The RHINOS have Officially United To Form The Uniparty

Robert Kennedy Jr. running as a third party Independent candidate would be a strategic move.   As a democrat Kennedy has shadow banned, blackballed, and left to his own makings.   He escaped an assassination attempt and has been denied security by the Biden regime.   Google, YouTube, Facebook have all done their very best to quash Kennedy from appearing in any search engine.   And democrats have attempted to ridicule him for his stance on Pharma – in particular efficacy, trials, and safety.   As such, his candidacy as a third party would sway both republicans and liberals in his more ‘moderate’ tone.

It is past time for the Republican candidates to hoist their white flag and surrender. They will never garner the support that Trump has, and are a distraction.   Of course, for most of them, Christy, Pence, Haley, and DeSantis – distraction is likely the game plan.   Because the only reason for the distraction would be because they are Rhino’s who are fighting as democrats.

The Kindergarten, raise your hand, debates have been complete disaster.   And polls are no longer polls – they are online surveys conducted with a particular outcome bought and paid for wherein even the word ‘poll’ is invalid.   There are no demographics, no city or even state identifier, and the entire subset is whittled to as low as 300 people we are supposed to believe represent the 335 million in America.

Politico is quick to point out the democrat Kennedy would disrupt Trump’s numbers and not Biden’s.   The basis for this determination is a ‘press release’ of a poll conducted by the firm John Zogby Strategies and commissioned by the American Values 2024 PAC.

The American Values 2024 PAC is chaired by – Mike Pompeo.   Rhino on a guilded donkey, Mike Pompeo.   Mike Pompeo who could not garner 1% in his attempted run for President.   The PAC which claims to be supporting Conservatives of ‘character and integrity’.   A PAC whose chair revealed a heinous lack of character or integrity in his bid to derail Trump.

The candidates the PAC supports and endorses are all in line with the Rhino talking points.   Many of the PAC ‘candidates’ failed in their elections – many were Trump supporters who backed away claiming he was “ill-mannered” or “disparaging” – as though those characteristics determine Leadership.

The fact the far left leaning Politico would use Mike Pompeo’s paid for survey as a basis for the claim that Kennedy will detract from voting Rhino’s, is a fair representation of Pompeo’s lack of honor and integrity in serving The People instead of a Hawk Agenda.  It is disgraceful and dishonorable.   Rhinos want to destroy America – colonize Russia – and disintegrate China.  All in the name of depopulation.   Until they get bored.

The fact that Pompeo chose John Zogby for his paid advisory survey is also notable.   Zogby is entrenched in every aspect of the liberal Rhino world of media, boards and speaking engagements and an avowed Democrat. Zogby’s claim to fame was that he ‘predicted’ the 1996 election closer than any other pollster. And accurately came close in the next two elections:   1996 = Clinton 2nd term, 2000 = Bush and 2004 = Bush re-election.

In the current election climate, Zogby states that the latest CNN survey regarding Biden reveals a catastrophic disaster.   Pollster Zogby relies on surveys conducted by CNN to make his assessment.   Interesting bedfellow relationship.  But Pompeo groveling at such a low level of repugnance is contemptuous.   The PAC, I might note, is selling Pompeo’s newest book…  as in using the PAC as a form of solicitation for book sales.  Pompeo’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $500k and $5 million give or take 1000% –

The Rhino’s have officially made it known that they are in fact the democrat’s uniparty.   No longer do they even attempt to pretend they are anything less. Pompeo, Pence, DeSantis, Haley, Ryan – these Whips – will do nothing that advances For The People – and instead have adorned themselves upon blue donkeys waving Ukraine flags. Pretending.   Actors.   A Stage Play.

China is gone as a partner – given the shaft – and parlayed with the same verbose gamut as Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, Shah, Salman, Maduro… etc… etc… etc…  Globalization is dead and will never recover.   Russian trade is stellar.   China is recovering its economy after the US tanked it and India has now been decoupled because of an unproven allegation with absolutely ZERO evidence.

The Mafia Cabalists:   Military Industrial Complex – in destroying the viability of our Military soldiers, you destroy your revenue source.   Banking Cartel – in destroying banks, reducing their equity to less than 5%, you are creating a collapse wherein there won’t be CBDC’s, their won’t be cash – you won’t exist!   Pharma Cartel – in your murder of millions of people across the globe you won’t have anyone left to buy your toxic chemicals labeled ‘drugs’.

