Globalization – Agenda’s vs. Ideals

There are different definitions for Globalization. It depends if you are talking with an idealist or a realist. The idealist perceives a world of peace, of living in harmony, a world without borders, a world without poverty wherein resources are shared equitably. The idealist sees a single monetary unit, and either no religion or a united religion. They see the sharing of wealth and of ideas in a Utopian society.

Globalization is a theoretical model. The realist sees a system on paper that may or may not be perfect, but whose existence is managed by a flawed and imperfect humanity. While the concept may be logical, when subjected to the frailties of human greed, corruption and graft, it will fail. The human component destroys the value.

We have watched the marching army of globalization expand exponentially despite its historical failure. Why? Why do we continue to propel forward a failed philosophy?

Because the ‘we’ that propels is the same interest that is gaining financially. Proponents of globalization typically include the uber wealthy elite; Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc… who see the expansion of their wealth as a means for greater power. Power wields control. And control requires an agenda of Communism. Communism is the relinquishment of all property to the state, the state being those uber elite. It is a common man working when he can and being paid what he needs. But need is undefinable. Need for one person may mean five cars, and for another one.

The initial purpose of globalization was to reduce world poverty. So how has it faired? According to one study, poverty in the US since 1980 has expanded radically. And according to the OECD, most of the reduction of world poverty has been in China. According to the World Bank, despite economic growth in much of Africa, extreme poverty remains at 50%. Why? Because the economic growth is skewed to belong to a select few. Inequality still reins. In a 27 year span ending in 2008, poverty in Africa declined 4%. Whether this number is true or not is a part of the problem as governments of Africa, India and China have been charged with releasing corrupt data to lift their statistics. So if glob alization has done virtually nothing to eliminate poverty, what has it accomplished?

Globalization has created greater wealth for the few.

As I have said before, statistics are only so good as the agenda of the person using them. If we measure a countries progress simply by their GDP growth rate, we fail to dig into the entire picture. GDP is a measurement of the ‘flow of goods through the economy’. Globalization opened investments from the ubers, but that flow remained in the hands of the ubers instead of being distributed to the people. Thus, the wealth growth is a relative statement.

While economic globalization has been the trend, is it possible to separate economic policies from political, cultural and societal policies?

No. At least, not any longer. They are so completely interwoven that they can not exist as separate entities. But the gears have been in a forward propulsion for more than a decade, so how do you de-globalize? It’s much like trying to de-Obamacare. The train wreck is inevitable, all we can do is be ready with a box of band-aides. The train wreck for globalization would be the continued displacement of wealth to a select few, undermining even the middle class until the system is fully exponentiated and we have two classes – poor and wealthy.

As the cries are rising for some global boundaries, the ubers moved quickly to hedge their bets buying into agriculture, not land on paper, but land that you can touch and feel! Land and water will be the last vestige for control.

On a world level of economics, politics and culture, globalization requires total control. And it is this fear that drives greater skepticism. It requires leaving behind inherent cultural values. It requires a redirection toward a singular goal – money. It requires being put in a box that defines who and what you are much like the communist proletariat. This collectivism then squeezes out individuation, and the rebels rise.

On paper, Communism was a doctrine that was conceived on a belief that it was the right thing to do for the good of society. That it was ‘Wise’. It held to a Utopian theory. In its infancy, it was created to abolish poverty and to instil peace. But the cost was order and control. Absolute control discards freedom. It was the loss of freedom that brought down communism. Humans thrive on freedom, they die when trapped, confined, and controlled.

So, where we are going on our current trend can have catastrophic consequences if we don’t wake up and get our heads out of mainstream drivel. They feed our brains with baseless information and self pleasure until we no longer notice our loss of freedom – until it is too late.

RIOTS – Ferguson & Baltimore: band-aides don’t fix broken bones

It isn’t just the riots, the burning, the complete lack of empathy, the destruction, the hate, the violence, its the sense that this is what will bring justice.

We treat animal abuse with more sanctity.

It is meeting abuse with abuse. Killing without mercy. It is the frenzy of igniting chaos by triggering the one emotion that is most difficult to contain – hatred.

The media is claiming a link between the igniter’s in Ferguson and Baltimore, suggesting that professional protesters or anarchists are helping to elevate the frenzy. In the Ukraine, there were reports of professional anarchists. In Hong Kong, professional protesters helped strategize. Stories abound of US, French, British, Spanish, Italian, Canadian and Australian citizens fighting alongside Al Qaeda or ISIS. Are the protests really that much different? The US government admittedly states that they use special ops to instigate regime change. Isn’t that somewhat similar?

Inserting anyone into the fray of a war, riot, protest, or civil conflict for the purpose of directing the movements and actions toward a specific linear point – is now a common tactic militarily and civilly.

When the only sympathetic response our president can offer urges people to do some ‘soul searching’, what message is being parlayed?  Does it make anyone feel better?  What accomplishment is gained from destruction?

To look at the videos one might think they are viewing the aftermath of the bombing in Yemen or Syria. Burning cars, rubble, broken glass, shattered lives, innocent lives, vengeance is the root and chaos is the claim. The cause is lost in the fires, in the shattered lives that were once your friends and neighbors, where you bought a cup of coffee or a hairpiece or a hotdog.

How many businesses were destroyed in Ferguson? Twenty one businesses suffered destruction, many more were burglarized, and 12 cars in an auto lot were torched. It was indiscriminate, the victims had even tried to help the protesters but found themselves thus victimized. Unleashed wrath for unleashed vengeance. The voices decry that “property does not stand up to the loss of a life”. And while that may sound righteous, this property didn’t just have ‘value’, it sustained many lives that now have been destroyed.  There is a consequence, but it is not directed.  It is like hitting your child because you are mad at your employer.  A disconnected brain reaction.

