Ukraine War Realities of Conscription and Death

You are six months pregnant. Kyiv is fitting you with a padded vst to ‘protect you when you are shelled’.   Zelenskky requires you to model this innovation as some sort of PR stunt for the media so that the other thousands of pregnant women called into Kyiv’s suicide battles to die… will be protected by some cotton.   You know it is a lie.   You know you and your baby are going to die.   But you must stand there, stoic, while your “President” Zelenskyy orders this so.

But the pain in your face is visible.   The sacrifice of not just you but your womb, your baby.

You are seventy years old, your eyes are shot, your hearing is problematic and your knees are killing you – but Zelenskyy calls you into battle. He hands you a gun, a handful of ammunition, and dresses you in camouflage.   Maybe you get a week’s worth of training. Maybe not.

Your grizzled face tells the story – you know you will die.   So you pray silently. Hoping beyond hope that a miracle will stop the insanity.

Mercenaries don’t even look them in the eye.   Emotion is akin to death.   The old will be sacrificed first.   But a pregnant woman can be a liability. So the foreign warriors know that she too – will become a sacrificial lamb.   All that they can ask is that these deaths be quick and that somehow God will forgive them despite or because of – the circumstances.

Many mercenaries have died, their promised bounties never paid to the women and child they left at home.   And an anger builds.   Rage.   They were lied to.believe in an illusion.   And now the one of ten that survives knows they must go home to what is important. Without the wage that gave them purpose.

The War beneath the War.   The wounded.   Those who lost limbs.   Those who can not make the images go white.

Yet somehow amidst the bombs and war and strikes, Zelenskyy is able to traverse to his villa in Italy, his house in Paris, his condo in London unimpeded.   He flies to New York on private jets, to Saudi Arabia, to Africa threatening consequences if he doesn’t get more money – because MONEY means he can buy another villa on Lake Cuomo.   Where his wife and children will be safe.

Today Zelenskyy is threatening the EU.   The ‘grain transports’ must be allowed.   Why?   The EU doesn’t need Ukraine’s grain – until September 15th, its transport to Poland and Hungary was banned.   Why, because he isn’t transporting grain and corn – he is transporting stolen children, stolen women, and drugs.   All of which provide over 45% of Ukraine’s GDP.   Like the “Other” category on an NGO’s financial statement.

Suddenly, Zelenskyy’s wishes are demands.   Ursula von der Leyen bows and scrapes to Zelenskyy the god of evil. He tells the EU what they will do – how much they will give him and when.  NAATO has declared that the Ukraine war will turn into a forever war like Afghanistan draining economies of every last dime.   3.5 million troops are on standby via NATO.   The greatest source would be that of the US surpassing 1.3 million or 1/3 of NATO’s entire brigade.   Turkey is second with 461,000 the remaining 13 NATO countries with troops make up the difference.   Whether they are battle ready is an unidentified query.   Whether Turkey would fight against Russia – is highly unlikely.

However the NATO announcement was simply to create fear.   Getting the support of The People in any of these countries is doubtful given the extent to which social media plays in the hearts and minds. At best the Military industrial complex would need to create a ‘deep-fake’, something that would unite The People – like a Twin Towers.

A Twin Towers that they could falsely determine via the intelligentsia apparatus of the corrupt CIA.   Utilizing photoshopped video and audio AI as justification.   Something much more compelling than the hyped Syria greenscreens.

The hypocrisy is rampant.:

  • Germany is taking a right leaning AfD politician, Bjorn Hocke, to court for using a Nazi phrase 2 years ago.   The phrase was, “Everything for Germany”.    For uttering this, Hocke will spend time in jail and be fined heavily.  Yet the same Germany sends money and weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Nazi Battalion.
  • The US military has laxed the weight requirements and strategic acumen of its troops, yet flexes a limp fist at Moscow.
  • The British Army claims it is the premier active force in Europe with 77,000 ‘active personnel’ – which includes secretaries, drivers, bookkeepers, and desk jockeys. At the start of the war, Ukraine claimed it had 700,000 active personnel or 10x that of the UK.   The budget was $30.5 billion from Ukraine and $145 billion from NATO states.

In 2014, the military of Ukraine was considerably different:   159,000 troops of which 466 were deployed.   A budget of $1 billion.   They enjoyed minimal participation in NATO’s military programme “Partnership For Peace”.   Created in 1993, the programme called for military neutrality. Reality: The programme is directly responsible for every incursion, every war, across the Middle East, Africa, South America, Latin America, and now Russia.  

Each of these incited ‘programmes’ has caused the death of multiple millions, the destruction of countries, starvation, poverty, and the mutilation of many millions more.   Rhino, Tom Cotton, has now clamored aboard the global genocide and called for More War!

University Degrees Produce Nonemployable Results

The typical cost for a mid-grade college in state including books and a room is roughly $32,000 per year.   While a degree used to take 4-5 years to complete, today it takes closer to six years. As such, the total cost escalates to $192,000.   Depending on your source, between 28% and 53% of recent graduates are unemployed or underemployed.   90% of online job applications sent get no response from the employer.   And 33% of recent graduates work at a job that requires no college degree.

This is why the student loans outstanding have reached an astronomical $1.75 trillion.   Colleges have become worthless institutions for the vast majority of attendees.   Instead of having every US Taxpayer foot the bills, a better solution would be to shove it back at the universities!   Require all institutions to guarantee a qualified job at a specific salary level at admission, or the tuition is free.

Watch CRT studies, BLM studies, LGBT studies, acting studies, and all the superfluous studies be eliminated immediately. Degrees would be completely ravaged and revamped. And education levels would rise exponentially as professors were forced to actually TEACH.

Enrollment in colleges has been on a steady decline since 2010.  As a result of a loss of hospitality and manufacturing prospects, wages in those jobs have outpaced numerous degree programs.   Degreed students are working aimless jobs with no future.  While Biden touts false employment statistics, claiming the unemployment rate is just over 3%, that rate would not reflect the black population.

