Sanctuary Cities – Are you One?


I wonder how many people registered in cities and counties across the US are even aware that they are classified as a ‘Sanctuary City’? Of course, the pins are concentrated throughout California, Oregon, Washington and the northeast. In addition, there are quite a few pins in Colorado and Illinois.

As a resident of Colorado, I don’t recall a vote on whether I agreed to label my state, city or county as a sanctuary city? I think I would have noticed that voting block on my ballot. But oddly, it wasn’t there. Which means that our government here in Colorado is making a blanket choice as my representative that I hugely do not agree with. Do not financially support. And worse, now have put our People’s at peril for less Federal support – without even asking if we – agreed.

Such a massive decision – should arguably, absolutely, be put forth to The People.   And it seems to me that a politician who makes such a decision on behalf of the People, has grossly over-extended his Powers.

Apparently, Denver and Aurora are Sanctuary Cities and stand to lose Federal Funding Big time unless our government representatives decide to ‘represent’ the People – instead of a select few.

So how much does Denver and Aurora stand to lose? About $200 million. Adding in Boulder which has announced it’s sanctuary status – that amounts to an additional $10ish million. Where will these cities rap these losses? Why our pockets of course through increased taxes.

Sorry – no one asked me…

While Denver mayor Hancock claims that Denver is compliant – the fact remains – it is not. And actions are more substantial than whines.

Are you a sanctuary city? Don’t rely on the whines of your local government, check out the Federal response – because they are the ones holding the purse strings…

If you live in California, Oregon, or Washington, if you live in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and anything north – chances are – you are a Sanctuary city. Anything inside Illinois – you are a sanctuary city.

For the Feds, there is absolutely no incentive to alter what is – it is cha-ching – money in the bank. For you – it is cha-ching – money out the door as now you are not only responsible for the lost funding, but the lawsuits, the increase in inmate prison costs, and the insurance losses that raise rates that WE PAY.

Angry? You should be. This is a policy/stance adopted by your state and city and county representatives without – a popular vote.

Sadiq Khan – London a Beacon of Islam

Sadiq Khan, elected London’s mayor May 2016, has been quite a verbal orator when it comes to denouncing Candidate Trump and President Trump. He made no bones about his public support of Hillary Clinton, stating that he knew she would be the victor.   Sometimes, when a politician opens his/her mouth to deride the accomplishments of another, it opens the Pandora Box and all the diseases are released.

And so, during his tenure as mayor, exactly what has Khan accomplished? While running for mayor, the following were his platform points:

  1. He was anti-Brexit
  2. He promised that he would provide 50,000 new homes his first year, 50% in affordable housing wards.
  3. He would freeze all rail fares for Londoners.
  4. He said he would impose a daily fee on higher polluting vehicles entering London.
  5. Encourage businesses to stay and more to come to London as an open city.
  6. Promised to stop neighborhood police from being fired.
  7. Rent freezes.

How many affordable homes has he provided? None. In fact, he has now declared that the funds that are stipulated for the project, 3.15 billion euro, will be disbursed sometime before 2021. Problem? The mayoral term is 4 years, he could be out in 2020… Problem? His promise was ONE year. But it isn’t his fault – it is the fault of all the greedy developers…

Obviously BREXIT occurred.

After he was elected he declared that he changed his mind about rent control.

The daily fee on high polluting vehicles?  Shhhh.  Not possible.

He altered his promise with respect to railway fee freezes and redefined what that would look like – it would apply to single and pay-as-you go fees. Most Londoners buy travel cards which won’t be respected in the freeze.

In fact, he has actually done very little to nothing during his nearly one year tenure with the exception of pronouncing himself a feminist and participating in an LGBT parade. Which shows he has all the same real political capabilities as a Trudeau or a Macron.

What Sadiq Khan has done is attempt to demean President Trump by claiming he would love to ‘educate him on Islam and its compatibility with western values”. It would appear that this education in Islam might be reversed…given this latest terrorist attack by Islamists…

Khan gave multiple interviews in which he called Trump ‘ignorant’. In contrast, Trump was more dignified toward his comments about Khan. Perhaps Khan should consider respect classes…

Backed by Ken Livingstone, the first mayor of London, who advocated for Marxist ideologies, Socialist doctrine, anti-Semitism, and pro-Fabian Society rhetoric (like Justin Trudeau’s father), the pool of Rothschild influence is thick with blood and oil.

