Media Mockingbird – The Battery That Never Dies

Once again the bizarre rhetoric from the New York Times defies logic or reason.  They state that,  “While President Trump has described the wall’s progress, not a single mile of extended wall has been constructed since he took office.”  The statement is true, but it purports to denounce Trump, his statements, and twist reality into some sort of negative afront. What it does accomplish is this subconscious inciting of anger.

The budget that was in place only allowed for remediation to the existing wall.  And that is how Trump spent the money.  Legally.  Since then, yes he has hit a proverbial wall in attempting to extract, redistribute, funds from other areas in favor of ‘finishing what was initiated by Bush and Obama’.  That is – the point.

Over and over again there are multiple memes in which Obama, Hillary, Billy, and even Schumer are on record denouncing illegal immigration and firmly espousing the need for a wall.  And appropriations were made in order to erect what we have in place.

But it is insufficient. Obviously.   Or we wouldn’t continue to have a problem – Houston…

While Congressional members continue to claim their paychecks despite the government shutdown, the working people, the laborers are left dry, not because Trump called for the shutdown, but because from a business point of view, the Democrats refuse to acknowledge what it means to negotiate, compromise, and act like professionals.

Even Communist China understands that sticking point!

But many in Congress have never held a real job, they have no understanding of the real world.  Negotiation and strategy are foreign concepts.  I remember having a argument with my youngest son’s teacher who then called for backup, a board, to address my concerns. They sat eight to one.  My son had left his homework in his locker, the teacher refused to allow him to get it in order to turn it in, and instead gave him a zero.  Their argument?  They were teaching him a lesson in how the real world would react in a business environment.  A. none of them had ever worked in a business environment.   B.  If a subordinate left the power point presentation in his office down the hall, would his boss refuse to allow him to obtain it and present it before the client?  Of course NOT!  What an idiotic rationale.  But that is the same attitude we are now facing with the Pelosi/Schumer Democrats.

In a nutshell, what most people understood when they voted for Trump was that a career politician would do – nothing.  We did and do understand that the incredible depth of The Swamp can not be obliterated in minutes, months, or two years.   We understand that the world does not revolve around our agenda, as in the Me, I generation.   And we understand that we are NOT the center of the universe.

Pelosi’s strategy is to say she will give nothing $0, and could care less about the fact that this serves no one except her ego, her house compound, her personal wall.

But it isn’t just Democrats who are the negative naysayers, conservative, Ann Coulter, has been less than supportive, claiming the glass isn’t half full or half empty, but nonexistent.   She represents the naysayers, the doom and gloom, highly critical of everything, and completely unable to be ‘pleased’.  You can’t even begin to converse or have a dialogue with that kind of attitude. And I see it in the Liberal dialogue endlessly.

As such, the House is now drooling for Trump to use Department of Defense funding, or claim a National Emergency, so they can pounce, scratch, rip, tear, and devour – Trump. It has nothing to do with the Wall, which they have all previously supported, and everything to do with trying to force Trump into a corner that gives them cause for impeachment.

It all goes back to the Clintons.  Revenge. Vengeance.  Clinton wasn’t impeached because he was set up, or because Congress daily tried antagonized him, verbally assault him, and force him to have sex with his interns and visit Epstein Island for hookups.   He acted freely on his egocentric testosterone grid and tripped himself up.   But the Clintons don’t see it that way.  They see blood.  Hillary lost, and she has no intention of not punishing the victor.

The country is angry! Divided!  And the media continues to stoke the flame over and over again. That is the Mockingbird.

Enter Ocasio, a nobody from a nothing District, who has the mental capacity of a frog.  Yet she manages to make front page in the mainstream media daily.  Why? Because she generates rage, she stokes anger, incites violence, and is calling for an actionable civil war.

And thus, the Media and Wiley Mittens Romney, turn with glazed popping eyeballs and – blame Trump. The idea is that most Americans are too stupid to realize they are being mind manipulated and will froth at the mouth until blind violence is all they see.  Civil War within the US is the end game.  The Arab Spring, the EU Spring, the US Spring, the provocation of China, the destruction of Venezuela, and Russia is left, the last man standing. How?  Because Soros and the Rothschilds can’t get a foothold in the country in order to stoke their demise.  They hate Russia.  But because they didn’t get the opportunity to infiltrate their schools and indoctrinate their youth, Russia is still immune.

The good news?

Mexico has a new President who is determined to stem the caravans and illegal immigrants.  Eastern Europe is growing ever stronger modeling after Trump’s sovereignty, Brazil has a new President who is seemingly pro-Trump, and more and more across the globe people are shaking off this mental warfare and seeing the Truth.

