The Ancient & Current Masters – Warring & Culling as The Chosen Ones

In true colonial fashion, French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, has stated to African nations, “I wouldn’t trade off France for Russia if I were you”.   A threat?   When speaking, she is referring to the Sahel region wherein previous colonies of France have since overthrown their western Presidents having declared sovereign freedom, and sovereign freedom is NOT in the best interests of the West.  Colonna further spat that there were plenty of other countries to colonize in Africa…

In an attempt to blackmail Nigeria, Colonna promised to release $150 million of the $3-$5 billion embezzled by Nigeria’s former military ruler, Sani Abacha who died in 1998.   (With accumulated interest, the $5 billion would be worth $9 billion).  The condition of blackmail?   Don’t do business with Russia.  Why this money hasn’t been returned for 25 years is indicative of “doing business with the West”.   The US “found” $267-$323 million in a Channel Island account in 2019 and released a mere $23 million of the funds.   Did the rest of Nigeria’s money fund Ukraine?

Why must Nigeria have to spend 25 years attempting to recover its own money?

It is believed the funds are located in banks in the Bahamas, Austria, Switzerland, France, the US, Germany, Dubai, Canada and Brazil.   Seems wire transfers were in order decades ago.

Sani Abacha was a dictator of Nigeria who trained as a military officer in England before returning to Nigeria whereupon he participated in EVERY coup.     Abacha is claimed to have been poisoned by Israeli operatives in June 1998.

Abacha’s successor was Abdulsalami Abubakar.  Like his predecessor, he was trained for combat in Europe – by Germany, and was a lecturer at Chicago State University.   All were defacto western installed governments.   France owns roughly 19 countries in Africa, including Nigeria.  Britain owns 13 colonies.   The propaganda illusion is that African countries are sovereign because they are ruled by Africans –  a misnomer.   Because like the US, those in charge are simply figureheads who must act and do according to The Masters.

Israel is also well entrenched in Africa.   They predominantly import diamonds, coal and grapes from South Africa.  But of course, the vast majority of diamonds in Africa, particularly South Africa, are owned by DeBeers and not the African government.   The benefit to the people is as slave laborers.   DeBeers is a construct of Rothschild, Oppenheimer and JP Morgan.    DeBeers was restructured and ownership is under Anglo American.  They extort diamonds, copper, platinum, nickel, iron-ore and coal from Africa and sell it to wealthy governments.

This is why, despite Africa’s vast wealth of resources, the continent remains undeveloped and in a state of poverty.

ALL its wealth was co-opted in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.   Africa is not a sovereign entity.  It is only now that African states are reclaiming their land kicking out The Masters.  Which is why Colonna’s response was so incredibly spiteful.   A possible Threat.

In 2015, Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, declared that the CIA and Mossad had created ISIS and Boko Haram.  The initial dual purpose was to keep Africa in a constant state of crisis while eliminating the Shia Muslims, aka Iran, Syria and Iraq.   Al-Bashir claims they are not true Muslims because their actions don’t align with Sunni Law.   Proving his point, al-Bashir claims many captured from Boko Haram were indoctrinated and have since been ‘deprogrammed’.  According to al-Bashir, the claims of torture and rape were manufactured by Israel’s propaganda mechanism… to create a monster.

Syria’s War gave us our first insight into the propaganda tools;   actors, fake scenery, fake accusations, fakery on display everywhere.   It was revealed that the CIA had a ‘green studio’ in North Carolina where much of the propaganda was created.  This has been used extensively in Ukraine, and likely Israel.

Israel claims this war is because Hamas must go.  The Economist declares – Hamas must go.   Nikki Haley declares ‘KILL EVERYBODY’ – and we forget that since 1947, Israel has fought its neighbors and Gaza in 18 WARS.   The first initiated by Ben Gurion – whose dedication to wiping out Palestinians has earned him the ‘right’ to be named after the Ben Gurion Canal being constructed via the decimation of Gaza, its infrastructure, buildings, homes, and people.

