The RHINOS have Officially United To Form The Uniparty

Robert Kennedy Jr. running as a third party Independent candidate would be a strategic move.   As a democrat Kennedy has shadow banned, blackballed, and left to his own makings.   He escaped an assassination attempt and has been denied security by the Biden regime.   Google, YouTube, Facebook have all done their very best to quash Kennedy from appearing in any search engine.   And democrats have attempted to ridicule him for his stance on Pharma – in particular efficacy, trials, and safety.   As such, his candidacy as a third party would sway both republicans and liberals in his more ‘moderate’ tone.

It is past time for the Republican candidates to hoist their white flag and surrender. They will never garner the support that Trump has, and are a distraction.   Of course, for most of them, Christy, Pence, Haley, and DeSantis – distraction is likely the game plan.   Because the only reason for the distraction would be because they are Rhino’s who are fighting as democrats.

The Kindergarten, raise your hand, debates have been complete disaster.   And polls are no longer polls – they are online surveys conducted with a particular outcome bought and paid for wherein even the word ‘poll’ is invalid.   There are no demographics, no city or even state identifier, and the entire subset is whittled to as low as 300 people we are supposed to believe represent the 335 million in America.

Politico is quick to point out the democrat Kennedy would disrupt Trump’s numbers and not Biden’s.   The basis for this determination is a ‘press release’ of a poll conducted by the firm John Zogby Strategies and commissioned by the American Values 2024 PAC.

The American Values 2024 PAC is chaired by – Mike Pompeo.   Rhino on a guilded donkey, Mike Pompeo.   Mike Pompeo who could not garner 1% in his attempted run for President.   The PAC which claims to be supporting Conservatives of ‘character and integrity’.   A PAC whose chair revealed a heinous lack of character or integrity in his bid to derail Trump.

The candidates the PAC supports and endorses are all in line with the Rhino talking points.   Many of the PAC ‘candidates’ failed in their elections – many were Trump supporters who backed away claiming he was “ill-mannered” or “disparaging” – as though those characteristics determine Leadership.

The fact the far left leaning Politico would use Mike Pompeo’s paid for survey as a basis for the claim that Kennedy will detract from voting Rhino’s, is a fair representation of Pompeo’s lack of honor and integrity in serving The People instead of a Hawk Agenda.  It is disgraceful and dishonorable.   Rhinos want to destroy America – colonize Russia – and disintegrate China.  All in the name of depopulation.   Until they get bored.

The fact that Pompeo chose John Zogby for his paid advisory survey is also notable.   Zogby is entrenched in every aspect of the liberal Rhino world of media, boards and speaking engagements and an avowed Democrat. Zogby’s claim to fame was that he ‘predicted’ the 1996 election closer than any other pollster. And accurately came close in the next two elections:   1996 = Clinton 2nd term, 2000 = Bush and 2004 = Bush re-election.

In the current election climate, Zogby states that the latest CNN survey regarding Biden reveals a catastrophic disaster.   Pollster Zogby relies on surveys conducted by CNN to make his assessment.   Interesting bedfellow relationship.  But Pompeo groveling at such a low level of repugnance is contemptuous.   The PAC, I might note, is selling Pompeo’s newest book…  as in using the PAC as a form of solicitation for book sales.  Pompeo’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $500k and $5 million give or take 1000% –

The Rhino’s have officially made it known that they are in fact the democrat’s uniparty.   No longer do they even attempt to pretend they are anything less. Pompeo, Pence, DeSantis, Haley, Ryan – these Whips – will do nothing that advances For The People – and instead have adorned themselves upon blue donkeys waving Ukraine flags. Pretending.   Actors.   A Stage Play.

China is gone as a partner – given the shaft – and parlayed with the same verbose gamut as Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, Shah, Salman, Maduro… etc… etc… etc…  Globalization is dead and will never recover.   Russian trade is stellar.   China is recovering its economy after the US tanked it and India has now been decoupled because of an unproven allegation with absolutely ZERO evidence.

The Mafia Cabalists:   Military Industrial Complex – in destroying the viability of our Military soldiers, you destroy your revenue source.   Banking Cartel – in destroying banks, reducing their equity to less than 5%, you are creating a collapse wherein there won’t be CBDC’s, their won’t be cash – you won’t exist!   Pharma Cartel – in your murder of millions of people across the globe you won’t have anyone left to buy your toxic chemicals labeled ‘drugs’.