Mitt Romney Bashes Trump…

Mitt Romney has once again proven his alignment is not as a team member in the Trump administration, but as a Swamp affiliate in office to disrupt and divide Republicans and the President.   He is old school, part of the old Bush alliance that helped to create the chaos that has enshrouded the US economy and politics.

When Romney first entered politics, he was a registered Independent and voted for the Democrat Party. In 1993 when he decided to challenge Democrat Ted Kennedy in the Massachusetts election, he changed his Party affiliation to Republican, not because he aligns with the values of the Party, but because it gave him a strategic advantage.   He was pro-abortion, anti-Reagan, and had aligned with Monsanto in his Bain Capital organization endeavors.  When he ran for Governor of Massachusetts, he declared that although he registered as a Republican, he was really a “Progressive”, as is – Hillary.  He won.

Immediately instituting a nationalized healthcare system in Massachusetts, and cutting spending, capital gains tax revenue that was implemented by his predecessor, cut the deficit in half.  Romney took credit.   While he was responsible for implementing spending cuts, those cuts were offset by cities and counties that were strapped for funds and raised property taxes by over 50% in order to counter the Romney effect.

But those numbers were not a part of his 2008 Presidential campaign, instead he ran on a number of flip-flop issues and lost to McCain.   In 2012, he ran again, amid a heated race in which his views and his term at Bain Capital were used against him to show he really had no platform at all – he simply went with the tide.  Again he lost.

Despite Romney’s acid commentaries regarding Trump, including statements that attacked Trump’s character, his behavior, his moral and intellectual acumen, Trump endorsed Romney in his Republican run for US Senator from Utah.  And Romney won.  In so doing, Trump rose to the surface while Romney appeared bitter, and wholly lacking in ethical character.

Today, Romney has allowed the printing of an editorial he wrote for the liberal, discredited, Washington Post, in which he again asserts his attack on everything deplorable Trump.  He wrote that Trump had not ‘risen to the mantle’ of the presidency and that there are shortfalls in his character… and on and on ad nauseum.  Of course, in so doing, Romney has revealed 1)  He has no character at all, he has no loyalty,  2)  He has aligned himself securely as a Swamp team member,   3)   He has a plan to destroy Trump with a little help from his friends,   4)   His choice of media outlets, the Washington Post, is enlightening,   and 5)   Chances are he thinks he can make another Presidential run against Trump in 2020, further splintering the Party as a Fake Republican.  The final accomplishment?  A schism of votes that take away the Republican bidding for Trump and give it to the Democrats.

With the Democrat and Republican Parties both razed in in-fighting, they are not representatives of The People, elections are rigged, platforms are all talk, and the Swamp regains a foothold with the advent of a Romney Senator.  Smartmatic, the maker of voting machines and the creator of online voting recently instituted its line in Utah.  The Chairman of Smartmatic, Mark Brown, is on the Board of Soros Open Society.

Romney has an ego, losing a presidential run three times is a relatively humbling  experience for most, but not for a man driven without scruples, asking for Trump’s endorsement and assistance, and then stabbing him in the back is hardly a new game for a man who has spent the last two decades perfecting that game and likely with the endorsement of Soros.

As the stage is now set, Act 1 has Romney flip-flopping once again in appealing for Trump’s support only to use that support to write a scathing op-ed ultimately  demeaning his own character, not Trumps.  Justifying his statements, he follows in the path of Jeff Flake and John McCain in an interesting stance;  he is pro immigration and will defend against anti-immigrant actions.

Hitler was a Globalist

Like it’s MSM counterparts in the US, Germany’s Deutsche Weil has assumed the role of ‘speaker for all Germans’ in its latest trump rhetoric stating: “Germans, like many in the European Union, want to know whether US President Donald Trump will tweak his foreign policy should the Democrats win partial control of the legislature next week.”

They also mockingly refer to Republican supporters as ‘mini me Trumps’.  Taking it to absurd realms, DW then comments that if the democrats regain the House and vote to impeach Trump, will Trump then simply bomb Iran or North Korea to create a diversion…  Now they are attempting to demonize with gypsy predictions!

Sounds conspicuously like “Fake News” and possibly an attempt to meddle in the US election!  But then, it is well known that Soros determines what DW says.

The real problem is that Merkel and the EU Commission refused to negotiate a compromise on trade, and now they are miffed because the Old Order is no longer in charge!   Their precious globalization world order rule is being challenged.  It was Soros who declared that only two countries stand in the way of his vision – the US and Russia.  He then stated that the only way to bring them down was from inside.

The DW article quotes Josef Braml, a commentator for the German Council on Foreign Relations, and Elmar Brok, the former chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs.  Brok is a member of the Union of European Federalists whose goal is to have a single EU Commission rule defacto over all of Europe.  The EU would rise as a Nationalist Country.

