CLIMATE CHAOS Ramps Up Fear as Midterms Near RED WAVE

The support of Ukraine has grown weary.   The Midterms are tomorrow and the victims of Dem assaults have grown weary.   Thus the Far Left Economist has shifted gears again to Climate Change.  FEAR!   Earth Will DIE!  We Have Failed.  We will all die!   Everyone is Doomed! Therefore, we must cull the population so that humanity SURVIVES…:   

  1. Coal accounted for over 40% of the overall growth in global CO2 emissions in 2021, reaching an all-time high of 15.3 billion tonnes. CO2 emissions from natural gas rebounded well above their 2019 levels to 5 billion tonnes. ~iea
  2. Concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), the most important greenhouse gas, reached 413.2 parts per million in 2020 and is 149% of the pre-industrial level. Methane (CH4) is 262% and nitrous oxide (N2O)  is 123% of the levels in 1750 when human activities started disrupting Earth’s natural equilibrium.
  • The economic slowdown from COVID-19 did not have any discernible impact on the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases and their growth rates, although there was a temporary decline in new emissions. ~ World Meteorological Association
  1. Emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases plunged 4.6 percent in 2020, as lockdowns in the first half of the year restricted global mobility and hampered economic activity. Many hoped that this would mark the beginning of a more permanent shift downwards in emissions. ~IMF
  2. Annual global greenhouse gas emissions rebounded 6.4 percent last year to a new record, eclipsing the pre-pandemic peak as global economic activity resumed. ~IMF
  3. The three main greenhouse gases hit record high levels in the atmosphere last year (2021), the U.N. weather agency said Wednesday, calling it an “ominous” sign as war in Ukraine, rising costs of food and fuel accelerate. ~ NPR


According to Data Scientific Experts, the Bulk of the emissions came from “manufacturing” – .    Each and every year is a NEW RECORD.   According to one of the great OZ of data sources, the global shutdown had no discernible effect whatsoever.   While another data miner, Reuters determined greenhouse gases PLUNGED.   Of course, the most hilarious assertion is dating levels from 1750 when no data was available…

According to the World Meteorological Organization, CO2 is measured by ‘production’.   This would require absolute data from every manufacturing outlet in every country and continent which is about as reliable as Pandemic stats.   Another method is to embed net trade into the graphic.   No mention of cars driving, lithium mining, planes flying, or any other means inflicted on citizens.

When these data analysts make graphic comparisons, it should be noted that ‘data’ was not available to make the comparisons these newly created companies utilize until sometime around 2015.   All previous data was heavily guesstimated.  While rooted in statistics, data is now mined from input algorithms – not Science.

Our World in Data provides the data utilized in many of the graphics presented at G7 Summits, WHO, UN, etc…   This NGO was created in 2011 by Max Roser when he was 28 as a direct result of his feelings regarding ‘poverty, inequality, and human rights’ abuse.   He went to Oxford.   When perusing his influencers and partners, their common theme has nothing to do with Climate Change – but of income and wealth redistribution.

Their methodology isn’t to bring the poor up from the gallows and teach them how to ‘fish’, instead they follow the principle that those who work need to have their income taken from them and given to the poor – who will forever remain poor when their income is taxed and their loan comes due at usury rates.  In essence it is using-up peasant labor to create a “Dubai” for elites.  Stiglitz.

With the midterms coming to a close tomorrow and the threat that no more US Taxpayer dollars will be laundered thru the Ukraine Zelenskyy mob rule, Climate Change is the new DRUM BEAT. And according to the Green Climate Fund, that dollar amount for ‘developing countries’ is $2-$4 Trillion ANNUALLY.   No money is spent on polluting countries, NONE.  Despite the trillion$$$ claims, of the $17+ Billion received by GCF, over half is sitting in their asset account – with minimal liabilities.   Operation expenditures would seem to be the bulk of expenses while microloans at usury interest are the means of creating equality.

Lowering carbon output in countries that have zero CO2 footprint – is their operational project agenda.  While Land Grabs have been their true realization.  The largest participants include UK, US, Singapore, China and Korea.   The purpose?   To own a country or province within, then redirect Green Climate Funds to specifically those newly acquired land grab areas for the purpose of free agriculture creation and development.   All for MOI – AND None for Thee!

There has been NO reduction in emissions – according to data specialist monitors who provide the data to incite the greater taxpayer distribution of funds into developing countries for the elite.   Despite no one driving, no one flying, no one manufacturing due to shut-downs during the “Pandemic” – CO2 levels supposedly continue to rise exponentially…   LIKE COOKED BOOKS!

WHY?  Because the human emission output is absolutely minimal.   And “Production’ is a very unscientific methodology.      UN:   “World is on highway to Hell”.   “Humanity has a choice;  cooperate or perish!”   And Climate Change is no longer – it is now “Climate Chaos” to emphasize the fear factor. 

TWO CABALS – Fighting For Control of the Great RESET

IF you wanted to destroy the same global governments you propped up in order to install the global stakeholder system – what would be your Chess Game?   A Pfizer Director has pulled the finger from the dyke and unleashed a massive slew of truthisms that could collapse the Pharma Industry.   By admitting that their geo-engineered vaccine had not been tested for prevention and yet then selling it as prevention, they admit they falsified data.   And this admission reveals the FDA was complicit.  

