General Milley’s Last Words Confirm His Sedition and Likely Treason

General Milley formally exited ‘stage left’ by evoking Hate Speech’:   “We don’t take an oath to a country, we don’t take an oath to a tribe, we don’t take an oath to a religion. We don’t take an oath to a king, or a queen, or a tyrant or a dictator.   And we don’t take an oath to a wannabe dictator,”   he spat.   “We take an oath to the Constitution and we take an oath to the idea that is America – and we’re willing to die to protect it.”   

Not only does this crude statement reveal a man enshrined in hate, it reveals a General who has no idea what the oath of office is for officers!   A) he takes an oath to the Constitution of the United States our COUNTRY – not to China – not to Ukraine – not to Taiwan!   B) he takes an oath to ‘obey the President of the United States’.  

He did neither of these things and has now gone on record digging his grave for the world to hear and absorb.   His last words are words of sedition.   Sedition:   Speech or organization that includes subversion of The US Constitution.

The Oath states:

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed …

The media has an interesting take on defining ‘hate speech’ – and instead references this ‘Generals’ choice of outgoing statements as a simple Trump ‘jab’.   Of course the media has zero understanding of the Military, its vows of discretion and honor and respect!   They only know Hollywood Che Guevara Sean Penn deviance of how military officials are supposed to be conduct themselves, and the hierarchy that entails.   The President is Milley’s Commander in Chief.   Not the other way around.  And if he cannot abide that Commander – he has the option to RESIGN.   Effective immediately.

Worse yet, Private First Class Milley, made his statements in front of cadets, other servicemen, and media, thereby enhancing his choice of words within the colossal potential for Treason by admitting he failed to uphold his Oath of Office under Trump, did not uphold The Constitution, and instead colluded with China – and made secret phone calls with CCP officials while still under Oath to President Trump.   An allegiance deviance.

In addition to Hate Speech, sedition, and treason – Milley revealed rampant ‘stupidity’ in his public display which he can not now deny happened.

In a similar vein of idiocy, Twitter influencer, Mehdi Hasan, made the unproven declaration that Hate Speech on Twitter has increased 1000x since Musk bought the company.   Without anyone asking, he decided to take upon himself to hold his own Challenge and thus prove he is right.   But in classic liberal scream fashion, he failed to edit his own tweets, which are rife with “Hate Speech”!   Stupidity has taken the reins of the liberals.   They cannot undo.

Now that we are globally witness to Gen. Milley’s seditious outgoing ‘hate speech’ he should be stripped of his rank and pension.    Milley’s illustrious career ended with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Afghanistan Freedom.   Which liberated Iraq and Afghanistan of roughly 350,000 lives and Taxpayers of $4-$6 TRILLION.   Afghanistan is now controlled by the Taliban and Iraq is an ally of Russia.  WELL DONE!

Who did win these wars?   The Military Industrial Complex whose 2000 budget was $320 billion compared to today – $1 trillion annually – $1,000,000,000,000.   Not including the Ponzi Funds given to USAID, US State Department and NGO’s. By comparison, the next highest amount spent on Military is the UK at $68 billion.   A differential of nearly 1500%.

In my esteemed opinion, Milley should be more concerned with his deviance from supporting the American Citizens to inserting endless coups, wars, and depopulation.   He should be apologizing to The American People for losing every war since Vietnam.   For raping every one of us of our slave labor to this end.   And for NOT utilizing BASIC strategic and détente means to assure America is a nation of literal democracy instead of playing a Tactics II game board of destruction!

In my esteemed opinion, Milley and many other Generals should be relinquished of their pensions and their stripes. They have NOT protected Americans – and as such have degraded their entire OATH of office. They have lost the wars they initiated – including Ukraine, and have no honor to Honor. They operate on a spear of MONEY.  

As the Real General‘s Daughter – this military of today truly disgusts me.  

WESTERN Governments and Their Intel Agencies Are Completely ROGUE

Rereading the supposedly damning letter signed by 51 intelligence officials regarding the Hunter Biden laptop being a Russian propaganda ploy, I notice some interesting points:   1.   The vast majority of those signing are former CIA agents.   2.   According to ‘their assertion’ they got their damaging information from ‘the media in general, and The Washington Post’ specifically.   What makes this nearly comical is the fact that The Washington Post is the CIA’s go to for planting stories.   This dates to their inception in 1947.

The Letter States:

“Our view that the Russians are involved in the Hunter Biden email issue is consistent with two other significant data points as well. According to the Washington Post, citing four sources, “US intelligence agencies warned the White House last year that Guiliani was the target of an influence operation by the Russian government.

In addition, media reports now say that the FBI has opened investigation into Russian involvement in this case. According to USA Today, “…federal authorities are investigating as to whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Guiliani…is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.” ~ singed 51 intelligensia agents – the vast majority of which are post CIA.    

The same CIA that claims to be the intelligence apparatus of our nation is relying on evidence as stipulated by the Mainstream Media – including their own!   And that is how they formed their opinion to sign this letter of disinformation. Amazing!

Would it not also call into question the expert value of the CIA as an agency?   And would it not also call into question the value of every other Russia Did It determination/allegation?   Including those being asserted ‘again’ by Hillary Clinton as she campaigns for Ukraine via her Foundation’s relaunch?

Timing is everything.   Today Hillary posed for pictures as her portrait as the best Secretary of State was unveiled – 8 years after the fact!   It is like watching The Academy Awards present best picture of the year to a film made in 1950.   In reality, Hillary’s legacy is – Benghazi.   Their retribution for the brutal torture and sodomizing of Gaddafi,   wherein four Americans were brutalized and assassinated via similar means and Hillary did nothing.

