Schools Closed – HomeSchooling Illegal…

Child Abuse: Emotional and psychological abuse in children is defined as behaviors, speech, and actions of parents, caregivers, or other significant figures in a child’s life that have a negative mental impact on the child.

Are government and health officials purposefully causing child abuse by shutting down our children?   If the same actions were perpetrated by a parent, what would Social Services declare?

What happens when you deprive a child of social relationships and an active physical environment? No matter how many times you try and tell your child that the government is doing this for their own safety, they won’t understand.   And the long term ramifications are likely to be significant.

It is emotional abuse and the psychological result is poor mental development, behavioral problems, withdrawal, irritability, depression, and self hatred. Simultaneously, the elite who demand equality continue to employ hypocrisy by sending their own children to private schools that are not required to shut down.   And in essence the point is to create two classes; the elite and the peasants who will evolve as a lesser intellect.

I feel like I’m watching the beginning of Hunger Games. Cities replete with the vulgar, the depraved, the sexual perverse, while the peasants must fend for themselves in shacks and shanties in the wild. Is this the vision of the Elite?

I walk past an empty school every day.   The sidewalks are not shoveled any longer.   The buses are gone.   And a few straggling cars sit vacant in the parking lot.   Ultimately, teachers will give up and find different employment. But it isn’t just teachers, it is the cooks, the aides, the janitors, the principals, the schoolboard, the bus drivers, who will all become unnecessary and redundant.

Buildings abandoned.   And still the ‘unions’ don’t seem to comprehend there will not be a union without employed members!   They are destroying – themselves.

In Germany Merkel has shut down all schools and Kindergartens until after “Easter”.   The magic time!   In Germany, it is illegal to homeschool.   Those who do are punishable by fines and jail.   Will schooling be an underground movement, like Christian churches in China?   Will the governments send out National Guard troops to shut down and punish those who are not compliant?

Germany is not alone. There are a total of 32 countries wherein homeschooling is considered illegal.   Indoctrination was the mainstay and now that leaves children in those countries unable to attend school or to be home schooled.   How many don’t have a computer, or internet connection, or the ability to leave 5-13 year olds ‘Home Alone’?

Britain has now determined they alone are battling a mutated version of CoVid that is 7 times more transmittable.   The cases in the US have also mutated and now resemble the annual ‘flu’.   Or maybe CoVid is gone and this is the flu.   In which case health officials are destroying the lives of children across the globe because of the flu bug and the vaccine is worthless.

The magnitude of the irrationality is pathological.  

Sexual Abuse of Children

Sexual abuse of children is rampant.   It isn’t confined to Priests and Dioceses. The very charities that are called to protect children are in fact repeatedly found to perpetrate sexual abuse and prostitution. The organizations that are called to oversee these NGO’s are also complicit.  

In Canada, Bill 89 was recently passed that was endorsed and lobbied for by the charity, Save The Children. The Bill was quite controversial as it added a provision in which Social Services may legally take possession of children from their parents if the parent is deemed to not embrace ‘gender identity’.   This could constitute child abuse.

In one account, a Canadian couple were banned from fostering, their foster children taken away, because they refused to tell the children the Easter Bunny was real.

The rules within Social Services are ambiguous. Case workers have been criticized as too aggressive and too lenient. But “Child Protection Services” has taken on morality as a tool to claim abuse.

Many charities and NGO’s have been infiltrated and mobilized to effectively take control of our children and submit them to the ‘state’.   In Cuba, a couple received a 2 year jail sentence and fine for homeschooling their children. In Germany the same law exists and is radically enforced. The reasoning?   The state wants full control of child indoctrination. That’s called ‘communism’.

Save The Children has been mired in various scandals including sexual abuse and internal harassment. It’s International Chairman resigned last year claiming the allegations are so prevalent, he could no longer have his name attached.   Oxfam has been implicated in Haiti prostitution.   British Red Cross has admitted to a number of harassment cases.   Restless Development is facing internal charges of rape. The United Nations ‘peacekeepers’ have allegations dating back decades, most – conveniently dismissed. And yet, Charity Navigator does not take these situations into account when rating a charity – instead it is all financially evaluated.

