OBAMA – Who Created Him & Where They Are Now

Obama’s entire political career began when he was elected to the Illinois Senate in 2004.   HOW he came to win the election was just now revealed to me quite inadvertently.   But it has opened more doors into the Matrix!

A man told me I looked like the actress Jeri Ryan.   When I looked her up, I discovered her ex-husband had been in the 2004 campaign against Obama’s senate run, Jack Ryan.  

Ryan was divorced at the time – as of 1999.   He won the Republican primary and was facing off against Obama.   His custody agreement in the divorce was sealed. Yet despite this, the Chicago Tribune and WLS-TV demanded the court unseal these very private and personal documents.   Despite much legal argument, the Judge ruled for the Media  at which point their very private custody documents were made Public

Ryan was forced to withdraw from the Senate race at the last minute as a direct result.

The question is – who could have known what was in those documents that would be so damaging?   And secondarily, how could a news media organization require a judge to unseal confidential court documents for publication?

What made this particular case highly unusual was the fact that the parties agreed to allow the unsealing of their divorce records, but demanded custody records remain sealed.   Despite both parties refusal, the judge relinquished the records for public view.

The Judge in this case was Robert Schnider of California who represented many high profile Hollywooders. Obama’s campaign manager claimed he had seen the sealed documents and made accusations.   Schnider acquiesced to the lawyers who brought the case representing the Tribune Group chaired at the time by Dennis J. FitzSimons who worked on John McCain’s Senate run, and WLS-TV – owned by Disney Group.

Obama’s campaign manager who claimed to have seen the sealed documents was Jim Cauley who was solicited by David Axelrod.   Axelrod worked for the Chicago Tribune aka Tribune Group, before launching his own political activist career.   Before becoming Obamas advisor, Axelrod worked diligently to elect black liberal mayoral candidates, was backed by Rothschilds, The Economist, and even worked for the Liberal Party of Ontario in Canada. When Obama was running for President in 2008, Axelrod was a Hillary Clinton aficionado and friend. He chose Obama.

In essence, if the California Judge, Schnider, had ruled to retain the sealing of the custody documents per law, history might very well be completely different.  As a result, Obama went on to ‘supposedly’ win 70% of the combined votes for Senate. The same year Kerry was running against Bush for President and democrat Kerry only won 54.3% of the combined votes… with a voter turnout in both instances reaching an all time high of – of 70.3%.

In 2004, 60.7% was the typical voter turnout based on registered voters for the US. And according to Ballotpedia, in 2004, Illinois voter turnout was actually 62.4%.     But Obama and Kerry won based on 70%.

So where oh where did all those additional votes come from?

June 27, 2004, the Kenyan news media, The Standard, published an AP article in which it referenced Obama as “Kenyan Born’ – All Set for Us Senate!   Snopes declared the article was not AP and that both the Seattle Times and San Diego Union Tribune gave different accounts of the AP story without the Kenyan reference.   When I researched their archives – no such articles exist.   However there is an edited article published by a then AP reporter that has literally no relationship to the article published by The Standard.

Lawrence Tribe is the source who attests to Obama’s Harvard tenure and his appointment to the Harvard Review despite not meeting their most basic criteria.   Tribe’s other students include:   Chief Justice Supreme Court – John Roberts, Adam Schiff, Merrick Garland, a noted liberal who clerked for Brennan, was appointed by Bill Clinton in 1997, was nominated by Obama as Associate Justice, and was nominated as Attorney General by Biden, and Jamie Raskin who led the second Trump impeachment. Garland is notable for reinstating the seatbelt mandate in 1983.

Garland’s 1997 confirmation under Clinton included endorsements from Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions, John McCain, Susan Collins, Orin Hatch and Jim Imhofe.   The neoconservatives.  

THE CLUB.   THE CULT. The dirty games – the alliances – the court ownership – owned judges – a once prestigious university engulfed within the rule and order of Communism – it is all rather amazing how the ties come together.  How dense is the forest of wolves.   How inter-twined is the manipulation.   How connived is the corruption.