The pro-Israel argument is that there was no official recognition of Palestine, therefore it was fodder for colonization thru Israeli settlements.  Yet legal documents continually refer to Palestine, including:   League of Nations Mandate For Palestine, Oslo Accord, and even the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Certainly ancient history is ripe with lands continually conquered.   Palestine changed hands continually from The Crusades and Muslim rule.  The US was based on British colonization as was the entirety of Europe.   Africa’s history is one of constant colonization by the West.   Colonization always created an elite class and peasants – the workers.   In America, this goal initiated by The Masters who have colonized the US via a coup, desperate to push middle class into a poverty class much like ancient history.

The Masters ‘then’ are the ancestors of The Masters ‘now’.   A cult of Barbarians that has thrived for millenniums on War.  They believe they are the only Chosen Peoples and all others are animals to be sacrificed for their gain.  The Israeli’s have declared that the Palestinians and Hamas are – animals.   Christians are – animals.  

WHO Do You Serve?

The Rothschilds Who Colonized Palestine as Israel

The $6 billion dollar fiasco is somewhat reminiscent of the Afghanistan incompetence.   Of the five hostages released by Iran, 3 are Iranian-Americans and two are Americans (unnamed).   The US released 3 Iranian prisoners in the exchange and temporarily lifted the sanctions imposed on the globe including South Korea which was holding the money out of fear of US retaliation for doing business with Iran.   The reasoning provided by the White House was to attempt to woo and reconcile Iran – away from Russia.

Now the DC hawks want more sanctions imposed on Iran or a bombing spree.   Guess that ‘friendship’ didn’t last long.   To date, there are over 13,000 sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and roughly 3500 against Iran.   While the mechanisms show the US sanctions against Russia have had little to no effect, this form of punishment continues to be levied on half the globe.

The US is not content imposing sanctions on it’s prominent enemies, it must also sanction those countries, entities, or persons in any country across the globe for crossing the union sanction line drawn in the proverbial sand.   If it sounds like elementary school – that’s because it is!

The $6 billion held by South Korea was actually a trade deal gone sour.   South Korea purchased oil and goods from Iran for $6 billion – but when the US threatened ‘punishment’ Korea got cold feet so their payment for the received goods sat in a Korean Bank.   Iran delivered – South Korea did not. In other words, South Korea was afraid of US retribution if they fulfilled on their contractual obligation to Iran.

Russia took notice of the sudden odd wooing of the US on Iran.  Fallback?   BRICS.   With the expansion of a New World under the BRICS that didn’t exactly match or kowtow to the World Economic Forum, wooing was considered a good blackmail.   Except it didn’t turn out they way the US intel agencies expected.   Dang!

Now our 17 intel agencies are in tete-a-tete with MI6 and others to figure out how to explain to the public how it was possible to have zero surveillance chatter regarding the 9-11 Israel Towers debacle.   Maybe they did, and like the chatter from 9-11 – they chose to ignore it.   Or maybe they decided to use the situation to their benefit – a justifiable incitement of WWIII.   A Military PAYOUT!

The Ukraine counteroffensive an abject failure, winter on the horizon, the war would stagnate. Fresh Fodder needed – Israel.

In May 2023, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) had a meeting about the threat surrounding Israel’s neighbors including;   Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon. The discussion centered on Operation Shield and Arrow:   May 9th, Israel assassinated 3 ‘suspected leaders of the Palestine Jihad’, while also killing 10 civilians. Gaza retaliated and fired rockets into Israel.   Israel killed 8 more Palestinians.   More rockets and the death toll on Palestinians hit 33.   May 13th, Egypt negotiated a ceasefire.

Mr Patel:   First of all, our systems are very, very sophisticated. So we are trying to predict where the threat will land. And if it is going to be landed in an unpopulated area like sea or, you know, desert, or places that people are not living there, then we are not wasting any interceptors.

