The Marxist Enemies Within America

Asleep at the wheel.   Americans have suddenly awakened from a Rip Van Winkle snooze wherein the world shifted off its axis and everything appeared to be altered, like a parallel earth.  

Children were raised in day cares, state institutions for the most part.   Mandating Preschool and Kindergarten meant more educational indoctrination.   And then the public schools were caste into a dark world of globalism, self mutilation, and propaganda.   Business leaders convened to decide the fate of schools curriculum and rewrite history to conform to a detailed vision for ultimate totalitarianism.

In essence the wolves created sheep.

How could students possibly embrace Marxism and Socialism?

Because that’s what they were taught every day from kindergarten through high school.   The Masters needed to create human sheeple to man the machines, the robots that would make humans slaves.   And they would never understand this evolution consequence because the propaganda grilled into their heads for 14-20 years would teach them that this is their purpose. This is the role they are worthy of playing.

In alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar Foundation, Libyan Investment Authority, Gates, and Obama, Pearson Education managed to takeover 60% of the textbook market in the US.   Their school curriculum includes a daily news feed for students crafted by CNN journalists.

The Libyan Authority is estimated to be worth roughly $70-$80 billion with investments in JP Morgan, the Carlyle Group, GE, US Treasuries and Bonds, etc… It was established in 2006 after Bush lifted all economic sanctions against Libya and praised Gaddafi saying the US wanted to reward him for all his good work.

The Qatar Foundation has established branch campuses for: Texas A&M, Cornell, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, Virginia Commonwealth, University College London and Georgetown. “It aims to produce scholars who are grounded in Islamic faith, practice and civilization. It offers master’s degrees in Islamic finance, contemporary Islamic studies and Islamic public policy.”

And these authorities fund Pearson Education.

As an organization, Pearson supports socialism, globalization, antiSemitism, and pro-Muslim order. They have publicly stated that they support the United Nations 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals.

The Marxists have come out of the Closet!

One of Pearson’s most recent textbooks on history was released in 2018 and titled, By The People, A History of The United States. The final chapter relays the statement that President Trump is mentally unstable and that all his supporters are racists. Written by James W. Fraser, he advocates for revolutionary revolts, and for the return of Eastern European texts written during the Soviet control wherein capitalism was evil and Communism reigned.  He is of the opinion that Communism is a better system, it just hasn’t been implemented correctly.

Fraser’s mentor, Paulo Freire, asserted a methodology of teaching called, Critical Pedagogy’.   Although it purports to be ‘anti-bias’, it essentially supports radicalism, revolt, and vengeance for social injustices.   It is akin to the slogan of the Bolsheviks;  Peace, Land and Bread – just before they massacred the entire family of Tzar Nicholas II in 1918.   Thus ushering in the ultimate slaughter or Great Purge of more than 20 million people.

Instead of providing information and asking how best a student might help society overcome racism and economic disparities, Critical Pedagogy declares Revolution to be the answer.  Thus revolts, riots, mob rule are all celebrated.

Violent. Antifa.   Destructive.

Freire’s first published book, Pedagogy of The Oppressed, was banned from his home country of Brazil for its very Marxist ideals.   However, Harvard thought differently and immediately offered Freire a professorship to teach these Communist ideals under an elite school guise.   The wolf.  In addition, Freire became an advisor for The World Council of Churches.

Of course the question begs, why would the World Council of Churches desire a Marxist advisor?

Because although politicians could easily be persuaded with the promise of wealth and fame, the US still had a cohesive unity under Christian religion.  So in order to divide that unifying thread, they infiltrated, altered the ideals, morphed the ideology, and concluded that their Marxist social injustice framed religion was all inclusive, embracing  “Peace, Land and Bread…”

What we have is a clear Marxist agenda that has infiltrated our public schools, our universities, the elite universities, and many of our churches. According to Trevor Loudon, a New Zealand political activist who has written, The Enemies Within; Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in US Congress, the Communist takeover of churches in the US was an agenda, a Protocol that began around 1919. He suggests that Pope Francis and Obama are both clear Marxist-Communists and that with the advent of President Trump taking office, their agenda required massive upticks in order to effectively infiltrate this ideology on Americans.   Because President Trump could unravel decades upon decades of rabid propaganda.

Loudon names others: Kamala Harris, Ilhan Omar, Ocasio, Tlaib, Corry Booker, etc… as revolutionaries supporting a Marxist/Communist takeover of the US.  Radicalized.

Elizabeth Warren has been supported by the Democratic Socialists of America for nearly a decade.  Her campaign for Senator was initiated by them.   Soros was a funder.   She was the Democrat Party’s choice for the 2020 election. They cued her platform based on their beliefs such as; downplay any corporate funding.  Why Warren?

The reasoning behind Warren is simple; she is not a strong person thus easily malleable to their whims, she declares a platform less radical than Bernie and thus might sway Democrats who aren’t Socialists, and she has been groomed for well over ten years to adhere to their bidding.   By contrast Sanders is a wild card holding on to a bull with a shoelace.