And it is only then can we understand how very very deep it truly reigns.

Liberal Universities – The Coup of Private Foundations

The money trail of funding within our most prestigious universities provides an outline of demonstrative control, manipulation, and agenda.  Foundations are the forefront of that agenda, and each foundation’s board of trustees controls the agenda.  “We will give you money if you incorporate this curriculum, this ideology, and this methodology into the school.”  Thus assuring that the end product, the mind and thought process of the graduates, is aligned within a particular mode.  It is the ultimate mind control.  And Taxpayers Fund it.

Harvard is a liberal elite university that embodies such an agenda.  The Center For Education Policy Research is an adjunct to Harvard that cites three pillars:   research, tools and talent, and networks for sharing.   Basically, if we Follow The Money, our educators and school boards are the tools subject to the puppet masters who tell them what to think, what to teach, and what to advocate.  Within this, the Universities churn out more pawns aligned in a single policy thought who will become the next new politician telling more pawns the follies of what has become an imaginary world.

Major funders and Trustees include: Bill Gates, Hewlett Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bloomberg, Hecksher Foundation, Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Bank of America, IBM, Austria’s Jabobs Foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and the Walton family Foundation are among a few of the many contributors.  Their causes typically include;  global warming, planned parenthood, open society, Obamacare, population control, open borders, and “education reform”.

A few notable Foundations would seem to skew from the typical agenda’s of social policy reform.   One such organization is the Smith Richardson Foundation which is focused on international security and foreign policy, monetary, fiscal and tax policy, and a ‘global political change’.   One of the Trustees is a Hollywood film producer, Bill Stetson III whose credits include active membership in the Creative coalition, an advocacy group for Hollywood Liberals.

A quick look at their Form 990 for 2015 indicates some notable recipients of their grants which average roughly 4% of their total value:

  1. Center For A New America Security; CEO = Victoria Newland.They boast that a number of their employees were hired on by the Obama Administration and their experts are routinely quoted by NYT, CNN, WAPO, NBC, NPR, Jon Stewart and more.  Notable speakers have included;  Hillary, Gen Martin Dempsey, Madelaine Albright and Gen Petraeus.  They advocate ‘neoliberalism’.
  2. Institute For The Study of War; President = Kimberly Kagan, whose brother-in-law is married to Victoria Nuland.She was an instrumental source for advocating the surge/war in Iraq and a restructuring military in Afghanistan.  She works closely with Gen. Petraeus.  Chairman of the Board includes retired Gen Jack Keane.
  3. Center For Strategic and International Studies; President = John Hamre who served as Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton, and worked closely with Obama to develop US cyber warfare. Notable cross political party speakers include;  John McCain, Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, Hillary, and Leon Panetta.  Controversial funding sources have included the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Norway, Germany, and China.

While Harvard is by no means alone in this ‘gifting schematic’ that is more closely related to blackmail, they are the Creme Brulee.  Other notables include:   Brown University, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado College, Cornell, Columbus, Cambridge, George Washington, Georgetown, John Hopkins, Oxford, Sacred Heart University, Stanford, Syracuse, University of Calgary, University of North Caroline, Yale, Notre Dame, Universities of Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Southern California, South Florida, etc…

The “education” curriculum is created to advance the ‘non-partisan’ thinking of these various non-profits whose Liberal and Progressive Global agenda is mapped within the guidelines of an Open Society, a Communist Globalization and an elite whose tentacles have reached across nearly every nation on earth.  Each of these Foundations have wealth exceeding  $500 million to $150 billion.  Follow The Money.

Attempting to attack or replace professors at the universities and in our high schools has about the same effect as treating cancer with Tylenol, it might stay the head-ache, but the cancer will continue to metastasize.

Hungary recently outlawed the Soros funded and sponsored university in Budapest, but a fight ensues for reinstatement.  We can’t simply shut down these universities across the US, we can’t regulate funding which typically is associated with a coercive requirement.  The overwhelming majority of teachers and professors are atheists, are Liberal, are intolerant – this coup has already been forged.