The discussion wasn’t about ‘if’ an attack was forthcoming – but ‘when it could be anticipated’.   Israel’s Iron Dome and other interceptors were discussed as the best in the world!   As Patel assures his panelist, Dr. Karako, that Israel has the best military, best weapons, best intel and best defenses, they reveal their assurance that they are more than capable of repelling any attack. ANY.

In addition to Gaza, The West Bank of Palestine is ruled by the Palestine Authority, which Israel considers more of a threat than Gaza’s HAMAS.   Illegal settlement camps, unprovoked raids, and militant decay have embroiled the two from ever finding a peaceful solution. At risk are the Holy Sights.  

The Holy Sites are a tourist hotspot that generate upwards of $7.5 billion in revenue annually.   Israel claims these sites and the revenue belong to them – 100%.   Despite Israel’s GDP reaching $564 billion, or $58,000 per capita, the US continues to send Israel $3.2 billion annually – buying their alliance.    93% of Israeli land is owned by the State and the Jewish National Fund. The majority of land held by JNF was subsequently transferred to the Israel Land Administration in the 1960’s.   Like the UK, Israel’s land is leased to homeowners.

However, in the UK, the land belongs to the Queen/King.   In Israel it belongs to ‘the government’.   A secular government that has no interest in Holy sites other than for their monetary value.

As a comparison, the GDP per capita in Palestine is on par with Ukraine – which is the lowest in all Europe.   And this is where the disparaging racism is born.   Palestine is India’s Dalit.   The refuse. The River People who were targeted in the US during the Depression. Their children stolen and sold as orphans to wealthy elites.

In 1906, the Greek Orthodox Sursock family sold 90,000 acres of land in Palestine to Baron Edmond de Rothschild:

“Because the villagers paid tithes to the Sursock family in Beirut for the right to work the agricultural lands in the villages, they were deemed tenant farmers by the British Mandate authorities in Palestine, and the right of the Sursock family to sell the land to the JNF was upheld by the authorities.”


The Jezreel Valley in Northern Palestine, which the Sursock’s transferred to Rothschild, was considered the most fertile land in Israel.   After the purchase, Edmond Rothschild began creating Jewish Settlements – which Rothschild owned.   By 1948 the Rothschilds owned the vast majority of Palestine including factories, schools, settlements, hospitals, etc… And the Palestine Arabs who were granted the status of ‘tenant farmers’ were evicted and 25 of their villages depopulated.

It is always an adventure when digging into historical research – made even more difficult by edited, rewritten versions of history.

If in fact the Rothschilds own Palestine/Israel, then Netanyahu’s audacious grandiose actions make more sense as he attempts to cover the errors of allowing destruction to the precious land of The House of Rothschild – his Master.   A hawk by nature, Netanyahu is trying to save his arse.  He takes his orders from the Rothschilds.

Just as Zelenskky and Poroshenko took their orders from Soros.   Zelenskyy failed Soros – and will likely be punished as Ukraine becomes obscure – in comparison to the Head Master – Lord Rothschild saving his precious secular Israel will not bode well for Netanyahu.   In his eyes – Netanyahu’s fatal error will wreak havoc and damage his colony – Israel.

ISRAEL – A Rothschild Construct of Biolabs & Calls for MAGA Death

More information is being released that could account for the ‘why now’ affect of Israel’s newly classified 9-11 moment.   More releases regarding the bioweapon labs in Ukraine are being studied.   According to a former state Department analyst, these Ukraine lab reports detail bio weapons that target specific DNA and genetic vulnerabilities of people of Slavic, Asian, and Persian-Hindu descent. Additional companies involved in the bioweapon production include; Black & Veatch, an engineering company that builds biolabs, and Ukrainian Institute of Public Health Policy, which is funded by the Research Foundation for the State University of New York.   The report states that similar labs are in Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, and the Congo – and directly implicates Hunter Biden’s, Rosemont Seneca company.

