Clintons Re-Launch Global Initiative Foundation & Presidential Run

As Congress meets to argue whether Ukraine is entitled to another dime, out of the cobwebs comes Hillary to save the day.   Metaphorically.   She wants to save the day for Ukraine at the expense of USAID via US Taxpayers.   Relaunching her Foundation that reportedly actually granted roughly 6% to charity, she has declared her foundation’s newest scandal will be to ‘give humanitarian aid to Ukraine’.   That is double speak for ‘YOUR tax dollars will go to Ukraine via the Clinton Foundation financed by the US Government’:

Of course, there will be substantial donations to Big Mommy and Family members in the process.

State/USAID’s budget in 2013, ten years ago was under $20 billion.   Ten years later it is proposed a $63 Billion need for 2024.   The main recipient has typically been National Endowment for Democracy (NED).   On paper, NED is then required to dole out the funds to various charities inside the stipulated country in need of humanitarian aid.   Instead, the money pays for NED’s expenses, and then the balance ends up at the World Bank whereupon usury microloans are extended to other countries.

The Clinton Foundation wants a piece of this action. Under the guise of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

The last filed Form 990 for NED 2020 – :   Income $253.6 million, Payroll & Expense $29 million, Rent $7.5 million. Their largest grants went to the AFL-CIO, Center For International Private Enterprise (CIPE) – a subsidiary of NED, China Digital Times, International Republican Institute – a subsidiary organization of NED, National Democratic Institute – a subsidiary of NED, and a host of ‘projects’ based in DC, NY and Florida.

What these agencies do not do – is improve the quality of life for anyone.

The 2024 Budget for USAID includes:  1) invest in energy infrastructure and cyber security, and promote the resilience of the Ukrainian people as they defend themselves against Russia’s invasion. 2) 2.8 billion to combat authoritarianism.   3) $10.5 billion for Ukraine and Syria… 4)   $4 billion to support resilience against China manipulation. 5)   $3.2 billion to payoff Indo-Pacific new alliances.   6)   $10.9 billion to combat foreign diseases, aka Bill Gates & WHO.   7) $31.1 billion to support women diversity uplifting. 8)   $4 billion to figure why there is migration. 9) 2.3 billion for new hires.

The Clinton Foundation was a recipient of USAID money when Hillary was Secretary of State disbursing the funds – to herself.   The ‘humanitarian cause’?   Haiti.   Haiti subsequently devolved into chaos – never to recover. Other causes included El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.   The countries where the vast majority of our illegal immigration originates today.

When Hillary lost her presidential bid, her Foundation tanked. Her popularity among foreign governments who had contributed to her Foundation for the purpose of profit – tanked.   Ultimately, the Foundation went completely dormant. Until now.

Yesterday, just days after Billy visited with Pope France, the PR Pope declared a vital partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative to support Ukraine. In partnership with Zelenskyy’s wife, Olena, Hillary announced funding from AirBnB CEO, World Bank (Biden just asked Congress today for $28 billion for World Bank), UN, Orlando Bloom, Matt Damon, Ford Foundation, and World Central Kitchen.

Some of their stated aims is to teach mothers how to wash their hands.   How to get an abortion.  How to prevent being hit by a car. How to feel safe. And how to find free resources already available in said country.

However, the timing begs the question, does Hillary anticipate being the next US President?   The Foundation’s funding was ramped by the assumption of her 2016 presidential win, and collapsed when she was pushed out by Trump.   Ramping up again just in time fore a Biden impeachment and a 2024 bid, seems a bit too coincidental.

September 1, 2023, The Rockefeller Foundation sent Hillary a check for $200,000. The purpose was stated as: “in support of generating narratives and media training for entertainment professionals that establishes the impact of climate change…” 

Although it was posited in 2022 that Hillary was going to make a 3rd times the charm run for president, she continually denied it.   However, according to Dick Morris, a political consultant and former aide to Bill Clinton, Hillary is setting herself up to be the moderate choice for Democrats in the 2024 election. The relaunch of the Foundation may be a front for campaign monies.

Huma Abedin has been retained as Hillary’s Chief of Staff and is now dating Bradley Cooper of Hollywood fame.

UN ASSEMBLY September 2023:   Guyana’s President, Irfaan Ali, attended a private reception hosted by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea. A release from the Office of President Ali said that the reception was attended by current and former Heads of State who are in New York for the United Nations General Assembly and a select group of Fortune 500 CEOs among others. Who wasn’t there?   BIDEN. On Tuesday, President Ali will address the 2023 meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York.

Translation:   The Clinton family addressing a private meeting with former heads of state and Fortune 500 CEO’s is an established and direct announcement that Hillary intends to run and she will base her campaign on fixing all the demonstrative errors committed by the Biden Regime.   Obama was never Biden’s Handler, he didn’t run his own WH. Bloomberg and Hillary did.

REMATCH: Trump & Hillary!  Election fraud on steroids!

Department of Defense Run By Incompetent Boobs

African states are splintering. There are two factions; the ones accepting US/France colonization and those who declare their sovereignty.   In the quest for Chips and Minerals, the US reliance on China is seen as purgatory.   Having been culled from other nations, the US is now looking for Namibia to be their regime.   Given both the President and Prime Minister are US trained groupies, Namibia’s government will likely give the US whatever it wants.

With a GDP over $12 billion, Namibia has a poverty rate over 50%.   But the US sees the country as a potential for colonizing their resources. In particular: diamonds, oil, copper, uranium, and rare earth metals necessary for building defense systems. Currently, Namibia’s export partners include;   South Africa, China, Belgium, Botswana, and Germany. The US is about to levy a heavy hand.

The countries with the greatest reserves in rare earth minerals are: China, Vietnam, Brazil and Russia.

