aka, Obama.

Obviously these organizations are not truly churches supporting the influx of Syrian refugees, they are non-profit NGO’s with an agenda and all have these common characteristics:

  1. They state that their primary objective is to bring in more immigrants and grant immunity to the illegal ones currently in the US.
  2. They receive more than 60% of their funding from the US government.
  3. They manage multi million dollar funds – $57 to $130 million annually.
  4. They have a conflict of interest by claiming they support the White House agenda for immigration.
  5. These organizations do not represent people, they represent the White House.

While the House voted to ‘suspend’ the refugee relocation, the key word is suspend, not eradicate. Timing is everything. Prudence is everything. If in fact these refugees are vetted through a two year process as the White House has stated on numerous occasions, they can wait a bit longer given the circumstances. To provide some perspective, the Hispanic and Asian immigrants never sought to behead or annihilate all ‘westerners’. And with ISIS continuing to assert it will infiltrate the US, ISIS coming from the Middle East and Africa, it would serve to preserve lives to put a ‘stay’ and observe caution.

In addition, while Canada and the US make the claim that only women and children will be allowed, previous reports have all stated that the influx was predominantly men who claimed to leave their wives, sisters and mothers in their home country where they would be ‘safer’. So if their home country is safer for the women and children, who is coming here? And what are they fleeing if safety is not an issue?

And let’s not forget! The 10,000 number that is being tossed about so easily is in addition to the already 75,000 annually. Over 1.5 million potential terrorists are already being tracked in the US. Should we just arbitrarily add to that number? Is that a prudent measure of maintaining US safety and security? Is that what a Commander in Chief thinks of this country? Despite claims there are no ‘credible’ threats in the US, we brace. We wait.

And to say that we are not different, we are not changed – is ridiculously pathetic. We ARE changed – forever. I remember what flying used to be like. I remember what airports used to look like. I remember when the news was about the economy, not the annihilation of a country. I remember when beheadings were something of the sixteenth century. I remember when I wasn’t warning my children about being in malls, civic centers, sporting arenas, etc…

YES, we are changed and it is ridiculously irresponsible to say we are not.

Princeton Slavery to Black Agenda

Princeton folds. Woodrow Wilson, is being beheaded and a bunch of idiotic privileged children are to blame. ARGHHH!

History cannot be eradicated no matter how hard you try. It is persistent. It is stubborn, and no matter what you might dislike about it, you have no power to change the facts.   So a bunch of overly spoiled elite children attending the prestigious school of Princeton which boasts a ‘racial diversity’ of 7%, well above the 4% of black youth entering colleges around the US, want to expel Woodrow Wilson from history, and Princeton is bowing to their demands.

Wilson was born in 1856. The Civil war was fought from 1861 to 1865, 150 years ago!   He was a part of the Confederacy as were 11 states including; Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina.   These states fought for slavery.   Headline: They lost. But if these bored, unimaginative, pompous students have their way, I suppose we should ask these states to succeed from the United States because of their Confederacy stance.

In fact, anyone who has any connection to these states must no longer be allowed to do business because they are obviously racist. Any relative of anyone who was a part of the confederacy should face civil penalties, a trial and a lashing. This law shall be in place for perpetuity. In addition, given that some blacks were slave owners as well, they too shall be subject to this law.

The first slave owner in US history was Anthony Johnson, a black man. Prior to Mr. Johnson’s assertions, indentured servants were forced to work for a period of seven years per a contract and then they gained their freedom, bought land, and ran farms. But when one of Johnson’s indentured servants reached the end of his term and left a free man to work elsewhere, Johnson sued the new employer and won the right to own his servants and indenture them for as long as he wanted. Thus slavery was BORN.

Halleluiah, slavery in the US was created by a black man.

This would mean that all descendants of Mr. Anthony Johnson should hereinafter be jailed and horse whipped… In 1860, 3000 blacks/Negroes living in New Orleans owned slaves which represented nearly 30% of the negroes that lived in the city!

In contrast to their white counterparts, most black slave owners owned upwards of 10 to 80+ slaves, while most whites owned 1 or 2 with a small percentage (1%) known as slave magnates who owned 50+.

Does this mean we must hunt down these black slave owners and erase their names from history?  Apparently a slew of university students would believe this is a proper agenda today.