In 2012, when speaking to a group of worshippers at a mosque, Livingstone was quoted as saying, “if elected I would educate the mass of Londoners about Islam, and turn the capital city into a beacon of Islam”.

In fact, the creed of The Islamic Forum of Europe is “from ignorance to Islam”. Sounding like the denouncement made by Khan against Trump? The Islamic Forum was originally a Bangladeshi group. Khan’s heritage is Pakistani and Indian.  The Forum’s aim is to move London away from secular left politics and replace it with Islamist politics.

And so full circle, enter Sadiq Khan, who embraces Islam. As of 2011, the percentage of Islam followers was pushing 13% in London although some neighborhoods are well over 50%.  And lest we forget, the London election was riddled with controversies including; tampering with ballots, falsified ballots, falsified registrations, closed polling stations, and outright fraud. And it wasn’t – the Russians.  Who could it be???

Fake News? Liberal’s Elementary School Curriculum

Teaching Kids News… is the Newest Big Money Agenda.  Given our era of fake stories and biased stories and inaccurate stories, and un-researched stories, it would appear that the Liberals are not content to manipulate our Big People media, and have begun a mind manipulation of public schools – beginning as young as age 3.

The concept is that media focus should be cued to reputable, approved sites that have been culled to frame one particular point of view. Theirs. The claim is that they are providing an unbiased vision into the current event news stories and rewriting the content to fit the dumbing down to different levels of understanding based on age.

So, I thought I’d take a look at the curriculum content provided by one such site that offers it’s news tabloids to school curriculums: “Teaching Kids News”. While their claim is that they believe in choice and truth, they also seem to want to censor alternative news sites stating they are most likely to convey fake and false news, while the top tier are the most valued; Washington Post, New York Times…etc.

A story they published concerning newly appointed NSA Michael Flynn, was ripe with innuendo, bias, propaganda, manipulation, and was nearing if not on target to making false and misleading statements, aka lies.  Partial points of one story include the following (although the entire story read like a Hillarygate email):

“When one of Donald Trump’s advisors (National Security Advisor Michael Flynn) was asked if he had talked to the Russian government before the U.S. election, he said no. But that was a lie. He had to resign (quit his job) because of his lie.”

“But in this presser, Trump seemed more interested in complaining about the media and bragging about his own accomplishments. For more than a year, Trump has been saying that certain media tell lies. The news organizations he doesn’t like are usually the ones that are not saying good things about him.”

This story was geared for sixth graders.  At the end of the story, they state that they are ‘biased’ but that other reporters don’t admit to that and so they are bad and they, TKN, are ‘good’…WHAT???

The entire point of their supposed program is to provide Truth, not bias garbage! The most important lesson is lost – teaching a child how to make their own informed opinions. Instead, this one woman show, Joyce Grant, is simply a fake/false/biased news feed.

Common Sense Media is another organization heralding their version/vision of what media and news children should be made aware of given the bias of the editor. With a whopping $25 million annual budget, a former Board Member by the name of Chelsea Clinton, and a CEO, James Steyer, who was a partner with Hillary Clinton on the Too Small To Fall initiative, their Board of Directors are a Who’s-Who of Democrats with affiliation or allegiance to Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Their grants include two very small amounts to a school in Omaha, and one in Denver. Otherwise, their entire expense budget of $16.1 million covered salaries, rent, and travel. Their Balance Sheet reflects nearly 100% in cash or equivalents hording to the tune of $20 million.  Sound familiar?

They attest to ‘the best books’, ‘the best news sources’, ‘the best movies’, ‘the best TV, websites, best blah, etc…’   For example, for teens, the best news is Huffington Post Teens (Full disclosure, Huffington Post is one of the funders). And ‘the best for character development’ included 99% television movies and other movies, only a spattering of books.

