In the course of my writing commentaries for a financial wealth counsellor, I was continually asked which news source was the most truthful and not given to bias.  For my commentaries I had always sourced numerous places in order to extricate and retrieve pieces of the puzzle.  So, the question was pertinent.  The answer – I could not find a solitary stand alone source that seemed to provide a well researched in-depth perspective not given to bias.

In the course of this question, I was writing my own fictional novel (in edit phase now).  It addresses the future of this false distortion of facts.  The incredible harm that is perpetrated by the media in planting stories, writing from incredible bias, and basically attempting to mold societal views became more and more incredibly unsettling.  It is a ‘game’ of sorts.  A board game for power like none other.  It erodes our values, our ethics, and our morality.

But that is the point.

From chaos people will ultimately seek/crave a leader even if that leader is the one who instituted the chaos.  It is not unlike the hostage whose mind falls slave to his abductor.  A powerful psychological tool, it is used sometimes purposefully, sometimes unwittingly by our current media.  And it’s ramifications will change our world.

I have hope.  I believe that we can fight this, we can take back our society from those who claim to be leading with authority.  The games that shadow all governments around the world need to be unfolded so that we can be treated as adults, intelligent, worthy and able to assimilate truth.

And so, I hope to fold back the curtain and unveil the giant as nothing more than a person from Oz.

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