Writing commentaries for a financial wealth counsellor, I was continually asked which news source was the most truthful and not given to bias.  For my commentaries I had always sourced numerous sites in order to extricate and retrieve pieces of the puzzle.  So, the question was pertinent.  The answer – I could not find a solitary stand alone source that seemed to provide a well researched in-depth perspective not given to bias.

In the course of this question, my son introduced me to the name, Soros.  That one name spurred a plethora of research as I became aware of the web of NGO’s and Media affiliates entwined therein.   Attempting to unravel the chaos that had been quietly instilled, this Don Quixote quest became an obsession.  The Globalist quiet evolved into anarchy as timing became a dominant factor and President Trump opened Pandora’s Box revealing the reptilian swamp within.

It would appear that Soros desperately wants to be in the audience when the final act is played, and the Globalist triumph is ushered into place.  As such, the stage, the actors, the players are making hasty decisions – and hasty decisions lead to mistakes.   While it now appears that the last act is to destroy both the Republican and Democrat parties in order to usher in a New Party whose Socialist core is rooted in Marxism, the scene for the final act is the United States, our economy, our freedom, and our societal values.

Although Soros is a center stage power core who has allowed himself to be the scapegoat, he too is a puppet of sorts.  As the Lead Actor, he enables the Directors and Producers to remain in the shadows so as to deflect any liability.

Bought and paid for, the media is an influential puppet source.  Oddly, they don’t seem to care.  But they don’t pull the strings, they are the marionettes.  As the board game unfolds, it becomes apparent that Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ will forever hold the reality:  “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.

President Trump has created a Fourth Act to a three act play.  Much of the bulwark European nations have succumbed, selling their country to the Directors and Producers.  While the Marxist need for Sheepel is a core necessity in the play, The People are rising.  Marionettes that thought they were essential players are finding themselves expendable, their lives sacrificed in order to save The Queen – and by default the King.

Corralling the ‘youth’, the game is a common theme of good vs evil.

And in the end, God will win, as Shakespeare quoted from the Bible:  “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

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  1. Isis and Nephthys find parallel in Mary. Nephalim are wife and sister of Osiris, the ancient Egyptian cultic crucified Savior, similar to pre-Christian, Syriac Baal, another sacrificed “King”.
    For an “epiphany”, read The Hero of a Thousand Faces, by Campbell, and/or the Ugarit Texts, and/or The Golden Bough, by Frazier.

  2. Just discovered this site. Very interesting commentary by Helena and comments are very thoughtful. Regarding the geopolitical commentary, I think that the multi-generational nature of our oppressors leads me to think there is an ideology behind it. It seems a very basic good vs evil battle. So good= God and bad= Satan. Good requires some faith in a morality whereas bad is “Do what thou wilt”. Of course organized religion is a product of man. Gotta look inside yourself to find truth.

    • Good does not necessarily equate to organized religion – it equates to an ethic, a value system, and a morality that subscribes to Jesus Christ.

    • If one thinks that ‘someone’ is ‘directing Soros’ then one would have to believe that once the octogenarian dies – all his directions will die. Which is blatantly false. And so, the question is more of a multi=generational query… and that answer would be – those who are the descendants of the Nephalim.

      • Wow. Just discovered you today. The more I read, the more impressed I am of your keen understanding and ability to clearly convey truths. So you know of the Nephalim. Is there any subject you won’t tackle? Carry on; I’m hooked.

  3. Interesting views about the role of pedophiles and pedophilia in shaping world politics. I wonder what is the role of another group that shuns exposure – sadists?

  4. George Soros says about himself that he is an atheist, but as a young man he had messianic ideas about how he should shape the world.
    The Bible says: By the fruits you should distinguish the true masters from the false masters.
    And Soros is a wrong master.
    And his string-pullers as well.
    They are criminals
    Their ideology is a disease of the mind
    The Illuminati were founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt and Amselm Meyer Rothschild.
    The Lord will destroy them when the Pluto cycle is completed.
    Pluto has a cycle of 248 years. Only a few more years and the empire of the Illuminati will crash, it is already crumbling.
    The Hindus have honed the sword with which Soros and Rothschild and colleagues will fall. Because the development of the Internet is based in particular on the intelligence of the Indian computer scientists.
    The Internet is the weapon of truth.
    Of course, Soros and Rothschild and colleagues can censor the mainstream media.
    But the spread of the Internet has led to an increasing number of people seeing through the criminal plans of Soros and colleagues.
    That’s why the Americans have chosen a tweeting president.

    • The RAND Corporation claims to be the progenitor of the Internet – whether this is true is really of no consequence but the battle remains

      • The success of many American IT companies is based on the performance of Indian computer scientists hired by American companies. The essential center of IT development is Bangalore

        Quote from GEO

        “The emergence of the software industry in South India dates back to the 1950s, when very early Bangalore emerged as a center for companies and institutions such as Bharat Systems (military technology) and Indian Telecom The development of these germ cells, mainly through military research, was the background of this massive state investment, an inward-looking economic policy that sought India’s economic and political independence. ”


        The years of business relations between America and India were probably one reason why American Hindus 2016 voted for Trump.

