CALIFORNIA ON FIRE! West Coast Going, Going, Gone…

Black Lives Matter and Antifa have so consumed the media that the terrorist threat of Islamic Jihad has been ignored and tabled.

Wildfires are exploding across the west coast and once again instead of preparing to mitigate, knowing this is an annual occurrence, Governor Newsom has instead chosen to scream, “The Sky Is Falling” in his best imitation of Chicken Little.   For the past fifty years the fires have grown in girth and intensity taking land, human life, livelihoods, wildlife and animal life with them.   Each year the fires are said to intensify, each year the state does absolutely NOTHING in preparedness.

And in the meme of blame, denial of responsibility, Governor Newsom has declared they are ALL a result of Climate Change!

But that statement would go directly contrary to what the fire department has claimed each and every year – 95% are human caused.   Some arson, and some unintentional stupidity. Each time I hear these rabid excuses I am reminded of the Mark Twain quote, A lie can make it half way around the world before the truth has time to put its boots on.

Or worse, Goebbel’s infamous statement, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”

These quotes represent the new norm, the mantra of our liberal politicians who fear for fear itself that truth might be revealed and their power usurped.   TO what end?   The entire west coast is on fire.   And despite all the history, all the reality, Governor Newsom would have us believe they were ALL started by lightening as a result of Climate Change.

In the German Deutsche Welle, an opinion piece by a female scientist lollygaggled along claiming the bushfires in Australia last year were a result of Climate Change.   But that was an outright lie. Reality is they were all arson and Australian officials caught and prosecuted over 200 youth who joked and laughed about their exploits – finding it all rather ‘fun’…

I suppose given the stretch of absurdity, the author could attribute Climate Change psychosis as the culprit. Climate Change given pandemics are now being cited as an escalation caused by Climate Change.   In that very scientific theory, apparently given that bats are a primary source of pandemic viruses, and people are having more interactions with them, pandemic viruses will escalate just like wildfires…

Personally, I can’t recall the last time I interacted with a bat. Just sayin’ for a friend.

While there have been in place means for helping to prevent wildfires through brush and litter clearing environmentalists have been opposed because it isn’t natural, and thus states have bowed to the result – absolute destruction.   Given that 95% of fires are not naturally started would seem to go over the heads of these proverbial environmental theorists.   And so instead – they burn.

August 4, 2020 a video was uncovered whereby ISIS called for arson as a Five Star terrorist tactic and showed California in flames. The video explained that guns are unavailable, but fire is much more destructive, not just in its death toll, but also in its economic devastation.   Far be it for ISIS to consider animal and wildlife deaths as anything but a consequence of jihad against the infidels.   A graphic in the video specifically draws a line between San Francisco and Sacramento as an area that would be most effective given the heat and density of flammable land.

At the end of the video ISIS suggests forest fires in the western United States, factory blazes in Canada, burning buildings in Europe, and agricultural fires in South America.

LA Times provides a blistering parody of reality in assuming that this years implosion which is five times greater than any other year past, is indicative of Climate Change and the author refuses to even acknowledge facts reported in each previous year in which arson is considered the primary cause.

Despite evidence, despite facts, Gruesome Newsom still argues Climate Change!   And does – nothing.   California, Oregon, Washington, your states are being decimated while Nero Newsom laughs at your expense.   These are the politicians that protect you, secure you, and provide for your livelihood…

IRAN: The Cabal’s New World Order Regime

Pick a lane – any lane.   In our current world of shifting alliances, this idiom is quite relevant.   Balancing our power, we have historically played both sides good and bad, and we now face a choice – Iraq is majority Shi’te and that government has declared it will henceforth align with Iran and by default Hezbollah and Hamas.   Hezbollah is a militant jihadist group factioned by Iran and based in Lebanon.   They are considered terrorist by the Arab League, US, Canada, EU and Israel and have been involved in massive terrorist activities since the 1980’s.  Hamas is also a terrorist organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. With the latest elimination of Iran’s Qud General Suleimani, Iraq’s hand was forced and they have aligned themselves with Iran.  

After gaining independence from British rule, Iraq became a ‘nationalist-socialist’ regime.   They have a relatively low literacy rate, their education system is crumbling, their ‘free nationalized’ healthcare is abysmal and their life expectancy is roughly 68 years.   Internal conflicts for control of oil have been the norm since the rise of oil’s dominance.  Welcome to Iraq.

