PANDEMIC II – The Disease X Act 2023 Gives The Baton to Johns Hopkins

The Biden Regime is making a fatal error in reducing our militaries to LGBT fan clubs of trans-operations and abortions.   The mockery was invited.   Mockery is their ‘entertainment’.   But in all things, they continue to destroy what they NEED.  Pandemic II.

Destroying Lahaina so as to recreate Maui into an elite playground replete with every element of trafficking toys will require a full succession of Cartel Hawaii from the US.  Destroying our military will leave the Cartel with only the CIA and FBI as their guardsmen.   Even in those agencies, the splintering effect is widening as whistleblowers come out in reams!

Civil War is a doubtful resolution and very improbable. Why?   There are too many of us – too fractured – and weaponry has changed dramatically.   Even the Bolshevik Revolution comparison is naïve.   Direct Energy Weapons destroy precious land and wildlife necessary for the beauty they desire for themselves.   What to do?  What to do?

Which leads to the upcoming ‘Flu Season’.

It is always better to mass kill in the same manner as they impose mass hypnosis.   In the same manner that it was noted that large swathes of n’er do wells called for genocide of the unvaxed.   Turning the vaxed into Zombies who openly called for DEATH to the unvaxed was entertainment for The Cartel.

Kennedy has asserted that the biolabs in Ukraine were the actual source of the CoVid release. Those labs have been destroyed by Russia.   Now we discover that China has illegal, unregistered biolabs in California with the knowledge and financial assistance in the form of tax credits of Newsom and the CA Department of Health.    Over 300 diseases were being tested and manipulated in the lab.

And one begins to wonder just how many diseases circulating across the globe are actually MANUFACTURED?

Recall Kary Mullis the inventor of PCR technology which can NOT detect ANY virus…

The key for the Cartel is to make sure the disease and its forthcoming vaccine do not affect those whose lives necessitate being spared for the island of joy – Maui.   Obviously, they still need their chefs, their boats, their cars, their houses, their toys – and all those peasants who can provide these accouterments.

Enter Johns Hopkins:   The Disease X Act 2023;   “Infectious diseases now occur 3 times more often than 40 years ago.”   Interpretation;   the US Government has been creating diseases at a rate of 3 times what they were 40 years ago.

“As noted in the latest Threat Assessment2 by the intelligence community, drivers for natural disease emergence persist and are on the rise, and rapid advances in dual-use technology, including bioinformatics, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, and genomic editing, could enable the development of novel biological weapons that complicate detection, attribution, and treatment.”

Isn’t it rather odd that the US intelligence apparatus would be the source for information of ‘naturally occurring disease”.  

Per The Disease X Act, working with HHS on Disease X is Johns Hopkins.   They were front and center in CoVid random case counts and death counts and paying off doctors with $40,000 stipends for every CoVid labeled death…   THAT Johns Hopkins!   Their website states that they have determined there are exactly 6 families of pathogens that could be the next Pandemic:   (Adenoviridae, Coronaviridae, Orthomyxoviridae, Paramyxoviridae, Picornaviridae, and  Poxviridae). They will present as:

  • No immunity –  No preexisting immunity in the world’s population
  • Airborne –  Spread via respiratory transmission
  • Silent –  Transmissible by infected people who have no symptoms
  • Harmful –  No existing, effective therapeutics or vaccines

The Six Disease X’s Defined:

Coronaviridae = SARS, CoVid, MERS

Adenoviridae = cold/flu and pneumonia infections

Orthomyxoviridae, =   RNA viruses that cause Influenza A, B, C

Paramyxoviridae = Measles, mumps, croup, Nipa virus, and RSV

Picornaviridae = polio, encephalitis, meningitis and Hep A

Poxviridae = smallpox

Given that the pandemic will be genetically engineered from one of these foundational diseases, as with CoVid – a country will need to be blamed as its source.   Right now, the obvious US belligerent to take the blame will likely be Russia.   In addition, the re-emergence of smallpox would be quite difficult to claim as a veterinary pathogen.

My opinion is a mutation of RSV.   RSV itself is relatively common in children, however its observance in adults was recognized ONLY just this year!    Imagine that?   As a result of its marketing via NIH, CDC, and Johns Hopkins, the development of an ‘adult-only’ vaccine has already been approved by the FDA and available for a jaberwacky.  While Trial III is ongoing, the FDA no longer cares about protocols, science, efficacy, need, or viability!   They likely get a percentage from Big Pharma.   Everyone is on the take it appears.

RSV supposed origin was chimpanzees as discovered by Robert Chanock in the 1950’s.   The chimpanzee handlers then contracted the disease and it became a normal childhood infection…   At least that’s the Official Story!  Chanock worked at NIH with Fauci and at Johns Hopkins.  Ta-DA!

The Pharma giant that was not selected to participate in the CoVid Vaccine delegation, Glaxo Smith Kline, has developed Arexvy.    Like Moderna and Pfizer, GSK claims their Trial III reveals a 95% efficacy.  GSK refers researchers to the original and apparently only Trial via the New England Journal of Medicine.  According to the Trial of 25,000 participants there were exactly 47 cases of RSV among the vaxed and placebo groups.   This was determined using the PCR Test developed by Kary Mullis that according him – DOES NOT DETECT A VIRUS.

Nonetheless, the FDA has already approved the Vax/Jaberwacky despite its occurrence rate ( .1% ) being negligible.

Also like the CoVid Vax – the efficacy has an end date requiring the vax to become annual.  DANG.  The cost is roughly $300.   Its active substance source is “Chinese Hamster ovaries”.    When reviewing the varied side effects of Arexvy, it is interesting that the ‘incidence ratio is an unknown’ giving the impression its Trials have not remotely concluded!