One way the Federal government can defrost the coup is to simply deny any more federal funding for private institutions.  Private Universities in the US are overwhelmingly Liberal.  The funding is typically obscured in the Research and Development area of the school’s programs.  But those programs bump the reputation of a school and its ability to attract more students.   The annual Federal funding is topping over $1 billion per university.

A large percentage of the R&D is for the development of more vaccines for the pharma industry. This means that while Big Pharma is a slush of profits, a slush of executive compensation greed, it is actually enabled and supported by Federal funding, or taxpayer dollars.  And to support the continuation of federal funding, states like California make vaccines mandatory.  The cycle is complete; the population control mandate of the elite is funded by the taxpayers whose bodies are now replete with aluminum, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde, ethanol, and preservatives, while private industries and elite individuals generate more and more personal wealth.

An example of federal misappropriation of funding can be found in Planned Parenthood – or as the R&D describes it, ‘reproductive health’.  In reality it is eugenics.

If we are going to cease the agenda and reverse the Liberal coup, Federal Funding of R&D at Universities has to end.  Federal Funding of Private Foundations – has to end.  When we follow The Money, it becomes clear that the coup, the Liberal Agenda has been funded by you and I, and that’s why they are laughing.

Obama Intel Taps – Evidence Mounting

While the charges against Obama and his administration mount on evidence, proof, admissions and testimony, the craze against the Trump-Russia connection is still simply a bunch of unsubstantiated angry words. It doesn’t seem to matter how many Democrats continue the same rhetoric, each time, the empty words are taken as Gospel.

I think it would behoove the media to focus on more pressing issues, solutions and positives for a change.

For example: McCain’s infantile bully-bash of Kim Jong-un, was hardly diplomacy at it’s finest… but given he knew the effect his brash remark would have, we can only deduce it was made purposefully.

Example 2: With the EU Commission imploding financially after BREXIT, Juncker would be far more diplomatic if he wooed Trump instead of tossing about threats that he will instigate a Texas and Ohio secession… Really?

Example 3: Why won’t the press talk about Yemen? Could it be because Obama and the Saudi’s colluded in a completely illegal campaign to destroy a country just for funzies?

Example 4:  The fact that Germany is being asked to ante up the total sum they reneged on in their 2% military spending obligation for NATO has somehow missed much of the press.

Example 5: And then we have the UN suing the UK for lost wages and anticipated pensions and lost gifts and bribes and money they desperately need to payoff the victims of their peacekeeping sexual predators…

What ever happened to investigating Hillary’s Foundation? Benghazi? How do all these things vanish and no one has any consequence?   Hillary’s latest foul was apparently to maintain security clearance after she was no longer in the State Department thereby allowing her access to highly complicated and secure information. How come no one bothered to mention that three years ago?

Is our internal intelligence so daft that they never noticed, or is it that they were bribed, or is it that they colluded? Possibly – all three.

While the slime of the swamp is slowly being unearthed, fear is rising exponentially, and with fear the hope that chaos will create a diversion has taken hold.

But here’s a journalistic report worth the garbage heap: According to Reuters, the UN is tch-tching Trump for the US trend of curbing freedom of speech. They cite as evidence the ‘peaceful demonstration against the North Dakota Pipeline”.   Problem? The cost to cleanup after the peaceful protest cost taxpayers over $1 million, included abandoned dogs, and toxic sewage.   THAT IS NOT freedom of speech. That is a bunch of misaligned demeaning entitled malfeasants who obviously are not contributing to society via a JOB. This would also align with the peaceful protests of Black Lives Matter (also mentioned by the UN), or the Ferguson riots… that destroyed hundreds of private businesses and resulted in millions of damage.