While we can know Hillary’s Russia election interference assertions are a comedy – this letter actually provides the evidence or proof that every contrary campaign to demonize Russia is frontloaded by the fake CIA.

It takes the conspiracy out of the conspiracy. It reveals gross incompetence. And outlines implications of outright lying, fraud, and sedition

The letter was released October 19th 2020, just weeks before the Presidential Election. Could it be construed as Election Interference now that we know it was contrived and politically motivated?   Heavy weight names on the list include: Brennan, Clapper and Heyden.

The government that is, that was, that isn’t.  

Our FBI colluded with Pelosi to foment the Capitol ‘incursion’.   Seymour Hersh has just revealed the Biden government blew up Nord Stream II.   60 Minutes unveils that US Taxpayers are footing the bill for shopkeepers and bistro’s in Kyiv.   A government shutdown will still release funds to Ukraine – but not our military service members.   The Secret Service finds a hefty bag of Cocaine in the White House and refuses to investigate.

And still the democrat propaganda that Biden and Zelenskyy are world war heroes continues unabated.   When the Shiitake hits the fan just lie like crazy would be their mantra.

But it isn’t just the US in shambles under the guise of treasonous intelligence agencies, Canada too is falling apart at the seams.   Trudeau’s handling of the Parliament ‘gaffe’ in which a Nazi veteran was given a standing ovation is being rewritten by Trudeau as – Russian Disinformation.   Where is Netanyahu?

Of course the liberal propaganda machinations would not be complete without Hillary chiming in TODAY about Putin interfering in the 2016 election – Putin will intervene again in 2024 in favor of Trump.   Russia Disinformation.  Russia did it!   And she lost because of electoral votes…

Kennedy Jr has been given the non-welcome mat – a wake up call.   Of course, claiming he ‘knows’ the CIA was complicit in the assassination of his uncle and father might be key, but I don’t know – maybe its just a conspiracy that Google, Facebook, YouTube etc… have all conspired to ghost him.

Kari Lakes latest interpretation of Zelenskyy remarks should not be viewed lightly.   She is of the opinion that Zelenskyy has inferred that there are Ukrainian terror cells planted across the west which he alone can activate.   The button for activation is tied directly to monetary and weapon support.   Which may explain Kevin McCarthy’s flip-flop on Ukraine aid amidst a government shutdown.

In a world not dominated by Alice in Wonderland, this admission would be met with a demonstrative McCarthy and Congress calling on the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc… to find the terrorist cells and extinguish their Agenda. Instead, McCarthy looks afraid.   Cowers in fear and complies.   Because these intelligentsia agencies do NOT work for America. Whether they ever did is questionable.  And thus – there is no one to save us!

I’ve said it before:   If you are CIA and you know the agency is rogue and do nothing, you are complicit.   If you are CIA and you don’t know the agency is rogue – you don’t deserve to be an agent because you haven’t the intelligence to do so.  

We KNOW that desk jockey, Lloyd Austin, has no intelligence value.   We know the military is being run like a frat party for trans and CRT while docking physical requirements, mental requirements, intelligence requirements – and now dumbing down tests.   The purpose of which is to be – unable to defend America against ANY threat.

SO.  Where do we go from this horrific mess we label government and intelligence agencies?   It takes a tribe.  It takes not being a coward.   Not being afraid.   It takes holding to The Law lest we become another soul of the enemy.   President Trump is NOT God.   But neither was King David.

Everything Is Trump’s Fault: Declares the Anarchist Casey

The Conservatives of America will never unite.   The only viable candidate must possess a degree in law, political science, medicine, biology, religion, chemistry, economics, public heath, engineering, history, philosophy, mathematics, and mechanics in order to be considered.   But if he’s wearing anything but red socks – he’s OUT!   The ideology of perfection is nothing less than God.   God must be the US President.   Yet even then, they would find fault –

This is the reality of our culture.

I was reading an interview with Doug Casey and left with an incomprehensible awe of bridled disbelief.   The argument was regarding Trump and the fact that he made mistakes – he surrounded himself with bad people. Unintentionally.   But there is still no excuse.   Twitter is fraught with allegations that Trump botched the CoVid lockdown, meltdown atrocities and should have known better.

Why?   Because, 3 years after the fact everyone is an expert medical biologist with a degree in basketweaving.   Hindsight.   Yet the very same recommendations made by Trump, ie Vitamin D3 and C, were met with jeers and death threats!   Those same recommendations are now considered the cure. Treat it like a bad flu.

In 2016, theologian John Piper told his entire congregation that Trump wasn’t good enough and to vote for Pence –  Why   Because, he professed Christian doctrine. Hindsight.  Pence revealed himself to be the traitor, the turncoat, the fake Christian.   He is a rhino wearing a mask of the wolf.

Only God is eligible to be President.   Because perfection, a completely unattainable human condition, is required.

Trump should have known who all the wolves were. He should be able to surveil each and every house, bedroom, office and court room of every individual to know their secret inclinations.   Trump should have fired everybody – even those he  legally couldn’t.

Ann is shredding Trump for not completing the border wall.   “He deserves what he got”!   “He Failed”!   Melania’s close advisor wrote a tell-all book after spying on the First Lady.   Melania Failed!   Or my favorite, “Melania was never on the cover of Vogue, therefore she is ugly”!   These commentaries are not just from liberals – they are from wolf-conservatives.   They are vile – and they are devoid of humanity.