Suleimani was targeted with sanctions by the UN in 2007 under Bush. He was listed as an international terrorist by Obama in 2011. American intervention began in Iraq in 2014 under orders from Obama.   While the reason cited was to have a strategic presence in order to fight ISIS, it was also a tactical gridlock against Iran.   As of 2014, the liberal media was calling for a pull back of troops in Iraq and as of today it is estimated we have roughly 5200 remaining.

As of 2016, the US aid to Iraq was $5.3 billion.    Obviously, Iraq is stating they are willing to relinquish this aid in the future.  There loss, not ours.

Three months ago President Trump began to increase military presence in Saudi Arabia citing defensive posturing.   To think he decided to eliminate a ruthless terrorist, Suleimani, on a whim, is wholly ignorant.   The entire shift that has been taking place across the Middle East has been happening since the Saudi administration was completely overhauled by Crown Prince Salman in 2017. Since that time, the friendship with the US under President Trump has become greater, and likely more sincere.  It also bears witness that the Saudi’s and Israeli’s were likely working in conjunction with President Trump.

With the advent of Trump as US president, alliances across the globe have become much more transparent, and thus have shifted.   Many countries throughout Europe have been revealed to be part and parcel of the globalization New World Order effort to destabilize and usher in a Socialist/Marxist global government in the form of the United Nations.   Hence the idiom, ‘our enemies enemies are our friends’.   Within that revelation is the fact that the EU is a colony of the Cabal, the US had become a puppet under a liberal regime, South America was being ‘couped’, Africa was bribed, Eurasia was relegated to chaos and squalor, and China was emboldened as Soros told Jinping China would be the leader of the NWO.

To think that Suleiman was not a very planned target devolves all true military intelligence into whimsical fantasy.   The fact that no media outlet was ‘leaked’ the plan is an amazing coup in itself!   It means the traitors within are out of the loop. They may not be in jail, yet, but they have been purged of information.

The liberal media are quite short-sided in their portrayal of Suleimani as a poetry reading sweetheart given the depiction undermines the very Cabal that rules them, Obama, the UN. EU and Bush when sanctions were applied to this ‘terrorist’ who was responsible for the deaths of 608 US troops.  History is more and more difficult to ‘rewrite’.

In essence, Suleiman was no different than Osama bin Laden. He was aligned with and dominated two terrorist organizations in the Middle East whose aspirations are jihad against everything ‘western’.

To take down al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden was targeted.   To take down ISIS, al-Baghdadi was targeted.   Of course new leaders will be appointed. But the hardliners, the core, the root will have been severely debilitated.   There are those who believe that these terrorist organizations were actually created by the Cabal to wreak havoc and create a common enemy. During Obama’s reign, ISIS ran wild. Occasionally Obama would drop a few bombs, but let us not forget that under Obama the US was arming and supporting al Nusra and various other factions throughout Syria and the Middle East before it was pointed out – oops – they are the terrorists.

That would reveal that these factions are part of the agenda, created for a purpose, with a protocol in place.

The very liberal New Yorker is now trying to shift the entire reflection of the NWO back at President Trump. Why?   Because he has single handedly destroyed huge elements of their carefully crafted agenda and their Plan B, C, D, and E have all failed. Even the last ditch effort at impeachment has blown apart.

Iran was inducted into the Cabal’s NWO, given billions by Obama, while promises of elitism and power were deployed.   It was going to be the new Dubai with billions of investment dollars plowed into their economy, high rises, infrastructure, trains, and weapons… That is – until President Trump closed the dyke. The EU was the first to become frantic because the entire Iran investment was going to come predominantly by them bolstering their economy in the process.   They – panicked, and the EU economy has faltered significantly.

Will Iran retaliate? Of course.   Did ISIS threaten retaliation? Yes. Did Al Qaeda? Yes.   But in order to destroy the Cabal and their Protocol of War, we need to be on high alert, we need to cut the umbilical cords.

The Deep State and the Rogue CIA: Who Runs The Show…

Syrian President Assad gave a state interview in which he claimed there was not enough evidence to support the US statement that Baghdadi had been killed any more than there was verifiable proof Osama bin Laden had been killed.   In this interview he references an interesting concept that has been considered before; Baghdadi was a CIA asset.

This would explain why Susan Rice and Obama went ballistic when told Baghdadi had been killed – without their permission.

Assad claims that the director of these unsubstantiated claims is always the same – America.   But it isn’t America, it is who is running the show.  And in failing to acknowledge this very important difference Assad could easily fall into the same agenda – is it Communist Soviet Union, or Capitalist Russia?   Is it Ottomon Empire or the Middle East?   Nations come and go based on the government that leads. And Assad would do well to recognize that President Trump is not his predecessors.