While Democratic Socialists openly advocate for Bernie Sanders as well, the old school democrat party has not wholly climbed aboard the New Green Train, but the youth have because their indoctrination is complete.  Deprogramming a cult mentality is extremely difficult.

The Marxist Agenda has come out of the Closet.

CoronaVirus – Perspective!

Coronavirus in Perspective in Reality:

Our less than wonderful CDC has published an estimate of flu cases in the US.   The estimate utilizes a variance of +/- 41%, because they don’t have actual numbers they are all estimates stipulated to an algorithm each year.   This season the CDC has offered the flowing: 29-41 million flu cases in US, and 16,000 to 41,000 deaths.   These numbers would seem to carry little weight given they occur each and every year despite the flu vaccine which has an efficacy rate of 12-36% depending on age, given a random sample of between 574 and 1497 individuals tested.

And for that bit of knowledge we pay the CDC $12 billion+ per year.

While it is not specifically known, it is estimated that roughly 130,000 people die from the flu each year in China utilizing the same CDC algorithm. , which has an accuracy rate of +/- 41%.

Since December when the Coronavirus was acknowledged in China, they have had about 77,000 cases and 2715 confirmed deaths.   The deaths seem to be specific to east Asian ethnicity.   In addition, like the flu, many of those deaths can be linked back to people who have heart disease, diabetes, or some other radical health issue.

SARS also affected east Asian’s predominantly and is thought to be the result of a lack of a particular enzyme in their lungs, ACE2.

The cases in Italy began with three Chinese tourists who arrived from Wuhan in January. Italy has the highest number of Chinese tourists in all of Europe. More than 300,000 Chinese live in Italy.

While manufacturing in China did slow – in part it was the annual two week Chinese New Year and in part it was the coronavirus scare.   But business as usual has already begun and production, although not at full capacity, will likely be level within a week or two. The Chinese are – resilient.

The last virus pandemic was the 2009-2010 H1N1 which was labeled as such by the media and targeted obese and pulmonary patients.   In the US, this ‘pandemic’ was estimated to be the cause of 10,000 deaths in the US.   While the CDC initially recommended that the ‘limited supply of the vaccine’ be given in two doses to ‘at risk’ individuals, it was later determined that one dose would have been just as effective and the vaccine would have been in supply to twice as many people.

After this ‘pandemic’ that resulted in 10,000 deaths, the CDC decided that henceforth a universal flu vaccine for all US citizens over the age of six months should be administered.   The death calculations gave a caveat that the death could also be ‘related to’ and not caused by the virus.

I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies were ecstatic!

Obama declared the H1N1 a national emergency and in 2011, the CDC declared that by their estimates, giver or take 41%, they had saved 300 lives due to their quick action.

The last actual pandemic was in 1918 – 1920 wherein it is ‘estimated’ 17-100 people died as a result.   So what were the circumstances?   WWI, trenches, dirt, malnutrition, malnourishment, cold, hygiene, chemical attacks by the Germans, and lack of medical care.   It was believed that the mass transport of nearly 100,000 Chinese who were immune to the virus to the front lines of France and Britain, set in motion this true pandemic.

We are in in 1918 and we are NOT at war.

So why is the CDC so bent on creating a pandemic where none exists?

It was just recently that we were all going to die of Ebola…   All pregnant women were going to give birth to children with encephalitis…

There have been exactly eight cases of Ebola in the US – and one man died who was from Liberia. The likelihood of a US citizen contracting Zika was nearly 0.

What both these falsified pandemics did create is a need for a vaccine that was not needed previously or presently.   It supported the pharmaceutical need to create a market.   A market that Pharma’s thrive on for their profits.   Today, there are at least half a dozen Pharmaceuticals eagerly creating a vaccine for the newest epidemic that has been described as a pandemic despite it’s relatively nominal proportions.

And despite the fact that it’s death and ‘pandemic illness’ would seem to be specific to east Asian peoples, With 45 cases in the US, I imagine everyone will be required to undertake this new vaccine.

Jared Kushner: Slumlord? DISMISSED!

There are numerous media hit pieces claiming Jared Kushner is a slumlord and has been cited numerous times for infractions on rental properties managed by his company Westminster.   On the surface these allegations appear legitimate, but digging deeper, pulling back the layers upon layers of literal goop the liberal media has attempted to redefine a much more profound problem and it’s source.

Kushner is by far not the largest rental and real estate owner in New York City.   In fact it appears he doesn’t even make the top 20 tier, but he is the only one garnering any attention at all. Why? Simply because he is President Trump’s son-in-law and dirt is dirt for the Democrat Party.

New York City has had a housing problem for decades!   Over 65% of the city’s resident’s rent.   One million are in rent controlled or stabilized units. Each mayor says they will fix the problem.   Each mayor fails.   Buildings are old, hundreds condemned sitting vacant except for squatters, the city has a massive rat problem that has never been addressed, and it isn’t confined to the rent controlled, they are literally everywhere.   Why?   NYC has a garbage problem. Heaps and mounds of garbage sit on street corners awaiting pickup… not in cans, in plastic bags that are torn as fodder for the hungry varmints that live uptown and downtown. Garbage disposals are not allowed in highrise apartments, not even in the Ritchie-riche.   So food waste is carefully package in plastic and tossed on the curb.