The bioweapons being manipulated include; Typhus, Hepatitis, and highly pathogenic Avian Flu’s. Israel does NOT participate in the weapons of mass destruction disarmament and is opaque regarding its stockpiles, inventories and research. However, NIH research papers reveal concentration on; plague bacteria, anthrax, Typhus, Botulism and Ebola.

While the US focused on Wuhan as the source of CoVid, other’s speculated on Israel’s high density of bioweapon labs. NIH works in conjunction with Tel Aviv University, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and others inside Israel. However, earlier the vast majority of Fauci funding was directed to The Netherlands, South Africa, Canada and Arizona State University.   Given Arizona built a campus in Kyiv in conjunction with John McCain’s ‘unwavering support’ with NIH money, was Wuhan a distraction?

As Israel ramps up it’s culling of anything Gaza or Palestinian, making accusations against Iran, the entire Middle East is poised once again for a west invasion. The media is touting 9-11.   And social media is rampant with people calling for the annihilation of an entire civilization including women and children.   It is surreal.   People who are pro-life are screaming for death.   Netanyahu claims he will completely raze Gaza to the ground. Those who live will have nowhere to go.

While previous financial supporters of Palestine, including the EU, are trying to decide whether to continue aid, they overlook the obvious – who will be left to receive aid?

According to Netanyahu when he is done there will be no Palestine and no Palestinians. Lindsey Graham is calling for the decimation of Iran.   Blinken posted a call for Peace – and deleted it. People on the left are making comparisons between Hamas and MAGA. The FBI has declared MAGA domestic terrorists.   Who will save us?   Israel? Germany?   UK?   No.

They want Magats to live in poverty and die by the hand of the Ashkenazi’s in Israel and the US.   Biden wants $100 billion for Ukraine and is now sending Israel billions… From what pocket? We Are Broke!

And once again – humanity is plunged into the darkness – lost in their blind support for The Rothschilds.

Oddly, the calls for Peace are coming from Middle East & Russia, and calls for vengeance are coming from the West including Christians.   Where is the UN? The UN whose website opens with, “Peace, Dignity, and Equality on A Healthy Planet”.    There is no peace – ANYWHERE.   Gutteres has called for restraint – ‘stop targeting civilians’ – to no avail.   But that’s what the UN does – it issues a lame call for peace – while it rages on undeterred for a century.

We knew the footage coming from Syria was fake. The actors paid over and over again.   We knew the footage out of Ukraine was fake – the war was lost a year ago.   And yet suddenly, everything we hear and see via video from Israel is The Gospel according to AI.

Ukraine was fading.   Support for Ukraine was fading.   How could the politicians completely wipe out America if Ukraine aid was blocked?   Start another war – one in which right wing pro-Israel Rothschild groupies and left wing I stand with Israel flaggers unite.   Immediately redirect aid to Israel – and continue the grift and graft of the money laundering scheme back to Congress and Big Daddy.

Netanyahu declares – don’t worry this will be a long war… and demands weapons from US.

Within the roils is oil and gas.   Having sanctioned Russia’s oil and gas, eliminated vast amounts of US production, the Canadian fires taking out many refineries, this War in Israel is likely to see exports to the US and Europe severely cut back or eliminated. Oil futures gained 4% today. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran claim Israel is to blame.   UAE blames Hamas.   Bahrain is caught in the crosshairs.

And then there is the context of the constant – who will foot the bill to repair Israel.   Ukraine has already declared that its rehab bill is close to one trillion.   IF the US prints any more money hyperinflation will not be the illusion, it will be the reality.

WAR does not beget peace.   It begets subjugation until the subjugated rise up to fight their captors.   A continuous cycle within the classic sphere of Cabalist Mafia dystopian diaspora.   Would Israel help the Magats?   Just ask the near 1000 Jan 6ers languishing and rotting in American jails.   Not the UN.   Not NATO.   Not Amnesty.  

If you fall into the same cycle, they win.   And the World for America – is LOST.