In California, if the state determines that a child is uncontrollable, the state courts have ruled that the child becomes the property of the state.

CPS can immediately take children from their families without a court order if:

  • There is a present and immediate threat of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Leaving the children in the home is not safe or best for the children’s welfare.
  • CPS made reasonable efforts to prevent or eliminate the need for removing the children from the home.

The obvious open ended statement being “leaving the children in the home is not safe or best for he children’s welfare”.   What does that mean?

The US currently has roughly 400,000 to 450,000 children in foster care. In Germany the number is roughly 120,000. California ranks first with number of children in foster care – 60,000, Texas is second with about 30,000 and Florida is third with 23,000.   Substance abuse has been identified as the most common factor in the continued rise of US children in foster care.

But a ranking of drugs as the biggest problem by state put Florida at 30, Texas at 37 and California at 41. When it came to drug addiction ranking – DC held the title for number 1.

So the equation of drug use to foster care would not seem to be the most prevalent cause.

There are in fact huge discrepancies in these states with regard to ethnicity. In California, 53% of foster care children are Hispanic and 20% are black.   In Texas, 44% are Hispanic and 21% are black. And in Florida 31% are black and 16% are Hispanic. According to Child Trends, the number one cause for entry into Foster Care in California is “neglect” at 75%, whereas substance abuse accounts for only 10%.

According to California Law, the following are defined as ‘neglect’:

  • Clothes are ill-fitting, filthy, or inappropriate for the weather.
  • Hygiene is consistently bad (unbathed, matted and unwashed hair, noticeable body odor).
  • Untreated illnesses and physical injuries.
  • Is frequently unsupervised or left alone or allowed to play in unsafe situations and environments.
  • Is frequently late or missing from school.

There is so much legal ambiguity and corruption within the system that too often the stories of Child Protection acting more like Nazi Protection is perpetrated resulting in over the top cases wherein parents are illegally jailed, children are taken without proper cause, and just irrational judgment.

In one story a toddler fell out of his crib, was taken from his parents even though the CPS investigator reported he was healthy and happy at home.

The problem is not a US problem, it is a universal problem:   In Norway, a three-week-old child was taken away from his mother in 2008 based on doubts about her ‘parenting abilities.’ The child was placed in foster care and the mother was allowed only twelve hours of contact per year with her son. Ultimately, all visitation rights were denied, the mother’s parental rights were removed, and the child was put up for adoption.”

Funny thing is – we don’t see the outrage or the advocacy or the compassion extended to these injustices by our liberal, Democrat and Hollywooders. Although they are spiked about juveniles in detention at the border…  Odd.

Migrant Children – Don’t Want To Go Home!

Once again the perspective of the German government media icon, Deutsche Weil, seems somewhat perplexing as they attempt to provide a psychological analysis of migrant children being reunited with parents on the US border.  Apparently, the problem is the fact that many children aren’t too keen about the reunion, and DW would have us believe it is because they have been traumatized as a result of the separation.


Children don’t want to hug their mothers and fathers, they don’t smile or run and jump into their arms with happiness and glee. Instead they are sullen, distant, and scowling…  Odd.  Or maybe not so odd.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Barnert of UCLA, she warns that children will be angry, feel abandoned, and have life long health problems as a direct result of the US migrant separation policy.  So why isn’t this the case when veterans are deployed overseas and can be away from their children for a year or even more?  Why is it that time and again the veterans are greeted by their children with huge hugs and tears and kisses?   What could possibly be different?

Could it be because their fathers were beating them?  Could it be because they were abused?   Could it be because the sexual abuse they have endured in their homes has left a lifetime of scars?   Could it be because their life in the shelters was actually much more wholesome than the life they will return to?

Years ago when I lived in California, I came to know an immigrant family from Mexico.   Each year they legally submitted an application and paid the fee to have one of their children come to the US.   One child per year.   I remember Anna telling me how hard it was because all the children were being sexually abused by their uncle.  And yet, there was nothing they could do.   It was tortuous.

Could it be that these sad immigrant children reunited with their parents are not showing joy because this is the life we are returning them to at the behest of our outraged Hollywooders and politicians?