Having been hailed by Chief Obama as the best source of media censorship available for children, the company is funded by NBC, Comcast, DirectTV, Time Warner, Nickelodian, Google, Best Buy, AT&T and NCM. What do all these company’s have in common?   1.   They all supported Hillary Clinton. 2.   And they all will likely profit significantly as their television, web search, and movie channels will be pivotally promoted!

In essence, what we have in our public education system is classes beginning as young as 3 years old in which the news, the media, and information is completely controlled by Democrats, Hillarygates, and Liberal propaganda dictating to and molding the very core belief system of our children, all the while promoting the very same companies profit margins. As in – CHA-CHING.

Quite a YAK!

FYI  – The Bible got 3 stars.

US = NATO Sugar Daddy

It is odd how the media portrays the NATO issue that is at the forefront of the Merkel and Trump hostility. While few countries within NATO ante up according to the rules, the US has somehow become the Entitlement Program, the Welfare supporter for Europe’s military.

Germany does have their own military, of sorts. There are roughly 60,000 troops and a budget of roughly $48 billion which has remained relatively unchanged since 2001 and represents just 1.2% to 1.5% of their GDP. Merkel has been under fire for not meeting NATO criteria and simply shifting the burden on the US. Her response? She will work on it – and maybe by 2024, Germany will be able to meet the legal requirement.  Not exactly a spiffy response…

Of the twenty eight members of NATO, only five made or exceeded the 2% rule. Why?

There are some who believe it is too steep and interferes in the 3% deficit rule imposed by the EU on its member states. It then becomes something of a juggling of funds from one basket to the other – like Kiting checks.

Unfortunately, this argument opens up the Pandora Box of the EU concept as a whole. The migrant crisis as a whole. And the welfare system as a whole.

The five countries meeting the 2% rule include: US, UK, Greece, Poland and Estonia. Oddly poignant is the fact that Greece meets the military requirement but is sanctioned for not meeting the EU 3% deficit requirement.

Germany is pitiably at the bottom of the chart currently hanging out with The Netherlands (1.2%), Canada (1%), Denmark (1.2%), Belgium (.9%)and the rest of the deadbeats who feel no compunction to meet the criteria.  Perhaps, imposing sanctions and fines and penalties would wake everyone up.  A consequence – what a novel idea…

What good is a rule if no one respects it enough to meet it?

Given the US is shouldering anywhere from 3.6% to 4% of GDP, it is understandable that We The People might have a problem with that discrepancy. Located in Brussels, NATO primarily spends all it’s funding on the EU. And while the EU is our ally, propping up their entire military is not in The Constitution…  it is more of a Sugar Daddy effect.

NATO defense spending has specifically targeted Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Poland and Portugal. It becomes rather impertinent of Merkel to take a holier-than-thou attitude about Trump’s position on NATO spending when Germany hangs out with the 1.2% crowd and refuses to come to the plate. And in fact, after the 2% ratification agreement in 2014, Merkel ‘reduced’ military spending by 1.3% which would coincide with the influx of 2 million immigrants into Germany in 2015.  Kiting checks.

In addition, this immigrant crisis diverted NATO funds to ‘helping the refugees’. By default, that means that the US is the largest financial supporter of refugees…in Europe.

But Merkel’s reaction to the US not continuing it’s propping up of NATO for the EU is like getting persnickety at your bank when they bounce a check because you refuse to cover the dollars. And then turning up your nose at the NSF fee, and demanding the bank front you the money. How dare the bad bad bank do such a thing!

The fact that the US and UK virtually support NATO actually creates a hierarchal Commonwealth with the EU as a ‘subject’ of the Kingdom overseen by the US and UK. I doubt that the Europeans would think highly of such a societal pecking order, and yet their Socialist agenda still demands the US act as Sugar Daddy.

Why? Entitlement. But it’s also a lack of explanation and argument of what is and has happened.   The Europeans truly believe they are more informed and educated than the Americans. The Canadians truly believe they are more informed and educated than the Americans. And yet, they fail to see that we ‘uninformed Americans’ support them financially.  We would be more than happy to stop that funding…  thus dismantling the global Socialist, Communist Kingdom hierarchy…  Which is why Merkel – is running scared.  She is entrenched in that agenda with the Rothschild and Soros agents fervently working the helm.