According to the UN – those are the examples of the US shutting down freedom of speech. And while articles continually quote ‘the UN experts” they never quote a name or names or exact quotes. In fact, the ‘quotes’ are most likely Soros related given he has a post at the UN. Or maybe they come from the ever bastion of human rights activists – the Saudi’s…

Given the media – and even the conservative media – instead choose to have journalistic freelance to condemn and betray their own President, or give an entire feed to Pence’s marriage values, it would seem that the referendum of chaos is quite busy indeed.

It would be really nice – if someone just told us – what the heck is going on. For real.

Because, this is beyond Fake News – it is Dead News!

One World Order Party

So the Saudis are mad because despite their demand for a cease fire by the Syrian rebels (aka al Nusra, al Qaeda) and the Syrian government, and Russia – there are still reports of bombs… As in no one told ISIS and the US to give it a rest and stop bombing and beheading and raping for a while why negotiations are underway.  Oops.  Apparently, the Saudis, who openly hate Assad, are the ones negotiating who shall rule Syria next.

It’s a similar topsy-turvy message when we cry Hallelujah we have liberated the Syrians from the brutality of Assad who has ‘allegedly’ been tallied with killing 11,000 – while our freedom fighters war is fully funded and responsible for the massacre of over 250,000 and the devastation of an entire country…

And we wonder why these people don’t particularly like us…

We liberated the Ukrainians of their elected President on charges of corruption… and replaced the government with a chocolate king who is more of a chess pawn than king. Corruption in the Ukraine government has now gone from a ranking of 118th in 2007 to 142nd! WOW, we really fixed that issue. Literal brawls break out during parliamentary sessions, grown men have to be carried out, glasses thrown, fists flying! Much better.

And if that didn’t scare you – the Ukraine government is in discussions with our Secretary of Defense whose resume lists him as a “Theoretical Physicist”, to help bomb Syria. Really? I feel like I’m in some sort of farcical Leslie Nielson movie in which disasters are comedy.

The US keeps sending destroyer ships to prowl the waters of China – asking for a confrontation, begging for reprisal. The US claims the seas are free – which begs the question ‘does that mean China can send its destroyers to the Florida Keys’? All the while the US claims that it is not taking sides in the dispute between China and Japan territorial rights. Spurred by McCain, an all out global war seems to be the agenda. But hey, we continue to buzz Russian airspace as well, only to get miffed when their pilots buzz our pilots back while flying over the Black Sea…6,049 miles away…

Despite the fact that the Saudis continue war crimes against rebels and civilians in Yemen, with the assistance of the UK and the US, the only admonition is a UN voice, “Please don’t do that bad stuff anymore.” But then the same UN is busily trying to figure out all the child sex abuse claims being invoked against it’s own ‘peacekeepers’ and how best to stifle the news.

Meanwhile a little boy in a refugee camp in Sweden is being repeatedly raped despite the workers asking the refugees nicely not to do it any more. For some reason they wouldn’t stop so the police were called to extricate the boy. But when the police arrived the refugees ganged up on them and scared the police so much they all ran out the back door – leaving the boy.

And the head of the EU Commission has stated that the thousands of sexual assaults committed against women by refugees during the NYE attacks involving some nine separate countries – were just boys being boys, and not terrorist related. Germany and Sweden have specifically given instructions to their police to stand down prosecuting any refugees for crimes. They don’t want to alarm their citizens or hurt the feelings of the refugees.

Hillary seems to think that all those top, top secret emails were no big deal despite the fact that they reveal extremely sensitive information regarding undercover agents. I’m beginning to wonder if she has Alzheimer’s and that’s why her debates are fully vetted for a no-audience time slot.

Reputable journalists continue to publish blatantly photo-shopped and completely fraudulent photos of events in the Middle East, without repercussions.

Erdogan is all but declaring war on Russia and despite the fact that Turkey continues it’s heinous human rights violations of ethnic cleansing of Kurds, they are not even – sanctioned… The problem? We’ve sold billions in weapons to the Saudis and their allies – including Turkey – which means we need to tread lightly and not hurt their feelings or they might blow us up.

Merkel has announced that when Iraq and Syria are back to normal, all the refugees from these countries have to go home… That’s about as logical as telling the Ottoman Turks to all go home after the Fall of the Ottoman Empire, at the end of WWI – as in – where might that be?