As Tucker Carlson put it – “It’s over. Done.”   You are not fooling anyone – no matter how many times you call it “Democracy”.   The distractions are no longer viable.   And the disingenuity is over-ripe – time to throw it in the trash, take the trash to the curb and watch as the almighty trashman takes it away for all eternity.   This period of civilization will be accounted in history books for future reference. Names will be splattered across the pages.   And the legacy these people beg for will be broken.

Every Name Will Be Written – and erased when the Gates are open and the True Vengeance of God is unleashed. Are You Prepared?   What will your $5-$500 million be worth then?

Russia Crises Reveals Cracks in Putin ~ Blinken

“Russia Crisis Reveals Real Cracks in Putin’s Authority”.   ~Blinken.   A rather odd statement given that the crises in the US are far more prevalent, and far more destructive.   Fires, Riots, Mass killings, subway stabbers, crime unchecked, cities falling apart, trains derailing, bridges collapsing, shortages of everything, but Blinken chooses to focus on Russia.   Because that is what our government has been doing for 70+ years – feigning and faking.

An armed insurrection that came and went in Moscow.   Prigozhin has been transferred to Belarus.   There are four possibilities of that outcome:   1)   he leads a combined Belarus/Wagner front and center insurgency against Kyiv that could potentially end the war,   2)   he is replaced and executed for treason.   3)   Prigozhin and Putin played the CIA with Prigozhin as the double agent demanding $6.2 billion to take out Putin. 4)   drugs.

Everyone and their third cousin have brought forth their detailed description of Putin’s most innermost character, thoughts, and emotions – including the US intelligence apparatus en-masse.   While the US press cartel has revealed that according to unnamed sources our esteemed three letter agencies and ‘part’ of Congress were aware of Prigozhin’s intentions – they don’t say ‘how they knew’.  

I am inclined to favor either 3) or 4) –

3)   DOUBLE AGENT:    June 20th, the Pentagon releases a statement that they have recovered $6.2 billion “for Ukraine” due to an accounting error.   That error was actually a restatement based on two different sets of books maintained by the Pentagon. One set valued the weapons sent to Ukraine at their replacement value.   Those books were used in order to be reimbursed by the Feds. The other set of books valued the weapons at their depreciated sum of $-0-.

Therefore, The Pentagon miraculously asserted that they now had at their disposal an additional $6.5 billion to give to Ukraine.   But Ukraine didn’t get the money, Prigozhin did.   These shadow Pentagon books are also used to pay their mercenaries across the globe.   It would also explain how the CIA had advance knowledge of an attempted coup.   Staged quite well for appearances.

4)    DRUGS:   Toward the end of WWII Hitler was completely crazed out on a witches brew of drugs.   It is suggested that his drug fueled brain had ultimately contributed heavily to his death camp paranoia.   It is highly likely Prigozhin is on a drug fused spiral. Meth, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, are now common during wartimes.   It has been asserted that these drugs are routinely given to ISIL to numb them from the atrocities. Battles can’t be won by tired, spooked, and crying men.

It is important for the western cartel to portray Putin as a man beaten and scared even when he isn’t.   Portrayal is akin to propaganda.   Given the trajectory of the Western alliances is in a death fall, unveiling a ‘pathetic’ Putin is their means of attempting to reposition the BRICS.

Simultaneously, these same Cartel members have been positioning China as churning within a stagnation hole.   Brazil is losing its grip.   And India has jumped ship and is now the new US Bestest friend. At least that’s the oil slick western intelligence is attempting to stage.   Until, occasionally a Bomb explodes and the cleaner is called in – Mr. Winston Wolfe, aka, Durham.

Like Mr. Wolf, Durham answers directly to the cartel. He has been told that the Biden mess is uncleanable.  It has reached far into the soleless depths of self destructive.  Therefore, in order to keep the stranglehold on their agenda the Biden family needs to be liquidated – and fed to Guantanamo.   Too many dead bodies – too many mistakes.   The Cleaner has been assigned to reveal the Truth.

How much power does the Federal Government wield?