After the siege at Ferguson, why didn’t the Baltimore mayor protect and defend? Why did she hesitate knowing the height at which the issue has been accelerating nationwide? Was she scared that inserting police and National Guards would create a greater spread of the hostility? The mayor led a relatively sheltered life growing up as the daughter of a surgeon and receiving her juris doctorate degree. As mayor, her pet project was to rejuvenate Baltimore by incentivizing the promotion of increased home buyers and urban redevelopment.  I think her case just got quashed.

As usual, the root, the cause of the problems is not being addressed, only the symptoms. Putting band-aides on symptoms has little effect. It’s like giving a person with a broken leg a few Advil and sending them home. The leg is still broken!

The problem stems from a multitude of damaged roots , roots underfed, under fertilized, root rot, and a fear of saying out loud what is fact. Crowds can be manipulated to act in an intense way when that might not be their normal behavior. Like coyotes feeding on a prey, they get caught up in the frenzy of adrenaline tearing their prey apart.  Anarchy feeds rebellion and the desire to hurt for pleasure in a world paralyzed by the need to control.

Boredom can be a manipulated.

A sense of entitlement – can be manipulated.

A sense of power spills over.

And then, like the feed, it is over. Circumstances haven’t changed for the better, and in actuality, probably for the worse. If one were to have interviewed a number of the rioters and asked them why they were there, the answers would most likely parallel the ones given at the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Some would have no clue.

Riots have been a mainstay of our world for thousands of years; after chariot games, riots were commonplace, the Nika riot in 532 AD erupted resulting in the destruction of over half the city and the death of tens of thousands of citizens. The Philadelphia Election Riot between the Anglicans and the Quakers over election fraud resulted in paralytic destruction. The Swing Riots in England when impoverished agricultural workers rose up against their employers left a slew of destruction in their wake. It was thought then that ‘agitators’ were brought in from France. There are over 63 individual riots that took place in the 1800’s. And over 50 riots during the 1960’s! This is NOT a new phenomena.

Short term memory loss. How quickly we forget. What did they accomplish?

Thousands of lost lives. Millions in property damage. A depression of property values in cities with large African American contingents. Loss of tax revenue for schools. Loss of tax revenue from property. A spiraling decay that purged cities and plunged them further into an abyss of poverty. As a result, the war on poverty was launched. Did it work?  At the same time entitlements rose significantly. Problem: do you give a person a fish, or teach them how to fish. We gave them fish.

In 1968 the poverty rate was 12.8%. In 2014, the poverty rate was 14.3%, down from 15% according to the Census Bureau. American Indians dominate the largest percentage of those living in poverty at representing 27% of the 14.3%.  And the flat line rate has been relatively unyielding for nearly fifty years.  You don’t eradicate poverty with handouts, people need and want a sense of worth, an ego, a life, a dream come true, a chance, an education, the ability to create and make – on their own.

And despite all the hoopdela, all the entitlements, all the promises, little has changed in the numbers, only the rhetorical cause. Blame is the cause. But no one can get out of poverty without trying. Waiting around for someone to give you more band-aides isn’t changing the direction of your life.  It doesn’t water the roots or mend the broken leg.   Most initiatives come in the form of charitable programs giving youth a chance, not from government entitlements. So what happened to tech centers, training centers, that were going to take us to the next level in US poverty eradication? There are a spattering of centers, but their numbers are sparse, and their cause, such as telephones for the homeless, really did little to shift away from the problem. Yet these same tech centers would seem to abound in Africa and India. What about here guys? Have you been to Alabama lately, or West Virginia?

The band-aide has been torn away and the wound exposed. So, do you hand them two Advil and a glass of water, or do you fix the dang leg?

Operation Jade Helm 15 – Sometimes, Conspiracies Lie

Military drills are a common occurrence. Some inside the US, some overseas, some aerial, some amphibious. They are conducted by the US, Nato, UK, Canada, Poland, France, Russia, China, etc… Designed to keep servicemen on their toes and up to date, drills mimic an intended type of war or attack. Under the name Kriegsspiel, they originated in Prussia, now Germany, and were brought to the US in the 1800’s. Defined by very specific rules delineating proper tactics and techniques for defeating a technologically advanced threat, much of the games evolved into more simulation. Actually, many of our video and board games took their design from real drills.

Wargames are big business and became the mainstay of the Army War College in Pennsylvania which trains commanders in tactics and intelligence, The Naval War College in Rhode Island, a Marine Corps War College in Virginia and the Air Force War College in Thailand. Some say that wargaming predicted the losses in Korea and Vietnam, but our pride prevented us from listening.  The games are used to calculate each potential attack, determine total casualties, read property destruction, interior destruction, infrastructure destruction and manage strike zones.

But the computers erred.  The tactics failed. And the casualties were far greater. The military was flawed in its inability to advance their strategies and more money poured in to update the systems.

There was the Millennium Challenge Wargame in 2002 that used live and simulated computer strategies. It lasted three weeks and came to an ominous end as the US basically rigged the deck so as to create a ‘false win’ that was later exposed by Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper.

ENTER, Operation Jade Helm 15.  Nearly all wargames have been conducted using either air or sea stations. In the US, civilians are generally left out of the games but are informed of their existence. So, the announcement of the US wargame, Operation Jade Helm 15, has sparked quite a bit of controversy for it’s strategy in ‘mingling’ with civilians, and with the lack of information surrounding it’s purpose. Mainstream media is silent, adding to the controversy and sparking dubious conspiracy theories.

The Pentagon released a map of the seven participating states; Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Utah, California and New Mexico. They designated certain states as hostile and others as friendly. And they stated that Special Ops troops will freely engage throughout cities and neighborhoods, sometimes decked in full military regalia armed with blanks, and other times blending in so as to appear like your buddy or friend.

The gnawing question is, WHY?

The official explanation is to see how well US Special Operations forces can covertly and seamlessly embed themselves into the civilian populace as a security training exercise to keep us all safe in the future.