The common side effects include:   bleeding, blistering, burning, hives, swollen face & tongue, headache so sever it prevents normal activities, fatigue, fever, vomiting, nausea, muscle pain, inability to move, swelling of joints, pain, difficulty swallowing, fainting, hives, weakness… etc…

The cure for RSV is – oxygen, humidity, and IV fluids.   Drumming up diseases and vaxes has become the only Pharma source of money.   How they intend to create an intelligence viable Pandemic at Johns Hopkins, Fort Detrick or at the Chinese facility in California – remains an unknown.  

But The Only Way to infect selected subjects and preserve others is:   1)   a secret remedy for the disease,   2)  a deadly vaccine.

AIDS – HIV – Big Pharma Under NIH & Fauci

The definition of pseudo = false.   The definition of science = the study, observation and experimentation of testing theories against evidence obtained.   The Rockefeller Institute in 1917 began a heady campaign to describe doctors of the time as quacks – snake-oil salesmen.   Today, anyone who cultivates an idea north of Mainstream is considered a pseudoscientist.   Anyone so labeled by the Media/Scientific community is thus defaced.

WHY?   Because pseudoscience focuses on cure – while real scientists focus on the elaborate marketing strategy of a pill that causes massive side effects – including ‘death’.  

This deviant medical community is front and center once again in the declaration that HIV is a precursor of Aides, and AIDES medications need to be hyped because everyone has HIV.   According to Kary Mullis a biochemist who won the Nobel prize and who discovered the PCR methodology, there has never been any scientific proof to make the assumption, as posited by Tony Fauci, that HIV is the causal link.

Instead, Mullis asserts that Fauci created a fake polymer chain that was common in humans, replicated it and announced it was HIV.   A new disease necessitating a vaccine.

Four decades later, the medical community powered by NIH declares HIV is = to AIDS.   The diseases are interchangeable in terms.   And no vaccine is possible because HIV is a shape-shifter.  After 40 years of shifting the HIV chain likely no longer resembles ANY string isolated by Luc Montagnier in 1982.   Not to be deterred, Fauci wanted to create a Legacy!   And he saw possibilities in creating one thru HIV in the hopes of a mandatory immunization for children.

Early studies with Macaques revealed that they inherently had antibodies against HIV – so they were injected with more antibodies to see what would happen…   The study involved 5 animals.   Five.   It disappeared into the anals of Science Mainstreamism as having proved nothing evidentiary.

If we already have the antibodies – we don’t need their re-manipulated antibodies injected into us!   It is when these anibody proteins are depleted that they need a boost – as per Dr. Bradford.   In 2015, Dr. Bradford was suicided for his extensive research and trials that found depleted human proteins could cause cancer.   Infusing that common protein back into a patient enabled them to fight off cancer.   Unpatentable, Big Pharma, GSK, were adamant that this discovery could be harmful to the Pharma Ideology.   Bradford needed to be muffed – and all his papers and research confiscated.

Mush like the government did with Nicola Tesla!   Odd.

Johns Hopkins, the source of CoVid Misinformation Deluxe, would like to incorporate mRNA technology to deliver an HIV immunization requirement for all adolescents.   For something they can’t cure, can’t source, can’t trial, and haven’t in 40 years been able to completely isolate.

The similarity between the HIV human experimentation and CoVid is particularly interesting in how logic and rationale were eliminated entirely.   The purpose?   Multiple layers that all form a common core – MONEY.

In one specific interview with Kary Mullis, he frequently espoused Hegalism.

A philosopher, Hegal concluded that, “The otherness that consciousness experiences as a barrier to its goal is the external reality of the natural and social world, which prevents individual consciousness from becoming free and independent.”

In other words, as Kary noted in numerous videos, a scientist is required to submit ‘papers’ to solidify his expertise in the scientific community.   The papers bear a remarkable ‘emotional’ rather than evidence based conclusion.   The reasoning is the motive – grants, recognition, and sustainability of a career.   And thus Science, the theoretical, is the true pseudoscience –

Mullis declares this Hegalism is the defining nature of Fauci’s NIH.

Although the degree to which Anthony Fauci decimated NIH over the course of 40 years is only now mainstream, there were countless scientists and bioscientists who reviled the man, his antagonism, greed, and lacking knowledge.   The general populace was only made aware via social media.  As a result, we were denied the privilege of acknowledging the true brilliance of some of our most revered and demonized.   Egocentricity was instead the mainstay for Fauci.

Despite the rigorous attempt to create a vaccine for HIV, all efforts have failed miserably.   Could it be because HIV is not a virus at all? Or perhaps HIV is a normal evolution in our bodies holding some one trillion viruses?   Or perhaps our natural antibodies have already subdued HIV from existence and the PCR detection test is a fraud?

In any reality, as Mullis pointed out, the symptoms of HIV replicate multiple other diseases including: Malaria, common flu, mono, strep, herpes, shingles, Crohns, Lyme disease, intestinal parasites, etc.. etc… etc… The means for health officials to determine HIV is via a blood test which looks for antigens that resemble HIV.   Often, when analyzing antibodies they are not an ‘exact match’ and therefore science determines, ‘eh, close enough”.   Or possibly you have a mild version – and the antibodies will kill the virus on their own accord.   Or it means the antigens cannot be replicated because the virus replicates daily or weekly.   Or it means the science is grossly flawed.

