Hillary’s Foes Are Our Friends…Right?

Hillary hates Putin. Hillary distrusts Russia. If we accept that Hillary is corrupt, that she is a Soros puppet alongside Obama, then wouldn’t we logically assess that her enemies are our friends?

Hillary Clinton supports The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization bent on eradicating democracy and instituting Sharia Law – everywhere. We know that is insane, so we logically assess that her friends are our enemies.


We know the mainstream media is corrupt and their stories are rooted agendas dictated by power bosses pulling the strings of marionettes. And yet, when this same media that we decry as foul, fowl and more fool than friend, states that Putin is the enemy, we say, ‘oh, okay’, because suddenly they must be speaking Truth… Right?

It’s a Jungle out there!

That is how insidious lying can be. Even when we know that the garbled words of fearful ‘reporters’ holding desperately to fluffy jobs and a militarized rule of journalism are false, sometimes the lies are believed. Putin speaks his offensive gracefully. Trump bludgeons. Hillary screeches. Cruz pontificates. Unfortunately, according to the polls, we as US citizens, as Christians, prefer the bludgeoning and screeches.

When Putin was asked to respond to one of Hillary’s screeches in which she compared him to Hitler, here is his most gracious response:

It’s better not to argue with women. But Ms Clinton has never been too graceful in her statements. Still, we always met afterwards and had cordial conversations at various international events. I think even in this case we could reach an agreement. When people push boundaries too far, it’s not because they are strong but because they are weak. But maybe weakness is not the worst quality for a woman.”

He goes on to say that when someone has nothing to say, they screech (I paraphrase).

Hillary liked Medvedev when he was President of Russia because quite simply he was malleable, an intellectual who didn’t understand the nuances of manipulation. Putin brought Russia back from the direst depths of depravity and instilled a sense of pride and nationality that Soros cannot undermine. Using Human Rights Foundation, an organization in New York that attempts to create protests and political chaos in Russia, Soros continues to wield a mighty stick. The problem? It is not working.

When looking at who we call our enemies, and who we call our friends, it is important to understand the agendas – and they are in the thousands! A One World Order may have some positive aspects, but there are some countries who simply don’t want to be ‘taken over’ and dominated. Given Hillary is the mouthpiece of Soros, and Soros is the mouthpiece of a One World Order, it is safe to assume that Russia doesn’t want to become a cog in the supreme order and Putin is not willing to sellout his country. Unfortunately, Obama is – and Hillary is. For The Greater Good.

Whose Greater Good? Why theirs of course – it is the Magic of the Rabbit Hole.

It is always amazing to me that despite this obvious agenda, even Republicans and Independents can be manipulated into the lie. The only way that can be is if they are a part of the play in which it is not about political parties, but meeting the individuals passion – Money? Or Power? Buying a soul.

So while we logically know that Hillary was bought, while we logically know that the agenda is a One World Order, we have to also logically know that the agenda crosses party lines, conservative and liberal. And when someone lies all the time, they don’t suddenly tell the Truth about One issue. That’s the Rabbit Hole.

Be wary. Be aware. It’s a JUNGLE out there!

The US Secretary of Defense is charged with keeping our country strong, engaging in battle only when absolutely necessary, and serving to attain peaceful relations among all nations.

Rumsfeld ~ “Death has a tendency to encourage a depressing view of war.” Rumsfeld served exactly three years in the Navy during a time of peace.

Gates ~ “Most governments lie to each other, that’s the way business gets done.” He served two years in the military behind a desk in Missouri.

Panetta ~ “Today I think the attitude is that governing is not necessarily good politics, and the result is that it is much more partisan, and much more divided.” He was Secretary of Defense for only two years before he was asked to resign. Served two years in US Army.

Hagel ~ “Imposing democracy through force is a roll of the dice.” Served just over a year before being booted by Obama over his policies regarding ISIS. Served in Vietnam War.

Ash Carter – a physicist. Need I say more.

Whose Agenda?  Why The Rabbit Hole, of Course – said Jabberwocker.

Huma Abedin – Our Next President

By default – when Hillary is ‘confused’~

Imam Zain al A’abedin. Huma Abedin. Jordan Zain Weiner. Zain Endeavors, LLC.

Huma Abedin’s profile is about as transparent as Obama’s school record.

Little known and even less proven. There are no family photos, in fact no photos of Huma prior to her affiliation with Hillary. She does not openly declare if she is Sunni or Shiite, and while her mother is a vocal advocate of Sharia Law and all it’s implications including female genitalia mutilation, stoning, and lashings, Huma is silent. While no one attacks Ms Abedin’s intellect, her heritage and affiliations do seem a bit problematic.

Huma Abedin’s father was Syed Zainul Abedin. He is considered to be a direct descendant of Khawaja Moinuddin Chishti. Chishti, an Imam and scholar is said to be a direct descendant of Muhammad. The name Syed (including different spellings) is used specifically to denote a descendant relationship with Muhammad. Does that make Huma a descendant of Muhammad by her father?  Is her ‘seed’ being positioned in the World Order?

The name Jordan in ancient Aramaic means, ‘one who descends’. Zain means, beautiful one’. While Huma’s father was Shiite, her mother is Sunni. Articles continually point out that Huma’s mother is connected to The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is apparently embraced by the US, but has been decried a terrorist organization in Saudi Arabia where Huma was raised. Being found to support them financially or in any ideological manner is punishable by prison for a period no less than 3 years and no more than 20.