As the US Military transfers weapons to Taiwan, General Milley has warned the US State Department that creating WWIII in Taiwan will not end well.   Why?   Our stock of military weapons is on empty. Perhaps we should curtail arming other countries like Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brunei, Barkino Faso, Bulgaria, Brazil and Barundi – and that’s just the A’s and B’s….

The US needs a friendly ally in Taiwan. They are the major supplier of chips to the US – and until that changes, the US will continue to court Taiwan.   That shift is scheduled to occur in 2025 when the newly constructed largest in the world Intel chip plant in Ohio is operational. At that point the Taiwan courtship is over, and the need has been resolved.  As is protocol, the US is likely to hand Taiwan to China and be done with it. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has already made the declaration so there is no walking back the intent.

China provided necessary components for the US Military Industrial Complex. China decoupling was a mistake. The US Cabalists fatal error was not having ‘alternatives’ in place before demonizing the bad boy China.   Now the fence is wobbly and no one seems to communicate leaving grandiose holes in the US trade partnerships.   Including those rare earth metals/minerals necessary to restock weapon inventories! Hence – rape the African nation Namibia is the alternative presented by Center For Strategic Studies.

Recently Zelenskyy declared that he had personally seen the stocked US warehouses filled with weapons that should all be transferred to Ukraine for safe keeping.   Not sure why our military thought it wise to show Zelenskyy the US stockpile – but then Zelenskyy has risen to heights of godly proportions in the bobble heads of the US Military and Congress.

Soon the IRS will have more ammo than the US military!

Between 2018 and 2022, before the war, 29 countries were arming Ukraine.   The US, Poland, UK and Germany were the largest suppliers. This would give every indication that the war was being staged 4 years before it occurred.

Zelenskyy made his debut into the world as a gay porn dancer and yet the liberals who adore him demand that the US President be of the moral and ethical values of a saint. An odd excursion into OZ.

Today our esteemed military is asking for assistance from citizens who might have spotted an F-35 crash landing followed by its explosion into a fireball… which is somehow nontrackable by the entire Military.   Because somehow, the esteemed agents of defense who can train Ukrainian pilots in the US can’t find an $80 million lost jet.   The fact that Ukrainians were slated to begin training in the US as of September 15, alludes to the situation.   The pilot ejected from an operational jet. The jet originated from the Marine Corp base in Beaufort S.C. which hosts one F-35 training squadron.

The scuttle is that the jet lost its tracking capability ( the mishap).   Tracking and surveillance equipment are powered by rare earth minerals. Did Lockheed skip corners?   Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter uses 920 pounds of rare earths per plane in its electronic warfare systems, targeting radars, and electric motors.

Lockheed Martin makes the F-35 Lightening II.   Their quarterly financials for September thru December 2022 revealed: Net Income up 444%, EPS up 441%, Net Change in Cash up 1242%.   In 2022, Lockheed won a $30 billion DoD contract for 398 F-35’s for the US Military, International Partners and Foreign Military sales. 268 of the 398 are presold to Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Finland and Greece.   The money for these international sales comes from – US Taxpayers giving Lockheed its profit.

Technically, that should mean every US Taxpayer has a share value in Lockheed.

March 2023, Lockheed sold its UK Seabed Resources company to Norway. UKSR holds two seabed exploration licenses in the Pacific Ocean’s Clarion-Clipperton Zone (CCZ), a 4.5 million square kilometre (1.7 million square mile) swathe of sea floor lined with potato-sized rocks rich in resources such as: coal, diamonds, uranium, zinc, platinum, palladium, cobalt, copper, nickel, and manganese.  And rare earth minerals.

Apparently ruining our oceans is far more valuable than preserving relations with countries that have the minerals.   The authority to destroy our oceans comes from the UN initiative, International Seabed Authority based in Jamaica.

The logic:   1.   Decouple from the only source of rare minerals – China. 2. Have no alternative in place.   3. Consider the US colony Namibia as a potential source for lost rare earth minerals forcing current trade partners out of business. 4. Tax US Taxpayers to give their money to Lockheed to build 268 F-35’s for sale to other countries. 5. Tell Lockheed to sell their seabed exploration licensed company to Norway for an undisclosed amount initially financed by US Taxpayers who do not get reimbursed for its sale.  6.  Train Ukrainian pilots who don’t speak English on $80 million F-35’s.

VOILA!   Now If We Could Just Find Alice We Could Leave Her Wonderland…

Military Industrial Complex Unraveled & Exposed

CVC Capital Partners is a private equity investment advisory firm in Luxembourg holding over $155 billion in assets.   CVC was a spinoff of Citicorp in 1990 and is considered the largest private equity firm in Europe.   In 2019, CVC Capital bought a majority stake in Teneo. Teneo is a ‘global advisory firm’ with extensive ties to the Clinton family.   Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were both on the advisory board of Teneo.   Huma Abedin, was a paid consultant at Teneo during her tenure as assistant to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Other advisors include Paul Ryan, George Mitchell and Chris Dodd.

Chris Dodd went on to become President of the Motion Picture Association – a 501©(3) that determines content for every major media outlet including Disney, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, and Netflix.   Past Presidents have all come from US government positions

In 2022, Teneo acquired a majority interest in Westexec.   Westexec was founded by Anthony Blinken and Michele Flournoy in 2017.   Their list of 40 advisors include: FORMER, National Security Advisors, US – UN Officials, US Ambassadors, CIA Directors, Special ops, Federal Reserve Directors, NASA, Department of Defense, a slew of generals from all military branches, etc… all having served during the Obama Administration.

Teneo is a Partner at the World Economic Forum.

What these Westexec advisors do is run the wars and staff the presidential offices to support their wars. They write the major media scripts that are distributed daily – and they write Biden’s teleprompts. Given the executive picks of Biden’s cabinet are fundamentally weak and ineffective, they were likely chosen for their malleability and basic uselessness so as to effectuate Westexec advisors.