But the next chess move is even more important because it will outline how government agencies, doctors, and hospitals, colluded to commit the most heinous fraud in history.   The Cabal want you to know.   The resultant decay of both government and Pharma would leave the board open for Banking Stakeholders.

The Great RESET was always about replacing our entire governmental system with a corporate stakeholder Order.   The two mafia’s fighting for this control have been the Bankers vs. Big Pharma.   Once our global ‘democratic’/Marxist governments were reeled into the vaccine scheme, and complicit, The Banking Cartel secured their win over Pharma.

Thus the stakeholders will be the Bankers not the Pharma execs.   Right?

Pfizer has tanked 65% over the last year. Moderna YTD is down 40%.   Bayer is down 26% YTD.   GlaxoSmithKline down 32%.   YET….   Banks have not faired terribly well either, Credit Suisse could collapse.   Goldman Sachs is down 25%.   Blackrock is down 42% YTD.   Are the Cartels destroying each other as they vie for King of the Road?

Eliminating government required setting them up as corrupted and then slowly releasing the data that proves they are corrupted so the Citizens loose faith from all sides of the aisles.   Loosing faith means it becomes easier to sell a new form of government that will be heralded as people of honor who will lift us out of this insanity and deliver us into prosperity.

But there is chaos among the thieves.

Choosing the weakest link, Biden, Trudeau, Scholz, Macron, etc… was purposeful, they were easily duped and played.   They are sacrificial lambs.   They have no place on the pyramid.   Congress and Parliaments are the same.   Governors who don’t govern and mayors who play video games all day, will be eliminated.   No one likes them. No one wants any of them in power.

And the Media has been instructed to take them all down – turning on their own.

But in order for a savior to emerge, that savior must have a plan to save.   In order to cull the masses into appeasement, they need to be led to the trough of something ‘good’.   And perhaps this is where the infighting chaos has lost.

The money will follow the winner.  

Russia and Ukraine were a snag in the scheme.   Both Cabalists underestimated their enemy – and those enemies are regrouping in alliance.   Balancing the Pandemic vaccine, with the chaos of government corruption, and attempting to coerce a false and fake narrative in Ukraine has proven to be beyond the WOKE intelligence operandi.

Their solution – more propaganda. More Lies. More coercion.   And this was/is their largess mistake.   It destroyed their ability to enter the stage as a savior.   Unless the ultimate deception is being unraveled…

The layers upon layers of lies have been built for centuries.   Thus, our ability to see beneath the cloaks of wolves has become greatly impaired.   Conspiracies become more and more viable as the Truth.

Today Alex Jones was handed a $1billion plus damages conviction for his Sandy Hook conspiracy statements.   January 6th protestors are handed 12-15 year sentences.   Our justice system sees murderous criminals released the next day!.   Attacks within city walls are exponentially attributed to Blacks.   Assaults, thievery, and even police deaths can be attributed near wholly – to blacks.

The purpose is to demonize ALL Blacks to the point that they will be slaughtered in retribution.   The Breaking Point.

And Americans and Europeans are left wondering who exactly is honest, who can be trusted, and who is evil. There is no quick answer to this conundrum. No easy fix.   It requires an open mind to many things once considered comical….   As in geoengineered weather.

For Example:   Given the US and various other western based countries have indulged in weather manipulation for approximately 80 years, how could this weapon be used to decimate an enemy?

First one needs to identify who is the enemy. In the realm of the Cartels, anyone who is anti-Cartel – is an enemy.   Thus configuring a stealth hurricane over Florida would seemingly annihilate the enemy – Ron DeSantis.   In their view.  

Ultimately, the boundaries of conspiracy are forever being pushed further and further to the point wherein what is deemed Television Hollywood, is suddenly revealed to be a truthism.   NEVER underestimate.   Be Vigilant.

Pay attention.   The Propaganda will exponentiate in the coming month.   Know what is good and what is evil according to God.

South Africa’s Marxist Regime Instituted by Nelson Mandela

Was Nelson Mandela a Hero?   Did he save South Africa?   Or did he destroy it?  

Mandela was a professed Marxist Communist.   So why has history refrained from providing that account and instead hails him as a Hero?   The life expectancy for blacks in South Africa is 48. Income inequality is among the highest with 40% of the population unemployed and 60% living in poverty. 20% of the population live on less than $2 per day – and the wealthy are taxed at 45%.   But, Yea – no more apartheid.

Oddly, the biggest fighters of apartheid, Mandela and the current president, Ramaphosa, both obtained prestigious law degrees at African Universities and have amassed great wealth.   Ramaphosa is worth well over $400-$500 million.

While apartheid created a segregated class, today in America blacks are demanding ‘segregation’.   And Biden is demanding that the US as a whole be as diversified as the federal government.   The federal workforce is now 18% black and 8.4% Hispanic. Obviously NOT the US demographics; 13% black and 18.5% Hispanic…

Johannesburg is the host of most of the 30,000 wealthy elites. But crime, corruption, and a deteriorating economy have pushed South Africa into a downward spiral without trained workers/slaves.   This is the model that the Marxist regime changers envision for the “Global RESET”.

Nelson Mandela ushered into power the African National Congress, a party that was labeled a terrorist organization by the South African government, the US and UK.   Their platform was guerrilla warfare.   The ANC Party is now suddenly considered democratic rule, aka Marxist Communist.