While the New York Times has mentioned The Deep State, when ex-CIA Deputy Director, John McLaughlin, made the reference in a campaign promoting impeachment, the conspiracy that was – was officially outed.   Joined at the event by former FBI Director, Andy McCabe, and former CIA boss, Brennan, McLaughlin stated, “This is not an institution (referring to the CIA) that is not in a chain of command that makes or implements policy.”

Obviously, there are parallel universes with respect to ‘truth’ and the ‘CIA’. And the history of Baghdadi is note worthy within that above statement:

In 2004 when Bush was president, US forces captured the first Baghdadi in Fallujah considering him to be a low level member of al Qaeda.   He was placed in Camp Bucca detention center in Iraq under his civilian name Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry.   Ten months later he was released unconditionally.  Why?

In 2006, Condoleezza Rice gave a press conference about The New Middle East in which she stated,   “what we’re seeing here [in regards to the destruction of Lebanon and the Israeli attacks on Lebanon], in a sense, is the growing—the ‘birth pangs’—of a ‘New Middle East’ and whatever we do we have to be certain that we’re pushing forward to the New Middle East [and] not going back to the old one.”

Within the plan was a redrawing of each countries territory in the Middle East to conform to this New and improved plan utilizing the ‘unleashing of forces of constructive chaos’, according to Rice.   At the time, Lebanon was considered the focal point, the birth pang.  In 2006, Israel launched a full blown attack on Lebanon displacing 1 million Lebanese and 500,000 Israelis.

The United States under Bush, Britain under Tony Blair, and Israel under Ehud Olmert were aligned in this redrawing scheme. Former US National Security Advisor, Brzezinski, alluded to the fact that the target was considered the Eurasian Balkans and would represent a coup toward ultimately chaining Russia.  The map would significantly reduce the size of Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia while creating new states within these borders that would be effectively owned and run by the US, UK and Israel.

In 2006, ISIS rose as the Islamic State of Iraq.   Its leader, or General, was – Khalil al Zawi, he was also known as Al-Baghdadi. In 2007, a US Brigadier General, Kevin Burgner, claimed that Baghdadi did not even exist and that he was really a staged elderly cleric whose voice was used over a picture that was a fictional character. An intermediary to Osama bin Laden made the same claim. In 2008, another claim to support this was floated by a spokesperson for Hamas-Iraq.  The US Deep State chose not to comment.

Throughout 2007 to 2010, there were numerous reports of al-Baghdadi’s capture and death by the Iraqi Ministry.   Then in April 2010, it was announced once again that al-Baghdadi was killed by a joint effort of US and Iraqi forces.   Joe Biden was quoted as saying, “the killings were potentially devastating blows to the terrorist network.”  Whether he even existed was never really addressed or confirmed.

An ISIS website was cited as concurring that Baghdadi’s death was real and Abu Baghdadi succeeded in becoming the new leader of ISIS.  The CIA announced this fact.

In 2013, two photos emerged showing McCain in Syria with the Free Syrian Army and a man who looked very much like Baghdadi in the background. There is no claim the photos were shopped, but there are conflicting accounts as to who the man really is.   However, the fact that McCain was in Syria at all meeting with rebels is a bit disconcerting. McCain’s communications director, Brian Rogers, denied the picture was of Baghdadi and said instead this man was a high ranking official in the Northern Storm Brigade.   Ultimately, the Northern Storm Brigade was found to be affiliated with ISIS.

Two years earlier, McCain was in Benghazi while it was held by rebels looking to oust Gaddafi. McCain was in Ukraine during the rise of protestors seeking a coup in 2013, and again supporting the rebels as they fought against the residents of Donbas.

The internet defines Deep State As:   “a form of clandestine government made up of hidden or covert networks of power operating independently of a state’s political leadership, in pursuit of their own agenda and goals. Examples include organs of state, such as the armed forces or public authorities, intelligence agencies, police, secret police, administrative agencies, and government bureaucracy. A deep state can also take the form of entrenched, career civil servants acting in a non-conspiratorial manner, to further their own interests. The intent of a deep state can include continuity of the state itself, job security for its members, enhanced power and authority, and the pursuit of ideological objectives. It can operate in opposition to the agenda of elected officials, by obstructing, resisting, and subverting their policies, conditions and directives. It can also take the form of government owned corporations (CIA) or private companies (NED, NGO’s) that act independently of regulatory or governmental control.”