Westexec clients have included Boeing and McKinsey & Co.   Before being accepted into the “Cabal Club” one must first go through an intensive make-over at McKinsey.   Once the make-over is complete, said person will be ‘elected’ into office or appointed into a cabinet position. Often book deals are the money laundering catalyst to help secure their loyalty.

McKinsey & Co is a partner at the World Economic Forum.

Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the, Future of Freedom Foundation, concisely analyzes how the US creates the circumstances to incite wars.   In particular, he emphasizes the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as a preemptive provocation.   Highly recommend their Website!   It has been presented by other analysts that the same tactic was used by Rockefeller to provoke Japan into a first strike on the US in WWII.

Each successive war used this fear model on US citizens as justification for murder and ultimate regime change.   The Motion Picture Industry was co-opted by the same advisors from the Department of Defense, CIA, and NSC to create reels of fakery.   They ramped up their efforts when attempting regime change in Syria: Assad is evil – children are dead over and over again – Assad releases toxins – All to justify the absolute destruction of Syria with support from US Taxpayers.

With offices across the globe and upwards of 25 subsidiaries strategically located, CVC Capital was co-founded by Michael Smith, Rolly van Rappard, and Steve Koltes and Donald MacKenzie.

CVC Capital is a Partner at the World Economic Forum.

Michele Flournoy served under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the Department of Defense. Her father, George Flournoy was a cinematographer for – Paramount.   Like Ash Carter, Flournoy was a hawkish advocate for ‘pre-emptive strikes’ against perceived enemies including Iran and North Korea. She also founded the Center For a New American Security  (CNAS) in 2007.

Billed as being militaristic, CNAS funding comes from Northrup Grumman, Lockheed, Chevron, Raytheon (30 defense contractors), the UAE, BofA, Google, Microsoft, and The Open Society Foundation – among others. Speakers have included Hillary Clinton and General Petraeus. Their funders typically offer dual roles as advisors promoting military interventionism.

What we can extract from these NGO affiliates is that nongovernmental means stakeholder governmental.

It means the power shift has already occurred.   It means that as we pull back the red curtain of OZ, they are being forced to come out of the shadows.   It means that the entire Biden Administration is a hoax.   And all of the 15 cabinets overseen by the US President are fronts administered by incompetent, corrupt puppets.   It means every one of these NGO’s is an affiliate/partner within the World Economic Forum and Wars have all been preceded by the Western creation of incited chaos to support the Military Industrial Complex.

Russia was taunted to go to war with Ukraine.   China’s economy was destroyed by these NGO task forces to cripple it as a competitor.   And the US is being ruled by bug eyed war hawks bent on making as much money as possible before Agenda 2030 coopts every global economy under the tutelage/totalitarian rule of Stakeholders.

EXCEPT.   They are unprepared for the unveiling before their power vacuum is completed.   This advantage came about because they did not adhere to The Art of War tenets – never underestimate your enemy:

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win who’s army is animated by the same spirit throughout all it’s ranks. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.”

This must be used to our advantage.

Ukraine is Dead: US Setting Sites On Central America Once Again

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), has announced the cause of global food insecurity:  Increased fuel and fertilizer prices, declining agriculture productivity, and supply chain disruptions.  The fact that fuel and fertilizer from Russia are sanctioned by the EU and West seems oddly lost on these Leaders of Strategy!   But apparently, the number of hungry across the globe has risen exponentially as a direct result of their actions to – 700 million. As a result, CSIS wants to help the small farmers.   They just fail to delineate in which country these small farmers reside…

CSIS has declared that stakeholders will take the helm of food security and sustainability – across the globe.   Stakeholders, as in sharecroppers.   They will own the land and the peasant labourers will work and toil for their Masters. That means driving out small farmers via weather manipulation, taxing, and high fertilizer costs while extending usury credit that will collapse their profit ratio.

The CSIS paper was written by two women who work within the auspices of CSIS’, Project Prosperity and Development.

The Project is a World Economic Forum Agenda for the ultimate Stakeholder Global Government system slated to be in full control as of – 2030.

The senior VP/Director for the Project, Daniel Runde, was formerly with USAID and World Bank installing civil partners in government roles while continuing to usurp elected governments.  Code for COUPS. The area currently being targeted is Central America;   Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.   The Exact Same Countries the US Stakeholders are vacating via immigration into the US.  

Why?   To take over the land. Rid the criminals. And create Control over global food production.   According to The Project – Central America is capable of feeding the entire world.

According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Guatemala and Honduras make up the vast majority of the 3-6 million illegal immigrants crossing into the US as they face poverty at home.   The US State Department and USAID claim that annual Taxpayer aid to Guatemala alone is over $231 million annually. Their GDP is over $85 billion. However, that GDP is made up of foreign investment… no trickle down happening there…

Both the Honduran and Guatemala presidents are newly inserted via the UN.   Honduran’s president, Xiomara Castro, was sworn in 2022 with Kamala Harris attending for cackle barrel entertainment PR.  Castro’s policies are far left, declaring socialism as her ideology. She has encouraged ties with the CCP, reclaimed land for environmental protection, and stated that the budget’s biggest expense would be salaries and wages to government officials. There are 1500 US troops in Guatemala.

US intervention in these countries and central America in general has been ongoing since 1954 when The United Fruit Company came to own 43% of all Guatemalan land.   The term ‘banana republic’ was coined by Guatemala and Honduras to define the United Fruit Company and their unmitigated control of these countries while maintaining a shareholder crop environment of suppression.

Despite millions of dollars in US aid and NGO’s, Central America remains a pocket of poverty. Pepsi, Abbott, Coke, Colgate, Unilever, Samsung, etc.. all have operations in Guatemala. 2% of the people own 98% of the land.   These 2%ers work directly with the US government, CIA and NGO’s to maintain political and economic control.   Despite a GDP per person greater than Ukraine’s at over $5,000 PP, which translates to $400 per month for agriculture workers, despite vast resources – the US has stepped on their air hose and confiscated their value.