Short Answer – NONE.   Which is the point of Agenda 2030, to RESET our idea of government and eliminate all Constitutions.   Every battle lost in the US to the Cartel can be traced to the US Constitution.   Without our Constitution and its Amendments, we would have already fallen.   It is the one document holding us together as a nation.   Rewriting, reimagining, and restating its tenets, the far left Atlantic Council held up such a notion in 2020.

Claiming to represent each party, progressive, libertarian, and conservative, teams were assigned by The Atlantic Council to represent each party.  Each team was told to draft a New US Constitution.    The first person Council assigned to the ‘conservative’ team was Robert P. George, a liberal neoconservative. Their second pick was Michael McConnell – another neoconservative.   And there it goes…  

According to The Atlantic, all three chosen teams had similar convergences for rewriting ‘certain provisions of The US Constitution’ – because the teams represent the New Normal – Uniparty.

What the Uniparty Teams revealed is that the abolishment of the electoral process is paramount, reducing the powers of the President while beefing up powers of Congress was also considered a necessary amendment.   Of course, the problem with all the initiatives proposed is they open a broad vein of ‘interpretation’.  

Because without interpretation, we would have no need for lawyers at all… Without interpretation, we would have no need for over half our media. Therefore interpretation is likely to stay – until a Great RESET authoritarian rule emerges.

IF the media’s job was to report ‘facts’ there would be little use for thousands of media outlets.   The Big Money Media Gambit would have little purpose.   Advertisers would have to line up for a spot.   Or, as it was when I was growing up in Germany, advertisers were all given a block of television time – typically 3 hours per day.

Unless, and until Putin decides he wants the world to know what really happened, it is conjecture.   An interpretation of events based on various biased interpretations of information and information subsets, as well as the ‘political affiliation’ of the party making the analysis.   Including MINE!

NEW WORLD: An Order of Chaos …and Then

With protests and lockdowns actually escalating throughout the UK & Germany, what is the motivation behind the veil?  

When the shroud is taken off the sculpture, and the artists work is revealed, the crowd will gasp as the twisted metal appears hideous and yet ….beguiling – A One Party System.

In the US, Biden was placed in the White House for one purpose, to destroy the Democrat and Republican parties.   Ruinous in his measures, idiotic in his dementia intellect, and powerless, it is unclear if the puppets in Congress are even aware of the Master Plan.   Because in the end – they will be – no more.

It is no different when watching Merkel and the CDU Party fall into decay.   Or as Bojo laughs gleefully at the rot he has created for the UK while pretending to lead the Conservative Party.   Beguiled with empty promises of infinite wealth and power by The Cult, Johnson believes he is a ‘chosen one’.     And in that fantasy, Bojo was willing to do whatever necessary to attain that throne.

But like Merkel, like Biden, these empty souls were chosen, not to gain access to the mountain, but to lead the sheep off the cliff.   Once they provided this mass hysteria and destruction, the Cult would sweep in to Drain The Swamp…

Not The Swamp typically referenced, but the swamp they, The Cult, brought to power, the political peons for whom they likely hold high contempt.

The final checkmate is just around the corner.   Merkel is despised.   Her party despised.   And while The Cult told her to attack the Afd, the real villain waited. Patiently waited.  And Merkel followed her instructions to the cliff.

Bojo has effectuated a hatred of all things – police, government, occupation, and immigration while vilifying free speech and freedom.   Behind the veil, the wolf waits.

Using Meghan and Harry to begin the last calamitous annihilation of the British Monarchy along WITH the takedown of Prince Andrew through the Epstein Pedophilia scandal was simply – another log on the fire.   Contrary to the Media claim that Meghan was a distraction – she was in fact a pre-meditated artillery attack on the battle field.   A battle field already weakened and gasping.

Biden’s policies of economic carnage have found no pushback by democrats or republicans. Why?   They have been promised redemption. They have been promised utopia – for them.   And their self obsessed insurmountable greed allowed them to believe the LIE.   But when the red curtain is drawn, they are ALL nonessential sacrifices

NONE of these people will attain a seat on the Throne.   None will be given access to the Mountain.  

Useful Pawns.   They will have nothing more of value to offer.   Merkel, Biden, Harris, Trudeau, Macron, Bojo, etc… will be considered insignificant and superfluous to The Plan, to The Cult.   They can’t even be a peasant.

