Macron – The Power of Charm

The Grooming of a President for France has been in the making for a number of years. With Hollande’s approval consistently tanking, the shadows knew they needed to find someone younger, charismatic, a Socialist, someone whose greed and lust for power could easily be bought. And they found Emmanuel Macron.

He attended one of France’s most elite schools where he was trained in Civil Service, graduating in 2004. His biography states that in 2007, he served as deputy rapporteur for the Commission to improve French growth headed by Jacques Attali, Macron was 29. But the Commission wasn’t formed until 2008.  Obviously he is a bit ‘math challenged’.  The  Commission report was heavily criticized for its proposal to ‘relaunch immigration’ and ‘open borders’… Attali was ridiculed and called a ‘globalist’.

Sound like anyone we know?

Macron left the Commission, which was shelved September 2010, to work for Rothschilds & Cie Banque where he became an overnight millionaire while working the Nestle acquisition of Pfizer’s nutritional outlet, which closed in 2012.   Nestle is a client of Rothschilds.  Macron had no experience in acquisitions and mergers whatsoever…

What does one do when one makes millions overnight?  Apparently one quits.  

He then left Rothschilds to work for Hollande as deputy secretary general of Elysee, and eventually Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Data in 2014 where he served 18 months before running for Presidency. I’d call that a pretty fast paced runup with little to no political experience or business savvy.

Sounding phishy? Because it is.

All of these positions seem a bit odd for a very junior man with no experience in any of these respective employment quarters.   And so, it would appear that Rothschilds saw in Macron what they saw in Obama before he too suddenly became a ‘millionaire’.

Leaving a company, Rothschilds, where he was making millions, to suddenly becoming a deputy government official making less than $70,000 per year and rising to a Ministerial position in less than 2 years, is more than a bit odd.

Ministers in France are typically appointed after a tedious reign of past accomplishments and decades of public service.   Macron was appointed at the ripe age of 36 with barely a smidge of experience. But it gets a bit more murky:

In researching the list of past Ministers, he isn’t even recognized as having that appointment at all… When clicking on the link for Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Data, the page forwards to Minister of Finance. The List of former Finance Ministers does not include Macron’s name at all. Nor is there seemingly such a position as Minister of economy Industry and Digital Data….

In essence, the man has gone from a shadow of nothingness, to millionaire status at the hands of Rothschilds, to a position that doesn’t exist in the French Government, to running for President. Murkier still:

Not wishing to frame himself as a Socialist, given the current climate of politics in France and the disillusionment with Socialist Hollande, Macron created a new Party – En Marche.

En Marche is considered a Liberal Progressive Socialist Party closely aligned with Clinton politics. While Macron claims the party is ‘centrist’, his General Secretary is Richard Ferrand, a member of the Socialist Party. En Marche was partially funded by BNP Paribas, a French banking giant with connections to Rothschilds. Which would kinda, maybe indicate that En Marche is just another Rothschilds loop.

FYI :  Clinton’s and Rothschilds very buddy-buddy.

Enter Macron’s biggest competitor in the presidential race – Francois Fillon, a conservative. January 25th a member of the current Parliament under Hollande leaks to Le Canard Enchaine, that they have launched an investigation into possible misappropriation of funds in Fillon’s hiring and paying his wife as his aid.

Fillon’s lead tanks, and Macron moves closer in his competition with Le Pen despite the fact that he is nobody with no experience and a questionable title as Minister that doesn’t really exist, who made millions as a newbie with no experience working for Rothschilds on an $11 billion deal.

The story was immediately picked up and headlined by, which is now a Soros platform, Washington Post (which routinely runs articles for the Rothschilds) Bloomberg and Reuters.

It is only a matter of time before Marin Le Pen, who is currently leading in the election polls, finds herself embroiled in her own funneled scandal so as to pave the way for Emmanuel Macron, a Rothschilds/Soros agenda.

This my friends, is how a President is made.

