BLOOMBERG: The Trojan Horse?

Bloomberg is suddenly emerging in the polls…. Rising from a factor of -0- to a sudden surge of 19%!   Amazing…   Or fabricated?

The latest to acknowledge this tremendous lead was conducted by: NPR, PBS News Hour and Marist.   Sounds prestigious, but when analyzing the methodology employed, a completely obscured bias is immediate clear.   The respondents numbered about 1400, 73% Democrat and 27% Independent leaning Democrat.   And then it breaks down completely:   61% were women, Midwesterners were negligible, Christians were virtually nonexistent, city folk dominated, roughly 250 polled are not registered to vote, and 65% under the age of 60.   The actual states polled is not listed or identified.   And the margin of error is a whooping 5.4%.

Ethnicity includes an over majority of 20% Black, and 11% “Other”.

In other words, the poll does not even remotely parallel the demographics of the US.

What it does do is allow Bloomberg to appear as though he has a following – when in reality – he doesn’t.   It also allows him the privilege of entering the debates. A factor, he undoubtedly – paid for.

The Poll was conducted with the expertise of Luce Research based out of Colorado Springs.   Luce has the dubious honor of boasting a 1 star rating… on a good day.   Employee reviews include such statements as the company works ‘illegally’, Disorganized, uncomfortable surveys…, scum management, and quota driven.   In other words, the company operates to secure a pre-determined result.

So what is the point of boosting Bloomberg artificially?

Likely to detract from the other surge – Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed Socialist/Communist.

Bernie was not the agenda in 2016, nor is he the democrat agenda in 2020.   Hillary managed to buy off the DNC so as to squeeze out Bernie then, it is likely Bloomberg is being used for the same purpose.   Although he wasn’t the chosen candidate, money talks, and Bloomberg is the god of money.

So if Bloomberg’s only usefulness is to squeeze out Sanders, what is in it for him?   He certainly doesn’t have nearly the following as President Trump.   And buying a fake poll doesn’t win the voters.

The Trojan Horse Clinton is looking less and less viable with the threat of coming legal revelations.   Could they be that self obsessed that they don’t see their ultimate downfall and demise?   Trump has routinely distracted them from the true agenda, and despite history, each and every time; they seem to fall into the shroud.

As I have ventured in previous posts, given George Soros has been the puppet master, and given his dementia is highly likely with his advanced age, could it really be that they are simply operating on the hem-tails of insanity?

What happens when the puppet master – dies?   Supposedly, his son takes over, but a son is not his father, and this certainly plays in the saga of George Soros who lived life as a Nazi heretic.

By contrast, George’s sons and daughter grew up privileged, sheltered, without the degree of hatred obviously bred into his soul.

While they possess his hatred – it is not born of the absolute disintegration of humanity.

While the interesting notion is promulgated that Bloomberg is spending his own money, to the tune of $100million, and counting, the idea that these funds will not be recompensed with interest is highly unlikely.   A man, who covets nothing but wealth, does not spend without knowing he will be rewarded two to ten fold. The likes that that recommendation would come from such constituents as “Stacey Abrams”, is laughable. So the question begs – Who?

An interesting amalgam is revealed; Judge Judy, Warren Buffett, Leon Cooperman, and a handful of ‘mayors’… In essence – no one.   While he can pay government officials to endorse him, actually gaining the support of the people is not quite as easy.

As such a plethora of negative commentary has recently hit the media airwaves in which Bloomberg literally destroys himself as a potential candidate.   He has effectively eliminated the Midwest entirely, farmer entirely, women, Christians, blacks, and anyone whose main life purpose is NOT money. Therefore, can we conclude, he isn’t so much a candidate per se, as a distraction and deviation from the Marxist regime promulgated by the only other alternative – Bernie Sanders?

Certainly, every member of Wall Street, every business and working individual throughout the entire US is aware of the cataclysmic effect a Bernie Sanders would have on the US, and the World… now if we could simply re-educate our children …  

Percentages – Manipulations and Perceptions

With all the attention various minorities are getting, it should be noted that their percentage makeup of the total US population is somewhat …less… than we might presume or we are led to believe. I asked a few of my friends some of these stats and their answers were far, far from the actuality. We were all quite surprised. Just a thought….