But that’s the power of Socialism – it creates a false reality in which everything is – what you are told to believe.   A child told he/she is stupid, will ultimately believe ‘they are stupid’, it has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with the power of persuasion and manipulation.

And so we have a persnickety Merkel, angry and offended by Trump, because he is considering pulling the rug from beneath the global round table and in so doing will reveal the reality of all the dust-bunnies that lie beneath.

Planned Parenthood Exposed?

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed the EVP of Planned Parenthood in what he surmised was a waste of time, and I would agree. But something was missed. While we continue to focus on the fact that Planned Parenthood performs over 330,000 abortions per year in the US, what is equally important is that they use US taxpayer funds to perform abortions in; Sub-Sahara Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, and South America.

In fact, according to their 2015-990 Form, about $12 million was spent outside of the US, $300,000 in Canada, and $9 million was spent on ‘Investments’ in Central America and the Caribbean. Total grants to Domestic affiliates amounted to $61 million. Payroll internally amounted to about $58 million, consulting fees including legal and accounting amounted to about $34 million, IT was $10 million, Office $13 million, and travel and conferences amounted to about $10 million.

That means, of their $218.184 functional internal expenses, about $70 million was disbursed to their subsidiaries including US and worldwide abortions, entailing more salaries, consultants and expenses, leaving a 68% cost to cover Administration of Planned Parenthood central.

Even worse: Again, taking into account they are a non-profit, their ending Cash amounted to about $113.6 million and Traded Security Investments were $238 million! For an organization that claims their main concern is the welfare of women, they seem to horde an awful lot of liquidity.

According to an infectious disease expert at the University of California, Planned Parenthood sells various STD test kits via their App at a cost 10 times what the test would cost at a public clinic and 20 times the cost of a federal clinic. Federal Clinics are already available for: the homeless, underserved area populations, migrants, and public housing residents. They have been around since 1991 and have 6000 sites scattered around the US. In addition, general health tests and services are available at Universities…

Seems Planned Parenthood is simply a tool for creating salaries, wages and expenses for services that are already available for those who have no money or access to healthcare…

They paid about $7.6 million in fees and $7.5 million of expenses to raise $64 million from donors. But for a non-profit, their assets and spending habits are a bit interesting:

They sold a ‘condo’ which they claim was their NY office space for $69.6 million!  Nice Digs.

While they are affiliated with and control a number of Trusts as well as a C Corporation, they also control a number of tax exempt organizations, including three engaged in political activities, an Obamacare canvassing group, an advocacy group and an ‘Anonymous’ real estate LLC, whose name is “434W33CHC, LLC”.  Why would they require anonymity?

According to Lifetime News, Planned Parenthood had committed to performing over 273,000 abortions in specific African regions by 2015. With the media lavishing over the Zika Virus, Planned Parenthood immediately stepped in and cried for abortions on demand in Brazil, El Salvador, and elsewhere throughout the Central and southern regions of South America, Haiti, and the Caribbean with the help of the UN.

According to Planned Parenthoods website, they charge about $1500 per abortion ‘often less’. At the $1500 cost * 332,000 abortions, that would amount to revenue of $498 million. Let’s discount the cost to an average of say $1000. That would amount to annual revenue of $332 million.

They claim that most of their work is in healthcare and STD testing performing over 2 million per year with an average cost of $30 for outside lab and about $25 to Planned Parenthood. The revenue for that would amount to $50 million.

So which procedure is more profitable?

And lastly, it should be noted that Planned Parenthood prepares its own financials and tax forms internally – then sends them to an outside accountant for ‘review’, not audit.

Trump Salutes Andrew Jackson…

The internet is going a-fly ranting about Trump saluting and speaking favorably about Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson was a Democrat, is the favored sneer. Of course, these educated individuals failed to actually research the Democrat Party during the years of Andrew Jackson, because Democrats favored policies that are today referred to as Republican platforms. The definition of the Democrat Party flip-flopped sometime in the early 1900’s.  But not before going through some hilarious hiccups!