Who created ISIS?   Was it the Deep State in order to achieve the agenda for a New Middle East through what Condoleezza Rice termed ‘constructive chaos’?   Is the New Middle East part of the agenda for the New World Order?   As we watch time and again conspiracy theories playing out as fact, perhaps we should pay more attention.

The CIA is rogue.   There are those that think that Soros is actually an operative for the CIA.   Or could Soros be running the CIA?

Democrats: The War Mongers Demand War

When did the Democrats become the War Mongers?   The short answer might be – they always were.

Woodrow Wilson was President when we entered WWI.   Franklin Roosevelt was President when we entered WWII.   Kennedy and Johnson engaged us in the Vietnam War. Obama sent us into the Syrian conflict.   And it was initially Jimmy Carter that engaged the US in the Middle East. Today we are witness to a Republican President literally ‘fighting’ to keep us out of war while hawks from both parties rally around the bomb cry! Remember the ‘red button’ propaganda being wrestled by the Democrats when Trump was elected?

How is it that the Democrat Party, the party of peace, has been the progenitor of War?

Money.  Follow The Money.  Or more aptly, follow where the money flows.

The bets were on defense stocks when it was thought Hillary was the sure win in the 2016 Presidential race.   Not so much to defend our country as to ravage war.

Syria:   Listening to hawks from both sides of the party planks, the grand call to arms is about how the US provides stability to the region – and any withdrawal will only cause an escalation of ISIS.

The US has been actively engaged in the Middle East for roughly 40 years. During that time we have witnessed: The Gulf War involving Iraq and Kuwait, the ongoing war in Yemen, Syria’s destruction, wars in Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Iran-Iraq war, Jordan, Cyprus, and Afghanistan-Taliban.

How’s that stability working for ya?

This is why President Trump rightly states that the US has no place in the Middle East – period.   The Middle East has been rife with war for thousands of years. Nothing the US does will ever temper that reality. It is a consequence of ideology. Regime changes, coups, have done little except to redistribute assets.

Money: Since 2001, the US has spent nearly $6trillion on wars in the Middle East.   There are 141million taxpayers in the US – that means each taxpayer forked over $42,500 – so far.   The top five companies in the world profiting from war are predominantly US: Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, BAE Systems, and Northrup Grumman.

The value of Saudi Arabia’s arms purchases from the US is nearly double Australia which is ranked 2nd in the last ten years.   Value of the top ten importers of US arms over the last ten years is roughly $57 billion.

Where did the money go?   Are we better off?  

The entire Syrian escalation was created during the Obama administration to oust President Assad and bomb the country into oblivion thus allowing the infiltration of ISIS.   It was the US assassination of Iraq’s Hussein that allowed ISIS to infiltrate throughout Iraq – also under Obama’s reign of terror.

Troops throughout the US, Canada, and Australia have attempted to bring to light what these choices have truly cost, lives; death, casualties, unmentionable horrors, the destruction of valuable artifacts, refugees, lost civilizations…

Today, the same Democrats and war monger hawks, including Mattis, demand that the US counter attack Turkey for the affront on the Kurds on the Syrian border.   Assad demands all US troops withdraw.   Erdogan threatens to release 3.5 million refugees into Europe.   Europe is divided.  Our allies are not our allies.   And war has erupted in Lebanon. Again.  This is The Middle East.

The liberal propaganda machine known as the New York Times ran an article, “Trump invokes War’s Human Toll to Defend His Policies”.   “Trump’s Withdrawal From Syria Prompts Rare Criticism From Military Officials”, Washington Post.   And CNN, “The Largest US Troop Withdrawal From Syria Underway”.

In 2013, at the direction of Obama, the CIA was put in charge of arming anti-Syrian government forces, although intelligence revealed the CIA had begun arming rebels as early as 2012. Later, it was shown that many of the rebel groups facilitated by the CIA were in fact affiliated with ISIS and/or al Qaeda. In 2012, David Patraeus was head of the CIA.   Disgraced, he was replaced by John Brennan, who has been a central figure in the treasonous document, “The Trump Dossier”. Brennan was also accused of financial gain through the use of his security clearance.

These are the provocateurs that engaged us in the Syrian conflict, the Liberal war mongers who allowed the rise of ISIS and Al Nusra throughout the region.   These are the peacemakers who criticize Trump as he withdraws our troops to safe passage. All 1000.

IN 1980 the price per share of Lockheed Martin was about $13, today it is worth nearly $400 per share.   In 1980 the price per share of Raytheon was about $8, today is is worth roughly $200 per share.