The last time a Guatemalan president, Jacabo Arbenz, attempted to change the dynamics of the country was 1954.   He wanted the land re-distributed among Guatemalans equally without interference from the US.   The US State Department thru John Foster Dulles working in conjunction with CIA Director, Allen Dulles, initiated an operation to overthrow Jacobo Árbenz claiming he had succumbed to communism – which he had not.   Code-named Operation PBsuccess, the coup was authorized by Eisenhower. 150 mercenaries participated in the coup and the Arbenz family was forced into exile.

Honduras coup was initiated by the military to oust the elected Morales in 1963 whose policies included The Alliance For Progress initiated by JFK. Another coup was initiated in 1972 and still another in 2009 initiated by Obama. The purpose is to forcibly colonize Honduras. In Honduras, the port authority is run by the US government.

The purpose of these coups has been similar to Africa – maintain a culture of poverty and gang warfare so that US interests in resources can be ravaged.   Now the Biden administration in encouraging mass immigration into the US is literally removing Central American populations so as to insert American elite into these incredibly beautiful countries which they have kept in poverty for 70 years.   Conglomerates rape the agriculture land, fresh waters, gold, silver, zinc, lead, timber and fish that are bountiful.   And yet the people are given the ‘fair WEF wage’ of $400 per month to labor 12-14 hours per day.

Those American elite include:   Charlize Theron, Sofia Vergara, Morgan Freeman and Padma Lakshmi among others.   Developers create boutique hotels and luxury villas for these A-listers where the local peasants are employed and treated with classic Hollywood arrogance and pittance wages. Guatemalan developers built Cayala City, a nearly independent city for the wealthy on the outskirts of a capital marred by crime.

With the Ukraine war now determined to last several more years, their usefulness has disintegrated.   Their land is tainted with spent uranium and land mines.   Their soil is so toxic the EU refuses to import ANY grain.   Their cities are rubble.   And the indigent have been purged either via the war – or via immigration to Europe.

Central America is now.   Ukraine will be 2030.   Diverting money to Central America is likely going to be the New Biden Agenda. Zelenskyy will be left with a crumbled state and retire to his villa in Italy, or his Penthouses in London and Paris. While the last vestige of Ukraine dies a slow painful death.

Mexico’s Two Presidential Candidates – SOROS Installed

Mexico is about to be toasted. The next presidential election is slated for June 2024 and they have two candidates:

  1. Claudia Sheinbaum – a secular, liberal jewish feminist who ran under the right wing banner until 2021 when she made a hard left to socialist communism.
  2. Xochitl Galvez – a secular progressive World Economic Forum graduate whose background details have been scrubbed.

Both came out of nowhere and were barely holding on to their already faulted positions in the government.   It bears noting Mexico is 80% Catholic so the odds of either of these secular candidates having garnered the votes of The People is about -0-%.

Of course the Global MSM is completely titillated over the fact that this means Mexico will have a female President. The gushing is reminiscent of a baby regurgitating sour milk. Yeah – incompetent as they may be to serve Mexico, they are proxies assuring that Mexico will be absorbed by the Big Daddy Pac-Man.

It would appear that their task would be to turn Mexico into a truly banana republic akin to the US, Canada, Australia and EU.

Therefore, it makes no difference who wins.   Likely they are heavily supported by the Mexicali gangs who will be given a greenlight to exploit their ware ‘everywhere’.   Planned Parenthood is gleefully hopping up and down given both candidates will legalize abortion. Setting up shop in Mexico will be lucrative!     Just more depopulation.

Sheinbaum, a secular Bolshevik Jew, was formerly the mayor of Mexico City. Mexico City is 82% Catholic.   Open Society just happens to have an office in the city proper. Sheinbaum moved to California in 1990 to pursue her masters and doctorate at Berkeley. In 2007, Sheinbaum shifted gears and began working for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at the UN in New York.

In 2015, she served one year in Mexico as the Secretary of Environment.   And in 2017 was nominated to run as mayor of Mexico City via the far-left wing MORENA Party.   She has multiple controversies against her for her negligence while mayor.

There is absolutely no way she could have been elected without massive election interference.

Xochitl – A feminist, Xochitl served as mayor of Mexico city before Sheinbaum.   Subsequent to her term as mayor she was ‘elected’ Senator. A devout socialist, she was recognized for her leadership by the World Economic Forum and was invited by Brazil’s Communist leader, Lula to participate in a globalization summit in Davos.

Both candidates would seem to be an Open Society bonanza.   They have no international experience and political experience on par with former mayor Pete Buttegieg appointed Director of Transportation.   Who will be guiding Xochitl and Sheinbaum in their decisions?     Alex Soros.

While irregularities inside the two Party nominations have been asserted, a billion pesos would go a long way in shutting out the competition. Mexico will become a failed state.

The only way Russia was able to remain internally governed was by booting all Soros related organizations from the country in 2015.   Certainly the Navalny power plays to oust Putin were intiated rather frequently, however they failed to create the stranglehold that is dominant today in America.   And Navalny is in a Siberian Camp.

NPR highlights the civilians wrongfully imprisoned in Russia and the State Department warns that Russia is a pariah state for Americans.   Of the 50 Americans detained across the globe, 2 are in Russia; Paul Whelan and Evan Gershkovich, both of whom have been arrested on espionage.

In contrast, there are over 60 Russians currently in US jails.

There are over 200 NGO’s operating in Mexico.   In 2021, Mexican President, Obrador, accused the US of interference:   “It’s interference, it’s interventionism, it’s promoting coup-plotters,” said López Obrador, who announced that Mexico had filed a formal protest with the US embassy.