So;   a) Trump saluted a military man (which is an honorable and respectful thing to do), and b) Trump recognized the present day Republican accomplishments of Andrew Jackson, our President from 1829 to 1837.  And somehow this is Liberal fodder for smear and derision…

But alas, history is not taught terribly well in the US, or these ranting people would not speak so disparagingly and reason that there is no such thing as a ‘perfect human person’ we are all damaged and riddled with fault.   There are some that fall into corruption, and there are some who uphold values the best they can. Think King David!  Expectations of perfection are imposed by faulty educators, failed politicians, and Les Miserables.

When a President states their core desire is to elevate the American people into productive jobs, less expensive healthcare, and a more free market system, while draining the swamp – that is a respectful core. Doesn’t mean everything will be perfect! And that would seem to be the loudest critique coming from Democrats, Socialists, Republicans and media pundits. ‘AHA – you made a mistake – impeachment!’ The log in the eye is profound.

The first mistake our esteemed non-scholars tend to make is attempting to implant today’s values, thoughts, societal norms, etc… on every past year, person and animal in history. Hence we are to pay for the transgressions of men who were actually heroes in their day.

Jackson’s military service has been criticized for the wars he fought under the Presidency’s of Madison, Monroe, and Adams, all Democratic-Republicans who opposed the British and viewed each state as its own sovereign entity. He performed his duty and offered his life as service.  If you have issue, go after the ones making the hawk decisions, not the ones giving their lives!

Their second mistake is the fact that the definition of our political parties today has little resemblance with the parties of history. But if our schools actually taught US history instead of Muslim history, we might know this pertinent fact.   In fact the Democratic-Republican Party split into the New Democratic Party (Andrew Jackson), the National Republican Party and the Whigs. The Whigs favored US Congressional authority over the President – sounds kinda like McCain… Many Whigs later joined The Know Nothing Party! A lot simply quit politics altogether.  Sounds like er… those pretty boys…you guess.

The point? It is obviously rather simplistic to take the stance that a Democratic Party member of nearly two hundred years ago would hold to the same tenets as one today and that should give rise to denounce Trump respecting a past President.  Hello!  But, we can still have fun with it!

The Know Nothing Party evolved into The Constitutional Union Party which was formed to battle the desire of many states to secede – now it sounds like Merkel trying to hold the EU together. Continue reading

McCain, Graham, Rubio – Traitors, Termites?

McCain continues to energize and highlight himself in the news by making absurd accusations and demands as though he himself was a self-proclaimed demi-god. A wolf in republican clothing, his wealthy wife has empowered him with the notion that he can say and do anything without retribution, tact, dignity or honor. Given he was once a man of the military and these values were inherent in every military man, he has sullied the very essence of the character and bravery befitting a man of this uniform!  He is doing a dis-service – to The Service!

His most recent tirade was to scream at Rand Paul claiming he is working for Vladamir Putin because Paul objected to a unanimous consent motion to advance a bill pushing Montenegro approval to join NATO and usher in a fast track to EU membership. In essence, the expansion of NATO into Eastern Europe is viewed as nothing less than a parallel to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. They are one and the same.

Montenegro is largely a Serbian Muslim nation. Its historical involvement in the Bosnian Serbian war in the 1990’s has left horrific marks on Croatia given the systematic torture and brutal executions perpetrated. In 2015, their President and Prime Minister were named “Person of The Year in Organized Crime” by an investigative journalist network. The organization, OCCRP, has been involved in numerous anti-corruption investigations including the Panama Paper Caper.

So what is the point in fast tracking a corrupt regime into the EU that is predominantly Muslim?  It serves to divide the EU into further chaos and civil war as thru the incorporation of a radical Socialist/Communist state.

The powers that be are nervous.  Their plan upended and their agenda destabilized, they are like hyenas fighting for a carcass.  Ramping up their time-table has become critical.  And McCain, Graham and Rubio are spokespersons for this Swamp.

There are other anti-administrative ‘Republicans’ hard at work to dismantle, disrupt and discredit. Rubio is attempting to recreate lost fame by discrediting Trump’s record thus far despite the fact that his service has encompassed exactly 8 weeks. So what did Rubio actually accomplish?

