President Trump: Loyalty to the Fall.

This past year we have focused endlessly on the major discrepancies in the reporting, testing, and fraudulent hyping of CoVid 19.   I must point out the vaccine and all the tests are created by Bill Gates and reference not CoVid 19 but SARS-CO2.   Secondly, despite being able to scientifically, mathematically, and virally prove that what we are being led to believe, and what is fact are divided by the Grand Canyon, no one cares.

And so, nothing changes.   The facts are ignored, swept away, considered conspiracy, and replaced with stricter lockdowns.   We could argue for a decade and they would not budge, and at some point we need to realize providing further proof is a waste of our time.  We’re just providing more fuel for the shredder.

We have spent months providing massive evidence of voter fraud, fought in liberal controlled courts, and punched in the stomach. Because they never had ANY intention of actually hearing, and instead have again – wasted our time. We are fighting battles that cannot be won and ignored the battles that could gain a wrung on the ladder.

And that is where Trump focused his energy for four years while instead of fighting alongside, we frequently fought in the lowlands.   One the tools of the MSM propaganda effort is and always has been about – distraction.   Make us see the one ball in the magicians hand while his sleeve holds 17.

Before it is taken down, there is a site that has been loyal to the Fall –   They update constantly providing all the accomplishments of President Trump during his very brief and very chaotic tenure. Take pictures, because it likely won’t last long in the liberal purge or genocide.

Now we are being completely distracted by a Capital Breach that is so filled with question marks, inserts, obvious incursions, and deceit, ordinarily it wouldn’t be worthy of anyone’s time.   Another protest gone astray amongst thousands in 2020! Thousands that no one cared about – and one they did.   All were the perversion of Antifa and BLM anarchists.

No matter how many facts we bring forth, videos, pictures, voice identification, and…, dang let’s just call Interpol and the CCP!   Surely they will be equitable in their justice given their respective countries are under a communist thumb.

We could spend a decade fighting for the truth in this and never move an inch on the board.   Because they don’t care.   Because LAW is an illusion.   No one will change their mind, or their infusion of a constant stream of propaganda.   No matter how much proof is presented.

That is the point, the point of illusion.   They are essentially telling us there is no law any longer but theirs.   Their law will be vetted upon us, and only us and We The People can be systematically removed justifiably in that law book.   Forever more.   The Lists. Schindler’s List.   How original.

By openly and blatantly censoring they are saying they are completely protected.   And nothing can penetrate that vault. They are saying – We Have won!

There is only one way to launch battle against such an enemy.   Offense.   Offense.   Offense.   Don’t even notice the prattle, just dig the dirty battle.   The most difficult part has essentially been accomplished. We are now well aware of every traitor.   It is as though they shred a mask and are beyond law.   A backdoor deal with Satan.  I would think it would be such a relief to not have to act any longer.   And thus they go cocky bold.   They can’t keep a secret – it is just too gidifyingly giddy!   No one is hiding behind the great red curtain of OZ.   There is no second guessing.

In the Art of War, that is a great opening.   Our real battle is – time.

President Trump does have some very fine men surrounding him and helping to guide what is best.   And while we likely won’t get our wish-upon-a-star for the grand declassifying, we have to accept that the decisions are for us to follow.   For now.

Everyone media entertainer, blogger claims they know exactly what is happening right now in the WH only to have their revelation quashed when it didn’t happen.   You know, if you don’t know, why pretend?   For 3 seconds of fame and then humility?   Which only intensifies the angst – because the number who know in reality is likely to be counted on one hand.   They have some plan – we just don’t know which they are going to pick.

And so, all we can do – is WAIT.

MEDICARE For All: Socialism For All…

While the vitriolic call for nationalized medicine/healthcare in the US by socialist entitlement seekers spans the media, the UK nationalized healthcare is in a shambles and talk of privatization is paramount!


Let me rephrase that.

The UK is considering ways and means to privatize their nationalized healthcare system because it is an abject FAILURE.   As in – it Does Not Work.