Unemployment rates are an algorithm guestimate that do not reflect those not on the state unemployment handout.   Smash and grab gangs are NOT employed, are predominantly/exclusively blacks, and outside of the tabulation.   With that caveat, the Biden stats claim DC and Nevada to have the highest unemployment among blacks at over 11%.

In 2022, the smash and grab cost to retailers was over $100 billion.   California’s Marxist left governor, Newsom, has now signed a bill making it a crime to ‘STOP’ any criminal in the act of stealing and applied a fee of $14,600 for anyone who violates this bill.

The smash and grab costs do not take into account rising insurance rates or damage costs as stores are trashed.   Walmart shut down 4 stores completely in Chicago.   Leaving vacant property and loss of sales tax revenue for federal and state and city governments!   In addition, the revenue loss impacts property tax revenue streams supporting police, firemen, schools, and counties.  Cities will soon become toilets.

Liberal minded governments will attempt to recover their costs via the federal government which means all taxpayers will be on the hook to bailout San Francisco, Portland, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburg, etc… etc… etc…   Same logic as student debt relief.

It is also likely, our esteemed Federal Looters will take the money from Social Security and give it to the Department of Education – a scheme developers and contractors manipulated for years illegally!   Bill one client up front, use the money to buy supplies for another client, and keep it rolling until the liens pile up.   Then declare bankruptcy.

Speaking of bankruptcy, the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham, has declared bankruptcy!   All nonessential payments are frozen.

The vacuous pro-illegal immigration NGO’s claim that undocumented illegals contribute $492 billion in tax revenue.   This figure includes social security and Medicare contributions for which they will never be able collect.   Free revenue for the government at the immigrant’s expense.   In 2022, the federal government claims it collected $5.03 trillion in tax revenue. Of course the government spent $6.2 Trillion despite no pandemic costs. By comparison, expenditures during pandemic crisis for 2021 were $6.8 trillion.   Where does it go?

In 2022, Medicaid spending was $768 billion with an increase in enrollment of 92.3 million people.   This represents a 300% increase since 2000 with a brief flatline during President Trump’s term.   What the graph reveals is that poverty in the US should be increasing at the same rate. However, Government bureau statistics fudge the numbers.

In contrast to the 92.3 million on Medicaid, the US government declares that 37.9 million people are in poverty.   So how can the 54.4 million people collect Medicaid when they are not in poverty?   Common Core Math Accounting.   Fake algorithms.   False Estimates.   Manipulated Data.

Take your pick!

Maybe the government workers in these departments went to college and earned a degree in basketweaving. Because they sure as Fark didn’t get a degree in accounting, statistics, or economics.   In accounting, when numbers don’t add up and tally there is a slush account.   CPA’s allow no more than 1% maximum in this account to fudge a bottom line.   By contrast, the federal government is allowing a 60% accounting Slush Fund!

Chiquita Brooks-LaSure is the Director in charge of Medicaid and Medicare Services. Her Bachelors is in arts, and her masters is in public policy.  According to the federal degree requirements for her position, she should have at minimum a bachelors degree in business administration, public health or health administration. In addition, a masters in healthcare admin is required.   La-Sure has none of these. So what were her qualifications?   She is black.

While common college graduates are under employed – blacks in NGO’s and government positions are way over their head employed!    Which is why our agencies are collapsing and our government is destroying the entire system thru a Protocol of racism. As it stands today, if Trump were to be elected in 2024 – every single department within and without the government would necessitate scraping.   And every employee would have to be deemed unfit for unemployment benefits.  

US Government Spending on Electric Grid & Environment & Infrastructure $-0-

WHEN did it become okay to destroy our oceans?   To damage and destroy all fish and mammalian life that live in oceans?   Wonder why whales are beaching in vast numbers?   Wonder why our wild fishing is no longer viable?   Why was Japan allowed to dump a million metric tons of radioactive waste water into the ocean and the only objection came from China?

It takes just 57 days for that waste to distribute across the planet’s waterways contaminating everything in its path and destroying every creature within.

Somehow climate change will be blamed.  

It isn’t just the oceans – but it is our global landscape!   Forests burning to ash.   Arson.   Lack of firemen, firetrucks, materials, is despicable.  We are sending our money into the Ukraine toilet.   Instead of addressing the arson, our esteemed government continues to claim that heat from climate change and drought from climate change and a thirsty atmosphere from climate change are the real culprits.

Except they aren’t.

Even more disturbing is our government claims the 36,275 fires so far this year are normal.   Below the average.   The average beginning in 2010.   If we look at 1983 when fires first began to be recorded, there were 18,229 wildfires.  Meaning we have doubled the norm.    This is the metric of misinformation forced down our throats via cherry picking dates to substantiate an agenda.

But the disinformation is even more disturbing;  in 1983 those wildfires burned just 1.3 million acres.   In 2020, they burned 10+ million acres.  There are video’s afoot on Twitter X showing the arsonists.   Fire fighters understand that arson is the equation.  SO given our corrupted government is likely behind these fires in some manner, the question would be – WHY?

A more desolate landscape will force evacuees into inner cities.   The air pollution fallout from the fires will force people to move, their lungs burning with acid.   The trees that once provided our CO2 will not exist.    The animals once hunted for food will no longer exist.   Without these food sources we will eat bugs because that is all that will remain.  Cities are the end product.  Cities currently riddled in crime and destitution.   Cities ready to be leveled in preparation for the new and improved 15 Minute WEF Smart Green City.

Contaminated fish.  Contaminated wild meat.   You will eat your dog – one person espoused.

Yet it is only western countries.   Everyone else will fill the void of the West and flourish.

Lahaina:   Over 2,000 children did not show up for school this week.   Yet Governor Green still declares 112 people in total have perished.   The Official number.   The air quality in Lahaina is worse than poor after the fires, it is toxic.   Laden with arsonic, asbestos, and lead.  Fumes from burnt tires and plastics that can cause a host of health issues.  Chemicals that can increase the risk of cancer, birth defects, and cognitive impairment.   Why haven’t the elites opened their homes to people?   Not One.

