Transhumanism – Using Child Volunteers For Genetic Modification

**WHERE are the 85,000 Children who came across the border unaccompanied?

Is the medical fetish of transitioning young children into a wholly different species, aka gender, really a massive trial for transhumanism?   The elite AI Movement is focused on transhuman perfection, altering a person’s genetics to produce a more favorable person.   Brain and computer interfacing.   And then inserting bionic parts to make them ‘superhuman’.   At which point they are – no longer Human.   What has been achieved is Human eugenics.

The new obsession with transitioning seems odd.   There are the ‘fake trans’; Dylan Mulvaney and Lia Thomas who have not had physical semi-permanent surgeries and appear to be using it as a means of success. There are the real Trans who just want to be left alone by the frenzy.  And then there is experimental transitioning for medical professional training.   For the experimental phase, children are the preferred volunteer because their bodies are nubile and their minds are so broadly indoctrinated they believe doctors are demi-gods.

Genetic editing is the first course for the Transhuman cult.   But of course they don’t want to be the guinea pigs for botched medical practices and have thus found a source of subjects for their Nazi like medical experimentation procedures .   Considered ‘atrocities’, Mengele was doing genetic research on living humans for the purpose of discovering a means for editing genetics.

Mengele’s research is today concurrently labeled apocalyptic and groundbreaking science for doctors to expand on further.  Tissue samples Mendel collected were sent to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Eugenics in Berlin.  Its director, Otmar von Verschuer, received funding for some of these activities from the prestigious Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.   Verschuer was an internationally recognized scientist, who, after World War II, was appointed professor of human genetics at the University of Münster.   A Nazi Doctor.

Otmar’s son went on to become a high ranking official in the European Commission.   They were saved because of the value they offered.   Mengele fled to Argentina and then Brazil after WWII evading capture thru a network of former SS Officers who had also fled.   He died in 1979.   Other scientists were provided new identities by the CIA and given housing and high security clearance in the US with the authorization and approval of president Truman.

Ultimately 1600 Nazi scientists were given clearance in the US under Operation Paperclip. Included in this ‘roundup’ were 11 scientists whose specialties included biological weapons, space medicine and chemical weapons.

One such Nazi was Richard Lindenberg a pathologist who testified before the Rockefeller Commission over the death of JFK. His testimony confirmed the false premise of the single bullet theory thereby clearing the CIA culpability.

Other Nazi medical scientists went to work for NASA or the US Air force.   Including those well versed in immunology, vaccination, and infectious diseases. And then there was Eric Traud, a veterinary virologist who worked for the Rockefeller Institute in the creation of vaccines, the Naval Medical Institute in Bethesda and – Fort Detrick.   At the time, Fort Detrick was the headquarters for biological warfare. Fort Detrick has been implicated in the creation and release of CoVid19.    Animal germ warfare was conducted on Plum Island with Traub leading the ‘science’.

The US has been involved in the mechanics of genetic modification of humans since WWII.   The obsession is the same as Mengele’s, to create an advanced human species.   Like Mengele, there are no volunteers for these trials, thus creative license is being taken via the indoctrination of youth for experimentation. The end product might be a species of human that is neither male or female but is a birther.   Elites have no intention of ‘ruining’ their elite perfectly genocized  bodies via the chore of birthing. Thus creating a species to do nothing but birth on command via injecting the appropriately superior sperm and egg into a species for controlled birthing could be a form of transitioning surgery.   Said species would be neither male or female – but a prosthetic of necessary organs.

Transhumanism requires test subjects, trials, human volunteers in order to assure the elite that their life will be ‘sustainable’ and not subject to pain, disease, or aging.   Manipulating genes may have been spun by Mengele and his famed Nazi physicians, but today there are roughly 1000 doctors whose primary focus is the plethora of surgical procedures for which a one year long fellowship training at Mount Sinai grants them certification.

Transhumanism is about ‘liberating humans from their biological constraints and destiny’.     It is still an unfinished bridge given the moral outrage but transitioning is the precursor to help humans accept.   Therefore Transitioning is liberating humans from their gender constraints.   Once Transitioning is perfected, the next phase would be the gene editing utilizing mRNA  proteins to alter appearances instead of hormones, testosterone and chemicals.