Still, Bernie and Poko were adamantly proclaiming that if elected this is exactly what they will create – a Medicare for all system. I wonder what the massively profitable insurance companies think?   Likely they are laughing hysterically because the ‘plan’ is completely unviable, would shutter hospitals, and see the common theme of doctor and nurse shortages evidenced in Canada, the UK, France and Germany.

But practicalities and logic are unreachable by two candidates who have never held a real job.

Warren wrote a number of books that were highly criticized for lacking substantial research, taught a few classes in which some of her students awarded her for her style, and wrote a blog for Huffington Post. Her most prestigious credential is her appointment by Harry Reid to chair the five member Congressional Oversight Committee for the implementation of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.   In laymen’s terms, that Act was the impetus for the 2008 bank bailout that cost US taxpayers upwards of $700 billion to a trillion in order for bankers to make $100 million annual salaries and fly their private jets exuding plumes of toxic ozone decay so as to enable them to go hither and there including the Global Climate Accord while vehemently complaining about global warming.

Her entire education was attained by fraudulently claiming she was American Indian and thus eligible for scholarships, awards and grants.   Her 10 years of college would be worth about $500,000.

That is the entire extent of Warren’s business acumen. Her net worth is upwards of $11 million and I would guesstimate she has no intention of ‘sharing’ it with anyone – including illegal immigrants.

Sanders is a member of the Socialist Party.  After going to college (graduation not noted) he worked self-described odd jobs here and there, carpenter, etc… nothing noteworthy according to his biography.   On a whim he moved to Vermont and became mayor of Burlington (population 35,000). Vermont has the smallest economy of the US and a population equivalent to Boston.   It has -0- jobs growth and -0- business growth.   It ranks #47 as best states for business, and #46 as best state for environmental regulation by Forbes.

Sander’s wife has been mired in corrupt and fraudulent charges including possible bank fraud.   She earned her doctorate through an online service school, and became President of Burlington College, a tiny no-grade progressive school with 200 students.   She resigned as a result of the fraud, and received $360,000 in pay and severance. Rather largess for a tiny school??   While the matter is being investigated by the FBI, the Democrat US Attorney in Vermont recently dropped the investigation.

The Sanders reported net worth is $2.5 to $5 million. They own 3 homes, which they purchased for cash in the last ten years – roughly $1.5 million.  Would the Socialist share his homes and new found wealth with anyone?  Likely, NO.

Given the abhorrent lack of any business experience, neither Sanders or Warren have any idea how a Medicare for All could possibly be implemented, the loss of jobs, the implosion of the Insurance Industry, and the devastation of our healthcare.   As it is, few doctors will accept Medicare patients given the burdensome paperwork, and the incremental fees.   Doctors have begun retiring en masse since the implementation of Obamacare. According to a report by the Association of American Colleges, published in 2011, US specialties will reach a shortage of 91,500 doctors by 2020.   The main reason – retirement.

That shortage will increase to 122,000 by 2030.

Medicare For All means doctors will be paid even less, few will go to the lengths and financial devastation of medical school, and those shortages will quickly ramp up incrementally.

But Sanders and Warren have an Agenda. Socialism for everyone – but them.

Percentages – Manipulations and Perceptions

With all the attention various minorities are getting, it should be noted that their percentage makeup of the total US population is somewhat …less… than we might presume or we are led to believe. I asked a few of my friends some of these stats and their answers were far, far from the actuality. We were all quite surprised. Just a thought….


