Statistics, Math, Science – Are the Fabrications…


Statistics ‘used’ to be the mainstay to prove statements by the media as false or true.  Citing a statistic gave credence to the statement.   And the argument was won.   But today, vast bodies of ‘statistical analysis’ are simply algorithms created with a desired end result.

It is April 2021, and yet the latest statistics that are issued by the FBI regarding crime are dated from 2019.   These numbers reveal that violent crime dropped significantly during the Trump administration.

And yet – somehow – the statistics released by the CoVid CDC are real time… How is that?   Because – NO OTHER statistic is ‘real time’ – NONE.

Even today the number of casualties and deaths from WWI, WWI, Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine are guestimates with a spread of +/- 500%.   And Yet, quite suddenly, we are led to believe that the cases, deaths, positives, negatives, are all absolutes – in the tallies.  When NO SUCH tally ever existed before?
Africa has NO universal tallying system. Neither does India, China, Pakistan, the EU or the US.   All tallies are contrived via an algorithm similar to the one created by Bill Gates which early on ‘predicted’ 2 million deaths in the US as a DIRECT result of Covid. Even the Gates funded CDC has been forced to backtrack on that perverse ‘crystal ball prediction’.

SO what happens when we are lied to by a singular node?   All nodes become subject to review and are likely determined to be equally – false and predictive.

Just as in Life.   When a person is found out to have lied to you – ALL statements are now on the table as possible lies.

As the CDC, WHO, Governments, Politicians, Health ‘officials’ are found to have continually lied and backtracked on those lies, it opens the Pandora Box and suddenly – nothing is truth. From the mouth of babes.

How do we determine that the case count is real? How do we determine that the test count is real?   How do we determine that the adverse reaction count is real?   And suddenly we are faced with the reality that ALL NUMBERS are created.   Statistics are a manufactured algorithm.

And the only reality we can visually accept is in our small circle of neighbors and friends.

For example:   I have knowledge on ONE death that was early on attributed to ‘with CoVid’.   One. I have knowledge of ONE person who tested positive for CoVid using the disreputable PCR adjunct.   One.   I have knowledge of a handful of vaccinated persons.

The Point?

What we have been privy to is the government pronouncements of overwhelmed hospitals and cataclysmic deaths – and yet despite numerous persons walking through empty hospitals, the government reaction is to prohibit that person from further videos…

Hospitals are empty. Hospitals are going bankrupt.

The determination of ‘numbers’ is a statistic that does not exist in ANY OTHER REALM.   And is LIKELY completely – fabricated.

I have always held to the ‘statistic. The number.   It was considered the ONE truth when everything was opinion, conjecture or prediction.   However, I have come to realize that statistics are simply crystal ball numbers fabricated like a poll to produce a desired end product.   And are thus, unfortunately, entirely, completely – worthless!

As such, Truth as we perceive it, believe in it, rely on it – no longer exists.   At All.

What a bizarre reality to understand that Truth is something obscure that must be researched and analyzed and determined because Lies are the dominant force.

Personally, I don’t handle lying well.   I do not understand the point, the purpose, or the ultimate outcome when Truth does reveal its face. How best to earn my scorn – than to lie to me.

While Europe has been the brunt of the most sever lockdowns and restrictions, it seems to odd that every government across the globe would have the exact same reaction to this “Pandemic”.   Wouldn’t you think that there would be ‘odd lots’ – the rebels – the ones who knew the Agenda?

And yet there were – NONE.

Doesn’t that seem ODD?
From a mathematical standpoint – the odds of 100% are not even calculable.

Which is virtually saying – that we are royally screwed.   There is nowhere to go.   There is no power.   But there is a story.   Because we are not a part of the story. We are outsiders. The story is between the Fascist Bankers and the Communist Politicians who vie for world control.   And then there are these ‘others’ you and me’ who are watching the battles and just – amazed!!!

These guys are NUTS>

It’s like they don’t really exist in this dimension, and they are bent on control.   Nothing else seems to matter. I see them.   I see them – all the time.   Weird thing.

And once again, I Find refuge in the music of Chad Lawson.  Although Brian Crain is equally seductive.  Dang, I am in love – with – piano…

America vs China – A Battle Waged in Propaganda!!!

China’s National External Debt now stands at over $2.5 trillion – the highest it has been – ever and triple what it was a decade ago.   The majority of that debt is in Africa, although South America is likely a close 2nd.    