UN: Syria End Game

Trump wants to bring home all remaining troops in Syria.  Mattis disagrees and submits his resignation.  Democrats want to impeach Trump for pulling troops.  And the UN – they want to hold a Council Commission meeting in 2019 to force Syria to be ruled by – the UN.   It ain’t over until the fat lady sings!

Why would the UN be involved at all?

Apparently, the entire peace process has come to a standstill because the UN demands a Constitutional Committee made up of 150 members chosen and affirmed by Russia, Iran, Turkey and the UN.   Syria has no say.   These 150 constitutional reform members will redraft Syria’s constitution and hold a new and improved Presidential election 18 months hence.   The UN special appointee to the Security Council for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, takes full self lauding credit for everything positive, and denies responsibility for anything negative, 350,000 deaths, and has spent four years working to find a ‘resolution’.  Now his four year term is up and as of December 31sthe will be replaced.

It would appear that a significant hurdle is the UN’s arrogance in finding that, “The United Nations alone, he stressed, has the legitimacy and mandate to “bless” a Constitutional Committee”.   In the meantime, Assad wants to build and has taken contracts from a number of countries and businesses who see the future potential – as in, $$$$.

“Following yesterday’s briefing, members of the Security Council paid tribute to the Special Envoy’s work, pledged support for his successor and reaffirmed their support for a Syrian-led political process shepherded by the United Nations.”    In other words, the UN is determined to have their hand, arm, and shoulder heavily weighted in anything Syria, most likely because the UN has numerous NGO favorites with whom their contracts for reconstruction would benefit.

The US special representative for Syria, Jim Jeffreys, was not even at the meeting having canceled his appearance.   The reason for his cancellation could be aligned with Mattis resignation, or simply the innate futility of the situation, run by a nearly defunct United Nations, which is intent on the creation of committees to regulate committees which regulate – committees.    A parallel to the Swamp that Trump is widely attempting to dissolve.

Part and parcel of the meeting included an argument regarding the purported ‘White Helmets’ who were portrayed by the media/UN as a humanitarian group aimed at helping the children and women amidst the war zone.   According to Syria and Russia, they were terrorists disguised to disrupt and create further chaos in a disingenuous ploy to skew perception and were actually in the forefront of gas attacks, deaths, and casualties.

Lest we forget, initially, Obama supported Al Nusra, among others, before determining they were a segment of ISIS.  It is partially because of these riffs, that the Constitutional Council is at a standstill unable to trust a UN or US or EU proposal.

Most Americans, as in The People, not the government,  just want other countries to rule themselves and let the chips fall where they may.  The obstructionist approach has had huge grievance effects, and The People are weary.

The conflict in Syria was initiated by US President, Obama to oust Assad.  But it didn’t go exactly as planned, and unlike the Ukrainian Revolution that saw an immediate flight of Yanukovich, Assad stood by his country to the end.  Personally, I have no opinion on Assad, although the media has certainly been brutal in their portrayal, but given they have been equally bludgeoning toward Trump, Melania, and anyone aligned with them, I can no longer have any committed opinion about – anything via media presentation.

That being said, Assad may very well be Syria’s Trump.  And the Truth lives in Alice’s Wonderland.

In that venue, we have just been made aware of the fact that the CNN Journalist of the Year, Claas Relotius whose articles were picked up by  CiceroFrankfurter Allgemeine SonntagszeitungNZZ am SonntagFinancial Times DeutschlandtazDie WeltSZ-MagazinDie WeltwocheZeit Online and Reportagen, completely and wholly fabricated his stories in which demonizing the US was a theme.

He is One – of perhaps hundreds.   And so, in that vein, we can not rely on media interpretation, sensationalism, opinion, or in-depth journalism.   We can not rely on anything that occurred during the entire Obama administration.  We can not rely on our intelligence agencies.

What we do know?

The UK, Germany, France, The Netherlands, and Sweden governments are not our allies, and haven’t been for at least decades.   They may be allies of a power elite shadow – but they are completely and utterly anti-The People.

That being said, it is important to re-analyze the events of the past to dissect what the true agenda was that is our current present, in order to determine who and what is the truth in moving forward to the future.

Because, it is a fair bet, it is nothing like what what we were fed.

Syria: The Bombs Bid The Cabal A’dieu

The Syria Missile strike was a necessary evil in order to deter a greater evil from doing greater harm.  

Trump targeted chemical installations exclusively.   Whether they were Assads or the rebels doesn’t really matter any longer because they no longer exist and proving one or the other will further no additional retaliation.   It is done, and now Trump can pull out of Syria as per his initial plan before this cockeyed illusion.