Black population –     13.1%

Asian –     7.8%

Latino –   17%

Atheists – 2.4%

Jews –       2.11%

Mormons – 2%

Protestants – 48%

Catholics –   24%

LGBT – 1.5%

Journalists – 7% identify as Republican

General Population – Independent – 43%

Democrat – 31%

Republican – 25%

Voters – 64% overall turnout in 2012

US Population 318.9million

Fertility – 1.8 (2.1 is considered 0 population growth)

100% of the population increase in the US will be due to immigration – growing 35% by 2050

Black population at 13.1% – 41.8million persons

Percentage that voted – 68% – per 2008 media

Number that voted – 16.1 million – census bureau

Black Population under the age of 19 – 31.7% per census

Eligible voters – 28.4million

Eligible Voters that voted Based on Census – 54

Discrepancy – 14 percentage points. 21%. Why numbers matter and statistics can be hedged –

I was personally floored by the percentage of Independents! If you want to win – just saying

It is the last fledgling truism we believe we have left – math, numbers. They can’t lie. But unfortunately, those that put the numbers together, that write word or omit a word, so as to give perception that is false, these people have taken our last bastion of belief and turned it into a bastard. Upsidedown.

For example: Let’s say you have a total demographic of 10,000 and you say that within that demographic there are 10% black people. Then you say the rate of increase in the numbers of black people is growing at a rate of 10%! WOW! What a huge increase. The you compare it to the minus 10% growth in whites, and now you have some numbers that bear repeating!   But the real total population increase is only 1%, not the 10%. Not as exciting.   Play the math.

It’s the give or take a few million billion years play in the world of science. Dating animals, humans, droids, cavemen, rocks, thumbnails, etc… Of course, they can’t, and so, they extrapolate. They say, if you believe this theory and this one and this one, then this can be fact. Ouch!

I don’t think so.

There is so much fact to counter theory, the entire core begins to crumble. The core of science. Man, I remember growing up and having to confront the choice – science or faith/religion. We were solid, we had different values then, and faith was more often chosen. But the sixties, Beatles, Steinem, Abby Hoffman, all worked together to change all this.

I chose science. And I believed! I thought everything they said was absolute fact – imperial fact. Science, after all, was a fact based system, without bias, border or theorem. And I blindly believed, like herded by the cult. I believed the lies of science. And everything else was like witchcraft. When I discovered that all fact based conclusions were based in, core theory, I was so angry. I felt so deceived.

‘How’ was a big question, but an even bigger question was – WHY?

I really don’t see the logic in these sort of games, sort of seems a big waste of time. Just thinking.

But others didn’t see it that way, and science as a religion – flourished. When an incident proved their theory wrong, it was just – ignored. Shrugged off as not corresponding. Because all data that could corroborate was retrieved and held, while all data which was contrary, was edited and trashed. Therefore, a belief system of science – was created.

It is interesting that just 2% of the US population could exert so much influence – should they not be counted therefore – as a majority? When did the Greater Good come to mean a 2% majority?

If 74% of the US population has either a Christian, Mormon or Catholic denomination, how is it that we cater to the 2% who claim to be atheists? Why do they take such precedence despite their small numbers?

For the younger generation- perspective: let’s say you are at Papa Jacks Pizza and there are twenty of you ordering. You can only afford one pizza, so you are taking votes on who wants what. You are arguing because there are 4 holdouts to the 16 who agree they want pepperoni and sausage, while the other four want just plain.

PLAIN! Why order pizza at all? Anyway. Finally an agreement is made and the four over-ride the sixteen. The sixteen haven’t changed their want, they have just acquiesced and not wanted confrontation. The four smile broadly – for they have beaten the odds.

But what happens in reality when the majority is being squelched?

Ultimately, there is an uprising. A civil war. And this one is perceived to be – perhaps the largest ever.

The diversity of populace against populace, race, creed, color, gender, age, belief, faith, hair, physique, psyche. Will clash.

No one will be with his brother.

I believe we all see this in our future, but we hope and pray that somehow it will be – later… Men want to be a hero, but when the reality confronts them, it isn’t always as neat.   Women want to be rescued, but when the rescuer is the wolf, well then, not so good.

So, be wary of statistics. Read the fine print. Play often. Love with your life, and don’t drag your baggage like Pigpen drags dirt.

Just saying.

FUKUSHIMA – A Loom of Lies

The Fukushima disaster is now four years old, and the news only grows worse. But despite all the fallout, the media, in conjunction with the dictation of WHO, would have us believe that everything is just fine and dandy and that the radiation will have no effect whatsoever because the levels were just a teensy bit high.