According to the World Bank, China is an upper middle income country.   The World Bank claims China’s per capita GDP (nominal) is $10,800, ranking 69th – 73rd in the world.   According to the UN, this ranking puts them on par with Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Argentina.  

Minimum wage is $382.00 monthly, which is attributed to Shanghai as being the ‘highest minimum wage’.    Many regions are half that figure.      

Bernie Sanders quoted China as having eliminated poverty lifting 850million Chinese out of extreme poverty.

But in China extreme poverty is measured by earning less than $1.90 per day or less than $41 per month.   YEAH!   No more poverty…

China counts 57 million international tourists per year – mostly from Japan and South Korea.   But apparently, only 6.8 million actually stayed ‘at least one night’.   Meaning the other 88% were just passing through the airport.  Playing with numbers –

Only 7% of the Chinese population have a passport.   While the media flags this as a great opportunity for Chinese tourists in other countries, the absurdity is the reason Chinese don’t have passports.    Passports are issued by the CCP which won’t issue them because they are afraid of defection.   Of course, in a country bursting with over-population, one would think that the government would be buying one way tickets.   But no.   The CCP views emigration by citizens as being traitorous – and cause for immediate torture and execution.  Hence – only 7% of the Thousand Talent Program ‘scientists’ are actually allowed ‘pretend defection’.

It is like looking at a truly scary picture of some guy on and realizing this is his ‘best foot forward’.   These stats are China’s ‘best foot forward’.

China claims that 90% of the population own their own home.   In Wuhan, the price per square foot to own an apartment (there are no homes) is $420. US dollars   A 1500 sq ft apartment would thus cost $630,000.   The GDP per capita in Wuhan is stated to be $18,000.   Which means a person’s ‘home’ would consist of roughly 14 sq ft, or an ‘apartment’ which is 3.5×4 ft.   I am liberal in my numbers given mortgages in China are based on 20 years – not 30.

You see, in China, a shared dog cage is considered a ‘home’ for humans.   And that is in a upper middle income ‘lucrative city’.

China declares a GDP growth rate of 7% or more – per year!  

The World Bank describes China as a Socialist economy, despite referencing China being ruled by the Communist Party.   And while China views it’s ‘yellow citizen’s ‘ as the intellectuals of the world, their coronavirus vaccine failed.   Why? Because it didn’t include outside virology.   In other words, China depends on other countries to create – while China attempts to – copy.

While China claims South Korea is it’s largest trade partner, China actually ranks 3rd of South Korea’s imports with the US and EU topping.   As it’s greatest trading partner, Japan ranks 4x the GDP per Capita of China .   In other words – China’s  largest ‘asset’ is a massive population.   Outside of that, they have created little, done nothing, and accomplished nothing of value.   But according to liberal mania, they provide immense potential – simply based on capitalist consumerism potential.   Which of course, would be annihilated under a global communist regime.

Statistics can be funny ‘science’.   But science has become the new god.   Which allows us to ‘dissect’ that theory of philosophy to reveal the truth behind number manipulations.   While medical ‘persons’ decry science as the end all of proof positive, they ultimately reveal their inherent and decimating flaws, and sometimes the incredibly false purveyance that can only be defined as pure Fakery.

For example.   In order for China to overtake the US in true wealth would require their economy to rise by 500% today.   If we accept their ‘inflated growth rate of 7%’ that would take – roughly 50 years?   Assuming a constant, it would take 70 years assuming a non-compound.

China is NOT a true financial competitor threat.   They are a ‘Communist’ threat.    Period.   They don’t have the scientific expertise to create science. They don’t have the intellectual expertise to create – much of anything.   And that is truly their fear.   That is WHY they rely on the US.   Idiots in a bottle.   China require US expertise to have, to do, to create, to explore, to think – everything!

What they do parlay is: blackmail – first and foremost on their list of profit profiles, blackmail, second and foremost on their list of profit agendas, and third, blackmail is their only means of obtaining ‘science’ data.

What we do know?

The GOP will sell its soul under blackmail.

The Democrats have sold their soul – under blackmail.

And The People = are very, very angry and are ready to destroy both the GOP and the Democrat Party.

This is not relegated simply to US politics – it is the Will Of The PEOPLE globally!

Don’t be sheep!   The Media is parlaying a completely alternate universe in order to deflate the true VALUE OF THE US!   We Can Overcome – ONLY if we are willing to engage in the BATTLE!

DEBT vs GROWTH – which is better?