This same flawed methodology our esteemed NIH determined would identify CoVid – even when you are asymptomatic. Even when you had antibodies already working to defeat the virus. Even when the test concluded your antigens were a  ‘close’ match but not 100%.   Because if you have the antibodies – which everyone does – then the doctor can assert you are HIV positive – which you are NOT.

Big Pharma is running out of diseases to not cure.   Therefore, Big Pharma has determined that the only way they can make money is to ‘create diseases’ because Pharma’s very existence is based on mass disease and the mitigation of all subsequent side effects for correction via new pharmaceuticals with more side effects.

State Control of Minor Children – A Rising Ideology of Liberal Mindlessness

Our esteemed CoVid FDA has just approved a new over the counter birth control pill which reads, “the risks outweigh the benefits”… just kidding – but it should!   The list of ‘common’ side effects include:   headache, dizziness, nausea, increased appetite – fatness, abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, vaginal discharge, nervousness, backache, breast discomfort, acne, and ‘dysmenorrhea’!   And then they qualify… these are NOT the only common side effects, just the ones we are talking about.

Other side effects that outweigh the risk benefits are heavy vaginal bleeding, ovarian cysts, thyroid issues, decrease in sex hormones, ectopic pregnancy, migraines, and jaundice indicating liver or pancreatic failure.

This OPill ‘medication’ is over-the-counter and will be available to young teens who have no concept of such issues as ‘side effects’.   Despite the over-the-counter status, the pamphlet on OPill states that the patient must be made aware of the potential safety concerns… Meaning the FDA has once again revealed they are either grossly negligent and/or corrupt given there is NO patient in an OTC setting..


Once again Pharma is releasing a highly reactive risk associated medication that will target young teens who don’t want mommy and daddy to know they are active sexually.   They won’t read the pamphlet, they won’ want to reveal the side effects because that would reveal they are sexually active, and there will be horrific consequences.

Isn’t it odd that in the midst of depopulating the globe and reducing live births the WH Handlers demand more immigrants without any vocational training or education to ‘take the places’ of all the excess death pharma recipients’?   The answer to the shortage of workers…

And just like that – the Brandon Regime facing unprecedented criminal charges has watered down the Gain of Function restrictions for NIH.   Peter Dazsak of EcoHealth which faced ‘no charges’ is ecstatic, ‘Now we can get back to work!” He exclaimed excitedly.   EcoHealth was found to have major accounting and bookkeeping issues that were dealt a slap worthy of Will Smith.  That was it.

Fauci stepped to the plate and defended EcoHealth’s Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Lab in China claiming Bats didn’t infect humans.   This time, Dazsak claims it will be different. This time they will use computers to analyze genomes.   Then, Dazsak claims, EcoHealth will partner with Linfa Wang’s lab at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.   The purpose of the research will be to test whether the CoVid viruses’ spike proteins can bind to the human angiotensin.  But CoVid is no longer a threat – it is simply another flu bug… or maybe it always was.

Wang’s lab will also study “pseudoviruses” that combine a wild coronavirus with a completely different virus that can’t cause human disease. What could possibly go wrong?   According to Bill Gates, what could go wrong is a new Pandemic release in 2024.

Linfa Wang?   By pure chance, Linfa Wang happened to be visiting Wuhan Lab in January 2020 shortly after the CoVid Leak.   It was Wang whose expertise determined that CoVid came from bats. Racing back to Singapore, his home, Wang said a woman on his flight had CoVid but luckily he was spared.   Odd – it is air-borne.   Wang claims he has been tracking bat viruses to humans for decades…

But WAIT!   Fauci is on record stating that bat viruses have never traveled from bat to human – thereby completely obliterating his own self defense!

Wang’s Biography is quite interesting if not snickerdoodling:   “Secretly listening to Voice of America while in Singapore getting his bachelors degree, Wang eventually became so proficient at English that he was chosen for a scholarship to study abroad. He did a Ph.D. in molecular biology at the University of California, Davis.”   He was chosen for a scholarship because of his proficient English?   Haven’t hear that one before…

The stated reason for an OTC contraceptive is that girls and women can then forego an unwanted health evaluation, physical examination and counseling.  Therefore if they have any underlying health issues they won’t have to forego a contraceptive – even one with debilitating side effects.

What exactly are the benefits to OTC Birth Control wherein the benefits outweigh the risk?   Teen pregnancy is the risk.   The benefits are risk of deadly side effects and the ability to eliminate parental interference in a child’s desire to govern her own body like an adult.   The same mantra disguised as State Control of Children.

Governor Inslee just passed a law giving children the right to seek an abortion and gender affirming surgery without parental knowledge or consent.   Inslee declares that the purpose of the Bill is to ‘get the family back together’.  

Not to worry, your children are quite safe in the State’s hands. After forcing lockdowns and the failure of online teaching, states are proposing that benign subjects such as math, reading, science, history be dummied down to make room for CRT, gender studies, and sex ed.   Because in the future – the next generation, your children and grandchildren – will be sex workers.

FOOD SHORTAGES – A Contrived Crisis!

The EU continues to destroy the livelihoods of its own farmers – not per the death knoll flouted by the WEF, but because of the excuse provided by Ukraine.   Instead of sending Ukraine’s grain to starving Africa, the EU chose to horde it.   As a result, EU farmers are priced out of the grain market by cheap wheat that is given tax privileges.   While Africa is getting its wheat from Russia!

If the EU continues to destroy farmer’s products the prediction of a coming food shortage crisis is not a prediction – it is an absolute.   Only that absolute is not about economics, supply chains, pandemics, or supply & demand – it is a contrived genocide of Europe by the small group of Commissioners fulfilling destiny.