Real Heroes are harder and harder to come by.   But eulogizing someone as a hero would seem to require burying one’s head in the sand regarding ‘actions’.

Martin Luther King, Jr. supported eugenics, abortion and Planned Parenthood.  Pope Francis is a Jesuit who believes in the accumulation of wealth from the peasants.  Zuckerberg is hailed as a great philanthropist yet he gives his money to his own foundation charity.   In fact most NGO’s function that way now as the scheme of greed revealed its legality.

Even the label ‘Hero’ has been hijacked.   Reagan, Einstein, movie stars, scientists, and even Buddha have been raised to Hero status.   Hero: a person who exhibits bravery above and beyond normal. A person whose actions evoke distinguished courage in fighting adversarial battles.   A selfless person who uses their unique abilities toward good.

What a Hero is NOT – is a person who does the job they signed up to do.

Today, the military awards medals to ranking officers for doing their job – not for exhibiting courage or actions above and beyond duty.   Presidential awards are given to such heroic persons as actors, musicians, narrators, etc… as though the White House is vying for Hollywood status.   As such the award loses it’s value. Just as Hollywood has lost its value.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom has gone to such a botched sense that it is an insult to the the terms Freedom and Hero:   Mr. Rogers.   Joe Biden.   UK Minister.   Bill Cosby.    Pope John.   TS Eliot.   Reagan gave out 86 such Medals.   Not one was for anything related to meritorious Freedom.

Somehow, the idea that Nelson Mandela, an anarchist, was a great Hero was important in order to recognize that Marxists are newly redefined as demi-gods.   The ANC Party that Mandela led – is guilty of killing hundreds of civilians. The civilians were targeted for their witness status, or because they provided aid to the government against the ANC party.

Is South Africa better now governed by this Marxist Party?  

The Freedom Charter of 1955 in which Democracy was to be established in SA called for shared wealth, shared voting rights, shared human rights, shared learning, shared land, and equal security and work.   But none of that actually happened.   Words.   In order for Mandela to claim the right of Hero and the ANC Party a success, would be for blacks in South Africa to have experienced a maturity of prosperity – and a longer life.

Mandela failed because he replaced apartheid with his communist ideology.   Just like most African nations which have also devolved into an abysmal rancid odor of Marxism and elite classism at the cost of black peasant class citizens.   While the absence of apartheid is good – A hero does not assassinate civilians or demote his countrymen into Marxist Totalitarian Poverty.


Fed Chief Powell explains how his rate manipulations will ‘reset’ the housing market.   Apparently, Powell wants All Americans to own property. But prices have made that American Dream unreachable.   Powell’s brilliant idea:   keep raising interest rates until mortgage rates are so high the housing market will collapse and thus spill over into every other domino industry whereby millions of workers will lose their jobs and have no income thereby allowing them the opportunity to buy a deflated home at a 15% interest rate…

“In early-2020 to combat the financial effects of the Pandemic, the Federal Reserve continued to apply high levels of monetary stimulus to further raise asset prices and support growth.”

Logic:   After causing rising asset prices – aka homes, Powell now wants to destroy asset prices.

Powell is an attorney – not an economist, not a financial guru, not a monetary expert.   As a republican, Powell was initially elected to the Federal Reserve by Obama, and later by Trump. Trump and Powell disagreed on just about every level of his actions. Ultimately, Powell was said to have given Wall Street a Bonus Trend while devastating everyone else.

Now, he is proving that his motives are to literally crash the US Economy completely. Following the exact same principles evoked by Carter, Powell is simply moving faster knowing that was Carter’s largess mistake. Considered one of the worst presidents in history, Carter is/was devoted to the NWO Cult. Powell is another rhino wearing a republican mask.

Federal Funds Rate Increase: So far this year the Federal Funds Rate has risen 3,963%. The Largest Increase in History!

First published in 1955, the purpose of the nongovernment Federal Reserve was to charge rates for the purpose of manipulating monetary supply and policy. The brainchild of six men who met at Jekyll Island in 1910:   “In November 1910, six men – Nelson Aldrich, A. Piatt Andrew, Henry Davison, Arthur Shelton, Frank Vanderlip and Paul Warburg– met at the Jekyll Island Club, off the coast of Georgia, to write a plan to reform the nation’s banking system.”

While these six men declared that monetary policy needed to be instituted at a nongovernmental level to ‘prevent’ recessions, all prior successive recessions were a direct result of banks and linked back to England…

After the installment of the Federal Reserve, all subsequent recessions occurred because of Fed actions as opposed to the actions of English Banks.   “Panics” were now exclusively labeled ‘recessions’. The policies initiated by the Federal Reserve created and prolonged recessions, inflation, stagflation, depressions, and unemployment.

Nelson Aldrich:   Creator of the Federal Reserve.   Creator of Corporate Excise Tax.   Creator of Constitutional Amendment for mandatory Income Tax. Promoted expanded government and regulation. His daughter married John D Rockefeller.

Henry Davison:   A Banker – worked for the Astor Bank and JP Morgan.   Created the International version of Red Cross.

Frank Vanderlip: A banker who became president of what is now called Citibank. Under Vanderlip’s leadership, The FR Act allowed banks to expand internationally.