As Tucker Carlson put it – “It’s over. Done.”   You are not fooling anyone – no matter how many times you call it “Democracy”.   The distractions are no longer viable.   And the disingenuity is over-ripe – time to throw it in the trash, take the trash to the curb and watch as the almighty trashman takes it away for all eternity.   This period of civilization will be accounted in history books for future reference. Names will be splattered across the pages.   And the legacy these people beg for will be broken.

Every Name Will Be Written – and erased when the Gates are open and the True Vengeance of God is unleashed. Are You Prepared?   What will your $5-$500 million be worth then?

THE CABAL Cartel – The Little Shop of Horrors

The expansion of the BRICS is the Band Wagon.  The GOP debate focusing on China and Russia is inconsequential, a benign threat.   It only becomes a threat when war hawks are fearful.  Both countries expressed a desire to work with the West – but the entire America Gamut of Cartel munchkins misguided the opportunity and instead chose punishment.  Realizing they had destroyed their chances of achieving their goal, the Cabalists wanted vengeance.  Death.

France is desperate.   Losing their foothold in Africa, they lose money and resources.   They want vengeance.   Sabotaging a private plane, they killed 7 members of a mercenary organization that could threaten their chance of regaining a foothold in Niger.   Putin likely already knows exactly who murdered the men.   He will avenge the death of his friends and comrades.

The war hawks blame Putin for the assassination mission and tell the media to gobble it up and spit it out.   Putin Did It!   But he didn’t.   The tactics are wrong.  Not his style.   Putin is subtle.   This was a Hollywood stage display.   It is why Belarus was vacated of every western person – The Cabalists thought vengeance would be reaped upon the innocent.   They don’t know Putin.  They will be hunted.

Africa wants help in establishing gas and electricity infrastructure.   The West, via Kerry, said no because gas is inconsistent with The Green Deal for net zero – as in no more breathable oxygen.  Plants die, wild animals die and the land is forever – dust to dust.   Africa wants help.   It is asking for help.  And the BRICS say – sure.  Because help means prosperity.   The Cabal is more concerned about prosperity for themselves ONLY.

The BRICS see prosperity as a means of expanding wealth, knowledge, and evolution.

The West is stuck on a hamster wheel wherein supporting each of the three Cartels is the point of existence.   Every single move made by the West is serving the Cartel.   Whether it is war, Pharma, or Banking.   And the Cartel is never satisfied – it is a vampire always needing more blood.

COUPSs are necessary in order to garner more food for the Cartel.  Money has no intrinsic value – it is just a piece of paper.   They prefer commodities.   This is their true wealth.  Their minions are well trained providing whatever they required.   There are no rules, acquisitions must be distributed.   By any methodology.   So they acquire the gold and uranium, the diamonds and sapphires.  They acquire children, and servants.   The spoils are secured in vaults and underground bunkers.   Traded only amongst themselves.   Because they can never be depleted.   They must be instead hoarded.

Putin’s war with Ukraine upended this cycle.   They lost their trafficking hub.  Their vaults of spoils.   And so multiple assassination attempts were levied.   Futile.   Putin dodged each time.   These failures were wholly unacceptable.   Desperation hung in the air and the Cartel gave the order to destroy the US economy.   Destroy the entire Western economies.   Because the minions had failed.   Their lackeys were useless.    Their lives expendable.

And the Cartel became the Python that ate its tail.  The minions continue doing the bidding of their Masters because they don’t know anything else.   They thrive on serving.

The West has lost.   The Cartel has lost.   They are angry.

The BRICS are united.

Will the Cartel lizards let go?   Never.   Because their existence is based on this cycle.   They must be fed.  The Little Shop of Horrors – FEED ME!

So how does the story end?

It depends.   There were two endings to the Griffith story Little Shop of Horrors.  Just as we have parallel universes according to CERN.   We can choose our ending by our actions.   Sometimes that requires utilizing the ideology that creates weakness – and applying it where it belongs, as in ‘divide and conquer’.    Only we are the dividers.

Trade is essential to survival.   Resources are essential to survival.   And UNITY within is essential to survival.   We can’t just put the government minions in jail along with their supporters.   The Gulag Train.   But another Pandemic is being created for this winter.   Perhaps a pandemic of disease – perhaps a pandemic of geoengineered weather.  Don’t be drawn into the fear – use fear against them.

Ultimately, redrawing the United States may be our only means.     And maybe the BRICS will help us.   They are NOT our enemy.