Who do you believe? Who has an agenda?

The US is once again pushing for more nuclear facilities, and as such any data that is negative or alarming regarding Fukushima has to be quashed. The disaster is the largest since the Chernobyl Accident in Ukraine in 1986.   Both Chernobyl and Fukushima were classified as 7, the only two to be classified as such – ever. Chernobyl required the evacuation and resettlement of over 350,000 people. Data varies widely but it is parlayed that 31 people died as a direct result and upwards of another 5,000 developed thyroid cancer and leukemia.

The accident caused assertions that the problem was not nuclear, but Soviet nuclear. The problem with making such an assessment, is then we must also assert that the problem is not nuclear, it is/was Japan nuclear. However, given the Japanese are our friends, we make different conclusions given very similar data.

Same disaster, same level 7, same 300,000 evacuees, and yet, according to WHO the risk then, now or in the future of Fukushima causing any cancer is ‘extremely small’ to remote. They went so far as to state that should thyroid cancer screenings show an increase in the disease, it would in no way be reflective of exposure to radiation from Fukushima. Instead, they opted to conclude that any increase in findings would be a direct correlation to early screening.

In fact, an independent study found that all older Japanese nuclear facilities were unprotected from a potential disaster. But even that does not portray the true picture.

The Fukushima reports are critically conflicted. According to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the radiation leaks into the ocean were of no consequence and would pose no threat to human life. What the report failed to respond to were the effects on the “ocean and marine wildlife”.

It is why reading news and media reports requires so much dissemination as to verbiage, translation of agenda, designing what is not said, the statistical relationships and who is funding the research data. In this case, the bulk of the Woods Hole funding comes from the National Science Foundation which gets it’s funding from the federal government and is an agency within the federal government. Thus negating the claim to independence.

Report after report state that the Fukushima incident/disaster was man-made, caused by internal corruption, nepotism, graft, conspiracy, incompetence and collusion. WHEW!

“Those with a vested interest in specific policy or regulatory outcomes lobby regulators and influence their choices and actions.”

So how can we possibly take the word of these same individuals as to the risk and mediation of the problem. How is it more than that two years after the incident, the government quietly announced that leakage was polluting the ocean? And no one responded.   “On 22 July 2013, more than two years after the incident, TEPCO revealed that the plant is leaking highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. This had previously been denied by TEPCO.”

 So we now know that TEPCO lied. How can we possibly conclude that Woods Hole did not lie if they confirmed the lies made by TEPCO?

The web is crazy nuts to unravel.

The unraveling continues as the people of Japan speak out, and they are scared! Depression, fear, anger, and fighting have taken the lives of the Japanese people who want to protect themselves, their family, their children, and have no trust in the government or the agencies telling everyone – everything is just fine. A new restaurant has opened up in the vicinity of the reactors that actually boasts radioactive free meals. They serve organic meals and check every ingredient using a gamma spectroscopy machine that measures radiation and the deadly radioisotope, caesium.

Talk to the marine biologists in California where the radioactive pool travelled and listen as they decry the marine deaths, sea lion strandings, malnourished pups, dolphins with white lung, females, yearlings, a shock to the marine life… A far different story emerges.

Ultimately, what we find is that the human reporter, the citizen, the neighbor, the person in midst is a far better source of truth than any institute, however they like to describe their status as ‘independent’, of any governmental agency.

We in the US are surely not alone in finding difficulty in believing our media, our government, our institutions. It is a worldwide phenomena.

So while the Chernobyl incident was exposed and derided as a complete failure on the part of Russia and its lacking policing of the reactor and policies, the Fukushima incident is far worse because – we say it is nothing – and that is a bald faced lie.

Where the lie weaves, government is surely the loom.


The IRS employs roughly 100,000 people. The total requested budget for 2014 including for Program Operations amounted to $13,358,007,000. And somehow they just can’t seem to make ends meet. No one feels sorry for them. The Commissioner for the IRS, John Koskinen refers to the IRS employees as ‘long-suffering’.