Why do they need so many Mengele volunteers?   Botched outcomes. A Netherlands study found that transgender men and women had increased mortality rates from – everything!   The study noted suicides, infections, heart disease, cancer, HIV etc… as significantly higher ratios   During the study period 13.5% of the trans died.   Rates of suicide were 6.8 times higher than cis, and death from infection was 8.7 times higher.

What Fauci and the medical community taught us during the Pandemic is twofold;   1.   The human race was the trial,   and   2.   Doctors will murder for money.    

Given the Real Focus is on Transhumanism – this fervor  elevated around transitioning is just the beginning of chimera volunteers…   coming soon…

Trump & DeSantis Lawsuits: Frivolous Distractions

Deutsche Welle Headline:   UN report: Venezuela committing crimes against humanity to crush opposition.   Reality:   New York Attorney General appointed via George Soros has charged civil fraud against Trump, Ivanka and Eric.   The Purpose?   To ‘crush opposition’ using intelligence agencies to target certain individuals, aka, MAGA’s.

The exact same methods the UN has determined are being used by the Maduro government in Socialist Venezuela are now the means employed by the American government.   We are a fully socialist Marxist Dictatorship. According to the UN’s own promulgations.

The Charge? Crimes Against Humanity.

According to the UN definition, Crimes Against Humanity include:   Imprisonment – in violation of fundamental rules and international law. Persecution against a collection political or religious group. Torture – as in solitary confinement.  All of which have been perpetrated by the Liberals for 6 years.

If prosecuted, such crimes are punishable by 30 years in prison.   Which would apply to every member of Congress, every member of the FBI and CIA and DOJ for committing these heinous acts against the civil liberties of Americans.   For most of Congress, that penalty would account for the remainder of their lifetime.

NY AG, Letitia James has been diligently working to find any reason to persecute President Trump.   The charge? Between 2011 and 2021, Trump falsely inflated his net worth by billions.

Among the damages James is seeking includes;  “award disgorgement of all financial benefits obtained through the persistent fraudulent practices, estimated to total $250 million.”

A sub-paragraph to the charges notes that all valuations were made by Trump’s accounting firm.   NOT Trump.  

For Six Years this is the best the Soros diggers could find.   The Accountants are technically liable for not following GAAP rules. However, that is a significantly broad determination and the Attorney General has to Prove Beyond Doubt this was intentionally done by the Accounting Firm.

The accounting firm central to this filing is Mazars USA.   Headquartered in Paris, the firm employs 42,000 globally.   It’s Board Chair and CEO is Victor Wahba. Their website states they are committed to sustainability and the environment.   Maybe that means they don’t use paper….

At the behest of AG Letitia James, Mazars USA resigned from operating as the Trump accounting firm February 2022.   At this point they declared that no inflation of any financial numbers existed  and provided James with all the evidence in support of this fabricated accusation.  Despite Mazar’s dropping Trump as a client in 2022, the lawsuit would fall under their employment contract for the time stipulated by AG James. And the responsibility for any misstatement in Trump’s financials and taxes would fall wholly under their responsibility.

Given Mazars has revealed itself to be an alliance of the WEF, is an interesting breech.

Mazar contested AG James assertion regarding their failure to follow GAAP.   So the legal battle will in reality be Mazars vs NY State.   And penalizing Trump for any misconduct on the part of Mazars would be unlikely given he – Trump could not be held responsible for having knowledge of GAAP.

It is likely counter suits will result, including harassment.

The frivolous lawsuit brought against DeSantis by ‘Venezuelan’ Migrants in the US illegally, is also rife with irrationality.   A)   the migrants signed a waiver,   B)   the migrants were subsequently bussed to jail by National Guardsmen – not Boston or DC as they claimed to want, C)   they are NOT US citizens and have zero Constitutional rights,   and D) President Biden has routinely bussed illegal migrants throughout the country.

The only motive for these lawsuits is to smear reputations.   What these lawsuits do reveal is a heightened desperation and an abject lack of legal knowledge.   The Midterms will be scrutinized. We know all their corrupted tactics.   They will LOSE.

Grain Shortages – Human Rights Shortages – Diversity Shortages!