Memorial Day Montage of Egocentrics

The Regime Behind Biden is ostensibly going after Belarus because their government cracked down on anarchists planning a coup.   According to the Regime of Biden, neo-Nazi’s get to topple Belarus because National Endowment of Democracy – says so.   And these sweat-hearts were justifiably simply voicing their opinions.   WHILE 200 American Patriots are languishing in isolation and subjected to torture in – America.   While Israel is defending itself against Palestine, Palestine is defending itself against Israel and business as usual doesn’t fit the glass slipper!

Syria is also on the blacklist because they held elections and Assad was voted in again!   Impossible they say!   Dictator, they say!   But apparently, Netanyahu serving 12+ years is ok, and Abbas has been in office 16 years.   Somehow facts have been removed from our planetary system, scrubbed from a white board… Or am I supposed to call it a Black Board?   A Yellow Board?   Who the HECK knows.

Meanwhile, Hillarygate is crying, “I wanna be QUEEN!”

Paul Ryan thinks all us MAGAhats need to just dump Trump because he was a nobody and Pence is the true Patriot.   Liz Cheney is hyperventilating at the thought of her presidency.   And the GOP just needs to divest Trump in order to pander uninhibited with the Democrats…  Really – this is what they pander.

But which Democrats?   The Greens?   The Capitalist Mafia?   Or the old white Alzheimer group?

Of course the point is to destroy BOTH parties so as to usher in the New and Improved Corporate Coup.

Meanwhile, Bezos has moved to Hollywood and is buying Hollywood MGM for a cool $9 billion so he can simply demand his insertion in whatever movie he pleases.   Why?   Same reason Obama was always so tickled Pink and Lavendar whenever he saw his face on a Hollywood show.   It is called Egomania.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg is seen ‘surfing’ on a non surfboard wearing full wetsuit regalia while his security detail, aka houseboy, is seen wearing all black wet suit, face mask, head mask, eye mask and gloves. Guess he does NOT want to be identified. Later, Zuckerberg is seen riding shotgun on a Zodiac, likely because he doesn’t know how to drive.  Girls just want to have FUN!

Pelosi demands mask mandates even though the CDC and nearly every state have lifted the requirements.   Perhaps she has acne like every other bloody person wearing face diapers.

Meanwhile, with little fanfare, Regime of Biden signed an extension of the Pandemic Emergency for another 90 days, despite no Pandemic.   But of course that would be necessary in order for Executive Orders to remain the mainstay of the Federal government and states – it would also secure the unapproved vaccines and unapproved medications that were authorized by the wasteland called the FDA.   An imperative measure to assure Gates continues to drown in MONEY$$$!

Fauci has become a basement fixture as his name and reputation are violently nuked.   Poor Baby.   We all feel so sorry for hypermillionaires who murder hundreds of thousands of people without any consequence.   Likely his basement is well equipped with ample supplies of alcohol, drugs, and his ‘fancies’.

Meanwhile.   If Hollywood is Jewish and Israel is Jewish, why don’t they like each other?   Of course, technically, neither are Jewish – they are simply anarchists following the atheist stipulations of Lenin and Stalin while bowing and scraping to Jin-‘Ping’!   Because everything Chinese is CCP.   Or else – you are dead.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is vehemently apologizing for interring Italians, Germans and Japanese during WWII – a factoid not much discussed.   I wonder if he looks like his father when he takes off his wig?

Meanwhile – Prince Harry, who is no longer a true Prince, is on a lengthy soap opera with himself playing the lead.   Tiny violin please!   We all feel such pity and grief for this poor poor person who married an actress of bi-racial descent muddied with her own hatreds and family disfunctions.

Does anybody wonder why the media continues to tell the world at large about the deaths of some 90+ actor/actress that just – died.   I mean does anyone really care?   Eulogizing Hollywood is so annoying.   And such a waste of time, space, and writing material.

