Everything Is Trump’s Fault: Declares the Anarchist Casey

The Conservatives of America will never unite.   The only viable candidate must possess a degree in law, political science, medicine, biology, religion, chemistry, economics, public heath, engineering, history, philosophy, mathematics, and mechanics in order to be considered.   But if he’s wearing anything but red socks – he’s OUT!   The ideology of perfection is nothing less than God.   God must be the US President.   Yet even then, they would find fault –

This is the reality of our culture.

I was reading an interview with Doug Casey and left with an incomprehensible awe of bridled disbelief.   The argument was regarding Trump and the fact that he made mistakes – he surrounded himself with bad people. Unintentionally.   But there is still no excuse.   Twitter is fraught with allegations that Trump botched the CoVid lockdown, meltdown atrocities and should have known better.

Why?   Because, 3 years after the fact everyone is an expert medical biologist with a degree in basketweaving.   Hindsight.   Yet the very same recommendations made by Trump, ie Vitamin D3 and C, were met with jeers and death threats!   Those same recommendations are now considered the cure. Treat it like a bad flu.

In 2016, theologian John Piper told his entire congregation that Trump wasn’t good enough and to vote for Pence –  Why   Because, he professed Christian doctrine. Hindsight.  Pence revealed himself to be the traitor, the turncoat, the fake Christian.   He is a rhino wearing a mask of the wolf.

Only God is eligible to be President.   Because perfection, a completely unattainable human condition, is required.

Trump should have known who all the wolves were. He should be able to surveil each and every house, bedroom, office and court room of every individual to know their secret inclinations.   Trump should have fired everybody – even those he  legally couldn’t.

Ann is shredding Trump for not completing the border wall.   “He deserves what he got”!   “He Failed”!   Melania’s close advisor wrote a tell-all book after spying on the First Lady.   Melania Failed!   Or my favorite, “Melania was never on the cover of Vogue, therefore she is ugly”!   These commentaries are not just from liberals – they are from wolf-conservatives.   They are vile – and they are devoid of humanity.

Ironically, Doug Casey’s fame came on the coattails of his multi-millionaire father’s real estate tycoon developments.   An atheist, Casey lives in Argentina. He states that Trump is unfit because he is a Jacobin.   What he doesn’t say is – who would be a viable and willing President that would meet his expectations.   It appears – no one.

Everybody is a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ – in hindsight.  

JFK’s VP was Lyndon Johnson, his CIA Director was Allen Dulles – thick as thieves they would have been hung in an America built on justice and truth.   Reagan had Bush – a devout Clintonite in disguise.   Obama was handed a corrupt Biden.   And Biden has the desert camel.

Trump a Jacobin?   Jacobin’s align with far left ideologies of socialism, authoritarianism, big government, and a peasant class state.   Doug Casey’s claim that this is representative of Trump is clearly false – yet it reflects a rhino sentimentality.   Not in Trump – but in Casey.

It is worthy to note that Casey’s preferred country, Argentina, where he has a  residential sporting estate project, Estancia de Cafayate”, is a country ruled under the Frente de Todos Party.   Their ideology includes: left wing populism, social democracy, progressivism, and communism.   The front runner for the coming Presidential election is anarcho-capitalist, Javier Milei.   And thus it becomes more clear why Casey would deride President Trump and falsely label him a Jacobin when in fact Jacobian ideology is anarchism and Casey self identifies as an anarcho-capitalist.

Hate to break the news but neither God nor Jesus will ever be elected US President.   Anarchy breeds chaos.   The wall was not built because of rhinos.   The Pandemic was supported by – rhinos.   The economy is being driven into a full-blown Great Depression II by rhino’s aligned with Democrats.   And Bolshevik communism is the end result if The People adhere to – it’s all Trump’s fault – while sitting on their arses, drinking Jacobian kool-aide.

Trump’s Destiny Is To Conduct The Orchestra

DESTINY.   Trump’s destiny is designed.   When I was a dancer, we were always told ‘we are an instrument’.  We were there to convey – to emote – and to interpret the music.   Because the music came first.   Trump is an instrument.   His music is the United States.   He is building an orchestra.   That orchestra embodies the United States.   As Bannon declared, we are not a cult following we are the violins, the flutes, the saxophones – coming together in a united Rachmaninoff Concerto!

In God’s world, each of us has a destiny.   None is less important than the other because the Concerto is the goal or end-product.   If one instrument becomes lost, the other musicians quickly and quietly surround this violin and mediate the loss until he recovers, and the music is once again whole.   A constant flow.

Uniqueness was the creation, not perfection.   We can testify that we are each unique – we can also testify that none of us are perfect.   I sometimes liken our individual destiny to ‘gifts’.   Bestowed on us by God.   Trump’s gift is not being swayed by Power.   The Power that corrupts.   Instead, his love for this country and what it represents drives his gift.  The gift of freeing us from tyranny.

Sometimes each of us need to be reminded that we are united.   An ensemble.   It is the Power vacuum that needs us to believe we are divided.   Because their Power under unity quickly dissolves – like the wicked witch of the west – OZ.

When Trump becomes President, he takes the role of Conductor.   And the sheet music for us, the instruments, is Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  Journey to understand the soul.  The My mother spent most of her life attempting to perfect that Sonata.   And alas, so will we now.   Because we failed to tune our instruments properly.   A string broke.  The lights went out and we couldn’t see.   The music was not in our heart, it was on a piece of paper.

In all my years, I have never witnessed an orchestral performance wherein the entire ensemble just QUIT.

Sometimes improvisation can awaken the soul.   Sometimes the violin just needs a little polish.   And sometimes it needs a new set of strings.   If we don’t take care of the instrument, soon it can no longer play.   It is a constant dedication.   But the Power Cabal have no instrument at all.   They are banging tin cups and telling us they make music.   We are told this grating sound is music, to make us believe.  And some do.

But a tin cup is not Debussy.   It is not Rachmaninoff.   It is easily dented.

There is no other candidate whose destiny is to make music.   They play tin cups.

They want to play with the tyrannical Power, not as Conductors, but as Masters.  They fear Trump because he is unifying the ensemble and growing the cast.   Our music will be brilliant!   And theirs will be revealed for what it is when the illusion is broken.   Noise.

When I was a dancer on stage in DC, mid performance I drew a blank and forgot my next move.  I didn’t stop, I improvised while maintaining a report with the music and my fellow dancers.   We finished as an ensemble.   My dad was in the audience.  After our production ended and we went backstage my dad came to congratulate me.   The first thing he said was, “You got lost”.   I was stricken, surely no one had noticed.   But he had.   Then he smiled,  “Good improv.”.

Never stop mid-performance and just stand there.   Never give up.  Never let the music end.   And most of all – NEVER allow tyranny to WIN.  We are an ensemble.   

We Each Have Each Other’s Back Because The Music Never Dies.