If our world hasn’t edged over the line into a Soros befuddled topsy-turvy chaos then the alternative perception is this is normal.

Obama Staging Jihad?

McCain is rallying for a coalition of ground troops from France and the US to combat ISIS, and the withdrawal of Russia’s assistance. Why?

McCain’s soire with Soros is well known. Therefore, McCain speak is synonymous with Soros desire.   Soros hates Russia and Soros has an agenda. Using ISIS to fulfill that agenda seems a plausible tactic.

Still, the obvious question remains, where is Saudi Arabia? With all their massive weapon procurements, why aren’t they in the air, on the ground, when it comes to ISIS?   Found them!  They are still annihilating the inhabitants of Yemen with the help of the US. Given the hypothesis that Yemen is a breeding ground for extremists, does that mean we are now going to bomb Belgium?   Wouldn’t the Paris attacks and the known cult in the Molenbeek district of Brussels be reason enough to simply bomb the country – according to McCain’s logic?  Or maybe Marseilles with a 35-40% Muslim population, which is now labeled the most dangerous city in all of Europe…  McCain?

While Obama would have us believe Muslims are peace driven, the districts they occupy certainly don’t portray that ideology! And while the subject of European “No Go Zones” –is a touchy topic, they exist nonetheless as places where outsiders are not exactly ‘welcome’ and safety is a primary concern.

Belgium has been considered a ‘hotbed’ of terrorism since it came to the forefront in 2010 with sharia4Belgium, a salafist organization that has been working on converting Belgium into a Muslim statehood. Most Belgium Muslims came from Turkey and Morocco. They were not refugees, they were ‘guest workers’ invited to Belgium.   Not unlike – tourists – as Obama would say. Obama says they are subjected to rigorous vetting, I suppose not unlike the vetting process that exists in Paris… Obama’s threat of veto on the Syrian refugee status, is dangerously close to showing he is jeopardizing the safety and welfare of this country and perhaps this lack of judgment and nationalism could give rise to an impeachment.

Obama’s statement regarding Guantanamo as a place for recruitment of jihadism is filled with hypocrisy. If in fact it is a hotbed, then he is admitting these prisoners are a threat. Yet he just released five and exchanged another five for Bergdahl, a self confessed recruitment of terrorism!    That is putting our nation at risk – purposefully and with the intent to destabilize.

If in fact detention centers are a place for recruitment, that would include all jails and mosques.  Do we release all the jailed prisoners within the same vein of logic?  Do we give more money to the Mosques and ask for them to be nicey nice?   Or we just give them all jobs, that’ll give them motivation to stop being so mean and nasty.  Beheading and all that stuff.

What this also exposes is Obama’s entire foreign and military policy failure.  Kenny Rogers, please tell him how to play poker.  I imagine Obama is attempting to escalate internal chaos more quickly now.   He is running out of time and this agenda needs to be well defined and in place before he exits office so the very ‘confused’ Hillary can take over.  Dementia anyone?  That’s exactly what we need now, a Commander in Chief who is constantly ‘confused’.

I envision a very short sighted view of what 2016 will look like as more refugees are created from Yemen, Iraq and Somalia.   The crisis’ will escalate ten fold, and Obama will be bringing over by executive Order, not 10,000 but 100,000 to add to the ALREADY current  allocation of 75,000 annually.

The vetting process that worked so well in France, Germany and Belgium will come to the US. Supposedly, this process takes up to two years by the UN, but the refugee influx just began, so that two year window is grossly over-stated if not perfunctorily fraudulent   And here’s a great White House statement, “roughly half the refugees admitted to the US have been children.”  Well, we ALL ‘have been’ children once!  Hello?  This is how words can be so ridiculously manipulated.