But slavery was not merely a black conscription, white Irish prisoners were sold into the slave trade by James I, King of England in the early sixteen hundreds. White slaves were sold to Antigua and Montserrat where 70% of the population were Irish slaves. As a result of this slave trade, Irelands population went from 1.5 million to a mere 600,000 in one decade.   They were sold to New England, Jamaica, Barbados, and Virginia. And the practice wasn’t abolished until 1839. They worked the land for their black owners as well as their white owners.

The point of history is to learn the whole truth, not just selected bits and pieces edited and transcribed for a false premise and a false doctrine for perpetrating chaos and divide.

Moral:  The point is that slavery was not a racial agenda, it was an elitist agenda that dates back thousands of years. It crosses all lines of color and is rooted in society, culture and money.   So, my children, ‘before you cry fowl, it might be wise to see if the wolf is a person of color… or something much deeper in our psyche that has its beginnings in – the Middle East.’  History lesson 101.

Obama Staging Jihad?

McCain is rallying for a coalition of ground troops from France and the US to combat ISIS, and the withdrawal of Russia’s assistance. Why?

McCain’s soire with Soros is well known. Therefore, McCain speak is synonymous with Soros desire.   Soros hates Russia and Soros has an agenda. Using ISIS to fulfill that agenda seems a plausible tactic.

Still, the obvious question remains, where is Saudi Arabia? With all their massive weapon procurements, why aren’t they in the air, on the ground, when it comes to ISIS?   Found them!  They are still annihilating the inhabitants of Yemen with the help of the US. Given the hypothesis that Yemen is a breeding ground for extremists, does that mean we are now going to bomb Belgium?   Wouldn’t the Paris attacks and the known cult in the Molenbeek district of Brussels be reason enough to simply bomb the country – according to McCain’s logic?  Or maybe Marseilles with a 35-40% Muslim population, which is now labeled the most dangerous city in all of Europe…  McCain?

While Obama would have us believe Muslims are peace driven, the districts they occupy certainly don’t portray that ideology! And while the subject of European “No Go Zones” –is a touchy topic, they exist nonetheless as places where outsiders are not exactly ‘welcome’ and safety is a primary concern.

Belgium has been considered a ‘hotbed’ of terrorism since it came to the forefront in 2010 with sharia4Belgium, a salafist organization that has been working on converting Belgium into a Muslim statehood. Most Belgium Muslims came from Turkey and Morocco. They were not refugees, they were ‘guest workers’ invited to Belgium.   Not unlike – tourists – as Obama would say. Obama says they are subjected to rigorous vetting, I suppose not unlike the vetting process that exists in Paris… Obama’s threat of veto on the Syrian refugee status, is dangerously close to showing he is jeopardizing the safety and welfare of this country and perhaps this lack of judgment and nationalism could give rise to an impeachment.

Obama’s statement regarding Guantanamo as a place for recruitment of jihadism is filled with hypocrisy. If in fact it is a hotbed, then he is admitting these prisoners are a threat. Yet he just released five and exchanged another five for Bergdahl, a self confessed recruitment of terrorism!    That is putting our nation at risk – purposefully and with the intent to destabilize.

If in fact detention centers are a place for recruitment, that would include all jails and mosques.  Do we release all the jailed prisoners within the same vein of logic?  Do we give more money to the Mosques and ask for them to be nicey nice?   Or we just give them all jobs, that’ll give them motivation to stop being so mean and nasty.  Beheading and all that stuff.

What this also exposes is Obama’s entire foreign and military policy failure.  Kenny Rogers, please tell him how to play poker.  I imagine Obama is attempting to escalate internal chaos more quickly now.   He is running out of time and this agenda needs to be well defined and in place before he exits office so the very ‘confused’ Hillary can take over.  Dementia anyone?  That’s exactly what we need now, a Commander in Chief who is constantly ‘confused’.

I envision a very short sighted view of what 2016 will look like as more refugees are created from Yemen, Iraq and Somalia.   The crisis’ will escalate ten fold, and Obama will be bringing over by executive Order, not 10,000 but 100,000 to add to the ALREADY current  allocation of 75,000 annually.

The vetting process that worked so well in France, Germany and Belgium will come to the US. Supposedly, this process takes up to two years by the UN, but the refugee influx just began, so that two year window is grossly over-stated if not perfunctorily fraudulent   And here’s a great White House statement, “roughly half the refugees admitted to the US have been children.”  Well, we ALL ‘have been’ children once!  Hello?  This is how words can be so ridiculously manipulated.