Many in the EU claim Nationalism is a taboo label because it invokes Hitler’s call for German Nationalism. But is that even accurate?

“The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.” Adolph Hitler

“By educating the young generation along the right lines, the People’s State will have to see that a generation of mankind is formed which will be adequate to this supreme combat that will decide the destinies of the world.”  Adolph Hitler

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”  Adolph Hitler

“Religions are all alike, no matter what they call themselves. They have no future- certainly none for the Germans. Facism, if it likes, may come to terms with the Church. So shall I. Why not? That will not prevent me from tearing up Christianity root and branch, and annihilating it in Germany.” Adolph Hitler

“Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, is when hate for people other than your own comes first.”  Adolph Hitler.

The reality is – the left, the Liberal Left, is embracing everything that is Hitler;  violence, a supreme world under Hitler’s rule, indoctrination of the youth, elimination of Christianity, and a definition of Nationalism as hating other people – as in the GOP and the deplorable Trump supporters.  That would translate to globalization, One world Order, Socialism, extreme violence and collapse of free thought in our schools and universities.  Who ushered in these beliefs and attitudes?

The reality is – the media is supporting a completely FAKE agenda in claiming that conservatives are mini-me Hitlers.  And the intellect of the Liberals in not doing simple research and using basic analytical tools regarding what Hitler stood for, what he said, and how that manifested, makes them appear to be thus sheep, fooled, caste, and without the ability to stand on their own feet.

In fact, according to Hitler, “Nationalism is an infantile disease.  It is the measles of mankind.”

Hilter – was anti-Nationalism.  Therefore those who align with Hitler’s world view would be ‘anti-nationalists’. Therefore, if the mini-me Trumps align with Nationalism – we align against Hitler and his ideologies…

That would mean the EU aligns with Hitler.

Deutsche Weil went on to conclude that with the somewhat exception that Poland sort of likes Trump, no other EU nation can stand him.  But even that is Fake.  Italy is aligned, Hungary is aligned, and the Czech Republic is aligned.  Austria just announced that it was backing out of the EU referendum on migration citing ‘national sovereignty’.  Other countries are slated to follow.

By and large the ‘governments’ of many Mainstream EU countries have voiced anger, and hatred toward Trump.  They have debased him, ridiculed him, called him vile names, and instigated racist and prejudice as a result.  The Global powers, The Swamp, are not simply a US amalgam, they originated and are based in the EU, particularly in the UK, France and Germany.   What is essential is to emphasize ‘governments’, and allow The People to voice their own opinion rather than have a media outlet that is decidedly biased attempt to speak for ‘everyone’.

It is an unfortunate yes, that many of the governments we have deemed to be friend are actually our enemy. But it is more important to be informed than it is to be blindly led into the den of wolves.

“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” ~Hitler
“It is not truth that matters but victory.” ~Hitler

Who parodies these quotes?  Is it the conservatives or is it the Left?  

Operation Jade Helm 15 – Sometimes, Conspiracies Lie

Military drills are a common occurrence. Some inside the US, some overseas, some aerial, some amphibious. They are conducted by the US, Nato, UK, Canada, Poland, France, Russia, China, etc… Designed to keep servicemen on their toes and up to date, drills mimic an intended type of war or attack. Under the name Kriegsspiel, they originated in Prussia, now Germany, and were brought to the US in the 1800’s. Defined by very specific rules delineating proper tactics and techniques for defeating a technologically advanced threat, much of the games evolved into more simulation. Actually, many of our video and board games took their design from real drills.

Wargames are big business and became the mainstay of the Army War College in Pennsylvania which trains commanders in tactics and intelligence, The Naval War College in Rhode Island, a Marine Corps War College in Virginia and the Air Force War College in Thailand. Some say that wargaming predicted the losses in Korea and Vietnam, but our pride prevented us from listening.  The games are used to calculate each potential attack, determine total casualties, read property destruction, interior destruction, infrastructure destruction and manage strike zones.

But the computers erred.  The tactics failed. And the casualties were far greater. The military was flawed in its inability to advance their strategies and more money poured in to update the systems.

There was the Millennium Challenge Wargame in 2002 that used live and simulated computer strategies. It lasted three weeks and came to an ominous end as the US basically rigged the deck so as to create a ‘false win’ that was later exposed by Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper.

ENTER, Operation Jade Helm 15.  Nearly all wargames have been conducted using either air or sea stations. In the US, civilians are generally left out of the games but are informed of their existence. So, the announcement of the US wargame, Operation Jade Helm 15, has sparked quite a bit of controversy for it’s strategy in ‘mingling’ with civilians, and with the lack of information surrounding it’s purpose. Mainstream media is silent, adding to the controversy and sparking dubious conspiracy theories.