Well in looking at his top five laudings, it would appear that his accomplishments were actually his opinions and not a true ‘actionable accomplishment’; defending freedom, tackling education challenges, attempting to reform the tax code, talking about human rights, and ‘fighting for conservative ideas’ … whopppeeee…

In other words – his ‘DID’ – nothing worthy of mention. But he is quite vocal in his deriding of Trump – after eight weeks in office.

Lindsey Graham. Another vocal opponent of our current administration albeit more from the standpoint of ‘good cop’. Graham continues to focus on things the public just doesn’t give a flying fluke about – Trump’s taxes? Trump’s allegations of wire tapping? Why doesn’t Graham actually produce a solution, something concrete, something that addresses the American People? Because there is another agenda.

What these three and a host of other Republicans strive to do is undermine our current administration. Why? What do these three and others all have in common? An affiliation with George Soros.

Who are they?

They are a brotherhood aligned in ‘The Swamp”.

They reiterate the same Liberal agenda that defines Hillary – open borders, bring in unlimited refugees and immigrants, and legalize everyone automatically. They believe that climate change is man-made and our greatest threat. While Graham makes statements as to his supposed beliefs, his actions would seem to contradict his words. It is as though these men run based on a false reality of who they are, in order to covertly obtain votes based on their party status rather than their values.

Hence these men are not sheep or shepherds, they are the wolves, the hyenas, the predators who lure and destroy.

McCain is repeatedly photographed buddying up to Soros. Rubio’s biggest backer, Paul Singer, was a Open Society-George Soros backer as well. When a Republican mimics the policies and social agenda of Soros, it is a relatively easy to assert that they have potential connections through either funding, or through power structures. When their alignments are counter to those outside the swamp, it is an easy speculation that their rule is about to be attacked and they are aligned in their fight to preserve – The Swamp.

In other words, it’s basic math; when a Republican spouts the ideals of Hillary or Obama, they aren’t a Republican. A Republican would be someone who supported their candidate, his agenda, his design for a nation, free, independent, and market savvy.  They are not offering a solution – they are tearing down, destructive ‘Termites’.

If that reveals our friends are our enemies, and our enemies our friends – Drain The Swamp!

Europes Green Party = Communism

Elections in The Netherlands are scheduled for this coming Wednesday, and tensions are strained to saturation as the potential for a far-right Geert Wilders win could upend the country much like Trump has for the US.

He’s running against a Liberal Green Party candidate who looks astonishingly like Justin Trudeau, acts like Justin Trudeau, and could be hailed as a Trudeau clone… Like Trudeau his main platform is a pint of charm, a cup of Hollywood, a teaspoon of knowledge, and a pinch of political and business acumen.  Jesse Klaver’s platform is ‘social equality’. That’s really it. Otherwise, he looks a lot like a Hollywood Bob Dylan who could just as easily be chanting ‘chaos is a friend of mine’ or ‘all the truth in the world adds up to one big lie’ amid rock guitar Diva’s and a-political youth at a Woodstock festival.

His entire political claim to fame so far has been that he 1) made a speech on higher education, 2) appeared on a late-night talk show, 3) he co-authored a ‘memo’ about saving nature, 4) and co-authored ‘an agreement’ on student benefit?

Actually that’s not just his sum total political career, that’s his entire career, because at 30, he has done basically – nothing else.

It’s unclear if he actually graduated from college, although he did join a Socialist/Union organization the Social Economic Council in 2009.

While The Netherlands has a near zero population growth rate, its immigrant rate continues to rise, the majority of which come from Turkey and Morocco, are adherents of Islam, and have a birth rate that will outpace the Dutch exponentially. And so, like Germany, with an aging working population, low national birth rates, and more youth emigrating, their only solution has been to increase the immigrant population – and hope they will work to support the elderly.

Riots and protests have been fueled throughout the towns as many residents take issue with the large influx and the crime that follows.  Riots in support of Refugees have also sparked a critical divide in the country. This divide will be addressed by the incoming Social Liberal or Conservative candidate, whoever wins this coming Wednesday.

But The Netherlands is critically important because it fuels the speculation as to whether Europe is poised to abandon its Socialist/Communist agenda in favor of more nationalistic ideals and set the stage for France and even Germany.