Here’s another fun statement, “of the 750,000 refugees that have been admitted to the US, none have been arrested for domestic terrorism charges.” That is White House speak for – they escaped or were killed given that since 9/11 there have been over 69 foiled terrorist plots in the US alone, upwards of 25 in the last two years alone, and probably many more that the FBI won’t discuss. That is NOT a good sign!  That means that ALL these plots resulted in no arrests – I wouldn’t be bragging about that.

As to McCain/Soros fear of winning the war on terrorism;   It is a fact that WWI and WWII involved a coalition of forces to defeat the enemies. The US did not defeat the Nazi’s, the coalition did, which included Russia, France and China. And while the death toll for the Jewish people is estimated at about 5 million, a total of approximately 80 million lost their lives to free the Jewish people and millions more suffered horrific injuries.   I think we – all of us – should be lighting candles to these life sacrifices from ALL NATIONS, instead of living in guilt for the Jewish people!   And we should be praising all these countries for their commitment and efforts and amazing selfless attitude.   Without them – these two wars would NOT have been won.

And for some odd reason – we seem to forget this monumental fact!

Snowden Blamed for Paris Attacks

Wait, wait, the London mayor, Boris Johnson, is blaming Snowden for the Paris attacks…

Can’t get much more far reaching than that! According to Johnson, because the UK didn’t pick up any chatter about the attacks, it is because Snowden taught ISIS how to avoid surveillance, and therefore the attacks were able to wreak their violence upon the innocent. CIA Director Brennan and Dana Perino jumped on the blame bandwagon as well calling the whole mess the result of Snowdens’ whistleblowing. But the obvious problem is how then have so many previous attempts been thwarted? Was it mere ‘luck’. And as Glen Greenwald pointed out, how is it that so many attacks prior to the Snowden revelation got through?  The blame is the nature of the beast…

What purpose does this serve? What were they attempting to accomplish by making such an absurd accusation?

Because apparently Iraq was able to pick up the chatter and warn Paris 72 hours before the attack occurred. And Paris chose to ignore the warning.   So, this would imply that Iraq has better surveillance methods than the UK? Or is it something else?

Could it be a deflective statement so as to redirect consensus? The UK has a new bill called the Investigatory Powers Bill which it unveiled just two weeks ago which would oblige telecommunications companies to turn over all data to the government allowing them to hack computers and smartphones at will.   But wait, the terrorists coordinated the attacks using Sony Playstation 4, not smartphones or computers.   This would mean that all the hacking in the world by the UK would have proven futile.

While it is not yet proven that Playstation was their method for planning the attack, the claim that they had no chatter via traditional means, indicates that alternate means were employed, ie, Playstation. Wake-up! A Playstation was found at one of the terrorists homes, but that is not proof positive, it remains speculative. Still, how is it that Iraq had information and no one else did?

Is it coincidental that Sony was hacked in 2014 and although North Korea was initially blamed, little else came of the news. The movie was blamed (remember Benghazi) and within a few moments, the entire thing was gone, the movie went on without a hitch and all was forgotten. Sony. Sounds like something – more there. As in, why were they really targeted? And no one since… Did the hack allow the backdoor into the Playstation?

Anyway, in addition, how is it that ISIS can upload videos, Tweet, and use social media without intervention? Why is it that Anonymous has to be the one to intervene? Shouldn’t all material related to them be blocked so as to cutoff their recruitment methods? Given that even Facebook blocks content that it deems “offensive”, wouldn’t ISIS recruitment constitute ‘offensive’?

ISIS has their own media company, well known throughout even Google… they have a Twitter hashtag. They have a magazine that could also easily be deleted or edited by the ‘professionals’… yet for some odd reason, all these forms of recruitment and propaganda continue unabated. It’s as though no one really wants it to be censored… including us, and all the usses.

These inconsistencies continue in the war against an ISIS which has obviously not been ‘contained’, defeated, or even slowed.

Within this we must address Saudi Arabia. While the Sauds are Sunni and ISIS is Sunni, this bond has proven quite real. It is a fundamental. It is the gang who will protect their own at all costs. They have their own world view, international world order… and while we tit for them they promise to tat for us.