PERHAPS, instead, we should recognize our Memorial DAY for exactly what it is, why it is, and how it came to be!   True Hero’s died.   My dad and his dad included.   This has been the core of our Republic, For Which It Stands, One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For All.  

And when we look at Arlington Cemetery – at Presidio where my father, his father and family reside, we should take a moment to remember what life was when men were men and women were women and Freedom was the Greatest Anarchical CALL!


ISRAEL: A Secular State of Secularism…

ISRAEL is conducting ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.   At least that is the headlines, the go-to hard line by the same hallelujah ingrates who sided with Obama in destroying Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Ukraine are now screaming in hypocritical conundrum.   Despite the rhetoric – Israel faces -0- sanctions.   How can that be?   Perhaps it isn’t about anything but $Money$.   US Barnacle Blinken has announced US Taxpayers will foot the bill for Palestine and Israel… WHAT?  

Gaza will get $75 million, plus disaster relief of $5.5 million, and the UN will get $37 million for the Relief and Works Agency.  Why?   Because.

The Relief and Works Agency has been spending money on Palestinian Refugees since 1948 when the UN made Palestinians – refugees.   The agency has been mired in criticism for decades for such abuses as:   nepotism, mismanagement, ineffective policies, corruption, creating dependency, and serving no value.   Refugees status only increases with children born to refugees which now stands at 5.6 million.  BY comparison, the original diaspora of Jews to Israel was in the range of 250,000.

The UN in coordination with Germany created the issue by carving up Israel/Palestine post WWII thus creating a battleground.   Neither race has any intention of sharing, and thus the war is indefinite.

In a special session, the UN General Assembly voted on November 29, 1947, to partition Palestine into two new states, one Jewish and the other Arab, a recommendation that Jewish leaders accepted and the Arabs rejected. While the concept of a Jewish statehood was largely driven by the loss of safe country status, it was hardly based on religious Judaism.   In fact, most of Israel’s Prime Ministers are ‘secular’ – having no religion thus relinquishing the religious mantra that Israel is the Holy Nation Chosen By God!

In fact, Ben Gurion, the so called Father of Israel, was a secular Zionist Jew and inspired by Tolstoy.  Eventually, he became a member of the Paolei Zion Party which advocated for Marxism supporting the Bolshevik Revolution.   Claiming to be a Lenin comrade, Gurion was far left of center politically. Having attended the Istanbul University, Gurion joined a militia group that supported the Ottoman Empire.

And so the diaspora between religious Jews and Marxist Jews begins.= as history rewrites itself…

The problem today is differentiating between Jewish culture vs Jewish Religion.   Jewish religion would claim Israel as their heritage.   Jewish culture would make the same claim with zero to nada supportive evidence. More than 42% of Israeli’s identify as secular.   Hollywood is rife with secular jews.   They have no religious belief whatsoever, capitalize on their Jewishness, and are subservient to Communist China.

In other words, these fake Jews are literally capitalizing on a religious ideology to further their Money.   Of course, they are not the only religion to fake their way through life.   I had the non-privilege of being married to a ‘fake Christian’ who sought the trust of other Christians in order to capitalize his financial business.   Not uncommon at all.   Pope Francis is a propagandized fake Christian.   It is likely one of the more heinous ploys.

And yet, despite 70 years, we still are led to believe that Israel is a ‘Chosen Land for the Chosen People’.

And so, we blindly support their Marxism.

Palestinians are not much better.  

Technically, there is no such thing as a true Palestinian given Palestine has been ruled by just about everybody in history, culminating in the British.   And thence they were transferred via the UN to a splinter of Israel.    That worked real well!   They have literally never been a sovereign anything. Which could explain why absolutely NO Middle Eastern Country wants them.   Limbo.

The ultimate infinitum outcome is perpetual war. Followed by money for refugees, money for infrastructure, money for rebuilding…money to waste in perpetuity.