While America’s debt now stands at 105% of GDP, Europe is quickly catching up. The UK debt hovers over 96%, France is closing in on 95%, Greece is at 196%, Italy is 140%, and Germany is at 68.7%. But some of the largest and smallest numbers are not always talked about. For example; Japan tops out at 199.4% and Russia lingers at just 11.3%. Part of the problem is in the numbers – as in, who is reporting the numbers? The Japanese government is reporting debt at 199.4%, while Bloomberg and The Economist say it is 240%, but not to worry because public debt is really only 140%. Well that puts them over Italy and no one is saying that Italy has nothing to worry about. But then Italy’s ‘public’ debt is 114%, so while Japan is ‘really only’ – well, Italy is ‘really only’ – less.

The Scandinavian countries routinely come in low, although not the lowest with 20-50% ratios. Even Pakistan and South Africa come in under 40%. Low debt does not equate to a good standard of living, but it does equate to a theory of management. High debt certainly creates the aura of near implosion. So why does the mainstream news keep plugging the failing economy of a country that has the lowest debt to GDP ratio in the world and virtually ignore the country with the highest debt?

Because information molds views and more than anything the view that the media wants to extol is that – Russia is imploding. But it’s not.

Japan has a low inflation rate and low unemployment. But on a comparison basis, consumer prices for food and rent are 25-39% higher in Japan. In 2014, Japans growth rate went into negative territory. While the rate is back in the positive, it is a barely there number at .6%. Italy’s growth rate is currently at .3% whereas the US is lingering at .2%. The countries with the highest growth rates include Senegal at 22% and Kazakhstan at 8%. While the Ukraine’s growth rate had ranked in the positive at 3.3 before the coup, it now lingers in the toilet at -17.6%. In the wisdom of Dr. Phil – ‘How’s that coup workin’ for ya?’

So where do these statistics leave us? Correlations seem to be lacking.

Simply looking at one number obviously fails to tell anything of worth. So what can we learn from Italy and Japan?

While high debt is an indicator, in combination with stagnant to negative growth, a country is doomed. What stimulates growth? What lowers debt?

Growth is stimulated by competitiveness and private sector returns, public sector investments in education, infrastructure and technology are all drivers. So, how do you do that? Well, for one thing taxing out the public and private sectors is an obvious faux pas. What can hamper these natural stimulations? According to a Nobel Laureate Economist, quality government is the key. Governments that abuse their power, make decisions for the elite, and favor the special interest groups, will create the implosion no matter where the debt stands.

Within the government initiative there is the obvious – demand. Demand is high when wages are more indicative of a thriving economy. Low wages = low consumer spending = low consumer confidence = low overall growth rate.

How do we increase wages?

The Obama solution is – redistribution of income through taxation. It’s an economic absurdity to even consider this a solution. Taxing a corporation reduces their bottom line more which will effectively redistribute nothing to anyone but the government. Corporations are motivated by profit. They want a greater return if they are going to pay more wages. They want increased productivity to justify the wage increase. Right or wrong – that’s how their mind works. Resume writers want their clients to show how they created greater wealth for their previous employer because that’s what sells an employee’s worth.

Stagnant wages make for low morale and stagnant growth. Corporations don’t have the American morale any longer, they see cheap India labor as their driver. If the government spent more time and money ‘incentivizing’ corporations to pay better wages and keep them in the US, entitlement programs could begin to fall away thereby redirecting the entitlements to incentives. It might be a breakeven for the government, but that would be their ‘job’, and moral, confidence and earning power would be the end result for the citizens the government represents.

Obama’s Alliance Foundation – A Blunder of Racism

A new, old organization is being tauted by Obama and his contingent of keepers; Bloomberg and Soros. It’s called the new and improved My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. Because the old one didn’t take. Backed by $80 million – to start – it can’t lose… or can it?

What happened to the Foundation he started in 2014?

Obama is focused on the; ‘tragic history in the US which makes it tougher for some to succeed…” History? I am a woman. We were property in history. White men were persecuted in the UK for their faith and banished. White men were ostracized for their debt and imprisoned, only to be shipped to Australia. History? I’m sorry, but history is over. The reason certain minorities succeed and other’s fail has been proven over and over again – family.

His new and improved foundation uses the acronym – MBK. But when I looked it up, MBK already exists and has since 1999. It too is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). It’s logo and site are copyrighted. It’s purpose is to help minorities who have health issues they need to overcome. Initially, HIV was the focus.