Paul Warburg:   Born in Germany, the Warburg family was a Jewish banking dynasty.   He married the daughter of Solomon Loeb, significantly expanding his banking cartel.   Jacob Schiff was partner at Loeb. Schiff hated the Russian Empire and financed the Japanese military in the Russo-Japanese War which preceded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Schiff’s father was a broker for the Rothschilds.

The German takeover of the US Banking cartel was cinched by their creation of the Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Rates via the Federal Reserve ACT..

During Carter’s reign of terror on the US Economy, unemployment rose to 9%, home mortgage rates rose over 14%, inflation was 18%, interest rates rose to 25%, and the economy tanked.

This is the economy Jerome Powell now seeks to imitate!

While the President appoints the Fed Chair and his appointment is approved by the senate – firing him would likely necessitate a reversal of appointment.   Despite the organization Powell Chairs being a nongovernmental private agency, impeaching his term would be a difficult task.   The most likely means would simply be to eliminate the Federal Reserve.

In order to End the Fed, the Congress must first repeal and abolish the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, deregulate commercial banks, and set up a legal framework that supports a free banking system.

Representative Ron Paul routinely introduced bills to abolish the Federal Reserve System, three of which gained approval in the House but lost in the Senate.


PHARMA Incites Death & Disease While The MILITARY Incites War & Death

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz has announced that Germany will spend an additional $100 billion so as to become the “Best Equipped Military in Europe”.   A)   Germany is in a recession – where will they find an extra $100 billion?   B)   Having given Ukraine large swathes of its inventory, they have depleted their resources.   C)   Germany has also declared that they will fight Russia until the end of time.   Meaning Scholz has simply made an abject fool of himself by pledging $100 billion for Ukraine

Germany has already given Ukraine 700 million euros of military equipment and pledged another 500 million.   Their entire defense budget is $50 billion which still leaves them under the EU requirement of 2% of GDP.   A farce in and of itself.   Few if any EU countries spend the stipulated EU Commission requirement.

Already, Germany is the top supplier of military equipment to Turkey.   When Turkey and Greece began to fan flames of belligerence, Germany and France sent weapons to BOTH countries.   Inciting war.   Germany is now inciting war with Russia by openly decrying their undying love for Zelenskyy while Ukraine is destroyed.

Germany started WWI and WWII – now they have been instructed to incite WWIII.   But beefing up their military stockpiles would take – until the WEF Target Doomsday – 2030.   Everything revolves around this one doomsday including:  Fossil Fuels, Climate Change, Cows, Chickens, agriculture, immigration and death.   Without ANY explanation why.

Except the weaponry will all be exported to Ukraine.   And by 2030, Russia will likely have taken over Ukraine, Turkey will align with Russia, and Germany will be in twalette water.

It becomes seriously obvious that the western inserted leaders in the EU are seriously lacking in intelligence, intellect or logic. Is stupidity a prerequisite?

Naming Russia as the primary adversary is Germany’s means of mending bridges so as to institute the utopian New World Order.   It reveals a fact many countries are beginning to acknowledge, the EU is being manipulated into its own internal implosion and death spiral.

Having expended a large percentage of Germany’s military equipment inventory to Turkey, Turkey has now shifted allegiances and may join the BRICS.   Germany certainly isn’t the only country whose weapon inventory was supplied by western nations. In 2009, Obama sold Turkey $7.8 billion of weapons.  Coincidence?   Never.

And despite the known fact that Iran is an ally of Russia, the ineptitudinal Biden Handlers want to help Iran build nukes. The only reason for western nations to make these sales is the promotion of war.

Just as the Pharma Industry was created to promote sickness and death, the Cult saw the monetary value in promoting war.   Creating an enemy where none existed helps the propaganda mechanization push full throttle. Creating a disease through chemically induced viruses, infections and illnesses has made Pharma the stalwart industry it is in JUST one century.

Pharma Industry Value now stands at $1.42 trillion. Tripling in 20 years.   But it still pales in comparison to the global arms industry which has reached a phenomenal value of $7.5 trillion.

Neither of these industries has the beneficial purposes of “prevention”.

For example:   the medical community defines mammograms as ‘preventative medicine’.   In reality, the near mandated use of highly expensive machinery that takes pictures to determine if your genes have created a tumor are – NOT preventing a disease – they are diagnosing the disease.

The Pharma Industry is then called in to prescribe hellish ‘treatments’ that may or may not work but are guaranteed to create an additional quandary of side effects for more Pharma… etc… etc… etc…!

Oddly, when the Media doles out its compulsory batch of nonsensical propaganda, many have become woke to the Snake Oil Salesmanship.   Yet normally highly intelligent individuals have been hypnotized to believe that ‘doctors’ are demi-gods in disguise.

As a direct result of the Ukraine/Russia conflict, our governments are likely to push the necessity for MORE weapons. Bigger weapons.   More deadly weapons.   And the perpetuation of lies shifts – slightly.   Utilizing fear as the impetus. As a result, wars now last decades instead of months.

The war in Afghanistan was initiated by – the US and UK.   AKA, the NGO’S and the Royals.   The war against Iraq was initiated by – the US and UK to counter the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ sold to Iraq by the US and EU.   AKA, the NGO’s and the Royals.   King Charles is slated to be an even greater largess of war than the Queen.

As evidence has betrayed – the Twin Tower in NYC was rigged with dynamite from within – and the weapons of mass destruction – didn’t exist. But the ideal of a ‘common enemy’ was the impetus to justify the massive amount of weapons made and lives that were sacrificed.   At the whim of persons who had never fought in a war.