Additionally, NYC has ‘stabilized rental apartments’ and ‘rent-controlled apartments’. Up until June last year, a stabilized rent might adjust to market rate when the income of the tenant $200,000 for two consecutive years.   DeBlasio removed that provision meaning landlords cannot raise the rent even if the tenant is making $1 million per year. In fact, even if the tenant moves, the landlord may no longer increase the rent by 20% as was previously provided by tenant law.

If a landlord wants to make capital improvements to the building, rent hikes are limited to 2% of rent – down from 6%.   Individual unit hikes for improvements have been lowered to $89 vs. $1000.

Oh but it doesn’t stop there. If a landlord wants to evict a nonpaying tenant, the courts will determine if such eviction will affect the tenant’s ‘well-being, health, and school attendance’.   And an unlawful eviction is subject to a fine and a misdemeanor claim.   Refusing to rent to a tenant who has a history of nonpayment and/or lease infractions is prohibited.   Application/background checks are capped at $20.   And a tenant has 30 days grace period to pay their rent.

At the time the media was targeting Kushner he had charges of infractions on buildings he had recently purchased through his father’s real estate company.

The City then went after Kushner for violations with respect to building purchases claiming the improvements being made were not always properly employed.   At one point the city temporarily withheld $3400 in HUD rental subsidies, and in another instance the city charged Kushner $200,000 in fines on a $60million sale.

In NYC A&E Management is the second largest, has a slew of tenant complaints, including racism alleged by a black woman against an Hispanic employee for not welcoming her immediately when she entered the management’s office.

At the same time the media targeted Jared Kushner, a NYC group, Stabilizing New York City, which advocates on behalf of tenants, listed ten of the worst predatory landlord management companies; All Year Management, Icon realty, Madison Realty, Silverstone Property, Coney Realty, INK Property, R.A. Cohen, David David, ZARA Realty, and Ved Parkash. Interestingly, there is no mention of Jared Kushner’s company, Westminster.

Why?   Because he was targeted by the media – simply because of his name. Were the infractions real?   Difficult to say – perhaps a few were and a few were not.   But given that the Google pages go on ad nauseam regarding the same story on Kushner, and give no mention to these ten highlighted as the worst, is enlightening to say the least. The media is relentless in its design to vilify all things President Trump while ignoring all other news.

The case against Kushner in Baltimore was basically a vengeance ploy by Representative Elijah Cummings in 2017.   The claim was that Kushner used ‘aggressive tactics’ to collect rent.   Tenants argued that their rents were ‘padded with mysterious fees’ like late fees. Dastardly!   Tenants routinely complained about rats.   Like NYC the infestation is a city problem, not a landlord problem.   Rats don’t care what neighborhood they infest they go where the food is available.

Other tenants complained about cigarette smoke, or children running free in parking lots – demanding the landlord intervene.

In Baltimore, Kushner had apartments housing roughly 20,000.   A class action suit was attempted which garnered five residents from five different buildings making completely different claims.   Ultimately the liberal judge threw out the lawsuit claiming it did not constitute a viable action.

Perspective:   Five people out of 20,000 represents .025% of tenant complaints.


LIBERAL LUNACY – A Business Model

The media and liberals in general are going bat crazy at the notion that President Trump would surround himself with conservative mindsets instead of liberal loons.

How dare he! After all everyone knows that CNN has diversified it’s slew of television actor/reporters to include a balanced view.   Elizabeth Warren’s campaign manager is a diehard Republican!   The Washington Post has two editors each offering completely diverse political agendas.   And Facebook boasts having 12 conservative employees out of 45,000!   WOW!

It is a well known business model to hire employees who abhor their boss, and has garnered at least zero companies that comply.   World Wildlife Fund routinely hires oil executives to manage their operations, and Martin Marietta just hired no one from the Green movement. Of course Universities across the US have announced that only militant anarchists may henceforth apply for any professorship position in order to teach peace and tolerance, and public schools will only hire ‘its’.

Not to offend the liberal media, ISIS has announced that it will only recruit Jews to execute their execution of Jews and Christians.   Law offices may only hire convicted felons with a specialty in embezzlement to be bookkeepers.   And airlines are hunting for terrorists to be their pilots given the low base pay rate and the deferment of pensions.

The media demand that President Trump make sure he hires liars, leakers, and liberals so that nothing can ever be accomplished, and thus the US will be a better place for the elite who are tired and weary and just want the peasants to take care of them.

And the outrage continues – for Thee – but not for Me!

BLOOMBERG: The Trojan Horse?

Bloomberg is suddenly emerging in the polls…. Rising from a factor of -0- to a sudden surge of 19%!   Amazing…   Or fabricated?