Ironically, Doug Casey’s fame came on the coattails of his multi-millionaire father’s real estate tycoon developments.   An atheist, Casey lives in Argentina. He states that Trump is unfit because he is a Jacobin.   What he doesn’t say is – who would be a viable and willing President that would meet his expectations.   It appears – no one.

Everybody is a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ – in hindsight.  

JFK’s VP was Lyndon Johnson, his CIA Director was Allen Dulles – thick as thieves they would have been hung in an America built on justice and truth.   Reagan had Bush – a devout Clintonite in disguise.   Obama was handed a corrupt Biden.   And Biden has the desert camel.

Trump a Jacobin?   Jacobin’s align with far left ideologies of socialism, authoritarianism, big government, and a peasant class state.   Doug Casey’s claim that this is representative of Trump is clearly false – yet it reflects a rhino sentimentality.   Not in Trump – but in Casey.

It is worthy to note that Casey’s preferred country, Argentina, where he has a  residential sporting estate project, Estancia de Cafayate”, is a country ruled under the Frente de Todos Party.   Their ideology includes: left wing populism, social democracy, progressivism, and communism.   The front runner for the coming Presidential election is anarcho-capitalist, Javier Milei.   And thus it becomes more clear why Casey would deride President Trump and falsely label him a Jacobin when in fact Jacobian ideology is anarchism and Casey self identifies as an anarcho-capitalist.

Hate to break the news but neither God nor Jesus will ever be elected US President.   Anarchy breeds chaos.   The wall was not built because of rhinos.   The Pandemic was supported by – rhinos.   The economy is being driven into a full-blown Great Depression II by rhino’s aligned with Democrats.   And Bolshevik communism is the end result if The People adhere to – it’s all Trump’s fault – while sitting on their arses, drinking Jacobian kool-aide.

Trump’s Destiny Is To Conduct The Orchestra

DESTINY.   Trump’s destiny is designed.   When I was a dancer, we were always told ‘we are an instrument’.  We were there to convey – to emote – and to interpret the music.   Because the music came first.   Trump is an instrument.   His music is the United States.   He is building an orchestra.   That orchestra embodies the United States.   As Bannon declared, we are not a cult following we are the violins, the flutes, the saxophones – coming together in a united Rachmaninoff Concerto!

In God’s world, each of us has a destiny.   None is less important than the other because the Concerto is the goal or end-product.   If one instrument becomes lost, the other musicians quickly and quietly surround this violin and mediate the loss until he recovers, and the music is once again whole.   A constant flow.

Uniqueness was the creation, not perfection.   We can testify that we are each unique – we can also testify that none of us are perfect.   I sometimes liken our individual destiny to ‘gifts’.   Bestowed on us by God.   Trump’s gift is not being swayed by Power.   The Power that corrupts.   Instead, his love for this country and what it represents drives his gift.  The gift of freeing us from tyranny.

Sometimes each of us need to be reminded that we are united.   An ensemble.   It is the Power vacuum that needs us to believe we are divided.   Because their Power under unity quickly dissolves – like the wicked witch of the west – OZ.

When Trump becomes President, he takes the role of Conductor.   And the sheet music for us, the instruments, is Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  Journey to understand the soul.  The My mother spent most of her life attempting to perfect that Sonata.   And alas, so will we now.   Because we failed to tune our instruments properly.   A string broke.  The lights went out and we couldn’t see.   The music was not in our heart, it was on a piece of paper.

In all my years, I have never witnessed an orchestral performance wherein the entire ensemble just QUIT.

Sometimes improvisation can awaken the soul.   Sometimes the violin just needs a little polish.   And sometimes it needs a new set of strings.   If we don’t take care of the instrument, soon it can no longer play.   It is a constant dedication.   But the Power Cabal have no instrument at all.   They are banging tin cups and telling us they make music.   We are told this grating sound is music, to make us believe.  And some do.

But a tin cup is not Debussy.   It is not Rachmaninoff.   It is easily dented.

There is no other candidate whose destiny is to make music.   They play tin cups.

They want to play with the tyrannical Power, not as Conductors, but as Masters.  They fear Trump because he is unifying the ensemble and growing the cast.   Our music will be brilliant!   And theirs will be revealed for what it is when the illusion is broken.   Noise.

When I was a dancer on stage in DC, mid performance I drew a blank and forgot my next move.  I didn’t stop, I improvised while maintaining a report with the music and my fellow dancers.   We finished as an ensemble.   My dad was in the audience.  After our production ended and we went backstage my dad came to congratulate me.   The first thing he said was, “You got lost”.   I was stricken, surely no one had noticed.   But he had.   Then he smiled,  “Good improv.”.

Never stop mid-performance and just stand there.   Never give up.  Never let the music end.   And most of all – NEVER allow tyranny to WIN.  We are an ensemble.   

We Each Have Each Other’s Back Because The Music Never Dies.

US Trade Alliances Dropping Like Flies on a Monsanto Garden

As if our global alliances couldn’t get worse – they did.   Saudi’s Bin Salman has announced a cut of crude oil production by 1.66 million barrels per day as of July 1 – the vast majority of which would impact the West. Prioritizing Asian countries, Bin Salman has claimed that the US is his target.   The minions sitting in DC will be required to stumble-foot a response and somehow blame Russia.

The US imports more than 8 million barrels daily. Primary imports originate from Canada, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.   Nearly 60% of oil imports to the US come from Canada.   But the massive fires raging across the country have put a quash on oil production.   Biden has already drained US reserves which are typically for military emergencies.

And suddenly the trade schism is looking far more provoked.