Which only further begs the question, WHY?

There are boundless theories, none of which hold up; the flagged states are really Democrat vs Republican, or the flagged states house border crossing for Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants. But these theories don’t measure up. If out of seven states even one or two don’t fit the definition, then the theory is worthless.

So, why would we need undercover troops infiltrated in our civilian populace? Is it to scruff out the ISIL contingent that has moved across the border into the US from Mexico? Given that Texas is the entrance point, and Texas is large predator state in the wargame, that could be one motive. But Arizona and New Mexico are not considered predator, so that doesn’t really fit either.

The predators are Texas, Utah and southern California, they are the Red States considered ‘unfriendly’.  The other states are considered the friendlies or borderline friendly.  Already sounds dramatic, like maybe Hollywood designed the stage.

The Washington Post attempts to quell the fears by citing other wargames, including Bold Alligator, which has been held annually since 2012. It is an amphibious game held off the coast of Virginia and designed to counter terrorism and help mitigate in the event of a natural disaster. Okay, that makes sense.    But it only raises the question again of what is the benefit of Special Ops being able to ‘infiltrate’ the civilian populace? Why would we need undercover military special ops in the US?

The largest speculation is that this is a test, a precursor to instituting Martial Law in the US and testing the reactions of various states based on a diversity of demographics.  Websites abound with this conspiracy.  But maybe even the conspiracies are a means of detracting from the truth, which is why the Pentagon yawns and the media allows the avalanche of stupidity to flourish.

Dissection #1: the operation will be conducted by all ‘special ops’ units. According to the military, special ops units rarely to never engage together in any real situation. Special Ops are usually conducted in a low-profile manner and are implemented through very specific intelligence to identify, hunt and kill. They are typically called in to perform unconventional warfare, operations against ‘guerillas’, and counter-insurgency.

Martial Law is typically implemented by police, reservists and regular military.

Dissection #2:  What exactly is unconventional warfare? According to the definition provided by the Department of Defense: “activities to enable a resistance or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow a government or occupying power through and with an underground, auxiliary, and guerrilla force in a denied area.”

Where in the world have we seen activities regarding the overthrow of governments? Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Kenya, Nicaragua, Iran, Ukraine, Chile, Poland, Iraq, Venezuela, Thailand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Georgia, and Yemen. Some failed, some achieved success. While some of these ‘regime changes’ were conducted to combat terrorism, many have been politically motivated for the purpose of global domination efforts. And while it would appear on the surface that the military is leading the politics, given Soros involvement in many of these regime changes, it would seem more that the politicals are actively pursuing their agenda and ‘using’ the military to achieve their goals. In addition, given the number of high ranking military officers purged in recent years, the agenda becomes even stickier.

The number of purged high ranking officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines has been said to top 157 in just the last few years. Some of the fired or relieved from duty officers are very high ranking – 4 stars – and their crimes of commission are absurd; a racial slur, a statement in contradictions of the President, a questioning of purpose in a command, etc… Could it be that our over-throwing of regimes is in question and the purge is related to specifically this issue?

Dissection #3:   Why pick these particular states in the midwest?  Arizona in the summer – temperatures static at 115′.  Mimics Middle East desert training, maybe Afghanistan.  Colorado in the summer – heat, fires, mountains, mimics possibly Iran.  Texas is a dry heated dustbowl – like Saudi Arabia.  San Diego is known for its vast underground tunnels – perhaps similar to Hamas tunnels leading into Gaza.  The training in the seven US states could simply be reflective of the different terrain, weather, wind currents, and extreme conditions.

Dissection #4: An increase in special ops is a fact. While overall military personnel numbers have dropped, since 2001 special ops has doubled in size and tripled its budget. Just this past March they were recruiting for over 5,000 new positions with an interesting emphasis is psych.

Operation Mockingbird was implemented in the 50’s, and continues unabated today as a means of infiltrating the media and managing the truth. Falsifying reports, inserting disinformation, manipulating evidence, and engaging in propaganda so as to devise a campaign that subverts our understanding of information is a tactic that has infested our world.  That would include hyping the conspiracies to camouflage the truth.

Lying has become so commonplace, we don’t even raise an eyebrow.

Percentages – Manipulations and Perceptions

With all the attention various minorities are getting, it should be noted that their percentage makeup of the total US population is somewhat …less… than we might presume or we are led to believe. I asked a few of my friends some of these stats and their answers were far, far from the actuality. We were all quite surprised. Just a thought….


Black population –     13.1%

Asian –     7.8%

Latino –   17%

Atheists – 2.4%

Jews –       2.11%

Mormons – 2%

Protestants – 48%

Catholics –   24%

LGBT – 1.5%

Journalists – 7% identify as Republican

General Population – Independent – 43%

Democrat – 31%

Republican – 25%

Voters – 64% overall turnout in 2012

US Population 318.9million

Fertility – 1.8 (2.1 is considered 0 population growth)

100% of the population increase in the US will be due to immigration – growing 35% by 2050

Black population at 13.1% – 41.8million persons

Percentage that voted – 68% – per 2008 media

Number that voted – 16.1 million – census bureau

Black Population under the age of 19 – 31.7% per census

Eligible voters – 28.4million

Eligible Voters that voted Based on Census – 54

Discrepancy – 14 percentage points. 21%. Why numbers matter and statistics can be hedged –

I was personally floored by the percentage of Independents! If you want to win – just saying

It is the last fledgling truism we believe we have left – math, numbers. They can’t lie. But unfortunately, those that put the numbers together, that write word or omit a word, so as to give perception that is false, these people have taken our last bastion of belief and turned it into a bastard. Upsidedown.

For example: Let’s say you have a total demographic of 10,000 and you say that within that demographic there are 10% black people. Then you say the rate of increase in the numbers of black people is growing at a rate of 10%! WOW! What a huge increase. The you compare it to the minus 10% growth in whites, and now you have some numbers that bear repeating!   But the real total population increase is only 1%, not the 10%. Not as exciting.   Play the math.