De Blasio’s Blubbering Bumbles

Mayor De Blasio seems to be confident that he doesn’t need Trump, won’t abide by the rules, and will circumvent the law in order to maintain a healthy, wealthy and wise New York City bereft of Government subsidies…

The audited financial statements for fy 2015 say – Not So Much! Below is just a small fraction of the discrepancies:

  1. The audit found that DOE’s controls and management over its computer hardware were not sufficient to ensure that it could properly account for the computers it had purchased. DOE did not maintain a centralized inventory of computer hardware purchased from Apple and Lenovo. Further, DOE did not reconcile the individual DOE sites’ inventory records with its Asset Management System (AMS), the database used by DOE to record computer hardware delivered to DOE. Consequently, auditors could not rely on information in AMS, and the system could not properly identify where all of the computers paid for by DOE were located.
  2. An audit examined whether NYCHA had adequate controls in place to accurately monitor and track vacant apartments in its public housing developments the audit found that NYCHA had inadequate controls over the monitoring and tracking of its vacant apartments. NYCHA did not ensure that vacant apartments were repopulated with new tenants in a timely manner.
  3. The audit disclosed weaknesses in DHS’ oversight and controls over its emergency contracts. DHS did not have formal monitoring procedures, nor did it have sufficient evidence that oversight and monitoring activities for the contracts that were the subject of the audit took place. In addition, DHS personnel did not adequately review or check invoices and supporting documentation for accuracy prior to payment. Finally, emergency contract managers did not perform satisfaction assessments of shelter clients as required by the City’s PPB Rules Chapter 4, §4-01(e).
  4. The audit found that DCAS does not adequately account for and manage its inventory of City office space. The agency does not have a reliable computer system or an effective tracking tool to assist in processing moves and renovations, or with maintaining an inventory of all City office space.
  5. The audit determined that HRO failed to implement proper controls to ensure the appropriate, prompt and efficient delivery of services to applicants for benefits under the BIB Single Family Program. Specifically, HRO failed to effectively monitor the work of the multiple consultant companies hired to carry out the program. As a result, by December 31, 2013, seven months after the program began accepting applications and over a year after the storm devastated homes along the coast of New York City, only 960 of the roughly 20,000 program applicants had met with HRO to discuss the options available to them through the BIB program and zero applicants had actually received any program benefits.
  6. The audit found significant deficiencies in NYCHA’s internal procedures that resulted from management’s failure to institute adequate controls over inventory operations. Consequently, there is limited assurance that the inventory at the satellite warehouses and the development storerooms is adequately protected against misappropriation or theft.
  7. In the case of the City, liabilities and deferred inflows of resources exceed assets and deferred outflows of resources by $181.8 billion at the close of the most recent fiscal year,

Net Pension Liability for the City is $52 billion as of FY June 2015.

IN FY 2013, Federal aid to fund the NYC budget amounted to roughly $46 billion representing about 28% of their revenue.

Pensions and debt service amounted to over 21% of the annual budget…

30.3% of working families are 200% below the poverty rate, 22.2% of children in the city are in poverty, and 35% of single parent families live in poverty.

Is De Blasio’s Blubbering against Trump based on his own successes? Obviously not, yet he threatens to extend the deficit hole of New York City by forfeiting 28% of the City’s revenue base so he can personally fund abortions, pensions, Medicaid, and HUD housing deficiencies…

Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

Hillary’s Progressive America

Geraldo judging Trump is like a dog judging a buffalo… no contest.   Geraldo has been married five times, brags overtly on live television that he has had sex with over 1000 women, has reportedly sexually assaulted Bette Midler, is married to a Democrat, has had children with his multiple liasons, has tweeted a nearly nude picture of himself because he finds his body so very attractive, and then feels compelled to publicly judge – Trump.

This is the America we live in today. Transgressions are never owned – instead fingers are pointed.

Hillary claims that Trump is lewd and offensive and she is above these slanderous rituals of political mudslinging, turns around and slings not just mud, but a tsunami of destructive opinionated insults. And America inhales it like cocaine.

What a Hillary Progressive presidency might look like:

  1. Wall Street is her idol. They represent the banking cartel that outlined their agenda for world order centuries ago and have patiently and patently organized every peg in the game from the Federal Reserve to NATO to the UN, Global organizations that will fill the void when governments are eliminated or taken over. Instituting coups is of the greatest importance, second only to the devaluation of intellect through subversive control of our education system.
  2. Hawkish military policies will fuel more wars and massive destruction of entire countries.
  3. Eliminating natural and organic markets, Hillary is an advocate for Monsanto and the increased devastation their herbicides and pesticides will ultimately wreak on American farms. As the land becomes unusable, the land grabs of Africa owned an operated by large corporations will be the world food overseers.
  4. Hillary claims she is a “Progressive Democrat”, yet refuses to define what that means… so I will: Social Justice is a tenet of Marxist theory. Sharing of corporate profits is a tenet of Marxist theory. A socialist revolution must occur in order to create the dictatorship of Marxism. Once fulfilled, the dictator statehood rules over the peasants. The statehood is considered to be the economically dominant intellectual power. Thus while wealth in terms of classes is eliminated, their remains a ‘Ruling Class’ – and everyone else.
  5. Soros has called for a ‘controlled’ US dollar devaluation of upwards of 30%. That would mean increased inflation, stagnated growth, and the creation of a continually lower standard of living. But the dollar has declined 98% since 1913, the same year that the federal income tax was initiated, the same century that created the Federal Reserve, Social Security taxes, sales taxes, the SEC the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, and the thousands upon thousands of governmental agencies that have created a national debt approaching $19 trillion or $19,000,000,000,000. NOT as a result of capitalism – but of a progressive socialist economic agenda.
  6. The concept that all national boundaries should be obliterated is a tenet of the New World Order – and Hillary.
  7. Our US education system was recreated in the early 1920’s by Rockefeller who saw the opportunity to establish and determine what knowledge would be shared with the pubescent minds. The point was to condition the child’s mind while eliminating unessential data such as history, arithmetic, and language. Instead, each child would serve the corporate need of the generation. This dummy-down mind control is the basis of Marxism.

    John Dewey, a Marxist and a “Progressive”, formulated the US education system on the models of communist Russia, and labeled it “Progressive Education” based on the ideology that God was dead.

Karl Marx quote, “The first battlefield is the rewriting of history.”

A stupid person is easier to control than an educated one. Trained, they are like cattle. Common Core is the Federalized dummy down in which even the most simplistic of ideas is convoluted thereby creating a void of knowledge.

In 1913, unemployment stood around 4.3%. Output per capita was the world’s greatest. Real output was growing an average of 4% per year. It was the same year Rockefeller gave $100million to his own foundation thereby avoiding the newly instituted federal taxation. Russia, France, Italy, US and the UK were allies against Germany, Austria, and the Ottoman Empire. But the banking cartel headed by Rockerfeller, JP Morgan, Montagu Norman, Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, and Lehman orchestrated the creation of the Federal Reserve so that they could control the money supply which gave them the power to orchestrate the Crash of 1929 in which they profited handsomely! It also gave them such expansive power that they became the shadow government making all decisions…

The Clinton initiation into the Rockefeller cabal began sometime in the early 1990’s when Bill Clinton was harvested for the Bilderberg Group and Lawrence Rockefeller demanded Hillary take task into a health care reform project for the US. They dictated the presidency, the policies, the laws, healthcare, welfare and – education.

It was at the passage of the Federal Reserve that Congressman Charles Lindbergh Sr. was quoted as saying, “From now on all depressions will be scientifically created.” He voted against the Federal Reserve. He also asserted:

There is a sinister influence at work in our country, which, if it is not checked, intends to completely undermine the original purpose of the formation of our Government—change it from the purposes of a democracy, and instead make it of a monarchical and plutocratic system, and to bring all the world into one control and one system, which for purposes of deception of the plain people, they would call a “world’s democracy,” but which in fact it is their plan to make the rule of the wealth grabbers, maintained by simple organization of themselves and disorganization of the masses pitting the masses against each other.”

This is not something new! This is something that has legs in the tortoise and the hare. Why the urgency seems to have ramped up – is still a viable question…

The next imperative? The devaluation of the US dollar… and if the US is supreme, how come China owns the position of four out of five largest banks in the world…

Because the real battle for world domination rests in the battle of two; China and their allies as government forces, against the US, EU and it’s allies as corporate entities. Everyone else – in-between – is simply ‘collateral damage’.

Hillary Clinton vs. TRUMP : falling out of grace

While Hillary mocks Trump for his tax loss, she fails to acknowledge her own woes of ‘being broke’ due to squanderous spending and lax savings. Leaving the White House where insider trading was routine, where tit-for-tat was commonplace, where money was loose and large, the Clinton’s claim they came away – broke! That doesn’t bode as a monetary policy of profit… it boasts a crisis of over-spending. The same over-spending that will bankrupt the US.