There would appear to be a copyright infringement here…

Obama’s site was uploaded in 2015. It’s aim focus’s exclusively on men and boys – no women allowed club. It is exclusive to boys of color, so whites are specifically excluded. I went through the website and still could not find exactly what they do. They have ‘documents’ posted online that encourage businesses to hire ‘men of color’. And they ask for donations. I just don’t see what they do with the money except maybe write more PR documents.

I have a background in business and generally when one launches a new business there is a past, a track record, and a business plan of ‘action’. But this Alliance has none of this – no history, no proven track record, and no plan of action. They just want – money because the $80 million has vanished?

Playing with the statistics: In 2013, about 40 percent of whites between the ages of 25 and 29 had a bachelor’s degree or more, compared to about 20 percent of blacks, 15 percent of Hispanics and 58 percent of Asians, according to data from the Current Population Survey. Blacks make up 12% of the US population. Given these stats, 20% of the 12% should be represented in businesses – 2.4%.

So let’s take a look at the NFL: Of the 175 cornerbacks in the league, 170 are black. At running back, 107 of the 120 players are African-American. White players account for 27.7 percent of the NFL rosters.

In the NBA, 35.7% of all professional employees are people of color. But wait – only 12% of the US population is black, therefore whites are unjustly discriminated against in this venue. And 47% of head coaches are people of color. In the category of players, the discrimination gets even greater – 76% of all NBA players are African-American.

Does this mean we must require the NBA and NFL to alter their drafts so as to be less discriminatory?

No. Forcing coaches to hire more whites from a pool of applicants knowing that it could cost them the championship, is absurd. Forcing businesses to hire blacks from a pool of applicants when the qualifications are non-existent, is absurd. Every time we make ‘race’ the problem, we are creating the problem. It is not about race, it is about poverty and education. It is about family and values.

You can’t lift people out of poverty without education. You can’t lift people out of anger and crime when the value system of the family does not exist.

Statistics also don’t measure a person’s heart. For example, my ex-husband’s sister was a verifiable brainiac. She got a very prestigious degree from Stanford. She ‘chose’ to use that degree to teach high school. Income, for her, was not a measure of success. For her, teaching was the success.

Look no further for an example of minority success than to Asians in the US. They have a divorce rate of about 8-10% compared to African-Americans who have a significantly higher divorce rate as well as a significantly higher rate of children born out of wedlock. (And before you go there – no, the solution is not more condoms.) Asians have a lower unemployment rate – even compared to whites. They have the highest rate of income and education of any racial group in the US. Their value structure is about family, provision, and education. It works.

The solution is education. Education in school, but also education about values, morality, marriage, parenting and ethics. It is not about forcing businesses to hire a person based on race. It is about bringing everyone to the line of ability.

So what is the focus of this new and improved Foundation? Division. Race. Gender. Hardly a promotion of anything of value.

Percentages – Manipulations and Perceptions

With all the attention various minorities are getting, it should be noted that their percentage makeup of the total US population is somewhat …less… than we might presume or we are led to believe. I asked a few of my friends some of these stats and their answers were far, far from the actuality. We were all quite surprised. Just a thought….


Black population –     13.1%

Asian –     7.8%

Latino –   17%

Atheists – 2.4%

Jews –       2.11%

Mormons – 2%

Protestants – 48%

Catholics –   24%

LGBT – 1.5%

Journalists – 7% identify as Republican

General Population – Independent – 43%

Democrat – 31%

Republican – 25%

Voters – 64% overall turnout in 2012

US Population 318.9million

Fertility – 1.8 (2.1 is considered 0 population growth)

100% of the population increase in the US will be due to immigration – growing 35% by 2050

Black population at 13.1% – 41.8million persons

Percentage that voted – 68% – per 2008 media

Number that voted – 16.1 million – census bureau

Black Population under the age of 19 – 31.7% per census

Eligible voters – 28.4million

Eligible Voters that voted Based on Census – 54

Discrepancy – 14 percentage points. 21%. Why numbers matter and statistics can be hedged –

I was personally floored by the percentage of Independents! If you want to win – just saying

It is the last fledgling truism we believe we have left – math, numbers. They can’t lie. But unfortunately, those that put the numbers together, that write word or omit a word, so as to give perception that is false, these people have taken our last bastion of belief and turned it into a bastard. Upsidedown.

For example: Let’s say you have a total demographic of 10,000 and you say that within that demographic there are 10% black people. Then you say the rate of increase in the numbers of black people is growing at a rate of 10%! WOW! What a huge increase. The you compare it to the minus 10% growth in whites, and now you have some numbers that bear repeating!   But the real total population increase is only 1%, not the 10%. Not as exciting.   Play the math.