But the Saudis have had a vibrant friend/foe relationship with The Muslim Brotherhood over the years, with the terrorist label slapped on just this past 2014, and a new claim of alliance being rumored today.

That being said, how is it even conceivable that Huma, her siblings and her mother are not in jail if in fact they are related to The Muslim Brotherhood? Her mother teaches at a tiny girls school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Huma has visited the country since her enshrinement with Hillary, all without incident. Could it be that her lineage is her salvation and protection?  And why Hillary?  Easily, she is the perfect conduit, the patsy, the puppet.  Hillary is a stage.  The play – is much more complicated.

The predominant reason the Saudis don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood is that they consider them a threat to their supremacy and monarchical rule because the Brotherhood adheres to a more revolutionary front of Sunni Islam.

In the early years of Assad rule in Syria, he was considered an ally of the US by the CIA, various military intelligence divisions, and the FBI, for his invaluable information regarding al-Qaeda. In fact, the information he supplief was considered the best and his relationship with the US was hailed!

What prompted his alliance?  He believed that The Muslim Brotherhood was an off-shoot of al-Qaeda and The Brotherhood was attempting to infiltrate Syria calling for a Sunni uprising and jihad. Attempting to eradicate the jihad threat, thousands of Brotherhood members were killed. But when Rumsfeld demand ed that Assad give over Hezbollah in return for help against The Brotherhood,  Assad refused having a moral alliance with Hezbollah.   And Rumsfeld turned.

Who exactly is Hezbollah?  Hezbollah was initially formed as a para-military unit of about 1500 men organized by Iran to combat the Israeli takeover of southern Lebanon.  In other words, they were created and organized to battle the invasion and takeover of a portion of  Lebanon by Israel.

The turvy world then propped up Assad for destruction because he was not willing to bend to the corruption and thus his country was thrown into rubble, with The Muslim Brotherhood as the ‘good guy’ and Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.  What evolved from this deception was a boatload of anger.

Not sayin’ I support one or the other, just observing:

So, why do we, the US, cater to The Muslim Brotherhood despite their open claim agenda for world Islamification? They are considered by some as the parallel of Hitler’s Nazi’s. In Arabic, The Brotherhood is called, Ikhwan, a group that openly collaborated with Hitler, assassinated Anwar Sadat, and employs Malik Obama, President Obama’s brother. They support Erdogan, created Hamas, created CAIR, and are said to be affiliated with ISIS. The finger pointedly points to the Obama regime. In 2010, he began a crusade in support of The Muslim Brotherhood, in support of Sharia Law, to the dismay of Egypt, and Libya as in Benghazi.  And to the dismay of many within the US.  As in, “what the hey!!!!!%^&I*$#…”

So where does Huma fit into this profile? There is a precept within Sharia called, ‘maruna’ that advocates lying and false impersonation as a valid doctrine of faith. This doctrine is widely accepted as a means of sowing division and confusion – by The Muslim Brotherhood. Hence, Huma’s very odd marriage to a jewish man, in complete contradiction to the values instilled by her Sharia Law mother. Perhaps he was the unwitting shill, the man who followed his lust instead of his values and morality. He was easy.  And perhaps the vow Huma has for Hillary, knowing that her innate’ confused mind’ will ultimately lay the table for a a Huma dictatorship.  As she is really the ‘man’ in control.

Is the abdication of the ‘confused’ Hillary simply a precursor to the potential rule of Abedin as her most trusted and loyal advisor. Is Hillary the real pawn and the betrayal a play waiting to happen? Is Abedin raising her child to be the new messiah within the lineage of Muhammad? Is that her coronation? IS that what gives her and her mother the ability to reign within Saudi Arabia despite their Muslim Brotherhood connection?

When Truth and Transparency are hidden, it is not surprising that questions arise…

When Truth and Transparency are exposed, it is not surprising that there is nothing – to talk about.

HRW -A Partisan Hypocrisy

HRW, the Soros operation Human Rights Watch, is being criticized for hypocrisy by its unpaid interns, and for gross bias and political partisanship by activists and scholars:

The interns claim which they have brought to the attention of President of HRW, Kenneth Roth, on numerous occasions, their plight as being unfairly classified as volunteers when in fact they are interns subject to different laws and regulations under FLSA.  Despite being hired as interns, they are categorized as ‘volunteers’ on the books in order to bypass regulations regarding stipends and remuneration laws that would classify them as employees. HRW says they have no intention of changing this manipulative practice because their funding and revenue does not support making such changes.  They say – they can’t afford it and will ask for universities to ante the cost of the intern.

HRW Financial Statements as of 6/2015:

~The organization shows assets of over $240 million including over $97 million in liquid assets such as cash.

~Annual revenue reported was $68.5 million against expenses of $74.3 million

~Expenses: Salaries, and salary support, and consultants absorbed $46 million or about 62% of expenses. Professional fees (normally accounting for legal and accounting services) were $1.8 million or 2 ½% and travel was roughly $6.4 million or 8 ½%.

~New offices were opened in Sydney and San Paolo despite funding shortfalls in 2014.

~CEO Kenneth Roth – compensation for 2014 amounted to just under $450,000 with additional compensation amounting to $67,000 bringing his total to $517,000. The organization has been criticized for years concerning the abnormally high level of compensation paid to its executives which only exacerbates the interns financial concerns.