It’s the give or take a few million billion years play in the world of science. Dating animals, humans, droids, cavemen, rocks, thumbnails, etc… Of course, they can’t, and so, they extrapolate. They say, if you believe this theory and this one and this one, then this can be fact. Ouch!

I don’t think so.

There is so much fact to counter theory, the entire core begins to crumble. The core of science. Man, I remember growing up and having to confront the choice – science or faith/religion. We were solid, we had different values then, and faith was more often chosen. But the sixties, Beatles, Steinem, Abby Hoffman, all worked together to change all this.

I chose science. And I believed! I thought everything they said was absolute fact – imperial fact. Science, after all, was a fact based system, without bias, border or theorem. And I blindly believed, like herded by the cult. I believed the lies of science. And everything else was like witchcraft. When I discovered that all fact based conclusions were based in, core theory, I was so angry. I felt so deceived.

‘How’ was a big question, but an even bigger question was – WHY?

I really don’t see the logic in these sort of games, sort of seems a big waste of time. Just thinking.

But others didn’t see it that way, and science as a religion – flourished. When an incident proved their theory wrong, it was just – ignored. Shrugged off as not corresponding. Because all data that could corroborate was retrieved and held, while all data which was contrary, was edited and trashed. Therefore, a belief system of science – was created.

It is interesting that just 2% of the US population could exert so much influence – should they not be counted therefore – as a majority? When did the Greater Good come to mean a 2% majority?

If 74% of the US population has either a Christian, Mormon or Catholic denomination, how is it that we cater to the 2% who claim to be atheists? Why do they take such precedence despite their small numbers?

For the younger generation- perspective: let’s say you are at Papa Jacks Pizza and there are twenty of you ordering. You can only afford one pizza, so you are taking votes on who wants what. You are arguing because there are 4 holdouts to the 16 who agree they want pepperoni and sausage, while the other four want just plain.

PLAIN! Why order pizza at all? Anyway. Finally an agreement is made and the four over-ride the sixteen. The sixteen haven’t changed their want, they have just acquiesced and not wanted confrontation. The four smile broadly – for they have beaten the odds.

But what happens in reality when the majority is being squelched?

Ultimately, there is an uprising. A civil war. And this one is perceived to be – perhaps the largest ever.

The diversity of populace against populace, race, creed, color, gender, age, belief, faith, hair, physique, psyche. Will clash.

No one will be with his brother.

I believe we all see this in our future, but we hope and pray that somehow it will be – later… Men want to be a hero, but when the reality confronts them, it isn’t always as neat.   Women want to be rescued, but when the rescuer is the wolf, well then, not so good.

So, be wary of statistics. Read the fine print. Play often. Love with your life, and don’t drag your baggage like Pigpen drags dirt.

Just saying.

FUKUSHIMA – A Loom of Lies

The Fukushima disaster is now four years old, and the news only grows worse. But despite all the fallout, the media, in conjunction with the dictation of WHO, would have us believe that everything is just fine and dandy and that the radiation will have no effect whatsoever because the levels were just a teensy bit high.

Who do you believe? Who has an agenda?

The US is once again pushing for more nuclear facilities, and as such any data that is negative or alarming regarding Fukushima has to be quashed. The disaster is the largest since the Chernobyl Accident in Ukraine in 1986.   Both Chernobyl and Fukushima were classified as 7, the only two to be classified as such – ever. Chernobyl required the evacuation and resettlement of over 350,000 people. Data varies widely but it is parlayed that 31 people died as a direct result and upwards of another 5,000 developed thyroid cancer and leukemia.

The accident caused assertions that the problem was not nuclear, but Soviet nuclear. The problem with making such an assessment, is then we must also assert that the problem is not nuclear, it is/was Japan nuclear. However, given the Japanese are our friends, we make different conclusions given very similar data.

Same disaster, same level 7, same 300,000 evacuees, and yet, according to WHO the risk then, now or in the future of Fukushima causing any cancer is ‘extremely small’ to remote. They went so far as to state that should thyroid cancer screenings show an increase in the disease, it would in no way be reflective of exposure to radiation from Fukushima. Instead, they opted to conclude that any increase in findings would be a direct correlation to early screening.

In fact, an independent study found that all older Japanese nuclear facilities were unprotected from a potential disaster. But even that does not portray the true picture.

The Fukushima reports are critically conflicted. According to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the radiation leaks into the ocean were of no consequence and would pose no threat to human life. What the report failed to respond to were the effects on the “ocean and marine wildlife”.

It is why reading news and media reports requires so much dissemination as to verbiage, translation of agenda, designing what is not said, the statistical relationships and who is funding the research data. In this case, the bulk of the Woods Hole funding comes from the National Science Foundation which gets it’s funding from the federal government and is an agency within the federal government. Thus negating the claim to independence.

Report after report state that the Fukushima incident/disaster was man-made, caused by internal corruption, nepotism, graft, conspiracy, incompetence and collusion. WHEW!

“Those with a vested interest in specific policy or regulatory outcomes lobby regulators and influence their choices and actions.”

So how can we possibly take the word of these same individuals as to the risk and mediation of the problem. How is it more than that two years after the incident, the government quietly announced that leakage was polluting the ocean? And no one responded.   “On 22 July 2013, more than two years after the incident, TEPCO revealed that the plant is leaking highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. This had previously been denied by TEPCO.”

 So we now know that TEPCO lied. How can we possibly conclude that Woods Hole did not lie if they confirmed the lies made by TEPCO?

The web is crazy nuts to unravel.