DW also cites Dr. Shonkoff who specializes in researching child development from a scientific viewpoint at Harvard.   Oddly, he too is making an analysis without actually interviewing any of the migrant children.   In fact, the basis of his theory could be more impactful in analyzing the development of children who are raised by nannies, day cares and public schools systems instead of by their parents.   The feelings of abandonment and neglect that institutionalizing children creates.  Or perhaps his research could apply to the roughly 150,000 orphans in the US…  But instead, somehow the millions are neglected in order to make a a statement about a few hundred.  Why?

So why would these two esteemed doctors make subjective statements regarding the psychological and health implications about a few immigrant children without conducting any interviews, specific research, or analysis of the life they are returning to? Why would they condemn the possible value that the shelter offered, as a ‘shelter’ from harm?

The cued media response is ‘irreparable harm, brain damage, obesity, and even – cancer!!  WOW!   What about the hundreds of thousands of children that are sent to the US unaccompanied – by their parents?  Hush!

The misplaced outrage is obtusely – misplaced.

Hundreds of migrant children will be traumatized, adversely affected, and Trump is the ultimate target of blame…  But what about the 2.7 million children who have a parent in prison?   Are they victims of brain damage and cancer?  How about the ‘ever increasing’ number of children in foster care now numbering roughly 450,000!   Where is the media outrage?  Where is Hollywood?

In 2008, a NY judge broke with tradition and granted asylum to three Honduran children who were being sexually abused by their relatives in Honduras.  Did any of these esteemed doctors who gave their name to the media as a reference against Trump’s policy research what these children were being sent back to?   Or maybe that reality didn’t fit the anti agenda…

Could it be that these ‘dogooders’ are oblivious to the abuse?   I doubt it.

In 2009, a report was issued that highlighted the fact that child sex abuse is at epidemic levels in Honduras and that statistics place it as one of the highest in the world!  Still it is below El Salvador…  Oh that’s right, many of the migrant children we are sending back home come from El Salvador too.

In 2006, UNICEF issued a scathing report in which it claimed that 40 million children younger than 15 were victims of violence, abuse and neglect in Latin America and the Caribbean alone!   And most of the violence takes place in the HOME.


Maybe that’s why these children aren’t looking too happy when they are reunited with their fathers, uncles and family…  This is what they are returning to as a result of the media, the outraged Liberals, and the Hollywood elite who throw pennies on the problem all the while derailing Trump.   Where are the politicians now who sought to see their name in print, the face plastered on papers as a guardian for youth?   Because it would appear by all accounts that what has been accomplished is to return these children to a living hell.

Are they protecting the children – or are they putting them to – a living death?  Were the Shelters the only safety they have ever known…

Preying on Children – Sexual Scandals

There is little more heinous in this world than the forced sexual assault on children. For decades children have been victimized not just by their perpetrator but by a justice system that again victimizes the child by doing nothing. Money speaks. Money buys silence. But at some point the shear magnitude of the crime becomes so vast, we have to listen no matter how difficult.

The Franklin Scandal of the 1980’s was notorious as it was said to involve politicians and uber wealthy individuals in authority. It was ultimately tabled, the evidence shunned and the entire horrific scenario pushed under a rug.

There rose another scandal in the UK in 2013 as upwards of 1400 children came forth from Rotherham and made claim to massive gang rape charges. The case has languished.

The Bethcar state run orphanage in Australia was the house of horrors for children systematically abused, raped, beaten and tortured during the 1970’s and 1980’s. It took thirty years before the state responded to any of the allegations. The Gordon’s. who ran the institution, were never charged.

In 2012, Jimmy Savile, a UK DJ, was found to have engaged in over 450 acts of sexual molestation over a period of some forty years. He was dead when the allegations surfaced. It is said the rapes occurred in state run hospitals, schools and at the BBC where he worked.

During the 1980’s another UK songwriter was imprisoned for sexually abusing young boys. Jonathan King was sentenced to seven years in the first of three trials. Upon his release, he went on to produce a number of films and write various books that would appear to have a rather macabre bent.