So we’re stuck. We have this burden, this interlocked economy that makes us act and react more like a trapped animal. So maybe going with Cuba and Iran is more a desperate measure to get away from the Sauds whose hook gets ever stickier. Its picking the best of two evils and potentially making some very grave mistakes in the process. Remember we helped Hitler… GM, Ford, and a host of other companies both US, Swiss and German were on the dollar$$$$ bandwagon.

So how do we catch ISIS?   How do we intercept their communications and break their codes? How do we mash their core and disable their legs? Well, first and foremost you have to want to. Because there is no surer way of losing a fight than not wanting to win it…

China has recently announced it will be joining Russia in the fight against ISIS. Oh my, oh my. It is a personal jibe. China and Russia having to come to the rescue because the US and Europe cannot make a dent.   In Japanese custom this was called, losing face, and was considered quite devastating and worthy of one taking ones own life. The difference is that Obama does not possess the nationalism for his country (The US, not Kenya), to feel that sort of life and death affinity.


ISIS is Contained! Tolerating Lies.

Is ISIS an ‘it’? Containment or defeat?

How is it that there seems to be a severe lack of communication within the white House? Hillary says she had no computer and couldn’t email anyone about Benghazi… She says that a crazy F-budget movie was to blame. Obama says ISIS is contained and that was the agenda all along. So he is victorious. But the Pentagon has issued statements claiming the US is a target – soon. How do you suppose Obama’s containment speech went over in the Pentagon?

I imagine there was a low rumble that evolved into a tumult of anger as heads spun like the possessed girl in The Exorcist. What the???

Hillary has referred to ISIS as ‘it’. Something that has no human substance. It. When we do this, we give the organization the credence of being more than just a bunch of terrorists, we have elevated them to ‘statehood’. Something Obama refuses to do. He would prefer to reference them as mere rabble rousers…and won’t even call them followers of Islam because it is a religion of ‘peace’.

And why would we want to “contain it’?   Did we think we would trap them like a wild pack of lions and put them in a zoo? Exactly what does containment mean? Maybe Obama thought that once they were ‘contained’ we could change their minds and indoctrinate them into a new way of thinking in which they became productive American citizens…

Why did Europe think that accepting waves of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of immigrants might ‘help’ their economy? ISIS doesn’t want an economy, they want a caliphate. It is hard to imagine these leaders as being that stupid, therefore one would have to assert there was an ulterior agenda.   Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, the UK, demanding that other countries take in a certain percentage is not unlike the US demanding that individual states go against their voters and supplant a federal dictatorship of law.

Which is something of a ‘world order’, or international order, as Ash Carter likens.

If the death of Osama Bin Laden did nothing to deter al Qaeda, why would some idiot executioner, Jihadi John, have any impact on ISIS as a whole? For a Commander in Chief, Obama’s military strategy and knowledge would seem on par with Miley Cyrus.

We talk of ISIS in Syria and yet the far majority of US and French bombings are occurring in Iraq – and little to no news coming out of Iraq… But where is Saudi Arabia? Where is Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates? While they continue to amass weapons from the US and France, they sit on them and allow ISIS to wage jihad.   Or they send their support to the bombings in Yemen despite no UN approval.

In 2014, the US sold $11 billion worth of weapons to Qatar. Saudi Arabia bought $46 billion in weapons. Certainly it isn’t just the US selling arms, it is the UK, France, Russia, China, Canada, everyone is on the bandwagon for one purpose – to make a buck, it is Big business and no one wants to be left out of the profit spectre, even if the cost is a World War. The premise – if I don’t sell the weapons someone else will, so why not? It has become a heated issue that the US and Britain supplied arms to Hitler before the war. Ford and GM were implicated but never punished. It was about money. But other companies profited as well including Kodak, Coca Cola, IBM, and Random House, as well as a host of well named German companies that continue on today as though – well, nothing happened.

And so we have learned that money well placed has no ethical repercussion, no legal repercussion and ultimately these companies will not just survive, but thrive quite nicely. Who is behind the Middle East? Raytheon and Lockheed Martin predominantly. Of the top ten importers of arms, Saudi Arabia continues to top out the list as numero uno, but the list also includes Oman, UAE and Turkey.  What do you think they plan to do with all these weapons they are saving up while we continue to use up all our own?