The EU is going dark.   Without energy their economies cannot support business or manufacturing.   Output is significantly impacted causing even greater inflation.   The two biggest shortages being reported by financial gurus are corn and wheat.   Ukraine’s corn accounts for roughly 15% of the global trade.

According to the USDA, Ukraine had a bumper crop of corn and exported 3 million metric tons –  during the month of January!  Before the Russian incursion, Ukraine’s total exports of grain in 2019 amounted to 18 million metric tons.   There is no embargo.   Russia has allowed transport under the guidelines established which was – grain to Africa!   But the EU Commission lied.   Africa pays the price.   And more people perish who needn’t!

Once again the numbers racket is playing footsy with agriculture outputs.   It appears that the numbers posted by the USDA are significantly lower than actual exports.   On the commodity exchange the price of wheat has doubled since 2017 despite having dropped 13% this year so far…  Russia is the largest exporter of grain – and also had a bumper crrop.

Other odd shortage crises include Baby Formula, pet food and vegetable oil.   The most egregious is baby formula which seems to be in short supply ONLY in the US.  Despite the FDA adamantly stating they do NOT regulate baby formula per se, they have recently announced they will cure the shortages by controlling the formula supply system through the creation of greater POWER.

One of the over-reaches includes ‘expediting review of pre-market submissions for new infant formula products to mitigate or prevent shortages.’   VOILA!  Bill Gates has invested heavily with a firm which is looking for approval of a synthetic soy breast milk formula.

The company, Biomilq, was founded in 2019 and claims it is using mammary cells to create this synthetic soy baby formula.  Leila Strickland, a cofounder, is linked to Bill and Melinda Gates according to her bio.   Michelle Egger, a cofounder, did an internship with Gates Foundation.  Other partnerships Egger is tied to include Abbott, USAID and Nestle – among others.

In 2020, Biomilq funding came from 4 sources:   Breakthrough Energy Investors = Bill Gates, as the primary investor gave $3.5 million, Blue Horizon Ventures – a WEF organization founded to eliminate animals from the food chain, Purple Orange Ventures = based in Berlin, a one man show investing in companies who want to eliminate animals – like Biomilq…

That animal would be Humans.

Did Bill Gates tell the FDA to shut down Abbott Nutrition so as to incite a baby formula shortage?   Sounds like the Rockefeller agenda during WWI when he shutting down the medical community of quacks in order to install the Rockefeller Instituteand the first universal vaccine which led to the Spanish Flu epidemic.

In January 2023, the Justice Department launched a criminal investigation against Abbott citing unsanitary workplace conditions.   The investigation came about as the result of a ‘whistleblower’ who gave democrat rep Rosa DeLauro a 34 page document detailing the reckless abandon of cleanliness….  DeLauro’s husband is a Clintonite whose clients include Monsanto, Bpeing, BP, Microsoft, etc…

Both Biomilq and its competitor, Gingko Bioworks/NAMUH, have Abbott Directors on their advisory Boards.  Coincidence?   NAMUH claim is the same as Biomilq, – synthetic oligosaccharides added to regular baby formula which will then act like human milk.   Unfortunately, a paper published by NIH December 22 indicates that synthetic oligosaccharides do NOT mimic mother’s breast milk because breast milk is based on genetics and food consumption.  

IF NIH finds the additive has no benefit to formula, why do companies insist on its inclusion?

The answer is  twofold:   1)   probably because oligosaccharides can cause severe diarrhea which is one of the main culprits of death among children in Africa.   Bill Gates attempts to depopulate Africa have been met with failure after failure.  The VAX was not popular.   2)  It could also mean those oligosaccharides will be administered within the formula via MRna… to infect more infants with irreversible immune deficiencies and uncontrollable diarrhea

Ultimately, synthetic food, farm fish, etc… cannot replicate the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in animals. Synthetic soy breast milk – is NOT breast milk in any alternate universe.   But infants could develop a multitude of health issues affecting their ability to thrive – in a Cult bent on depopulating earth!

Pfizer & GSK Have a New Big Pharma VAX – RSV

Pfizer and GSK have simultaneously announced that they will release a new RSV Vaccine by this Fall.   Pfizer’s vaccine targets pregnant women who will pass the vax antibodies to the embryo, and GSK is targeting the elderly.   Phase 3 of trials is ongoing.  Big Pharma is so excited because they anticipate that in the US alone, 3 million women get pregnant every year so they have a good base for an annual melting pot of due diligent victims.

According to The Lancet the number of global cases and deaths is an estimate.  For children ages 0-5 the global estimate for 2015 was 118,200. During the 2021-2022 period Scientists were baffled that there were negligible cases or deaths, and determined it was because of the CoVid Vaccine and lockdowns.

For the Lancet study, bronchitis, pneumonia, and RSV were lumped together. Between 95% and 97% of all deaths were in low and middle income countries.   Meaning the highest death rate in the US is between 1% and 3% of ‘estimated cases’.  1% of 118,000 = 1180.

In making their estimates, The Lancet reveals:   “since 2017, new data on RSV burden in young children have become available, including from several new RSV community surveillance studies initiated to measure RSV mortality in the community (RSV community mortality surveillance studies and child health and mortality prevention surveillance [CHAMPS] supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).”  

Bill Gates is providing the numbers used in determining cases, hospitalizations and deaths…

The Lancet article mentions the Pfizer and GSK Phase 2 trials currently undergoing as of May 2022 and estimate the third phase will be complete sometime between 2025-2027.   The Phase Two Trial conducted on a whopping total of 406 women (80% white) by Pfizer revealed that an adverse event called, congenital anomalies and developmental delay, were duly noted and apparently acceptable. The Vax does contain ‘aluminum hydroxide’ – a caustic material that has been linked to Alzheimers and neurological diseases..