The Department of Transportation led by Buttigieg announced they would release $3 million in emergency funding for ‘traffic management and repairs’.   Withe what maintenance equipment?   The cost to lay one mile of roadway is over $1.3 million.   One mile.   This does not include cost to clear and clean the current ashes, cars, and debris.    Resoil.   Grade.

When considering our environment as threatened to the point of extinction, our western Handlers are destroying the environment.   They pay the NGO’s that hire the arsonists.   And lest we forget, the Prime Minister of Japan, Kashida Fumio, was at the WH just 7 days ago and suddenly exercises the ‘right’ to pollute our entire ecosystem within the oceans.   Not one Congressional member objected.

Today, the Colorado government along with BLM have withdrawn 2 million acres of western slope land from oil & gas leasing.   Because of ‘pollution’.  The Strategic Reserves today are calculated to be 348 million barrels out of a capacity of 747 million.  This would last America 19 days.

There are no new electric grids currently being created.   There is currently no expansion of the grids functioning.   There is Federal funding in the amount of $13 billion available but with caveats — smart grids.   Smart Grids:  an entire network within the 3 grids across the US that will use AI to determine where and how much electricity will be distributed.   Despite this initiative being lauded since 2022, nothing has actually improved.   Why?

The Department of Energy led by Jennifer Granholm budgeted $46 billion in fiscal year 2022.  The vast majority went to the Department of Defense.   Another $16 billion, 35%, went to ‘Science and Energy’.   Their role is to advise Jennifer Granholm.  To give the money to the DoD.

In other words – there are no grid improvements.   No grid repairs.  No additional utility lines to support electric stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, heaters, or cars.   NONE.   

The Department of Transportation last week revealed they have completed all infrastructure improvements!   Just Kidding!   Buttigieg did announce that he has ‘appointed a committee to investigate infrastructure equity’.   The committee will investigate civil rights issues within infrastructure.   Disbursements for infrastructure?   $-0-.

LIES.   Our Government is destroying our environment.   They are destroying our economy.   They are raping Taxpayers.   For the privilege of inflicting untenable pain.   

Ready For Those Gun Toting IRS Agents?  NEXT!

ISRAEL Supreme Court – Balance of Power Lies in Weaponry

160 Jewish Actors, along with Alex Soros, have sent a detailed letter to “Joe Biden” to adopt a more US Cartel approach toward Netanyahu.   Alex Soros claims he represents all American people who have united behind him in horror as the Netanyahu government ‘assaults democratic norms and institutions’.   As a result, they declare that a separate US Embassy in Jerusalem to represent the West Bank, Palestine, in order to force compliance with the American Cartel.

The Conservative Treehouse refers to the liberal mania as The Great Pretending.  Suddenly actors with 8th grade educations are climate tzars – war tzars – moral tzars – and ethic tzars, and Alex Soros is all too willing to defer to them.   By comparison, his daddy, Gyorgy, aligned himself with the military and banking Industrial Complexes.   Not a good look.

These secular Hollywooder Jews, not surprisingly, side with Palestine.   What Netanyahu is attempting to deter is a government parallel to the US.   He has watched how the judicial system in the US has been completely eradicated and replaced with unelected ‘dorks’,     He sees the rule of dictatorship take hold and has taken means to assure that won’t be the future of Israel. He changed the rules and the US Cartel immediately sicced their internal proxies into a frenzied, massive protest mania across Israel – for months.

The protests didn’t work in the Cartel’s favor, so they called upon their benign Hollywood puppets to write a nasty letter of demand to Biden, The Puppet.   Logical.

In addition to inserting a US/Palestine embassy in Jerusalum without proper authority, the letter demands that Biden; “appoint a new U.S. ambassador to Israel and ensure Israel meets all requirements before considering its admission into the visa waiver program.”   The most damning point of contention in the letter is to require the UN to hold Israel accountable for war crimes.

Simultaneously, the US is attempting to force a US, Saudi, Israel Tripartate agreement wherein Saudi Arabia would recognize Israel in exchange for US Taxpayer MONEY and security guarantees.   In other words – a bribe. In the quagmire, the US labels both Bin Salman and Netanyahu as the LEAST trustworthy leaders in the world…

How to NOT make friends.

The reality of the tripartate is more about driving a wedge between these two Middle East governments and China & Russia in line with US Cartel Dictates.   The US desperation to block China and Russia from having any trade alliance has been Blinken’s focus as countries across the globe splinter.   The entire Middle East initiative is aimed at the destruction of economies.   Bin Salman and Netanyahu have both ground in their heels and see no need to hurry.

The Military complex in Israel is nearing a ‘game changer’.   An iron-beam or laser system that can cook rockets, missiles, drones, jets, etc… from a distance is in its final stages of development.  The point of the laser is to cook its target. This interception beam defense system is expected to be launched as of 2024. It’s retaliatory capabilities are phenomenal.    The Cartel is NOT happy.

The impact of these “Directed Energy Weapons” or particle beams is along the lines of a nuclear warhead in the destruction capabilities.   Just look at the US Military’s showcase in Lahaina!   A spectacle to scare US enemies into submission and bring them to their knees.

April 2023, the US Army began soliciting customers who were interested in testing their directed energy systems at the US Army laboratory in Alabama.   The facility claims that customers can have their directed energy efforts modernized and customized to specifications.  Fun!   So any ‘partner’ aligned with the US military Cartel is being offered the ability to own their own COOKER.    And like nuclear bombs – they have the capacity to destroy earth as we know it.   Share and share alike!

The entire overhaul that Netanyahu is slated to enforce which has brought to the table The Letter – is to curb excessive power of ‘unelected judges’.   The irony is that these same unelected judges will hear petitions against the new law that affects them… the police policing the police.