~Executive Salaries: Compensation paid to the other 11 top executives ranged from $210,000 to $324,000 far exceeding other non-profits.

~HRW does not list specific names of organizations to which it gives grants and funds, nor does it list specific names of individuals, governments or corporations that contribute to them.

Roth has been accused of using photos and bylines to support false narratives about Syrian destruction. On a number of occasions the photos were depictions of different events and the bylines were completely fabricated and incorrect creating a bias and partisanship in violation of their 501(c)(3) tax status.

HRW has been heavily criticized for past agendas including the Goldstone Report which attempted to vilify Israel by accusing them of deliberately targeting civilians during Operation Cast Lead between December 2008 and January 2009. Roth and HRW are now making similar claims against Assad and Putin. The conflict of interest is the fact that Roth does the bidding of George Soros who has a personal vendetta against Israel, Russia and Syria.

In June 2014, Democracy Now published an interview between HRW’s attorney, Reed Brody, and Keane Bhatt, a representative for a number of scholars and activists who claim that HRW is biased. In the interview, Bhatt noted that a fair number of advisors, staff, and executives have held governmental positions prior to or after their tenure at HRW. Among those most notable include:

  1. Tom Malinowski – served as special assistant to President Bill Clinton and speechwriter for Madelaine Albright. Then became an Advocacy Director at HRW before being hand-picked as John Kerry’s Assistant Secretary of State.
  2. Miguel Diaz – worked in the CIA as well as another very profitable DC bipartisan NGO ‘think tank’, CSIS, which advises the government on international issues and basically calls the shots on foreign policy (it’s funding sources include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, as well as the Japanese, German, Norwegian and Chinese governments and has a Board of Trustees that spans from Henry Kissinger to USAID, to The Council on Foreign Relations, to Harvard, Coca-cola, Exxon, etc…), sat on HRW’s advisory committee before being called to work at the US State Department.
  3. Javier Solana – NATO former Secretary General

The interview is meant to address the concerns that HRW is by no means bipartisan and holds to agendas that actually uphold and support international war crimes when the US and it’s allies want/demand action. The report decries discrimination, bias, anti-Semitism, political affiliation, a blind eye to atrocities, and grossly unprofessional research at a level that would embarrass a high school student. But it also highlights how HRW actually supports coups and bombings.

Why is this important? Because the entire purpose of the NGO is neutrality. To have no agenda toward any one group, organization, individual or country. The entire credibility of HRW is balanced on it’s bipartisanship – which is essential for it to remain classified as a non-profit under the protection of IRS laws and regulations. And it would certainly appear it may have violated that tenet.

IRS TAX LAW 501(c)(3):

  1.  “…for their organizations to remain tax exempt under section 501(c)(3), organization leaders cannot make partisan comments in official organization publications or at official functions.”
  2. An organization will be regarded as attempting to influence legislation if it contacts, or urges the public to contact, members or employees of a legislative body for purposes of proposing, supporting or opposing legislation, or advocates the adoption or rejection of legislation.”


As for the test to whether a person is a volunteer or an intern under the rules of FLSA, #4 states:

The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainees or students, and on occasion its operations may actually be impeded.

According to the objection filed by 10 of HRW’s interns, they provided extensive advantage from their activities.

Hillary – What Is A Progressive Democrat?

How is it that we have come to the point in our evolution whereby lying is an accepted value?

Hillary Clinton embraces lying like it is a newborn child that she cherishes and nurtures. Truth seems to mean absolutely nothing to her as she continues spilling fabrications that are easily proven to be – fabrications. When her team of writers come together to create her speeches, do they insert these lies purposefully? Because if they do, then they assume We the People are idiots, unworthy of the Truth. If they don’t, they are making themselves appear rather stupid.

Does her campaign manager tell her, “Just lie, everyone knows that’s who you are, no sense in pretending otherwise…”    Or does she go off the teleprompter and make these statements without approval from the campaign staffers?

Hillary began her career embroiled in a scandal and she has maintained a healthy travelgate of scandals since. She is to scandals what dust was to Peanut’s, ‘Pig Pen’. Totalitarianism. Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda campaign, which is disseminated through the state-controlled mass media and a single party that is often marked by political repression, personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance and widespread use of terror.”

The disappearing documents regime of Hillary began when she was working for Rose Law Firm and subpoenaed documents suddenly went missing – for two years. In addition, a missing hard drive that was ultimately found but significantly damaged, were all part of the beginning of the Hillarygate scandal that would morph and grow exponentially.

An accomplice, friend and attorney for the Clinton’s turns up dead – ruled a suicide despite the fact that evidence was tampered with, the autopsy was lame, most of the photos of the murder scene were declared over-exposed and trashed, no bullet was ever found, the gun didn’t have his fingerprints and has no history, the gun was created from 3 separate guns, a mysterious wound on his neck that was not noted, no toxicology report, and a handwriting expert who found the suicide note an ‘obvious forgery’. It was all “Game Of Cards” style of botched investigation/cover-up.  And the lone possible perp?  A hit by the Clintons.

But all this was just the start of the Clinton debacle that has extended for three decades! Still, in this topsy-turvy world she is considered quite a viable presidential candidate… and we vilify Putin… Seriously?