China is ranked our largest trade import market representing 18%.   Canada and Mexico follow.   Mexico is currently in a trade dispute with the US and Canada and has imposed a 50% tariff on white corn imports.   The cause?   Genetically Modified corn.   Mexico doesn’t want it – and the US claims the dangers of GM corn are ‘not grounded in science’.   Trying to ‘force’ a product Mexico doesn’t want.   The US is Mexico’s largest import partner.

Russia and Mexico have exchanged small trade and are both looking to expand on that pact. While the US pushed for Mexico to honor sanctions with Russia, Mexico refused.

The Power Handlers behind the White House curtain were not pleased with Mexico’s reaction.   They are not pleased with the Saudi’s actions.   South Africa has snubbed them.  And Modi’s expression as Biden spilled, “I have sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of important things…” – told Modi and the world everything they needed to know.   WHY would any country trust America run by swindlers and blackmail bargains?

The top secret documents that the NSA and CIA are desperately searching for have not been found – because Biden already sold them. The amount of blackmail this would create is unfathomable.   And perhaps the need for Biden’s puppet presidency has something to do with that blackmail.

Russia is the distraction. ‘Keep our eyes on Ukraine’ – is a deflection.

Russia, China, and the Middle East are bolstering free trade agreements while the west is killing them.   The UK and German economies are in full blood clot mode.   As essentials become more expensive and more scarce, the governments response is to do less, heat less, air condition less, eat less…   Because it is going to get much worse.   The west and its Comrades have loped along for decades trading, squabbling, sanctioning, and trading again.   But the Biden Handlers want all that wealth to be redistributed from Taxpayers to the Cartel Club as quickly as possible.

There are only two ways the Cartel can cover up the sheer magnitudinal mess they have created:   1)   destroy the economy for a RESET,   or 2)   destroy the west via a nuclear catastrophe/war.    Nuclear is not what The Cartel wants because they need the land and air to be habitable.   Besides all that fake chicken and meat require vast amounts of farmland, farming, fertilizer, Monsanto, and water for those tasty ingredients:   Soy & Tempeh, beans and legumes, pea protein, grains, fruit and vegetable juice, wheat gluten, vegetable oil, flavoring, guar gum, maple fiber, and mushroom extract!  YUM!  Just makes your mouth water!

Of the presidential candidates vying for a run in election 2024, only one has the experience and international integrity to reopen trade and alliances ~ Trump.   Kennedy is seemingly one of the best democrat candidates overall, but he is sorely lacking in the field of international politics.   Leaving him spinning wheels.   A good VP candidate, he would learn well from four years beside Trump. Unfortunately, he has adamantly refused to even consider such an option dulling his ego – I imagine.

The remaining candidates with the exception of an anomaly – Ramaswamy – are simply in it to scrape the bottom of the money barrel when the PACS do what they are not supposed to do – give unspent money to the candidates.   And they blithely walk away, their pockets full.

Ramaswamy may have some explaining to do given it appears he may have fudged his age when scraping the internet of his history.   There are a handful of websites that contain conflicting information –

Internationally, Trump made friends with just about everyone but Xi.   Globally, the Cartel’s insertion of grossly incompetent heads within the White House to ‘manage’ the media was a fatal error.   But the Managers hiding behind the scenes made the various decisions that have provoked international embarrassment and the loss of the US as a global power.

Re-making America Great takes more than what Kennedy is capable of accomplishing.   IF he could see beyond himself to the global impact such a Trump/Kennedy team would have, what it would communicate and convey, and let go of his ego and pride, a Re-make could truly have magical qualities!   Not just economically, but politically and socially.

We could actually prosper as a united country and rid America of the defecating NGO’s – USAID – HRW – etc… that pillage our government and promote War.   I remain hopeful.

CHINA – Embraced by Western Powers To Conquer

The International Foundation For Electoral Systems ‘assists and supports elections and electoral stakeholders in new and emerging democracies’.   Election stakeholders would be those within the Mafia Cartel who determine who will win an election.   They boast of happily performing their work in 145 countries to create the democracy they deem profitable for them.   IFES is a subset of CSIS funded by US Taxpayers thru USAID.

Afghanistan:   Ashraf Ghani was elected president in 2014 after coming in fourth place in the 2009 election.       The 2014 election was mired in controversies of fraud so the US was called in to determine who the rightful president was – they chose Ghani. Ghani grew up in the US attending Columbia University and assisted the CIA in toppling the Taliban rule.

Peter Erben is one of the IFES advisors specializing in Afghanistan and Kosovo election ‘integrity’.   These ‘experts’ are deployed throughout Africa, South America, Pakistan, and the Middle East to assure a US proxy is inserted. Once the proxy is inserted, large corporations move into the country to rape their resources and make sure the government is powerless.

Disinformation:   Lisa Repell is an ‘expert’ in disinformation having served with the Open Society Foundation under Soros   Despite the fact that there is no means of becoming an expert in ‘disinformation’, Repell has been designated the honor by her handlers.

Stakeholders:   Anthony Banbury is president and CEO of IFES.   His expertise was created during his tenure at the UN.   The UN is considered a major stakeholder.   His role at the UN was ‘peacekeeping’ from 2009 thru 2016, coinciding with Obama’s presidency.   During his peacekeeping tenure the UN decided to obliterate Syria because Assad was not willing to step down and allow a US insert.

Partners and Donors to this recreation of global ‘democracy’ include: META, Google, Open Society Foundations, and the governments of the US, France, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, UK, India, and Australia – THESE are also Stakeholders.

Every Election across the globe where IFES works is a forgery under the guise or pretext of democracy.