Netanyahu claims the current supreme court has the power to overrule government decisions based on the term , ‘reasonableness’. A word that is clearly subjective.   In the US, reasonableness is based on The Constitution. Israel has no constitution, leaving the word in a veritable state of limbo legality.

In Israel:

Judges are selected by the Judicial Selection Committee which is composed of nine members: the Minister of Justice (Chair), another cabinet minister, the President of the Supreme Court, two other justices of the Supreme Court, two Members of Knesset, and two representatives of the Israel Bar Association.

They serve until they are 70.

Given Israel’s election history – a stacked court is a fatal flaw. Witnessing the chaos in the US, Netanyahu wants to assure this will NEVER happen in Israel.   The Cartel is desperate and has declared this law disrupts the ‘balance of power’.   As we have come to realize, there is no balance of power in any government.   It is simply another carnival mirror affectation.

And the Balance is Based on Weapons – NOTHing Less.

CHINA Bad – Mongolia Good: The Rules Based Order

As the China Good – China Bad tennis match comes closer to an end, it appears the US has decided China bad.   The mini-war over semiconductors would seem to be a stalemate wherein China will not export the necessary minerals for the manufacture of chips and the US continues to block China’s access to chips citing a national security risk.

The battle is not about chips for computers or even cars, it is about AI.   China’s technology in AI vastly short-circuits the US.   The reason?   Military.   AI will be the new and improved nuclear bomb.   While the Media likens AI to benign advances such as ChatGPT, the DoD saw AI as a potential means to control the world.

Unfortunately, the Power Cartel was short-sighted, and instead focused their efforts on chaos and destruction throughout the US and the Military while the Tortoise plodded along creating technological advancements.   Suddenly realizing they lost enormous ground in the Control Industry, sanctions and more sanctions became the norm to attempt to curb China’s advancement.

Project Maven was one of DOD’s super-dooper initiatives in utilizing AI to perfect video captures on drones so as to annihilate the target and analyze ‘data’..   Fun.   In April 2022, The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency located in Denver decided Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was incompetent and took over Project Maven.

In reality AI will be hijacked as a war mechanism.

Center For Strategic and International Studies (CSIS):

“China is conducting an unprecedented campaign below the threshold of armed conflict to expand the influence of the Chinese Communist Party and weaken the United States and its partners. This campaign involves sophisticated Chinese espionage activities, offensive cyber operations, disinformation on social media platforms, economic coercion, and influence operations targeting companies, universities, and other organizations.”

Growing up in Germany, my dad was a Spook.   Spooks from all over the world would frequently gather together at ‘parties’ along with various politicians, and ambassadors.   Everyone was supposed to pretend there were no Spooks attending, but of course – if you didn’t know then you certainly were not an intelligent Spook… My dad took to wearing a long black cape with his fedora, while sunglasses and a riding crop became his accoutrements – just so everyone had – no doubt.

So it is today.   In the above CSIS statement, we are led to believe China is a Spook and the US is not.   A Game.

China’s goal is to weaken the US strategically so as to become the dominant global power:   1. The Cartel has managed to weaken the US from inside without any help from China,   2.   The US is attempting to weaken China technology so as to weaken China’s ability to compete.

In order to preserve the minerals needed for AI chips, the US has sent their bravest and best trade negotiator, Kamala Giggle, to Mongolia to persuade the government to allow the US to rape their resources of these same minerals.   Circumventing China.

The non-coincidence is the fact that Mongolia is bordered by China and Russia – presenting a strategic war position.   Roughly 50% Buddhist and 50% Islam, Mongolia is a UN member and a partner with NATO – although not a member. During the Bolshevik war and occupation of the Soviet Union, Mongolia was a prefect of the Soviet state embracing communism.

Since 2018, Mongolia’s President has been an ally of the US and Japan.   Then in 2022, Putin and Xi Jinping made inroads into the Mongolian sphere.   The current PM elected in 2021 graduated from Harvard.   DING!  Shortly after, PM Luvsannamsrai  became a member of World Vision International.    GROOMED.

Although World Vision claims Christianity as their ideology, their staff include athiests, Muslims, secular Jews, and multiple denominations  in accordance with the UN inclusivity agenda.   They have been cited on multiple occasions for misuse of funds, politicizing its inner mechanisms, and having no true faith base.   As such its founder has divorced himself from the organization.

The end result suggests that the Mongolian PM was installed by the Cartel.

Yesterday, Kamal Giggles and the Mongolian PM signed the “Open Skies Deal”.   The purpose is to allow open air space for the purpose of trade.   Given China is Mongolia’s largest trade partner representing nearly 75%, the US denouncement of China in favor of Mongolia could erupt in some territorial conflicts. The meeting stressed the need for Mongolia to support the “International Rules-Based Order”.

Roiling the South China Sea over Taiwan, and now Mongolia, it would appear the Cartel military strategy is to surround China while crushing China.

I doubt Xi Jinping is oblivious.

The Rules-Based International Order was formed post WWII by the United States. The UN was established to help implement the globalization of The Order.   NATO was established to be the military arm of The Order and the punisher for violation of any of the rules.   As a land-locked country, Mongolia’s reliance on its immediate neighbors, Russia and China, does not put its western alliance in a strategically beneficial position.

China more than likely intends to pressure that reality upon the Mongolian government as China, the newest ice cream flavor that was, is no longer, and instead finds itself joining the ranks of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, and – Niger.   The military coup in Niger – is a global message.   And it isn’t the message the West wanted.  

Mongolia was put on notice.

Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal: A Trafficking Hub

As the rhetoric goes, Russia publicly declared that they would not renew the Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal.   The Deal was launched last summer with specific guarantees to Russia – as well as Ukraine.   Problem: The West didn’t uphold their side of the Deal and continued to levy sanctions on Russian fertilizer and grain including shipping and insurance issues.   Every major media in the West is tasked with promoting the same story – same verbiage – same dastardly notations.   Same Propaganda.