The only way they could create wealth was through a fraudulent foundation that did nothing for charity at a less than 9% payout, but milked governments for favors, and thru onerous speaking engagements – for onerous favors. And in that genre, they managed to accumulate hundreds of millions, much of which most likely is stashed in overseas accounts…

Given their own discombobulated logic, it would seem they promote fraud over business, and money as their god.

Add to the fray that the Mz. uses as her magnate idol a former Miss Universe who took offense because she did not comply with the rules of her ‘employment’ and her win, a woman who threatened to kill a judge if he jailed her gangster boyfriend with whom she had an illegitimate child – and we get a clearer picture of what Hillary stands for…

Add to the fray the Hillary who enabled and exalted her husband’s infidelities as though it was normal and simultaneously attempted to destroy the various ‘mistresses’ and rape victims, and this is the feminism that Hillary promotes and justifies and glorifies!

Add to the fray that there are dead bodies of real people, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers… who may have lost their lives as a direct consequence of Hillary, and we have her morality and ethics on display for how she will rule this country – as Queen Marhilly of Scots.

Add to the fray that she shares the ‘bomb everyone’ mentality, and we know that there will not be an ally left on this planet that will support the US.

Add to the fray that her mental acuity is questioned, her health definitely a topic of concern, and we have a medicated, prescription addict who can unravel at any moment and plunge the US into a perilous chaos much like the over-medicated, delusional Hitler when he became addicted to a cocktail of medications including bull semen, amphetamines, barbiturates, opiates, cocaine etc… and led Germany into a World War.

Add to the fray that her best pals include Huma Abedin a Muslim Brotherhood bride, George Soros an aging farcical stage manager who wants to witness the fall of the world before he dies – just for funsies, and Cher, an old actress who has less than a high school education and has threatened to leave the country on numerous occasions to everyone’s bated breath – and yet never does. Sigh. And these are her trusted companions…

Add to the fray that her closest email cohorts have been given immunity, their computers smashed to smithereens so that the data can never be revealed to the Public, and we now have a person who buys the law – and glorifies in that power…

AND YET – the focus is on the fact that Trump utilized VALID tax law to write off his losses against his income as does every person who can – and we are comparing ‘legal’ to the worst devastation of the Constitution and the Commandments possibly ever having transpired in this country – much less to a Presidential candidate.

And the fray revels and glorifies this woman – why?

Because morality – ethic – law – order – discipline – compassion – honesty – truth – and justice – are no longer relevant. Just have a conversation with a Democrat. And immediately the barbs fly, the hatred flies, the accusations fly, the derailment flies, the antagonistic – intolerant – hatred comes unraveled.

It would seem to be – the root of chaos. The same chaos that Soros so loves and fuels at any given opportunity. The same chaos that these political pundits embrace with a zeal without the ability to actually see – their own violent animosity.

Did you hear about the white 17 year old that was violently beaten up by blacks and remains hospitalized with massive head injuries because he advocated support for the police? Probably not – because the media doesn’t find those stories of value.

The Obama Legacy

With the Obama Bathroom Gender on the agenda as a crowning moment for the President’s legacy tabulation, I decided to find out exactly what accomplishments are being attributed to his term – and was completely, utterly shocked!

A site, albeit one that is must be written by Obama’s personal PR magnates, lists no less than 358 actionable achievements that Obama is credited since taking office – and they claim that each one is accompanied by a ‘citation’ of proof!


While I won’t/can’t list them all without losing my mind, I thought some were rather inventive and could elicit a comedy routine or two:

  1. Signed an Executive Order ordering an audit of government contracts in order to combat waste and fraud, and appointed a Chief Performance Officer to oversee and make certain that federal spending was efficient.

Waste #1: a $750,000 soccer field for Guantanamo detainees

Waste #2: $500 million to train 4 Iraqi’s to fight ISIS

Waste #3: $24 million for internet routers in West Virginia designed for thousands but servicing a few hundred

Waste #4: $104.5 million for an Alaskan town to build a harbor and an airport when the town doesn’t even have roads and a population of 75 residents

So who was the first nomination for this whiz Chief Performance Officer who manages all our tax dollars at work? Jeff Zients, who got a Bachelor of Science degree and apparently worked in ‘consulting’ before landing the coveted position of COO of DGB Enterprises. But DGB doesn’t even have a website, and according to Bloomberg, has no competition, no information, no formal explanation of who or what they are, except that they have an office in the Watergate Complex in DC. Manta claims the business is categorized in ‘magazine publications’ and employs between 1 and 4 people.