The Pentagon released a map of the seven participating states; Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Utah, California and New Mexico. They designated certain states as hostile and others as friendly. And they stated that Special Ops troops will freely engage throughout cities and neighborhoods, sometimes decked in full military regalia armed with blanks, and other times blending in so as to appear like your buddy or friend.

The gnawing question is, WHY?

The official explanation is to see how well US Special Operations forces can covertly and seamlessly embed themselves into the civilian populace as a security training exercise to keep us all safe in the future.

Which only further begs the question, WHY?

There are boundless theories, none of which hold up; the flagged states are really Democrat vs Republican, or the flagged states house border crossing for Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants. But these theories don’t measure up. If out of seven states even one or two don’t fit the definition, then the theory is worthless.

So, why would we need undercover troops infiltrated in our civilian populace? Is it to scruff out the ISIL contingent that has moved across the border into the US from Mexico? Given that Texas is the entrance point, and Texas is large predator state in the wargame, that could be one motive. But Arizona and New Mexico are not considered predator, so that doesn’t really fit either.

The predators are Texas, Utah and southern California, they are the Red States considered ‘unfriendly’.  The other states are considered the friendlies or borderline friendly.  Already sounds dramatic, like maybe Hollywood designed the stage.

The Washington Post attempts to quell the fears by citing other wargames, including Bold Alligator, which has been held annually since 2012. It is an amphibious game held off the coast of Virginia and designed to counter terrorism and help mitigate in the event of a natural disaster. Okay, that makes sense.    But it only raises the question again of what is the benefit of Special Ops being able to ‘infiltrate’ the civilian populace? Why would we need undercover military special ops in the US?

The largest speculation is that this is a test, a precursor to instituting Martial Law in the US and testing the reactions of various states based on a diversity of demographics.  Websites abound with this conspiracy.  But maybe even the conspiracies are a means of detracting from the truth, which is why the Pentagon yawns and the media allows the avalanche of stupidity to flourish.

Dissection #1: the operation will be conducted by all ‘special ops’ units. According to the military, special ops units rarely to never engage together in any real situation. Special Ops are usually conducted in a low-profile manner and are implemented through very specific intelligence to identify, hunt and kill. They are typically called in to perform unconventional warfare, operations against ‘guerillas’, and counter-insurgency.

Martial Law is typically implemented by police, reservists and regular military.

Dissection #2:  What exactly is unconventional warfare? According to the definition provided by the Department of Defense: “activities to enable a resistance or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow a government or occupying power through and with an underground, auxiliary, and guerrilla force in a denied area.”

Where in the world have we seen activities regarding the overthrow of governments? Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Kenya, Nicaragua, Iran, Ukraine, Chile, Poland, Iraq, Venezuela, Thailand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Georgia, and Yemen. Some failed, some achieved success. While some of these ‘regime changes’ were conducted to combat terrorism, many have been politically motivated for the purpose of global domination efforts. And while it would appear on the surface that the military is leading the politics, given Soros involvement in many of these regime changes, it would seem more that the politicals are actively pursuing their agenda and ‘using’ the military to achieve their goals. In addition, given the number of high ranking military officers purged in recent years, the agenda becomes even stickier.

The number of purged high ranking officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines has been said to top 157 in just the last few years. Some of the fired or relieved from duty officers are very high ranking – 4 stars – and their crimes of commission are absurd; a racial slur, a statement in contradictions of the President, a questioning of purpose in a command, etc… Could it be that our over-throwing of regimes is in question and the purge is related to specifically this issue?

Dissection #3:   Why pick these particular states in the midwest?  Arizona in the summer – temperatures static at 115′.  Mimics Middle East desert training, maybe Afghanistan.  Colorado in the summer – heat, fires, mountains, mimics possibly Iran.  Texas is a dry heated dustbowl – like Saudi Arabia.  San Diego is known for its vast underground tunnels – perhaps similar to Hamas tunnels leading into Gaza.  The training in the seven US states could simply be reflective of the different terrain, weather, wind currents, and extreme conditions.

Dissection #4: An increase in special ops is a fact. While overall military personnel numbers have dropped, since 2001 special ops has doubled in size and tripled its budget. Just this past March they were recruiting for over 5,000 new positions with an interesting emphasis is psych.

Operation Mockingbird was implemented in the 50’s, and continues unabated today as a means of infiltrating the media and managing the truth. Falsifying reports, inserting disinformation, manipulating evidence, and engaging in propaganda so as to devise a campaign that subverts our understanding of information is a tactic that has infested our world.  That would include hyping the conspiracies to camouflage the truth.

Lying has become so commonplace, we don’t even raise an eyebrow.