What they don’t inform is the fact that Ukraine’s entire cereal exports account for just $9 billion in total value, representing 19% of total exports.   Or 1% of its GDP.   In fact, Ukraine’s trade has been highlighted to show that cereals account for the majority of its exports.   However, according to UN Comtrade – of all goods exported – “Other” represents the largest category at 40%.

Headlines:   “The Needy Will Die!”   “We Feed The World”.   What needy, 90% to 95% of Ukraine’s cereal exports were actually sent to the EU.   Not Africa or Moldova, or Pakistan.   Poland declared the grain spoilt and agreed to allow livestock to consume it.   Since then, Poland has declared they will be a transit line – not a hub for Ukraine grain.

The Deal meant that Ukrainian ships could freely move about the Black Sea without restrictions. But there are numerous oddities about Ukraine’s and the West’s assertions:

  1. It is unknown what is truly in the shipping or railway containers. Given Ukraine was a shipping point for child and slave trafficking – could that be why the West is so incensed?
  2. The grain did NOT go to the nations in need – but was sent to transit points in the EU.
  3. The global trade of cereals represents just $159 billion.   Meaning Ukraine at its best accounts for roughly 5%.
  4. Top exporters of cereals:    US, Argentina, India and Russia.
  5. Russia called on the West, the UN and Turkey to abide by the Contract and relieve sanctions that target Russia’s ability to ship grain.   Not once – but every single time Russia agreed to extend the Deal, despite the West, aka US, not adhering to the Russian side..
  6. The amount of cereals exported by Ukraine has already been surpassed by Russia and Argentina –
  7. What’s The Grain?

Obviously there is something else afoot – and given the amplified concern over grain – it is much more likely that the grain housed something else much more profitable.   Something along the lines of Drugs, organs, Women slaves, and children.

Something is very amiss.

  • According to the World Integrated Trade, the category “Other” Trade is labeled “service” = $15.5 billion exported on $10.7 billion imported.
  • Farm workers have also become war conscripts, leaving farmers high and dry to tend what’s left of fields. Zelenskyy initiated exemptions for ‘some farmers’. Locals declare that doubling conscripts ignored the exemption. And training consisted of five days.

According to Ukraine’s agriculture calendar as provided by the US, Ukraine has only just harvested its agriculture products, ie winter wheat and corn and nothing has been exported since last summer and fall. Yet a row with Poland last April was about spoilt grain imports that were ‘subsidized’. Who is subsidizing Ukraine grain?   USAID.

And where did Ukraine get grain to export in April?

At the time of the row with Poland, the Minister of Agriculture, Henryk Kowalczyk, was criticized for accepting Ukraine ‘grain’ and profiting from its sale.   He was immediately terminated just hours before he was set to meet with Zelenskyy.   10% for the other Big Guy.

When the Black Sea deal was created Zelenskyy declared that Ukraine would serve the global good and export its grain to Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.   Sudan received nothing from Ukraine but instead imported from Russia, Argentina, and Romania.   Somalia imported from Russia. Yemen’s wheat came from Canada, India, Russia and US.   Ukraine?   Nada.

So again – what exactly did Ukraine transport in those 1080 ships that left port last fall?

US Department on Trade:  “Ukraine is one of the world’s top agricultural producers and exporters and plays a critical role in supplying oilseeds and grains to the global market.”   In whose reality?

During CoVid, Ukraine’s economy ranked 119th.  Ukraine’s median wealth in 2018 was $40.   GDP PP was $3,881- estimated. given Ukraine has no bookkeeping.  During Covid Ukraine took a complete shutdown as a solution – destroying its economy. Grain output slumped by 40%.   Fields died.

Zelenskyy has adamantly proclaimed that Ukraine has received some $40 billion from the US in aide.   Yet Biden’s Black Book declares the US has spent $130 billion+.   Zelenskyy has declared that 70% of US arm shipments end up on the black market.   Yet the DoD does nothing, says nothing, hears nothing…   Now US Taxpayers are told that  money sent to Ukraine came from US Social Security Department… a department that routinely declares it is BROKE!

And here it is before edits:   In 2017, according to World Bank, Ukraine’s shadow economy accounted for 37% of GDP.   That would translate to “Other Services” in imports and exports.  That would include child trafficking, organ trafficking and slave trafficking.

The fact that The US Department of Defense refuses to account for ANY of Ukraine’s funding, the fact that Biden signed an EO giving Lloyd Austin the power to declare a National Emergency, the fact that Ukraine’s shadow economy accounts for 40% of trade, the fact that Ukraine has been embroiled in Child trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking – should IMPACT American People in the complete breakdown of the US Government and its NGO’s.

Magnetic North Shift – It is The Journey Not The Destination

Germany’s Nature Restoration Law:

Degraded Peatlands.   Ever heard of them?   Few have.    Including me.  But Germany is bending over backward to re-sustain them because they can absorb carbon dioxide and when agriculture farms drain the peatlands, it ummm makes climate bad.   According to no study ever done, across Germany, drained Peatlands account for 7% of greenhouse gas emissions.   In order to ‘rewet’ Peatlands, Germany needs to confiscate farmland and potentially raze entire villages. Greta is singing hallelujah…

Food security is now secondary to ‘protecting nature for future generations’.   Of course if everyone starves there will be no future generation.   But alas I tinker.   The law would allow 30% of all ‘former Peatlands’ exploited for agriculture, you know food, to be restored by 2030 – The Bingo Year – and 70% by 2050 when everyone is dead.

A Peatland forms naturally over thousands of years via decayed plants – but Germany is convinced they can recreate them unnaturally by reducing agriculture output and filling man-made holes in the ground with water.   Germany imports a mere 7.8% of its food.   This self sufficiency is negatively impacting climate, so Germany will import more from other countries across the EU & China causing them to increase production on their agriculture land emitting more greenhouse gases…   And these people run the world.