The One Party remaining is The Green Party.   The ONLY way it could advance was with the destruction of competition from within. That means the conservatives, the liberals, the nationalists, the capitalists, were all sacrificial lambs to usher in the final Act into complete chaos.

John Kerry said it, Ocasio said it, “we only have nine years!”   Why?   Not because the world will collapse into climate oblivion.    Obviously Kerry knows it isn’t about climate or he would be driving electric cars, and not guzzling about creating a carbon footprint equal to a thousand or more ordinary people jetting here and there, boating about, etc…    Gates too can be seen on his 600 foot yacht with a helipad while promoting a carbon-free environment.

So what is supposed to happen in Nine Years?

The purpose of the Green Party is to fill the void of all other parties representing chaos which will be equivalized to Satan.   Perhaps there is a real something that has been slated to occur in 9 years.   A meteor.   A sun flame.   A UFO.   An insurmountable magnetic shift.   A cataclysmic earthquake.   All of these could inject desperation.    But Climate Change blamed on people provides the peasants with hope.   And that hope can be harnessed to effectuate was is needed for the few to survive.

An unknown event that casts the elite to one continent – Africa.

The purpose of the Green Party is to create a unity where none can be declared in any other party.   It is the answer to division.   But like the BLM Movement wherein all donations were redirected to Democrat PAC’s, the Green Funds are redirected to – Africa.  That could hardly be said to be a ‘coincidence’.

The global economy is an illusion.  The Pandemic was created to shroud the illusion temporarily and give The Cult time to institute a New Order.

Within the Green Party there are a few factions including the GroenLinks which is a conglomeration of the: Communist Party, Socialist Part, Party of Radicals and Evangelical Peoples Party.   Many EU Commission representatives are aligned with the GreenLeft, Labour and Socialist parties.   While many of the various parties reference liberalism and progressivism, the words are interchangeable with Marxism and forms of communism.

Karl Marx, an economist, preyed his theories upon the socialists and Labourers in order to ‘radicalize’ ideology and realities.   Like all philosophies and ideologies, Marx interpretation was never actually put into material production.   Instead, various Communists used his doctrine to create their own realities: Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

Today is no different.   The Cult has borrowed pinches of spices from a variety of ideals to formulate their very unique stew.  They call it Order.   All other forms of government and ideologies will be reframed as ‘chaos’.   I doubt very much The Cult shared these ultimate New Earth concepts with their dummy politicians.   I doubt they have a crumb of respect for the swampers they created.   No Backbone.

The Cult basis would appear to be:   nonownership of anything, same speak, same thought, same critical theory.   Essentially – a Cyborg human to cater to the Throne.  Who will actually be allowed to inhabit the Mountain is curious.   Although I would theorize that many who believe they are to be resurrected to that status will find themselves relegated to oblivion.

While as Nostradamous predicted, those on the Mountain, The Cult, will have developed a means of prolonged youth.   Only available to them.   And given a planetary overpopulation,  these factors necessitate a massive reduction of cyborgs –  and thrones.

And still – The Cult short circuits….  Because Checkmate remains allusive.   

UniParty of The Swamp: GOP and Democrats in Allegiance

Headline: “Former Black RNC Chair urges Trump supporters to leave GOP: ‘There’s the door’…”

  1. Michael Steele is the person this headline references, and as a picky person I have to ask, ‘is Steele formerly black’?
  2. Are these people so daft and self righteous that they truly believe anyone would be left to vote for them?

And then there is Pence.  

In the world of politics, a presidential candidate does not pick their own VP despite public impression. Trump did not choose Pence, Obama did not choose Biden – they are told by their party who would best offset and suit the party so as to create a winning team.   Biden didn’t choose Kamala Harris, she was groomed by Soros as far back as 2004 and was invited to the White House by Obama in 2009 despite her having absolutely no charismatic appeal.   See:

It was the anti-Trump Koch Brothers who groomed Pence for Trump’s VP.   Pence always wanted to be president and according to college classmates, Pence felt he was the only qualified person on earth.   His evangelical judgmentalism was on full display when Pence and Paul Ryan teamed up and created their Pence/Ryan ticket website in 2016. Their tagline was “Make America Greater”  (How un-unique!).   And the website is still viable:

At the time, Ryan was Speaker of the House who ran unsuccessfully alongside Mitt Romney.   Romney has been an obvious Swamper whose arrogance and ego were quashed miserably with his own failed run.   While advocating “classical liberalism’, Ryan’s youth was marked by:   volunteering for the campaign of John Boehner, a speech writer for Kemp’s FreedomWorks, an advocate supporter for Bush’s Iraq invasion and war, and like Pence, felt Trump’s unCatholic history made Ryan a much better man and candidate.