There were reports from Canada’s military of sexual abuse against young boys at bases in the Middle East. Despite the allegations surfacing two years ago, they have been more or less tabled.

Scandals continue to surface from the Roman Catholic Church. There was the Delaware pediatrician charged with sexual assaulting 103 children.

Now we have the UK unveiling another massive ring of 1400 child molesters whose ranks range from politicians, actors, musicians, and the sporting industry. Of the more than 1400 being investigated, over 200 are already dead. The claims state that the sexual abuse occurred at hospitals, sporting venues, schools, children’s homes, institutions, military establishments, religious institutions and prisons. The case is still in its early stages and anticipates the number of victims to reach into the hundreds of thousands.

While names have not been released, I imagine damage control is a frenzied agenda for all involved as they assert their power to quash any allegations. It is a massively inhumane revelation of our moral decline. The absolute lack of remorse is unimaginable. The idea that a person can act on this perverse sexual addiction for decades is beyond comprehension. Friends had to know – or be complicit. It is the tale of Michael Jackson that continues to shadow his legacy.

It is this absolute lack of compassion for a human life that seems so twisted. Will most of these 1433 perpetrators be convicted? Of will they arrest a few non-distinguishable offenders and wipe the slate clean? It is the problem of the system that is given the responsibility of vanquishing this injustice that seems to allow it’s continuation to go exponential. In the UK, despite child sex abuse having risen 60%, arrests have declined 9%. The exact sensibility that perps often use, ‘no one will believe you’, is held up by the powers that be. And children become property as opposed to human beings.

In the case of Robert Smith of the UK, allegations first arose in 1987. But it wasn’t until 2006 that he was actually charged and convicted, some twenty years later. The McMartin daycare case in the US produced little justice with no convictions made at all.

What does this teach our society? That the voices of children are filled with fantasy and tall tales that have no truth. That children don’t have rights, they are the property of adults. That adults will manipulate the system and the children will only be victimized – again.

Do I have faith that this new investigation in the UK will actually result in the conviction of heavy weight politicians, sports figures and celebrities? Scoff, no. They will buy their escape. And the children will only become more abused, more tortured, more fearful. And these ‘people’ will feel avenged in their smug entitlement.

Baltimore Mom – Stand Tall

I smiled.  I thought it was poignant and fresh!  And then I thought, oh dang, is Social Services going to come pounding at her door? Will the police arrest her for assault? Child Abuse? Will the vulture media turn into the hall of judgement?

Cuffing a misbehaving child on the head, dragging him by the arm, were reactionary responses by a mother desperately wanting to protect her child from harm. Utilizing discipline in a way that will get her son to pay attention is specific to her, her son, and the situation. She knows him a whole lot better than anyone else and knows what it will take to get him in line. The immediate media response was – go for it – but after the storm, there were those criticizing the mom and claiming she was acting in a rageful fit.

Really? Exactly how would you react if your sixteen year old son was deep in the midst of a riot throwing rocks at the police? Would you calmly and gently use your pretty voice to restrain him and encourage him to come home? “Honey, pleeeasseee”. I don’t think so. And the police didn’t either. They were ready, willing and able to use whatever force necessary, and it would most likely have been a lot more violent than a cuff to the head and a yank on the sleeve. Reality check.

The last gripe I have in this instance is the media questioning the mom’s character because she has six kids and is a single mom. When did this become a ‘character flaw’? Do you really think that was a choice? Do you think she woke up one day and said, “I know, I’m going to have a bunch of kids and no husband or father”? I think she is doing the best she can given some pretty unfun circumstances and she should be lauded for keeping it together. What is with this society that sits back like a panel of judges and points a gnarly finger of condemnation. Get Over It!

It is amazing how far the pendulum has swung in such a ridiculously radical direction of action-consequence. This is not condoning beating a child, it is supporting the action of getting the goof ball out of harms way whatever it takes! He suffered no abrasions, no trauma, no emotional scars except for embarrassment.

So, anyway, Social Services, media, get your panties straight and save it for true abusive situations that you seem to neglect, forget or don’t find worth – for example I had to go to a French paper to find out that Maine has admitted to systematically removing tribal children from their native American homes and putting them in foster care without just cause … just saying –

FYI – apparently, according to the time zone that monitors my blog, I am being hosted out of Iceland from the town of Reykjavik.