The Elites, the Cabal, that wanted to provoke WWIII were out gamed.   ISIS is eliminated.   The chemical stash and manufacturing is – eliminated.   No coup.   And Assad can now prevail so as to rebuild what was destroyed.   Syrians can go home.   And the impending crisis that was staged, has had its final curtain call.

Trump’s “Goals”, as the New York Times would have us question, include moving away from coups, leaving Syria and Afghanistan, and divesting the Swamp so that a New America can replace the New World Order.  But apparently, their narrow minded attitude fails to acknowledge anything positive and reverts back to laud the failure of Obama to conclude anything in Syria for eight tediously long, criminally inexcusable years.

Refocusing on Hillarygate – building the wall – and healthcare reform can continue.

While some pundits will still whine “it wasn’t enough’, they are the ones that can now be easily viewed as aligned with The Cabal.   Opinions on the Liberal biased MSM are already trying to find fault, psycho analyzing every move as though they have any clue what is going on behind the stage.  In fact, few know, and that is for our own protection.   But the goal remains – the Swamp must be paved over.

There is one thing that Syria, the US and Russia have in common – a deep desire to bring down the New World Order, the Cabal, the cartel.   Each of our World Wars was promulgated by the Cabal.  Each War produced for them ravaging profits.   Motivated by nothing but greed, they are far from dead, but their agenda has been upended… for now.

Since Syria is now taken out of the picture, it is inevitable that they will choose another play to act out.   The distractions will continue, but Trump is resolute in his agenda to give the US back to the people.   We need to trust this.

Middle East Wars and Civil Coups: Who are the Good Guys?

The bad guys in Yemen are the rebels fighting against a puppet government propped up by the Saudis who wanted to ethnically cleanse the Shiites. No economy left. 10,000 killed – over 300,000 injured.

In Syria, the bad guys are the government and the good guys are the rebels and Al Qaeda. There is virtually no economy left. Nearly 500,000 killed – and 5 million refugees as a result of a failed coup to oust Assad.

In Ukraine the rebels who take issue with a propagated coup against their elected government are the bad guys. The government that continues to assassinate it’s civilians – are the good guys. The economy has contracted over 24% since the coup. Over 10,000 killed.

In Iran the bad guys are everyone…

In Russia, the bad guys are – everyone…

In China, the bad guys are the oppressive regime…

In Israel, the bad guys are the Palestinians and Hezbollah…

The war in Libya is actually between Egypt and the UAE vs. Qatar, Sudan and Turkey. Libya just happens to be the designated groundskeeper. The Qatar, Sudan, Turkey coalition is supported by ISIL. The Government of National Accord is the current government of Libya that was propped up by the UN in 2015. The US is bombing Libya due to a ‘power vacuum’ because the government we propped up isn’t effective since we took out Gaddafi thereby allowing ISIS to take hold… Casualties unknown.

US has upwards of 5,000 troops in Iraq after bombing displaced the government and a power vacuum was created allowing ISIS to take hold. The bad guys are the Kurds? Upwards of 1 million dead.

In South Sudan the rebels are the bad guys because they want to share in the riches of the government controlled oil. Over 50,000 dead – 1 million refugees

In Somalia, the government is fighting various radical Islamist groups including Al Shaabab. But Islamist groups are also fighting each other. The government is the good guy. Over 500,000 dead.

In Afghanistan, the war that never ended, the good guys are the government and civilians unless they are aligned with the Taliban, Al Qaeda or ISIS. Casualties are estimated to exceed 2 million – 6 million refugees.

This is the world our media portrays for us in determining who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. While the US continues to be involved in each one of these ‘crisis/wars’ there is no win, no victory, just sheer devastation. This is just a partial list, it highlights the clear fact that coups are an absolute, abject failure. Unless, the objective is reduction of world population.

NICE France – TERROR Attack Again

Why is it that after every terror attack, the politicians tell us ‘not to be afraid’, not to give in to the terror and show fear?

In reality, it is fear that creates the adrenaline for vengeance. It is fear that sparks the outrage. It is fear that motivates us to defend ourselves. It is fear that ultimately manifests in a desire to right – the wrong! Fear is not evil – terror is evil! Fear is normal, judgment is normal, they are rational and have a place in the multitude of emotions that we embrace. They only become negative when they rule, they own us, they dictate us, otherwise they give us the ability to see our circumstances and make choices based on – reality.

The latest terror attack in Nice strikes home for me as my best friend was about to embark on a trip there in the coming weeks, and it will now forever be haunted by the blood and murderous rampage of madmen bent on one thing – killing.