The latest to acknowledge this tremendous lead was conducted by: NPR, PBS News Hour and Marist.   Sounds prestigious, but when analyzing the methodology employed, a completely obscured bias is immediate clear.   The respondents numbered about 1400, 73% Democrat and 27% Independent leaning Democrat.   And then it breaks down completely:   61% were women, Midwesterners were negligible, Christians were virtually nonexistent, city folk dominated, roughly 250 polled are not registered to vote, and 65% under the age of 60.   The actual states polled is not listed or identified.   And the margin of error is a whooping 5.4%.

Ethnicity includes an over majority of 20% Black, and 11% “Other”.

In other words, the poll does not even remotely parallel the demographics of the US.

What it does do is allow Bloomberg to appear as though he has a following – when in reality – he doesn’t.   It also allows him the privilege of entering the debates. A factor, he undoubtedly – paid for.

The Poll was conducted with the expertise of Luce Research based out of Colorado Springs.   Luce has the dubious honor of boasting a 1 star rating… on a good day.   Employee reviews include such statements as the company works ‘illegally’, Disorganized, uncomfortable surveys…, scum management, and quota driven.   In other words, the company operates to secure a pre-determined result.

So what is the point of boosting Bloomberg artificially?

Likely to detract from the other surge – Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed Socialist/Communist.

Bernie was not the agenda in 2016, nor is he the democrat agenda in 2020.   Hillary managed to buy off the DNC so as to squeeze out Bernie then, it is likely Bloomberg is being used for the same purpose.   Although he wasn’t the chosen candidate, money talks, and Bloomberg is the god of money.

So if Bloomberg’s only usefulness is to squeeze out Sanders, what is in it for him?   He certainly doesn’t have nearly the following as President Trump.   And buying a fake poll doesn’t win the voters.

The Trojan Horse Clinton is looking less and less viable with the threat of coming legal revelations.   Could they be that self obsessed that they don’t see their ultimate downfall and demise?   Trump has routinely distracted them from the true agenda, and despite history, each and every time; they seem to fall into the shroud.

As I have ventured in previous posts, given George Soros has been the puppet master, and given his dementia is highly likely with his advanced age, could it really be that they are simply operating on the hem-tails of insanity?

What happens when the puppet master – dies?   Supposedly, his son takes over, but a son is not his father, and this certainly plays in the saga of George Soros who lived life as a Nazi heretic.

By contrast, George’s sons and daughter grew up privileged, sheltered, without the degree of hatred obviously bred into his soul.

While they possess his hatred – it is not born of the absolute disintegration of humanity.

While the interesting notion is promulgated that Bloomberg is spending his own money, to the tune of $100million, and counting, the idea that these funds will not be recompensed with interest is highly unlikely.   A man, who covets nothing but wealth, does not spend without knowing he will be rewarded two to ten fold. The likes that that recommendation would come from such constituents as “Stacey Abrams”, is laughable. So the question begs – Who?

An interesting amalgam is revealed; Judge Judy, Warren Buffett, Leon Cooperman, and a handful of ‘mayors’… In essence – no one.   While he can pay government officials to endorse him, actually gaining the support of the people is not quite as easy.

As such a plethora of negative commentary has recently hit the media airwaves in which Bloomberg literally destroys himself as a potential candidate.   He has effectively eliminated the Midwest entirely, farmer entirely, women, Christians, blacks, and anyone whose main life purpose is NOT money. Therefore, can we conclude, he isn’t so much a candidate per se, as a distraction and deviation from the Marxist regime promulgated by the only other alternative – Bernie Sanders?

Certainly, every member of Wall Street, every business and working individual throughout the entire US is aware of the cataclysmic effect a Bernie Sanders would have on the US, and the World… now if we could simply re-educate our children …  

CHINA: Smuggling Intellectual Property – Bio Hazardous Virus’s and Economic Theft

Intellectual Property has been a topic of trade discussions and concern with respect to China.   Most of the media coverage regarding intellectual property revolves around music, movies, the entertainment industry, etc…   Something of a distraction. In reality, the true issue is much more frightening as it involves science, bio pharmaceuticals, bio hazards, diseases, drugs, nuclear data, etc…   In the past two months, the FBI and Justice Department have arrested or expelled a number of scientists from R&D universities in the US as it has been uncovered that they are smuggling vials, samples, and documents to China – routinely. The program that facilitates this is called, Thousand Talents Program.

Coincidentally, it was established in 2008 by the Chinese government and since its inception patent applications in China have more than tripled.

In essence the premise is twofold:   1.   Solicit a Chinese scientist to gain access to a US, Canadian, or EU University for the purpose of R&D – working pro bono, and   2. indoctrinate a US scientist through university programs, and offer a very lucrative salary and expense account so as to ‘finance’ their willingness to share their patents with China.

Technically, these scientists are required to share with their respective university of study that they are affiliated with Chinese companies, and the university is supposed to report those affiliations to the state or feds.   They haven’t.

Instead, it would appear that in addition to patented technology being shared, the universities have been accepting large ‘unreported’ sums from the Chinese government. Currently, Harvard and Yale are under investigation, however, there are literally hundreds of universities that are a part of the investigation. The threshold for reporting is $250,000, so the amount of money is significant and is estimated to be in the billions.