These men represent the true GOP, the neoconservative hawks who refuse to acknowledge quite simply that – no one likes them.   They are judgmental, caustic, self obsessed, arrogant, and visionaries appointed by the Deep State.

Dick Armey was co-chair of FreedomWorks while employed by the legal firm, DLA Piper.   Some of DLA Piper’s most notable partners include Kamala Harris husband, Douglas Emhoff, and Sir Nigel Knowles, who was a director for Smartmatic, the Soros company which was instrumental in the controversies surrounding election manipulation. DLA Piper ranks as the 5th largest donor for Hillary Clinton.

What is revealed is the fact that the GOP and the Progressive/Democrat Parties are one and the same. The Party of The Swamp.   Aligned. And complicit in all things anti-Trump.  

In 2019 Ryan joined the Board of Fox News and created American Idea Foundation. The Foundation board is comprised of Romneyites, Ryanites, Walkerites – all former High Ranking Republicans whose most ardent focus has been the destruction of all things President Trump.   They aligned with the democrats, they sought whatever means to discredit, malign, and vilify the only President who served The People, in the same vein as the now defunct and humiliated – Lincoln Project.

In 2018 it was speculated that Ryan might join the Bill Gates Foundation with the desire to make a Presidential run in 2024.  

The concept, or reasoning for the alignment of the two extreme parties, is the same;  The People are too stupid, too ignorant, too imbecilic to know what is best for America, therefore we will rule as a dictatorship so as to institute The Greater Good.

Who supported the Lincoln Project?   Ann Coulter, the Getty family, John Pritzker, Stephan Mandel, Jonathon Levine, Christie Walton, Ron Conway, Michael Moritz, Chris Sacca, Martha Kasch, and Amos Hostetter.   Representing: DreamWorks, Silicon Valley, WalMart, links to Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Zappos, Kayak, Paypal, Twitter, Hedge Funds, Hollywood, Instagram, Uber, Bain Capital, Harvard, McKinsey & Co., etc…etc…etc…

The Lincoln Project – Pence – Ryan – FreedomWorks – Fox – they never had any observance of a party, their one and only Master was Money.

The means?   Deception. Illusion.   Collusion. Thievery.

Pence hated Trump his entire life because Trump wasn’t Godly enough.   And Pence was the self appointed Saint to make that judgment and determination.

Michael Steele – the self described RNC Chair Republican? He endorsed Biden, is a political analyst for liberal MSNBC, a fellow of the far far left Aspen Institute, a member of the Lincoln Project, who publicly opined his great revile for Rush Limbaugh.

This is the GOP. Self described Democrats who revile all things Trump and maintain close associations and ideologies with liberal policies, and politicians.   Who they are NOT is anything remotely aligned with The People.

Should Trump create his own party outside of the UniSwamp Allegiance?

Wind Turbines & ElectroMagnetic Radiation: No Place To Hide

Despite a mixed account of the cause of the electric grid failure in Texas that resulted in an exchange of barbs between Bill Gates and Governor Abbot, wind power and solar power remain controversial as any long term alternative energy source.

The fact remains that the wind turbines did freeze and fail.   The fact remains that the solar panels went black as they were covered with snow.   Whether these failures could have been mitigated is NOT the fault of the governor – but is wholly the fault of the for-profit companies providing the turbines and the Council that contracts with these companies – ERCOT.

Deflecting that fault reveals a much larger picture.

ERCOT is a non-profit committee formed to oversee and manage the flow of electricity in Texas which is provided by a number of for-profit sources.   ERCOT and its board are entrenched in moving Texas toward more wind and solar projects and thus initiate contracts and investments to this end.   The CEO, Bill Magness and the Chair of the Board, Sally Talberg, have extensive relationships with companies selling wind turbines and solar panels.