In essence, every climate solution merely shifts the cause to another source like a shell game.   Windmills are killing our oceans and ocean life.   Lithium batteries require massive amounts of oil and gas and water to manufacture.   But the manufacturing is – over there… not here.   Therefore it doesn’t impact climate change.

From cow diapers to unsold and bankrupt auto dealers trying to sell electric cars, the chaos is embraced by the cluckers and cockadoodledoos.   Across the US the unsold inventory of electric vehicles now stands at nearly double that of the ‘gas-guzzlers’.   Because no one is buying the schtik!

Germany is in the midst of a drought.   We are still in La Nina.   La Nina has always translated to drought in some areas and flooding in others.   That’s what climate does – it changes. Daily.

According to National Geographic, magnetic north has never been stationary.   It is currently moving east from Canada toward Siberia.   Despite thousands of ‘science experts’ across the globe, not a one can say why this magnetic reversal happens, or what the consequences are.   But they do emphatically declare not to worry – it happens all the time.   Anywhere from every 20,000 years to every 200,000 years – give or take a hundred thousand.

Yet somehow, refilling Peatlands and Wetlands will change the weather…and stop magnetic north from moving.   Experts declare.

Earth’s magnetic field is generated within the inner core field of molten metals and the interaction of our atmosphere.   When the magnetic field shifts the earth’s magnetism depletes slowly. Scientists tell us not to worry because the shift could be thousands of years in the future. What they fail to address is – “The Journey”.

It isn’t the ‘arrival’ of the finished event that is of concern, it is the journey.   By actual experience science does know that satellite systems, electronics, and radar can all be disrupted by blips in our magnetic field. Whales and sonar mammals become confused. Other than those minutia of phenomena, mum is the word.

However, the journey would reveal that climate is most obviously affected. Our weather is created via interactions between earths core, space, the moon, planets and the sun.   For example:   this summer we experienced catastrophic rains and hail.   Uncommon for El Nino, more common for La Nina.   Trade winds in the upper atmosphere are directly impacted by earth’s magnetic field where they are essentially created.

Such a journey would also impact volcanoes, earthquakes and other weather events that no amount of windmills or solar panels will dent.   This summer I watched numerous times as two separate and distinct climate systems collided causing torrential rains and hail.   The fronts were typically moving quite fast and low before colliding like two bulls vying for a female.

The only reason the Cartel elite would have in pushing a climate agenda instead of the actual polar shift would be to create a secret buffer zone for themselves when the shiitake hits. Given the Climate Funds are not funding anything of consequence, perhaps the two-book accounting system is being employed.   It has been the mantra of The Pentagon since at least the 60’s when nails would cost $100 each. It is the same system used to create Ukraine Aid.

Depopulation would make sense in this scenario given the depletion of wildlife, crops, and sustenance in a chaotic polar journey.    To survive, people would likely need to move underground.   Bunkers are in style.   But the extent of damage is unknown and the time to regain magnetism as the field continues moving east and south is theorized to be at least 1000 years.

The bunkerites are afraid that if the truth were known on a global level – their plot would be foiled again ~ Dudley!   And commoners might confiscate a few bunkers.   Maybe Bezos thinks he can sail through the storm on his 450 foot yacht.   The solar impact is also considered an ‘unknown’.  But I would imagine the seas will not be kind.

Maybe the photos of UFO’s are simply asteroids?   Breaking through earth’s atmosphere …

The Gurgle on the street is that a UFO Event has been scheduled for sometime in August.   Courtesy of The Cartel.   Who The Heck knows.   What we can swear to on the Bible is ‘these lizard peoples’ in government lie pathologically.   And no amount of climate change is going to make them into ‘better people’ with a conscious and compassion.  

They are no different than the father running from his house during an earthquake leaving his wife and children inside….    

The World Of DATA Is An Illusion

The Job Market is showing signs of cratering.   Real People – not a Matrix Algorithm – but real people are being laid off in hordes.   The Tech market leading the bandwagon is claiming their layoff reaction is due to ‘inflation’.   The claim is that during the online Pandemic panic tech firms over-hired.   Now they are cleaning slate of superfluous employees, particularly highly qualified ones…   Illogical?   Absolutely.   Yet that is the narrative.

Of the $525 or $700 or $800 billion doled out in PPP Loans, the vast majority of the funds went to the Largest Corporations representing just 5% of businesses.   In other words, the PPP Loans which were created to go to small businesses – didn’t.   Tech companies were some of the biggest beneficiaries.   Revenue took a hit between 2021 vs 2022, yet when compared to 2019 – the spikes were higher by 60%, 80%, and double.

A Subsidy.   A Scam.   What happened to $800 BILLION?

For Example: META’s income between 2019 and 2022 rose 66%.  

Media 2022 – META shares take a 20% DIVE!   Media Jan. 2023 – META shares soar 20%.   As though it was ‘engineered’.   Between 2021 and 2022, Google/Alphabet added 34,000 jobs – an increase of 22%.   Same period – profits tanked.   For both companies, pretax income in 2021 was stellar.   Alphabet’s income in 2021 more than doubled over 2019.   It’s revenue to date has risen over $100 billion.

These are not causes for layoffs.

Where are the layoffs coming from?  

Many of the tech layoffs are from obscure companies located predominantly in New York and California ~ according to tech-crunch.  212,294 in 2023 so far, and 164,709 in 2022.   Shopify declared their layoffs were “due to a need to be more efficient now that the stable economic boom times were over…”   Dropbox claimed that their layoffs are due to slowing growth and ‘investments that are no longer sustainable’.  META claims it is restructuring.   Yahoo also says it is restructuring.

A closer look reveals these companies have been buying back shares since 2019 while incurring debt.