Here’s another fun statement, “of the 750,000 refugees that have been admitted to the US, none have been arrested for domestic terrorism charges.” That is White House speak for – they escaped or were killed given that since 9/11 there have been over 69 foiled terrorist plots in the US alone, upwards of 25 in the last two years alone, and probably many more that the FBI won’t discuss. That is NOT a good sign!  That means that ALL these plots resulted in no arrests – I wouldn’t be bragging about that.

As to McCain/Soros fear of winning the war on terrorism;   It is a fact that WWI and WWII involved a coalition of forces to defeat the enemies. The US did not defeat the Nazi’s, the coalition did, which included Russia, France and China. And while the death toll for the Jewish people is estimated at about 5 million, a total of approximately 80 million lost their lives to free the Jewish people and millions more suffered horrific injuries.   I think we – all of us – should be lighting candles to these life sacrifices from ALL NATIONS, instead of living in guilt for the Jewish people!   And we should be praising all these countries for their commitment and efforts and amazing selfless attitude.   Without them – these two wars would NOT have been won.

And for some odd reason – we seem to forget this monumental fact!

De Blasio, Wikipedia, Yemen Peace Talks, UN Sexual Assault Scandal and Cyberbullying – what do they have in common? Shame.

News Flash – dot dot do dot……

– Mayor De Blasio of New York is conducting a national media campaign to draw business into New York. The incentive – a tax vacation for ten years! WAIT! De Blasio is the democrat advocating for higher taxes on corporations and high income individuals because, well they deserve to pay more. And yet, here we find the about-face mayor offering free – no tax – incentives to draw business to his state.

I smell an ozone.

And how is it that no one seems to notice this bizarre divesture from democratic rule? Tax, tax, tax! That is the mantra. Finding new ways, the agenda. I imagine they have an office filled with purple people whose job description is, ‘find new ways to tax people so that I, the gov, can make more’. Ba-da-dim!

So what does De Blasio think is fair and equal in his city where the annual budget of $75 – $80 billion, can never seem to make ends meet De Blasio? Not sure, because last year his personal effective rate was just over 8%…


– So, Wikipedia lists the official language of the United States at the federal level – as ‘none’.  Ouch!


– The US military is lamenting the fact that they can’t find more than 200 rebels to train to fight ISIS… yet for the last two to three years we’ve been arming all sorts of rebels! So where are they now? McCain? Hello?

But even the 200 figure isn’t really accurate. Apparently, there are some reports that the number is ‘somewhere between 100 and 200’, which in truth could be – 101. So we just sent 450 MORE trainers for 100 trainees. We have already deployed 1000 trainers/support, the UK has deployed 75.

So we now have a $500 million program for about 100 trainees because according to reports, there aren’t any rebels left there is only Al Qaeda and ISIS. Well, that’s money well spent White House!


– The Yemen peace talks have been riddled in fighting. So what do the sides want? Well, the exiled government wants all the Yemeni rebels to give up their strongholds. That’s it folks. Surrender everything you have fought for and then we can have peace – hmmm. Smells rattish to me. Normally, ‘negotiation’ means give and take. This is not happening here.

The second Yemen agenda is the fact that the Saudi’s are using ‘cluster bombs’ which are illegal and they are specifically targeting civilians which is heinous. In fact, this resembles Al Qaeda tactics. So the blackmail is simply ‘we’ll stop killing your women and children, if you let us take back our cities and put our proxy president back in office.’

And of course, after that – it is anybodies guess what will happen to all those rebels…


– The UN has announced two members of its newly formed committee to review sexual assault claims against UN peacekeepers. One unnamed ‘external’ member is the head of a South African human rights foundation and a prosecutor for the U.N.’s International Criminal Court Tribunal in Rwanda. Waaaiiittt. This unnamed person works for the UN, how is that external?

The other member is Marie Deschamps, a Canadian former judge who recently released a report on Canadian military sexual harassment. The report stated that indeed sexual issues were present and concluded that a committee should be formed to deal with the problem. Yawn.