I’d say that pretty much sums up what a Clinton regime would look like in the White House. Winston Churchill used the term ‘totalitarianism’ to describe Hitler. Italy’s Fascist regime during WWI embraced a dictatorship rule termed totalitarianism. It became the Bolshevik cry during the reign of Marxist-Stalin rule in Russia after the assassination of Nicholas II in 1918.

And we now face this very real possibility here in the US.

Hillary’s stance on the issues, including; individual rights, domestic issues, economic issues, and defense and international issues align almost perfectly with Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a die-hard Socialist by self definition, Clinton is a ‘Progressive Liberal Democrat’ by self definition. Yet their ideologies align nearly perfectly. How can that be?

There was just one issue in which they disagreed, gun control. Bernie had ‘no opinion’, and Hillary, like Obama, vehemently supports greater gun control.  Why?  because you can’t defeat a populace that has a means for self defense.

So is Hillary a closet Socialist? The question has been debated, she has adamantly denied it, and yet, she is backed by George Soros – an atheist, of jewish cultural background, whose mentor was Karl Popper, a self professed socialist bordering on communism. Soros calls himself a ‘progressive liberal’, the same label that Hillary uses to define her political ideology. But, what does that mean?

The definition is actually a difficult track. A liberal typically wants higher taxes in order to use taxpayer money to fund their ideas for a better world, while a progressive wants to use more government ‘power’ to rule. Kant, Hegel and Marx were proponents of ‘Progressivism’. Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt were both Progressives. The movement has been defined radically from Imperialism to scientific racism, to state interventionism, to neoliberalism which fell somewhere between classical liberalism and socialism.

So while Hillary vehemently denies she is a Socialist, she is inches away no matter how you want to manipulate the wording. The only difference?   She advocates for larger and greater government control which begins leaning towards totalitarianism and the dreaded communism. For the Clinton-Soros agenda, it’s more about power and control.

Hillarygate is therefore a neoliberal progressive liberal socialist with imperialism tendencies which could evolve into a totalitarian regime lean into communism.  America!  be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

And the only reason Bill and Hillary are still together today? They have too much dirt on each other to risk.

Soros Goes Both Ways – in Politics

If banning Muslims from entering the US means they are going to make a beeline for the ISIS recruitment line, then gee, they probably weren’t the best candidates for asylum or refugee status in the first place!

The notion that ‘not giving in’ means they will get mad and kill us instead is the most bizarre logic I have heard yet!  As in, we’ll let you in if you pinky swear not to kill us..  That is acting in fear. That is acting cowardly. That is caving to their ideology. What it is NOT – is guaranteeing the safety and security of this country which is a politician’s job according to our Constitution.

I must have missed the ‘pandering’ clause in our Constitution.

If you have cancer in your body and the doctor says he wants to inject just a few more cancer cells into your bloodstream because he needs to get rid of the cells he has leftover in the vial he has hanging around…is that a cure? Or is it death?

And the notion that we have to take these Syrian immigrants as our fair share, well does that mean we’re going to airlift half the extra 11 million illegals we already have in this country to Europe? Hello? They need to take their fair share…

Yes this country was founded on immigrants, I am a mutt along with most everyone here. But we didn’t come here vowing to destroy this country, we came to find a refuge, a sanctuary where we could be safe from the tyranny of Europe. Australia, have you forgotten your roots? You were shipped out of England from debtor prison so they could be rid of you. The Irish were shipped out as slaves. And our borders have been open to scores! But now we have a problem, and our very existence is at stake, so we need to assure our survival as who we are.  It is that simple.

The agenda is to create an empire so vast, that it consumes Africa, Europe, the US and the Middle East. The toppling of the US was considered a conquest more arrogant, more challenging than any other country. If that could be achieved, then harnessing the world into a One World Order would be possible. Except – for Russia and China. South America has no more world power, their economy in the toilet. Russia was a target, and killing oil was believed to be the answer. But Russia is much more resilient than anticipated, as in – ‘never underestimate your enemy’.  And Soros is flawed…

China is much more complex. Soros attempted to manipulate their markets back in June, only to sell off in August. His efforts were akin to a fly buzzing about annoyingly – swatted and dead.  But we can be sure he has not given up.  I give him that.

Owning the US is complex.  Obama was the beginning, but he lost face and favor.  Hillary was the screaming brat in the background demanding mememememe.  So, she became the frontrunner for the Democrat Party. But then her closest advisor. personal something, Huma Abedin, was caught saying that Hillary is “frequently very confused”.   That will prove to be many miles of posterity in the coming campaign.

So how does Soros stand with the Republican candidates, we know Hillary is his puppet, but Soros swings both ways:

  • Jeb Bush: Bush got my hairs bristling when he first defined Trump as ‘chaos’. Chaos is a Soros word, it is used extensively in the power play for creating the One World agenda. It was Karl Popper’s pet word for how to create control – thru chaos. Bush’s use of the word made me do more research.Apparently Bush is not without connections to Soros. Specifically, HNA Group, a Chinese private equity firm which was started with financing by Soros and Chen Feng. HNA invested in Bush’s private equity firm, BH Logistics, and BH invested the money in Dorian LPG, a gas shipping company incorporated in the Marshall Islands.