All these NGO’s have 20 to hundreds of people on their payroll. Salaries are effectively paid by US Taxpayers for executives making hundreds of thousands – far greater than most of the taxpayers funding them!    Shadow governments operate under one Royal Institution BIS.

All of these IFES electoral systems require military intervention to succeed.   When the DoD is not too keen on making an international statement of ‘coup’, they hire the former special ops mercenaries to take care of the dirty business – including assassinations.   Often these assassinations are deemed accidents, blamed on other governments, or simply ignored entirely.   Governed by the CIA – mercenaries have free rein to do what is necessary to complete the task.

Alongside their compatriots from the UK, their points of contention include:   Algeria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, Somalia, the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and Oman, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, and Yemen.

According to the Pentagon, there are upwards of 50 of the UK special op mercenaries in Ukraine.   It has also been asserted that these mercenaries are the ones currently carrying out the targets inside Russia at the behest of their respective government.   Although the belief that these mercenaries are not Ukrainian is paramount, it opens the Pandora’s Box of retaliation against the governments deploying the mercenaries, aka, the UK and US.   Such retaliation can take several different courses to shadow their sources as well.

And thus The Spook Game is unveiled.

The Free Russia Legion was formed in March 2022 to provide greater military advancements in Ukraine.   Some of their more poignant fighting has been uploaded to video on Twitter – unfortunately, the fact-checkers glibly noted that the videos were actually part of a video game…hijacked as Ukrainian Military fighters.   Rather pathetic!

Apparently, their commander, a 50 year old American, has stated that Belgorod citizens requested their presence to maintain peacekeeping missions, despite bombing the city. They help to create misinformation for the MSM in reporting “Ukraine is Winning”!

Of vast importance to the CSIS Agenda is the need for more coups in Africa as the continent begins to slip out of control and hedge its bets on Western intentions.  In a paper commissioned by CSIS titled, CSIS Commission on Soft Power, submitted by Joseph Nye Jr and Richard Armitage, the rise of China within previous western territorial allies is based on trade instead of pay-for-play ideologies.   Friendship vs Chaos.   This idea of friendship without political conditions or internal interference is considered the forefront of China’s rise.

In the view of CSIS, China is not a demon power but a challenge to be parlayed in a world wherein a consolidated global power can only be dominated by the US. Their take-away?   The atrophy of alliances needs to be reversed.  The means?    Allow China to expand it’s global tentacles of friendship while wooing China into western allegiance.  Once China belongs to the west, all her friends will follow.

Unfortunately, the Ukraine incident with DoD and CIA backing scrubbing the Minsk Agreement put a Grand Canyon style hole in the trust of western powers.   Who will be debased next?   Whose country will be destroyed next?   Who will be assassinated…?

According to Armitage and Nye, the means of locking in a global coup is to embrace China thru deception with the assistance of the UN.  A remade UN.   A UN that is stronger and more focused on the achievement of western goals while reaping the benefits of China in the short-term, and the recreation of China as a US Colony in the Long Term. This can be achieved via a new International Legal Order.   Phase II.

Global Health will become the first avenue to rein in the offshoot countries that have yet to embrace the CSIS Agenda.   WHO will be central – Phase I .  Medicines will be disbursed based on WHO recommendations.   Shortages in countries that don’t acquiesce will be the means of insuring compliance.

The Paper Was Written in 2007 – with the preamble that Bush had failed. Obama was the CSIS candidate. It was intended that Hillary would have become President in 2016 to continue these efforts.   Four years were LOST because of President Trump.   In order to activate the first stage of WHO Health Control, Trump needed to disappear at any cost.  

He Didn’t.

ELECTION 2024: Will It Take Place?

The Economist is on the defensive after the CNN radical upset that left a nasty ‘journalist’ in shreds to such an extent the show was stopped cold 20 minutes before shutdown.   The Economist now declares that Trump is a formidable enemy and a dangerous man. Just in time for Robert Kennedy Jr to emphatically announce he will never under any circumstances consider an alliance with Trump.   Why? Because their policies only align 70%…

Bad moves galore! 

Kennedy has/had the opportunity to form a truly revolutionary party that would be feared and loathed by the Cabalist Cartel.   But he’s stuck on a morality equation that the Kennedy’s have no business judging.   Hopefully, he will come to his senses and join forces to annihilate the Cartel’s power vacuum.

DeSantis handlers released a scathing rebuke to Trump igniting claims of rhinoism.   These pawns of a deeply corrupt contemptuous faction have no following other than Magats.   The Rhino base is likely 3-4% or less.   But the handlers took the bait from a democrat playbook thereby probably derailing DeSantis entire campaign.

Enter the repugnant Chris Christy whose name is synonymous with greed and corruption.   Christy, an outed Rhino, went on a Twitter tirade attempting to deflect the CNN upset by spewing criticisms that have no bearing in fact. But then, Christy’s relevance is twalette water since his disappearing act from 2018.

Magats will not suddenly change their spots.   So who are these Cartel aligned political junkies speaking to?   Mostly themselves, but otherwise these licks are simply picked up by liberal democrats to use against all republican conservatives.   And therein is the SHOT.

Matt Taibbi released an expose of the ‘disinformation’ campaign being waged against America by the groomers.   The tax-free, get out of jail free – groomers who have realized they can’t win as long as TRUTH is available.   The battle is being waged to scour social media for Truthers and antithetical posts to label and attack.

While most of the companies and their funding is well known – other assertions are incredibly revealing – which of course was his point!   Educate.   You can’t fight what you don’t know! You can’t WIN if you don’t get in the Battle.