IRS Agents make about $82,000 on average, Customer Service Reps make about $44,000, and Special Agents about $120,000. Taking a look at what these ‘long suffering’ people are rewarded is making me nauseous:

1) 2/3 of cost of health insurance,

2) long term care insurance,

3) ‘the best retirement program in the world’, per their website, FERS, the employee contribution is currently set at .08% which amounts to roughly $65 on the annual average salary

4) life insurance,

5) on the job training,

6) reimbursement of college course expenses,

7) merit and job performance rewards (their website claims their employees are given more than any other government agency),

8) overtime pay AND premium pay for working more than 8 hours in a day,

9) 4 hours annual leave per pay period, which is every two weeks, adding to 2.6 weeks per year

10) 4 hours per pay period for sick leave = 2.6 weeks per year

11) 10 paid holidays,

12) the ability to telework from home,

13) free childcare

14) free counselling services

15) locality pay adjustments – for example if you live in Houston or LA, your base rate is adjusted up about 28%. There are over 30 different city areas that have bump up adjustments

To qualify as a grade GS-7, you need a bachelors degree with an overall gpa of 3.0 or higher. The overall average IRS employee salary is $83,000.

Between October 2010 and December 2012, the IRS paid more than $2.8 million to about 2,800 workers with ‘recent conduct issues’. A conduct issue includes willfull failure to pay taxes, unauthorized access to a taxpayers private information, abuse of agency leave policy, misuse of IRS property, falsification of official forms, and behavioral problems. None of these issues qualified the individual for firing, instead they were given bonuses. These are the ‘long-suffering’ employees the new Commissioner lauds. The bonuses included more than $1 million in cash awards for roughly 1,100 employees with federal tax-compliance problems.

But their budget and conduct woes do not end. Between 2010 and 2012, the IRS spent $50 million on conferences. And remember the illegal targeting scandal? The targeting occurred in 2010, was discovered in 2013, and the ‘investigation’ continues. No one has been sanctioned. No one fired. No fines. No fees. The FBI has concluded that there was no evidence that might require criminal charges being filed for the corruption. And like Hillary, the solution was to crash Lois Lerner’s hard drive, and wipe clean and scrap her phone. Case closed.

Because our government is inherently corrupt, we have another government agency whose task it is to investigate and squash fraud from within. This agency is called The Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Now the IRS is facing more problems as it confesses to wasting millions of dollars on decorative items and blames the Republican party for these sprees given budget cuts have made their workload over taxing. One Senator even went so far as to state that the budget cuts never even hurt the IRS, they just hurt the American people. Really? And to make it better, they want more money. Specifically, they want $490. million just to enforce Obamacare penalties, and $122.8 to enhance greater collection of taxes.

SEIZURES: As of 2012, the amount of funds that the IRS had seized from individuals aggregated $3.2billion. The IRS may seize any property or cash from a taxpayer based on ‘suspicion’ of an illegal activity. Most taxpayers forfeit the money because getting an attorney to fight the IRS costs more than the value of the asset and can take upwards of 6+ years. One third of all the cases involved no criminal activity whatsoever. Contrary to normal US law, it is the citizen’s responsibility to prove innocence in order to get their property returned. The money and properties seized are available to the agency making the seizure without any appropriation by Congress. The IRS has stated that going forward it will curtail these sort of seizures and try not to target individuals where there is no suspicion of the money involved coming from an illegal source.

So where is the IRS spending such a huge chunk of its budget? According to the CATO Institute, there are two main categories of IRS functioning; handouts, which include tax credits including Obamacare subsidies, and administration which is the basic functioning – tax return processing, help, enforcement and other. Of the two categories, administration costs have remained relatively unchanged, while handling of credits has jumped more than 400% since 2000.

It would appear that the IRS is scrambling for more money in order to be the caretaker of Obamacare which is seriously cutting into the benefit package for their ‘long-suffering’ employees. Are you feeling sorry for them yet?