Government CHILD Trafficking – Parental Rights

What are the reasons in which the government has the legal authority to take your child?

Presumably, they list two: neglect and abuse. The issue becomes defining what constitutes neglect and what constitutes abuse. Unfortunately, these reasons morph considerably by year, by state, and by law. For example, what was considered normal in years past is now suddenly illegal. According the federal definition, neglect is defined as follows:

Any recent act or failure to act on the part

of a parent or caretaker which results in

death, serious physical or emotional harm,

sexual abuse or exploitation; or

An act or failure to act which presents an

imminent risk of serious harm.

We can see that this definition is so broad that it gives the interpreter much latitude in discerning ‘serious harm’. Could serious harm include children playing at a park? Riding their bike alone? Crossing the street? Getting dirty while playing on the sidewalk?

Apparently, that is exactly what recently happened when parents found themselves once again at odds with Social Services because a neighbor reported seeing children at a park without an adult. In that state, because the older child was not yet 13, playing at a park was considered ‘an act which presents an imminent risk’.

Each state defines their own laws in statutes. But this makes reading statutes a necessity in order to know if you are a good or bad parent. So I found the following website that supposedly caters to just this topic:

I clicked on Colorado. I was presented with a page that was so formidable I decided to pick the most, first generic topic. I was rerouted to another page that wanted to route me to another page. And then I was routed to a page that wanted me to do a survey. And then, well I said, “ARGHGGH…”, – pigsbreath. But I went back, said ‘no thanks’, was rerouted two more times and finally came to a page that had nothing to do with child neglect laws and policies in Colorado.

Nothing in government is easy.

Maybe Social Services should simply post an online list that specifically defines neglect… because lately the cases seem to revolve predominantly around medical concerns. AHA, Virginia does exactly that in 44 pages.

While some of the definitions are obvious; stabbing, gunshot wound, asphyxiation, others are as simple as a cut, a bruise, a scrape… If a child fell off a bike and sustained all of these injuries, would that constitute neglect? The answer is – maybe yes, maybe no.

Why is the government so obsessed with parenting our children?

The government acting as parent begins when we voluntarily put our child’s raising into the hands of daycare. Sorry, but it is true. We have thus transferred the responsibility to someone else. But sometimes the over-reaching hand comes into your house. Then what? Those that support the over-reaching arm of government have rarely been witness or victim. And that changes everything. But there are valid reasons too for DPS to take children from their parents. As a daycare owner I had a number of children that were in foster care after abuse issues, but neglect was not the hotbed that it is today.

Neglect has definitely morphed into a sphere of communist control. The Protocol of collective child care. Raised by the state. At issue are children in religious families, children homeschooled, children with bruises and scrapes, children that are given a freedom that is no longer available.

One of the problems is that anyone can make an allegation anonymously, a friend, relative, neighbor, ex, anyone. Doctors are the next level. Doctors have a completely different responsibility. Suppose a doctor sees a child with bruises and makes no allegation? Could that doctor be sued later for failure to respond to a potential abuse? Doctors need to be educated to the various implications of their zealous call. A new study has shown that infant fractures can actually be caused by rickets. Rickets is a condition that is once again finding prominence as a result of our lack of vitamin D – the sun. We have become so conditioned that all sun is bad, we and our children are once again showing the effects of no sun.

This phenomena has been studied and applied by Dr. Ayoub. He is attempting to teach radiologists how to look determine the cause of infant fractures and determine if in fact that were abuse, or rickets.

What he hopes to accomplish is education, helping radiologists make more accurate decisions that will help parents who have been wrongfully charged with a crime they did not commit.

Radiologists Kathy Keller and Patrick Barnes have published a four-case series in the Pediatric Radiology journal, describing what Dr. Ayoub is seeing as well.

One thing lawyers proclaim over and over again – sign nothing, sign nothing, do not in any circumstances sign anything without consulting an advocate. Parental Rights. Be prepared, be proactive, be ready. And NEVER give up.