The Thousand Talents Program has been in operation for over a decade, coincidentally seeming to have been initiated during the Obama administration, and is now the subject of a massive investigation.   With the Wuhan Coronavirus making headlines, few media outlets discuss the possible links given the rumbling of either a purposeful outbreak, or an accidental one.   Another coincidence…

Xiangguo Qiu, a virologist, her husband, Keding Cheng, and Qui’s students were working at the National Microbiology Lab of Winnipeg, a level 4 Lab, without compensation. In 2017-2018, they made five trips to China’s Wuhan National BioSafety Lab.

The Wuhan Lab opened in 2015 to study deadly infectious diseases and pathogens, specifically SARS and Ebola, SARS is directly related to the Coronavirus.   According to a Rutgers molecular biologist, Richard Ebright, the SARS virus had escaped from the lab on multiple occasions due to lab technician errors.

It would appear that the Canadian virologist, Xiangguo Qui, is the most likely connection for the Coronavirus given:   1.   She was found to be smuggling virus’s from the Winnipeg Lab to China, and subsequently expelled along with her husband, and 2. She was not compensated by Canada, and thus likely part of the Thousand Talents Program.

While university officials claim that ‘sharing’ information is common, it presents a complicated tier of reporting – and certainly ‘smuggling’ is not a part of that tier.

Dr. Kang Zang was an ‘eye doctor’, or ophthalmologist, who worked at the University of California San Diego studying genetics. He set up multiple companies registered in the Cayman Islands and operating out of his Del Mar California home that have reported assets in the multiple millions.   These companies were not disclosed and utilized technology he gained while under contract with the Thousand Talents Program which can pay as much as $58,000 per month and up to $150,000 in living expenses.

NIH awarded Zang more than $15 million in grant money. His companies include “biomedical technology’, and ‘biological pharmaceutical’ interests. He resigned.

Charles Lieber, a chemist from Harvard has been arrested for his participation in China’s Thousand Talents Program.   In addition to Harvard, his institutions of study include Wuhan University of Technology.   His latest development includes the ability to inject into a chosen region of the brain macroporous electronics that act like a brain probe.

In addition to Lieber, the Justice department charged two Chinese nationals; Yanqing Ye and Zaosong Zheng. Ye is currently in China, and Zheng was arrested for attempting to smuggle 21 vials of biological research samples.   In addition to payments from the Thousand Talents Program, Lieber was also compensated $15 million from NIH.

Last month, Turab Lookman, a physicist, was arrested for his involvement with the Thousand Talents Program.   He worked in Sante Fe at the Los Alamos National Laboratory tasked with securing the nation’s nuclear stockpile, and conducting research.

Yu Ben Meng, was the chief investment strategist for the California state run, CalPERS. Under his direction, CalPERS invested in numerous Chinese companies that were blacklisted by the US government including surveillance companies.  Meng was recruited into his position through the Thousand Talents Program. Members of the Senate are calling for his immediate resignation.

August 2018, Xiaoqing Zheng removed electronic files with company trade secrets involving its turbine technologies and hid data files in a digital photograph of a sunset.  He was an employee of General Electric and was arrested.

Oddly, the media seems uninterested in these nefarious accounts despite the incredible risk they pose to national security.   Not only are US secrets being stolen and shared, the potential monetary reward is thus also diverted making US R&D which is funded by taxpayers, an economic waste.

REFUGEE NGO’S: Where Is All The Money?

Greece harbors approximately 50,000 refugees.   To service these refugees, there are over 400 different NGO’s plowing billions of dollars into their medical, social, child care, infant care, psychological, housing, food, airfare, local transportation, clothing, education, and other care needs.

Yet, oddly, the migrant camps are still despots of tent cities hosting abysmal living conditions.   How can that be with literally billions in aid and assistance?

One of the largest re-distribution organizations is the International Committee of the Red Cross.   With an annual budget of nearly $2billion, ICRC is predominantly funded by governments, including the US which contributes about 25% of its entire funding. Expenditures allocated to the US amount to roughly .5% of funding.   The UK is the second largest contributor at roughly 11%, then Germany at about 10%. The greatest pool of expenses are spent in the Middle East and Africa.    And a whopping $1.5 billion is held in an employee benefit account which currently has a deficit of about $400 million.

ICRC Annual Report is audited by Ernst and Young, however, there is a disqualifier given the Financial Reports are NOT audited and are prepared internally. Interesting…

Another NGO is Doctors of the World. One of their funding partners is USAID.   More US taxpayer dollars.   Another is Publicis North America which has a charity rating of one star. Partners and sponsors include vodophone, if you ever wondered how come refugees always have phones, mac Cosmetics for glam lipstick and makeup, and VISA which provides them with debit cards.

Medecins Sans Frontieres is also a major refugee delivery service. They have been instrumental in helping refugees across the globe including Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They provide assistance for illegal entry into the US and elsewhere, as needed. With a budget of roughly $1.6 billion, like the Red Cross, their annual report is audited, but their financials are not. It would appear that of the $1.6 billion in expenses, about 14.8million was spent on actual humanitarian aid, the rest supported the business administration of that aid including personnel, benefits, office expenses, etc…   That would amount to .8% spent on refugees.