    What does that mean? When Bush was thinking about entering the race, he needed a lot of capital and quickly. By typical standards, he was the poor relative – like Biden. After a number of failed investments, Bush’s net worth suddenly went from $1.3 million to $19 million beginning in 2014! Not a bad profit margin – 1300%! But it certainly speaks volumes of ‘I sold my soul’, as in Obama – as in Clinton. From poverty (by their standards) to wealth in a poof! Obama had nothing, and Clinton claimed they were ‘broke’. Suddenly, they were both flourishing quite handsomely! And suddenly Soros was their Master.

    In addition, Tenet Healthcare paid Bush upwards of $2million and made generous contributions to his campaign. Tenet was slated to be the sugardaddy of  Obamacare. Ouch. Are we sure Bush is a Republican?

Normally, Soros gets his way, and if he promised Bush the Republican nomination, he lost the gamble with Bush barely holding onto a lousy 2% and spewing hate words at Trump, “Donald Trump is a jerk.” Really? Sounds kindof elementary school to me…or Trumpish, as in nannynannypoopoo.

The only interesting potential of a Bush-Hillary stand-off would be a third party candidate. In my opinion, in that instance, the third party would stand a very good chance of winning. Who-oh-who could that be…?  Well, Trump has lately stated that he would never ever ever in a gazillion years consider a third party candidacy. Unless, he changes his mind.  On the other side, Bernie is fuming and has intimated – he might.

Trump? Putin? Fans of Truth…

So Putin and Trump are trading compliments and MSNBC is in a tizzy!

How dare Trump say anything complimentary about a President who has been “accused of killing journalists and political rivals, on top of invading neighboring countries.”

WOW – how heinous, our president would never, ever do such an awful thing… Oh wait… well he was a cocaine user and dealer, he has invaded Ukraine and ousted the then elected president, Yanokovich, which resulted in their economy plummeting into oblivion, their land raized by bombs, and their people dead and wounded, and he has offered asylum to peoples who were apparent terrorists resulting in multiple civilian deaths here in the US. Oops.

Let’s not forget the key term used even by MSNBC – alleged and accused – as opposed to verifiable as in our own President. Obviously this MSNBC character hasn’t read the Bible or he’d know that Matthew 7:5 states; “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Putin shared enthusiasm for the Trump stating he sees Trump as ‘bright and talented’ and thinks they would get along fine.


First, why do people like Trump when all the statistics support his less than stellar attitude and style? I have asked many this question and the resounding answer is always the same – they don’t trust anyone else. No one. Just because a politician can orate circles around another, doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘honesty or integrity or ethics’. We simply need to look at the smiles and rhetoric of Obama’s first campaign to realize this inalienable truth. And while he promised ‘change’, I doubt this is the change most Americans thought their vote would buy.

We end the year 2015 on a somber note of debt – $18.1 trillion to be exact – $8 trillion of which was added under the Obama regime. Sixty seven percent of our debt was added under President Obama. It wouldn’t be so awful if we had something to show for it like – an incredibly well stocked transparent military – authentically budgeted and secure, or an economy that was raging ahead ready to put the screws to that deficit, or an ‘affordable’ Affordable Care Act, or even a charitable powerhouse known throughout the world for our good deeds…. But we don’t have that, we just have – debt.

What Putin did give his country was a nationalism that we envy. He gave them his word and it means ‘his Word’. He gave them his unconditional support, his unconditional authority, a leadership that is powerful and meaningful and when people feel jealous – they attack. Obama doesn’t have Putin’s charisma or tactical intellect. Kerry doesn’t have Lavrov’s incredible leadership and insight and calm.

And while I was reading about the women in Libya, when I looked at their faces, when I read their words, I learned something very powerful – they support their country and have no desire whatsoever of leaving. There are immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, but if you were to ask, the majority would want their own country – not ours, not yours, but theirs. And when we meddle, and pin prick, and uproot, the result has not EVER proven positive.  So this meddling clause of the US in uprooting governments, coups and such so as to institute a ‘new and improved government’, has worldly, widely – backfired to the nth degree.

It IS NOT working.

The Ukrainians, the people, want ‘their’ country, they don’t want ours. The Syrians want their country. The Yemenis. The Lebanese. The Iranians. And this would seem to be the lesson that MSNBC and it’s followers miss, the media in every other country around the world views ours as pathetic. They view us as idiots for believing the drivel. They view Obama as a puppet and his policies as idiotic and perilous. What countries? It is beyond that and now is ‘continents’, as in: Europe – Asia – South America – the people, not the media as in WE the PEOPLE.

We are so indoctrinated into believing the media and the politicians that we no longer understand – the people.

So when Trump takes the lead and all the intellects are confounded – understand that we have crossed the line, the boundaries, the ethic, the morality – and people are afraid. They are afraid at the ugly, ugly spiral that Obama has created for our Great Country, and the evolution of that chaos is growing uglier with every day.

Guns? That’s protection from the policies of our government. Anger – that’s reaction to the heinous lies of our government.

So next time MSNBC wants to attack Putin – wants to attack Trump – they had better take heed, because Matthew 7:5 is alive!

And we are NOT backing down.

HRW and Caesar, A Soros Creation

The infamous defector and traitor, Caesar , who smuggled photographs out of Syria in 2014 purportedly showing the atrocities committed by Assad’s regime, has made headlines again.