The most reported categories of adverse events in Pfizer Phase 2 Trial were infections, gastrointestinal disorders, and pregnancy-related conditions, including preterm delivery. Of the 406 women, 55 had a serious adverse event and of the 403 infants, 172 had an adverse reaction including at least one acute respiratory illness.   Apparently 3 infants died either in-vitro or after birth – Pfizer has not addressed this disparity.

Despite these horrible numbers and a Phase 3 Trial that is still calling for volunteers, Pfizer anticipates that the FDA will approve their vaccine 2-5 years earlier than estimated….

GSK claims that the reason for an RSV vaccine among older populations is due to the potential threat that it could lead to pneumonia.   But we already have a vaccine for pneumonia, it is called the pneumococcal vaccine – Obviously this eliminates the entire need.

Pharma has taken a beating given the CoVid debacle which is now being unleashed in Congress.   Fauci is on the hot seat for fraud and former CDC Director, Dr. Redfield, is reporting as witness.   Bill Gates is a soiled name across the globe, and vaccines in general are being avoided by individuals and parents. The ‘Science’ has been revealed to be the ‘quackery’.

Even the annual flu shot is a comical sham – this year was the first year the Jab ingredients were changed after 11 years.   According to the CDC, this year the flu shot was a really good match because hardly anyone got the flu…   Some years the flu Vax has an efficacy of 15% – but this year was great – 56% efficacy – not in preventing the flu but in preventing hospitalizations from the flu.

How do they know the efficacy?   Why from algorithms provided by Bill Gates. Because No Agency tracks the actual number of flu cases, hospitalizations or even deaths.  

DATA has supplanted Facts.   Algorithms are AI.   And Science is Guesstimation.  I would suggest people on medications take a harder look at the side-effects …

OUR YOUTH IN CRISIS: Where it all Began

The CDC has released a warning that our YOUTH are in Crisis as never seen before including risk of suicides amidst sexual dysphoria.   Yet, instead of de-escalating the media and psychiatric dysfunction – they promote ever more!   We need to be more tolerant, more gender affirming, more dystopian so as to further escalate the trauma.

With teen suicide rates exploding, teen depression escalating, teen IQ tanking, and high school education operating below proficiency – who oh who to blame?

According to the world of pseudopsychiatry, the problem lies with societal intolerance of sexual identities like ‘I am a cat’, or ‘I identify as a CISFREAKNONBINARYlizard…   Gosh – where oh where is the source of the problem?

Probably in the same court as the ‘Me Generation’.   Everything revolves around the ‘Me’.   ‘Me’ must be most important.   ‘Me’ is all that exists.   ‘Me’ is the world…. According to Garp.   And Me needs Pills to function – to have fun – to sleep – to go to school – and to read…  The ME world was after all – a ‘creation’.   TO make us dependent.

The ‘Me’ generation was literally created by the psychotic psychiatrists who espoused that women needed to focus on self and ignore everyone else.   ME.   Those Me’s raised abandoned children.   They raised children in State Day Cares.   Their entire focus was on the development and emphasis of narcissism.

Pundits point to the fact that liberals act, react, and respond via emotion.   They don’t understand critical thinking – or debate – or logic.   Both men and women are programmed to emote. They play act as white slaves.   They kneel in servitude.   They demand freedom from work.   And wonder why their children are completely, wholly dysfunctional…

So – they give them drugs to function.

Over 20% of US children under the age of 12 – are on prescription drugs.   27% of those between 12 and 19 are on prescription meds. What could possibly be wrong?   A parent will ask…   Noting the Pharma side effects of medications include depression, weight gain, hallucinations, and death… the psychiatric industry is confounded as to why children are a MESS!

Here is what the CDC recommends to combat this dysphoria:   CDC recommends “teaching kids about sexual consent, managing emotions, and asking for what they need”; furthermore, “Schools should encourage gender and sexuality alliances, provide safe spaces and people for LGBTQ+ students to go to for support, and ensure enforcement of anti-harassment policies.”

ALL of which will contribute to – and increase – the dysfunction.   And they do so – knowingly.

Why would our medical ‘experts’ desire to euthanize American children?

Video after video reveals the gang warfare that has consumed liberal cities.   Groups of young teens glom together and set out on a rampage of chaos, assault, theft, destruction, and murder as though they are play acting a video game.

And the CDC, mayors, governors, DA’s, chalk it up to ‘kids just being kids’ – as though murder was a normal deviant activity – like dipping pigtails in an inkwell…

Of COURSE there is a deviant purpose.   Of COURSE this is a plotted agenda.   But the question remains – WHY?

Initially, the agenda was focused on the black populations.   The vaccine was manipulated to have a harsher reaction on blacks given their DNA.   Blacks were called to the frontline FIRST!   Black Schools have been on a steady decline for DECADES!   The purpose was simply Martin Luther King’s eugenics concept.   Only the ‘best’ shall survive.   Everyone else deserves their fate.

Of course it is wholly considered peasant to discuss Hitler.   But he was a eugenics aficionada too!   Just like King – only via different means:   one was via abortion, and the other was via ‘selection’.

I can’t imagine how difficult it would be today to be in any school grade and tolerate …   I recall my son coming to me with 1 quarter to graduate for his BA and wanting to drop out.   His reason – all his professors were liberal and if you didn’t adhere to their politics you – were failed.