Despite this attack, the California attack, the Paris attack, and the Brussels attack, our esteemed President would have us believe that ISIS is retreating and they do not pose the highest threat – that honor has been carved into Russia. The question continues to arise – why Russia? Why do we embrace Germany and Austria – despite Hitler? Why do we defend Japan despite WWII and Pearl Harbor, and yet, Russia is forever labeled the demon?

Why is it that we ask Russia, the demon, to help us slaughter ISIS, while the press denounces Russia as the real threat, the sanctioned communist regime? Communist Russia fell decades ago.

A recent article attempted to analyze this phenomena by rationalizing that its all about defense spending, we need defense spending to support our defense industry and justify NATO. And Russia is far more sophisticated in its weaponry and so therefore, we need to keep up with the proverbial – Joneses. ISIS, by contrast, slaughters, beheads, kills, maims, destroys, and annihilates entire villages, but they don’t warrant the defense spending that a potential China or Russia threat might provoke. So China and Russia become the chosen demons.

I think there is logic in this analysis, however, I believe it is far more devious, far more contrived, far more creation of a future outcome – as in setting the stage. ISIS is merely a fly to these people, something to swat, an annoyance, interfering in the larger play.

The story of Nice will fade and the topic of Russian aggression and China South Sea manipulation will once again become the mainstream – stream of thought. Which is, of course, the subliminal seduction of thought.

Still, despite all the obvious, despite the senseless murder of over 73 and counting, our politicians are hesitant to claim the attack was actually terrorism. They prefer to huddle, discuss options, and find a way to diffuse the situation so as to placate and belittle the intelligence of the people.

Why is ISIS tabled? Because they have the power to unite people, to overcome the ridiculous black/white diversity agenda that the media wants to exploit, and a united people defeats the purpose of the agenda – which is ‘chaos’. The obvious mantra – divide and conquer – is relevant today, yesterday and tomorrow, it is the one proven way to insert control.

So how do we defeat ISIS?

Easy. We UNITE. There is no country that doesn’t fear ISIS whether they have already infiltrated – or they will – and that FEAR will unite a solid force that can defeat the true enemy, the radical enemy, the enemy that we need to focus our attention on with the help of China, Russia, Venezuela, Brazil, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Syria – defeat must be 100%.

Turkey Airport Attack

After the Turkish airport attack by ISIS we had these comments by our US leaders:

  1. It is difficult to avoid an attack by suicide bomb individuals…
  2. I think it may have been ISIS…
  3. We think it may have been an act of terrorism…
  4. They are on the run, desperate because we are making such intense gains…
  5. Don’t worry, US security has been beefed up…but we are not at liberty to tell you how..

Somehow, I don’t feel all safe and secure as a result of these Leadership statements. I wonder why…

What a bunch of misfits! Are these really the people protecting our lands – from sea to shining sea? Is this the intelligence division that offers an in-depth analysis – as in, I think it might have been, maybe, potentially, likely ISIS? And that’s the sum total of coverage?

Help me here!

My dad was an intelligence officer in the Army and I believe he would be reeling in his grave at the dysfunction that we are witnessing. The news is sparse. The information is sketchy. But one aspect that alludes the mainstream is that the weapons, the Kalashkinov assault weapon used, were supplied by the CIA to the supposed Syrian rebels – which at last count includes 1000 different factions – but confiscated by the Jordanian intelligence officers and sold on the black market to – ISIS!

So – we have Russian made assault weapons – supplied by the CIA – being stolen en-route to Syrian Rebels – which remain unnamed – by our alliance, Jordan’s intelligence military – and end up used in the decimation of civilians by ISIS at an airport in Turkey.  And no one finds this – crazy??

To really add insult to injury, the Kalashkinov is a comparable to the US AK-47, which is on the hit list by the Democrats because it is an assault weapon that should be banned.   But then, why didn’t the CIA provide AK-47’s – why Kalashkinov’s? Unless the aim was to attempt to implicate Russia in the entire fiasco. As in OOPS!  Dag Nabbit!  Hello?

Not to mention how grand is our security if the CIA can simply ‘lose’ caches of weapons amounting hundreds of millions of dollars – and not be sanctioned… As in, are they working for us – or them?  I am truly sickened.