Persons who had never experienced the battle field. Persons whose sole agenda was – MONEY.

And yet – despite lessons learned – here we are once again sacrificing our livelihoods, our children, our economy, and our peace for the same propaganda.   While the Lizards reap the spoils.

LET US PRAY.Pharma Incites Death Whil;e

Are Trump & Putin Simply Cabalist Puppets?

The epitome of fear unveiled:   Is Trump Dirty? Is Putin a Pawn of the WEF and New World Order?   Are they the ultimate deception and betrayal of HOPE?

Given the sheer magnitude of deception parlayed by MSM, the US and EU governments respectively, the realization that history has been ‘manufactured’ and even the Pope is a Clinton Pawn – the idea is not without possibility or probability.   And yet We Must Remember – Satan is The Deceiver.   And GOD exists.

Who would benefit from this ‘fear tactic of ultimate betrayal’?  

Consider.   IF Trump and Putin were Satanic puppets, this entire game would have been over years ago!   We would already be – well entrenched in the Agenda of the Sustainable Development Protocols and we would have been suicided – as MAGA insects.

People are quick to recognize that we are dealing with Satan, yet have yet to embrace the fact that if we are fighting Satan, We are fighting on behalf of God.   Satan does not exist without God. Light without Dark. Good without evil.   Each defines the opposite.

But ‘fear’ has many repercussions upon the psyche.   And Betrayal is a consequence we are only just beginning to unravel.

HALF of the planet is waking up to this betrayal.   Half of this planet acknowledges the abject evil that rules western nations, the nations we have been led to believe for centuries are the ONLY Good.   We have been taught to hate particular countries.   We have been taught that a country’s government is indicative of its people. Therefore, if a country’s government is evil – so are ALL THE PEOPLE>  The Basis for Hitler’s Genocide.

The EU has adopted this genocide as it renounces VISA’s for ALL Russian citizens.   AN actual Playbook of Hitler.

Jews, Romanian Gypsies, homosexuals, anyone who did not adhere to the Hitler Think – were terrorists of the state.

This same playbook is now being perpetrated against Russia and China and Pakistan and India and ANY country that refuses to denounce …   And just as this demonization worked in Hitler’s Rise, it is being ‘utilized’ in today’s devisive agenda.   AND – unless we embrace History – we tend to “Repeat it”.

Who is telling you to hate Russia? Who is telling you Trump is a Satanic Puppet? Who is telling you that up is down and down is up?

What Is The Source?

Recently, a Facebook ‘friend’ attacked another of my Facebook friends calling them a ‘troll’.   Why?   Not because of what this person said – but because of their country.   Their origin.   The same playbook wherein demoncrats who hate all things Trump, have labeled certain countries as Demon countries.   WHY?   Because their people won’t accept their western coups.

The topsy-turvy fallout is that America has created FALSE enemies and FALSE allies.

Germany started WWI and WWII – yet Germany is a US ally.

Japan blew up Pearl Harbor and thousands of American soldiers – yet Japan is our – ally.

Which countries have attacked the US?

Technically – the only foreign attacks against American soil have been from Japan, al Qaeda, Germany, Mexico and the UK.   Our Bestest Friends are the same countries that have attacked us!

Our enemies are figments of imagination. Fabricated.   A Hollywood Stage.   We are told to hate them by the same media we deride as FAKE.   Yet are unable to extract one fake – from the other.

Being WOKE doesn’t just mean we see the craziness within which our politicized government is drowning us and our children – it means continuing to see the ever broader and broader picture as it unfolds – because it’s edges extend to INFINITY!

That’s what is in those ‘Top Secret Documents” confiscated by the FBI – The replica of which sit beneath Vatican City.   The triplicate of which is sitting in some Harvard Law Department safe.

The Idea that obvious outright blatant lying is … ok, tells us certainly the value of the person, but even larger, the value of the enemy.    And the value of those willing to sacrifice everything for our lives.

President Trump has sacrificed his dignity and honor. That of his wife and children.   For us.   For US.   Putin could have nuked Ukraine after evacuating all Russians.   And the media would have you believe this is an evil thing.   That he didn’t.

People ruling ANY country are going to have their own ways and means and justifications. The US is currently exhibiting its third world status via the January 6th peaceful walkers detained without trials or visitors.

Amnesty International recently gave their analysis of Ukraine’s anarchy in terms of economic, humanitarian and societal aspects.   The country is, was and will be twalette water.   The Amnesty author was fired, and the article retracted.

NOW – tell me again which country’s live by honor, dignity, respect and Truth?

I hold to the facts that portray Trump as a man willing to FIGHT for us.   I hold to the facts that portray Putin as an ANTAGONIST of the WEF and the New World Order According to The Protocols.

WESTERN SANCTIONS: A Democratic Platform of PAIN & Suffering Before Depression Hits

As Germany announces cutbacks on electricity and a likely heating crisis this winter, EU Commission President Von Der Leyden declares that Russia cutting gas supplies is political and will cause Russia to fall while the EU rises…   Simultaneously, OPEC countries have decided to cut back production by 100,000 barrels a day.   And the Biden WH Handlers ignore the coming crisis bent instead on claiming President Trump has dementia.