The decade of youth today are easily distinguished.   The more rural the upbringing, the more dedicated to work ethic and family.   There are multiple in-betweens – at which point you get to the liberal BOT sucking on gummy bears while pretending to be a astrophysicist….

But the faith is in the ‘in-betweens’.

That should be our focus.   Because that’s exactly where – it all began – and what went wrong.

World Economic Forum Universal Healthcare – A Kick In The Butt

World Economic Forum:   “Japan’s early adoption of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) has attracted worldwide attention, as it is the country with the longest healthy life expectancy in the world.” The Headline they don’t want you to see:   “Japan to face a shortage of nearly 1 million medical and welfare staff by 2040.”

Other factoids not announced by the Media:   1.   Japan birth rate is 6.5 per 1,000 while their death rate is 11.5 per 1,000 making for a significant negative growth rate.   2. Immigrants in Japan account for 2.8 million of the 126 million population = 2%.   3.   ALL immigrants come from other Asian countries usually with a Japanese spouse and are not eligible for healthcare until they have resided in Japan over 1 year.   4.   Illegal Immigration does NOT exist.   5. Japan recognizes two genders; male and female.

Misnomer:   Universal Health Coverage does NOT mean ‘FREE”:   Funding of health expenditures is provided by taxes (42%), mandatory individual contributions (42%), and out-of-pocket charges (14%). The mandatory withholding is 10% of wages, 30% coinsurance out-of-pocket, the balance is paid by the employer.   Maximum monthly tax withholding is capped at $1370, while Bonus Income contributions are capped at $57,300.   Coinsurance is 30%, annual caps are $2.12 million for health and $21,200 for long term care.

Public Health hospitals support only 15% of the population, while the vast majority – 85% are privately operated and thus charge outside of the caps.

Kicker:   70% of employees have secondary medical insurance paid for out of pocket. In 2020, Japan doubled out of pocket costs for those over 75. Wait times for surgery are excessive. Japan’s system is ranked 31st.

This is the schematic that WEF claims is ‘Free” Universal Coverage…

Japan has less than 2 doctors per 1,000 citizens.   While the shortage has been a growing concern for a decade, the loss of population will automatically correct that figure in the future – according to Science Analysts.   Therefore correcting the issue is mute.  AHH!

Of course the obvious problem with this assertion is that the population is aging, the birthrate is falling dramatically – and no new doctors will fill the gap of those retiring.   In the US, an average doctor might see 2000 patients per year, while in Japan the current number is 8400.

According to Hillary Clinton, “3 minutes of consultation after 3 hours of waiting is normal in Japan and many inpatients had to share a big room, and the quality of medical treatment was very poor…”

Getting Old Sucks:   The monthly fee of national health insurance system for an elderly couple, whose only income is 50,000 yen of retirement pension, amounts to 10,000 yen = 20%.  If the amount in arrear continues for one year, their health insurance card would be taken away and they would have to pay 100% of medical fee at the hospital window.

The gross salary of a doctor in Japan is roughly $127,000 per year. Given the stress levels of patient to doctor shortages, the number of Japanese seeking a degree in medicine is declining rapidly. As a result, the healthcare system is attempting to import doctors from Indonesia, The Philippines, Korea and other Asian countries.   While the number of Japanese registering for medical school is roughly 9000, entrance exams mean that tutoring for the exam begins at age 12. The degree program takes 6 years.

The World Economic Forum is always pushing the envelope when asserting it’s Agenda – and Healthcare is certainly a trigger.   Gathering true statistics is a continuous challenge given that most of the numbers are created in the US under the auspices of corrupted agencies; NIH, CDC, Johns Hopkins and Harvard.   As such, the numbers I have entered are likely more positive than reality.   And the collapse of healthcare systems across the globe should be met with increased knowledge regarding natural and holistic cures.   Expanding one’s ‘medicine cabinet’ along these lines is HIGHLY recommended.


G20 Summit: Advancing Pandemic Preparedness Financial Fund Globalization

Americans have been decidedly immersed in the Midterms, inflation, recession, and shortages while quietly, the Biden Handlers have signed us onboard the Pandemic Preparedness Financial Intermediary Fund administered by WHO and GAVI. Essentially it is a money laundering scheme where countries must contribute into the fund on an annual basis and the Board will determine the use of the funds.  

This is the MAIN topic being discussed at the G20 Conference.   The secondary purpose of the Summit is to sway China and India away from a Russian alliance.

The so-called face-to-face meeting between Jinping and Biden includes two panels. US officials, including Yellen and Blinken, moderating Biden during his note reading, and Xi Jinping flanked by his CCP entourage.   Listening to the video opening remarks, Biden speaks as though he is slurring drunk, aka medications, while reading from notecards.   Blinken appears frantic – ready to intervene should Biden go off script. Still the media portrays Biden as though he is Superman dominating the session.

ALL the politicians at the summit know:   1)   Biden is demented, and 2)   who the true Handlers are behind the Oz curtain.   I would suggest that knowledge is also held by Putin and Lavrov.   Yet not one is willing to unveil the complete truth.

The G20 Summit was first organized in 1999 to create false agenda’s requiring MONEY.   A good ole boy meet and greet, they have never really accomplished anything – and their relevance is somewhat peculiar.

The focus of the FIF Pandemic Preparedness is on low and middle income countries.   The jargon used to define its purpose is as follows:

“The fund will draw on the strengths and comparative advantages of key institutions engaged in PPR, provide complementary support, improve coordination among partners, incentivize increased country investments, serve as a platform for advocacy, and help focus and sustain much-needed, high-level attention on strengthening health systems.”