These NGO’s typically market themselves as anti-censorship, pro-free speech.   But those ideologies only pertain to group think gob-talkers. Everyone else must be censored permanently for Democracy – for The Common Good!   Atlantic Council.   National Endowment for Democracy. DFR Lab. Poynter Institute.   Taibbi unlocks them all with perfection. All working in conjunction for the same goal – ALL funded in part by US Taxpayers via our government Charity.

With the Biden crime Family revealed in documented evidence, the elimination of a Biden 2024 is highly plausible assuming – we get to November 2024.   IF Kennedy were to be the last man standing going into the election, it could be a wild ride for all.   But we have to get there first – and that nuance is not lost on the Cartel Cabal.

Avenues are being considered:   War with Russia. War with China.   Civil War in US. Complete spiral into poverty – reminiscent of 1930.

FDR is the only president to serve 3 terms. He used WWII Germany as the basis and means for this extension beyond The Constitution. In his esteemed mind, only he had the ability to navigate such a war. No one was qualified but FDR>   It was liberal New Deal FDR that put America on the line for Two Wars simultaneously, much like the rhetoric surrounding Biden Handlers desire to war with China and Russia simultaneously.

Had he not died while in office it is unknown if he would have commissioned a fourth term.   That being said, there are circumstances that could be used and are being established now to create a revised US Constitution:

The Electoral College governs the outcome of a Presidential election as stated in the US Constitution.   However, Obama, Bloomberg, and Handlers et al have been working diligently to abolish the Electoral College and upend the Constitution.

According to Bloomberg 2 days ago, “Bill Clinton says the electoral college system should be abolished, but cautioned that a system for directly electing the president would need safeguards to prevent fringe candidates from taking office.”

Without the Electoral College, voter fraud would have zero opposition.   Elections could easily turn into a revision of a form of monarchial rule.   And The US Constitution would begin to disintegrate.   States with the greatest population could rule the roost, ie California and New York. Rural America would hold little to no power.   Sovereignty could be challenged. The Uniparty Control would prevail.

Bloomberg is not alone in his Deep State ideology, Brookings, USA Today, American Bar Association, Purdue, Stanford, etc… argue that one person-one vote should be the only means of election.   The irony of course is that states have enacted laws that contradict the Federal Constitution in allowing illegal immigrants and felons to vote.

A Gallup Poll alluded to 61% of Americans wanting to abolish the Electoral College. Then they revealed that translated to 89% of liberals and just 23% of Republicans. Polls are bought and paid for by the one wanting to create a result.

In the 2020 Gallup poll, they had 16 year olds ‘randomly dial numbers for 1019 people total as representative of 335 million Americans.   The answers skewed for the abolishing of the Electoral College; women, nonwhite, 18-34, liberal.

That would be the entirety of the Poll. One question – little demographics.

Trump will prevail as the Republican candidate.   What happens to Kennedy and Biden is up for grabs assuming Biden can last another year and a half – which is doubtful – which is why the question remains VASTLY IMPORTANT.

Conservatives Decry Trump For Not Saving The World

The Republican Party is a worthless mess!   Trying to disseminate who is a progressive hawk rhino and who is a real has become a chess game for each candidate. Why? Because hyena’s in sheep clothing are worse than liars, they are spies.   Pretenders. Fakes.   Using a Party icon to further their chance of winning while being promoted by the same Shadow Cult Mafia that has absorbed the Democrat Party, these alien grifters need to be divested of their power, money, and authority.

It certainly is NOT a new idea. Political parties have changed radically throughout history – for the same reason – their manifesto is no longer aligned with a hijacked party.   Today’s Democrat Party were once defined by the ideals behind our current Republican Party.    Further confusing ideologies.

Hillary attempted to make the democrat purge by claiming she represented the “Progressives”.   However, when asked to define the progressives, she mumbled incoherently and deferred the question.   Because Hillary had no idea what progressives embraced. How they were defined. What policies they supported.   She knew the answer because she was told the answer.

When it involves Trump, there are divisions erupting.   Conservative social media exhorters are full of ‘advice’ for Trump.   These people sit on their sofa and posit what Trump did wrong, and what he should have done.   They are suddenly politicians, advisors, executive business council members, international lawyers, and can vouch for themselves without effort so long as their followers tell them how great they are!.

Trump entered a fray so deeply corrupted no one knew ANYTHING before Trump began the unraveling. Trump put himself on the line for every single assault imaginable, and still fought!   What he didn’t do – was save every human being in the world – from themselves.

And for this, conservatives are miffed.

Trump didn’t choose his rhino VP Pence!   The corrupt Gop did.   While Trump was President, the Shadow Cult was busily rigging every election and appointment from school boards to city council members to DA’s, judges, mayors, and the fabric of smalltown/city USA.

That ‘fabric’ led to chaos.   A Criminal takeover was unleashed within the structure of the Mafia.   Loyalty or death.   Without judging the blackmail that this grade of humanity can use to dissolve even the most respected, it happened.   And Now We The People need to choose where our own loyalty lies.

The misrepresentation that is promoted a thousand times a day is that we are in a battle with Biden.   Impeaching Biden will have zero effect on the Tactics III warfare games.   Every person the Mafia installed is – expendable.   Purposefully.   That includes PM’s and Presidents across every western country.

This reincarnation of America began hundreds of years ago. However, the knowledge was stifled.   The only reason the battlegrounds are heightened is because of social media. Therefore…   the systematic takeover of that battleground, social media, was set in motion.

Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorcey, was ousted.   Google’s founders were ousted!   Independent YouTube, was guzzled up by Google.   LinkedIn, was sucked in by Microsoft.   AngiesList, became a subsidiary of IAC a media conglomerate.   The point was to consolidate-consolidate.   Thereafter, all information would be 1984 GobSpeak – with scripts and script-readers.   We used to call them – journalists.

Somehow in this massive global schematic that had been operating at a one-kilometer speed, ramped into Warp Drive when Trump was elected President, has now revealed a Revamped Global Society of Elites and Peasants.   And despite all the kings horses and all the kings men, oblivious to everything, when Trump did not save them from the hyena’s, suddenly Trump wasn’t ‘good enough’.  

And this too – became the media parlay.   ALL the persons who criticized Trump for NOT seeing the depth of the swamp don’t see the depth of the swamp in dictating their discouragement with – Trump!

It is no different than screaming from the rooftop about the rhino Pence, while accepting the rhino Fox News.   The rhino NewsMax.   The rhino’s throughout our elections.   And the propaganda that can infiltrate and divide even those who believe they are educated and live by wisdom.   Even those who claim to be Christian.   They are all ONE>

God declared – you are either with me or against me.

The meaning does not state that everyone is a mini-me god.   The meaning is that loyalty and honor do not betray simply because God did not fulfill your specific demand!

For example:   a person I once knew who at one time was a Catholic. Who lost his faith and became an atheist. Who believed thereafter in all things atheist.   Who became angry at God when this God he didn’t believe in – didn’t save his wife from cancer.   Failed to understand what I just shared.  An Atheist was Angry At God, whom he didn’t believe in, for NOT saving his wife…

No.   President Trump did NOT save the world from falling into a Communist takeover.   A takeover that had been perpetrated over the course of 2000 years.   Amidst an enemy that owned America – owned the EU – Australia, and every western country.   In four years – Trump did NOT destroy this thousand year old multiples of enemy Mafia Cabalists.

Therefore – Trump Failed?   No.   Your Loyalty Failed.   Your Honor Failed.   And everyone who allows themselves to be suckered into the propaganda – has Failed.   There is NO TRUTH within a thousand Lies.   There is ONLY you losing sight and falling into the spiral.

Trump vs DeSantis: The Liberals and Hawks want DeSantis to Run – why?

DeSantis is being setup.   The Economist declares that DeSantis should be the Republican frontrunner in 2024 – in order to beat Trump.   In truth, a DeSantis vs Trump campaign would completely devastate a republican 2024 win fracturing the republican party for good.   Pulled by the hawks and neocons, DeSantis is being groomed away from his libertarian base.   There is an alternative…   Vice Presidency knowing Trump will only seek one term before handing the reins to a competent DeSantis.

Kari Lake has been considered the appropriate running mate for Trump. While she is competent, professional, and highly regarded, it isn’t her time – yet.  

Trump is the only one who can haul in the massive votes from independents, democrats and non-Rhino republicans.   Albeit assuming election fraud does not prevail…   IF DeSantis were at Trump’s side, the liberals would have absolutely nothing.   Kari Lake’s positioning would then be as the VP to DeSantis in 2028.

PREPARATION NOW:   The unraveling of Biden Handler Executive Orders should be written today and onward so as to have the prep work down in anticipation of an election win.   Executive Orders to withdraw from WHO, UN, NATO, Climate Funding and unattractive trade agreements should be written now.   Firings and replacements should be vetted now.

Other goals are more complicated:   eliminating various government agencies including Department of Education and revamping the IRS are paramount in severing the control over the US government by BIS and the Cult.   Reintroducing the Tariff concepts would be foremost in the IRS revamp in order to fund the government outside of reduced taxation measures.

The only person capable of recreating a solid US Military would likely be General Flynn.   A heady job given the military has been reduced to WOKE snivelers incapable of shooting a gun, much less working in combat.   Mercenaries have become the shadow military taking the hits and getting paid handsomely.

Dismantling the system that is now in place will likely take decades of repair.   While Trump can situate the necessary New Beginning – DeSantis is poised to carry the baton.

The Federal Reserve is quietly shrinking its balance sheet after more than doubling assets between 2020 and 2022. The resultant top was more than $9 trillion. By the end of 2023, the total reduction is expected to be roughly $1.9-$2 trillion.

The Digital currency market is currently being trialed in NY and pundits are claiming the federal digital currency will be launched this spring 2023.   Unlike China basing their digital currency on gold, the Fed will base it on debt.   Like paper fiat money, the digital currency will be no different in terms of worth which is one reason the value of the dollar has contracted since the creation of the Federal Reserve.   There is NO intention of creating – there is only a substitution that offers expanded ‘control’.

Decoupling from the Federal Reserve would be a complicated task – albeit possible.   The 12 Central, or District, banks would require significant reconstruction.   Deposit insurance would shift.   But reinstituting a gold backed currency would help initiate a smoother transition given the commodity has real value.

It has taken over a hundred years for the Federal Reserve to splice and dice the value of a dollar to roughly $4, a policy done purposefully to destroy America and allow China to shine.

What would happen if China became the new global Empire?

The only means of China rising to Empirical power would be for America to virtually collapse.   For the last decade China has parlayed good cop-bad cop from the media and politicians.  Today – the move is toward China Good – 

Jeffrey Sachs is an American Socialist economist whose lifetime work has focused on the globalization of the UN with Kofi Annan, Ban Ki Moon and currently Antonio Gutteres. He is the president of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.   Tasked with the ‘eradication of extreme poverty’, his goal is to lift African citizens from living on less than $1 per day income…   That was in 2005.   Sachs means for creating this was – western charity – MONEY.  It never happened.  But Banks did become wealthier.  Federal Reserve total assets nearly 600% since 2005.