The unraveling continues as the people of Japan speak out, and they are scared! Depression, fear, anger, and fighting have taken the lives of the Japanese people who want to protect themselves, their family, their children, and have no trust in the government or the agencies telling everyone – everything is just fine. A new restaurant has opened up in the vicinity of the reactors that actually boasts radioactive free meals. They serve organic meals and check every ingredient using a gamma spectroscopy machine that measures radiation and the deadly radioisotope, caesium.

Talk to the marine biologists in California where the radioactive pool travelled and listen as they decry the marine deaths, sea lion strandings, malnourished pups, dolphins with white lung, females, yearlings, a shock to the marine life… A far different story emerges.

Ultimately, what we find is that the human reporter, the citizen, the neighbor, the person in midst is a far better source of truth than any institute, however they like to describe their status as ‘independent’, of any governmental agency.

We in the US are surely not alone in finding difficulty in believing our media, our government, our institutions. It is a worldwide phenomena.

So while the Chernobyl incident was exposed and derided as a complete failure on the part of Russia and its lacking policing of the reactor and policies, the Fukushima incident is far worse because – we say it is nothing – and that is a bald faced lie.

Where the lie weaves, government is surely the loom.

Stolen Children – Australia Shamed

Australia is in the throes of a critical increase in the number of children held in foster care! Currently, that number exceeds 40,000. At the same time, there are huge shortages of people willing to foster children, so they have lifted any potential obstacles to being approved to be a caregiver. Children find themselves shuttled from home to home, abused, lost, unattached, or institutionalized due to lack of available homes where abuse is rampant, and sometimes placed in an orphanage when there is no other available bed or housing facility.

Social Services claim a severe shortage of available employees and are over-whelmed by the sheer numbers. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to make a notification if they suspect abuse or neglect.

Between 2012 and 2013 there were nearly 273,000 such notifications with only 53,000 being substantiated, less than 20%. Still, the number is severe enough for the government to become concerned and question why the spike.

The closest corollary is the change in defining ’emotional abuse’. This category would seem to have the largest number of cases at 38%. But what defines emotional abuse is the real worry. Emotional abuse could be as loose as a parent yelling at a child, or a parent yelling at another parent which is then classified as ‘domestic violence’. These dysfunctions are now ruled as ’emotional abuse’ and warrant the immediate confiscation of all children from the household and placement in foster care.

A foster parent receives an allowance ranging from $910 per month to $2720 for a child with a disability. In addition to this allowance, foster carers are reimbursed for clothes, education, daycare, supplies, activities, hobbies, medical, travel, therapy, establishment costs, life story work and respite. These enticements are offered in order to increase the number of carers willing to engage in the raising of the children as a licensed foster home. As residential parents refuse to come forward, these subsidies are paid to institutions.  In addition, NGO’s have been rapidly coming to the forefront as the government offers adoption subsidies for every child placed ranging from $30,452 to $44, 217. These are considered ‘facilitation costs’.  Post adoption subsidies may also be paid based on the adoptive parent’s income.

The business thrives on dollars and available children.

But there is a growing consensus that these same homes and institutions have an unsurpassed rate of physical and sexual abuse within their system. Some claim the perpetrators are the children themselves, others claim it is the adults, either way, the point is the system that is supposedly built to safeguard children is proving to be – the perpetrator.

The Royal Commission has been called to investigate, however their response has been weak, filled with inconsistencies, and flawed. Little has been done to right the wrongs, and the state is now themselves creating the abuse at a far more prevalent rate than the abuse they claim to mitigate. Children report being prostituted, raped, subjected to abhorrent violence, provided illicit drugs and worse. These children in the foster system are shown to have the highest rates of depression, anger issues, behavioral issues, mental health issues, dropping out of school, and are profoundly more apt to become victims of sexual exploitation, pornography and prostitution.

This is the fix, the government has instituted. In Australia, once a child is placed in foster care, the parent(s) lose all legal right to make any decision with regard to that child. Their medical, educational, housing, are all now transferred to the foster caregiver. If a foster caregiver deems the child should not ever return to the birth parent, the child is offered to the NGO for potential adoption.

The highest proportion of foster children are under the age of one – making them the most likely age group to be adopted. Coincidence?  Studies show that the increase in numbers in foster care is also in proportion to the fact that few children are returned to their parents – ever.  Parents are required to prove their innocence rather than a caseworker proving an allegation. Most of us think of abuse in terms of bodily harm, but in fact, the number of cases in which a doctor assessed physical harm were minimal. According to the last statistical data available, 2001, there were 476 hospitalizations of children that they categorized as having suffered some form of assault. Of those, 57% were attributed to the parents. That means that 271 cases could have resulted from parental abuse. Yet there are 40,000 children in foster care, the discrepancy is vast – .6%.

The second highest category which necessitates foster care is neglect at 27.5%. Cases have been lodged for such unqualifying negligence as running around without shoes, dirty, playing outside without a parent’s supervision, etc…  While these may normally be construed as simple childlike ways, today they constitute neglect and can be cause for abduction of the child and placement in an institution.

So why are caseworkers so intent on labelling and classifying some inane action as child abuse? Could it be as simple as meeting a quotient? Or could it be laziness in reviewing cases, following up on cases and searching for a better solution? Is the system broken?

It would certainly appear that is most definitely the case.  Despite scrambles to put band-aids on the open wound, the bleeding continues.

Monetary incentives are not the answer. This sort of solution is ripe for creating even greater fraud and corruption as the child is valued as property rather than as a living human being. Despite the government claiming that residential careworkers are highly trained and in a rigorous 3 to 6 month course, a recent study found that the carers lacked even rudimentary skills. Residential care has decreased dramatically, replaced with institutions and daycare facilities that operate in conjunction with each other. These facilities have transitory care with high turnover rates. The children are subjected to a far worse scenario than what they had at home and the monetary curve powers the pockets of just a few.  It is a system in chaos.

When there are not enough beds in orphanages, institutions and homes, according to this report, there are instances in which children are housed in motels and trailers. The risks are formidable.  The absurdity is incomprehensible.