Many of these NGO’s receive donations of items that sit in warehouses.   The Red Cross boasts 93 million ‘volunteers’!

Refugees International is an organization with such associated names as George Soros, Matt Dillon, Mark and Lady Malloch Brown, Brian Atwood (former Administrator for USAID), a spattering of UN Ambassadors, and Harvard perps, etc…. It’s Net Profit nontaxable for 2018 was roughly $2.5million.   Payroll and expenses were about $2.5 million, and Overhead accounted for the remaining $1.3 million in expenses.   In addition, they spent about $500,000 on Lobbying. They disbursed $-0-. While their Balance Sheet as of 2018 shows total Assets of just $7.1 million, including investments of nearly $4 million.


Eric Schwartz, the President of Refugees International served under both Clinton and Obama working for humanitarian and refugee issues in Africa, Haiti and Indonesia.

What we are seeing is a swale of NGO’s created to support NGO’s under the guise of refugees utilizing funds provided to the UN, funds from governments, all essentially taxpayer directed, that pay no taxes, accumulate vast sums of wealth, while giving the appearance that they are rectifying a situation that shouldn’t exist, while the respective governments of the refugees pocket foreign aid.

It is double taxation – on The People who pay taxes. It is wealth re-distribution. It is the cause of the decimation of the middle class.

On the island of Lesbos in Greece, NGO’s demand residents hand over their property to be used as tent cities.   They don’t pay for the property, they threaten to burn it down if the residents don’t comply.

It is a tactic employed by the Mafia – give me your assets and I won’t kill ya…

Only the Mafia organizations are funded by US taxpayers, EU taxpayers, Japanese taxpayers, Canadian and Australian taxpayers…   And the migrant situation worsens as the refugees revolt, riot, rape, and destroy because the NGO’s are not providing what they say.

In Greece, the government is claiming the NGO’s foment the refugee riots and assist in the smuggling of migrants.   And now the locals want their homes back, their orchards, their vineyards which have been confiscated by the NGO’s.

Sweden too is crumbling under the socialist regime of Prime Minister Stefan Lofven which now registers over 60 no-go zones and reports fire bombings 3-4 times per week.   In 2019 Sweden reported 230 bomb attacks.   Trying to censor the media, news is scant to report the truth about the crime. In 2016, 20 men raped a girl for four hours – they were set free. The stories abound. Swedish women quitting their jobs at a mall because of harassment by ‘foreign men’ – they cannot say Muslim because that would be racist and subject them to jail.   In 2018, the Swedish government banned veils and full Burqa’s in schools. In response, Non-Muslim teachers began wearing the coverings. Swedish women are emigrating at an alarming rate given their complete lack of representation by the government.   They go to Norway, UK, US, and Finland. They are escaping their homeland because it has deteriorated into a propaganda censorship of immigration.

Where are the 84,000 NGO’s that purport to spend billions on refugees?

It is the largest Ponzi scheme ever perpetrated – NGO’s.   Tax Free.   Audit Free.   Wage Flush. Pension Flush.   Asset Flush.

It is the Clinton Foundation times 84,000.  It all ends up in Africa…

EU Disintegrating. A Soros Legacy?

With the advent of BREXIT and the rumbling of other nations who debate the same strategy in order to alleviate the Power Bloc of the EU on their shoulders, the European Commission has stated that they are going to gobble up 6 Balkan nations:   Serbia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, and Montenegro.

What could possibly go wrong?

There are only nine countries within the EU that have a positive net contribution; Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark UK, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden.   The remaining nineteen countries have a negative ‘net contribution’.   The UK’s contribution was roughly 12%.   Brining in 6 Balkan countries whose economies are growing but have exceptionally high unemployment and extremely low GDP per capita (lower than Turkey) – would not seem a sound business decision. The EU net contribution would be a negative meaning the eight countries would not only be making up for the loss of the UK, they would be footing the bill for an additional six countries.

So why does the EU want to add them as member states?

France has consistently objected. In order to acquiesce that veto, the Commission is looking to ‘modify’ the rules.   To some extent, it appears symbolic more than anything else. A means to give the appearance of a larger EU, a growing EU, with greater power and oversight.   However, larger economies currently within the union are emboldened by BREXIT and rumblings of additional succession include Italy, Spain, and Poland.   Why?   Because the rules have become a corset.

Immigration has certainly been a sticking point, austerity packages are another.   But even the once stable economies of the EU are wobbling. France has undergone a massive downward spiral as a result of the riots and protests that have been ongoing for nearly 18 months. Economic growth for 2019 is looking to come in at 1.2% with projections of greater crashes in 2020 as the impact spirals. How will this impact their ability to fund the negative ‘net contributions’ ?

The entire foundation of the EU has proven a failure.

The European Union was founded just 28 years ago in 1992 by the signing of the Maastricht Treaty initiated by the Netherlands which came into effect in 1993. The original signatories were; West Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg.   The UK joined in 1993 – just over one year after Soros ‘broke the bank of England’.   Was that Soros way of coercing Britain to join?