Human Rights Watch claims that it interviewed relatives of 27 of the 6000 victims and thus the claims are verified. Atrocities! Every victim was someone’s father, brother, son, husband or friend having searched for years as to their whereabouts. “We have meticulously verified dozens of stories”, says the Human Rights Watch Deputy Middle East Director, Nadim Houry.

Really?  Okay, let’s try and see what is real.

Human Rights Watch opposes violence of any sort, they oppose capital punishment and discrimination, believe in religious freedom and freedom of the press – freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. They also believe in legalized abortion… So much for babies rights. Most importantly, they are predominantly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. Most of it’s accountability is its production of lengthy reports and research campaigns. Little is actually done to improve anything as compared to Amnesty International, which has a more hands-on track record.

The organization has been cited for bias toward US foreign policy (75% of funds are US generated), unfair reporting, siding against Israel, supporting Saudi Arabia, and interfering in the governments of Latin America and Ethiopia.

The Current Director, Kenneth Roth, states that his father fled Nazi occupied Germany in 1938 – about the same time as George Soros. And the previous Director, Aryeh Neier, left HRW to become head of The Open Society Institute.  Tangled!

Nadim Houry has been quoted as Bierut based, Lebanon based, Kuwait based, Middle East based, and Syrian based, since 2010. In 2009, he was shown on a Harvard website as the Foreign Editor for McClatchy Co. The problem? In 2007, McClatchy reports him to be a Human Rights Watch researcher and there is no evidence he was ever employed by McClatchy. But Nadim’s own LinkedIn account shows he began with HRW in 2008 and between January 2006 and January 2008 – he was unemployed.   There is no data to corroborate that Nadim ever worked at Shearman and Sterling. Normally law firms announce new associates, this was not done with Nadim.

Something not right with Nadim? You betcha. His LinkedIn profile does not match up to his profile on Human Rights Watch.

Something not right with Human Rights Watch? You betcha.

Why would Caesar, a supposed military defector from Syria take his photographs to a private NGO, Human Rights Watch? Wouldn’t he take them to the US, UK, German military? Apparently, according to Human Rights Watch, Caesar took them to SAFMCD, Syrian Association for the Missing and Prisoners of Conscience organization. Who are they?  YIKES!  No information is available except that the IP address for .com is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, and the domain for .net is hosted in Montreal Canada. The Google info is all in Arabic. The domain was not even created until January 2015. In other words – they are a fake – a loose end that was not quite tied up Mr. Soros, for their IP address did not even exist until 2015 and HRW says they got the photos in 2014 from them.

Caesar? A hooded figure whose face is not allowed to be shown even today while testifying in the US.  The report that cites Caesar and condemns Syria’s Assad was sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. No agenda there. The three barristers called to determine the veracity of Caesar?  Even more messed up!

1) Sir Geoffrey Nice was a part of the prosecution of Yugoslavia’s Milosevic. While Milosevic wanted to subpoena Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Madelleine Albright, Tony Blair and Helmut Kohl, Neier, former Director of HRW and Director of Soros Open Society, quashed the request saying it was up to Sir Geoffrey Nice who saw no point in it.  Were the US, the UK and Germany complicit in the communist regime of Milosevic?

2) In June 2006, Desmond De Silva, prosecutor in Sierra Leone, met with the Open Society Institute’s – Justice Initiative. After De Silva highlighted the need for more legal clinics and funding for court, Justice Initiative – complied.  Greasing the hands…

3) Prof. David Crane states that he is actively affiliated with Impunity Watch an organization under the umbrella of Justice Initiative – Soros.


Bottom line? Like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a one man British prop, HRW would appear to have a less than authentic domain.

Human Rights Watch is a Soros organization.  The Three barristers are in some manner complicit with George Soros.  A fake organization took control of the photos and gave them to ‘Soros HRW’.  Falsified occupations.  Falsified data and employment history.  All pointing back to ONE place.  Add to the witches brew the whole entirety of the fake Caesar as a concoction of Qatar and Saudi Arabia…. oh my, oh my said Eeyore…

Another tangled web of Soros creation in order to facilitate the Syrian demise, and the rise of ISIS.

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

~Lewis Carrol; Alice In Wonderland

Troops in Iraq and Syria? Suicide Mission.

When facing ideas on how to fight the war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, it would be prudent to learn from the successes and failures of Afghanistan.

The war began in 2001 with the withdrawal of most troops by 2014, we have about 6300 still there. While the list of allied nations fighting numbers 58, most offered support that was necessary but rather superficial; logistal support, access to airspace, refueling hub, overflight permission, etc… The number who actually got their feet wet and their boots dirty was much fewer. At its height, the number of US ground troops in Afghanistan reached 100,000. The biggest support came from the UK with over 5000, then France, Italy and Poland. So, while we had help, it was actually quite minimal.

The US military claims that over 2300 soldiers died and another 20,000 were wounded. Two thirds of these occurred under President Obama. Over 1.2 million civilians died. And now we are sending more ground troops to Iraq and Syria. While the US claims no troops are in Iraq or Syria presently, Iraq, for one would beg to disagree. In addition, despite Ash Carter claiming we are sending troops into Iraq with full cooperation, the Iraqi government says, ‘NO WAY’. We do NOT have their permission, and without it, our troops are violating international law. The Iraqi military says they will fight US soldiers in Iraq.

But Ash Carter says the Iraqi government wants the troops. Apparently, he is not telling the truth. That is akin to a suicide mission in which our special ops are subject to assassination not just by ISIS but by the Iraqi military. So why would Carter lie?