Only to be destroyed again and – rebuilt. Much like Syria. Apparently, Blinken thinks Syria’s elections are fraudulent and therefore the country must be bombed. Again. Hrummmm – really…

The UN caused this.   They need to fix this.   At their OWN expense. Period.   Otherwise, let them HAVE WAR.   And may ‘good’ Win.

Although in this instance, I don’t think there is a Good per se.   Just degrees of ‘not-good’. And everyone seems perfectly willing to sell out their soul for the right dollar figure.   And this is what has become the Global Justice System that they want to institute under the New World One Government.   Personally, I think they lost before they got out of the GATE!

What a ridiculous Advertising Campaign!    Jeez-Louise!   An Asperger child could do better… oh right she has – Greta.   The AI media frenzy created to become the Hunger Game Princess who ruled the youth peasantry.   Yet, the Ruler, was an idiot.   And hence the game was lost.   The rule was pummeled.   And Good prevailed.  Greta became a plastic doll in a toy store window.

But then imagine what others see as Americans when represented by this current government…?   At least 80 million of us, would be highly incensed at the generalization.   And many need the nudge, it isn’t The People!   It IS – the Government and its Shadow.  The ‘they’s that we target are likely no more infiltrated than we are.   That would be the illusion.   Learn your enemies. Learn your friends.

Which is why they require the divisive division.   TO make – The People – The Government – and attack each other.   Don’t fall into this paradigm – the enemy of my enemy is my friend – or, the desire of my enemy is my battle…

The Palestine Corruption

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas just shot himself in the foot. Apparently, John Kerry was of the belief that by now Trump would be history, either thru impeachment – or other means unclear.   As such, he would appear to have been butting his head into foreign affairs including telling Abbas not to attempt to find a peace agreement with Israel!   Caught, Trump is holding his own and threatening to cut off funding which is estimated to be worth over $600 million per year. Shucks!

Abbas gave him the proverbial finger telling Trump he can take his money and shove it. Sounds like a plan to me!   $600 million here and there, no more UN, hey, savings are mounting exponentially!

Abbas isn’t exactly a squeaky clean good guy that got a bad rap…   Elected President in 2005, he quickly did some Constitutional finagling which allowed him to remain President without elections – indefinitely.   In 1972, Abbas was instrumental in raising the funds necessary to implement the Munich massacre in which 11 Olympic team member Israeli’s were kidnapped and murdered.   But Abbas claimed he had no idea what the money was being used for so he was given a slap on the back, although I can’t imagine what he did think the funds were for…

IN 1985, it was revealed that Abbas was a KGB agent for Moscow.   He is considered one of the founders of Fatah,along with Yasser Arafat. Fatah is considered a militant revolutionary stronghold whose name means to conquer and expand Islam through victory over the Levant.

Fatah has membership within the Socialist International organization and the Party of European Socialists.

In 2009, Reuters published a series of articles in which Abbas corruption was laid bare along with the collusion of his sons. In 2012, US Congress demanded accounting for what was perceived to be rampant corruption including stealing USAID funding.

So why would Kerry support Abbas?

Well it isn’t just Kerry and the US pledging millions.   Apparently, Palestine operates as a donor fund collecting over $1 billion annually as of 2013 from US, EU, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Kuwait, France, Italy, Belgium and others…   This would not include private funds diverted to Palestine.

Not a bad charitable take!   So where has all that money gone? Obviously not into Palestinian schools, healthcare, retail development, and resource development. Where could it be?

According to Israeli Intelligence, Yasser Arafat’s net worth was well over $1.3 billion, earning his wife a monthly budget of $200,000. According to various sources within Palestine, it is reported that Abbas net worth is well over $100 million cash, in addition he lays claim to multi- millions in castles and property throughout the Middle East. He pays well too! Apparently Mustafa, who is Chairman of the Palestine Investment Fund, is given an annual ‘salary of $400,000’.   Oh, and he went to George Washington University in DC.   And Mustafa’s claim to fame? He worked at The World Bank Group in DC where he ‘leveraged loans to developing countries’.   Like Abbas son, he was a named person in the Panama Papers Caper.