Not exactly a rip roaring resume COO position to be suddenly nominated as Chief Performance Officer overseeing all federal spending to eliminate fraud and waste! During his tenure as Federal Chief Performance Officer he single handedly overhauled the plaguing tech issues for Obamacare by ‘insisting’ that one person be appointed the General Contractor so only one head would fall when it all tanked. Everyone else could then say, ‘not me man, I got no responsibility…’ WOW – impressive!

  1. Signed an Executive Order demanding that federal agencies review all regulations and remove all unnecessary and burdensome regulations:

Oh MY! As of 2012, just over 11,000 new pages of regulations were ‘added’, and by the end of 2014, the sum had increased to 21,000 additional pages. While all these pages do no necessarily mean 21,000 new regulations – the Order was to ‘remove’, not add.

  1. “Through His investment in GM, returned the company to its place as the premier car company of the world”.

OUCH! The GM ‘plan’ was created by GM before Obama assumed office and was approved by Bush in 2008. And even though the company is now profitable, despite the fact that our tax funds bailed it out of bankruptcy, they can offset their previous losses against their current profits and wipe out all taxable income – ie, they pay no taxes…as in ZERO on profits of billions.  Wait – since we paid for their return to solvency – shouldn’t we get the Tax Credit?

  1. Obama ‘scolds Congress and gets passed a $305 billion Highway Bill which will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs’.

The 1300 page Bill will use the current gas tax to fund the $305 billion over a period of five years – $61 billion per year. But wait, the gas tax only generates $34 billion per year, so where will the rest come from? And Obama hardly drafted or even proposed the Bill, it was orchestrated by Bill Shuster, James Imhofe, Barbara Boxer and Peter DeFasio. What Obama accomplished was writing his name…

  1. And last, for me, but not least, Obama dropped inflation in Healthcare costs by 50% as a result of the Obamacare initiative:

Fancy-pants way of ignoring the Truth. Healthcare Insurance premiums have risen to ridiculous levels with out-of-pocket deductibles reaching ten to twenty percent of income for the middle class, and premiums reaching 25% for middle class. I could give a dang about the inflation rate when I’m personally paying thru the nose! Not to mention that the quality of care in the US is teetering in the bottom of the barrel when compared to other developed countries.

Personally, I found that Cuba might just be the new go to for US citizens looking for quality and affordable healthcare… But then, maybe that’s why Obama dropped the drawbridge.

Of course, the most recent legacy that will be added to this lengthy 358 will be the Bathroom Bill, an achievement worth mentioning given that we are “playing chicken” with China and Russia. But then, that’s not important…and Bathrooms take precedence.

FYI: For those who don’t remember, ‘playing chicken’ is a game in which 2 players engage in an activity that will result in serious harm unless one of them backs down. It’s a game where the one who backs down is referred to as a chicken and is thus humiliated.

Job Requirements – a Want Ad

WANTED: “Recent” College graduate, prefer MA, 15 years previous experience required, able to lift heavy loads – upwards of 125 to 300 pounds, sit endlessly doing nothing, have a respectable, professional attitude, designer clothing required, work 80 hours per week and some weekends, and rise to the occasion when your boss screams obscenities at you that may require you to bow, bark and scrape like a pet dog. Likely candidates should have no life outside of work and have no possible evolution of a life.

Before submitting a resume, all candidates must complete a short online test including skill levels of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Oracle, Perl, Java, Sage, SAP Business, NetSuite, PHP, NDS, JDE, Cruise Control and Timberline. Estimated time to complete the test is 20 hours. Anyone whose score is below 99.5% will not be considered, ie, don’t bother sending in your resume. Due to potential cheaters, candidates who are interviewed will have to retake a similar test in a 4×4 room we provide, locked and secured, camera monitored (bathroom breaks are not available).