And while Obama announced in December that he would deploy 30-50 special ops ground troops to Syria, according to the Kurds they’ve been there since October. It is unclear exactly how many troops are in Syria or Iraq at this point given they are routinely demoted to ‘advisor’ status per the media.

A number of members of Congress have demanded that the US send troops into Iraq and Syria. Interestingly, only 20% of Congress has members that have actively served in the military, 38% of the House and 57% of the Senate have law degrees and 22 members have a high school degree.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is demanding 100,000 US troops on the ground in Syria. He has no military background whatsoever. Others, such as McCain, are known war hawks and have called for troops in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and anywhere in-between.

But what did Afghanistan teach us?

First, the rules of engagement in the Middle East are not the same. Second, the rules of engagement in the Middle East…are not the same. And third….the rules of engagement don’t exist.  We did not win the Afghan war and some believe it led to the rise of ISIS. We underestimated the ethic of our Middle East allies and were continually sold out by the highest bidder. Right now we are seeing a repeat of this with Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

IN Afghanistan, the Saudis funded the Sunni Taliban while the Pakistani’s gave them arms and supplies. Bill Clinton’s policies were considered useless and without direction. Not unlike the accusations made against Obama today in fighting the Sunni aligned ISIS. Training forces, Special ops, guerilla warfare, these tactics were all part of the insurgency against the Taliban. Twenty years later, gains were made and lost. We still have 10,000 troops in Afghanistan fighting alongside the government, despite the fact that in 2010 we lifted the sanctions against the Taliban and declared they were not terrorists… What?

What did we learn? That if the bad guys are Sunni, we need to back off because we are sending our own forces on suicide missions given the Sunni countries will be backing them militarily, including; Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Albania, Pakistan, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Ukbekistan, Niger, Somalia, Mali, Libya, Kuwait, UAE, Djibouti – etc…  

The bad guys? ISIS = Sunni, al-Qaeda = Sunni, al-Nusra = Sunni, Taliban = Sunni, Boko-Haram = Sunni, Al-Shabab = Sunni, Hezbollah, Al-Badar, Harakat, etc… – Sunni.  What the heck do we think we are doing cause it sure as heck isn’t fighting the bad guys, it wasn’t during the Clinton administration and it sure as heck isn’t now?

US Weapons? Going, going GONE -Sold to the Middle East

The US had a record year for sales of weapons to foreign governments – so far totaling over $47 billion and going strong through the remainder of the year. The sales are 30% over last year and double that of 2013! Great – right?

But our own military just released a sobering report stating that we are running out of weapons and our military defense is spiraling… How will we fight ISIS if we don’t have any weapons left?

From gifting F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, to Apache helicopters and warships, to patriot missiles and Gatling guns, arms deals with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, have contributed to a burgeoning arms industry still going strong. The Saudis have used these weapons to parade before Iran and to reduce Yemen to rubble. The US and media claim that Iran poses a significant threat to Saudi Arabia is well – rubbish.

But giving Iran nuclear power while arming Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait – is not rubbish. It is instigating an all out massive Middle East implosion.

And while the $47 billion price tag sounds like mega $$$$$ profits, our friendly US government subsidizes those sales from our coffers that are apparently empty of dollars to provide weapons for our own military! Of the $47 billion, we taxpayers footed about $11 billion or roughly 25% of the cost. Why? Because the Saudis don’t have enough money to pay the full tab and deserve a discount??

Just this month the Department of Defense authorized the sale of $70 million arms to Turkey. Why? Because Turkey blackmailed Germany, the EU and the US over the refugee crisis. And Turkey won $3 billion euro – to start – $70 subsidized arms, and EU membership status despite its deplorable human rights, its ongoing decimation of Kurds, and its downing of a Russian fighter jet using US made weapons. Add to that the recent reports of ISIS utilizing US made weapons and it would appear everyone has US weapons but – the US!

According to  General Welsh with the US Air Force, the US is “expending munitions faster than we can replenish them.” But how is that possible if we sell $47 billion with $11 billion US government subsidies? Obviously someone is making weapons because we keep selling them! Obviously someone is making money. Obviously the US military is on the short end of the stick in terms of priority. Even more odd is the fact that this General stated that replenishing stock could take up to four years…but we anticipate continuing sales to the Middle East to go on without a hitch!

I have a plan, let’s stop selling to the Middle East. Maybe then it would only take a few months or a year to ramp up our supplies. Or maybe we should just let the Middle East deal with the Middle East. There’s a novel idea.

The news of depletion comes at the point of depletion. Under normal circumstances wouldn’t the statement be made as we ‘approached’ depletion? Because now we may be phoning Russia with our buy order of their cache –  

How much is this little war costing the US?

Between August 2014 and June 2015, the US spent roughly $2.7 billion fighting in Syria, which amounts to $9 million per day. But that does not include what we have been spending on Iraq since 2003 – $187 million per day. That would amount to $71,540,000,000 per year. And what do we have to show for that?   Containment in Syria…nothing in Iraq, we’re still too busy helping Turkey kill the Kurds that we support.