Specifically, Obrador was speaking of the NGO Article 19. Funding for Article 19 is to be expected:   Open Society, Ford Foundation, USAID, NED, Netherlands, etc…   In addition, Obrador mentioned interference by;   Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI).   They are also funded by the Ford Foundation and USAID for the purpose of installing a couped President.   Obrador made serious allegations of his concerns to “Kamala”.

Under Mexican law, a foreign government may not make donations to a political group (MCCI) because it undermines sovereignty. Obrador told Kamala that USAID must suspend funding.   It is now funded by The Open Government Partnership launched in 2011 and held a global summit in Mexico City in 2015.   The same year a coup allowed Xochitl to be a surprise winner of Mexico City Mayor!   The Partnership is funded via the UN, Open Society, Omidyar Network, Hewlett Foundation and the UK Government.

The goal?   Full implementation of the Sustainable Goals as set forth by the WEF via The Open Government Partnership.   BOOM!  Mexico will be the next victim – 2024.

University Degrees Produce Nonemployable Results

The typical cost for a mid-grade college in state including books and a room is roughly $32,000 per year.   While a degree used to take 4-5 years to complete, today it takes closer to six years. As such, the total cost escalates to $192,000.   Depending on your source, between 28% and 53% of recent graduates are unemployed or underemployed.   90% of online job applications sent get no response from the employer.   And 33% of recent graduates work at a job that requires no college degree.

This is why the student loans outstanding have reached an astronomical $1.75 trillion.   Colleges have become worthless institutions for the vast majority of attendees.   Instead of having every US Taxpayer foot the bills, a better solution would be to shove it back at the universities!   Require all institutions to guarantee a qualified job at a specific salary level at admission, or the tuition is free.

Watch CRT studies, BLM studies, LGBT studies, acting studies, and all the superfluous studies be eliminated immediately. Degrees would be completely ravaged and revamped. And education levels would rise exponentially as professors were forced to actually TEACH.

Enrollment in colleges has been on a steady decline since 2010.  As a result of a loss of hospitality and manufacturing prospects, wages in those jobs have outpaced numerous degree programs.   Degreed students are working aimless jobs with no future.  While Biden touts false employment statistics, claiming the unemployment rate is just over 3%, that rate would not reflect the black population.

Unemployment rates are an algorithm guestimate that do not reflect those not on the state unemployment handout.   Smash and grab gangs are NOT employed, are predominantly/exclusively blacks, and outside of the tabulation.   With that caveat, the Biden stats claim DC and Nevada to have the highest unemployment among blacks at over 11%.

In 2022, the smash and grab cost to retailers was over $100 billion.   California’s Marxist left governor, Newsom, has now signed a bill making it a crime to ‘STOP’ any criminal in the act of stealing and applied a fee of $14,600 for anyone who violates this bill.

The smash and grab costs do not take into account rising insurance rates or damage costs as stores are trashed.   Walmart shut down 4 stores completely in Chicago.   Leaving vacant property and loss of sales tax revenue for federal and state and city governments!   In addition, the revenue loss impacts property tax revenue streams supporting police, firemen, schools, and counties.  Cities will soon become toilets.

Liberal minded governments will attempt to recover their costs via the federal government which means all taxpayers will be on the hook to bailout San Francisco, Portland, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburg, etc… etc… etc…   Same logic as student debt relief.

It is also likely, our esteemed Federal Looters will take the money from Social Security and give it to the Department of Education – a scheme developers and contractors manipulated for years illegally!   Bill one client up front, use the money to buy supplies for another client, and keep it rolling until the liens pile up.   Then declare bankruptcy.

Speaking of bankruptcy, the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham, has declared bankruptcy!   All nonessential payments are frozen.

The vacuous pro-illegal immigration NGO’s claim that undocumented illegals contribute $492 billion in tax revenue.   This figure includes social security and Medicare contributions for which they will never be able collect.   Free revenue for the government at the immigrant’s expense.   In 2022, the federal government claims it collected $5.03 trillion in tax revenue. Of course the government spent $6.2 Trillion despite no pandemic costs. By comparison, expenditures during pandemic crisis for 2021 were $6.8 trillion.   Where does it go?

In 2022, Medicaid spending was $768 billion with an increase in enrollment of 92.3 million people.   This represents a 300% increase since 2000 with a brief flatline during President Trump’s term.   What the graph reveals is that poverty in the US should be increasing at the same rate. However, Government bureau statistics fudge the numbers.

In contrast to the 92.3 million on Medicaid, the US government declares that 37.9 million people are in poverty.   So how can the 54.4 million people collect Medicaid when they are not in poverty?   Common Core Math Accounting.   Fake algorithms.   False Estimates.   Manipulated Data.

Take your pick!

Maybe the government workers in these departments went to college and earned a degree in basketweaving. Because they sure as Fark didn’t get a degree in accounting, statistics, or economics.   In accounting, when numbers don’t add up and tally there is a slush account.   CPA’s allow no more than 1% maximum in this account to fudge a bottom line.   By contrast, the federal government is allowing a 60% accounting Slush Fund!

Chiquita Brooks-LaSure is the Director in charge of Medicaid and Medicare Services. Her Bachelors is in arts, and her masters is in public policy.  According to the federal degree requirements for her position, she should have at minimum a bachelors degree in business administration, public health or health administration. In addition, a masters in healthcare admin is required.   La-Sure has none of these. So what were her qualifications?   She is black.

While common college graduates are under employed – blacks in NGO’s and government positions are way over their head employed!    Which is why our agencies are collapsing and our government is destroying the entire system thru a Protocol of racism. As it stands today, if Trump were to be elected in 2024 – every single department within and without the government would necessitate scraping.   And every employee would have to be deemed unfit for unemployment benefits.  