In 1994 the first EU elections were held ushering in the Socialist Party as the main pillar. The euro was created in 1999 when Germany joined the European Union.

Today, the EU is facing a potential demise parallel to Venezuela only on a larger scale.   Protests are aflame across France and Germany the two main partners that hold the EU together.   Sweden is 3rd world and The Netherlands will soon follow as exodus of their youth has left them with an aging society fueled by untrained, angry immigrants.

Soros, the backbone of the EU is old, and likely suffering from advanced dementia. While he periodically appears on some media platform making a scripted statement, it is highly unlikely that the failures attributed to the US democrats , UK Remainers, and the out of control protests across the EU, are his doing, but rather his son’s, Alexander Soros.

Alexander is no one to mess with, but he not George.

It takes years of cunning to master the manipulation and fraud that George, aka Gyorgy Schwartz, forged.   But given today’s climate, given President Trump, given the wisdom of age worn by Putin and Jinping even, Alexander is no match.   And the latest gaffs and failures are proof positive that the horse has turned into a donkey.

Of course, trying to train a son in the art of world domination is no easy task, and with a father that is most probably mentally incapacitated, Alexander is spinning.

Of course, Alexander is not the only son being groomed, it is likely that Trump Jr. is also being educated in the interim as President Trump knows that this second four years will be his last and a replacement is necessary.

Xi Jinping has one child, a daughter. Unfortunately, her education was attained at the ever Liberal Socialist agenda, Harvard.   Putin has two daughters, neither of which seem to have any desire to engage in their father’s legacy. But it has become an essential ingredient in the near future to find the perfect replacement who can battle the demons, the reptilian forces that would seek to create a Socialist/Communist world.

As such, a President Trump in the forthcoming 2020 election would seem to be the accepted quoi encore and not fait accompli.   And thus the chess game would be – then what.

IOWA Caucus: Propaganda Machines Full Speed!

The CEO of Shadow Inc., the startup based out of Denver, CO, employing the Democrat Iowa app that reportedly failed, is Gerard Niermira. Niermira worked on the Hillary campaign in 2016.   He developed the app for the Iowa caucus.   The app apparently failed to count – anyone.   After the hubbaloo Buttigieg claimed he won.  I wonder how he knew…

Niermira’s first interlude into the political arena was in 2005 when he interned for Congressman Eliot Engel.   In 2015, Engel was part of a delegation that traveled to Saudi Arabia to pay their respects to King Salman.   The delegation included: McCain, Mark Warner, Pelosi and Kerry.

His website lists specific people and organizations which have helped launch his business including Clinton, Obama, Apple, Afl-CIO, DNC, Google, and Kiva.   Between 2008 and 2015, Niermira worked for Kiva. We are all well aware of all these affiliates with the exception of one – Kiva:

Kiva is a nonprofit created in 2005 that has a US subsidiary called Kiva City which was launched by Bill Clinton within the Clinton Global Initiative, to make micro-loans.   The interest rates vary from 0% to over 60.5% in countries that don’t have usury laws. Funding for Kiva has come from Google, Omidyar, and the Skoll Foundation.   In addition, The Economist (Rothschild rag) and Oprah both gave it high marks.

The Skoll Foundation is a private foundation with an endowment of over $1.1 billion.   Jeffrey Skoll is a Canadian who was briefly President of Ebay and later founded a movei/media company Participant Media.   Today Skoll is worth nearly $5 billion and operates numerous NGO’s. They do a significant amount of work in conjunction with Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Sir Richard Branson.

Prior to launching Shadow, Niermira worked at ACRONYM, a political nonprofit that claims to ‘build power and digital infrastructure for the progressive movement’.   ACRONYM’s founder, Tara McGowen, was the digital producer for Obama’s re election campaign in 2012 which was primarily funded by Bill Maher, Ellen Malcolm (Emily’s List), Geoff Garin (political strategist for Obama and Hillary), Paul Begala (Bill Clinton policy advisor), Mary Beth Cahill ( Worked on Kerry’s campaign), and Irwin Jacobs (on the Board of Salk Institute).   Founded in 2015, ACRONYM bought Shadow Inc. in 2019.   According to their analytics, the biggest spenders on Facebook and Google are:   Bloomberg, Steyer, and Bernie, with Schiff placing 5th on Facebook ads. They refer to Schiff as an “MVP”.

In 2016, McGowen ran the largest digital ad campaign for the Democrat Party, Priorities USA Action supporting Hillary’s failed 2016 election campaign.

Basically, Dark Money Propaganda machines, these various tech companies are funded with millions to prop up ad campaigns for Democrats – specifically Biden, Buttigieg, Warren and – Schiff, while creating massive negative campaigns regarding President Trump. However, their LinkedIn page lists an anonymous person as “Senior Organizing Director to Warren For President. No other candidates have a personal director at this organization.  According to their website, they were instrumental in gaining seats for 60 different Progressive candidates in 2018.