Black population –     13.1%

Asian –     7.8%

Latino –   17%

Atheists – 2.4%

Jews –       2.11%

Mormons – 2%

Protestants – 48%

Catholics –   24%

LGBT – 1.5%

Journalists – 7% identify as Republican

General Population – Independent – 43%

Democrat – 31%

Republican – 25%

Voters – 64% overall turnout in 2012

US Population 318.9million

Fertility – 1.8 (2.1 is considered 0 population growth)

100% of the population increase in the US will be due to immigration – growing 35% by 2050

Black population at 13.1% – 41.8million persons

Percentage that voted – 68% – per 2008 media

Number that voted – 16.1 million – census bureau

Black Population under the age of 19 – 31.7% per census

Eligible voters – 28.4million

Eligible Voters that voted Based on Census – 54

Discrepancy – 14 percentage points. 21%. Why numbers matter and statistics can be hedged –

I was personally floored by the percentage of Independents! If you want to win – just saying

It is the last fledgling truism we believe we have left – math, numbers. They can’t lie. But unfortunately, those that put the numbers together, that write word or omit a word, so as to give perception that is false, these people have taken our last bastion of belief and turned it into a bastard. Upsidedown.

For example: Let’s say you have a total demographic of 10,000 and you say that within that demographic there are 10% black people. Then you say the rate of increase in the numbers of black people is growing at a rate of 10%! WOW! What a huge increase. The you compare it to the minus 10% growth in whites, and now you have some numbers that bear repeating!   But the real total population increase is only 1%, not the 10%. Not as exciting.   Play the math.

It’s the give or take a few million billion years play in the world of science. Dating animals, humans, droids, cavemen, rocks, thumbnails, etc… Of course, they can’t, and so, they extrapolate. They say, if you believe this theory and this one and this one, then this can be fact. Ouch!

I don’t think so.

There is so much fact to counter theory, the entire core begins to crumble. The core of science. Man, I remember growing up and having to confront the choice – science or faith/religion. We were solid, we had different values then, and faith was more often chosen. But the sixties, Beatles, Steinem, Abby Hoffman, all worked together to change all this.

I chose science. And I believed! I thought everything they said was absolute fact – imperial fact. Science, after all, was a fact based system, without bias, border or theorem. And I blindly believed, like herded by the cult. I believed the lies of science. And everything else was like witchcraft. When I discovered that all fact based conclusions were based in, core theory, I was so angry. I felt so deceived.

‘How’ was a big question, but an even bigger question was – WHY?

I really don’t see the logic in these sort of games, sort of seems a big waste of time. Just thinking.

But others didn’t see it that way, and science as a religion – flourished. When an incident proved their theory wrong, it was just – ignored. Shrugged off as not corresponding. Because all data that could corroborate was retrieved and held, while all data which was contrary, was edited and trashed. Therefore, a belief system of science – was created.

It is interesting that just 2% of the US population could exert so much influence – should they not be counted therefore – as a majority? When did the Greater Good come to mean a 2% majority?

If 74% of the US population has either a Christian, Mormon or Catholic denomination, how is it that we cater to the 2% who claim to be atheists? Why do they take such precedence despite their small numbers?

For the younger generation- perspective: let’s say you are at Papa Jacks Pizza and there are twenty of you ordering. You can only afford one pizza, so you are taking votes on who wants what. You are arguing because there are 4 holdouts to the 16 who agree they want pepperoni and sausage, while the other four want just plain.

PLAIN! Why order pizza at all? Anyway. Finally an agreement is made and the four over-ride the sixteen. The sixteen haven’t changed their want, they have just acquiesced and not wanted confrontation. The four smile broadly – for they have beaten the odds.

But what happens in reality when the majority is being squelched?

Ultimately, there is an uprising. A civil war. And this one is perceived to be – perhaps the largest ever.

The diversity of populace against populace, race, creed, color, gender, age, belief, faith, hair, physique, psyche. Will clash.

No one will be with his brother.

I believe we all see this in our future, but we hope and pray that somehow it will be – later… Men want to be a hero, but when the reality confronts them, it isn’t always as neat.   Women want to be rescued, but when the rescuer is the wolf, well then, not so good.

So, be wary of statistics. Read the fine print. Play often. Love with your life, and don’t drag your baggage like Pigpen drags dirt.

Just saying.