Stupid is as Stupid does.   Biden has no platform other than demonizing MAGA’s.   Democrats have no platform.   Trump has now revealed that the corrupted FBI took his medical records which is highly illegal and not remotely supported by a warrant.   The chess game is imploding.

In the midst of shutting down all gas supplies to the EU, their counter measure is to put a ‘price cap’ on all Russian oil imported to the EU… A price cap on -0-.   Everything the EU and US are doing has a negative impact on the EU and US – while Russia simply sells it’s gas and oil to India and China.

Japan too is facing a potential crisis given their reserve supplies in March were good for 7 months – ending October.   Any country that aligns with the western mandates of “PAIN” will find their citizens taking the vast brunt of the Green and Russia Sanctions.   Japan gets its gas supplies from Russia, Saudi Arabia and – Iran.   Apparently those Iranian sanctions don’t apply to Japan!

And still, ALL these indoctrinated/blackmailed leaders continue to mitigate nothing.   Likely believing that their own families will be exempt.   And the PAIN won’t affect them.   If they are okay, then nothing else matters, including their country.

If the Green Agenda couldn’t be further battered, Amazon announced that they are shutting down the solar on all US warehouses after a number of facilities had their panels spontaneously combust and set the warehouses ablaze!   In addition, if a solar panel gets ‘too hot’ its efficiency drops to -0- as in every southern state is too hot!

Despite the Expert Science claiming that solar panels have a 0% chance of causing a fire – those ‘experts’ are now busily attempting to recreate their expertise.   Humbling themselves, the experts now admit that it is possible albeit ‘very rare occurring in 1 out of 10,000 cases’.   That’s worse odds than CoVid!   If said owner neglected to insure the panels with their property insurance – guess what?   No coverage for the fires.

The extreme heat wave in California has grounded electric cars given a) lithium batteries lose their charge much faster in weather extremes whether it be freezing temperatures or extreme heat. A charge that might typically generate a range of 300 miles could easily fall to 200.   b)   California’s grid is maxed out with air conditioning.   And c)   burning fossil fuels to sustain the economy is considered evil.

EU’s weapons inventory is now nearly depleted  according to Borrel.    NATO can’t afford to buy winter uniforms for Ukraine troops.   And EU manufacturing facilities are grinding to a halt without electricity.   Telling every enemy – ‘hey come get me because I can’t retaliate or defend my country’!

Yet, Von der Leyden continues to emphasize ‘washing hands’ in her video clips. That will definitely save the EU from its burgeoning recession.

In response to zero Russian gas, in one day prices in Germany rose 30%.   Spending more bailout money from taxpayers is the only solution on the table.   That was after Germany’s Largest Gas Company, Uniper, announced bailout needs this past July or it would file for bankruptcy.   That solution?   The German government used ‘taxpayer’ euros to buy a 30% stake in a failing company whose share price dropped 73% YTD.

The last time Germany had gas rationing was WWII.   Klaus Schwab has emphatically declared that economic collapse, food shortages and rationing is a PAIN that people need to experience.

We are about to embark on winter in the coming months.   For most of the EU and US that means little sun to generate solar, and freezing temperatures to render Wind Farms unusable.   Water depletion is shutting down hydroelectric plants.   And new nuclear facilities don’t exist. Two – two – are under construction in Georgia.   TWO. The construction phase can take 8-15 years.

This is the Democrat Platform that the EU and US hope will ‘keep democracy alive’. Because apparently democracy is now defined under Pain, hardship, death, and economic depression in their dictionary.   And demonizing President Trump – is all they’ve got.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Fudging Numbers or Lying?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that the CPI Index for July remained the same – and dropped slightly.   The CPI uses a bread basket of goods to measure increases and decreases.  When I looked up the items in their bread basket – EVERY single one had risen in July except for ‘field grown tomatoes’ which remained flat.   IF every item in the basket experienced price hikes for July, how could the CPI  Inflation rate be lower? 

The items that spiked the most were:  chicken, eggs, coffee and flour.  Oddly, beef is NOT in their metric…   Electricity continued to grind higher while fuel was somewhat lower.   Housing, healthcare & insurance, and Energy are NOT included in the CPI   Likely because those essentials would spike the Actual Inflation Rate to 30% or more.

The omission of these items was not always the case!   Housing costs were omitted in 1983 and food was omitted in 1999.  Therefore, comparing inflation rates to previous periods before 1999 is a worthless analysis.   Once again – moving the goal posts.   But it would reveal how much more intense this Recession is than prior ones – when the rate of inflation is significantly higher when using pre-1999 measures.

Thru May, ADP aligned their labor reporting with the BLS.   But May’s numbers were exceptionally low for May at 128,000 added jobs.   So ADP shut down their operational reporting claiming they needed to amend their algorithms to be more in line with the BLS.   Algorithms.   Because even ADP does NOT use real actual numbers, they input creative accounting methodologies.   And VOILA!  Suddenly BLS reveals stellar numbers for June and July!


Labor Productivity is another stat released by BLS.   The numbers are NOT stellar:   Revised numbers for the 1st quarter are -7.7 and 2nd quarter -4.   Productivity refers to labor.   It means scarce labor has caused business productivity to contract.  It is a key indicator of economic growth.  Or in this case massive negative growth.  For comparison purposes, since 2000, the worst productivity stat was -3.7 in the 1st quarter of 2014.   2022 is MORE than twice the highest number

Another Comparison: During the Jimmy Carter Recession the max negative productivity was -4.7 followed by the next quarter -1.5.