But wait, the review committee is tasked with ‘looking at the UN’s response to the allegations’ as well as to ‘mandating recommendations as to how the UN should respond to similar future allegations’. Why do you need a panel to discuss this? These people committed atrocious rape against young girls and boys and you don’t know what to do? Your own UN executives then tried to hush the allegations and pretend they didn’t exist – and you don’t know what to do?



– And here’s a good headline: Cyberbullying linked to Teen Depression.

Really? “New research evaluated a number of teenagers…” Of course, the alternative would be; “Teens that are bullied exhibit happiness and a sense of peace and security”… So, Michelle Hamm at the University of Alberta – stating the obvious is a waste of taxpayer funds and a waste of intellect.  Good Grief!

And That’s All FOLKS!

The South Sea of China; At The Helm of The Art of Diplomacy

China is dredging waters off it’s coast and expanding its land mass. The US is nervous because they believe it is a ‘ploy’ to create a greater military presence over the waters which the US claims are international.

So that’s the story, but what does it all mean?

The South China Sea is more of an inlet that is bordered by China, Vietnam, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Brunei. The area is home to vast oil and gas reserves. While the Chinese government demarcated a dotted line of territory sometime in 1949, it only came under dispute in the 1970’s when The Philippines and Malaysia wanted a fair share. Given that the strait is not just a potential for oil and gas but also serves as a fishing center and a major shipping territory, the dispute heightened. By the 1990’s Brunei and Vietnam also made a claim to the waters.

An agreement was signed between Vietnam and China. But just two months later India stated that Vietnam had sold to it rights to engage in oil and gas exploration within areas that had been retained by China. That didn’t go over well.

In the meantime, Vietnam, Malaysia, The Philippines and Taiwan have quietly been building their own maritime defensives in the sea. Nothing was said. But China was tired of the games and out-sized them all building land masses that dwarfed their neighbors. Everyone became miffed because China’s aggression was bigger and better.

Enter McCain. McCain has a penchant for stoking aggression. He also has a penchant for butting into regime change agendas. Granted that will never happen in China, but coup disruption has plagued Malaysia of late, Thailand, and a failed coup in The Philippines within just the last year. So McCain’s solution is to allow for the US exchange of weapons to Vietnam, a communist Marxist regime, for the purpose of standing up against China. Really? Sort of reminds me of the Arab swordsman wielding an over-sized scimitar while fiercely challenging Indian Jones to his death only to be swiftly peeled away with one shot from his pistol.

US interference has absolutely no positive gain. If the US determines it has the right to step in as the divier of rights, much like the Israel and Palestine agenda, the US will not prevail. Adding tension to tension does not make for peace. But McCain has an ulterior agenda. Malaysia news makes no mention of the China dredging. In Vietnam, the US is pressuring their government to halt ‘wave erosion’ land reclamation. And while The Philippines news only makes reference to the concerns pressed by the US, it would seem that the Asian countries really haven’t much issue and that the issue is a US creation.

Perhaps the true concern is that the Asian countries will form an alliance that makes these waters restricted from US shipping. One third of the world’s liquified natural gas passes through the South China Sea. The bulk of it originates in the Persian Gulf. In 1994, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea was ratified by most Asian countries in the maritime area. It defined rights and uses of natural resources in the area. The US did not sign the agreement. Unfortunately, by definition the rights that allow for a 200 nautical mile entitlement – overlap. Another oops factor of the UN.

Bottom line – we, the US do not have a lick of upper hand in this dispute. We do not have any legal rights whatsoever as we are not a party to the maritime treaty. What we do have is the ability to politely bow in deference to some countries who simply refuse to be policed by the US. Instigating further animosity with China will not be in our best interest – ever. Sometimes, it is simply best to remove ourselves from a situation that can not and will not have a positive outcome and pocket our ego.

In 1959 the art of diplomacy was over shadowed by the release of a game by the same name. It’s stated objective was:

“Luck plays no part in Diplomacy. Cunning and cleverness honesty and perfectly-timed betrayal are the tools needed to outwit your fellow players. The most skillful negotiator will climb to victory over the backs of both enemies and friends. Who do you trust?”