According to NOS, the Dutch public broadcasting television, the influx of immigrants has spiked al-Nusra jihadist infiltrates. Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the two largest cities in The Netherlands, currently host a Muslim population of 25%, second only to Brussels. The Netherlands as a whole has a 5-6% Muslim population.

Moroccan gangs have grown significantly, targeting banks and jewelry stores. Gangland shootings have erupted as has illegal drug trafficking. Growing anti-Semitism, Sharia Law, and violence within this once quaint, classic community has transformed it completely. As a young girl I visited Holland with my family and was quite enamored with its flora, fauna, pristine façade, and beautiful sailboats.

Today, The Netherlands rivals Chicago boasting 1200 youth gangs, specializing in muggings, armed robberies, house invasions, drug crimes and extortion. Given that most jihadists recruited from Belgium and The Netherlands are young, between 18 and 24, Jesse Klaver’s appeal would seem to be targeting this population for approval.

While only Dutch Nationals may vote in elections, becoming a national is relatively easy, including the claim that you are “stateless”, or, after coming of age – 18- you are adopted by a Dutch citizen. Which, of course, could even include an Imam.

So, why would this 30 year old Klaver support the Islamization of The Netherlands?

Who is Klaver?  Why him?  Oddly, little to nothing is known of his background.  He will not divulge the names of his parents although it is widely known is father is Moroccan and his mother Indonesian, which would imply he is Muslim. He was apparently raised by his grandparents, but there is no information on them either – not even names.  Little to nothing can be found about his past which gives rise to more than a bit of curiosity. However, given his heritage, one may assume he is a Muslim. Was he raised in Islam?

What is the Green Party in Europe?   The European Green Party to which Klaver is a member, is rooted in “Federalism”. Organized in 2004, their aim is to “Federalize” Europe. While the EU currently contains some Federalized positions, it is not yet considered a Federalization. And that is the underlying motive of the Green Party.

The point of this would be to extract the ability of states within the EU to hold political or economic power, and transfer that power to a centralized union. This would mean the abjugation of power and control of individual state governments to the European Parliament. The core of which would be governed by the Spinelli Group as per the Ventotene Manifesto written during WWII.

Who was Spinelli?  Spinelli was a Communist politician. He is considered the Founding Father of The European Union.

Full circle? The Green Party is rooted in Communism, Globalization, and the equalization of all persons under the auspices of One Regime Power. It is what Obama forged to do in the US by systematically extracting power from individual states, cities, and counties and superimposing Federal Power as the Absolute Power.

It is the Communization of World Order. 

FYI: The name Klaver is ambiguous and uncommon. It most certainly is not of Moroccan etymology, which would indicate it is possibly not Jesse’s real name.

Germany’s Axe Attack

The German police have declared that the axe wielding man at the Dusseldorf train station that critically whacked 9 people including an 83 year old man who is seriously injured, was not an act of terror. Instead they have concluded the man was mentally ill. Which is pretty benign given that in most people’s opinion ALL axe wielding murderers are mentally ill…

It is simply a coincidence that the man is Islamic, fled war in Kosovo and settled in a refugee camp in Wuppertal, Germany which hosts thousands of Islamic refugees, was involved in the New Year’s Eve incident in which hundreds of women claimed rape and sexual assault, and where the city boasts its very own  Sharia Police who routinely walk the streets to enforce Salafist laws, which Germany apparently allows because it is all fine and dandy…

Yeah, that mentally ill man.  

The same Germany which declared that three Palestinians in Wuppertal who committed arson by firebombing a Jewish synagogue and were given suspended sentences because the court determined they were merely exercising their freedom of speech by protesting Israel. According to German law the torching was not anti-Semitic, it was anti-Israel, and that is allowed even if destruction of property is involved… WHAT?

This isn’t ‘Fake News’, this is Censored Reporting and Crazy Anti-Justice!

Headline: “German politicians roundly denounce Sharia Police”. That may be, but they simultaneously ‘allow it’. No one is prosecuted because they fear it will create a riot and Muslims all over Germany will rise up at once to defend the one who was prosecuted.