So when we hear about the $500,000 gas station that should have cost $50,000, the $1 billion training program that trained no one in Syria, a Syrian ‘refugee’ plan that will cost the US $55 billion, $4.5 billion to help rebuild everything we destroyed in Syria, and lets not leave out – DYN Corp., a private military company that receives 96% of its funding from the feds amounting to over $3 billion, despite the fact that it has been indicted for fraud, corruption, tax evasion and sexual abuse of children (with no one being punished), I would venture to say that – spending needs a bullwhip!

Of course, all this spending comes as veterans get jacked by VA hospitals, their pay is cut, and their service is life. Who is running this show? Because it is most definitely not the people – as in We the People.

COP21, Paris Summit -a Biosphere failure

Biosphere. Remember the 1980’s and 1990’s attempt to create a mini earth environment? Their motives and aspirations were truly grounded and worthy! But the results were not exactly what they hoped and anticipated. The $200 million experiment was a success in that it was a failure.

The purpose was to create a mini-me earth. To replicate the environment in a way that could teach us how to be more sustaining – with less. But the earth is much more complex in its design and balance structure. Imagine in the human body there are 25,000 genes. Damaging a part of one can result in down syndrome, alzheimers, cancer, MS, etc… Now imagine earth and the billions of ‘genes’ that make up the body… damaging a part of one might cause our axis – to move.

Housing a rainforest, an ocean, a swamp, a tropic, and a savannah grassland, the idea of the Biosphere was to see if life could be sustained in space or on another planet. This controlled environment captured dew and condensation recycling it back. A wave machine created ocean currents and giant turbines serve to blow wind. They trucked in tons of soil, water from the Sea of Cortez, created contained hydroponic gardens and aquaponic rice paddies. They had a team of scientists confine themselves within the biosphere for two years – and the result? Abject failure.

They couldn’t create enough calories fast enough, malnutrition and weight loss contributed to illness, tension and disputes and even accusations of cheating arose. But the greatest problem they encountered was “wildly fluctuating CO2 emissions”.   The same CO2 that we combat in our present day climate change agenda that the White House and some governments attribute to man.   But the biosphere didn’t have pollution, or industrial activity, or oil wells, or cars – it had only plants, a few animals and some insects.  So what made the CO2 go crazy?

Most of the vertebrae and pollinating insects died. Fish died. But ants and cockroaches thrived and took over.

Panicking, to try and regulate the volatility of the CO2, oxygen was injected at higher levels and deactivation of the savannah and desert were routinely done to attempt to increase photosynthesis.  Didn’t work.  They decided that microbes in the soil were actively increasing the carbon CO2.  Naw.   Ultimately, they found that the carbon dioxide was reacting with the ‘exposed concrete’ forming high volumes of calcium carbonate.

Calcium carbonate is found in rocks, stone and concrete products and when it decomposes it becomes carbon dioxide. How does it decompose?  By contact with heat and water.  Simplistically, this would mean that a planet that is paved in concrete and stone, will decompose its calcium carbonate (concrete) into Carbon dioxide emissions …and Houston, we have a problem.  

Concrete jungles. Turning and churning all that CO2 mixed with exhaust into the atmosphere and choking oxygen from our environment. Hence we have oxygen facials, oxygen saunas, oxygen cafes, oxygen spas… because oxygen levels in major cities are close to levels at 13,000 feet. And while flowerbeds on highrise rooftops might lower excessiv heat, no amount of flower beds on rooftops will be enough to photosynthesize all that – concrete/calcium carbonate dissolving to carbon dioxide.

The Biosphere failed to understand that all things contribute to an ecological balance, including; animals, birds, beetles, bees, wasps, butterflies, etc…all plants, all species, including man. Years ago, this balance phenomena was exemplified in a study of the Amazon rainforest. Each animal, insect, creature big and small had an impact on the environment, down to the ‘dung beetle’ whose job it was to cleanup – the dung.  Omit one, and you change everything.

In our attempt to ‘control’ the weather, as in Weather Modification, we may have disrupted its natural course forever. Shooting holes into our atmosphere, shifting wind currents, seeding clouds, fog dispersion, hail suppression, all coincidentally began the same year that Obama’s scientists claim CO2 emissions increased and global warming began – 1965.

Our world is an amazing place to be sure. To the best of our knowledge no other planet exists like it. Beauty is abundant!   I see nothing wrong with adopting as much solar power as we possibly can. But the Paris Summit, or COP21, is a farce by anyone’s standards. All 195 nations in the world reached an agreement… but only 125 were present… but each nation must get approval of their home governments before that agreement is legally binding…, at any time a country can simply ‘opt out’, and every country must put forth a plan that may vary widely from others, that has no mandate CO2 reduction, and that can be instituted over the next 10-20 years when most of those leaders will be long gone, but it doesn’t really matter because its all voluntary with no penalties for failure…   And even if all nations comply, it is accepted that it will amount to half the necessary reductions to achieve the desired result!   That’s a success???  Help me here!

So what is Obama’s plan?  According to the White House, Obama is personally responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 17%. Coincidentally, the US Solar Industry issued a report that found that US solar power had increased by 17% – in 2007. Hmmm, fishing for sand?

It is estimated that solar at its peak can sustain about 8% of our needs in the US. As of 2014, there were 515 MW of solar powered plants under construction and another 3,684 MW under development. Germany has 10x that MW capacity and solar accounts for roughly 6.9% of electricity. A long way to go…

Oh, and by the way, the Biosphere shows that global temperatures have risen 1’ since the year 900.  Not to panic.