It’s the give or take a few million billion years play in the world of science. Dating animals, humans, droids, cavemen, rocks, thumbnails, etc… Of course, they can’t, and so, they extrapolate. They say, if you believe this theory and this one and this one, then this can be fact. Ouch!

I don’t think so.

There is so much fact to counter theory, the entire core begins to crumble. The core of science. Man, I remember growing up and having to confront the choice – science or faith/religion. We were solid, we had different values then, and faith was more often chosen. But the sixties, Beatles, Steinem, Abby Hoffman, all worked together to change all this.

I chose science. And I believed! I thought everything they said was absolute fact – imperial fact. Science, after all, was a fact based system, without bias, border or theorem. And I blindly believed, like herded by the cult. I believed the lies of science. And everything else was like witchcraft. When I discovered that all fact based conclusions were based in, core theory, I was so angry. I felt so deceived.

‘How’ was a big question, but an even bigger question was – WHY?

I really don’t see the logic in these sort of games, sort of seems a big waste of time. Just thinking.

But others didn’t see it that way, and science as a religion – flourished. When an incident proved their theory wrong, it was just – ignored. Shrugged off as not corresponding. Because all data that could corroborate was retrieved and held, while all data which was contrary, was edited and trashed. Therefore, a belief system of science – was created.

It is interesting that just 2% of the US population could exert so much influence – should they not be counted therefore – as a majority? When did the Greater Good come to mean a 2% majority?

If 74% of the US population has either a Christian, Mormon or Catholic denomination, how is it that we cater to the 2% who claim to be atheists? Why do they take such precedence despite their small numbers?

For the younger generation- perspective: let’s say you are at Papa Jacks Pizza and there are twenty of you ordering. You can only afford one pizza, so you are taking votes on who wants what. You are arguing because there are 4 holdouts to the 16 who agree they want pepperoni and sausage, while the other four want just plain.

PLAIN! Why order pizza at all? Anyway. Finally an agreement is made and the four over-ride the sixteen. The sixteen haven’t changed their want, they have just acquiesced and not wanted confrontation. The four smile broadly – for they have beaten the odds.

But what happens in reality when the majority is being squelched?

Ultimately, there is an uprising. A civil war. And this one is perceived to be – perhaps the largest ever.

The diversity of populace against populace, race, creed, color, gender, age, belief, faith, hair, physique, psyche. Will clash.

No one will be with his brother.

I believe we all see this in our future, but we hope and pray that somehow it will be – later… Men want to be a hero, but when the reality confronts them, it isn’t always as neat.   Women want to be rescued, but when the rescuer is the wolf, well then, not so good.

So, be wary of statistics. Read the fine print. Play often. Love with your life, and don’t drag your baggage like Pigpen drags dirt.

Just saying.

HPV VACCINE – Statistical Truths

Cervical cancer and the HPV Vaccine Stats:

It is estimated that 1, 665,540 cases of cancer occurred in the US during 2014. Of those, cervical cancer comprised 12,360 or .7%. As of the 2010 census, there were roughly 157million women in the US. That means that .008% of women in the US get cervical cancer. The rate of incidence has declined 70% from the mid 1950’s to late 1990’s and has continued to decline 2% each successive year – without the vaccine. The reason for the decline? The advent of the Pap-smear. Still, the CDC and WHO heartily push for massive vaccination. Some states are adopting mandatory vaccination and many more states are being pressured to follow.

Proponents of the vaccine argue that cervical cancer is the second highest killer for women. But let’s take a look at perspective: In 2012, worldwide there were 588,000 cases of cervical cancer. The US portion would thus represent 2.9% of the world total. Eighty five percent of the cases occur in less developed countries, the resulting death rates being somewhat the same at roughly 30-50%.

Why the massive push in the US?

In 2006, the FDA fast tracked Gardasil, an HPV vaccine. Merck, the manufacturer, petitioned heavily to make the vaccine mandatory for public school enrollment. Although this was shot down, it continues to be lobbied.

Merck claimed that Gardasil would prevent HPV, a virus that is said to affect 50% of women in the US and worldwide. The claim was that incidences of HPV and deaths would be reduced to zero. But, as with all vaccines, there are risks. Some of the more serious side effects reported after the Gardasil vaccine include; Multiple sclerosis like symptoms, seizures, paralysis, speech problems, blindness, Pancreatitis, ovarian cysts, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and short term memory loss.