Who benefits from the share buybacks?   The same trio:   BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street.   Fink, Buckley and O’Hanley are the respective CEO’s of these three giants.   They Control and Dictate the market, the price of shares, the buys and sells, the media press releases, the news, etc…

The economy is virtually an illusion.   White House press briefings continually spike false information to dispel notions that America is in a decline.   A monopoly game with fake money.   Because in reality, the West ran out of money long ago and has been peddling the shell game for a decade or more.

Example:   Germany just announced the purchase of 60 Chinook helicopters from Boeing for a price tag of $7.8 billion.   Germany is in the midst of a recession.   To pay for the deficit spending, Germany has announced they will borrow an additional $18+ billion in 2024.   High unemployment, high inflation, packing on more debt, Germany is simply another Matrix of reality.

Does the US even have ‘gold reserves’ or is that another false piece of data?   How Deep Is The MATRIX?

As I noted above there are 3+ accounts on how much PPP loans were distributed.   Different media = different facts.   Facts are created opinions.   Money is allocated – and suddenly it cannot be accounted for.   Ukraine aid?   The infamous Pentagon Paper Caper wherein they had lost $3 trillion before 9-11.   Remember the $1.2 TRILLION infrastructure bill?   It was labeled The Bipartisan Infrastructure and Jobs Act.   Yet bridges are collapsing, trains derailing and jobs are lost.

Where’s The Beef?

The Bill was signed 1 ½ years ago. According to CNN a whopping $2.2 billion had been dispersed over 166 different projects by the end of 2022: A pedestrian bridge in Phoenix. A Snow melting project in New Hampshire.   Renovation of an airport terminal in Boston.   Yet train derailments and bridges falling down have yet to be ‘addressed’.   Why?

The White House decided to use some of the money to create a website map delineating the use of funds with dots showing ‘potential’ funding project locations.   Then the disclaimer;   These maps are illustrative and represent what states project they may use requested funds for. All announcement data represented on these maps, including award and project locations and funding amounts, is preliminary and non-binding. Awards may be contingent on meeting certain requirements.

A downloaded data set revealed the ‘announced funds going to different federal departments’.   It does not reflect ANY disbursements.   The Infrastructure Bill is represented via a ‘four step plan’.    Step one was Biden signing the Bill. Step two – agencies decide how they will review applications.   Which is tantamount to delay.  As of today the WH reveals they are only 1/3 of the way thru Step two… a year and a half later.   WHY?

Because there is NO MONEY.   It is an infinite loop.   Moving money from A to B to C to D to A…

In a world of manufactured Data, the unraveling is always subject to hitting the wall of distractions.   The Infrastructure Bill was a distraction.   A deflection in order to subvert a Fact.   Just as 9-11 was multi faceted to subvert the Pentagon debacle of losing $3 trillion.   Lives are of no consequence in the Agenda given earth is vastly ‘over-populated’…

According to who?   Are there really 8 billion humans?   Who tells us this?   The same people who tell us algorithmic and data lies all day long.   The same people who declare at the end of every statistic that the number is an ‘estimate’.   Remember when the Data experts declared they would no longer count CoVid cases?   They never did count them – Covid data was assimilated by; Wikipedia, NYT, Johns Hopkins, Facebook, Google and various analytics…, including Bill Gates IHME.

The World Of Data IS An Illusion.

EDUCATION via AI: To Rule As Giants

Three years ago in 2019, a means for replacing colleges was introduced by a company, EvoLLLution, based out of Canada and California.   The concept is directed toward tossing typical testing methods to determine College admissions and instead rely on other means to make entrance more ‘progressive’ and equitable.   As though they anticipated the removal of Affirmative Action, better known as ‘race discrimination’.

The pro argument for affirmative action was ‘cultural assimilation’.   Forcing universities and employers to have a subset equal to the US demographics of race.   Cons were ‘merit’.   Pro’s won and universities began the process of accepting students as quota margins.

EvoLLLution, The Modern Campus, saw the coming backlash and defined a new means for schools to recruit students without affirmative action – yet instead with affirmative action disguised.   The means?   Eliminate such aggravants as grades, test scores, ACT requirements, etc… and replace them with essays and videos and pictures.   Eliminating knowledge and replacing it with ‘feelings & emotion’.

According to EvoLLLution, professors, teachers, and academics are replaced with ‘corporate partners’, and education is now specific to what a particular corporation wants from an employee. There are no actual degrees, the learning is continuous. It is a parallel to Smart City ideologies.   Or company towns that flourished from 1880 to 1935.

The focus is on AI online Learning and Technology.  WHY?   To Eliminate Free Will.

Yesterday when the Supreme Court reversed a previous decision on affirmative action, public divisions were once again quite angry calling for the abolition of the Supreme Court and The Constitution. In response, Harvard said they would find a way and means to avoid the SCOTUS ruling via ‘essays’.   In other words, Harvard had already planned for this decision – THREE YEARS AGO.   Their hissy-fit today is just for show and tell.

The purpose of EvoLLLution, an online news portal for corporations and colleges, is to modernize campuses to meet employer demands.   Employer’s no longer care about GPA’s and Communication Degrees, they want specialized trained employees.   They want employees whose life will be dedicated 100% to being an employee. What they don’t want is the hassle of free thinkers.

Also in preparation for the education shift, the push for AI pre-programmed means of educating children K-12 is making rampant headway.   In this scenario, the role of a ‘teacher’ will be to guide students through any difficulties they have with their AI assigned trainer.   Students can still go to school if they want or simply login.   Students that show up at school will sit down with their computer learning kit.   No other interaction is necessary unless there is a glitch.

At the university level, online AI training is preferred. At this level research centers will be provided, however, typical classrooms, lecture halls, and all the costs associated therein will be eliminated.   Grades will be eliminated – AI will determine your career choice for you based on its knowledge of you – the subject student.    Proficiency will be measured by Corporate America.