Health insurance will be provided after one year of satisfactory performance without sick days, leave or vacation, however, given that our insurer has just announced they will be leaving the Obamacare exchange, the only plan available has a $25,000 deductible and a 60% co-insurance clause with a maximum out of pocket of $150,000 per person and $300,000 per Family. The $3200 monthly cost will be shared employee/employer 75/25. If financial assistance is required – that is your responsibility, as all employees are required to accept the policy we offer or they will be terminated.

We provide a 401(k) plan available to Executives only. Given this position is for Management, you would not qualify until or unless you were promoted within to an executive position. However, given this has never happened in the history of this company, it is doubtful you will ever qualify. But you can always hope.

Our Dental and Vision plan has a $15,000 deductible after which everything is covered except teeth and eyes.

Preference will be given to a young person willing to work as an “Intern”, however serious candidates who meet all the criteria and are under the age of 28 will also be considered at a starting salary of $25,000 annually. We anticipate over 10,000 applications for this position, so no one will call you if your resume is rejected. Bonus’s are common within this company, but they routinely apply to top tier Executives – so you won’t be eligible.

We are an Equal Opportunity employer looking for that exceptional candidate that can fit into Cinderella’s Shoe. Please do NOT call or your resume will be rejected. Resumes over ½ a page will be trashed. Resumes that do not meet the writing guidelines of The Association of Resume Writers – will be trashed. Resumes that utilize colored font will be trashed. No Recruiters, no Bondsmen, no Political agendas. Period.

We anticipate choosing our candidate within the next month however, in the event that we do not find any of the submitted resume’s fit the Shoe, we reserve the right to list this job opportunity again monthly up to one year.  Candidates are prohibited from sending their resume to any other company, agency or individual during this candidacy period or their resume will be – trashed.

Interviews will be held weekly between the hours of 6am and 6:30am. Each candidate scheduled for an interview will be allowed to sell themselves before a committee of ten senior executives for exactly six minutes. Unlike presidential debates, if you go over your time, you will be hauled from the interview room forcibly and not considered viable.

Any protest of these rules and guidelines will be considered a terrorist act and Homeland Security will be called whereby you will be arrested on the spot and spend eternity in the most tortuous prison on this earth.

If accepted into this five star company, you will be required to sign a contract that prohibits you from ever leaving our employ unless fired for just cause (reasons can be found in our company handbook on pages 6 through 127). If you do attempt to leave this company on your own terms, you will be liable for a rebate of all wages earned between the first 1 and 7 years, 75% of wages earned between the next 7 and 15 years, and 50% of wages earned between 15 and 25 years. At the end of this 25 year grace period, you will be deemed to be fully funded and free to find work elsewhere as you will be considered too old to be of further service to this company.

Please paste your Resume in the box below:

THIEF! Jewelry or Heart?

I keep telling myself that the generations of priceless jewelry that was so callously robbed from me – has no meaning. It is just stuff. It is baubles. I should let it go. I should forget and forgive.

And then weeks later a particular piece will come up in my mind and I will smile at its story. So many pieces had stories – they were fun – they were memory. And now someone has thieved me not just of my jewelry – but of the memories.

I think I saw my jewelry as a part of my dowry. It was that – big.   I had a lot!  I mean, my great-grandaddy was a professional gambler and apparently was known to take jewelry in lieu of casholla. There was even a set of dice – four antique ivory dice in a hard camel leather case. Rumor had it – they were loaded. Story. There was the sapphire ring that he supposedly won in a poker game in Russia. The story was like an old Kenny Rogers movie – ‘know when to hold em…”. Anyway. There were pieces given to me by my passed Auntiheistand who was my Godmother. She was an amazing woman, always smiling and laughing outloud, she enjoyed every single minute of her time on this earth. Amazing woman! Her husband was a four star general in the Army. And the funniest most endearing man you could ever meet! Genuine.

My paternal grandmother was also of military heritage and so she traveled the world – Indonesia, Siam, Hong Kong, it was the generation before everyone was sent to Germany. Germany became the go to after WWII. Almost like we still don’t trust them and want to make sure we have a presence, a handle on every movement every official makes – just in case.  I digress..

And then there was my ex-husband. We actually made a fair amount of jewelry with gemstones taken in lieu of cash during the real estate boom and bust in the 1980’s. So I had these really interesting pieces set in the 18k gold era – when that was the norm. I had rings and pendants and brooches, back in the day when everyone always wore – a brooch. A pillbox hat… Pearls. Some pretty cool pieces.