ARSON! It is everywhere.   It has been announced the Louisiana fires are all ARSON.   The fire in Russia was – Arson.   Who is hiring these people?   According to a 2019 declaration by the Brazilian police, the Amazon jungle arsonists were paid by World Wildlife Fund and Leo DiCaprio.   Teen arsonist in Oregon fined $36 million.   Illinois fires caused by arson finds Ryan Greene responsible.   Calabria fires in 2022 – 22 arsonists were arrested.   Former Bank VP admits to arson. California man set 11 fires in national forest.

Young people account for 55% of all arsons.   They are paid.   While organized arson has been a plague for centuries, Aristocrats hired the itinerant to spread terror.   According to a journal, Crime History & Societies; “During the English ‘Captain Swing’ protests of the 1830s it was rumoured that Irish itinerant working men were paid by wealthy Jews to commit arson. The adherents of ‘Captain Swing’ were at pains to emphasize that they did not cooperate with the fireraiser.”

80 Churches were burnt to the ground in Canada by arsonists who accused the church of killing children and burying them.   The accusation has been proven false. Not one body has been discovered.

How many fires have been ruled utility failure – only to have been ignited via arson?   Take down one pole with fire and the sparks will travel – FAST.   In Lahaina – fast meant 60 miles per hour!   Arson and Utility companies – NOT climate change.   Not dry weather and lightening.   But paid for organized terrorists.

In 1995, the Los Angeles Times gave a scorching story; “Arsonists are torching America’s national forests for profit, making money on everything from fire equipment leases to burned timber.”   The cost in 1995?   $757million on federal land alone.   By 2019, the cost had ballooned to $14.8 billion.   These costs do not even begin to account for the arson fires set by rioters.

The South Africa fire in Johannesburg that left 80 dead is being investigated as arson.   The apartment block that burned housed homeless who were squatting on the property.   What is known is that there was a blackout at the time, therefore blaming a downed electric utility is ruled out.

The Great Australian fire 2019-2020 was the largest ever recorded in Australia burning over 24.3 million hectares and destroying 9300 buildings.   Over 200 youth were arrested on suspected arson.   An estimated 1 billion koala bears were burned alive.   Millions more birds and reptiles died.   There remain concerns that koala and cockatoo wildlife will never be able to recover.

While the Lahaina fire is publicly declared to be caused by a downed utility pole, in the midst of the fire, residents claim their electricity was shut down – and then rebooted.   Governor Greene has stated he is looking into ways and means that the government can ‘purchase’ the land from the locals as a form of reparation.   But residents are skeptical it is simply a ruse for the developers drooling in the wings as Lahaina was prime property!

While solitary arsonists typically claim to have a hero complex, the new wave of arson is most certainly – organized and paid.   In 2000, Italy introduced legislation that would bar anyone from building on property recently burnt in order to combat arsonists looking to capitalize on their work.

But even more damning is the fact that Bill Gates most recent declaration is that we need to chop down forests and bury the trees to combat – carbon dioxide…   His recent contributions to Kodama Systems supports this effort.

Kodama Systems believes that we need to thin forests because they are overgrown. In December 2022, Gates gave Kodama $6.6 million to accelerate forest removal. The guise is that in so doing they will ‘save the planet’.  

A private company, Kodama’s president, CEO, and Board consist of two people;   Merritt Jenkins and Matthew Verminski.   In addition to Gates, their financing is thru: Alumni Ventures (Boston Consulting), Breakthrough Energy (Bill Gates), MCI Collective (MIT, US Army, US Navy, JP Morgan, etc…), Shorewind Capital (Boston Consulting Group), and Cal Fire (Governor Newsom).

Arson is considered a ‘profit industry’.   It is MONEY.   It is funded by our Military.   It is funded by Venture Capital firms.   It is funded by Bill Gates.

According to the Royal Canadian Police, and the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, the fires across Canada are considered – arson.   This season is Canada’s most destructive in history.   As of July 880 fires were burning over 25 million acres. In addition to the forest land, the fires are burning petroleum land.   Which would account for why they are so hot and furious.   “The remnants of a nuclear blast”.    Damaging lungs.

These are NOT normal. And they are NOT climate related.   These fires are purposeful and meant to destroy Canada’s oil industry.   An industry that supplies 3.8 million barrels of crude to the US DAILY – or 62% of all US Crude imports.   The impact will destroy our supply and enhance Russian Exports exponentially.   Which is why the West is determined to destroy Russia now.

Every act, every crime, every destruction, every chaos – are manmade creations for the purpose of making profit at the expense of the commoners.   The extent of evil that would necessitate this is beyond human.   Don’t be fooled.   Always – behind these manifestations is a profit motive.   Follow The Money.

West Africa Sahel – Gabon Coup Uncovers CASH Bribery

As US intelligence agencies remain focused on pillaging the economy of China, they also lose necessary critical minerals, including: platinum, chromium, cobalt, graphite and copper.   As a result, the Center For Strategic And International Studies (CSIS), is recommending tapping Africa’s reserves.   The means?   “Strengthening US commercial diplomacy with the African continent”.

The methodology to accomplish this Ponzi has been laid out as an agenda:   1.   Bring Africa into the Minerals Security Partnership.   2.   Ue the Inflation Reduction Act to funnel US Taxpayer money to resource rich African countries.   3.   Leverage economic diplomacy.

The latest coup in Gabon revealed some interesting ‘leveraging techniques’.   The military junta found multiple suitcases loaded with cash at the homes of the president, Ali Bongo, and a politician. The cash came in the form of UK pounds, Euros, and US dollars.  The President and his advisor are currently under house arrest.

IS this what CSIS defines as leveraging economic diplomacy?   We can be assured this is a bribe and explains why despite claims of USAID dollars going to Africa – in fact it hasn’t – it goes to a select few as bribery in exchange for looting the countries resources.

It is noteworthy that Bongo was educated at a private school in France before studying law at the Sorbonne. Following in his father’s footsteps, Bongo did not practice law but instead went into politics.   When his father died in 2009, Bongo orchestrated his rise to presidency with the assistance of his good friends – Hillary and Obama.   He remained president until the junta.