So, Obama, how exactly does one defeat ISIS? Collaboration. That means if Russia asks for information on targets, you give it within three seconds! You work together instead being so embroiled in your own ego and pride. You set an example of solidarity instead of division and hate. And maybe, just maybe some of that integrity and idealism and humility will spill over into our youth teaching them a moral value instead of perpetuating the entitlement to bullying.

Tolerance…  we tolerate more beheadings by Saudi Arabia than ISIS, we tolerate Jordanians screaming death to America, we tolerate servants being hacked to death in the middle east, girls being buried alive in India, girls being set on fire in New Guinea, we tolerate diplomats raping girls and boys, we tolerate a bunch of elitist students at the most expensive universities in the world whining about diversity and tolerance…, we tolerate what is heinous and we punish what is of value.

And pretty soon, we are left with – ISIS – and Obama – and Hillary – and wondering, what just happened?

University Fascism – The Rise of A New Holocaust

What has happened to our universities? What has happened to the ideals that used to define youth? What has happened to our Constitution? Who are these kids? Are they really plants? Actors? As in the plants that candidates routinely use to create a fake audience for press conferences, etc…?   Are these voices of demand truly real? Or are they toys, puppeteers?

To listen to some of the rants and demands of these college students we feel more and more like we are watching some form of British humor from afar. It’s a joke right? But it isn’t. What we are seeing is the epitome of entitlement. It is the notion that they are right and everyone else is therefore – wrong. It is the belief in an ego that is vaporizing every aspect of democratic thinking. Our universities seem to be turning fascist.

Too strong a word? Well, pull your head out of the sand and take note.

Fascism rose during WWI. Fascism is born of an authoritarianism view, a dictatorship in which the masses must subjugate to a select few. The ideal is bred from feelings of victimhood which can elevate a person to view vengeance as their sole means of escape. Violence is condoned. And freedom is quashed. It is considered neither left wing or right wing politically, but attempts to take a stand that is invincibly unique. George Orwell defined a fascist as a ‘bully’.

Who are the bullies? Where and why have they risen?

The Association for Psychological Science states that bullies are more likely to fall behind academically, have a higher rate of job termination, are more likely to abuse drugs and to commit crimes. Bullies are bred. They are the result of parenting abuse and they want to hurt others more than they feel they were hurt. Lashing out at the perceived weak, a bully has a pathological high when defeating someone else.

Hitler was a fascist and a bully. His father was brutal, cold and was said to beat his children. Hitler hated his father and vowed to do and be whatever would cause him rile. And so it was that a fascist was created.

Today, we have so catered to the notion of victimhood in our black community that we have helped raise a new generation of fascists – believing so intently in their stance that they demand governance from the few rather than the many. Colleges are the latest victim, and their stance, their power wield is to cave. Emboldening the behavior and allowing it to dictate.

And for whatever reason, faculty and administration officials seem to think that the answer to the bullying is to bow to the demands. Student demands have become so artificial, so off the charts, that most people are awed. I imagine the prostration is based on money. I imagine officials are concerned that the school image will be targeted if they don’t defer, alumni will pull purse strings, and that the ability to stay afloat will be undermined.

In the case of Mizzou, the football coach had a lot of incentive to join the frazzle – $3.1million worth, which is his reported annual salary. The Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, a Democrat, praised the students for ridding the university of its president and chancellor… And praised Mizzou for placing a black lawyer as interim president. What message is he promoting? Least we forget, this is the same governor who ordered the National Guard to ‘stand down’ during the Ferguson riots in which numerous businesses were burned to the ground. And while it seems rather common knowledge that George Soros was backing the Ferguson riots, it would appear that Governor Nixon’s stand down demand came from the source himself.   Which would indicate that Soros might have his hand muddied in the Mizzou Misery Mess!

And Hitler comes to mind as his thrust was to indoctrinate the youth, divide them in their identity, tell them they are being unjustly victimized, and create a Holocaust. Unfortunately, I imagine that few Mizzou faculty or students have studied much on the fascist regime, and follow blindly, as did the German youth. It is estimated that 7.35 million Germans died as a consequence of Hitler’s ideologies. Another near 8 million German/Austrians were wounded.

Creating a new holocaust, Soros evil continues to reign as puppets continue to dance.

Mizzou Misery – A Tall Tale of Bullying Proportions

Is Missouri University racist? The media claim that their diversity of Black students is far below standards at 7%. Really? Let’s take a look.