Our Leaders are NOT providing us with the proper information to make informed decisions about our near or far future.   They are not providing us with an honest appraisal.  Dishonesty is the equivalent of lying.  It is this continued lying that has so disenfranchised Americans and Europeans.   It is this lying of all shapes and sizes, in every corner of our lives that has attempted to delude Americans into a complacency that is unprecedented.  Censoring knowledge.   It is now this ‘knowledge’ that they want to censor via our main source – social media conversations.  Conversations that can cross the Atlantic and Pacific.  Conversations that bypass biased media.

With Germany preparing for riots this winter over shortages that could be mitigated, including energy, it is likely they anticipate using deadly vengeance against the protestors.   Instead of providing relief knowing they are pushing their citizens into a death march, they tighten the screws more – no more coal imports from Russia.   Exactly what do the propose to power heat?   Germany is lying to its citizens.

Lying is an Abuse of Power.   It is why JFK, a Democrat, wanted to dismantle the CIA.   Abuse of Power.   But the Abuse has only expanded exponentially.   Nearly all federal departments have gone rogue including:  CIA, FBI, NIH, CDC, and even the Department of Labor which is fudging numbers.   If our labor force has contracted significantly – it would follow that the means for measuring employment needs drastic realignment in order to relay true statistical information.   It is doubtful that this administration has any intention of providing any such insight given the statistics must coordinate with The Great RESET ambitions.

JIMINY CRICKET: Crickets & Cockroaches are Toxic!

Jiminy CRICKETS!   Guess what?  Crickets are toxic!   At least that is what the Science determined over a decade ago before the Bill Gates push to make them the new ‘what’s for Dinner’?   In 2008, The San Francisco Chronicle presented ‘an additional’ reason for NOT eating crickets given there were many ‘previous’ anti’s!   According to research from experts, crickets present a tremendous risk of ‘lead poisoning’.   An especially potent neurotoxin when young people are exposed.   The toxin apparently leads to the ‘tendency to commit violent crimes’!


Apparently, the toxins are absorbed into the crickets during cooking in Mexican localities.   But that isn’t the only issue.   Crickets can also cause headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, diarrhea, breathing problems, and mental confusion…   Why?

Most often because they have been doused in insecticides.   Even small amounts of the insecticides are considered toxic.   Studies by the ‘scientific experts’ revealed that eating crickets can also lead to hyperglycemia and diabetes – according to a 1993 study – well before Bill Gates decided that the protein of crickets was far superior to that of beef.

Burying Science.

In fact there are numerous studies dating from the last 20+ years that reveal a dangerous connection between crickets and disease including anaphylaxis shock.   They were listed among other bugs in ‘poison control’ warnings.

Capturing wild locusts is not feasible in the capacity of feeding 8 billion people.   Therefore farm raised crickets would be the preferred methodology.   But farmed fish, farmed chicken, farmed pork, lose a significant portion of their nutritional benefits which can only be derived in the wild!   WILD THINGS….

A farmed rose has no scent.   A farmed cricket will likely have less than 10% of its nutritional value and thus require – additives.   Additives that come from a Big Pharma concoction.   Just like the ‘all natural plant based’ hamburger that has upwards of 12-26 additives – all of which have to be grown and/or Pharmacized.   None of which have been tested for toxicity.

Basically, this means that the ‘farmed food’ the Elites have planned for us could cause us to die of malnutrition!   And we won’t understand it is happening.

Over the centuries we have learned much about various poisons.   Pompeii citizens were dying by the droves from lead poisoning.  It was everywhere including makeup and cooking.   I’ve been there a few times.   Each time it is new.   You absorb something different in the culture every time you walk their path.

Is it necessary for us to lose all our knowledge once again… and start over?   How boring.   In that vein, Shakespeare truly was just as annoyed when he said,  “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players”.   Of course, this is a man who became entranced by fantasy in his public life.  There is much speculation as to whether Shakespeare wrote much of what is attributed.   And history is once again – rewritten.

Maybe it is like that movie where the person has a do over forever – until he finally gets it right.

Lest We Forget!   The Entire Schematic of the New World Order is ‘world’.  Without half the globe, they have achieved nothing.   Crickets?   Really?   This is your best card…to initiate the next ‘do over’?

What are our nutritional needs?   The foods we consume have been our evolution.   A calorie is a measure of energy that is stored.   But different calories have different effects.   What would be the ‘effect’ of a ‘bug calorie’?  We don’t know.

In 2015, the very Progressive Liberal Atlantic published an article instructing how to breed a tasty cricket’…   Seven Years AGO.   Because – low and behold cricket farms have been sponsored as Big Business in the US and Canada since 2010…  Including farms in Beef Country – Texas!

You see, it is highly likely that we have been ingesting crickets for some time – albeit unknowingly.   Given the critters have been made into flour, milk, powder, and desserts, they are a part of our normal everyday diet.   The difference is the forced substitution for a protein that we are quite fond of vs. a choice.

So that ‘natural flavoring’ that every item in your cart contains, is really ‘cricket powder’.  Linked to lead poisoning – which causes severe violent aggression.  These little beasts may have injected more into our diet than we realize.   I doubt you will find those same items in the shopping cart for Bill Gates, et al.