And then – well there was my dad’s Medal Of Honor. They took that too. And while I am going through the inventory filing for the insurance and they ask you to put a replacement value on each item, I got a bit stuck. How do you value your dad’s Medal of Honor?  I still haven’t turned in my inventory, somehow I think that by doing so I am giving up hope.

There was the gold Libra coin – because she and I and my mom were all Libra.

I had tie tacks that were my dads, cufflinks, things I will never be able to picture of replace.  But apparently it doesn’t much matter anyway because only scheduled items are actually reimbursed.  And that’s not something your insurance agent might propose.  But in my case should have been better handled.

I am naive by nature.  Some things – you can never change.

There are still umteen numbers of items that I simply can’t recall, too many generations and stuff I never wore, but always thought I could pass to a kid – or their spouse. A legacy changing hands – a baton if you will.  And while I continue to tell myself it was – nothing – I know it was ‘something’, but I still need to let it go.  I am obsessing to an extent.

Anymore, we as women are cubbied. Attitudes have changed. Extremes sometimes sabotage the very thing they attempt to reconcile. And that would be the case with women. My worth was what I could bring as assets. And now it is gone. Stolen. Capiche. Kaput. Vamoose. Gone.  And maybe – that’s the point.  If in fact he has taken this asset from me, and believes this is for my good, then I hope he realizes the ultimate consequence of this action.

Just sayin’…

So no, it wasn’t jewelry – but it was. It was priceless in its history. And now the stories associated with the pieces are lost – forgotten – shifts in the wind.

I still love to tell stories. Love to pass images and views with a lot of humor. The hurricane careening down the lake taking out boats and us hiding under the table with our gas lanterns… and then emerging to play Tripoli. It was over, and time was eh. We’d assess the damage – in the morning.

So, I suppose at this late stage, I will have to start from scratch and make entirely new stories – somehow, although I am hard pressed to find a good story to be had from jewelry bought at Charmin Charleys…

Just aint’ the same.

Sophie – In Memorium


Today after much postponing, my sons and I put down my dog Sophie. She was over 17 years old and had had numerous times when she seemed on deaths door – only to perk up again and give us hope she would live forever…

I first met Sophie when my boys brought her home after a Bronco game, holding her and saying, “Look what we found… we could keep her if you want, or we can take her to a pound where they will kill her…” Animal lover that I am, she became a member of our family – for better and for worse. Worse was that she was completely untrained and wild. She was in heat and growled and snarled and had obviously been abused.

But despite her eating my kids favorite toys, chasing the neighbor kids around trees, and being a complete weirdo, she was family. When one day she decided that she would no longer leave our cul-de-sac, her phobias kicked into high gear. She would walk to the end of the street, sit down and go no further. So she was relegated to playing and chasing and adventures via the car.

Originally she came to us at barely 17 pounds – she looked like a cross between a red fox and a dachsund. I thought she was amazingly gorgeous! At some point she ballooned to 50 pounds and we jokingly referred to her as the ‘double wide 747’. Getting serious about her weight, the kids were forbidden from giving her treats and half their meals, although this was a challenge, and she was put on a strict diet. She recovered and maintained a respectable weight that as she aged we came to realize was all – fur.

Her bones protruding, her knees giving way, she would not let us trim her nails and they grew to ridiculous length. Her teeth hurt. Her bones hurt. Her back would arch in this horrible fashion. I tried doggy aspirin, and eventually it just didn’t work any more. Absolutely stubborn to the end, she would not touch the Tramadol that may have prolonged her life – but to what end. She was totally deaf and could no longer appreciate the piano I played for her.

We, my sons and I, tried to determine when. That awful, awful decision that is just awful. And we waited three years! She would recover – especially when the warm weather came in, and then winters were tough. But she began to fall spontaneously, and then she would quiver, and sometimes she would splay and whine for help to put her legs back beneath her. Fortunately, being home, I was always there to help. The nurse maid – but in a loving way, never a burden.

So many memories of her protecting me, warning me of danger, she was small, but she made up for it in character. I will miss her terribly. I made the kids throw away all her things in the house. But I know that every time I walk into the ‘mud-room’ from the garage, where she would lay in her bed, I will think she is still there…

A dog, such an amazing companion, so unconditional in their love, so always there – Sophie I will miss you terribly!!