Footnote: CIA Director Brennan has issued a statement that he would not be surprised if ISIS was not plotting attacks on US soil… really??? Separately, he asked Russia – for help – because, I guess, Brennan is stating that the US is incompetent. Brennan – you need a lobotomy. And we need Rambo –

FYI – Brennan and Hillary are good buddies, they share the same intellect, the same Cabal, the same global elite and the same values…


Kurds vs Turkey

Who’s On First?


Another special ops (Navy Seal) US soldier was killed fighting against ISIS in Iraq. He was shot while fighting alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga forces in their battle north of Mosul. This is the third such Special Forces death since Obama announced the deployment of ‘an additional 200-250 ground troops’. While this might seem to some a small number, it’s senselessness is what is so pivoting.


You see, the same Peshmerga and Kurds fighting ISIS with the US are being bombed by our good friends in Turkey under the command of Erdogan, the same Erdogan who flooded Europe with over a million refugees and then demanded a return for Blackmail. But they aren’t just being bombed by Erdogan, they are being bombed by the Iraqi military – our other good friends.  So, are our soldiers being killed by ISIS or Turkey?


But Turkey isn’t just blackmailing Europe, the US has succumbed as well; In exchange for Turkish help, the United States has offered Ankara an aid package that includes $6 billion in grants and up to $20 billion in loan guarantees. But so far, Turkey has balked at the offer, demanding more than $30 billion in assistance, according to US sources.”


So while Europe has agreed to give Turkey upwards of $6 billion with a ‘pinky swear’ that they won’t let any more nasty refugees cross the border – as well as EU membership status whereby all citizens have free travel access… HELLO? The US has agreed to give them $20 billion in various forms of assistance with the promise not to kill anymore US soldiers while ethnically cleansing Kurds…

Meanwhile, Merkel is allowing the prosecution of a German comedian to go forward“in Germany” because Erdogan’s feelings were hurt by an insulting comment the comedian made in his routine…
Not a bad days take for Erdogan.


This coincides with a Parliament meeting in Turkey that erupted in an all out brawl with opposing sides punching and hitting, standing on tables, throwing bottles at each other and acting in a very “dignified” parliamentary manner… Gee we really can pick our friends. Sounds just like the Kiev brawls that regularly break out as officials go for the throat to ‘get their point across’. Another good buddy of ours.


After a healthy US backed coup in Ukraine that has sent the country spiraling into the worst nightmare it has seen in decades, the IMF has squandered $11 billion – for nothing. With a GDP of -$90 billion, a GDP growth rate of -12.5%, and a government whose salaries are apparently paid by …ta-da…the US- in a deal that was reached after the appointment of a new Governor, Michail Saaskashvili, the same Saaskashvili who has an outstanding warrant for his arrest in his native Georgia for war crimes and criminal charges.  All this coming after the pinky swear promise of Ambassador, Geoffrey Pyatt that no more Ukrainians civilians will be killed and their property confiscated.
Because, apparently, We The People, agreed in 2015 to train and pay the government of Ukraine with taxpayer funds.
And how much ‘aid’ has been expended on Iraq and Afghanistan? According to a report issued by the Watson Group of Brown University, Iraq has cost about $61 billion and Afghanistan about $104 billion. But that doesn’t account for the fraud, corruption and waste: US government investigators have found widespread corruption, waste, and fraud among US agencies and private contractors implementing aid programs. Projects were often carried out at exorbitant cost, despite serving small portions of the population. For example, a USAID-funded power plant will cost an estimated $280 million per year to run – more than a third of total government tax revenues – but provide electricity to just 2 percent of Afghans. The DynCorp company was unable to account for $1 billion in US funds it was given to train the Iraqi police.”
Anyone charged?  Nah.  Anyone arrested?  Nah.  Anyone fired?  Nah.  Just business as usual.
For those who don’t know, the DynCorp is a security company based out of Virginia that trains Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s police… They have been embroiled in a number of their own topsy turvydom allegations and lawsuits including:
  1. Ecuadorian lawsuit in which herbacide spraying resulted in significant civilian health crisis
  2. Alleged abuses in Columbia
  3. Conflict of Interest case in hiring by Veritas Capital Fund
  4. Sex with minors in Bosnia – and the selling of sex slaves
  5. Sex trafficking in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Unfair dismissal due to ‘whistleblowing
  7. Unregulated billing and misconduct in relation to Iraq
  8. Weak oversight that resulted in $2.5 billion of US funds wasted
  9. Hiring a 17 year old Afghan to ‘entertain and perform’ for them in Afghanistan
How many US ‘jobs’ were created?  None.   How much income was generated for profit companies?  No one wants to know.  How much taxpayers anted?  Mucho moola.
So – Who’s On First?