The government has continued to try to distance itself from the situation through the utilization of NGO’s. But the initial claim stands as being made by a Social Services employee and subsidies are made without much verification or data.

In an effort to relinquish legal disagreements, in-home day carers have created contracts upwards of seventeen pages which contain language that may be considered questionable,   “The Carer may transfer, assign or novate this agreement to a third party by giving written notice to the Parent (but without needing the consent of the Parent).” This clause may constitute the sum of grievance many parents express as it implies the assigned caregiver has the right to assign the agreement to a foster caregiver without consent. The agreement for childcare also suggests that a third party right to ‘benefits’/payment is enforceable and inclusive. Therefore, a child under the initial care of an in-home carer may transfer their agreement to a foster institution as a third party. It also states the carer and any third party are immune from any legal suit or proceeding.

“If the Carer believes that another Care Provider Type (other than In Home Child Care) is more appropriate then the Parent agrees to do all acts and sign all documents to enable the Carer to transition the child the subject of the In Home Child Child Care to that other Care Provider Type as determined by the Carer.”

The effect of the above clause is to place the absolute right on a caregiver to intervene and make a judgement decision on behalf of the child as to whether they may live at home or be transferred to a different type of care such as foster care. Once in foster care, the child may be adopted out.

Stolen children. Stolen childhoods. A Crumbling Crumb of a system…

Government CHILD Trafficking – Parental Rights

What are the reasons in which the government has the legal authority to take your child?

Presumably, they list two: neglect and abuse. The issue becomes defining what constitutes neglect and what constitutes abuse. Unfortunately, these reasons morph considerably by year, by state, and by law. For example, what was considered normal in years past is now suddenly illegal. According the federal definition, neglect is defined as follows:

Any recent act or failure to act on the part

of a parent or caretaker which results in

death, serious physical or emotional harm,

sexual abuse or exploitation; or

An act or failure to act which presents an

imminent risk of serious harm.

We can see that this definition is so broad that it gives the interpreter much latitude in discerning ‘serious harm’. Could serious harm include children playing at a park? Riding their bike alone? Crossing the street? Getting dirty while playing on the sidewalk?

Apparently, that is exactly what recently happened when parents found themselves once again at odds with Social Services because a neighbor reported seeing children at a park without an adult. In that state, because the older child was not yet 13, playing at a park was considered ‘an act which presents an imminent risk’.

Each state defines their own laws in statutes. But this makes reading statutes a necessity in order to know if you are a good or bad parent. So I found the following website that supposedly caters to just this topic:

I clicked on Colorado. I was presented with a page that was so formidable I decided to pick the most, first generic topic. I was rerouted to another page that wanted to route me to another page. And then I was routed to a page that wanted me to do a survey. And then, well I said, “ARGHGGH…”, – pigsbreath. But I went back, said ‘no thanks’, was rerouted two more times and finally came to a page that had nothing to do with child neglect laws and policies in Colorado.

Nothing in government is easy.

Maybe Social Services should simply post an online list that specifically defines neglect… because lately the cases seem to revolve predominantly around medical concerns. AHA, Virginia does exactly that in 44 pages.

While some of the definitions are obvious; stabbing, gunshot wound, asphyxiation, others are as simple as a cut, a bruise, a scrape… If a child fell off a bike and sustained all of these injuries, would that constitute neglect? The answer is – maybe yes, maybe no.

Why is the government so obsessed with parenting our children?

The government acting as parent begins when we voluntarily put our child’s raising into the hands of daycare. Sorry, but it is true. We have thus transferred the responsibility to someone else. But sometimes the over-reaching hand comes into your house. Then what? Those that support the over-reaching arm of government have rarely been witness or victim. And that changes everything. But there are valid reasons too for DPS to take children from their parents. As a daycare owner I had a number of children that were in foster care after abuse issues, but neglect was not the hotbed that it is today.

Neglect has definitely morphed into a sphere of communist control. The Protocol of collective child care. Raised by the state. At issue are children in religious families, children homeschooled, children with bruises and scrapes, children that are given a freedom that is no longer available.

One of the problems is that anyone can make an allegation anonymously, a friend, relative, neighbor, ex, anyone. Doctors are the next level. Doctors have a completely different responsibility. Suppose a doctor sees a child with bruises and makes no allegation? Could that doctor be sued later for failure to respond to a potential abuse? Doctors need to be educated to the various implications of their zealous call. A new study has shown that infant fractures can actually be caused by rickets. Rickets is a condition that is once again finding prominence as a result of our lack of vitamin D – the sun. We have become so conditioned that all sun is bad, we and our children are once again showing the effects of no sun.

This phenomena has been studied and applied by Dr. Ayoub. He is attempting to teach radiologists how to look determine the cause of infant fractures and determine if in fact that were abuse, or rickets.

What he hopes to accomplish is education, helping radiologists make more accurate decisions that will help parents who have been wrongfully charged with a crime they did not commit.

Radiologists Kathy Keller and Patrick Barnes have published a four-case series in the Pediatric Radiology journal, describing what Dr. Ayoub is seeing as well.

One thing lawyers proclaim over and over again – sign nothing, sign nothing, do not in any circumstances sign anything without consulting an advocate. Parental Rights. Be prepared, be proactive, be ready. And NEVER give up.


The IRS employs roughly 100,000 people. The total requested budget for 2014 including for Program Operations amounted to $13,358,007,000. And somehow they just can’t seem to make ends meet. No one feels sorry for them. The Commissioner for the IRS, John Koskinen refers to the IRS employees as ‘long-suffering’.