Two ingredients in the vaccine are considered toxic: 1) Aluminum, which is known to cause brain damage, nerve damage and cognitive dysfunction, and 2) sodium borate which is an insecticide. These adjuvants are added to ‘stimulate the immune system’. The vaccine alternative to Gardasil is Cervarix. It includes aluminum as well but also includes ‘viral proteins’ which are derived from animals and aborted fetuses. In order for protein to be broken down, it must pass through the digestive system. Injected directly into the bloodstream can create an autoimmune response. Autoimmune diseases include; thyroid issues, MS, food allergies, celiac disease, Graves disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc…

As with every medication, side effects are an issue. (I wish just once side effects would include; increased muscle, increased flexibility, reversal of aging, etc…) Sigh. Proponents argue the potential for side effects is considered minor compared to the potential positives. And they pressed on, succeeding with their mandate – for a while. Still, most, if not all, cancer organizations continue to emphasize that the greatest way to prevent cervical cancer is through pap-smears. Period. In addition, they state that those who are at greatest risk for getting cervical cancer are women with HIV, AIDS or drug users. Which would explain why the highest rates occur in undeveloped countries, particularly Africa where HIV and AIDS is most prevalent.

According to The American Cancer Society, in addition to HIV and AIDS being major risk factors, they conclude that other risk factors include; smoking, multiple sex partners, genetics, long term use of contraceptive pills, and woman with a previous history of STD’s (syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia). So why don’t we address risk factors first? Stop smoking, have sex with your husband only, and stop taking the pill. In addition, they have determined that black and Hispanic women and women between the ages of 65 and 69 account for the highest incidence of cervical cancer – that’s the genetic issue that we can not change. Of course – again – safe sex = no virus.

So, if the decrease in incidence rates is due to pap-smears, why get the vaccine? If the predominate risk factor is a compromised immune system with HIV and AIDS, then why vaccinate the entire population? If the total number of cases in the US represents just .00008 of women, why are we making this an epidemic crisis?

HPV Vaccine:

According to Kaiser, there are over 140 strains of HPV, 40 can cause cervical cancer. The new Gardasil vaccine claims to mitigate 4 of the 40 strains.

Merck – Gardasil 9:

  1. approved in 2015, is recommended for girls 9-26 and for boys ages 9-15 to prevent against anal and penile cancer. It is currently not covered by private insurance but this is anticipated by 2017. The previous vaccine was only deemed effective for 4.5 years.

  2. 90-99%% of HPV infections resolve on their own without any treatment

  3. The effective rate for the vaccine drops the older the teenager

  4. In the US, cervical cancer in women under the age of 25 is ‘rare’. Most cases occur in older women

  5. If you already carry the virus, which CDC claims 50% of women do, the vaccine is not effective

  6. Hispanics, Asians, and those living below the poverty line have the highest vaccination rates in the US they also represent the highest incidence rate

  7. The incidence rate has remained relatively constant for the last ten years, although the death rate has declined due to early detection

  8. The vaccine costs about $400 and is administered in three shots.

  9. No tests have been conducted by Merck to evaluate the potential negative reactions Gardasil may pose when taken with other childhood vaccines

  10. There are over 3000 side effects reported, including death

FYI – what the heck are we doing vaccinating 9 year old’s against a sexually transmitted disease? Ewwww!

HPV infection can change cervix cells into pre-cancer

cells. Pre-cancer cells are not cancer, and they don’t

cause changes that you would notice. Most cells with

early pre-cancer changes go back to normal on their

own. If they don’t, they can be treated. Sometimes,

if they aren’t found and treated, the pre-cancer cells

can turn into cancer. Cervical cancer can also be

treated if it’s found.”

Statistically, most women who die from cervical cancer have never had a pap-smear or have not had one for more than five years. Statistically, most women who die from cervical cancer have a compromised immune system from HIV, AIDS or drug use.

While no one wants cancer – perspective might help to mitigate over-whelming, consuming fear propagated by the media. While some people are at risk – that risk is .00008 of women in the US and of those only 32% will die, and of those 20% are over the age of 75, and of all incidences those who are already compromised due to HIV or AIDS are at the greatest risk. That leaves a very very small portion of the average population.

Perhaps it would be much more logical to immunize only those people who are at risk, while continuing to ramp up prevention through a completely non-invasive non-dangerous – pap-smear that has a proven record of dropping rates over 70%!

But then, there wouldn’t be much profit in such a scenario.