So, the notion that this axe wielding Islamic man who is a refugee living in a city that allows Sharia Police to walk the streets enforcing their Salafi Code, did not commit an act of Terrorism, is Germany showing its finest shrew.

Wuppertal is the same city that saw Pegida protesters attacked by Salafis and ‘counter demonstrators’, requiring the deployment of over 1000 police in 2015. And as recently as this year, another demonstration which asserted that refugees and asylum seekers were taking jobs away from locals, was met by counter demonstrators, aka, Muslims advocating their rights.  More police.  No arrests.

Most of the recruits joining ISIS are Sunni Salafists. With a growing population of Salafi’s in Wuppertal and Germany as a whole, the extremists are considered very ‘concerning’, and yet Germany has proclaimed a censorship of anything anti-Muslim while bizarrely advocating anti-Israel.

The area around Dusseldorf where the mentally ill axe host committed his rampage, is host to Germany’s largest concentration of Yazidis, numbering about 60,000. In August 2014, a number of extremist Salafis stormed a Yazidi owned restaurant and using knives and bottles attempted to ‘convert’ the restaurateurs and owner. ISIS supporter Salafis are allowed to hold demonstrations throughout Germany and frequently target Jews, Americans, and Kurdish Yazidis in their death chants.

But the act of terrorizing this restaurant by pro-ISIS supporters is not considered terrorism in Germany. It is freedom of speech…and this little tat was just a brawl among ‘followers of different faiths’.   A few were ‘temporarily arrested’, which in German means – they were set free within hours and no report or record was required that would possibly besmirch the reputation of a Muslim.

And so, once again Germany gives us a schmirky government sponsored faked translation of a story that the world is supposed to digest like spew from a shrew.


Trumps First 100 Days vs Obama

The media, and democrats in general, are having a hissy fit claiming that Trump hasn’t performed much in his first 100 days. Unfortunately, every time they seem to gnaw and complain, it bites them back ten times harder…

The Washington Post, picked up by the Denver Post, is claiming that Trump has basically accomplished – nothing in his 7 week tenure as US President. Really? And so, the claim begs a response.

Trump’s First 49 days:

  1. enacted a federal hiring freeze
  2. put a gag on federal funding for abortion
  3. tabled the TPP Agreement
  4. froze all federal regulations that were awaiting approval
  5. renewed construction on the North Dakota Pipeline
  6. in the process of dismantling and replacing Obamacare
  7. introduced temporary restrictions on immigration
  8. created a requirement that for every new fedral regulation – 2 must be repealed.
  9. restructured the National Security Council
  10. Mexico says it will take deported illegals
  11. began construction on the Wall
  12. improved relations with Israel
  13. DOW reached all time highs – ever
  14. ended federal funding for sanctuary cities
  15. incentivized corporations to remain in US and hire US employees
  16. repealed Obamacare and released new health care Bill for Congressional vote
  17. created billions of investment pledges by numerous corporations wanting to expand US operations
  18. arrested over 1500 perps charges with child trafficking
  19. reinstated coal mining – thus the return of jobs
  20. And Exposed The Fake Media for what it truly is –

Okay, let’s compare that to Obama’s first 100 days in 2009 (that would be 2x Trump’s days so far – for the mathematically challenged):

  1. First and foremost he languished in exuding charm and created a media obsessed with schmoozing over him like a prostitute. In fact, his persona was so important, Pew Research devoted an 8 page article to his ooze effect.
  2. he signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, although some strange oddities concerning this Bill need to be noted:  A)  no one or group is taking credit for writing this Bill.  B) there is no data regarding how long it took to write – in government terms it could have been years in the making given it’s 427 pages of text, yet it was released just weeks after Obama took office…?

So, during Obama’s first 100 days, he basically schmoozed the press, and signed a bill that had a peculiar if not shadowy creationism.  Not exactly outstanding?   In fact, it is actually rather lame.

Still, the media is bent on claiming that Trump’s term is a veritable mess!  When it is the Media and the Democrat Party that is a mess, their illegalities exposed, their hypocrisy slashed, and their fakery uncovered.

When they make a ridiculous claim, it really doesn’t take much to show how hypocritical is the claim, and by default – they are. One would think they would learn, but that requires wisdom and critical thinking.