IRS Agents make about $82,000 on average, Customer Service Reps make about $44,000, and Special Agents about $120,000. Taking a look at what these ‘long suffering’ people are rewarded is making me nauseous:

1) 2/3 of cost of health insurance,

2) long term care insurance,

3) ‘the best retirement program in the world’, per their website, FERS, the employee contribution is currently set at .08% which amounts to roughly $65 on the annual average salary

4) life insurance,

5) on the job training,

6) reimbursement of college course expenses,

7) merit and job performance rewards (their website claims their employees are given more than any other government agency),

8) overtime pay AND premium pay for working more than 8 hours in a day,

9) 4 hours annual leave per pay period, which is every two weeks, adding to 2.6 weeks per year

10) 4 hours per pay period for sick leave = 2.6 weeks per year

11) 10 paid holidays,

12) the ability to telework from home,

13) free childcare

14) free counselling services

15) locality pay adjustments – for example if you live in Houston or LA, your base rate is adjusted up about 28%. There are over 30 different city areas that have bump up adjustments

To qualify as a grade GS-7, you need a bachelors degree with an overall gpa of 3.0 or higher. The overall average IRS employee salary is $83,000.

Between October 2010 and December 2012, the IRS paid more than $2.8 million to about 2,800 workers with ‘recent conduct issues’. A conduct issue includes willfull failure to pay taxes, unauthorized access to a taxpayers private information, abuse of agency leave policy, misuse of IRS property, falsification of official forms, and behavioral problems. None of these issues qualified the individual for firing, instead they were given bonuses. These are the ‘long-suffering’ employees the new Commissioner lauds. The bonuses included more than $1 million in cash awards for roughly 1,100 employees with federal tax-compliance problems.

But their budget and conduct woes do not end. Between 2010 and 2012, the IRS spent $50 million on conferences. And remember the illegal targeting scandal? The targeting occurred in 2010, was discovered in 2013, and the ‘investigation’ continues. No one has been sanctioned. No one fired. No fines. No fees. The FBI has concluded that there was no evidence that might require criminal charges being filed for the corruption. And like Hillary, the solution was to crash Lois Lerner’s hard drive, and wipe clean and scrap her phone. Case closed.

Because our government is inherently corrupt, we have another government agency whose task it is to investigate and squash fraud from within. This agency is called The Government Oversight and Reform Committee.

Now the IRS is facing more problems as it confesses to wasting millions of dollars on decorative items and blames the Republican party for these sprees given budget cuts have made their workload over taxing. One Senator even went so far as to state that the budget cuts never even hurt the IRS, they just hurt the American people. Really? And to make it better, they want more money. Specifically, they want $490. million just to enforce Obamacare penalties, and $122.8 to enhance greater collection of taxes.

SEIZURES: As of 2012, the amount of funds that the IRS had seized from individuals aggregated $3.2billion. The IRS may seize any property or cash from a taxpayer based on ‘suspicion’ of an illegal activity. Most taxpayers forfeit the money because getting an attorney to fight the IRS costs more than the value of the asset and can take upwards of 6+ years. One third of all the cases involved no criminal activity whatsoever. Contrary to normal US law, it is the citizen’s responsibility to prove innocence in order to get their property returned. The money and properties seized are available to the agency making the seizure without any appropriation by Congress. The IRS has stated that going forward it will curtail these sort of seizures and try not to target individuals where there is no suspicion of the money involved coming from an illegal source.

So where is the IRS spending such a huge chunk of its budget? According to the CATO Institute, there are two main categories of IRS functioning; handouts, which include tax credits including Obamacare subsidies, and administration which is the basic functioning – tax return processing, help, enforcement and other. Of the two categories, administration costs have remained relatively unchanged, while handling of credits has jumped more than 400% since 2000.

It would appear that the IRS is scrambling for more money in order to be the caretaker of Obamacare which is seriously cutting into the benefit package for their ‘long-suffering’ employees. Are you feeling sorry for them yet?

Weapons – Here, There and Everywhere

The US keeps giving away weapons to just about anyone asking. Unfortunately, it appears we frequently give them to countries that we think are or might be an ally, only to find that we go to war with that country at some future date – against our own weapons.

The latest is of course, Iraq.

In 1982 the US armed Saddam Hussein in Iraq’s fight against Iran. Iraq instigated the war with Iran. It is estimated that anywhere from ½ million to one million people died in that war. Another ½ million became permanent invalids. Over $228 billion was spent and the end result was over $400 billion in damage. The war included indiscriminate missile attacks on cities and civilians. It included the extensive use of chemical weapons. The major sources of the chemicals were DOW Chemical, and the US Department of Commerce. The US, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait aided Saddam Hussein.

The end of this war led to the Gulf War. Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of Kuwait this time. The same country that had been an ally against Iran. Of course, this time the US was on the side of Kuwait – fighting against weapons provided to Saddam by the US in the 1980’s. The precipitating factor – oil. Saddam thought that Kuwait and the Saudis were siphoning his oil and therefore wanted to cancel out a $30 billion debt. Saudi Arabia ‘asked’ the US for military intervention. This time, weapons were given to Kuwait. Chemical weapons used by Iraq against Iran are now being used against US military.

Upwards of 30% of the weapons provided to Iraq could not be accounted for. It is presumed they found their way to various terrorist factions, including ISIS.

The Afghanistan war found our US military facing off against weapons provided to them during the 1980’s when we allied with them against the Soviets.

IN 2008, the US supplied weapons to Uganda and Burundi, half of which ended up in the hands of Al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab is a jihadist terrorist group that has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda.

In 2012, weapons sent to Qatar and the UAE ended up in the hands of Islamic militants in Libya.

Weapons sent to Syria in support of the rebels fighting against Asad ended up in the hands of ISIS, including weapons parachuted into the country meant for the Kurds.

And now Iraq’s Prime Minister is seeking a ‘sustainable flow of weapons’ from the US with payment ‘deferred’ given the oil price crisis has damaged their economy.