IN ERCOT’s 2019 report, the analysis of deficiency in wind during peak summer months was considered a primary event of concern for 2021.   In particular along the east and southern portions of Texas.   The report found that transmission transformers of solar and wind to these regions was creating instability and congestion. In fact, the primary discussion of most of ERCOTs studies regarding supply and demand revolved around risks of wind and solar disparities.

According to ERCOTs latest report December 2020, the retirement of all fossil fuel usage is anticipated to occur by 2030. In addition, load factors for the replacement of all gas powered vehicles is considered.   Wind and solar are the primary assessed means within what they reference as a “Renewable Mandate”.

In other words, without Governor Abbot’s knowledge or the citizens of Texas, ERCOT is adopting the UN World Economic Forum 2030 Agenda wherein Corporatism will reign and governments will be defunct and nonessential.

It wasn’t that many years ago that the idea of a, ‘Corporate run America’, was envisioned by the liberals and democrats as an evil takeover.   Yet somewhere along the way, this agenda was embraced by both democrat and republican politicians, thus forming a uniparty system.   A conspiracy theory concept – became a reality.

Of the top ten wind projects envisioned for 2020, 4 were in Texas commissioned by ERCOT.   There are eleven offshore wind farm projects in various stages of completion by for-profit companies: Dominion, Orsted, Avangrid, Eversource, Con Ed, Equinor, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, National Grid, and US Wind. Orsted is involved in 5 of those projects.

Founded in 2019, Orsted is a Danish conglomeration of First Wind, D.E. Shaw & Co., and Ospraie Management. Ospraie Management is a NY Hedge Fund investor group partnering with Soros Fund Management and General Atlantic.

General Atlantic was founded by Charles Feeney who joined the Bill Gates Giving Pledge. Bill Ford is the current CEO and Chair of Atlantic. He also serves on the board of BlackRock, National Committee on US-China Relations, McKinsey Advisory Council, and – Endeavor.   Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg co-chairs the World Economic Forum.

WHEW!   Agenda 2030. Follow The Money.  

Wind and Solar are hedge fund owned and operated industries promoted within the WEF 2030 Agenda.  This is the $55 trillion industry espoused by Kerry in his doomsday for all unless he get’s his portion of that $55 trillion…

Wind Turbines life cycle is roughly 20 years although components fail far earlier and require replacement as part of the annual/daily maintenance requirement.   Load factors also play a part in determining the overall lifespan of a turbine.   At the end of its life, the turbine is cut into three pieces and – buried.   The current cost of each commercial turbine is $3-$4 million installed.   Decommissioning is an additional cost. As of 2019, it was estimated that decommissioning would cost roughly $530,000 per turbine.   These costs are ultimately born by the consumers while the profits are hedged for the elite.

While offshore turbines have gained providence, they come with their own set of issues:   destroying bird habitat, destroying fishing industries, interruption with Navy requisites, and the sheer added cost of infrastructure.   A proposed solution would be to create ‘floating’ turbines’ in deep water. The obstacles entail extensive radioactive transmission lines, transformers, maintenance operations, maritime disruption and security.   In addition, because turbines emit electromagnetic energy, they can potentially disrupt electromagnetic signals in telecommunication, radar and navigation.

While the effects of EMF on humans is definable with fertility and cancer as prime issues, the impact on marine mammals such as whales and dolphins is considered a significant reason for inadvertent ‘beaching’.   It has also been found to be one of the main culprits in our dying population of bees; altering their character, changing their behavior, and impacting reproduction.

It isn’t just wind turbines; cell phones, cell towers, power lines and wireless all expose vast amounts of EMR into our environmental field. This radiation effect is not deflected by our earth’s atmosphere or ozone.   Thus it is absorbed by people, animals, oceans and plants.   In small amounts the damage to DNA is relative, in large amounts it can be deadly.

As such, are the technological innovations which cause a plethora of artificial electromagnetic radiation increases adding to or even wholly responsible for the ‘global warming’ theory?   Will this poisoning be more deadly than a Pandemic?   While killing off human populations, the tenuous balance of our eco-system will also fail creating an even faster spiral.   This is what going GREEN entails.   It is the alteration of our planet, our DNA, and all life forms herein.

It isn’t a liberal vs conservative issue.   It is an AGENDA. 

And there is No Place To Hide.