Agenda 2030 outlined the transformation of education years ago.   CoVid was a test project for K-12 online learning.   It failed miserably.   Colleges were vacant, students became depressed, and dropout rates went through the roof.   AI is different.   EvoLLLution declares that the AI Trainer assigned to you will evolve as it gets to know your responses and reframe your tutoring to account for individual assessment.   It is NOT simply an online class with pantless professors.   It will be more like matching your skill level at grade five, which is what schools, do in Germany, to your next generation of learning.  Dividing and sub-dividing children into various groups based on abilities.

The Biggest detriment is ‘interpersonal contact’.   Today, inciting teachers in the K-12 industry to become non-teachers with porn issues, assault issues, screaming fit issues, and fire breathing plague issues is a manufactured event and outcome.   The purpose of which was to hypnotize parents into the horrors of teachers so that AI friendly computers can easily make the shift with parental approval.

The interpersonal shifting is more difficult.   With AI classrooms, the teacher’s usefulness is akin to that of a warden – or room attendant.   Their purpose and training will revolve around showing a student another AI means of answering their questions – because the warden doesn’t have answers – only AI.  Teachers of today will become obsolete – a necessary evolution.

Ultimately, one of the projects agendas is to eliminate physical schools and raze their property.   Colleges and universities will be obsolete per se – and research institutions will absorb the excess tax dollars.

The largest ramification is of course bias.   Rewriting history. Training the next generation to become 1984 robots. It is a memory of what was once acceptable in many ancient civilizations. A pattern of workers ‘the worker-bee’ whose sole function is to support the Queen.   And who were these Kings and Queens down the line from the times of ancient pyramids?

They were the Giants. They were the ancient Greeks and Egyptians whose existence as the elite was based on birth rites – Like King Charles whose throne on the Cartel pyramid is considered quite high.   He has a penchant preference for who is allowed to run for President of the US – as those with a noble genealogy.   Their shared class.

World Economic Forum: Employee Ownership – A Ponzi Scheme

The main thrust of the World Economic Forum 2023 is “Resilience”.   Corporations are warned that they need quick and decisive action in the face of adversity.   The slower they react, the more likely they will fail their ‘stakeholders’.   Shareholders are passé.   WEF Young Leaders have infiltrated every western country, and China. Those from Taiwan list their country of origin as Taiwan, China.   NOT Taiwan, USA.

In our new world of DEI and sustainability – it appears the concept is appeasement.   Websites have been redrawn to host a black representation of life.   Diversity experts showcase the corporations stakeholder agenda.   While behind the scenes Boards are typically white male dominant.   The point – the D in DEI is a nod, not a reality.

Equity:   this concept is a bit more creative in its logic and rationale. The term “equity” refers to fairness and justice. Equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. ~ NACE

It is under this presumption that DA’s refuse to prosecute – because criminals started from a place of imbalance and thus are not responsible for their crimes.   By contrast, it is presumed that all educated White people come from a place of upper class standards and therefore their crimes must be over-prosecuted to account for the injustice of equity.

Inclusivity:     This term did not apply to people until recently. It’s previous meanings were more aligned in entities or resorts or family.   It was not until the great sustainable word began to be used in every sentence that ‘inclusive’ was brought in as a form of ‘nonracism’.

The WEF list of global fellow youth leaders is inclusive of Christina Freeland of Canada, and Maria Bartiroma of the US. A prominent sponsor of the WEF is McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey’s website states they want to build an ‘Inclusive Economy”.   Lead in;   7 in 10 people live in societies with growing inequality.For McKinsey this means delisting colleges and attracting more people to trained skill positions. Their point? College does nothing to prepare a person for work.   It is a good point, relevant, and viable – IF that is what they actually were trying to achieve.

Unfortunately, McKinsey then starts with the Bill Gates/WHO methodology of tossing out fake success numbers that are completely, entirely fabricated.   “We saved 5 million lives” – “We have helped reskill 1.25 million people”…   False Advertising used to be a crime.

In complete contrast to the WEF they fund and sponsor, McKinsey claims Ownership Works, and have created a new NGO with the name.   Website:   “We are reimagining Equity to Build Wealth For All”. Funding is predominantly from Banks, Investment Funds, Big Oil, and includes Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network among other noteworthies.

Their objective is for employees to become the owners of an existing company – overseen by an ‘investor’. The Investor is a funding partner of Ownership Works;   Berkshire, KKR, Silver Lake, Blue Wolf Capital, etc…   The appointed Investor manages all the business and decision making on behalf of the employee share owners while training the employees is a joint effort of McKinsey and the WEF.   For a Fee.

But it isn’t exactly how it sounds.   Employees are given shares in the company in the highest dilution possible.   For example:   Harley is predominantly owned by BlackRock and State Street. More than 146 million shares are outstanding.   The shares given to employees are infinitesimal compared to the number outstanding and the employee is only given the value of the shares when they retire. More like a pension plan. Or restricted stock shares that cannot be sold.

Harley Davidson’s share value since 2014 has halved.   Employees are warned that the risk of ownership may outweigh its benefit ~ SEC.

When United Airlines instituted 55% stake employee ownership – it came with restrictions such as reduced pay, reduced benefits, and work-rule changes.   The largest shareholder of United is – Vanguard.  It is the Hedge Funds which rule the Board of Directors which rally the Executives to do as they are told.   Employees are still just employees – only now they are getting paid less.

The idea of employee ownership has not taken off very well. It is not about ownership per se, you are still simply an employee with reduced wages and benefits and a retirement plan built on owning one stock. By comparison, executives are offered higher options, unrestricted, and retain full power.

This is more like a PR stunt to pay less employee wages and benefits such as 401k plans – in the present and future while maintaining the same structure.   A Ponzi Scheme – a shell game because you still don’t have real ownership – your stock has no value – until you retire.

Note:   In the 1980’s when the communists took control of Poland they instituted similar measures;   to buy any car, you needed to pay the FULL cost up front, wait 5-7 years for the delivery of said car, and if the value increased during the time between purchase and delivery you had to pay the difference. If the value decreased, Your Loss!   Exactly the same as the employee stock ownership plan…