Given aid money never went to Gabonian People, the unemployment rate is over 30% and more than 60% are below the poverty line.   This is the AGENDA for Africa via the US, France, UK, and Germany.   And this is also what they parlay for America and Europe.

The election was rigged. The charges being levied against Bongo, his son, his advisor and several aids is treason, embezzlement and corruption. He is desperately asking for western interference.

Gabon’s exports to the EU include petroleum, petroleum products, manganese, uranium, and timber.   The EU is in a death spiral having lost control of Africa.   While ECOWAS continue to deny these couped countries food and aid, it is highly likely China and Russia will.

Contrary to the propaganda released by MSM, the military power ploy was met with The People dancing in the streets for joy!   Hardly, the coup junta as framed by the MSM.   Macron’s stance is to declare that the fate of all African presidents awaits them – unless democracy is restored.   Oddly, Macron failed to address The People. Apparently bribery, treason, and embezzlement represent Macron’s democracy.

In that light, it is likely the means to Macron’s wealth too.

West Africa is awakening!   The coups have now encompassed;   Gabon, Niger, Mali, Burkino Faso, Guinea, Sudan, and Chad.   The Western Cabal is warning that terrorism will rise in these regions.   Which opens the discussion;   is Africa’s terrorism funded by the West?

According to the FATF Research Group in Africa, terrorist funding comes from NGO’s, charities, and trafficking.   The terrorist groups include: Boko Haram, al Shabaab. and ISIL. In West Africa terrorism targets;    Niger, Mali, Burkino Faso, Nigeria and Senegal.   Senegal’s president, Macki Sali is a self described Marxist Leninist with Maoist ideologies. Senegal would appear to be ripe for the next military junta.

The Terrorists:

  • ISIL.   Formed in 1999 as an offshoot of Al Qaeda, ISIL was unleashed on Iraq in 2003 under Bush, and in Syria in 2014 under Obama. In 2017 ISIL and Al Qaeda were declared to have been eradicated.
  • Boko Haram was created in 2002 in Nigeria where their headquarters remains today.   Nigeria is part of the ECOWAS funded by the West. Over 60% of Nigeria’s population live on less than $1 per day.
  • Al Shabaab came to prominence in 2006 inside Somalia.   They are considered an offshoot of Al Qaeda.   Foreign fighters from the US, UK, Israel and UAE have merged into the group.

IN 2014 NENA, a near east news agency based in Rome wrote:   “Since 2003, Anglo-American power has secretly and openly coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This ill-conceived patchwork geostrategy is a legacy of the persistent influence of neoconservative ideology, motivated by longstanding but often contradictory ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel, and in pursuit of these, re-draw the map of the Middle East.”

The policies of the Western Cabalists continue to unravel at an expedited rate.   The cause?   To free the people from the oppression invoked by Western military and political intervention that has deepened poverty and enriched western backed leaders.

WHITE HOUSE REGIME: Pharma Negotiations A Ponzi Scheme

Biden has declared he will begin negotiations with respective Pharma companies over the cost of 10 drugs obtained thru Medicare.   One such drug is Stelara which costs $25,497.12 every 8 weeks or $152,982.72 per year.   Currently, if you are insured, your cost is $5 per dose out of pocket.   However, Stelara does not give this discount to those on Medicare, Medicaid, or VA benefits.

Stelara comes with a warning of serious side effects because it attacks your ‘immune system’.   It causes TB, Cancer, lung deterioration – and death. The drug is for psoriasis, crohns and colitis. None of these diseases cause death.   And doctors have no idea what causes these diseases other than a compromised immune system. The number of patients taking this drug between 2009 and 2019 was 300,000.

In 2023, Stelara’s patent expires and generic substitutes can enter the fray.  

An alternative treatment for psoriasis is hydrocortisone cream which you can buy at your pharmacy for about $5.   Another helpful cure that has NO side effects is Aloe. Aloe, Probiotics and acupuncture care also recommended to help relieve Crohns and Colitis.

Another drug slated for negotiations is Imbruvica.   This drug is used to treat, not cure, lymphatic leukemia. Its side effects include; cancer, hemorrhaging, heart failure, tumors and death.   Medicare patient cost is $8511 – $3395 per month.

This drug treats nearly 200,000 patients “WorldWide”.    There is no specific data on US use.

June 2023, the FDA gave final approval for the generic version of Imbruvica to an Indian Pharmaceutical Zydus!  


Biden Regime is likely going to twist the Medicare negotiation into a success when in actuality the generic versions will be the replacement.

According to The Economist, the Pharma Industry has currently reached a whopping $1.5 trillion annual revenue base of which 42% is US sales and 65% is US cost – $975 billion.    According to the rap sheet, the ten drugs selected by the WH Regime account for $50.5 billion of the total Part D Medicare cost – 5% of all drug expenditures.

According to Kaiser, the total cost of Medicare drugs per year is $216 billion – 22% of total.   The average number of medications Americans take is 4.   The number of people cured?   Zero.   The top drugs taken by Americans are for High Blood Pressure, Statins, diabetes, and High Cholesterol.   All of these diseases could be mediated by change of lifestyle habits; weight loss, healthy eating habits, and exercise.

If you want to impact the PHARMA Industry – take better care of yourself!  

But the rap sheet has some odd common core math issues.   According to HHS, the US spends $603 on Pharma per year, as opposed to $975.   A 40% difference!    Maybe, instead of tackling the 5% Medicare drug costs, the US Regime should audit US expenditures on Pharma.

Given US sanctions, Cuba’s largest export is has been – doctors.   Estimated to be 50,000 to 60,000, they travel globally on missions.   These doctors are trained in prevention and alternative cures including;   acupuncture, herbal medicines, and other alternative practices.   Pharma is a last resort and is strictly from within, Big Pharma is not allowed.