ACRONYM’s Senior Director of Campaigns, Tatenda Musapatike, was previously Client Solutions Manager for Facebook, in addition she has worked for The New Media Group, NGP VAN, and the Beekeeper Group which all seem to have ties to Emily’s List.

In addition to the regulars; Hillary, McCaskill, Klobuchar, Feinstein, Kamala, Boxer, etc…, Emily’s List endorsed and funded Ilhan Omar.

The sheer vastness of organizations working behind the scenes in media propaganda, analytics, and tech development is obscene.   Many also work to promote the Liberals in Canadian elections as well.   The billions of dollars involved reflect a maze of Dark Money pay-for-play that we can not even begin to comprehend or conceive.

While Hillary owns to a particular animosity toward Bernie Sanders, her most recent public comment was that nobody likes him.   He is therefore NOT the Democrat Party’s collective candidate. However, the fact that Sanders continues to climb in polls, has been alarming for a party that typically chooses the end candidate well before the nomination.

Iowa has just released its first blather of announcing the leading candidate: Buttiegieg.

Bernie Sanders: Socialism For All – Except Me

Bernie Sanders promises Free Education For All.  Few in the media have bothered to explain what that means, how it would be funded, and most importantly, who is eligible.  

To understand how this works in other countries, Germany is likely the closest model.   Free university education for all!   Meaning, those who qualify to go to university subject to how many slots are available.   It is an academic vs liberal arts environment.

Germany now has the meritorious position of having the 2nd oldest population in the world due to plunging birth rates.   A severe shortage of tradesmen and college graduates has translated into a near crisis.   Encouraging international students helped somewhat, but when these students returned to their home country having reaped the rewards of a free education, Germany began charging international students.

University life in Germany is completely different than the lifestyle enjoyed by entitled American students.   There are no clubs, no student sororities, no student newspapers, no student activities whatsoever.   Class sizes are huge, and having access to a professor for advice is nonexistent.   A student is expected to perform on their own merit – period.   If you fail, you are removed and the slot is filled with someone capable of being an asset to the economy.

Qualification is based on merit; test scores, grades, area of study, and academic achievements.   There are no degrees in frilly liberal arts, communication, construction, real estate, etc… University is for the intellectuals not the party goers.

So what happens to those who don’t qualify?

Trade school – based on merit.   Essentially, it is quite similar to the methodology employed by communist countries wherein the ‘state’ determines your livelihood.   The 72% who don’t qualify for university or a trade – make a living on their high school diploma.

During a student’s ninth grade year, the state determines your vocational talent.   And your life is thus funneled into that tunnel vision therein.

Of course, just as with healthcare options, there are private universities that operate for profit and charge tuition. But admission rates can be as low as less than 10%, their areas of study are typically concentrated in academia, economics, and business and they are typically rather small enrolling roughly 2000-3500.   Tuition rates in US$ range between $12,000 and $20,000 annually.

While some private campuses offer housing, they are quite limited, and a severe apartment shortage is currently disrupting the balance of availability. As such, most students live at home.

Research programs at universities has only recently been instituted.  In the US research accounts for 12-16% of the total expenditures of universities.   Under Sander’s proposal all research would be privately funded and as a result, the US could easily slide into a nonperformance global achievement.

Sanders proposes to initiate a Wall Street tax, which has been dubbed the Robin Hood Tax, to ‘fund’ his free for all proposal.   According to Sanders, this robbing from the wealthy would produce an excess of $300 billion per year of which $47 billion would be allocated toward state funding of free tuition.   The $47 billion would fund 2/3’s of the cost and the states would be required to find the balance – $23 billion.

In a study conducted by Wharton in conjunction with Brookings, the effect of the Robin Hood Tax on the market economy would be a reduction of assets held by 62% and reduction of the value of stocks by 14.6%.   These reductions would lower GDP by 1.76% in the short term, but the rippling effect would lower sales tax revenue and income spiraling the economy ever downward.   In essence job reductions. Thus, a person might have a degree in Economics – but there would be few openings and the ultimate welfare state bubble would ensue.

The second half of Sander’s far reaching education Free For All is the cancellation of all outstanding student debt which is estimated to cost the government $2.2 trillion.   Using his conflated number of $300 billion per year in Robin Hood Tax, after giving states $50 billion, the remaining $250 billion would be applied over a ten year period to wipe out the debt.

While Sanders claims to have graduated with a degree in political science, he stated that he was not a good student finding his studies boring and beneath him.   Obviously his economic and math skills prove this point.

Without taking into account the immediate downward spiral that the Robin Hood Tax would effectuate, the ultimate faltering GDP, to presume that the $300 billion per year windfall would be sustained is simply – well, stupid.

The resulting shortage would translate into not just increased income taxes to finance the debt, but increased taxes to fund welfare programs as unemployment skyrockets.

This doesn’t even begin to address the Medicare For All costs!

In the end a 90% tax rate would likely still not cover these costs and the US would be forced into third world communism.

Either Bernie Sanders is aware of these consequences and his intention is to destroy the US, or he is ignorant of these consequences in which case his ignorance should be addressed and revealed. In either case, Bernie Sanders ideology is a mortal wound.