It would seem that we do not learn from our past mistakes, instead we insist that this time … ‘they promised’. In fact we supply quite a hefty load of weapons to Middle East countries including:

UAE $3.7billion

Turkey $2.3billion

Afghanistan $1.06billion

Egypt $976million

Iraq $916million

Saudi Arabia $1billion

Oman $130million

Kuwait $107million

And the list goes on ad nauseam.

When these weapons turn up in the hands of El Nusra, Al Shabaad, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and even Boko Haram, suddenly everyone is mute. US weapons in the hands of Al-Qaeda in Yemen brings shrugs and California valley girl, ”whatever’s’. The oops factor.

Who has nuclear weapons? Russia, China, UK, US, France, Pakistan, India, and Israel are known to possess nuclear weapons. It is a possibility that North Korea, and Iran have a bomb. Countries that have nuclear weapon fuel Kazakhstan, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Belarus, Japan, Italy, Poland and South Africa.

Saudi Arabia has signed a pact with Pakistan that it will fund their nuclear development and in return Pakistan will provide the Saudis with nuclear warheads. Other Middle East countries pursuing nuclear power include; Turkey, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Algeria, and Morocco.

Are we concerned?

Hillary vs. Hillary

The media keeps hyping how Hillary is ahead in ‘the polls’. But they don’t mention what poll nor do they say how they phrased the question. For example, if they were to ask, “Of all the Democrats running for president, who would you vote for?” Ummm, she’s the only one running, so I guess that would definitely put her in the lead…

So, what are you supposed to do if you are a democrat or liberal and you can’t stand Hillary?

Where are her Democratic contenders? Has she made a ‘Pac’ with the Devil to keep all other democratic candidates away, denouncing competition? She could compare notes with Kim Jong-un who garnered 100% of the votes, of course he was the only one running, and if you didn’t vote chances are you were shot.

Biden certainly doesn’t conjure up any sense of reality, he’s too easy to laugh at instead of with. But the problem is, no one really wants to spend the money knowing in advance they can’t contend against Hillary’s Soros funded Pacs and bank accounts. Perhaps the agenda is to keep the pool clean. To not dilute the oil with vinegar. And they may be right. One of the problems with Republicans is that too often they divert votes from a party win by having too many candidates spreading a thin layer amongst each. And when the dust settles on one, all the losers have to pretend they like the winner after throwing mud every which way.

As it stands now, there are three Republicans running against one Democrat with a potential run of three additional Democrats and NINE Republicans. I’m already weary in anticipation of the television ads, the rhetoric, the in-fighting, the glossy headlines, the fake smiles, the jabs and jaunts and overload of media deciphering content that is basically – meaningless. UGH!

Who is the biggest winner? The media of course, because they sell all the advertising spots! The money rolls. It certainly would save money to have just one candidate running… Just kidding!

With so much ugliness surrounding her recently, Hillary would seem doomed from the getgo, so what keeps her afloat? Media manipulation, lots of coaching, some plastic surgery, and probably a life coach to help soften that hardline, don’t give a damn attitude.

Re-creating Hillary. Who will she be now?

Apparently, she is targeting the young voters, although I think that’s a mistake. I would think she was far too much like the nasty grandma who pinches your cheek and makes young people cringe. Anyway, as such, her primary issues include: LGBT rights, marijuana, immigration, climate change and education.

A. **Education: 1) increase Pell grants to $10,000 after a person completes a year of ‘national service’. 2) Allow students to refinance loans at lower rates.

What is ‘national service’? Serving in the military. How can students refinance? Not sure yet.

B. **Climate Change: 1) carbon tax (carbon = coal, petroleum and natural gas), and 2) research.

Problem. Non carbon footprints include; wind, sun, hydroelectric and nuclear. Today 70% of electricity is produced using fossil fuels, 50% from coal and 20% from natural gas. Therefore the carbon tax would transfer to electricity as well.

Problem 2: Nuclear waste. We have yet to find of valid and safe method of disposal. We currently have over 88 nuclear facilities in operation with 5 more coming on in the next few years. Young people are hugely concerned about nuclear, especially given the most recent implosion in Japan and the fallout. Selling young people nuclear, is an uphill battle.

And research? I think we’re a bit over uncontrolled research projects that waste immeasurable dollars. Yuck.

C. **Pot: she wants more – research…

D. **LGBT: Advocate.

E. **Immigration: She wants to wave a wand and make everyone here – legal. Problem? What happens to all the people that are in the trials of getting through legally? What happens to those people today, tomorrow and the next day? Do you just open the gates to anyone and everyone unilaterally?

The Ghouls that are out of the closet and following her include:

  1. having upwards of eight to ten different email addresses that she used while Secretary of State illegally.

  2. Benghazi – a mess that caused numerous deaths – conceivably at her hands.

  3. Using an aide while in the White House as Secretary of State who was on two payrolls (illegally) and who has potential ties to the Muslim Brotherhood

  4. operating a foundation that has all sorts of shadowy chemtrails involving Middle East agenda’s the Ukraine agenda and little to no evidence of true charity

  5. advanced age and potential undisclosed health problems

  6. lies unfolding more often that challenge her credibility

Who likes Hillary? Hollywood certainly, she represents the proverbial ‘Queen’. She plays the ‘poor me’ candidate with historical reference to Bill’s dalliances. She has a powerhouse of money backing her. She represents something new – a woman president. Although it isn’t new really like she’s making history. Females who are world leaders include; Brazil, Bangladesh, Argentina, Germany, Liberia, Denmark, Lithuania, Kosovo, Jamaica, – there are 22!

It would be prudent to review why Hillary lost to Obama. The most glaring reason that might encompass a number of faults would be that she was simply too arrogant. She assumed the win would belong to her. And that arrogance follows her much like the dustbowl that follows the character in the Peanuts comic strip, Pigpen.

Once, after bathing and dressing in clean clothes, “Pig-Pen” stepped outside his house, and instantaneously became dirty and disheveled, whereupon he declared to Charlie Brown, “You know what I am? I’m a dust magnet.”