Cockroaches too are dangerous to a person’s health.  They carry diseases such as staph and salmonella.   Cockroaches in a restaurant can cause the health department to shut down the establishment.   But of course, farm raised cockroaches are big business in China where they are sold for $20 a pound.

These bug farms are considered Big Business, they are largely unregulated, and very profitable.   While Roaches eat food scraps which are plucked from the garbage cans at restaurants, crickets require a broad diet of grasses, fruit, flowers, seeds and meat.  Crickets require protein to live.

A 6 ounce burger or fillet is the equivalent of 363 crickets.   The number of crickets we would need to get the same amount of protein we’d get from one harvested cow is 36,676.   if you believe all life has value, but killing all those crickets is not quite as bad as killing one cow, then you must agree that the value of life differs case by case.

Crickets thrive best in a large environment and require constant bleaching of their habitat to remove normal bacteria – generally weekly.   They are susceptible to ants so their containers must be ant-proof.   Farm to vendor, crickets must be alive.  Dead ones carry life threatening bacteria to other crickets and people.

These are the scientific facts that are not being publicized when attempting to require bugs as a substitute to meat.   The most damaging of which is that many bugs – require meat protein, and the sheer number one needs to consume is insane.  Picture a 6 oz sirloin on a plate.   Now picture 363 crickets on a plate…


Elimination of the Supreme Court and US Constitution?

The Supreme Court was created 233 years ago by Congress through Article Three of the US Constitution.   At that time there were 26 senators and 65 representatives under Senate Leader, John Adams, and House Speaker Frederick Muhlenberg.  The power of the Supreme Court allows it to overturn presidential directives for violating the Constitution or Statutory Law.  It is the final authority for the federal judicial court.  At the time, New York City was the capitol of the US.   However, it wasn’t until FDR’s New Deal that the Supreme Court expanded its powers exponentially increasing regulatory power of the federal government.

While FDR was in office he stacked 8 of the 9 justices – they were all Democrats.

At the time, law degrees could be obtained without previous college enrollment or high school graduation and were granted via a two year program.   Bar examinations were required.  But exams were far more intense than anything we have today.   It was under these FDR progressive appointees that Japanese internment camps were ruled Constitutional.   Democrat Tolerance.

The extension of power within the Supreme Court was massively increased and solidified under democrat/socialist administrations, most notably FDR.   However, current democrat socialists condemn this power when it is utilized to extricate the federal government from power control and re-instate it to sovereign states per the US Constitution as we are witness to today!

Today, as a direct result of the Supreme Court weaning itself from unconstitutional doctrine, the Socialists want the Court to be disbanded.   Should that occur, the US Constitution would be shred and replaced by stakeholder Unions, ie UAW and Teamsters.  THIS would align with the goals of the WEF Agenda 2030.

There are three countries in the world that don’t have a constitution:  UK, New Zealand and Israel.   This lacking has proven to be Israel’s demise dysfunction within their electoral system.   However, what embodies the context of a constitution is volatile according to each country and their respective system of government.

For example Qatar:
The Constitution that was first adopted in 2004 has five preambles.    First Preamble basically dictates that Sharia and Islam rule within the directorate of the Royal family.  Rule will be passed down according to first born of a mother who is of Qatari descent.  Secondly, all children belong to the state and shall be educated according to State directorates.   Thirdly, freedom is guaranteed… subject to rules of engagement, morality, law and Sharia.   Fourth the Royal family ‘emir’ has absolute power over everything and everyone.   Fifth, amendments are prohibited.

Given Qatar is a slave state wherein the ratio of slave to Qatari citizens is 933%, they model the view that would embolden the World Economic Forum – Schwab.   The vision for the future.

While embracing ‘a constitution’, it isn’t the concept but the content that determines its worth.   And according to Qatar, their constitution would seem to be a fictional embodiment pretending to be a constitution when in fact it is a Protocol.   A dictate of its dictatorship.

Just two years ago Hong Kong was fighting for its sovereignty.   But the protests were infiltrated.   The Soros anarchists took hold and the entire portrayal became that of dissidents and insurrectionists.

Sound familiar?   Because it is the same Agenda utilized in the US – as well as every other coup across the globe!   Entwined with ‘disinformation’ to be polite – LIES – to be truthful.

The Supreme Court has become WOKE.   Just not in the liberal socialist sense.  Instead they appear bent on cleaning house.   Eliminating the cobwebs.   Polishing the wood left behind.   Long over-due – to the tune of 85 years when FDR destroyed America.

The Matrix has become confused on itself.  

And thus we are continually given conflicting orders from the Tzars who have ruled earth since its beginnings.   Problem:   The level of intellect and education among them has deteriorated.  Failing to groom a proper replacement is the bane of the narcissist who believes no one is good enough!   Therefore, their entire legacy will die when they do. FDR –

July 4th is their last hurrah of fireworks before they dissipate into oblivion.   The People have risen.   The media lies.   Ukraine is in rubble.   Europe is in a desperate failing economy.   China is in default.   Canada has no gold and no reserves.   The US is Split.   The EU is splintering into the abyss – and the focus is on Ukraine and January 6th?   Despite a Public concern of less than 20%…

Which again begs the query – will an election occur in November 2022 – or will the RESET be instituted?   It is the $1.598 question that remains in the clouds…