        Many Indian IT professionals are paid below the US level, even though America relies on Indian IT workers. Apparently, Trump had promised to promote cooperation between America and India and to improve the pay levels of Indian computer scientists in the US (for example, by changing the conditions for foreigners’ work permits in the US).

        A few days before the presidential election in the US, Trump’s son received a blessing in a Hindu temple

      • Trump, Hindus, IT, Supplement

        The Hindus will probably no longer vote for Trump. Because the subsequent changes to the visa of the Trump administration meant that foreigners were only granted a work permit in the US under very difficult conditions. This damages the Indian IT workers as well as the IT industry in the US, because IT professionals are missing. Currently, Trump wants to change the visa regulations in favor of Indians again, but in recent years Trump has lost the confidence


        • I very much disagree – what Trump did to the Visa program was to make it more like every other country across the Globe whereby ‘merit’ based was bumped to over 50% which should have virtually no negative impact on Indians given they typically are highly skilled.

        • Trump is still learning on the job; but has the right instincts and ultimately turns to the right direction. – Think of all that he has had to deal with. He is certainly better than the alternative!

  5. The Indian saint Sri Aurobindo once described God as an eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden. From the point of view of Vedic philosophy, the material world in which we live is a delusion that hides the radiant reality of God, a transcendental plane of pure bliss . From this point of vedic view, human life is destined to gain compassion and clear mind. The individual can reach this mental state by meditating on the transcendental names of the Lord and by leading a pure life. Such a mental state is the precondition for entering the blissful transcendental plane after physical death. When the individual does not reach such a state, man is withdrawn into the painful cycle of death and rebirth.

    The future grows out of the karma of past lives. Anyone who wastes his valuable human life by acquiring meaningless wealth and harming other living beings for this purpose will become a victim in his future incarnations.
    Once a visitor asked the following question to the Indian master Paramahamsa Yogananda: “If the world is a deception anyway, why is it necessary to do good?” Paramahamsa laughed and said: It’s like in the theater: In the end, the villains are punished and the good guys rewarded. ”

    In this context, it could be added that sometimes the punishment or reward occurs only after several incarnations. That’s why many people are blinded to God’s righteousness. But every person who strives for spiritual knowledge will quickly realize that individual life is only one of many lives. And the divine computer works perfectly, nothing is lost.

    In India, the lotus flower is considered a symbol of the development of the human soul. Because it grows out of the dark mud and yet blossoms in full purity and beauty as soon as it reaches the water surface and its time is ripe.

    The development of the human soul, however, requires the conscious turning to God. And God is calling us all, just as the sun’s rays penetrate the water and encourage the growth of the lotus seeds

    Of course, people have free will.

    If someone wants to stay in the mud, he can do that

    There are also lotus flowers that rot in the mud.

    People who claim that God does not exist are like lotus seeds in the mud, which claiming that there is no sun.

    In India, a metaphor says that God takes a thousand steps toward a human being when man takes only one step toward God.

    Everyone can try it for themselves.

    Because the lotus seeds are created for the light and not that they should rot in the mud

    The Indian scriptures say that if we live a pure life and chant the holy names of the Lord, the Lord can liberate us from all impurities and sins. When people have committed many sins, they may need many incarnations until they have extinguish the negativ karma. Therefore, spiritual teachers in India are highly valued. For a realized spiritual teacher can support his devotees to eradicate their bad karma, for example spiritual teachers as Jesus Christ.

    Therefore, some HIndus also worship Jesus Christus

    • Sonja, re Soros and karma:

      CAUSE cannot create an effect
      that’s not I N H E R E N T to
      CAUSE—to its Self.

      Where does fault/culpability (karma) lie,
      if that premise is soundly/logically true?

      Now, employ Aristotle’s means to
      “enlightenment” – extrapolation – and
      draw the correct conclusion.


      If this is an illusion, then
      Everyone/Everything is
      Perfectly Innocent Here
      and Everywhere!—infinitely, infinitesimally, and inter-dimensionally.

      Even George Sonos and Hitler and Chairman Mao and . . .



      You may be positively
      challenged/awakened by
      studying Jesus’ channeled
      books (( 3 books and a
      booklet on psychotherapy )):

      “A Course in Miracles”.

        • ACIM mixes bits of truth in,
          Just like the ole devil himself.
          It is all to cripple you into ‘no action’. Ask yourself, who created the New Age agenda……?

      • I disagree with the basic premise of this response that “everyone is perfectly innocent” if this is an illusion. It begs the definition of illusion – ie someone has to create the illusion with the INTENT to deceive! The entire premise of an illusion is to lie-

      • JungianinTp

        Your reference to the above fore mentioned book, is part of the great deception.

        ‘Doctors study medicine,
        Healers study darkness’

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