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  1. Helena,
    A week ago, I sent an email to your Helena gallery email account with information on GMOs. It was too long to leave as a comment here. If you would reply to my email, I would share some additional thoughts with you.

      • Helena,
        I resent the email.

        I read another of your postings today about the health hazards of GMOs. I do not disagree with you that GMOs along with herbicides, insecticides, commercial fertilizers and soil enhancing minerals pose a health risk. Identifying the problem is the first step to affecting a solution.

        The earth’s population is reported to be 7,888,000 souls. The population explosion is largely due to the abundance of food made possible through modern farming methods. (I am partially to blame for this since I had a hand in feeding the world through the development of center pivot irrigation.) As such, the GMO horse has left the barn.

        Paraphrasing Earl Butz, the Sec. of Agriculture under Nixon and Ford. (He was noted for saying some pretty outlandish & politically incorrect things.)

        “Before we go back to organic agriculture in (the world) this country, somebody must decide which (3 billion) 50 million (of the world’s population) Americans we are going to let starve or go hungry.”

        We can debate the wisdom of GMOs, but it does not solve the problem. Do you have any ideas?


      • Glad I saw this. RE: Waco, which I read on Rockwell, organizations don’t have tenants unless they are leasing space in their building.
        They have foundational concepts, which are tenets.
        Scoffers look for a reason to scorn alternative writers, and a small error like this is enough for them to reject the writer as ” ignorant” and not worth listening to.
        And it is a widespread error on alternative media to the extent of possibly generating a Lefty Meme mocking Alternative Media.
        Just thought you should know…
        PS: Is there anyway you could configure this page so I could log in once and not on each post in a session?

        • John – you are a rejected man looking for vengeance via my blog. You have absolutely nothing worthwhile to add, nothing worthwhile to say, and instead redline like an elementary school teacher on steroids. Your inability to comment on ANY context would be the crux of a liberal mentality bent on ‘scoffing’. You are the Scoffer and Scorn. The Shrew. Kindly – depart.

      • After finding your blog, I started reading from your March 2015 posting. As such, my comments have been directed to earlier postings. I had been posting my comments to the top comment section. Maybe that is what is not working.

        RE: Emasculated Men – Blame the Church or Wives?
        Posted on September 14, 2015 by Helena
        Reminded me of the pledge my wife and I made to each other when we were married. I would make all the major decisions and she would make all the minor decisions. In the 47 years we had together, I never had to make a major decision.
        I never complained about my wife’s decisions. She chose me.

  2. You are on it!!! Wow! Comprehensive research which validates so many of my various sources!! Thank you!

    • Trish,

      Have you not wondered why Helena
      – given her apparent high-end skills
      at analysis and her depth of knowledge –
      doesn’t have dozens of posts here ?!

      Somehow—she is being stifled/corralled !


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