Training as a doctor is paid for by the government.   Many of their 60,000 mission doctors go to Africa during crisis events – for free.

Despite the poverty in Cuba exasperated by western sanctions, the Cuban people live longer than their counterparts in western wealthy nations.   Malaria, HIV, AIDS, TB and parasites are a rarity.

There are 28 medical schools across a country with a population of 11 million.   Doctors make house calls routinely.

It is an envious model wherein medicine is not a Profit Industry that determines who will live or die – while infecting millions of people with diseases. The American model is a disaster and CoVid provided an insight into our medical community’s greed and corruption.

Today millions of American’s are suffering because of doctors.   Doctors who demanded vaccines, demanded boosters, demanded intubation while refusing medications that could ‘cure’.   The number disabled is in the millions in the US alone.  Millions more now refuse to go to the doctor knowing it is simply a Big Pharma trip down aisle 46.

Lowering Medicare’s drug costs on drugs that the vast majority of Americans do NOT take won’t impact Medicare. It is a Ponzi scheme.   We already have hundreds of drugs that are duplicated.   We have Generics on the assembly line!  Medicare typically will recommend generic drugs instead of the pricier patented ones. The negotiations will take years and not become enforceable until 2026.

It is all simply another distraction.

AFRICA: The Sahel Region Provoked Into War via The West

There are 54 countries in Africa. ECOWAS is made up of 15 countries predominantly ruled by France and/or the US.   Technically.   France recently considered using Algerian airspace to attack Niger.   That was denied, so France turned to Morocco for permission to ignite an African War. Despite this request Macron denies everything.   Nous ne savons rien!  Instead the West is calling for its ECOWAS proxies to wage war!

According to Washington, there is an epidemic of coups in West Africa which need to be addressed.   The Washington experts are calling for a RESET. After pouring money into the Sahel Region and Niger, The Millenium Challenge Corp, has lost its control over the region.   The Millenium Corp is a USAID subset whose CEO is Madeleine Albright’s daughter, Alice Patterson Albright. Her experience stems from such notables as:   Chief Financial & Investment Office – GAVi, Various positions at JP Morgan and the Carlyle Group, and as COO for the Global Partnership For Education funded by Open Society, the UAE and Rockefeller.

The New US Africa strategy recently developed is for a shift from destabilization and western coups, to money.   “Democratic development and economic investment” seems to be the alternative ~ according to Washington.   Previously, the west was more involved in ‘security issues’ which is code for destabilization and maintaining economic poverty while raping the resources.

Given Russia’s success in making agreements and contracts that actually benefit the Sahel, the West is panic considering this might be a better approach.   I assume that is code for ‘bribery’. As in out-bidding Russia and China.   Unfortunately, this does not bode well given the Wests ‘history’ is rife with resource theft and propaganda. African leaders are waking up to this realization.   And Russia is offering economic prosperity.

DANG those mean Russians.

ECOWAS:   Representing 15 country profiles, I present 3 as example:

1)   Nigeria – President – Bola Tinubu.   Moved to the US to study at Chicago State where he purportedly dealt in the Heroin trade. Was employed by Arthur Anderson, Deloitte, GTE Services and upon returning to Nigeria in 1983 – Mobil Oil. He went into exile in 1994 – in France, returning in 1998 .

Timbu was elected President of Nigeria in 2023. He is a ‘progressive’ and social justice warrior. The IMF and World Bank are seemingly dictating his policies and means of reaching those goals. What to do? He co-authored a book with American, Brian Browne.

He is an obvious western proxy with a taste for money!

What has hampered growth in Nigeria? Inadequate infrastructure, barriers to trade, obstacles to investment, currency devaluation, limited foreign exchange.   This is what the West upholds in Nigeria as assistance despite hundreds of millions appropriated from American Taxpayers.

2)   Benin – President – Patrice Talon. He is a descendant of slave traders. Talon became president in 2016 having no political experience.   In 2018, one of his opponents was sentenced to 25 years in jail for drug trafficking.   Several more opposition persons were also sentenced to prison in 2021 – removing them from opposing him in the election. He was re-elected unopposed in 2021.

Despite USAID claiming to support the development of Benin for a decade, the country remains ‘underdeveloped barely surviving on subsistence agriculture’.   WHY?   Benin’s resources are cotton, limestone, marble, and offshore oil. The installed President has since spiraled the country into a communist construct.

3)   Ivory Coast – President = Alassane Ouattara. He went to The Drexell Institute in Philadelphia. His wife is of Jewish descent. They married in Paris.   He worked for the IMF in DC, and later with Banque Centrale in Paris. In 1990, the IMF forced the then Ivory Coast President to take Ouattara in a Chairman post. When the government ousted him, he returned to the IMF while continuing to live in France and DC thereafter.

Suddenly, in 2010, despite not having lived in the Ivory Coast for 20 years, he decides to become president and WINS! A civil war breaks out wherein France and the UN took military action supporting Quattara.   Obama And Hillary vocally applauded.

The main resource of Cote d’Ivoire is oil and gas which France has been extracting since 2001. A new field began production this year and is operated by Italy’s Eni.   Other resources include diamonds, cobalt, copper timer, fish and cocoa. Despite these highly valuable resources, their GDP PP is $2500. Why? Because the UN sanctioned exporting any diamonds from Cote d’Ivoire, from 2003 to 2014. Who is mining those diamonds? US and Canada.

Where has the aid actually gone?   Obviously little went to the Sahel region.   Like Ukraine. Like Niger.   Like every other country on the USAID list …

The West has suppressed Africa from becoming a potential Power player – via UN rules, sanctions, and usurping of the government via coups and blackmail directly harming The People.   The intent is to KEEP them in poverty and ignorant of the value of their potential and their resources for trade.