Stanford is 3.7%, Harvard is 7%, Princeton claims 8.7%, Georgia Tech – 7%, Columbia University 5.5%, Duke University 10.9%, Texas A&M 2.8%, Loyola 3.8%, University of Denver 2.9%, University of Virginia 6.5%…

According to the Department of Education, about 39% of blacks enter college. Given the black population in the US represents about 12.3% of the total population, that would indicate that 4.8% of college enrollment would defer to the black population. Which means that many of these universities are over the quota, including Missouri.

So what is really going on?

Bullying. 18.5% of college students report being bullied, 22% report cyber bullying. Traditionally, college faculty are told to NOT interfere in bullying, as it is considered a right of passage and teaches a student how to deal with real world social adversity. According to the US Department of Education, given that both the victim and the perpetrator in bullying at the college level are adults, no crime is committed unless it involves a sexual nature. In a study done by Lynne McDougal on college bullying, she found that: “A majority of the bullying is reported as occurring in the same corridor or department, thus suggesting that students within the same groups, divisions or under the same faculty are responsible for the bullying of their peers.” This would indicate that a specific professor could be held accountable for allowing the purveyance to continue.

In the case of Mizzou, the claims were of a racial slur, a feces swastika, and the President allegedly bumping a protestor with his car after the group circled his vehicle and would not let him pass, and he failed to apologize.  The feces swastika can not be proven.  The bumping was alleged.  So we left with ‘a racial slur’ event.  As a result, two very prominent representatives of the university were forcibly resigned.  So who is the REAL BULLY?  And the hunger strike?  C’mon people, is that what an employee would do upon not receiving a raise from his boss? As in I’m going to go on a hunger strike until I get what I demand no matter who it costs and what it costs…  Where is the reality?

While bullying in the US is a very serious problem, it is not by any means simply ‘racial’. It crosses all lines; gender, sexuality, religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, gpa, appearance, hazing, nerd quotient, accent, height, weight, you name it and someone will find a reason.  I’ve been bullied, my kids were bullied, it is the nature of an ugly side to society.

What happened at Mizzou was not racial – this was bullying. Period.

According to Brian Van Brunt, President of the National Behavior Intervention Team Association, this is widespread and growing. Firing a school president and chancellor will NOT make any dent in the issue. The issue is in the fact that other students allow bullying, are privy to the bully, and do nothing. According to Van Brunt, bystander intervention is the best way to fight the problem. Where were all these protestors and faculty members when the bullying was going on at Mizzou? What prevention did they employ? What remediation did they attempt to implement? Were school counsellors involved? Were the bully’s ever identified?

Is it the job of a university president to intervene in bullying at colleges? Is it President Obama’s responsibility if a child is bullied on a public playground?  Is the governor of your state responsible for the crimes committed in the state?  Imagine the chaos that would ensue?  We’d have no governors, no presidents, no CEO’s, no senators…at all.

According to Van Brunt, after bystanders, ie, students, the second leader to take effective action is a school counsellor through the ladder to the Director of Counselling and Dean of Students, when and if it is necessary. Third would be faculty intervention.

According to Federal laws, there are specific applications of law that address harassment and bullying defining it as being “severe, pervasive or persistent”, and “creating a hostile environment that is sufficiently serious so that it interferes or limits a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from activities, services or opportunities at school”.   Was that the case at Mizzou?  No.  However, it became the case at Mizzou when the student and faculty body made life miserable for the President and Chancellor.

A university operates under the guidance of a very specific hierarchy, beginning with the Board. The Board determines what the President may and may not do. This President was specifically hired in 2012 to cut costs, that was his focus. The Board also includes a student advocate whose responsibility it is to communicate to the Board grievances and issues within the student body. In fact, Missouri University does have a grievance policy that addresses discrimination and harassment issues, including who to report to and a time limit for the agency to respond.

But, according to various media outlets, procedure was not followed. In fact, Facebook was the form of grievance employed.  The students and faculty at Mizzou are now faced without a leader, without a Chancellor or President.  They have been taught that this is the way to get your way.  They have been taught that bullying works.  Whoa be to the future of ethics.

The lesson learned? The Mule and The Well: Face our problems and respond to them positively so that the outcome reflects what you would have others do to you. When we demand punishment of those that are truly our protectors, we risk becoming the future victim of our own hostility.