Writing commentaries for a financial wealth counsellor, I was continually asked which news source was the most truthful and not given to bias.  For my commentaries I had always sourced numerous sites in order to extricate and retrieve pieces of the puzzle.  So, the question was pertinent.  The answer – I could not find a solitary stand alone source that seemed to provide a well researched in-depth perspective not given to bias.

In the course of this question, my son introduced me to the name, Soros.  That one name spurred a plethora of research as I became aware of the web of NGO’s and Media affiliates entwined therein.   Attempting to unravel the chaos that had been quietly instilled, this Don Quixote quest became an obsession.  The Globalist quiet evolved into anarchy as timing became a dominant factor and President Trump opened Pandora’s Box revealing the reptilian swamp within.

It would appear that Soros desperately wants to be in the audience when the final act is played, and the Globalist triumph is ushered into place.  As such, the stage, the actors, the players are making hasty decisions – and hasty decisions lead to mistakes.   While it now appears that the last act is to destroy both the Republican and Democrat parties in order to usher in a New Party whose Socialist core is rooted in Marxism, the scene for the final act is the United States, our economy, our freedom, and our societal values.

Although Soros is a center stage power core who has allowed himself to be the scapegoat, he too is a puppet of sorts.  As the Lead Actor, he enables the Directors and Producers to remain in the shadows so as to deflect any liability.

Bought and paid for, the media is an influential puppet source.  Oddly, they don’t seem to care.  But they don’t pull the strings, they are the marionettes.  As the board game unfolds, it becomes apparent that Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’ will forever hold the reality:  “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”.

President Trump has created a Fourth Act to a three act play.  Much of the bulwark European nations have succumbed, selling their country to the Directors and Producers.  While the Marxist need for Sheepel is a core necessity in the play, The People are rising.  Marionettes that thought they were essential players are finding themselves expendable, their lives sacrificed in order to save The Queen – and by default the King.

Corralling the ‘youth’, the game is a common theme of good vs evil.

And in the end, God will win, as Shakespeare quoted from the Bible:  “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

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