Of course the problem with measuring is in the measurement means. Because in Africa there is none.   So a guess became the initial drive point from which more guesses would derive the current rate.   The finished graph was manipulated to appear to show successes that were never achieved.

Measuring anything in Africa is a lost cause because there are NO measurements.   They are a created fictional derivative.   And thus ‘economists’ derive their self grandizing platitudes and fame from volumes of empty air.

Sachs promotes microloans – an abject heinous failed economic means for the banking cartel to reap greater profits on the backs of slavery.   He works with Gates to ‘eradicate’ malaria, AIDS and TB utilizing the same rabbit hole of false algorithm equations.   Those false statistical results are then published as though there is any reality to their substance.

When addressing China’s economy – win or lose – economists create this same veil of platitudes.   Sachs is pro-China.   He sees their regime as the global solution to all crises.   Their model of authoritarianism, chaos, control, and the devaluation of human life is helpful when depopulation is the end product.

Remember when some 200 teenagers set fire to Australia ultimately killing 10’s of billions of Kuala Bears?   One Kuala was rescued from the fire, and severely burned.   His pain was so excruciating he was walking ‘into’ the fire.   Death was the only release from pain.

The world envisioned by BIS, China, the globalists is one wherein the pain is so excruciating people will walk into the fire of their own accord.   This is the trajectory that these anti-humanists have chosen to take.

Which candidate in the US has the ability to unravel this web of destruction?   The ONLY candidate that creates fear in the hearts of our enemies!   The candidate that the Entirety of the Cabal have focused on in hate and desperation.   The Economist WANTS DeSantis to run for president for one reason – they will destroy him and another puppet will be strung up in the oval office only to eager to do absolutely nothing.   Someone like… Fetterman.  

Paul Pelosi Assault – A Hyped Medi Spin – Detail Spoiler

I don’t ordinarily enter the MSM fray of gossip, but today I thought I would make an exception over the David DePape and Paul Pelosi ‘fallout’. The inconsistencies, the added after-the-fact factoids, the altered accounts, are so obviously damage control, with a bent on distraction, that the air needed clearing:

  1. The released Dispatch states that DePape was a friend.
  2. The unknown third party who opened the door for the police to enter casts a light toward a possible tryst exchange.
  3. The fact that the police did not intervene immediately indicates that they did not see an immediate threat.
  4. The glass door shards are all on the outside on the patio indicating the door was smashed ‘from the inside’.
  5. Initial accounts stated both men were in their underwear.
  6. A url – redirects to NBC News.
  7. The temperature at 2am was in the high forties – so David did not enter the house only wearing underwear and no shoes… he undressed in the house.
  8. DePape is a known liberal who was living in Berkeley – a very liberal city and officiated nudist weddings – himself a nudist.
  9. There was one hammer – it belonged to Pelosi.   It was in Pelosi’s hands when the police arrived.   It was likely the cause of the smashed glass door – from the inside.   Making Pelosi the perpetrator.
  10. Pelosi’s August DUI included 5 days in jail and 3 years of probation meaning he was not allowed to drink alcohol.
  11. Photos of Pelosi’s crashed Porsche show the passenger door open. The passenger airbag was deployed.
  12. The Internet has been scrubbed.
  13. FRIDAY, the media was reporting that DePape was a far right wing MAGAhat Q supporter.   They claimed blogs set up by DePape as evidence. Those blogs no longer exist…
  14. DePape was taken to the hospital with absolutely zero account of his injuries.
  15. DePape has not been allowed an interview.
  16. A woman has come forward claiming she was DePape’s ‘partner and they never married but had 3 children. Her name is Oxane Gypsy Taub. She claims she and DePape were together 13 years and then he disappeared 7 years ago.   She adores Nancy Pelosi.
  17. None of the ‘mentioned blogs’ exist any longer although The Gateway Pundit does claim the blogs were created Friday and Pulled Saturday…
  18. The san Francisco Chronicle claims they have a picture of Taub and another man getting married and DePape officiating in – 2013.   The other man was Jamyz Smith who was 20 at the time.   She already had three children – their last name is Gonzalez
  19. In 2017, Gypsy and a George Davis filed an appeal in a case brought by San Francisco Police for public nudity.
  20. On Aug. 26, 2021, a jury found defendant Oxane Taubguilty of 20 counts– from felony charges of stalking, dissuading a witness, and attempted child abduction to misdemeanor counts for violating protective orders and child molest.” The boy was 14 and she was sentenced September. She is currently in jail.   The Media claims she is Russian.
  21. Gypsy moved to the US in 1988 at the age of 19 to become a pornographic actress and stripper.
  22. Her birth name is Oxana Chornenky although other accounts state Chornenky was her first husbands name whom she married in Los Angeles.

Deductions:   Gypsy is lying about her entire relationship with DePape.   DePape has no children by her.   Her testimony is likely for one purpose – ‘get out of jail free’. DePape will likely never be allowed to testify. The Media will announce a plea deal and he will disappear with an undisclosed sum of money.   The Media will continue to claim that DePape is a right wing conspiracist in order to deflect away from the inaccuracies of the Media hype and to protect Pelosi and the third party player in the game of ‘underwear’.  

The Left has no platform, no party, and the Midterms Will Advance with this story used as some means of anti-Trumpism.   Trump supporters do not believe a lick of the stories, that have changed frequently since initially broken.