TRANSLATION:   1.   key institutions would be NIH and CDC.   2.   Partner coordination means transfer of money.   3.   Incentivize country investments means the money will be laundered into for profit schemes.   4.   Strengthening health systems means mass vaccination protocols.

The G20 Summit is being used as the ‘first call for country wide monetary pledges’. So far Biden’s Handlers have pledged $1.5 billion in US Taxpayer Funds.   Like the Green Fund, the investment funds will be held by the IMF and HSBC, which will then make usury microloans to undeveloped countries as vaccine agendas are promoted by their respective governments.  A win-win for WHO and GAVI who also monitor the Green Funds.

Outside of commitments having been made by various countries, including BRICS India, Brazil and China, the Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Wellcome Trust are onboard this newest financial scheme.   Of course, all funds are under the auspices of GAVI including Gates Foundation funds. In essence the Gates scheme is to make loans to Gates. And Gates initiatives for full vaccination of South America and Africa against AIDS, TB, and Malaria MUST be upheld. ~according to the board.

In a letter submitted by a number of country wide NGO’s to the FIF Board, they mandated that this program focus heavily on “eliminating disinformation campaigns” and strengthening ‘Trust” in healthcare institutions pushing global vaccination campaigns. In addition, they advocate allowing other country’s authority in making decisions for countries incapable of handling the circumstances… A globalization override.

As the conference is being held and Biden’s Media is directed to create a false China cooperation agenda, National Endowment For Democracy, the axis of all things COUP, is busily decrying the Communist global takeover of China utilizing Art of War tactics. A Backstabbing in real time play.

Given the FIF Pandemic Preparedness is wholly focused on ‘developing countries’ it fits within the wealth redistribution advocated by these esteemed politicians of Doom. Emptying more coffers of Taxpayer Funds that should be allocated toward Making America Great Again they are instead funneled to microloan servicing schemes wherein Banks and politicians profit.

For Example: Macron’s net worth is estimated at $76 million having more than doubled since 2019.   Ursula Von der Leyen net worth has risen from $3 million to $50 million.   Biden’s is undisclosed given his many financial evasions.

Amidst these various FUNDS created by the elite, Middle America and the West cave into obscurity.

Russia’s Putin is not attending the Conference citing assassination slurs.   Ukraine’s Zelenskyy said he would not attend, even virtually, if Putin was present.   A classic childish bullypit whine.   However, an oddity has been revealed;   the family photo op will NOT take place as has always been customary.   While no reason has been established, it could be a means of hiding the true ‘leaders representing America’ who will be speaking while Biden slumbers.

Netherlands Shutting Out 60% of Farmers For Crickets

The Government of The Netherlands is attempting to shut down 60% of the local Farms in order to reduce nitrogen emissions.   Google: Primary cause of nitrogen oxides is burning fuel.   What is the primary emitter of Nitrogen and Carbon? Volcanoes.   Secondarily, lightening strikes, oceans, and biological decay emit large quantities of nitrogen.   Nitrogen gases are present around earth – and all other uninhabited planets… including those planets that don’t ‘farm’. In fact, according to UCLA, nitrogen has been a component of the earth’s mantle since earth’s creation.

Follow The Science…

BEFORE the Climate Change Chaos Agenda, scientists determined that one volcanic eruption can create 20 million tons of particulate that can linger in the stratosphere for 3-4 YEARS.   There are 1500 active volcanoes on earth. Roughly 50-70 erupt every year!   ~According to the British Geological Survey of Science.

Obviously, volcanic eruption is NOT man-made.

Therefore, the amount of carbon and nitrogen produced by a bunch of ‘farmers’ Is negligible in the scheme of things.

Mark Rutte has served as the Netherlands Prime Minister for 12 years… More importantly, The Netherlands are a monarchial society overseen by Willem Alexander. Like Prince Harry, Willem served in the Royal Dutch Army as a reservist and was promoted numerous times having done absolutely – NOTHING. He received countless merits and awards during his tenure of doing nothing – attaining the rank of Brigadier General.

In 2016, Rutte was appointed to the position of high level panel on water by the UN…   During his tenure as PM – his government has been rife with scandal.   Identifying as a member of the ‘conservative party’, Rutte would seem to hail alongside the UN and WEF in what would be termed in the US – “Rhino Territory”.  Or McCainism.

When configuring the source of the Cabal – most often America is the accused cursed originator. However, America is the distraction.   And the Netherlands along with BIS are the reality source.  Maintaing their shadow stance until the ‘right’ time arises and all will be told.

They have existed for centuries well before America was founded.   The British never forgave Americans for creating a non-monarchial society and have since attempted to enslave us along with their compatriot Monarchs.  Why?  Because Monarchs can rule without interference, without a whit for the peasants, and accumulate vast wealth while the peasants glorify them…

The only purpose of shutting down farmers in the Netherlands is to create food shortages.   And apparently the esteemed ‘government’ of The Netherlands is ALL ABOARD!   While some farmers have found ways around the purge, wherein small towns are creating more localized farmer’s markets to eliminate the broad based government chaos, the ulterior motive is quite clear.

And has absolutely nothing to do with ‘nitrogen output’.

According to a “scientific study’ article published in 2019, agriculture may account for less than 4% of all nitrogen output.   Nitrogen is a necessary compound for all crops.   Particularly corn.  ” Nitrogen is an essential building block for the whole food system from farm to mouth. For food production, both under- or oversupply of nutrients are problematic.”

Nitrogen is important to your health as it is a critical component of proteins that form muscles and other tissues and nucleic acid including DNA and RNA.  ~ The Marine Biological Laboratory.

