HRW and Caesar, A Soros Creation

The infamous defector and traitor, Caesar , who smuggled photographs out of Syria in 2014 purportedly showing the atrocities committed by Assad’s regime, has made headlines again.

Human Rights Watch claims that it interviewed relatives of 27 of the 6000 victims and thus the claims are verified. Atrocities! Every victim was someone’s father, brother, son, husband or friend having searched for years as to their whereabouts. “We have meticulously verified dozens of stories”, says the Human Rights Watch Deputy Middle East Director, Nadim Houry.

Really?  Okay, let’s try and see what is real.

Human Rights Watch opposes violence of any sort, they oppose capital punishment and discrimination, believe in religious freedom and freedom of the press – freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. They also believe in legalized abortion… So much for babies rights. Most importantly, they are predominantly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. Most of it’s accountability is its production of lengthy reports and research campaigns. Little is actually done to improve anything as compared to Amnesty International, which has a more hands-on track record.

The organization has been cited for bias toward US foreign policy (75% of funds are US generated), unfair reporting, siding against Israel, supporting Saudi Arabia, and interfering in the governments of Latin America and Ethiopia.

The Current Director, Kenneth Roth, states that his father fled Nazi occupied Germany in 1938 – about the same time as George Soros. And the previous Director, Aryeh Neier, left HRW to become head of The Open Society Institute.  Tangled!

Nadim Houry has been quoted as Bierut based, Lebanon based, Kuwait based, Middle East based, and Syrian based, since 2010. In 2009, he was shown on a Harvard website as the Foreign Editor for McClatchy Co. The problem? In 2007, McClatchy reports him to be a Human Rights Watch researcher and there is no evidence he was ever employed by McClatchy. But Nadim’s own LinkedIn account shows he began with HRW in 2008 and between January 2006 and January 2008 – he was unemployed.   There is no data to corroborate that Nadim ever worked at Shearman and Sterling. Normally law firms announce new associates, this was not done with Nadim.

Something not right with Nadim? You betcha. His LinkedIn profile does not match up to his profile on Human Rights Watch.

Something not right with Human Rights Watch? You betcha.

Why would Caesar, a supposed military defector from Syria take his photographs to a private NGO, Human Rights Watch? Wouldn’t he take them to the US, UK, German military? Apparently, according to Human Rights Watch, Caesar took them to SAFMCD, Syrian Association for the Missing and Prisoners of Conscience organization. Who are they?  YIKES!  No information is available except that the IP address for .com is hosted in Phoenix, Arizona, and the domain for .net is hosted in Montreal Canada. The Google info is all in Arabic. The domain was not even created until January 2015. In other words – they are a fake – a loose end that was not quite tied up Mr. Soros, for their IP address did not even exist until 2015 and HRW says they got the photos in 2014 from them.

Caesar? A hooded figure whose face is not allowed to be shown even today while testifying in the US.  The report that cites Caesar and condemns Syria’s Assad was sponsored by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. No agenda there. The three barristers called to determine the veracity of Caesar?  Even more messed up!

1) Sir Geoffrey Nice was a part of the prosecution of Yugoslavia’s Milosevic. While Milosevic wanted to subpoena Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as Madelleine Albright, Tony Blair and Helmut Kohl, Neier, former Director of HRW and Director of Soros Open Society, quashed the request saying it was up to Sir Geoffrey Nice who saw no point in it.  Were the US, the UK and Germany complicit in the communist regime of Milosevic?

2) In June 2006, Desmond De Silva, prosecutor in Sierra Leone, met with the Open Society Institute’s – Justice Initiative. After De Silva highlighted the need for more legal clinics and funding for court, Justice Initiative – complied.  Greasing the hands…

3) Prof. David Crane states that he is actively affiliated with Impunity Watch an organization under the umbrella of Justice Initiative – Soros.


Bottom line? Like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, a one man British prop, HRW would appear to have a less than authentic domain.

Human Rights Watch is a Soros organization.  The Three barristers are in some manner complicit with George Soros.  A fake organization took control of the photos and gave them to ‘Soros HRW’.  Falsified occupations.  Falsified data and employment history.  All pointing back to ONE place.  Add to the witches brew the whole entirety of the fake Caesar as a concoction of Qatar and Saudi Arabia…. oh my, oh my said Eeyore…

Another tangled web of Soros creation in order to facilitate the Syrian demise, and the rise of ISIS.

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”

~Lewis Carrol; Alice In Wonderland

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