Obviously, the ‘charitable contributions’ conveyed upon Palestine have been used for one purpose only – to promote the ridiculous wealth of government to the absolute destitution of the people.   For the US to drop out is but a drop in the bucket given the massive moneys laid upon layer for Palestine.

In the end, the massive corruption would seem to be a part and parcel of The Swamp that has defamed our globe with over-reaching tentacles and absorbed entire countries… with a few notable exceptions; Russia and China.

Again, as my Turkish friend stated, your friends are US, UK, Turkey, Russia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, Australia… etc… and your enemies are US, UK, Turkey, Russia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, Australia… etc…

It is a sickening waste of US taxpayers $$$$.

Jewish by Name Only

There are two broad categories within the class of Jewish people; the culture Jew and the religious Jew. It is an important point to distinguish because we tend to lump both in one basket and refer to them from one broad based  religious standpoint. In fact, it is estimated that between 65% and 70% of Israeli Jews identify as either atheist or secular. Leaders in Israel have tended toward the secular side, including:

Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister – secular, non-religious

Golda Meir – Former Prime Minister – born in Kiev – secular atheist

Yitzhak Rabin – Former Prime Minister – atheist

David Ben Gurion – First Prime Minister – born in Poland – atheist

Ariel Sharon – Prime Minister – agnostic

Moshe Sharett – Prime Minister – born in Ukraine – agnostic

Levi Eshkol – Prime Minister – born in Ukraine – atheist

Yitzhak Shamir – Prime Minister – born in Russia – secular

Shimon Peres – Prime Minister and President – born in Belarus – secular

Ehud Barak – Prime Minister – secular

Ehud Olmert – Prime Minister – secular

Ezer Weizman – President – secular

Reuven Rivlin – Current President – secular

Other prominent Secular/atheist Jewish people include:

George Soros

Karl Marx

Vladimir Lenin

Leo Trotsky

Why is this relevant?

For one, it identifies a false thought that if you are Jewish, you are religious.  It makes the Muslim-Jewish battle more odd because it is not a battle of religion after all.  It alters the Palestinian land grab conflict and redefines the core of it.  It opens up the debate over refugee camps, including the mass exodus from African nations to Europe.

From the Orthodox standpoint, Israel was given to the Israeli Jews by God.  This would not apply then to the secularists, atheists and agnostics who are not part of that plan.  But Israel is a land where Jews will forever be safe from persecution for their ‘culture’ after being expelled from every other mid-east country.  The land was annexed by the UK as they sought to divvy up land under their control.  They made a mess of it and never were able to reverse the harm.  Annexing land is relatively common in history, most recently in Ukraine. Borders continuously change. Yugoslavia has changed, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Russia, Georgia, Prussia, Iran, Poland, Czech Republic, Syria, the list goes on. How quickly we forget the Ottoman Empire.

Annexing a portion of Israel and giving it to the Palestinians is not a religious battle, it is a battle of land control. From the Jewish standpoint, it is a battle rooted in the belief that this annexation would provide a gateway for the Middle East to ultimately eradicate the Jewish people. From the Palestinian perspective, it is persecution. They have no place to go.

Ironically, the same people who want to annex Israel cry foul at the annexation of Crimea despite the fact that the Crimean’s wanted to return their roots to Russia. Of the 810,000 internally displaced Ukrainians, 790,000 were from Donetsk, the region where pro-Russian Ukrainians fought the coup government of Kiev. Coincidentally, it is also the region where Biden’s son Hunter and Burisma Holding Company have interest in drilling.

But Israel continues to dig in their heels as does all the other Arab countries that don’t want the Palestinian refugees.  So why do we focus on Israel alone – and not the multitude of Middle East nations that shun and enslave their refugees?

I’ll answer that in my next blog – The Palestinian Pox.