,When looking at alternatives, such as ‘crickets’, they are considered a ‘nitrogen reservoir’ and beneficial to feeding that nitrogen into the soil… via their feces.   Crickets as a food source produce 10% of all nitrogen.  Animals and plants require nitrogen to survive which is why earth’s mantle is abundant in this resource.   Crickets are a reservoir – not source.   Therefore crickets won’t survive if the soil nitrogen is depleted – plants life will die, and cattle will become anemic – and die.

Meaning, the gamut is to replace nitrogen used in the production of food with nitrogen produced by cricket feces… which won’t happen unless their food sources are rich in nitrogen!

Congress/Doctors/Cities – High On Psychotic Drugs Including Ketamine

The EU’s Von der Leyen has declared that instead of ‘freezing’ Russia’s assets, they were going to SEIZE them.  While the legality under International Law would not normally support any such matter, they are silent because the International Justice System and Community have cracked – and their INSANITY opens up the gory wounds for all to see…

Failing in their determination to take control of Russia, the Gamet is in the hands of psychotic psychopaths.   Despite attempts to calm and defray issues, it has only seemingly caused their hideous delirium to intensify.   Zelenskyy has no problem putting the entire population of Ukraine in graves.   Pathological liars are a breed.   Perhaps even a species.

The psyches ruling all western countries could care less if civilization is destroyed.   Suffering is a mandate.  

Shootings throughout the US have escalated exponentially.   Crime has no consequence.   Even murderers are set free.   And The People continue to believe and hope that somehow our police and security apparatus will intervene and save us from these monsters.   We hold onto our sanity by not giving into their insanity.   Knowing in our hearts that their psychosis is NOT fixable.   It is likely heightened by a concoction of pills they are ordered to take daily.  

Ketamine is such a drug known to cause hallucinations, disassociation, and cognitive or thinking deficits.   According to the FDA, its use is approved only as an anesthetic during surgery.   ALL off label uses are illegal and yet doctors prescribe it regularly.   It is linked to date rape.   It is a street drug.   Its overuse has become a world wide health problem.

And instead of discussing these hazards – our medical community at large wants it legalized.

The Economist has stated that very soon – Ketamine, Ecstasy and Psilosybin will occupy everyone’s ‘medicine cabinet’.    Inducing complete insanity and chaotic psychosis worldwide.   The Economist calls this psychotic delirium as ‘expanding minds to heal brains’.

When used in date rape, Ketamine can make your victim immobile but fully aware that she is being raped.   This lends to the high the rapist feels because fear is his adrenaline rush.

Law.   Order.   Opioid addiction.   School shootings.   Being High.   The intoxication of fear.   A state of PCP wherein you are invincible!   Just like Von der Leyen.   And likely countless others ruling across the globe. They seem immune to death or emotion.   Nuclear War appeals to them.   As long as they WIN.

Inducing fear – a Pandemic.   Inducing fear – WWIII mongering.   Inducing fear – cities turned into Crime Havens.   Inducing fear – to attack children… who will forever bear the scars.

How is it that doctors are prescribing ketamine without FDA approval?   Because there are no consequences. Doctors have become part of the psychosis.   The same doctors that murdered thousands upon thousands with their ventilators and Remdesivir WITHOUT consent.   They got paid.   And fall into their drug addictions sto numb away that they became murderers.

Estimates detail that 10%-15% of physicians have drug addictions – 17%-20% of nurses.   They have the opportunity – they have the means.   “Congress Can Act Now To Reduce Drug Costs”.   Why?   Because they are addicts.   They are held together with drug concoctions that have debilitating side effects – including – psychosis.

Historically, Hitler’s manic descent into insanity is believed to be the result of ever increasing concoctions of drugs.   Hitler was stoked on cocaine, opioids, and steroids.   WWII Nazi’s were blitzed on Meth.   LSD was used as a therapeutic in the 1950’s on many in Hollywood – including Cary Grant.   It is highly likely that Meth is predominant among mercenaries.

Congress is mute about their usage, and instead wants a reduction of price – to accommodate their vast addictions.   They justify their addictions because the prescriptions come from ‘doctors’ people we have been told to trust without censorship.  

The drug marketing is evident in our current dissociative, dementia riddled president unelect.   It is relevant in the fact that after 50 years of War On Drugs – it has become exponentially Greater!   According to Columbia, there is and never was a US war on drugs – in reality the market has increased significantly.   Money knows Addiction.  And the phrase was delivered to create an illusion.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial revealed the extent of their illegal drug fueled assaults…   yet they were never prosecuted for this…

Because there is NO WAR ON DRUGS. There is only a War on The Drug Profits.  

Congress is complicit. The EU is Complicit.   And Von der Leyen is likely a victim of her own ambivalence and disassociation psychosis.

The vast majority of school shootings are instituted by persons under the age of 21 who have behavioral issues and drug associations.   And yet – the ‘government’ focuses on guns as the ghost perpetrator.   Failing to address the cause – is Science after all.   Instead, they focus on the means – knives and guns.   And call it Science.   While our medical professionals remain for the most part – mute.

This Muteness causes them anxiety which fuels their own drug addictions and decadence into a murderous cycle of some bizarre justification.

And NOW we have the ever prolific crystal ball predictor, The Economist, projecting that these same psychotic drugs will soon be in everyone’s medicine cabinets to “heal the brain”.   Because in reality, the brain can not absorb the reality of murder without drugs to alleviate and dispel – reality.   And the War in Ukraine is about the annihilation of PEOPLE.