Human Rights organizations operating in Africa and India constantly claim they are working to highlight the inequality among women workers.   Women and girls are espoused to be the future!   Women and girls are routinely subject to neglect and brutality! Yet these SAME Human Rights organizations support abolishing the gender ‘woman’ given that women no longer exist in the diaspora… Tides Center, the recipient of the largess only grant from Minnesota Freedom Fund, has lifted the lid of inequality!   Their board members are ‘diversity specialists’, ‘disinformation specialists’, ‘knowledge experts’, supporting ONLY black initiatives – WHITES need not apply!

In supporting all things anti-white, new terminology has been created in order to launch and re-launch – re-launch the idea that 12% of the population rule 100%.   And 88% of the population must PAY for the privilege of being censored and evicted from America. Because they aren’t black.

These organizations are self defined ‘movements’ that recognize climate change, jobs, skills, math, training, science, and history are unfairly, unequally prejudice against under-privileged populations, aka blacks.

This Frame Assumes:   A) only blacks are under-privileged, B)   blacks are thus a universal victim,   C)   statistics are skewed and need to be either censored or subject to a different algorithm –   D)   blacks have an inferior mental acuity for math, science, and reading, thus necessitating a further demotion of grade level proficiency, and E)   blacks are justified in any murder, assassination or killing they might engage in at any time… and immunity will be applied via Minnesota Freedom Fund/Tides Center.

In the end, whites will provide their children with a higher standard of education via homeschooling while teachers quit en masse and sub-par is the remaining standard for poor blacks.

In other words, the intention of these organizations is NOT to improve the lives of blacks – it is to weed out the poor, the uneducated, and create a peasant class of those remaining – alive.   According to Bill Gates/Schwab Protocol.   Two White Males – who identify as MALES!   Men.   Not CIS, not his/her, not them!

Identifying as ‘anything’ is acceptable and upheld as legal as long as your affiliation is Soros/Clinton.   I identify as black in California and thus may receive a monthly free-income.   I identify as a Pennsylvania resident – therefore legally, I should be able to collect the $2,000 per month free stipend being offered…

THAT would be logical.

Africa continues to be the target of Human Rights NGO’s bent on colonizing a country under the guise of vaccination depopulation.   Chad is the newest to bite the dust as food shortages spike.   But other countries targeted include; Mali, Niger, Botswana, Sudan, Cameroon, etc…

The culprit?   Grain shortages.   The frantic delusional cause?   Russia.   Despite the fact that these countries rely on India for their subsistence.   India recently capped exports of wheat as other countries and territories announced shortfalls in production due to drought: US, EU, and…. No one else.

CHINA is the largest exporter of wheat.   Their production seems to have mitigated the sanctions and the drought.   India’s production is at peak levels but lower than anticipated due to recent weather issues.   And these La Nina drought fests have been documented for decades!   Much to the chagrin of these propaganda pundits!

But food shortages inspire fear!   Fear inspires crime!   And crime inspires death and chaos!   This chaos is the product of the Protocols of Soros Zion humanity depopulation. The latest of which states that the elimination of 7 billion would be preferable.

Depending on consumption levels…  

It is ‘estimated’ that global population reached 1 billion in 1804.   At the same time the US population was determined to be 5 million or 1.5% of what it is today.   Therefore, to achieve the globalist goal – 330 million US citizens must die to accommodate a harmony of existence according to the Protocols of the World Economic Forum.

While humane efforts were ‘blink-blink’ the supposition of means – it would appear to include torturous adverse biological events caused by pharma.   The same pharma that has been found to use saline as their vaccine source for preferred elite stakeholders and clients….   To preserve their non-torture existence.

GOD is said to have named the names in The Book of Life.   By comparison, Satan would seem to have written his own preserved minions.   And those apparently number 1 billion in The Book of Death.


Women only exist as a gender in Africa Human Rights campaigns.   In Africa, black males are demonized for their assault on women.   Yet, in the world of NGO’s, even these black males are mediatized as victims.   At some point the hypocrisy is so elevated that censorship becomes the only means of truth.

THUS:   in Africa – women are one of two genders.   In Africa, women are treated with severe inequality.   In Africa, women are the focus of US and EU NGO’s writing off their billions in revenue against a 10% IRS stipulation that is manipulated in a circular phenomena of – NGO’s.

AND anyone who reveals or renounces this phenomena is oddly found – executed. FBI/CIA/Mafia – style.     I remember when…   the US was the global monitor of election integrity…   Now we are the Model.